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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> the british people havesh peh made a very clear decision too take a different path. p and as such, i think the country requires fresh leadership to take it in this direction. dire >> ♪ >> shock waves heard aroundavesh the world.ea prime minister davidth cameronam stepping down after britainri votes to leave european unionn u and here at home wall street bracing as world markets m continue to plunge at this hour.hour >> also ahead at 6 o'clock, olo police find an assault rifle alt d.c. teen's home. t we'll haveee details on the the revenge he was planning on hison girlfriend, her school and her mother.ther. >> take a live look outside onue this friday june 24th. june 24t. today's zip trip in vienna isnni about to get under way. w our crews setting up there,here wisdom, allison, tucker,uc they'll be exploring the town in northern virginia all morning long.on stop by, say hello if you'vef yu got the time.t th we'll check in with tuck t interjust a couple minutes for f a check of the weather fromer f beautiful vienna virginia. >> it's a beautiful
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good morning, i'm annie yu. allison seymour will beseymouwie joining us a little later from f vienna. >> i'm maureen umeh in forau steve welcome to fox5 news morning. we'll start this morning withish fallout around the world afterla 52 percent of voters decideds dc to leave the european union. the financial market isarket is tanking this morning and prime m minister david cameronnist dav speaking out.speaking o let's get right to fox's ridge r dennison. >> reporter: in a historic vote the british people choosepe to leave the european union.ope. prime minister david cameronav c had pushed for his country too stay. stay but will now have to focus on implementing a plan forward. fod >> the negotiation with theith h european union will need toeed t begin under a new prime and i think it's right thatha this new prime minister takesak the decision about when to trigger article 50 and startarta the forndmal and legal processro of leaving the eu. t >> reporter: it's a shocking sg move as the uk appeared to beea leaning towards voting towards t remain but it couples as anti-immigration has fueledas f nationalism within the country. many in the uk believed lawmakers in brussels had toos much contr
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>> majority that's decided to leave. i think that is democracy at work.rk. and it is our opportunity tonitt take back control. control >> reporter: stock marketsor around the world are atelready a rattled by the referendum withdh the world economy expected toont be hurt by the end of freere trade between great britain and the rest of europe. ee. >> markets hate uncertaintyncern and they hate risk and soso you're seeing a bit of ag a bi a spring back from that but it think it's an overreaction.rrn. >> reporter: japanese rter: japs leaders are now worried aboutnoe the value of the yen currency skyrocketing as investors see it as a safe haven compared top the british pound. pou [speaking foreign language]g foa >> the interpreter: theeter t ability of foreign exchange markets is of the utmost utmos importance for global growth glw currently foreign exchangetlign markets are nervous. in order for tha that not to tn continue on too long we aren to monitoring very carefully the market and if need be we willne take action. >> reporter: it will stillr:ti take years for britain toritao fully work out a plan to leave including new trade tra negotiations with the european union. un in new york, rich
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fox news.s. >> we've also learned this morning that president barackatp obama has been briefed on thaten decision. ci a white house official said the president is expectedho toee speak with prime ministerinte david cameron sometime today. td president obama has encouragedne britain to remain in the eu e said the decision wasisn ultimately up to the voters. >> back here in the districttrt police stopping a disturbing plot to sloot a teenager hersltr family and her school. and sch >> now the girl's ex-boyfriendbn is facing serious charges crg after police find an assault rifle at his home.e. fox5's melanie alnwick iswick live outside of the girl'sf the high school in greenbelt maryland with more.e mel. >> reporter: good morning.orni and, yeah, a very serious threat here to eleanor ruesleans volt high school and it didn'tso appear that it was an empty threat. that is why d.c. police moved in quickly as soon as they learned of the plot and as you mentioned they said this teenager, 17 years old threatened to kill hisill girlfriend, to "shoot up her u h school
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high school and go to herer mother's workplace shoot it uphu and can killer mother as well"s" and again, based on what they w were able to get from that search warrant, it appeared app that this teen did have theav fire power to carry out that threat. we are talking about an assault rifle, several roundseru of ammunition and spendernd s shell casings all recovered recd from a louse on 45th street intt northeast days. d.c. police say the teenaged t owner planned to use them to commit "acts of mass violence."ol the plot was revealed during an mpd press conferenceonre calling for moury instructionstr on these kind of weapons. chief cath lanier says herth lah officers worked quickly afteror the teen girl and her motherothr reported the threat.hrea >> the gun recovery unitover worked with that young woman through the night, found an on o call emergency judge and interrupted his day. emergency search warrants was able to go and recover an ak-47 from the individual i involved and
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of ammunition.mmunion. if anybody thinks for onenks foe second that the actions of theti gun recovery unit there didn'tt save countless lives, you're y making a mistake. mistake >> reporter: now, the teen teen suspect also posted sexualua images of his ex-girlfriend ongd social media so he faces childfs porn charges on top of weaponsta charges and charges of threats r of mass violence. vle at this point, though, it'shougi not clear from d.c. police d.cpo whether or not the suspect is in custody. custody. live in greenbelt, i'm melanie'm alnwick, fox5 local news.ews. >> thanks mel.>> tha today a former fairfax county cu police officer will beli sentenced for the murderce off john gear back in 2013. adam torres pled guilty toyo involuntary manslaughter backghr in april. torres killed gear during ain standoff with police.ic gear was in his front doorwayntw and his hands were up when w officer torres fired one round r into gear's chest killing now under a plea deal, torresor would serve one year behind yr bars and today a judge willud w decide whether or not toth or accept or amend the length of
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>> there's calm in baltimore this morning, one day afterer officer caesar goodson wasar gos found not guilty in the deathtyh of freddie gray. fredd goodson was acquitted of alled a charges including secondng sec degree mur he had been driving the vanhe v carrying gray when he suffered e a fatal nex neck injury. >> ♪ >> all right. okay. so, the zip. trip music means what? >> sounds of fun. fun. we'll head over to tucker t tuc >> good morning, tuck.oo where are you? you're ine you? northern virginia, villon vienne >> just paralyzed and a lot ofra activity around here, everybody getting started.lyvi absolutely a beautiful morningem out here as the sun is gettinget up and comfortablefoable temperatures and we're excitedet for big morning out here in i vienna as, yeah, you guys g mentioned a few minutes ago,esgo wisdom and allison are onon are their way. if you get the chance, ife, i you're in the neighborhood ife you live here please come downed and visit us.d vi we're excited to learn allearn a about vienna for our zip trip t t
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let's get to the weather wther forecast. a lot more from vienna allnn all morning long. lg. 72 very comfortable degreesablee out early this morng we'll start with our satellite and radar. you can see that we've got generally clear skies heree locally.lo there is a sprinkle or two off to the north and west, up up towards hagerstown and pushingus across the pennsylvania border there but for the most part we're going to be kind offointo partly sunny today.ay and we will have thel ha possibility of a shower maybe me a thunderstorm later this t afternoon. current numbers, there we go, 72er in washington, 60's to thet north and west, 70 in 7in leonardtown. here's a quick look at that t forecast for that your day.orhao and we'll go 83, mix of cloudslu and sun and i do need to give ti you a head's up there. could. cl be a shower or storm a littleore later this afternoon. plenty more coming up all a morning long from viennanna virginia. i got to practice saying thatg t a few times.few ties vienna virginia. >> a little bit of a tongueof at twister. >> erin. >> thank you tucker. t it's beautiful out there.he if you're headed to viennaie traffic is light on your wayyo y out there. right now we have ae crash and slowdowns on thens wilson bridge on the outer t out loop. you c
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blocked. keep it to the right. it the so if you're heading up toward marlboro you'll hit thatbo you delay. inner loop also dealing with some typical congestiongei between branch avenue and the wilson bridge.wilsonridg i want to show you a look at loa skyfox right now.oxight now they are also out and about taking a different look at what you can expect thisth this is newport mill road mill where we have a crash, somecrh,s folks out of their vehicles vehc there and this is at veirs mill road at newport millewportl road. we'll get i was closer look atwa that. police are take out a few ofake the lanes. the intersection is definitelyec affected.ti they just got to that breaking k news scene so we'll keep you updated as well as the outer w loop crash at the wilson bridge. we'll move to our maps ando ours show you a lost slowdownsns around the area.ndhe a these aren't the only placess you need to worry about.rry ut suitland parkway inbound slows o between silver hill and flail af lore road. lo dealing with a lot of heavyt ha can congestion coming into thege district from maryland. myl volume delays 295 from easternae to pennsylvania drive times drit are doubled. ar slow to the 11th street bridgeeh on the northbound side of 295 s9 as well.el east capi
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picking up volume as you head yh inbound as well.d asel a crash did clear. cle there was app disabled vehicledh on the freeway westbound at m street. all lanes opened and lookingenea good. hopefully that will ease some of the congestion towards the 11th street bridge. water mainge11 break in break alexandria. edsall road still closed bothset directions east of south of s whiting avenue.whiting avenue. starting to see a little bitittt of heavy volume on 395 volumon 5 northbound edsall road to can t and as you make your way out way out closure for repairs utilityrsli pole replacement from an fm earlier crash georgetown pike pk between old dominion andion a walker road.walker roa right now metro is on time on t except for the safe track work affecting the orange blue and silver. annie and maureen. maureen. >> thanks erin. still ahead flood watersl ah turn deadly in west virginiania and this morning still a lot m of damage left behind.d. >> plus, donald trump landingan in scotland overnight butoverniu forget about politics. pit his visit all business. bines we're back in just one minute.
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>> ♪ >> back now here at 6:11 with some dramatic video out of west virginia.hewestirgi that's a house on fire.. a frantic search is under way ie for a toddler who was swept wass away in flood waters. waters. thursday's heavy rain also rains causing problems in virginia. vi emergency crews had to rescuees several people stranded in allegany county.ou >> donald trump landed inp landi scotland just a few hours ago.go it's his first internationalnatl trip since launching his h presidential bid last year. y but this visit has nothing tohi to with politic. polic trump is taking a break from brf the campaign trail to promotero a golf resort his companyom purchased and refurbished.urbi several people who live nearle w the course have been flying fg mexican flags in protest of proo his >> here at home a compromiseomom bill to prevent those on the t no-fly list from buying guns. it is not expected to receiveeci the required 60 votes to pass.os
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mandatory for those on a a so-called select tea list toelte receive extra security beforey o boarding a plane. plane president obama reassuringee millions of people hereeopler illegally in the u.s. thaty u.h they do not need to fear f immediate deportation thison thi following a vote by the the supreme court which essentially kills thell immigration reform plan.form now that plan would have let undocumented immigrants stays in the u.s. for three years yea and grant them work permits. >> singer sinead o'connor isis police are looking for heroo after receiving a report from her family in ireland saying she was threatening to jumpre from a bridge. b just last month o'connor was reported missing after not m returning from a bike ride. she was though later foundater u safe at a hotel. hel >> happening today, a rainbow rb flag will be raised at the a entrance to sibling memorialng l hospital to honor victims ofho the orlando massacrely all arere welcome to attend the flag raising ceremony which willwi begin at 10:00 a.m.00 >> this looks like fun for
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it's not your ordinary slide though 'cause it has a 45-foot long glass slide that is slide s 1,000 feet above ground.round. >> what.>> >> no, no, no. w>> n >> i would give that a go. a >> no, no, no. okay, this is in l.a. in case you're wondering.ondering. it will be opened to the o public tomorrow. it's going to cost you atolls as to take that r >> that's a short ride. r >> yeah, i guess it is but guess man. >> i would do it. >> you know at the will will wi you say tower in chicago theycae have that glass tower you can stands and you're suspended spe 110 floors above. i couldn't do that either. >> come on mo. >> hold my hand. >> coming up next headed back b to northern virginia to viennann specifically. i'm here for you girl. gir >> all right.ll r a live look there now on thisn zip trip friday.ri weather and traffic on theraff 5s. that's coming up next.
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over the next 40 years, the united states population is going to grow by over 90 million people and almost all that growth is going to be in cities. what's the healthiest and best way for them to grow so that they really become cauldrons of prosperity and cities of opportunity? what we have found is that if that family is moved into safe, clean, affordable housing, places that have access to great school systems, access to jobs and multiple transportation modes then the neighborhood begins to thrive and really, really take off. the oxygen of community redevelopment is financing. and all this rebuilding that happened could not have happened without organizations like citi. and citi has formed a partnership with our company so that we can take all the lessons from the revitalization of urban america to other cities, so we are now working in chicago and in washington d.c. and newark. its amazing how important safe, affordable housing is to the future of our society.
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> we are back with the scenee from our zip trip this friday. t we are in vienna virginia. vir tucker barnes already down dow there wisdom martin and alongtid see
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who is that handsome devilsome d standing by in his red shirt.edi what's going on down there.he i'm sorry you're at the free t e man's porch. what is that?wh is >> yeah, i'm at the freemaneman house.hoe. we'll talk to the proprietor, pe i think it's that gentleman.entl hopefully he hasn't beenhe hasnt around here since 1859 becauseae that's when it was but this is one of theone landmarks of vienna.iea. it's got a great history to iti and we'll learn about it. both confederate and unionderatu soldiers took part and were in the store here during thehe civil so a lot of history here and one of the landmarks of vienna. vi we'll learn about in it a little bit. let's do the weather. as you can see beautiful oututio here early this morning, very comfortable. there's a quick look at your satellite and radar.tell we're waking and withdit generally sunny conditions contn across the area. there is a shower or twoo already popping there to theingt north and west and i do wantt to give you a head's up.u ad's later today there could be a few showers or perhaps e
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thunderstorm but for the most ms part we'll have kind of a mix of of sun and clouds thisud afternoon. af 72 in washington.ngn. comfortable 60's to your northsn and west. 68 out at dulles this morning, r 66 in gaithersburg, 68 up in8 ui frederick this morning ask is m well. all right, futurecast, let'sastt just put in motion, here wen,er are at 9:00 a.m. cloud coverclde working back in.workinback we keep it noon early afternoon just a j few showers kind of pop up p u here and there. there anything we can get will beill widely scattered. stt not terribly concerned witherneh today. we clear it out tonight and we're set upou for a gorgeous ar weekend. saturday sunday plans outdoors go for it. going to be brilliant outrillnto there with sunshine, humidity won't be bad and temperatures will be in the mid 80' yes. look at that seven-daye t th looks nice here this weekend. h that's the late ofth the fromofo the freeman hou i promise we'll have a lotot more from vienna virginia. vgi i cannot get that out today. tay >> vienna virginia.iea virg yougot it. i were you out late last night.igt >> all morning long. all morninn no, that's the problem.'s tro i need some coffee get goingetoi here. >> i think you may have some dunkin' donuts coffee. cof just
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skyfox over kensington newport mill road at veirsmi mill road and you can seed and e lanes taken out in botehout inot directions. big crash scene there.crash they have a flatbed getting trod tow one of those vehiclesno involved out of the way. traffic is still get buying but again if you're heading out inn kensington newport milm road at veirs mill road at veird caution. want to move it over to our cameras. this is notve the only crashy as scene that's causing problems right now. we also have the outer loop,he l this is on the wilson bridge, you can seedg the inner loopp usual congestion from branchm an avenue across the wilson outer loop backs up. we have people out of theirop ot vehicles.hi it's blocking the left lane. please use caution. keep it to the right as youto ra make your way towards upper marlboro this morning you'rehis going to face those delays.el i want to show you a look at ao different camera on 66 rightn 6g now. we are also dealing with big delays out by sycamore.syca you can see just a mess on the eastbound side of slow moving traffic. that is pretty normal for this time of morning as you make y your way from gainsvilleainsvill through centreville and thenn again getting into west fallst church you're just going toou'rg need some extra time thisti thi want to show you a look at ourou maps right now. amapsight that's not the only issu
6:19 am
a lot of live looks atks problems around the area. area. good news is metro is on time on except for safe track work f affecting the orange blue anord silver. you know the drill there. giveow yourself extra time ifim you commute between eastern market benning road minnesota me avenue. closed for repairs. rep they're replacing a utilityacin pole georgetown pike between old dom minute john drive anduta walker road.wa as we move over there's also ao water main break, this has ts been ongoing for a few days in alexandria. edsall shut down east of south s whiting give yourself extra time. t you may want to take duke street. stre 395 backing up as usual edsall l to king drive times doubled fouroubl f minutes to go 4 miles it'ss going to take you witoll eight t minutes. volume delays picking up 29529 southbound as you pass benning n road. suitland parkway inbound delays silver hill road to roa nail roar road.r 210 indian head highway in i fort washington dealing with dew delays towards the beltway.ds ty a mess of traffic out there.ut any questions at erin fox5n d.c. on annie and maureen.annie and mau. >> all right, erin thank you.nku we've been talking about this all morning long. an
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people choosing to leave the european union.european u >> the impact it has on theact o financial markets as well as wall street embracing for what's to come. we'll be right back.
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>> back now with the very latest on britain's decisionn to leave the eu. that decision having a ripple rp effect on the if this front.e fox business network's lauren lu simonetti here now with theh break down and lauren, oh,h, boy, here we go. >> reporter: yup. yup strap on the seat belt.he okay, maybe the neck brace, bra too. so, i'll give you the bad newsad and i'll give you the goodive y news but they're both bad. b the bad news is that theis thath markets was down 800 points at one point earlier this morning. now the dow is down 500. 500. so, good and bad together. toget you're going to have a selloff s at the open. the in asia sharply lower. l the nikkei in japan down 8 percent.8 europe down between five andnd 8 percent this morningent this m depending on what index youonine look at.look
6:23 am
in 43 years we don't want to't o be part of the european union. u so now no longer will there be 28 nations in that tradetra block, there's going to be 27. . and now you have other nationsao denmark, austria, sweden and netherlands, spain shakingerpa their heads scratching theirheir heads and saying should we doshe the same thing? is there a s t leave group of people, is thatet loud exit voice flowing in our f nations, too? if the answerhe is yes and they follow in thew e footsteps of great britain thert european union will no longeriln be the same if it even >> so that's what i was worrying. wo what does this mean forwh doe regular joe blow american whorin says does this affect my 401k. 4 what does it mean for me? mea >> reporter: it means thatns t your portfolio is going too decline in a big way unless you're invested in gold or gold some other safe haven.en. it's going to be a down day on o heavy volume no matter how you slice and
6:24 am
you might say oh i like this lie company, i've been meaning to m buy it, the price seems rightees at a. at let's buy it. you also want to check outhe exposure. you have 30 percent of 3u companies doing business in europe. eu of the companies doingompa business in europe, 30 percentpc of these do business in the inh uk. uk so, you have to ask yourself,rs, is that multinational tootiti exposed and figure out your comfort look, we have a millionll american workers working in i the uk.e what happens to them? if you fly to great britain is yourou ticket going to get moreore expensive. you have to wait on customs on m line even longer if you're you flying throughout you're front great britain.ta >> have the tums ready. in our left 30 seconds, s facebook ceo mark zuckerbergrb saying live video the way to wat go. what's this's >> reporter: yeah, andr:h, president obama in californiat n today he's going to have ave a discussion with entrepreneursntu from many, many countries inntri the emerging worldg particularly speaking on sakg
6:25 am
but the president's speaking today on facebook live social media huge audience. he's going at a tuck aboutng this. you better believe it.tter he's going to talk aboutk abo what's going none grit britainit leaving the eu. >> all right. i think that's probably thebably news of the day. we'll have to live it at the.lit lauren simonetti always thanktiw you so much. >> reporter: have a great weekteend. >> you, too. at least we'll try. tums on hand.tums >> reporter: there you go.ouo. >> see you later. okay, mike sliding up inding here. >> good morning,, ladi >> hi mike. >> both of you looking great. yg >> i feel like we did this we dt before a couple months ago, it was a saturdayish, maybe, sundayish. >> not couple weeks ago. ago >> couple months. couple >> i miss this so much. >> you can come back any time. >> no, girl. no,l. [laughter] >> all right, i got a couple of showers on the radar this oes morning. there it is.the it satellite and radar, i'll zoomaz straight in on northern nth portions of montgomery county.ry it is a very, very s cmallry, ve shower but maybe a brief heavyvy downpo
6:26 am
clarksburg heading for damascus. dama heavier showers up towards the e maryland panhandle this morning, maybe even a rumbleg, m of thunder up towards edgehill g in clear springs very early ver this morning. temperatures headed for theur low 80's here in d.c. in d some may only make the upperer 70's thanks to a mix of cloudsfs and sun and maybe a shower orr a thunderstorm rolling th later on in theto afternoon butt not everybody will get wet. >> that's good because everyone out at viennaut a vie virginia.rg maybe they'll just dodge thedod rain. >> it looks good for zip head on down and see and see everybody. >> sounds good. thanks mike. let's get a check of ourgetc roads.k of hi, erin. >> good morning. right now 6:26 and if you'ref yr taking amtrak between b washington, d.c. and new york,on you ma, y encounter some delays. modified service because of track work. so please check your schedule. if you're taking the regional rg rail or acela this morning.s mor we'll keep you updated onpdat that. that metro right now is on timen except the safe track workpt the affecting the orange blue ande r silver lines. watch for crowded platformsed p d d let's go ahead and take a live look at skyfox right now. at ox. they're out in
6:27 am
veirs mill road where we're whew dealing with a crash scene atrae the intersection of newportf mill road. one of the vehicles involved t on a tow truck.he some folks involved on theve sidewalk there. please usewa. caution. even though lanes are blockeds in botarh directions on veirson mill traffic is still gettingrai by.g again that's at the intersection of newport mill nel road. let's take a look at our mapske quickly. aside from the amtrak delaysmtr want to show you a look at ourtr roads. we have crash activity on the outer loop over the wilsonh bridge. big delays leading across the bridge so please byse prepared for that. more traffic in a few. >> ♪ >> all right. still ahead on this fridayy morning, why lebron james is skipping the rio olympics thislp summer. >> we're going back to checkre in with our tucker g barnes livl in vienna virginia this vira morning for today's zip trip.ri we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> welcome back to fox5 newsme morning. you're taking a live look right now at vienna virginia where our zip bak trip is hunkering down today. t allison seymour wisdom martin mr tucker barnes all there. go out and say hi.ay h it's going to be a fun dame funm they'll b
6:31 am
and sounds of vienna with us all morning long.g lg. we'll tell you what weather and traffic also do on the don five at 6:35. at we've got you covered on all ona bases. first though at 6:30 thee voters have spoken in europen e and decided to leave the european union. u they spoke in london specifically. british prime minister david cameron says he is resigning.esi the remaining 27 members of7 mbs the european union vows to keep the unity despite thenity t brexit vote. a fire in fort meaden fort e maryland damaging part of a pet care center located at theeo military base. officials say it broke outro o around 7:00 last night. nht they say the fire burned fore bd 30 minutes before fire crews were able to get it under control. emergency responders were ableer to rescue more than 30 dogs ds and cats boarded at the at t facility. no humans were injured in that fire. fire. skyfox on the scene of ann ambulance accident yesterday.aci it was around 8 o'clock last night the ambulance collidede am with a tractor-trailer on route 170 under the route 100ou1 bridge in severn maryland. m
6:32 am
the hospital in baltimore with nonlife-threatening no one in the tractor-trailerrar was hurt. hur the man accused of gropingri an 11-year-old girl inside a ind target store in mclean on o saturday turned himself in to t fairfax county police.ol this is 19-year-old brendan cordova. he was identified after an officer recognized the logo on his shirt. cordova faces sexual batteryte charges. detectives are still trying to y determine if there are other victims.ct in arlington, vandalsgton, s wanted in the boulevard manor neighborhood. neighbors woke up to find to racial slurs antigay messagessas and antisemitic symbols on on sidewalks and lawns.nd lawns. police believe it happened it around five:30 thursdaye:30 morning. the vandalism is similar to graffiti found a day earlier ear on the blue mont trail.ra calling all danersalrs musicians poets andcipo entertainers. metro's that's right transitth program is offering local artists an opportunity to makeas metro rail station entrances their stage. in addition to the chance to
6:33 am
artists may be selected toecd to perform for music on the mall a summer program thar t brings g live entertainment to thetain national mall on thursdays. annie. >> ♪ >> all right, time now for theot morning line. let's begin with the nba draft. two maryland terrapins madee the cut in the second round.ou diamond stone was selected with the 40th overall pick byllc new orleans but that didn't thai last long. la stone was immediately traded tra to the l.a. clipers. cpers seven picks later jake layman was picked up by the orlandohe n magic but he was traded and tran will play in portland nexty season. it was part of a one deal --ea or a deal that sent s $1.2 million and a 20,192nd 201c round pick. pic ben simmons selected byte b the sixers followed by duke's brandon ingram and jalen brown b to the celtics. round two of the quickend loans national in bethesdatw inh
6:34 am
gets under way in a hour or so. rookie in the lead, the t 21-year-old from arizona state fired a bogey free seven undervr par 64. and lebron james is taking n a break this summer and willmer not chase gold in the rio olympics.ympi his agent said james informedesd u.s.a. basketball he's withdrawn from consideration.ert king james won gold medals inedn the last two olympics but after leadinstg the cavs to the nba title this week he sayseay he'll rest his body. b james is the latest big namee to drop following instead o ster >> tucker barnes he's in ¥53 iny in a virginia for this week'sa s zip trip. tucker you're joined by some friends there.s >> yeah i found some residentsud and i'm going to find out whattt makes vienna t tell me who i'm with. >> i'm keira brunches.ruhe >> andy. >> and i'm kathleen. >> tell me why we love vienna. >> vienna has got a sma
6:35 am
feel. it feels like you know k everybody when you come here.enu there's lots of businesses,ines lots of interesting things toino do and it's just a reallyjust aa great place to live. l >> did you feel like you knew me the moment i was walking by on the sidewalk. >> of course i d absolutely. d a >> yes. >> all right, why do you love revienna. how long have you lived here. lr >> i've lived here in the areaee about 15 years and same thing an for keira, it's just a -- it a feels like a small town.llow every time you're out and'rut ad about and there's a millions a things to do here you seeou s people that you know.le t >> fantastic. it's very beautiful here. >> it lcome to the town.e to the town. >> thank you. thank you so m have you guys ever doneer weather on tv? >> no, we have not.o, w >> oh, well, this is myl, this m favorite part.favorite p >> can we. >> absolutely. let's do it together. t let's do the weather. we're looking at satellite andta radar. i i'll do this part and i'll let you guys do the next partext which is featuring mostly my sunshine out early. we have a ssuprinkle or shower s up towards hagerstown and westod might do a shower or sprinklepr later today but it will bebut ib kind of a mix of sun andx ofun clouds. here's the part you guys takegut over. what are the current crent temperatures?mpatur >> okay, current temperatures are 72, 68 --
6:36 am
>> they're all over the board really. it's really interesting today.l. i've never seen this sort of aoo variety of temperatures on one small screen. s >> i've been doing this forbeeni 20's years. you did just about as good asoo job as me.s m 66 in frederick, 68 out at68 o t dulles. hey, we'll be in the low 80's l8 today, low to mid 80's for0's daytime highs.ime highs might be a sprinkle oar shower but a beautiful day to come down to vienna, right.nna, righ. >> right. >> always.>> every day us. >> a good day to come down to vienna. we'll hand it off to traffic.ora traffic running smoothlyhl because everything runs smooth in vienna. >> looks like a beautiful day. i'm jealous.ealous behind me i have delays.el if you're taking the local the lanes across the wilson bridgese on the outer loop we'reheut dealing with a crash blocking co the left lane.le you can see theft arrow board ii set up. little bit hazy from sunshine. h keep it to the right lanes andaz watch for ta fewhe miles of vev backed up traffic and againtraf keep it to the right toan getigo past that crash.hat cra in addition to that on 66, on6, the eastbound side by sycamoreae street, crash blocking theg right lanes. left lane is getting by but very slow moving t. stop-and-go traffic fromnd gainsville through centrevillehu as you get through west fallsest
6:37 am
move over for a look at ourt our maps. couple other issues you need to be aware of as you head out around the dmv this morning. mor dealing with an overhead truckeu that got stuck. delays back to the rooseveltoose bridge. bridge that is right by the memorialher bridge where that overhead w truck got stuck. look at all that red and yellow on our mheap as you heada if from virginia towards the tas district on gw parkway you'll yu lit a a lot of traffic that isii very backed up leading to theupt roosevelt and memorialndemoria bridges. also stacked from rosslyn across the key britadge.dge. amtrak delays for you ifou you're traveling this morningvei from d.c. towards new york,s new you need to be aware of that.t. northeast corridor serviceerce modified and that is because ise of some unscheduled track work w there. keep in mind if you're taking the region ial or acela this als morning just check yourstheck schedule. also closure for repairsrs georgetown pike right now it's i between old dominion drive andnd walker road.lker road. they have to fix a pole thatto was hit by a car so give yourself extra time to detouro u around that. water main break we're dealingei edsall road still closed in in alexandria out by south by s whiting. go ahead and take duke streetdue to get around that.ha we have a crash 295 on thehe southbound side. s
6:38 am
avenue and another one on 295295 by 450. we'll keep you updated.u up lots to get through.o get th annie and maureen.and maureen >> all right, thousands of d.c. youth participating inpatig the marion berry summer youthum program will get a smart trip g card today to help offset the cost of commuting to and fromndo their summer job site loaded with one lunn tendons it'sne l happening from 9:00 untilun 3:03 this afternoon at the malcolm mo x opportunity center in southeast. the summer jobs program kicksrok off on monday. mony. >> also today a special edition spongebob mailboxai inducted into the smithsonianthn national postal museum. custom spongebob mailbox partoxr of the 20's 13 spongebob mailonm pants program a letter writing i campaign that used the yellow y sponge to show kids how to kidh have fun and have fun writingng sending and receiving mail, celebrations at the museumt thes will kick offer at 11 o'clock: very cute. cut spongebob may not be my first mi choice but if it's teachingt's c them something really cool i'mym all for it.l r >> we're missing the pineap
6:39 am
under the sea. s >> what's hot on the web thiseb friday morning including a victory for led zeppelin in court. >> alien dee construction and human counter attacks, they're,e back. back coming up kevin's review of the independence day sequel 20 years in the making.
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> back now with what's b trending on the web on this friday morning. first up, sad news froth
6:42 am
musicnews f world.or bluegrass legend ralph stanleyln has died at age 89.9. the patriarch of appalachian apc music died at his virginiagi home because of complicationsico caused by skin a federal judge orderedrd the gloucester school systemcest to allow a transgenderedransnd student to use the boys' bathroom. the student sued the schooldent system for the right to use the boys path bathroom afterm ar the school board enacted a policy. the decision could have national implications and a finally a jury in l.a. has ruled in favor of ledin favor od zeppelin. they believe the band did notid steal the introductory guitar gi riff of their song stairway to heaven. the jury reached a verdict mo.di >> it's zip trip friday andy and next we're heading back to vienna tucker barnes standing by with moms run this town and a reminder before we head todo break that if you have a news an tip share it with us.
6:43 am
call the flub on your screeneen 202-895-3000 or e-mail us yourr tip to fox5 tips at we're back in just a moment.
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> ♪ >> all right. :4lcome back 6:45. that music means it's zip tripri time to head back to viennaie with our tucker barnesar standing by with more fun. hey, tuck.k. >> what's ha
6:46 am
i'm say the least very intimidated as you can see i'm surrounded by women.. [laughter][l >> this is like kind of ais dream come true for me. me. any weighs i'm with a grouph g called moms run is thatun is correct. >> moms run this town. >> moms run this town. mom i can tell they do after thedo e turnout you got this morning.ori [laughter]au >> all right i have beth.eth. >> beth. bet >> you're one of the>> organizers. >> i'm just coordinating this particular event. >> all ycopa right. rig and i have a. >> sara. >> and your an organizer.aniz >> i'm a chapter >> and you l are. >> mel his s i'm also als chapter leader. leader. >> tell us about your group and what you guys like to do by running. >> we have a over 1700 women inm the vienna oakton chapter.n chat >> let's start right there. rige 1700. >> 83.>>3. >> 1700. >> yes, that's correct. >> have you ever had 17 running at one time.av oe. >> unfortunately no but weortu hope to one day.hope that would be pretty amazing. ag [cheers and applause] >> all right, tell me about your group andig how long you lg guys run for miles and miles. ml >> well, the rule is that you i have to be a woman in this group.p. unfortunately tucker you wouldel t
6:47 am
but you're welcome for today. [laughter][lau >> and we run all times of thehe day, every day of the week. w there's always a run out and available and it's as simple sim on posting on facebook andebookn saying i want to go for a run an and this is my pace and thise an is my distance.ista people will find you.ople will i we have people from walkersal all the way through ultramarathoners in our >> i'm very impressed.y impress do you run 365 days a year. yea >> there are some of us thatha might but, yes, there is usually a run going on every o e day of the year that people can join in on. >> fantastic.>> all right. what is the age group of the runners?nn >> age group? it goes all the s way up -- i want to say -- do s- we have any teenagers.eegers. >> we have 20's. >> 20's all the way up throughhr 60's and 70's.'s a0's. >> i love it.>> >> yes. >> all right. tell me about the best places to run ioun vienna. >> well, we always almostslm always start at the caboose cab and run the w no d but we also a love to run some of the trails e like the pct is one of theonof t favorites for our trail runner
6:48 am
down into d.c. and hit up some se those trails as well.ho >> that's great.hat' somebody lives here local and l wants more information wherehe can they find you guys. ou g >> find us on facebook at vienna oakton moms run this runi town. >> there it is. that's the latest. lates can i blow a whistle or while o something to get you guys all gt to go weigh.o w >> can you whistle. wst >> no, actually i can't. [laughter] >> maybe you can set the charge. >> okay, we will set the t charge. ch >> thank you.>> t you guys have me nervous. nerus >> thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause]plause >> okay, let's go, ladies. >> whoo-hoo!hoo- >> thank you everyone. >> thank you.nk you >> bye. i'm not allowed to go running. i that's the latest from real quick forecast today low f to mid 80's. should be a partly sunny day.lyy might be a shower thishoweth afternoon. there's a quick look at your lkt weekend forecast.weec saturday and sunday lookunday lo fantastic. 80's around sunny both saturday andy boaturd sunday. that's the latest from vienna.n. allison and wisdom will bem ll joining me momentarily.omentari. let's do traffic with erin.rin. >> tucker i'm so proud you. y you kept your cool
6:49 am
by a group of beautiful women.e. taking the outer loop acrosscros the wilson bridge local lanesocl crash blocking the left two lef lanes moved over to the shoulder so delays easing a bit but you're still going tores encountiter heavier congestion c than you normally see making your way across the wilson bridge towards branch a innerh i loop typical delays branchays br avenue across the wilson the w tracking a crash blocking the right lanes right shoulder 66rir eastbound at sycamore street. se heavy traffic on and off fromico about virginia to '34 as you asy make your way through west tou falls church.lls chu let's take a look now at our maps.maps. other crashes other delaysdelays around the d will d. dmv. baltimore # baltimore-washington parkway northbound there is a crash at 450. 50 is also slow as you makewalo your wayas y towards 295. 2 volume delays right now as well as a crash 295 southboundbn after that to burroughs road.ou dealing with volume from eastern to pennsylvania.yl over overhead truck r
6:50 am
unfortunately on bw parkway par causing big slowdowns. slowdown. southbound side at memorialou bridge backing up pretty heavyng to the roosevelt bridge.ri key bridge from rosslyn into georgetown also dealing withea heavy if you're taking amtrak nthis morning, track equipment e issues northeast corridor cor service modified between b washington and new york.gton aew definitely check that ift if you're headed towards philadelphia or new york this morning.ia back to you maureen and >> thanks so much erin. we've got a great fridaye going here with our zip trip to but there's so much moreere's sm coming up on good day d.c..c >> don't miss comedian comed jermaine fowler.rm the d.c. native is on the in track to comedy stardom. sta he had a show time special spots on late night tv. tv. now he's coming to the can endy center. cte first he's here with the loft.he >> talk about some big shoes to fill. f portraying their famous auntous and uncle be bebe and cece in an stage performance.erforman >> we have zip trip.
6:51 am
going to be a jam packed day.. universe soul circus coming to d.c.d. prize pack includes four t-shirts and four red noses.edos that's all you need to know. no actually the prize has anas approximate retail value of o $222. >> to win all this or for afor chance to win go to our webeb site pagesp between now and 11:59 p.m. and d enter for a chance to win.r chan one lucky winner selected byed y random drawing on june mark your calendars. all entrants must be 18 or over. ov complete rules at >> ♪ >> hey, it's movie's friday. long awaited independence dayde sequel hits theaters 20'selit years after the original plus p blake lively in an intense survival >> kevin mccarthy live in new york this morning. kevin before we get t mo the the reviews what big celeb c interview do you have on tap hae for today? t >> yeah, oh, good morning to mog you grea
6:52 am
yeah, i'm in new york i interviewed blake lively onlal wednesday. i'll have my interview withnterw her in the 8:00 a.m. hour this0u morning. she was amazing and she's inhe's the movie called the shallows. l today i'm speaking to kevin kevn hart for his movie the secret se life of pets. pet i've always wondered what our wt pets do when we leave our lve houses during the day.usesing obviously this is an animated ae movie completely over the topop and any other real but it's ahe' very funny concept and i'm excited about talking to kevin hart in new york and i'll be ile in los angeles this weekends sitting down with samuel l. jackson and bryan cranston and alexander scars guard and margo rob beach i'm excited'm e about this weekend.nd >> sounds likely got a bignds weekend ahead for sure.ahfor let's talk about independenceepe day the sequel 20 years later. what are you saying about this movie? good or >> well, the first one i saw when i was 12 years old, itld was the first trip i ever tookik to new york without my parents, i stayed with myd under a and uncle saw it at a a united artist theater in longn island
6:53 am
blown away by the first movie.t. it was an event film for me as a 12-year-old kid seeing those t special effects and will smithil was amazing and you have the hee white house blowing up on thee 12th scale. it was a really cool conceptl ce back in the day. d but the first -- the first t f film had a magic to it great g one this movie has a really, really bad scriptad script unfortunately and here's there'e i don't mind an action movie moe with a script that's sub parub but the problem feels like l it's trying to be the first f one. it is forcing that way tooay too much and the best part aboutt au the first movie was the president's speech bill pull man. they tried to recreate that t twice in this movie and it and feels very forced.or i will say on a grand scalera the action is working in somen s scenes. the effects look amazing.mang the problem is everything elsee is very lackluster. lklus i did not find the film to be great.ea it's not horrible. horribl but it's nowhere near the magic of the first one. i'll be honest i missed will smith. i missed him being in the movi
6:54 am
they explained that his character has been killed off in the film. but ixps just found myself missing that charisma and that will smith so for me i gave 82 and a halfnh out of five.t of f i say skip the imax 3-d. 3 see in it 2d.sein i you will see scenes that yous ty like. there are some good action g scenes.enes the overall product did not do n well for me, two and a half andh out of five unfortunately forna independence day. >> yeah, kevin i'm with you.h u. i'm kind of bum they had willy d smith isn't in this one.iss he really made the first one. >> yeah. >> let's quickly dollaruicklar shallows. is that a sequel to jaws, a a movie that i know you love. le. >> no, it's funny you asksk that. everyone lab asking me how it compares to jaws and jaws is a a masterpiece.masterpiec it's steven spielberg. spielber. this film would not exist without jaws.wi this is very similar to themir o movie buried with ryan reynolds who is blake lively'sel husband where he was buried in a coffin for the entire film. f she's basically on a rock thek entire film about 200 yards away from shore while a sharklea is surrounding her.. the shark attacks hertack hr while she's surfing
6:55 am
an insane scene because the shark comes out of the waves oue and attacks her. h it's a very intense movie.ov it's ridiculous.idul it's over the top.. there's some scenes that makethm you scratch your head and gotcyr that's not realistic butlistic overall i had a good time and blakley did a great job in thene role. she actually injured her self when filming it.when filmi it's a really well made film mae for the budget of reportedly ree $17 million as opposed to opposo independence day which is reportedlynd somewhere around an 200 which is no exact number there i've seen but overall ierl gave this movie a three and a half out of five.lf out of five it's worth seeing if you like jaws, jaws at a masterpieceas kind of hard to compare themp two but three andar a half out of five for the shallows. >> we have our choices at the oc box office this weekend. weeke >> thanks kev. >> thanks a lot. t have a great weekend.ha i'll see you guys at 8 o'clock c with blake lively.keiv i'm sitting down with her one-on-one. >> thanks kev.>> t >> let's check in with our's mike thomas now. how is it c looking for fr >> annie welcome to friday. fri happy to be here. we have some clouds and someme showers in the f
6:56 am
everybody will see showershowers today. toda not everybody will seatt thunderstorms.un let's go straight to futurecast here. 10 o'clock this afternoon --ernn rather this morning, we're looking at a decent amount of at cloud cover and maybe a hit or t miss shower. sho same kind of deal around the ard 1 o'clock hourly we work into w the later evening hours, maybe m we're firing up a few showers and storms. it looks like mainly from d.c. to the south we'll continue to watch it. we'll monitor on facebook and twitter and then maybe we getthy some late day sunshine intoshin the picture just before sunset e here in washington. take a look at that seven-dayse- forecast. after today, what a beautifulbet weekend we have coming up. 85 on saturday.ur 87 glorious degrees on sunday. all right, that's a look att, the forecast. erin's got the roads.. hey, erin. erin. >> i do. do. not such great news inly from. f our crash on the shoulder the local lanes by the wilson bridge. br residual delays lingering for a few miles aneld that's also backing up route onecking rou northbound as you try to get to the you should.ho inner loop backs up fromr branch avenue across the bridge as well. that's just your usual morninglu commute crash on the shoulder rightght now 66 east at sycamore street.stre that's caus
6:57 am
falls church right now.s urch we'll take a look at some of ase our cameras as we continuee conu delays all over the dmv. d keep it to fox5 a crash on the e icc after new hampshire asr w ha well. we'll take a closer look at that. >> ♪ pass pal man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me.
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> breaking overnight anrn historic vote in greatstorote in britain. the people there vo
7:00 am
leave the european union.. the decision already havingea massive political and and financial impacts this morning r including a major resignationigi and a hit to your savings.av >> and here at home this he this morning, a teenager under arrest after police found an foa assault rifle inside his home.ih what authorities say he wases planning to do to his his girlfriend, her family and hernd school. >> plus, offensive graffitirafft found in one northern virginia i neighborhood. who police think is think i responsible coming up in asibleg live report.epor >> and it is friday and thatt it means we are headed out onut another zip trip.p t this morning we are putting a spotlight on vienna virginia.iri allison seymour tucker barnesr b and wisdom are all out there. te we'll check in with them inh thn just a few minutes and say s hello. hell you should go by and say leftbyl lane low as l thanks for waking up with us.h i'm annie yu.e today is friday june 24th. man, where did june go. j >> i know. we said the weeks are long but n the months are short.the monthsa why is that. >> i don't know. >> ponder it. i'm holly morris.i'holly mo glad you're with us.s. welcome to fox5 news morning.s m right off the top at 7:00 7 breaking news from across the as pond. british people say get u


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