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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  June 30, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. at f 7 o'clock 7'clock gunfire in the district leaves one personhe dead overnighter, this is one of four shootingsgs under investigation. we'll be live at policee at p headquarters in a minute wither the very latest. >> also developing right now, pos licelo in turkey conductingg raids overnight as they searchhr for anyone involved in theinvoei deadly airport bombing. b what we're learning this morning about those behind the t attack. >> and a former teacher's aide'e indicted on hundreds of counts of child sexual abuse. s later this hour we'll hearex hou from the state's attorney for prince george's county abouteorg how prosecutors plan to moveors forward. forw >> a live look outside on thisnt thursday june 30th, last day of the month and it is goingndig out on quite the beautiful beauf note. look at that sun right there. t it is pleasant outside.s pleasat how long will it last? tuckerl will have the answer of awe course. erin is tracking all things in g terms of traffic. traffic we'll check in with both ofh boo them at 7:05. at first though we say good say g morning to you.m i'm holly morris.i' >> and i'm steve chenevey. i s welcome to fox5 news developing overnight d.c.ig d police investigating four separate shootings in just aho matter of hours. sadly one o
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>> those shootings coming onomin the heels of a desperate pleaesp to end gun violence in thence t district. fox5's annie yu live at liv police headquarters thisce morning with the details. ls what can you tell us, annie?ou >> reporter: husey, goodey morning to you holly and steve. d.c. police tell us that thetelt shootings started coming inmin i around 9 o'clock last night.t ng as you mentioned, that homicide was one of four of fo shootings that happened lastla night. that one happening at 800 ht block of bladensburg road in northeast d.c. we were out there this morningoi and they had wrapped up the hpp scene but d.c. police were w still canvassing that area are because they are still searching for the shooter.shoo we understand that an adult adu male was found there around arod 10:30 with gun shot wounds.tou sadly, he did not make it andnd police still don't know what w caused the shooting, whetheringe it was a robbery or -- or just j a, f-they knew each otherlyth they don't know the motive yetit but they are asking for thefor h public's help.elp. meantime the three other o shootings we're told that theth victims are expected toxpte
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now, this coming right after just hours after this meeting me where leaders gathered to talk t about ending gun violence inionc the district.dist d.c. police along with congresswoman eleanor holmesnoro norton and community activists v all teaming up in an effort tot stop gun violence specificallyca getting those illegal guns offun city streets and leaders areeada not only calling for tougher f h gun control but they're also'r asking for expanded background n checks be leaders also met a met with d.c. families of gun of g violence in addition toence idii sending out this urgenthiur message.mess take a listen.. >> that's a memory that will thl haunt me for the rest of my >> without a national gun safety law, you can have the strongest gun safety laws inetya the country and they get immediately undermined byately d parts of the country thatofhe c don't have it. that's why this is a national issue and not simply a localoc issue. >> reporter: again, multiple shootings in the districttr happening just hours afterinjust this renewed effort by leaders
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district. we're live at policeive at headquarters in northwest d.c., annie yu, fox5 local news. ne >> let's get to the deadly terror attack in turkey.ur the latest information 13orti people believed to be involvedi in that attack were arrestedrres in raids carried out overnight.ov this morning both turkey and the united states lashingteh out at isis as authorities arera becoming more convinced that they're the ones who are the masterminds behind the a thehe a tack. associated press just said theat attackers were from russia andsa some other places that used to be part of the soviet union.t u. we'll get the details in a a this just coming down now.n n in the meantime the united d states conducted an air strikeei in iraq to dismantle the group. group. fox's doug luzader has more on that. >> reporter: police inorter:olic turkey say they have arrested ad more than a dozen people in in connection to those istanbulse n airport attacks that killed kil more than 40 people.eo isis meantime may have suffered some battlefieldatefied losses but it is hardly defeated. police in turkey conduct raidsor overnight as they search for
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anyone who may have been have involved in the deadly deadl istanbul airport some appear to be taken intoen custody as turkey gets drawnetsa more deep into a conflict with i isis or the islamic state.ta believed to be behind thed airport bombings.bis. and there were reports of reptsf intense u.s. and iraqi airstrikes against fleeingin isis vehicles in iraq killingil hundreds of firefighters.efight president obama at a summit ofai north american leaderseade suggested isis or isil as heis says was on the run. >> our coalition is on the t offensive across iraq, across as syria and we will destroy the terrorist group isil. we will destroy them. (applause). >> reporter: and while it'ster:d true that the isis dream of a self governed caliphate iner iraq and syria seems pretty p far-fetched now given one bateno at the time field loss afterfiel another the group can can still deliver a punch. isis claims credit for theims brussels attack back in marchn r and all of this is fuelingue donald trump's attacks on bothnt obama and hillary clinton. clint
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our youth because they lookut like they're winning. we have to givkee them a big fat ugly defeat.ef [cheers and applause] >> reporter: and a new foxr: a w news poll confirms public pub unease. 84 percent of registered voters say they are nervous arer now about our ability toty prevent a terrorist attack.oratt and that same poll asks the question who is winning the t war on terror right now. the u.s. and its allies or the terrorists.te the public is just about evenly split on that point.n tht in washington, doug luzader,, fox news.ews >> now, overnight inig i afghanistan, the taliban hasibah claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing that killed 30 trainee policemen. happened near the capitol ofpito kabul. the officers were on their way back from training for leave in kabul when their bus wall targeted.. >> 7:05 right now. now. let's get a check on theget a ct forecast outside today. hi, tuck. >> happy thursday morning. t great looking wees
7:06 am >> oh, it was -- i could notwasn believe it was the end of junehf in d.c. yesterday.esay >> i felt like a lot of peopleoo were thinking the same thing. >> yeah. ea >> it was absolutely gorgeousbs out there. very pleasanty pl overnight.t. lows back in the 50's. the not a lot of humidity to startus your day and we're in for a we' another nice one today andod then we'll get some changes cng tomorrow. heat and humidity will bey will creeping back by tom kind of a one-day special. speci >> maybe a one and a half dayala special. >> one and a half day special.yl 68 now in washington.asng yes, still hanging onto yourntoy 50's north and west. frederick and gaithersburgsbur 57 degrees. winchester martinsburg 57.burg7. just 61 in leonardtown.eona so, yes, very unusual to haveav these kind of temperatures andt a lack of humidity for the end d of june. we'll take it while we've got we it. beautiful satellite and not much happening locally. locl we will be -- we'll feature a few clouds later today andaynd you'll -- if you're keen on're o this kind of thing you mayd notice the humidity startingtart to creep up late this afternoon as we start to getas some cloud cover and our warmarm front starts to move a littletl closer to our region but really
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handle. 'sd 80's, very pleasant. should be a niceve dry afternoon.afternoon. changes for tomorrow and thenowa we'll look at the holidayok a weekend forecast in just a in js couple minutes.couple min >> all right. oious tpeople are anxious t hear about that.hebout that. >> yes. >> thanks, tuck. >> let's check in with erin get a look at your commutehe early on this thursdayonhis morning. hello. >> good morning. 7:07 right now and we'reht dealing withfwith aandf issues around the dmv. d we have a disabled auto on 395 southbound prior to the third street tunnel. that just cleared. clear all lanes opened but you'reutour dealings with residual we have a pepco powerh outagee surrounding union station. please use caution at traffic lights. let's take a live look on o massachusetts in northeast. we're seeing several traffic lights that are out actuallyt we'll get to there live look in just a moment but i can b tell that you traffic is that backing up and you're going toot have to treat a lot of thosef to intersections around unionroun station as though you would a stop sign and take turns. right now earlier track tra condition residual delays between braddock road and national airport on the yellown line. red ands for tpohe green. looking good there. and as we take a lookok at crash activity inner loop pastty innep ritchie marlboro road because
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all the way past largo as yourgu make your way from 50 down to dn richie marlboro you'll hit m that delay.arthat d the crash did move over to thehe also another crash on the inner loop moved to the to t shoulder. inner loop ativan dorn street.d. but look at that delay all the l way past oxon hill making youriy way out from branch avenue ave across the wilson bridge to to van dorn you hit a wall of o very crowded traffic. and 395 things aren't aren' improved. we have congestion slowing us down fngrom the beltway towardse the 14th street bridge. in fact a lot of of our area l of bridges backing up including ilu the 11th street as you make youk your way to the douglas bridge on suitland parkway you back b up by south capitol. things are heavy rosslyn into io georgetown on the key bridge. 295 south before easternern avenue we have a crash.ra and then fortunately delaysnatey all the way back to 450.50 look at that solid line of red through cheverly this morning and then north of the beltway tb baltimore-washington parkwaye- does back up from powder mill road on down. td then as we take a widewa fwe view of your morning commute you can see the outer looputer l jams 95 to georgia.eorg. still dealing with stop-and-go traffic entire corridor of two stent southboun
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we'll have more traffic inha just a few a few m we'll try to keep you moving m on this crowded thursday.y. holly and steve.holly an >> in prince george's county ad fo grmer school aide wasde indicted yesterday on 270 charges of child sexual abusel s and child porn. deonte carraway remains behindah bars this morning without bondwd accused of abusing 23 childrenhe one as young as seven yearsven y old while he was working atorng judge sylvania elementarylemear school in glenarden. at 7:45 this morning we'llng talk with angela also brookso br the states attorney for prince p george's we'll talk with her about how ah this case will be movinge movg forward. >> after serving d.c. public d.l schools for more than five years chancellor kaya chancel henderson is stepping down. d henderson focused on educationda reform policies. picie she fired hundreds of teachers h based in part on standardizedndd test results and under a und henderson test scores haveest os so moving forward, what is the i district looking nor its next leader?lead >> , we're looking for a a leadership a chancellor thatip is goi
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of abe stakeholders in theer decision making around school reform. reform >> wander to make sure you know this. fox5 -- be sure to stay with fox5 because chancellor henderson and d.c. mayor d muriel bowser both are goingow g to join us live on good day day d.c. today at 9:00 a.m. they are going to discuss why the chancellor is steppingan down and what it could meancet d for your childre mn. if you have any questions forann the chancellor or mayor pleaseas tweet us at hashtag fox5 d.c. dc president obama is back atot the white house today.wh yesterday he met with oury met neighbors to the north and thete south. leaders from mexico and canada spoke with president obamat about expanding trade ties trads during the north americanhe leader s earlier this week donald trumplt said he will toss out theut t trade agreement calling for ang new era of economic econo americanism. but that's a statement ste president obama disagrees with. >> in a integrated globalob economy, the goal is not foroalt us to try to shut ourselvesselv off from the world but,, rather
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raise standards around therod world for workers and for thende environment. >> all three leaderseade criticized the isolationistlatis and anti immigrant sentiments st that have been championed bympie donald and during their time together, the three participated in a pretty funny f photo op. >> likely the most awkwardwk handshake in history. the three stood on stage for a group picture. handshake and, okay, kind of -- what? where do i go? o? yes, all right.. got to figure it fig just didn't really know whatnoww to do with the hands. eventually everybody did get d the handshake and then they were able to move on to moretoo important matters. mters first lady michelle obamabaa and first daughters touched down in spain for mrs. obama'so' let girls learn initial tiff. >> they arrived to heavy winds though. this is the final leg of thef first lady's three nation tour promoterring girls education. obama will address a conference of girls in madrid.nm the let girls learn initiativeav was formed last year toed las
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more than 62 million girlslionir around the world out of out o school. >> still to come this morning if one group gets its wayo the district of columbia could eventually have a new name. but not everybody is happy happy with that name. nam we'll explain. >> kind of a little odd myself.myself. >> i'm with you.'m wh y >> making changes to fix the fit diversity issue at the what the academy is now doing. g that story coming up. 7:12 is our time.
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>> ♪ >> 7:14 is our time right now. live look outside on this thursday morning. we are at a veryouur pleasantt 65 degrees. in fact, when i went outside out this morning, dare i say i i say felt a little chilly. chill >> you can say it. did you have to go with a jacket?jack
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jacket on. on. now granted you know this isis i 3:00 in the morning.orni >> right. 'cause i was sort of hecklingt g maureen for doing the samefodoia thing. >> really?>> r >> well, i mean, i get it.t. it's north and west, it's int,s the 50's. i can see that i guess. >> uh-huh. >> it's all about when we're not used to it. t >> it's all relative. rive. when i think back to monday versus today, you know whatay i'm saying. >> absolutely. let's get to it. we're looking at more of the same today. it should be very pleasant andad warm this afternoon, mid 80's.0. still not featuring any stormsns this afternoon so that's greatta news if you're getting yourtingy weekends started a little early and in fact i will takeilt a look at the weekend here in h just a second.d. 68 now in washington.hingto new york city 68 still looking at 50's northno and west. columbus ohio 55. 5 57 in pittsburgh.tsbu there's your satellite and your radar. r both are quiet.uiet no rain locally.oc very little in the way of way o we do have a few clouds outlo there early. later today, so down in the the carolinas they have a warmthey frontnd
7:16 am
slide north later tonight andhta during the day tomorrow. i think we'll have a a littleitl more humidity later today as t that warmer air mass starts toro move in and then overnightht clouds increase and much of your friday we'll be kind ofbe o in and out of the clouds.the you'll notice both the heatea and humidity return and withd wt it the threat of some some afternoon thunderstorms son th tomorrow sort of a changeup.p. however, the good news is we lose that air mass just as jus quickly as we get it tomorrow tw and we're right back into veryov pleasant conditions aroundonditn here by saturday and sunday, sua look absolutely fantastic foran your fourth of july weekend. wnd beaches mountains everybody'sry in good shape. shape and a storm remains in the forecast for monday but that'sbt not washout. >> okay. >> scattered storms late in the day. >> just make sure you cook out on sunday just in case and then if you get to do it aga sia on monday -- >> it's a bonus. bonus. >> it's a win-win. >> we'll fine tune monday bute that doesn't looktu >> thanks tuck. let's get a check on thet commute. people heading out of town yet erin. >> looks like a typical morning commute with a l lot off backed up traffic.backed up in the northeast we have atrth a live look from m
7:17 am
and d street where trafficra signal lights are out.hts arut there's a power outage in thee e area. area. and you can see that vehicle vec very slowly trying to geto g across that intersection.sect just be patient.pat try to treat those tho intersections as though youon would a stop sign.d a take turns and just anticipate p backed up traffic leading u through them in bothug directions.directions we'll certainly keep youce updated on that but this isrthah just one of many in northeasttha near union station affected byta that power per o let's move it back over forr for our maps right now.. also watch for pedestrians, p see there woman crossing theinge street. crash cleared 295 before95 befoe eastern avenue but delays areaya very heavy on 295 southbound.oun all the way from the beltway bey as you get through cheverly this morning leading past 50. 5. please have patience or avoidvo 295 southbound.uthb you may want to keep it tot your secondaries.ries route one possibly as you get g through college park thiscoege morning.morn look at that inner loop and outer loop delay.el. a crash on the shoulder on thede inner loop delays back to 50. 5 the crash is just past richierie marlboro road so you can seean all the way to largo very slow s moving traffic. that trend continues from branch avenue, delay cs appr
7:18 am
past van dorn street becauseor of an earlier crash as well. inner loop really not a great ge place to factor in a lot ofxtra timeim to get through that commute.ute. back to you holly and steve.hole >> all right, so here's the her big question for you.question fr if the district gets a new new name, what might it be? and be what do people think about >> yeah, those are definitely it's certainly possible thatsibh if the city wins its bid too become the 51st state that itat could get a new name.wam the folks leading the effort et have already decided in factn f what that name would be: not sure we're sold on it. fox5's maureen umeh we'reh we' always sold on her. h she's join and us with more.ore. what is this all about, abot mel? >> reporter: all right, wait for it, the new name, new columbia. how does that grab you? notu? so much? you're not alone.. only tucker likes it.kes yeah, it's not exactly popular p but you know, that is the namehn on the table if d.c. is fact fac to gain state hood and becomee the 51st vote. white now it's called
7:19 am
why new columbiaing? back inack 1982 which is the name thate voters approved as part ofart o their earlier campaign for state d.c. has long championed stateat lead for the district. f on monday a state hood commission settled on the nameoe new columbia. the commission included mayorma bowser. they also included a draft dra state constitution that calledtu for the creation of a 21 person state legislatureti.isla. again the flame on the tableflam right now is new columbia but guys as we said not a lot ofot people like this name so wee so thought, okay, let's take a tak poll, let's put it on our twitter. what do you think about the name new columbia, do you like it, do you hate and if you hateth it, what would you like to see a new d.c. be called. cae i personally would just sayay keep it washington, d.c.gton.c. what's wrong with that oldhat od name. let me tell you some of theyou f ones on the table that someom are trying to decide on.e new columbia, anacostia potomac and douglas dwelt. douglas quality. people like that because it baue would keep the dc
7:20 am
again we're putting it out to ot you. what do you think new nameyo should be? gou to our facebooo page fox5d.c.c let us know what you think the t new d.c. name should be.e should we gain state hood.ted. folks said on this panel theypa said this would be a greatuld be exercise. if you hate the name new columbia so much as one of theon first things we could do as a a free state is have people goeope to the polls and vote on namen n change so there you might haveoh your chance there but for nowt n the name on the table, like it, lover it, hate it, whatever, it is new columbiait and that's the i way it is. back to you. >> i'm with you mo.ou m i don't understand why we havers to have a new name.taav i mean why can't we juste become a state and still be stil washington, d.c. >> i know. it would make sense but apparently back in 82 someone sm thought differently andently and apparently it's going along with the new columbia thing. thi i don't think it will stick.l sk >> all the way back in 1982. >> my two cents. >> different times. i don't love itif bt it woul
7:21 am
be great to have representation whatever the name. >> go online. ..inks know was >> yeah, i was going say maureen on our facebook pagepa we're getting lots of commentsme about it. but there are some people peopl asking if we should even go g through with it at all. >> that's been the back and bacd forth. go ahead and vote.vot we put twitter polls up. u fox5 d.c. an overwhelming noing vote but just a couple hundredpd votes so far. >> we'll be talking about it throughout theta morning soornig please feel free to weigh in.n. 7:21 right now.. coming up authorities are searching for a grisly bearbe after it killed a mountaina moun biker. we'll tell you where this wi happened.happed. >> terrifying moments at an a amusement park. dozens of people had to be be rescued from a rollercoaster.rc. it wasn't that far away. it's 7:21 right now. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mrs. wagner's car to arrive for the airport,
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>> montana man killed after he m was attacked by a grisly bear. policeany say 38-year-old bradb treat was killed in flat headn d national forest after he andnd another cyclist startled thed bear yesterday morning when morw riding on a trail.ridi police say the animal knockedl e him off the bike and begannd attacking him.g him. the second rider left to tryo t to find help.el >> in oklahoma several peopleevo were rescued after being stuck atop a rollercoaster for hours h yesterday. ye this happened at the fronthe f tear city theme park in cit oklahoma city. investigators are zigging out zg the cause of the malfunctionalfc but -- figuring out the cause c of the malfunction.alfuncti there are no reports ofts injuries. >> wisconsin mother has beenns found not guilty in a crashingu that killed three childrene including her daughter. daugh the woman was accused of beingoi on her
7:25 am
before the crash.before the defense argued that it washt bad weather there played a factor in that crash. cra >> strong winds and heavy rains believed to be the cause ofau this damage in arizona. signing and other materialser m could be seen scatter across ae field near phoenix.hoenix hundreds of people also reportedly lost power becauseer of the storms. >> 7:25. tough weather there. hereathethr beautiful day yesterday.esterday we'll see if we can do two in a row.a r >> not tough to take thiske t weather. take a look at your currentnt conditions. that's a live shot it's ae ot i beautiful sunrise. 68 now in washington.asngto humidity is 65 percent. winds out of the north here at six. six. just another very delightfulli very quiet morning even a en a little cool in spots withith temperatures overnight fallingag back into the 50' nice quiet satellite and radar and it's all about sunshine sunn for the ti being and quiet conditions.cond later today we'll get warmer war air pressing which you'll notice thell notich humidity will be creeping up later this afternoon and tonight and then tomorrowthen tm we'll be back into the soupto tu with warmer and more humid m conditions around and thatd an will incre
7:26 am
of a few storms.s. 85 today. 89 tomorrow.omorw. and look at your weekend. saturday, sunday look loo fantastic with a few scattered d storms on monday and notice bynd the way fourth of july, i have v been here for many fourth ofthf julys, i do not remember an 83r for a high on fourth of july. o we'll take it.we'll take i that is weather. wea let's get another look atget ano traffic with erin. [laughter][lgh >> 7:27 right now. now taking a look we have a crashsh cleared delays to the beltway to 295 before eastern avenue.eav just really heavy residual resid delays there. you can see as you make youre way all the way throughayhrou cheverly you'll hit that slowt s down. you may want to keep it towa route one or a different dfe secondary otherwise you'll bel b sitting in a lot of extra slowxs moving traffic. inner loop completely jammed.ple we have crash activity in thectt district as well. 295 southbound at benning road one lane is blocked right now.hw this is the second crash. earlier one closer to 50 and t5a eastern avenue did clear.. benning road east capitol east i everything surrounding to 95un also very jammed.amme 50 inbound slow.w. we do have
7:27 am
because of a pepco powercoow outage in northeast.ortheast. that is surrounding the areahe a of union station. uon we do have a crew out there keeping an eye on things. t let's take a live look at loo a massachusetts and d street.t. where traffic is crawlings crawl through the intersection right now. you can see folks just need to tap the brakes, take turns, t treat that intersection asthatnr though you would a stop sign. use a lot of caution. it looks like things are moving pretty smoota hly through that intersection right now. but several in the area area affected so please be prepareded for that.r we'll go ad had and switch itnd back to a look at our maps andad show you an update from today is the last day to trade t in your paper fare cards and metro checks so if you have any of those make sure youho take care of that today if you want to get that money triageseg fed over onto one of those ontot smart trip cards that theyha have the hard versions ofons o them. and aside from that crash ont co the shoulder past ritchieritc marlboro road on the inner loop still stacked from 50 onta down. another one blocking the shoulder by van dorn street. you're jam packed through oxonac hill leading through thatkedingh location. back to you holly and steve.u >> still plenty of problems with the anacostia rivercostia r deit
7:28 am
the grade the river received rei on its annual report card c coming up. >> first though the academy's major the changes coming to fix the diversity issue at the oscars. >> ♪ ♪ what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you.
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>> look at the national cathedral this morning. 68 degrees right now at 7oo:3ed0 this morning. morng going to be nice, comfortablecet day today.. we'll take it for the last s dave june, right. right. first at 7:30, though, a a violent night in the police investigating fourg fo separate shootings win hours ofo each other. sadly, one of those is now a n homicide investigation.titi after a man was shot and killedl along the 800 block of bladensburg road in northeast.. now, this comes on the heels off a meeting in d.c. calling for aa end to gun violence.e. families of gun violence victimc meeting with city leaders asde part of a national day of action
7:31 am
>> 13 people believed to be involved in that attack arrested in raids carried out overnightvn in tougher co turkish government believes isis is behind violencn no official claim ofnofficia responsibility has been made.ty united states meantime conduc conducting a huge air strike in iraq trying to dismantle isis. big changes on the way for f d.c. public schools.. chance of kay ya henderson isens stepping down after five yearsve on the job her last day will be october 1st.tobe coming up today on good day at 9:00 o'clock this mornings make sure you watch becauseau chancellor henderson will joinii us as will d.c. mayor muriell bowser.bowser they'll both be here to talk t more about the decision for the chancellor to leave wait a minute means for you and your children. one of today's biggestigge entertainment headlines thehe announcement. academy's 2016 class which theye are promising is the mostost diverse to date. d >> this comes after the hash tag oscars so white scandal createdd worldwide outrage about the cadd mow's lack the diversity and actors in will smith and jada j pinkett smith boycotting boyco cert
7:32 am
february. >> kevin mccarthy is with us ins studio witness details.etls i guess the question is, is thit really most diverse class ever e and is it enough?no >> i think it's huge. this is great what they'res gr doing. i mean for me, i think thehe academy has been out of touchfou for decades.ecades i mean diversity at a major mor problem they're out of touch with the movie going audiences,c and i feel like there's so manyn instances directors liketo hitchcock or or son wells or stanley kubrick never won best director nominations. i feel like the better filmsterm have not wouldn't.otn' this is specifically on then t diversity issue.ity i the organization is now sendin g out invitations to record number 683 people now, 46% to women and 41% to minorities.init we all know the lack ofac diversity is huge in the academy and all 20 actor nominees thishi year were white for the second t year in a i leading to a boycott as you mentioned from spike lee ande ad others. this change are definitely in df the right direction. directi i think tha
7:33 am
doors to seeing more filmsmo fil getting nominated in the largerl ad categories.ors. hopefully, the new academy clasc will better represent the moviev goer because i feel like the the average oscar voter is not me,e, it's not tucker, it's not hold, not steve. s the beginning of this year these average oscar voter was nine 2% white and 75% male and la times in 2012 said the average voterot was around 62 years old.rsld so basically, older white men. n that's not the representative oe our movie going population.opulo so for me this is big deal diversity is needed so bigger be films can have bigger platformsf in the academies. academi straight out at a com ton, creed, deserved nominations buts were not nominated.ated potential new members would wou boost the femal fee -- now thers currently 6,000 total members me and these ne
7:34 am
out to actors like idris alba, america ferrare remark ava mendes and this brie larsonarso obviously showing a bit of younger demographic, moreicmo diversity demographic and tweett from actors pouring inur supporting the new class. gabrielle union one among one oo the invitations and tweeted thii a huge honor and i cannot waitan to vote. to v other people who were invited as a member marla wayans, anthony anderson, alicia vikander and michael b jordon and more.nd this is a huge step in the right direction.di com ton was one of the bestf ths movies of the last year. >> brie larson won for bestson r actress, correct.s, correct. >> doesn't whoever win best actress automatically getlyet invite. >> general speaking.>> general s they're just officially invpeitt her but, yes, from what i
7:35 am
understand.rstand >> she's not really best example of them going outside of their t box when they invite the people thaa didn't win an award.awa >> right. >> to come in. >> idris alba, john boy yeaoy good. it's a step. >> i agreement. >> a lot of attention on it thii year or next year for next for year's awards and see who doesed make it into the nominations. 7:35.7:35 let's get a check on thet a chec forecast. no argument when it came toe to yesterday.ster today how we looking?ooking? >> still no argument, right?ar,i >> i guess.>> i guess so far. absolutely beautiful start to the day. gorgeous mid 80s. dry conditions expected for thet time being.time looks like our next chance ofhaf shower gets in here 68 now in washington.ton. dulles 62. bwi marshall 63 degrees.3 deees. and here's a look att satellite/radar.te nice and quiet. andui mid atlantic overnight what a beautiful dry air mass in placea our dew point temperaturespeture falling back into the 50s. 50s that's almost unheard of thishet time of year.time o yea so enjoy it while we can, w can because we do have changes i
7:36 am
warmer temperatures by tomorrowr and that will increase ourase o chance for some thunderstormthut activity by tomorrow afternoon.o all right.t. there's your planner for today.d a warm one no doubt about it. mid 80s but still very very nicc for the last day of june. >> what? >> yeah. got some bills to pay.ills >> all right. erin is back with roads.oa >> take care of that online o billing helps.billing helps. >> right now taking a look -- tucker is my financial adviseras in life.e. >> that's why we're both poor.ho >> holly said wow.ow. >> i'm just being honest withest you right now. 95 northbound by prince williamm parkway a crash blocking the shoulder use caution there andse you can see very heavy traffic f leading up towards theards springfield interchange.erchange we'll switch over for a look at our maps. map crashes and delays all over thet district.rict. freeway westbound after theh third street tunnel blocked.. westbound and eastbound trafficb heavy a lot of congestion consto downtown and keep in mindn min there's a power outage pepco reporting out by union stationoa because of that we're seeing aee lot of traffic lights that areht
7:37 am
we have a live lookoo massachusetts and d. traffic seems to be moving alonn just fine at that intersection. however, please use caution take turns and watch for atypicalpil delays. dela you can see people walking andlg driving around there.he it's just you need to giveiv yourself extra time to gete t through that intersection.that you can see that traffic light completely out right out we'll switch it back to our t maps. also, want to give you heads upu metro right now on time or closo to schedule except for safetract affecting orange, blue ande silver line.silver line. you know the drill. safetrack surge two will be inel place through the rest of the week, and then surge threege t affecting the blue and yellowuel line between braddock and brak a national airport kicks in kic i july 5th and also today is tod i last day to trade in eighty fouf paper fare cards and metroet checks. be prepared for that. big inner loop delays by ritchic marlboro next. >> warning for police for those visiting the nationalor mall onn the fourth of july. j >> also, good and bad news toewt report about the anacostiacost river.rir. we'll tell which you grade it yi received on its annual reportep card coming up at 7:37. 7:3
7:38 am
7:39 am
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ve supported dreams like these, and the people and companies behind them. so why should that matter to you? because, today, we are still helping progress makers turn their ideas into reality. and the next great idea could be yours. ahh, yes, summer days.h, we're enjoying a whole lot of summer days right now.yierays at least the last couple.ple. 7:40 right now.. 68 there's the beach, ocean city.en hopefully you're headed there te this weekend. w >> wouldn't that be niceou especially on a day like not cloud in the sky. looks pretty.. >> perfect beach day. >> virginia governor terry mccauliffe says he's confidentst his order to restore votinges vt rights to felons who completed l their sentence will with hold al lawsuit against it
7:41 am
the lawsuit claims it violatest the state constitutionitut mccauliffe tells our ronicaic cleary that it is his proudestid moment as governor and the t decision was not about politicss but rather morality. >> the pentagon is expected tox launch new transgender policy in the next day or two, but seniorr military leaders are concerned the pentagon is moving toooo quickly. a senior official said defense n secretary ash carter met thiserm week with his military leaders,a heard their concerns and hassnd made some adjustments to theento timeline. me new rules would allowldll transgender service members tor serve openly.op u.s. park police have polic warning for those visiting theee national mall during the fourthe of july festivities. leave your drones at home. flying drones national parks d across the u.s. andro anywhere y within a 15-mile radius ofadiuso reagan national airport is is today u.s. park police wille w announce other security measurea taking place during the holidayy weekend. the anacostia annual reportr card is out and for the third ti year in a row it failed to makem the however, the anacostia water shed society report did find
7:42 am
improve unless several categories. several obstacles still remainia before the river reaches its res goal of being clean enough too let people swim and fish by the year 2025. that is required by the clean ce water act.. a former prince george'smere county school aid indicted on o hundreds of child pornography pr related char coming up next we'll hear we'll directly from prosecutors. pross >> first though, let's take another live look outside on on this thursday morning because we can't get enough of thisget weather. tucker will tell us all about it plus a peek ahead of the holiday forecast. that's coming up next. 7:42 right now.
7:43 am
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>> so much going on today goodog day dc. we want to see you right here at 9:00 a.m. fox5 the only place pe you'll get reaction live from fm d.c. mayor muriel bowser and d.c. school chancellor kaya henderson about henderson'son decision to step down. >> star spangled andspang star-studded weevil got the woman impromptu nationaliona performance at the lincolnnce al memorial wowed the crowd and tht internet. also, actor omari hard wick from power and being mary jane will be with us live in the loft, lt, plus wait there's more. more. orange is the new black star sta mark, will be here and get ready to laugh because he always makes us laugh with huggie low down and chris paul.isl. they'll be with us before their big show which is happening thii weekend.weekend. all of that plus tucker barnes r with the forecast.
7:46 am
>> on good day d.c.>> >> o maybe we can get all of yof on the couch at one time. at ont >> with all of them.all ofm. >> right.>> right. >> and you. >> we need a bigger couch.ouch. >> that's going to be greatest v. i can't wait.t all right. alrigh quick shout out to everybody iry saw at nats -- >> ♪ >> oh.>> o >> i was down at national wasow airport last night.or i ran into a lot of fox5 viewers. >> nice. >> quick hello.ello ♪ ♪ >> are you walking? >> here's the beat. the other beat. b >> i think there's a lot going g on with this song. s >> walk, walk.. >> little peter gabriel.ab >> here's your moment.ent >> ♪ >> you see that?>> you see >> yes.. >> spin and zinc at the same s time. >> actually, a nice woman gaveon me tips last night when i was aw the airport.airport. >> she did. >> i'm sure she did. most people do offer some tips. (laughter). >> she knows there's room for t improve many. there you go. yes. all right. right awesome out there. i couldn't think what else to ta say about today it will be veryr pleasant mid 80s.sant m 8 lots of sunshine and not a lot a of humidity. humid
7:47 am
washington. 68 big jump in that leo nardtown.rdwn 50s just about everybody early this morning when i arrived wasr in the 50's to the north and and west you can see that sun up starting to see numbers rise arr little bit.ttle 62 at dulles.t dulles. 64 in culpeper.n eper holiday weekend.nd i really want to emphasize for d.c. standards fourth of julyofl weekend that looks pretty good.. temps saturday and sunday only in the mid 80s.. bright sunshine both days itthay looks like we say storm free stf which is very unusual. unusual both saturday and sunday andandy look at your fourth of july only 83 for daytime high. h i can remember lots and lots ofo 90 plus fourth of julys around here. looks like we'll have scatteredr storms but again scattered for d the fourth of july. j all right. satellite/radar very quiet. few clouds out there early. we have a warm front across thee carolinas that will sneak northk late today and tonight thatha increase the clouds around hereh later today and you may noticeoe if you are focused that the humidity sneaking up a little bit late this afternoon tonternn night but that's
7:48 am
it. it. here's future cast.he you can see 7:00 o'clock wesee should remain dry heade7:d downo ladies night, trying to steve s going down with me down at natsa park. park conditions couldn't be better down there. it should be just fine.t we should be dry, and then thern we are tomorrow morning.w moin a couple of showers developing with warm front. and by late tomorrow afternooner we'll see some scattered stormso the air tomorrow will be kind oo back in the soup tomorrow.row. so with increase in humidity hum increase the chances forhanc thunderstorms tomorrow afternooo that's really the worserr of nef couple of days. of there's your seven day.n d it will be scatter the stormsheo late saturday and sunday look great.e monday could be a few storms f s around here monday. so you'll want to keep your kee drone at home. (laughter).ter). >> erin, how is traffic lookingl >> did you put your shoes on ysh just for the walk?k? >> tucker has been doing ther hi weather reports bare foot for most of the morning. >> i did just put the shoes bacs on. >> just for the walk. just r th >> no, just because, you know,sk it's important to wear shoes ata work. work (laughter).. >> i'm sorry for bringing'morry attention to that then.nt right now crash aiv
7:49 am
district 295 southbound out byy benning road one lane is block blocked. so use caution there. cauti the heavy delays coming down fromgow the beltway passed 50 to benninb road we had earlier crash by eastern avenue that was causing issues as well and 50 inside the beltway super jammed up. u definitely give yourself extrauf time there once it turns into ts new york avenue by bladensburg u we're slow as well.we'rslow we're also dealing with a powerw outage from pepco out by union u station so if you're headed outd in northeast several intersections dealing with traffic lights that are out of u service.servic treat those intersections asos though you would a stop sign and use caution this this is a live look right now. t you can see traffic is light on massachusetts and d.and . despite the fact those traffice lights are out. a some people walking around.g ron beautiful day to walk to workok i'd like tonight. switch it a it look the our maps. m other problems in the area thatt we are tracking right now. n there's crash on the westboundcr side of the freewaasy at exitxi five. that's between third street tunnel and six and seven. s just cleared all lanes open butb look at that residual delay. dey gw parkway dealing with heavy wt traffic coming down from 123 an3 in
7:50 am
frederick jamming up a bit up dealing with about eight minute delay from 70 to 109 as you pass urbanism let's take live look at 270 and show was you're up y'rep against this it's just heavy volume cominge m down a lot of stop and go g through gaithersburg andh ga germantown this i'll certainly keep updated oneo that. that inner loop jams because of two earlier crashes one by ritchie t marlboro and another by van doro very heavy traffic there.raic holly and steve.holld >> thanks erin. it is one of the biggest storiet in our area this morning.or the indictment of former prince george's county school aidid deonte car away. awa he's now facing 270 charges fors child sex abuse and pornographyr stemming from the abuse of 23 one as young as seven years oldo while he was working at judge jd vain ya woods elementary school in glenn arden. joining us now from green beltmb with more angela always brook a the state's attorney from princn george's county.orge thank you very much foroi
7:51 am
us this morning. trnin >> good morning.>> good m thank you for having me. >> my first question is, whatha are the obstacles and are difficulty in trying a case of e this magnitude with so many counts?coun >> well, this is as you can telt from the number of counts, thist case is just a devastating case. the good news about it is thatti we believe the evidence is very strong because of the video images there were two phones phs primarily that we were able to recover evidence from that captured nearly a 100 videos ano we believe that that evidence is going to be very strong evidencc and it will allow us to minimizn the impact on these childrense e we're hoping.op that is our goal is to minimizen the impact on the children, and hopefully prevent them from even having to come into theom courtroom. it may be the case that we havev to do that but certainly is our hope to not further traumatizeem these children who havee exp
7:52 am
trauma if these >> now, you know the defense isn going to say that mr. car awayy has limited hem capacity. but the indictment shows thatt this is someone who knew what he was doing and it was very calculated and pressured these young kids into do it can someone with a limited mentaltal capacity be able to do all of that?th >> we believe that unfortunately absolutely. it is possible.e. we have video images of course with mr. carraway the evidencehe will show he engaged in sex acta with these children directed the children to engage in sex actsea with each other.ther. it will of course be oure position that his mentalhi m capacity did not impact his imp ability to participate in thesee acts which were unlawful.nlawl they are illegal.ey a i they are disgusting. and so we are convinced that the evidence will show that he wasth able of course to >> how do you go about preparing these chil
7:53 am
their families for a trial like this which obviously would belyd lengthy?? >> well, you know, we started the started our investigation.invesi we've been interviewing victims, but i have to tell you, it isoui not easy.noeasy this is the worst case scenarioo for to us involve minor i can tell you that part of whyo our goal is to craft the caset c where we will hopefully not havy to bring the children into theno courtroom is because it is veryv devastating.statg we have one case i can think ofi in particular where the minor child had to be interviewed asea that child sat under thehe conference table because it wasi just difficult for the child tod talk to the prosecutor in theton seat so the child had toad literally sit under the table tb be interviewed because this isas so devastating and so we are hoping not to have to repeat that to cart children into c courtrooms and have them talk to adults.ul that is our goal and hopefully f we'll be able to accomplishplis that. >> now, i know that mr. carrawaa isf
7:54 am
live sentences here. there is a second criminal crina investigation going on, right? and that has to do with who knew? who else new this was going on and failed to reportepr it? unfortunately, the sentences even if those peoplee are found guilty, lack considerably. >> exactly. you know what the truth of it wi is, we believe that our investigation will primarily and our prosecution will primarily i focus on mr. carraway. we're going to have to do sometd more work in terms of strengthening the laws will bewi in annapolis again in january. a but the truth is that the lawsas relating to other people who maw have known, who should have protected these children justldn aren't as strong as the caseses that we have againstgainst mr. carraway so we'll focusus primarily on mr. carraway.arwa we do have another investigatioi that's going but our expectation is we will focus on efforts onts bringing to justice mr. carraway who committed very heinous acts
7:55 am
this that will be our primary focus as well ensuring this never happens again.ppens a working with the school systemhe to educate individuals who havev contact with children. the family in this case who brought this case to our o attention if a wonderful job ini checking their child'sld's electronic device and we w encourage other parents to doott that. but our goal will to bringring mr. car apps did you way tou w justice torque minimize therquem impact on these children and too ensure this doesn't happens doen again. >> when can we expect the trial to beginn ? >> well, the first date we have in this case is july 18th. we believe that will be a status hearing.hein we do not yet is trial date inat this case. >> angela alsobrooks statess attorney for priefs county.sount thank you very tepreciate your time thisia morning. >> thank you for having me. >> you're welcome. y >> let's head over to tucker ane talk little weather.ther. >> quick weather update. upd things looking great today.ooret nice morning for mor we're featuring sunshine and itd will be warm this afternoon.noo. mid 80s but without that humidity in place this stills s feels
7:56 am
northwest at eight. eht humidity 59% and dew pointew temperatures this mornings m falling back into the 50s.. almost unheard of for the last day of june. da there's your satellite/ it's very quiet. qui if you're traveling today up anp down 95 it will be storm free se that's great news. and i don't think we'll getn't l any -- you know what, byounow tomorrow, it looks like we coulu have a few showers maybe a a scattered thunderstorm by theert second half of tomorrow as wef get more how mid air mass inas place.plac weekend looks great if you gotiy holiday plans. mountains locally chesapeake,ak down to the beaches look look fantastic, saturday, sunday ands most of monday. mo i think by monday scattered stt storms return.storetur all right. ri more weather in just a minute. a more roadways with erin. >> 7:56 right now.. and definitely slow-moving slomg traffic crash activity blockingk the right side of the road righr this is the third crash of theda morning on the inner loop.on t this one by the american legionl bridge causing delays. d you can see a big backup leadini towards that location so pleases allow for extra time there. the two earlier crashes, one by one ritchie marlboro and another one by van dorn has us back up on
7:57 am
well. we 295 southbound by benning has us backed up. 295 from the beltway on through benning road. more traffic in a few moments. m holly and steve. sve >> thanks erin.hank erin. still to come 8:00 o'clock0 this morning the original teen n idol bobby rydell is performingn in our area you know his songs. s they go back a little bit. b. you'll recognize them.ze t first he'll join us live in then loft. lo >> miss teen usa is making asa g major change to the competition. we'll tell which youell which yu controversial portion of thers pageant is now being eliminated. ♪ man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy."
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>> this is fox5 news morning.. right now at 8:00 live lookl outside on this thursday jun june 30th, 2016.01 it is a gorgeous day out there. we'll have the details for you f weather and traffic coming up ou the 5's at eight cot 05. cot 0 >> good morning, everyone i'mve maureen umeh.maeen um >> i'm steve chenevey a lot chel breaking news to get to off thee top of the eight this morning. i let's start in northern virgin virginia. fox5 confirmed federal wayal w underway in the lansdowne area a near leesburg.eeurg. we heard from viewer had was h w told by agenting to back insided her home earlier this morning. then heard several flash bombs go off and the door of nearby nb townhome was kicked in byy agents.ents it's unclear right now what or t whom authorities are lookingho for, but we dori have a crew one the way and get the updates as s soon as we debt them for you.m want to bring you back to the district lo ife look atook a massachusetts avenue and dhusean street northeast.streetor
8:01 am
experiencing a power outage. out pepco has confirmed at leasteast 1500 customers are without pow power. other areas affected are near north capitol strfeeet and h street in northeast. also, florida avenue.venue. pepco says it is undergroundndgr power line problem that they'ret still trying to locate.locat busy night for d.c. police investigating four separate shootings all of them win hours of each other.l of at least one of those was deadla one man shot and killed along a the 800 block of bladensburgladu road northeast.thea the violence comes on the heelss of a plea for tougher gunougher restrictions in the >> we are following developingge news from afghanistan now wheree the taliban has claimedimed responsibility for suicidede bombing that killed 30 traineera policemen near the capital ofpit kabul. the officers were on their wayiw back from training for leave ine kabul when their bus was w targeted.targeted. >> developing overnight inop istanbul police conduct addnducd series of raids targeting onenge apartment where at least one oft the airport attackers was believed to be staying.ta. police found guns and documentsd related to isis. i a total of 13 people werepler detained including three foreign nationals.nati meanwhile as fox's jackie ie bannes
8:02 am
similar attack could still cou s happen on us soil.s soi >> reporter: there are new a worries about terrorism.rrrism after the shootings and bombingi at the international airport int us stan bull, turkey tuesday. cia director john brennan is now warning americans that a similal attack could happen on u.s. >> isis's ability to continue to propagate its narrative as welll to insight and carry out thesese attacks i think we still have ways to go before we're able too say that we have made somee significant progress against them. th >> three men carried out the m deadly attacks at theen securitr checkpoint there at the airport. turkish government believes isis is behind the violence. top military officials held a hd classified meeting with u.s. u senators wednesday about theut e terror group. >> we know isis has specificalla targeted turkey and inn particular tourist sector asri part of its desire to ultimatelt include turkey as part of theire fraudulent caliphate.ipte >> airports in the us arein theu beefing up sec travelers at chicago o'hare arer still nervous
8:03 am
>> it happened again, and i'mnd not sure that there's a lot that we can do to prevent this kindkd of atrocity and terrorism. terri >> reporter: vice-presidente- joe biden visited the turkish embassy in washington, d.c. biden says he expects the coalition will wipe out thellip islamic state.ta >> this happened in europe.. this what's happened in the united states. what's happened in africa.. what's happened in north africa. they succeeded in one thing.. uniting the whole world. we will prevail. pva we will prevail. >> reporter: american airmerin a strike outside fallujah iraq killed about 250 isis militantss wednesday. one of the deadliest to date. de in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. n here at home after serving i d.c. public schools for morels f than five years chancellor kaya henderson is stepping d her last day will bel october 1st. coming up gone day at 9:00 a.m.m chancellor henderson and mayornm muriel bowser will join us livei to talk more about her decisiond to leave and what it could meanm for you and your children.n. tweet us
8:04 am
chancellor and mayor at fox5t f5 d.c. d.c. >> in prince george's county acg former school aid was indictedd on 270 charges of child sexld abuse and child porn.. deonte carraway remains behindeh bar accused of of abusing 23in 2 children while working in glenne arden as a teachers aid.. >> former montgomery countymey court commissioner sentenced ini august for trying to have sexry with a minor through dating app. daniel read was found guilty iny court yesterday he used the gayg dating app grinder to meet whooo he thought was a teenager back c in o when the two made plans to meett in person in germantown officerr were waiting to arrest read.ea he is facing up to 10 years inen prison. let's get to the fors get tr confident the right now.t now. beautiful look at the capitol cl dome this morning. no clouds out there thisud morning, tucker barnes.r bar looking good.lookgood >> beautiful.>> beautif >> a cloud or two to start youry day. for the most sunny and beautifuf this afternoon and 85. >> wow! >> yeah. >> perfect summer day. p >> without the humidity, upping, just incredibly unusual. unu >> it will be nice.t wille n >> this time of year.
8:05 am
watching the numbers do littleol jump. 69 up in baltimore.altire 69 in fredericksburg. 64 in manassas.s hey, north and west this morninr a lot of 50s out there early,ar and again our dew point d p temperatures in the 50s which is just makes for a very dry, veryy pleasant air mass for this timee of year. year. satellite/radar is quiet.. sunshine, bright conditionst cdi expected for much of your day.ry late this afternoon you'llon y probably notice a few clouds and that will be the -- an-n indication that we've got a g warmer and more humid air on thr way and things will be changing up a little for our friday. i'll take look at that in just minute. let's enjoy our ou another nice one. o evening showers and storms thatt evening air starts to move in. i 85 today.od. >> okay. >> all right. int's check in with erin como fo wr the road conditions.on good morning, erin. >> good morning. m right now it is nasty on the o inner loop by the american ameca legion bridge 8:05.ridge 8:0 you can see heavy delays pickinc up that's because of a crash a c just north of that location. loo you're looking at about 15 1 minute delay we'll switch it over to our maps from 66 to thee
8:06 am
gw parkway north and southboundn backing up as well.baing so be prepared for that as we as take a closer look the lk southbound side of gw parkway pr from the beltway to the 14th street bridge that's about ahasu three minute delay but the the northbound delay is bit heaviera as you get towards the beltway l because of that inner loopoo crash. also keep in mind we have a newa metro problem for you. y mount vernon square inboundenbou yellow line train is off loadini at archives that's because of a brake next green line train is holding outside the station.taon probe paired for that one as hea will traffic lights are outff lg around union station.tati let's take live look. pepco power outage.r out you can see they're on flashnlah right now. traffic moving slowly throughyhr that intersection a lot oferctio pedestrians, a lot of folks on bikes so please take turns,ur street that intersection as you would a stop sign.op no major backups but one of mann intersections around northeast surrounding union station dealing with that power outagett until they're able to get thingi fixed you can see a guy ridingin his bike to work. biking and walking also an also option if you want to avoid
8:07 am
getting stuck in traffic. a look at our maps. m show was else you're up againsta this morning. 295 southbound really backed upd this morning.this m we have a crash out by braddockc road -- benning road, at the t underpass jammed from theass edf beltway through p point.. 50 inbound basically park from r the beltway towards 295 and in a frederick we're seeing aboutingt eight minute delay from 70 tom 109 as you head into urbana. urn more stop and go traffic througu gaithersburg and rockville as ws take wide view you can seeu can there's a lot of revved on our r map. map. this inner loop delay is inn leftover delays from earlier crash by ritchie marlboro that r cleared and another one by vann dorn street.dotree so you're dealing with a lot oft those leftover delays and the at outer loop jams as you headd towards green belt because ofltc congestion. lots to get through thiso morning. any questions at erin fox5 on twitter. twitter. maureen and steve back to you. >> bryan cranston taking on another crime filled roll in nen move z kevin will join us live with those detailed tails.d tai the movie is call the infiltrator.
8:08 am
>> michael phelps sets more m records on his way to rio plus what nfl player has signed the richest contract in nfl history. we're back with those after this break. >> nice look at ocean city. if you want a get away busy place this weekend. always relaxing when you get ton the beach, isng 'twh it 8:08. you can head down to nats park.k complete add three game sweep of the mets last night. knock the mets into third place. great game from daie
8:09 am
former met two homeruns on theoe night. max scherzer on the moundthe m pitched into the eight inning en struck out 10.ut held the mets to pair of singl singles. second bomb of the night.. nats win four-two.o. they're 5.5 games over miami. m playing the reds this weekend.nd four-game series through theh fourth. first pitch tonight at 7:05. olympics and swimming rightm now.. katie will he deck key on beth b day on track to make history aty the summer games in rio. >> 19-year-old easily won the 200-meter free style in omaha.lh she had qualified for 400 free.f will he deck key heavy favoriter to defend her gold medal in thee 800 as well she'll most likelytl qualify for this saturday. baltimore native michael phelps headed to r he became the first american ami male swimmer to qualify for five olympics he took first place ina the 200-meter butterfly andte 30-year-old will swim the 100 butterfly and 200 individualivil medley at the trials events in i which he's back to back to back reigning champion at theat t olympics.ym
8:10 am
style. his best by the way. he intends to retire after thert rio games and we should also sao happy to michael phelps who isso 31 years old today. >> fantastic. fantastic >> man, okay.. andrew luck just got paid. p >> you might want to hit him upm if he's a buddy of yours. indianapolis colts quarterback signed a six year contract thett rich chest in nfl history.. keeps him in indy through the 20-21 season worth $140 million. 47 million guaranteed when herae puts his name on the piece ofhee he will average about $23 million per season. he needs one more friend. fn >> i think he'll get a lot.. still to come we'll tell hugh is the highest grossingss actress of all time.ime. >> bryan krahn ton going deepoid undercover in his new movieov called the infiltrator. kevin joins us live with those details next. it is 8:10.
8:11 am
it's our 4th of july sale. where you can create the perfect home. from now until july 4th, you'll find huge savings on stylish pieces. plus, you'll get an extra ten-percent off accessories! and, we're offering thirty-six month, no-interest financing. come in today for savings in every room. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. the 4th of july sale! from classic to contemporary. havertys.
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8:13 am
♪ i like this song. son makes me want to dance.oance >> do it. just dance, maureen.ancemaureen. just do it.ju >> you've been dancing all all morning long. i saw you erin do a little shimmy. it was a little -- the morning r is young. yng. >> here's the it's a long show.g s >> it is. >> it goes for years. forears >> can't exhaust it at the top. >> you can't peak. you n't >> it's a marathon.ho >> by 9:00 you should be doin doing --dog >> if there were expert dancers today they would improve. iro >> i'm
8:14 am
night at nats park.k. >> watch out, ladies. >> let's go at the forecast. fos >> wait. before the forecast -- the f >> don't get ahead of yourself.. >> speaking of ladies man.s m >> super duper cuteness here. >> aww. >> graduated. >> fox5 first five our favorite time of day. this is cary, everyone. >> she's got great look. loo steve call it just graduateded >> aww. >> aww >> and now what's he up to? >> going to >> yes, he is.>> he's very cute.. >> that's genuine excitement right there. is that a homemade hat?a ma >> no, no, that's official. oic. >> i think it's an official hat. >> the tongue says how you likeh me now. >> matching the diploma.lo >> he's saying i don't want to't take my picture number 500 here. >> yeah. >> i know the feeling. >> that pre-k graduation pretty special. >> good luck in kindergarten. >> congratulations. congrulat >> many more graduations too come. come. >> to end us your child'sd us yh picture go to fox5 d.c. and sens
8:15 am
terry has the right outfit forfi today. shorts but a little cool out l there this mning 50s 71 in washington. waston. and we're expecting daytimein dy highs in the mid 80s thiss afternoon.aftern humidity remains in check forcck most of the day of thea we are going to start to see a warm front getting organized across the carolinas push intoio our region late this afternoon n ton night that will increase tht cloud cover you may notice thata humidity creeping up late thisre afternoon ton nightep. but still by all standards hereh late june early july we're talking about some perfect per weather across the region for f our thursday afternoon.ft mostly sunny, 85 today.ay. hey, more in the way of cloud cover, humidity and warmer wme temperatures tomorrow and thater will increase our chances for a few showers and storms for there day on friday and then we've go' our holiday weekend to lookook forward. forwar saturday and sunday brilliantiat sunshine, humidity not bad tempd in the mid 80s. 8 perhaps a storm or two by the fourth of july but look at yourt high temperature on the fourth of july.. only 80 degr
8:16 am
>> the storm is expected earlie not later when the fireworksir might be going off. >> actually mayor expected latee in the day. >> it's still a few days away. >> no raining on our parade.. happy birthday america. ari >> got a whole day to celebrate. >> checking in with erin with aw look at the commute. >> pre celebration mood withoo t your blue dress and steve's redd tie.ti >> i didn't plan right. right. i should have saved this for tomorrow.morr >> i won't tell anyone furry f wear i >> the audience might kind of -o >> they might notice.t noic >> one or two people might. mig. >> you will get 50,000 but stevs could wear the same suit every t day and change his his >> not that he does. >> never. he's more fashion forward thani that. that. okay. moving over to traffic, sorry,t guys. guys steve is giving me the half the half grin.f grin. >> aww it's all love in here. metro delays disable yellow line train at a kind of. a kd of. expect delays as the train resumes northerly schedule linkh green and roll lowry seven wal w delays in both directions due to train
8:17 am
we have a power outage intag i northeast. traffic lights are out including the intersection massachusettsss and d traffic is still moving but movb you'll have to take turns treats that intersection as though you would a stop sign and instopign addition to that we have twoe h crashes right now you need to be aware of on 295.of on 2 we've been tracking the one on the southbound side at benningsn road. that has one lane blocked andloa you're jammed to the beltway. bl now the new 1295 northboundorbo suitland parkway the right lanen is blocked.ed did the dot on location keep ita to the left and note that you'ru in about 15 minute delay from the beltway passed suitland parkway.way suitland inbound jammed um asmem well towards alabama. alama more traffic in a few.few. steve who who hauls as a dapperp suit and the beautiful mauerer rear. >> oh, stop. >> he's so full of flattery.y >> 8:13 right now.:13 right n you hear that music it's time t for the fox beat. here's kevin >> steve and maureen, you know,k i get excited about a lot of a o things. >> right. >> i'm just an excitable personp that's who i >> that's what we love aboute at you. >> one things i love about my job is meengting people that i admire, and watch and breaking b bad is my favorite tv show ofw o
8:18 am
numerous times i sat down withnw him this weekend. i got to show this is my highshs zen berg tie bar i wore to the r interview. it's bryan cranston new movie calledl the infiltrator based on true t story opens up july 13th.y 13 he plays robert mazeert surveillance undercovercove narcotics agent who goeswho undercover to infiltrate a money laundering scheme involvingol columbian drug lord pablobl now one thing i find fascinatini here he's playing undercoverndee narcotics agent but in breaking bad he was selling crystal methm so i had to know how this agenta would have gone undercover withw the breaking bad story line went talked more about the real gentleman robert mazen surveillance. check it out. >> could you see someone like aa pop masur infiltrating the gus ring or walter whites.s. >> absolutely. >> what do you think he would do. >> i think he would have ended up inoud a barrel with -- with chemicals tha
8:19 am
of to just dissolve his body. >> yay.ay. >> no, ooh too good.oo very very careful.. very careful.ul. so i mean but that's the risk level. i think there could have been -- there are, there are infiltrators in the cartels, and informants and things like that. so that kind of risk exists anda very much was -- was not a hypothetical for bob mazuas thee fin trailed.n tra. >> what i find fascinating abouo this role the idea of someone going undercover.nd is there basically acting thein person is acting undercover.erce >> yeah. >> y >> i'm wondering can you comparn the idea going undercover to t acting but also you're kind of actinacting within acting.ct >> oh, like a russian doll. (laughter).(lter) >> yeah.. >> or which came first the actot or the roll?l? >> yeah. >> it is very similar and so foo an actor to say, okay, you'reour going to then put on the cloak c of some other character andchard infiltt
8:20 am
scenario, is very much what we do. so that part of it was not was t difficult at all. but after talkin talking with bm and consulting with him on his o character and his role and his duties, we realized that what he had to do and what i have to doo are completely different thingsi in the essence that we know it's make believe and at the end of e the day we go home or to our hotel. at the end of the day for him, h he hopes he's alive and he hopes that his wife and children willl still accept him as he takes aes route home he makes sure he'surh not being followed, andnd constantly looking in that rearr view mirror to make sure he's h safe and keep his family that's the level of stress thatt he lived for nearly three yearss >> great line in the movie you say, i want the right people toe know my name.e. and as a breaking bad
8:21 am
hear, know my name. n >> say my name. ig right. >> did you hear it?? >> breaking bad one of theakingn greatest moments in that showens ever he said "say my name". the guy is like highs zen berg. he goes your gd that scene is so cool. c he said say my name in the interview i was blown away by that. when i walk in the room, he saws me from the corner and he goesee you wearing your tie bar today?d i am, sir.. >> he said he still wears theti two tie bars i gave him.ave >> that's awesome.>> that'awes >> wears them all the time. the >> kevin, you have to invite hin to your wedding.ding. just put put it out >> you said say my name.e if you've seen breaking badak that's the greatest scene ever. say my name. myam he said it to my >> yeah.>> >> you said it, didn't you?didnt >> did you say highs zen berg? b >> i didn't say it.ay it. i should have, though.hoh. >> next time. t >> i needed to wear diaper. >> i love you. y >> we'll see you coming up nextn hour on good day.n gooday coming up who was name the highest grossing actress of alla time?time
8:22 am
making major change to the competition. we'll tell you which controversial portion of thatl f pageant is being eliminated.ed. after trying brookside crunchy clusters, controversial portion of thatl f pageant is being eliminated.ed.
8:23 am
@carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
8:24 am
>> 8:24. here's a look at the good day guest list. we've got the woman impromptuk o national anthem perform man atfm the lincoln memorial wowed theod crowd and the internet. als
8:25 am
shows locate power and see mary jane will be with us live in th loft. orange in the new black star str mike will be and get ready to laugh withau huggie low down and chris paul.u they'll be with us before theirt big show all coming up thisp thi weekend. >> very cool much as we teased earlier we said bobby rydellbyyd will join us. us. have had a little problem withro his plane. won't be here on time. tim his plane apparently wasas delayed. so he is still going to bell go performing to note at the bellss today blues and jazz supper club tonight but not going to make it in time unfortunately due to flight issues could be with usue this morning. too bad.too b it would have been fun.ould hav. >> we still got a full housefu e either way. >> jam packed show. jam it will be gat >> didn't i hear the mayor. >> the mayor and schooll chancellor nouned yesterday she's stepping down.e' >> big show.>> big sho >> we'll find out why coming upg >> i'll just once again my fantasy get you guys all on the couch. >> 29 million of us.milln of u >> the couch getting bigger an bigger
8:26 am
>> meanwhile let's do theo the forecast. it's more of the same. mor sunshine temps in the mid 80s.0. >> it will be tough but we'll be try. >> 71 that wind still out of thi north northwest at 8:00.:00. we love a northerly wind thisrte time of year it deliversdeli humidity it looks like that. 59%.59%. nice dry air mass in place. pla it's quiet. qet it's it's cool. cl. it's all those things.hi and it will be later today.. actually will be a warm w afternoon mid 80s without a lott of humidity it should feely fe pretty good. there's a quick look at theat t seven day do want to mentionenti warmer air mass moves on inn i overnight.ov we'll be partly sunny tomorrow.o noticeably warmer and more humih with a few showers around. aun looks like we could have showere tomorrow morning and get a breag and then maybe a scatteredcaer thunderstorm tomorrow afternoono sunday and sunday look fantast fantastic. right now relatively cool for the fourth.the temps in the 80s could be thunderstorms mid to lateo late afternoon.. >> okay. all right. there you go. n early.n early. out i >> do you hear that erin, getu a that cook out in early? >> i have a menu -- >> we're starting super ea
8:27 am
monday.ay >> all day.>> allay right after the show we're going to start barbecuing.arcuing. that way if it rains we'll movem the party indoors.oo. >> excellent plan.>> >> all right. burgers to make turkey burgers. stuffed with blue cheese that'su what i got so fare . far any requests you let me know.e k >> she's actually putting menutm together right now.togeig >> i am.m. >> i love barbecuing.arbecu i have homemade pasta salad i'mi going to mak it will be exciting. >> it's getting better by thett minute. >> maureen, we'll do it in the t kitchen on good day. >> can we redo next >> never too many weekends forwd barbecue. we have an accident northboundcc on fairfax county parkway att roberts parkway in fairfaxai county. one lane is closed watch for wch delays in that area.n threa. also, crash activity continuingg southbound 295 at benning road.g that is near the underpass under backed up from the beltway, 2955 northbound by suitland right r lane blocked want to stay left.a delays of about 15 to 20 minutes from the beltway to suitlandtwat parkway. not looking hot and 295. 2. maureen and steve. sve >> all righty. r thank you erin.. 8:27 right now.ow. inde
8:28 am
coming up there's more than onea way to get that perfect tan.fect fox medical team will tell usell how we can eat our way too gorgeous skin. >> that natural glow going.oi miss teen a. s making a change.hange. the pageant dropping theg swimsuit competition. we'll find out what it will be replaced with. 8:28. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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8:30 am
>> after yesterday's absolutely beautiful day we're in fores another one today.fuay. sunny and 85. 8
8:31 am
>> get to health news 8:30. fda challenging the makers of o hand sanitizers to prove they pt are safe and effective part of p the latest stage of the fda's on-going review of cleaning and hygiene products. products. they want to investigate how thw ingredients are absorbed througe the skin because it could pose e risk to both children and childe pregnant dog owners you'll want to wn pay close attention to this nexs story. >> police are warning folksare about homemade bombs made frombm tennis balls. tennis ball bombs made ahead ofe the july 4th police in washington state useda facebook to warn people abouteoe the dangers of the balls after a one was actually discovered incd park back in february. feb they say it's a real tennis ball with a fuse that's sticking outk of it. >> we can tell the difference.hd dogs can't. dogs c scary stuff there.ere >> come on people. if you plan on celebrating celeb fourth of july out west, don'tun bank on seeing fireworks.iror cities in washington state, stae oregon and california havee banned fireworks along state s beaches and national parks.l pas you can blame mother naturerat given the dry conditions andon on-going wildfires out there. te anyone caught disobeying the ban
8:32 am
face as fine between 500 and $1,500. >> with fourth of july aroundur the corner corner virginia named the most patriotic state.te the study looked at each state e voting and volunteering.tein >> interesting study there. virginia followed by alaska and south carolina, colorado and georgia. the least patriotic state by this study the state of new jersey.rsey >> ut-oh. >> big change coming to the miss teen usa pageant. an evident to empower youngoung women participating in one ofine america's highest profilefile >> you'll see lot of thing at the miss teen usal pageant butb you won't see swimsuits anywiui more. women will now compete in an athlete leisure portion of the,t yoga pants to show off theirir level of physical fitness. fit the change will help the women m focus on the important impnt importance of fitness fitnesstnt and overall health and mosth and competitors are respondingorresp positively with many saying thet spend their off time in athletih wear and feel comfortable and confident when they're wearingri it. it.
8:33 am
will set a good example forple young women who look up to theut competitors and spread ampet positive body image thatha encourages women to prioritizeoi health and physical well-being.e former miss virginia nancy readr says the pageant shift from f swimsuits to active wear is a smart business move chasing the rise of athletic lee insures l s fashion. >> it's a huge issue right now. >> win/win. win/win >> want to get to the forecasttr early right now we have so manyv good things to talk about tal at outside today. i mean absolutely perfect day not too hot, not too cold. col some sunshine.shine >> it was perfect.erct you can't complain. >> most importantly tucker, thet humidity dropped so much. >> just right. it's like, you know n perfectfet bowl of porridge. porridge. >> that's right. there you go. 71 now in washington.ton that was lee our man on the m floor. he's a handsome fella. fla 70 right now in new york.w 72 in boston.osn it is very very pleasant out ple there early.ea what you can't see on this map s dew points which are in the 50s5 so dry air mass remains intactat across the mid atlantic and deliver another just a
8:34 am
pleasant day around here. aroun mid 80s. lots of sunshine out early. e we are going to get a few cloudo later today.terod as a warm front starts to get to bet organized across the carolinas that will sneak northa later today and tonight.y and gt increase in cloud cover clo cov overnight tonight, and by earlyy tomorrow, there could be fewew showers or sprinkles around asrd that warmer air starts to movesm in by tomorrow you'll notice thc heat and humidity back in theidh forecast but today, it's still s warm afternoon. but still pleasant conditions. 85 with lots of sunshine by 4:00 p.m.m. i'll be back momentarily with aa lock at the seven day forecast c which is featuring -- >> for the most part a great g looking holiday weekend. weeken. >> good. at least we have cool per temperatures i won't b we 100 degrees on the fourth ofs ot july waiting for the fireworks.r >> not at all.ot at >> i like it. like it. with traffic don't really like what i'm seeing here. seeg we have metro delays orange line this is a new one residual resid delays in both directionsir earlier track problem outside ot cheverly and disable yellow line train at archives moving off thf line. line
8:35 am
regular schedule and spacing.nda that's in addition to the safetrack surge two which hask h been causing issues on theausise orange, blue and silver between the area of eastern market, minnesota and benning road.enng also, d.c. police traffic still letting us know traffic lightsft are ought around union station. that's an area of northeastth because of a pepco power outage. treat those intersections as though you would a stop sign. as watch for atypical traffic tff patterns there.he crash activity inner loop delayd from springfield to the americaa legion bridge. bdg there's crash at the american tn legion bridge blocking theblkint shoulder. you are backed up look at thateu really heavy delays from leading towards 66 through that point.o. you're sluggish throughggish annandale let me get out of thee way there, the inner loop the ir remains very slow as you makeoue your way from before branch avenue to passed to 95.o outer loop jams right there js i through forestville as you get up through largo towards bwow parkway and then we also haveo h crash right now out in fairfax,i northbound side of fairfaxofrfax county parkway at robertser parkway.way 66 is very backed up leadingeadg from centreville into theilnto t beltway.. sluggish through west falls
8:36 am
then two crashes southbound sido of 295 at benning has us backedb up solid from the beltway onay n down and then 295 northbound ata suitland parkway. par that crash is dealing with abouh a 15 to 20 minute delay from th beltway passed suitland parkwayr stay to the left that crash that blocking the right lane. the rhl suitland parkway inbound veryoud jammed up as you try to get toot the douglas bridge and gw parkway inbound things are improving just minor delay on dl the southbound side butut northbound traffic towards the t beltway because of the crash tht american legion bridge is sluggish. there we go. i said it. we're dealing with bad traffic.. a lot of messes out there.t me tweet me at erin fox5 d.c. if dc you have any questions for yourr commute.e. metro delays as well.s >> it was a popular sodas in ths '90's among some people. not me but some like it. like >> me either.>> m >> returning to store shelvesnir now. we'll let you know what it is. >> plus, why youe may soon seea lot more baby pictures when youn sign on to facebook.aceb we're back in two minutes.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> beautiful morning for youul here 8:39 is your time. 71 gorgeou:3s degrees. deges can't complain at all about at what's happening today weathernr wise. it's going to be a great day. >> capitol dome looking betterlb and better more scaffolding comes down all the there's a new version of the old classic mr. potato head head which hopes to educate shoppersp of dangers of only buyingg perfect looking produce. the toy is miss shane like mostt potatoes show there's no need to gravitate
8:40 am
fruits and vegetables.etables. the toy is now on sale on e-baye to try to raise some funds foror charity.y. i have been guilty sometimes --- >> i'm totally guilty, too. >> picking good looking produceu >> is that hasbro. hasbro. >> i think it is. good for them. why not? why not?? >> call eight come back.eight mb pepsi saying it's bringing backi the retro '90's classic crystal pepsi for limited time. t they said it was huge hit i kind of remember it being a a big flop.big flop. >> i remember that, too.em yeah. >> my memory of that era my bee flawed it will hit store shelvev on august 8th. >> it dee baud back in 1992 with a massive marketing campaign but the public's response was mixedx and it was yanked off the yand o shelves after just two years. y so steve i think we are right. >> giving it a try again. a >> not hit but yeah, okay.ka forget black friday amazon azo second annual prime day is sets for july 12th.. >> maureen'ss favorite holiday.. you can buy stocks for everyoney >> yea.>> >> last year's prime day sold nearly 35 million items i worldwide breaking black fridayi records for the
8:41 am
one in five americans are primei members. if you can't wait that longth ln amazon will preview five days of pre-prime day sales they arehey getting their marking value in. >> they are on it.e it >> right.>> man. >> you are about to see a lotbo more baby pictures when you sigu on to facebook.k >> that is because facebook isk giving priority to posts from f your friends and family rather than articles and information posted by brands and pub liby bp schers. the changes come as facebook f works to be more transparentspen following claims that itsha its contractors were biased against conservative news in theirn t trending tacony-palmyra picklmy >> how much time do you spend i front of a screen every day? n y whether it be your phone, youre television, your computer, yourr video games? well the averagera time for person during the firsr three months of this year, 10 1 hours and 39 minutes. mutes >> i believe it.>> i b >> if you sleep for eight hours. >> right. >> that right there is owls 19 hours. gives you five hours left in tht day to do something other thanso look at a screenme.en >> hmm.>>mm >> according to neilson company study released this week that'sa increase of one hour over ther
8:42 am
same time period last year.yr nielsen said the current timere might be higher because of theig time on smart phones doeshe nott include texting, selfies orelfi talking on the phone.on t that's what you do for the other four-point fee hours out of your day. >> we appreciate you watching, n though. th >> we do. keep on watching.. coming up are your kidsr kid driving you nuts this summer? ? you're not sure how to get themm under control? fox medical teat will join us with simple simpl >> first though let's take augh live look outside on thisnhi thursday morning.. stevie wonder taking to usg break. br tucker barnes with your forecasr coming up next. nex ♪ ♪
8:43 am
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>> there's more people out. look at that sunrise.ok beautiful. >> when you go to the beach, tuck, you do things at night at that cause you to sleep in i longer in the morning when you're on vacation.n vaon. >> i wouldn't know anythingldth about that. ou >> you're well aware of thatwe fact. >> i'm up at sun advise seven an days week.k. >> not quite sure about that. su rigight. >> uh-huh. nice day for bike ride on theik beach, though. >> what? >> yeah. >> is that the beach allison -- she's not in ocean city b.cean y >> she's up the shore a littleei bit.t >> she's in >> enjoying the same gorgeousme weather. >> same idea.>> s >> man.>>an >> beach time. beach tim >> beautiful day down at the beaches. beache it will be a beautiful weekended at the beach as well.el. it will be beautiful weekend wke locally and if you're headed to the mountains as well. >> yah. >> most mid atlantic lookingc lk good.go this day is headline.ine couldn't come up with whittier t head had lines so i went with w th
8:46 am
temperatures currently in the comfortable department.ep in fact, looking off to our to north and west, we are currentle looking at 60s. it was in the 50s, 50s for the t end of june north and west early this morning. mning our dew point temperatures arere right now in the 50s. t 5 remember a few days ago innerag loop in the 70s so uncomfortablm that transition day yesterday.ty well now we're getting the bestt of it with very dry air in a i someone in washington. washi 72 leonardtown. fredericksburg 71 degrees.1 des. 69 in culpeper. expect mid 80s later today. t dew points, all right, i didn't' realize i was giving you thisoui map. here we go mid 50s the current c dew points.points. any time we can get thesehe numbers below 60 you really y ra don't notice that humidity orido maybe you notice a lack ofac humidity and that's what we've a got out there early thise y th morning. so very very comfortable air inr place. all right.all here's quick look at the holiday weekend.eken. saturday, sunday, monday.on saturday and sunday, those are a just close to perfect days. ds. mid 80s.0s. sunshine, low humidity.y and storm free. f it look likes we'll have stormso back in the forecast for fourthr of july. righno
8:47 am
it doesn't look like a wash outo but we want to watch itch carefully. notice the temperature on monda only 83 degrees for daytime high that's kind of cool for thiss time of year in the mid atlant atlantic. all right. all ri satellite/radar quiet. qet sunshine most of the day.of the we have a warm front across thee carolinas that start to sneak tn north late this afternoon andnoa tonight and change up our air ar mass. mass. it will arrive in the form of fm cloud cover and maybe a sprinkle or two this evening andveningnd overnight and i think tomorrowd morning there may be a few lighg showers around as that warm front tries to press on throught and then change up for tomorrowr back into the heat and humidityt with daytime highs in the upperu 80s you'll notice that humidityt here's future cast.he's f there we are 8:00 o'clockre 8:0c tonight. headed out to ladies night at nt nats park show a great night fot the game. g and then overnight there's your cloudiness and light sprinklein and shower activity for tomorroo morning with warm front.nt. we'll have better chance fornce scattered thunderstorms tomorrow again scattered storm.cattered . i don't think we'll have a wash out later tomorrow ak fternoon b scattered storms around with aha cold front which will
8:48 am
that beautiful weekend there's your seven day and couple it? we're into july with no 90 ono 0 the horizon.oriz getting close but no 90s out there.ther so we'll keep temperatures at or slightly below normal here noren the next seven days. day that is a weather update. maureen and steve, i'll toss its back to you.back to you. >> we want to check in withnt tt holly fine out what's coming upm gone day d.c.gone day d i know it will be must see tv today.da >> that's right. put your seat belt on because ww are going for it for the nexthex two hours. it is indeed a must see morningee on good day d.c..c wait until you see what is ahead on this tremendous thursday. hus at 9a the state of d.c. schools. chancellor kaya henderson nounsn she's stepping down.. so what next? both the chancellor and mayor bowser are here live. if you have a question, makeio m sure you tweet us using the #gooddaydc. then star spangled andpaled star-studded that's what we're w calling it. check this out. we've got thech woman who's impromptu national anthem ahe performance at the lincoln the l memorial wowed the crowd an t
8:49 am
internet. also actor omari hard wick fromm shows like power and being maryg jane omari will be with us livev in the loft. l plus orange is the new black blk star mark will be here, too. then get ready to hold your hd o stomach. we are going to be laughing hard with huggie low down and chrisnr paul. paul. they're both going to be with u before their big show which iswh comincoming up this w hey, listen we're not done yet.t ladies, here's a treat for you,, mark ballis from dancing fromcio the stars is here live in theven loft and here with surprise performance just for you. y i'm just saying. s what other local station sta delivers like this? you know, they often try, but they justhej can't everybody it up the way ww do. good day d.c. just minutes away. >> i'm surprised mark ballis. my goodness.s i didn't know he was coming on.o >> packed show. packesho actress scarlet johannsonetn making history. she has been name the highest ht grossing actress
8:50 am
31-year-old actress is 10ing ono the list.the lis with the domestic box officeffie revenue of $3.3 billion in theit us alone. johannson trails behind nine ofi her male counterparts includingc harrison ford, samuel l. jackson, morgan freeman and tomm hanks. ha all those guys are older than her that makes her the youngests on the list as well. rapper, designer kanye westt teaming up with a deed today'sta to expand his apparel empire. he gets a team to develop andnd create new products under theer easy brand. b. retail stars pop up tellingel nothing but easy clothing. he'll develop a stores wear line in addition to his existing live tile plan.tile plan. >> i'm not fan of it i hear thit can make him a billionaire a couple times >> we're getting a first look at tom mansion new move 53 calledd sully for
8:51 am
landing on the hudson it tells the story of the landing what wt happened to sill professionally and personally.anpers the movie hits theaters in september.septembe laura lynn knee and eckhartck starring in that film. f our facebook fan of the day is maury hawkins is a fox5 fan for some 25 years.ears >> wow. wow she says so many great things tt say about fox5.. mary, beautiful, mary hawkins h relies on us for accurateor aur weather and traffic in thetraffe morning and never goes wrong by tuning into fox5 and tells us ts keep up the amazing work. wor thank you and we will try our or best always.ays mary, if you'd like to be ourtor next fan of the day, leave a lea comment and photo on our o facebook page right blow maryar hawkins gorgeous picture. picre >> have great day.>>e gr tuck cher has great forecast foc you today coming up in just amiu little bit. li >> in other news today, canceran hit home hard for young roc rockville man diagnosed withedit testicular classes at a timees when his classmates weres were planning for proms and and gr
8:52 am
>> for years later his life back to normal he's working hard toat make sure nobody has to deal dea with what went he went through.h fox pie's jim lokay reports.epts >> when one you're young you'rey think you're invincible youbl y never think anything can happenc to you and you never thinkever i you'll get cancer especially y you. >> reporter: but four years ago jasonr: greenspan geared up for the senior year rituals ofto prom and graduation he found oud he >> i was just on the couchhe c watching television had a i fell something that didn't seemee i told my mom and a couple daysy later i got checked with the wh doctor and he said the words i i never thought i would hear you h have cancer. >> reporter: college onceollegeo plans were on hand. han surgery to row move his leftt testicle and then chemotherapy.p >> during that time most of thef my day consist evidence layingey on the couch watching televisi television. having stomach pains, not eating losing weight. i can't afford to lose weight. so it's kind of a problem.. but yeah, it was -- it was not good at all during >> reporter: but two dayswo d before thanksgiving, jason
8:53 am
finally got the all clear. clear now he's taking a childhood hobby those old pressed penniesi you find at amusement parks part fundraiser called stamp outtampt cancer now. >> uninspired by lance armstronr since he had a successful fundraiser.. >> it caught am strong's here he is with a stamp out cancer wrist band. band. jason raised thousands fords f cancer research but more importantly he wants to starther conversation.nvertion >> guys, this is not somethingom that comes up in catch walat w conversation. it's not easy to talk about kino of embarrassing to talk >> very much. muc >> but it's something you haves to talk >> yeah. a lot of people are embarrassed to talk about iart and there's o reason to.on to. everyone has the same body andod there's no reason to ben toe embarrassed at all. all it's better that you get checkek and check yourself and it'snd better to be safe than sorryry with that. >> jim lokay reporting there jason said the money he'se' raising going toward live stronn and testicular cancer foundati foundation. great move on his part.moven hi >> ye
8:54 am
wishing him many more years of good health.h. >> absolutely. absutel 8:54 right now. rightow today is a great day for everybody.everyb perhaps to do something healthy outside. get out there and just enjoy it if nothingan else. els soak up some rays, tuck. t >> do you think we're the onlyth people working today. >> it feel like eight littleikei bit. >> yeah, right. >> we get closer to the weekende less and less.ess. >> people are sneaking away atar this point.e is p >> one at a time. >> all i don't know why i'm hanging oui here. >> you look cool, though.thou >> trying to.ryinto. >> we haven't talked much aboutt tomorrow the fact that with thee zip trip tomorrow we'll be giving people eagle eye of theyt bay bridge all morning n >> that is going to be fabulous. >> oh yeah you're right. >> traveling.. >> maybe i'd go out to 50 and hitchhike down to the beach.eac. >> don't do it. >> after the show.>> >> let's do zip trip -- let's ds weather talk about the zip trip. it's in kent island tomorrow. tr 73 now in the city. relative humidity is a wonderful 57% dew point temperatures intui the 50s very comfortable airabla mass in bright sunshine out t
8:55 am
most part a little cloudinesses off to the south and west. sth d we'll get more clouds latersat today but keep it dry and a daytime highs in the mid 80s 8 this afternoon.noon and again dry afternoon.eron later tonight, cloud tomorrow it look like we'll havv a few showers and maybe a thunderstorm. best chance will be in thenc afternoon but i got to be honest tomorrow morning there may be a few showers around as well, andl if you're headed to the beachesa this weekend, headed to kenten island headed to the mountains u looks likes fantastic weekend or even locally without too much tc humidity and temps in the midhed 80s. 80s. so we got -- you know what, i'mi going to go with a perfecterfe holiday weekend considering it'' fourth of july and i remember rm lots of 96 and humid fourth of july weekends.nds that's a weather update. erin needs to quickly do traffia so we can talk more about theutt barbecue you're hosting on monday. >> definitely get to that grilling stuff but unfortunateln big problems. bg problem big backups building on 70 eastt and 29 south.d 29 south we are dealing with a crash between 40 and 103.nd03 so as you make your way columbim area be prepared for that. t we're also dealing with cras
8:56 am
the american legion bridge.ri inner loop is slow fromrom basically the springfieldingfie interchange through annandale across 66 up through tysons verr slow-moving traffic i want toc i show i was look at 395 quickly k on the northbound side dealingea with big delays from the beltwal on up and that is because of a crash. this is out by edsall road you can see jam packed traffic basically parked you're crawling along there please be preparedpl for those slow downs.. more out and inner loop delayspl through largo in prince ipr george's. this is what i get for eating an altoid right before traffic t report. let's switch things over andhine look back at our maps.ur maps. we have other problems gettingpb back to normal with metro, orange leap has normal servicele delays and yellow line train t archives getting back to normalo as you head towards unionni station today power outage pepco still watch for traffic lights that are out and use caution. ci back to you maureen and steve.te >> still to come on good day wed have a whole bunch for you no y matter what you're interested ii you're going to want to watchoah because we're all over the place today in a good way. way change coming for dc pu
8:57 am
schools.hool kaya henderson will join us live to explain why she's living.iv also talk to the mayor muriel me bowser about the latest push foh d.c. statehood.d. stateho >> also we've got the woman who wowed the crowd with impromptump national anthem performance atfo the lincoln memorial.emorl plus get ready to laugh withgh w huggie low down and chris paul.p they'll be with us before theirt big show this weekend.eeke a very jam packed good day d.c.d that is coming up next. up next.
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straight ahead, a major mor shake up for d.c. schools. chancellor kay ya hendersonrs calling it quits.ts this morning, she and mayor muriel bowser are here live too explain why. w look back at her record andor a explain what is next for tens of thousands of city students. on the run or on the rise? ? some disagreement about isisut i this morning after that deadly d attack in turkey, and new u.s. . air strikes targeting the terror group. oscar so white no more? ore? academy extending invitations to new class of voters that willhal make it the most diverse what it could mean for hollywo hollywood's biggest awardest aw ceremony. and later, five in row. michael phelps is on the road to rio and he set another record on the way. w good day at 9a starts now. ♪ it will be a jam packed show fow us today. we've got a lot of stuffftu happening around t


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