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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  June 13, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ sobering monday for all of us here in our area definitelyae down in orlando and across thehe country as we all mourn together after the horrific shooting that happened over the i'm holly morris alongside of allison, steve and maureen is off today. tay >> let's get right to the latest from what happened in orlando. n here's what we know this morni morning. 50 people are dead. 49 of them club p goers and the gunman.. 53 more were hurt. overnight crews began removing m the bodies of those victims from the club moving them to morguemt for identification. the gunman identfoified as a fine-year-old omar mateen he h pledged his allegiance to isis.i president obama has called theae shooting an act of terror. florida governor asked for a a state of emergency declarationen in the entire state of floridala
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that coming up in a pressre conference an hour ago.go >> still more questions than m answers this morning but familyf members are shed something lighl on the shooter'sig possible menn state and motivation.. >> fox's caroline shively begins our coverage this morning inornn orlando with more on thisnhi developing story.tory. caroline, good morning. >> reporter: good morning tong o you. yo we are indeed learning morernin about omar mateen and what henda was talking about, what he washw thinking during the three hour u hostage situation. police tell us this morning heog was cool, he was calm and he wa pledging his loyalty to isis.. >> he would get in his tempers m and expect -- say -- reportor mentally up stable.p stabl that's how 29-year-old omar mateen's ex-wife describes thecr man police say carried out aedut deadly shooting rampage inside s pulls nightclub. popular members of orlando's gay community. she claims her former husband hs was bipolar, had a history withw steroids and regularly beat her. >> started
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physically very often. o >> reporter: this asthma ts asth teen's father is also speakingok to the media.. >> we provided for him love and care. i know it's does not religionio issue in this matter and for sure because i always watching -- i was watching omara >> reporter: however he doesoes claim his son recently got angra when he saw two men kiss mc miami. meanwhile his victims continue u to be identified, survivors aree sharing their stories. >> in the first or two boom, boom, but at the beginningning everybody i guess we thought it was part of the music that wasts really loud. >> reporter: and we're learning more about the gunouthg battle how this ended afterer three hours.ours. omar mateen was locked in bathroom he had locked himself e with four or five other people,o 15 more nearby bathroom. police new at some point whenpo their conversations that the ttt threat was eminent. wasmine more people were going to die. e they exploded the wall into a
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bathroom, a hole 2 feet off theo ground two to 3 feet wide they actually had to take an armoredm vehicle to punch the rest of the way there leadier leaving thateg hole. omar mateen came out and that'sa when police ended his lifeife bringing the death toll here to 50. now back to you. >> i think the thing that realla has lot us shaking our heads h because the sadness and the magnitude this, would be the fact that he was in fact on the nbi radar and then, you know, allowed to go on, they had toad let him go. didn't find anything reallygea connected to terrorism per se.e. and then this happens.apns is there any explanation to froe the federalxp government?ernmen >> reporter: that is the real r shocking part.ockingart. they had two differentrent investigations in 2131 of his co-workers yes he's talking tali about terrorist ties inform 2012 another investigation what seem to be key here they talk to him three separate interviews and ad then closed the cases in whichhi case it's still legal for him to buy gun he bought that as sight rifleigr
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12 days.12 days. atf just informed us there was s third gun it was sitting in hisi car which was just outside the nightclub.nigh why did this happen? will thisi change laws? we press the atfhe on this and the fbi as well. w he said we're still goingll g through another interesting thing on thg federal level is there's are a criminal probe. what they want to find out now did anyone know it was planned,n did anyone help him, where didrd that third gun from, is therem,i anyone out there who's still s alive and could still be partially to blame? there's? he still looking into that butut importantly, the fbi did tell ul this morning it does not look nl like there's a threat. threat. there could be future arrestsuts but there's no longer a threat t to the public. >> all right. allht. caroline shively reporting there. we appreciate the lateste lt information and she's going togt stay on top of that for us.. let's focus on the victim of tht pulse nightclub we now know that the names of the 26 victims but sadly thereae are still 24 other names to beam released 36-year-old eric ortiz rivera came to orlando from
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management after earning his aee bachelor' degree. stanley, the third, the 23-year-old pharmacy techniciana celebrated a birthday later thir month. then there is 37-year-oldarld kimberly morris affectionatelyfl known as kj by family andy and friends.iend she was a bouncer at the club in college she was stand out snd basketball player at post p university in connecticut. in c. many of the victims sente victse messages to loved ones fromon fo inside the club fearing foring their one mother shared the heartbre heartbreaking text messages herr son take a listen. >> 06:00.>> 06: mommy, i love you.y, i love in the club they're shooting. s that was at 2:06. 2 trapped in the bathroom. downtown.wnto please call police i'm going to die. call them momma now. now i'm telling -- i'm in the bathroom. ba he's coming, i'm going to
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i asked him was he hurt? and hh said y i said are some of theomf people hurt? he said yes. >> we're sad to report her son n eddie was added to the list of s deceased victims this morning. g >> this tragedy in orlando also shaking up campaign hillary clinton postponing aoson joint event with president psi barack obama on wednesday.esy >> and donald trump focusing hih speech in new hampshire a address the attack. melanie alnwick with lifeh outside the without with more oe these changes.haes mel. >> some people are looking atrel this as something of aof leadership test for the candidates who hope to occupyy the white house next. the grades really depending onno what side of the political spectrum you fall on. o last night, though, it really was peace rather than politics t on minds of those who gathered in lafayette pa torque mourn tht dead much they marched from them us capitol to the white houseteh holding
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feeling as if it could easilyous have been them.hem. but the site lafayette park p certainly moment to send anly message to washington and as yos said the candidates and the campaigns now shifting gears in response to this horrificor shooting in orlando. hillary clinton echoing president obama's sentimentsenti calling it an act of hate, anata act of terror, and adding that t we need to keep guns like the te ones used out of the hands off terrorists and other violent vit criminals.crim saying it reminds us once morenc that weapons of war have no n place on our streets. donald trump criticizingticing president obama and hillaryillay clinton for not calling out in i his words radical islam and said "if we do get tough and smart s real fast we are not going to ag have a country any more saying y that our leaders are weak and that he's trying to safe livessl and prevent the next attack, wee cannot afford to be politicallyl correct any more. "traumaly going on to reiteratei his earlier campaign calls for
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temporary ban on muslims in thei united states and then thishe t morning speaking on fox also saying that there are thousandsn of people born here in the i united states who have the stat potential to become radicalized and calling on other muslims ins the community he said to basically turn those people in.n hillary clinton for her part sticking more to talking aboutbo working with internationalnatiol partners to try to dispeace spell this and assuage this international threat talkingl rl about also doing more to hardenr or security here at home really to very different responses toes this shooting in orlando. but we'll hear more because they both do continue their campaign appearances today even thoughvet they've changed the messagesage somewhat. live outside the white house,dei i'm melanie alnwick. aln. back to you. for more on the shooting from moment land securityent sc standpoint we want to turn to frank, an associate associa vice-president at george geoe washington
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director the center for cyberhe and homeland security.homend set thank you so much for coming inn with us this morning. morning >> thank you. >> we really appreciate it. are a lot of talk obviously about the fbi probe into the shooter. you know, i guess you can't doat anything if you just talk abouta isis, right? so how hard is itt for authorities to really reigni this in and yet not be able tobt predict the future? fur >> you know it is difficult.if and at the end of the day, there are, l have been 88 cases since march of 2014 where people haveh been arrested for sympathizingig or plotting a tax in support of isis. is so the numbers are actually notl one cease and two cease andeasea unfortunately in 2015, we saw a spike in the sort of so i mean we do have a dilemma l here in terms of privacy andriva national security sets of questions.ti i mean i know it's a bit of af cliche but at the end of the dae we really do have to take on tae some of these hard questions ans
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real.real it's not necessarily catastrophic at all times but wb do have unfortunately a numberue of americans who are sympathetit to isis.. who are subscribing and a ascribing to the etiology and ww need to address this matter g dd we have -- we have no fly listsl in this country.ount do we have overall lists ofts of people who have been either ehe placed on watch lists in the int past recent removed from them. are they still on some type of o tracking or once they're clearer from this lists we don't pay't p attention to them any more.m an. >> it depends what sort of an s investigation is on going.n at the end of the day, you can't move too far unless you have due course or due cause to be able to do there. the there are multiple lists. lts one of things that's changing cg how significant of a role sociac immediate yacht internet, and some of these other modalitiesot and means of communication are currently playing. p up until recently, we have conceded
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battlefield. we're seeing law enforcement take a more proactive role in this and even the military uspr cyber command was given aen a mission recently to take on isis and the cyber battlefield sinces we can't bifurcate or vulcanizea the kinetic and battlefield from the cyber battlefield. >> what everything done rightern here from your minute frome from homeland security -- securityecy stand point. >> i think the focus right now f should be on what we know precisely.prec was this individual p, did he subscribe himself, was alone wolf, was he in some way directed and have contact with isis elements or components? po? what we saw play out in parisis with the bataclan horrific hri incident what we saw play out in belgium recently was a bit of aa hybrid bh. in europe you've had thousands n of europeans fight alongsidede is
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in the united states there have been 250 americans who tried tot team up and travel.ra but what you also saw was during ramadan a direct call from isisi leadership saying, hey, this iss your time to plot attacks domestic klee and unfortunatelye that seemed to play out here. >> now, frank, this is aiss question that i'm sure a loftet people are thinking about this,i but how on earth can a federal government investigators, i knoo they to do do this but find some random person who is plottingtt hasn't done anything yet, they e have some stuff in his past buts just sitting around waiting for his opportunity and that all of a sudden -- how can they stop it. it. >> they can't rei ticket then' future. is it realistic to think we can catch all thesc e people beforee they do something bad. b >> firstly we need to recognizeg we do have real threat on our o hands but we also need too recognize since the end of the f cold war a threat forecast to gg some extent made astrology lookk respectable. no, we won't be abl t
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everything but we do need to ndo make sure that the authoritiesui have the tools to get the job done. done i think we also need to also edt recognize that beyond lawt bend enforcement there's a communityi response here as well. so if others had seen certaintan behaviors or had seen horrificc comments, that should be to one extent --nt >> they kind of did. t >> that's exactly it. >> what can you do. >> co-worker he said heinous thing.. his ex-wife said he had saidai things. >> people he work with said heoi had not be acting of the righthr mind and he was on the radarar already. he was already on the radar.dy o still got away with it.h >> you don't think one person ir going to go in and gun down 500 people.pele. >> right. >> i think we still just at heart don't think that.nkt i think what you're saying we de need to recognize that is thet s world we live in and it can it c happen >> unfortunately, it hasly, itas happened and unfortunately thist is not the first and sadly i sad don't think it will be the last with that said, the integrationa between federal, state and local i
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action is you can't expect the fbi robustt as they are and they prevented p so many incidents since 9/11 and most recently many incidents but at the end of the day state anda local law enforcement needs thet intelligence they neitherei information and ultimatelyly familiesfamilies and when you aa talking about social media if you're seeing things in online n kind of environment bring thatra to your isp provider.r bring that to twitter. bring that to facebook.o fabook twink that to whoever that mayay be but what you're starring torg see is they're using the deephee web and the dark net which, anda and some of these communications are very difficult for lawor enforcement to be able to get in advance. >> very frightening.frigh we sure appreciate you bringingi in your expertise this morningei and sharing your insight with us. still ahead, how d.c.' lgbt community is responding to the attack i
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fox news commentator stacey dash will join us live.lloin we'll talk to her about herut h brand new books and we'll askllk her her thoughts and feelings oi her attack in orlando. oan as we head to break the scene of the most terrible attack inn orlando. freedom tower lit up in the colors of the pride flag last night. 9:15. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> today as americans we grievei the brutal murder, horrific massacre of dozens of innocent people.ople we pray for their families who are grasping for answers with broken hearts. heart we stand with the people ofpeopf orlando who have endured adured terrible attack on their city.. >> president obama offeringering words of sympathy to grieving -- to the grieving city and to the nation as well.ll. but his role comforter in chiefi has become almost routine. rne this is the 15th time the t president addressed the nation n after mass shooting during hisih eight years in office. nation's capitol of courseil celebrated pride over thehe weekend and here in washington s it's a big deal.. washington home to sizeable lgbb community an tack orlando hits close to home. for more out the region isn responding we turn to jay brownn he's the communications director
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joins us live this morning.. good morning, jay. >> i'm not sure we can -- we'll- try to get, l you go, jay. j we can hear you.ou. no. no. >> we couldn't hear you earlieri good morning much it's good to c talk to you this morning.u thism a terrible situation.ituati let's talk first of all aboutllo the human rights campaign isigni doing for the folks in orlando n but also spreading this messagea across the country. >> yeah, i mean this is really l such a heinous crime that the entire lgbt community is reactioning not just here in d.c., not or landy but across ar literally across the globe. gloe this really hits close to homeom for all of us. >> what's your reaction, what, w are you seeing today as far asas that emotional reaction to thiss crime? it's unbelievable.ievabl 50 people dead. dd. let's say 49 people dead plusus the shooter.. >> yeah, i mean i think we allll need to really band together.r. the
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is out there today it ist certainly fueling the kind of ko hatred that make these actions possible.poib and what we need to start doinga as a country is coming togethere more across differences.ifre we need to be bridging communities that might seemht different. i mean i think one thing that's' really important to stay top of mind is that the same kind of hate that killed these folks,, these 49 individuals in floridaa is the same kind of hate thatt killed nine people ine i charleston. it's the same hate that tookt tk three muslim students in chapel hill. and thhie more that we can do to recognize that and change that t reality the better off we all are. are. >> jay, it's so crazy to me anda the fact that we see this weekend gay pride here in d.c.. and it was so celebrated, youd,u know, how far we've come and in our race relations we have aav a black president, you know, the highest office is held by b someone of color and yet w
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all this hate on the other sided just as i feel like we come forward it seems like we becomeb more separate at the same time. i don't really understand why that is. >> well, you know, i think thata we are all too often eager to t point the finger at other folksf and were what we really need to do right now is to look at the ways we are all united. you know, the president spoke so eloquently yesterday about whata we all needed to to change the e world that we're living in, and lgbt people we are we are black, we are white, weh are latino, we are -- we are christian, we are jewish, i meaa we are -- we are so many different things and united by a community and so, too, are americans, and if we can do morr to recognize that reality, and promote discussion and dialoguee instead of hateful responses, it will be all better off for it. i >> let me ask you a question.ueo we
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about possible terrorist affiliations with this shooter.r but the fact of the matter is, i he targeted that pulls nightclub, a club that is a gay let me ask you if you're at alla concerned that the dialogue of f hate towards the lgbt communityi will be lot loft in that messaga as our politicians start totart change the dialogue little bit to talk about internationalal terrorism ties? are youe concerned bout that? >> know, i think the tnk t interesting thing to kind ofg k keep in mind is that isil has attacked lgbt people across the seas. i mean this is not something s that is -- that is exclusive tot the united states.united states. the other really important thini to remember is that this t individual he was born in then n united states. he was raised here. this -- the hate that het he learned, he learned here in the united states.tas and that is something we can all change. we can all be a part of changin that reality. >> jay, we'll have to let you o go. real quick if i could, this is a heinous act because
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volume of loss in this act it ai gets so much attention.enon but we all know these hateat crimes happen far too often anda i know particularly in the lgbt community they are underreporteo a lot of people don't make ---- don't report it search.ea what is what is your message toe members of the lgbt community or anyone really who feels likelsik they're the victim of a hate crime?e >> we firmly believe thatel reporting should be mandatory. the truth is that most local lal enforcement agencies don'ton report these consistently or even report them at all, andd it's a tragic reality in today's criminal justice system thattemt these crimes can go unreported untracked and we really don'ty d know the extent of the problem. >> jay brown, thanks for yourha time this morning. >> time right -- rht >> thank you very much. >> indeed. 9:23. coming up not the only tragedy a in orlando over the weekend unfortunately. a little later kevin will have more on the voice contestantstan shot and killed by what appears
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to be a did he ranged first potential attack at a another pride celebration brokea up. new sleep guidelines everys eve parent needs to know about and lord stanley returns to pittsburgh. steve is happy about that. >> hey, now.ey, don't get me in trouble. >> ♪
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>> 9:26. erin como is back with on the stories making headlines onac tt monday morning. morning. >> first up los angeles policesp say the heavily armed indianaeda man arrested in santa monica california yesterday did notayid tell them he was going to an la gay pride parade to harm anyone. however police say 20-year-oldao james how well didn't say what w he was planning to do how well was found withit chemicals used to make explosives multiple assault a rivals and ammunition inside the car.r. fbi is now leading ann investigation. a funeral will be held today for one of three clarksburg high school students killed car crash last week. patrick shiv let a passenger ini pickup truck when the driver dre lost control on a curvy road anr hit a tree.a tre he was 18 years old. o he will be laid to rest today in gaithersburg funeral for the driver jacob dennis was held ono saturday and tomorrow the thirdt victim cary green will be remembered in clarksburg.
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south africa, oscar pistorius is back in court today to be to sentenced for the shooting deata of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp.nkamp this is the second time theim double amputee has been been sentenced for the killing muchnm the first decision was appealedp by prosecutors.. today clinical psychologistcl called by the defense describedd the so-called blade runner as a broken man. claiming his mental state has deteriorated to the point thatot he needs to be hospitalizedospii instead of jailed. jai well listen to this. american academy of sleep acade medicine releasing for the firsf time guidelines for how much m sleep kids should be getting gti clearly i need some more sleep.e the group is telling parents non to lose too much sleepep themselves over those guidelin guidelines. academy recommends 12 to 16co hours of sleep including naps np for infants, four months to 122 months, it says teens 13 to 18 8 years old should be getting g eight to 10 hours. and finally, the many m stanley cup is back ink
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the penguins beat the san jose j sharks three-one in game six gai sunday night in california. this their fourth stanley cup ip franchise history such anh exciting night for them.or tm. meanwhile fans in peau in peau pittsburgh did rush into thegh streets last night to d celebra. police were also out in force to keep those celebrations safe ani under control. and fans seemed to beme celebrating very responsibly. there was no immediate word onor any arrests. i'm sure steve is over in the loft cheering and my dad is at t home also very excited fromitedo pittsburgh as well.l steve is containing hisis enthusiasm. >> he is.>> >> he's a capitals fan. >> right. r. i have season caps to the --- tickets to the caps and i'm a a penguins fan. f i like both i hope the caps win next year.ey >> your home team is always youy hometown. >> you grow up with them. groupw >> i always say if you're goinge to lose, lose to the eventuall champions, right?ight >> yes. >> stanley cup winner. >> i don't subscribe to that. >> some people do.>> some pe >> i do.
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don't like anybody that beats me team. >> i never route against theoute caps. caps >> good luck next year. nex y >> we agree on that.e ree >> my cow bell is put away. >> right now 9:30. our team. tm. we'll toss to the lovely lady ii yellow representing theresentth beautiful sun that is out todayy gorgeous out there. t. >> i'm trying.ryin i know.inow. beautiful such a hot weekend guys. gs. mid 90s good or no good. g >> very nice.>> v >> it was nice. >> i know. know. >> it's summer!mm >> it is summer. it's taken awhile to get so cool so, yes, finally we sawe hot weekend.eeke temperatures in the 90s but weue have cool things right on down.w and the next few days our temperature trend shows we stays with high temperatures in the low to mid 80s. 82 today. tod and then by the time we get toet thursday still that's where werw stand.d so our next round with the 90shs few days off at least seven dayn off because we don't have theme in the seven day forecast.. satellite/radar a lot of sun shy out there right now.ther it's just a beautiful beautiful morning. and comfortable too with colditl front that came throughe
9:31 am we saw that humidity drop androa felt much more comfortable byrte yesterday evening.veni 66 at lay began 66 in dulles. 67bwi marshall up in baltimorenb they started the day in the 50 50's. very comfortable across the are where we're mainly seeing mid 60s. 60 64 west hipster, 67 in annapol annapolis. 68 in quantico. 66 in manassas68 and 68 in all it cross the northeast seeing thighs nice we have much cooler air mass ini place and in fact binghamton nen york it's sill 49 degrees downre right chilly 61 new york. york. 65 in boston.. 63 in columbus and 60 degrees0 r where they are no doubt doubt celebrating today in pittsburgh. here's a look at the forecast ac we go through the rest of the rf afternoon like i've been sayingy cooler and drier air in placen e which during the summer monthsme that feels fantastic. nice pool day.l a lot of sunshine and still andl bit of a breeze althoughltho probably not as gusty as we werw yesterday afternoon.. low 80s in the forecast foras f later today.later tod and in fact we'll call for 82 d
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maybe some more clouds later mol this afternoon but otherwiseth it's just a really nice day.. and not too windy. last week of school or at leavel the last full of week for sok fs many kids around the area. nice afternoon for them. and for everyone else who has to head back to work. work. not looking at anything too hoto in the 97 say forecast. fec 82 for today.ay. 83 with some more clouds on tuesday. and then come the middle of thet week that's when things become c little bit more unsettled stormo possible there on wednesday.eds. again on thursday and in factdac probably more likely on thursday rain into friday morning and this could be cool wayne rainyai june day just not common foror this time of year really.. 68 degrees and into next weekend looks really good 80 onn saturday. 81 on sunday friday morning zip trip we might have to watch out for some raindrops. so that is a look at our seven o day forecast. now i'll send it back to youk guys on the couch. o do we know our zip trip locatioo for friday.for iday >> >> all right.ight. >> no rain in kensington hopefully.ho >> i don't know how you can go through this whole summer withou
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friday.iday >> we'll try to.>>ll >> thanks caitlin.. >> still ahead on good day fromo clue less to conservative author and fox news commentator staceys dash will join us live in thehe loft. we're talking to her about her brand new book coming up. >> hamilton had a huge tight tonies but a lot of tributes to orlando.orlando. we'll show you the messages off love and piece from the tonyy awards coming up next.p next.
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>> how did you do.>> >> i totally choked. my father will go ballistic ontn me.. >> mr. hall was way >> he gave me a c >> well he gave me a c which is average. >> i'll call you, okay? >> she may have been clue lesse 20 years ago but actress staceye dash says she's gotten her act h together since then and what w she's learned is that she's a a political conservative at heartt it's a stance that's gotten herr plenty of headlines and punchch lines.. she details how they got to this point in new book called therehe goes my special life.alif stacey dash joins us live in thn loft. good morning. >> good >> thanks for coming. >> thank you for having me.e >> my quivers what would staceyw of 2016 tell stacey of 1995? >> um, pay more attention toon t politics.ti. >> really? >> yes. >> even at a young a y a >> yeah. i'd have more money now. mor >> let's talk about this
9:37 am
transition to conservatism for you. yo and a lot of you say is from the school of hard knocks. kck >> yes.>> >> that reality is what makes im was conservative.ive >> it is. i was always conservative.seati. i just didn't know that's whattw it was. you know i just -- i didn't realize it.realize i i think a lot of people are inn inner cities and they just don'd know that's what they are. they. >> how do you come to realizeyoe that you are then.. >> well, from paying attention,n from understanding what aha a conservative is, what it means to be a republican, you know, io like more money.ore mon i want to mean my money.. i like my i want to keep my gun.y gun. >> on that note, on this day, a, we're dealing with the shootingt in orlando, i know you whole hoh its hardly believe in the secone amendment. >> yes, i do. >> when you see something, hapg like it did today does changes c your view at all. a >> no. in fact it makes me think, youou know, had more people been educated and informed aboutut carrying a gun you would haveav had more good guys in the roomoo
9:38 am
happening. >> built he had a semi-automatic weapon. weapon >> you can take out a guy with,w you know, a glock you don't havh to have a big huge gun to take e guy down. >> because i would say -- that'' we're seeing reality today.ea td that that might make you waivere on your opinion but it makes yoy more staunch.unch >> york it does.>> y >> you are not adverse to sayiny things that get people fired upp and talking and arguing basi basically.basically. they're deals, right.'rals, >> yes. >> everybody has their and one of things that you saids that was so controversial ander you talk a lot about in thisn ti book is that you -- your words, blacked into voting foring president obama. >> i was. >> explain what that is and whaw was the point of saying that itt way? way? >> because i was blacked into it i didn't know anything aboutg ao him. i just thought, okay, a black president, yes.. how wonderful.ul you know this is going to changg everything. this is going to make americag m great.. no more racial problems new yorr more racial divides. div he'll unit
9:39 am
way. and he did the exact opposite. and that was very disappointing to m i was very disappointed, and not only that our economy and, you know, i could go on and on. but when, so when it came time to re-elect him, i said, no.d, i'm not -- i can't do it. i so i tweeted the tweet that tha changed my life. l which was vote for romney the rm only hope for our future but iet didn't think that it was going to have that kind of reaction.eo i didn't think that people werer going to be so angered by it. i you know, and expect me to votee for someone based on the color l of their skin. s >> why do you think -- you sayou you have never been more bulliei than you were comin coming out c republican.puican >> um-hmm. >> why do you think it inn fewef yates people so much for someone like you to be conservative?nsev >> because i won't tow the line. and so many people are
9:40 am
who ooh do i think i am to stana out. if i'm black i have to do whatt the black people or i'm not n black enough or i'm an uncle tot which is rid.which is >> in your book you say you'reou mom offer you your first line on cocaine.coine. >> yes. >> you talked about beingeing abusive relationship and needine to pull a gun.gun. >> yes.. >> why be so personal? why dolo you need to put all of that outt there? do you think that for some people they might say youou playing the sympathy card? >> no. that's their opinion.'s but the reason i wrote the booko is because i want people toeoplt understand that when i say theay things that i say, i'm notot coming from a place of judgmentd but from a place of experience.e i think a lot of people think ik was born with a silver spoon ino my mouth and i wasn't. wn' far from it.t. so i know what you're i understand where you are. i understand how you're living.n i understand what you want and a it also understand how you canoy get it.t you don't have to be where you came from. you know, you d
9:41 am
who the people are around you. >> um-hmm. >> you can be yourself.yourse >> you are also on the board for women for trump.rump. >> yes.>>es >> in this campaign cycle. you know donald trump has said d pretty did he say par ratching things about so i know that a lot of women o have a hard time understandingai why any woman would be for tru trump. >> right. i don't know what thesen't disparaging things are a lot oft people say this but i keep ieep trying to figure out what are ae they? >> some of the comments just hoh he addressed megyn kelly on foxx >> that's one thing.>>ha >> that's one. >> to me that was more of likemk something between him and meghan personally. i thought that was something between the two of them goingheg back and forth.. >> he said disparaging thingsngs about rosie o'donnell. >> okay.>>kay. again, they had something goingg between them. >> personal beef not women in general.. right. >> why would a women vote for trump. um he loves women. you can theell he loves women
9:42 am
his family of look at the womenw in his family.. beautiful and >> women in power. >> beautiful, strong powerfulg p women that have that their owntn businesses.sses their own success.cces you know, they're not just not successful because of daddy ordo because of their husband.usba they're successful because they work >> i have to ask you this. was the moment at the oscars ass awkward for you as it was foror many of us watching at home.t >> i loved it. it >> really? >> yes. i loved it and i loved tha t itit was awkward for people. >> why? >> because that was the point. i that was the joke. >> it was supposed to play out that >> that's how it was supposed to be. >> that's how you plan it.s >> yes. >> if you can change anything in your past that you done, woulde, you have done it differently w.. >> nothing. no. nothing. >> what do you see for yourselfe in the five?in tiv >> a lot. l i see, um, the american dream.nm everything that i want. w you know, success for my familyl and my kids, success as an actres
9:43 am
office one day.ay. >> really? >> yes. >> well, we certainly appreciate you coming in.n. >> thank you. >> definitely willing to talk about it all. and put it out there.eld pu oute her book "there goes my social a life from clue less to ls conservative" you can pick up u and read it for yourself.rsel >> if you want to know go to to dash my website. wee >> form your own opinion onpion everything and discuss about itd all. stacey, thank you very >> thank you. >> back over to you guys at the o .hhan >> all right. rig we're headed to break. we'll be back with more good day coming right after this. 9:43 now.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
♪ the nightclub shooting inub orlando casting a shadow overr the tragic death of voice contest at that particular time christina grimmie signingng autographs friday night when shn was shot and the vigil will be held her honon in her home state of new jerseyr kevin is joining us with thes we very latest now, and i mean, ofo course it makes sense but that tragedy overshadowed indeed by the horrific events of, n orlando at the nightclub. nhtcl but still her life just cut down as well. >> horrifically devastatingy s weekend.we i landed back from los angeles l friday evening to the news of no her being shot, and i was up u till at
9:47 am
following because, you know, no, one knew she had passed away shy was in critical condition c orlando police talking aboutkina this, and obviouslyv unfortunately she did pass. it was just crazy to see all the fans tweeting about it, prayinga for christina.ti i personally did not know her or know of her music.. but after watching videos of hef and seeing her on social media,a i feel like she was a beautifull soul. i do want to speak about her because crummy rose to fame to after appearing on the voice twt years ago much she placed thirda and 19-year-old at the time.the. before that she was i was tube t sensation and singer postingos very erie video to snap chatp ch just hours before she was killel where she urged fans to actualla come out to the show i believewe we hopefully have video, if nott it's on her twitter.tter police believe 27-year-old kevin james allow wee specificallyficl targed her and traveled torave orlando to carrying out theing attack.attack after shooting grimmie her h brother attacked
9:48 am
he shot and killed himself. h the orlando police departmentent public information wanda, saysda quote her brother is a hero.ero. his heroic actions may havee saved other lives and right nowt our motive is unclear but police say he had no personal connection whatsoever to grimmim and investigators say loy bell had two loaded hand guns,un additional ham munition an munin hunting 95 with him.nt it's unclear how he was able tot get those weapons -- this is a question i was asking myself. m. how did he get them pastm pt security at the venue. reaction is pouring in all overo social media. avril lavigne tweeting out this message he's -- adam levine,ev he's heart broken.ken. blake shelton is stunned anded disgusted and selena gomez who knew grimmie since they were teenagers injuries tweeted i miss you christina. >> her brother marcus wrote aroa moving tribute to on facebook
9:49 am
tackle the shooter and as officers saying he probably prol prevented other lives from beinb taken he post add moving note to christina was more than my mortn sister, some was a partner inarr life, a super star a goof ball, introverted an friend tooverte f everyone but above all she was w my baby sister. sister. she loved the lord and there was family and there was always wasw there for me and i honestly hons don't know what i'll do without her.her. concerts at the venue have been suspended and another former voice contestant is saying she's scareed to meet and greets.reet and this morning so it's veryser very tr tragic.c. selena gomez broke down in i tours.tour they've known each other sinceer they were 14 years old. years o. selena gomez parents are herre signed christina. tweets that are i'm seeing in in photographs.og i wish i can have met this person.rson. she seemed like an incrediblee person.pers. charlie, who performed l perforr his song see you again dedicatec that song to christina.
9:50 am
both events very tragic. t i mean obviously you have the deaths are ridiculous.s. absolutely ridiculous.ou >> sorry. >> live every second like we le just never know. kno >> you never know.ou nev kno >> the power of the brotherer ot being able to go on facebook ana talk about it can you imagine seeing that.eingha >> imagine the people there,ne t too.too. meet and kevin, thank you very much. >> i can. sorry.y. >> 9:50. coming up next parenting bloggeo and author is here.authors here. we'll talk to him about how to t talk to kids about the tragedy e and the -- of what happened inad orlando. orlando. we'll be right back.'ll be righ.
9:51 am
9:52 am
♪ ♪ as long as you love me, anyit's alright. ♪e. ♪ ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me. ♪ shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it.
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only at a sleep number store. ♪ 9:53 is the time. time. we've been talking boise allsell morning the news from orlando is horrific and gut wrenching and a hard to absorb any of of this ot and wrap your head around itund that's for adults. for alts. imagine being a kid and trying n to wrap your head around all off this. is our next guest viral bloggeral g based on what he tells his kidss and the advice that he shares ss with others.s dwayne richards has become a motivational speaker on thehe topic of fatherhood.herhood. here's here in
9:54 am
house i celebrating daddies dadi doing work.. he's here this morning to join us and have conversation. thank you for coming in. >> wisdom, thank you for havingu pee.e. >> we appreciate your time.precu we'll talk about the boor k in just a second.just sec >> sure. >> let's talk about this awfulwl tragedy that we've been talkingl about all morning long. kids sometimes kids watch theche news, sometimes kids talk andala they hear and see this kind ofkd stuff. what kind of advice would you give to dads, parents, when ithi comes to talking to your kidsr d about tragic things like thateha that seem to make should sense e to adults how do we talk to t orchids about it. it >> this is so crazy. i have a five and ae three-year-old and i live in loo angeles.les. >> right. there was a time my daughter'sme pre-school was placed on lockn l down due to an active shooter sr back ucla thing. >> right. >> high to talk to her about het that. really what it comes down too letting them know that there are so many good people in thishi world. there are way more good than goo there are bad.e are >> um-hmm.m-m. >> i teach about love. love will always beat hate.e.
9:55 am
us and talk about bullies. bulls sometimes we need to turn around and should have them against tht wall and be like, lice zen, we'll preach love. lov should have those bullies bulli against the wall and let themhem know we got this.ow we t this. we're here to promote love here. >> kids don't understand't uerst sometimes. >> they don't. >> they don't understand. they don't get it.n'on'tet i why is -- why do these people dd these horrible horrible things?i you can tell they will that toht rise above it but it's hard forr a child.a hild. >> the thing is wisdom, look for the helpers. look for the helpers.per look orlando you see lines four to six hour wait to donate people. when bad things happen we'rere there.e. as parents assayed dad myself i always make sure when you fall f i'm there for you i'll pick you up. up. society and america is showing s all over the world we'll pick p you up orlando. and it's beautiful thing.. i try my kids and that reallyeal helps them. >> beautiful things some of theg pictures in your book.n ur b
9:56 am
>> you've written this book and it has pictures of kids, dads. >> yeah.>> >> how did you come up with this couldn't zest?t? >> so you may have seen a viralr photo of me.. >> you heard about >> go ahead and tell everybody.y >> i had a viral photo that came out with me, with my daughter in the baby carrier and i can pulll that up right here on life tv ya'll.. >> talk what you're doing.e d >> it's that photo right thereht that went viral.. >> uh-huh.h- >> when it went viral peopleal e were like, man, people hated me, people loved me. but my message, listen i'm not the only guy doing this. >> right. >> there are million of dadsre i that are doing this.on d i wanted to give them shine andd in doing zoe key 88ed i wonder what talks about what it meansta to be a modern father. fhe it's called i wonder i wonder i i'm doing a good job.ob. wisdom, i'll tell you somethingi your name is you have no idea what you're whr doing as a dad and i don't and n either. >> no clue.>> no clu >> none of us parents know whatt we're doing. tat's the's the i wonder if i'm doing a goodoo
9:57 am
about wisdom how much i love mye kids.ds. >> you're absolutely right.e >> that's what this book when you -- instead of givingg your dad golf clubs or a tie a give them something that you ca have a conversation with youthru kids about.ds abo >> right.>> right absolutely all these pictures ip here these are random pictures.s all from my instagram followerss they follow me.theyollo you know what i want to submitob one about my hub.e about my h i want to submit one to my sonys and show diverse dads doing things. if you sit down with your kidswh on this father's day get this gs book for that kid. also, d.c. i will be at the e e city book shop. s i'll be there on tuesday. gotcha.ha >> 7:00 p.m. come see me. come see beautiful pictures. this is great concept. dads don't get a loft shine.ofti >> we get no shine. shi >> we don't get a lot oflot of attention but we're there.e t >> yes, sir. thank for for coming in and a talking to.taing >> father day coming up. >> absolutely. absol >> it is coffee time on good day d.c. c. if you've been eyeing our o collide good day mug listen up.. we now have a new good day
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>> worse mass shooting in u.s. history. >> shooting back and forth. >> 49 peoplg e out for a night fun shot dead in a heinous terror attouack.ack a popular orlando gay nightclub, a safe place for many, now the place of gut wrenching sadness.s the main question, why? why did this man go on his repulsive
10:02 am
you. a special edition of good day at 10a starts now. ♪ glad you stuck around fortor 10a.. i'm steve, alongside allison, holly and wisdom.ism. maureen is off this morning. >> heavy are -- hearts are heavh in this studio and across theos nation and countries around thee world following the mass t shooting at orlando nightclub nl over the weekend.. ♪ >> here in d.c. the gay mens m chorus along with the crowd gathered outside of the white tw house to sing the nationaliol anthem that was the scene last night. the latest on thee laten investigation into that shootin now earlier this morning we didd learn that there are a total of 49 victims investigators say ths 50th is the gunman omar mateen
10:03 am
mateen. so far 48 of those victims havev been identified. investigators say a third weapow was found in mateen's car. c all of the weapons were wer purchased legally a week before. isis is praising the shootinghon calling mateen soldier in the fight against america.america the governor of florida hasrida asked president obama to declarc a state of emergency for theof n entire state.te >> we're also learning more about the gunman this morninghii who killed 49 innocent peoplet l before he was shot and killed by a swat team.swat t former co-worker describesibes 29-year-old omar mateen as unhinged, unstable and an angry mateen was known for being a beg devout the feds became aware of the suspect when they say he made md inflammatory comments to hismeso co-workers 11 possible ties toeo terrorism. however those investigations were inclusive. it was also revealed that he had a gun license since at least l 2011 and appears to haveave purchased two weapons within the past week and bought themght legally.lega
10:04 am
as well of the 26 victims but sadly there are still 24 other4r names to be released. rea names like 36-year-old eric ortiz rye vera. he came to orlando from puertoru rico and was working in i management after earning hisis bachelor's degree. stanley, the third thehe 23-year-old pharmacy techniciann celebrated a birthday later this month.mont then there's 37-year-old 37-ar-o kimberly morris known as kj by family and friends.en she was a bouncer at the club c and in college she was a stan aa out basketball player at post ps university in connecticut.icut >> incredible blessing a mid the amount of carnage police officee responding to the mass shootings at the club shot in the exchangg during he can change of gunfire. his kevlar helmet stop thet st t bullet saving the life of that officer.r >> thank goodness. reaction to the senselessss tragedy poured in from f washington yesterday.ay president barack obamaenbara condemning attacks as well as wa hillary clinton and donald tru trump. both hillary clinton and donald trump
10:05 am
schedules to focus on the shoo shooting.oo vigil was held here at lafayette park last night just after the flags were lowered at the whitee house. they marched from u.s. capitolat to the white house holding hding candles and singing for the fore victims of the orlando shooting. many feeling like it could easily have been them.beenhe earlier in the day president obama addressed the nation fromo the white house. >> the shooter targeted a a nightclub where people cameeoplc together to be with friends, to, dance and to sing and to live. l the place where they were the attacked is more than aha nightclub, it's a place off solidarity and empowerment where people have come together to raise awareness torque speak s their minds and to advocate forf their civil rights.s. >> hearts are heavy in citiesn t across the nation following theg pulse nightclub shootinging including right here in d.c.. >> mourners are reflecting on yesterday's massacre payingg trick..
10:06 am
dupont circle this morning.. a lot of tributes put up. you have signage, you have as a matter of fact bob barnard joins us from there now. bob, i believe someone went into the fountain to post signage ing the fountain itself >> reporter: they did, steve., e we're here in the heart of d.c.'s gay community dupontt circle known for gathers playi playing. here's the fountain here. someone obviously walk heover wr there last night this handwritten sign taped it to tho fountain to the statue d.c. loves you orlando.. people have been coming bygy taking pictures visiting thishi may shift memorial.emor someone left this sign here,hisn love for all, bullets for us. that's not a equality and rightr next it to it looks like theli same people we stand withnd wh orlando. you'll see beads are here, ther, are flowers, some rainbow colored pray for orlando and of the five candles one still burning on this glorious but windy morningm here in dupont sr. kell. k sampling of what people are peoe thinking and saying to us this mornig
10:07 am
>> i just don't understand thent hate.. i mean i don't understand peoplt feeling like they have to attack people for b ueing different tht how they are. it just doesn't make sense tot e me. me. >> honestly it made me reallyy sad i am self s am gay, so, youy know, to see how everyone is trying to make everything --vern worse than what it is, it realla sickens it really does. doe it makes me so sad when i think about it. i >> it's sad. it's it's a sad, you know, situationi out there, you know, um, i meana so much stuff going on around in the world right now, and just to hear about that just breaks yous heart. heart. >> we all stand for supportivee of the lgbt community and thisni is just a terrible tragedy forrf all americans. america i don't know how anybody couldno think it was anything else. >> reporter: and so you knowo yk it didn't happen here.n it happened in orlando.. but
10:08 am
happiest place on earth withce h disneyworld. lots -- tourist mecca really the tourist destination of the world, and so if it can happen h there, people from all over feef like it can happen where they wt live including here in d.c. and. again here in dupont circle ccle people have been coming and jusj kind of leaving things and spe spending a little time shakingit their heads and looking at the e signs and the way other people,, others of this community haveomu reactioned to what happened inn orlando yesterday.terd guys?? >> naive to think it couldn'tou hab here or any city.ity. >> right. >> just horrible, bob.ible, ob. thank you for sharing with what's going on there. surely, that is -- even as avens child growing up that you ithati dupont circle you always wenten and new there would be a feeling of inclusion seiveness and yousd just would see people expressins themselves in whatever way thata they wanted to.o >> feeling of love. o lov >> feeling of love 14 dom and ss i'm not surprised that poster pr handwritten or not is right inst the middle of that statute ine
10:09 am
>> i'm glad people feel like l they can express themselves, ess too. >> right. exactly. >> do whatever you needed to to help us all get throughto thisgh together. in fact we want to talk aboutan some of the comments about thest shooting that we just got in thn last hour.last hr. they came from actress and conservative commentator stacey dash. we interviewed her in the firstf hour of good day and i asked heh about her reaction to thetion tt shooting massacre in orlando. she said the shootings make herr support the second amendment and stronger and that if more peopll were educated about legally laly carrying guns you would have hae more people inside the club whou could have taken the shooter out even though he was armed with an automatic weapon. we have lots of people peo commenting about the fact that o she was even on our show. show. about things that she said. s some have been good, some haveee been bad. but, you know, we're glad thatda you're engaging on our socialurc media and that it is sparking aa discussion.discsion it's always hard to have someonm in when you're talking withng w someone that maybe you don't necessarily a
10:10 am
opinions.opinio so, but obviously we all try toy be as professional as we can be and let everyone speak whatevere is on their that's part of the wonderfulrful country that we live in. i >> from the tweets i can see iti think i have the best advantagen point over here.poinover the overwhelming feeling you did a great job. job i'm saying that to say this. at lot of things they said for r me a gut reaction i was upset about.out not that -- you know i won --on you managed to take the emotionn out to which i commend you for.r >> i had to do that because there is a lot of what she sayss that is very inflammatory.lammor it definitely is.itit and so, um, sometimes you have e to learn to compartmental lies.l >> i love that you were able tol do that. do t >> i'm glad that she was on then show. that's what his country ist his supposed to be about. >> you know what, we welcomeelme everybody.ev >> exactly. >> everybody is welcome in the i loft. we welcome, and so we -- we we - strive to be inclusive that's t what we want to b >> yes, indeed.
10:11 am
keep the tweets coming. comin social media the face book whatw have you we hoped to get to ad a lot of them and show even more.m still ahead, we'll show you howh the tonies paid tribute to the victims of the terror attack in orlando the late time there whichever from host james don'tn to hamilton creed lynn man miranda. >> independence day resurgence co-stars jeff goldblum and liaml hemsworth will join us live. ladies, sorry, maybe not live nv here in the loft but will heut w will talk with them.k w you can see how good they look.o >> we just want add hug.dd >> that's right. >> you only got us.
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
>> you are not on your own right now. your tragedy is our tragedy. theater is o a place where every race, creed, sexual will the and gender is equal, is embraced and is loved.oved hate will never win. w together we have ---- >> amen to that. funny nan james corden putting g serious face on while hosting hi last night's tony awardswa delivering a powerful message ia the wake of the orlando nightclub shooting.hootin corden also dedicated the show o to the victims and theirir kevin is with us here on theeret couch with more on last night og the tony awards and the tribut
10:15 am
tributes. >> the show obviously this is al huge night for broad wait but wb considering the event of thethef yesterday it was hard to be able to kind of balance out havingg the show go on but also payingly tribute to everything thatthingt happened in orlando very tragici day. da devastating day.vast as the show opened up you saw au piece of that hopefully we havev the full sound bite of james jam corden delivering that speech but also then cuts intos in incredible moment lynn manualyn miranda has an emotional son net that he paid tribute to the the orlando victims and this is during his acceptance for thenct award for best score. check this out. >> this is supposed to be thee video of james core don end also going to lynn manuel miranda min saying love love love love lovev >> okay. i guess we don't have that.. >> senseless acts of tragedyge remind us that nothing here is promised, not one day. d the show is proof that historyio remembers we live through timesm when hate and fear seem strong stronger. we rise and fall and light fromm
10:16 am
that is hope and loves lastsov l longer and love is love is lovev is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed ord swept aside. >> tribute to or land dome youdy can feel every single speech and performance when franklin f angeles took his page to acceptp the reward for the father i'm setting aside what i was goingng say to this say this particularu quote. when something bad happens weapw have three choices. let it define us, we let itett destroy us or strengthen us insi today we had hideous dose of o reality even you were youve orlando to be strong because i'i full of a room of the most generous human beings on earthso and will be with us every stepvs of the way.ay us a hawking to people in theo room and around the world.or how we're altogether.lthe that's what the beauty of whatha james corden was. was. the theater is a diverse groupeo of people and that's exactly what the celebration is about being diverse and everything any this is for the opening of thent show corden join the cast of
10:17 am
hamilton with a spoof on their i opening number.opening numb they introduce hamilton alec a sander as james c you wait and the show continue d with great speeches and performance and introduction from president obama and the first lady of impact of hamilton on broadway and education much m the cast performed their song yorktown without the prop muskets to pay tribute to orlando.orlando. hamilton creator and miranda celebrate his best originalna score with emotional son net.onn it was emotional night much then big question was hamilton wouldu break the broadway record.ord. last night hamilton went intot i the show with 16 nominations fos any show in broadway tony history it ended up taking homeh 11. the winner there obviously wasuw the producers at 12 awards in 2001.01 hamilton took home 11 last night including obviousl obviously b musical. huge moment for him to have thii moment in his career. cee >> one of the most emotional
10:18 am
lead actress for the show the te color purple this performancece her broadway debut. oprah was cheering loudly in thh audience she the honor of up tow diving the cast foyer that areat performance of over cher and myh here. my fiance' lauren show the saw.s every time cynthia performs thit one particular show the crowdw h gets up in the middle of the the performance -- at the end of thn performance and does a two t minute standing ovation.. >> oprah is the executivecuve producer.. >> exactly much she's involve iv the production.the she introduced it last night.. >> beautiful. >> beautiful evening.utif tough evening because you havein to deal witness idea of thg es h emotions of what happened happed yesterday but also try to put on good show and i thought jamesams corden hit every single notee perfectly. >> he often does. >> yup. thanks, guys. >> thanks kevin.n. >> take a short break.e a sht br we'll come back with more of m good day at 10a coming up after this.this it's 10:18 right now. n ♪ ♪
10:19 am
10:20 am
10:21 am
10:21. happening good news on the day. and that is if you just stepped outside you will feel it the weather is absolutely gorgeousee after a really smoking hot weekend. weekend. let's check in with caitlin rotn in the weather department rightm now. she's in for tucker who foundou cooler climates to venture offeu to. >> yes, he has way cooler.le way further north. good morning to you yo and yes, we are starting off the work week with some great som ge weather much that is comingch ta after weekend in the 90's. the0' really really hot both days.s 96 93 on sunday.93 onunda that one was close to a record
10:22 am
but that cold front that made ie so windy yesterday evening thata is what's bringing this cooler e and drier air in for thisor t morning. felt really comfortable during r the early hours. h still pretty good.oo low humidity with temperature ia the 60s. 6 we start to do respond todoespo sunshine out there.sunshine out 64 in west minster. mst 69 in baltimore and d.c. d.c. 68 in annapolis and 68 out at at dulles airport a lost places ne york and west started thinkted k morning in the 50s. it is still breezy i wouldn't w say it's going to be as gusty ay it was yesterday afternoon but sustained wind speeds at 10 too 15 miles an hour and we are evee seeing some higher gusts outusts there and i'd say it stays breezy through early afternoon o see those wind gusts subside asi we head into the but you're looking at 24 miles i an hour wind gusts in manassas.. 23 miles an hour wind gusts atdu dulles with the sunshine, andnd pretty pleasant breeze, operatee mal pool day out there andayut e pretty nice along the coast,, all right. yes, we would love to bottle upt this weather and make it last
10:23 am
we have changes ahead intont tuesday i think we're fine. f warm front approaches from the south it a little milder littll tomorrow and probably have morem clouds.clouds. i wouldn't say it's full on full sunshine we've got a lot of high clouds that will move in tonighg and that could last through theg day tuesday. tsd looks like there's a hipt of hif maybe a shower by tuesdayue evening. but the much better chance oftee any rain is going to come by thb middle part of the week.t of te. that's when we get right backigb into that active pattern yet again. and we've got that chance for rain late wednesday which could be thunderstorms with it. wednesday into thursday and then probably again into friday.da we'll have to watch that. tt but as far as today, monday, mo, looking at just clear skies outt there. satellite/radar not really much to show.da high pressure is moving in. in. and we've got wall to wallal sunshine expected. expecte cold front that moved throughedu yesterday towards our south.r so so we get a nice reprieve frompf the heat and it doesn't lookoeso like we'll be in the 90s again0n any time soon.any time soo for today we hit the low 80s without the humidity these humis temperatures are actually considered right around normal.
10:24 am
in the next hour or so well int the 70s mostly sunny skies and d it will be bries see throughough afternoon but that high item off cher 82 taking 10 to 15 degreess off what we saw this weekend maybe a little too hot for yourr liking seiss into us to give the ac a break for the at least thet nice hours. h. let that fresh air in. seven day forecast, 82 today.od very nice.very nic sun and clouds there on tuesday. 83 storms possible again onossible wednesday this is when we'll get little bit busier.usier. more to talk about wednesday and thursday with a chance of wh a n showers and storms. stos. friday zip trip in kensington ww may be surprised with a littleha bit of rain in the morning but t still five days out. day. we'll are to wait and see onee that. th heading into next weekendexweek starting to look pretty nice,y too. low temperature, temperatures ie the 80s looks a lot like today.d all right. all ri that's the latest.he l send it back upstairs to you to guys in the loft. l >> my air-conditioning took aink break this weekend not a planned break.. decided to take a break on its i own on the highest weekend of we the year. >>
10:25 am
>> we'll find out if it's i flexible today. >> i had to change my filter ann it started working.king >> really. >> you might want -- come on over, wis. over, wis. >> you put that on your kidson d list, change the >> absolutely. aolut every three months they got to t change the filter it's all good. >> we like to be unfiltered as a possible. we appreciate you doing the samn we got a lot of tweets duringet the show. we want to show a few right nowt some of the things we were talking about.t. this one regarding stacey dashys everybody has their opinion,on this person says she is not speaking hate violence stoplence condemning them with a different opinion. opinion. all opinions are certainlyio welcome. >> i love good day d.c. but out i had to turn the channel fornnr that stacey dash segment. sme >> one what you're getting. >> these she's true to herself. >> to hear of the tragedy aftera leaving all the fun of thehe capitol pride festivitiesties yesterday is devastating.tang why so much hate? hate? >> that's good hash tag. >> why so much hate?muchate? >> that's ri
10:26 am
>> you know it did spike me, you know, the end of a joyful a joyl evening at the club.en we all remember. r i haven't been in club in years. >> but being in the club and atb the end of the night for something like this so shockingk to happen and such a 180 from fm the feeling i'm sure just jus moments before it makes it even feel even more horrible.orri >> this was big pride weekendeee here in d.c. you wouldn't gold anywhere in the city and the suburbs metro stops on saturdayt without, you know, seeingw, everybody just out having a great time.y gr >> right. >> and you're absolutely right.r >> living they are full life.ulf >> having good time.>> hing good >> celebrating being if >> still ahead on good day we w had 20 years to prepare but so t did they for the second time ini two decades earth about to beboo inn veighed by aliens and one oe the only things standing inngann their way is jeff goldblum the independence revert jones starnt were join us next along with a good addition to the franchise.a i think liam hemsworth might beb able to take on that
10:27 am
by >> if he has the hammer, the thor hammer. >> we'll talk with him coming up much it's 10:26. again! again! again! again! again? again! again!
10:28 am
so you can love cereal... again!
10:29 am
♪ at least your father spareda the elephants.the elephan good for him. >> look.>> the world will crash in 47.7. the farmer who made contacton every time i interview one of mm patients and show them this, they all express the same emotion.
10:30 am
>> fear. i don't think it's a circle.cle the night the ship turned on i n experienced the strongest visiot i've ever i drew this. >> that's up credible.t's updi how did you did he pfeiffer sopf much of their language? >> they were hunting us. u we have to learn how to hunt them. >> the drama you got to love l jeff goldblum in this roll. clip from independence daydenc resurgence the sequel too independence day. d 20 years ago. a >> 20 years ago.. >> earth again threatened with destruction by alien race new re movie reuniting most of the casc of the original and adding newdw faces and we're getting old and new this >> we're joined now live from lo new york with mr. jeff goldblumu and liam hemsworth i'm very i v excited to have you guys. g this is a tough morning herening
10:31 am
the world because we're want tot talk about the movie and talk to you guys about what's going on.. we want to get your thoughts ont the tragedy that happened ind orlando this we've been discussing it allssgt morning. warrior feelings and what are your thoughts on what happeneds this weekend? >> yeah, obviously so tragic and so sad and something i can't understand it. >> horrible.>> h horrible. ho and very upsetting and very sads just awful to think of thosef os families and parents and it's got to stop. sto it's got to stop.. >> any thoughts what we could dd help it stop?lp sto >> anything we can do? >> yeah, it requires much longer conversation but, yeah, i thinki there are probably some things
10:32 am
could stop it in my humbleumbl opinion.opinn. yup. >> okay. moving on now, we just wanted tt ask you it's on everyone's mindm this morning.this mng. i'm sorry to start off with soi such a somber hmm. h the movie opens up june 24th.. we loved the first one to camee out.out. a great line the trailer yourair said they like to get the t landmarks you came here in d.c.c a couple months -- a month or so that line was improved. iro talk about where that line camee from, where you were at that ata moment. obviously it's a classic line ln from the trailer. >> gee, hey, thanks.s we were together i was with theh great and wonderful liam hemsworth in -- he was sittingat over here, i was sitting over oe horning called a moon he comes to pick me up in the ut store on this ming thing.ming t. we were on this beautifully built contraption moon tug setnt but then we were looking at blue screen, blue screen was behindu us and we were pretending all day long for many hours takers t after take and s
10:33 am
yelling at us okay, now you'reou seeing the, you know, the towerw bridge in london disappear behind you get exploded, etlod, cetera, et cetera and we just -- they didn't have any lines forvs us really we just made sounds,en funny sounds and tried to act pretend good and then we said si some stupid stuff and hopefullyy the bad stuff got cut out. >> they kept a thing or two in.. >> jeff, when you look at rolet like this, jeff, in your 20ou years now into this particular role, do you approach it when ih you started filming this did you have flash backs to twenty seven years ago, do you approach it the same way, is it a diffe dree environment a different vibefe this time around? >> well, interestingly questiono generally i kind of have the hae same approach although after 202 years i'm trying to get better and better. i think i've, i can have a
10:34 am
little few different things that i can do or try not to do. and with roland demmer rick whok director the first one he was on this, it's kind of a similar -- he's wonderful, and very wellel prepared. and playful improvisational puts wonderful actors together whothr are also very sweet people.ple kind of is a very sweet guyeet y himself.. so there's a sweet kind and enjoyable atmosphere. atm so it was kind of not dissimilar in way. we let you go, liam you're new to this cast.s i loved you in the lunger gamesm incredible actor. real quick for our audience canc you briefly describe what yourct character is doing in this filmi and also if this character coulu meet your hunger games character what would they talk about? i t have to know. (laughter).auter) >> thank you. thank you.. really nice of to you say.ay the character i play in thisin s film his parents died in the d first attack.t atta so he gre
10:35 am
join the military when he wasn e old enough and became a fightert pilot he's a pretty stopping courageous gunning guy as wass w gale from the hunger game. s. it's hard to say who would be stronger or what they would sayw to each they'd probably get along. ang. they'd probably be great frien friends. >> gale his name wasale. g >> best friends.ien >> gale. how do you spell it g-a-l.-l. e. e. >> they'd probably say you sou look -- you look just like me. >> look just like me. >> all right. (laughter). >> independence day resurgence hits theaters on june 24th. thank for joining thanks you for your thoughts on the tragic events as wells well haven't wonderful rest of the day as well.ndday as wel >> thank you. be well. >> thanks for having us.. >> 10 colorado 35 right now.ig back to you on the couch. >> still ahead at 10:00 love l
10:36 am
coming up next singer mickey mke howard joins us live with a looo back at the new made for tvv movie telling her life story that debuted last night plusighu where you can see her life righr here in d.c. 10:36. back in a moment. momen hey, mickey howard. ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ our next guest is a legendary r and b singer who ha a string of top 10 hitsanf top s including baby be mine, comeom share my love and last night tv1 premiered her first unsung u feature film. their first film called loveledv under new management.emen of course i love there song, to too. love under new management mickee howard story. story. joining us this morning to talki bout movie's debutng and comingn show right here in our area thet one and only mickey howard. h we'll talk to her all about itbt in just a minute. m first, though, good day, you ar in for treat. fat here to perform the song ain't a nothing like you please welcomee mickey how war.. ♪
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
10:43 am
(applause).. >> yes. >> ain't nobody like you mickeyy howard.hord. >> how are you.>> a >> so i'd love you through theoh years just like everybodyeve watching i'm sure.wa s we're talking r and b legend here. >> well thank you.>> w >> first of all, i like this. let me just talk about this much this is the promotion when youp go to see miki howard on friday at the bethesda blues and jazz.j you look just lik
10:44 am
that picture. >> i am the boss.>> >> let's talk about the debutt d last night on tv1.1. this talks about domestic abusea drug abuse, talks about sexismbs in the why be so forth >> i think it's time to tell the truth. i mean i think a lot of our o o problems are because we don'te t understand each we don't know what we've beenveb through, you understand? sod? like i can't lie. l i'm an honest person any way i y really want to help people. ppl i see stuff.i see stuff we see it all the time.t all t so many of our artists are gonen behind and if they only known to talkal to somebody or if you see the te symptoms if you knew what to doo perhaps some of them would stilh be here. >> were you happy with the young woman who portrayed you in justn the whole production.e >> yes, i was. >> were you involved in it?e ino >> very involved.nvol i'm producer as well on the fi film. >> okay. >> christine swanson was our fabulous director and she wasas just very lovely, and, you know, allowing me to be a part inn picking the artist, the teyonaa
10:45 am
she's beautiful. but she's a great actress and darius mcqueary i've known for manyknon many years we just pulledus p everybody we could that we thought would be would do aul great job and they b an >> right. and so let me ask you this. when was that turn around h wash that moment for you that your live changed from the down things we'll see in thisis product? >> wow! >> you mean the -- >> when woo my btom. >> i want to know that switchtht that came on that you stand herr today. >> my moral conscious.onscious i grew up in church, and i took it my biblical knowledge seriouslys and it certainly shows up when w you are doing the wrong things.g i was listen to more morale m conscious and went to the library and luke up the drug i was using and tell your doctor.o i toll the doctor. doc, i'm really doing this whatw should we do? i followed theold directions and it was long l recovery. >> y
10:46 am
we see so many artists gone, g prince is the one who comes tows mind. >> the latest. >> yes, the latest in this longl string. let's talk about your show. abor thank you for actually sharingla your story. we will watch that.h i love it that it's under new ur management much that's my -- pu- one of my favorites love under new management.t. i feel like i can sing like mike howard when that song comes ones in the car isn't when i hear ita i think so, too. (laughter).au >> war the fans going get.s gog >> we're going to do a lot of al jazz billy holiday i have the cd mickey sings billy and certainla the old naturally love under new under management. so we'll be doing an hour and a half. half we going to get a lot of stuff o in there. there come to the show friday. >> i can't wait. w what's next for you, miki howard. >> the same thing i've beene bee doing. being a a gr doing my performance.errm >> you're a grandmother.andmotr >> how old is your granddaught granddaughter. >> three, one, three and 11. >> have you ever seen a flyer grandma than th w
10:47 am
call you? i'm got to know. to o g mom. >> i knew and wouldn't beould mickey howard show bethesdaethe blues and jazz friday night.anzz thank you.thanyou. >> beautiful always.s. >> thank you darling.nk you dar >> thank you both. that was great.that coming up next the perfect summer glow no sun necessary.uns >> believe it or not why ouror o next guest says the secret tot t tanning is faking it. it. we'll be right back. bac ♪ ♪
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♪ be still my remember when we just bask ink i it? don't do it any more. mor trying to achieve perfect summee tan can now be of course a hassle, but we've got you g covered here on good day d.c. our next guest at a lifestyle ls editor who says don't bake, go fake. fa valerie greenberg joins us nowns live with her tips and tricks tt help you build that gradual tanl >> that's right, holly. >> people also don't think you've just layered it on. on. right. ri >> exactly. i want to start out maytag calgl solution that is going to leave you slim and bronzed. >> stop it i'll take a case. ila >> it's called skinny tan
10:51 am
new to the united states, okay,, >> okay.>> >> it came from but it actually helps eliminatei the visibility of cellulite and -- >> i'll take two cases.. (laughter).(lghter). >> all natural sun less tanner n you can put all over your bodypu and it will actually serve to let your skin feel really smooto and last up to seven days.. and it's affordable.dae >> does it streak?s it strea >> no. that's the thing it's streakhi free. so easy to apply and the seven s day tanner is their actual likek hero product.. super recommend for the summer.e >> when you say affordable how >> thirty nine .95 and 42-95 and it will last you all summerme long. >> does it grade. >> over the seven day peer.y er. >> when you're wearing your're g tennis shoes and socks, it doesn't wear off.r >> that's why i love thislovehis product. moving along right now, we bothe have bright colors on.n. >> yes. >> you can incorporate bright beauty products to make your skin look more >> i have grande lips a lip plumper i happen to be wearing a right now they have
10:52 am
bright colors and activeive ingredient that will plump yourp lips within three to fivehin ree minutes and with continued use, over 30 days they'll look nor youthful and fuller. >> how long do they stale plumped. >> all day pretty much. all dayp >> until you takeout off. takut >> trust me. what's so great again 26.95 price point at grande >> i got to keep my ear to the t door all the time. all the tim >> we're skinnier, no celia noel light and tanner we've got fuller lips that are bridet e br colored and we're only two products in. >> let's talk about nail polishl pop of color is which you bile e kristin jake man former realr r housewife of new york what's soo great about these colors areors that they're vegan and animal ai cruelty free. f but all you have to do tell youl style story through the different colors.col white also really makes you look a lot tanner. tanner. >> even when you're super pale. >> oh my gosh absolutely. aol it works even better.n >> during the summertime this iu the color you're allowed to uset you can pick that up for $8 at ricky ny f
10:53 am
i love they're animal cruelty cl free. a lot of people forget their frequently when they're tanning you just talked about if we havv our sandals on.n. >> right.ight sneakers. self tanner going to get all out you've got to make sure you use a foot moisturizer.iz >> your feet tend to be dry andd it doesn't tan the same. >> this foot cream is fantastic to penetrate deep into the skin. are a began oil that's filled tl with antioxidants and you're're forgotten feet it will applypp really smooth whole you're usine the self tanner.lfne >> knees and elbows, too. >> that the another area. a >> you can use it on knees and a egg elbows, 8.99 pick up at rate united, got 4.5 stars on amazon it'smazn still its sitting by my bedsidei >> let's talk about the bronzing >> becc bronzing primer. you can use this over
10:54 am
foundation, under foundation or 91 whatsoe, it will give your skin a glow.w. it's air whipped cream turned td powder finish you're in youe television you need to wear your makeup. >> sounds luscious.ous >> it will be great for to youot keep on your make up all dayll d great option for that.hat. >> okay.>> o you can pick that up for $36 at let's talk about quickly our abi tinted sunscreen. this is going to make us look younger, and it's also going tog provide us were it that bronze b glow as well. you can get it for only $68 that's worth it.. >> that's worth it because of the fact it will protect your skin. called skin, total defense and repair.repa it's got aging anti -- anti aging product.duct. >> you pitt this on as yours y >> yes. >> is it important for to you f use a tanning product pct specifically for your face. >> this is the product you woulw use. one more you can put on youran face. skinny
10:55 am
body. i wanted to talk about the first aid beauty a slow glow gradualla self tanning moisturizer thatizt can be used on your face. your ep left with it. >> what.>> w >> it's going give that you 3656 day glow that you want all yeara round and it's basically itasaly doesn't have an odor. an o
10:56 am
>> way too young to be on the be show and working in that's the case, holdly.dly >> pardon me every time.don me . >> so will jeff apparently.f pae >> how we looking out there. >> regular tan today.ular tod just because we have so muchecaw sunshine out there.suns not that we're advocating it ust your sunscreen of course.en c that's why we have things likehk skinny tan that are made.e. 82 degrees sunshine beautifuleat beautiful day. d few more clouds tomorrow, and a then storms in the forecast wednesday and thursday. maybe some rain into friday. f next weekend looks good.oo all week long not much heat.ea it doesn't look over hal hotver like it was this past weekend.nd >> excellent.>> e >> great. >> not so bad. >> time for couple more tweets. text ape happy we have mikiiki howard.. yes, she's a legend end void in love and new management on tv1.1 it aired last night but i'm surr they'll air it over and over. >> mik howard absolutelyuty fabulous. fabulo >> more love for mik.e how war. >> hope everybody enjoyed that.t looks and sounds great in theren loft. that's what we like.
10:57 am
being with us today.ths to we'll be bright and earl tomorrow morning. hopefully we'll see you then. enjoy the rest of your monday.
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live from new york city. it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doing? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thank you. yes. welcome to monday! [ applause ] thank you for watching


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