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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  June 24, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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leave the european union.. the decision already havingea massive political and and financial impacts this morning r including a major resignationigi and a hit to your savings.av >> and here at home this he this morning, a teenager under arrest after police found an foa assault rifle inside his home.ih what authorities say he wases planning to do to his his girlfriend, her family and hernd school. >> plus, offensive graffitirafft found in one northern virginia i neighborhood. who police think is think i responsible coming up in asibleg live report.epor >> and it is friday and thatt it means we are headed out onut another zip trip.p t this morning we are putting a spotlight on vienna virginia.iri allison seymour tucker barnesr b and wisdom are all out there. te we'll check in with them inh thn just a few minutes and say s hello. hell you should go by and say leftbyl lane low as l thanks for waking up with us.h i'm annie yu.e today is friday june 24th. man, where did june go. j >> i know. we said the weeks are long but n the months are short.the monthsa why is that. >> i don't know. >> ponder it. i'm holly morris.i'holly mo glad you're with us.s. welcome to fox5 news morning.s m right off the top at 7:00 7 breaking news from across the as pond. british people say get u
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of the european union.n u in the wake that of historicfis decision, though, prime, minister david cameron reacts rs by stepping down. ns sendews sending shock waves across the world and impacting global finances right down to your wallet and ourwn fox5's bob barnard here h in studio with us and to hearo real -- really to tell us whatls this means for us.or us. good morning, bob. >> annie holly good morning todg british prime minister davidinis cameron says he's resigning effective sometime this fall. european union leaders arean u telling britain to leave the t eu quickly.ckly the vote was close, 51 to 48 percent.48 percent. immediately the british poundtiu suffering one of its biggestg one day falls in history his plummeting more thanplummeng m 10 percent. per it's now equivalent to $1.35 to3 down from a buck and a half: f: from above london and the uk the as a whole may look the samek te this morning but on the groundn now that all of those votes thoe have been counter add goodter ad deal has changed.ha >> a negotiation with the european union will need toan ui begin under a new prime minister. >> reporter: british primeor minister david cameron whoavidar fou
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remain in the european unionn u said this morning that he t would resign rebuffed by anger r at home over eu immigrationra policies among other issues,er i markets here in the u.s. and. a around the world will be in wl e for a wild ride and so many questions remain. how will britain pull itself from the massive europeanurop union and its unified economy? y >> the answer to that is i to ti don't know, nobody knows and kws we have voted for it and nownd w the plan has to be formulated fe by those who are going to leado this country. >> reporter: and the newth ahe n leader could be this man,th m former london mayor boris johnson a brexit supporter whouo has been seen as a primen contender to replace >> this will be a victory fortoy real people. peopl a victory for ordinary people,rp a victory for decent people.t p [cheers and applause] >> reporter: criticalr: crical questions for the u.s. as well as the so-called special s relationship with britain. brita president obama opposed brexit and at one point suggested
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consequences if it came to pass. >> our focus is in negotiatingot with a big bloc the european eur union to get a trade agreement done. done and uk is going to be in the back of the cue. of the c >> reporter: obama was>>eporte alerted in the middle of thehe t night and told of the he's in california thisalifor morning world markets arere tumbling.mb u.s. stock market futures are down significantly right now.ckt so why should you care what car impact will the british votesh to leave the eu have on your you retirement funds on mortgage rates? we'll look into that in our next hourwe guys. guys. >> unchartered territory and ira think that's what so unnerving.un >> yeah. >> thank you bob. britain's exit from then's european union will no doubt have an impact on thempt presidential candidatepres election here at home. h donald trump is in scotlandncotl there to reopen one of his h golf courses that's beent' renovated but he issued ass statement saying "the people of the united kingdom has kin exercised a sacred right of all free peoples."eo we are awaiting on a response rs
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>> closer to home now, h happening today, a formeromintoa fairfax county police officer will be sentenced for the murder of john gere back ine ck 2013. adam torres pled guilty tolt involuntary manslaughter inr april.ri torres killed gere during a standoff with police. p gere was in his front door with his hands up when officer torres fired one round intoo gere's chest killing him. under a plea deal, torreseal, te would serve one year behindear b bars. today a judge will decide will e whether or not to accept orep amend the length of torres' sentence. senten >> and a man charged withan chaw highjacking a metrobus andbus then calling pedestrian ines northeast is expected to be int court today for a preliminary hearing. keith loving is charged withlove second degree he admitted he was on drugsgs smoking synthetic marijuanaic mj and pcp before the incidents.ncd right now he's currently beingny held without bond.utond. >> today is sentencing day forgy a former employee at dunbar d high school who pled guilty toll sexually abusing seven male students. charles young has be i
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in november 2014 and will be required to register as a sex offender for the remainder oford his life. after he is released from jail. also in district, policet,ol stopping a frightening shooting plot at the lands of a 17-year-old. >> police say his target was his ex-girlfriend, her mother m and her school. and fox5's melanie alnwicke alnk live at that school inchl greenbelt maryland with all the details and mel, very frightening details here.etai >> reporter: absolutely.bsol and when you read the search tha warrant and the affidavit you can see why they were able to get a night judge to give them e the emergency search warrant orders and make sure that that nothing happened here at h greenbelt high school;, i mean at eleanor roosevelt high high school in greenbelt or at thebet girl's home oral her mother's me workplace, all of those places threatened by this 17-year-old and it certainly appeared thater he had the fire ptaower to carrc through with those threats. an assault rifle, rounds of ammunition and
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casings all recovered from a a house on 45th street in in northeast d.c. where the. e t suspect lived.spved. d.c. police say the teenagedee owner planned to use them to tm commit "acts of mass violence."violence the plot revealed during an mpdot press conference callingng for more restrictions on these o kinds of weapons. >> the gun recovery unity u worked with that young woman through the night, found an on o call emergency judge and interrupted his day. d. an emergency search warrant, war we were able to go and recovernc an ak-47 from the individual iid involved and over 180 roundsr 1o of ammunition. ammit if anybody thinks for onenks second that the actions of theao gun recovery unit there didn't d save countless lives, you'ree making a mistake.ta >> the teen suspect is alsoo accused of posting sexualual images of his ex-girlfriend onrd social
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to weapons charges and chargesna of threats of mass violence hee also faces some childd pornography charges inrn relation to that as well. now, we can tell youon that last evening there was some police activity at that house inn northeast d.c. but police sool far have not confirmed to us t whether or not they have theve e suspect in custody. cus live in greenbelt, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. n >> nell knee good for the girlfriend and the mom foriend speaking up and saying something. >> reporter: yeah, for sure sure and that was on the night ofht o the 16th.6t d.c. police took action and made sure that nothing sur happened the next day. >> amazing and scary all at scay the same time. mel, thank you. >> ♪ >> all right, time new is 7:07:0 and with that music we're mic w going head back to our friendo n out in vienna virginia thisginih morning allison wisdom and tucker
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>> it is a bright sunny day.ay >> we're not trying to beg superstars. we just will burn our iris.ur i >> but if we are beingwe are b superstars it's okay.kay. >> we're in a superstar good morning from vienna virginia. >> i've been here for over anvea hour a city totally coming toly life, beautiful morning. >> gorgeous. >> gorgeous community yeah. >> we've got a lot to do today in addition to youour manyan activity that tucker barnes iseb going to do. we'll do some t'ai chi, we gothe that music.ic we'll talk about the town of vienna. vien >> i talked a mom's running group.ou did you see there. >> no. >> like a hundred moms camea nd out. >> mom power >> flies day for it tuck. f >> gorgeous starts to the day. yeah, a lot ofor sunshine out sn here. humidity not too bad. let's do the weather forecasto real we're looking at a fairly fai quiet satellite and radar. r there's a shower or twor hanging out there in thein mountains to the north andin west and we do have the hav possibility of a shower thiswer afternoon but most of your day will be kind of partly cloudy.
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73 now in washington. wasn. 68 up in gaithersburg. annapolis 73. good morning quantico 71. 69 in fredericksburg.riurg. low to mid 80's for daytimeayti highs. mix of sun and clouds. again, scattered shower or ar oa thunderstorm a possibilitysibity particularly this afternoonhi but they'll be widelybe wely not expecting a severe sev outbreak like we had the last tt couple of days so that's good news an great looking weekendeak forecast. forecast. i'll have that weekendi' forecast coming up in just a jua couple minutes.up min >> all right. >> thank you sir. >> i was concerned that it w would be rainy and or cloudy this morning. >> and you're pleasantlytly surprised. >> pleasantly surprised. p >> this is really nice. it is really nice.lehis really c >> yes. >> everybody come down and see us. let's get to erin and do that traff >> loving allison'sso sunglasses. they are everything. beautiful.auti yours too wisdom. can't leave you out of the mix and tucker's interview withervit the moms was wonderful. wondeul. he kept his composure. cposure. i was impressed.mpre things on 66 westbound movingouv along okay.alonoka 66 eastbound backs up. let me get out of the way because there delay in the ger corner there is the icc i eastbound
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avenue as you head towards 95 tw a crash is backing things up. westbound icc towards newew hampshire looking pretty we'll move things over and overd show you a look at our maps.ur m we have other crashes othersheso delays this morning.layshis mor baltimore-washington parkwayore- northbound at 450 a crash. c 50 inbound delays insidendee the beltway towards about 295 a5 and even though this crash is ci only on the shoulder right now t outer loop at the wilson wil bridge in the local lanes, the s delays go all the way back toact route one so pretty heavyrey traffic there.. extending past route oneou actually and route one rte northbound slow leadingnd swards that scene. crash on the shoulderto delays l back to the connector road. 66 east at sycamore that'sore backing things up through t false church this morning.rng. before that point you'retou'r definitely slow throughdefitelyo centreville.cent some heavy congestion by virginia 234. gw parkway southbound at south memorial bridgely earlier elier overhead truck got stuck byy the memorial bridge cleared.le delays easing. eas things looking pretty good gw ensued the beltwayrk in glen in echo potomac a lot ofac a lot of stop-and-go traffic picking upcg clara barton as well as cabin as john a
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we'll take a look at thek at the delays on pennsylvania avenue as you head fron m maryland byd dower house next. back to you. >> ♪ >> 7:11 right now and happening now a state of emergency in west virginiancy in following heavy rain and flash flooding. flooding. witnesses caught this video ofca a house on fire moving down an river in the town of white w copper springs.pper springs meanwhile authorities inwh another part of the state are searchingrt for a young child yi who is now missing after being swept away in flood president obama reassuringer millions of people heree h illegally in the u.s. that. tha they do not need to fear immediate deportation.ortaon >> this following a vote by the supreme court which whi essentially kills hisntia immigration reform plan.grion that plan would have let undocumented immigrants stay in the u.s. for three years yea and grant them work permits.ker meantime the supreme courthp also handing down a major handi victory for advocates of affirmative action upholding uol the use of race in admissions rs at the university of texas. t judges issuing a four-threeour-e ruling putting an end to the
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fisher versus texas caseas c brought forward back in 201313 when abigail fish area white texas woman sued thete university claiming the school'ser affirmative actionn efforts amounted to unconstitutional racialtution discrimination. and in baltimore, theand city's police commissionerommi commending residents for remaining calm following the acquittal of officer caesarer goodson. >> goodson was that found not guilty on all charges including second degree murderg in the death of freddiese gray. the police union is now askingsk the states attorney to drop charges against the remaining ri three officers waiting toficersi stand trial.d trial. >> coming up, hateful messages a have been spray painted all a over one arlingtongton neighborhood. who police think is responsible. >> first, though, our zip trip to vienna continues thisontinuet morning and it's just gettingt g tucker is getting a t'ai chii lesson, the t'ai chi is strongsr this morning. m we'll have all that and much and more coming up.g time now is seven:12. sen:12. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back.♪ 7:15 and that zip trip music actually might be perfect to just have a little zen calmingeg moment as we get ready for our r t'ai chi lesson. right, gang. >> yes. good morning. >> yeah. yea >> i always like to tryli something w i've
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>> i either. i know it's good for joints fors and movement. mem this is anne. >> good morning. >> good morning.>> gd morn >> first tucker where are yourrr shoes. >> i took my shoes offer so i so could be grounded and more ind o touch with the earth. e is that. t >> you got it. got i >> ann has her shoes on. she may take them off. tell us about t'ai chi and this group. >> parts of us meet five days d a week, the beginning peoplengeo monday and wednesday -- wednesday and friday.ri there are up to 50 of us on us the list, about 30 activecte parents pants. >> it's beautiful when you seelw it. >> every morning at 7:15. 7:1 >> and tell me about theme abo benefits of t'ai chi. >> relaxation.n. >> uh-huh. >> development of core o strength. >> check, check i need those. >> centering, focus. foc >> you left out the fact that your class is free.e. >> yes. no charge. it's
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>> and where do you guys meetre in case somebody wants to comeac down. >> upstairs in the fire station until the communityom center has been refurbished.ed. >> tuck before you get to weather should we learn a fewoue moves. >> yeah. teach me some real simple som moves, something that wille give me inner peace. pce >> we start with what's calledtc rising water.rising water first of all you have to be hav absolutely relaxed. >> okay. >> head pointed towards theinte ceiling. >> uh-huh. >> tongue on the roof of your mouth. t take a deep breath. bre >> then i can't >> with your weight on theh yo right, step out gently to they o left and get your weight centered. now we're going to do whato they started with calledd rising think up pushing up somethingp g heavy on the back of your arm.rm and now put your arms on top arp of it and push it back downn again. agai >> and you keep going i'm you going to do the weather whyth you're doing're doing . >> and i'm going to keep goingoi with ann. >> go right ahead.head >> very soothing weather forecast. let's go to the weatherweher forecast. i'm going to say it quietly. sae we've got current conditions con
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which are really not bad. ay in fact we'll go right to thehe seven-day later today for your fridayrida forecast, we will have a a possibility of a spotty shower o or perhaps a thunderstorm.hundst high temperatures in the low 80's.'s. your weekend forecast looksoo absolutely fantastic.. saturday and sundayun temperatures in the mid 80'sur so looks like a greates going tots beaches, going tots the mountains lo boks great herh for the weekend.for th all right, that is the anne, thank you so much. allison, you're a natural. natul >> i feel like i'm a natural'm l right now. >> you are. >> want to join us? wan >> i have other things to do but maybe i'll come back.come b. >> all right. >> hey, erin, i think tie clenkc is perfect for motorists don't you. >> if for everybody, young, old, people who can't walk, w perfects for everybody. >> i love it. thank you anne.nn >> we do, too.>> wdo, >> erin, good morning. >> come join us. >> i am so relaxed nowel n watching that.watc i want to go take a little nap on the couch in the loft rightch now. i you guysno enjoy pushing thehe water up and back down.ow we got this. t and for those of you taking metro because of safe track two, maybe you need a
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t'ai chi to start you day. potomac avenue and stadium-armory shut down. down. shuttle busing replacing theacig rail service between easternween market minnesota avenue ande a benning road. roa on the lunch silver and blueandb lines you know the drill,ri typical delays and crowded conditions.conditions i saw yesterday evening a tonrdn of pictures of a crowded crowd l'enfant plaza. pla. no rail or bus service betweenwe arlington cemetery and a rosslyn. ro no service on d.c. maryland orao rosslyn on the blue line.e use yellow line via l'enfant'e plaza.aza. yellow rush plus does run allpl day. we'll keep you posted on all a of that metro work as it develops throughout the summerge and changes again after theftert 16th as well. as we. amtrak delays northeast corridor service changes. changs if you're heading to new yorke d maybe making stops in philly pll between washington and newn york you're going to hit some s delays because of that tha unscheduled track work on thewon acela and regional rail.l we'll keep you updated on that t and take a look at all the
7:20 am
back to you holly. t >> thanks erin. in arlington the search isei on for vandals who wrote wro racial slurs antigay messages and antisemitic symbols onymbo o sidewalks and lawn in theawn boulevard neighborhood.ghrh >> jennifer davis joining usning with an update on the search.ea good morning, jenny. police and residents think ithii was teens responsible for this but it has to be investigatedtia partly because there was so the much of it, it was soo offensive and police say they sy need to find out who is responsible and determine ifbl there was a hate crime here.e hi now, you can take a look at lk some we did get some video of these e images but we've had to blur tob it because it is so offensivet e but they were racist homophobic and anti-semiticnti-i words and images spray painted t in white spray painter and they were found on sidewalks sil bricks and lawns here in theeree boulevard manor neighborhoodma of arlington. agt the vandalism was widespreadider in at least seven locations loco and police believe thiselieve t destruction of property andio po graffiti probably happenedapd about 5:30 yesterday morning.or
7:21 am
here's what one homeowner told l us. >> we do have a neighborhoodghro lift serve and someone mentioned graffiti and thatit the stone on the corner ofe the liberty and lombardi had paintap on it and that is in my yard. y >> it's unfortunate. i i don't know if it's, you know, just punk kids beings punk kids or if there's something more to it.oro >> reporter: a lot ofot activity in the neighborhood ith last night as residents weree out here cleaning things upe and police were outcl hereer interviewing residents.idents. now, folks say this is very similar to some vandalism at a the blue mounted junction trail which is right near here.wh here teens were there was the to beso responsible for that althoughe o they were never found.e ver foud police still trying totill tg to determine if the two cases arere connected and they would love to hear from anybody who hasomnw any information about whobout wo might be responsible. back to you >> all right, thanks so muchch jenny. all right, 7:21 is the time. still ahead this morning, the te latest on a transgenderransnd bathroom battle in virginia.a.
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around one local what police say you should dohol if you actually see it.t. 7:21 is our time right now.. fox5 news morning back right after this. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> we've got some big newsot som this morning in the sportsor lsu's ben simmons was the flubau one pick last night at the nba draft. draft. he went to the philadelphiato t 76ers. but two maryland terrapins were also picked. they were picked in the secondwe round. ro diamond stone was selec
7:25 am
with the 40th overall pick by pk new orleans but he was immediately traded to the clippers.. stone's teammate jake laymanakea picked u by the orlando imaginea law traded and will play in portland next season.ea in the world of golf rounds rou two of the quicken loansen national golf tournament gets under way this morning takingak place at congressional countryou will club in bethesda. betsd a rookie in the leadea 21-year-old from arizona state fired a bogey free seven undervn par 64. good luck to john and the rest. rind of surprised by that one but you know, when a rookie -- i >> but you know what -- wt because the u.s. open was lastn week the field is not as a strong with the big name name players that you know you knowat what i mean. >> that's true. >> but anyway. y hopefully they're going to getne it in. it was it was touch and go last time.last te. >> good weather as well.ood weaw good for the beach. good for everybodyel.go for eryo we're excited.xcit so, let's take a look at the t
7:26 am
radar around the region thisou morning. it's generally quiet so far. now, as you've seen in our in o live shots down at vienna vie there is sunshine breaking b out. that's a good thing we like toge see the sun. if we see too much of it too it soon atmosphere is not reallylly stable. we could pop for the showers,hoe could pop some showers up to the north and west. hagerstown waking up to showers.ower trying to head a little to heada farther south and east s lost so maybe frederick in just a bitust you're seeing a little bit of shower there's your current 73 at reagan dulles 72. 72. bwi marshall 71 degrees. 71 gr your forecast for today, mixay,m of clouds and sun. 83 degrees.83 not everybody will see theody we showers and storms later todayar but a few will later on thisn ts afternoon. all right, that's a check ofs o the forecast. fecast. erin como is going to have the traffic. >> that's right and a lot ofs d traffic mike to get through.. 7:26. let me get oft way. o w traffic coming towards the icc c westbound looking good.un it's the eastbound delay theread in the corner on the icc. i it's after new hampshire h avenue heading towards i-95 a i5 crash backing things up.his u we'll move it over fro a
7:27 am
look to a look at our maps. at r we have problems with metro asea well as another crash thatshha cleared. this is the bottom of thetoof beltway outer loop at the wilson bridge but delays are extending past route one fromtef that earlier accident scene s blocking the shoulder now and n then you can see the innerhenn loop delay from branch avenueche across its wilson bridge.ri heavy traffic causingausing slowdowns. also keep in mind let's see ifli we can forward our maps we maps have other problems this out in leesburg dealing with a crash. it's partially blocking sevenin eastbound out by battlefieldby e so watch out for that one. o f metro letting us know annow a earlier off-loaded green lineenl train has cleared anacostia. ant residual delays to branch out of. outer loop isou heavy from 95 fo basically to georgia.lly to geoa we'll take a closer look atloseo some of the delays in the strict next.ctext. >> up next much more on thee great britain's exit from thehe european union includingnion i what's neck for the country'snty leadership.ip. >> we'll head back out toead bat vienna virginia of course forous our zip trip and the five mustie stops the next time you make a k visit there yourself.rsf. plus, how you can win a brand
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>> ♪ ♪ z212lz zi0z y212ly yi0y
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z212mz zi0z
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y212my yi0y ♪ first at 7:30, let's goet'so ahead and get update on theate breaking night overnight.veig history has been made. uk chooses to leave the europeaa union.unio great britten will have moreav r control over its own economy ana its but the new rules of the landl will take years to take place.ep in the wake of the vote, though, british prime minister davidisr cameron says he's resigning.s rg here's what he said about thehe country moving forward. fwa >> i think the country requiresq fresh leadership to take it in n this i will do everything i can asi a prime minister to steady thead ship over the coming weeks and months, but i do not think ithi will be right for me to try toyt be the cap
7:31 am
country to its next destination. >> news of this vote has caused financial markets to t meanwhile the remaining 27aining members of the european union vow to keep the unity despite the brecks sit. >> let's switch gears at 7:31.a3 head back out to our friends inn vienna virginia this allison and tucker standing bynn ready to welcome you all. looking good.look >> look at you on the little red caboose. ose. >> so cool.o this caboose is the coolests tht thing in the word.g in >> the word is cool, >> it's a dutch word.ut wor >> okay. >> today bliss >> we call it caboose. cabse lookup side it was just it wasat left the way it was back in 1851 or what have you and they do thy tours,, >> this is an originalhis obviously.viously. >> yeah. this is the washington and old dominion railroad caboose. >> came -- railroad came to cam vienna in 1859. 1 just a littleh
7:32 am
background i learned about. >> wisdom, i just said 1859. 1 >> i wanted to repeat it.. (laughter). >> any ways. >> did you say we were on a a caboose. >> i did.>> i >> and where caboose comes from. >> that one.. >> this hat got to be one of thf five stops that you did. stopsh. >> you know what, i think it thi probable system one of the five stops. in fact let's go to it. i earlier this week i came enjoyed vienna, virginia and five must e stops when you come to town. ♪ starting with number five,br the north virginia model railroad. ro it's a must stop for trainingra enthusiasts of all ages. age stop by during one of their opeo houses and check out their the realistic depictions of ans actual railroad from the 1950s.. the little ones they might event spot thomas the tank engine andn a few of his friends chuggingin right along.ght a checking in at number four, it's jamming gentleman v cough seaou
7:33 am
place is so much more.e swing by this must stop to catct some of the hot defendant names in music on the jamming stage.. it's number three, the free mann store. with a visit here you'll take at step back in time and see what a general store in virginia oncea looked like. like. pick up your favorite virginiaa themed gift or take in vienna'sn rich history.ry number two i'm getting tiredng r because i'm on the washington wg and old dominion trail.rail run, cycle or 68 part of the 45 minute route along the former tr road bed of the washington andag old dominion railroad. the trail runs through the urban heartland and into the beautifut virginia country side.. and the number one stop in vienna, virginia, drum roll, rl, please, it's the vienna inn. yeah, opened back in the 1960s.6 this is still a hot spot.pot. 50 years on. o stop in for breakfast, lunch orh dinner.dinn no matter your meal, your must m order item
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check it out.. they sell more than 10,000 off these chili dogs every month. >> and nags is a sponsor of ourf sip trips and by the end of thee summer someone will win a new n mazda suv. we'll take zip trips every e friday until labor day weekendkd that's 15 trips in all. in i think this is, what, the fourth? fourth >> fourth, number four.>> >> okay. each week you have a chance to register to win new 2016 mazza cx9. to register to go our website, i look for the contest tab. t 14 finalists will be selectedecd bi-weekly random drawings. dwing one of those 14 will win the 2016 mazda cx9.x9 head to to enter and a to learn more. mor in the meantime, i'm telling yoi this thing is a living museum m behind us. >> i just looking at it's open o during the afternoons one to t 5:00. >> on the weekends.w >> on the weekends. >> very>> cool. cl there's a stove, a couple of cou beds. a little
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>> area where you can sit up toi and look as the train goes traig basement you can see the whole y country side.ouco >> you know what's beautiful kn from here? thewh caboose.aboo >> the sweater beautiful from here. >> it really is good, id >> it's actually surprisinglyprl pleasant out here.ut h let's get right to the weatherte forecast. starting out with a few clouds. there's ban few showers off tors the north and west early thislys morning but most of your dayt mo will be kind of partly sunnyly with temperatures in the low tol mid 80s.0s current numbers we're in the 70e in downtown d.c. here in vienna. currently in the low 70's ass well. 73 right now the reagan theea national. 73 in annapolis. 72 this morning dulles. dul here's your forecast, 83 yourr daytime high with just a chancec for scattered shower or sho thunderstorm this afternoon.tor in just a couple of minutes i'li be back with the weekendhe wke forecast but sunshine andin beautiful this weekend.nd >> it's gorgeous.go >> you don't need to wait forone that. give it to them right away. >> don't tease the people.on't t >> sunny and beautiful thiseautt weekend.end. >> we're on the caboose when we come back you're doing the dng northern virginia railroad touru >> okay. can't wait. >> we'll make it happen.e' we'll make it happen out here. r
7:36 am
the sweater we got ae lot more coming up on sip we'll get more coffee and amp it up. >> let's get to erin.'s geterin. train is a good way to get toet work particularly this one.laths >> that train looks liket ain le beautiful way to get to work,wat tucker.tucker. thanks. th unfortunately amtrak delayselays today between washington and nea york unscheduled track worknsedt there. if you're taking excel la -- acela or regional rail watch fot that. crash activity in leesburg.eesbr leesburg pike eastbound att bridge -- at belmont ridge roadd i tried to belmont and ridge rie into one word there. there's a crash scene thereen te detour around it. i it's blocked right now at the intersection and you can seeti heavy traffic coming in on seves eastbound heads up for leesburgb commuters this cleared c georgetown pike dealing withto utilitywn work they had to reple a pole down in earlier crashsh things back open between oldetwo dominion drive and walker road that's good news. n water main break in old town -- in alexandria edsall road closec both ways east of south whitingi of a take duke street to gett tg around and that look a thatha delay on 395 inbound to go
7:37 am
minutes. so make sure you factor in extri time edsall road to king streetr a little slow through annandalee on the inner loop and here'ser look at your drive times to give you per spec you have inner loop branch avenue to the wilsone tol bridge 6 miles. 6 m 21 minutes because of that heava and then the beltway 267 to thet american legion bridge on the bg inner loop 3 miles it will taket you 5 miles.u not terrible across the americai legion bridge on the inner loopl 295 heavy from 50 down pastow p eastern.n. 295 northbound slow from thew om beltway to lavatory road andad then 50 inside the beltway is definitely dealing with heavier congestion suitland parkwayd kw inbound slow past naylor roadroa and pennsylvania avenue as youey head inbound past dowerhouse yoe definitely jam up as well sameel story branch avenue out by 301 and also 301 is heavy at well.l. annie, back to you.k >> thanks so much, erin.h, e coming up authorities havehoriti issued a warning about a rabidid animal roaming a localmi a neighborhood. what you should do if you see i it >> another legal victory for a transgender student in virginiai what it could mean for school. that's next. time now 7:37.
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
>> residents in falls church yos need to be look out and -- o in- the look out for a rabidid raccoon. animal has been spotted inott i several areas i was round fallsd church and officials say it has scratched at least one personer and had encounters with two dogs. do now the incidents occurred ond greenwich street, lincolninco avenue, park avenue and greatret falls. they say if you see a raccoon rc that appears
7:41 am
falls church police. meantime the man accused ofo groping an 11-year-old girlar-o inside a target store in mc leal on saturday turned himself in tt fairfax county police. p 19-year-old brendon car doveon r have a was identified after an a officer recognized logo on his t-shirt. he faces sexual battery chargesg they're still trying toe stiltri determine if there are other tho victims.victs. former white house aid and a congressional candidate hasssioa filed a federal civil rightsivir complaint against the montgomern county school system. will, claims his daughter andaur other children of color are cora being discriminated against a regarding the district's highlyy popular language emersion program. his complaint alleges theyeg failed to publicize the opportunities to interested ande qualified students of color anda those from lower income famili families. >> if families don't know about lioge programs you'll get the same types ofra families applyii and getting in and that's whatht we seen between -- if you lookil at the middle school magnets,ags high school magne
7:42 am
programs even though black and latino students are 50% of the e population here in the county t they make up less than 5% at some of me these magnets.esets that's a very wide disparity.. >> montgomery school officialsfc issued a statement that says ins part, while we cannot comment ot the specifics of the complaint,i the issues raised highlight a common concern of which we are w well aware. far more families wander theirir children to attend immersionmm programs than we have space forr in virginia, federal judge j has ordered the gloucester glouc school system to allow a transgender student to use theuu boy's bathroom.hroo >> the student sued the school s district for the right to use the boy's bathroom after the afr school board enact add policy pl limiting bathroom use to the ono corresponding with a person'sn's biological sex rather thann gender. gend the decision could have nationa implications. up next, an important recall alert for parents of young children.. plus, how much volkswagenh volke drivers can expect to receive rc after that emissions cheatingnsn scandal. first though our zip trip onip p thisfr
7:43 am
vienna, virginia. a must stop for train enthusia enthusiast. you don't want to miss this.t all this coming and much more. time now 7:43. we'll be right back.
7:44 am
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fice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me. ♪ welcome back.ome ac let's head back out to our our friends looks like tucker isucri there, wisdom is hey, guys. >> i just texted the little ltl train lover in my life and told
7:46 am
and not miss you guys. >> yeah, this is a big deal.ig if you love trains, this is a amazing we're here with sandy sn row back the president of thedeo northern virginia model railro railroad. this is awesome, sandy. >> this is phenomenal.henona >> thank you.>> t we're very proud of it.e ve pro this is quality layout museum quality layout a lot of work hah gone into it. it we've been working on it fort 4 years. >> 40 years.>> 40 ye >> since 1976 we moved into thio building and spent time fixingex up the room, and i've been ie working on the railroad everyve since. since. >> sandy, set the stage for us. what building are wt e in andena where can people finds?ple find? >> we are in the town of viennaw this is the old vienna station. the old dominion railroad whichh backs to 1859 the last passengeg service was 51, 1951. 195 and we moved in here --ere >> we have train moving throughh hang on, sir. o s hold off for second. second. >> it will get a little loudet a right now.rit no >> all right. rig >> this is incredible. >> all right.ll all right.l righ.
7:47 am
north carolina railroad whichhih ran -- part of the old southernn railway which ran from ran washington, d.c. to atlantagt georgia with lots of branch obrn lines all over.all ov. >> right.>> right. >> we modeled the branch linencl from salsbury north carolina to ashville if you look up on the t wall behind me you can see thehe fillmore estate and you're now in ashville, north carolina.. we model actual towns along the way. statesville, old fort, maly? m? will he carbs et cetera.tetera. >> tucker and i have been talking about this amazingabt th attention to detail >> oh, yes. >> this is all hand done? >> yes, all the rails you see ys are hand laid. l >> look at the people andend they're eating lunch andtingch a working. it's unfortunate justus incredible. >> did you say just about all pieces are from 1957 s from ---- >> we modeled the err rash abou '56, '57, '58 which is a popular era to model and model railroading that's theinthat transition from steam to diesele engines.engines. so if you want to be realistic r
7:48 am
you can run just about anything you want at the time.e tim everything is just about handutn built all the track and all thet ties here were hand cut. the rails were put down one rair at a time. gauged and spiked down aboutdowa every fourth tie.urth >> you're still working on it? n it's always something to do. t . >> what piece is missing? what are you working on? >> well, the hobby has really changed quite a bit with all the new technology, computers andpua just amazing so trying to keepok up and making decisions as as club how we want to go much thet next decision is how much automation we want to do andto a kind of upgrade a lot of theotf wiring and stuff.rind s >> sandy, i see you got a large group of gentlemen here in youre club. >> right. >> my question for you, do youou ever sneak in here late at nighg by yourself and run the train?ra >> any full member has access ts the building. so if you can't sleep any nightg um can be 2:00 o'clock in thecle morning and run trains till your heart's content much that's ones of the benefits of being afeing member of the >> other people can come when you have open house.eoou. >> yes.>> yes. >> they get information fromt where?
7:49 am
we have a website wevn have an open house about once aa month, 12 times a year. yea next open house will be saturdaa july 16th from 1 to 5:00. free add mig, free to come and we'll talk about hobbies and railroading and modelodel railroading with you >> thank you.>> thank y >> tucker has got to do weathere we got to show you this.his. there's a new crews out there te because there was an not that accident you just heare but an accident over here.. >> a car went over during thedue night. >> maybe the sun was just too to bright. >> you can see the fox5 camera5r crews the first ones on the one scene. >> maybe catch the afternoonatca news and get update. no fatalities but injuries, firf department and ambulance there.. >> okay. to do that. to d >> you're living this. y i can feel it.oucan >> i love >> thank you. we appreciate it. app >> sandy, thank you very >> thank you very much. >> really really impressive. let's do the weather.nks do theh how is the weather looking herei in carolina.ina >> it will be great day foror railroads. we don't see any snowstorms co coming or shredding.
7:50 am
might be a shore this afternoonr weekend forecast looks l absolutely beautiful.iful both saturday and sundayury and temperatures in the 80s with w plenty of sunshine.unsh nice looking weekend. maybe a scattered shower today.d most of the day nice and dry.ced >> great. thanks for coming.or >> thank you for having us. youf this is pretty awesome. aweso and we want to get to erin comom and say we got a lot more lot m awesome stuff out here inn vienna. stay tuned. if you're out in the area come a on out and say hi if you can geu through the traffic andtr everything going on come outaf o say hi to us. >> that is so cool.l. i wish i was out there.he oh, my goodness i did not d n realize all the detail theyaith would is for the model trains.i. really up press seive. two thumbs up. looks like you're having a nicec relaxing sip tri so far. little tai chi, train modelingan and unfortunately you need a little zen if you're headed outd on the roads specifically the outer loop jams past new hampshire avenue as usual.. heavy delays to georgia avenue.e not terrible traffic 270 comingm down from frederick past the the truck scales as you can see thee outer loop delays continue pasts colesville road. r
7:51 am
looking pretty good. bw parkway north and southbound typical stop and go traffic byfc powder we'll move over to our maps ourm right now. n take look at our drove times drt inner loop the beltway from 267 to the legion bridge just abouto two minute delay there.he things in tysons picking up angp bit on your majors and inner a i loop branch avenue to the wilsov bridge.en 6 miles, 21 minutes. that is some heavy congestionono there. branch avenue backs up by 301 and 210 in fort washington somes slow traffic as you make your my way towards the beltway icc crash activity eastbound afteroa new hampshire avenue just givetg yourself extra time if you're i planning to head towards 95 anda we just have the volume delays 295 eastern to pennsylvania. 3 miles that's going to takeak about 11 minutes.abou mack sure you leave early. to 95 southbound at benning road an earlier crash did clear eastt capitol street inbound picking g up new york avenue by bladensburg heavy congestionio there.ere. same story suitland parkway from maryland past naylor road back b up as well.s we holly those model trains lookin
7:52 am
>> i know. i k i have a four-year-old that will be all about it. calling all dancers,anrs musicians, poets and entertainers.ente we have a special audition tospn tell you about. metro's art in transit program m is offering local artists an opportunity to make metro rail r station entrances their stage. s in addition to the chance to ceo perform at metro stations, s artists may also be selected tod perform for music on the mall t the summer program is and bringi live entertainment to the the national mall every thursday. ts get on out.geon o audition. that's awesome. >> very cool.>> that's very's vy co a lot of good local talent. tal all right. district is putting into place new strict guidelines on employers in the city on howin much advanced notice they must s give their employees whenyees schedule link their ships. council approved bill what w companies call just in time schedule link it requires rui employees to be available at a a moment's notice.nt practice helps men mize labor costs but it mack it difficult u for employees to schedule child care or commit to a second jobod or take even part-time classes.
7:53 am
pass along for parents of youngu children.ildr ikea is recalling its patrial safety gate because the lockingc mechanism is unreliable and and child can get hurt. if you own the gate parentsar should stop using it immediatela and return it to the store fortf full refund.efun company officials say theyay t received reports of kids falling downstairs because the gates gat have opened unexpectedly. meanwhile, volkswagen willwl pay over $10 billion to settle s its u.s. emissions scandal casel this will be one of the largestt payouts by an automaker in hit reach last year volkswagenwage admitted 11 million of itsion o vehicles worldwide had software design cheat emissions test ofes the three fourths were go to car owners the rest will go towardss government fines.ment chrysler fiat facing a class action jeep grand cherokee filed theede suit accusing the company of concealing a shifter designig defect. issued april fiat recall because the vehiclesehle could roll away after driversri skit the
7:54 am
after the death of an tan yelchin the shifter defect wasec thrust back into the spotlight.t roll aways have occurred because drivers mistakenly believe theye placed the vehicles in parkn par before exiting.. a new senate report findst n that cable customer service isei bad in an investigation it founf time warner cable and charter are over billing customers andin not refunding them.ndinthe the investigation found that ind the first four months of thishi year time warner cable overleve build customers nationwide more than $600,000.6000 mark zuckerberg bringing ang extra special guest to facebook life today. today. president obama.prest ob >> yeah, i might call that extrt >> huge. white house nounsed the president would sit down witht w the facebook founder at today's 2016 global entrepreneurship summit this will allow thousanda of people from around the globeg to tune in and ask the presidene and zuckerberg questions. >> wow! >> that's pretty cool.t's >> how excited would you be ifle your question got answered. anse you type it in there and theynd see it.
7:55 am
the same question. all right. let's talk about todays fox freebie freebie friday thehe universe soul circus coming toi the dmv you could win fourr tickets and if you can back toio weekend show july 2nd through tu july 17th. 1 >> the prize pack includes 4t shirts and four red notices, ofs course, prize has anaprox maltpm retail value of $222. $22 to enter for a chance to win twi just go to our facebook -- web page pages p between now and 11:59 p.m. and enter for a chance to win. w one lucky winner will bener will selected by random drawing onngo june 27th.. all entrants must be 18 or oldeo complete rules and online entryy are available at coming up in five minutesut before the hour, of course,her, we're heading on into theon inte weekend. so mike really, everyone juste t wants to know what the weatherw is going to g >> how about perfect?ut perfe >> we'll take it.>> w >> very nice. >> why not. excellent answer.ent >> that contest i want to get mt hands on some of those red red notices.ce >> i'll bring one in for you
7:56 am
>> i actually have some. se >> there we go. >> i don't know what that says about me but i do. buto >> all right. let's take look at the future ft cast out there today in case yoy are trying to plan your friday.i we do have sun breaking out ingt some locations. that may not be the best thingti because the atmosphere stilleti little unstable so we do expecte the clouds to return and the ane chance of showers to return as a well. 10:00 a.m. today maybe somee showers up towards baltimore.ti we get into the afternoon we miw clouds and sun.clouds and we have a few showers here.owers i think the best chance for showers today is going to beng t between about 1:00 o'clock and 4:00 o'clock this afternoon.fte. there we are at 4:00 o'clock you can see a couple of showersa leo maybe even a spotty thunderstorm in there but then we start ton a clear things out.thingsut as we head into the eveninghe ee hours maybe we get some sune before sunset tonight. tig there's a quick look at youricky seven day mid 80s this weekend it will bei absolutely beautiful.solutely ba >> all right. that's a check of the forecast.a erin has got the roads. ghe r hey, erin.hey, e >> i like the sound of athe sou beautiful weekend right now. 7:56. it's friday if you're waking up in leesburg and heading outdi o crash activity leesburg pike eastbound at belmont ridge
7:57 am
that intersection closed.nterse detour around it.tour a causing some backups on sevenen eastbound. crash cleared the outer loop ato the wilson bridge.e wilson bri just a touch of residual delay d from route 1 on through.hrou things are definitely improvingi but the inner loop remains veryr slow from branch avenue across s the 14th street bridge andridgend roosevelt bridge also heavy wity traffic. back to you annie and holly. >> coming up at 8:00 the 80 financial fallout of great britain's decision to leave the european union what it means for your wallet.le >> also blake lively back on thb big screen.big sc. kevin sitting down with theith e former gossip girl girl for ther scoop on her new film thehe shallow. shallow. you don't want to miss it.nt we'll be right back.
7:58 am
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this is fox5 news morning. right now at 8:00 live looko at our zip trip to vienna,nna, virginia on this friday jun june 24th, 2016.6 you can see firehouse friday fri will be coming up we got wholeoo lot planned really wonderful area to go.o go. allison, tucker, wisdom allm we'll be joining them in ang tha matter of minutes we'll talk weather and traffic, too,and tro because mike has got yourmike h weekend forecast.enforecas erin on top of the commute. c all of that happening at about 80:51 we say good morning to y you. i'm holly morris.orris. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> we'll begin this hoursr breaking from the campaign trail bernie sanders has just endorsed hillary clinton for
8:01 am
sanders told msnbc he will bel b casting his vote for clinton in november saying quote i'm goingg to do everything i can to defeaf donald trump ". >> big news there. t. developing news overnight.. see you later what britain saids to the european they want out. out this means the country will have more control over its own economy and its borders the.. british prime minister cameron m responded to the vote saying hen can no longer be a leader of the country. >> i think the country requiresi fresh leadership to take it in n this direction.irection i will do everything i can as a prime minister to steady thehe ship over the coming weeks and a months, but i did not think it k would be right for me to try tot be the captain that steers our country to its next destination. >> president obama got a calll about the vote in the middle of the he proposed the brexit suggesting there will be serious consequences if it came to pass.
8:02 am
meanwhile markets here at h home and around the globe willbw be in for wild rides thises morning the british pound trading more than 30 year low.. so how does this impact ourmpaco money here in the us? >> here to tell us and break itt down for us fox5's bob barnard.a hey, bob.hey, b. >> guys, this vote brings much uncertainty to the european t economy which in turn will havev an impact on our economy to whaa degree we just don't know. but u.s. stock features are down triple digits this morning muchh this after world financial marks tumbled overnight.ig most down in the five to 7% range. range. that's not good for your 401k or other retirement funds, how lonn the sell off will continue wetie just don't know but financialini advisers will tell you don't dod anything let the dust settle beforetle bf making any changes to youreso y account. ac now, as investors pour money mon into more stable things likesik bond funds the result is likelyy to be lower interest rates andad lower mortgage rates here in tht us. so a good time to borough money perhaps but not good for the overall economy.conomy uncertainty never a good thin
8:03 am
but if you're planning tonng to vacation in the uk, going too london this summer, you'll havev a little more spending the british pound has taken itss biggest one-day fall in history. was equivalent to dollar 50 exchange rate is roughly 1.35. 1 fed chairman janet yell land saying the uk leaving the eu e could have significant economicc repercussions for us.. others warning this could be ac black friday on wall street,eet, guys.. stay tuned.uned >> we'll continue to talk abouto it more throughout the morning.i thanks bob for that. britain's exit from the european union will no doubt have anve a effect on the presidentialdentia election here at home.on donald trump happens to be i hni scotland today.ay he's there actual toll reopen re one of his golf courses that'ssa been renovated but he issued a statement saying quote theuohe people of the united kingdom kim have exercised the sacred rightt of all free peoples.eoples we are still awaiting a response from hillary clinton. happening today, a former f fairfax county police officer will be sentenced for the murde
8:04 am
of john gear back in 2013. 2013. adam torres plead guilty too involuntary manslaughter inte i april. ap torres killed gear during ain standoff with police.ic gear was in his front doorway dw with his hands up when officerfc torres fired one round into hiso chest killing him. under plea deal torres would everybody one year behind barse today a judge willye decideec whether or not to accept or o amend the length of torres's' sentence. in the district a 17-year-old facing zero yoursele charges after police say hepocee planned to shoot hishoot h ex-girlfriend, her mother and her high school in green belt. b the plot was revealed yesterdaye during a police department presr conference calling for more restrictions on assault weapons. police say the teens ex-girlfriend alerted them tom t his plans and as all the riflehf was found at his home. ♪ all right. r it is friday which means it isns zip trip time. >> today we are setting up campm in vienna, virginia that's where tucker
8:05 am
got going on now? n >> i just got cool sunglassesses from a resident here.ere. that's great.that's great. i'm joined by tim.ed b tim what's your last name. >> frederick. frick. >> tim frederick. you are with bikes at vienna.a >> yes i'm the >> tell me about your store ando why biking is so popular here in vienna. >> biking is popular here populr because, well, we've got a greaa resource in having the trailhe l right behind us here. it runs another 35 miles outs into the country, and runs practically into d.c. and connects to whole network oftwf other trails that can take you u all over the place.l over the pe >> as you speak 10. bikers wentn by behind you.d u >> exactly. >> very popular trail. trail you get a good bike right rideri in here. you're selling all kinds ofll kf bikes and i guess people come ie for maintenance that kind ofe th thing. >> yup, we do lot of repairai service especially this time off year. >> specialize in the types of bikes we try to focus on... >> we're having a little little difficulty there.fficul we said that guy looks likee richard branson. we were talking about.. >> we all concur.oncur. >> hopefully we'll
8:06 am
back with him in just little bit bit. let's head over over to erin she can tack about the commute. >> i agree. i did a double take i also ils thought he looked like richard c branson. right now we have another outerr loop crash and sun glare grabreb your shades watch orvis exhibitb problems outer loop by theutp be eisenhower of a connector littlt bit of heavy traffic from the springfield interchange pastangp that point. you can see things definitelyfi opening up through annandalennan right now we're not seeing anyiy big we are getting reports of sgomem debris in the roadway on then te outer loop there.ou but we'll let you know if and id when that causes any slow downsw we'll move it over and take lool at our maps.atur m we do have lot of congestiononin heading into the district.ict suitland parkway jams up past pt naylor road to south capitol. crash activity if leesburg seven leesburg pike eastbound atound a belmont ridge road. r keep in mind as you head in from upper marlboro pennsylvaniaennsa avenue does back up at dowerhouse. branch of a throw by 301. 301 to five.iv in fort washington 210 backs up towards the beltway.eltway
8:07 am
the icc eastbound after new hampshire avenue a crash messed over to the shoulder. look at 95. 95 north and s touthbound to ano from baltimore not terrible tere right now. baltimore washington parkway north and southbound a little bit of congestiohbn by powder ml road. road earlier crash 295 south at souta benning did clear and a littlee bit of an easing delay just a ja lot of stop and go traffic g because of the amount of volumee on the road.heoad. to 95 southbound eastern torn pennsylvania the freeway westbound dealing with somewithe heavy volume and then 395 slowso to the 14th street bridge.. just go about 4 miles will taket you 15 minutes edsall to kingin street as you make your wayour y through pentagon and crystal city delays and edsall roadloa remains shut down from a waterar main break earlier. use duke street to get around tt one. back to you. >> thanks erin. coming up a victory for led for zeppelin in court. cou plus why lebron james is i skipping the olympics. but first, hateful messages have been sprayed all over one arlington neighborhood whom police think is responsible for we're back with fox news morning. back after
8:08 am
8:09 am
>> welcome back. let's get out to arlington where the search is on for vandal who's wrote racial slurs, antis gay messages and antisemitic anm symbols on sidewalks and linesin in the boulevard manorlevard man neighborhood. >> jennifer davis joining us now with an update on the search.rc jenn?je >> reporter: good morning, mni guys. well the picture risk r neighborhood woke up yesterdayod morning to find this offensive e and racist and homophobic language and images spray paint adnu
8:10 am
neighborhood. they were able to clean up mosts of the the although there's a swastika on the grass across the street from where we are right t now. no police now investigating becausc they need to determine whetherhe or not this rises to the levels of a hateri crime.ri now if you take look at somet sm video, know that we have blurrer these images because they are se hateful, offensive. but it was racist, homophobicc and antisemitic images painted p white spray paint on sidewalks, bricks and lawns here in thee boulevard manor neighbor. it was widespread according toao police and at least seven s locations and police believee be this destruction of property ana graffiti likely happened early yesterday morning about 5:30 onn thursday. here's what one neighbor had to say.. >> we do have neighborhood lyft service.e graffiti and stone on the corner of liberty and lombardi hadbai paint on it and that is in my m yard.rd. >> it's unfortunate. i don't know if it's, you know, just punk kids
8:11 am
or if there's something roar to it. >> reporter: that's whathat's wa police want to know as well.t t they also want to know ifto kw there's any connection betweennb the graffiti found here and somm found at the blue montgomery mom junction trail which is nearby.r so they're now they were out here last nightoue talking to residents and neighbors and they would love tt hear from anyone who has any hny information.informatio they do believe teens are likely responsible but because thisecae could be hate crime they the definitely need to investigatenv and they'd like to find those te responsible.sp back to you guys.. >> jennifer davis reporting thit morning. coming up much more on the mor political impact of great g britain's exit from the europeap union. we'll check in with fox' chris wallace.waac >> let's take look look atok lkt vienna, virginia where we areree sip tripping on this fridayda morning. we'll have much more from there coming up next.mop next. 8:11 is our time right now.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> we're back 8:14.ack 8:14. today is zip trip friday and wei are sipping away to vienna, where we find tucker barnes, bne allison seymour and wisdomdom martin. good morning you guys.. >> good morning maureen. >> hi.. >> sweetest little baby out hert with us. henry and i were just playinglag peek a boo and mom, bethenny. be >> good morning. >> good morning.>> >> he wants to get down and this is cool little chariot, too.haro >> tell us all about henry. let's see if he wants to tell us himself.himself. >> henry has one word and it'sda dog. he just turned one
8:15 am
months.months his first birthday present.. >> the fire -- fire crew viennae fire department gave him the snazzy hat. h so cute.sout >> you want to talk.>> wan you want to say dog? >> very curious. >> in his spare time what doessi he most like to do? do? >> he's just into in the cabinets.abinets. playing with the with t outside. he's just busy.y very busy.usy. right, dude? good we're happyoh that he's our fox5 first fiveive today.da. hopefully somebody is recordingg this. so you can see it at home. >> >> hopefully so.>> hopul >> all right. all we thank you for joining do you want to hold this? no. >> he started to give it back to me. i've seen henry's trick he'llck get it and throw it on thehe ground. it's a funny thing he likes to s do. right. >> you got it. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for joining us. thank you bethenny.nk >> thank you. we always love a live my firstst five. so cute >> that took the place of pce weather who cares we got henry.y >> beautiful out here.. low 80s this afternoon.
8:16 am
>> aww. >> so cute.>> >> we have a close up on him. c back to you guys.s >> look at allison i know that you know hoh i feel i just want to grab those cheeks and those thighs.s. right? >> he is delicious is the right word, mo of. wo >> he is. look at that.ha i like that ride.ide. >> i was going to say with theoh little canopy on it.t that is sweet.w look at him.. >> okay.>> >> he's ready to go. just turned one. he's ready to take off, mom. >> did you see the little hat? >> yes. super cute. >> remember those sleeplessse nights you'll get over it real a quick. okay. let's turn more news for youws u this morning.thisorni as you know some very big newsyw overseas this morning.. great brought tan voting tovote leave the european union andnd already some pretty serious sio consequences to that decision. t joining me now with moreo is hh of fox news sunday chris walla wallace. good morning to you, chris. of
8:17 am
the fallout of the uk leaving ua the eu.the e the financial fallout but you by know this really means so much s more than just what's happeninge in the world marks. >> yeah, it's a very interestini vote and a big shock all the polls showed that britain wastaw going to stay in the eu. but there was a wave and you'rer seeing it across europe and seeing it in this country ofouro course of populous against the establishment both financial and political establishment a lot oo concern about immigrants coming in to in this case britain, but in our case here in the unitedhe states, you know, kind of af a native visit anti immigration, anti establishment populouss feeling does that sound likendik scenario for donald trump? imp? think if you're the trump peoplp you got to be pleased by what happened obviouslies it'sest' england not the united states but these kind of things tend tt catch on and sometimes spread sa around the world, and if you'reu the trump people, i would thinki you'd be encouraged by whatged happened in britain f you're the clinton people maybe a littleit
8:18 am
>> exactly. speaking of concern we're talking about what happened innh britain, immigration being aei huge portion of that.f that. the supreme court here dealing a huge blow to the white house regarding president obama'sent ' immigration policies or what he had wanted to push ahead. talk a little bit about that and how this might actually lend ton this whole argument and the political election cycle this t term around. aun >> i think there are two aspecte to this. one is, that i think you'reou going to see even -- an even more mobilized hispanic vote v against hispanic-american votecv against donald trump.rump obviouslily he's made lot ofot enemies much his unfavable unfab numbers eau up around 80% among hispanic-americans.-americans. but with this, i would thinkld k that there would be even moree stronger particularly sincear clinton is for deferredd deportation keeping theseping millions of people in thepl the country illegal toll allowed tot stay trump obviously against it. i. also it's going to make theak issue of the supreme court art a much bigger question in thiss campaign because split vote.
8:19 am
the court didn't decide, theyect couldn't decide and so as a de a result they had to throw it bacc to lower court ruling whichulinw blocked the president'snt's executive action. action. but if you put a ninth member o the court, then they couldould decide and if it's a trump person, then they would defeatet this executive action an clintoi person almost certainly wouldlyw vote for it. so that is one more reason toson think the supreme court will bel a real voting issue in thisnhis election.eltion >> in our last couple of secondc you've got hillary clinton's campaign manager and newt a n gingrich a trump supporter suppt you've got both of them on the e show. >> that's right.. and you talk about two of the te key issues.key es i'm ooh i'm going to ask them te about especially brexit the vott by britain to leave the europeap union and exactly this questiono does this indicate kind of an international populous anti establishment mood and if itt m happens in britain, could it, cd happen here in this country.s cy >> wow never dull moment. m chris wallace we'll be watchingt fox news sunday always pleasures >> thanks, maureen.aureen >> all right.>> >
8:20 am
coming huge will be recognized at this year's kennedy center honors?honors >> plus, no to rio. why lebron james says he'say skipping the olympics..
8:21 am
8:22 am
♪ >> all right. please.leas >> thank you mike thomas. you ma kennedy center announcing thisgs year's honorees
8:23 am
al pacino. singer james taylor, the rock tr band the eagles, are a jenn tine pianist marsha a garish andd gospel singer mavis staples. sta they will officially be honoredn in december and then the tn the ceremony will be broadcast later that i'm still waiting for myaitm tickets to any kennedy center honors. >> i >> how many years has it been.. >> every year mine gets lost in the mail.thmai it's a mazing.. >> mine two. two >> mine three. >> i thought you were going to y go i go every year. y >> should have done that one.han think of that next time.t ne >> all right.ig. okay. okay weather wise, today it's not a n bad day it's not washout but wet still have to be on guard for a couple of showers andwers a thunderstorms not expectings non anything in the way of severeths weather today. unless you live south throughhru central and southern virginia. there's your setup. sup there's a cold front drapedon right across the region. t reg cold fronts are areas where air masses clash, where air massesim clash you get a little lift,tl l showers and thunderstorms.. satellite and radar for now is i generally showing some sunshine in spots e
8:24 am
northern virginia off inff in northern maryland there are a few showers movaring through frederick county, married atma t this hour.this hou temperatures around the regionue comfortable to start.ble start 74 now in washington.asng 70 in gaithersburg. 73 for baltimore and annapolisas 74 degrees this morning. quick look at future cast branda new model just came in showing g few showers around the lunchhe l time hour then as we work thehe afternoon maybe we pop a thunderstorm around throw,hrow 4:00 o'clock here in d.c. much m those quickly push off to the tt south and then we'll startlltart clearing them out later thism oe evening maybe late day sunshinen just in time for a gorgeouss sunset on this friday 83 degrees your daytime hightimh today. a mix of clouds and sun.s an s we'll have a few showers and shs storms here and there. but i'd say we're nearly in thet clear for a perfect weekendtee coming up and more details onets that.that >> perfect.>> p >> i'm planning for that now.g t thank you.k you. >> you're well cup.e wellup oh, erin, where art thou.rto >> i'm in studio b.dio >> why did they move you over there.the >> i don't know. but you know. if you guys do again get one off those invites to the kennedy ken center i would love to be thetot d
8:25 am
tack me with crash activity seven east ae belmont ridge road. roa that did clear so traffic is getting by blocking the shouldel little caution there. caution if you're heading towards gain gainsville 66 westbound by 29 a crash blocking two let's see if we can forward ourr maps. i did take the clicker for theer other studio so that means in mm heart i want to be in there wite you guys. yo crash activity icc eastbound eau after new hampshire avenue alsoa blocking the shoulder. shoder 95 looking good. g baltimore washington parkwaye north and southbound a little heavy traffiwacut wise by powdee mill road and 197 volume delayss on 295 southbound to get just jt 3 miles going to take you eighte minutes eastern to pennsylvaniaa 295 northbound by the beltway passed lavatory road back up ap smidge and suitland parkway inbound jams. to -- 50 inbound 410 to 201 that is a red zone speeds unders u 10 miles an hour.our. amtrak delays this morningng unscheduled track work trackrack equipment issues northeast nor corridor service is modified mof between washington, d.c. and nen
8:26 am
so please check your amtrak or acela schedule for regional rail as well as you head out on the t train this morning.n thorni station closures on going g safetrack work for metro. potomac avenue, station armory stations closed. shuttle buses are running.ning. eastern market to minnesota andd benning road on the orange, on a silver and blue line. shuttle service replace thosece real lines non rail or bus service arlington cemetery to rosslyn on the blue line noe service d.c., maryland orr rosslyn. use the yellow line l'efant plaza yellow rush plus islu i running all day.inl da no other current metro delays ts report to you.rt to you. green line back to normal aftera an earlier residual delay to t branch avenue.e. that's your traffic a little bie later this friday morningor fingers crossed that the rest oo the morning commute goes just as smooth. back to you guys. >> thanks erinu gu.nkin blake lively back on the bigonhe screen with new film call the shallows.allo kevin sits down with the star to talk about why this roll sayss specially challenging.leing >> first though we're puttingug the mayor of vienna to the testt
8:27 am
all that and more as our zipur z trip continues.ti ♪ ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ just about 8:30. time for to us head back> out o vienna, virginia which is our zip trip for this friday, and wisdom, i understand you've gotg a very important person with you and i'm not talking about thehe donut
8:30 am
>> that's right. you know what, whenever you gov to a town when we go to these te towns on the zip trips, it onlyl make sense you talk to the t person in charge of that townthw and that would be the mayor.ay the mayor right now. this is is ll he's the mayor of vienna. >> yes.. >> very excited residents.ents >> very excited very nice community.very nice cn miss mayor -it- >> yes.>> >> tell knee about the town f somebody was moving to thiees aa and they were looking forg somewhere to live, make a pitchp for vienna. >> oh, it's a great location. it's the best location you canun get. it's in between d.c., tysons,s, reston but it has its own realla great community identity.deit >> right. >> it's got great ga it's got great communityat commi activities and really active community.commun lots of organizations that are active.. vba vienna business o.. arts association. a lot going on.a goin >> it's a good place. it's a go. it's a great place. >> you just got re-elect to do o second term. .> i did
8:31 am
(applause). >> you just got re-elected inted may. may third, yeah was my second mo time running for mayor. >> congratulations. cat in honor of you being leck the e for a second term of mayor we'll quiz you.ou >> what better way to welcome to you second term than strangerstr to come into your town and quizw you about your town.u >> that's good. okay. >> you got this right here.othi >> this is my zip trip answer sheet. ee >> since this is fox5 we'll doel five questions. that sounds good. >> the number one question we'l start withon this. t with know of your town of vien vienna. number one question hooks was qo the first settler to the town. >> okay. >> is this muddle tell choice. c >> multiple choice. >> go ahead. >> she knows that part. that's what i heard.eard >> carl broad well, b, colonel o john smith, c, prince george, dd sir isaac newton?ewn? >> okay. you want me to till the answer.s >> dell me the answer. >> it's a. a colonel brad well.brad wl.
8:32 am
>> so far so good.riso that's a checkmark for number one. number two, i know we don't havv all day i need to speed up what year did carl brad well settlete in present davey nanny.anny. a, 1807, b, 1927, c, 1754, d, 1776?76? >> your answer is -- >> b. >> she's a hundred per self so far.. >> yeah. >> 100%. >> all right. two che number three --er t -- >> okay.>> o >> what was the town of viennass original name? a, washington. b, fare hill. c... d large important?mpta >> and your answer would be? >> b air hill.. >> she's three for three. thr (applause). >> thank you.>> t she's like lebron james overes here today. >> whew! >> i was going to say stephayte curry but he lost. (laughter).(lau >> number four. >> yes. >> what year did the railroad ra reach vienna? a, 1786. b,
8:33 am
>> i believe -- c1889. >> she's money. >> four for four. isn't this is the last one.s the >> this is the last one. last. >> okay. >> the last one.>> all right. number 55, who was the first f mayor of incorporated vienna, a, duke ellington. b -- why you laughing. lgh don't give it away. >> b, sir barbara knowles.ra kno c carl joseph vienna or d, mayor or rin t heinz. hei >> it is d or rin heinz and thea reason i know this i actuallyy played or rin heinz last year.ty >> really. >> the town celebrates 125th anniversary last year and so we did a reenacted kind of thed o t origination of the town and iofw get to play or rin heinz.rin he. >> you already know the answer.a >> yes, yes. >> five for five. (applause). >> five or five. f >> that was pretty good.was preg do i get a p
8:34 am
>> yeah there you go you get aug prize right here. >> dunkin' donuts. don right there. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> that's your prize. >> thank you. >> what do t you think about hoy did the mayor do? sheou got fie for five. (applause).(appla >> not only did the mayor within second term she also won fox5's trivia know your town. (laughter).ter) >> thank you miss >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you.ha >> we'll be here all morning mor long. we're just getting started. srt. >> thanks for being here.nks ben >> thank you for having us.nk we'll be all over vienna.. >> yeah. >> anything else you want to say to the people out there watchinh right now. n >> come to the town of viennaown it's a great place to visit, tot live. >> it is lovely.>> >> and to enjoy your day.jour dy so absolutely. abs >> it is beautiful. it iseaut y yeah. >> beautiful. >> peaceful out here. >> it is. >> come out to vienna.t to vnna we'll be we'll keep hanging out much o m we'll show you more things in ti vienna. vienna. tucker is here.tucker is he we'll talk wther allison seymour is here.iser >> i have my walk. >> mayor's walk.'s every friday. >> let's give it to them, mayory >> i'll take t not my
8:35 am
that walk every friday. fda >> we'll do both.h you know what talker's walk is. >> i don't i'm sorry. sorry >> tucker attempts to do hisptsh cool walk every >> okay. >> i have pretty cool walk i w think. >> show him your cool walk. >> ladies and gentlemen, thes t mayor's walk.s lk. >> okay. o tucker barnes. (laughter).aughter) >> is that good?? >> we walk at 9:30 every fridaya i do walk and it's at 9:30. >> gotcha. mayor, thank you very much. >> thank younk.. >> vienna, virginia, people.eo we're here. we're we're kicking it all back to you in the studio. >> thanks. tucker, i'm sorry.i'm sry i apologize. apologize we're supposed to go to tuckereu barnes now and allison so mowerw i got carried away. awa i was blown away by the mayor.. >> wisdom, i'm not sure what he was having the mayor do. >> we want to finish up with att bikes at vienna. viea. you were talking about whatkinga great biking community vienna. let's get more infor
8:36 am
where do they find you.he. >> they find me at www.bikes ate fifty two that's the word at spelled outpo instead of the symbol like on se the share.the share you can also reach us at seven sorry 39388900.900 >> i don't know how you're showing on tv i thought this was richard branson from virginn america. >> i know.. >> check this out allison. allon he says he specializes in bikess that are kind of off the beatenn path. path high a folding bike when i wasis little. >> this is the bronson folding f bike from england made in london actually they manufacture themhe in the city of london nowy .. and it's remarkable bike thate a you can carry with you justou about anywhere you go.yw you >> that's so cool.t's soool. >> when you get where you're y going you have to unfold it.o u >> put this together.her. >> um-hmm.. >> i mean -- mea >> the folding bike is awesome.a all right. all >> you're ready to ride.ou'r >> he want to let everybody knoy about the big fourth of julyy celebration. how cool is it around vienna vie fourth of july. >> it's terrific.te we have grea
8:37 am
wonderful.wond fireworks are great.rks gre lots of stuff going on. >> hotdog eating couldn't testify,ing. >> chili eating contest. eatg co >> yup. yup >> obstacle course.>> >> i'm going to do it. >> you'll do the obstacle obstae course.u. >> yeah. >> let's get started on that obstacle course. cou >> i wanted to the weather weaer forecast. you go go ahe i'll do it. let it be under video while ithe do it. >> okay.>> okay. >> so you don't see me do it.t o >> we're going to watch you dood this obstacle course.e. >> anybody do the obstaclebstae course. co we're looking at temperatures ts root now in the 70s we'll be inb the low 80s later this afterno afternoon. >> okay. >> you go first. >> showers you guys go and i'll toll you.l. >> i want to show you the weekend forecast if i could.. we're doing temperatures thisra weekend in the mid 80s with0s w bright sunshine both saturdayat and sunday. an i guess we won't look at the weekend forecast.end all right. that is the latest. is e latest. thank you for joining us.joing >> thank you. thank >> allison let's see you on thet object today stelle course. take it a way. >> go, go, go! you can't stop.. >> hula
8:38 am
me either. okay. then we'll go this way. w you guys go. all right. i'm on it backwards -- we're onr it backwards.ackwards you go first.. >> i have no mike. n m that's on somebody else. not me. >> what about you? thank you. okay. n a.m. as.a.m. >> i'm getting out of breath watching you do that obstacle course. round of applause, allison great job.job i can't hold hula hoop either.op i can't whistle that's another r problem i v we'll move on to traffic not that many problemsrs right now. 395 northbound from edsall roadd to king street 4 miles is goingi to take you 15 minutes that's the usual delay there edsallds road remains shut down inn in that is because of an earlier ar water main break this weeks that's east of south whiting
8:39 am
avenue. inner loop remains slow fromw f branch avenue across the wilsonn bridge. let's take live look outside att some of our casimeras. 95 on the northbound side doingd okay southbound traffic a littll slower than usual through t dumfries just be prepared forref that. you can see little bit ofn see e congestion.conges no crashes reported.shes rorted. just give yourself little extrae time as you head down towards tr fredericksburg this morning. thn okay. okay. we'll switch it back to our map i want to show you some other areas. ea wide view of our drive times ins virginia. 286 north 123 to pokes head road sluggish.uggish same story 66 eastbound hadou hd earlier crash out by 234 centreville you're slow and thet 95 northbound in stafford sff actually really maryland delays on 50 holdingol strong into the beltway and thet keep in mind 270 little sluggiss by the truck back to you guys.u thanks erin. coming up donald trump's formerr campaign manager has new gig ang a big win for led zeppelin inlin court.t. >> plus a big announcement fromm lebron james. why he will not be competing inn the olympics this year. those stories and much more muc coming up next.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me. ♪ donald trump's former cam main managerru has new gig he hs been mired by cn inform asnforma commentator on the trumpento campaign. weather lewandowski can fullyul speak his mind is underind isnd question. associated press has reportedepe trump requires nearly everyone y working for him to sign sign agreements preventing them fromo releasing confidential or disparaging information aboutg o him. >> search underway for sinead sn o'connor p
8:43 am
looking for her after receivingi a report from her family inily i ireland saying she was threate threatening to jump from that a bridge. just last month o'connor waso'os reported missing after noter returning in bike ride she was later found safe at a hotel. a los angeles jury has ruled in favor of led zeppelin thenhe band was sued over the introductory guitar riff of rif their classic song stairway to a heaven the jury reviewed a video of led zeppelin riff and the the guitar riffs from another 1960s6 band it reached a verdict a vert short time later. will he been james taking aa break this summer he will notil play in the summer olympic. >> he says after leading theeadt cavaliers to nba title he justej needs a little rest. lebron won godded in deals the last two olympic the latest bigt name to drop from team usa following steph curry, james hardin and chris hall. hal it will be rough olympic. um-hmm. >> up next in the fox beat kevin joining us us live from new yoro city with one on weren'te on wet interview with former gossipp gi
8:44 am
>> we've got a lot more to got l discover on today's zip trip. ti tucker and wisdom will take al a step back in time to a historicc general store. store that's coming up next. 8:44 is our time right now.
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ zip trip time. 8:46 is the time right now.ow we'll head back out to vienna, virginia. >> we sure are.>> we that's where we find tuckeruc barnes in the middle ofiddl something or other.sothin y,
8:47 am
looks like you've got a very v stylish gentleman next to you. yes. >> i certainly do maureen. i'm in the free man store thists is going back in history and what great history thisry t building has. has i'm talking to mr. lie decker de the originally proprietor of the store, is that correct.or >> i'm abram lie decker i builti this store here as the general store has merchandise here thati we provide agricultural supplies to people, we also have a post p office that the people can sendn things along the orange -- the alexandria loudoun and new new hampshire railroad along here,d and in fact it even serves asn s the community center whereunityw people can come in and gathernde around the pot belly poddedod stove and share stories.. >> mr. lie decker this structurc was built in 1859 and let mee mention it kind of smells likeel 1859 in here.1859 i this is like history.. right? >> it is.>> i. >> yeah. >> this is history. tell me about t some of what'sh' taking place in this store over
8:48 am
>> probably the most excitingxcg thing that we've had in this thi store was that right on the vere front steps of the store as youo were coming in you were actuallt walking across history where there was a session voteote deciding whether virginia should stay in the union and/or leavenr the union right here -- - >> right here on this porch. th. most of fairfax county went witt leaving the union, but vienna here it was mostly northernersoh they came down from new jerseyje like myself and so we had toe hd vote there and they decided that they really didn't want to leava the union. >> wow! mr. lie decker after yoy moved on, i guess i'm talking tt your ghost, tell me whate happened because structure fellf in disrepair and the town ofnf vienna kind of saved, right?ht? >> they did.>> they over the years, it actually a stayed in the same it was used for number of yearsa as a general store andtore a everything. then an insurance company andoma all and fell no disrepair.isreir the town of vienna purchased iti and everything else and it waslt able to restore it back to whatw you see today.od we have the store h and then upstairs we have a hava
8:49 am
exhibits right now one on earlyy american agriculture of thisf ts area. area. >> all right. mr. lie decker peel want to fini your beautiful store, tell mel m where they can find you can threat good them information oni that modern net.n n >> we do have -- as i understand, it's a little bittle after my time, that if you gof u out to historic vienna put that in google history viennann incorporated you'll fine the'lhe link for the store. for tto >> okay. you guys are open during regular hours. >> wednesday through sunday froa and noon to 5:00.0 >> all right.>> >> it's free and come by and see our wonderful garden outside ana i will put in a quick plug thatt august the 20th we're having hag an old time country fair. f >> all right. r >> thank you so much for joininh me. me >> it's good to see you.ou >> i feel like i'm stepping back in history. in history. >> thank you. >> i'll do the weather quickly.i back in 1859 on this day, yous o know what, i'll bet the weatherr was pretty much like it islit i today. let's look at the forecast.t th. there's your seven day. 83 today.e' t clouds in vienna.ouds ivie going to be a mix of sun andnd clouds today way scattered storo
8:50 am
afternoon this evening maybe ane shower. again widely scattered weekendee looks fantastic both saturdayat and sunday. and items in the 80s this weekend. mr. lie decker he's not kiddingi around beautiful garden outsideo this facility as well. as w >> all right, maureen and holly i'll toss it back to you. you. >> system is that licorice fromf the 1800's.1800 >> it is. >> i think he piqued tucker'spic interest. this will too. >> universe soul circus comingiu to the dmv. the d you can win four tickets july tt july 17th that price tag includes four t-shirts and four red notices. the prize has an approximateprim retail value of $222.22 who doesn't want a red nose? n >> who doesn't already have one. >> you know what holly you'rew h right. >> i know. go to between now and 11:59 p.m. to.m enter for your chance to win.. one winner selected by randomano drawing on june 27th all entrants must be 18 or older to win. complete rules and online entryt are available at
8:51 am >> good luck.uck. ♪ ♪ all right. let's keep the beat going.he bei with kevin mccarthy who is in new york city talking all things movie on this friday. fda hey, kev, good morning. >> kevin, is this going to makem me afraid to go back in theack t water? i just finally got inlyi after jaws.after jaws. it took me, i don't know, 30 but now another shark movie? >> yeah. it's a really good question holly because when jaws cameawsm out, i know that movie scared -- that was a legitimate thingat t where people were not going inti the ocean because of that moviee it was very scary. we had spielberg on the shown he earlier this week talking abouta shooting that movie and the annie ma tron mix shark and how it was hard to do that filmilm obviously many many years laterl spielberg would have done thevee shark using cgi. so now this movie the shallows l does feature some cgi with a shark but also blake lively it's very very condensed film. film. you're basically dealing witheaw her character who is attacked be a shark. s she's on a rock for the majoritr of the film which is about aut 200 yards away from th
8:52 am
and that's why it's so scary because she can't get to thesheo shore because the t shark is circling after he's already alr tacked her.tacked her. the attack shot is unbelievablee because the attack the shot --ho the shark basically comesally c through the wave while she'shile surfing much it's insane tons watch it. very very scary.yry but i spoke to blake lively who actually received injuries whili making this movie onset and we also talked about her husbandus ryan reynolds and a very funny n story that she told on late night about watching her husbans in a sex scene in dead pool.ool. watch this. ts >> when you get pulled down notn water and your face goes againsa the rocks. >> yes. >> i'm wondering how that washas shot, are you in a tank? what are you really rubbing against?n how long are you underwater? >> well, that was -- that wastht one -- i didn't have a stunte un double for the first six weeks e shooting. the last two weeks they finallyy brought one in, thank god. g i had an amazing woman come inom and, um, it was a mixturere between me and her, um, as they,
8:53 am
belt with these wires and the t wires spin you underwater and thrash you along the rock. rk >> oh, my gosh.y gosh. >> it was -- it was reallyeall pretty crazy and pretty intensei and the rock is actually -- it's made of fiberglass but there's e foam coating that's this thick h but it's a hard foam because ite can't be like a squishy rock. and then the fiberglass, youergs know, kind of peeks through andg you actually hit hard metal. there were so many points inany this movie that i would discoveo a piece of metal sticking out oo the rock. the rock it was very scary dangerous dro movie but also there's another scene, too, where the bowie bow falls down and i'm -- i pullul myself up and i crack my facey and i swim into the bowie andnd i've got this bloody nose.y n that was real.ea >> real bloody >> real crack.eal that was really -- i mean that a was really really awful and a scary but -- when i came up ie thought i'll pass out right nowt or i'm going to continue thee te scene and i'm going to be so awesome.awesom >> i saw on fallon the other onn into the you tol td
8:54 am
yesterday stories about watchinr dead pool on the plane.ieooon ta that made me laugh sone hard. h (laughter).(lghter). >> i've seen the movie six the s times. >> just for that scene. >> no. >> actually the scene when he wn throws the bullet in the threeht guys heads that was really coola i wanted to know brought uproht something i always wanted toantt know. movie trivia about thevi bullets. i n i tell you.e can >> yeah. because the budget was soe h slow the reason he only had 12 bullets because explosions costo a lot more money.moreoney >> really?>> r >> and you know they were like well we don't have enough time -- money to do all the explosions and all the shootingn so let's just give him 122 bullets.. necessity is the mother of of invention.inion. >> i found out fascinating youtu toll the store on fallon torturt to watch that scene on theon t as actors, filming those scenese is never -- always annoying,ing there's people around. aroun >> everyone is uncomfortable.fob >> do you guys -- would you taly to him before he shoots a zone like that? does he call you sas blake i got to shoot this scenen today. >> he called me black i'd be m very concerned. that would be the first step. okay, annoyed to sit down. sit d we always talk to each others tk about the movies we do before wf
8:55 am
people that are the most nervouo and the most dreading it and the most -- but everybody feels that way. wa like, it's good that you don't u come on to a set and like the lt other person is like, hey. with 30 people standing aroundro and bright lights everyone feeln like you're having the nightmart at school where you show up topt school naked of naked.ed. always feels that way. w >> all right.ight so she's referring to watching n her husband ryan reynolds inn the -- there was a sex montage a in the movie dead pool that she was -- had to watch when she was on plane flying to due press foe this movie. mvie she looks over and there's her h hub on the tv screen that's whaa she's talking about.talking abot i was curious, do they have h conversations when they're married about having to shoot s those scenes that's the fullul interview available on facebook page mccarthy fox. >> owe want to know way calls her.s we don't have time.on't havtime kevin, i'll drip you. >> me, too.>> >> you didn't ask. oh, kevin.oh, >> i wanted to know. does he not call you blake? blak what does he call you?l >> get on n kevin.
8:56 am
mean we'll we'll talk with mikek thomas about weather.bout w >> quick look at the forecast tr let's go straight to radar thist morning. generally sunny around thear the region for now. for now here in d.c. at least someea s showers off to the north.or the problem is, it's still asll little unstable we can kick up c another shower or thunderstormen as we head into the afternoon hours.hour quick look at the seven dayseve forecast.foreca 83 today, scattered showers ands thunderstorms the good newsweeke end looks perfect. eighty five on saturday.ur 87 on sunday heat and humidity return early next week with awih chance of storms on monday and y tuesday. >> all righty.>> allhty. erin one last check of the road for this 8:00 o'clock hour.cloc. >> that's right maureen and right now we do have somes o hae delays. let's get right to it.t t to throw 95 is basically parkedallr through crystal city andugh tal pentagon area. area. temporarily we lost the image a little cloudy right l we have av crash on the 14th street stree bridge causing some big delays and 95 through newington there'e a crash blocking a few lanes 95s northbound backing up from dale city on give yourself a* about 15 extrae minutes as you make your wayr w from dale city tour the beltwayy because of that a look ove
8:57 am
our maps right now.psight metro on time except the on-going safetrack work slowingl us down with shuttle busing b available. water main break still in placea edsall road closed bothdot directions by south whitingsouti avenue. take duke street to get arounavo that and again growing delays dl 395 northbound approaching theag 14th street bridge. bri back to you. >> thanks, err inn.. coming up on the 9:00 a.m.0 hour the start of good day.. much more on the fallout from >> checking back in with our zip trip queue.ip q a little steal band action fromr vienna v have a. vav much more to come. ce. good day at 9a is your next stop. back after this.
8:58 am
40% of the streetlights in detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks. young people are moving back in town. kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. and folks are making investments and the community is moving forward.
8:59 am
but they're not out for long. they're coming back.
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead, a british bombshell defying expectationstn vote approve plan to leave thehe european union.nion now the prime minister says he's out and global money marks areke in a free fall. fall. back here at home a teenagee under arrest after threateningen to shoot his ex-girlfriend, her family and her school.. we'll have live report.or the fire and the flood. mother nature pump link the lint nation's mid section.ti can we expect the same thise th weekend? and later, president obama's message for the nba champions. >> come here but put on a shirt though. though. >> good day at 9a starts now.. ♪ hey, everybody.> hey, eve


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