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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  June 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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maintain time ma teen's wife could face charges for not alerting authorities of his plans. she reportedly tried to convince him not to carry out the attack and we have an update tonight on the survivors. doctors fear the death tolls will rice. six patience remain criticallycl ill and 16 others are now inow stable condition. earlier today fox's chief intelligence correspondent catherine her age appeared on fox5 news shooting. she shared with us how the gunman may have been following a controversial muslim clearic who used to run a mosque in our area. we think omar mar teen and is talking about the muslim clearic this is the guy who was the he man of the church in fallsin f church, virginia much that's really key because this sort of reading of iraqi sermons andnd watching his videos is one of the big blazing red flags you e
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the san bernadine oh shooters were following i lack i. we saw this with the boston bombers and now we see it yetit again in this particular case. members of congress are learning more about what happened in orlando. tom gist feld is life on capita with the latest. >>reporter: this was a classified briefing. however, we haveisrt spoken witk people who were inside thisnsid session and there were three key pieces of information members of congress were just told that the fbi and the department of t homeland security are focusing on. we touched on them h just now. e the main one right out of thisis meeting is this. apparently the fbi now have full access to omar ma teen's phone.e it is an android samsung phone. you can remember this was anas issue back during the san bernadine oh shooting withhoot difficulties in accessing the shooter in that case's
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this apparently is not a problem this time. the fbi having full access now to omar mar teen's samsungsams android phone. as you heard just a moment ago,, there is renewed scrutiny, butct not only on the motive in this case, but mar teen's sexual preference and whether or not his wife and other relatives had prior knowledge of this attack. let's show you some video of just went on at the capital in the last couple hours.e you see thela fbi directorecto entering the meeting. we're told that he and the homeland security director led the discussion.di it was just yesterday it wasas revealed on three occasions that the fbi had interviewed omar mar teen over possible tearer ties and despite having the orlando shooter on their radar screen he dropped off their radar screenen for up to two years.ears the fbi director still says heas doesn't think the
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did anything differently. when you talk to these up onon capital hill, it doesn't matter whether they were democrat or republican they have big questions on how thatow investigation played out.. whether they had checked backa with him to see if he had any radical i mean, in some of thesese investigations i mean he's actually talked about committing violence. now, whether they assessed thats to be a true threat or not a true threat, there was indication he may have been on n watch list at some point, but then he wasn't at some point. all the details and again, thehe terrorist watch is a perfect example. we have no idea how somebody gets on and off the watch list. the idea if you're on a terror watch list you ought to not be able to purchase a handgun. i have to hear somebody give me a reasonable answer why theyhy would not support that.that as we said again, this briefingi was classified so no members would go into exac
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what was said behind thosese closed doors today. however, there is widespreadide speculation up here on capitalci hill tonight that either the house or senate home landom intelligence committees like they did after the boston marathon bombing will at somee point be holding hearings p up here to find out what the fbi's investigation about omar ma teea uncovered and why they did not close the loop before this attack unfolded this weekend. we are life in capital hill, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. > there were also people trapped in the pulse nightclubih for three hours before swathefo teams stormed the building andnd killed the gunman and some survivors are questioning why police did not act faster. in an interview with our sisterr station in new york, jeanette mccoy says she made it out of the club and couldn't believeou police were waiting to go in. there was anger because i was there when all the cops there were there. i was yelling at them. i didn't understand why they w didn't go in. they should have went
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there's no way that am shots should be shot and they'rehey' standing back. jeanette, you feel like policeeo waited too long before theyhe actually got inside the club. >> absolutely. i have videos of me screaming at the cops telling them that theyt should be going in there and shooting him because the the consistency of the shots, it's not as if the guy waited. they were in there. i saw when the cops started tohe shoot, but then they retaliated back. infuriated.n as a civilian i really wanted te go in there and if i had a gun i wanted to get this guy myself. police have said they waited toe go in because the shooting turned into a hostage situationt there were also initial concerns that the gunman had explosives to take out first responders tonight some of the responders who remain hospitalized from the orlando are speaking about the unimaginable horrors of thatat night. they witnessed the grew som scene and didn't think they would make itd out alive. jim lokay joins us with theirhe
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>>reporter: we heard from twofm victims who ended up in the bathroom. including patients carter who is an intern at our sister station. she made it into the club soonn after the gunman broke out.out. we were so guilty about surviving this because if i would have told acer a to stay outside and just wait, and i tried to go back it, she didn't make it and me and tierra didier make it. i was speaking to her mom and she told me not to feel guilty,, god has his plan, but i told her let's get tierra, we got to get tierra. we went inside, we got trappedwe in there. i couldn't walk so i had to drag myself out of the bathroomath towards the bar area where i was initially. and until i actually saw the face of a police officer. when i finally saw an officer i
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had myself one in my hand so he starting wave the light so heo e could see me and at that point the officers instructed me toe lift my hands, drop whatever iha had in my hands and theynd instructed into he to drag myself toward them.hem i yelled, i said, there arere people shot, people who are killed in the bathroom. we need your help, but they weren't coming near me. they told me to drag myself toward them. so once i got i guess close enough, a couple of the swath grabbed me by the arms and dragged me outside. > survivors say they alsoalso overheard the gunman on the phone saying he had snipers waiting outside to take out police. the shooter there indeed acted alone. > sarah. >> a photo of an orlandoorla dr. blood stained shoe has been removed from facebook. er dr. joshua poser
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shortly the shooting.hoot the picture quickly went viral.. in the post, dr. kora wrote, these are brand new not even a week old. he also praised the work ofor first responders and nurses whoh treated the victims. dozens of protestors rallied outside the national rival association in fairfax countyn n community this morning.orn members of the gbt community were members among the protesting. they want a ban on the sale of assault-style weapons that could hold a high involve of ammunition.. i'm just fed up with fact thatht we don't have adequate background i would like to see the assault weapons ban put back into place. > what do you need a magazinean that holds 100 bullets for? what do you need a rival thatt that's that big and high powered for? the only thing that that's for is for killing a lot
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people quickly. > today's protest was a demonstration. they gather on the fourth of every month to mark the deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary school.el that happened on december 14, 2012. demonstrators say they willhey continue their protests untilil congress passes new begun control laws. > a make shift memorial ismemo growing in dupont circle. throughout the day people havepp been stopping by to show theirhr support for orlando. signs are laid out at the circle bearing the names of thosees killed in the nightclub shooting. am supporters have left candles as you can see, flags and flowers. > jet blue is doing its part to support families of the victims of the orlando mass shooting. the airline is offering free seats on flights to t and from orlando for immediate family and domestic partners of those who were killed or injured. they're also waiving exchange fees for orlando who need toto make last minute changes in then wake of
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the airline also says it will make a charitable contributionta tobl the victims and their families. > as the orlando area tries tor cope with what happened onpene sunday morning, chik-fil-a offered its condolences ando tried to help. the restaurant chain is7 normam closed on sunday, but it opened its does to help people, especially those who werely waiting in line to donate the blood. a sign posted at one restaurantt said pray for orlando, god bles the usa. chiquita fill lay you may recall came under fire a few years when the ceo made comments supporting traditional marriage. president obama speaking out today. what exactly would use this label accomplish. > his remarks on the tragic shooting in orlando and his message to gop critics over the term radical islam. the new feature one car making is unveiling on its vehicle also and how it works to remind drivers to look in their
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seats. > hey, sue. >> i have a dilemma.emma i can't decide whether yesterdah was nicer or today. i think they're both equal gemss and ahave to say if you haven'ty spent a lot of time outside, get out and enjoy it this evening. it couldn't be more perfect. p no humidity, can't even find a cloud in the sky this hour.our. what should you expect forpect tonight and tomorrow? we've got t change things up just a littlg bit. i'lls give you a first peak att tomorrow's forecast.orec fox5 local news at 5 will bee right back. ck.
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here's a question, what would you do, whatue would you know wt to do, rather, in case of an emergency on metro? am don'tont and that is why officials held a crash course for workers in then district on how to keep themselves the event was hosted by the golden triangle businessbusi improvement district.. it's all bart of d.c. fire and ems and metro to help h people navigate their way home during an emergency or during safesafe track. during the event golden triangle also launched a safe track a communication strategy using the hashtag my safe track plan. users can submit their storiessr using their hashtag to help others find a unique route. a new feature in gmc vehicleicle also aimed at prevent children from dying in who the cars.
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it's adding a feature to the arcadia. it shows an alert to check theck rear seat the next time the engine is turn off. the feature doesn't actually detect people or items in the here are some steps that recommend to avoid leaving aleav child hyped in a car. put something like a purse or ar phone in the backseat so thatso you are forced to look back there when you arrive at your destination. you can also keep a stuffed animal when you're driving withg a child as a reminder thatt they're in a those are good things to do whe your knee a hurry and things are going very fast.ast. it's been done, obviously. >> more than once.>> we know it's an issue. > meanwhile, 79-degrees outside, not too who the out there right now. definitely beautiful and we knoo it's probably going to continuen to act like summer here in the coming weeks.eek sue palka outside. > it feels like paradise today. i totally want to move outside and pump out and have a
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pop tenth overnight. > perfect. i'll join you. this might be the the fantastic workday of the week.he things are going to change. it doesn't get any better thanth this. low humidity, beautiful breeze, a light breeze, but just a refreshing wonderful evening. you've got to get sometime outside tonight and maybe a lott of you are planning to take in a baseball game. first of all we're going to tako a look at temperatures aroundeme the region. we have climbed at 5:00 at 80-degrees. that's the warmest we've beenben all day. 81 out of manassas. 81 in frederick burg. you get up to west minister 77 and cooling near the water at annapolis with leonardtown coming in at 7 we're going to give you a id wooer picture here and we're're going to be able to see thatat there's still some heat on thehe map. check out the 92-degrees that we're see in knoxville, lexington, 89.n, 8 thread line there is a warm front and is that dividing the warmer, muggier air
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cooler comfortable air that weaw have over us right now. binghamton still at 69-degrees and detroit at 626789 along thag warm front now you can see that it is collecting showers and thunderstorms and generally the are movingan from southwest to northeast. so what's going to change in our forecast is warm front is going to get a little bit closer to ue clouds in our direction.ou we're goingr to lose the sun tomorrow and cloud it up.up. we'll talk about rain chances is just a moment? are you reading out to the nats game, game two?? we beat the cubs last night andb they're a who the team.
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weather headline is say goodbye to the sunshine. we might have limited sunshineii in the morning but we'll have more clouds than sun.sun. late rain is possible. although the best chance of seeing the rain is the farther south than west. chances go up a little bit aftei 9:00 p.m.m. i think of tomorrow generally ar a dry day. but the beginning of an unsettled period beginning tomorrow night through friday and we're going to talk more about that as the clouds role id a little bit later.ater we'll send it back in to laura and sarah.ah. check in on the weekend closely and we'll be ready to update you on all of that. just because the warmer air is getting closer i think it justst helps us to keep us a little bit unsettled.d. we'll detail all of that for you coming up in just a few minutes. back to you.. >> if you could work a little harder to keep these days going, that would be good. > police say they have arrested the man responsible for sexually assaulted a woman inside a landover business who they say tipped them off.
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down syndrome or other disabilities they get labels early on and those labels almos direct them into, you know, what they achieve in the future.ure. her mother fought for hearth have the same opportunity asoppo other kids. well, today, a student with downs syndrome is making history in d.c. plus, how having hiv has changed actor charley sheen and what he's saying tonight about his new dating status. st that's ahead. and if you have a story idea wee invite you to all contact the fox5 tip line, that number right there 202-895-3000 our can e-mail your to we'll be right back. .
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> it's that time of year, 2016 graduates earning their diplomas. still it was wilson highh school's a big day for everybody the graduates from the northwest d.c. high school gathered at american university vendor arena for their special day, but itit was an especially big day foray one graduate in particular whopt made history today. her name is madisons eeg. eeg > madison esseg says walking across the stage with her diploma was a proud moment. >> i'm so happy i'm graduating.d i think i've come so far. > madison is the first students with downs syndrome to graduate from wilson high school with ah full diploma and likely the first with downs syndrome to graduate from a d.c. public higp school in its history with awith full diploma. >> when madison was born we
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told that there was no guarantee that she would ever read or write. > the biggest obstacle in her development wasn't madison's ability, it was the education system. schools were reluctant to give i her access to the full curriculum because they told her it's simply hadn't been done before. so temple ton pushed. and what i wanted was her not te be labeled as a kid with downs syndrome but just be a kid who had the opportunity to achieve until she proved she can't don't it. let's not stop her now madison not only proved she could do it, she rows to the top, graduatingu in the national honor society with a 3.7gpa. i told madison serves as an example that it's possible for someone with downs syndrome toyr reach their full potential ifotn given the opportunity. op don't give up. school will be your best friend, even though you my might notmy m like it it'
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building block to a lot more stuff that's going to help you in life. > good for her.ood i will tell you madison has bee accepted into the george mason life program. she's looking at studiestudi disability and advocacy policy. how appropriate is that. and especially in the education kudos to that mom who kept pushing. >> you know what, i believe in my child. let's sea what we can do instead of saying no. >> i said to her your daughter is so high functioning. >> she was born with downsow syndrome except she took it to the next level and she studied and she became this young womann who is really doing well and going places. and setting a new precedent, a good one.go > exact limit we aring following also right now some breaking news for you from northern virginia where policegi are on the scene of an over turned this is on the george washington parkway. it happened a short time agoime north of mount vernon. we don't know w
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any injuries at this time. right now the parkway is closed in both directions near stafforf lane. we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get it. also coming up, a conversation about prescription drug and heroin use among students in fairfax county.ount how parents are teaming up toup stop the deadly epidemic. obama broadside, the president fires back at radical islamslam critics and a professional sports team may soon be comingig to las vegas. details about the future ahead. kanye west touring for the first time in three years. first of course we'll have the breaking news coming up on theig other side of the break. k.
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free,
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ing upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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> this is fox5 local news at 5. now to tonight's top stories. we now know the name of a man who was shot to death in the district. it happened around 6:30 thisis morning on 14th street northwest and police haveave identified the vic tip as to year old davonte crawford of northwest. he was found inside a building suffering from a gunshot wound and he died at the scene.scen no worked yet on a suspect or a motive. a man wanted for sexual assault is now in custody. police say they arrested 24 year old gentleman harry chester after somebody called in a tip. investigators release surveillance video tape of chester several days ago. police say he assaulted a woman inside a business on garden city drive in landover last week. police believe he followed thelw woman from a new metro new carlson station. he is currently held without wi bond. > i would never in
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years think i would be sitting here telling you about my daughter's death because of a drug overdose. > that is a mother of a centerville high school student whose daughter died after taking prescription drugs.on d a conversation about prescription drug and heroin use among students in fairfax county. fox5's lindsay watts is at centerville high school with more on the meeting and thee message from alexia springer's r mother. i'm sure this was a verys a difficult interview, lindsay. >>reporter: absolutely. own a powell saturday down with me last night and she says that it is a struggle every singlee day to come to terms with her daughter's death.daug she says that her goal now is to educate other families and potentially help prevent anothea tragedy like the one that she went through. as you just heard powell said she never for a second thoughtcd this could happen to her daughter.daug alexia was a great athlete and a great student.
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she was home coming princess, very popular here at her school. alexia's friends have told her family this was the first time she tried prescription drugs at a birthday drugs. powell says before her daughter's death she didn't know what a huge problem prescription drug and heroin abuse has become in northern virginia. the meeting tonight is so important. i think it's i think it's very much needed.d. it's necessary in this community. it's necessary for parents and teenagers to come together and realize what these drugs are doing. powell does plan to be here. if you would like to come, there will be law enforcement and officials providing informationd also ain chance to ask question. i was at a similar meeting justt last month and fairfax countyout sa
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interest in that that they decided to do it again.n. the meeting is going to be starting here at 7:00. it's expected to last until about 9:30 and we're going to have much more for you on our newscast at 10 and 11 tonight. we're life at centerville high school, lindsay watts, fox55 local news. > president obama met with national security advisors today about the orlando shooting andla thennd addressed the country on the state of isis. fox5's political reporter ronica cleary is here with that story and your other political headlines tonight. >>reporter: president obama spoke today after meeting with national security advisors. he spoke about the state of is ill in the world, the need for stricter begun laws. he criticized donald trump's proposed muslim ban without naming the republican presumptive nominee. the use or lack thereof of the words radical islam. for a while
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contribution of some of myme o friends on the other side of the aisle have made in the fight against isil is to criticize this administration and me for not using the phrase radical islam.isla what exactly would using thiss label accomplish? what exactlyl would it change? calling a threat by a different nameme doesn't make it go away. this is a political distraction. not once has an advisor of minef said, man, if we really use that phrase we're going to turn thisn whole thing around. not once. > the president plans to traver to orlando on thursday to pay his respects to the victims' families. i had the opportunity to speakak with senator time cane today about his experience as governor during the virginia tech shooting and then get his thoughts on how we might avoid mass shoots. in the aftermath of virginia te
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in a short period of time, within 90 days i said just findt out everything that went wrong and give me every bit of advice you can about how to fix it. here's soggy strongly support. there are categories of people under law federal law who arel a not supposed to have weapons. we should add suspected terrorist if they're on the terrorist watch list. you can see more of my interview on my facebook page.e. and finally today marks the final presidential primary raise. it's happening right here in washington, d.c.. while hillary clinton is the presumptive democratic nomineeie bernie sanders is still technically in the raise.lly the two are expected to meet here tonight in the washington, d.c. and accord to the clintonio campaign she called for meeting and looks forward to the opportunity how they can advance their shared commitment and work together to stop donald trumpp o trump in the general election. > back to you. bac >> we are continuing to followw breaking news right now fromom northern virginia where police
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toned tour bus on the george washington parkway. this happened around 5:00 p.m. we are told there are a numbernu of injuries, but we do not know how serious the injuries are. right now the parkway is closed in both directions near the stafford lane. we will bring you the information just as soon as we get it. > it's now a sure bet, las vegas will be the home of a new national hockey league franchise. the league plans to expand for the 2017-2018 season, a person with direct knowledge of the nhl's decision says the league has settled on las vegas for its expansion. now, as long as the team's owners can come up with the $500 million entry fee, this, would be the nhl's first expansion since the year tonight the nationals will celebrate night out, which is their anual
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it is touted as one of the largest in professional sports. they also plan to honor theor t victims of the orlando nightclub shooting. a portion of the proceeds fromcd night out proceeds will benefit teen color funds. the game tonight is at 7:05 tonight the nats resume their series with the cubs. last night they defeated the best team in baseball for the fires time. today the nats placed jonathan papelbon on a 15-day disabledabe list. it's first time the 35 year oldr has been on the disabled list in his major league career. the nats will use a group pitchers in his place led byce l shawn kelly. deshawn jackson participated inr only a couple of the team's 10ota sessions was on hand for the first of two days of minute
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it is mandatory and head coachh has been impressed with jacksonn as for deshawn speaking to the media after practice, that's another thing. i and it got nothing to say. closed i'm better off that way. he's a big time problem for defenses. he's a big time weapon for offance. any time he's out on the fieldel he's very helpful to our team. we're going to continue to use him and we're glad he's healthy. > check this out, this is siloo brat way, a remember of the disc golf association participating in the beaver state sling. it is 850 long and a par 5. his first throw or drive goes 450 feet and lands in the fairway. his h second shot from 400 feetm is simply remarkable. it weaves its way around the trees and finds the
5:39 pm
that's a two on the par 5. or in golf terms an albatross. brat wyeth says he's literally in shock after this video haseo been shown all over the countryr > pretty cool.l. >> yes. > amazing. >> yes, it is. > coming up how having hiv has changed charley sheen. and rapper little lane is hospitalized after seizures that forced two emergency landings. what may have caused that health scare. and martha stewart cooking lighi martha stewart is about to get easier. we're going to tell you aboutut her meet kit. i look forward to seeing that story. life has been easy in the weather center with these two remarkably beautiful daze, but later tonight and during the dae tomorrow we're going to begin to see clouds coming in and it won't be too long before showerr follow.llow we'll have the timing for what you can expect for wednesday and
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h back. back.
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and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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> fox5 d.c. cares is partnerinr with the alzheimer's' association as it gets ready for its big fundraising event callel the longest day. >> the longest day coming this monday, june 20. it is, in fact, the longest day. it is the summer solates. first all this week we're going to share stories of people whoeo are dealing with alzheimer's ane other forms of dementia in hopes of raising awareness about this heart wrenching disease.isea one in three seniors dies with alzh
5:44 pm
fox5's paul wagner's mom died of louie body dementia.eme that's the same disease as robin williams had. listen as he shares his members of patsy. >> one of my fondest memorize of my mother is that whenever i came home from school, i remember this vividly.idly i came in the side door having walked home and she was always there in the kitchen greetingetn me. as i walked in she would breakba into h this big smile and she'dd say, hi, paul i i, how was yourr day? when you had your attention, you had my mother's attention. she really wanted to know how your day was and what went on, what were the good things that happened in your life that day. she did what catholic families did in the 50s. she raised a family.amil she didn't work. dad worked. she worked so hard at raising our familism when all of us kids were out of school she wanted to go back to sho
5:45 pm
she got her degree and then she got her master's degree and shed worked really hard for what shee wanted to have for herself. she was a very, very successfule person and then to see her decline like that with her meant h l al health was just devastating for all of us.s. mom was socially conscious. she was always looking for ways to help others. mom was my biggest supporter.upo she had one thing that she saide to me early on in my live -- she said over and over and over again. she would say to me, paw, youou have a high iq, you can doan whatever you want and i wasas struggling in school and not doing very well and she always built me up with that. she was always supporting me and always curious about how i was doing. so when she started to lose her mind, it was extremely difficuli to watch and she wasn't the same mom anymore. she became somebody else. you have to be there for your mom or your dad if they have dementia. make them comfortable. c listen to them, hold their
5:46 pm
be there for them. you'll find that you take a great deal of pride out of helping them because they raised you and now you're here in this h position where you can help wow. very powerful. really powerful. i love hearing how she had such an impact on his life.ife. > he's brave to tell the storyo >> sure. as we were mentioning we want to tell did you more about the longest day.lo again, it is a week from today. it's a day when people get together. they do anything fun, walking or hiking even playing cards even dancing while fundraising at tht same time. if you would get like to get involved or donate to a team that's already you can go to team dot org/the longest day. stay with us to hear the amazing stories of courage from peoplepe throughout our area who areare dealing with
5:47 pm
dementia. we hope you'll stick around forr all of that. meanwhile let's take it outside and why not because it's he such a beautiful gorgeous day. nothing too who the out sue palka, you're back inside. >> it was hard to come let's all go out there. i was stopped by authorities. they disassembled my pup tenth and i had to come back in. i will get a little bit of walkf after our news at 6:30 becauseba i'll tell you what, laura, sarah, it's just dream i out there that's for one of the big reasons it's thah wonderful is the low humidityow and the comfortable perfect temperatures.temp tomorrow may not be quite ase qu perfect as today, but it's not a washout and it's probably notrob even very wet for most people. what we're going to see changing overnight is some clouds areouds going to be rolling into town. eventually as the clouds thickeu there will be some showers, wehe think especially south and west late on wednesday.wedn a few could sneak in during the day, but the bulk of anyny
5:48 pm
be along a warm front that willl still be to our south tomorrow.o we're not looking at a who the day tomorrow, but we are lookin atbu more rain in the forecast n thursday and on friday.nd o we're going to try to time out o at least a, post office of that with you.ou. how about these high hi temperatures today, 8 # degrees, average is 84. 80 for dulles, such a beautifult evening.ev again, tomorrow with more clouds we're still only about 8 #bout degrees. not thinkings it's a who the day with that warm front down to our south, but the significance ofof the warm front getting closer is it gets us closer to unstable air and it becomes the real roal track for areas of low pressurer and that will likely bring us some showers late wednesday into thursday, maybe a rumble of thursday as well with ah temperature of 80-degrees. let's focus on what's going on at the moment, though, with that 80-degree reading.ding 74 for annapolis, dulles 80, martinsburg 78.g 78 winchester as well, what a greaa night. and a big part of it is this,
5:49 pm
don't see this very often,ten, dewpoints in the 40s, the low 50s. that is sensationally comfortable and it allows ourllw temperatures to cool offff beautifully as well as the sun goes down.n. we still have clear skies still under the influence of highf hi pressure, but this is exactly where our warm front is tonightt and notice how it is collecting showers and thunderstorms alongd the leading edge of it and you can also see slowly but surelyse they're coming in our directione overnight no showers, made 60s to closer to the near 60-degreer mark in our southern and westert suburbs. dry at the bus stop.stop there will be clouds around and afternoon school 79 to about 83-degrees. here's your forecast for tomorrow. as that warm front gets a little bit closer during the afternoone and evening it will spread a chance of a shower or thunderstorm into our southern and western communities first and then maybe we see something here after 9:00.he you can see that most of the day if we
5:50 pm
showers, by noon maybe a couple of showers or storms in the mountains and by 11:00 we have a couple of showers with stronger storms down to our south sou tomorrow. we're going to wrap it up with p our seven day forecast and we're going to keep showers and storms around on thursday. we're zip tripping to kensington on friday morning. right now it's still looking good for the weekend.he this is an award winning sundayi for father's day. 81-degrees. it looks like a terrific weekent in general. we keep it going monday and our next chance of showers after we get through friday looks like it will be on tuesday. tu a pretty good looking forecast. i'm going to most i on over to the couch and take in all the ac collides because i know you guys are happy with this forecast. we love you, sue, for all of 'f done for us. thank you, sue. you take in all the ac laids. we
5:51 pm
that's the best seven dayest forecast ever. a couple of showers in there thursday, friday.rida > it's not the weekend.eken > right, we'll take it. > let's head over to shawn and tony for what's next at fox5 at 6. >> shawn likes this nice low humidity. > who doesn't. >> and father's day looks good, too. let's not forget about that. > thank you, sue. she remembers. most people go to ashbys for their roast beef and curly fridays. apparently this back bear was craig some as well. neighbors were stunned to see the animal right outside theutsi fast food restaurant. find out where he was someone left a note on a woman's car blasting n her in a spot reserved for a veteran. wait until you hear how she responded tonight at
5:52 pm
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> time now for our entertainment t headlines. first up charley sheen reveals he has not had much time for romance since announcing he was hiv positive. he opened up saying he's focusing on his health and taking care of his family. he was imfamously married throw times and then engaged to porn star breath ross i beforess i calling it off. she has five kids, one granddaughter and no plans to make it down the aisle again.. kanye west is announcing hisnoun next major tour and coming to d.c. the tour kicks off august 25. he will be at the verizon center on september 28. > i know you're going to be running out the door. >> tickets go on sale on friday at life > and martha steward gettingtig into the meal kit business. subscribers will get a box shipped to their door
5:56 pm
steward's respite and all the ingredients needed to cook them up at home she's teaming up with marley spoon and it will be renamed martha and marley spoon. i'm surprised she's just now getting into it. > exciting news at the nationaa zoo we now know arrang georgiawr is pregnant. officials revealed the biggiee news in the big way. expected to deliver mid-event s. the pregnancy marks the first time in 25 years the zoo is expecting. thanks for being with us. fox5 local news at 6 starts after the break.
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5:59 pm
> right off the top tonight, we have breaking news from northern virginia. police are on the scene of an over turned to
6:00 pm
george washington parkway. this happened less than an hour ago, just a short time ago.i we're told there are a number of injuries, but we do not know atw this time how badly people are hurt. the parkway is closed in both directions near stafford lane.rl this is the george washington parkway. we're still gathering information on this story. we'll bring you the latest as la soon as we get it. meantime there are new detailset from the massacre in orlando. the fbi is digging into the gunman's in fact, today wenm learned he l have visited the nightclub thatb he shot up on multiple occasions. > we have life team clubs. >> several regulars at the pulse nightclub say they saw thesaw gunman at the club at least a dozen times. investigators believe the 29at year oldor shooter pledged allee and to isis during the attack. his x wife described him as mentally unstable, violent andlt possibly bipolar. in the beginning he was a normal beginning and then a few months after he started


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