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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  July 1, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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what our region is doing to keep people safe. safe. plus, how mother nature couldou mess up your travel plans. later, donald trumpr, don t narrowing down his potential vp list. military ending one of the laste bands on serving and dire and warning for drivers. dve what types of car you need to ditch now. early fie firework at nats t park thanks to danny espinosa en how he made history with that wt homerun.merun. but first, we're kicking ofk the holiday weekend in kentt island.nd good day at 9a starts now.. ♪ it is that time of year. o y three days away from the holid holiday. thanks for staying with us for good day at 9:00 o'clock. friday, jew first. i'm steve, alongside annie, erie and maureen much wisdom still off today.. >> frida
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this morning we're spending the day exploring kent island maryland. that is where holly and tuckeren are hanging out. out. good morning to both of you. >> presence cheers (.. >> good morning.d morning. we are getting a lot of love a l here on kent we've got the kent islandslan varsity cheerleaders here. he. we've got the chesapeake mom's club we've got our little breakak dancer who broke the internet ir already with as much twitter twi love he's getting.gettng >> big star. we'll learn about wildlife.ildle >> we have it all going on.oi the sun is if and out.. we've got beach hair. hair. someone told me it's beer hair and i don't >> all right.ig. >> exactly.. >> i've had shorts on all o morning i'm ready to go swimmi swimming. >> shorts and flip-flops tucker is rocking this we're rocking it ought on kenten island heading into holiday weekend coming up we'll do lot l of fun things. tngs. we want to you come out here ane explore kent island as well.slal coming up tucker will have the five must stops good do the must
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learning about fisheries,ut fiss oysters doing it all.g itll. come down and join us or stayrty tune. >> we're also going to talklso o about antiques, some otheranes things you can do here at kenttn island that maybe you didn't know all about, so, um, i don'tt know i feel like i'm in a holiday frame of mind right now. >> once you cross the bridge.u >> that's true.>> that's >> you're on vacation.on vacion. >> yeah. y could have something to do with the humidity aset well.el an official zip trip because the dunkin' donuts has showed up asu well. come on. co give us some love, dunkin'e, dki donuts. there you go. >> sprinkle. >> i have a little kid that cana show you how to break dance. dae just a minute much 80 can youh give him some dance moves. m >> high five me on that sweet tw stuff, got it.uff,ot i so you think you can dance nextx generation they're calling, tooo back to you guys in the loft.u u >> he is adorable.e is adorabl isn't he. >> too cute.>> t >> love it. lov it. holiday weekend certainly a busy time here in the nation's the n' capital tens of thousands ofusan people will be visiting oritg o heading down to the mall for the capital fourth on monday. mda >> in light of recent world word events, expect extra security ot course, and if you're
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for with down to the mall, metro has advice for you as well.ell. for details let's turn to lindsay watts life on theife t national mall this morning. hey, lindsay? >> reporter: hey there annie.. well, it's only july 1st, butt,b already a lot going on here oneo the national mall. m you can see the smithsonian folf light festival is set up behindb me. this is always huge weekend ford park police and right now they are pro pairing to make sure it is a safe weekend for everyone involved.vo also asking for your help withpw that. that listen. >> we are advising the public bc eyes and ears for laws f enforcement. if they see something, say something. whether you think it's suspicious out of the ordinaryhd or just doesn't foal right, please notify one of the uniforo personnel working the event. >> reporter: park police alsoe s reminding people that there wili be eight security check points s on the mall on monday.y all bags and coolers will beoole checked. so be sure to bring any alcohol,
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drugs, weapons, fireworks, grills or tents. also, leave those drones at home, too, they are not allowedw and here's what you need to knoo if you're planning that rideng t metro this weekend.o is w the transit agencies has madee adjustment to safetrack surgera two to make the commute easier. so from 7:00 a.m. tomorrow tor morning until close on sunday,dy red, yellow and green line lin trains will run on regular weekend schedule.chul there will also be restrictionsn on the orange, silver and bluend lines this weekend but good newn for monday.da all safetrack work will be suspended that day.. metro will open at 7:00 and runn on a saturday schedule until u 2:00 p.m. and then rush hourh h service will kick in before andr after the fireworks. you will be charge off peakea fairs. fa and back here live, we havee changed up our position to givet you a look at the stage that'sga being set up right in front of the capitol. they'll be a big free concert a monday evening.veni you'll be able to see kenny loggins, smokey robinson, gavinv degraw among on the performers.r so should be a great time out
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here. there is of course that chanceta of rain on monday.da you should know that if storms o did roll in, the fireworks won'w be cancel but they will be postponed until tuesday.sday so there is that chance that we can be doing some independenceen day celebrating on july 5th. hopefully, though, that won't happen we're all keeping oureepi finger crossed.roed. back to you.o >> means we have another cock out on tuesday ase well.s w to go with the tradition.radion. >> keep it going. >> stay home from work maybeworm another day.otheday. exactly.exactl why mott? >> we're all right with that. the commute i will say has beene pretty quite around the dmv this morning. we weren't seeing the usualsu delays that we're dealing withnw and if you're leaving town thiss weekend, you won't be aloneelo though. it's expected to be one of thed busiest fourth of july travel ta weekends ever. e this is live look at the roads s right now, and it's not too badd hasn't been that bad allad a morning. but that will certainly changelc over the next few hours. estimated 36 million drivers they're going to hit the roadg this weekend. wee. the heaviest travel time expected to be between three and 8:00 this afternoon.fternoon heads up if you'
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cross the bay bridge.e babridg but drivers can't complain about gas prices.gas the average price now at $2 and 99 cents.99 c that's lowest it's been in more than a decade so peak sure youue fill up that tank before you hiy the road this afternoon.. >> get good deals on travel. tvl f you're planning on gettingon g away they sawyer err the bettert we can see the chance for stormm later today.teray. any of that pop up could beul b severe. severe. for details we're turning tos rn gary mcgrady with look at ourt o forecast. good >> there's a good likelihood a we'll have severe thunderstormsr this especially with the sun we're s getting now and then we'll end l up with sunshine this afternoonr so that means everything gets ay little bit more unstable outns there. a little bit more unsettled witt the sunshine.e sunsne. temperatures today will be up t into the upper 80s right now rig we're mid to upper 70s. 70s kind of depends on where you are. ar annapolis 77 culpeper is 72. in terms of where worry goingor later on this afternoon, now,no, there is a chance -- see yellow here? from basically richmond m southern virginia up throughp tu southern maryland.d. right along the sliver of thelit
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i think you can take this wayhiw out to the beaches and upnd u through jersey parts of new yory and then new england as well.el the yellow is slight risk of thunderstorms and normally wheny we find ourselves in this slighi risk we end up with some severee weather that will be the case wl later on this afternoon into the evening back to the west it kind of goes green that's enhanced risk out into western maryland there'she chance for some of these these thunderstorm better chance there for them to be strong of courses here around i-95 we're talkingg about the slight chance ofnc of severe weather which means storms they'll produce winds over 56 miles an hour and largel hail, too sun and clouds, stronr p.m. thunderstorm.nder high of 88. 88. when i come back we're talking i holiday weekend forecast and tht rumor is already out we're out ' expecting unsettled conditionson for july the fourth.ou we'll see what we can do about o that if anything. i don't have any control i'lloli try and figure out what will wt happen. >> we do get the firework on the fifth if it's a rain out, gary.t >> that's exactly right.s t. that's a plan. an. >> silver lining. >> we'll ge
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>> we'll get them.m. >> thanks,. seven -- 9:07. 9:07. want to get to a story you saw first on fox this morning.. a bob tee patient care center in land ma'am 3:30 in the:30 sixty-seven hundred block of mal lower drive.wer two masked gunmen stroll severav bottles of medicine.icine no one injured.ed police investigating.nvesgating. >> this morning we are learning more about thein terrorist behin tuesday's deadly suicide sci bombings at turkey's airport.. turkish officials say they weree from russian the former soviet republic ukee beck stan and kurk we don't know their namesheir nm whether or not they lived in liv turkey or traveled thereveled te together or countries. turkish police rounded up 13 u suspects in connection with the attacks during raids overnightve wednesday.wedn officials say firearms and other weapons found along withng w documentation linked to isis. happening today the manenin accused of of killing threelingr people including his estrangedrd wife will be back in
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eulalio tordil is being heldng h without bond he is shot his wiff at their daughter's high schoolh back in may he's been accused oo going on shooting rampage theame next day and killing two othersh in separate shootings.hoot 62 faces live in prison. >> it's a new month and in the dmv to means some new laws take effect. in maryland, the minimum wageimw will rise from 8.25 to 8.75. 8.. meanwhile the state's gas tax will rise .90 of a cent to 33.5 cents.cents. maryland's gas tax has gone up a dime since 2013.3. when lawmakers approve the first increase in 20 years from 23.5 2 cents.cent over in virginia, starting s today, more out of stateout of a concealed handgun permit holders will be allowed to legally carry guns in the commonwealth andmonn prohibition against smoking in cars when children seven orn younger are present will go into place. pl the state is also raising the te minimum age to get married to 18. and mandating 20 minutes ofutes physical activity a day for
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all right.> l right. nine minutes past the hour. p still ahead at 9:00 this morninm set back for those self-drivingg tesla now reporting the first tr death associated with its auto pilot function and federal fed investigatoinvestigators want tt wept wrong. first, though, we'll head ugh, we'll h back over the bay bridge to kent island for look at the five must stops this fourth of julyf jul weekend. time now is 9:10. 9 back after this. ts. ♪
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♪ well today we're going to gi the other side of the bay brid bridge. >> we are. >> kent island. i'll tell was every time we gete one of these sip trips they're e all great and great locations oo every time we get one on thene o water it seems like it takes too another level.l >> end tear vibe goes to thatr o island relaxation mode and you y kind of feel like you're there.e >> what better way to connect tn off holiday weekend than to thao start out on the water andon thw relaxing setting like kent island, maryland., marylan that is where our crew is this morning. by crew we mean holly and tucker who have been having a blast ouo there. >> it looks like the cast fromkc titanic right now.ow >> i know. kno listen, things didn't work outtt so well for titan mc but we couldn't -- we had
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go ahead.head >> what do i i >> i'm king of the world!! >> listen, okay, that was ourka, best titanic moment we could dod but you know what the thing is,g it is always good to have ad tov friend with boat. bt. especially if you live in kent k island, >> right. you need a boat to get around. been absolutely great had great morning out here.ere. earlier came out and did five f must stops when you come to kenn island and do drop by it's a a beautiful place. pla >> let's take'sake ♪ let's get it started withedw number five.e. the chesapeake heritage visitort center called the gateway to the eastern shore, with maps, guideg and exhibits.and exhib it's here where you'll find everything you need for visit tt kent island and beyond. next up, number four, the chesapeake bay environmentalntal a wildlife preserve that offerss unique hands-on get your feetee wet educational programs fors students from pre-school to add dull hood.dull take time to bird watch or enjoy a scenic hike along 510 acres
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number three fisherman's's village this place is a one-stop featuring seafood market andarka restaurant. bait, tackle shop and of courses boat docks. if you love seafood, check out number two, it's the harris crab house. this family owned business thath is a been around since 1947 it offers a boat to table, yeah, boat to table dining experience. and number one, drum roll, please, trade wins here you can find something for everyone among this amazing collection of unique antiquesiqe and gifts.. ♪ all right.>> mazda is a sponsor of our zip or trips and by the end of the the summer someone is going to win a brand new mazza suv. s check it out. we'll take zip trips everyve friday until labor day weekendkd much that's 15 trips in all. a each week you have a chance toht register to win a 2016 mazda cx9. to register, all right, pay rig
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website and look for the contest tab.ab 14 finalists will be collectedct bi-weekly random drawings. dwing one of the 14 will win the 2016 mazda cx9 head to f5 to enter and learn more.or absolutely beautiful car.utul all right. all ri that's the latest from the maz mazda. holly i'll toss it over to you.o i'm not sure what you're doing.d maybe some antiques. >> we are over here hanging out with patti mccool.atti mccoo is that your real name.eal n >> that's my real rl n >> that's pretty cool name.l well, she also is the owner of n the trade winds he can changee c which seems like an appropriatee name for someone that has shopso here in kent island.ntslan tell me about it. i >> well, i represent lot of the antique shops downtown steven stevensville. we have about seven they asked me to bringtori sprinkling of things that weshat have.have. we do have fine antique from the 1700's on up. u i brought few fun things today. this is called steam pup andam this is really what's hot rightg now with the young people. peopl they're taking
9:17 am
making them into fun funky things.ings >> those are kind of like oldind things you make into something i new? it's almost like art. right.ri >> arts and crafts movement going on in the antique fieldie right now which is wonderful w much it's getting young peoplepe out into the antique stores andd finding these little water townt that are our true treasures, ana they're buying everything from o fun inspirational pieces a lot of nautical historic this from is the queen mary thii telephone right >> this is from the actual queeq mary. >> yes, made by ge in the 1930s it's a ship to shore phone andha it says you can call anywhere ii the world while at sea. s >> that is >> you never know what you'reou going to find when you come int these wonderful little shops.ho >> now how much would somethinge hike this job. >> e-bay it's like $600.60 i've got it for 400 in my shop.s somebody put a new work in it wi but it actually works. w we took it home plug it in and ---- >> what a fun conversationersat piece. so now do you actually go out ao and shop for the ant
9:18 am
self. >> yes i'm in auctions.tion i'm in fine estates i can intat chicken houses i'm in barnes.esa we are american pickers. >> you are. are. what -- how do you know that you found treasure? tre >> you're drawn to it. y after years of doing this yououo just have to stay onu top of lie what's hot, what's trending anda you have to know fine antiqueseu and quality. >> when you live in the greaterr washington area, though, therert are lot of different areas whers you can go antiquing.iqui what would be the draw to makewk sure you come to kent islandingd to antiquing? antiqui >> when you come over thatt bridge, the prices go down, we have unbelievable fines.vable f. we have a lot of people comingig from dc for day trip much youuc can hit any of our beautifuleauu restaurants. eat out on the water. you canou slow down crack crabsk with your family and you can hit all these art stores. we're an arts and entertainmentt district. di we have lot to offer here. >> what's the sin get biggestig treasure that you've in your store?or >> right now it's this phone. io i love thines phone.. oh, gosh. gosh. i had a donkey from the window w
9:19 am
donkey. i didn't know what it was.itas i thought it was footstool.tool. it takes little research. right now the great time to research the history of objectsj through google. googl >> yeah. easier. eas >> what did we do without theite internet. >> went to the library. t lib >> yeah, we did do that. tha you're right.yore r i am actually old enough to remember that which was can i wn fine too. too the internet is on demandnem society wants you have a lot of wonderful wde treasures here.trsures obviously, i think the biggestit treasure about kent island at the people itself.elf. >> yes. >> you guys have been amazings all morning long and we're not t done yet. i'll send it back into the loftl for now and join you in few few minutes with more fun from kentt island.isnd. >> holly, thank you. you >> a treasure in itself.tsf >> time now 9:19. coming huge will run with donalw trump that's the big questionio the military lifts one of its i last band. band. major air bag warning and big a set back for self driving cars.c we'll check on the big stories g making headlines coming up nextp >> and then later, from maureen
9:20 am
viral new underwear campaign cpa joining us live with more on hih journey.journey.
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♪ 9:22 right now. let's a check on what else is making headlines on this frida>a morning.morn annie. >> we begin on the campaign trail this morning.on donald trump has gul n formally vetting perspective vice-president picks.dent pks. trump is considering former hous
9:23 am
new jersey governor chrisris christie as running mates. mat he plans to unveil his pickl hip during the gop convention.veio historic change for the milita military. defense department is ending the ban on transgender people ope nlynl serving.e there are approximately 2500ly 2 current active duty servicey members who are transgendernd along with some 1500 current reserve service members. and a tech savvy ohio man mn the first person to die in a self driving car. joshua brown was driving a tesls model s when it crashed becauseh the car's cameras didn't did distinguish the white side of ah turning tractor trailer rig frof a brightly lit sky and it failet to activate the brakes. u.s. safety regulators are nowre investigating the model s. and the baltimore man whosew murder trial became the focus oc the popular pad cast serial as has a new chance at freedom. fre he was convicted of murdering me his former high schoolchool girlfriend he's been grant addet new trial after judge throughouh his conviction.s cotion. the judge agreed that cell toweo data linking his phone to thenet crime
9:24 am
because jurors were not warned e that incoming cell data was unrelable. sacred was sentenced to life in prison back in 2000. serial pod cast earned more than 100 million down loads. lds a new government warning fon hundreds of thousands of peoplee to stop driving their carsars immediately because of those oft defective takata air bagsly bagy owners of hondas and act kurasus with 2001 to 2003 are being youy were the to park their carsar until they're fix. new tests found each time one oo those vehicles air bags deploysp up to 50% it will rupture andnd spray shrapnel on passengers. finally, get your tickets readya tonight the mega millionss jackpot has swollen to $415 million.$415 milli that's lot of money.that it's the tenth largest in us in history and the winning prizeri ballooned over the last few months because no one has won hs since march and before that someone won back in a couple from staten island. nancy viola won 169 mel i don'tn know dollars in the mega m millions jackpot but get thiseti
9:25 am
because her husband bought the t wrong ticket.t. >> what. >> how did that work.t work. >> she told him to buy a tickete for the billion dollars dla powerball.powerball. he said i'll buy a ticket forkef the smaller mega millions doess he do. he made the right decision.. >> genius.>> gens >> he deserves something nice. c >> husband of the year award. >> yes. you know that conversation t wasn't the same when he bought the ticket.eicke >> the original story he forgott if she said powerball or mega millions.millio >> love a man that can take matters into his own hands and d make that decision. t >> he should probably justbabl j bought both.ot >> either way they're smiling all the way to the bank.e >> got the winner. the w still ahead the nats are winners as well. danny espinosa what way he haded last night home his wayiy into the history the we'll show you his epic notec ne coming up next. n >> we're heading back out tok ot kent island for friday salute tt the region's first responders.pd >> gary is coming up first withs a look at the weekend holiday hd forecast letting know if kow i monday's fireworks will be a fis wash out.wash. oh, no. 9:25 is th
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we're back aft this. afthis. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> heck of a weekend. >> um-hmm. >> 9:28 right now. 9 i think a lot of people getting ready to start a great weekend.e holiday weekend.nd. long weekend for som
9:29 am
if you have never been to kent island, maryland hope you get tt chance to stop over. to stver. most people have been there.eene it's just driving on 50 you y cross the bay bridge most peopll keep on going they call it the t gateway to the eastern shore.rne pop off one of those exits andta check it out.k it we'll be there throughout theou morning today it is our zip trip friday on kent island.sland very cool place to be. t looks very pretty out there out especially on the water.n the w. >> bout full. isn't get caught up on sportspos headlines first up one a nightt for danny espinosa from the the washington nationals last night homering his way into theo history books during the game g against the reds. t r check it o. >> and the two-two.o. left centerfield. that ball is way outta here. grand slam homerun danny espinosa.. the nationals blown this ones e wide open.n. >> a little more excitementmoret there. it's a grand slam. sla he came back the next at batat hitting from the left side ofidf the plate with three run homer.. finished with career hoy seven
9:30 am
rbi's.s >> wow. w >> the nats crowds to 13-four13u victory.victory. his first homer right handed hih second left hand and he is the i first nationals player to do to that in one game. >> that is >> so cool. >> great game, danny nba free fe agency heating up overnight.ig sources reporting wizards of the bradley deal preparing to finalize a five-year deal worth $128 million. p if you do the math that'st's $27 million year.r >> um-hmm. >> a lot of money for player whw missed on average quarter of the season each season. s never made all star team.m. besides though both he and johnh wall will account for 39 mel i9i don't know against the salaryhey cap.. the dagger call was a little lil more exciting.g. the grand slam.m. >> dagger. >> biehl misses all these games and yet the wizards still thinka that he's worth this kind ofrthk money? i'm a little confused. >> he was their lottery pick a couple years a >> i get it. >> the talent -- potential is i there if he can stay healthy. hy >> you know what potentialotentl means. you're not there y that's what that is.t thats >> he's a head of a
9:31 am
people.peop >> i get it. here's my frame of thinking.hink you got all this money to spend on player, right? i'm just saying won it have made betteree financial sense to pick someoneo who is healthier.eahier. >> you sound like the people inh the kevin durant camp trying ton get the money there. he doesn't want to come hereomer first that's the key. >> johnny manziel having little more trouble right now.ow says spended by the league fourr games officially suspended foror violatinviolating the nfl subste abuse possible. a moot point because he's notau playing in the nfl he waseas released from the browns inns in march. nobody signed him since he hase given himself a deadline ofdlino today to stop drinking and get sober.r. there's your sports headlines. all right.l right. let's check in with gary now who is standing by with our weatherr >> big holiday weekend, right?,? >> it is.>>is. >> big forecast.ast >> you've been ready.been ready you tossed your tie back in the 6:00 o'clock hour. o'clo hou >> i was like gone.ike g >> he's been are there for the holiday since 4:25. >> this is my seventh day in ayt row. i'm not compl
9:32 am
glad to be here i didn't need aa tie. 73 degrees for dulles. 74 for fred burg if you can'tan throw your tie off on a friday i before the holiday weekend whenw can you do it? frederick 66 degrees. we do have a thunderstorm -- i'- not shower it's a thunderstorm i haven't gotten any lightning.hti look what's happening across ths city right right n this is really blossomed, tooed over the last 15 to 20 minutes.. since we last talk getting somem rain now.. real close to the mall and downw towards the airport national nao getting a little shower here.r alexandria and then perhaps tn s right around arlington, too. too either side of the river aiv a downtown. most of this is inside theside t beltway now. now there's been still a little litl shower and thunderstorm activity continuing down through southern maryland. this is all moving to the east e into the northeast.ortheast you know what we're going to get some more today.ay looks like especially thisy t afternoon into this evening we e could get some strong son thunderstorms.untorm some of these likely to become c severe. high tem peratures will climbwill into the upper 80s with thehe humidity, humidity will make ite feel hotter.feel feel like about 90 to 91. 9 it's also going to help to drive
9:33 am
afternoon. so we're under a slight risk ofo thunderstorms this afternoon ano this evening.veng when we get into a slight riskt like this, the likelihood isood pretty good at least we get feww strong and severe thunderstormss so i think that's good forecasts for later on today.late watch out for that after 3:00 o'clock.3: o really between aboutallyetween t 4:00 o'clock and 8:00 o'clock:0' all bets are off for thesese scattered thunderstorms to be tb coming on across and move on out of here late this evening andenn during the overnight as cold aso front comes on through.s on thr. here's our holiday weekend.olide it looks great for the next t n couple of days.ay tomorrow is super nice. nice. mostly sunny. 85 degrees.85 d listen on sunday few more clouds but we stay dry, 83. 83. showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for fourth of july andd the way it's looking for fourthu of july right now, it doesn't necessarily mean it's an all dad wash out throughout the dayt e d we'll have chance for some some showers and thunderstorms andord right now it look like thatt extends into the evening hours h as well and then night of fourth of july which may compromiseomom some of those thunder -- some oo
9:34 am
there. i mean it's too early to tellel exactly but hopefully the trendd will start to change and we'll d dry out a little bit more than a what we're seeing now for julyy the fourth. but until then the holiday the weekend for the most part lookss gorgeous.eo. after july the fourth weekend we storms possible on tuesdaysday wednesday some clouds around on as chem less will head back upik into the upper 80s been while since we've 90-degree reading rg let's hope we don't get there gt today. let's hope we don't get there much at all for the remainder or the that's the holiday weekendeend forecast.fore enjoy everybody.ever take your tie off.ou you don't need it.u t ne steve what the heck? what arear you doing.yo >> take it off. tak off >> 10:00 o'clock. >> he becomes a live. liv >> he's got plan.s got an. (laughter). >> right.>> >> gary has got jokes today. t >> whatever. >> look at you. >> he unbuttons his blazer andnd storms away. (laughter). >> all right. acto khead back out to kent island and tucker who isr o is standing by with some men and women who deserve our thanks. firehouse friday sponsored bypoy dunkin' donuts.
9:35 am
tucker, tell hughes we areghes honoring today.. >> yeah, we are honoring oforinf course we like to, you know, acknowledge the people in our communitiecommunities our firefi on my left here i have buddyuddy thomas the chief at kent island. correct, >> yes, sir. >> all right.ll on my right i have jason anthony the chief at graysonville.onll >> yes,, sir. >> all right.>> all rig >> thanks for having us. >> before we get going here, i r want to give a shout out to buddy's group because buddy awed much bigger team from kentt island watch just happened.pene. >> we had medical couple.ou subject fell down.bject ll d we helped him off the floor geto them back -- having a good dayd for the rest of the weekend.eeke >> so what happened we lost anla engine and like eight people behind you, right?ou, right >> that's correct.>> t >> they all went out to dealo da with call. wi >> correct. >> you know what that means, don't you? >> more doughnuts for us?dohn >> more doughnuts for you.or yo. you got that. >> great minds think i was thinking the same thing ai soon as i saw them jason tell me -- so let me setet the scene both groups you guys are
9:36 am
volunteer, right.r, >> yes, sir.>> y >> talk to me about beingou bei volunteer and how that's tt's different than if this were paip position. >> i don't know if any differe different. same calls. you know we do the same thing. do the same job. just don't get a paycheck, and a over here it's a little littl different. we go from, you know, running boat calls, accidents to hazmats.ha as you go north up in the countt you get into the farm lands. so you got more diverse type of call but we right might run over here. he >> jason, is that your fire boaa over there?t >> that's actually kent island'' fire boa tell me about the fire boat. that's unique. unique. we don't see a fire boat toooato often. >> you live on an island you goy to have fire boat. >> uh-huh. firefighters specially trainedlt to be able to operate it. >> we have certain people thattn can captain the boat then youhe have to go through training tohu be able to be a crew member onmb the boat. be able to run the navigationavt and the pumps and things okay that to ride on the boat.t. yes, you have to have certainera level of special training justij to ride on the boat. because it's a
9:37 am
you're out there you're out're t there. there's nobody else going to come, you know, pull up and hell you. >> you guys have deal with callh on the bay bridge recently youey guys were out there. >> yes, yes.. we've been -- we had three calls in three weeks with peoplepl possibly going to jump and theye didn't we had to to go out there and rescue them or get them down and take care of them. the find them some help and get that are live back together.he >> what's the hardest call foraf you? is it traffic accidents? cn is it fires? one call inl i particular you guys dread?ad? >> no. they're all unique andall uniqua different, and you just -- -- sometimes you go out there and d scratch your head and go, realll you put yourself in this thi position but all of them -- nonn of them really i wouldn't stay a one stands out more than theth e other. just kind of what you just -- js you just get up and do it.o what you do. you do >> we'll introduce doughnutsougu just a minute.e i want to ask jason quickly inli addition to your volunteer job j what is your
9:38 am
d.c. as well. >> you get that.>> when he's not volunteering, he'' doing this for his full-time gig much that's >> you get double the thanks and -- >> double the doughnuts, too.e t >> speaking of doughnuts.inof d molly our fox5 representativentv thank you for bring doughnuts n in. >> you're welcome. y >> if you want to take oneak you're good. >> oil good. >> will you please pass out theh doughnuts. >> all right, guys that's theth latest firehouse buddy, jasonon everybody behind me thank you very much. we really appreciate all do youy to support the community inmunii graysonville and kent islandt much it's great.t you guys got to eat theathe doughnuts.ughnut >> absolutely. >> get to work. >> make sure jason gets two of g them and everybody gets them.s e i grew up in a town we relied oo the volunteers that's all we hae to protect everybody. everybody great he has a full-time jobme here in dc as a firefighter anda when he goes back home he helpss out as well.t ell >> i'm always impressed howow selfless people can do.e can do you the full-time job and you still volunteer and be of be o service to your community. >> very passionate about whatt they do. w stelle ahead at
9:39 am
9:00 jockey's new campaign askek to show what's underneath.neath. the answer is an american hero.. marine turned model chris joinss us live next with more on hisn s time now 9:39.9. ♪
9:40 am
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you wanna come in? oh no. that would be weird! the 4th of july sale is happening now. havertys. ♪ i always wonder how they pick pc the music for our segments. right? >> this is caught take the offic apparently and we'll tell youly' why. the iconic underwear brandwe jockey is out with a new ad
9:42 am
campaign their calling show them what's u19.. marine corporal chris is one of the models for the campaignpaign shares his story of service to his country and forge agnew and rich life after tragedy.r trady chris joins us now live to sharv his story and good morning toan you. >> good morning.>> >> so when i read about you i iy was so inspired and first off ff thank you so much for yourucr yo service. i know a lot of people say thatt sincerely the times we're livinl in right now, it is so paramounr we have people who care enough c for this country to wanting to into service like you and did you that in afghanistann >> yes.>> y >> and unfortunately, you wereee injured.. >> yeah. you know you don't -- you don'tn think it's going to happen untin it does happen.. and you know i do not regret itt at all. i loved being i loved being there with my brothers and being able to servs my country.. unfortunately this did happen,ap but it did spark the rest of myy >> we're looking at video of you now i believe this is part ofist the campaign that led to yout l jockey. the question then how do you goo from afghanistan serving yourer
9:43 am
country being injured tountry b becoming the newin face for jockey's ad campaign? >> so, it's a lot of ups and and downs.s. >> yeah. >> but because of everythingf ee that i had gone through, ihrgh,i figured i had a pretty inspirini story and i wanted to share that with people and luckily, youkilo know a friend of mine toll me about, upping, this company tha wanted to find every day peopleo who had inspiring stories and sa i look into it and, you know, k jockey loved what i wanted to t say to the world and here i am.a >> was this something you alwayw wanted to do modeling or was w this a total fluke based on youu simply wanting to share your yor story?stor >> it was just me wanting tojust share what i had to give. and whether it was modeling oreo public speaking or whatever it was, i just wanted to inspirere others.he >> we're looking at the picturei and they're brilliant pictures.e you certainly do have a lot to t give. you've certainly kept in shape and jockey made the rightheig decision here.on her when they say show us what'sha underneath what does mean to whm you? >> so for me personally that
9:44 am
and my will to keep going. go but the great thing about it isi it can really mean anything youn want it to mean. mea so for someone it could be show them your compassion, show themw your courage, show them whatevee you feel like you have to giveeo to the world. w and i love that about it and soo for me it's just showing peoplel that you can keep going. >> and that message lends to lds what brings outhear d.c.r d talk a little bit about that. >> so, um, luckily we're able to work with the uso and we'ree're going to go to walter reed anded be able to i guess do the same s thing and show support to otherh injured service members who are going through the same tough time that i was going throught a four years ago. and it's going to be great too again spread that message and be able to inspire others the. >> how are you able to get toe o the point where you're able toeo talk about this where you're t able to inspire others because know you had a very traumaticaui experience.ex you know, you've been through tu trauma. tr how were you able
9:45 am
that to the moment and to the t person we see today? >> a lot of people ask and i a think at some point i got usedot to it, but i realized early onao the only way i was going to geto pass it was to tell my story.y holding it up inside, you know,k that doesn't do anything to make you a better person. and being able to not only share my story but to use it in a a positive light i figured thatig was the best way not only i can heal but help others heal asal well. >> you hulls a four leg friendl who helped you in your healingr process. >> sure did. >> talk about your friend. frien >> so harley she was my dog in afghanistan.istan she was bomb detection dog. and she wasn't there the night g got injured. but they retire her so that shea can be my service dog and she'ss been absolutely detrimental to, you know, my recovery -- not i'm sorry instrumental, i'morrym sorry, to my recovery and just,d you know, even when i don't feet like, you know, dealing with th outside world she's always right there
9:46 am
>> were you the only one thathat jockey chose for this or werehir there a series of people and iff so can others now be chosen tohn be part of this every day peopll ad campaign as you call it? >> so there's a few others i got to meet both lisa and michael ma who are just, you know, they kw, have stories, you know,es, yo k inspiring stories as well. w and yeah, i mean, as far as ifa can tell it's just whoever has a great story. i can't -- i'm here, you know,w, to say my story but whose to say who will come up and be able to have another one.have another >> when you look at that posters what do you see? i mean that it you in all your glory.r gry >> yes. >> that is the -- this is one io the official ads right here. h >> when you look at that, what a do you see? >> so i see the product of hard work and i don't want that tot come off conceited but i wantut people to look at and not onlyny see, you know a guy in his h boxers but, a guy who has worked hard
9:47 am
you know arc lot of people haveh hard time getting out of to o being someone that can, you cano know, share that story and workw himself out of that >> well you're doing beautifully and again i thank you so muchanm for all you've done for your for service. thank you for showing people that just because you have whatt some might consider a handicap n or limitation it shouldn't stop you from achieving your dreamsyr and goals. >> i call it being hand handyana >> i love it. corporal, thank you so are veryv much. god bless you.god bless >> all right. back over to you guys. >> thanks so much for youruc service to the countries well. i we do appreciate it. do >> thank you. thanknd you so much anapd you for sharing such an sh inspiring story with us today.y right now 9:47. and coming up next, this one ise for the birds. b we'll head back to kent island i for little wildlife stick we will be right back. what a calm day on the water out there. there. ♪ ♪
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♪ the bird is the word on kent o k island apparently. 9:50 right let's head back out there. the holly and tucker are out therere exploring one of
9:51 am
greatest passions in life.n l we can find him most weekends -- >> it's true.. >> what's one of your greatest passions that has to do with owls.h >> i have no idea. you need t>>o tell us somethingi >> i like to stay up late like an out. o. >> he's a night o there you go. this is courtney and kim witheyw the chesapeake bay environmental center which is one of thech ist treasures out here.s here and tell us about your friendsen >> well, we have two of ourwo f captive non releasable captors that we house at our propertyuro right behind you guys along the kent narrows this is a greats re horned owl and this is not thent parent of this owl. owl. >> i know. this one looks a little baby.e >> this is an eastern screechter owl that's busy fiddling with w its -- >> this is an eastern screechtee owl. >> yes. >> my first question, courtney, is, is the owl panting? pting >> the owl is panting becauseec it's feeling nervous and like us when we get stressed we tend tod heat up and we sweat.we so birds won't sweat because b they're feathers are coveringfet their skin it will release heat by panting. >> what does dough when he gets
9:52 am
nervous? do oy node to tepp t step awa >> it could excrete and life ere away and it will startl s pandering. >> aww. >> tell us about owls in the chesapeake. are they plentiful.lent >> we've got about eighte' different kinds of owls in thest chesapeake bay.chesap this is one of the most common m and the largest and the easterns screech owl is one of the most m smallest that we have in the hat area. >> tell us about the>> environmental center.enl cent fe perfect. the environmental center is thet hidden gem we don't want to beab hidden any more.or we are non-profit privaterite organization that has a missionn to promote sustain ability and d chesapeake bay and use 510-acre pin nine zula right behind you in kent narrows to advocateoc environmental education and recd croatian and enjoyment of themef beautiful environment.ment >> do you get a chance to take t lot of students out.students ou. >> we serve thousands ofe servea students every year that come tc our center through field tripsgf and school programs.ol proams. we offer monthly pre-school-soo programs for toddlers.s we have adult education e opportunities for themselves to learn about the chesapeake bayey and give opportuniti
9:53 am
stewardships to give back to th environment with the knowledgeeh that they've gained. >> are these two with you just j to be used as teaching tools? to >> perfect.>> pfect yes, they have been inn in accidents, car accidents.ccid they weren't driving.ri. (laughter).ghter) >> they were hit boy cars car actually our eastern screech owl was had it by a boat.. oftentimes they are in the roadway hunting and they get hit and they need a place to stayceo after they have no ability tobii hunt for themselves any more. t >> i feel like owls arel likes a mysterious never see them. can you see them with your naken eye during the day or they kind of hiding in the woods?oo >> well, you can tell their feathers are somewhat camouflaged so if you look out k at a tree or, um, down at the road if they're feeding --ng- feeding off road kill you mightm miss them. so easil easily camouflaged.asya >> are all they nocturnal.. >> are owls nocturnal. >> these two are cturnal. are you can tell nocturnal because c of color of their eyes. yell or green eyes indicate a nocturnal predator.r we have
9:54 am
during the dawn and dusk hoursuu when everything is little dimtl and prey items are a little lit grogg go from waking up or goin to bed. >> if people want morepeople information how can they findhoh you. we have great website. it's www.bay find our property map 4 miles of hiking. we have kayaks that you can comt and use and explore the marshesm on boats. >> great. >> we have a geo cashing trail. >> we have 20 hidden geo cashese on our site that you can walkanw around the woods and the meadowa and marshes all the whilehe whi finding a hidden treasure. tre >> that is very v i do want to ask since you saidi there's eight different types of owls in maryland or in the chesapeake area.a. obviously we have invaded theirt space.ace. >> yes. >> so if someone were to come upon an injured owl, do they call you. y >> they could call us. we don't have a license as a rehabilitator so the maryland mn department of natural resourcesc has a section called wildlife inn heritage and they have ty hotline you can call when youyo find a wild injured animal
9:55 am
>> you know what i feel so bad we didn't even ask do they haveh names. >> this is gray horned owl and eastern screech owl.reechwl. we like to keep them as wild as we can and not pets. not we don't name them.m >> they have somewhat differente lifespan.span between 10 and 20 years.. >> thank you both. b >> you're welcome.lce. >> owl 101 here. here. >> yeah.>> yea >> loved it. it. >> up close they're beautiful birds. >> we'll have more beautiful stuff coming to you live frome f kent island our zip trip fridayf back to ya' toa' >> love those eyes.ose ey >> captivating. >> i didn't realize yellow andtl grown eyes nocturnal app anima animals. >> learn something every day. very cool. 9:00 arriveet right now. n much more in our next hour a living die nazi musician willusn join us with special performancm plus funniest facts comedianed reggie davis is here before hiss stop at the d.c. we'll head back out to kentto island another zip tripping zrip including honoring hometown hero getting a taste of maryland'san eastern shore if
9:56 am
enough good food already thiss morning this one might put us pt over the edge.dge. i want oysters ever since i saww holly's segment.egme >> first though a little coffeee time on goodof day d.c. if you'y been eyeing our cool good day dy mug, listen up.n u we now have a new good day dunkin' donuts mug to give awaya perfect cup for that great thatg dunkin' donuts coffee. or facebook fb page at d.c. d to enter our mug contest. con one lucky winner very luckyky winner will be selected byecte random drawing but hurry you hur only have from now until 11 to it's 9:56. 9:5 we'll be right back with morek t zip tripping from kent island.a. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> that's how we do it op friday zip trip friday.p tr we like to come with socket witk sprocket music.sprockus >> what. >> we're celebrating kent island on the eastern shore.he eas our zip trip is there.he it's just gorgeous.orgeou only word you can use tose describe this beautiful sceneul today. toda >> if you're going sprocketsng c that means we need the turtlenecks.turt. but we don't ned them on them ot island. chilly in the studio but niceute and warm outside.and waut it's a little humid.e hid details in a few minutes. mines what beautiful scene out thereut on the island today. island tody go ahead and soak it up, enjoynj it be out on the >> fishing, yoga. >> so cold.ol >> so cold in here. >> i know. >> steve, it's so cold.d >> i'm ruined by wearing theuina jacket. >> you look good, my friend.ri >> if you want to know as we arw on the eve of the holiday whattw you guys are doing for the d
10:01 am
heading out of town? doing d something special.cial >> we're heading out of town.di >> bunch of people heading outli of town.. >> never happened.pened. >> tweet us. >> good day d.c. we want to heah what your travel plans are. >> it's your first fourth of july in d.c. if i'm so excited.c gary said it might rain but thet good news is, if it does and the firework get rained out they'ree going to do them on the fifth. f >> yes. >> so it's a win/win. win/w >> if you're not going anywhereh staying in town and you don'tyot have secret -- you have secret hid zen awesome places you wantn to share with us share as well.l good way to pass the >> i found one of the best spots to watch the firework. firewor i would say but i don't want too give it away. >> tweet us good day dc. >> that's true. >> thanks store staying with.yi i'm steve alongside annie, erin and maury. you just saw the beautiful viewv of kent island maryland.d. that's where we're zip trippingt this morning.gis m >> we've seen the five must stops, hung out the firehouse,oe taken a wildlife adventure anddu so much more to explore thisexps morning. morn >> holly and tuc
10:02 am
on the water all morning long.on look at the crowd. crowd >> i know, right.>> iw, r >> hey, guys. (applause).(alaus hey, guys.>> humanity, i don't know what you're talking about, right? ri? nonetheless we're not worried wi about it because you're right, g we are soaking it all in here at kent island. islan it has been amazing zip trip friday.iday. kent island is queen a.m. nn county 50,000 people live inen queen a.m. inform county andnd half of those are lucky enoughng to call kent island home. hom we've got a great crowd here. ' pi tal will the off thehe o charts. i got the chesapeake moms here.r i've got the cheerleaders. i've got wonderful hometown hero i'll talk to in few minutes butb first i'll check in with tuckerc because i might even be a littlt jealous of him.s of h. tucker, i hear you're sitting os the dock of the bay right now. >> you got that right, holly i'i hanging out with my new friend f grace whose seven years old.sev right, grace? >> >> yup. and she is is going to be our i junior rs epgoorter coming up ip just a couple of minutes.ut she's got hard hitting questions for me. all aut
10:03 am
it's like to be reporter, rightg >> um-hmm. >> all right.>> we'll do that coming up in justj couple of minutes holly.usy. i'll toss it back to you. >> ♪ >> yeah because right now we have two very very special people that are worthy of the ot attention and the time we'llim ' give them right now.ghow sitting next to me lieutenantutn kevin brenner and next to him jason hays and you actuallyually probably know who they are.. even without actually knowingyni their faces.eir fa thank you both for joining usoig out here this t >> thanks for having us.nk >> thanks for having us.g >> not that long ago both of you were in involved in an incidentn on the bridge and jason i thinkt you actually stumbled on to itdi first, right?ig? >> yes, ma'am.>> yes, ma' >> kind of tell me what wentl down there. >> driving across the bay bridge and two cars ahead of me a gentleman had stopped and exit i his vehicle and i kind of of thought maybe there had been a a small traffic incident betweenin him and the driver behind him b but as he got out, he lookede l diss shelf, he kind of looked aa me, i look at him, and i saw the gentleman behind him was moreor confused than anything and he
10:04 am
went to like any traveler wouldw i was a little bit angry at oh, come on.oh, went to swing around and that'sa when i looked over again and he look at me as he was goingas g towards the side of the bridgehg and i was like oh, man this t can't be happening.happening i just slammed my car in parkn r and jumped out and as the the gentleman was going over, hee luckily landed on a girder righg blow by the grace of god thereot was a girder underneath of him. and, um, from that point on itn just engaged him, i didn't know what to do to be completely comt honest with you.honest with you. never thought of that before,ofr and i engaged him in i conversation from everythingveth from religion to his family andd about maybe 30 seconds, 45ds, 45 seconds into it lieutenantt lie brenner was right behind me, and i'd say forest of that time we tag teamed each other and work k off each other.f each other i would talk to him and when ihe would run out of things i canng think to say, lieutenant brenner would take over and do the samee he also immediately contacted dispatch to get somebody outeboo
10:05 am
it was -- lieutenant brenner isr one every my hoe he gave me the confidence to do what i did. i did >> well you are a hero in and of yours self because a, you stopped, and b, you stayed.. and you know somebody wants tolt me when you don't know what toha do do what you know and that's y what you did and you clearly clr made the difference in someone'e life. kind of give me the viewpoint vp from your angle of how it all i went down. dn. >> yeah, i was on my way toayo work, and i noticed the commotion on the bridge so in on stopped. maybe there was an accident.t. but too much of my surprise spr people were leaning over theer rail of the bridge and i'll eyee realized they were talking towee somebody. i was absolutely shocked to find out somebody was struggling oneg of the supports underneath thera road deck we spend the betterhet part of an hour talking to the o gentleman trying to keep him h calm. my perspective is, call in the assignment to our dispatchpa center, we're lucky enough annen arundel county was the way t w quickly with their technicalechc rescue team and i just hope it h was able to relay the right t r information to get those g
10:06 am
the right mindset of knowing what they needed to do to affecc rescue.rescue >> you know, not that any of uss will ever be in that situation i but i remember as we were watc watching it on the news andt on watching this play out, everyonn was just like what are they -- - what do you say? what would yow say to someone? you know what w do you do? what were thosee t moments like.ntike. >> jason and i talk abouton i t anything and everything we coule think of with that gentleman.. family, religion, what led him m to feeling he was in crisis andi i was trying to empower him as much as possible to realize thee decisions he can make to try to get himself better that day.. >> true heroes rise to these to condition when they're in they't movement and clearly did you. dy after the fact did you ever sit back and reflect on it? >> absolutely. i had 24 hour shift and i spentt the next 22 hours trying toin t figure out what transpired in m first hour of the shift.hour of >> what about you jason.n. >> absolutely. absolely i'm not too friendly withh heights. heig i'm not terrified but now i'm ni not but at the time i was
10:07 am
terrified of heights. hgh the and tire time as you said wd talk to him about anything. and what i found extremely extre calming to me afterwards is as finally got him up with ii believe it was captain chen from 23, um, lieutenant brenner and myself and captain chen wentwe down in the hoist to bring him up as we got him on i just i j turned around and through mygh hands on my head and said a couple expletives to my self as i looked down i found this isoud the craziest thing this little l cross was on the bay bridge jusj it must have been run over 3,000 times. i polish and wear it on me as a reminder that calmed me a lot. from that point on i had live hv decisions to make and that dayhd was just a blessing to have lieutenant brenner on my sidenns and to be able to actually actll help -- that's the main thing help.. this gentleman needed help.emane >> jason heroics don't stopp there. he recently helped victims inics bus crash.bus i wish we had time to talk abouo it we don't. don but this is as
10:08 am
sentiment but we just want you to know that we're blessed that you all are h >> thank you.>> thank you. >> for were you've done many yo' are our geico hometown heroseros jason this is for you. >> thank you so much. mh >> lieutenant brenner this is for you. (applause).. >> you definitely made ay me difference and continue to do s each and every day.nd eve d all right.alight. so with that, i'm going to headd on over to tucker now who has our junior reporter. always one of my favorite things about a zip trip, tucker. >> ♪ >> thank you so much holly.. we're sponsored by cold stone cream creamery.amy. i'm joined by grace.ce. hi, grace.ce. >> hi. >> tell me about how old ar ae you.ou >> seven years old. >> where do you go to school.. elementary school.choo >> what grade are you going toad be in nexte year.ea second. >> anybody you want to say hi to before you start asking ask questions. >> i'd like to say hi to addison and emily, my friends and and my mom and dad and the lady thatt was
10:09 am
>> i'll hand you over the mike m and you get to ask me questionss okay. >> okay. >> you're in charge. what is your favorite thingt to do on the island?? >> my favorite thing to do onngt the island.. >> um-hmm.>> um- >> well, i love to be on the lob boat today but i think that i like to try paddle boring here.h it seems like a beautiful placep to be paddle boarding?oain >> how about you?>> h >> i never tried paddle boarding but -- but >> do you liking to swimming?win >> i do liking to swimming.wiin um, is it your first timeim visiting the island?sl >> that is a great question.n. well, like many people that livt in washington, i've driven pastp the island many i stopped once or twice at some of the restaurants but high noo idea how much kent island has ts offer it's really nice.lly nic do you like living here.iving h. >> yes, i do. yesi do >> it's pretty cool. >> all right.>> we have time for one more question. >> um, did you ever stay here? >> no, i've never stayed heree before. is there a favorite place toe to stay?
10:10 am
>> well, there is like -- if yoy get off of this kent narrowsentr bridge there's like a holiday inn. in >> oh, yeah.. >> um-hmm.m-. >> all right.>> a rig >> that's good to know.oo thank you so much, grace. >> thank you. >> what's the best part aboutthr living on kent island. i what's your favorite thing inhin couple of words. >> my favorite thing living onn the island is that i like to go fishing down at the water the w because you can just walk theree and also going to the beach. bea >> all right. all >> and riding bikes andidbike swimming. >> thank you so much for joinin me. i love your dress. >> thank >> yeah. it's beautiful. >> all right that's our junior reporter thisit morning this is grace and she's seven years old. yup. yu >> yup. >> okay. >> say -- i'll toss it back i b say hi everybody.say hi eve >> hi everybodryy.y. >> eye gce >> hi. >> high sweetie. >> great interview. >> tucker, two thumbs up.mb you are a wonderful co interviei wee. >> that's right.s . >> still ahead in the celebrityi dish, iggy opens up on why she s kicked swag bee pett
10:11 am
curb. plus, harry styles, my man, m takes a new direction and tarzar talks about how he got those aba for the role. r first though a dynasty in the it good day lost. dante winslow joining us for a live performance and also a chatting with us next.s nex time now is 10:11. 1 be right back. ♪
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our neck guest a trumpetne performer and song writer.ckd ni dante winslow has rubbed fewd fw musical elbows from jay-z, kanye and justin timberlake he'ss performing right here in townnow next week. next here to perform the song kingsoi from enter the dynasty please welcome dante winslow. w. take it away.. ♪
10:15 am
10:16 am
(applause). >> who! >> yes. yes very nice. do m.d. ae winslow. wslow come on over here.r you look really hot.u lookeallyo >> thank you.>> tha >> look at your outfit.ououtfi look at your shoes.. let's get to know do
10:17 am
you're from baltimore.altimore. >> born and raised. bor >> born and raised.n bor pick up a trumpet at an early age and word on the street youou went to school with to you packc >> baltimore school for the artt >> what was that like.wathat >> it was mazing coming toing school every day seeing himg h political rap.tical rap he had the holes in the jeansea and t-shirts and black pantherch talking amazing young artistng t that was like mentor to me. >> did you engage if music early on with tupac or any of the --o- >> i started in middle schoolool jazz foster middle school i went to baltimore school for the arts at and peabody conservatory went to usc i've been studyin studying t classical i was learning jazz by listening going tonight clubs and hadlubsd great mentor gary thomas, gary bart, had mow hanging inng nightclubs at 14.cls at 14. >> where does this come from thm influence of music? are yourrey parents mu situations? >> not particularly.lay >> his a rough life in highifinh school. sc my mom was dicke dicked of drugu she died of aids in
10:18 am
made me focus on music, focus on school.scho tough environment living in baltimore that made me reallymel really want to be music and makk better life for my self and mynm family.. >> that passion that ambition took you so so f you've shared the stage withgeit high profile people.. jaycee, kanye, kendrick lamar. >> dr. dre recently toward withd justin timberlake on the 2020 experience.perice. what was this like. l >> 2020 experience was amazing.g we've been to d.c. many times tm for those who have seen us on on the catwalk across the stage.s s it's amazing. we've done six continents almosm every country in the world. he's the biggest artist in thein world. he puts the band up we're brothers like 19 of us on stage turning it up going crazee is he. >> it's locate a party. >> it is like a pear.lois >> it's not even work l.ikenork like a i wanted to ask you about yourut album. it's got funky beats on it.. and it seems like you bring a lot of different, um, differente beats to it.s tot >> different genres. g >> what is the overall
10:19 am
the album.. >> it's a hybrid of jazz, blues, hiphop, soul music. mic all the things i love and grew g up listening to all live bandivn most of the performances arermas first takes i love that as as musician because you get these t guys in the room kind of likef k saturday night life.htif read, set, go hit the recordord button push record and put it pt out. musicians the level is so is excellent that what you get on o tape is going to be very veryryv emotional and moving. movin so the album features my wife on vocals, my son jeddi opens it up he's 10, quest love from thehe roots. >> so people want to check you k out you're in town.ow >> my website.>> my websit you can see me at the bethesda blues and jazz that's going toj' be next wednesday july 6th.uly6t >> that's right.>>t's 8:00 o'clock.00 olock tickets are still available that of course is right by our studii on wisconsin avenue. what's next for you? i mean i im feel like you've reached've r everything. >> i have a book about my livey story coming up.p going to be touring with jt witj again for his
10:20 am
doing shows with my own band. b you can stay up to date with me do inform ta >> do you style yourself.el. >> my wife styles me actually. a >> she's amazing. >> you guys are a good team.>>oa >> yes, we we do everything together.og we raise kids, we build >> make music.mic >> make music. >> creative juices flowing. f >> we do everything together. >> thank you so much. muc >> thank you for having me.inge. >> you're fantastic.anstic. >> thank you.>> t >> question for you. you said with the album you hitu record and go with it.ith i >> you go with it.. >> another thing to make a videv and i know you did the suit anda tie video with justin timberla timberlake. how many takes did that >> over 248 takes you know about that story or something. somhi >> i heard.>> hea >> me and my wife we have funny inside jake poor people don'te d get tired.. jaycee. justin timberlake are sitting si there until one in the morning take after take after take.e. i have to go home.
10:21 am
i haven't eaten in six or eighti hours. hours. they know this is for them.w is. it's going to be the biggestngbe thing in the world they don't dt care how many times they do it they got private jets waiting jt chefs waiting.. i'm a hard worker always haveav been but it appears these guysuy meaning jay-z, justin timberlake, beyonce' work hardeh than i work. you have more than oy have yet you -- you -- >> on the whole time.the wholti >> never tired. he's dancing. dancing. nose dri cold outside you get the snot.hs wipe the snot dancing.cing dancing.ncing >> oh my goodness.h mydnes >> that's great story. >> inspirational. ira >> kids don't know that.n't kn they see the tv and they thinkhi that's fun.un i'm like you can't do that.ha you going to be crying. cin can i go home? you'll be sickes and say please give me time offe no time off. >> donate winslow you are legit. >> thank ya'll.hank >> thank you. >> thanks for coming in.nks comi >> thank you so much. thaou it is 10:21. coming up little later on funny as fact comedian davis at the t d.c. improv this weekend muchkem he's joining us live.iv
10:22 am
be a wash out. out we sure hope not. n but there are some storms on tht way.wa just the messier here, folks.ol we'll let you know what you need to know so it doesn't mess witht your travel plans.yourpl carry igary is back with the ful forecast next. ♪ hey! ♪ they go ooh ooh. hey! ♪ ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ yeah. ♪
10:23 am
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♪ >> 10:24 right now. welcome back to good day at 10:00 a.m. beautiful view of th water out there in kent island where we've been zip trippieangi all morning long.on >> real
10:25 am
the water just -- the sunstthe reflecting off the water looks r so unfortunately, there might be aa few raindrops. rai >> stop it, steve.p , >> off the water a little latere as well. not today but --- >> gary say it's not so. dare we say fourth of july,rth , gary. what are we looking at?oking >> there's definitely rain in the forecast for fourth of julyj kent island escaping fewapg few showers. i'll show you that on radar in i just second. secon luckily for them they're littlee south of where the showers are now. it's warming up out enough sunshine so temperaturess upper 70s d.c. gaithersburg 79. annapolis real nice we justice showed you the live picture froe kent island 77 degrees there. te earlier we did have showerave s moving through the city and tghd here's where it is whe just north of annapolis there. e you can see it's staying northta of the bridge. the north of kent island.t ian the movement on this is really r been to the northeast and this t is the last hour and it's realla been trekking along through thee district prince george's countyu out over into northern sectionsn there of anne arundel county,nt, too. so this will stay headed intod the bay right now.bay right again, it's all staying north or kent island.
10:26 am
all north of the bridge. severna park pick up a little a bit of rain as it moved on across now it's moving out of glenn birney as well and overl r into the bay. we could have a couple of thoset little things isolate isolatedse right, but i don't think it's a' problem until late this late afternoon.te we have chance forrn strong str thunderstorms later today.tormso maybe some severe. sev keep that in mind. m really after 3:00 o'clock all bets are off.bets aff probably most of this is betweet about four and 8:00 o'clock thi evening. and we do have a slight risk ofk severe thunderstorms and againhs i've been saying all morningor when we get this, we general ger dollar get severe weather. just keep that in mind. high wind over 56 miles per hour and large hail possible withbl w these stronger thunderstormser later on today.late they'll move through and we getg a whole lot better going througu this holiday weekend okay butka rain is in the forecast for julj the fourth.the more details on that coming up g in just a bit at the end of theo show now back upstairs to you upo you there. th >> you seem to have having if dawn. >> we are. >> great day. it's >> for sure we want to giv
10:27 am
birthday shout out happy eightht birthday michael.ic this is from one of our good day d.c. twitter friends. friends. and his mommy reached out and said hey can you give michael aa birthday shout out. o that picture is way too cute to not share with everyone.e. >> happy birthday mc hope you have a great day as yoa get ready for the holidaye weekend. >> this is a fun number.r >> that cake looks >> still ahead on good day iggyy opens up on why she ditcheded nicky.cky. plus, zach efron or zach morris and harry styles taking a newew direction.ct we've got all the details in today's celebrity >> first we have also have -- w- taken care of some of the food e on kent island now we'll talke't about some of the fashion onason kent island.kentan tucker and holly will take care of the kent island fashion show. some of the hottest looks from f the eastern shore coming upin u next. it's 10:27, pa 10:27.
10:28 am
it's our 4th of july sale. where you can create the perfect home. from now until july 4th, you'll find huge savings on stylish pieces. plus, you'll get an extra ten-percent off accessories! and, we're offering thirty-six month, no-interest financing. come in today for savings in every room. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. the 4th of july sale! from classic to contemporary. havertys.
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10:30 am
♪ oh, yeah. summer jam.suer j >> our song. >> does put in you a mood, a m though, right. >> sure does. sur >> yeah. >> we are so close to thelose to holiday weekend. >> i can taste it. taste >> 30 more minutes to go.o >> we're just talking aboutreusk justin timberlake and the suit s and tie kid video. v speaking of fashion --- >> great story. sto >> yes, indeed.ndee >> hard work to be celebrity.eby >> pays off though.houg >> we'll see if we find any fd suits and ties out on thet eastern shore or oh go perhaps p more shore holly, what do you have for us? >> right now i'm just catching breeze, steve
10:31 am
it is so gorgeous out here. h the sun is shining and you'rend right, when you come out to kent island you need to have the proper beach wear and i knownd k just the person that can help h you fit right in.ight her name is sheila river she's s the founder of something calledl spunk wear.spun >> that's right.>> t >> which is amazing.e all about the shore live, right. >> absolutely.olut all about the shore life.oue sh >> so tell me what's thehe inspiration?sp >> the inspiration started with girls lacrosse and i began with compression shorts, sports brasb and head one dress i was wearing as i wai selling all these items which is happens to be our original dress and that was seven years ago. now we have dozens of dresses,, skirts, scores, whole women' w line of apparel as well as morea things for girls. >> it's all about it beingng athletic, affordable,, flattering, i mean all thell things that every girl ishat evs looking for, right.r, rig. >> right.>>ight comfort is number one. o flattering is right up theret up with number one.r o. >>
10:32 am
for you know what i mean? hey, we h can talk about it all morning m long but let's go ahead shown some people some of the stuff in your line. let's get our fashion showr fash started. look at that.hat. mommy and me.e. >> sophia and roseanne in a witw our regional dresses and mothere in daughter. and it's made of high qualityua spandex fabric which wicks wks moisture. next we -- go ahead.. >> next we have jenna wearinga a our v neck another really big seller for glass stop there fore second. jenna, go ahead and look ask beautiful as you >> you may want to spin aroundta to the back to show the racer back. back >> the thing about this, thiss,i really is something that yout yu could wear dot beach, you could put it over your swimsuit orswiu wear it out oh dinner.. >> absolutely. a easy to dress up, and it's allts made in the us.he >> all made in the usa.he all right.ight >> absolutely. >> founded here on kent island. absolutely. >> let's take look at coupleso p other pieces.ces. >> these of our scores.f ouscore one much our top selling items.. caroline is wearing our originai skort with one pocket in thewitc back.
10:33 am
jessica has our fairway skortrws which golfers just love. just l two pockets in the front, a, longer length.h. >> yeah. >> pocket in the back. thek. all wicking fabric that is so >> anything with pockets i lovee all right. our next dress is super cute ane as we're looking at our next our model kind of give me the pricet points you're talking abouttalko here. >> well, this dress runs about $89. earlier dresses starting at 59.5 this is rhonda.nd who actually runs our warehouser she's our top notch service giil girl, and this is our keyey collar. >> one of the things i liked and i know we have two more modelsed before we go is the fact when it you were thinking about startinn this concept you were like, youy know, i know everyone is into io athletic wear. but so much of it is so form fitting.fittg. >> absolutely. >> that this is a way for it too be flattering without really rea evowing everything you got. >> and that's intentional.ntentl what i really tried to do isdo s create a dress that wasas flattering but hid the issues. >> oh, my gosh m
10:34 am
mouth to god' ears.' ear >> you're a little top reportere with our ring collar dress. dre again a dress that can go to the beach with flip-flops or dresssr it up with nice sandal.ce s >> throw little piece of jewelrt on there and you're good to gotl as well. come on over girls i want to wat show everybody up against theait back drop of the bay, the boat,b the sunshining on them, lookingg beautiful. what's the best way for peopleol to find out more about spunkpu wear and get it? >> well, we are located here one kent island in the business pars but you can go to spunk wear.coo and see everything that we haveh as well as the models wearing it obviously. >> you're giving out theirgivint numbers, too?numbs, t (laughter). >> i'm just kidding i think youd might get fee phone calls. call. >> i think i would. >> absolutely. i'll order one of everything. oo absolutely fantastic.antastic. love it and definitely puts yous even more into the island feelee as you are here.e. >> absolutely.>> absolutely. >> right. >> one thing i just am mosthi j proud of is that we are made in america. >> absolutely. aolut
10:35 am
amen, god bless i'm back to my breeze. breez >> oh, my gosh.>> oh, >> living the good life like a a celebrity. >> holly looking good out there >> the breeze going through thrh beach hair. be >> speaking of celebrities, good day celebrity dish. first up rapper iggy azalea a dishing on why she broke off her engagement with lakers players p nick young otherwise known ass swaggy pete.swag she tweeted yesterday she brokee the things off after findingding security footage of nick withicw other women into their home.he she went on to say young'sng's ex-girlfriend is pregnant withgt his child and that she didn'thed find out from him but rather sas it on e news.s. >> no. >> sounds like she's better off without swaggy pete. p >> they're relationship was ripw with problems any way. >> now that is he has the proofp that's the closer she needs. >> move on.n >> next up it was a very happy h birthday for rapper ludicrous'
10:36 am
wife udoxy. >> very exotic into many name.ny he surprised her with one of a heck gift of the 2016 mercedes g wagon. wa he gived her with the sleek new wheels on the set of his movie fast eight the next install ofnl fast and furious franchise itnce happened last night in atlanta l the he call his mrs. bridges das for his wife.s we. how much did it set him back? about $160,000.16 >> been doing very well though o with those fast and fewer and fw yourself movies.your for sur >> he can afford it.t. >> if i was his wife i would beb like thank you.ou >> >> i think she was in medicaln school prior to hooking up witht him. she was on her way to making tom riches as well. >> we have some bad news forew real housewives fans. there's one less housewife on the next season of potomac. >> what? >> what happened? >> kate ross the first franchise casualty on b
10:37 am
series on wednesday much singlel mother of three nounsed thensedt reunion she submit from herro hr fiance' andrew martin. m now it lock like there's an thee opening for a local reall housewife. hous >> i'm surprised to hear that.ot >> annie. >> count me in. >> count you in for the potomacm i have everything but the moneyn >> you're too nice.>> >> please. >> i can play the angel. >> i can play the everyone's friend card.frie >> i think you should make upnk with katie. >> i can't be on housewives, io, don't have the --dot have t >> you're too nice.oue too >> no, no. no. okay.ay >> we'll talk about that one.k t it appears harry styles issi going in a new direction.tion. he's cut ties with one direction's management team ande reportedly signed an $80 milliol record deal the deal is withh columbia records and they'll an' release his first solo album anm it's reportedly a three-recordhr deal. even though 1d says they arethea just on hiatus looks like styles probably won't needing to becomt to the band if he doesn't wantsn to. >> all right.>> allht. >> well, from one heart tro
10:38 am
another zach efron's newest looo is drawing major compare sons ts a very popular former teen stars here we go. at the la premier of his newis w movie mike and dave need weddind dates efron revealed he gets widespread compare sons to savet by the bell zach morris. i loved zach move list.e lis he's really flattered so why diy zach go platinum blond? well hl said the reason is for the movie bay watch he's starring in.rr >> makes sense. >> he has photo shoots for theso movie so he cep his frosted f locks. i like it. i think he's so handsome. >> for sure.e >> if you've scene the trailerht for upcoming movie tarzan you'rr likely more than little tha l impressed with those absse abs alexander scars guard is spori sporing. >> oh, my. >> hello.lo >> he plays the lead role in the movie and boy is he ripped. r how did he get so above? he says he spent three months buluk bulking and added 25 pounds of5s muscle by eati
10:39 am
per day. pe i wish i could eat that manyhama calories.calo that's three times more than he usually eats. his diet consisted of no sugar, gluten, wheat, dairy or alcoholc clean eating. he ate sick small meals a dayme and trained twice a day.ay. true dedication seriously. >> he looks great.. >> ladies, you're welcome.'re ce >> oh, yeah. >> just keep that picture up. >> scars grd >> that's a nice scars guard if i do declare g steve you looktey great, too. (laughter).. >> sitting over here and all hea these ladies are talking aboutal everybody else. still ahead funny guy. he'll join us live next with a t speak peek of his show at the d.c. improv this weekend.kend. better work on a response foreso those ladies.
10:40 am
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10:42 am
>> he's a comedian, an actors who's been on movies anda in tv and comedy clubs around thehe nation. he brings his tour to dc many dm prof this relationship.retions super heroes without any real rl super powers and the never theev ending war between men and women first though he's joining us nog in the loft to share all thell details on what makes him soes m mazing and good morning to you.od m >> thank you.nk you intro was fantastic. fanta i don't need to say anythingo sh now. >> love laugh.>> love laugh. >> show my picture earlier
10:43 am
tarzan they changed the hair. >> that was you.>>t was >> weird.>> w >> wow. >> why did they switch my hairhy like that? >> what is is this picture.s ths >> i love this picture. >> that's me looking at myy daughter's new boyfriend.frie >> like i wish you would, rightg >> i wish you won. w. >> right. >> i know. >> so you talk abouto yo relationships a lot in this set you're doing.oi you don't script much of it.t cf >> no, i can't because't bec everything happens day to day.. >> yeah. >> relationship wise i just gohi with the flow. women change all the time you te like one thing and two seconds o you don't any more. mor first it was that guy, nowuy, you're in love with me. >> it's the eyes. >> so dreamy. >> amazing. ama >> tell the world. >> yes. i know you improv lot of yourou stuff if your talkingur t relationships do you justs doou observe everything around you and then you just like -- l >> i can't miss anything. i try to. where i try not to pitch to the audience because i want to work on material. matr i'll see guy getting upset. last night this young lady aty the show she started like reall
10:44 am
going off on her husband. hband. don't laugh at everything he says.ys >> what? >> it's not funny.>> ifu i thought she was kidding seriously i'll walk out of heref right now. i was like >> did you bring that into the n show then. >> yeah. i had to. two societies back.o i'm sure they argued in the carc the and tire time.e d tire you're welcome. (laughter). >> you've been around so long we've seen you -e - i think definite comedy jam back in thee day you were on. >> i never did the original def jam i got to do it. >> you were funny as all get out. >> i seen russell simmons thehe other day.her day. he was whispering he does all def in la all these super modelm make us movie theater he rents out.entso he whispers to me while i'm on'n stage you're still funny. >> thanks. >> you're so >> that's right.>> t >> i did def jam. my first movie barbershop.hop. i got into it. >> when you do -- the guys in barbershop were had in here >> the movie barbershop. mie b the one they didn't put me in. i >> you had a couple, though.houg
10:45 am
i did. >> you did a couple.>> you when you're with other comedians and on a set like that, like,t,k when the camera is off are you y guys one upping each other orthr not? >> it's fun because it's likeusk going to basketball practice all day. it's like there's noit'se th championship. nobody is trying to win. w just boeing funny but i love itv working like eddie murphies anda being around those guys eddie is not as funny when the camera iss off. he's straight to busy.aight buy i can't be funny all the time. t >> he turn it off. o >> he's been doing it for sotor long. you get those guys like will le ferrell joking with you but myy favorite i can say of all timelt was robin williams he never turr it off. ll really? >> i did old dogs with i did another movie with um had. i did -- i can't remember the movie licensed to wed.oed robin williams was always on. o. >> isn't that exhausting.aust how can you keep that level ofeo entertainment up all the time. t >> if you're around girlfriendsi who party all night you're up. p you're like -- >> if you're around boringdin people you'll shut down also. a i think it's
10:46 am
mood is set by environment envir everything we do in life. >> you're at the improve thishee weekend. it sound like if you go to one t of your shows and you're in thet audience you be ready to be pare of the show.of >> be there and be prepared fora anything.anythi improv that's what i.hat's w to it gotten shows.t en shows. you don't do 10 shows. sho i'll bore myself if i do the d same thing. t please come. >> you could go to all 10. >> my mother was the mean nesthm person on earth and i say,, anybody -- i need to turn that t energy that mean energy into ey something nice.thin nice. mean but funny like go ahead, ii know you're dumb.ou're don't go to school. sch get a job. >> i'm 10. >> that came from those places a lot of family is my inspirationi like, you know, entertainment -- a lot of entertainers thatinersa didn't make it.ake i uncles that should have been in the league. >> i could be an actor >> we have that uncle.>> wve t did you see your picture for tht dc improv show. s i was wondering if you like thie one any better?et >> this is all super sexy r
10:47 am
there. i was about to sing an r. an been >> next generation. >> look at deray.ay >> oh, my gosh.h. >> on that note i can hold.. >> man, you've always been funnn you continue to be.coue t i hope folks come out and see your show this weekend. happy fourth of july thiss weekend. weekend. >> i've never been here duringve this weekend.this wee >> my first time, too. >> why is everybody here? h >> they're here for you.. >> turn up is real. >> wait.>> w say that to the camera.e came we can use it for the promo.rom. >> she's the most mack innness s woman i've ever met.r m she has the most game. >> der avenue y >> 10 shows they're ally're different. go to all 10. ome semesee me. like seeing out takes ofakes o different let's have good time.have >> we are. >> funniest guy deray at the improv. >> first show tonight 7:00 p.m.. no zip trip is complete withouto a lot of food we know that andoa
10:48 am
coming up next we'll sample somo of the best the eastern shoreeao has to offer and raise a glassla to our zip trip location today.d kent island, maryland. maryl be right back with that. why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. why don,t you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it,s bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white.
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♪ listen before we get back tt the zip trip you got new show coming up. >> on m.d. v august 4th. this season three my firsty season on m.d. v we got moved over.over i got paid $10 more.0 m >> there you go.>> t >> round of applause.lae >> let's get to a taste of kentt island.nd send it back out to our zip trip location. this is our favorite time of morning to watch, to salivate sv and for to you enjoy.n >> if you weren't jealous enough we're out at this beautiful location we'll taste your tastes buds at the same time i'll stars with matt he's the chef at narrows restaurant. >> we're located 3023 kent narrows south on the scenic on waterways of narrows.ofws seafood restaurant.ant we're known for crabcakes andaka cream of crab soup.b s we also do nice steaks. stes. lots of local >> i'm thinking a l
10:52 am
in this area offer up crabs.. >> yes, ma'am, they do. >> what makes yours to die for? >> um, it's just they've beenee around for 30 years they use one thing we won't change. just crab meat is the best right now. now. >> what do you like about havinu a restaurant in kent island or kent narrows.arro >> the locals. people. >> yeah. >> definitely, you know, justus great community, and love havinv fir timers come in and we alwayd have repeat customers. customers >> i was going do say is. it oka if you come in as an are you going to feel welcomed. >> you'll feel right at home and definitely be >> definitely be back. definit hard to not come belack whenkhe you're offering up things liketl this. if i was going to order oneoingr thing on your menu, what would l it be. >> have to get the crabcakes. >> all jumbo lump crab meat. >> all jump jumbo lump.ump. no back fin. f we ship these coast can toast ca monday through friday.hrough f >> do you ship.>> d yes, ma'am.a' >> anybody's name on those two.o
10:53 am
>> me and you. >> yes, ma'am., ma' >> you get one i get o we've only just gun i knowun ino tucker has got some goods some o december in front of him as we well. hey tuck. >> thanks holly i'm with dennis. your last name. >> w a.m. z. >> fisherman's inn. >> sure. are you an institution? howtioh long has feather sean inn beenee around.ound they've been there quiet awhilel i don't have the exact amountt time. me the schultz family had thelyad property and adjacent propertiee for quite >> tell us about the some of the food you prepared.d no trouble.uble we're featuring rock fish hereih this is our tide water rock fih fish. this is fresh rock fish over the top fried green tomatoes withh saute of sweet corn dicediced virginia ham and jumbo lump crab meat. me it all gets finished with littlt bit of cream.bit cre >> wow that looks amazing herezg we have jumbo lump crab imperi imperial. maryland meat when available for sure. always always straight jumbo.. finish with
10:54 am
with a side of mashed potatoes and sawed thaied green beans these are local at this we do a lot of local purchasing. the corn, the green beans, the squash, and of course we have a lot of opportunity for fresh seafoods oysters when they're i' season and fresh rock fish isn'n tell me about the real quick.. >> fun appetize sr. we do new york style soft pretzel toppeded with our crab imperial finishede off with mix of monterey jack and shredded cheddar cheese.he and it's a greater littlee appetizer for people to share aa the table before they have a delicious entree.ntre >> occur have too much grab.aveu >> apparently not on the eastern shore. sh i mean not for sure. i mean there's a big demand for it and of course we enjoy the fresh products that we get.e g >> i love the vegetables. vegetb is this how you would serve a s typical salad. >> obviously those ingredients i might be in a salad.n sal it's just our way showing allho the local produce and all thelle local things that we're able too ob
10:55 am
>> great time of year. great thank you tennis for joining me fisherman' inn holly you're notn done y keep it moving.moving. >> but wait there's morehere courtesy of john snow burgerur head server at bridgeses good morning to you. >> good morning.ood >> tell me about aboi >> so bridges is an awesome waterfront location over herever we've been serving up since sin about six years ago. a. a lot of modern seafood cuisine specializing in chesapeakeake e.are. as you can see we have a coupleu of dishes over he the soft shell crabs are one off our best selling dishes at the t moment.mome served over top of a corn andd edamame succotash. >> do you always have soft shesh will.ll >> seasonal dish in the summerdi time only. >> so now at the time.w >> it is the time.>> >> are it up. what about here? aut h >> we have our zeroed yellow fin tuna serve over top of stir fry veggies. shrimp tempura sticky rise r dipping sauce on the side.g really delicious.sareal >> it look>> it look ym this right here.mythis >> right over here ourhere o bruschetta one of our t
10:56 am
selling dishes right now appetizers. >> i can imagine. >> available on our happy hour a menu every single day monday s h sunday. sund >> you opened up six years ago.s >> yes. >> you're entering into an area that had lot of history andte ad lot of institution.tuti yes. what was that like to try to fif in. >> it was difficult.>> we had a tough time i stabbingg ourselves.ves kind of tucked away behind allea these popular restaurants so wew kind of had oh establishab ourselves make ourselves stand out and i think we're doing it.i >> you're doing just fine.g st f no better way for to us finishis tucker than with a little a raising of the glass. >> crisp cocktail.ktail. i got tyler and john with blackwell disstillery. >> yes.>> y >> tell me about roar product.r this is local. >> we're in the kent islandsl business park open every dayve d from 12 to 4:00 for tours.rou what we have here award winning craft vodka.ka. organic wheat vodka.. honey vodka made with localal maryland hahn key and drink ofni the day is going to be easternas shore lemonade.
10:57 am
>> d. ray davis go see the show. have safe weekend.
10:58 am
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live, here's wendy! >> wendy: yeah! [ applause ] cheers ] >> wendy: it's a monday! you know it! ♪ [ applause ] thank you for watching our show! say hello to my co-host, my studio


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