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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  June 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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them in a few minutes. minutes first we want to guilty youuiy o caught up on the weather. wea sue this week has been veryis rough. what are we looking at forokin r tonight. >> laura, you may have heard yesterday that we were worried about a morning round ofnd o storms and the afternoon round.roun the morning round left us a gift of lot of cloud cover. cov it is happening towards towar charlottesville and richmond. r. let me show you where radar is show evident the strongest s activity right along interstate 64 betweenwe charleston look at all the cloud coverarthd over d.c. but we're also goinglg to continue to watch up towardch pennsylvania, see the little bit of activity up there, too,, that could sink closer tonight g but it's looking more and morene likely that there will not be a second round of severe of s weather tonight. tonig we have a minor risk of that, a marginal risk.isk. the best chance is where you whe see it already happening in that enhanced risk area downa d towards charlottesville andtesvl into the richmond area.a. so, we're feeling like w
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shape, certainly continue toonto watch the radar, flash floodrads watches and even some tornadoeor watches up through westou w virginia and west centralt c virginia and it's awfullyfu humid. humi a quick shot of a shower laterat tonight as a cold front comesrom on we'll talk more about tonighton as well as what you can expectxc on friday coming up in just aust few minutes but right now soow far so good. far no second round anticipated atta this point.isoi back to you.back t >> good news. >> now to the verdict inow baltimore. a baltimore judge t found officer caesar goodson notcaes o guilty on all charges in the in death investigation of freddie gray. gray. >> goodson drove that van thatro transported gray when gray whegy suffered injuries to his spine s that ultimately led to his death. so far three of the six the s officers involved in thers invot freddie gray case have gone to trial and so far not one has has been found guilty we begin oureo team coverage tonight withh alexandria limon live in baltimore. alex. alex. >> reporter:. >> reporter: guys, the bigte question now becomes whatow becw happens with the cases againstst the remaining baltimore policerc
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supposed to be the strongest son case that the state hadad against any of these officer caesar goodson was the driver of the police van thatf freddie gray was injured inn and he was facing the most serious charges of all the officers and not only did the dt judge find him not guilty onn all counts, in fact, at one point he went as far as saying n that the state failed on all o levels to meet the burden of proof in the murder charges.deae so, again, officer goodson acquitted on all of the th charges and i was inside thate t courtroom when judge barryjudgey williams went down the list oft charges including that serious o second degree murder chargee and three manslaughterr charges, millions conduct in m office and recklessil endangerment and each time heh said the state did not present t enough evidence to meet that burden of proof. of the judge said prosecutors had to prove a reckless disregards for human life and
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wasn't about simply whethery whe goodson failed to do somethingdi or whether he made a mistake. for example, when for examplele what he, used was that goodsont failed to use a seat belt for f freddie gray.y. he said that wasn't enough for w a conviction on any of thesese the burden of proof was above ao and beyond that.ha in fact, prosecutors needed to prove that goodson didn't use dt a seat belt because he had the t intention of hurting or evenven killing freddie gray and the judge concluded that was notas proved in court.ed now, as far as the rough ride theory, it was presented by the state and that was a big b parter of their case. cas the judge said that the state ts couldn't even properly define what a rough ride was, never, n mind actually prove that it that happened and that goodson intentionally gave freddieioy gray a rough ride. r he said the state provided nod o proof that there was ever any kind of animosity between gray and goodson that would have wld provoked the officer intoicernt
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another big point the judge t j made throughout the entire explanation of his decisionecio and verdict was that goodson tho would have had no reasonable ree way of knowing freddie gray'sra injuries and the extent of o that medical attention that he needed because they were they we internal now here is some reaction thatet we got from members of the of community following this verdict. verdic >> one has to wonder about thehe credibility of the case and i think - -- [inaudible] [indibl >> testify about their t esinvolvement.volv now, this is allegedly their strongest case and as you can see they fell flat on their face. face whether they continue i'm not sure. c >> i believe that the state'sta attorney's office did a bold dia thing to charge all the officers. officers. people in the ci
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understand that this is making history and that it's on the ite front page of every paper, pap fair that your in the media.t they have to reform the yoway w they behave. >> i'm not surprised, youu know. hopeless, saddened, you know.edk but not surprised.urised >> we'll see this again.his a this is same old story, you, yo know. know. and if it's two days from now,s, two weeks from now, two years, y from now, every one of us will u be right back out here for another >> reporter: now, that lasthat s person we spoke to was a baltimore resident and yound could kind of hear that hear frustration in his voice but vot he said although he was angry a he really wasn't surprised andus i'll tell you that was kind off the same sentiment thatha resonated with a lot of people that were out here outside of oo the courtroom after this verdict
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>> alex, here on the corner ofor north and pennsylvania, west wes baltimore, essentially wheretial freddie gray was arrested andes the psalm neighborhood wherehore he grew up we've only seen ay se couple of protestors, nothings,t big and every time anothere anhe officer goes to trial, theseal, protests regardless of what the outcome has been two acquittals now and one mistrial the protests keephe p getting smaller and smallermaer and yet the police presenceen keep getting bigger and bigger,et trying to avoid what t we saw last year. the cvs here on the corner hasnr finally reopened.y opened you see the signs there sayingrn now open.pen. baltimore city police here out t in force.or. even the chaplains are out here in case things do geto violent there's someone thatne a can reason and immediate withteh the crowd but frankly here weere see a large presence of presenc police, a large presence ofsenc media and just a couple protestors and for the most mos part i'd say the entire partear they've all been peaceful. however, the crowds muchuc larger d
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we saw them earlier. ear as soon as that verdict camerdit back we saw crowds gatherwds th outside the courthouse.ourtus baltimore sheriff's out inut i force as well, the deputies dut there making sure that tha everyone was safe and everything was handled was appropriately. no one seemed to get out of hand and so far no arrestsnorr have been reported in connection with any of the t protests today. however, we are expecting toxpeg hear freddie gray's familyam give some sort of statement ste later today at their at the attorney's of course, we'll bring yourn the latest but so far here citizens say they wantant baltimore, if they're going to'o react, to do so peacefully. peau no repeat of last year.t y live tonight in west wes baltimore, marina marraco,, fox5 local news. new >> new tonight a major rulingorn from the supreme court has put s president obama's immigration ii plan on hold.ol >> the justice also voted four to four on the president's plan to shield millions ofd llio illegal immigrants from deportation. the tie vote means a lower court ruling will stand for
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now. lower court blocked the executive orders implementation after texas and 25 other states sued.. the president reacted to theed e high court's ruling this afternoon.afte >> so, although i'm disapp i'm s pointed by the lack of a lk of decision today by the supreme court, a deadlock, this doesdo not substantially change the status quo and it -- it doesn't negate what has always s been the case, which is ifhease, we're really going to solveng to this problem effectively,vely we've got to have congress pass a >> the president also says says he's disappointed that theth senate has not acted on his supreme court nominee.e court no he says them court can't issuese decisions when it's split this t way evenly. evenl >> the supreme court sreme c immigration ruling comes asrungc our local communities are seeing an increase in violentio crime and murders especiallyspel among latino gangs operating in maryland and northern virginia.
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they are facing a crisis ands ad want the federal government to n enforce the immigration lawsrats that are already on the books. fox5's tom fitzgerald is at is the headquarters ofe he imatmigrion and customsgratioan enforcement in southwest withouh more on this. t tom. >> reporter: well, thisor court ruling today coulted notad have been more timely. it was only days ago that thehat montgomery county police chief thomas manger told the county ct counsel that his department depm lab fighting against a rising rs tied of gang related crime and homicide.micide in 2015, the department investigated eight such cases.h. that represented a quadruplingua of the numbers of just over ajuo year before. befe. and this year, montgomeryontger county is once again investigating a homicide whichic is believed to be gang now, experts will point out it is the latino communitiescommuns themselves that are bearing the brunt of this violence. both lawt enforcement and and political leaders in d.c.,.c maryland and virginia say the increase in gang viole
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some opinions that isonthat i connected to the wave ofected te accompanied minors in the waniei united states.norsunit many of them came to the u.s. during that crush of illegalofll immigrants at the u.s. border u back in 2014. and while many young people did not come to the dmv as dmv gang members police and experts will say they have theye been targeted.been targe they have been bullied andnd they have been drafted into joining gangs as a result of of not being supervised or monitored by the federaled government after they were allowed into the u.s. now, advocates for racial for rl diversity and opportunitiesy foran immigrants caution against throwing up any barriers too these immigrant groups.immi however, the chairman of thehe prince william county board of supervisors corey stuarttu sounded an alarm.unded ala he said that letting let unaccompanied minors into theto u.s. two years ago would belde trouble and now he says in his i opinion this has resulted in a surge of violent crime activity and gang related relat incidents throughout the national capitol
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>> we warned two to threern two years ago that this influxhis in over the boarder of illegalll aliens was going to cause an increase in ms-13 and other a gang related crime. it's happening.apning we are seeing it happening.apni it's not just in the border ther towns on the border. borde it's happening all acrosscr america and we're seeing thiseen especially here in northerner virginia and in the d.c. region.region >> diversity matters.siatte it recognizes that racehara matters in our society and it's factored in in thein he appropriate way.riateay it also sends a very powerful message that the educational benefits will help break downead the stereotypes that continue cn to plague our community. communi >> reporter: well, the group g casa de maryland one of the biggest pro-immigration rootstin in this region issued a statement saying they werehey we disappointed in the supremeoi court ruling. fox5 did reach out to the immigration and customsndustoms enforcement today.en we have not heard back.d b we are live in southwestwest
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local >> coming up, a new health h alert tonight.ight. >> why doctors say you should sl skip the flu mist nose spraye sa vaccine this coming flu season o and get the shot instead. inste >> and a warning for those whosw use their smartphones while lying in the bed at night. how it could cause temporary blindness. >> and president obama heading to spain for the running of rung the bulls but one group doesn't want him there. find out why and what they'ren'w doing about it. >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> new research shows theesh sh nasal spray version of the fluve shot didn't protect kids lastt flu season. >> protected my >> that's good. >> the cdc says this was the third year it was ineffective.te >> astra zeneca presented its study that found flu mist wasisa effective but didn't work astork well as flu shots.hots in last year it was only o 3 percent effective in ages two to 17 while the traditional flu shot was about o 63 percent effective. >> are you guilty of looking g at your phone while you lie in i bed at night. well, doctors say it could actually damage your vision.r vi doctors revealed two cases of cs women ages 22 and 40 and
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women complained of recurring rc episodes of temporary visionrars loss for up to 15 minutes. mines the doctors discovered there women were looking at theirheir phones with just one eye whilehi the other eye was covered by their pillow.thr p when they put their phoneho down, they couldn't see withh that phone eye. eye the reason doctors say it canan take several minutes for theesot phone eye to catch up to the the other eye that's adapted todaed the dark. doctors suggest always lookingoo the all right phone with bothot eyes. >> taken you'll lose thel lo vision faster. >> exactly or just not looking at it while you're in bed. >> right.>> >> we have -- easier said than n done. done. >> exactly. >> a consumer alert to pass along forsu parents of young y children involving a popular safety gate mid by ikea. ia. the company is recalling itsal patrol safety gate because the locking mechanism# is i unreliable an child could get hurt. if you already ownt the gate,at ikea set said parents should sho stop using it immediately andiay urn it for a full refund.efund. company officials say they've received reports of kidsivedepor falling downstairs because theee
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unexpectedly. >> yikes. fox5 d.c. cares is our station's campaign to highlight the workio of charitable organizationsizations nonprofits here in ourfi her community. >> we hope that by partneringer with these groups we can getweat their message out. we're partnering with the luke and livleukemia and lymphoma so. >> als held a special luncheonah to kick offer the light theig te night campaign.night c it's an inspirational eveningve walk that happens all across alr the nation.e natn. the walks commemorate andlks mmm celebrate lives touched by cancer and to raise funds inn support of the leukemia andkemin lymphoma society's mission toisi cure blood cancers.ce participants carry these beautiful lanterns tofu represent loved ones who arel ae fighting mood cance blood canceo have lost their battles. battles there are three walks in our area all happening in october io but to not wait to sign up.ign you can form a team now and start your fundraising now andr lls is there to help you.elp y all u
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light the forca more information.orti and i'm proud again to once to again be serving as the honorary claire for thisra c campaign. as you know it's a beautifully inspirational campaign.atio >> yes, it is. >> i'll be emceeing the d.c. d. walk, sarah will be doing theoit reston walk. >> it was a lot of fun. >> and hollyt morris will be emceeing the montgomery county m walk. rage you to get get out to sign up, get your team t formed now.form >> it's always such a touchingy evening and seeing theeeinth lanterns, you know, lit up in l the night sky, so it's a beautiful event that, you know, is nice to be parter >> won't you can join us.on >> an arrest in a sex assaults at a target store lastre l weekend.we who police say is suspected of inappropriately touching anin a 11-year-old girl.ear-ol we have an update. >> your home blown up in an alien invasion. there's a web site where youitwh could see what that would lookwt like. tonight why critics are firing n back. >> calling all entertainers. enn metro is trying to
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loads off the tracks. what they're doing to improve d the mood and how you can get involved.volv. >> hey, sue, how is thatey weather, >> hey there laura and sarah. s. so far so good. all the activity remains down to our south as you can see onto radar.ra i do see a pretty hefty pretty e thunderstorm near theunderm nea harrisburg area but that seems to be tracking more towardeow philadelphia but we're goingut g keep a close eye on this all afternoon.te meanwhile it's almost thee it'ss weekend and we have an updated d forecast for you for theouor weekend as well as what you you can expect friday and what youyu can expect at the beaches. at ts we'll be right back. rht bac >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> fairfax county police have arrested the man you see onouhey the screen right here, the t alleged target toucher. >> investigators say he groped an 11-year-old girl inside al a target store in mclean onean on saturday. >> the incident was caught onon camera. fairfax county officer notty involved in the case saw then pictures and recognized theze t logo on his shirt. s from there detectives wereecve able to identify the
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as 19-year-old brendon cordova.cordova. he faces sexual battery bte charges for the target incident. detectives are still trying tore determine if there are other victims. victims. >> the search is on for a hit-and-run driver whoea killedl a bicyclist in the this happened around 1:00 this 0 morning on minnesota avenue a southeast. by the time officers arrivedoffa the driver had taken off. o police closed off the area to search for clues.arch for clu we do not know the identity ofd the bicyclist yet but policebute are asking anyone who may have witnessed what happened to give them a call.hea c >> calling all dancers musicians poets andcian entertainers. we have a special audition todio tell you bo you. >> metro's art in nsit program is offering local l artists an opportunity to make metro rail station entrances ent their stage. >> now, in addition to the chance to perform at the metrope stations artists may alsorf be selected to perform for music on the mall which is a summerl c program that brings lives liv entertainment to the national tt mall on thursdays.hursys the metro performing auditionsgt will be held on june 24th from2o 5:00 p.m. to 7
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metro headquarters. that's located at 600 fifth f street in northwest d.c. >> very cool. >> always a lot of fun to hear. kind of puts an extra spring in your your >> then do this in a lot ofn lo cities. >> i love it. >> people really enjoy it. >> gives them a littlereake b from the daily stress. ses >> exactly. i think it would lighten the wll mood, too with metro given allll that's happened recently. rentl speaking of lightning thetnn mood we had some bad weather wea rolling through this it was nicer midday but iut guess we're going to take the te mood down a little bit thisli afternoon. hey, sue.he s >> but you know what i love that cloudy picture of the sky s and i'm giving the clouds a c round of applause because weause don't need another round of rndf severe weather, the hail, the ef-0 tornado in howard countyou and those clouds whichhi lingered from the morning weather have protected us fromm becoming too unstable.ble. people say how does the sun do there. the sun provides fuel andfuel a energy and rising air that t lifts and we know there's still plenty of volatility vil above us. we're glad the
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tonguey hung tough and there t means our threat for severe sev sweater greatly diminished.imins that's not to say we don't getyt a shower or thunderstorm butst b the likelihood of them beingm bg as strong as they could be isde going down with every hour.very watching a storm that's fairly y strong looking up towards thedst harrisburg area but it's gott'sg hail with it but that is moremoe tracking toward thedhe philadelphia area and thenphia n there's a tremendous amount ofuo activity from charleston, west virginia, to roanoke toia, to ra richmond. the clouds still hangingou around our area keeping us us going and can't call the all a clear until this front getsronts south but you know what,know wt, that's that pesky front downt to our south tomorrow means there could still be a fewstilba showers because it's closese enough by there we could hav another shower maybe even anve isolated rumble of thunder.hund 79 degrees now but superup humid. you probably don't need me todot tell you that and there's plenty of moisture if any storms do form for some heavyoma rain bulle but right now we're hanging in there.he 66 in hagerstown.herst clouds a few storms for friday i maybe as well.mael we'll take you hour by hour hou through that that forecast and t check ou
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as beach forecast coming up inag a few minutes.few sarah, laura, back to you.. >> thanks, sue.nks,ue. up ahead gunny gun controlul bid fizzles out in congress. >> the house sit-in ends after 25 hours. how the gop is respondingpond tonight.toni hey, matt. >> hi, sarah. sar d.c. leaders hold a press pre conference to support the congressional sit in and wait w until you herey about a about horrible crime d.c. police mayoa have stopped last week. that's coming up in just an j moment sarah. >> iwo jima in a identity mix-up. >> hey body died. >> hey, sarah. there are a number of waysays disabled veterans recover from their injuries. can coming up in sports we'lle'l introduce to you a group thathat take the rehab out of the out o pools of walter reed and onto the healing waters of the potomac. >> ♪ >> ♪
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woman: i have a masurprise for you.are you? man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news atcaa 5:00. >> democrats in the house of hou representatives have ended a day long sit-in to protest the t lack of action on gun controln o measures.measures >> the sit-in comes on the sit heels of the orlando nightclubhn shooting which is the worste mass shooting in u.s. history. o but yesterday georgiaeoia congressman john lewis andlewis other democrats refused tomocrae leave the house floor.. they stayed there through theer night pushing for gun control democrats were seeking votes sei on legislation to expand background checks for gunor purchases as well as measures ma to can curb the sale ofale o weapons to people onple government watch lists. lists house speaker paul ryan is refusing to hold a vote on theet gun reform proposals whichls w already failed to pass in the t senate. but house minority leader leade nancy pelosi says it's time for action.ction. >> let me be really cleareally r about this abouabout this.thi we cannot stop until we get a bill. bi
5:31 pm
this isn't about politics. polic it's not about elections. it's not about campaigns. it's about the safety of the american >> congress has not passed major gun control legislationco since 1994. gun rights defenders say such sc measures infringe on the infriet constitutional right to bear >> as the sit-in took place at e d.c. police headquarters policed d.c.'s mayor and polquice chiefe came together to support those e fighting for gun legislation.egn take a look here at these assault weapons that have beenvb taken off d.c. streets.eets. police chief cathy lanier says s three ak-47's have been takene e off the streets in the lastts week and she told reportersrs about a chilling crime that may have been prevented by d.c.'s gun unit within then t last matt ackland joins us now withsn more on that. hey, matt. >> reporter: hi, sarah.i, s the chief began talking about b the threat oegf assault weaponso even in a city where they are illegal to purchase.l to purchas she gave a chilling example. this involved an investigation that was carried out last weekk when a 17-
5:32 pm
threatened to kill his girlfriend, her family and then shoot up her school. sch take a listen to the chief c explain it. >> just last week, oureek, o officers and the gun recovery unit got information bore around 1:00 in the morningni that a 17-year-old boy made a ad threat to a 17-year-old7-ye-o girlfriend that he was goingnd to kill her and her entire tr h family and then shoot up her school. the gun recovery unit workedtor with that young woman throughhr the night, found an on callall emergency judge andud interrupted his day, got an emergency search warrant was able to go and recover an ak-47 from the individual iivid involved and over 180 roundsun of ammunition.mmition. if anybody thinks for oneor seconds that the actions of actf the gun recovery unit there didn't save countless lives,e cl you're making a mistake. mistake >> reporter: so followingso that press conference i walked l up to the chief and i asked a her if she could tell us whatl w
5:33 pm
this teenager. tna it was a high school but theut chief didn't wander to answerwe with a name of the schoolch because she said thehe investigation is still under und way and there were more guns to recover, but when i asked wh if parents should bebe concerned, she said there wasth no longer a threat.t. meanwhile the press conferenceoe today was set up in an effort ef to back up those congressionalgn members who were staging a sging sit-in. si as most of you know, you can't buy guns in d.c..c these assault style guns are sometimes being bought inei other states and then broughtn o into the district. dtr do you believe taking theseghe type of guns off the streethe sr federally will reduce thehe homicide rate here locally?? >> oh, i do. o i i do. and it also makes my officers or safer. i hate the thought that myha cops have go out there andre nation these weapons over -- face these weapons over and over carry weapons to prop techre
5:34 pm
themselves that's still very t hard to do in days. the mayor and the chief wererdwe asked if their views ye have changed. >> we won't have any plan to promote firearms ownership orfi training in the district,the dis certainly people can availvail themselves of what is legal but we won't be a part of promoting >> i would never advocate thataa everybody that's afraid thisfrai is going lap go out and get a ag gun. gun. to me that's just -- the gun -- the violence issue does not resolve by tellingrelve everybody to go get a gun.ody to >> reporter: by the way we gthae should tell you at that press conference congresswomangr norton left her seat on thet t house floor to attend that meeting. me she told a supporter she was tired at the time but thenat thm right after it was aboute it w o 11 o'clock this morning, shenins said she planned to return to capitol hill right after theft press conference. laura, sarahly. >> all right, matt, thank you. u >> ♪ >> we want to catch you up on uo breaking news we're following' right now. this is skyfox live over westkyi
5:35 pm
baltimore after the verdict ofeo not guilty was handed down today for officer caesar goodson. that's the van driver in theve freddie gray case.r eddi now, a lot of people areple are gathering around outsideside there. there. the family of freddie gray we understand is scheduled touled t speak in just about 40 minutes from now. again, these are live pictures coming to you from skyfox.o you. we'll hear from the family coming up at 6:00. 6 >> a gunman is dead after heter walked into a movie theater in i south western germany and tooknk several people hostage. hos witnesses say the gunman firedsh his weapon but no one was hurt. hurt. officers entered the movie eeret theater and found the man and ad then killed him.d h police are now trying tog t determine a motive for thee r t incident but it does not appear to be terrorist to be tet related. >> the running of the bulls it s is a time honored tradition intt spain and president obama willps be in the countryid next month m when the annual festival inl i pamplona is held but animal rights groups are urging thee ng president to stay away. a organizers with people for there ethical treatment of animalsni peta are wor
5:36 pm
animal spanish rights group. gro they sent the president asidenta letter urging him to skip the st festival. they say the running of theng of bulls is a cruel and sick event. >> the marine corps admits ititi made a mistake. a panel determined that one ofte the six men captured in armn iconic photo hoisting a flag at iwo jima was misidentified.ii one of the men initially menniti identified in the photo was navy corps man john bradleyohn but it turns out bradley was w not among the group.up instead, it was a privateri first class harold schultz of so detroit. the new discovery means thehe men who took part in thatart ta historic moment were all marines.s. >> we often drive right byn dr them when we're stuck in d.c., d traffic but there are amazing ai pockets of outdoor wildernessils right here in d.c. >> yeah. brody is here with the story wi of a group that gets out on o the wild waters of the potomac m for adventure and healing. and . >> it is and it is amazing. amag we have these pockets off green, we drive right by themhtb but you kind of forget they'rehe there like a lot of things in t d.c., when you live h
5:37 pm
forget the great things weng have and this group it's thi pretty amazing.. veterans come back looking forkf an adrenaline rush and this group does it in a amazing way. way. vets deal with trauma. sports respect often used as a way for these vets to get back some of the things they lostth in battle a sense ofe purchaseh feeling of accomplishment andomm often camaraderie.arerie every week a group right hereigt in d.c. gets together on whiteri water rapids just steps from jum rush hour traffic. t conquering the potomac rivertomr the same way they conqueredy coe their disabilities every day. just a half mile away from thewt commotion of the district, lie the serene oasis. >> surrounded by rushing white water. >> ♪ >> and all i can see are rocks s and
5:38 pm
>> ♪ and there's no sign of human civilization. >> ♪ i can completely forget fge that i'm 15 minutes away fromm metro buses and traffic and politicians and everythingd even that's going on in the city. >> ♪>> >> reporter: it is wellter: iisw worth the trek a haven for paddlers in a metropolis full of pedalers.ers. >> coming to the river was aivas place to release that what a venue that we have inweav the washington, d.c. area.rea. this river. r this is world class white w water. >> reporter: some come here tor: >> get clear of that rock island. >> reporter: others come to train. but the paddlers o
5:39 pm
runner come here to heal. to h >> kayak means work boat.kt. and so the work our kayak doess helps with health healing andhed purpose. >> reporter: joe morini started team river runner or12r2 years ago.ars a >> be a little bit more assertive. you'll do a lot better. b >> reporter: with oneit chapter at walter reed medicald center. ce >> we saw some guys in wheel w chairs missing limbs and we were like that's a no-brainer.'i we'll put them in a kayak. kay >> reporter: they have 54y hav chapters in 31 states. >> when you lose your leg or arm you're losing a lot of yourself and you're losing a lo lot of ability but the guyslitye here don't take that as, youou know, i can't do somethingng now. now. there's so many things you canys do. >> reporter: mike would mike uld know. he had his leg amputated after r getting cancer when he was whenw just three years old. >> life is so much more thanoret sitting in a wheelchair andch you can do so much more. m you have the power to doo really anything you want to no o matter what people tell you and what sometimes you and iimey know i do this tell yourself. ys >> reporter: for those that
5:40 pm
tell themselves they can't, joe and his crew will do anything to prove that theyov can. >> i've got quad amputees, ampue three of them have paddledaddl with team river runner now andnd they're missing all four f limbs. incomplete quadriplegics there can't use all four limbs are are paddling kayak. we put them a double kayak andek take them out.tahem ou we put anybody in a boat. in a . want to get in a boat? >> everyone has a beautifule hat story to tell and they've got g their own struggles anduges they've got their own, yout the, know, victories, so. >> larry here, i mean, that mea, guy is 81 years old. old and he comes out and he runs r white water. his doctor told him that he wants him to die running white w water and not of cancer.not ofa. i mean, who does that? we do that. >> reporter: they do thatdo that multiple times a week. w in the pools at walter reed, and on these rapids, the very tv same rapids where the u.s.where. white water team trains. tra where they can forget aboutt a their daily struggl
5:41 pm
>> literally breaks the day. bas you can not be at work yout woro can't be thinking about something else when you'reelse running white water.running whit you got to bee present in thenn moment where you're at and so as when you're doing that, think about the power that would bee for someone that's got a traumatic brain injury or posttraumatic stress to beti able to let go of those things i plaguing them.plag >> freedom, freedom, absolutebsl sheer freedom. >> i've built friendships thathi will go on the rest of my lifeif with vets that i wouldn't haveth met outside of team river runner.. >> ♪ >> every day is insupport itsupr makes you not want to think about what your own issuesr owns are. are. when i start to think about i got a problem you know what i do, i clelose my eyes. e oh, that's what my blind vets bs see every day. d adapt. i don't got a pro you know, and they overcomey ovc those things to them it's just a speed bump and they keep moving. >> ♪ >> wha
5:42 pm
>> it does put things insn perspective, right.. >> i love that.oveha on so many levels. l >> joe is so inspirational andoa the fact that he has takenasak this from one chapter and he'st spread it all over the country t and anyone out there who would w like to go out on the watere w with team river runneru volunteer or even if you justout want to learn how to kayak to ya here's their web site. their si. go to team river you'll find the informationd thf there. they go out on sundays.out on sn they invite the families ofilieo these veterans out on the o water as well. >> i love how people from allrom walks of life.if >> oh, yeah.ea >> wounded warriors butors anybody that wants to come outoo and basically be a part of aarof community on the water.on wat >> exactly.ct >> yeah. >> everyone in that community has a story of how someone howom else that's a kayaker helpeder e them out.ut. they're so supporter tiff.if it's such a great community tot be a part i was only out there for a dayod and i felt so welcomeed. welme >> seems to be a cycle of inspirational. i want to go lang out with all of them. tm. awesome. lover it. nice job. coming up an independencende day resurgence ca
5:43 pm
under fire for bombed street views. >> and the verdict in the led zeppelin lawsuit. who is determined as the real owner of the hit song stairwayst to >> a dad has become a big hite a on the web.onhe w we're going tell you why ahead. >> ♪ ♪ flus
5:44 pm
the uncertainties of hep c. i don't want to live with or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni.
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>> ♪ >> a jury has decided leddeded zeppelin did not plagiarizelagi its 19? 71 classic stairwayssia to h led zeppelin was accused ofed stealing opening riffs from fro spirit's song tourist. it was released three years earlier. lawyers for led zeppelins for le argued the case should have been brought up 40 years ago a and that the cord sequence in question had been around forade hundreds of years.dsars. the two bands performed p together several times in the in
5:47 pm
>> settled. >> done. now we know. >> we can move on. >> all clear.>> all clear >> all right. it's not the all clear,ll cle though, unfortunately in thenati weather department.dep it's been kind of a rough ridead over the past few days but, days you know, it's kind of cloudy co out there sue and it seems to be helping our situationon apparently. >> it is totally helping. hel it's put a safety net over thenr atmosphere. if we had a lot of sunshineofunh the storms we would have seen s more storms fire up this afternoon for a much moree active round two but luckily lki for us the clouds aresre protecting us because i don't bu think we need a round two.nd t it's already been a rough rou enough week and then when youheh factor in last thursday withlasw all the hail and stormnd s reports, it's nice to get a break for a change. a c i'll tell you who is notl yowho getting a break.g aak that's down around interstatentt 64 corridor charlottesville tosl richmond. still a lot of storms downs there. you can see them, hearhear tremendous lightning associated with them as well and we're continuing to watch tw up towards harrisburg. hri this storm has been growingas br and really if we're going tong see any weather later tonight,og it will be coming from thebe com north but as i put this ins in motion, you'll see that'su'll st running right along the
5:48 pm
turnpike and tending to head hd more toward philadelphia area.lp so, we'll watch theatch pennsylvania area.nn there's still a chance that wea could see something laterng latr tonight but for the short short term, in the peak heating of h the day, the clouds have hav protected us as you can sees asc right here. still a shower or thunderstorm possible later tonight andle we're going to keep in it but the severe element looking very unlikely now and that'sandt good news. maybe even a rumble of thunderut or a quick shower overnightr and we have to keep them inp the the forecast tomorrow because b the same frontal boundary isme going to stall just down to fta our south and that could beha the focus for a few moreor showers and storms. srm again, not widespread severe but just factor in that theyn th may be out there but hang in bu there for a beautiful weekendul because it's really looking terrific. the weekend staying in greatd shape. here's our little troublemaker tomorrow. the frontal boundary down tota our south tonight looks toh ght stay in that same position butth if it gets a little bite t closer, we could definitelyit see another shower or aower thunderstorm on friday and fda that's something new.hing that front just has not has budged. i'm going to start you w
5:49 pm
it wants to at 10 o'clock takect some of that activity fromity fo pennsylvania and get it closer c to northeastern maryland.stern m it continue to show a few more m showers and thunderstorms athund 11 o'clock. that might be overdone buterde t what i don't think is overdone n is tomorrow morning we wake upip to clouds, maybe a few showers s and quarterback rule out onear or two thunderstorms here or there.te not a big outbreak day but just enough to be the weekend. friday at 6 o'clock tracking trk one or two showers or storm. knowles the clearing thats begins at 11:00. we cloud up again saturday s morning but then bring on the full sunshine by the time we get to mid if not late morninger and the weekend is looking terrific.ific temperatures though still on the mild side. we did not get to 80 in many areas because of the lack of laf cloud cover and super humid but let's check out oureck o seven-day forecast becauseday re you're going to lover the look of the weekend.he wee. saturday 85, sunny skies. skies it's beautiful on sunday atn sud 87. it does warm up a little bitit next week. we get a little bit unsettledns with a chance of ahanc thunderstorm on monday and tuesday 88 and 91.nd 9
5:50 pm
week, though, looking good and a we're going have june on thee oe run by that time.t t that is your seven-dayven-da forecast. fo let's head it back over to laura and sarah now.. >> sue, thanks very much.t >> all right. now let's head over to tonyhaheo and shawn for a look at what's w next on follo fox5 local news at 6:00. >> listen to this i know this might affect you it's a story that may make the a men in your life start doing sti their chores. new at 6 o'clock tonight we'llhw share the bedroom benefits of of doing >> hm. plus, did prince williameil county police go too far? youfy decide. this video shows officersicers pepper spraying a man who is already we'll take a closer look at 6:00. >> ♪
5:51 pm
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>> ♪
5:54 pm
>> the sequel to independence day.e >> a little scary. type in any street address and s fake news footage shows an alien bombing that address using google's street view. vie i entered our station address a here for this demonstration. [laughter][lau >> and you can see the spaceship looming, smoke andmo fire from explosions, aliensis,a planes flying and rubble everywhere. >> uh-huh. >> the site though is getting some criticism for beingou disturbingly realistic.ea >> fox5 up in flames. fla >> right. >> oh, no. >> i showed my kids our homee view last night.. >> did it scare them.t >> it freaked them out. >> yeah, that might have been too much. this may be too much, tooay be o actually even for this caliber right here. if you can't get enough of the countless cat videos on youtube. >> cat video festival is coming to silver spring this ts weekend.weend. the festival pays tribute to cat with everything. erythin
5:55 pm
>> oh, my gosh. my that's horrible. [laughter]ter] >> from 62nd vines to shortho films and documentaries, youen can check out the shows at the afi silver theater and cultural center.ural center. that's almost like the doghe lover video. >> yes.>> yes >> the showings kick off at 5:5:00 p.m. on saturday, sunday. tickets run from eight to $13. 3 that is very funny.funny >> i love it. >> it's true.sru everybody watches those onlineel whether you love them or not,orn you're like oh, did you see d that cat >> very funny.. >> cute.>> c >> many young children like to play dress up as you know and imitate characters they see on o the big screen. >> nessy garcia was an unemployed fashion designer when he took his family toisy california. he wanted to make the tripp memorable so he created a special outfit for his young y daughter to wear. he died a fairy godmother gmo outfit. it was a huge hit. was people came up to garcia at gci the park wanted to know how k they could buy his clothing cth and one thing led to garcia has now established a
5:56 pm
thriving business called designer daddy. ddy he sells his fantasy costumes cu to both kids and adults. alt he's very talented.ald. >> yes, he is.he i >> incredible. >> all right.>> rig lovely. thank you for joining us.oiningu fox5 local news at 6:00 starts:r right after the break. >> ♪ fleur fleu
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5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00.. >> ♪ >> word is coming in that officer goodson found notr gon o guilty of second degree not guilty of second degree murder.. >> people of baltimore and the demonstrators across america,mei heard your call, no
6:00 pm
no peace. pea your peace is severely neededee as i work to deliver justiceelus on behalf of this young man. >> ♪ >> the police officer facingol the most serious charges in the death of freddie g sray has been found not guilty on all charges.arge good to have you with us. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn let's go thrive baltimore tonight. >> we have team coverage to the reaction to t the not guiltg verdict. we begin with fox5'sox5' alexandria limon live outsidesi the courthouse. alex. al >> reporter: hey, guys, hey, ys, well, the big question nowion becomes what happens with thet charges against the remainingng baltimore police officers because this was supposed to sue be the strongest case that the state they were the most serious charges against officer caesar goodson.od he was the driver of theri police van that freddie grayan was critically injured in.njur i not only did the judge notge find him not beltway on alltw countguilty


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