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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10. district residents impacted by gun violence tell city leaders the flow of illegal guns into the streets has got to stop. what the police chief and other officials did tonight to try to close loopholes in the distric district's gun laws. >> it's atm looked like this using it co-op your bank account to criminals. must-see video that could keep a thief from stealing your cas cash. >> new shocking details in the child porn scandal that rocked prince george county schools. the suspect is now indicted on hundreds of charges. these stories and more right now on "fox5"local news at 10. we thank you for joining us. we begin with the urgent push to tighten gun restrictions in the district. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> and today is nationally recognized day of action
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stop gun violence across america. tonight a mother that loss her daughter in mass shooting in d.c. made a plea to cleanup the streets. lauren demarco is live with the story. >> reporter: i'm standing south capitol street southeast. the site of the south capitol street massacre. it was seven years ago. 2010 when there were three teenage victims who were killed, six others shot. one of them was row shell jone jones. her mother tells us she has to pass this spot with her only child was gunned down every single day the spot she says her child took her last breath. she spoke tonight and held a photo of her daughter's body. it was too disturbing to show you on the air but take a listen. >> this is what my daughter looked like. her head was mroen up with an ak-47
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and three caliber weapons top shoot into a crowd of young people. nine were shot and two others died at the scene. that's a memory that will haunt me for the rest of my life. >> reporter: nar dean jeffery was joined by a mother who survived being shot twice by her husband in front of a little boy an a man who is a survivor and lost several friend and family members. they spoke with kathy linear and eleanor holmes martin at the library about the need for gun control including expanded checks and assault ban. it was part of national day of action of the historic sit in on capitol hill. chief linear says despite strict gun laws weapons make their way into the district 32%
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from virginia and 22% from maryland. that's exactly why this is a national issue. >> without a national gun saferty law we have the stron strongest gun safety laws in the country and they get immediately undermined by parts the country that don't have it the. that's why this is a national issue and not a local issue. >> congressman norriton said 9 90% of americans want background khexz and no fly, no buy. it's time for coming gress to pass common sense gun legislation. live in southeast. lauren demarco, "fox5 local news". "fox5" is in prince george county now a former school aid was indicted on sex abuse and important. deonta caroway remains behind bars without bond. he's accused of acaughting 23 children. and they arrested caroway after
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a guardian of one of the victims reported him to school and police after finding a photo. >> there are two investigations now. one to investigate the conduct of mr. caroway. and we have simultaneously another investigation that has not been concluded yet to answer the questions you're asking. how did this occur? who, if nip, knew about. it are there additional individuals to be held accountable? that investigation is ongoing. and we don't have answers at this point. that's an investigation ongoin ongoing. >> the state attorney office is 20 of the children involved have been identified. >> and well after more than 5 years ahead of d.c. public school chancellor kaya helped are son is stepping down the sfapdard scores improved and achievement gap between black and white students is high. we asked what is next for the school district. >> i certainly would like to see a greater collaboration beee
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parents, teachers, and other stakeholders and this is turning schools around is a difficult task and it requires all hands on deck. it is not something that can be done as a top down mandate. we're looking for a leadership, chancellor that will be more inclusive of stakeholders and decision making around school reform. >> mayor becauseer chief of schools john davis is temporary chancellor until a permanent is pound. chancellor henderson and mayor bowser will joins us tomorrow 9 a.m. on good day d.c. to discuss why the chance lor is stepping down and what it means for the children. tweet us right now at "fox5" d.c.. a man discovered using an atm. individualo
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cellphone own posted to youtube and more than 3 million views. an id skipper that looks like the real thing and that's not all. tish alewis joins us live from northwest with the story. tisha. >> 3 billion views and countin counting. here's a displameer. it's not this atm but it looked just like this. there was a screen. card reader. just like the one you look at. what i can tell you is something about the particular card reader that this tourist was using just deposit quite seem right. it all struck a cord very odd and strange cord with this savvy tourist. >> i went to the atm and kind of tugged on the card reader if you will and here it is this literally popped off. as it came off i noticed there was a little bit -- i don't know if you can zoom in there is glue residue right here and i realize today was actually a
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that's what benjamin todesco pulled out the video and shot this videoch the tech savvy 33-year-old was on vacation earlier this month in vienna austria using samsung atm kiosk to withdrawal money and posted this of the scare on youtube and has millions of views and hundreds of comments. many were skeptical about the video and he insists it's the real deal and legitimate and no laughing matter. by now most heard about ski skimmers that steal your banking information and money. but rarely do we see them up close and personal. he believes based on complexity of this particular skim ter may not be one of a kind. >> from what i can tell here it all most looks mass produced it could be concerning there could be a lot more out there. if you look here at this the
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batty it appears to be disposable. >>. it odesco call the very ep apolice department and has been in contact and communication with them since he got back to the states last tuesday. he is communicating with them to coordinate this skimmer's return. we reached out to local police district and jurisdictions to see if it's happening here. hopefully it's not. if it is now you have a heads up. tisha lewis. "fox5 local news". >> that can be really squarey. >> it is. >> it looks so similar. >> it looks like the real thin thing. most people wouldn't pick up on that. >> absolutely, now we're warne warned. >> and coming up on "fox5"news at 10 you see some of the pictures behind us. toxins litter fecal bacteria. there are still mrepttive problems in the anacostia river despite recent improvements. >> the grade the river received on annual report card is coming up next.
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there's an incredible need for this kind of service. there's 285 million vision impaired people and 80% of them don't have to be. >> startling numbers. later a flying hospital touches down in the d.c. area. how doctors inside this state of the art aircraft are figh fighting blindness worldwide. caityln. >> thank you tony what a beautiful evening it was outside♪ this is coming after abnormally cool day in june. take a look at temperatures, 82 reagan andle 1 dulles and bwi marshall. how long can this nice weather last. pleasant forecast coming up for you and look at first weather is next after the break when "fox 5 news" at 10 returns after this
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sxwlv the anacostia river annual report card came out. >> the river that runs through maryland and d.c. failed. watershed society report found improvements in several categories and several obstacle president main before t
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reaches its goal of clean enough to swim and fish in by the year 2025. as required by the clean water act. all right let's take it outside right now. what an incredibly georgous day today and beautiful night across the region. got to love the temperatures and clear skies. kate lynn joyngs us with what we can expect the rest of the evening. kailt lynn? >> when i was on my dinner break and sun was setting was that goose bumps i felt on my arm in late june in d.c.. er didn't think that was possible. it's cool and comfortable out there why some of you r temperatures in the 60s and 50s overnight. it's that pleasant. satellite and radar showing clear skies. high pressure in place and cold front that brought all the thunderstorms swiping through early this morning and that caused cooler and drayer air mass to move in. 74 in the district and without the humidity cooler i think, 64
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gamersburg and 6 9 hagerstown. we'll be starting tomorrow in the 50s believe it or not. we're up early for work and getting a head start on the early holiday weekend. maybe a long sleeve shirt or lights jacket on. 70 baltimore and 75 annapolis and 66 in leonardtown. so the forecast for tonight we were pretty breezy today. winds started to subside overnight. high pressure building in and reinforcing itself and suppres suppressing moisture to the south. clear, comfortable companies overnight tonight. here are the temperatures waking up to tomorrow. mid 60s in washington and widespread 50s. 5 5 frederick. 59 culpeper and winchester avenue milder out there by the water. plan our forecast. 74 by 8 a.m. and high sung angle full on sunshine through noon. 79 there. mid 80s later tomorrow afternoon with sunshine. another really pleasant day. and into the rest of the week w
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we'll see thing heat up a little bit. talking much more about that and the all important 4th of july forecast ahead. tony. >> investigators in egypt say wreckage that crashed last month shows signs of heat damage and the flight data recorder indicates there was smoke in the laugh torrey and on board equipment. the cockpit recorder was danaged in the crash and is being repaired in paris. the officials are still trying to figure out what brought the plane down killing everyone on board. >> the latest now on the deadly airport bombing in istanbul. turkey today observed national day of mourning. death toll stand at 42 with over 2 0 0 injured and more than 100 remain hospitalized at this hour. it's not known if any americans are mopping the victims. meanwhile, flights resumed step airport this morning although travelers dealt with many san selllations and delays. earlier today president obama offered his condolences. >> we stand with the
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turkey and i intend to do what is necessary to make sure that these kind of terrible events are not happening. >> while no group is claimed responsibility for the bombings turkey prime minister is blaming isis. >> terror attack in turkey have raising externs with airport security in the disstripping. this the was the scene at reagan national airport. k-9 teams were at the ticket gate. u.s. is being cautious even though there's no known threats against the airport. >> well, security has been beefed up around the exterior perimeter. roving patrols and use of k-9 patrols and deployment of tactical officers in their full sgeer out and about. and the situation changes and the people move around and so it's randomizeed and there's definitely been increase in security. >> meanwhile a massive one billion reconstruction of
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national is expected to start this fall. it should start eight years to complete. >> why didn't the fbi notify hundreds of americans that their names appeared on isis hit list. the alyssa period. on various sites of social media platforms linked to isis and contain names of 15,000 americans living in new york, texas, florida and california. they're all marked as potential target and investigators notified several people although the list seemed random ultimately it surprise to the fbi to determine who appears to be the most at risk. >> now to the race for the whitehouse. tonight election excerpt is making bold prediction hillary clinton will win the election over donald trump. nate silver from the web site 538 revealed general election forecast this morning and predict that clinton has a 79% chance of winning while trump has only a 20% chance. and silver adds
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the role in swing states and he got all 50 right in 2012. >> coming up next "fox5" is taking a tour of state of the art flying hospital. sarah. >> shawn, this hospital is all about the eyes. not only is it streeting people with eye problems but teaching doctors around the world i'll explain how coming up. plus,. >> a lot of people are embarrassed to talk about. it there's no reason to. everyone has the same body there's no reason to be embarrassd a ying man thought he was invips i believe until they thought he had testicular cancer. his fight against the disease and how he's helping others who have. it we'll be
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the world's only hospital is setting up on a cargo plane. >> this is astonishing millions of people including the children that go blind avenue day and millions more have vision problems up treated. more on the state of the art hospital with wings, sarah. >> tony and shawn. a lot of people have not heard of it. this is third generation flying hospital right here created by a company called orbitz. it's a non flying group that teaches sight saving skills. this massive plane it's a classroom and operating room wrapped newspaper one. and n 10 ten area craft was in washington before it head to shoong high in septemberch the plane has 48 seat classroom and audio visual equipment to watch
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live surgical procedure being performed in the mraep's operating room. students can interact with the doctors even and ask questions during those procedures. hospital is mend to treat patients who don't have access or money for quality care. >> we have a business model that develops sustainable continual progressive eye care program within the country tailored from that country to bring those up country from remedial level up to u.s. standards. >> orbitz has flown to 92 country anticipates has hospital programs in remote areas the plane cannot fly int into. next stop is texas before china on next mission. tony. . >> in montgomery county, a court anythinger is found guilty of using a social media app to try toe ha
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minor. >> mr. reed cannot talk at this time. we finished a very emotional trial and we ask you respect his privacy now. >> dapial reend did not leave. reed thought he was chatting with teenage boy on app gripe gripeder but it was undercover police officer. according to court documents reed told what he thought was 15-year-old boy that he knew the law and he could not have sex with him until he was 16. in later conversations the judge determined reed tried to initiated sex. at the time reed was court commission whor was hearing se sex-related cases. >> so super troubling that you know someone that may have been responsible for setting bond for sex offenders he himself was commiting a sex offense by slitsiting sex with a minor. >> judge agreed to release reed until sentenced to august and faces up to ten years behind bars. >> former fairfax county police officer adam torres is out jail. this is video of
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jail earlier this morning and last week torres was sentenced to a year behind bars for shooting death of john gear. in 2013 torres shot gear in the door way of gear's springfield home child respomenting to domestic dispute call. witnesses say he had his happened up and was unarmed. he was locked up more than ten months when at sentencing the judge gave him credit for time served. coming up at 10 the rapidly changing business world is not what it used to be five or ten years ago and with the introduction of today's technology business etiquette is transformed. >> are you acting appropriately to excel at work or sabotaging yourself. what you need to know next at 10.
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>> police say deanne take caroway abused students on the sportsfever television network off school property ticht indictment named 23 victims the youngest 7 years old. lauren. it's one of the victims mother spoke with national and local leaders all part of a national day of action pushing for gun control and prevention of gun violence. and they're pushing for stopping the illegal flow of weapons into the district. tony. . >> and the chancellor of the district of columbia public school system says she's leaving her post. kya henderson is praised by top u.s. e
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improvement that d.c. city schools saw during her end tender. mayor muirial bowser will conduct a national search for henderson's replacement. henderson and mayor will be on "fox" news morning tomorrow morning. >> 9 a.m. . >> tune in. . >> our best attempt to answer questions that showcase our encyclopedic knowledge of everything and anything. >> rapidly changing world of business. you may be holding a pink slip if are you not pay ago tension to ed kit. >> caroline thanks so much
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coming. tell us about yourself and business. >> my business is in the d.c., maryland, virginia area my specialty for the last 18 years is planning for successful corporate event for companies typically fortune 5 0 0 companies. . >> the same thing do i in my busy deferred to expert experiments. that's etiquette tips on what we need to know. . >> is it ever appropriate to text a client instead of calling. >> if it's your best friend maybe if not you should not do it. >> i hope
10:33 pm
that. >> i would say maybe it was not five years ago now it seems like it's okay. . >> you hit the nail on the head it's true in certain instances and certain types of businesse businesses. obviously there are restrictions. ft. text is going to be longer than three lines you may want to make a phone call or put in email. lastly, as much as we love the emojis leave them out. . >> no smiley faces please sgle next question true or false you should always reply to all any time you receive a group message. >> really bad. i'm going to say false. >> me too. >> i'm going say false. >> you all did well. answer is false. >> good. >> you use reply all button only when necessary otherwise we've all been in a situation. >> stop it. >> a week later someone came back from vision and realized they have not responded you. >> guys are doing well.
10:34 pm
the lead, technically. >> i was not counting. >> that's not true i said it was true and false. >> we're going to play nicely. >> true and false when introducing yourself use your 1st and last name. >> i'm going to say true. >> true. >> true as well. >> you guys are so smart. yes, no matter what the situation, name of the game is to be memorable and as articulate as you can. say your 1st and last name because maybe later on your business contact won't remember which tony or shawn you were. there are exceptions to the rules. >> i know. >> if you're james bond you say i'm bond, james bond. >> but he still said first and last name. >> thank you that was close. i was thinking if your name is madonna. >> or cher. >> or beyonce. >> we'll remember you. >> very good. >> you're doing so well. so let's in
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or false. it's acceptable to answer via speaker phone any time you're busy. >> false. >> false. >> false. >> i would say false. you have to give someone a heads up oun that. >> thank you that's important awls let people know you're on speaker you never know what will come out. >> honey are you watching this segment. earlier today i called in the car and you let me say stuff in front of the kids. >> perfect example. >> you'll vl some explaining to do what you get home. >> one last thing have to say you guys are doing well in terms of business etiquette. in a business environment you can never say thank you enough. >> true. >> i agree that's true. >> never say it enough -- you can never say it enough. >> yes. >> in a business environment you can never say -- >> i may say false sometimes it gets a little -- i know i heard it can be excessive you. >> don't want to seem like you're kition up to the person. >> there with he go in this
10:36 pm
case you are the only one right. >> caityln wins. >> saying too many thank you and gushing over the change yous in a single conversation can work in reverse. it's sort of deludz the impact of the first thank you i said. >> wow. . >> so i can honestly say thank you for letting me be here. >> you were great, really good at this. >> you with were. >> honestly you guys did well. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we won't say it again then. >> we'll do this again. we'll make this a regular thing. what's it called. what the facts. >> that is a terrible name and we'll get in trouble sometime. >> still to come fox news at 10 food and drug administration races concerns about the product many of us use over da day. >> do hand sanitizer works. >> mother pens 'touching letter after her son with down syndrome was left out of a birthday party. details in a few minute
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sxwrv cancer hit hard for a young man in rockville diagnosed with testicular cancer when his friend were planning for prom and graduation. >> he's trying to make sure no one else has to deal with what he had to go through. >> when are you young you think you're invincible and nothing can happen taken to and never think you will get cancer especially you. >> four years ago as jason greenspan geared up for senior rituals of prom and graduation he found out he did sdmri was on the couch watching television and
10:42 pm
that didn't seem right and i told my mom and a couple days later i got checked with the doctor and said words i never thought i with would hear you have cancer. >> college plans on fold surgery to remove left testical and chemotherapy. >> during that time most of my day consisted of lay on the couch not eating, losing weight, watching television xing i can't owe afford to lose weight. it's kind of a problem. it was not good at all. >> but two days before thanksgiving jason finally got the all clear. now he's taking a childhood ho hope old pressed pennies from amusement parks part of a fund razor stamp out cancer now. >> i was inspired with lance armstrong and his fundraiser. >> here lance is with blue stamp out cancer wrist band. jason raised thousands for cancer reserve and he wants to start a conversatio
10:43 pm
that comes up in casual conversation it's not easy to talk about it's embarassing to talk about. >> very much. >> but something true to talk about. >> a lot of people are embarrassed to talk about. it there's no reason to. everybody has the same body there's no reason to be embarrassed at all. it's better you get checked and check yourself and better to be safe than story with that. >> we wish you all the best. jason says he is raising money and it is going to the livestrong and testicular cancer foundation. >> now to a story going viral. mother ever a child with down syndrome wrote a letter after her son was not invited to a classmate's birthday party. jennifer kissengel said he was heartbroken when son sawyer was only child class of 23 students that did not receive an invite. she wrote letter on facebook because she felt it was a way towed indicate those that may not know much about down syndrome. the letter received over 22,000 likes and story
10:44 pm
ending. the parents of the child having the party read the letter and spoke to her child and sawyer ended up receiveing a special invitation to that birthday party. >> bravo to that mom for handling that in that particular way. and i think it's disappointing you know that he did not think you know it's okay to leave one child out of the class out. >> it's got mother that read the letter responded in the way she responded and had a talk with her child and worked it out. that's good. >> all right a tiny saferty pin making a huge impact in uk. take a look. you may have spotted a safety pin on people on social media. ever since uk voted to leave the european union knot now people with area wearing saferty pins solidarity to show imgrants live in the country they are safe. >> hand sanitize rear everywhere, schools, gas station, on juror job. fda is challenging makers of products to prove
10:45 pm
and effective. it's all part of the review of cleaning and hygiene products and how increed yepts are observed through the skin. >> what are you doing. >> hm. >> what are you doing. >> look athe my sglooen to do what. >> you have to raet the next story. >> how much time do you spend in front of a screen. >> we're talking about phones, tv, video games. keep look at them. >> yeah. >> national average it may surprise we'll have the details coming up at 11. >> we should have had rehearsa rehearsal. >> plus a local man spotted atm skimmer while overseas. tonight he's giving us the story behind this viral video. and find out how you get freeburgers for life through one fast food chain. we are warning you it may not be easy news at 11 kicks off in 15 minutes or
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>> even the people at the subway restaurant look at the sign there you have seen wessley the snake no we have not so far the reptile have not hurt anyone. >> a beautiful day and gorgeous night. comfortable conditions out there. caityln roth is here with the latest on all that. . >>. >> i hope we can keep this going. >> we can. >> forecaster in maine may be like it's nice out. >> just side note on that. yes, you guys it was a gorgeous day and tonight was just fantastic. beautiful evening hopefully you took advaag
10:50 pm
temperatures today were below normal. nice breeze out of the north comfortable with temperatures in the 60s. really nice clear skies and temperatures into the 60s and 50s by early tomorrow morning. tomorrow, thursday, looks great. plenty of sunshine. humidity and thunderstorm chances return by friday and then the holiday weekend preview. looks like it starts out great fourth of july we may be deal with rain chances. clear and gorgeous even behind me. teming turz 74 in the district and already in a minute temperatures in the 60s in the suburbs. high pressure moving in and marked difference ft. severe warm last night. showers and thunderstorms across north carolina, all been suppressed south. we don't have any rain chances the next couple days take a look at temperatures. 63 gaithersburg and 61 frederick and 69 hagerstown
10:51 pm
martinburgs and 72 dulles. 75 annapolis and 70 baltimore. we'll all adjust and fall into 60s during the overnight hours. it was gusty in a nice way so rights now winds subsided and we're calm and stay that way as we head to tomorrow. main difference tomorrow is it will be less windy out there. fox future cast as we go to the overnight hours starting with brilliant sunshine tomorrow on thursday. a lot of people heading out of town and heading to the beaches and driving conditions are totally fine later in evening popup thunderstorms in the mountains and cannot see hours to haiking it into washington. we should enjoy another nice comfortable night. different story, clouds increasing and we have more humidity moving in as warm front moves north. showers possible into the
10:52 pm
afternoon and some of these po popup showers and thunderstorms were not talking about any severe weather threat. i don't think anything will be too strong pop up showers and thunderstorms likely as we get to friday night. here's forecast again for this evening. enjoy it. clear skies. nice breeze out of the north west. 66 degrees. comfortable. dairy say may need a light jacket early tomorrow morning with suburban spots starting into the 50s. pleasance day. 84. sunshine. less of a breeze out of the south. let's look at the holiday weekend here. mostcy sunny saturday and sunday and humidity increases and thunderstorms friday night and not going to be the case saturday and sunday. just georgous. sunshine low humidity. temperatures in the 0s. and blocking 4th of july here and it looks like the front comes through and scattered showers and thunderstorms possible for the holiday and we'll have to fine tune that time frame. right now it looks like during the day. obviously we'll watch that en
10:53 pm
compromising any of the fireworks out there. and sunny and pleasant thursday. that's tomorrow. into the mid 80s. upper 80s friday and warm and humid and great weekend watching 4th of july could be showers and thunderstorms lingering into the workweek and we stay comfortable temperatures into the 0s, no 90s in sight for first week of july that's saying something. >> sure is. >> hit musical "hamilton" it cleaned up at the tony awards earlier this month and tickets on broadway are going for hundreds of particulars. >> i heard thousands for some people. >> yes. some cases. >> you know the show is named after the founding father alexander hamilton. it's so popular people are confusing lines from the musical from real quotes including democratic candidate from new york. oliver roseenburg was debating on new york city radio show he tried to que
10:54 pm
hamilton and said we roll like moses claiming our promise land rise up, rise up and vote. turns out that's a line from the musical not a line from alexander hamilton. rose denburg lost his prime areay race. >> we'll be seeing more and more of that. >> coming up. >> rapper con okayest expanding his fashion empire. how he's making it easier for you to start yezee style. >> i can not wait to go yeeze. >> next at 106789
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>> kanye west is teening up with adeed yes, sir for the yezee brand. you'll see retail stores for yeezee kloms. working with adeed as he will develop a sportswear and lifestyle line of collegeing. >> seems like kanye will be the michael jordan of adidas now. >> i think that's what he's aiming to be. >> here's a question how much wow shell out for a bowl of your favorite cereal. >> an up scale cafe in times square. bowls of cereal between 6.50 and 7.50. tony you can combine cereals like special k and frosted flakes with pistachios or
10:59 pm
zestch the cafe opens doors on further of july. >> if it will work anywhere it's new york city. >> i agree. you can do that at home people. >> for much less. >> big changes to the teen usa pageant. officials say they will remove the swimsuit portion of the program. the goal is to remote female empowerment and physical fitness. pageant officials call this important cultural shift and celebration of women to lead active purpose full lives. 2016 miss teen usa pageant will be held jewel 30. >> they're removing swim suits because they'll be athletic wear. that makes sense the girls that participate in the path aunt are between 14 and 19. bravo to them. >> very impressionable age and start to worry about body image and stuff. >> i agree. "fox5 local news at 11" starts right now.
11:00 pm
tonight he is giving us the story behind this viral video. . >> and media overload. how much time do you spend on your phone i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> today is nationally recognized day of action to stop gun violence across america. >> tonight a woman that lost her daughter in a terrible mass shooting in d.c. teamed one other victims of violence and city lead werz an urgent message. fox 35 lauren demarco is live with more on what they're tryi


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