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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  July 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> straight ahead on fox5 newsex morning, a fairfax county man mn injured while on vacation inatin new york city's central park. p >> safe track phase three. phah. we're one day weigh from the third round of metro's efforts r to repair its rail lines. les this round is expected to have a greater impact than theha previous two. >> we're all looking for ward to those fourth of july fireworks, but some evening eveg storms could put a damper on the festivities.. nonetheless we say goodths we so morning. we're glad that you're with us so severally. thanks for joining us. us. i'm holly morris.or >> and i'm wisdo wisdom martin i case you didn't realize that.ha. >> gary is keeping track of keet the all important holiday holay forecast and he'll update usat u in just a few. few >> first we'll talk news. talk n the count down is on for for today's big firewor
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washington, d.c. one of the biggest in the nation. the nio >> and one of the best i love it.ove we're just hoping though ofoug course that the rain holds off tonight so that the show canso indeed go on. t meanwhile there is heightened security in the districtty leading up to today's event. fox5's anjali hemphill has the latest on security preps.ur. >> reporter: good morning guys. you don't get to see theor national mall quite like thisgns very often, calm, quiet, not a soul out here.utere. later today thousands ofusan tourists and residents areests expected to flood the mall for r tonight's fireworks show.reworko in this day and agege unfortunately security will beur on the minds of everyone andryoa we did speak to the d.c.. police chief who says the majority of her police forceicoe will be on the clock tonightckot even though she says right now g there are no known terrorist tet threats to d.c.threat listen to what she said. s >> has it changed anything ath specifically for securityally fc planning for the fourth of july? there has been someee s small changes but we have ae pretty tight security plan for
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partners so it's nothingot significant or nothing thatng ta should change the ability for ai people to feel safe and comeafen celebrate. >> reporter: if you are heading down to see the fireworks and livetedo music shw tonight there will be eight be i security check points whereck ph officers will be lookingcers wle inside all bags, all back all packs and all coolers. coole will you not be allowed to to bring drugs, alcohol, weapons of any kind. any kin you also can't bring any tents or grills out on the nationalou mall and you're also going toe t want to leave your drones atourt home. we're live on the nationalve mall this morning, anjalinjali hemphill, fox5 local news. >> 5:02 is the time. tim let's talk about the third round of metro's safe track safk program because it beginscae iti tomorrow and this roundshiro repairs is going to impactmp both the blue and yellow line riders. >> it will also affect rail aff service to reagan national nio airport. erin como is here with more ofer what you will face tomorrow.omo. hey, erin. >> good well, just to keep in mind m this kicks in tomorrow at 8:00ro p.m. so tomorrow morning,orng things will be normal service for metro. we'll let you know if there if r are any disrupt
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tomorrow night at 8:00 kicking in for safe track surge this evening it will be a seven dayil process shut down between thetwt yellow and blue line.ine. shuttle service is available isl keep in mind between braddockk road crystal city pentagony pena city as well as braddock roadoc to national airport.lport if you are planning to head toea the airport keep in mind taxi tx lines will most-likely be much longer, uber will be busy potentially with surge pricey wr pentagon. this is what you can expect for the rest of the blue andwh l yellow line commute. it will be running in twon different segments per line. every 15 minutes betweenwe franconia-springfield and braddock road. every 12 minutes. mut as for the yellow line twoine segments as line. 12 minutes between huntingtonetn and braddock h road and 12 a 1 minutes between national nio airport and greenbelt f you'red taking the blue orgr yellow linl keep that in mind as you head ya out.out. watch for crowded conditions coi on those shuttle buses anduses expect longer wait times andes crowded conditions at theat t following metro stops l'enfant n plaza pentagon, pentagon city pn as well as crystal city, c
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king street old town in alexandria.exania. eisenhower, huntington van dorn and onn this will impact service for those virginia commuters. commu. you can use metrobus as much.uc fairfax sector vre also available to replace those metro trains. art, arlington rapid transit tns and dash in alexandria. you have options in addition adt to biking to work if possible and telecommuting the mosthe m desirable or taking car to go, zip car. i'm happy to help you planpp your alternates and if you plan on taking those shuttle buses metro has availableilab anticipate crowded conditions cs and give yourself a lot ofelf a time for your are morning and evening rush home.evenin if you're taking metro today toy to get down to the national new enjoy fourth of julyh j festivities service begins at 7:00 and lasts through t midnight. i have everything you need toino know on my twitter at erin
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back to you ways glom we're learning more about a small explosiony explosion fairfaxsion park that seriously injured a fairfax man. m >> the explosive was notveas n intended to hurt anyone. aone. police believe it was just a homemade fourth of july fire work. work connor golden and two of hiswof friends were visiting thee he jumped off a rock in the park and his foot landed on lan the explosive.p he's listed in serious buterio b stable condition.ondion his other two friends were not e hurt. still no word what caused a twnoo alarm fire in adamsin as morgan. morg fire broke out around 9:30und 9 last night at a row home on calvert street northwest.thwest we're told when firefightersers arrived they found flames shooting from the second andec third floors and the attic.ttic >> ♪ >> well, it looks like w unfortunately we're in for ael fairly wet independence dayep afternoon into the eveninghe eve hours which of course is goingus to cause some problems with some of the fireworks displaysas out there. let me show you sw where we are this morning.mning radar is not
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wet out this morning.weout th most of the showers are off to the east of us, down to theown south of us.s. listen, as we progress throughes the day, chances for rain,ai widespread showers and thenhe basically showers likely into ln the afternoon. afternoon. we have to throw into therento the threat of somereat o som thunderstorms as well. so, again, we've seen better b independence days around here,oh there's no doubt about that.ut . 68 degrees for washington. manassas 66 and dullesle 66 degrees.66 d martinsburg you're 64. 6 winchester so. 64. it's very humid out this o morning. it's going to continue to betino humid today. 8:00 a.m. showers around, arod, lunchtime some showers around,an temperatures in the mid 70's.n a little bit of a thunderstorm chance late this afternoon into the evening hours and of course as long as we have a threat of thunderstorms outut there this evening, our fireworks forecast is jeppt i divejeopardized just a little bb we can deal with a little a l light rain. when you start to get intoli ste thunderstorm activity aroundtorm 8 o'clock that could causek thad some problems.
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danny espinosa goes yard for ya the second time in the ball game. washington wins 12 to one.l >> tough nighont for my reds. r >> yeah. but the home team looks were. lw >> that's right. >> that's right. let's talk about the mariners because they were looking foboro a four game sweep against the baltimore orioles.s. third inning seth smith sakes jimenez ep for the grandr the g slam mariners up four-zip. fr- mark trumbo hits a solo homee o's down four-one.on bottom of the seventh,, mariners two on for kyle f k seeger and he brings in both inh runners with a double to double center mariners score one more time me sweeping the orioles inpi the seattle final score >> hm. >> all right, tough night forh i the o's. >> yeah. high scoring baseball games both of them. >> that's right. >> coming up on fox news bws morning security leaders in bangladesh say despite thesh sas claims isis is not responsible s for a deadly terror attack in ak their country's capitol city.ol >> and we are now learning newae information about the deadly dea alligator attack at wal
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disney world. >> as we head to break rightea now here's a live look outsideut across the the time right now is 5:09, 5 temperature 69 degrees.gree we are back after this.afterhis. >> ♪ >> ♪ okay, ready? whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity.
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>> hang right now, the death toll continues to rise from a deadly terrorist attack in iraq. weekend. weeker thees two bombs went off in baghdad.wi right now officials say 115ay people are dead and 187 otherth people are injured.nj isis is taking responsibilityesy for the attack which the white w house is condemning. condemn >> security officials iny ofalsi bangladesh are searching forrchf the masterminds of the attackhet in the bangladeshi capitol of dhaka.dh 28 people were killedlled including six attackers. aa isis has claimed responsibility but theut the bangladeshi government says the attackers belonged to a banded domestic group known as jmb. all are known to have been most embassies have issued iue travel warnings urging thoseing! staying in the country to take extreme caution. >> famed author and holocaust survive elie wiesel was w remembered at a privateer funeral service in new york onyo sunday. he died saturday at the age off 87.87. weasel was an accomplished author published more than 50 books but he's beslit known for the memoir "night" which is
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nazi concentration camp.ntratiom he was one of the last firsthand witnesses to thene to nazi atrocities. >> no word on what throwed anhrd explosion on the severn river.on a ma tn was riding a jet ski jet when it exploded. expded. the victim was taken to theen to hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. ir meanwhile the father of a a toddler killed by an alligator t at disney last month says he told rescue officials two on o the gators were involved in thatrs attack. the orlando sentinel obtainedo l e-mails from that emergencyom te responders. in them the boy's father saysers that he was attacked by a second alligator as he triedigoa to reach husson he also saidls i the family kept showingho rescuers pictures of the boy. his body was discovered intact about 15 yards from the shoreheo under water.r w >> heads up dominion customers o in virginia.gia. changes are coming to your you bill. bi you are soon going see a goi couple of extra dollars in dolln your wallet and that's becausetc there was a gas rate decreaseere that
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on friday.on then means the average customer will see their billshel decrease by $4.35. $35 gas rate changes happened hpe about once a year.out once a y there is a debate ragingate on the national mall. ml. visitors are using the rainbowai pool at the national world twowo memorial as a wading pool. p but it's against the rules set by national park service. servi some say it's tacky and disrespectful. others say it's a place too relax, reflect and cool off. o no word on any changes coming cm to the no wading rule. r the memorial honors 16 million i service members who served in world war ii. war >> all right.ig coming up on fox news morningewg we're following several stories of people injured byinry fireworks at home.firks at home. >> and we have some good newsveo for all of you planning to crack open some crabs today and throughout the rest of theut summer. >> as we head to break rightto b now, live look outside acrossdes the region. th time is 5:12. temperatures 69 we are back with more newse n after this.his. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> live look outside on this monday, july 4th, 5:14 is ourly4 time right now, just turned toue quarter past the hour, hou 69 degrees. kind of heavy69 out there. you can kind of feel itu coming. >> yeah, you can feel it in you the air this morning.orni that almost was a song.oss a you can feel it -- no, filll collins you can feel it -- >> ♪ i can feel it coming inl in the air tonight ♪ >> she's feeling it. >> ♪ hold on >> hopefully this is what thet can i say over d.c. will lookovi like later on this evening. if we just have showers it'shows no big deal but if we get g heavier rain or thunderstormshut later on this evening then ienie tell you what, this fireworks fw forecast, it's definitely ininin jeopardy of if not delays, not y potentially getting into someom postponements out there, okay.ka so, just so you know. but if not, you know, we've got our own display for you here.. that's about the best we can
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this evening definitely there will be clouds and showers, temperatures only in the loweres 70's. how heavy will the rain be? ainb we'll be in kind of a... will we be in a lull or will weor wi have thunderstorms? that isnd the question. if the rain is heavy or we have thunderstorms expect delays or maybe even some postponements and we've been b telling you this morning if itt gets postponed at the mall the they'll happy tomorrow.w. today showers and rain andn and storms possible temperature ofos only aboutsi 75 degrees. 7de that would be one of theon the cooler july 4th readings we'ves' had around here. tomorrow back up to 90 degrees. looks like tomorrow there's a chance for showers andke thundersantorms. the better chance of that willha be for the first part of the p day, okay, and then we startwe s to dry out tomorrow afternoon ar and tomorrow evening. so, if there is a postponementtm of fireworks and it has to goo to tomorrow evening, tomorrow,om evening looks like it's going to be okay. hope that doesn't happen,oe though. here's the deal. all right. lots of warm air is coming ouriu way and then it's going to get t hot, hot, hot. so, heat will build into this week. we're talking about several da t
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going to go 92 to 95 degrees 9 for a high temperature and youee add in the humidity and you'reny talking about someutom temperatures i believe intoaturs the upper 9 i0's, maybe evenbe close to a hundred degrees or o so and next week looks hot, l too. so, not only going to be hot h this week looks like we'll be ll hot next week and maybe even mae hotter for next week if the the long range models verify.els v you can see this morning we dooe have a few showers out therers e but it's not very wet.y w but look at all the rain the rai that's back to the west. the it still has to come across. acr all of west virginia or ata or a least most of west virginia is under a flash flood watch which will start this morningil and go untill tomorrow morningg your forecast for today looks ts like this. showers and thunderstorms possible. we could get into some heavy rain at times this afternoonhi nito the evening hours.s the eve high temperatures only making mn it up to 75 degrees or so. seven-day forecast looks likeasl this. 75 today obviously.bvious showers thunderstorms possibleth again tomorrow. high of 90. turning hot onun wed nesday,nesday thursday, friday. we're talking about lower toow mid 90's that extends into the o weekend as well. not only h
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well. well there you go, guys. go, >> all right, gary, weht,ary, appreciate it am 5:17 is the:17 time. ti let's take a look at thes ta stories you're engaging withreng the most this morning with our t realtime news tracker. first up two chicago police officers were taken to thers hospital after someone threw a firecracker inside their squadhu car. now it happened late yesterdayee afternoon. the officers were on patrole onp when another vehicle pulledther alongside them.ongsid the firecracker was then thereon into the windshield and then exploded.n an so the injuries are not life-threatening. so far the suspects have nothe been arrested.ested. >> next up a nine-year-olde-ar-d girl in southern californiauthef lost her left hand and several fingers on her right hand after an explosion caused byan elegal fireworks. the l.a. county sheriff's sri department said it happenedap saturday afternoon.turd aft the girl also sustained injuries to her face.inries she was taken to the hospital hs where her left hand had to bee amputate fundamental. right now she is listed inno stable condition. >> and finally some good news for seafood lovers.eafoov the chesapeake's blue crab blu population is growing but it'sgr not up to full strength justngth yet. 2016 b
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report was just released andor s it shows the overall population of blue crabs grewabw from 411 million last year to 533 million this year. y that's a pretty big gain a significant gain but it's still lower than the target tar levels they've seven. t the department of naturaldepart resources said current c management strategies shouldme stay in place to maintain ant healthy crab population. p lots of good food out there iff you like crabs. >> indeed i do. coming up on fox5 news ns morning the natural resources rs officer has a once in a lifetime encounter with aount black bear. bl >> and four years after a superstorm sandy, a key part p of summertime in new york city finally >> and as we haded to break,we d let's go ahead and take a live look across the d.c. region, r get you going on a monday mon morning. 5:19 is our time right rw fox5 news morning, dance withnc me, come on, whiz. o w >> that's my song right there,ge michael jackson.chae >> oh, yeah.h, y hard not to love mj.ot to love we're back right after don't go anywhere.ny >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:22 is the time right now. a maryland natural resources police officer had a pretty close encounteric with a bear. b >> it was caught on camera. oner officers were on patrol in in baltimore county.ore c take a look at this, when they actually stumbled upon thisled n photo op. now the black bear doesn'troe really seem to be paying muchinh attention to them but thesen to officers do work around wild animals.s. so, the moral of the story here is if you come across a aos bear, probably best to for go fg the selfie and get out ofetut of there. be saf >> do not try that at home ort r in the theds. >> right. >> yeah. all right, new this morning, the washington post is is reporting that a popular water park in alexandria may lose its license -- its lease its lea rather. onsideringondering leasing the great waves watert r park to the northern hav have va parks.park some want to use that this thath afternoon generate money.te the city has h
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consultant to go over the costvt and options for it.for it >> nearly four years since superstorm sandy hit the east coast leaving behind flooding and hundreds of millions of of dollars worth of >> all this time later new york city's rockaway beacheach boardwalk is finally reopening. fox's jennifer lammers isme i there with >> reporter: in betweener rain i storms at rock a way beach families came out here to do tod something they haven't been able to do in a long while, wle take a walk, take a ride andid maybe take a few pictures onicte the boardwalk. are you excited to get yourcitet boardwalk. >> yeah. >> reporter: elizabeth and her daughter ella lost l everything during superstormpeto sandy so having this five andhie a half mile piece of the shoree back means getting bpiack some s peace of mind, too.ace of >> if you m looked at what we w were to what we are now it's amazing. when we came back after sandyany that day after, it looked like a bomb had gone off. off with this it is emotional. emot. >> reporter: while the new whiln boardwalk might not have thek t same iconic look as its predecessor engineers say it'sri
5:24 am
steel reinforced concrete deckcd and retaining wall.l. for people like kevin who rides his bike to lifeguard duty every day it's also a lot l safer.fe >> it's very nice, now i don't w have to ride on the streets almost being hit by cars. by c >> reporter: yeah. y >> the bike lane over there thee like it's not even like oike o functional. >> reporter: for those at the shore, it's a long timeort't coming and along this new boardwalk signs of destructionfc remain but so do signs of hopefh and steady recovery. recery. just one more reason to celebrate this independencedepen day weekend. >> we missed memorial day.missem we didn't have a aem boardwalk.a we didn't have access to theesst beach but now we have the have e fourth of july so it's beautiful. we're so excited. excited >> reporter: there is oner: the section of the boardwalk thatlkt hasn't been completed yet and ya that's this one from beachea 19th street through beach 39th 3 it's opened but construction won't start until the fall andta it will be done by next nex memorial day.memor day. reporting from rock way beach, jennifer lammers,
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>> ♪ >> is that going to be us, gary, standing there with our wh umbrella? is that what ourur july 4th are going to look like. >> i'll be standing at my grille with my umbrellas. umbre temperatures in the 60's this morning. we have a few showers but most of the rain this morning and moa who cares really, right,ly,ight because there's not a loters no going on out there 5:30 in the morning on this holiday ag on couple of showers in placers in moving on that's what we'll have thisis morning, okay. o showers moving an across.cross. as we start getting into the afternoon and evening hours itos does look like this rain will ri pick up a little bit intensify i and we could have a couple ofouo heavy showers out there late at a and maybe even some thunderstorms. look t all of west virginia is a under a -- see the green therert underneath the rain. r that is -- basically -- i can -c tell you what i can do.t i c i can just take the rain off.aif so, all those counties are under a flash flood watch,ash fa okay. and that starts at 8:00 a.m.t 8a this morning and it willt wil continue r
5:26 am
so, unfortunately parts ofly pas west virginia could get two, two three, maybe 4-inches of rain r localized and obviously three,lt 4-inches in a short period of time, they can't handle that.ant so, hopefully it is not going ng to be too awful bad but if they get three, 4-inches ofhes rain in an hour or less thenr le they can obviously have some ham flash flooding.h foding. 68 for us here in town now. forecast for independence day looks like this. look, i don't think we get any sunshine today. it will be cloudy, showery forwr the first part of the day and ad the rain moves in, heavy at heay times this afternoon andis aon a evening the thunderstorms possible this evening and tonight could u jeopardize some of theardizee of fireworks displays, just soust s you know. delays possible or even postponement would not surprise me, okay.rpri so, we've had better. b temperatures today only in theon mid 70's.0' guys.ys >> all right, gary, thank coming up on fox5 news5 n morning, police are asking forgf your help in finding a manng a n wanted for an attempted sexual assault. >> and the uae, they issue ass a travel warning to all of its
5:27 am
citizens who are planning to visit the united states.he u >> we're going to head tore g tt break right now.t now let's take a live look acrosskcs the d.c. region.ion. 537 is our time right now.ight n i love this song. fox5 news morning back right bk after this. >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> straight ahead on fox news morning, fourth oft july j revelry as we prepare to prepa celebrate the country'sry's birthday, a number of fireworks shows could be washed out with some eveningning storms. a fairfax county man is recovering after nearly having v his leg blown off during ag blo freak accident in new york'sofnr central park. p and some are calling forsome actor jessie williams to be fired over the speechie he h delivered at the bet awards.rd fox news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning to you.d mo thank you very much for wakingfg up with us. i'm wisdom martin.m wisd >> and i'm holly morris. mor today is monday, july 4th. jy 4t gary standing by ready to talk t all things forecast when itast n comes to the holiday and what your plans may be, whether b whe they happen or not. i don't know.i >> umbrella or not. >> yeah. >> we're going to talk to himng a little bit later on. ler o first we got news to talk tk about.abou developing this morning worry we're taking a live look at the scene of a deadlyy sot
5:31 am
a man was killed in northeast na d.c. just before 10:00 p.m. the shooter is still out there. if you know anything about this incident you're being asked to call cl po today is a big celebrationen in washington, was a huge fourth of july far raid r kicks off in an hour andhor an tonight the big fireworks show. >> we're just hoping of courset that the rain holds offheain tonight so that the show canso indeed go on. t fox5's anjali hemphill isphill live on the national mall.l. anjali i know you grew up grew here. do you ever remember the er re fireworks being canceled? cce >> reporter: i do not.ot and i'm hearing that they t actually have never had to had have been canceled orr postponed, so if the weatherheea does become an issue today, that will be a very unprecedented move for them to postpone it until tomorrow, tor which is looking like it mightmi be. check it we're enjoying no rain right r r now, beautiful sunrise over or the capitol building therepito behind us but you can seeu can there is cloud cover and thatndt could, of course, cause some som issues later tonight. tig but we also want to talk aboutkt security as well. the national mall will bewill filled with thousands ofands
5:32 am
annual july 4th fireworksh show. sh there will be tight security on the mall today. the majority of the d.c.he d.c police force will be oute out patrolling the area.trolling the they're going to be checkinggo alinl bags and coolers at theirt eight security check pointscutyc around the mall. drugs, alcohol, tents, grillsenr and drones are all prohibitedroe as well as any weapons of any of kind. there's also going to be aalso i large crowd out here guys sore s any folks with small kids,mall , they're going to need to keepino an eye on your k children sohi they don't get separated fromat you. it's going to be a lot going a g on out here later tonight soonig the d.c. mayor is asking is a everyone to be aware and help hl out those who will be wl protecting the public. >> we should pause to reflectefe on all of the government workers but especially ourlly o public safety officials whoicias are spending time away from f their own families to keep our city safe. >> reporter: again, we'ree're also talking rain today. tay if it's not too bad, thehe fireworks are supposed to suppoe
5:33 am
those could be delayed ae co little bit later which couldhi c cause problems for folks f f having to get up early in thegee morning. if it's a real mess out heree they could be pope francisra pond altogether until tuesday night. we're live on the national paul morning, anjali hemphillemh fox5 local news.x5al n >> we're learning more about a small explosion in centralexploc park that seriously injured aena fairfax county man.coty >> police say it appearsice sa someone left a homemade explosive in the park.e in the the explosive was not intendednn to hurt anyone. a police believe it was aieve iwa homemade fourth of july fireulyr work. connor golden and two of hisd h friends were visiting the golden jumped off a rock in the park and his foot landednd on the explosive nearly n tearing it off.t o >> at this time we have nowe hao evidence that this is related to terrorism. t there are no specific credible c threats directed at new yorkdica or the july 4th celebrations.el. it is not unusual for the public to make or try to create homemade fireworks firew around the fourth of julyh of jy which is completely unadvisable. it also should be
5:34 am
the victim and his two friendsri we don't consider them to bem part of the construction of o this object. >> there's nothing to indicateon that this was an explosive device that was placed or putcer in this area with a specific intent to harm any individual.nd >> golden was taken to a newto a york city hospital where he h underwent surgery.went s he is reportedly in seriouserios but stable condition.di his other two friends were notee hurt. police are now searching theng park to make sure that no other explosive devices are lying aground palace sonogodon was last seen on june 26th in germantown. take a look at the picture picre because if you've spotted hertth anywhere recently you're being g asked to contact montgomeryct mg county police.tyol also police need your helpiy to find a man wanted for an attempted sexual assault.sexu it happened early saturday morning on kilborne placeborne l northwest. now, investigators say a man approached the victim and then t tried to sexually assault no one is in custody yet. y police are o
5:35 am
dollars reward for information a that leads to an arrest inds tan this case. th >> as we all get ready to t celebrate independence day,en hillary clinton and democrats da playing defense.ayin def now, this after clinton spent saturday morning in a three in and a half hour meeting withr mn fbi agents. >> clinton says she wass she w fulfilling a promise she made a last august to meet witht w agents conducting the investigation into her e-mails. donald trump expressed his tru frustration on twitter saying "it was just announced byounc sources that no charges will be brought against crooked hillary clinton. like i said the system is totally rigged ."ly rged . this comes as other members of m the gop are jumping on the on th story saying it smacks of preferential treatment.reatment. >> if she was not hillary clinton,sh that -- if she was a -- a under secretary oftary state that had done the same ths types of things, number one num she would have been -- he or she would have been fired and yes, they would have beenuld hab brought up under political -- -- i mean prosecution by theby t justice department. departm >> meanwhile former governorver mitt romney says he doesn'te dot plan to vote for eitherr candidate.ate. romney said clinton is not an ideal person to be president.toi he says he simply can
5:36 am
for donald trump based on his temperament and his >> ♪ >> 5:35 is our time right let's go ahead and talkal weather because i knowecause i everybody is wondering aboutonda it and so gary my first mfirs question is i know we have been talking a lot about there o fireworks but the parades come c first. i know there's a lot of neighborhood parades, t myes, neighborhood parade startsho pas around 11:00, i think the big one downtown might startight s around noontime. nnt what about those? are they in i jeopardy, too.jeop >> it's probably just showery.ho it's not going to be drive. after 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock, olo 4 o'clock that's when we get g into the potential for these tse heavier bands of rain coming con on across.oncr then there's also the the thunderstorm threat thistorm afternoon into the evening hours as well. so, it kind of comes in stagesns and at least for the firsthe part of the day just showery,t e not a washout. later this afternoon and this ai evening that's when i think theat best chance of the majority of us getting wetetti w will be.ll b okay, listen, here's where wes r are this morning. just a couple of showers outpl there this morning. most of the rain this morninge n is to the south of us.the
5:37 am
interstate 64, definitelyinit around richmond and charlottesville and through --lr through the blue ridge there,ehe that's where they're gettingng the rain now and again this isnt all going to be changing chang through the afternoon.ftno it will be getting a little bit heavier because look atoo all the rain back to the westes of us, kind of waves of rainain coming across. acros you see those thunderstormshu coming out of missouri andri into kentucky, all that has to s head our direction and get and temperature now is 68 64 for frederick. fde very heavy and muggy out there t this morning. mni temperatures later today onlyesr up into the lower to mid 70's. 7 this will be one of the cooler july 4ths no doubt about showers and potentially dentialy thunderstorms this evening. e fireworks forecast, goecas together get hot this weeklyet all that stuff is coming up in just a few minutes. few mutes guys. >> 5:37 is the time right now.rn coming up on fox news morningor several dozen people arel don pp rushed to the hospital duringhor a kenny chesney concert inn pittsburgh. >> some of our neighbors out o west are cleaning up from ag f severe round of r >> as we led to break, here's l
5:38 am
as we get ready to celebrate the fourth of july hopefully hef with -- well, it's going to probably rain so you'll need'l an umbrella. umbre we'll dog about thatwe'll talk t throughout the morning. time right now is 5:38. back after this. >> ♪ ♪ keep on track with dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies, made with low-fat yogurt and real fruit blended
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>> ♪ >> ohio has apologized a man
5:41 am
after the man was wrongfullyrofu accused of having ties tog isis. the man was staying at a a fairfield inn and was dressedd n in traditional middle easternrn clothing when he was tackled t to the ground by police andend handcuffed last wednesday.nesda. now, a clerk at the hotel called 911 when he heard the11 man speaking in arabic. wrac. the man was hospitalized for minor injuries. >> from the police departmentept to disrespect you.ou. there was not the ink it is very regrettable regtt trcumstance that occurred force you. you should not have been putot in that situation like you were. were >> the hotel clerk who made m the false claim may facee aim criminal charges for the act.hat the united arab emirate has has advised their citizens against t wearing traditional dress whenn traveling to the united states.e trouble at a kenny chesneyhy concert in pittsburgh. pitbu 36 people ended up inp hospitals during the show lastdi night at heinz public safety spokespersonerso says most were severelyely intoxicateed. >> police played a handful of
5:42 am
g espassing stealing ticketsin simple assault and public intoxication. now in 2013 chesney's concerton in the steel city made mad headlines because fans lefts l more than 30 tons of trashs ora behind so, yeah, all right, 5:42 is the time. here's incredible video out of colorado.lodo. massive hail storm swepte through that area. residents at the plum creek apartment complex say most of the devastation happened in one spot.cost now some of the hail stonesl were the size of golf storm caused thousands ofan of dollars in damage.e. >> wow. that's some serious hail. hail >> yeah.>>h. >> fox5 news morning residentsws of one local city are resting easy after celebrating theng fourth of july ahead of today's stormy weather. >> this morning nasa iss mo getting ready for one of itsf spacecraft to enter orbit around jupiter. >> let's go to break now and a as we do we'll take a livee l look outside. there's the capitol. you can see they're all set're e and ready for a capitol fourthou concert on the west lawn there. fingers crossed it all gets in.osin 5:42 is our time
5:43 am
fox5 news morning back right bat after this. after >> ♪ >> ♪ man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
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5:45 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back. 5:45 is the time. as we take a live look5: lok everything is calm and is ca and peaceful right now.ow nothing to worry about at this a very moment. >> gary, is there any chanceerea at all you could just be a b hund
5:46 am
>> there's always a chance.lwaya not today but there's are chance. [laughter][lau >> not today. n tod >> he's making his shot it's going in. >> tucker is coming in in a little while.ttle whi you can ask him the samee question. question. i can't speak for him. h i'll just speak for me.ust here's what we can hope for. hof i think it's legit, too. t looks like i don't have any --ty we get the fireworks forecastt in. in. look, here's what we can hope wp for. that we don't end up havingav thunderstorms this evening and a what little heavy rain bandsn bn we get, get out of here by 7, b 8 o'clock. o'clo if that happens then thehat fireworks forecast is a go andfe i really believe that most of the thunderstorm activityde today will stay to the south, su okay. at least south of the metro area.orea. and if that happens, of course, then the chances of usfu having thunder -- having theavig forecast this evening, it'seven going to be pretty high and as a we said earlier, it's never nev been postponed before.ed be so that's on our side as i mean, there's always a chance but at least the facthe f that it's never been postponed
5:47 am
that's a good thing. a goohing. here's what i'm thinking at 9 o'clock this evening ofthis e course with the fireworks firor ououds, showers, yes. thunderstorms are possible, psi not probable but possible, posbl okay. and definitely if you'reinitel y headed out to the mall, youmally need to take things to stay s dry because we're going haveoi h waves of showers pretty much pru all day long and as we gets we g into the afternoon and the a t evening, the showers and rainwea will become a little bitecome tb heavier out there.avie 75 for a high today, so it'so definitely going to be one of gt the cooler jo uly the fourthshet we've had a long, long time.e. 75 degrees today goes to 90 t tomorrow. we still have the chanceha tomorrow for some showers and ad even some thunderstorms buterst again, with more sunshine tomorrow, it's definitelyow, its going to be a whole lot hotter and it does look like the extended forecast is going to be bringing in some hot stuffotf as well. so, once we get to tomorrow, too we hit 90 degrees, we're goingog to stay in the 90's for several days and not only willnl it be hot it's going to beoing o humid as well.d as w look at all the rain back out bk to the west that has to getasge through here.rough h a few showers this morning.s but again, as we get into theo afternoon, as we get into the evening, looks like we stand aid chance of having a heavier
5:48 am
rain.ra showers, thunderstorms athustort times, maybe even a little bitlt of heavy rain out again, i'm hoping that thehat thunderstorm activity will w stay primarily to the south ofri lywhcity, which is -- which could happen, okay.d ha o i think it probably willbay happen but some of oure o southern areas will definitelyit get some thunderstorms beforeth the day is out. lookun how hot we're going get. 90 tomorrow, 94 wednesday, 95ne on thursday. we stay in the 90's, too, for, quite awhile and it also looksok like next week is going to bengo hot as well.s wl. guys, back over to you.r toou >> all right.>> all rig let's talk about this.t' third round ofs metro's safeets track program begins tomorrowogi and this round of repairs willrw impact both the blue and thend t yellow line >> it will also affect railffec service to reagan nationalatna airport. erin is here now with more on mo what you will face not when notw you head out tomorrow morning, 'cause it actually startsactuals tomorrow night, right.ow n, ri >> right. it kicks in at 8:00 p.m. 8:00 . tomorrow. this is really importantreallymr starting for the wednesday wne morning rush. but want to keep everyone every informed. at least you can enjoy a y can quieter metro ride tomorrow tor morning if you're trying get'rti to work post holiday this is what you can c anticipate.
5:49 am
8 o'clock lasting for seven f sv days through july 11th,uly th service is actually shut down on the yellow and blue linee l between national airport and ait braddock road.dooad. shuttle buses available ail between braddock road crystal see city and pentagon city. c they're also letting folksng f that are traveling to and fromnd the airport to an anticipate longer cab lines as folks takee taxis and ubers to get keep in mind two segments of the blue and yellow line willloe be running around that stopped o service every 15 minutes on the blue line betweenetween franconia-springfield andring braddock road anddock r and approximately every 12 minutes2n between national airport andirrt largo town center.ter. as for the yellow line every e 12 minutes between huntingtonung and braddock road and national airport and greenbelt.or give yourself a lot of extraf l time to get around. aun these are the followinges station that is metro isn advising riders to watch forersh longer wait times. tes crowded conditions on thetions platforms and also again again crowded shuttle buses. l'enfant plaza pentagon, pen pentagon city, crystal city, c reagan national, braddockddoc road, king street, old town,
5:50 am
van dorn streetvan dorn street if you want to get around and not takecoto metro increased bus service, fairfax connector vreae art arlington rapid transitra and obviously the most desirable if that's yourth normal stop telecommuting butmut if that's not an option plan ahead. ahea make sure you plan a different e form of transportation maybeio carpool consider taking one ofid these options or also smart car zip car uber has poolca services and so does lyft so l something else to keep youelseou moving 678. metro service does gear up on g the rails at 7:00 a.m. today. t. any questions if you're headedy' down to the national mallnal despite the rain, i know a lotno of people not letting the rain e ruin their celebration reacheler out to me on twitter at erin e fox5 d.c.x5.c i have all your metro optionspt listed for today as well. holly and wisdom. wdom. >> thank you very much erin como. let's take a look at the ynoo stories you're engaging withu'rg the most this morning onst thiso social media with our realtimeil news tracker. tck >> first up, backlash for for jessie williams aft
5:51 am
speech at the bet awards. ard fans of the show grey's anatomy are petitioning toit have the actor fired over war o calling a racist rant.ant. williams gave what many others h though are calling a powerful pu speech about inequalitynequit calling on black america to " "stay woke and start a revolution."voluti >> a real touching story.tory a nebraska man wanted to dod tod something special to celebrateea his wife completing her final f chemotherapy treatment and a a dozen dozen roses didn't seem s like enoughly he surprised herhl with 500y roses. res family and friends delivered der the roses to her at theses hospital. her response "holy molely." moll after she got a chance chancee c to enjoy the beautiful flowersle she shared them with the other cancer patients. >> my favorite story of thery of day. in an effort to prevent drunk d and underage driving in ourge d area today the washington regional alcohol program is offering free rides.e rides. sober ride wants you to getan home safely this independenceden day. july 4th is
5:52 am
considered one of the moster dangerous holidays foredous service begins at 10 o'clocknscl and runs until 4:00 a.m.ntil:00. tomorrow morning.morr riders must be 21 or older andla are responsible for any ride anr that's over $30. $ >> get home safely. >> the town laurel is lookingoo pretty smart. srt they already pulled off theiroft fourth of july festivities. the mayor live streamed the the display on periscope.erco pretty spectacular show. show. saturday's weather of coursether was clear.c saturday was the july of theas l weekend. that was the best day to do bes it. >> yeah. >> good for him. he got ahead in that one andt oa came out on top. t also this morning, nasa's general spacecraft is closings l in on planet jupiter.t jute expected to arrive sometimesomee today. to >> nasa scientists admitdm they're a little anxious aboutnx the mission and say the stakesha are high with jupiter locatedtec in the harshest region in the solar system.r stem. fox's steve rappaport has therth story. >> reporter: scientists ar
5:53 am
fourth of july as this monday mn the juneau spacecraft is set to reach jupiter after a five year, one point ail wiltonyl onmile journey.le jouey. >> there's a lot ride on whatida happens july 4th.happ we have to perform thiserfo critical maneuver. >> reporter: nasa is opening n it will be able to wilbe a successfully complete a veryplev precise move this independencein day. in a preprogrammed series ofies motions, the solar poweredolar spacecraft will need to slow down late monday in order to oer slip into jupiter's orbit.rb juneau is that designed toigd t pierce through jupiter's thick clouds and map the giant planet. >> the rocket motor has toas burn at just the right time inst the right direction at thehe right moment for the right amount of time for us to get into orbit and if that doesn't n all go just right, we fly past y jupiter. >> reporter: nasa's goal isasa'i to put geno over a path thath t loops over the planet's pole. the price tag $1.1 billion.llio. >> nasa has been to jupitern top before but never this closeslo and we know a lot about a jupiter from previous mis
5:54 am
but juneau is poised to answeroa the questions that we still s have. >> reporter: scientists aretee hoping the mission will help determine how much water wat exists on jupiter and provide insight on how the planetla formed. >> you know what juneau is really about is learning about a the recipe for how solar s systems are made. we really -- scientists don't really understand how theow t planets are made. we know after the sun formedunor something happened and we wereee able to form jupiter.te >> reporter: steve steve rappaport, fox news. >> ♪ >> and we want to say hello on o this july 4th to our facebookurc fan of the day with his -- his which is theresa. tre she's celebrating the news of becoming a grandma. grandma will for the first time. t i don't know if she looks old ls enough to be a grand ma. gnd >> well, that's her daughterhe in the picture. she's the one that's expecting although you can't see -- see well, i'm just saying.ayin >> theresa you look so good we d don't know who is the daughter u
5:55 am
honest. y> which is actually pretty cool. >> yeah. >> tell me what night cream you're' clearly it's working. >> i need some of thatea too.. theresa has been a fox5 viewer x for five years.for ears we appreciate it and thank you a very much for watching. watch if you would like to be fan ofen the date post your pictureic below that one. o awesome. >> fun times for sure. so we're hoping you have fun times today for many so is it hit or miss or pretty muchmit all day >> hit or miss for the first thf part of the day. >> and then it's washout forasho the night. >> potentially can couldotentiay become a washout for the lateat afternoon or the evening hours. >> hm. >> okay? is there any chancehac i could be wrong? crickets. [laughter] >> i'm hoping yes but i fearye the answer is no.o. >> that's okay. oka >> i fear the answer is no. >> ♪>>
5:56 am
know that. here's where we are --re we e - >> wisdom and i weren't bornen r yet. >> showers coming across --om one of you on the couch washe ch born in 19 -- before 1972. 1 i'm just saying.ay i don't know.i i better stop now while i'mhile ahead.ahea just a couple showers oute show there this morning.there here's the last hour. you can see most of this t activity is down to the south. h again, we're fairly dry nowy d but as we progress into theintot afternoon and the evening, eve that's when i think we stands sa the chance for the heavier hvi showers coming on across. acros. i think by 3, 4, 5 o'clock, olo all of us will be getting a be a little bit of rain out therein o and there will be a couple of bo spots which may indeed be heavy, especially withiall localized thunderstorms.zed th i do believe personally thatllha down to the south is the the greatest chance of thunderstorm we probably won't have hav thunderstorms here in the metro area, certainly this evening for the fireworks and speaking of the fireworksiror forecast i wanted to show you so this. again, it's all about thunderstorms or super heavyerea rain at 9 o'clock tonight.k tong i don't think that will be theih case but, again, we'll be'll b watching out for that. o for t temperatures will be in theures lower 70's.we0' have a
5:57 am
fourth holiday. listen, what is it, wisdom and allison, right, coming back? b tuck is in, too. is in too. fox5 news morning willni w continue. stastay with us in like two, two three minutes tops we'll be be back. back >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ keep on track with dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies, made with low-fat yogurt and real fruit blended into feel-good flavors like new wildberry.
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>> straight ahead at 6:00, oneah
6:00 am
attacks overseas. ors this as security here at home h is stepped up ahead of today's d fourth of july festivities on the national mall. m >> no shortage of political fireworks. the fbi ramps up its investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail. >> rain is threatening to put a damper on the fireworks nearea d.c. tucker has your holidayid forecast at 6:05.:0 it cannot put a damper on our pride because it's fourth ofouhf july. july >> we're all in a good mood.godm >> good morning, i'm allisonis seymour. >> and i'm wisdom martin in for steve chenevey.ev chene breaking overnight aneang o attempted terror attack in saudia arabia that may have tt a been aimed at united states.ed now, suicide bomber parked his car outside of a hospital near the u.s. consulate andsute detonated his device aftere aft being approached by twoy tw security officers. those two guards were injured. u the


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