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tv   Fox 5 News on the Hill  FOX  June 26, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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>> trump takedown. every day we see how reckless hs and careless trump is. is. he's proud of it. well, that's his choice. cho except when he's asking to ben our president. presi >> hillary clinton launches a la slew of attacks against trump.
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>> she's a world class liar.ld s no secretary of state has been e more wrong, more often and in in more places than hillary clinton. clinton. >> but the outspoken republican didn't even flinch el and where in the world isere ins bernie sanders? on the hill starts now. now >> and a good sunday morning mor to you. y it is june 26th.26 tom if it is geld along with i you.t ronica cleary th editor in chief. how are you guys doing.u guysoig >> very well. busy week in politics.ol we took little. little. >> don't we say that every't wyh week. you say that exact same thingt e every week.ever >> i'll come up with something t new next week. >> it's true. >> it was a big news week. >> it really was.tlly we'll start with the headlineswl this week. w obviously the thing everyonery is talking about it's the is brexit. so, we've got some headlines. hn this is its front page of theof washington post. britain and the
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over exit the new york times a causticic post war unraveling and thennd t the sunday business sectionbuss taking a little bit closer tolo home in the new york times in brexit ithn america. so, one of the things that theat pundits are going back andngac forth saying is this really -- a was this a decision about theecb economy or was this a decisiones basically founded on an anger and a frustration that we'refrus seeing in the people of britain that many are drawingwi a connection to here in the hern united states saying that this is a boost for donald trump, that this is a nod to the to th anger that exist here in thet he united states or is it reallyitr just about not wanting to be ane part of the eu.part othe >> i think it's about economicuo pop lifts. pop lifts i think it was a win forthinit w trump. he needed it.he nd i his message is america forget these trade deals.serades forget working with otherh o countries and i think some ofnke that was part of the reason ther why all the experts saidxperts s brexit was going to fail and toi it was a a l president obama david cam vonavd on his way out.. so, just
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events. what happens next we don'tpens know. however, the one thing that t does hurt i think trump isink t that if you have a 401k it 401kt took a hit on friday. fri and people -- not a lot of aot people know what brexit is but i they know they lost a lot of money in the stock market. m >> everybody apparently anppen expert. over the last few days if you look l at facebook and twitter everybody has become a very quick expert. al had a financial planner on fi during the news this morning the and he said n don't look at your portfolio.rtfo >> don't do it. >> because he said.>> >> stay away isn't he sayse this is going to level out and d in some cases it might be beneficial to the unitedal states. if you want to refinance ace mortgage right now. now >> uh-huh. >> next couple of months mightoh be pretty good. i'm just -- i pull back alac little bit away from some of o the stuff i've heard this week k that what happened with brexit b somehow is this, you know,now, harbinger of things to come ce for november in the united
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links into donald tru and you know, i -- i think- that that's a stretch.tretch. you know, there are a lot of a issues that went on with thatt eu thing that let's be honest, n folks here we weren't evenweretv talking to you. >> no. >> up until that vote and v there was a lot of assumption that is it was going to fail. t it didn't and, you know, now kn, because it has, all of this reinstant analysis of somehow s this is going to be beneficialee for one side or the other. o i don't see it. y be amay be a stretch but it's a connection that donaldha trump is certainly willing tolyi make and he can easily pointasi to the president, you know,u k suggesting that this is a bad is idea, that we shouldn't do it. >> it would have helped whenwo he tweeted about scotland iful a he would have at least known which side scotland voted on. scotland voted to stay. to >> i know.>> i that was very interesting.. but, you know, it's -- anyway. a let's talk about anotherut ano headline that really stood outot to m this is other front page ft of the sunday styles. now, you might not recofognizeeg this woman in this photo buto bt if you cover the campaign, inamg any way, you kno
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this is hope picks, theck headline is mr. trump's gatekeeper.te some interesting littleng l information about hope.inrmat she's only 27 years old.7 yearso she was working for ivan today and the trump real estateeal ese brands and this line was quite w interesting.g. apparently she was broughtnt into mr. trump's office and he said to her this is your new new job. jo that that's how it came about. o and one of the lines that shehah couldn't -- you couldn't helpt h but notice in this it saystay she's arguably the leasthe presidential secretary in the te modern history of politics.ol haven't experience in politics. work for forhe did ivanka and the trump real r estate brand. in her past she was a models.e d i think i wrote down she was in -- a ford modeling contract as a teenager never worked ind i politics before last year. yea but certainly did have some professional experience beforeeb she was hired.she was hired. >> isn't that the the trumpsn brand though, not a politician, not an insider, iidr not someone who is plugged in pg in the traditional, you know,al veins of
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seems to me that this fit into right with what donald trump mth is. >> it does and it's amazing a they started to change it but bt throughout the primary she washe the only communicationss person. >> sure. >> that's unbelievable.t'unbe she must get thousands ofds o e-mails so if you get her attention you've dean goodntion job.yo she's very nice but she'se but going get some help nowel because when you're run a a general election you can't can't just have one communicator. >> you dealt with her.ou >> she's nice. but d overwhelmed because so many people are e-mailingin trying get her attention. a she needs some help and i think the trump campaign campa they've hired other communications people now butat she is, she's just like trumpikt on outsider.ut >> and with being overwhelmedrwe it's funny a lot of e-mailsfai i'll get back to her no, yes,o, you know, i mean she's s's answering literally must bet be thousands of e-mails but she answers -- she is just so different from the rest of thefr people in his campaign.ig looking at corey lewandowski and hope picks, she's this sort of silent
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campaign that has been a very consistent -- ob robby mook the hillary clinton campaign manager he'll ' be on fox news sunday comingy cn up with chris wallace. wal want to talk about theou economy. hillary clinton is coming up cop on her convention at the endhe of july. up until now, she's spent herpe time talking about bernie sanders, lately this week she wk has been able to turn her attention more now exclusive ele to donald trump. at some point she has to start saying what she's going to do td as president, not just the third term of barack obama.racka so, she had a big speech andeh that speech was about theas aboe economy. so, listen to this. thi what she said about what hillary clinton's idea of what a hillary clinton economy is going to look like.e. >> ♪ >> i want to talk about what donald trump is promising tosing do to the after more than a year, it's its important that he be held accountable for what
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he'll do as president.side and -- (applause). we need to clear the way t y for a real conversation aboutsai how to improve the lives of working people.ple. a few weeks ago, i said his said foreign policy proposals and reckless statements representnt a danger to our nationalatiol security.serity but you might think thathat because he has spent his lifentf as a businessman, he'd behe'd b better prepared to handle the hl economy. well, it turns out, he'sut h dangerous there, too. t just like he shouldn't have his finger on the button, hebun, shouldn't have his hands onds on our economy. >> all right.ll association that's heso that's g donald trump, not talking tal abo
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you might not like donald trump's tax plan butmi at leastt you've heard it and you know what it is. at some point ronica, doesn'ta, hillary clinton have to starthaa telling us what hillary clinton is going to do and notot just make these assertions that, you know -- we get what's going on. she has to contrast herself against her opponent but sheheot also at some point has to say ts something that's a little more detailed than improve thetail tr lives of working americans. ari who doesn't want to improve imp the lives of workingthe li americans. >> it's an interesting pointes but if you look at donald yook t trump's speech he did h something very similar. sim the whole speech was anti-hillary speech.lary s the two are spending a lot of time to focus and attack the other. that's what works.or. people want to hear strong opposition. >> if your calling card is iur am hill and i have been plugged in and on the nationalaa stage for over two decades now, don't you exp
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more from her? re f >> yeah, listen, i mean, she has -- she has detailed plansaip on her web site like tax credits and minimum wageinimum however she doesn't have a't hav message that captures that hope and change type of of message. i talked to democrats.ts they're very nervous. cnn poll gives trump the trumphe advantage on the economy.cono bad polling recently for tonng r trump but he has the advantage n on terrorism guns and economy.dy she has immigration foreign for pool seen trade. t bill clinton got elected oncted the message it's the economy eco stupid. she's behind her she's going keep trying toeying hammer this home.hammer t he's a successful businessmanne he's had some bankruptciesbankri here but he's very glitch a couple bankruptcies.up >> people do trust him on thedoh economy at least. >> and that is something wherehs she's maybe needed t so use thie opportunity to play hery strengths for the economy andec what shrek to for it. let's listen to a little bitwh ofst what donald trump said thii week as well. wel >> talk about her record andecod her record is
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you know, she's crooked coked hillary. let's face it.s face she's crooked hillary.illa she always has been and nothing is going to change. c >> need to hear him bring up that name again. a just got brought back to thek primaries when he was namingie all the competitors s.mpeto did donald trump do a better dob job of presenting his economic policy or did he do the same doe thing that you said was a flaw a of hillary's speech.'spe the speech the whole thing was t really an attack on hillaryon h clinton. cl >> he's much better in those beo sit downer views than he isha when he starts railing from that when you see him in a sit down d interview there's a much different tone to trump.. he sounds like somebody youeby o could have a conversation withve as a opposed to when he gets up on that stage sometimes and hee starts railing about things but there's a good reason whyn y he gets these numbers he gets he on the economy.cono because that -- you know, wew, talked about calling card aard a little bit earlier.ttleit earli. donald trump, that's -- since-- he first came on the nationall stage, he's always been the t
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you thought bowel. b and jobs and success in this country. it seems new jersey tool me that people are goingat people r gravitate towards him when you talk about things like, youbo know, income and job stabilityoa and tax policies.x olicie i think when he gets into gets trouble sometimes, though, is tg when he starts talking aboutng t things like foreign pool z-the t way he did last week. wee and he makes these gas the way w he did about scotland.tlan the way he kind of just pilesus things in and just kind of throws them out there with no -- little detail.ttle d >> i think one of his -- its- reason he's successful is because his antitrade message.ta hillary clinton has been kindn of all over the map on trade.ra trump doesn't have a lot of lot specifics on economic plan.n ec. he doesn't have a detailed taxtd plan but overall i think his message is antitrade and thatha appeals to some union officials and he wants to get, t some, like the teamsters, he'sms trying to get their endorsement. >> he really is. >> and they support they sut th keystone pipeline whi
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hillary clinton doesn't.y clinto so, but overall i think -- i- think you just got to see -- - going to see this one ts attacking the other.attag th >> one person who is trying toyg influence hillary clinton when we talk about her presenting ant economic policy is bernieic py s sanders still in this raceers still trying to be astn inc influential force. he was asked and bob you and inu were speaking about this before the show i really rea commend the person who askedthph him in an interview are youvi ae going vote for hillary clintonlt or however it was wordedwasorded exactly because to me iy becausm thought why would you ask thatsa he's still in this race. of course he would say -- s >> it was on colbert.n col >> i believe it was on an msnbc morning show and he said s i'm going to vote for hillaryeor clinton but he's still in thee rails.ra the whole dynamic of bernie sanders purpose, not endorsing e hillary clinton let's listen lis to a little bit of sounds from s bernie sanders this week. >> doesn't appear that i'm tt going to be the nominee so i'm
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the scope of the convention. look, if i -- i've given a fewia speeches in my life.if it would be flies to speak at the democratic national convention ife they for for whatever reason don't wander dow me to speak, you know, i -- so what. >> what is he still doing inis this race? $38,000 -- theyey had a story this week, $38,000k8 a day in secret servicevi protection because he is stillss not officially withdrawn from this race. th and what kind of message does this send to the bernie bro's about whether -- >> the bernie bro's.e b's >> that's an old name. n the bernie bro's, these t hipsters who follow bernieol sanders everywhere aboutwhere at whether or not they should be supporting hillary clinton. doesn't he need to be on poinort we're like a couple of weeksplee away from the convention. fully -- he hasn't endorsed end her yet.r ye >> no, no.>> n >> saying you'll vote foryo vot somebody and saying you're're endorsing somebody are two a different things. >> he's getting some changes in the platform. he's got minimum wage.
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it's $15 not 12 like hillary democrats are getting nervousngn about him because he's not outcs i was wrong i thought he would be out a couple weeks agoeee after d.c.after d so they're giving him a littleal space but they're also saying,t birney, you gotth to get outet before the convention.onvention. >> but he's not doing it.ut he' >> he's not doing it. >> when does he have to do d this >> he's completel ry unpredictable. the whole thing this week was -- took me boly surprise.urr i don't know when he does it. we i think he needs to get out gett before the campaign but the pressure has got to besure h mounting on him to make some se sort of decision.ecis >> they don't have a lot of lot leverage on him.ra on him. >> he's not even in the party.ey >> exactly.>> exa >> obviously -- he says he'sayse like -- he'd like to have a lik speech at the democraticch at ec convention. >> right. >> he's going to enjoy it because i don't know how many of these he's been to. theses be >> right.>> rig >> being -- he's not a member am of the democratic party, so,ar you know, we talked -- you-- y said you were wrong a couple weeks ago. i was wrong a couple monthswr ago that i thought he wasonat ih going to be oute .wagog to there's no guy -- there's noers person, there's no woman who
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who does he listen to? whosto? gets him out of the race at ract >> obama tried to. t doesn't seem -- s >> he said it was a goodd meeting before the meetingting happened. >> i remember that. it was a good meeting before g the meeting. busy week on the campaignhe c trail as we've now we've got an even more chaotic world of politics.ol after the break, a little race r rewind. we've got a guest coming up. stick with us.k th u fox5 news sunday continuesontinu just after this. aft thi >> ♪ ♪
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>> he's written a lot of bookswr about business. they all seem toit end at chapter 11. >> ♪ >> well first i know people infw politics don't like to admit lit they've changed their mind but i've changed my mind.ed my nd. frustrated by what's happening here in the senate. most americanshe are.. with a gridlock and inact tond i move forward on things. >> ♪ >> why are we here? why are we here? let's not be silent bl any longer. let's follow -- [applause]
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. fox5 news on the hill this til sunday. you know this guy. g if you've ever watched fox5hed for any period of times this is professor allen. all you have predicted everydict e presidential race correctly going back to 84.gog ba >> correct. >> but you don't know who is d going win this year.gog wi >> i sure wish i definitelyefin this is the most puzzling yearzg i've ever seen and i've beeneeen following this for a very longog time. ti we're in the even certain atint this point that donald trumpnalt and hillary clinton are goingin toto be the nominees.heomin >> why aren't you -- wait a - minute. why aren't you certain about that. y >> well, there's a dump trump
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fbi hasn't finished its investigation of hillaryig clinton. i think it's 99 percentk it's9 n likely. >> right. >> but it's not a hundred anda e we've perhaps never seen a candidate quite like donald trump who seems to have no compassion, no empathy, other oh people and no shame. doesn't matter how many lies myl you catch him in it makes no difference.ffen >> but your -- you are wellell known as somebody who swims in i democratic circles -- you, you, yourself are more on the t liberal progressive branch. bra. >> doesn't change my predictions, though. >> no. >> no. but let me ask you this.le from where you stand on thet so banks of the shore, when you t o look out over the republicann party, what is it about himim that has invigorated thisat t party because you don't see that kind of energy. er what's going on with donald donl trump. >> i was one of the few peoplefe who back last summer predictedre as you know donald trump'srump nomination when all the pundits were tearing theirs hair aboutwe
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he articulates things that a lot of republicans believe but are afraid to articulate.rtul >> so, he's the voice thatth they can't have. c >> hane is the voice that theyy cannot have and now it's at' voice they have, it's a voice that resonates with a lot ofso grievances within the republican base, people whopl wo think they have been bypassed. s >> do you feel energy on therg democratic side about hillary clinton as the nominee.y idn he >> absolutely not.olutely n i feel more energy on thehe sanders side but sanders is making a huge mistake. >> why isn't he getting out.g o >> he should be getting outsh and he should be endorsingho hillary clinton because theecse truth is, one of my critical cri keys to the white house is a protracted nomination contestnon that goes all the way to the convention. >> question for you. quen bob cusack editor and chief of f the little, shoot it bob. >> allen, what do you think of the effect of gary johnson? on is that taking away from hillary or trump?? >> what do you think of the thi effect of gary johnson?
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trump. >> another one of my keys.y key. third parties always take awaysk from the party in power.. everyone thinks gary johnsonohon is helping hillary clinton. cli he's not and the reason i've made my -- i i haven't made my'y prediction yet is maybetion y sanders will come to hisllome senses and not take this tos the convention. we don't know what's happeningin with the third party and mayberd the administration will get arai big success. succe >> is it your sense thoughit that he has this idea that he could still be the yth nomineeom because he's out there sayingren now this week that he doesn'te n think he's goingy going to be gb the nominee that all he wants h is a speech. s what is his motivation here inhi not getting out.not gett >> i think he's caught up in a huge ego early on sanders was a real positive. he was moving the democraticc party towards his direction which he has a right to do. to he was inspiring young people.el now he's just starting to look like a sore loser standing in sn the way of democratic unity. uni >> if it's a given he's note' nt going to be a nominee, i don'tdo think a lot of people peoe legitimately view hillary clinton re
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the main importance about him still being in the race though h is what effect does him not getting out have in november. n if you're talking about garyut g johnson having an effect. e >> that's what i'm talking about. >> doesn't him not giving this message loud and clear the his followers hurt her as well. >> absolutely. that's one of the reasons i haven't made a prediction yet. o i want to see what he's doing. historically whenever you have this kind of gadfly within thefw partity holding the white house who has gone all the way tonellt the convention they've l >> when do you think you're you going make a prediction. p >> i intends to make my make prediction right after the two t conventions. >> you're going to come back here and tell us who it is. >> as long as you will invite me. >> i know you have an ideait already.w read >> i always have idea.s havede thank you very much.h. always a pleasure to have you ho here. fox5 news on the hillx5 continues in just a moment. momn stick with us. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. a new study shows the frontrunners are having a big impact on baby names thistsre ts year. ye name hillary has driven inn popularity since the election up biny 142 percent.42 percent. donald not so much about 8 percent. and the family members arembers also getting a little love. bill and chelsea malia and ivanka have increased inreas i popularity.popularity >> i don't know any ivankas. iva >> youth know a few ka e >> we'll see.llee >> that does it for fox5 newses on the hill this sunday. stay tuned. fox news sunday with chris sdays wallace is next.wallace is n we'll see you next week. >> ♪ >> ♪
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i'm chris wallace. a populist uprising in britain sends sho s shockwaves around globe. if it happens there, can it happen in america? >> the british people have made a decision. >> one thing that will not change is the special relationship that exists between our two nations. >> i think people really see a big parallel. people want to take their country back. they want to have ind peependen. >> newt gingrich on whether britain's vote could have parallels here at home. then an exclusive interview with hillary clinton's campaign manager on how she will grow with the rebilliellion as she


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