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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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into now the people of great britain vetted 23 sever tiesr t with european union major m questions remain. it's unclear how the process will play out. out. we hear me from fox's benjamin hall. >> reporter: shock waves beingr: felt around the s world after britain's historic decision to cut ties with the european union. >> i'm not sure i think the country s was a lot better maybr many years ago before we enteret the eu maybe we can try to get y back to that. >> it's impossible to say how it's going to affect us what it will bring i think it is volatile ism u david cameron u says he'll be regn
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britain's eu commissioner announcing his resignation saturday morning. >> very simple really when something as huge in the britain referendum takes place actions a have connivences i think it isei not possible for me to carry on >> reporter: in germany, swift, in calm break. >> it is important now thatat these negotiations united n kingdom starteg in good faith ah soon as possible. >> reporter: now there's a concern that the united kingdom could break a part. protest breaking out in scotland the country that tried to split from the uk. >> 2014 independence, 2016 remind in europe, politicians,, tell you what they think you want to hear, work for independence. >> reporter: the financial after shocks are also grim.
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on saturday moody downgraded uk from stable to. to. in london benjamin hall fox news. >> a lot of folks in britain an round the word are trying too learn more about the brexit bre according to google essential some brits didn't know the th basics searches for wap if we leave the eu tripled one of the top questioned asked by users ue after the brexit result was alsl what is the eu? >> meantime not every un one eve wants an online petition already gathered more than a millionli signature's. and in the race for the whitehie house clinton is picking upng another key voter. vot >> sanders says he'll probably check her name off in november.. here's fox's did you go. >> reporter: clinton had a good
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trump. that was before the brexit vote and trump's timely visit to scotland he entered the sent tooments people want to seewant borders. clinton came out in support of the losing side and ouched thisn statement. we respect the choice the people of the united kingdom have made. first task has to make sure sur economic uncertainty created by these events does not hurturt working families here in america. while clinton is linking it with economic uncertainty there is a different school of thought many see big par relevance between the,he, status and the discontent with stagnant growth and.. >> that at the european union ii not working part of the reason it isn't working is because europe is over regulated. power has been increasinglyy central liesed unbraces:
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to the ma lace un checked immigration a back lash here in the us how it all plays out remains to be seen. clinton has her hands full with sanders whoo has not endorsed her wants toans level his influence for maximum effect. >> what we are trying to do also is to come up with its most progressive platform that thehe democrats. >> reporter: just miss morningu democrats approved a draft ofrat the party platform included blanks to break up wall streett bank has been bow listen of thew death penalty in washington fox news. >> many people would agree trump has shaken up the republican rep party that's not sitting well with long time conservativesrvat including george will he says he is so fed up with trump he's leaving the party. p he changed his partyhis registration to un affiliatedffl and ease urging republicans to make sure trump does
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election in november. he has been critical of trump it the past. and trump as responded callinglg will a major loser. >> this weekend markshe one o year an verse see of the supreme court ruling which legal legalld gay marriage. mar stone wall in as the monument. during the president's weekly w address he talked about scans of stone wall. >> stone wall will be our first national monday you meant toea tell the story of the struggleue for lgbt rights. i believe our national partsati should reflect the full story of our country richness that always defines us we are stronger together out of many we are one. >> it continues to serve as a gathering place for demonstrations last week vigils were held after the orlando shooting.
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fbi direct testified and capitas hillti many folks we have alarmw at what he had to say.o in a hearing he told congress isis is a quote, formidable and resilient enemy, richard bur isi on that committee he shared his thoughts on parenthesis don's p testimony on this week's gop address. >> director parenthesis nan madh it clear spite all our progress against ice shall in the battlen feel and financial realm ourlm efforts have not reduced the groups terrorism capability. he assesses that as the precious mount on ice sill it will intensify. >> north carolina law maker went on to say the us led coalition made progress not enough to eliminate the threat of isis. >> comedian and actor wrote an off add for the new york times this week to talk
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muslim letter risk called out c trump in particular saying thatt his calls to ban muslims fromom entering the us takes prejudice to new levels. he says it makes him afraid ford his family and the millions of muslim americans in the countryt let's switch gears now and take a live look outside. a beautiful day. a beautiful evening. it's a beautiful shot there. did i say beautiful enough. >> wisconsin avenue there the questions will those clear skiei stick around for the rest of the weekend i certainly hope so gwen standing by 82 jew picked the right adjective beautiful iss what i'm going to use we have hardly any clouds to speak about we got a rich of high pressure e large and in charge across the area. so not much happening there inre the cloud department at all. temperature wise it is still pretty warm outside. out 74 degrees i
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capital. we've got 70 degrees gaithersburg, 68 frederick, too at dulles and 65 degrees at culpeper. winds are light. jet stream to the north. that means we're going to see ae warm day as we head into the '80s once again the good news is hashtag un wanted house guess yes that humid disqualified iss going to once again stay away. a perfect day for you as we movw into sunday. get ready for lots of sunshine 86 industries. and hopefully you'll get out ane joy it. fox 5 accuweather 7-day forecast is coming up april just a bitl j back to you.o y >> we'll look forward to it gwen. police and firefighter will be f swarming the metroir tomorrow. >> what emergency crews are preparing for. a community rallies to helpe a little girl see for the firste time that story coming coming up.
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>> it's been a bloody day in sa mole jay gunman stormed a hotel and tookn a number of guests ht statue this began when a suicide bomber detonated a, the gunman fought their way inside and a began shooting at guest randomly. the stand off lasted a number of hours that's when security forties moved in. 14 people kin the attack. islamic group always sha bob is claiming responsibility jostlees 62 wild fire inpo central california has turned deadly two people killed 150 homes burned. governor declared state of emergency. later test from fox's will car:r here in california we're still in the state of emergency as this fire continues to threaten homes after burned
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neighborhoods like this you gokt street after street and you seee home after home burned to the te ground. right now the fire is zero% contained burned 30 thousand acres that number will continue to go up. there are 800 firefighter on the ground and in the air trying following a hold on this massive fire right now. now we know two people were killed in this fire on thursday an elderly couple they tried to get out when they got to the fen they ran into the fire and into the smoke overcome by both. the cause of the fire is stilltl under investigation we're told t fit is determined that the fire was arson the perpetrator couldp be charged with homicide because of those two deaths. as for the survivors many have not been able to come back to their neighborhood to see what is left when they do return ret they'll realize they lost everything. >> my grandmom's house they moved here in the 70s she passed away back in 2008 i just bought the house from the rent terse that we
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i just lost it after getting itt last year. >> reporter: its not just possession he earlier we spokeoe with a couple e residents one we able to grab a couple of possessions and cat when thehe flames came down he wasn't ablea to find his dog until today when he found his dog's body even hid property need less to say he was heartbroken. will car fox news. >> back here at home our region is continuing to deal with metro "safetrack" program to make needed repairs on the traction. tomorrow, there will be a lot of at tiff have the on silver line because metro is conducting a cn safety drill you may hear sirens or fire trucks near the stations in the morning it is just a drill. still to come tonight at fox 5 news at 10 he's a doctor witha a heart of gold. >> he's taking house calls to to greater heights and helping
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plus this guy here, yes, this is a dog and it is getting a whole lot of recognition it's good you are going to want to see the story it's good recognition that's coming coming up. okay, ready? whoa!
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into we want to share with you a some up listing events taking place in the district over the next few days to bring attention to the incredible work that children's miracle network hospital do each and every day. >> earlier this afternoon the hospital group a ranged
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together pediatric patients from each of the 50 states the events was head at reagan nationalagan airport each of the so-called champions will spend the nextped few days in the city. earlier they got a chance to meet miss america. >> night's really cool how everybody got together. they don't know what is going os they hear, they are there tore cheer them on. its been cool to welcome them all to dc. >> they will be honored at thatr nat's park before they take the field against the new york metsw on tuesday they'll have lunch on capital here with parole heck par leach -- par ra. whose legally blind an amazing gift. >> raising money to to help herr family get special glasses. i had the chance to meet her earlier this week and share her
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>> and he had a picture on his wall. >> that's nine year old daylyn seeing clearly for the very v first she was born with a question called septo optic dysplasia her visions extremely limited. >> the ground as i'm walking around. >> but not steps. >> i can't see steps. >> daylyn sideways her head froh side to side so she can catch c glim ps of light and color, holding foam toys hit comes do her absolute favorite thing to do, reading she relies onn braille. >> i want my mommy. >> it's all about to changenge because very soon hopefully by b the time she enter fourth grade she will have her own pair of e site graces. she tried them during a demo in arlington there was a moment she and her mother will nevereve forget. >> she turned around looked at
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i saw my mommy and she looked pretty. >> absolute miracle i didn't think there was going to beo b anything that was going to bee able to help her when she was first important the fact that there was something out there hope the most amazing feeling any parent could ever have into some she can't wait to see her baby brother due in october. >> she'll be able to experience the world with him, she'll be able to see things as he'ss seeing them too. >> esight glasses allow to you magnifying the world around them.them with them daylyn was able to t read rows of an eye chart 10 feet away. it is expensive. she first learned about e siteie when she she was a clip on tv with their help the family is fm very close to the 15 thousand dollars they need to raise. local business owners are also
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helping. diana's diner set up this collection box prettied box p adorable. so the customers can contribute as they check out. they are also holding a spaghetti dinner fund racer thit saturday. >> an opportunity that would come along to would allowlow anybody to see again i think is fantastic she's a sweetheart. >> she may only be able to see fragments of light this littles girl lights up the room. her proud mom says any penny they raise over the 15 thousand5 dollars will go to help other visually impaired kids. >> we want to give every child a chance to see the worlds everybody should have hope. >> so she'll see fragments ofl s light first, is there a chance c that the technology could get g better so she can see more into in this is so new i was evenve asking how long is shelf life of these glasses it is all digitalg they ju
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there's a warranty they caney cn continue whatever new technology comes hopefully they'll be ablel >>grade it or something. >> exactly. i know that there was at least 300 people going to that dinner that was tonight hopefully theyy raised a lotore money you can go to their go fund me page. >> finding the right doctor wheo your child is sick can be frustrating especially if you had hardly any options. >> heart doctor based in neb brases ka he flies around cities across the country to help kids. doctor scott fletcher says he makes these visits to rural areas many patients have a hard time finding a doctor who specializes in pediatric hearttr problems. >> one of our goals of our outreach clinics are to bringcs our a services closer to where e families lives to to make that easier for them. >> to see the kids get through their surgeries
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wonderful people and have have families of their own that's a great thing to >> good for him doctor fletcher has been treating many of his hs patients since birth parents feel grateful to have a loyal doctor going out of his way to help. >> i can't believe it. into story is great a man couching duck links in his at seven duck links hatched on theh roof of the building and started taking their first steps off the side. he chef caught it in his hat they then followed their mom to a near by laying where they just swam away. >> i know that area very well. asbury park that's where i grew up. >> even that beer garden. >> i haven't been there i know the lake and
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it was a nice story. >> it was a nice story. >> okay. a dog has been crowned the world's ugly yesterday dog. d >> take a look for yourself. there he is the dog is named sweetpea ram bow, he is 17 year old blind in both eyes and weighs only four pounds along with the title sweetpea's ownern won 15 hundred bucks and a six foot trophy the world's ugliest dog has been held for the past 28 years. >> spy hope they use it for the puppy. >> he's not quite a puppy 17 years. >> but, he's is he so tiny. >> buy some food and feed that dog.g >> that reward money. >> definitely. >> how are you?
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tomorrow. it's not ugly nothing ugly in the weather department. you said beautiful earlier that's what we're serving up. great day today outside we'rede going to do repeat performance. mostly clear skies tonight. sunday will be definitely sunday filled. i also called it sensational sunday.sund temperatures are going to be warm.wa humidity is going to be on the t down side that's what we want low humidity. the beginning of the week an unsettled weather pattern towe talk about. here's a look at what is going a on right now.ton next to nothing, rich pressureue large and in charge nothingn happening in terms o cf cloud or prezip station that's a goodon t thing. here's a look at the highs from today we hit into the lows at all three airports. ted was comfortable exactly prettymf much where we should b. current temperatures for you 72 degrees dues
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win chest this hour 70 at frederick same at gaithersburg 74dc54 degrees leonardtown. winds are light and moving in from the southeast that humidity is going to stay really away ass we move into tomorrow which iss very nice.ry tomorrow is going to be very comfortable not sticky at call.l and the low humidity with no shortage of sunshine i'm hoping you are going to plan outdoor things for tomorrow you don'tmo want this day to go to wasteo when it's on a weekends. i know the giant capital barbecue is happening downtown dc. dot north holding uses into thit pattern once we get into thehe beginning of the workweek we gok a little bit of change a littlel bit warmer and we are going toog start to see the humidity crawly back into the picture. you are going too have to deal d with the humidity once we gut te monday or so. don't have to deal with it tomorrow prepare yourself accordingly. could see morning fog as well. here's a look at highs for h tomorrow 86
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same gaithersburg 88 manassas, 87 quantico and we've got 87 at frederick and 83 degrees att annapolis. so, if you are heading to oceanc city that's a great decision. we serving up plenty of sunshine for the beaches water temperature about 68 degrees anr oceaeen city about 78.. and all or outer beaches temperatures pretty much in the same range into the upper 70s. it ease going to be a great dayt if you want to go to the poole and hang out in a backyard, it's perfect for that. fire up the grill in fact. 81 degrees tomorrow at midday. you're by the time we hit the 4:00 hour. putting it together for you then 67 degrees store tonight. mostly clear skies very mild night. then for foam headed to the midm '80s with all the sunshine,e, warmth and the good news low humid disqualified. here's a look at fox 5 accuweather forecast, a cold front that's going to move in from the west. by the time we get into
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tuesday that's going to give us a chance to see a few storms few popping up. it looks like it's going to stall out depending when it leaves will determine if we see that lingering into there's a slight chance of isolated storm on wednesday. by the time we we get to thursdy 85 degrees sunshine. back to you, lauren. >> all right. addicted to these things smartphone depends could come back to harm sny 72 why doctors say we may all be toppled to develop a certain health condition because of o ourf o addiction to the phone. >> kanye west causing a controversy over his music vides we got the story coming up. up.


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