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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  July 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.. >> straight ahead on fox newsoxw morning, thousands of touristss and fourth of july revelersuly are preparing to head to thetott national mall this weekend. weed is there enough security and e canno metro handle the rush?h? >> religious objections denectin night. a federal judge blocks a law which would have allowed all merchants and government employees to legally deny oreny delay services to same-sexex couples. >> a live look outside. live lo. the good news.the we are in for a beautiful weekend.we the bad news, well, we may not n have to pay for the weekend --ed we may have to pay for thehe weekend with some storms this we're going delay all that for now and just say hey -- hey - >> summer storms, right, mo. >> good morning thanks for joining us. i'm maureen umeh.een u >> i'm annie yu. today is friday, july 1st jy already.already. >> yes, it,
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>> gary mcgrady, erin como co standing by bringing youing you traffic and weather on the w 5s in just a m >> all right, first though inht the news a montgomery county family has been displaced by aee late night fire. nigir it happened in the 1100 block of rows mere avenue inue in colesville adults and two kids got out safely.fe one person though was hoe spitalized. they are expected to be okay. oa the flames caused significantnia damage we're told. >> meanwhile overseas now, wersw are learning more about theut three attackers in a deadlyea airport bombings in turkey. tur newly released surveillancean video shows haunting image ofg the attackers opens fire in o the airport as people scramblebl for their lives. liv officials say they were fromom russia, uzbekistan and can you see sick stan and 13 others have been arrested inn arreed i connection with the attack.etta. >> the arrests were made me during raids at more than ads a dozen locations.ations now while no group has claimedla official responsibility policeib say they found documents dum linked to isis. i [speaking foreign language]n lgu >> the interpreter: evidence eve documents we obtained co
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this attack was carried out byoy isis.isis the findings points to them. the this will be declaredeclare officially ones theci investigation is completed. >> funerals for many of the 44 4 people killed have alreadylr been held. more than 100 others are still i in the hospital.osta we'll take you towe'l mississippi where a federaled judge blocked a law that wouldou let merchants and governmentover employees cite religious rigious beliefs in den flying or laying services to same-sexces m couples. >> the law would allow could cou affect adoptions and foster care as well as businesswell abs practices and school bathroom policies. state attorneys are expectedrn the appeal the ruling.l the rulg >> the pentagon lifted its banli on transgendered troops.ed tro the change is effective immediately.immediately. >> transgender people will nower be able to serve openly andynd will no longer be consideredonse medicalsly unfit for thecalsly military. by october transgenderedrans troops already serving will bees able to receive medical careicac and begin formally changing chag their gender in the pentagon's s personal system.
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healthcare support related to gender transition surgery. t now one year from nowra transgender recruits will berebe allowed to enlist. >> a virginia school board boa asking a federal judge to keepok a transgender boy from using the boy's bathroom in the fall. it follows last week's f decision to allowol students -- a student gavin grim who wasrim born female but identifies asnt male to use the boys restroom. last year grim sued the schoolgr district after the board saidima rdstudents must use the bathroom corresponding with their biological sex rather than the gender they identify with. and this morning we are days away from the big fourth bu of july celebration on the o the national mall and u.s. park u.sp police of course stepping upppg security to make sure visitorsus are safe and everyone has a andy good time. >> yeah, there will be eight wii security access points alloint l around the mall.ound the m they'll be opened monday fromony 10:00 a.m. through 9 p.m. park police tells they're searchingls all bags, t all coolers, all all back packs.back p among the items you're note itso allowed to bring in with you,
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alcohol drugs fireworks andks a drones. park police also remindemin everyone to support anyport suspicious activity.ctivity. if you're planning to take e metro here is the schedule for l you. service will run from 7:00will a.m. to midnight. mid it will run on a saturday typea schedule until 2:00 in the:00 e afternoon. you can expect the rush hour service before and after the fireworks.fireworks. you'll also be paying off peak p fares during the entire day.e d. metro will suspends safe track work on the fourth and the and t smithsonian station will be wilb opened all day. d >> also in washington, a newtonn report revealing that overall rider ship on the streetcar str dropped by more than 5,000n 5,00 riders between april and may.. vdot says it's too soon to sn t predict any long term trends but they're pleased to see'r that daily ridership has been h ahead of the 15 lunn to 2000 they expected.xpected. >> cleanup continues in westnuet virginia. the extreme weather killed atd a least two dozen people and caused millions of dollars inrs damage.damage. >> many people lost everythingos they owned. they own congressman evan jenkinsenns announced the first round of aid f
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government. the money is available fromd ao fema for those with damaged da properties. >> we already have as of 2 o'clock yesterday over $1.1 million in actual cash assistance.ance >> roads and bridges were also o washed away in the flooding. fln the west virginia division of highways has cents crews out to fix the areas most affectedtf first. clear skies are expected inare t west virginiaed all weekend but more rain may be on the waye one next week. >> ♪ >> and speaking of more rain,orr gary mcgrady telling us we u might have some showers later today. >> thunderstorms, yeah, big timest severe weather i think ik possible in spots today.tsod i mean, it's not going to be t everybody that gets the severeee thunderstorms but these thunderstorms that do go uptormd and they'll be scattered thiser afternoon and this eveningand tg could become strong andd come s severe. temperatures out there this morning not 72 here in town lower 60's --s well, a couple of spots out spos there in the suburbs right around 60 degrees.0 degrees. super pleasant out there thiss morning. morn a few clouds for us.for us. we're tracking a little bit of thunderstorm
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shower activity this morning.y g some is headed off the easternas shore but look down to theow south here. so i promise you it was there. tre oh, here it goes. it's coming up towards tow richmond now.richnd it looks like it's beginning to weaken a little bit but if it holds together it coulditou bring us a shower orhower or thunderstorm this morning. i'm technically going to leave a a possibility a few thunderstorms possible earlyto this morning. that's it. better risk of thundrmerstorms later this afternoon. upper 80's. here's erir n. e friday morning here's a look a at your commute. commute. >> on-time traffic brought to ta you by toyota.ffyo t visit buy a for special >> all right, 5:06 right nowig and i like what i'm seeing si behind me. be all of your majors in maryland m are in the green right now. n 95 south from 212 to the2 beltway looking if.way lo same story coming inbound intonb the district, 270 south. 70 past the truck scales tru actually through urbana alla the way through gaithersburgther and rockville and bethesda bethe this morning and then 50 onn 50 the westbound side 202 to 201 t0 in the clear. if you're headed outbound o towards the bay bridge traffic f is also moving along just fine right now. we don't have any major slowdo
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same story in virginia.nia. 66 inbound passing sudly roadas looking good. 95 northbound passing throughg r stafford 630 to 610 in the 630o1 clear. and as you head southbound onboo 95 we had earlier constructionco overnight in fredericksburg.ri that is is things towards richmond quiet right now and 28 northbound inon the green as well. metro service has picked up. aside from safe track affecting the orange blue andgee silver things are on time forn m the rest of your rails.ou annie and maureen.nie >> thanks erin. thanks eri the nats were at home wat hm against the reds looking for akr fifth straight win. bryce harper and ben revere r were given the night off. o >> nats fell behind early ear though but ryan zimmerman changed that with three rune r home run for his 11th of the the year. year nats up four-one after bottom of the third, dannyy espinosa up with the bases loaded and he clears them alls m with a second grand slam ofrands his career.caree the nats lead eight-one. eight then bottom of the fourth, espinosa's next at bat thist att time from the left side and hefe does it again, this time an, t three run homer.
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the seven rbi's for espinosa ein are the most by any eighthnyh place hit in franchisehiin f history.histy. the nats cruise to victory 13-four. >> all right, and after bad weather wednesday nightyig coastal carolina and arizonana played the final game of the college world series.eries. carolina up two-nothing in the t sixth. young hits a two run homer over the fence.ence alex cunningham ends it with a strikeout. coastal carolina the tinyin school near myrtle beach south u carolina wins their first national school championship s inch history. histo this is the equivalent of of american university winningin the ncaa basketball championship. >> i like that perspective.spece we keep saying it's a tinyain school but what does it mean. ma >> all right, coming up on foxox news morning, a controversialtrr new abortion law is strucktruck down one day before it is setits to take effect.e ect. >> and a new report shedding sdn some light at t
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national white water center in north carolina comes after aes r woman died from a dead #ly amoeba infection.. >> as we head to break, enjoy e the music. m here's a live look across thes t d.c. region.c. r the time now is 5:09 and it ist current al comfortableomrt 73 degrees outside. o fox news morning is back afterer this. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. a federal judge has blocked a new law which would have placed restrictions onjued restr abortion clinics in florida.lor. the ruling came hours beforers it was scheduled to take t effect. now under the new law funds would have been -- under thend state law funds would haveould been barred from going to anngo organization providing abortions.ab it also called for new n inspection requirements onnts on clinics. the judge said a statete governments cannot indirectly ir try to stop an activity that is legally allowed. aow >> presumptive republican presidential nominee donaldee dd trump has begun looking for aor running mate.nning on the short list former house speaker newt gingrich and new n jersey governor chris christie.ewrs trump begins the vettingns theet process with less than threehath weeks before the start of thefoe republican nationalblan n when he said he would publicly b unveil his hisic >> an impromptu meeting beforee former president bill clinton c and u.s. attorney generaleneral loretta lynch is raising somesis eyebrows.ebro. the two met privately on the tarmac. lynch said the meeting wash saunplanned
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lynch said they did not talkk about hillary clinton's e-mail-m use as secretary of state. of s. he said the president mainly mai talked about his grandchildrenrh and their >> fallout continues.ontinu the cdc says the center did cte not do enough to keep itsee water clean. the center's water testedr teste positive for a deadly brain eating amoeba which killed the woman.wo they were using chlorine and a uv irrigation to clear the water. water. >> while disney world hashile de removed alligators and and crocodiles from rides and their shows. this comes after two-year-oldwo- was killed by an alligator at the florida resort. among the characters who haves been removed are the tick tockic clock from peter pan.r new nets have been added to a fences installed following the accident.acci fishing has been banneds be throughout the resort unless thr it is part of a planned trip. t. >> in about 45 minutes 45inutes atlantic city's main casino caso workers union, they're goingy're to strike against the trump
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taj mahal casino.l c the union says they weres unable to reach an agreement aee on a new contract with taj mahal. the last casino strikeino happened in 2004, lasted for 34 days. d >> coming up on fox newsew morning, one of our three our tr major airports announces a newa plan to try and reduce red security wait times. tim >> according were fun federale r judge you were home computeryo is not as pu rivate as you maysy believe. >> and as we head to a live look across the d.c. region. sure looks pretty. pretty. looks like the sun is about to make a peek. this is connect islandco everybody. a beautiful morning across thent d.c. region. r time right now is 5:12. we'll be right back. flus
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>> bwi airport added anotherir passenger lane to one of its concourses this week in anpohis effort to speed along security r for the fourth.he concourse d will expand to sixpd lanes. the move will reduce wait w times for passengers.asseer
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it's also aholdover measure meau until construction of a new a concourse project is finished later this year. >> ♪ >> 5:15. let's check weather and traffic on the 5's. looking ochutafside not a badot start to the morning. mni things might change just a chanu little bit but who cares, it's s the weekend. >> it's friday.s f >> that's exactly right.ha now, hey, yout' know what'snow t better than a weekend? wkend >> what's there? another >> a holiday weekend. weeke >> yay! >> come on maureen.e mau >> free day. fre >> stay with us. sta i know it's early.'s ear >> i know i checked outheck out already. >> 4:26 i'm already out oflrdy o here. >> vacation. >> sort of kind of. but listen, any friday i checkor t.t. the minute i say good morningor i'm dreaming about what i'm doing when it's time to get it't out of here.t h >> always wondered. now it's confirmed. [laughter]ter] >> bwi marshall 68.all no, confirmed that you weret going have a vacation, that'sios all. >> i see. >> 68 for bwi marshall.arl. thunderstorms later today. we could have an isolated or
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won't be a big deal. d this afternoon and thisfternoons evening is when the main eventie takes place. pce. all this yellow and i-95 up i5 u and down the corridor off toff the east including westernes suburbs included in the slightnt risk for severe to strongevere r thunderstorms. farther back to the west you're at an enhanced risk. still a chance you could have strong storms maybe a couplepl isolated thunderstorms.erorms heavy rain high wind and hailnd the primary threats with these e thunderstorms later today.s this weekend though, holiday weekend, mostly sunnyd, mostl tomorrow, a few clouds on sunday.ay showers and thunderstorms andert possibility on the fourth ofitye july. let me show you the setupthe sep here. it looks like as we progresses through the day on monday thehe fourth, we'll have a betteret chance for more showers and thunderstorms.un i think the way it's trending tn here, we have to watch for a closely -- closely for theor fourth of july celebration ontin the mall, especially the fireworks,, too because withto this area of low pressurea getting closer to us, that will make the chances for showers and thunderstormsnderor becoming all that much that much grea
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things could change, all right. hopefully they l75 thisey l t morning at 8:00 a.m.:00 a i did put a shower in just in jt case we have one or twoo around. most of us will stay dry.y d warm by lunchtime with some some sunshine, 85. 85. and the sunshine thisshe afternoon will lead to severe thunderstorms possible this afternoon and this evening. okay, i cleaned up the t seven-day forecast. i don't know what i was thinking earlier.t th iin clearly was not. n now everything is perfect. per zip trip at a should be mostlyy high. sunday looks good, a few clouds 83.clou 83. we'll watch that july the fourth forecast.urth fecas hopefully we can make it a i little bit better and then t storms possible next week asblee we head back up closer to 90 degrees.90 degrees. here's erin como. what's so funny behind meehin erin. >> nothing. n >> you're laughing back >> maureen and annieug wereie w mildly taunting you. nothing crazy.ra >> i can >> eyes in the back of mys the head. i have three kids.eid >> traffic in frederickffic ifrd looking pretty good.lo we have a crashok on 15 near n point of rocks just north of j the potomac overlook lane area a so give y
5:18 am
can at a time on 15.can a tim aside from that you're still quiet on 70 and 270. and 270 same story on all your majors.aj in maryland if you haven't an early morning flight to catch bw northbound quiet.dui things in virginia same green across-the-board.e-bod. 95 northbound through stafford r trd then that trend continuesha through dale city as you crossou the occoquan.ccoquan. not seeing any problems by quantico and 66 real from rea gainsville through manassas in h centreville are you looking really if right now.ow station closures now keep inp mind this all concludes safeclud track surge two on the third. taking a break not for the f the fourth and then safe track surge three kicks in on july 5th. right now potomac avenue and a stadium-armory stationsm-armo sa closed. this will affect your tripou t between eastern market and benning road on the orangera silver and blue linesly if you what to take metro to see your y fireworks i have everything you need know about metro m service on the fourth on myrty twitter at erin fox5 d.c. maureen ande and
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>> let's take a look at thee a stories you're engaging withingw the most this morning. m >> the fbi asked lawhe fbi askew enforcement agencies thatcihat responded to last month'sth's deadly sotg at pulset ls nightclub to withhold theithhole records from the public.lic. they're asked to be told about any requests they receive. recei opponents of the firstpone amendment criticize the move.hem >> in virginia people warneoe wn that people using computers onn the internet should have not an expectation of this after an fbi used a mass hacking technique to bust criminals using private online o hubs for child exploitation. >> looks like nancy grace willik be leaving her long time homee i at headline news when hern her contract expires in september. e the prosecutor turned tv hostnes made the big announcement toncet her staff yesterday and was somewhat cryptic about her her next move but said it would improve a large digital component. she'll certainly be busy following her exit as she has h n
5:20 am
hallmark movies. >> no stopping nancy grace.opngg coming up dozens rallyozen r against a debt deal with thea u.s. outside the u.sde. federald building in san juan puertoto rico. rico. >> the ntsb is urging people to immediately stop driving dri certain older model hon model hn today's and's and we'll tell you why coming up.g >> we're heading to break withh a live look across the d.c. region.region. taking a look at the white ak at house, a few lights on. i wonder if president obama isfs watching us right now.hi us righ >> you know he is.>> >> good morning mr. president. . >> he's rocking to the beatrockb right now. >> he is jamming with us. w i hope you are, too.oo more fox news morning backning c after >> ♪
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>> welcome back. time now 5:22. the demonstrations erupted in san juan puerto rico thursday.ui they comeco after the governor o signed an executive order implementing a debt moratorium m on more than $1 billion worthonr of
5:23 am
president obama signs a lastobai minute rescue package to restructure some of the island's 70 billion-dollar's department many of the demonstrators say they believe a deal would only 7 cause more e if this hard ships on the island. isla >> cinemark theaters wantsar victims of the aurora movie shooting to pay the company's ca legal fees. in 2012 a gunman walked intogu the theater and killed 12 people. people. a lawsuit filed against the company claimed the theatt er should have been staffed with a ge uard and other security features which would have whi prevented the attack they say.. last month the jury found f cinemark was not liable for the shootings. shootings cinemark is looking to recover e $700,000 spender fightin fightit lawsuit. >> an urgent warning for honda g and acura owners and drivers. as is that models are unsafe toto drive. driv new government data suggestsugge odds are as high as 50 percent n that the air bag inflaters in older models can explode in a i crash spewing metal shrapnel inside the car. this stems from the ongoing recall of takata air bags. b the recall has been linked toedo at least 11 deaths and morend mr
5:24 am
>> apple reportedly interested e in buying the music streaming service tidal owned by jay-z.ayz apple has also own service apple music. apple wants tidal to help it h compete with other streamingwitr services such as spotify and pandour. a apple did not comment on the e story. >> three montgomery county m schools are getting new artificial turf athletic athle fields is that right part ofhati of a settlement that will provide field access to a recreational youth soccer official.fici. officials i was montgomeryali w soccer, inc., will contributell as much c as $5.2 million tomill fields at walt whitman albert ar einstein and julius westte middle school. in return the soccer pinlayersee will get access to the fields td when the schools are not using them. em >> ♪ >> we're coming up on 5:25. 5 gary mcgrady back again with a check of your forecast. fecas >> on this friday.>> othis >> yes, i'm, m sorry. can't say it enough. friday, yes., yes. >> if you don't say it, i wills
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>> okay.>> okay. >> listen, here's where we aree this morning withni wit temperatures.temperat 66 degrees, it's extra specialrs for maureen because she'sause going on vacation.inon v 61 for frederick, 64 forck64 f dulles and temperatures around the region all in the 60's.0's. low 70's here. annapolis 73 degrees.3 degr zip trip this morning in kent ik island just across the bridgehee there, it looks real, real r nice. ni listen, we're dry now. we're 100 percent dry right now in the air immediate yeah area here, at least in our at ln viewing area. if you go to the south, youth, u travel down i-95 just to thet t west of richmond we're watching a complex of showers and if this holds together and and continues its currenturnt trajectory or its current cur direction, it looks like itt lo may indeed bring a few showers o through southern maryland. i'll be tracking that over thevt next couple of hours or so. s temperatures later today, later, we're going to get get we're going to head too 88 degrees here in town.e inow otherwise mid 80's, uner 80's.0. thunderstorms this afternoonto strong, maybe even severe.n s more to talk about on thatnha coming up. right now deets on the traffice
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with erin. wi >> we have breaking news ifinf you're heading out inut in arlington.arli this is 66 where we're wre we' starting to see delays. delays. you can see -- look how jammed w up things are in arlingtongton past 29.past 2 we're dealing with a downedow tree temporarily all lanes areas blocked as you wake make your way out between spout run andnd the rosslyn tunnel.unne one lane gets by. gets best bet to avoid gettingng stuck in that delay exit andtnd take 29 and lee highway. h that will save you some time.m metro delays this morningyshis yellow line delays in mount vernon square.quare. signal problem outsideut braddock road. blue line additional delays to arlington seem area. signal problem outside of braddock road.addock we got you covered. any questions at erin fox5ti d.c. on twitter.c.twitter back to you maureen and annie. e >> thanks erin. coming up on fox newss morning one local utilityl ulity company is requesting anotherno rate hike.rate h >> and one of the most popularfo tourist stop on the nationalio mall is celebrating 40 years.0ea >> and as we head to break, b here is another live lookive l across the d.c. region.
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specifically kent islandifally k looking good.lo it's a beautiful crisp morningsp out there. the time right now is 5:26 and a 72 degrees outside. outside fox news morning is back afterer >> ♪ ♪ keep on track
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>> ♪ news morning. morni >> thanks for joining u i'm maureen umeh. >> hi, maureen, i'm annie yu. y today is friday july 1st. july s a lot of you have that threet
5:30 am
gary, erin como standing bying ready to tackle the weatherheea and traffic for us in just fewtw but first this morning, we aren days away from the big fourth bu of july celebration of course on the national mall and u.s..s park police stepping uping u security to keep visitorsep vits safe. >> there will be eight will be t security access points aroundron the mall that is.e ma they'll be opened monday fromdaf 10:00 a.m. through 9 p.m. park r police tell us they'rehey' searching all bags, coolers, cle back among the items you are notart allowed to bring in with you wi alcohol drugs fireworks anddrugo drones. park police also remindoem everyone to report anyny suspicious activity. act and if you're planning to take metro for the festivities here is the schedule for you.ched service will run from 7:00ro a.m. to midnight. mni it will run on a saturday typee schedule until 2:00 in the afternoon. you can also expect rush hour e service before and afterft fireworks.firework you'll also be paying off peak k fares during the entire day.ri metrngo will suspends safe track work on the fourth and thee fo smithsonian station will beio opened all day. d in other news this morning an accused killer arrested arree three days after the suspected murd
5:31 am
prince george's county policee believe 24-year-old lawrenceoldw sylvester rogers jr. shot fivet people killing three of them.f t he is charged with first andrst second degree murder and manslaughter. after police released relea surveillance video him tipsce v started pouring in leading tong his arrest.rr the baltimore man who wase s convicted of murdering hisringis former high school girlfriend has a new chance at freedom. fre >> adnan syed has been grantedy a new trialha. yesterday a judge threw out his conviction after cell tower data was ruled misleading.misleading syed was sentenced to life inifn prison for murdering hisng h ex-girlfriend and burying her in a shallow grave. >> and happening today, the man accused ofap killing threelg people including his estranged a wife will be back in court. c eulalio tordil is being held without bond. police say he shot his wifeot hs back in may. m he's then accused of going onngo a shooting rampage the next then day and killing two others ins separate shootings. the 62-year-old faces life in prison. pr and bad news for those ofneo you who livese in
5:32 am
you could soon be paying morein for your power bill. >> pepco has filed a 5 percentle rate hike for d.c. customers.d.. if approved your power billow were increase by about $4.30 a month.mont back in april pepco requestedcod a 10 percent increase foror montgomery and prince george's d counties.coun both are now under review. rev and speaking of rate hikess wssc customers can expect onexp today. the company says the newheew fiscal budget includes a 3 percent usage rate increaseuss as well as the infrastructurectr investment fee the two combined will add about $3.28 to your monthly bill. bill. all right. taking a look now at some of the new laws that take effect in maryland at a.inaryl the minimum wage will rise from $8.25 to $8.75 in the late of the bump since lawmakers improved increasesimpi in 2014. 2 the state's gas tax will rise r .9 to 33.5 cents.5 ce maryland's gas tax has gone up a dime since 2013 when w lawmakers approved the first the increase in 20 years from 23.5r3 cents.ce >> and in virginia starting
5:33 am
concealed handgun permiteale holders will be allowed towed to legally carry guns in the state and a prohibitionrohi against smoking in cars when wn children seven or younger areng present will go into place.intoa the state is also raising theng minimum age to get married to 18 and mandating 20 minutes of physical activity a day for elementary school students. s >> today the national air andira space museum is celebratingelra its 40th anniversary.nniversa to celebrate the occasion the boeing milestones of flight hall officially reopens today after renovations.ovatns >> also tonight visitors cant vc spend all night at the museum. u that's pretty excitingly itinglt will open throughout the night so you can gaze amongst thean g stars. >> i forgotten we've done thisos story about that being aab possibility today but that that should be pretty cool.pret cool. >> that's pretty neat, yeah.reyh >> a night at the museum. meu >> not sure if it's a perfecter day to do that, though.ugh. >> oh, my gosh.y gos >> look at that.ook >> we are looking at kentoking n island right now. this is where our zip trip is is happening today. beautiful. >> can't wait to hear allll about kent island what they have to offer. we have the
5:34 am
from our zip trip crew, holly hy morris and tucker barnes. in the meantime we turn to t this guy, mr. gary mcgrady. mcg >> go back to that pictureat pte man. man. >> it was gorgeous.>> it wa t that was gorgeous.s ha >> what kind of weather can we expect for our zip trippers.s. >> wow, what power we have, w hv maureen.maee listen, here's what's goingre's on. on obviously it's gorgeous outy ite there this we have some clouds, too and t i'm tracking a few a f thunderstorms moving in our o direction but if it stays likeys that, wow, it's going to beg such a nice zip trip.pri it will be wil any i mean, kent island is great. 72 degrees in the city now, manassas 64.mana 61 for frederick and out there e along that i-81 corridor youou guys are pretty chill thisth morning, anywhere between 60 and 61 from martinsburg to winchester.winchester forecast looks like this. yes, i do have a shower ino have this morning because it'sse certainly possible but if we ifw continue to look like theyy look like at kent island this i morning we should be good.houl o temperatures warm up quickly.. heading to the middle 80's by
5:35 am
limited sunshine this afternoon.mi then a real good chance of some scattered strong maybe er even severe thunderstorms.hunde. high temperatures reaching thetu upper 80's for just about all ao of us. a little bit on the humid side m as well so it will feel like l it's perhaps 90 to 91 december c with the heat index.tnd there's your forecast. forecas more on this holiday weekends we forecast in a bitly right nowtlt we get the traffic details dai from erin como. hey, traffic girl erin como. >> thanks, gary.s,ary. right now behind me we have a ma bit of a mess in arlington. arln we're dealing with a downed aow tree. let me get out of the way on 66 right now just one lane of l traffic is getting by past 29.t. it's right near spout run road as you make your way from thatma point to the rosslyn tunnel. t it's just one lane getting by. you can see some work crewsre there taking out those lanes. please use caution. i would exit at 29 and take29 ak lee highway in. i that will save you timeou t especially as volume increasesne so keep that in mind for your y arlington travels. trave let's move it over and take a t look at our maps.ap in frederick near point ofr poit rocks north of potomac potom overlook lane dealing with aand crash.
5:36 am
however are quiet thisiet this morning. we also have the singleha the s vehicle crash in montgomery in o county up in silver spring. sin a car hit a fire hydrant.hydran university boulevard westbound b between amherst avenue and georgia avenue, caution through that intersection. and also we're dealing withng wh single tracking throughhrough national airport on the blueirth and yellow line.ine. there's a track problem probl outside braddock road that is causing some problems for thateo your metro commute in addition t to the safe track work alreadye slowing us down on the orange blue and silver.trowue andilve back to you annie and >> coming up on fox newsfox morning a country superstar and west virginia native tours s the damage left behind from a week of severe f llooding. >> ♪ >> weak leadership pooreak lead judgment and a litany ofnd aany errors leading to embarrassing capture of navy seals in the waters off >> as we head to break a o live look at kent island.a that is where our zip trip is tp today shining a light on that area.ea the time right now is 5:36 and it is 72 we'll be right back.
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5:40 am
couple's home where he washee w beaten tied up and kidnapped.ed the couple drove around with the man in the trunk while they used drugs. eventually they pulled overuld v and that's when police say the decapitation happened. hne >> in south carolina policeolice say a man fired shots in ahots i club after getting into annt a argument. today 32-year-old jodi ray j thompson is facing several attempted murder charges. cha police say he shot three people. none of their injuries were life-threatening. >> the navy issued a scathing s report about the capture of two patrol boats by iranian forces earlier this year. y the thunder in happened in theie persian gulf in january. two navy patrol boats strayedtsy into iranian waters newly released faults iran forlts violating international lawal l during that incident but theent navy blasted the sailors who surrendered. brass says they violatedviolat military policy by talking to their captors. >> more fallout from britain's n decision to leave the europeann union.unn. former london mayor borisor b johnson says he'll not run for co
5:41 am
that's after a key ally in they leave campaign announced heed was running. runni many believed johnson was a strong contender to replaceoepla david cameron.david cameron. >> coming up on fox newsinup ono morning the story of a wifeory w who handed her husband a honey-do list only to have himim buy the wrong thing.hi >> she's not complaining especially after his mistakelyfr actually helps make them multi-milliomulti-millions. >> we're heading to a live look across the d.c. region. little gwen stefani this ts morning at 5:41.:4 if you're just getting out ofeto bed it's going to be a great day. day. it's friday after all. a we've got your back. b fox news morning back after this. this. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> he's hoping to raise r $1 million in flood recoveryer efforts. so far he's contributedontributd $100,000 of his own money. >> ♪ >> oh, boy, look at itt outside.outs we don't have anything nearanhin what they got in those par
5:45 am
of the world but we are expecting some showers. showers so far though we're going to enjoy this calm nice dry air. >> gary seems really calm and c chill. >> no need to get too excited about it.ou i here's what's going on outoin ot there. we have fair skies inki i places. other places you have somees yom clouds. starting with futurecast thisit morning at 8:00 a.m.,0 a.m, futurecast is not showing anyny rain here even though i think we could have a shower 'cause 'a there's a thunderstorm comingm g up from the south right now.sou we'll talk more about that.about here is where we are this afternoon. look at this. see the green there.he that's potential for showersho and thunderstorms, too.torms,oo. listen, we have a risk at a that some of these showers andws thunderstorms late this afternoon, this evening could be severe as they move onhey mon through.thro we're all ahead of a big frontal system which comesch through tonight so ahead of that front until the fronthe f gets through, there's going toer be a chance for showers and thunderstorms. see all this yellow up and yel down the i-95 corridor and foror the east coast. c basically what that means is mns we're under a slight risk ofskf thunderstorm activity that t could be
5:46 am
more than a few potential poteni could become severe.beme s now, you get farther back out ot to the west, it's an enhancedd risk. that means maybe one or two or o a few could possibly become severe. once all that moves throughes tu this evening, we havewe have beautiful conditions coming insi for at least the first part of this holiday weekend. w tomorrow is gorgeous and dry. d high pressure will shift off afo little bit to the east on sunday. that perhaps brings in aer little bit more humidity but b it still looks like saturdayy and sunday for the most part for are going to be real nice nic around here.undere. as we get into monday, which w of course is july the fourth t f that's when we think it will be a little bit more unsettled t with the possibility of somesily showers and someand s thunderstorms. i got to say this. there's still a little bit of discrepancy coming in betweenngb the modeling so hopefully the trend will change a little bit l for this weekend and we'll getng a little bit better.liit b headed for the beaches. the bes not bad to the south.t bad to te ocean city 80's to upper 70's 7s to right around 80 degrees onon monday. rehoboth beach pretty much theye same. up to the north for cape may
5:47 am
over to bethany temperatures upper 70's lower 80's as well. l even for the beaches there's a s chance for some showers andwers some thunderstorms coming up con on monday.onda maybe a little bit later inateri the day for the beaches oneaches monday. looks like we're going to be unsettled here's your seven-dayr se forecast. a lot of 80's there and we 8 warm up next week back intok ino the upper 80's. here's erin como. friday morning.orning i haven't really paidd attention. >> look at this gary its bad.hib this is in arlington we're we' dealing with some downed treenet limbs on 66 eastbound.eastbnd it's between spout run and the rosslyn tunnel.rossly because of that, you jam from f glebe road on through theugh th rosslyn tunnel.rosslyn just one lane of trafficffic eastbound is getting by. you can see that work zone seto up there.uphe they're trying to get it outtr of the way.ofhe w left lane getting by so keep kp it to the left. l right lanes right now blocked.s your best bet take 29 leeake 29l highway to avoid getting stuck in that atypical slow down.ow that's not the only problem pro we're dealing this crash did clear 15 near n point of rock.t of roc things back to normal thereor
5:48 am
conditions in frederick on 70 and but we have the single vehicle crash in silver spring.pring. university boulevard westboundnd between amherst avenue andend georgia avenue. single tracking causingg causing slowdowns on the yellow andel blue lines by braddock road.ddo. we'll take a look there next.ex annie and maureen.. >> taking a look at theook at te stories you're engaging with most this morning using ourhi realtime news tracker. tcker >> ers if you lawyers from they justice department are seeking to delay the release ofelease of e-mails between top hillaryop ha clinton aides and the clintonann foundation for more than two moa years. the delay if granted would putut off completion of the documentoe release until october 2018ober 2 when clinton if electeded president would be nearing therg halfway mark of her >> a group of 18 high flyersh fr who have been arrested after a massive new york cocaine ring was cracked. they're charged with criminal possession of a controlledar substance following a yearonyear long investigation into drugonod ring that sold $75,000 worth w of cocai
5:49 am
new york's lower east side. sid >> and tragedy for the driver of a tesla model s sedan using the car's self s drive moding mode was struck and killed by a truck. truck elon musk expressed condolences for the tragics fora loss of the 40-year-old couple.. >> a staten island couple.oupl the wife wanted the husband toud buy a powerball ticket. tic when he got to the counter he h forgot which game she wantede wn so he wound up getting a mega m millions ticket.ket. they purchased the $169 million jackpot. jackpot whew. they kept it private until nownt in order to sort out their newhn finances with team of advisersad but they say they are nowy a considering how to spend thew e money.moy. the first purchase, well, theyrt say it will probably be a convertible. >> wow. that's an ama zing story. story. >> i know, right. >> oh, man. m >> but the husband tookusband matters into his own hands
5:50 am
the honey-do list and youou can't remember,.ber,. >> he's good for life. for lif >> all right, today an announcement expected from the white house regarding military r drone strikes.dron president obama is set toent ob reveal the number of civilian casualties sustained bytaed strikes in pakistan yemen andye africa since he took office.ff he is also expected to issue i an executive order making theakt protection of civilians a more m integral part of military mitar planning. an >> better late than never,ter le that's the word t from democratic lawmakers following l an announcement by houseaw speaker paul ryanly he told t gop members the house willus wil vote on new antiterrorismiterrom legislation next week.gislat during the conference callio co yesterday speaker ryan saideakes the measure is aimed ataid at blocking suspected terroristseri from buying guns.g gs. the vote comes more than twon t weeks after house democrats doca staged a sit-in on the househe floor and demanded gun controlno reform. >> the pentagon has resolved a major pay dispute issue involving members of its bomb ib squad. last year the pentagon dropped d the squad's hazardous duty payup and man
5:51 am
massive debt after being toldbta they had to repay that money. my but today major reversal. rersa the pentagon says the bomb b squad doesn't have to repayave y the money given to them byy mistake.mist in addition all the debt employees were facing now waived. >> maryland's prisons ares prisr dangerously understaffed. uerst officials say the facilitiesit are short about 1,000ut 100 employees. the union that representsepse correctional officers demandeden that governor larry hoganernor r increase efforts to hire more te people. puts py the shortage guards and inmates at risk and i officials say the state sta currently has about 600 vacancies for correctionalie officers and ats least 1,000 l1 vacancies department wide.mente. yesterday union membersday unmeb gathered in jessup, marylandp, r to address this issue. >> thankless job.lessob. and many people don'te d understand that or appreciateppt that and it's hard. it's -- it's -- at the end ofnd the day it's incrediblyncdi stressful and, you know,no it's -- when you're being bei asked to run, you know, doubleoe shifts over and over and overndo again for days on end, you
5:52 am
>> state officials say the the department has launchedd several hiring initiativesri this year adding threengee recruiting specialists andts and holding recruiting eventsve throughout the state and starting next week they're ty're offering walk in eligibilityligi testing in baltimore.. it's more often common toeno see children selling lemonade around a number of s neighborhoods in our region, right, especially during thishi time offer. o >> a group of kids in northernfi virginia aren't just trying to n quench their thirst they're trying to sell lemonade for a if cause. the children are raisingse money for home ward trails animalard rescue. any extra money they raiseaise will help pay for a field trip to king's dominion. din sales continue throughle july 28th and the grous p bridges to independence helps h organize the lemonade stands. we are now in the middle n of the nba free agencies sone ag can which means that kevin k durant free agency stakes is under way. way >> durant held his firsturt he meeting with the thunder. tnder. the team he's played for the fot last nine years.ea the thunder are the favorites fr to retain durant in partn durant because they can pay him theey most.most. all-star steph curry
5:53 am
green and clay thompson willhomn join the warriors managementme for a meeting with durant inh di new york. >> durant, durant. >> durant, durant, i don't i don't think he'll mind. >> he's paid either way.thpaid cbs sports reporting theting the wizards are preparing to offer o bradley beal a five we're maximum deal.mul. the contract would pay beale roughly $22 million next season. beale signs both he and johnjohn wall will accomplish $39 million -- account forllion $39 million against the salary l cap. >> capitals resigned tomitals sn wilson to a two year $4 million contract. the 22-year-old posted careereer highs with 17 goals and 16 wilson established himself assef the team's enforcer. eorcer. >> all right. >> feeling really bad rightbad i now. no >> i was going say where did i go can't shoot hoops, can't playt y hockey. >> all right. all >> okay, let's kick offer theicr fourth of july weekend.july wee we'll be living it up with our w kent island zip trip.slzip t we'll be exploring the islan
5:54 am
and seeing all the wonderful things it has to offer. off >> so pretty out there.t t if you live out there or in oin the neighborhood please stopto by and say hello to the crew. tc we'll be out there all morningor long starting at 6 o'clock. 6 o. >> i've never been to kent to i'll gland it's forges. >> i know, it looks it. i would like to go. t g maybe next time.e ne tim that's what these sip trips sips are about giving you a littlee sights sounds, so if you sif haven't been out go out andutnd enjoy.y. in the meantime let's saye s hello to our facebook fan offa the day and today it is whew, jessie rivas striking thating tt yoga pose. >> doing the >> jessie is getting us in ain a peaceful state of mind withh her yoga pose namaste thismastth morning. >> peaceful for her. her >> you go jessie.>> she says she's a fox5 viewerie who enjoys practicing yoga inog the morning while watching the news. that's a neat routine. jessie says ohm, ohm nam state. i fe
5:55 am
that in a more calmer state.tat. >> jessie you're in the middleyi of us doing yoga? jessie, what's going on?ng >> this is just for facebookor c fan of the day purposes. t day >> i was wondering how sheow she took her tv out there every morning.moing. >> that's a fancy pose.cyose. anyone who can do that move,ov hats off.ff >> i used to be able to dod that when i was about six. >> really. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> never. >> really? >> we could all to it when we were six.l >> yes, exactly when you'reactle six you can do everything.u can. >> you can do -- if you can dof it when you're 36, that's the te question.esti >> couple of showers possiblers this morning.orni nothing has popped up yet. y we'll just continue to watch. that warm at 85 degrees with some surgeonomeu latesunshinelater today.te. expect some showers or somower thunderstorms.ders some may be strong, even severe. kind of just scattered around the region. if you get a little bit watchbit out for the heavy rain, gustyn,
5:56 am
we'll have some wind gusts upwis over 50 miles an hour.mis an ho. some hail, too, large at a times. 88 for a high today. all this heat, all this all t humidity will help to kind of o accelerate the thunderstorms,hu give the energy to thehe atmosphere, so that's what thats we're expecting. a few temperatures only in thenl middle 80's north and west. wes sun and clouds before we get w to the thunderstorms.nderstorms here's a real quick look atk your seven-day forecast. seven-y holiday great saturday, sunday. unsettled unfortunately aroundna here july the fourth.heourt here's erin como withmoit another look at your fridayt fi morning affi >> want to see those fireworkser gary.ry i don't think i'm alone on that. >> i know ugg do. i k >> disabled 295 on the d northbound side.isnort it's at burroughs avenue inhs a the right lane so keep it to the left and that delay you're seeing is actually 295lly 5 southbound because of congestion coming down from 50ro past eastern.tern. average speeds checking in i under 30 miles per hour. ly also single vehicle crashra in silver spring university boulevard westbound betweenetwe amherst avenue and georgiat aveg avenue. quick look outsideeo.lookutsi 66 eastbound as you head past
5:57 am
spout run we're dealing withg wh tree limbs taking out thebs tak right lanes. just the left lane getting by. we're backed up to glebe road. g i'll help get around that.un t keep it to fox5 news morning. we are back with your bacwith 6 o'clock hour.h >> ♪ >> ♪
5:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> on highox alert
6:00 am
the national mall bracing for big crowds this fourth of juowly. what you need to know about stepped up security measures.y e >> ever walk into a metro met station swipe you were cardswwe and realize the wait is too wai long. the transit agency is offering n a grace period if you decidepe to exit withoutri boarding. boa we'll explain how that willat work. >> a live look outside at at maryland on this friday jul july 1st. this is kent tucker barnes and holly morris m will be out there all morning mi long. long. we'll check in specificallycica with tuck interjust a couplek of minutes.inof >> beautiful. >> beautiful scene there. hey, good morning to you.utood n >> good morninging .rnin >> good morning everyone, i'm maureen umeh in for allisoninehl today.da >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morningoxns on this friday morning. >> all right. off the top at 6:00 af the montgomery county family is c without a home after an overnight fire. it happened around 10:30 last lt night in the 1100 block of rosemary avenue silver spring.nn two adults and two kids made it out safely but one person ono had to be taken to thed to btake hospital. we are told a smoke alarm ind the basement alerted the family but the home did sufferde some significant damage. dam >> happen


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