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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> the united states takingni out hundreds of isis militants n in the largest ever air strikege on a the terror once controlled.ontrl what does this mean for theoe fight going forward?orward >> a live look outside on this i thursday june 30th, the lastthel day of the month. it is a beautiful start to the e morning. actually a little bit cool.oo might wants to grab a sweater. e weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:05. 6:0 good morning.orng. i'm maureen umeh in for allison. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news off the top at 6:00 now it was w a violent night in the strictn e as police are investigatingesgag four separate shootings all ofe them happening within hours ofni each other.ngeachther >> sadly, one of those is a a homicide investigation and and come on the heels of a plea to a end gun violence here in the the district.. >> fox5's annie yu live at livea police headquarters this morning with more for >> reporter:. >> hey, good morning steve andos maureen.maureen. yes, it was very busy. d.c. police worked four word separate shootings in the shooth district, one of them ast homicide. that homicide happening at the t 800 block of bladensburg roadrga in northeast d.c.orth. they got the call around 10:30 1 last night when they arrived arv
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suffering from gun shot woundsfs and sadly, did he not make it.t. detectives at this hour stillisr searching for the suspect.the s. they tell us they don't have a clear description of ther suspect or what causeded theause shootings but the three otherth shootings the victims in those n incidents all expected toxpecte recover just now, this comes just hourst hou after leaders gathered at mlklk library to talk about gun violence in the city. c d.c. police along with congresswoman eleanor holmeses norton and community activists s teamed up in an effort to end gun violence in the districtn th specifically getting illegal guns off city streets. leaders are calling forling tougher gun control including ig expanded background checks.und they also met with d.c.met withc families of gun control in addition to sending an urgent message for tougher gunough control lawless. >> without a national gunut a safety law, you can have the strongest gun safety laws inafea the country and they get immediately undermined byed b parts of the country thatntry tt don't have it. that's why this is a national
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issue and not simply a local issue. >> reporter: again, a a renewed effort to end gunnd violence in the city justt hours before the shooting shoot spree took place in thehe district at this hour d.c.our police searching for the the suspect in that homicide onhomic bladensburg road in northeast. that's the very latest hereates from police headquarters ine hee northwest, annie yu fox5 localil news. >> following breaking newswi from overseas in afghanistanst where the taliban has claimed ca responsibility for a suicidede bombing that killed 30 trained -- trainee police officers near the steve kabul.ab the officers on their way back c from training for leave in kabul when their bus was was targeted. developing overnight inpingo istanbul police can conducted a series of raids nowraids targeting one apartment wheree at least one of the airportirpo attackers what believed to have been staying.have police say they found guns and g documents related to isis. a total of 13 people were detained including who foreign n nationals. in the meantime as fox's jackie ibanez reports the cia ca director says a similar attack
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>> reporter: new worries about terrorism after thefter shooterrings and bombings inng istanbul turkey tuesday. cia director john brennan isennn warning americans a similara sir attack could happen on u.s.pen u soil. >> isis's ability to continue ci to propagate its narrative asti well as to incite and carrydar out these attacks i think we have a ways to go before we'reee able to say we have made someadm significant progress againstog a them. >> reporter: three men carried out the deadly attackstt at the security checkpointhe there at the airport. airpo the turkish government believes isis is behind the violen ice.violen military officials held a held classified meeting with u.s.ithu senators about the terrorr group. grou >> specifically targetedy rget turkey. in particular it's tourist tou sector as part of its desire ite to ultimately include turkeyy in as part of their fraudulentt caliphate.caliphate. >> reporter: agents in thete u.s. are beefing up travelers at chicago o'hare are still nervous. nervous. >> it happened again and i'men not sure that there's a lot that we can do to
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kind of atrocity andtrocity and terrorism. >> reporter: meantime vice president joe biden visitedbin i the turkish embassy inassy washington, d.c.ton, d biden says he expects the coalition will wipe out the islamic state.ta >> it's happened in europe, e what's happening in the unitedpi states, what's happening inningi africa, what's flapping norths africa, i mean, they succeeded e in one thing, uniting the whole world. we will prevail. we will prevail. >> reporter: an american air aec strike outside fallujah iraq killed about 250 isissis militants wednesday, one ofay, f the deadliest to date n new york, jackie ibanez,li fox newsn >> less than 24 hours afterours that airport attack, new video v this morning of u.s. led.. airstrikes hitting an isis an convoy in iraq killing at least 250 militants.ilants the mission took place yesterday on the outskirts of fallujah as the convoy wasonvoy trying to leave a neighborhoodbo there. we were also tolde.e we dozens of vehicles loaded withh weapons was also destroyed.esoyd >> coming up on 6:05 rightig
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tucker barnes good nice day yesterday.nird >> beautiful day. >> yeah, it was. it was perfect, right.erfectght. >> liked it.ikedt. >> no complaints at all.o >> i mean, it was literallyco perfect.perfect. >> no complaints. >> and again -- >> you know, what though, this morning i noticed some people>>e were saying they were really rea chill had to grab a sweater. swr i didn't think it was that'tnk chilly. is me.we're like woe >> dipping down into the 60's 6' and all. >> i heard you mention a mti sweater.sweater. >> i said i didn't grab one. holly and gary were talking tkig about grabbing sweaters andats d whatnot. >> all right, well, might haveie some tender vegetation inside the building. cold.s not thavet 65 degrees this morning in washington. you know what, okay, i'll give you this.t, if you're well north and westndw mid 50 and we haven't had it't in awhile. in a >> oh, yeah. >> maybe you'll want to m consider a little more. mor 55 up in gaithersburg and frederick, 64 fredericksburg,g, 61 this morning in culpeper. everybody's off to an incredibly comfortable start. s low humidity out there.dity ohee beautiful sunrise. sri and more nice weather today.oday if you're lucky fluff to getlufg out of work early or you got you the day out, get out and enjoy.
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dry afternoonlo.noon. dry this evening.veng and we're still set up here for a nice start to our holiday weekend with temperatures topping out in the middle 80's.midd >> that is awesome. awe yeah.h. 85 degrees and again dry laterar i'll have the weekendend forecast.foreca we'll talk ins and outs ofsf when we might get thunderstormnt activity so you can plan yourou barbecues.ues. >> sounds good. okay, thank you.ok >> let's get through today. thrt perhaps the escape ise pe is beginning early, erin.early, e good morning.good m >> right now it seems like a usual weekday commute city. a lot of folks up a little earlier than usual and if and you're taking metro an alerttroe for you. blue and yellow lines singles sl tracking between braddock roadka and national airport.d nati air. there's a track conditiononditi outside national airport. airpot delays in both directions soboto please be prepared for that.or t and if you're taking 395 thisg morning on the southbound side, prior to the third, pr street tunnel entrance in thel right lane there is a disabled vehicle so please keep it toplse the left to get around that.undt look at that delay on 295 southbound from 50 past50 eastern crawling along. parking lot conditions there.he
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and then 210 north betweenth b palmer road and livingstonn road you are slow as you headlou towards the beltway from fortroo washington and then coming in from brandywine five north from 301 to surratts roado rrat 301 getting ton five slow as sl well. pennsylvania avenue inboundeou slows by dower house. then we have inbound delays day suitland parkway alabamala avenue to south capitol streetl so please be prepared for thatra one as asell. freeway backing up a bit onit the east and westbound side by the third street tunnel and 295 southbound really is our i biggest delay. del east capitol street andeend benning road also dealing with w some heavier flow of trafficff this morning as w let's see if we can forwardor our maps and show you maryland l 270 you're slow. average speeds about 25 milesbo2 per hour 70 to the truck scales and 50, 202 to. t big red zone very slow from s dale city to 123. as you cross the occoquan giveue yourself about 10 to 15 extraxta minutes.minu 66 eastbound also starting toarn slow out by sudly road. roa so we'll keep you updated thisat
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any questions at erin fox5 f d.c. on twitter.wi steve and maureen. >> all right. still ahead good news for verizon wireless customers. cuse if the rumors is true it tru involves rollover data and no more overage fees.ees. >> we'll hear from ther teachers union president on the u future of d.c. schools it come on the heels of chancellor kaya henderson's announcement she's stepping down. back in 30 seconds.
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>> new this morning in japanhi days of heavy rain causing major problemss . look at that.ha there's a landslide. aan a house just toppling rightight onto other houses below.ou belo. the area had fortunately been evacuated in previous days so p nobody was injured but just jt amazing to see an entire house disappear.di also in japan a u.s. military contractor and formertn marine has been charged withchgd the murder and rape of a 20-year-old woman in okinawa oka its a high profile case that renewed anti-american basean sentiment. the victim's body was found in u a forest last month threeonth t weeks after she disappearedap during a >> pentagon expected to launchon its new transgender policy in the next day or two but senioreo military leaders are concerned c the pentagon is moving toog too quickly. qu a senior official said defense secretary ash carter met thiste week with his military leaders, heard their concernsirc and has made some adjustmentsdjn to the time line. lin the new rules would allow all transgender service members to serve openly.rv openly. over to capitol hill thecapi senate passing a bill to helpasa puerto rico deal with its $70 billion department thellio legislation did does notion di
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but it would create a controla l board to oversee the u.s. territory's finances and supervise some debt restructuring. president obama said he will sign that bill. bill. >> after serving d.c. public.c.b schools for more than fivemore i years d.c. schools chancellorhal kaya henderson is steppingrs down. she focused on education edu reform policies, fired f hundreds of teachers based in bi part on standardized test t results and under henderson hens test scores have improved.rove however, the achievement gapvemp n tween white and black students has remained high.ig so the big question now what'ss next for the school district?isr >> i certainly would like to see a greater collaboration between the chancellor andello a parents, teachers and other stakeholders.akeholders. this is a -- turning schools around is a difficult task and it requires all lands on dench it's not something that can beha done as a top-down mandate somad we're looking for a leadership, a chancellor thatel is going to be more inclusiveve of stakeholders and the
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decision making around school reform. >> the chancellor's last dayha on the job isnc october 1st.ober the chief of schools johnchoolsj davis will serve as the interim chancellor.hancellor. make sure to stay with us.e we're going to talk with herk wt later this morning, chancellor o henderson and d.c. mayor.c. muriel bowser both join and usot on good day d.c. at 9 o'clock this morning talking about why y the chance schlor steppingan down what it could mean forceitr you, your children and what'sen' next. if you have any questions forst the chancellor or mayor tweetr e us at fox5 d.c. d >> all right.>> all rig sew still ahead a popular sodaad in the 90's making a we'll fill in you.l fil >> also we're going to lookk outside.outside. beautiful look at the boatsok a ngis morning on this thursday morning. great day actually coming up. weather and traftufic on the 5s is next. t is next. >> ♪ ♪
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>> if you want to jet off tou wa europe from the east coast this year. you have a new option. optio wild air is
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service to new york for just jus $99 you'll be able to get a one way fare from new york toe iceland and for $149 you canyou go to london, berlin, frankfurt dublin and amsterdam. amst flights will start inrt november.nove wow. first launched on the west thees coast. >> and it's back. remember crystal pepsi back insb the day? it's the clear huge hit for a very briefery brf period during the earlying e ea 1990's. going to be back on storen s shelves on august 8th. everything old is flew again, o right? >> uh-huh. >> going to be a limited timeimt deal. it will be sold in 20-ounce bottles.les >> i don't remember it tasting r very good. >> i remember it being very similarem bbeut kind of weird because it's clear but... >> if you loved it you got you another chance.herha we love that this what a great view. beautiful sunrise. sunrise >> want to start vacation right now. >> that's nice. >> gorgeous. g >> that's down at the waterfront. looks nice. nic >> so much projects in themu pro city. >> great sign of progress. s >> gorgeous. here we go. i've been working on therkinon e i just came up with this. t stays aweso.
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>> all >> lots of thought.ots >> yeah. well, no, that is lots ofots o thought actually. auall it's what we do in the weather w center. bottom line it's going stayoingy awesome around here. very nice conditions thisti morning. most of the day should feature f sunshine low humidity and lowumd temperatures in the mid 80's. what a comfortable start tort the 61 this morning inhis rnin leonardtown, good morning.ooor 58 up in baltimore.altire 65 in washington.ashito looks what's happening northat and west. we've got all kinds of 50's out there's al early this morning. hagerstown 54 for you in winchester.inchte 55 in frederick.redeck and in gaithersburg.therur 57 out at dulles.ulle just what a nice air mass in place here and it's not going let up for another, oh, 24 o hours or so. we'll have some changes by tomorrow.toow. here's the reason why it's so comfortable. two days ago dewpoints were inag the 70's. yesterday big improvement.mprove this morning that is not typical of late june here to h see dewpoints in the 50's so very, very nice conditions out there early. satellite and radar nice and quiet. not expecti
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we will start to see a few clouds later this we're going get a warm frontar t across the carolinas that'sasha' going to lift up and into theftn region overnight tonight andighd during the daytime hours day h tomorrow and that's going to a bring us more clouds andnde cldd introduce a possibility of asilf few sprinkles or showersr s tomorrow morning and thenndhe again tomorrow afternoon.tomorrn a cold front will comero through. so, things get a little more mor active tomorrow. tomorrow won't be a washout by y any means but we'll be all b little more active in the way. e we'll get some cloud cover and c perhaps a few showers.howe there we are tonight at 5:00 at0 and you can see that there's aha sprinkle or two out in the in mountains.mouns. again, i don't think this willon be a big deal at all.'t b we should remain dry later d l today.toda we'll get clouds tonight.t clout there's your early shower e s tomorrow as our warm front wa lifts through. notice tomorrow afternoonorroafe around 5:00 or 6:00 we'll haveeh a few scattered showers around as well. as w this again won't abwashout.bwho i'm going to the nationalsg game tomorrow night am surem s i'll get lots of tweets.s of t hey, should i go to the game? a i say go to the game. ge. okay. ok there's your seven day.ay. 85 today. 89 we'll get a little more noticeably more humid with aumih chance of a few
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by tomorrow afternoon, maybe a y saturday and sunday still look l great. grea had to keep storms in therm forecast for our july 4thur jul holiday but right now that'sha still some question marks.s. it won't be raining all day,day, erin. >> i can barbecue. >> don't despair. >> good. >> and i i know it's your irst fourth of july around hereth. >> i'm really excited.lly eited >> i want to see fireworks firew make some really good burgers, you know, hang out. righyot now we are seeing backe up traffic on 395.n 395 this is the inbound side outideo by edsall road from thefrom t beltway past this point as youpn try to get to the 14th street bridge. you slow with congestion.stio no crashes to report southbound side we have a se we stall taking out a lane by the y third street exit.stxit. we also have a big crash alert a on the inner loop out by van bva doren street.treet. so that area tends to bangds anyway but right now we'reut getting reports that three thath left lanes are blocked. i'll take a look at thee look cameras. i'm worried big delays arebig going to start to pop up.op up. i would say give yourselfve you extra time to get past van p dorn street. a big crash
6:18 am
d.c. police letting us knowng us pepco is reporting a powerower outage surrounding union station.statn. that could take a lot of traffic lights out so pleasesole use caution. treat those intersections withr lights on flash as though you tu would a stop sign.wo metro alert for you.ert foyou blue and yellow line singlegle tracking between braddock roadrc and national airport.nation air. there's a track conditionack ndt outside national airport that at is in addition to the safe the e track work slowing us down on the orange blue and silver lines and also the disabledhe dd vehicle i mentioned 395 southbound prior to the third t street tunnel entrance in thee e right lane. also 295 inbound as you makee your way past 50 you reallyea jam eastern to pennsylvania.nsya you're looking at about a 10 minute delay.te d please be prepared for.edor. that suitland parkway inboundayb dealing with heavy volume alabama avenue to south capitol street. new york avenue inbound alsond a jams by bladensburg.nsbu we're seeing heavy congestionget on east capitol and benningen road this morning. thi and then inbound traffic on 210 from fort washington jamshi palmer road to livingston andivn five and brandywine northboundun to three is he owe one to
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surratts slows.lows 66 eastbound coming in from fro virginia is a slow roll through centreville in theevillt typical spots.lts. back to you maureen and >> all right. forget black friday. amazon is gearing up for itsr second annual prime day say. das remember those deals on deals hangers, socks, everything youou didn't want. w will the deals be any betternyte this year. y next we'll head to the foxheox business network in new york net for a closer look.a closer l >> let's hope so. lope first though this video iss going viral for all the right reasons.ons. twinkie the jack russell terrier broke the world recor record. twinkie popped 140 balloons. b the talent is in twinkie's's blood.bloo twinkie's mom held the recordecr for some seven years passing it on to the future generationet of jack russells. tucker's favorite dog, by the way. >> very cute.ut >> go twinkie, go twinkie.
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>> big announcement on tap from verizon wireless. first a check of the markets.. joining us now is lauren simonetti.simonetti. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.or how are you. >> doing great. looks like the markets are also doing great over in the uk. t what brexit? b >> reporter: i know. that's what we're saying. s we're scratching our heads.ratc i thought this was going to be armageddon for the financial fin markets. the uk deciding they don'ty d wander to be in the european union, their stock market recovered all of the lossesof te since that vote at the end of te last week.k. yeah, how is this happening? hi one reason would be the b current see in britain the t pound tumbling makes goodsumblin cheaper so the multinationalti companies that trade on thatt index doing a little bit d a l also wander to point out realuta quickly it's a little inside baseball but there's anotherut t index in great britain calledled the london foots e still down 8 percent. 8 in the u.s. still fine.ll f sti
6:23 am
two solid rallies in a row.lid e up again today in then t premarket.prar >> good to hear.d good news keeps coming com especially if you're a verizon customer. >> reporter: there are r rumors that starting tomorrowing verizon is going to launch a plan there subscribers willbe like because you might be ableob to roll over your data andat when you go over your limits, l they're not going to chargeg to you those, you know, eye eye popping fees for using extra data. they'll actually just slow yout down a little bit.slwn a they're calling that is a safety mode. we'll z it's the rumor.s th r we'll find out maybe >> i like that.e anything to help. hel every bit counts is what i say. want to get to this one. ths amazon, amazon. they're trying this again. a that prime day sale.e. last year -- i mean, it was in, everything you didn't wantt hangers, socks, i mean, youme name it. it was aa garage sale.arage >> right. >> reporter: garage sale.age sa. >> they're going to up the ante this year. what are they going to do d different this year that will tl reel people
6:24 am
last year was so popularwaso p amazon is bringing it back and their prime day is july 12th. j why are we make such a bige su a deal about this? a, this iss bigger than black f b, some of the items arehe ims better than the stocks and the e bloom -- socks and bloomers.ndlm some of the better items sellbes out fast. you need to be aware of when aw you need to start three, amazon doesn't tell ussnl how many prime members it has.pb i don't know if you're a primeai member maureen. >> i am. >> reporter: you. >> yeah. >> >> that's why i was so disappointed last year. i was like man i'm going get some great deals and wonk-wonk. >> reporter: dry again this year. they have a lot to live up to. so many oftes us are primes ame members and if this sale isif ta really great for the rest ofor the u.s. population who is w i not, maybe they're going say,oig okay, we'll just be a primee member because we like thesehese sales. sa wal-mart isn't taking thisaking lightly. they are competing with amazonoi in a big way. w. so, if you want something similar a shipping program
6:25 am
wal-mart is half the price and a they're giving you a montha monh free. >> competition always good forti the consumer.ti >> reporter: you got thatorte right.ri >> lauren simonetti as alwaystis thank you so much. we'll see you tomorrow.l see yo >> reporter: thanks.>>orter: >> all right. >> reporter: bye.>> rorte >> 6:25. let's talk about today rightut now and nice day we're going g have. ha >> it started with this verys v moment, yeah, absolutely.bsolut overnight lows back in thes ba n 50's and we're featuring f sunshine, mid 80's. 8 not a lot of humidity and whatna a gorgeous sunrise out thereri t early this just a few clouds to starto art your day. d we'll have few cloudswe'lhave especially this afternoon but in general, for the end of of june couldn't ask for nicer conditions. co winds out of the north atnds our 6 miles per hour and thatht ar t temperature is 65 is the warm tr spot. spot there's plenty of 50's as mentioned across the midatlantic is quiet today. t we are going see a warm front f start to bubble up across the carolinas later today and that a will push clouds into our region later this afternoonon and tonight but we should beould dry.dr things will change up tomorrow. the humidity will start to return along with the warmermiir temperatures and the threat of
6:26 am
thunderstorms by tomorrow but today we're in good shape.inood saturday and sunday look fantastic. and just looking at monday, it looks like we're going to haven a few storms around but it's bus not going to be a washout soto h much of monday should be dry.oue can't guarantee the entire ent day. day. >> we'll live in the moment and just enjoyll this. t >> great pla >> see if we can do that on the roads with the commute this morning. hi, erin, good morning. >> motivational words by mat maureen. >> thank you. i'm only here for 40 more0 m minutes. >> right now 295 inbound we95 id are dealing with a big backup bc from eastern to pennsylvaniape avenue. you need about 11 to 12 extra te minutes to get through that t area because of congestion. cge want to take a live looknt t outside in virginia.tside irgi the inner loop right now isner w dealing with a crash by van dorn street. it is taking out three left thrt lanes. you can see the arrow board let me get out of the wayse there, they have it zoomed in zi so it's hard to see. traffic is parked from the parke eisenhower connector to thatow area. keeper iatt to the right lanes g get through. again a big crash scene theree taking out three left lanes onef the inner loop.e it gets very busy there anyway this time of morning.e
6:27 am
time to get through there the area. outer loop rubber neck therek was past that point. point more cheese police cruiserse pos approaching the scene. s we'll switch back to our the onlchy area of concern thist morning. we are also dealing with a power outage reported by pepco p surrounding union station. sti the area near north capitolthap and h street so please give giv yourself extra time to get around some traffic lights onigt flash in the area.flasin t treat those as though youhoyo would a stop sign and ben b prepared for extra delays and dl backups. blue and yellow line singlee tracking between braddock roader and national airport.l air there's a track condition condi outside national airport.nati we have app disabled car 395ar 3 southbound prior to thirdor street and a house fire inn upper marlboro main streeto ste closed both directions largotis road to elm street. seet. you'll need to steer clear ofcl that as well. steve and maureen.aure >> still ahead a violent nightnn in the district. the four shootings all within aithin couple of hours of each other.f. this morning one of those mning crimes is sadly a homicide. hic comes on the same flight as fli the d.c. police chief pushes chs to get illegal guns off cityy streets.tre >> also a record deal for one fr of the nfl's franchiseranc quarterbacks. morning line is next.morning li
6:28 am
another live look outside thisse morning on this thursdayonhis morning. great start to the day. lots of sunshine so far.t f sune it's 6:28. :28.
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>> blue skies, perfects,erfe temperatures. it's going to be a good oneon everyone.evyone welcome back to fox5 newsfox morning. weather d traffic on ther 5s at 6:35. 6:35. buti
6:31 am
the district. police investigating four separate shootings withinra hours of each other. sadly, one of those is now a homicide investigation.esga after plan was slot andt and killed. happened along the 800 block t of bladensburg road ind northeast. and it comes on the heels of als o meeting in d.c. calling for an. end to gun families of gun violence v victims meeting with cityth c leaders as part of a nationalato day of action to try to stopo s gun violence. vle a former montgomery countyge court commissioner will ber wile sentenced in august for tryingur to have sex with a minor hav through a dating app. daniel reed was found guiltys fg in court c he used the gay dating app grinder to meet who he thoughtto was a teenager back in min october. when the two made plans to t mal meet in person in germantownmant officers were waiting tog to arrest reed.arrest r he faces up to 10 years in prison. in prince george's county a former school aide wasrirm sch indicted yesterday on 270 charges of child sexual abused u and child porn charges.rges deonte carraway remains behind n bars without bond this morning he's accused of abusing 23sing children one as young as seven years while he was working at judge
6:32 am
sylvania woods elementaryds eler school in glenarden.rden yesterday prince george's county states attorney angela ag also brooks gave details aboutei some of the charges listed inte the indictment. indict >> that indictment includes ide charges of sexual child abused a of a minor, 23 counts, 40 cnts, counts of first degree sex offense, there are 41 counts1ou of seconds degree sex offense, f 44 counts of third degree sex offense, 66 counts of allowing l child pornography and 56 a 5 counts of possessing child pornography. >> the states attorney'ss office says 20 of the children c involved have been u.s. park police have aar warning for those visiting thege national mall during theall dure fourth of july festivities. leave your drones at home. a flying drones at national dro parks across the u.s. and acros. anywhere within a 15-mile a 1 radius of reagan national natiol airport is illegal.t illeg and today u.s. park police parkc will announce other security ser measures taking place duringes the holiday t weekend. wke steve. >> morning li
6:33 am
maybe being back home is what wa the nationals needed to get back on track. three game sweep of the mets. max scherzer struck out 10 held the mets to a pair of o but it was former met danielmetn murphy who did the damage. homering twice three rbi's.. nats win victory stretches washington's i lead in the east now to fiveo an half games over miami sendsen the mets into third place. into four game home stand against a the reds.eds. first pitch at 7:05 tonight. ton indicate dee ledecky of bethesda on track to makeesda ok history at the summer games ine rio. last night the now 19-year-oldld easily won the 200-meter 2-m freestyle at the u.s. swimming s trials in omaha. in o she had already qualified foruaf the 400 free.e she is also a heavy40 favoritear to defend her gold medal inmedn the 800 which she will most mos likely qualify for onn saturday. saturd speaking of swimmingspeakig baltimore native michaelive mich phelps headed to his fifth olympics. he was just 15 when he madehe me his first appearance.first pearn he took first place in the 200-meter butterfly last night.
6:34 am
old today.ol t happy birthday. birda will also swim the 100 the butterfly and 200 individual inv medially at the trials.ri phelps has said he intends tond retire for good after his fifth olympic andrew luck might want to wn hit him up for dinner ort d drinks. he just got paid. p the colts quarterback signedbacg six year deal the highest paidai player in nfl history.ry. keeps him in indy through thr 200021. the deal worth $140 million. with 47 guaranteed as soon asnts he signs that piece of paper. he'll average about $23 million per season.n. works tout to something som ridiculous like 40 some thousand dollars a day thatnd he's going to make every day between now and 2021. 21. >> i predict lots of new i p friends. fr >> wow. pretty good payday.d pay >> not bad at all. all >> i learned my lesson. keep my drone at home. >> there you go. don't do it. >> not together to bring myher y drone. >> don't bring it. leave that drone at home.
6:35 am
>> leaving my drone at home. my let's go to the forecast. forec 65 in washington.ashing 52 in columbus this we got a lot of numbers in the visit its a absolutelyolut beautiful gorgeous stupendous -- is that a word. >> yes, it. >> start to your day with to yoy another nice looking afternoon. we should be in the mid 80's. you'll notice a few clouds this afternoon and obeur o humidity will creep up late this afternoon and tonight as we'll get a warm front arounerdo here tomorrow that will likely k bring us a, some clouds and b, maybe a shower or ar or thunderstorm late in the dayrsrl tomorrow.tomorr. so, tomorrow the steam turnshe m back up, we turn the volume back up on the heat and thep ona humidity but not today.dity 85. should be a beautiful day.ul oh, most of our holiday hol weekend looks great. saturday and sunday fantastic looks like we'll have to throw w a few storms into the holiday hl on >> uh-oh.h-oh. okay. thanks. >> enjoy the rest of the the ref weekend. >> yeah. >> a lot of folks might be starting the weekend today,heeed erin. wouldn't that be nice?wodn't >> sounds like a dream, steve. e especially because the weatherly is so beautiful but b behind men
6:36 am
so hot. we have a big crash.a big crash you can see the arrow boardrrowb and several police vehicles on location. three left lanes blocked. keep it to the right. you can see traffic iskeu can tr basically parked leadingcaed towards that merge into theto te right.ri be mindful delays are backk you're basically parked to theae eisenhower avenue connector. let's take a look at our maps. m we'll take a closer look atser t that delay. you can see for several mileser that big red zone. give yourself a lot of extra time. looks like it's growing back bk towards route one this morning m in alexandria. a power outage by unionbyni station. you may see traffic lights outfl around capitol street as wellapr as h street. str i'd allow for extra time. treat those intersections asoses you would a stop sign.u good news for metro. m plow and yellow line no longer e single tracking. tckin new update between braddocken ba road and national they had an earlier tracklier tk condition. anticipate residual delays inay both directions. direc we also have on your roads r southbound side of 395 prior ofr to the third street tunnelt t entrance in the right lane lane there's a disabled car.e's a dia keep it to thebl
6:37 am
look at that line of red. of r that is 295 which is stacked s up on the southbound side from e 50 all the way down past dow pennsylvania avenue. a and then take a look north of 50 baltimore-washington parkway does jam up and we're also dealing with 50 inboundes i with some delays. som here's a closer look at thatk a delay on 295 inbound. i you need about 10 to 15 extraxt minutes to get through that area.area. suitland parkway jams up asarkw well on the inbound side to t south capitol. and if you're headed out in you upper marlboro we're dealingwe with an earlier house main street right now stillll shut down between largo road lar and elm street. str extat at a time textra time to u that area. 95 to georgia stacked withsta congestion. no crashes to report. 395 inbound fnorom south of thee springfield interchange pasterch king street is very jammed up je as well. coming in on the virginia sidegs of things on 66 eastbound yound jam through centrevilleen starting at 234.34 that's a look at your commute. back to you maureen and steve. >> next a look at what's hot on the web this thursday thu m
6:38 am
dory audience shocked by an r rated trailer. >> uh-oh. kevin sits down with bryanow cranston about his new movie m that hits theaters tomorrow. we'll be back. 6:38 now. .
6:39 am
6:40 am
>> what the trending on the web t
6:41 am
in virginia ridershi on busch gardens rollercoaster had tos rl be walked off the rideeid yesterday. they were stuck for more than half an hour.sthalf nobody was hurt during theri shutdown but had a long walk w down from the top. a new study this morninghisi reveals that marijuana may be beneficial in alzheimer'sn alzhe research. scientists found compounds inun cannabis left hand to kill ais prot lein related to thehe disease. results of the study have nothen been tested outside of theutside lab. scientists are hosting itosti i could lead to a treatment foratt almost himes which affectsst h more than 5 million americans.ri parents and kids attending t a screening for finding dory fid at a california theatert shocked to see a preview fora a the new animated adult flick sausage party. par seth rogen film. trailer got mixed into the preview reel by accidentie resulting in aw n embarrassingan moment for moviegoers who were not the target audienceud because this animated movieie unlike finding dory, maureen mae rated r.d >> i late when that happens.aten >> not what you want to see. >> no. try explaining there to the aies. okay
6:42 am
next, a big change coming to cog one of america's most popular pp pageants. plus the oscars making good on n a promise fixing thatgha diversity issue they've got. details in the fox beat and ainx reminder before we led tonder b break that if you have a newse n tip share it with us. call 202-895-3000 or e-mail e-m your tip to fox5 tips at we're back in just a moment.
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6:45 am
>> ♪ >> let's play the cloud game. what are we looking at. >> we got a lot going on pat there. >> that's a cop out.. >> tucker is our cloud expert.xp >> is he. >> i have a cloud appreciationpo book i studied all the time.ll . >> randomly we send him send pictures of clouds and he'sds as pretty good at identifying them. >> it's beautiful though. >> have to look at it more m carefully. what a beautiful sunrise. sunse it's been a beautiful 24utiful hours.s. gorgeous. go >> can't complain. >> very pleasant overnight. ovet our morning temperatures arera running in the 50's.nning the hey, steve. steve >> yeah. yeah. >> before i do the weather, ie t just realized -- reali >> yeah. >> -- it's ladies night at- nats park. >> is itit really. >> yeah. ey hey! >> ♪ >> steve, come on.te >> tucker is about to walk everybody. >> we got to go to the gamegot tonight. this will increase our will ea chances. >> only if you carry aroundun speakers playing this songhis s everywhere you go.ywre you >> you got to hall it 80's
6:46 am
>> we got to go to the game tonight.tonigh we'll have a chance. >> cut off shorts,. >> bandana. >> all right. let's do it.llledo i yes, stays awesome. should be just fine for the game tonight b if you're going to ladies night. lad are guys allowed to go to g ladies night. >> of course. that's why you would go. 's ste c, exactly, steve, come on. 65 now in we got 50's north and west. w 55 in frederick.ri 57 dulles, gaithersburgsb 57 degrees. these temperatures are nottemper typical of what we might get mit for the end of june.f jun hope you get a chance to enjoy e them. 61 in leonardtown withit dewpoint temperatures whichpera are falling back into thek in vive. back into the i so, once again, just a very, very dry air mass in place and e we'll keep it that way for aat f few more hours. h later this afternoon tonighton we'll start to get the more me warmer more humid air mass air s kind of moving in here fromfr the south and that will beut with us tomorrow.omorro our storm tracker radar, our rad satellite and radar nice ande quiet. nothing to talk about here. locally except for a few for clouds out there early thisut te morning. most of your day will be sunny s and bright.and bri we are going to get
6:47 am
front late this afternoon andiso tonight. that will start to lift intot t our region bring us some cloude cover. might be a sprinkle or shower sr tomorrow morning and then as we have that warmer more humidhu air mass in place tomorrowce t with a cold front moving in,g there could be a few showershowe or storms by late tomorrowe afternoon. there's futurecast tonight.tureg i think we can keep it dry.p ity if you're going to ladiesng t le night you're in good shape foru' that. that's tomorrow morning, 8:00reo a.rnm. notice we're getting clouds with a few shorewers as that warmer air tries to work on in and we'll keep conditions kindkd of partly cloudy tomorrow withww a few storms around late tomorrow afternoon, tomorrowftor evening. so, that's our next chance for e anything in the way ofn the way significant rain would be lateue tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow too night. again, it will be scattered stt and then we clear it out for o saturday and sunday which lookwk absolutely perfect. there's your seven day.n d. had to keep a storm in then forecast for our holiday hol monday but notice theic t temperatures really not bad.y nb 83 the daytime high monday.onda that's unusually cool. c i can remember lots and lots anl of fourth of july's around aro here where it's been a lunns ben degrees or 97 and humid so s we'll take 83.we'l
6:48 am
comes with 83.wit83 >> yeah, there you go.eah, tre . >> sounds good.>> s >> ladies night, nats park tonight? >> i wish i would have knownuldk ahead of time. tim >> oh, hit >> want me to -- come on in o i tucker.tu >> no, no, no dancing.o dan got to hold it off untilffnt later. >> walk in. do the walk. w >> no, i can't. can >> you're ruining it. okay, right now we have crash h activity guess what tucker thesw inner loop is a hot mess andhosa not in a good way. like your walk. right now inner loop pass are ps itch cle marlboro a crash cra backed up several mimes on the inner loop and that's the second crash or n the inner loor this mor let's take a live look outside and show you what else you're up against this morning. another inner loop crab by van down street. you can see it -- crash by van b dorn street. the three left lanes areth blocked now right now just left shoulder is blocked.lock stacked back to route one ind alexandria. a look back at our maps rightba urs r now. other problems you can see themy outer loop is that heavy and h you can see that there was ex
6:49 am
making your way towards ther wa wilson bridge you're going to encounter that slowdownr th slo leading towards that pointerg to so avoid the inner loop if possible. more crashed 295 before 295 bef eastern avenue. because of that you're backedhaa up all the way through cheverly and then keep in mind there is traffic lights out init the area around union station. a l and north capitol and thatitoa is because of a pepco power outage. ge use caution.e treat those intersections as ae stop sign and also keep inand mind blue and yellow line no n longer single tracking butck residual delays continue in both directions from earlierec track problems.trac as we take a wide view of ourieo morning commute, you can see c all of that red from the inner i loop crashes outer loopp typical slow traffic 95 to 9to georgia. georgi bw parkway southbound jamsun from about the goddard spacedard flight center down and then 95rd southbound icc to the beltway, b outer loop 95 over to georgiao g and you can see that yellow yel line popping on the that is a slow go on 270 o southbound throughhb gaithersburg and rockville.ockv. getting into bethesda also
6:50 am
wisconsin avenue slows down asus well. just be prepared for those for t usual delays. 395 is stacked from the bottom of the beltway as you try to approach the 14th streethe 1h bridge. we'll keep you updated. upded any questions at erin fox5ri f d.c. on twitter.tter maureen and steve. ste >> the anacostia river riv improving in many areas but ares still failed the annual water wt quality report.epor third year in a row now for row the failing grade given out byid the anacostia watershed society. the river still has severalr st obstacles to overcome before it reaches its goal of beingng clean enough to let people let swim and fish by 2025. 2025. >> cereal lovers you mightea wander to head to new york city. the kellogg company is opening an upscale cereal cafe ineal caf times square. s kellogg nyc will open itspe doors on the fourth of july. bowls of cereal will cost between $6.50 and $7.50. $ you'll be able to combine cereals like special k and a frosted flakes with ingredients like pistachios and lemon zest. this is the latest push byy cereal makers to help boostto h soggy sales over the years.les t
6:51 am
portion of miss teen u.s.a..s it's being replaced with an athletic wear competition.tion. now the goal is to promotes to e female empowerment anderment and physical fitness. officials call this an important cultural shift.culturi 2016's miss teen u.s.a..s.a pageant will be held in lasll vegas july 30.gas july need to let you know that t today's good day d.c. will be appointment tv.intm >> indeed it will be. wl so much to bring to you from f nine until 11 o'clock thiso' morning. fox5 the only place you'll get reaction live from d.c. mayor. muriel bowser and schools chancellor kaya henderson hen about henderson's decision tocit stepdown. they will be with us at 9:15. 91 >> and then, star-spangled and star-studded. check this out. we have the woman whose impromptu national anthem anthe performance at the lincolne lio memorial wowed the crowd andwd a the internet. inter also actor omar ya' hard wake from those shows like thoss power and being mary jane willyl be in the loft with
6:52 am
orange is the new black's mike m bigly will be here. huggy brown and chris paul chrip will be with us before their bee big show this weekend.. that's just getting started.ings time for the fox beat right f b now. kevin mccarthy is here with the fox right. fox right. >> huge show today. massive show.massiv >> we come correct. >> you have to tune into goodo day d.c. today. going to be a great day. >> shout out from shows like swk the veep.p. >> the veep shout-out was amazing. i can't believe she said i wasia on good day days. crazy to hear that.craz we all remember the oscars so white controversy. this was a big thing during tngd the season. s i'm still upset about certain c films not being nominated likele "straight out of compton" andon creed. the organization is noworgani sending outer invitations to a record number 683 people,eopl 46 percent to women and 41 percent to minorities and critics have said there was a racial and gender bias making
6:53 am
all 20 acting oscar nomineesarom this year were white for theth second year in a row as we all e know this already.dy leading to a boycott fromoycottm director spike lee and actress a jada pinkett smith. the organization responded bytis pledging to double its female and niney minority membershipsmb by 2020. now, there's new invitations have gone tout to actors including idris elba, america ferrara oscar isaac. eva men tend this year's bestte actress winner brie larson.son. potential new members wouldembe boost the membership tobo 27 percent and its members of me color to 11 percent of its total roster. there's currently 6,000 total oscar members m i think this is fantastic.stic needs to be do. i'm glad they're making a ty're change mild. it has to be because first of all it was -- the oscars havescr been out of touch for so manysom years i've been saying this beei for a long time everything is ey a problem with the academy i feel like they choose the wrong movies, it's only thesevit little smaller films that win ta usually and
6:54 am
doesn't speak to the greater t r people who watches things.le w bryan cranston is in as in brand new film called the the infiltrated. he plays a real life u.s. customs agent made robertsade rs mazer who uncovered a money a m laundering scheme involving inv pablo escobar. escob as a breaking bad fan on breaking bad he played ala character who sold crystal cry meth and now he's playing p somebody going undercover to to infiltrate a drug cartel.gar i had to know what would bobob mazer do if he could infiltrate bryan cranston's breaking bad character. charact it's the obvious question.stion. here it is. could you see someone liked a bob maze erin filtratingtratin maybe the gus ring or the walter white world. wld what do you think he would do. >> i think he would have ended e up in a barrel with -- with chemicals there i'd pour on top of him, just dissolve his body.bod >> yeah. yea >> no, he's too good.s he's very, very careful. caref very careful. cef
6:55 am
risk level.ri yeah, i think there could have been -- there are -- there are infiltrators in the cartels and informants and things likera that, so that kind of risk o exists and it very much was a -- was not a hypotheticalypotl for bob mazer as the infiltrator. >> i'm wearing my breaking badra tie bar today. we only have 15 seconds. sec there's a new trailer out forr t the film based on the truen th t story of the miracle on the hudson. hu obviously this happened on january 15th, 2009 after ay 15 plane hit a bird and captainin sullenberger made a successful e emergency landing in theerncy hudson which saved everyone on board.boar director clint eastwood is directing his film starring s tom hanks as sully about theut e u.s. airways flight 1549 andt 1a one of the most incrediblet inc parts of the trailer is hee says 40 years in the air but in the end i'm going to beoing t judged by 208 seconds.secos. so, looks amazing. opens up in it. i >> fantastic story.>>anta captivated eve
6:56 am
>> saved everybody's life on board. >> thanks kev. >> thanks guys. >> let's check in with tucker. 6:55.55 hello. >> fantastic start to yourta morning. overnight lows back in the visit. we'll be back in the 80'sbe today. to but should keep it dry.ry and just a nice looking startoos to your day. day. look at that current live view out there. beautiful sunriseun this morning. all right, current number, we jumped to overnight lows back in the midlo 60's here in the city and ineret the 50's north and west. w winds out of the north at six. look at humidity. 55 percent. perce very dry air place in place. p storm tracker radar is quiet is as will our forecast be today.a. 85, mostly sunny at a. a looks like a shower or storm returns tomorrow along withw ang more heat and humidity.umid weekend looks b we'll talk more about the holiday weekend t in a minute. min let's do more traffic withith erin.. >> 6:56 tucker.>> 6 delays are continuing to growinw on the inner loop. delays back to arena drive. a crash acright now past ritchic marlboro road.marlbo road. let's take a live look at thatkt delay. dela coming down from 50 as you as pass arena drive it's bumper-to-bumper traffic,ero-bu speeds under 10 miles per
6:57 am
again the crash by ritchie marlboro.rl that's not the only inner looprp problem.problem. earlier crash by van dornyan dor street blocking three left blore lanes. it did clear to the shoulder. s. even though all lanes are tho opened are you jammed up i was e the way past oxon hill before 210. keep it to fox5 now's we have you covered with your news weather and track. we're back in just a couple minutes.
6:58 am
♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. at f 7 o'clock 7'clock gunfire in the district leaves one personhe dead overnighter, this is one of four shootingsgs under investigation. we'll be live at policee at p headquarters in a minute wither the very latest. >> also developing right now, pos licelo in turkey conductingg raids overnight as they searchhr for anyone involved in theinvoei deadly airport bombing. b what we're learning this morning about those behind the t attack. >> and a former teacher's aide'e indicted on hundreds of counts of child sexual abuse. s later this hour we'll hearex hou from the state's attorney for prince george's county abouteorg how prosecutors plan to moveors forward. forw >> a live look outside on thisnt thursday june 30th, last day of the month and it is goingndig out on quite the beautiful beauf note. look at that sun right there. t it is pleasant outside.s pleasat how long will it last? tuckerl will have the answer of awe course. erin is tracking all things in g terms of traffic. traffic we'll check in with both ofh boo them at 7:05. at first though we say good say g morning to you.m i'm holly morris.i' >> and i'm steve chenevey. i s welcome to fox5 news developing overnight d.c.ig d police investigating four separate shootings in just aho matter of hours. sadly one o


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