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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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right now at 11, t terror in turkey. suicide boomers killed dozens ad an airport. what we've learned about the attacks and the reaction here at home. and a giant tree comes crashing down on top of a truck. we're life on storm damage patrol. and talk about a close call. the lady just jumped out of the way. a witness opened up about thisis scary crash at a virginia sub shop. your news starts right now. > you begin with a developing e story that is triagely all well too familiar these days. terrorists once again killednce dozens of people in europe. thank you for staying with us, i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. sha this time, the airport in standd bull. at least 36 people and that number is expected to rise, 147 others hurt. two suicide boomers opened fire april then blue themselves up after police fired back. investigators believe they have ties to the
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just yesterday the us statestat department updated its travel warning for americans in turkey. it warned of increased terror threats in the country. the faa even halted all us flights to and from istanbulanbu following today's attacks.ks. in the meantime fox5's teisha lewis is hearing from the tush issue community here in our area. >>reporter: i wanted to check out and see what w our fox5 viewers had to say about all off this. so i checked out the fox5 d.c. facebook page and it's save tosa say that everyone is fed up. enough is enough when it comes to these terrorists attacks. this suspected isis attack has the turkish community here across the dmv in shock. am of the folks are calling thel folks here at the turkishrkis embassy for information and updates. we did speak with a woman whose family had just landed from istanbul. her name is are seem. we met her at t
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restaurant in dupont circle.e. the family spent the day sightseeing and touring theg th nation's capital.ital they were unaware of h this deadly attack until the calls started to come in. that's when they immediatelyedia went to social media, spent tonight on social media checkina up on family and friends and loved i quickly checked facebook to make sure my friends back in turkey are okay and we also have a family member who worked atked the security at the airport. and she's okay as well.we of course first you think about your friends, family, closey, c friends and family, but our heart goes out to everybody there. we have to talk more about this. this is not something to be done much as far as i know, islam doesn't say go explode yourselves and kill innocent people. > more than half a million people from turkey called the united states home. am of them living here in the
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dmv area and also online. if you go online there's lots of support organizations including the turkish heritagerkis organization that is posting updates and information online and social media asking peoplein to obviously give their condolences and understandly they condemn this acan that. i want to talk about the atmosphere outside the turkishkh embassy here tonight. we were standing out here earlier tonight and just secondt from when we got here, the security came out of this gaitis and asked us a lot of questions about what we were doing here, when we were leaving on, when we were going on. obviously they understood thatet we were part of the americaneric news media and we were good to go but obviously that gives usvs an indication of how everyone is on edge on the heels of these deadly attack.tack teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > let's talk about the weathert now, severe storms blue across the region tonight, itselfse whipping winds and rain tookd ra down some trees and some tree limbs. we have team coverage. sarah simmons starts us off
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the storm damage tonight. >>reporter: shawn, it is justt astounding when you look at whah is behind us this is a tree that came down in this silver springs neighborhood on the back of this car. you can see how it was smashed on the back end here. luckily no one was inside at the time, but there was quite a about it of damage.mage obviously that's totaled. the other issue is just acrossst the region there's thousands ofa people that have been without power, according to pepco. that's fairly small given how am people they do service. but this small cul de sac -- the power has been out here evere ev since that storm rolled throughh here. outside of here you'll still see a lot of homes do have power. it's kind of spotty here and there. but there's a lot of trees, power lines down throughout theg area as the storms whipped through here. you can take a look at sky fox video. it shows during the daytime arem what this looks like from above, this massive tree on top of this car. we did speak with the owner of this car just a little whiling l and he told us what he
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experienced. take a listen.iste it started raining really hardrd and i was looking out the back window and the sky just turned black. it didn't look good. and then i looked to the front and then i see the tree on top of my car and then all the power lines when you saw that, what were you thinking. >> i was worried about the neighbors. that was my first -- i didn't care about the car much. i knew i was going to get a new one in the fall. we have original neighbors thats live next door, that was my main concern. they are up in their 90ings so i wanted to make sure they were okay. > i wanted to show you the size of the tree we were dealing with here. what you're looking at is the is root ball of that tree that was up rooted during that storm. it's pretty starting.arti that's what we're seeing throughout the area, not only montgomery county where we are at, but also virginia has storms rolling through. caitlyn, please tell me that a lot of this weather is out of the area by now. >> yes,
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say a l t of the thunderstormsnr are pushing through h marylandhu right now. what sarah showed you is not uncommon across the area tonight. we've had reports as far west as facultative certificate jar and prince william county. prince george's county, trees down, roof shingles ripped offpd and a lot of havoc ripped on some neighborhoods and stress. lets let's get to the radar.dar. i'll show you what we're dealing with. brings some showers and thunderstorms that moved through the district. it was someat heavy rain, butin, there were severe thunderstormst down across northern virginia. right now just an area of showers crossing the bay from about prince george's county, and returned l county intoed l charles county, st. mary's. flash flood warning are still in effect. in fact, on the bottom edge of that thunderstorm inn spotsylvania there's a
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thunderstorm warning, but those green boxes out northern virginia indicate flash flood warnings so ponding on the roadways, saturated ground can easily be exacerbated by any more of this rainfall which will continue until about midnight. over into the chesapeake untilpe mid tonight.mid the cold front moves out and so to do the storms.s. we clear out and that will segue into a beautiful wednesday forecast. i have better news in the seven day forecast.fore > shawn, i'll send it upstairs to you. thank you, caitlyn. developing in west virginia volunteers are helping peoplelpn with food and supplies followins daze of heavy rain and severe flooding. a federal disaster area has been declared in three of the hardest hit counties.ntie volunteers of the wheaton firean department are lending a helping hand. they donated a recently retired ambulance to clay county west virginia.virg there was a note work of e-mails that went out that indicated the suffering that west virginia was go
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indicated that they had lost at least one ambulance, it had been totaled in clay county and theyd were desperate to get a replacement weem recognized that the ambulae was something that we could held them with very quickly. the west virginia fire mens association thanked wheaton on its facebook page. civil rights act advice and act former d.c. delegate reverend walter fount roy was out of jail. fox5 was there when the 83 year old walked out of jail and hugged his wife whom he hasn't seen since 2012. he was charged with writing a bad check for $55,000 for an inaugeral party. today a judge recalled font roy's arrest want and ordereddee his release. the law worked. he was charged with a criminal want for being a fugitive. that want was release by the courts in maryland, so therefore the jurisdiction here
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virginia ceased to exist and that's why the judge allow himlw to be release. he looked well. he's happy to be home.ome. that's the best i can say.y. he's happy to be here.e. the hearing on the case is set for next month. > new at 11 tonight, a judge through out a defamation lawsuit. it stemmed from the magazine's debunked article about aed university a of virginia gang rain. the judge says the lawsuit brought by three former fraternity members stemmed from. it described the student's article defamed them. rolling stone later retracked that article after they found no evidence to back up the victim's claps. if your kids have ikea furniturr in their rooms, listen up. the major recall you need to hear up.he > imagine eating at a sub shop when a car comes through ofh flying through the
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here's a quick look. stay with us, the news at 11 is1 back right after this. .
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i want you to watch the woman in the green shirt at this subub shop. look at that.ok she just gets out of the way. this is a crazy, scary crash inh prince william county. suv plowed right through the window of a jersey mike's sub shop. the person accidentally stepped on the gas. five people inside the shop. it was a close call for that one customer in that green shirt. the lady just jumped out of the way. she didn't move out of the way she would have got pinned between the car and our counterr right there. thank god she moved out of the way and didn't get pinned. good grief. she could have been killed. police say the driver and passenger were not hurt. one customer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. safety crews are
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building. police say the driver will face charges, but they did notot clarify what those charges willl be. parents, listen up, ikea is recalling 29 million dressers and chests because they can tip over if they're not anchored to a wall. the problem has lead to injuries and even deaths. six kids dating back to 1989 have been crushed to death bydet the units known as malam. at least 36 other children have been hurt. ikea is now offering a refundefu for dressers involved in this recall. they will send a crew to yourto house to install an anchor tonc your house if you request that.. it goes back to > it could put your personal information in danger just a fe cliques. hackers steal your facebookac pictures and all the publicthe information on your profile. it connects with your friends putting them at risk of alsolso becoming victim. we
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who recently was targeted. i thought my account hacked andd that's why i changed my password right away. but after talking to my friends they were saying actually it's a fake profile. cyber security experts say thesy profile cloners are out to steee money and even your identity ant your friend.yo if you're curious furnish pageur has been cloned you can check by searching your profile picture in google images flash floodingh who the on the web tonight a hashtag that am people canha relate to,t growing up with my name. people are sharing their experiences with their rather unique names or how people tend to mispronounce their names or how a name can spark celebrity comparisons. it brings michael bolt ton.on that's me. is that your reel name? >> yeah. so are you related to
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singer >> no. it's just a coincidence. it's not that hard. nennigai. at least your name isn't michael bolton. > it was pretty good. so here are some of the best bes tweets that we saw today of t course using that hashtag, growing up with my name.ame. this one comes from ashley -- hold on.on let ' this one comes from ashley jay, me i have an older sister, person, let me her guess, is her name mary kate. this one is from mary kate mcdonald.. oh, my god, do you have a twin named ashley. >> growing up with my name.ame. the next one comes from calf taf any, growing up with my name, am least one teacher every yearry since kindergarten, scooby doo,g daphne with scooby doo.ith i get that.t. i can't pronounce his name.
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of pronunciations for my last name, none of them the correct one. > this one is from jamie salor, growing up with my name, but isn't jamie supposed to be a girl name? jamie, i can relate to that. this is from a kila. a i'm acalifornia a, al qaeda, no. > you got to feel sorry for her. i'll tell you what, i can relate to that growing up with the name shawn i always can get p we speak to mr. yancy, please, on the phone. can we speak to the man of the house. shawn can be a girl's name ass well. for most of my life, my name is tony perkins, anthony perkins, just like this guy, anthony perkins who starred in psycho so i always get am other jokes i'm not going to check into your hotel. i've heard it my entire life. if you
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include a hashtag in there we want to hear about your stories. let's get caught up on the weather. kathleen roth is here. i think things are settling. >> by the way, caitlyn there's a thousand ways to spell it. the starbucks bar wrist a, there's a always a about it of a challenge. it was a about it of difficulty tonight. we had some severe weatherea moving through just about everye where. we still have some storms southh of d.c. but we've got somee beautiful pictures in the wake of what was a very active evening. yes, in the heart of summertime get the severe thunderstorms,s, but you also get the beautiful rainbows after the storms passas and this came to us froms southeast d.c. check out this one thanks to n twitter, a beautiful sunset. when cold fronts pass they make for some of the best sun sets. this is from germantown inge montgomery just layers annulars of gorgeous color, that sunlight reflectingl
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thanks to everyone who sends uss the pictures on these busyusy active days.s. all the thunderstorms are moving out right now. dry, less humid on wednesday, se looking at a much calmer daycalm tomorrow and we do have some storm damage to clean up aroundu the area. humidity returns the later part of the week and following that a holiday weekend preview, it'st's upon us, fourth of july weekend beginning on friday. storm tractor radar right now, the last of the storms and thend second round of it along thisaln cold front pushed through the d.c. area, northern virginiaea over the last hour. right now we have showersho stretching from the earn shoreho all the way back into spotsylvania county wherewher there's still a severe thunderstorm warning effect.ffec all the way over towards look plate oh, waldorf just seeingt rain. but it's west of me into spotsylvania county where weere still have some heavy rains, some lightning out there. this has a history of some gusty winds, a
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for spotsylvania county until 11:30. fredericksburg, for foxier, for prince william, if you see youry county in this, do not go out ot and drive in these flooded obviously if we didn't learn anything over the weekend from w west virginia, do not go out inn the flooded roadways if you can. severe thunderstorm watch that exists until midnight, probablyd to follow the last cluster of storms as it moves off the east. where the rain came through we made it into the upper 80s. still pretty mild out. it's 70 in washington. it will be l cooler and it'st's already feeling much more comfortable. storms are moving out dropping towards our south. by 8:00 a.m. we wake up to sunshine, mix h of sun and, mi clouds, a beautiful afternoonftr awaits. that's the good news there. 70-degrees with scatteredscat thunderstorms moving out tonight. tomorrow, even though it's still 84-degrees, nice and warm andan sunny without the humidity, with a decent breeze out of the
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northwest it will feel so muchuh more comfortable. low to mid 80s and it is dry. seven day forecast, 85 with just a slight chance of a late day shower thursday. the same goes for friday. f we could have a thunderstorm, ah late day shower. the weekend itself perfect foree the beach, sunny and warm. it looks like we have a chance of some rain, maybe some july 4th fireworks to deal with as well. > coming up next tonight, aext visit to the lincoln memorial made a teacher a viral sensation. and now she's opening up aboutup why she decided to sync the national anthem.anth that's after the break. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight.
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take a look a the this, a fox5 viewer sent her these pictures of a montgomery county. her four year old daughterur called the police for help. y it's all because of a book. the little girl was reading andd about how and when to call 911.. well, when the officers
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they got a chance to better explain exactly what an emergency is and when you shoulu actually call and then they hady fun throwing around the footbalh with the kids. very cute. before we leave you tonight,onig it's my read here.e. have you seen this power rendition of the national and the lem in it went viral.vira we've been showing it to you. a school principal visiting d.c. is now a sensation because of her rendition of the star spangled banner. the bombs bursting in in air, gave proof to the night that our flag was still there. well, she belted out the songthe during a visit to the lincoln memorial. the crowd that gathered watchede in you a and then erupted in e cheers. this video has already been
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viewed more than 13 million times. the woman told a florida paper that friends dared her to do it. she says she was scared at first and relieved when she was finished. she also wrote on her facebookeo page that is over joined by ther response it has gotten. >> i'll tell you this, she's in florida i'll bet she's be invited to some florida baseball game, minor league or majorajor league to do the national and the lem. i want to say that rival as, jennifer hudson, the acoustic,si that was good. i mean not a rehearsal. i'm glad no one came up andnd arrested her or anything like that. >> remember the school kids at the 911 memorial. >> that is true.hat she did a wonderful job. we'll be back here tomorrow. thanks for joining us tonight, i we'll see see you tomorrow was night. bye-bye. seek it out.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: the almighty dollar is more important to the kardashians it seems than family feuds. >> blac chyna and kylie jenner in the same instagram video. of course, they've got a tyga link. harvey: the tyga link made them enemies. tyga and blac chyna can make a lot of money and become real famous with kris' help. >> you think they just want to get along for the unborn child? >> no, no! >> chris brown's publicist quit because he called her a bitch. harvey: do nothing bitch. >> he's saying get me on the cover of "vogue." she said anna wintour doesn't want you on the cover of "vogue." he then said to his manager, send this bitch to termination. >> and you wonder why the female


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