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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 30, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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tonight he is giving us the story behind this viral video. . >> and media overload. how much time do you spend on your phone i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> today is nationally recognized day of action to stop gun violence across america. >> tonight a woman that lost her daughter in a terrible mass shooting in d.c. teamed one other victims of violence and city lead werz an urgent message.
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fox 35 lauren demarco is live with more on what they're trying to accomplish. lauren. >> tony i'm stand ago long south capitol street site of south capital street massacre. nine teeth agar shot one victim was alicia jones her mother lives two blocks from here and she tells us she has to pass the spot her daughter was gunned down and and tonight she spoke at the meeting and held a photo of her daughter's body. it was too disturbing to see it on the air. >> this is what my daughter looked like. >> her head was blown on with ak-47. and her shoulder. there were three caliber weapons used to shoot into a crowd of young people, nine were shot and two others died at the scene. that's a memory that will haunt me for
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. >> and it was part of a national day of action following last week's historic sit in inside the house chamber on capitol hill. chief linear said despite the strict gun laws weapons continue to make their way to the district. 31% from virginia and 22% from maryland. congress woman eleanor said that is j it is a national issue. >> without a national gun safety law you can have the
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strongest gun safety laws and they get immediately under mind by part of the country that don't have it. that's why this is national issue and not local issue. 0% of americans want expanded background check and common sense gun legislation. . >>. >> a former school aid deate caroway was behind bars and accused of abusing 23 children one as young as 7 years old while he was working at judge sylvania woods in glen arden. angela also brooks gave details about some of the charges listed in the indictment. >> that includes sex a
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>> there are 41 counts ever second degree sex offense and had 1 counts and 66 counts after lawing child pornography and 56 counts of appoint cecing child pornography. >> state attorney office says 20 of the children involved have been identified. . >> and former fairfax country police officer convicted of killing unarmed man was releas released from jail today. "fox5" was first to bring this video of adam doors leaving jail this morning a judge sentenced him to a year behind bars last week for shooting death of john gear. and while responding to a domestic dispute call. gear was unarmed and had hangdz up. torres has been in jail more than ten months and the judge gave him credit for time serve served. >> former montgomery county court missioner was found guilty of trying
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with a minor through a dating app. daniel reed used griped to what he thought ways teenager back in october. the teenager was an undercover police detective posing as a 1 17-year-old boy. he was only 15 but reed continues to c communicate and asked for nude photos of the team. they planned to meet in germantown and officers were waiting to arrest reed it's super troubling he himself was commiting a sex offense by slititing sex with a minor. >> he faces up to ten years in prison. . >> new tonight take a look at this a man discovers a skimmer just perfect using an atm while abroad. wait until you see the video he shot on his cellphone. this is it. and he posted this to youtube. it has more than 3 million views and shows an id stealing skimmer that looks just like the real thing and that's not all. "fox5" tisha
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from northwest with this story. tisha. >> hi, tony, 3 million views and counting on that video. we have to do a disclaim ter did not, did not i repeat happen at this atm machine but it looked just like this. there was a screen and hard reader and the savvy tourists trying to remove the card reader and that popped off and that struck a cord. >> i went to the atm and tugged on the card reader if you will here it is this literally popped offer. i noticed there's a little bit of glue residue right here. and then i realize today was actually a secondary overlay device. >> the glue gave it all away and benjamin pulled out his cellphone and shot this video of the atm skimmer of the tech savvy 3
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vacation earlier this month with his wife in vienna austria using samsung atm kiosk to get money and posted this video of the scare on youtube that has millions of views and hundreds of comments. many were skeptical about the video and it's the real deal. legitimate and no laughing matter. most of you have heard about skimmers that steal your ban banking information but rarely do we get to see them up close and personal. based on the complexity of the skim ter may not be one at a time. . >> it looks mass produced. which mean there's a lot more out there. if you look at the battery appears to be disposable. >> again he gave us good advic advice. take a close look. courtsey check is what he
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in this area. ways looking in this area like many of you. look for the glue and who knows what he come up with next. he says he did contact the vienna police department when arrived back last week. he is in communication with them how to get this device back. and he says again he did not use atm machine and almost use today and we reached out to local police jurisdictions in the area and so far have not heard back. we wanted to know have they seen this so if it's out there we can be aware. consider this heads up. tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". >> head of d.c. public schools chancellor kaia henderson is stepping down. she served for more than five years and continued her ed ration base the on standardized test results. they have improved
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achievement gap is high mast daiingt of the job is october 1 and john davis serves as interim chancellor. chancellor henderson and d.c. mayor muirial bouser will join up and discussion if you have any questions for the chancellor or mayor about d.c. public schools tweet us at fox5dc. we'll try to ask those questions tomorrow morning. >> new proof smart phones and tvs are taking over our lives tony. yeah. >> the disturbing story as rio get set for washing up on the same shore where olympic athletes will play beach volleyball in a few weekend. how rio is respopding to a -- it was such a beautiful day
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d.c.. temperatures could start tomorrow morning some spots in the 50s. how long this pleasantly cool weather will last and the holiday weekend coming up. shawn. >> take a look at other stories in the run down tonight. keep it right here the 11 will come right back♪ cheese burger in paradise sneet ♪
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pats pass. it was a national day of mourning in turkey toda today. 42 people died and 200 injured and it's not known if any americans are among the victim. no group has claimed responsibility for the bombings and turkey prime minister is blaming isis. meantime security remains tight at airport nationwide. reagan national teams of officers and k-9 units and bomb detection teams prold both areas of the airport and ticke ticketed date areas. former security official says the u.s. is being very cautious despite be no known threats currently against the airports. >> new at 11 tonight concerns about the zika virus
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cincinnatied headlines with upcoming rio olympic games. security is in the spot light ooh mutilated body parts came up the shore. here's the late sgleing discovery of human body parts on copa cab an abeach adding to concerns. a foot and other mutilated body parts washing ashore steps from owe limb peck beach volleyball outcome in less than a month. >> awnd the city experiencing a rise in crime and ongoing recession. just last week ought railia. on wednesday they announced they're in the process of finalizing olympic size security plan and brazil will spend 93 million. operational numbers for public security figures are approximatery 47,000 profession
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here in rio and this is in addition to another 38,000 professionals from the defense ministry. >> officials rs also announcing they are stepping up security in rio in light of attacks in turkey and brussels. meantime zika fears are promptingage threats drop out of the game including rory markell roy and top golfer jason day. >> there's many more khans athletes will get zika virus here. we're taking care here. and we have to take care of the am lights. >> steve rapoport, fox news. let's talk about the weather forecast today. or before we get to our forecast heevrment west virginia a west virginia rescue squad got help from our region following these deadly floodwaters. volunteers at the wheaton rescue in maryland donated r
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rescue in maryland donated donatedly retired ambulance the flood destroyed an ambulance and grateful to receive this donated vehicle. >> all right. do you remember this? tonight marks four years since a line of deadly thunderstorms known as deracho slammed the d.c. area. violent line of storms brought high winds and heavy rain in 2 2012 causing widespread damage. more than a dodden were killed and thousands were without power for days in middle of triple digit heat. forecasters say the district arms one derecho every four years. >> really. >> i didn't know that. >> one in 2012 was soyn tense it's a categorized as once in 30 years event. >> that's good i don't want to go through that again. >> it was rare. >> do you remember that. >> yeah i grew up here. i don't remember anything like that. that was extraordinary. >> it ways friday night we were on the air and the storm hilt and we stayed on the air i believe until 12:30 wh
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tried go home it was like a war zone. there were power lines down and tree lines down and took me a long time to get there our power was out for a week. >> yes ours five or six days when he to stay in a hotel and you had to go backen check on your house. it was so hot out. >> triple digit heat i was working in philadelphia at the time and for us it was kind of like we saw it coming and we left an we were covering your area and d.c. too. it was a mess. so unusual. i retweet aid radar mow say ak from four years ago. it's amazing to look at. >> when i fist saw it on the radar seem like in the afternoon i don't remember exactly when it was i saw it on radar and twhut is that. >> it was super strong line of thunderstormslike a straight line. >> it doesn't usually hold together but it traveled from ohio and forever put the road derrecio in our
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. >> and it's because we also don't have the triple digit heat were were experiencing during that derecho event it was incredible. so many with trees down and losing pow ter makes past two night look like child's play in comparison to something like that it is. however we still have impact for cleaning up from over the past couple nights. so hopefully everyone enjoyed a calmer evening tonight. nice and comfortable during the overnight hours. looks great tomorrow and thunderstorm chances increase friday. popup storms. low severe weather threat and we'll look at holiday weekend preview. outside right now, georgous evening over northwest d.c.. just a few clouds, 72, winds out of
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from earlier diminished and clear skies and thunderstorms down across car line as will stay there. let's look at the temperatures. it's remarkable to watch after the sunset. 63 gaithersburg and 68 westminster and 61 winchester and 65 culpeper still in the 70s. really i think going to see impressive numbers for late june to early tomorrow morning if we're already in the 60s upstate new york western pennsylvania and ohio probably all of those sports starting in the 50s. future cast showing clear skies tonight and calm day headle to tomorrow and lots of sunshine. that's how we'll start it off if you travel. no issues on the bay bridge if you head to ocean city marylan maryland, dewey, by friday a different story. cloudy, more humid. popup showers and thunderstorm thunderstormsit likely. again not widespread severe threat but that skilingts where you could deal with th
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friday evening commute to contend with that moves out and segues into a great start to holiday weekend. low temperatures overnight 66 washington. widespread 50s north and west. 6 0 in gaithersburg and help of high sun angle and high uv index rises to mid 40s. holiday weekend forecast. saturday and surprised gorgeous and not hot 83 and warm again friday. we cool things down it's a beautiful weekend. watching for rain chances on the fourth and stay hot as we head to next week. that's your 7 day forecast, shawn, tony. >> thank you caityln. how much time do you spend in front of a screen every single day your phone, tv, computer, video games all combined get this afternoon time for person during first three months of this year per day people ten hours and 39 minutes. you realize there's only 24 hours
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scare staring at a scene now. sgloo looking at a hope to now. that is increase of an hour over the same time period. last year. nealson says current time may be higher because of time on smart phones that does not include the times we text, se sexyes or talk on the phone. that's distushing when you think ten hours and 39 minutes a day. >> again like it includes time at work. >> tv. >> most of us. >> computer screens. >> any time in front of a screen. >> that's disturbing it has to be doing something to us. >> it is. >> new tech nroling apple could force you to put phones away at concerts the company grant aid pallet enter for technology to stop iphone from taking videos where photography is prohibi prohibited. the tat ipt would temporarily disable your phone from recording including certain museums you can use your camera the same system could be used
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the object you're viewing. >> i know a lot of artist appreciate that ability. >> coming up next tonight. how you could get freeburgers for the rests of your life from a fast food chain. just before you want to take this on we w
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>> a blast from the past retro 90s crystal pepsi for a limbed time. it will hit store shelves august 8 and debuted in 1992 with massive marketing campaign and public response was mixed and it was yanked after two years. >> so now they're using us to 'tis it and get it back out there again. >> it was a clear soda. >> i wonder what is crystal --. >> it was clear. >> enjoy. >> finally tonight free burgers for life it won't be easy.
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step two legally change your last name to biggerer by the en of july and do that and you could win a burger a day for rest of your life from the australian fast food chain mr. mr. burger. they wanted to do something to liringten the mood in the world. by the way tony if your last name is already burger you cannot interthe contest. >> that's not fair. >> caityln. >> it is you have to change your name. >> that burger looks terrible. first one looked good. >> even from mr. burger. good i likeburgers you should not eat one a day. turkey burgers. >> that's a burger. >> we'll have a burger degate. >>al monday is not a burger. >> if you make it one. it's salmon on bread. fish burger. that's the ed of show.
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