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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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george's the suspect believed to haveevet followed his victims from a v metro station.. >> a heated school boardschool meeting in fairfax county. at issue the district's transgender policyender licy particularly the restroomoom debate.bate. >> and it is friday. and that means we are zip trippingin to anacostia today. tod you're taking a live look over there in southeast on thisn friday june 10th. beautiful shot. good morning, i'm annie yu.e y >> and i'm steve chenevey.heney. welcome to fox5 news allison and tucker will join j us in a minute from let's get your news thiss this morning.mog. d.c. police on the scene of a shooting left a man shot.t. that man shot in the 900 block of barney street. stree police right now looking for two suspects last seen driving i an older model silver car. c >> also in the district,istric police releasing new video ofido a violent assault that t happened last week along the 2700 block of mlk avenue in southeast.ut police say two men assaulted a four people with a knife fornifr no apparent reason. rso one of the suspects can be b seen laughing on the t surveillance video. vid a reward of up to $1,000 i
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being offered in this case. cas >> in prince george's countyce detectives need help identifying this man who g is mw wanted for sexually assaulting a woman in landover rightr about this time yesterday ondayn garden city drive. drive. police say the plan attacked aad woman insides of a business.usin they believe he may have modelee victim from the new carrolltonco metro station.o st >> and a fire at a nordstromtr rack in montgomery countyry caused a lot of damage inside and also o impacted other nearby businesses. the blaze broke out aroundbr 8:45 last flight at thehe location on shady grove road. r. now fire officials believe itvet started in a dumpster.pster. no one was injured but again, an you can see heavy smoke andke a water damage throughout the store. >> tense and emotional thattiont describes last night's boardla meeting in fairfaxst county.nt school board meeting.. an emotional debate continuestiu over the transgender policy in n schools.scols. >> fox5's melanie alnwick isme live from falls church thislachh morning with the very latest. tr good morning, mel.ning >> reporter: good morning,r: steve and annie. so, it's really not clear at this point what, if anything,nyn the school board is proposing pi but there was talk of a closed e door meeting to discuss how
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accommodate transgender students and staff so a grouprop of organized advocates wants wan their voices to be part ofart that policy debate and thatd th caught some parents off guard. . you may recall that in may then school board voted to include i gender identity in its nondiscrimination policy butinai did not decide what kind oft kif accommodations would bensld b provided. currently schools have gender neutral bathrooms and aroand process that transgendergend students and staff must goo through before they can accesscs those accommodations.ons. well, last night some parentsens and students urged the boardherd to go further. they wander school records tools be adjusted so that thehat th preferred pronoun is used ford r students without any medical mec proof required, particularlycu on diplomas. dipmas. they want additional training tn for staff and teachers and they want students andnt teachers to be able to use to bathrooms and locker roomsker ro that correspond with theirreond identity. you're about to hear from aut te young transgender student andnta a coach interrupted by ay protesto
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that transgenders shouldn't beub able to use bathrooms and itnd i may not seem like a big deal bid to those who aren't transgenders about the me itrs is a a big deal. >> i'm a trance man and when i e was an scps student i experienced first handled the kind of harassment thatment tha children get from their peers. p >> you're a coach.oach >> excuse me, sir. (indistinct). >> evil, evil. >> reporter: the the two men thn were escorted out of that meeting for disruptiver diuptive behavior. behavior they said they were upset that.p theyse weren't allowed to speak out in opposition but they but y didn't sign up to speak andk that is the school boardthe hool policy. one father told us later that he is fearful for his daughter's safety. now, the white house has been clear that it interprets federal law to mean that these
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separate bathrooms forms f transgender students, thoses,ho gender neutral bathrooms dotr b not go far enough, thath, tha schools have to do more than and as we can tell you right rig now, they're looking at -- the e school board is looking at the health and wellness policy but b we looked at it last night andia so far there is no languagegue proposed that has anything to t do with transgender students. s. live in falls church i'm i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 localal news. news. >> later this morning in thes meantime hillary clinton nowil taking her campaign to thela nation's capitol set to speakee at an event hosted by plannedple parenthood today riding highod after two key endorsements,seme president obama andidobam massachusetts senatoracsetts elizabeth warren both coming outer publicly in support. suppo >> i am ready to get in this in fight and work my heart outrt for hillary clinton to become be the next president of thent of united states and to make sure r that donald trump never getsev t anyplace close to the white house. >> i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified tohi hold this office. oe. she's got the courage, the, the compassion and the heart to hrto get the job done.on >> the president is e
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to campaign with hillary clinton in wisconsin next weekte but bernie sanders still not stt ready to concede.ce he has, however, vowed to workor with hillary clinton as a democrats move toward partypay unity. donald trump meantimeeant focused on fundraising.drai a private fundraiser plannedseed today in richmond before a rally at the richmondy the coliseum. all of this coming as a new fox news poll shows hillaryolws clinton with a 3-pointer lead over donald trump.. trump dropping six points from last month. >> ♪ >> all right. it is time for our zip trip to anacostia.a. >> allison, tucker what's, going on this morning. morni tuck got your c>offee, ready ty go. maybe a little cup off espresso. >> it's very nice. it' steve wanted to know if that's ' your espresso cup.yo >> yeah. sort of a junior version ofersif coffee this thirning. don't worry i'm going to getgoit an extra large in a minute. min. >> we'll have like five of them. we're happy to be in anacostiaca southeast this morning for our m zip trip. >> absolutely beautifuleaiful morning.
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>> nice ride down through thethe city this morning. t >> beautiful. beaiful >> beautiful. b >> you tell me to wear a lightog jacket. >> you're wearing a heavy coat. >> i couldn't find a lightld jacket. i put all that stuff up. i'm going ton' take this off by b the time we're back on at 6:15 1 this will be wilbe o >> i'm trying to figure outryino which direction is east bu ftis the sun is getting un. u it's going to be a absolutelybsl beautiful day.ful da daytime highs like yesterday y about 80.0. not a lot of humidity. it's beautiful out here. >> gorgeous. >> let's do some weather. very exciting morning downo in anacostia.acostia. >> next stop frederick douglasru house and then the waterfronter and all that. t >> we got a lot of great guest this morning. morni 63 in washington.ashing 64 annapolis.64 annapol 50 up in frederick.rederick. it is quite cool again this t morning.moin 59 in winchester.chester. 65 in culpeper. going to be a beautiful friday i for you as you get out and a about. lots and lots of sunshineunsh expected today and highnd hig temperatures back in the low bae 80's. 80 so, no rain expected today.d might get a thunderstormerm tomorrow. we'll talk weekend forecastorect coming unbut let's enjoy enjoy today. 82 degrees and again a littleinl cool this morning.orng. allison sporting the jacketke but i promie
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can put the shorts on and be b in for another comfortablefoable day. >> no rain today. >> no rain today. n no rain >> i think the big claire ishe s down this way.down t >> we'll head down that way.t w >> if you come down and seen see us, this is home base on mlk m so come and see us today. today that's where we're going to be. be. tuck, can i have some of your coffee.ha co >> yes.ff >> back to you. >> and we're touring it backre in you to. t do some traffic. >> look at you guys taking atakg nice little morning stroll.g stl beautiful weather for the ziphep trip to anacostia.naia go down and say hi to tucker and allison if you can. steve will be joining them ae jn little later this morning.his mo i want to see all those greathoe pictures on social media.n so 66 eastbound as you wake up inwn virginia delays from 50 to t nutley street.treet. there's a vdot arrow board inrdn the right lane just past pas nutley street. let's take a live look outside. that is causing some you saw that long line of yellatow. little bit of sun glare.lare grab your shades.absh watch for some visibility visil problems and anticipate slow slw moving traffic towards theraff w beltway. once you get inside theet inside beltway we do open up a bit through arlington this morning. westbound traffic quietun through gainsvilld let's take a look at our mapsino right now.ght now. aside from that slow down volume building the usual spot
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newington 33 miles per hour33ils average because of volumeuse ofm heading toward the springfieldie interchange at the beltway.e atw as you can see we have aan red zone dale city tocity woodbridge as well. wel 234 to centreville slows on 66 and 28 out by plans andy plans specifications drive to braddock road also a bit ofoad l heavier traffic there. 295 inbound maybe you're'r heading out to anacostia thiscos morning it's going to take youoi six minutes to get fromet fro eastern to pennsylvania avenue. we're also seeing increased traffic on thefic baltimore-washington parkway.wa north of the beltway out by powdheer mill road in bothill ri directions. i want to show you a metro update. several days. in addition to the safetrackrack work that's causing single tracking on the orange andrang silver lines we have delays toat greenbelt and that is on theandi green line because of ans earlier problemne at branch avenue and then possible delays on the blueline as wellbe because of the safetrack work w causing residual delays. d additional delays on theon orange and silver aside from the safetrack and that isalack a because of ant i additional isss they were dealing with out byg b east falls church with ath a signal problem.robl lots of problems with metro met this morning.this m aside from that taking thetaking twitter update just
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more specifics additionalitiona delays orange and silver signal problem outside of west t falls church so you need a lotd of extra time as you get around metro this morning. 270 typical slow down on the t southbound side 85 to theide 85t truck scales. sca top of the beltway not doingot i too terribly on the outer the loop. little bit of volume increasing by new ham.le by neh. 210 through fort washingtonashio northbound side heavy traffic backing up by livingston roadn r just because of volume. vol got you covered.ov back to you steve and annie.u e >> louisville kentucky thisy thi weekend later today is where asw lot of people are going to be joining together tens ofhe o thousands expected to ttendo the memorial today for today for muhammad ali. former president bill clinton ct actor billy crystal among amo those who will deliver deliv eulogies.eulo today. he'll be buried in a private pra ceremony before the public publi interfaith service.thervice yesterday mourners paid tribute to ali at a muslim prayer service. >> a birthday celebration fortif fit for a queen. qen we're headed to london after afr the break. bre >> a lot of laughs with theof president on late night lt television. we're back in just 30 seconds.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. aur looking at live images from london right now where celebrations for queen elizabeth's 90th birthday havee just begun. royals and honored guests areone attending a service at saintt paul's cathedral before befor lefting a luncheon. luncheo the queen celebrated her realter birthday back in april and ail d will spend the next three daysta ce
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birthday in a tradition goingoi back 250 years today.oday also happens to be the queen's husband's prince philip's 95th birthday. >> beautiful cathedral. u.s. military stepping up airstrikes against tilhe taliban. president obama approving the plan to better assist afghanobtg forces when needed in critical operations but does not involve direct still about 10,000 u.s. troops. in that country. c also overseas a powerfulerfu earthquake has rattled the rathe coast of nicaragua not far from the honduran border.duran r it was a 6.1 magnitude quaketuda felt strongly in nicaragua's ars capitol city. right now no reports of rorts injuries but there's a lot ofrel damage near the epicenter of that quake. >> and developing overnight inen ohio, a manhunt is under ways dr for a 19-year-old man who shot two people including a a sheriff's deputy.eput that female deputy was shotas while responding to a domestic s dispute in a town nearn ar cincinnati. both victims are expected to survive. officials in deerfieldn deerfi township are urging residents to stay indoors. indoors president obama having h
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some laughs on the tonightaughot show. show >> he joked about presumptived republican nominee donaldab dald trump and says he's lookings heo forward to his new favorite fav show orange is not the new plaque. fallon, mr. obama themrobam president also created a slow so jam. >> through the actions of myhecy administration we were able tore stimulate the economy, get ouret country back on track.ra >> ♪ oh, yeah. [laughter] president obama stimulated long term growth.erm growth. >> president obama first appeared on the tonight showhow back in 2012. >> yeah.>> i think this is his fourth is hi appearance on the show.pen he's a regular.. >> love the slow jam to the news. ne coming up travelers rushvelh to join t.s.a.'s precheck only'y to wait months for approval. apa >> let's head back overseas ors right now. right now. there is the queen -- you can- just barely see prince philipe i there. ninety-fifth birthday today t for him. r the queen celebratingn celeb officially her birthday todayay in london.on big
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cathedral there. the pomp andom circumstance, very excitingg time. it is 6:13 right now. we're going to be heading backdi to tucker and allison are therere right now. weather and traffic on the 5s next.
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>> ♪ >> 6:15 right now and it is time for weather and traffic on the 5s. you're looking at livegh pictures from anacostia.. that's where we are zip tripping today. tucker and allison are there t now. i'll head down there we want to see you down theren t this morning. m annie, where can they findy fi everybody. >> on w street the entrancehe ec across the big chair right allison and tucker. >> mlk and w. we hope everybody comes down.ow >> we're basically at the bighe chair parking lot really wherery it's mike maple view and mlw a can k >> yeah.>>h. >> the big claire is right b there. iig mean, you know, if you're iy familiar at all with anacostia o you know exactly where we arelye and we hope you'll come downe d and say hi. we'll be on the move, tuck.ov >> for the next hour. we'll be here probablyy starting after 7:00,
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>> after 7:30. 7:3 >> come down and say hi to us. . we love to get as many peopleanp down here as we can. we c >> next we're going to the anacostia boats so that's where we'll be to thewel be beautiful river.riv >> down to the t >> i can't wait.>> i c looks gorgeous this morning.s what a beautiful morningulni across the area. absolutely picture perfect pfe overnight.ov lots of blue skies.tsblue sun is up and it's pleasantlylen cool out >> very nice. >> jacket cool. >> i haven't taken it off yet. e >> i know. >> i said 6:15 i would. w >> it's a nice >> i want people to see it. seei >> you got your school uniform u like the rest of us.s. >> right, exactly. exactly. >> we're all going to school g this morning. 63 in washington.hito very pleasant out there. t 55 up in westminster, 58 this morning dulles, 62 inrning fredericksburg.. so, comfortable temperatures for everybody. very nice out ouear going to be a beautifuleautif friday. nice and warm this afternoon.fto still not a lot of humidity. hut we're looking at daytime highs in the low 80's with generally n sunny conditions a great looking friday for you.yo let's fast forward a little bit to the weekend and there'see our setup for this afternoon at 3:00.: i want to fast forward this tors saturday afternoon, saturday s
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it will be hot tomorrow. in fact we're looking at daytime highs on saturday inn the low 90's. 9 can you believe it?cayou >> really. >> yeah, the heat is back.t isac so, get ready to --o >> the heat is back.s b >> cool it down tomorrow andorrd there could be a fewe thunderstorms by late tomorrowrw afternoon, tomorrow evening. evi that was what futurecast ishat u showing. otherwise a nice but hotbut hot weekend. week look at that.en sunshine and low 90's. and then we cool it down againt dowa early next week.earlnext nice streak of weather. wa we deserve it after the rainyve may we had around here. aroun hr beautiful start in anacostia aco this morning.this do come down and join us. join u we will be down at theben waterfront in a couplea cole minutes.mi stay tuned. let's do some traffic. erin. traffic running smoothly.hly. people are honking as they'rey' going by saying hi to us.i >> great start to the morningo r commute out looks like beautiful weatherul h too. roll down the windows enjoyndowj some music. right now not the case onhease n branch avenue. avee. typical delays on the northbound side from 301 tofromo surratts.surratts. 301 also dealing withng congestion towards five, 210 fi, in fort washington backs upn ck towards the beltway past beltwat livingston road. 95 still in the clear from theoe icc to the beltway. beltw little bit of northboundrt
6:18 am
to the baltimore area. 295 south, 32 to 197 still7 il looking good and 50 from 410 to 201 a slow zone speeds speed dipping to about 30 miles per0 hour. moving over for a look at 66, 6 delays from 50 to nutley nut street on the eastbound side. s there's a vdot arrow truckrr t blocking the right lane.ight le. 29 your best alternate.erna is dealing with a touch of congestion.cong let's take a live looks ke a outside. it is a beautiful sunny day sola i love seeing the cameras cam because of that reason but in bt don't like seeing this big thi backup leading towards thatds location where the right lane wt is blocked again after 50in aft you're really backed up. also backed up in gainsville as you head towards 66 is not the only slow down sw in virginia. 95 north lorton to newingtongt average speed checking in in about 33 miles per hour. hour. you're also really slow speeds under 15 miles per hour dale m city to woodbridge.ridg 234 to centreville slows andnd then 28 north dealing withit some stop-and-go trafficp-and- manassas drive to braddock b road. as we look through inbound thr it's a five minute trip righte i now eastern avenue tow stern avo pennsylvania avenue.venu suitland parkway inbound i dealing with heavy trafficth hec leading to south capitol.ap
6:19 am
inbound definitely picking upki by bladensburg so watch out for that nothing out of the ordinary there. traffic increasing from roslynos into georgetown across the keyhe bridj and metro in addition to single tracking n between east falls church andrcd ballston, i can tell you that ya things are back to normal onorma the green line, no more delays d to greenbelt. things should be getting back to normal there. bluelind e watch for residual delays because of the safetrack work and single tracking on thele trt orange and that is possible this morning. g trains are running on an oan average of every 18 minutes. additional trains ballston to new carol tone. you know the drill. dri leave earl physical you'reea taking the orange orrl silverile lines out of northern virginia. steve and annie. >> thanks erin.s in. google just unveiled a newnv phone and it uses 3-dse 3-d technology. techno we'll head to fox businessad tob network in new york for moreiney details on that.ha >> also penguins fans waking w up a little disappointed.appote shouldn't affect caps fans. morning line coming up. it is 6:19.
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>> ♪ >> 6:21 right now. t.s.a.'s precheck backed up this morning. first we'll check the we played to it friday lauren iy simonetti.simo good morning. >> reporter: whoo-hoo! long week. good morning. two days off. looking forward.orrd >> big celebrations.ig c how are we looking. >> reporter: it was a greathoa e week. a long one for the markets and now we're going to end maybeg d on a down note.n futures are down. d we had a bit of a setback yesterday, too. what you need to know is this.hi still really close.lo oil pulling back again after a tremendous run up that'spha taking stocks down putting the nasdaq in jeopardy of losingfos its gains on the week. nonetheless, the broaderroad market up four weeks in a row.ur >> all right. we'll look at the broaderro market. i think we as a people in this country like to procrastinate.aa put things off until we absolutely need to do it. n looks like with the precheckh te program that's what'ss what's happening because they have been telling us about this forg years now and all of a sudden everybody wants a ticket to the party. >> reporter: i kwanow.r: i k the t.s.a. really thought thellt
6:23 am
be a slam dunk in the ith beginning years didn't happen.di hence the really long airport ao security lines. lin those lines got so bad thatadha more people are saying, okay, we need to get through themet th quickly, sign me up for precheck. ironically so many people likeee tripled the number of peoplepl recently sign ugg up for precheck that you have to waitha a really long time to gett an a appointment to finish the application process. >> so, before. bor >> reporter:ing that some tote go consider. >> yes. i was going say before i become tor:o hypocritical ontica this top pick i waited untild the beginning of april to signrs up myself but just the justh beginning of april 2 months 2onh ago i got in the next day for df an appointment and now the the wait is how long? l >> reporter: i'm hearing all h sorts of things, weeks and months some some cases but ias i feel like april was maybe aas me little bit before we heard all l these crazy stories about the three-hour security linee- waits. >> right. >> reporter: that was a little early, right? you were, kind of --f -- >> be patrol >> reporter: you were tren deal. you were right before.we >> before the trendsetterringe took off in a negave
6:24 am
but look, it's a great programam but again, if you have to wait months and months to do ito i unless you're planning tolannin travel sometime in the fall oret next year it might not bimenefif you at this at this pn >> reporter: yeah. i hear you can just show up atta the office, too, but then again -- >> but they take the tak t appointments first so if youen show up and there are people ppl there waiting for theng for appointment you have to waitent until that docket is cleared so you could be waiting theiti t the airport for hours. hou >> reporter: how long didr: the whole process take youak when you showed up for your appointment.appointment. >> 15 minutes tops. no big deal. big d >> reporter: 15 minutes andr:nue $85 later. >> good for five years. it's a good thing if you canng get in. let's talk right now aboutta the newest phone outlk there.the we're not talking about apple.pp we're talking about anotherbouto company and this is kind of futuristic. >> reporter: len novoorter: lenn teaming up with google to witoge create a new phone about augmented this phone can sense what's inse the room, where the doors andoos windows are, the other people pl that are in the room. i sayat it's great for a bank robber, right, a house robber.ob they could plot out theloou settings by
6:25 am
anyway, this is the type of typo phone that would be needed to do the thing called augmentedugt reality which is a little bititt different than virtual realityty but it augments your settinget for you. you can augment the setting if it if knows where everything isveryths right. goes on sale in september. that's key. it's right ahead of the new iphone seven from apple.mpple >> i mean it looks cool but coob that entire video we juste showed right there is like marketing eight-year-olds.ds like learning type things which is kind of interesting,nti so i need more practicalical application from it i guess. g >> reporter: yeah.>> i'm not into augmented augment reality.realit not going to lie >> the real reality is just --ss is just challenging enoughng eug sometimes, isn't it, lauren? sn that's why we get things thi called weekends.edeeke >> reporter: it is. >> which starts tomorrow. hope you have a good one. >> reporter: you, too.chou >> bye. 6:25. hello michael. micha >> hello steve. a nice day in store.tore it's a gorgeous start.s >> can we repeat yd >> we can. >> that was pretty >> actually we wil.
6:26 am
same high >> i love it.>> >> but the weekend has got has some heat to it. we'll talk more about that inabt a second but the nationals are back in town this afternoon soer let's give them a clear. a taking on the philadelphiahi phillies tonight at 7:05.:0 that game gets under way. w should be about 80 degrees very good night for baseball. bl 77 by the sixth inning and 75nd5 by the time things wrap up. hopefully with a nationals win. weekend hot, hot, hot. 92 degrees saturday afternoony o maybe an isolated storm.d srm not everybody will see themhe tomorrow see don't cancelan outdoor sunday 91 degrees.sunday we cool it down early next next week. week. >> is this the first timeis we've reached 90? te re >> it will. >> well, we hope it will be. >> okay. >> if i'm wrong it won't.t. [laughter] >> i'm sure we'll have many more opportunities. >> that is some scientificis reasoning right right. this is also coming from theinge guy that requested we play thewa song friday earlier thisarli t morning. >> i know. can we make this happen for young mike e here. >> my one wish. w >> he's been denied already.
6:27 am
>> i think we can make thisan happen.ha >> we'll ask lynn nicely if i they can accommodate. >> i'm going to be team e >> i was team no. absolutely not.ab >> i'm team yes for you mike. mk >> annie always the nicest.heic we'll take a look at trafficra right now because we have somee problems. let's start you off withst metro. good news for green lineen commuters this morning.orning normal service resumed ater branch we had an earlier problem there.there. blueline letting you knowg you residual delays tos to franconia-springfield following an earlierlling off-loaded train at largo withat brake problems. that was as of 6:03. was a we'll keep you updated onpd that. orange and silver line lin additional delays possibleonal both directions signal problem l outside of west falls churchhuh ininned a asian duetting sell tracking between east falls easf and ballston. we'll take a look at the roadsos next. steve and annie.nn >> after scoring more than 30coi runs in three games the nationals fall flat.lla sports next. >> back to anacostia. aco that is the location foration fr today's zip we want to see you there inee ye the parking lot across fromom the big chair.the big chai allison and tucker standingtucka by. we'll ch
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in it's 6:27.
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♪ all right.lig welcome back. time nowwe 6:30. taking live look at anacostianaa our good friends allison seymour, tucker barnes are thisi morning.morning. steve will join them later thisr morning. go by and say hello on w streete they'd love to see.ove toee we'll have traffic and weatheria coming up on the 5's b
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welcome back. b we'll start at 6:30 with the man who allegedly killed hisd his estranged wife in prince george's county and then allegedly killed two people the next day in moment county. coun. he is expected to be in court ic later this morning. littlely tordil facing several s charges including first degreeee today's proceedings will likelyk set dates for future action in t the case f convicted he faces hf live in prison.n police in alexandria holdini community meeting to night too t discuss the city's thirds homicide of the year. 28-year-old pierre clark waserca shot and killed along montgomerm street just afternoon on wednesday. so far no word about a possiblei suspect.ect a group of d police officerr going beyond and above to help a little boy in featured earlier r this week two officers noticedes the 12-year-old ride ago broken bike in southwest. in southwest so the officers all gotot together, they rallied others ir the department and all pitched h in to buy him a brand new bike.k and today, the redskins charitable foundation doing itsi part to fight childhood obesityy hosting the fuel up to play 60
6:32 am
read quins are skins players pla seem team up with the students.e 10 schools are taking part in this. time for the morning line.nn let's start witness stanley cupp playoffs right knowledgeedge penguins fans waking up fs wa disappointed pittsburgh had a chance to win the title at homem last night within the cup.within would have been their fourth frt one, and first since 2009.00 but instead the series headingea back to san jose now because the sharks took the early lead.ea jones made a stance stopped thed final 31 shots that he faced.ed. final score was four-two sharks. pittsburgh still up in that up t series three games to get but now they go back to t california.rn game six will be sunday night is san jose.e last night's game by the way the largest crowd ever at cone sole energy center in pittsbur pittsburgh. some fans paying $1,500 for standing room only tickets toy t watch the team lose. l last time the steve pittsburgh u won major championship at home m by the way the world series in 1960. they'll do it this time it wl
6:33 am
orioles could be withoutho manner machado for four gamesoug that's how long he's beenhe's bn suspended by the league for thii fight during the game against aa the royals this week. machado charging the mound aftea venture what hit him with fast t ball.ball. venture what suspended nineed nn games both appeal theireal punishments and continue to plap until the process is complete. the nationals return homelsr tonight for a weekend serieskenr against the phillies. after finishing a nine game roa trip six-three.ip six-thr not bad. last night in chic shock one ofo the three losses unfortunatelysa daniel murphy homered in thehe fifth but the nats -- homerun. the nats three-game winning wini streak was snapped.ed white sox within three-one.eeon you're only run of the game into the bullpen.. washington scored 31 runs in thn last three games. gam want something to doomhing tonight, head down to the ball b pack. back my popular demand pot yeses night.nigh there's the fanny pack you'llac get in one you're of firstf thousand fans. >> i'm super excited. ser e >> annie will be there.ieill go say hi. festivities begin at 4:30 with
6:34 am
on the budweiser terrace fce f you've never seen them, it's ata good the '80s outfits ladies and menm and have a good time at the the ballpark.bapa >> not as easy to find short shorts. >> that's not surprising. >> ♪>> >> get one for tucker becauseece his is wearing out a little bitb he uses it a lot.ot >> my goodness. goodness. you guys, we've got the job today.toda steve and annie, this is soo beautiful. >> so peaceful out here.ul >> we're on the anacostia riverv strolling along on the anacostia river with the river keeper and we're just chilling and it'schna beautiful. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell me where and who you'rer with. >> i'm clara, with thelara, t department of energy anderg environment here in d.c.nmenhere >> all right. tell us about the anna costinn c yann tell us why everybody should come down and and enjoy it. it's beautiful. >> we are providing river smart educational boat tours anybodysd no matter their age, ability orr language are welcome to
6:35 am
take tore either private groups, public groups and comend com experience the river.iv really want to expect peopleteo back to this gorgeous riverou r that's in the heart of d.c. >> beautiful. >> and have fun. fun >> it's beautiful.. i'm a native. niv never been on the anacostiaia river.r. >> i mean if you look around itd really is really -- it'ss gorgeous.gorgus. >> beautiful. >> out here. you'll see bald bald e you'll see, you know, foxes,oxes dear, fish, wildlife, yeah. yea it's >> beautiful. basically, with the boat tours,s how do you get involved withve t coming out and enjoying the anacostia, you know, youw, you don't -- you're not necessarilys a nature person like me, but dob you want to take a nice, youiceu know, boat ride? this iss gorgeous.gorgus do you we get involved? y w >> you can visit our website deo did the and find outd how to take the boat towerwer you'll learn about the history o of the anacostia and the >> did i hear the price is freef >> it is free for everybody. evy >> what,? that's a headline.
6:36 am
(laughter).ter). >> the price is absolute come down enjoy it.comeow it's gorgeous down here.n h fish are jumping -- literallyitr jumping as we speak. it's beautiful.'s beaul hey, it will be gorgeous day. d real quick your weatheroureather forecast. sunny and 82 this afternoon.on. cool out right now we're in thee low 60s. lo >> so great.o gr >> couldn't ask for nicer friday morning.rnin we'll do traffic. traff no traffic out here on the anna costi y let's nos to erin.o en we'll talk to the anacostiaia river keepers in just a minute.u >> it looks beautiful out therer i wish i was on boat rid with you guys today. what a perfect day for it. for i right now 6:36, not great day ty be stuck in traffic. traff we are taking a live look from skyfox as they pan out to see to what's going on.n outer loop really jammed up.ammd we're dealing with a crash csh somewhere between 95 and georgig as you approach georgia and looa how heavy that traffic s you are basically parked actually theual crash we just lost skyfox. sky let's move it over to ouro our cameras outer loop after newr lw hampshire avenue. so from 95 to georgia you'rergir backed up because of that crash scene, try to get sky f pictureu back so you can see that exactha location. the outer loop is place you neey
6:37 am
to give yourself a lot of extrae time tod that's by colesville you're verv backed up as let's go ahead and switch itwi over for look at our maps. m that's not the only problem thii morning. 295 looking good, however, 32 to 197 a little congestion by powder mill.l. tiff tee west 410 to 201 jams, 95 southbound still looking lki good. still dealing with these delaysy on 66 eastbound.astbnd there's a vdot arrow board board blocking the right lane delayses from 50 to nutley street.t. once you get inside the bell yol pick up through arlington asgtoa bit. the jam is not madd bad as by 50.. martin luther king of ar k southwest and w street for the t zip trip traffic is looking lki good. tucker and allison showed usweds earlier on martin luther kinghen things are moving along. along nats taking on the phillies thee tonight.tot. increased pedestrian traffic bite ballpark. should be great game. just talking with steve andh s d annie, it is in fact's 80s night break out your brightest callede neon shirt and grab your fannyra pack. pack. major rail update signaleig problems and trail malfunctionon things back to normal on the noa
6:38 am
directions on the orange and and silver single trackin tracking l between east falls church andlsc ballston that cause delays onon the blue line as welch that'scht your look at traffic.ur look at back to you tyou coming up next a look atnext what's hot on the web thishi friday morning including a maill swim instructor accused of ofacf showing too much skin.owin >> also we'll check in withk wit kevin.kevin. kevin is in los angeles thises t morning. just watched the sequel too finding nemo.emo >> yeah. >> ahead of a big-time intervier he has today.od with ellen.ll. that's really cool.that'seall we'll talk with him about that coming up. >> can't wait.
6:39 am
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♪ back now with what'sh trending on the web on thisn thn friday morning. first up, more than five years and $5 billion after first breaking ground, walt disney opened its doors to its first fr chinese disney land. disney shanghai will open to the public last week. arlington mom making waves thiss morning after penning a letter r complaining that her daughter'ss male swim instructor was showing too much skin.tomuch the mother was concerned thatced the instructor was too exposedoe when touching her daughter andra teaching her how to swim. she's now requesting that theg t man wear a shirt whenrt w instructing her daughter andr other children in the pool.ildr and finally, a chinese coupleneu sharing their incredible storydi of how a photograph proves they were destined to fall in loveti while looking for imagenes tos share at their wedding the t husband spotted his futureut mother-in-law in the backgroundb of a photo
6:42 am
the couple met.. the couple says the photo showss that they were destined to meeto and marry. steve?ste? >> wow! >> isn't that incredible? >> i know.>> i know. a little scary.littlery i'm not going to lie good movie review friday. f we'll check in with kevinev kev is in los angeles as alwaysw he makes time for us. we'll chat with him in a minuten if you have a news tip share it with us 202 -- e-mail it to us. come see us in anacostia. more zip tripping next. ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help.
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st that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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6:45 am
♪ 6:45 right now. time to get another check on th world of weather and for thatt we're heading to anacostia. anat >> we go to our tucker barnes standing by. tucker, earlier you were y carrying around murse. murse steve saw it. i >> we saw your murse. >> it wasn't murse.urse >> it was murse. was murse. >> it was a battery -- it was a mike pack murse. >> you know what it is. >> it was a mike pack. ka mi >> it's our equipment. >> we're kidding. we' kid >> it was a mike murse. mur >> i'm trying to save you outto here. >> thank you, allison. >> high-tech piece of equipment and they're giving me a hardgiv time. >> guys in the studio are tryine to crack on us. >> this is actually a green g screen behind us.d u >> it feels that way it's sot' s beautiful. >> i'm so impressed.d. emily you are the anacostia aco river keeper.river keeper. >> yes, i am.m >> you should have a crown on oo something.someth >> no, no, no, no. no, n there's lots of work to do.or we're really excited -- excited
6:46 am
>> yes. he wants to be king.b king. >> all right.ll rig. >> it's good. goo but no lots of really greatre groups out here working on the t river. i'm really proud to be part of it. and doe is one of our best partners the 5 cents thatents t everybody pays for their bagss goes towards street sweeping,t p clean ups to improve the healtht of the river and then alsols provides an opportunity for to us give boat tours on the river. >> free boat tours. trs. >> free boat tours. f >> we started a program doe is funding this year and next yeara our goal is to get 2,000 peopleo d.c. residents out on the riverr to see the river, see thehe anacostia from a different dif not just from a bridge or a bike but actually out on the river tt see how beautiful it is. i >> how is the river doing? it'g getting better and better eacheb day. >> it's getting better.s gett it's getting we're up around sea and lots of projects going on in d.c. too reduce sediment loading toing to reduce pollutants, pesticides, people, you know, water theirhe
6:47 am
and things we're trying toryin t reduce some of that from theom storm water that gets into theio river and hurts the >> we should also say goodbye tt jim foster president of thent o anacostia water shed society.iey >> yes. yes >> he is our captain thisin thi morning as well.moing as well. thank you very much.ank you >> good >> good morning to you. >> thank you. >> you can just feel theoo cpassion. you guys really, um, love thiss river, and as a person who does nothing besides pay the bag pacc to help i say thank you. y it's gorgeous much it's at's a treasure.easu >> welcome. you're out this morning. o >> and i don't feel queasy on the beautiful anacostia. nice and smooth. >> all right. question,t queioxt what's the one thing that we ala can do each individual to help h this river out? out >> reduce littering on the streets if youu see something on the street t picket up it goes into the storo drain, and we've got d.c. waters actually have over 600 storm sto water out falls into d.c. water. so topo tow mack river andkivera anacostia river.anac so anything that's on the grouno winds up in the river.up i it comes down the storm drains. >> actions ve
6:48 am
>> yeah. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> i see a little turtlnke. >> beautiful.. we saw a deer -- >> beavers.>> >> gorgeous. >> i'll do the weather quickly. >> thank you. >> you can see the bright sunshine out. an will be gorgeous day. w low 80s for daytime highs.meig quick look at your seven day.ay we'll heat it up this weekend much. . here come 90's saturday andy sunday.. best chance of thunderstorm will be late saturday.atda beautiful friday and beautifulul out here on the anacostia. >> thank you everyone for invi inviting us out this morning. mg >> we have to go back on land. l next stop the frederick douglas house. >> we're on our way.>> w >> we'll toss it back to you to erin. >> we must. m >> i do not blame you it looksoo so beautiful out there. the i want to see turtles. ttl take pictures if you can we'd w love to see them on twitter. ttr right now the road is not as not peaceful as anacostia.nacoia take look at this.hi the outer loop between branch ba avenue and allentown roadll there's a crash that is causingc some big delays.some b del you can see miles of backed up d traffic leading on on the outere loop away from the wilson bridgg as you make your way towards tor
6:49 am
watch for that one.waat top side of the beltway outerbet loop another crash just clearede it was at new hampshire avenue.e delays are still very heavy bacb to route 1. route 1. a lot of residual delays sos please give yourself extra timet even though all lanes are openpe right there. let's move it over for look inn arlington on inbound we're dealing with a stalled a d tractor trailer gw parkway southbound it's at the memorialm bridge right between thege rig t memorial and roosevelt bridge bg that could cause huge delays be prepared for that.hat. typical congestion as you crosss from ross lindh in georgetown ow the key bridge usual congestiont on secondaries in georgetowneorw like m street and wisconsin.isco wisconsin coming down from friendship heights on going construction as you head to andd from georgetown not doingoing anything great for us this greoi morning in terms of drive times. 295 inbound from eastern to to pennsylvania that little stretce of road is going to take you 111 minutes.s. something to keep in mind ifp in you're heading out to anacostiat to visit tucker and allison this morning. 295 northbound backs up from tht bottom of the beltway totway t lavatory road and suitlanddui parkway jams as usual same stors 210 northbound through fortoughf washington at livingston road.oa more traffic and metro updatesnm for you next.yonext.
6:50 am
>> as if our zip trip wasn'tas enough excitement for today,xcio check outr the guest list. world famous mew magician david copper feel will be with us at 8:00. at 9:00 i'm being replaced withd it. i'm okay with it.i' i getm to go to anacostia and hang out zip trip.. >> ross matthews in to guest g host good day d.c. with annieita and wisdom today. tod that is awesome and then at 10aa bill and julianna rancic youan know them from lots of reality r and red carpet tv shows in our o kitchen before they open uprehe their new restaurant in d.c. that's all coming up later this it is all -- >> jam packed.>>am p >> appointment television.oiel right. keep it right here. locked in. ilo summer almost here for thise week's special friday give awaye you can win four tickets to sixx flags a prize with retail valuev of $280. $28 new splash water falls park opeo and ready for to you experiencec >> all you have to do is go to between now and 11:59 p.m. and enter for a chance to win one lucky winner
6:51 am
selected by random drawing onwio june 13th. all entrants must be 18 or oldeo complete rules and online entry are available at it is movie review friday. two sequels head to the big screen plus long awaitedited adaptation to a beloved videoeo >> kevin mccarthy joining us mcr from los angeles thiths morningi hey, kev, what are you doing inn la? >> good morning, steve andni annie. how you guys doing today?? >> awesome.weso >> hi. >> yeah.>> it's 3:45 in the morning hereni right now. so pardon me if i seem a littlel tired.tire i'm actually here to interview r ellen i'm very very excitedd about, because saw finding doryg the sequel to finding nemo inem remember or seven years ago wheo i was first starting off to do o this i wasn't doing it full ti time. my mom would write letters to le the ellen show to try to get mem on the show. it's surrealon to actually get t see in a room and meet her mt today. this is kind of cool. ikind yesterday i was walking into the lobby of the area where i
6:52 am
staying and ellen was walking out and i kid you not, she s stepped outside of the door doo waited for her own car, got inn her own car and drove home i he think. i moon it was kind of surreal tl see what kind of car she washe driving. i'm not going to say what it was but it was very very cool toveo seely len that close. i'm very excited to meet her.t >> was it 1973 ford pinto? p >> it was not.>> it was n it was way more expensive thanet that, steve.that, stev way more expensive than that.t >> we weren't to find out abouta movies.movi the first one you know we havewv david copperfield in studio thit morning we talk about movies ofo magic i know you're talkingow ya about now you see me two. is it more now you see me two or now you've already seen this movie? >> it's interesting you saidou s that because david copperfield to was like an icon when i washw growing up i used to go to hisoo shows. i went to one of his shows inn richmond.nd he had ghosts flying around thel room. he's a legend. i'm excited to have him in. havm this film basically the horsemee are back and the idea this timem around they're trying to pull off heist for a tech genius played by d
6:53 am
character and being forced to f pull off this heist.his hei it's kind of like an oceans 11 meets robin hood meets magics mg film, and it's great cast jessee eisenberg, morgan freeman, davee franco, wood see harrell son, s michael caine.elai huge cast. ge the problem the first movie iie like a lot it had great firstref half but kind of a weak seconded half.half this movie is the exact opposi opposite. it actually starts off kind ofin weak and ends a little bittl bit stronger but the problem is only really two great scenes in thein whole movie the overall film just felt a little more forced than the first one.he fir i want add better story line. i love lindsay kaplan as an actress i didn't care for hereoh character in the film as well. t i gave it a 2.5 out of five.iv i thought it wasn't as good as s the first one. one. but i will say its worth aor rental if you want to rent it. >> also the conjuring two isng i getting pretty good reviews. res what did you think about that?? >> i'll tell you right now, if had a camera on me in that tha theater you would have seen a a
6:54 am
>> we see that far day, >> one of the scariest filmsestf i've seen -- yeah one of thefhe scariest films i've seen in a'v long time directed by james wanw who creator saw franchise.. i loved the first conjuring this one is so much scarier andca a better shot in my opinion. the shots are incredible.rebl very scary film and it earnst everyone of its scares. sre that's the beauty of a goodof ag horror movie. i hate when horror movie reliesl heavily on jump scares.s. this actually earns and buildsni the scarce.the scarc this is based on the true case files of etta warren. w they go to london and try tory help a house that has maliciousc demons. four out of five for that. o >> we see a lot of movies baseds on video games.on video games. we have another one out thisher weekend. what did you think?? >> war craft, you know, i neverv played this game ever in my i m i new nothing about the gamehe e going in. duncan jones direct his movieisv also the son of david bowie thet director of this film he also a directed moon a
6:55 am
code.code this film works for non gamee fans. fans i actually liked it. l i never played the game b actioc was good.d orbs versus humans the specialhe effects are incredible.arincredb they use performance capture to capture human actors to create the orbs you see on screen how they did andy circuit in lord lr evidence ring.idence r it takes a little bit to start a off but i gave a 3.5 out off five. fi skip the i max and skip the 3d.d don't waste your money there. te >> save a little bit of money. we like that. something for everybody.infor thanks, kev. an we'll see you again later thisai morning. >> all right. ye guys. bye annie, i love you guys. >> bye kev. k. >> let's to talk to ellen. how cool was that. >> let's go to mike thomas.ike . yesterday was a winner.erday a i >> a plus.>> five s another five star today.he if you like ther heat this weew send five stars or nine stars oo 90 stars because it will bee 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon. let's do future cast in case inc you're planning.yo pla 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morningoc could be showers off to the north ak ndho then maybe some
6:56 am
tomorrow night aroundmorr 9:00 o'clock.'cck so the bulk of the day is it's not wash out by any means.a just keep an eye on the radar ii you'll be out and about. 82 today beautiful day. day. tomorrow up 10 92 with isolated showers and thunderstorms.unrsto none on sunday.nday then we're back to the 80s as ww head into early next week.eek. 83 on monday and 86 degrees next all right. that's a check of the weather. h erin como has the traffic. t >> i do. the outer loop is nasty right rg now. we have a crash by allentownh l road and because of that, we ara seeing big delays a crash justt after 5:00 branch we are backed up for several sev miles leading towards that location from the area of sainti barnabas road give yourself aoua lot of extra time to get througr that all lanes completely stackedy se with traffic just crawlingra along. we'll go ahead and switch itwi over for a look at our mapsap that's not the only problem on o the outer loop right now.loop rw again it's between branch avenue and allentown. this one cleared between new hampshire avenue and georgia bub delays back to route 1
6:57 am
big slow zone there we'll keep k you updated i got you coveredovd this morning with traffic. withi 7:00 o'clock hour of fox5 newson morning coming right up.
6:58 am
6:59 am
♪ we'll get to our zip trip ip just a minute off the top atte o 7:00 o'clock this morning,'clocn hillary clinton picking up ainpk wave of key endorsements despiti knew polls showing both clintont
7:00 am
deeply unpopular.op the latest on the race for the white house is coming up. also, a sexual as sought asg suspect on the loose.oose police are searching foreman whm followed a woman from a metroro station an tacked how you can help find him. tensions flare at a school a board meeting in fairfax countyy at issue the district trancetrie jent we'll have a live report comingg up. live look from anacostia ono this beautiful morning. mni it is friday, june 10th, 2016. 1 that is where our tucker barnese and allison seymour are forr arf today's zip trip.. we're hite lighting everything that anacostia has to offer.ffer we'll be checking in with themnh in just a few minutes. min good morning, i'm annie thanks for waking up with.p w >> i'm steve henry welcome tocot fox5 news great to be here.grea first up at 7:00 o'clockt 0 d.c. police remain the scene of a deadly shooting that happenede overnight in southeast washington. police say one man was shot at 10:30 last night in the 900 block of barney street. seet. we're told he was shot in thee back and later died at the the hospital.hospit right now police are looking foo two suspects last seen driving i an older model silver


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