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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ly. >> straight ahead on fox news morning, t5 heea fight for 15 today d.c. mayor muriel bowserir expected to sign a new minimum n wage bill into law.into law. >> campaign 2016. 2 new poll numbers led to new t excitement amid hillary clintonme supporters.porter and caused donald trump to god g on the defensive.ensive >> and most of us will enjoy eo dry warm day but some of us tof the west, west virginia ingini particular are going to endureod another day of storms and some s heavy rain. >> they've really been gettingli it down d >> yes, they have.>> y >> good morning to you.esrninto. we're glad you're startingtartin your work week with us.ith i'm holly morris. >> and i'm maureen umeh. i today is monday'm june 27th.uneh let's bring in oh cohort toto the mix erin como sliding intont the scene like kramer and garyar mcgrady welcome he'll have our weather andeathed erin will have traffic allicll coming up on the 5s. 5s. >> we want to get to breakingre news from the roads thism morning. one person is dead after aft fatal accident on 295.n >> the interstate is shut downsu
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fox5's melanie alnwick live on the scene with the latest. mel. mel. >> reporter: hey, goodeygo morning once again and thishi scene just keeps getting to me a little stranger and stranger. you can see right now we'v enow got a number of d.c. police. poi officers that have showed up.owd they are doing sort of a grid ag search here as much as you can n do under darkness and there is s a park police helicopter -- i believe it's park police, ipice, can't see it but i think t they're close here but that'st's been circling around overheadrha for several minutes now. now you can see that the -- the suv, what looks to be an suv s is still on its -- it was upside down. dn. they just kind of tilted it uptt a little bit and then broughtn g it down some more and you've'v got another d.c. fire truckeru here now as they're ally' all standing around, very strong smell of fuel, a lot ofue cleanup that still needs to bets done but it looks like this isks still a very active investigation at this point.oint not too long
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in through that cut in on theone crime tape to try to ask oneo ae of the police officers what they are searching for and a they pushed me and another anoth reporter back. so, obviously they're concerned about something int si this entire wide grassy median a area and we have even seen, david, you can come over thisovs way, we've even seen, if you if look over there, you've got g d.c. police officers across acrs the street here, south capitol l street as well.etll. so, a very wide area off we do not know at this points what they are looking for, whether it's debris or weatherea it's evidence but this is a fatal crash involving twovi two vehicles. it started at around 11:30 11: last night. so, still a very big scene here. probably going to affect traffic for most of the morning.c back to you guys.back to you g >> imagine so. thanks, mel.than in the meantime d.c.ks police need your help tracking a down this man. he is wanted for assaulting altg special police officer that a
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at a time happened at a giant aa to. the suspect was couldn'tsp fronted by a specialecby apeci philadelphia police officer for shoplifting.plifting we are told that's when thehat't suspect stabbed the policest officer and took off. if you rabr ecognize this man gv police a >> will the battle for thefor white house come down to money.y. >> some say it will and donaldnd trump cannot compete withmpete hillary clinton's deep pocket pockets' campaign chairmanch says trump is not worriedri about the money. money polls show that clinton a clintn widening lead over trump.ead on sunday clinton hit the campaign trail pledging unityint between the democrats but morebt sense of fallout among the republicans.repu george will who has vocallyally opposed trump announced he's hs leaving the republican >> i left it for the samet for reason i joined in it 1964t when i voted for barry goldarryg water. i joined it because i was aas a conservative.vati i leave for the same reason, that i'm a >> both campaigns had their sights set on the conventionsios and the generale election. >> more fallout after the t united kingdom's decision to
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leave the european union. investors are racing for the t opening ll. the pound is at lowest leveltevl since 1985 and the globalba markets are still reeling. reelg major markets took a dive one friday following britain's btain decision to exit the eu. happening today here mayor m muriel bowser will sign the minimum wage bit. the d.c. council voted unanimously to raise theaihe city's minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020. the mayor will sign the bill tonight. >> d.c. city council expected to hold ca public hearing onrin the neighborhood positionsio omnibus act of 2016. the act requires employersrp with 20 or more employees inn d.c. to offer commuterommu benefits to their employees.mpl. plebe peeple are welcome to t testify at today's hearing atria the wilsoning i wilson buildingi northwest. >> now it's my turn to say welcome back gary. gary. >> good to be back.ood to be
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nice rest.ce rt. >> good. you'll be tired by tomorrow.omo. >> i know. you know, you're always tiredaye here but now we're not allowedrl to take a nap because it's not ' good for our health.od fur >> i'm not listening to thatha one. >> we're down 68 degrees now.n e so are it's real nice out. frederick you're 61. westminster 66 degrees.6 deees. we have fair skies. lots of sunshine today.f ns can couple of things will beingw different today than whattodatha we've been dealing with the wite last few days here. few. more humidity.ity. temperatures are going to be g hot. looks like heat index will approach 90 degrees today fordea a time. tim we're going to end up with some showers and thunderstorms coming on across thisn acthis afternoon and it's a good betoo that most of us will get someetm rain before it's all said andlla done. do if not this afternoon throughafo the evening hours.e ev a u can see a little bit of rain farther back out to theoute north and west. that won't affect us again't until later on. so, we're aun sunny this morning 72 or so at 8:00 a.m. a.m upper 60's, lower 70's.0' 82 by lunchtime.chtime few clouds around.roun warm.rm a little bit more humid.e hid we're not talking aboutalki oppressive humidity, nothingot like that that but a little bit more then we're drivinghen r showers and
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some around by three orun t 4 o'clock and then extendingxten into the evening hours, okay.ka there is a flash flood watch it's southwest us.'s i'm going to show you that inhai just a bit, talk about whenut wn the thunderstorms are going toto be t-, well, therm best chancetc of thunderstorms and what'sstord the likelihood of you getting gi one in your neighborhood or atba your house later thisurouse lats afternoon. that's all coming up. right now though we got to get t right on over to traffic.ffic. busy monday morning for erinnine como. hey, erin. eri >> on-time traffic brought to t you by toy visit buy a for for special offers.ffs. >> team coverage this morninger of aag deadly crash investigation. melanie alnwick is along 295 295 gathering more information.nfora this is important for yourim monday morning commute.po 295 completely shut down inow i both directions between malcolm x avenue and you can see all the debris.ris. several police on the scene as a well as first
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you can see that no traffic is i get buying and it's still and il very big scene and this hashis s been out there since ohere s 11 o'clock last night.'c if you're lookinglo for anor an alternate i strongly suggestsugg taking mlk? jr. avenue to geteg around that.ound tha we'll keep you updated and let l you know as soon as they're a able to get things moving on 295 in both directions fors f your monday morning commute.ommu we'll switch back to our maps. r this is not the only m problembm spot this monday morningni you're up against. as you make your way out inut charles county we have a crash and closure coming from the sheriff's department. mattawoman-beantown road shut down between nike drive ande dri pine field road.pi caution there.ut right now traffic on branchn brh avenue at 301 is looking good. o not seeing any slowdowns inwdows fort washington on 210 inbound0i to the beltway n frederick 70rik west shut down at exit 49.t 49 july to detour there. the police activity at that location. 270 still looking good. virginia commute i like what lik i'm seeing on 95, 66 and 28. 28. and we'll take a closer lookselo at your maryland drive times drt and metro as we continue.onti back to you maureen and holly. y >> all right, stephen strasburg placed on the 15 dayn5 disabled list with an
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back strain. the nationals analysis makingls that announcement a before bef sunday's game. gam >> the back issue begano with h weight room mishap which caused him to miss last h monday's start against the aga dodgers.dodger on friday strasburg said he dislocated two ribs during a workout and them poppedm pop back into all let's turn all right attentiontn to the game. jose with a solo homer in the seventh, one inning beforeingefe clint robinson's two run blastua that made it three-zip.hree-z nats downed the brewers three-two finally, finally getting a curl cannily w. orioles hosted tampa bay rays. y this was all baltimore balto from the start. sta chris davis belt his seventh career grand slam. slam. what can you do with that one t mo. >> put it on the board.rd >> trumbo added his 22nd
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of the year. jonathan shoot also homered. three rbi's. rbi's final score here 12. 1 >> ouch. >> to five. to >> as wisdom pointed out youed y can say rbi' coming up the navy's bluey'l angels setting out a -- - sending out a tweet thankinghank you. they announced when and where we the next show will wi >> the defense departmentepartmt announces a plan to lift a banan on transgender troops froms f openly serving in the t military. >> as we head to break, a live look across the d.c. region. dry right now but parts of our viewing area may see some som rain. more details from gary mcgrady and of course traffic we'll update you after the t break.eak. right now it is 5:09.
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>> ♪ >> let's get the stories making headlines right now, 5:10 a protest turned violent sunday in sacramentoeate sendinn 10 people to the hospital. hpita all happened as counterer protestors clashed with members of right wingers rig extremist groups outside the california state capitolfo building. so far no arrests. the only good thing here is all the g victims will make a good recovery. rec >> new this morning, maryland mr inmates serving life sentences c for crimes they committed asomtt juveni
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for a move to a minimumimum security facility.acil it's part avenue new stateue n a policy. po the state's public safety secretary reversed the state's s rules that ban juveniles serving a life sentence from being placed a medium securityms facility. there are 271 inmates in maryland who fall into this category. >> big announcement from defense secretary ash carigter next month. carter is expected to announce n that transgender people can c serve openly in the military.ilt the plan is expected to beected finalized today and signed off on later this week. wk. the big announcement isncement expected actually on july 1st. l that's this friday.da officials say it will likelysayw take a year to implement the t plan. plan there are an estimated 15,000 transgendered people among the 1.3 million active duty force.. >> navy blue angels resume r flights next month.xt m they were grounded after oneereu of their pilots diednd in ad in crash last month in tennessee. e the investigation into thatnt t crash is complete and now thee t group is cleared to fly again.. their first show will be thisllb weekend in michigan. michin. after that they'll travely'll florida, next month
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at their home base in pensacola. >> coming up on fox5 newsing morning the pentagon to investigate a t veteran's vetern removal from a military base for referring to god in a speech. >> a 5 billion-dollar, 10 year expansion for one of thens world's modern marvel is finally complete.e. >> as we head to break the foore fighters again. a we're featuring the foohe fighters this monday.ghters thi live look acrosss the d.c. region. it is 69 degrees on thiss monday morning.mond mor another hot one on tap.n gary will have more coming up fox5 news morning back afterack this. >> ♪ >> ♪
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into feel-good flavors like new wildberry. american runs on dunkin'. >> at least 24 people havet le died and several are missing ais after flooding rampagedng ram through the state. s flood waters destroyed homesoyem businesses and and r president obama has signed aas federal disaster declarationti for three of the hardest hit counties.
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>> ♪>> >> boy, it seems like we haveweh severe weather all around us.d . luckily nothing like thatg liket around here looking live atliv the white house this morning,ser look at the a slight breeze pretty prefreshing actually gary mcgrady. >> yeah, it's not bad at all. we do have showers and thunderstorms in the forecast and unfortunately there willto be some more rainrt back outk ot into west those hard hit areas will get wt more rain today. thunderstorms. it looks like they'll be fairly progressive moving on pgr from west to east.t. hopefully they won't lingerey'tn and provide any more problems pl out there but flash flood flashd watches in place. i'll show you that a second. sec 64 gaits gaithersburg, 61 frederick, 63 for manassas andas 62 in culpeper.ul in terms of the region it'sio i pretty nice everywhere.vewher it's pretty warm for warm or louisville at 76. saint louis this morning upper 70's. cape hatteras 69. new york cityca is 68. 6 binghamton is 65. i and pittsburgh is 70 degrees. so, showers and enhanced risk of severek of sevr weather kind of trying to edge into our southwestern region sot here and that means that we tha could have a strong storm
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two, maybe even something goesgs severe. se i think that we will probable po have some severe thunderstormsst late this afternoon and this a evening. most of that will be confined ci back out to the west and thed t southwest.sout here is futurecast. we're all clear at 8:00 a.m.t 8a this morning.thisning look what happens by 3 o'clock.3 o'clock. those showers thunderstorme building out ahead of a frontal system out to thshedisto west. even through the evening hoursnu it looks like we're going to lee stay wet. again tomorrow there's aow the's chance for morej showers and thunderstorms.thunderstorms. little thing about tomorrow.hi will everything really set upth to the east ofin i-95? it may y happen that way. thaay but right now we're going tong keep showers and thunderstorms r in our forecast.ecast. 87 today.ay 88 tomorrow.88w. little more humid with a showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for both days. day sunny this morning to start. to warm conditions by lunchtime. lh temperature of 82.mperatof keep in mind more humid today. d that's going to help fuel somefm of these showers and these thunderstorms late this le th afternoon and this evening. evei couple possible overnightvernht lingering into tomorrow as t well. just going to feel like summer this week. middle to upper 80's.per
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just about every day and thatndt includes through the holidayhr e weekend. here's erin como, monday morning, a lot of traffic. tra let's go. >> that's right, gary. we have some breaking news that we have been trackinghave r this morning. th since about 11 o'clock last night, 295 has been shut downutn in both directions.irti there's a deadly crash scene. se several police officerspoliff avoid 295.av take a live look at theat t severely damaged suv there. the one driver did die at ther t scene of that crash and gunhaasn they're investigating the fire department there is onpa location as well.locatis so, what you can do to get around that coming northboundd on 295 detour at malcolm x mal avenue.ue. coming southbound you want tooun detour at suitland parkway andd i would say keeping it to it martin luther king jr. avenue ju is a good a it runs parallel to 295.o95 just factor in extra time because 295 is such a major m commuter route for our morningtm commute. aside from that we aree fr tha tracking a crash and closure and in charles county. mattawoman-beantown roadttaw rider now shut down -- rightht now shut down
5:18 am
field and nike road. 309 closed at five as well.s w seeing big problems pro surrounding that crash 301 north big route so be prepared for that. t factor in a lot of extra time. that second closure on 301 o30 just in because of the crash crh at mattawoman-beantown road. in frederick police activity 70 west closed at 49. aside from safe track metro is s on time. we'll take a closer look atk a today's tracks next.trac n back to you maureen and holly. l >> ♪ >> time now is 5:18 let's takel a look at the stories you're you engaging with most thish mo morning on social media with our realtime news tracker. tck >> wisdom is tracking it allgt l for us this morning.hi what do you got whiz. g >> good morning.oornin first up, pentagon says it's going to look into why a master sergeant by the name of o oscar rodriguez who served 33 s years in the air force wasceas forcibly dragged from a ceremony in which he wasich he s giving a speech that mentionedei god. now, a fellow master sergeantere had asked rodriguez to giveo g the speech at his retirementetem ceremony in april. senior base officials tried tolt stop rodriguez from attending ai
5:19 am
to do so. d up next a great ending tond the quicken loans nationaloa tournament at congressionalongrs country club. billy hurley the third won in his first pga tore vic tor tomorrow. hurley is from leesburg and attended the u.s. navalhe u academy. the victory was a little bite bittersweet as it came oneersw year after hurley's father fhe took his own life. his own lots of buzz this morningf coming out of the bet awards. o lots of people love thee the opening number with bee onand kendrick lamar doing freedomamaf off her lemonade album. alb then there were all the prince c tributes including bilal'sding b take on the beautiful one.utul o lots of people talking aboutalko jennifer hudson and sheila e.a. actor jessie williams speech s on racism in the united statesmn is making headlines as he accepted the honor for hon humanitarian of the year. >> i only caught a but that bilal prince tributee i was pretty spot on.t on. he did a nice job. job thanks wisdom. thanks w coming up secretary ofcrary state john kerry in italy totaly discuss
5:20 am
israelis andne palestinians.esti >> the story of a confused beloved little fish continueson to dominate at the box >> we're heading to break with r a live look across the d.c..c. region. time right now is 5:20 and it is 68 degrees fox news morning back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> the five year syrian civil war killed at least 270,000,0 people. >> secretary of state johntary kerry in rome today scheduled sh to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. kerr fifty two expected to two p bring under stalledg der st negotiations between theations b israelis and the palestinians.ei >> state department officialst f do not expect the discussion to lead to renewed talks. tks the m
5:23 am
israel approved $18 million inoi new funding for settlement inem the west bank.k. and meanwhile israel isr mending its strained straine relationship with the two countries reached a reconciliation agreementiationet yesterday. comes after 2010 israeli navalll raid which killed turkish citizens. that deal is set to include israeli compensation forcompensa families of those killed and increase turkish aid and aid and development for gaza.aza. details expected to be announced today.ceday >> a project to expand the panama carnal is finallyl is fay complete. the project more than doubled the canal's capacity. yesterday a chinese shipy chinep carrying more than 9,000 containers entered the expanded lock becoming the first ship to test out the newew the canal has been under then de control of the panama pam government since 1999. 199 >> a d.c. woman is suings suing universoul circus for deceptive advertising.ertising.
5:24 am
deceived her. sloane claims the universoul circus had been issued dozensisn of letters from the agriculture department on the t treatment of man's. >> sloane is seeking $1,500king0 per violation.r vi she also wants her legal cost covered. her legal team expects thel trial to begin sometime nextimet year. and finding doryy overwhelmed independence dayd resurgence in theaters thisin ts weekend. the pixar story about a fish a f with memory loss stayed numberer one for a seconds week with an estimated 73.2 million takes. resurgence debuted in second with 41.6 domestically.tically. it faired much betteretr overseas. central intelligence was third with 18.4 million.million. >> gary mcgrady standing byadstn with weather on the 5s. hey, good morning gary.ngary. >> hey, guys, welcome.elco monday morning around here,er it's going to be real niceeal ne this morning and we havening thunderstorms this afternoon, showers, too
5:25 am
heavy rain.heavy ra let me show you numbers outyo there now. th it's 68 in town. nice. and 62 for culpeper.ulpeper. a couple of spots are relatively cool. frederick you're close to theo e upper 50.r 50 hagerstown upper 60's.0's. annapolis gorgeous with aus wita temperature of 68 degrees.e of e the sunrise is coming comp it's going to be real, realeal,r nice out there and eastern easte shore stevensville mild thisis morning at 78 degrees.8 ee later today we're going into the upper 80's, a couple cou places touching 90. listen, more humid today thanaya where we have been the last l couple of days, all right.right so, maybe you add a degree or o two in terms of the heat indexti late this afternoon.noon. all this heat, all this moisture starts to driverive thunderstorms. this does in the affect usus here in the metro. in way out into the shenandoahhenah valley harrisburg along i-81g i down that way and out intonto parts of west virginia, flash flood watch, more heavy raineavi expected for them. hopefully the storms will bes b progressive and move on through. no additional big problems ibls hope expected.xp here's what's going on witht's n traffic this morning mondayni mn morning. erin has her hands full.anull. hey, erin.y, e >> that's right. t 5:
5:26 am
have more problems on 295. on 2 we have a crash on the southbound side after east eas capitol street backed up for f several miles extending pastas burroughs avenue. that is the second big problem we're dealing with.'r right now 295 completely shut su down both directions. deadly crash and police pol investigation.stig 295 between malcolm x avenue avu and suitland parkway. parkw you can take martin lutherin lue king jr. avenue to get around that. that factor in a lot of extra time. that is causing big problems.g r charles county dealing with aeah crash and closure mattawoman-beantown road between nike and pine field.el any questions at erin fox5n fox d.c. on twitter. holly and maureen. mauen. >> thanks erin.s eri coming up american financial leaders are meetingad with their europeanea counterparts to discuss thecu global impacts of the brexit vote. >> and best soccer player in the world says he's no longer le wants to play for his his country's national team.l team. >> as we head to break let'sreas take a live look across thecr t d.c. we are at
5:27 am
68 degrees on a monday.da let's do it, people. peopl we'll get through it together.oe we're back right after this.his. >> ♪ ♪
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> supreme court we're expected to learn whether or not a former virginia governor will have tmet go to jail.. fall outfrom brexit
5:30 am
continues to plague. >> more than 12,000 young people in the district getting ready for their first day onanrd their summer job. fox news morning starts right now. >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> good morning to you.morn thank you very much for wakingrn up with us. i'm wisdom martin.ti >> i'm holly morris. i'mly morri today is monday june 27th.e 27th >> look who's back. it's gary mcgrady.cgrady >> he's working again.wog ag >> he's working again. aga erin como also working. worg >> we'll start with the news.he. we're still following thatwing a overnight accident on 295 that5 left one person dead it.ead >> happened around 11:30 last1:t night and police investigators are still on the scene right t now. w. fox5's melanie alnwick joinswici us now live with the very latest in this story. melanie. >> reporter: hey, guys, yeah, so investigation stilltion very active. we're seeing, though, like the d.c. police mobile command center has moved we're trying to figure out if they're wrapping up thiswrappinu investigation or if there'sn i going to be another phase to t it. as you said, 11 o'clock --k -- 11:30 last night the clash t cla began, it -- crash began, itan
5:31 am
a pickup truck and then this suv just completely pancaked and we're saying suv.guv that's just kind of an just nd o educated guess on the way it i looks but what really intrigued us is the amount ofunt police. they had police doing a grid a g search and i've never seen s this before, so intentlyy looking at the wreckage of of this car. every little nook and cranny, c they were shining flashlights and not too long ago we watched as they pulled a carle seat out of this vehicle andth we were wondering perhaps wereer they looking to see if maybe may there was a child stillld trapped inside. we haven't seen any indicationa of that but it was one of o those moments as you'rent you watching things happen youpeyou just kind of hold your breath for a second as you hope thats o nothing more is going tong t unfold here. h but definitely still very muche a mystery in terms of what actually happened here and why are we seeing so much police activity. it wast
5:32 am
median between 295 and southnd u capitol street but we also saw w police then even all the way across south capitol street in wooded areas, grassy areas, aas shining flashlights looking looi for what they wouldn't tell us.'t t we tried to get a little bit closer -- closer to where thee e crash itself is, where the the wreckage is.ges. not within the crime tape butut police pushed us back, told us u not to go any so, we're still waiting to see from d.c. police, again a ain little bit more indication asina to what it is they are lookingki for, whether this was just an ja accident or whether there was something more to thistohi back to you guys. >> all right, 5:32 is the time5 right now.tow markets around the worldnd the d continue to react to last week's eu referendum in great britain. >> the shanghai compositehaco stock exchange gained about 1 percent. that's a turn around fromro friday when markets plunged inlu the wake of the brexit stocks were also up in japan. markets in south korea andh hong kong though continue to
5:33 am
fall.ll. today fed chairman janetan n yellen scheduled to meet with the president of the european central bank mario draggy.ggy. >> as the dust settles fromttleo last week's decision to leaveo a the european union britain are a wonder hog should leave the can country after prime minister cameron steps down. protests break out in scotland. the region voted overwhelmingly to stay in they t eu and now scottish first minister nicholas sturgeon. >> the prospect of being takenob out of the european union europ against their l i didn'tidn' create these situations. i've got to try to navigate navg the best way forward through them. them. >> there's also a petition calling for a second eu refer rainy d it has alreadyas lready garnered more than three and a half million this comes as john kerrylis jo r arrived in europe sunday aheadye of talks with both european eura and british leaders already
5:34 am
we'll find out if bob mcdonnell will go to jaill for corruption or if hison or s conviction will be reversed. w >> the supreme court is expected to make s a rulingul sometime this morning.ti mcdonnell and himes wife werewee convicted in september 2014 of f doing favors for a wealthyealthy businessman in exchange fore money and gif now mcdonnell claims he washe ws convicted due to an overly broad definition of the wordheor bribery.bribery. >> meanwhile here in thousands of d.c. youth will. yo start their summer jobs today.ay >> it's part of the marion s s barry summer youth employmentpl program. more than 12,000 people frome 14 to 24 are taking part inak the program.e program more than half of the participants are from d.c.'s d.' poorest areas where thehe t opportunity gap highest.y gap h. the summer job program labgram b going on now for 37 years.. >> time now to talk weather wea with gar gary mcgrady. mcgdy. >> we're 60's in town, 68 for annapolis, down inpoin fredericksburg it's
5:35 am
fair skies this morning but we're going to end up warming up today. tto upper 80's, thatup places right around 90 degrees. let me show you how nice it ish out there this morning.. we don't have a cloud in thelou sky, maybe a high thin cloudn cu or two. two that's about it.t. building showers anddi thunderstorms late this afternoon. there's a frontal system, it will be working closer to us and ahead of that front allnt al the moisture, all the heat,t, all the humidity all gathering t up ahead of that to create some showers and thunderstorms a late day. i would say after 3 o'clock that's when we really begin tonf watch the skies.wathe obviously starting out to the tt west and northwest 'cause 'cause that's basically the way it happens around here sweepinge sg through during the eveningri hours. really the best chance of o anything going severe or strong, strong storms would beng west and southwest of us but a couple of these thunderstor smsr could be we'll watch for the potentiale o of that later on thiser on th afternoon, even though we're wre not really outlooked foror severe weather late today. again, high temperature in thete upper 80's, little bit moreor humid and some in cases ites i will feel like 90 trees out 90 t
5:36 am
there. erin como has a lot of l traffic going on this mondayon t morning. >> that's right gary. at 5:35 we're dealing witht' big problems on 295. 2 there's a crash on then t southbound side after eastnd capitol street. you're backed up s fcaor severav miles leading to thatg to that location. also we have been trackingrackin this closure, deadly crashy crah scene and police investigationei 295 north and southbound rightog now shut down between malcolm x avenue and suitland parkway.dw as this investigationtion continues they plan to reopen re the northbound side within the t next 20 minutes. 2 however the southbound side sid where the majority of the t debris and the investigationesti is taking place will be shuthu down for the next hour so you wander to avoid 295 southboundd especially.espe also dealing with a closure mattawoman-beantown road between nike drive andive and pinefield road.pi part of 301 northbound neard nea that location also slut down.ow. more on that in a few moments. n back to you. >> coming up on fox news morning pope francis calls for f a reconciliation between the catholic church church and theud gay >> dramatic video of a plane
5:37 am
bursting into flames just moments after making an emergency landing.s >> as we head to break righter r now here's a live look outside e across the region.egio sun popped up.n traffic moving around.un temperatures 68 time 5:37. we are back in a moment.oment. >> ♪ (whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed.
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keep on track with dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies, made with low-fat yogurt and real fruit blended into feel-good flavors like new wildberry. american runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> many families in argentina
5:40 am
searching for answers 40 years0r after 500 babies were taken byey the country's military ar dictatorship from 1976 to to 1983. the u.s. government is helpingsi them find those answ. president obama recentlyen announced the u.s. willil declassify u.s. intelligence ine files from that era. 119 of the stolen childrenn chi have been located. lated >> a singapore airplane --plan-- airlines plane caught on fire of moments after returning to an airport because of an engineuse warning the. t the boeing jetliner was on itsai way to milan when the pilot p noticed the warning. there are no injuries to the t 222 passengers and 19 crew c members on board. passengers were transferred toed another plane which thenhich thn departed for milan.ilan >> thousands in costa rican cosr showed off their gay pride.ayrie people took to the streets ofhes san jose yesterday for the annual gay pride parade.ade. many participating paidng tribute to victims of the o orlando nightclub shooting. organizers urged costa ricantain politicians to approve laws to l fight discrimination againstga lgbt >> argentina
5:41 am
for action in the copa americaoe final. ninetieth minute lionel messite with the free kick.eic he's there for the header.ea bravo makes the save.av still no score.. penalty quick messi misses thess first kick and moments lateromel lucas steps in for the kick. it's saved by bravo. b forty one sis today silvaoday sl converts the kick. k chile wins copa america andmeria after the game here's the bigthg story here.stor lionel messi says he'say quitting the national soccer soc he's done. >> what is that teaching kids. k >> i know.>> >> he said he had --ad -- >> no. i know he gets a lot ofa o pressure for not winning forinng his country but you're theoue best player in the world i'mld i just saying come on. o 5:41 right now. n coming up on fox news mornings one of the country's most popular and profitable liquor lo companies says a black man is responsible for the company'som original recipe.igin >> after days of severeev flooding a number of countiesoft in west virginia will soon soo begin receiving federal relief r aid. >> as we head to break let'sead take a live look across thecross d.c. region.d.c. reg
5:42 am
6 o'clock, people, 68 degreesgr on a monday morning. mni we got more fox5 news morning. i back right after this. >> ♪ >> i, i like the way you move. m have i said there to you i lately. >> no, you s haven't. tell me again. >> i like what the it you move. get moving, people.
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5:44 am
>> 5:44. fire crews in california continue to battle the
5:45 am
wildfire burning in kern in ker county. the fire is blamed for themh death of an elderly couple.ou so far more than 200 homes h have been destroyed. been str >> at least 24 people dead and several more missing afterl severe flooding in westmo virginia.. flood waters destroyed homes businesses and roads across th ae state. s president obama has signed ane federal disaster declarationti for three counties in the t state. st more storms are expected inxpec the region today. >> ♪ >> all right. live look outside right now ass people start to stir. to as we wake up this morning, mor gary, what do we have in store s as far as sweater concerned.s >> well, i want to start -- you know, we showed thesw w vidd and all last week, all thell t flooding for west virginia. more potential flooding ining place for those guys outse gs ou there. no problems for us.ems f u we're going to have some storms moving across but definitely some heavy rain but n we can deal with some heavye rain here. all these green counties, west virginia, most of this is west of i-81, harrison burg it's basically right th
5:46 am
and then you have a lot ofa loto west virginia under the gunhe here this afternoon, thison, evening for more severeever thunderstorms and more heavy, ha heavy rain. hopefully these thunderstorms will be progressive enough or e moving quickly enough that itha won't be a huge problem. probl so much water there, there'sre's just noplace for the water tocee go right now so a lot of thatha stays under a flash flood warning again. that runs from 11:00 a.m. a until this evening.nt this is futurecast. we're all dry at noon but watch what happens by 2, 3isl 23 o'clock. things begin to build so we'll see some storms out to theut west as early as two or 3 o'clock. this is 4 o'clock here approaching the d.c. area. area. hopefully it holds off at least up and down i-95 out 270 2 and along 70 for most of the commute, okay. i don't think that will be the case for 66. i think western sections ofon o the metro area and out towardsor front royal places like thatyal along pl66 will be get something thunderstorms by 4, 5 o'clock.ok so, i just want to he should s you basically that there's the's just no way we can say exactly a where these thunderstorms arest going to be at 4, 5
5:47 am
o'clock.o'ock. but, looking at this you get a a general idea that most of the activity will be to the west w of i-95 potentially along i-95 here through d.c. d most of the activity there wehee get into here in the metro area will be after five or fe 6 o'clock into the eveninghe evg hours and there's still thell possibility of app couple off thunderstorms over-- a couple al of thunderstorms overnightndersn tonight and even through theigan morning hours tomorrow.tomorrow. 87 degrees in d.c. for a high h today, quantico 87.o manassas you guys are going toat touch 90. upper 80's around dulles.ulle keep in mind there's a littlee more humidity today so thato t means these temperatures willemu feel one to 2 degrees warmer wae with the heat index.ex. 87 today with thunderstorms.ers. 88 tomorrow. more showers, thunderstorms,strs again a good possibility so a couple of days here wheree w we're probably going get some gs rain around the area which isa c nice. we need a little bit even after last week, we stilles could get a little bit. bit real summer time feel.e wednesday's's dry. after that heading into the holiday weekend just
5:48 am
thunderstorms. here's erin. e >> i can't believe fourth of't july weekend is coming b up. >> isn't it amazing? >> yes.>> yes. >> where has june gone. >> right now we have breakinge b news for for y crash activity 295 southbound after evident capitol you are backed up from 50 allro0 the way past that location. that's not the only problem onn 295. but first i want to give you atu heads up with metro. orange line residual delays to vienna.enna earlier train malfunction att courthouse. let's get to the deadly crashto investigation we're tracking on 295.on95 northbound side has reopenedpend but you are stacked from theed e bottom of the beltway past malcolm x avenue. huge delays there. you can see just how slow s traffic s we have a rubber neck delay as folks check out ck that huge scene on thenen t southbound side. it looks like they're getting -- in the process ofroce clearing it out of the way.t ouw right now traffic being diverted to suitland parkway on the southbound side from that we'll let you know as soon asass they're able to reopen those t southbound lanes.soes big delays leading towardsdi that location and we're star
5:49 am
like east capitol and martinma luther king jr. avenue back up b as folks try to get around aun that. we'll keep you updated.. again 295 southbound remainsundi shut down for the time being. closure in charles county mattawoman-beantown roadd between nike drive andn nike d pinefield road. portion of 301 closed at five ai as well leading towards that crash investigation.tigaon. police activity still closinglo 70 west at exit 49. 4 we're seeing pretty good conditions on the southboundns side but typical delay has pick up o from 70 to 109 as yous head to urbana. urb drive time is about doubled ahod so watch out for that one.ha o in addition to the off-loaded-le orange line train headed from vienna we have ongoing safe track work affecting the onng te blue and silver lines.r we'll keep you back to you holly and wisdom.nds >> let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with w most on social media.n al m >> maureen is here with our is realtime news tracker.s tracker. >> this morning there's a lot of buzz coming from the vatican after very stronginz g words from pope francis about the church's treatment of thenth gay community. during a news conference on his way home froms a
5:50 am
yesterday the pope said that sah the church should apologize tolt gays it has offended as well as other marginalized groups.dro he said "the church must sayust it is sorry for not havingot hin beloved as it should have many m times, many times.any when i say the church i mean we christians must say we areaye sorry ." next up the battle over prince's estate continues today. a minnesota judge will hold adgl second hearing to figure oute o who exactly will inherit therit late pop icon's nearlyrl 300 million dollars estate. minnesota law states anyot children would be consideredldnd the rightful heir but sincein prince had no living childreng e his siblings are next in line.i. prince has one sister andr a several half siblings. and finally jack danielsk di coming clean about how its famous whiskey really came toy be. for the first time in its 150 years the distillery saysdistils young daniel didn't learn about making spirits from theirm distiller himself but rather from a slave named nl east.l ea s green.s this story was never a secret ac but also one that jack danielsdi didn't embrace until now shall s we say bottoms up. bottop.
5:51 am
you learn something new every day. >> yeah, to you.>>eah, to >> thanks mo.>> t >> in the news this morningning baltimore taking steps to crack down on youth violence.tho the city will host a nationalato youth summit on thish thissu week andmm u.s. attorney generan lynch is among those scheduledmd to attend. >> the folk if you say of the forum is bringing localis brig c communities and federal agencies together to preventr to and reduce youth violence. vlenc more than 600 participants from more than 30 cities areies expected.expe this is the fifth national natio summit on preventing youthg ut violence. let's go to me montgomery county now where officials say there is a g teese pl >> that's right. the county says the birds are a health hazard.h hard. officials tell us that the parks are being overrun by the geese especially at martines luther king regional park in silver now, it is clear that theha t birds are in charge here. so, the county has come up waypy last resort plan to reduce the population and here is howe it's going to go. go. park officials say they'llhe round up 300 geese andgees a euthanize the meat from the birds willrom be donated to the marylandand food bank and not everyone iseve down with this
5:52 am
>> they've taken over they' take park. it's no longer enjoyable. enjoye the bacteria is impossible.osbl he can't -- i don't want -- i w don't trust him to run aroundhio with all that fecal matter onat the ground. ou it's just not >> i really don't like geese lie but i think there could belde other steps they could take toae maybe move them to another anoth location that's further awayrtha from people. p >> county says despite the pushback, they're moving forward. >> they can go -- >> man. >> to fairfax county now wherex the public schools sex edls s e classes may be some of thes mays most advanced in theom county. c >> all right. ouyt year the fairfax countyou public schools updated their the sex ed classes to include topics like consent anden a assault. now the touchy topics will be implemented into the curriculum in the next school year. >> many and parents are y what should beat should bn e taught in school and whatn hoola should be taught at home.te. now, federal education lawca requires the schools to reportre on how they are teachinge tehing students about these topics.opic news out of the family of hall of
5:53 am
basketball coach pat summitch pi says her health continues to summit led the university of o tennessee women's basketball team to eight national titlesits during her career.arr. she announced in august of 2011 that she had beent had diagnosed with early onset o alzheimer's disease. in a statement yesterday hernt s family says the past few days d have been difficult as thefft disease progresses. and of course they're fearing the worst. many former players and fans and are sending her well wishes wis and their prayers.d their >> she's truly one of the of the greats. >> she is a legend.s a leg >> all right.>> all r he's an infamous mobster and now behind bars.ind apparently there are people who want a whitey bolgerr souvenir. >> some of his personalernal belongings hit the auction the c block in bos items raised more than t $109,000.$109,000. all of the money raised from mer the auction is going to the families of whitey's victims. vi most of the bidders accept acc that the auction is generatingeg publicity for a criminal. cmi >> i don't want to offendff anybody but what are you goingu to do? it's going to help
5:54 am
somebody, you might as well dota it, right. >> he's probably sitting back bc thinking he's going down as some king or something, you know what i mean, like something important. >> more than 200 online and 75 people in person registered tote bid on the gangster's >> ♪ >> all right.>> all right let's at any hel.lo to our facebook fans of the fan look at that.ok a this is tammy and her husbanderd vaughn and beautiful pictureic there today is their anniversary.vers >> celebrating 29 years ofrang e wedded bliss. >> wow. they must have got marriedt when they were five. >> they do look young.. >> yeah. >> she says she and her familyal have been watching fox5 for f5 r more than 20 years.rehan 20 y if you want to be our next our facebook fan of the day postfan your picture right underneath ue that gorgeous picture rightictur there on our facebook page.oo congratulations and many more to come. c >> happy anniversary. >> all right, let's go aheadht and talk about the weather now kicking off the work week and it looks like summer gary. summa >> the weekend was
5:55 am
>> we got through the weekend. >> so, one, 68 in town, culpeper 62.culpeper here's numbers later on today. this is going to be hot or humid or more humid than what tw we have been through the throu e weekend, okay.end, chance of keep in mind we're going to goo 87 in town but probably feels f like about 88 to 89 with the heat index.nd not crazy humid but definitely a lib more feel of humidity out there. seven-day forecasty f looks like this.look upper 80's next couple days, day showers and thunderstorms later dan this evening,r dan thg showers and thunderstorms, possible again tomorrow and then we settle into a a into a summer-like pattern just in jusi time for the fourth of july j holiday weekend its a crazy ara traffic morning. mning what was my suggestion to you,gt erin to tell everybody.ry >> you said don't bother, stayha home gary but that's nothat's nt practical for most people waking up.p. gary still has vacation brainra and i'm a little jealous. jlo police investigation 295gati southbound remains shut down. this has been causing
5:56 am
delays all shut downys between malcolm x mo avenue and suitland parkway. pay northbound traffic hasrthbou reopened at malcolm x. malcolm we're seeing huge delays,ys, rubber neck there was pastec that you're backed up from bottomromt of the beltway past the crashtwh we'll let you know as soon assoa that crash investigation wrapsti and southbound traffic startsraf moving again. that's not the only problem on southbound 295. also a crash at east capitolt pi street and we're dealing waylinw problem on mattawoman-beantownto road down by 301. closer look at that next.tex wisdom and holly. holly. >> ahead at 6:00 the fourth of july travel forecast was outtas just hours ago.go. if you're hitting the roads thes this weekend expect a recordnd p number of drivers o join you.n y >> plus watch out dominos and pizza hut. there's a new startup and it'ss actually cooking the pizzas piz while en route to your house. he >> oh, boy.h, b >> we're going to show you hownw it works. >> as we head to break right brr now a live look across the region when is it going to get t so hot you can put the pizza piz outside and let it >> i think that's coming up. >> 5:56. more news after the break. brea.
5:57 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> breaking at 6:00ox a deadly overnight crash in the the district is causing big delays on 295. we are live with the latest on the investigation and how toow get around this messy accidentcd scene.en >> plus a huge day on tap ass the supreme court. cou will the justices hold the
6:00 am
fate ofhe former virginia governor bob mcconnell in their >> pretty pleasant right now. r what's in store for dan theorant rest of the week? tucker of course will have that. we'll have weather and we'ller ' talk traffic on the 5s at 6 6:05. thirst we say good morning. i'm hollye morris in fors i allison seymour. smour. >> and i'm wisdom martin in wisa for steve chenevey.ste che let's get to the breakingt he b news. ne a deadly crash on 295 in theinhe district. melanie alnwick on the scenenw right now. mel. >> reporter: good timing, guys. they have just now opened up 295 southbound.thund. so traffic now beginning to finally clear that bottleneck and start to flow here on 295. 2 this was an amazing accident acn it began around 11:30 lastt night when the crash was w reported and we know itt involved two vehicles from what we could tell it looked it like a pickup truck and somekup kind of


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