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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  July 4, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead america on edge. ge security stepped up nationwideat as millions of people get readya to celebrate independence day. d i don't know. d't k we don't know what happened.pend there was this explosion and then then dust. dt. in new york, scary momentson after a homemade fireworkiror exploded in central park. seriously injuring a fairfax frf county teenager. and back here at home, all eyes are on the skies as mothert nature threatens to turn the holiday cook outs and capitolap fourth fireworks display into a washout.out we'll have live team coverage. also ahead, major changes cg for m
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when the holiday break ends, it's the next step in thetein transit agency s safety where you will want to avoid.t d good day at 9a starts now. ♪ we are indeed rocking it ouo on this july 4th monday.onday. erin and i say good day d.c. hope fourth of july. jul >> look at us representing america's colors.olor we are proud to be americans.ns look who might -- >> wisdom martin.>> wis marti >> it's hot outside. >> did you bring us anything? an >> i got you taken care of.f. there's some stuff out here.t h it's fresh on the grill for youu >> see how it is. >> this is from nando'. nan >> are you picking up. a you he brought that all in for himself. >> no, no, no. >> he's pretending it's for. f >> tuck and i got you covered.ud >> we >> any way, we say happy july july 4th. i'm holly morris alongside
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como, wisdom martin, tuckeruc the rest of the gang is enjoyiny the holiday.. >> they're sleeping in.inn. >> exactly. >> also ahead this morning we'rw talking about the star of a new fox show show baltimore mosses pastor jamal bryant will give us a sneak peek at a show call the preachers.. mother nature messing withu holiday plans. p heavy rain is on the way. washed out cookouts and no n firework on the mall tonight? can't believe it. it. for details tucker barnes say iy isn't so. is >> it isn't so. >> it is so. (laughter). >> wisdom, i didn't know kno anything about covering them? >> tucker -->> t - >> how dare you.ow de you. >> see.>> see >> he does indeed speak the truth.trut see how that it is.s. >> tucker just sol me out. >> wisdom, before we left the lt reason we're late wisdom is likk make sure holly and erin get some food. f there you go.ere you go >> lie with the best of
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>> twinkle.. >> lie with the best of them. te your nose is growing. >> wet fourth. i was just outside a moment agon it's cloudy and gloomy and coolc with temps right now only 70 degrees. winds out of the south south evh at 11:00. humidity creeping up 87%. here come the rain not so much at the moment. m most of our region is just j dealing with cloud cover andovea light sprinkles here and there,e but we've got heavier rain out t to our west you can see it now into west virginia and southwess virginia. unfortunately all of that willt what wash across our region by early afternoon.on so here's the deal. prime time as far as rain i rai think will be during thewill beg afternoon hours.oo good soaking rain around hereunr maybe an inch plus of rainf potential for a littleittle thunderstorm activity as well.yl a warm front lifting through and the good news if there is anyeri good news at all in the foreca forecast, it locks like the worse of the heaviest of the the rain will be out here by seven,v 8:00 o'clock tonight.onig. maybe there l
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where we're doing cloud coverclc and sneak the fireworks n ite fn will be close call. cal i don't envy the folks across a the region who make the dig on d the fireworks tonight as it'ss i just unfortunately not going to be one of our better weather w fourth of julys as we'll be be looking at rain and clouds andlo cool temperatures.tus. that 75 by the way if we only hit 751 of our top 10 coolestooe july 4ths in history here showers and storms again thatga rain could be heavy at timeslde this afternoon with an inch plup of rain expected.xpte so you doing the barbecuing thet parade that kind of thing bet ready for a period of rainr a po around here later today.tay going to the nats game i thinkek the first couple of hours willco be okay but i can't guaranteeupa the later innings won't get soms rain. all right. guys, that's update.that updat i'll toss it back to you.ou >> all right.>> all right. i'll trying to figure out how wisdom got the grilling segmentt even got kale chips.hi. (laughter). >> that's a question i have on this july 4th.4t >> they flipped a coin. >> is that how it works. >> comes back from vacation ---- >> exactly.>>xact >> listen, weather of course weo just one of the factors that goes in
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capitol fourth celebration whicw is going down on the nationalna security as you can imagine alsn a major issue. >> fox's anhali hemp socialso securityville is live on thee on national mall if you're planning to head down to the big show.ho good morning to you.o >> reporter: good morning.r: g. first of all, in terms ofer weather we are looking okay oy right now rain has been holdingi off by the looks of the cloudss out here doom and gloom is and i probably coming quite shortly. y take a look behind me here. we've got a lot of policeice presence out here already and aa loft shut down roads in and in around the national mall.l m this is seventh andhnd pennsylvania. where you can see the roadway ra has been completely shut down bn police there and just furtherur beyond that intersection that'sa constitution avenue. a that is shut down in both directions. so they can conduct theirconduci security sweep because the becae national mall will be filledalli with hundreds of thousands ofano people later tonight for the annual firework there will be tight security onc the mall, guys, the majority ofo the dc police force will be outo patrolling the area. therea. and they'll be check
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and coolers com coming through h are eight security checkpointsck around the no drugs, no alcohol. alcol tents, grills and even your en drones. those are all prohibited tonight as well as weapons of any kind.k there's also going to be largeae crowds out here so parents, guyy with small kids you'll want tol keep an eye on them so they don't get just in general lot going on out here tonight. that's whyt's authorities set up a text alertt system that anyone visiting then mall can sign up for. >> notification system forteor updates about the events be it weather emergencies, missing m children things like that, simim sell text july 4 d.c. to 8887778 you're automatically enrolled el you'll get updates throughouthru the day. >> again, road closures have hae already begun if you're driving through d.c. you'll want to'll t avoid the area around theund national mall at all costs i'm'm told why the security sweep issw
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closed to pedestrians at this time but it should be reopened around 10am. 10a in downtown dc anhali hemp hill fox5 local news. news. >> the other big story we'retoe' talking about virginia.abouvirg virginia teenager recovering in new york hospital this morningos after anpi explosion cost him pp of his leg much the blasthe bla happened yesterday in central ia park and left big apple on edgee now this morning, though,h, investigators say the explosive was not terrorist related. rat it was like al homemade fireworr left out accidentally. fox's bryan llenas has the sto story. we don't know what happened.wh there was a small explosion andt then -- >> then dust.. >> then dust. d >> i don't know the caliber oft firework.firework >> reporter: as new york getstee ready to celebrate the fourth o july with a famous fireworks display, a different kind ofnt f blast happened in central park.p >> we have no evidence that this is related to terrorism. there are no specific crediblecd threats. >> reporter: police say ar: pola young man who was visiting theit cy
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southern part of the park andard landed on a device that explod exploded. authorities believe the victimbe and his two friends had nothingt to do with the explosive material. witnesses say they heard a louda noise >> i don't want to say explosioo but certainly wasn't a car backb firing or firework.. and um heard young men yellingey ran up the hill and came one their friend who was laying oni the rocks and his left foot was severely damaged.aged. >> his friends were he was in shock. so, um, his foot was really injured. >> reporter: the man waste the m rushed to the hospital.pi his left foot blown off and doctors say he's in stable condition.ion. nypd bomb squad is investigatini the case but say instance likenk this are all too common aroundd the fourth of july. jul >> this is the time of year whee typically we will see a lot of experimentation, explosive experiments if you will theirhe goal to make loud noise and makd a flash. they like to make noise and sors of play with firework. firor there's nothing to indicate
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this was an explosive deviceve v that was placed or put in thisnt area with a specific intent to harm any individuals.ndividua >> reporter: investigatorstitors pointed out that anyone with a h basic understanding of chemistrt can assemble explosives and thit kind of information is readilysi available on the in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. 9:09 at the time. suicide bomber carried outarri t attack near u.s. diplomatic dipa sight in saudi arabia.t in s a it happened early this morningsi outside the u.s. consulate manyy attacker park his car outsideut the hospital near the consulatea and detonated his device afteria being approached by two securitr officers. all staff at the consulate isatn accounted for.accoted also developing the death ta toll continues to rise fromse fm deadly terrorist attack in iraqi it happened over t weekend two bombs went off in officials say 142 people are dead and 187 other people are injured.d. isis is taking responsibilityibl for the attacks.ttac which the white house is condemning.emng and morning continues in
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bangladesh following a terror attack at a calf fame the primee minister paid her respects tohec family members of the victims.ic 28 people including threeuding e americans were killed in that incident. that began this past friday at a isis has claimed responsibility for the attack but the bangladesh government continuesi to cast doubt on that no shortage of political poc fireworks over the weekend. from if the b. the. i political probes into hillaryy clinton's e-mail use and the r running mate running rampant foa democrats and republicans. fox's doug luzader has theeras e latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: good morning fromdm the national mall here in washington.washin we're expecting hundreds ofdsf thousands of people for the big fourth of july celebration today which is of course a bipartisan event. but the political conventiononno start in two weeks. ♪ >> reporter: we've seen the seen rehearsal here on the nationalio mall and under still menacing mc skies we're preparing now norown the real thing tonight.
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here, fbi headquarters. that's where hillary clintonlion spent 3.5 hours on saturdayda being grilled over her use of ue e-mail as second of state. >> i've been eager to do it, and i was pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department in bringing this to a conclusion. >> reporter: but fortune tonutou stakes are anorm she could be charged or sher could be exonerated as she set e to secure her party'sr par nomination. she and president obama are set to campaign together for the the first time tomorrow in northw i carolina.lina. just as the obama administratior is still dealing with theng wite fallout from last week's unusual airport tarmac meeting betweentn attorney general loretta lynch moo who may decide whether toher charge clinton and former for president bill clinton. the meeting that hadid some pundants beside themselves.. >> it smells too high heaven the whole process.s. >> clinton supporters were quici to defend the process includingi some who appeared on the short t list for running mates.ngates. >> those who are doing the
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investigation, those who knowioo the facts are going to make the final call. >> reporter: donald trumpte donl meantime having his own share of difficulties heading into thiss holiday with one poll after another showing him trailing trl he, too, is in the midst of af a running mate search. s >> we're a couple weeks from thr convention. so we may even get announcementt within the next week but inn terms of newt gingrich, chrish,r christie, newt grinning rich ish kind of at the top of the topf h speculation chart charts.ha >> that was doug luzaderha reporting there. we thank him fort that.ha let's talk metro right now. metro safetrack plan is chugging right along.ght a the third round actually beginsb tomorrow. >> this round of repairs will w mean major changes for both thet blue and yellow line riders. rer it will also affect anyone aon flying into our area at reagann national airport.port. erin como she's our trafficurra expert and she's going to have a lot to break down when it comes to this whole metro drama. >> that's for safetrack surge three itge r starts tomorrow night at 8:00roh p.m. not going to affect tomorrowectw morning or afternoon rush but
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wednesday morning that's that' different story as folks adjusts to the new pattern a. seven day program for surge forr three. three. the rail service is shut down on the yellow and blue line betweet national airport and braddockddk road. you can catch shuttle buses atus those stations but rail servicei not available. shuttle buses braddock road to crystal and pentagon city andy a national airport for airportirrt customers.. as wisdom mentioned this is affecting people flying intognt reagan anticipate longer taxi lines asa penal tried to find other modeso of tra fnsportation to get awaya blue and yellow lines will beesl running into two segment. blue lines ever 15 minutes. muts as for the yellow line every 12y minutes between huntington andnd braddock road and every 12 ery 1 minutes between the airport andt green this could add extra time to your anticipate crowded shuttle busee urging folks to find other modee of transportation.ion. also, expect longer wait timesat and crowded conditions at all ol these metro toms. l'efant plaids is that correct pentagon, pentagon city, cryst
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city, reagan national, braddockk road, king street, eisenhower, huntington, van doren street. sr as well as francona springfield. increased metro bus service youy can take the bus instead of of fairfax connector, v. v. e, art art and dash. telecommuting is the mosthe m desirable if you can't do that and you need to head to worko w like we all do here, make sureer you plan ahead find an the nat form of transportation considern car pooling, biking since it's i nicer conditions except todayept for the rain. if you have any questions abouto metro and surge three always reach out to me on twitter atwia erin fox5 d.c. holly? thanks, kerr rin.ks still at hid 89:00 we'rere spending america's birthday witw none other than miss usa. >> good way to do it.o >> deshauna barber will join us live in the loft.. her visit since winning thenghe crown. >> first though from the pulpitp to the national air
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new show preache preachers debun fox5 next week and this morningm one of the host baltimore' of course own pastor jamal bryantab is going to join us live with at sneak peek.snea there he is right there. is rig he's here. we're going to talk to himk toim coming up next.coming up next.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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>> these are unlike my preachers union scene before. befor a new show called the preacherse will debut next monday rightight here on fox5. pastor jamal bryant founder ofun the empowerment temple ame church in baltimore he joins usu now live with a look at whatt w makes this show so different ana how this all came to be.. pastor bryant, always good tod see you. >> thank you.>> tha >> i heard about you and now iod get to meet you. >> i'm glad to meet you as wellm absolutely.absolutely. >> look, talk about the show, because we're talking about four preachers. >> pretty much in a talk show format. be on earth did this come to be? be? >> i tell everybody it's the's e real in drag. so we have the exact same form format. same production. out of la talking about abo contemporary current events. but from the perspective a pastor. pa >> right. so we'll be dealing with everything from kanye west's we' latest video to the elections ee that are coming up.
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>> wow! >> it's very first time as ry f daytime talk show has had four u men. me >> right. >> so it's going to be pretty mazing. g >> not just four men but four fr preachers and four black men.. >> four black men, four black ba preachers in daytime televisionn >> it's going to be historic.g t >> was that hard sell? i mean a know all these -- it's hard to t get on tv as it is when you'reor talking about four black men, mn four black preachers.he >> yes. >> on tv in prime time on a tall how hard avenue sell was that? a >> the people in the office wili have to tell you that. t i have no idea. i but it does did not intend foror it to be all black. they just knew they wanted four religious leaders.. they brought out about 65 clerge from around the country. >> right. rig >> and we dwindled down to tseoe four. four >> gotcha.ota. one is john gray.ra he's pastoral assistant to joele olsteen. in houston.. e dewey smith out of atlanta and the republican of our group is
9:20 am
orrick quick. q it will be highly debatable.ebae it's going to be very toxic.ic. >> how real you going to keep it on this show? you got to keepee it real on daytime tv to stay on tv. >> here's the difference.e's thr everybody else in daytime talk t goes home for the weekend.eeke >> okay.>>y. we've going to face our congregations. >> true. >> a level of accountability ana consistency that's going to be required of all of us.edall of >> right. you talk about dealing with your congregation. your congregation is here.grion >> yes.>> yes >> you got to go to la to do lad this. >> yes. >> how are you going to manageou the back and forth. >> thank god for technology. >> i'm doing bible study onlineb but home every weekend for the church so i leave right afterhtr this to go right back to la. >> wow, okay.. >> what can people expect now ec you talked about some of theom topics you're going to talk about. current events, politics,ol anything on the table.he table >> there are no limits to it. we do something a little bitittb differentha
9:21 am
daytime talk.dae talk. we start the show with a prayer. >> okay.>> >> and then we close with a motivational message of just 90 seconds.secos >> okay. and every day each of us wills l rotate. but other than that's correct in will be the format t of any daytime talk show. we're having guests from amber rose 2:00 a.m. n colter and and everything in between. so it's going to be prettyretty >> you get any flack, any any negative feedback? i know youiu getting positive but any a negative feedback from thefr religious people, the church chc folks that say, hey, pastor, pas what are you doing? what areoiw ya'll doing?ng >> what abouts? >> i think it's a sigh of relie because it's not a reality show. ig right. >> so it's not houses and cars. >> and -- it's none of that. there may be hair grabbing andig fighting but it's really dealina with court issues and with alli of the stress and strain that ta americans are dealing with.h. given some level of enlightenment, encouragement and empowerment. >> best of luck to you. >> thank you.
9:22 am
wshow. it sounds like it will be exci exciting.ex give a fresh and differentifrent perspective to daytimeive toayti television.te >> i'm excited about it.ed a i every day monday through fridayf right here on fox. o f it's going to be exciting. eiti. >> cool. awesome. pastor bryant, thank you. bryana >> my pleasure. >> thank you for coming in. >> i have question. it says right here some of the t topics you'll talk i need to know why my pastor --o why do i need to have my pastoro talking you about beyonce''seyo' booty.oty. >> i didn't know that was on the list. >> it's listed right here. h it's coming up on your show.ho. >> you just giving me heart me t failure my daughters are in thee green room.grroom (laughter). >> i -- you have information imn don't have.. i'm going into prayer whileprayw you're on commercial. ocomm >> i'm keeping in you pry myou m prayers. >> thank you. >> you know what else we need to duke.ukwent to >> i did hear you got your master's degree from one of thet finest universities on the planet. >> where was that. that. >> duke university.veit >> amen, >> and the congregation saidatio amen. >> we'll be praying >> i think you need to pray for me.. >> blue devils,
9:23 am
on the blue devils. dil >> absolutely. all day.y. >> thank you. >> thank you. y. >> 9:22. coming up toxic algae taking tin over the florida coast.. decision day kevin durant hoy an eagle eyed veteran helped save a bald we've got a check of what elseec is making headlines thiseshi morning. >> later the big friendly giant arc big fat fp.lo fp. kevin become back with theco bai holiday weekend box office withw all this rain i think a lot of o people may be heading to theng e movies we'll be back in just a few.t a.
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♪ it is 9:26. time for us to check what hell's make >> hundreds of people demandingm a solution to the algae takingak waters in florida.waters in or isn't stewart florida on on saturday residents held signs hi angry about toxic algae muchlg m it's not good for the water anda smells awful and bad for tourism and the residents want it all gone.gone governor rick scott declared aec state of emergency in fourn florida counties.nties. mega millions jackpot haskp climbed to estimated $449 million. the next drawing is tomorrowra night at 11:00.t 11: if there's winner, they can take the payout over a span of 29 of years or take the smaller lum
9:27 am
sum which is i think most people do that. >> take the lump sum.p s you'll do better investing. inv. >> that's right. >> investing in stuff.nv >> that's what i do.. if there's,/a winner, rather the jackpot rolls over and getsnd gt bigger your odds of winning onll one in 259 million. million. >> somebody has got to win.. >> somebody has got to win. hopefully it will be one of.e o >> the big fish in nba free n f agency set to make his decisions today.toda yesterday kevin durant finisheds with meeting with teams he wasms interested in and despite james hardin's big push the rocketsoc not in the mix.not in the m they were not one of those teamt houston does not appear to be on the radar. right now all sides point to him staying in oklahoma city withit the thunder or play with theitht gallon den state warriors.arri i doubt if he goes to golden goe state. he can make more money stayingey with the thunder.nd. >> wisdom' call.l. >> my call.>> m cal bald eagle in minnesota has an army veteran to thank forhaor freedom today. the bird's leg was caught in peace of rope rapid around a aun tree branch.h. the army vet decided to step ine after getting permission fromior the department of naturalpament resources use
9:28 am
own eagle eye to shoot at thehot tree branch and the rope. rope. the eagle was free more than ana hour later.ater. >> good for him. good for him. >> that is eagle eye. >> wow!>> w >> impressive. >> that is very impressive.ery e all right. a strange stunt at the losng angeles zoo.e anges talked about this this is very bizarre. >> man left fake facts about animals on zoo signs all over ae the zoo. this is phony information butmab that phony info -- >> this is my favorite one filml what does that say. flamingos are monogenous exceptc for fill.for fill. >> that's crazy. all right. rig it had a bunch of explanationsxi as to why penguins wear tuxes. . you just saw one. o or how owls are related to tv -- in the tv series friends. the plan was hatched by atcd california based comedian.omed people are voting online for which signs they think were thet funniest.. now, we talked about thishi earlier.ier >> allison did say some of theme aren't that funny and i agreey r with her on that one. one. >> the guy just rolls into thele zoo and starts putting signs ups >> that's the question
9:29 am
he rolls and in starts slappingg up sign. >> nobody said anytn >> the zoo wasn't in on this thi because the stuff not accurate.t so that's a big concern.once >> i wonder if he'll get a fine. >> well, i don't know. i d't kno that's weird. >> we are talking about their t zoo after all.zoo afr al right?ri >> he did get in the news.. really the only thing people are talking about today is thehe weather.weathe because mother nature making iti very difficult for us to reallyl celebrate america's birthday,da, tucker.tuck >> speaking of the zoo, this t weekend i was on the metro anded everybody got off at the zoo. >> okay. >> it was beautiful day for it. >>ti saturday everybody.y ev they were like a thousand people that got off to go to the zoo.e. >> perfect zoo day on saturday.a >> not so much today and let'sns talk fireworks.ks fourth of july i just tweeted an apology because at this point t i'm going to apologize for thist forecast. just couldn't be less l cooperative as we get into the e afternoon hours.afte these may be for the least somes of you the only fireworks youewy see we're looking at rain rain showers and storms thishis afternoon and that is our our forecast at 9:00 p.m. at 9: p.m now, with that being said,ng sai he
9:30 am
i think the heaviest of the raie will be the afternoon hours anda we're thinking about seven,even 8:00 o'clock tonight, that t things should start to let up. t there is a possibility there's window here this evening where e it may just be cloudy andy and overcast and not really rainingi so much so we can sneak thosesno firework in. let's take a look at current c numbers much it's cool outs mut' i mean plenty cool for july the fourth. 70 right now in washington. 68 in leonardtown.. freds burg is 69 degrees. 60s in the 69 out in hagerstown.n 68 in winchester. wincheste if we hit a daytime high of 75 o that's what we're looking at that will rank in the top 10 for coolest julys in washington history.ory pretty extraordinary we'reraorda looking at those kind of coolofo temperatures.temp 75 is our forecast high. h all right.l ri here's why we're not terribly optimistic about our cloud cover to start your yr morning. a few sprinkles out there early this isn't amount to go much.. what will amount to much is ouro warm front which will usher inen conveyor belt of moisture owest the afternoon hours and we'll aw have rain around here steady ify
9:31 am
starring early afternoon.ft i think by 12, 1:00 p.m. the p. rain will start. it will be steady if not heavy around here threw six,ew 7:00 o'clock tonight. it's possible you could hear a rumbla of thunder as well and when we wrap things up an inch plus oflo rain potentially 2-inches ofhe f rain as we get some imbeddedmbed thunderstorms around here laterr today. unfortunately not a very v cooperative rainfall forecast. r all right. all ri let's start with the nats game g at 11:00f you're headed down to the nats game, i think the firsf couple of hours will be okay. o i really am not terribly optimistic by one, color clock we'll be dry.wel be so i'm in the quiet sure how suh they'll handle the end of thende game. could be extended rain delayd ri down there. be prepared for rai n showers ifn you're going to the game. to gm later this afternoon and tonight going down to the mall, again, a cloud cover this morning, steads rain this afternoon and thennd e things may let up a little bitlt by seven, 8:00 o'clock tonight.. here's a bigger look and again a we're dealing with all that rair out to the west.ou it's a warm front and then an ta area of low pressure that willtl kind of roll along it and justns give us that cloudy and cool ana wet weather for our day today.ay again, staying in the 7
9:32 am
afternoon.afrnoo all right. all ri i'm going to flip it to futureor cast, and let's take lookk so the models doing the best tot model and give us a sneak peekne of what will happen later todayd there we are at 2:00 o'clock.0 c rain really moving into the 95 e corridor.idor that rain may be heavy at timesm here this afternoon as mentioned. there we are at seven,e 8:00 o'clock tonight. notice it's gradually taperingig off. of so we think again we'll get that window of time where we may gety a bit of a break. bre i can't guarantee it, though. tg can't guarantee we'll get that t break at least the possibilitysi there by eight, 9:00 o'clock and we'll get additional showersad overnight. whole thing will wrap up earlyle tomorrow morning.ow mng. this warm front once it gets its north and east of us we're get a bermuda high setting up our up hottest temperatures of the yeaf on tap for the rest of the week. so that's what we'll focus onocs once we get the rain out of outo here.he 90 tomorrow and 90 plus 9lu wednesday, thursday, friday. saturday just looking at some of the guidance that wants to gives us mid to upper 90s by the endhe of the
9:33 am
so we'll talk more about that at we get closer but again todaygat rain showers this afternoonhis o heavy at times. hoping, hoping, hoping to get it out of here by seven,even 8:00 o'clock tonight.ig we'll have to wait and see. i'll be,, what do i do i'll be'b tweeting all afternoon. fox5. >> from his couch in the rain. r >> thanks, tuck.nks, >> thank you. t >> fourth of july is here and j that means independence day anda the nathan's famous international hotdog eating ein champion on coney island. i it mark its centennial this yer year. joey jaws chestnut who's been ie here a couple of times is tryinn to ray claim the title he held d for eight straight years. y he along with many others wills face off on coney island on the boardwalk later today. he can eat 70 hotdogs. >> what? wha >> in just minutes. >> once you have your capacity you know you can eat that eat t capacity and eat that samet sam amount then you build ant tolerance for the
9:34 am
when you're really competitiveom you learn how to prep beforehanh make sure you're empty andmpnd thatly makes it easier to digess that massive amount of food. foo >> this is the 100th00 anniversary of the famous hotdog eating couldn't testify.ld the contest beginsn' at noon. >> i don't think i could eat more than 10 hotdogs. >> i can't even one hot dag. >> i don't think i could eat i c more than tha >> more than 10. >> that's crazy. >> 9:34. a big win yesterday for the natt an great night for steven strasburg back for his first hir game being placed on the disable list. bot. to fourth, nats up one to zero. basis loaded danny espinosa belts a grand slam to left fie field. his 17th homerun of the seaso season. nats up five-zero. strassberg with no hitter in the fifth. billy hamilton hits a sharp line drive to ren don to who make the nice leaping catch. ren don keeping the no hittere e alive. bottom five bryce harper,r crushes a pitch to right field.. his 17th homerun
9:35 am
season.season bottom seven nats up 10-zero.zeo danny espinosa goes yard for the second time of the ballgame. washington won go nats! nats! today at 11:00 hopefully00 bring your umbrella you can getn baseball in before the heavy h rain hits.its. >> yeah.>> yea >> they whipped up on the reds. >> a lot of runs. lots of runs.un >> that's beating.hat's ating. still ahead on good day, wee are ringing in america's 240th birthday with the brand new miss usa! there she is. formerly knownas miss d.c. why y it buy the way. she shed she was going to win schenn d she'll join us live use coming up next.coming up next.
9:36 am
9:37 am
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>> last time we talked with here she was making d.c. proud getting ready to reps resent tht nation's capitol at the miss usa pageant, and as you know, shenos made good on her promise tomie t bring the crown home. >> hawaii! >> district of columbia! >> man he so poised even whenvew winning. look at that.lot oh, my gosh. d.c. own deshauna barber is youu current miss usa and she's she spending america's birthday hanging out in the good dayoo lost. so welcome back to you. >> thank you.
9:39 am
doubted you.uldoub >> i'm glad. glad. (laughter).gh >> i had a lot of doubt. (laughter).(laugh >> really? i always wonder whan that moment is like.ent i mean you've gone through the whole pageant don't to you two t and does it seem like eternity y before they say your name?ame? >> it felt like 48 hours beforee terrence jay announced districtr of columbia. i swear. i it felt like a long long long time. but it was so incredible.redi it was truly amazing dong thatha they chose me and now i'm here. >> was there in the moment where you in your head going, it could be me or oh there's no way it'si going to be me?to be >> oh, man. oh, m i tried to wait up until innt exact moment before i actually --acal >> adjust your crown. adjus i see what you're doing.g. >> little bit crook in thetle camera. (laughter).r) >> you never know. so i try not to make anyany diagnosis on i am going togoing adjust eight bit this way.hiay. there we go. ther i try not to make any make assumptions at all until theyile say the so once they said it i knew it was going to be be i knew it happened.apne it's still registering at thishi point. so w
9:40 am
part of the pageant? >> hmm. hmm. probably interview on stage o s question is so hard. har you're sitting there and you'rer in arena with hundreds and thousands of people and you're'r curious on what the question isi going to be.g to b >> really have no idea.y haveo >> you have no idea what theat e question is going to be.. it's very nerve racking veryng v very very nerve racking the light shining ought and everyony cheering a lost kisses tracks. t you have to be focused in that t moment. >> well, you nail it.el you clearly. >>hank you. >> i think one of the thingss that work so much in your favorr and added so much to your storys is your military service.. >> absolutely.bsol >> you're breaking barriers.eaki not a lot of people in the armya look like this. lik let's just say that, right?ht? >> um-hmm. >> how much do you think that that really played a part?doplap >> i think it played very wellyw in terms of being able to relatt to the audience.ienc being able to say i'm in the i'm united states army.tearmy. a lot of people have family, fil friends impacted by the war o
9:41 am
he's and ptsd. that gave me an advantage in thh competition. >> that is your mission. m your particular project you want to take on helping veterans whos suffer from ptsd.d i know it's not that long ago l since you wouldn't have you beel able to start working on that cause?use? >> actually, i have been able tl start on that on tha i've been talking very very verv very much with my organizationaa what organizations we want toiot work with throughout my reign me just the discussion is sos s important. so that's been the main thing at this over the next couple of monthsft we'll see what organizationsana we'll tie with and target ptsd around this country. >> has it been a whirlwind sincd wound? wo >> it has.>> that next morning everyone when you get to new york.geto new y i actually flew to new york 5:35 that next morning. next morning i was crown at 9:30 p.m. thatp.t night. >> you what and the to win, go, girl. girl. >> this is what happens when you take home the crown. >> clearly we are beyond prouder of you. we just want to have a little bit of fun with you in our lastt minute. >> let's do it. >> okay. first of all, every beauty
9:42 am
has a can you show me your walk. >> absolutely. abs >> absolutely. >> because i'm highly confidento i'm never going to have a sashea or crown.or crown i can live in this moment. >> i've had ---lot of practice t on this walk. w let's just say it hasn't come c overnight.over so, um, i'm a little bit smallel in the hips i try to mick sure r cross the legs. l when i walk and then i swing tht arms really well. >> okay. when you're not as small in the hips -- >> you just walk straight.traigt you can walk >> you kind of cross really exactly.. yeah.. that looks good. loo >> can i get a burger with thatt shake.she. >> yes. >> now, okay. every beauty pageant winner hash a wonderful wave. w because you'll ride in a lot of parades.s. >> today i'll be in in the i fourth of july parade'l. >> practicing. >> let's see the wave. >> so it's like right here. h and then you -- you can't do this.. >> that's not -->> that's not - >> you have to be poised.e e po >>ery very very -->>y ve >> the old elbow, elbow, wrist,, wrist, >> it's kind of like a hmm.
9:43 am
>> yeah.>> >> it's in the shoulders.s in te in the shoulders.houlrs >> look at her.k ater. okay. real quic quickly before beforeu go. did you ever practice the winning moment you? hell it soue together.toge >> i really practiced thell winning moment and it went completely left field when it wn actually >> what were you going to do? y what were you going to do? iino was going to be like oh, my gosh.gosh then it turned out raaa! >> you never just >> exactly. you never know the emotionsr you're going to have.. >> i gave like the ugliest cry in the world. world. but, you know.bu >> let me just say there's noths anything about you that could ever be ugly.ugly. >> thank you.. what is most beautiful is yourr >> thank you.>> tha we're so proud of ynkou.ou. congratulations. well deserved and we know youd will do us proud over the nexthx >> everyone tune into misstois universe.univ >> i'm not letting you go untilu you give me that crown.wn. (laughter). >> you can tollly have it, guysl you can feltly have it.n fe >> i was sitting over here here
9:44 am
time. >> nice. >> okay. oka well, still ahead in the fox beat a busy holiday weekend ated the box office but not a good gd one for two new releases.s kevin back with the details and verin avery patriotic suit. st we'll be back in just two minutes. minutes. life's morning multitasking for a growing family, and drawers with many layers, to show exactly what you need.
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♪ > hehey. >> hello. >> there he is. i >> by the way, i was freakingas out because she just told mejusd your last guest just told me she watched my movie reviews and her boyfriend saw me in d.c. and.c took a selfie with me. m she's the nicest person on these >> she saw that suit and was ana little scared. >> she was proud of this suit.hi >> she's wonderful by the way.u >> so beautiful inside and out.o >> i love the idea of herf showing you the wave because itt was kind of cool how she was was like this.kehi she was like this. it's an exact science. >> so poised in everything she did. did >> you nailed the walk by thele way. >> i missed my calling. calling darn it.rn i >> you did a great job. >> thanks. >> this weekend was huge at the box office. find according row ca
9:48 am
number one. number 13 weekends in a row noww i mean obviously great great family film. everyone loving the visuals viss behind it ellen did a great jobt in the movie i'm excited thexcie movie is doing well eighthsl eit great film. great sequel to the first filmim finding me know and this movie made 41.9 millions dollars firsf three days.s. $51 million for the four-day fra over the weekend dory so far made $538 million so far at the box office.. tarzan basically blew out all expectations 38.1 million in its first three days.e days. with a possible 43 million forlr four hiv day run but that budget was $180 million so the questiot is, will it make it all back? the purge election year this isi a $10 million budget. made 30.8 million in its first i three days making triple its tre budget back in its first threeir days and then spielberg the bfgg did not do well. wel three days reporting around aun 19-point sick million on $140 budget. budg one of the big questions theress why you think it
9:49 am
my feeling maybe star power or o was there interest in seeing itn the book was written in '82.82. >> i loved that book growing. gi >> me, too. too i'm wondering if that'sin that' something -- >> my husband and i were talkint about why in the world would steven spielberg pick that as a movie.e. >> sure.>>ure >> the reason he picked it was w he used to read that book to his kids growing up and he will plal the part of the bfg. bfg >> he has a personal connection to the movie. >> return to the eturn the extraordinary type of story linn the dreams idea fit hisis personality.onity. so -- >> it didn't work so far at ther box office.k >> exactly.>> unfortunately. >> he needed to cult few othereh people. >> how were the reviews overallv for the bfg. t >> how were the what?that? >> the reviews.he rws >> reviews were great.iews weret i think it had 73%%.. i thought it was really wellyel >> what did you give it.t >> four out of five.iv what's interesting to me some oo the bev heavy all time don't dod well at the box office.ffe. it's a wonderful life made mad $3 million in box office.ffic >> that's crazy.>>t's >> and it wasn't -- now it's on of t g
9:50 am
time. office space didn't do well atel the box office. fight club didn't do well at tht box office. >> you and your cat woman. wan cat woman is absolutely awful. >> did you love cat >> he's biased he love hallele berry.y. >> you love the suit.ou >> love is a strong word.d. >> no, no. n >> admire her. >> i appreciate her acting. >> i appreciate the slow slip hh said holly berry. >> she's your number one. o >> my wife is the number one,e e kevin.n. >> that's the right answer. a >> she's not >> she's always number one. one there is no other. >> i'll be back at 10:30 by thee way my most pay trio at the tick films on end day.end day let me know what you think ishi the post patriotic film you cann watch on this day.s day you had a great one early. e we'll talk about that around 10:30 or so. tweet us
9:51 am
those at 10:30.ose at0: >> we need a picture of you infi this suit. th >> this suit is you willu will unbelievable.unbeliev 9:50 is the time.s th we'll be right back. b >> it is unbelievable.. >> we're back after this. ♪ ♪
9:52 am
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♪ all right. ..54 is the time these colors well they don't rur but millions of people spent thh weekend running to the store tot stock up on everything red, white and blue.lue. consumers will be spenting aspea well.ll lauren sim mow net breaks down the business of the fourth ofe o july. ♪ >> reporter:. happy 240th rthdayth america.ic with both an election and the et rio summer olympics coming up experts say 2016 is ramping up g to be big year for patriotism. and this means dollar signs for retailers.tailer >> there's going to be run on tn red, white and blue merchandisee for couple of reasons.couple of one an election year.r. people feu8eling particularlytil patriotic and the back drop ofrp breck sit everyone
9:55 am
their patriotism. >> happy fourth of call. >> reporter: survey by theveby e national retail madefied raceiee about 215 million people plan tn celebrate independence day. this adds up to $6.8 billion or little over 70 bucks per house hold. >> in america, we look at the fourth of july aa,s celebratingi our independence.dee. going back to 1776 and johnn adams had written a loader to his wife that basically saied would commemorate the holiday, l you know, with bon fires and illumination.mina >> reporter: thoseep t illuminations sure are popular.l the american pyrotechnics potec association says despite certair state bands sales are expected p to sky rocket.ocket >> we're pre ticking sales will exceed 800 firework make lost sense inn communities when you talk tok t local officials they'll cut a ca lot of things in the budget before they let the fireworksfir go. very affordable why entertain er lot of people.lo >> how else do we celebrate ouro american pride? over half o
9:56 am
people surveyed nrf will attend a barbecue. baru >> when the sweater nice you you want to be outside.nt t you want to be enjoying the fooo and the weather together. toghe. and hotdogs are a natural partar of that connection.ction. america and hotdogs go hand in d hand much it's a natural fitit between independence day and hotdogs. hotdogs. >> and for you history buffs ouo there, did you know that the the continental congress voted foror independence on july 2nd buty 2b the declaration was not approver until the fourth. f and it wasn't declared a a national holiday until almostlm 100 years after that. tha. in new york, lauren simonetti, fox business. all right. business of the fourth of july. lots of money being spend onnd o red, white and blue. >> i have red, white and blue b cook companies at home. >> blue. b blue. >> he tried. ted >> did you try? >> red tie. tie. >> guess washington it's coffee time on goodhi day d.c. d >> it is. is >> yes it is. yest i if you if you've ever been eyeing our cool good you today t mugs listen we have a new good o day d.c. dunkin
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but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks. young people are moving back in town. kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. and folks are making investments and the community is moving forward. 40% of the lights were out, but they're not out for long. they're coming back.
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10:01 am
creating fireworks of their own. lady gaga a licensed driver and bj dave holmes is adding author to his resume.. we'll chat with him about his hs new m good day at 10a starts right n now. >> ♪ >> sing it, erin. >> ♪ >> needless to say the only kin of guy i know how to be. >> great job.>> great job. >> i was impressive you wereyo e able to see te >> she put request in for the fe song. >> are you judging me.ging m >> that was impressive.hawas she who knows every sink princec every sunk.ever >> not everyone.>> notvery >> i know any good song, wisdom. >> happy july 4th everybody. e we're so glad you're with good day at 10a is rolling alona on holiday and we know mother mt nature is, you know -- >> not cooperating.peting. >> not cooperate sewing great. we'll try and get her in line.g >> i don't know if it will workw >> cuddle up on the couch,the ch prepare for some fourth of july
10:02 am
themed movies.themed movie watch good day.watc hang out with us. outith >> you got until 2:00 o'clock:0l tucker says the weather is sayte coming at t the rain is coming. coming. >> the real rain and we'll get a break later. l >> get your grilling in >> like now. >> but we say good day d.c.. i'm holly morris alongside of wisdom, and erin everybody else, enjoying the holiday off.ay we're not bitter at all. all right. so, no, we're having a good timm and hope you have somethingomet planned on tap as well.anned we in fact, we were talking about a this earlier. earer do you have any july 4th jul traditions?tritions >> do you? >> do you? >> do you? >> >> just to grill. just ri >> really. >> just to go out and grillnd g regular food on the grill. >> do you always grill the same thing or somethingal different.. >> chicken, burgers, hotdogs. >> what about you?utou >> reminds me of the fourth of e july as child smores.mores. we used to roast marshmallowsars and make the smores when i was a little. little >> why not do that as an adult.u >> that's great idea for today.f i like that. >> my little neighborhood alwayi has like a little normanma rockwell parade kids d
10:03 am
their bikes and go around and a they they have little lunch andl pony rides. >> pony rides. >> exactly. >> at night i always have forysr the last 15 years go and watchat the capitol fourth concert atont the kennedy center theyter t broadcast it and you can watch t the fireworks from the rooftop.o it's pretty amazing.. >> great place to see it. i. >> first fourth of july here ini d.c. i get to make new mak traditions this very good point.very good do you have a favorite patriot p tick song?g? >> i like america by prince but just --st - >> shocker. >> mine is definitely america aa the beautiful ray charlesrl brings me to tears every time.e. >> yours? >> we talked about this this morning. lee greenwood. proud to be an american. >> at least i know i'm free.ree. >> right. >> we are indeed grateful andtea celebrating our freedom today. all right. let us know.let us k do you have a great july 4thy 4h tradition? favorite patriotic song. tweet us at #gooddaydc. maybe we'll get them in the ende of the show.
10:04 am
>> 10:03. we're keeping our eyes on ther t sky like we've said all morningr long rain to impact today'sod fireworks show.workhow. tucker barnes will be back in bi just a week with the fireworkirr >> first, weather is just one oo the factors that goes intoats in planning to night's capitol c fourth celebration down to then national mall.. security that's always majorwayj issue. >> fox's anhali hemphill is livs on the national mall for us this morning what you need to know iw you're planning on heading downa for the big show. give us the run down anhali. >> reporter: well, it's stilltil early, guys, but we are alreadyr seeing a steady stream of folksl making their way down to theohe national mall.tial most of these folks are on foott because cars you're not reallynr getting through right now.h ght take look behind me.k behi m we've got already a bunch of buh road closures in around therod national mall you are not going to be able tot get through any of these streets pennsylvania avenue,ve constitution avenue, any ofonveu those streets around thearound e national mall you won't be ablee to get through with your carithc right now. we do have lots and lots off people on foot already w
10:05 am
around d.c. already a lot going on out hereo as you know, the national mallna will be filled with hundreds off thousands of people latereopl tonight for the fireworks. there will be tight security ono the mall today. tay the majority of the dc policec p force will be out patrolling the area, and they will will bel checking all bags and coolers aa their eight security checkpointo in around the mall.une you will be having to go througg a checkpoint if you're going tot see the firework tonight. also s be large crowds out here.ut h folks with small children dohio need to an extra close eye onn them and just all around veryd v busy night out on the mall tonight.tot so that's why authorities haveae set up a text alert systemrtys anyone visiting the mall todayad can sign up for easily. >> notification system fortem f updates about the events be it b weather emergencies, missing, m children things like that very simple text july 4 d.c. to 888777. you're automatically enrolled. l you'll get updates throughouthr the day. day >> reporter: heads i
10:06 am
national haul and you'll goand l through one of those securityofs checkpoints there are someoints prohibit items you are notib alitlowed to bring those include drugs and alcohol, no tents, non grills, do not bring your droner down here and of course anyours weapons of any kind are notre allowed as well.s wel we're live in downtown d.c., anjali hemphill fox5 local newsw >> i did just get a decks from a 888777 checkpoints are now open. so that service is a greatre service. serv i highly suggest you sign up fop it.. >> thanks ajnjal it.ja >> while she's down on the malll allison seymour hanging out at a the national archives. she's emceeing a birthday eventr for the declaration of independence 240 years old today. today's event includes a readina and reenactment of thomas jefferson's document thet ceremony runs till 11:00 so it'o not too late to join that bignha crowd down there.down t >> one more round of >> there's allison. allon this is real billing deal.s re we're so proud of her forgetting to go down there and do this ahe
10:07 am
time ago.time actually i think it was all the way -- like 1999. 1 but this is something if you ifu live in d.c. you shouldd.c. youl definitely do. they do this every year onvery o july 4th.julyth you go sit in front of thet of t archives and they do indeed do small reenactment they reeled the declaration of independencec and to hear those words in that setting -- >> on july 4th.n ju >> -- it's so incredibly movinm and it is just the absolutebsol perfect way to start off your yu july 4th celebration. i said we did that, then we rann over to the mall, we kind ofeind stake out our spot on the mallhe where we wanted to see thehe fireworks and then, h i did it,i i don't know, 102 degrees and a 90% humidity.idity >> we kind of rotated outed o different family members. you would take a break at a a mall, i mean in like a museum.. >> have a good blanket. b >> go back to the fireworks and see the parade. tsethe >> that crowd is huge today.. >> yes.>>es >> we're happy.>> w i'm happy for i'm happy for all the people pel that are getting there to be a g part of it.part of
10:08 am
>> all right. 10:07 right now that means it's time to check out what is trending. trendi we'll stick with the red, whitee and blew theme of course. cou this mark the final fourth of ft july in office for president p marack obama in and his family. the first family will invitenv military families over four a fr barbecue on the grounds of the t white house and those guestsse e will get treated to quite a show. celebrity guests at the capitol fourth this year include tom burr jerson hosting it smokeykey robinson, gavin mcgraw, amber riley -- >> guests include none otheronoe than kendrick lamar and jonellel mo' how about that?at >> pretty good. pre >> we can always adjust ourur plans if they want to extend it and invite us three. t >> the white house not justot j celebrating america's birthdayty today. one of the first couples daughters shares a birthday witw the usa. how much fun is that.s t a malia obama is 18 years old today. she was only 10 years old of course when her father was wn he elected president back i
10:09 am
she graduated from high schoolho last she's going to take a gap year p before she heads off to harvard the following year. >> how cool would it to be havee your birthday on july 4th.. every year you would think the t fireworks were just for you and they are. >> that is pretty cool.oo >> isn't it amazing how time flies. she's 10 years old and eight yea years later now she's grown andd going off to college.g f to >> she got to spend her entireni high school career in the whitew house. how cool is that. >> amazing.>> a >> time flys when you're having one more note from the whitt house now.use ever wonder how the commander ir chief spends his alone time? t >> they have thought of ithey ht before.. >> okay. here you go. new york times profile is shedding light on his busy lifel new york times says after dinner with his family mr. obama spendd a few hours in the treaty room. sometimes he'll play birds with friends or watch a game on tvv and when he's busy writing ain speech or reading -- a briefingi he stays away from junk food ann co
10:10 am
doesn't do he drinks water instead.. and when he's craving a late lat night snack, he has exactly seven lightly salted almonds. >> that is so interesting.ntereg >> it is. i don't ever really think of tho president having alone time. tim you know what i mean.u ow what . >> you got to think in all oftha the hours of the day i know he's the president he's got a lot ofo stuff to do at some point yout y got to have some down time.ime >> could you imagine being his y friend on words with friendsou d beating president.side i wonder what his screen name ne is? ? >> okay. we thought this would be fun we'll do a little america trivii right now.. >> ut-oh. >> i have the questions. you two american afficionadosica need to um cup with the answer . >> wisdom, i'm nervous. >> how many hotdogs are consumee each year on the fourth of july. >> 350. 3 >> i say the second answer. anse >> that was 500 million. >> 150 million. >> that's what i was going to say.s >> some people are hungrier. what are t the first words of te declaration of independence
10:11 am
>> do i need to give you optio options. >> give us options. >> you don't know g. >> we hold these truths to be self evident.vident >> when in the course of human events. ents governments are instituted amono men, we the people of the united >> a. >> i'm with a as well. >> it's d.. >> when in the course of humanan events. >> here we government keepwe gem going. this is fun. how tall is the statue ofthe sto liberty? 151 feet, 81 feet, 113 feet or 63 feet. >> the tallest one you said. one -- e -- >> ding, ding, ding, 151 feet 1f the statue of liberty standstans proud. >> are you really an american? e i am. i'm not good with facts. >> from what language did the modern word barbecue originate?i from what language? spanish,s english, or a native american word? >> or all of the above? wait, wait. >> barbecue a spanish word,anis, english word, native americanme wo
10:12 am
>> all of the above. a >> ding ding ding ding.ngg di >> yes. >> all right. tie.t's aw -- it's a >> i was going to say spanish si and >> this is a good one. a gd on this will determine who is the e most patriotic person on the the couch this morni >> all right. >> how many people signed thed e declaration of independence?epee >> oh, boy. >> 40, 32, 56 or 100. >> 32.>> >> you know what, 32 is my is number. i'm going with that.wi i don't know if that's right orh not. >> both of you need to go back g to history class.ry cla it was 56. w6 >> 56 was --6 w >> i was going to say vick. >> my high school same i'm sor sorry. >> that's exactly what we said, wisdom, rightac.ight >> that's what i was --hat's wht >> how old is america today, do you remember? >> 240 -->> 2 >> 24. >> there you go. >> 240. >> 240. i tried to give them a chance. a >> i said 240. >> my goodness. gooe >> i'm just saying. >> you know what it's likenow working on no sleep? i'm just j going to make that my excuse fo toy,
10:13 am
>> i'm going to say, yes, i do. >> it wasn't my fault. f it was the lack of sleep. (laughter). all right.alrigh well, moving on, still ahead at 10:00-a party of one former mtv dj has a brand new book do youoo meaning his life as an outer out side with a sound track from tht 80s, 90's and today and this t morning he's telling kevin mccarthy all about it. >> first, though, tom and taylor stepping up the pda. dre and rihanna making it and katie perry the new queen of twitter. twit 10:13 is our time.ur te. yup, we're serving it up next.p good day celebrity dish. dish.
10:14 am
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♪ >> all right on this fourth of o july we want to celebrate with good day celebrity dish as we takeeb live look outside at at allison seymour she's down there emceemceeing.emceeing she was just speaking a few f minutes ago.go >> she's emceeing the reading oe the independencei declaration oc look likes a pretty good crowd.c which is good to see. >> and no rain just yet. >> not just yet.
10:17 am
our fingers are crossed ya'llssy stay dry.stay dry let's serve it up today's celebrity dish will start withrw hid dell swift.ll s tom hiddleston and taylor swifti still going strong folks they'vt got the tattoos and the t-shirtt to prove it. >> scandal.>> >> the two were seen frolickingk together in road i'd land onando july 4th the couple shared their holidayd weekend with gee gee hadid, carly claw new black star ruby rose. here's a group photo of thef whole gang. talk about squad goals they were also joined by a pregnant blake lively and her husband ryan reynolds. it was most certainly ataly star-studded beach day. wow.. >> where is blake lively? iive don't see -- that's them.t's >> i don't know we're moving and to this is more important, wis. >> hiddleston swift's love isn'i true take a look at the t shirts it says i love ts. >> that's over the top. >> what? >> he also has a heart tattoo tt with the
10:18 am
we're not sure if that's realt'a tattoo or not. >> i hope not.>> hop >> but, you know, there's no way -- our resident tattoo chris smith says there's no way thatat is real.l. unlike their love is totally real -- in case you had anyu had doubt. >> at the moment. >> with all these t shirts and>d tattoos i think it's over the or top. >> i heart ts thinks is funny because there was guy when iuy i growing up he didn't want tot curse he would say ts instead. i always argued with him if i you're saying that isn't the't same as cursing? you know whatt i same saying the thought is there. people know what you're saying to say. >> right. ri >> just say it.>>t sa >> i don't know if it doesn'tifd get outside of your head.d when i see ts that's what i's w think of.thin not taylor twist. >> do you believe that relationship. >> i believe it.>> ive i'm believer. >> i do believe it,, d >> wisdom doesn't either.he >> i think they'll get married.r >> he's si any cal. he's >> that doesn't mean anything i' hollywood they get married and a did you veried like i
10:19 am
date in college. colege. >> the dreamers are over here isn't we still have romanticti minds.mi we wear red and blue on jul july 4th. >> the word of paul mccartney you keep drea dreaming i don'tit believe you know the girl isu mine. you remember that song. re >> we were in themember crib ine 80s. we won't don't remember much't m that's what i tell myself youel what happened to talk about lo love. dre and rihanna are giving itint another shot at love. a l >> stop it.. >> e news is reporting that the two are collaborating on moren than just music and that the two stars are dating again. in fact drake made a surprise ss appearance during her concert in manchester and didn't leave thet stage without all smiling and he's all about the barbadoss beauty and of course -- >> sounded like scooter -- >> i thought in that in the crib in the '80s.80s. >> i heard.. >> right. >> cute cute cute cute.ut
10:20 am
rosco.. >> see. see. >> right. >> this is all about love. l i don't believe this one eitherv >> you don't believe it?'telie >> no.. >> look at this. (inaudible). >> that was okay. ok maybe i do believe it. it. katie perry has a new title to t add to her large resume'. rese' she's twitters' move followedd person.on she beat out justin beiber who has 83 million followers. perry has get this 90 millionion followers and of course had a hilarious response to her new hr title the singer tweeted "dang this is tight followed by" everyone elses have a lit fridai night and i'm here examining the nose poor cleaner strip i justcu poured off and i must say this t is -- nothi
10:21 am
eww.w >> well, i don't follow her butb if i did i would unfollow. unfol >> the visual that went alongtlg with that last tweet was was unnecessary. >> i don't get it.>> >> how many followers does kk >> have? i don't know. >> i'll check in into i ladyntoi gaga can now drive.ri. 30-year-old posted a picture on is it a gram on friday to sharee the good news. the picture said "thelma and please" yes i finally got my license after years of driving i with annealed dull present and learner's perm. pm. >> good for her. rolling with the homies. ladlady gaga has didn't learnint drive for the last few years.ea all eyes on the road, lady gaga, please. plea two hands on these wheel. >> oh, my gosh.os this just in. because our crack researchesea department known as chris smith. says that kim k has
10:22 am
followers. >> that's off her twitter game.m >> that's half of katie perry. >> biebs is crush her and so iso katie perry. >> maybe there are people thate have sense out there.he >> i'm trying to figure out how you can go that long withoutitht driving. >> she's had drivers.he's had di >> your whole life. in new york city city --ew t people here don't have driver'sr license they take metro everywhere, bike, walk., bikel >> traffic expert.ff exp >> there you go. >> traffic mode there, wis. >> you popped it right in. in. >> i had to lack of up for my my lack of american history hto knowledge. >> that's a good song, too.a go james brown.s b i like that one.t one. that goes up on my list. >> 10:22 is the time.eim coming up next tucker barnes isi back with a look when it's going rain and when the rain will movm in and a lot of people wonderind if those fireworks are going toi go off.goff >> my fingers are doubleou crossed. mine, too. >> cross your toes, too.. >> beautiful night at theif nige kennedy center.y we're sharing also some festives looks for the fourth that mother nature
10:23 am
we're back.e back. we'll leave you with a live picture of allisonav downtown a the scene of the reading of the declaration of independence atd the national archives. >> ladies and gentlemen, mr mr. david farrow are a cuff visit of the united states. man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
10:24 am
10:25 am
10:26 am
♪ >> that's a good song, too. the play list this morning g like it. a little could you do dee out there, wisdo wis not yet yet raining.ra >> let's get over to tucker barnes and see what time this rain is going to arrive. arriv i believe this window was between 2:00 and 7:00. you might have a chance to getht early stuff and late stuffntuff let's accident expert right noww tucker barnes.. >> the heaviest rain wisdom wilw be between toll and 7:00. 7 i think we'll get showers befo before. between about 12:00 andn abou120 2:00 start to arrive.rr then steady if not heavy rain here again between those hours s of 2:00 and 7:00. here is -- here's why we'ree' cautiously optimistic i'm sortt of hesitating to say this but b we're hoping that the heaviest i of the rain will be out of heree by seven, 8:00 o'clock tonight. we may get a window as we get into the 9:00 o'clock hour andra be able to pull the fireworksks off. it will be a close cl there's your forecast officialla for 9:00 p.m. this clouds and a few leftoverver showers..
10:27 am
thunderstorm in the area as wela with a temperatures 73.res all right.all again, heaviest of the rain then moving in here shortly. sly along with it, cool temperatureu here to stay.he to we are only 70 degrees at 10:23: in the morning. the mning. that's pretty incredible. 10:23 or are we later than that, i don't know what time it is.tie our forecast high of 75.f 75. that will be one of our coolesto july 4ths in washingtonton history.histor that's pretty extraordinaryraory right there in all right.all right. cloud cover for the most par thr rain showers early very light lg but look what's lurking out to t the west.tht. look out to west virginia andnia parts of western virginia thatha heavy band of rain is moving inn with a warm front and willnd w arrive by early afternoon andnd again if you're going to the the nats game at 11:00 i think thehe first couple of innings fine bub can't guarantee the second half of the game won't be filled witw rain showers. then the rain will be steady ifi not heavy at times this this afternoon we're looking at a potential for upwards to ann inch, inch plus of thunderstorm activity you canivt see 2-inches of here's quick look at futureutur cast. there we are at 2:00 o'clock. rain heavy at times this ahis afternoon
10:28 am
that's why we're a littleittle optimistic the rain will becomem more spotty by 9:00 p.m. tonight let's keep our fingers crossedrs we get the rain out of here and fireworks in and tomorrow aw morning we'll wake up with clouc cover and leftover showers.. and take look at the seven dayen forecast.forecast we're talking rain today andraay then we're talking hazy heat and humidity.humidity. daytime highs in the mid 90s0s around here by wednesday,ednesdy thursday, lingering into fridaya and saturday.urday. few of the computer models mod trying to push upper 90s by thet end of the week. we'll soon turn our focus on toc the heat and humidity of july after today. all right.all right. guys, again, rain by noon, 1:00 o'clock heaviest of the t rain mid afternoon through abour 7:00 o'clock tonight and thenhen we're hoping, hoping to get thet fireworks in tonight. back toaco you. yo >> all right. we're hoping to get the fireworks in tonight as well.. absolutely. i want to say happy birthday to jr brandon bayton. >> help birth did you today.did >> on july 4th. watch going day d.c.. worthy of a shout out.. >> get fireworks in for his birthday as well. a look at life as an
10:29 am
fumbling for acceptance with thc music of the '80s anepd '80 '90n we're sitting down with mtv djj david holmes. we're coming right back with w good day at 10:00 a.m.
10:30 am
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♪ >> little rihanna.. >> oh, good job. j >> that was amazing.. >> people just backed away fromf their tv sets.ets >> they turn it up and theynd locked it to fox5 so they canthy never change the channel ever again after that moment.t mom >> baby you're a firework today. >> i was going to lip sync thatt song earlier. it would have been amazing. ama. >> how
10:33 am
stuff you dancing.dancing >> it's a good idea.a good idea. you want to so me dance more. mr >> we'll do after you talk aboua the >> we'll dance and watch cat wat woman. >> oh. >> excellent idea.>> e things just got very weird here, holly. >> i know, right. rig. >> that would be kind of strange. >> let's not imagine it.. >> make sure the lights are on. >> if you're just turning in the joke of the day wisdom loves the movie cat >> with halle berry.erry >> which was terrible film.m. >> love halle berry.hae berr >> there's lot of good films yoy can watch on this july 4th. >> that's correct, holdly. >> i'm keeping you on task.pingy >> in the rain.>> in th what do you suggest.uggest >> so many great patrioticriot films.l some are are f some of them are hard to watch t but patriotic films in general.l before i get do my five i want to mention glory with denzelit d washington, phenomenal movie. top gun great patriotic film. yankee god dell dandy james j cagne is a classic but my top tp five no particular order i'll il start off with number oneumbe independence day classic.laic >
10:34 am
>> will smith's >> the sequel was terrible. this -- >> in theaters now. >> yeah. (laughter). >> sequel i didn't care for.i dc hit a bad script but the action was fun.was fu this movie was so great at the time in 1996 because it was such a great fun over the top movie e it was ridiculous. i will say the effects don't d't hold up as well today. tod except for the shot where they t blow the white house up because they used an actual 112 scale model to do that.o ha this is a fun movie. will smith was it made it fun will smith wasmiw awesome. he's not in the sequence so it'i not fun the immediate quake jokes don't work as well. viv have a a. fox as well. w >> i love this movie. >> roland em merrick did a greae job with.h. great film to watch on july 4th. by the way the president'she prt speech, bill pull man's speech today we celebrate ourteur independence day, i think that's top five best movie speeches off all time. >> i'm a little sad you didn't put a clip of h
10:35 am
there. e >> ooh dies in the film.ies inh. >> he does die.e doesie >> unfortunately. >> i'm sorry, holly.'m, ho that's okay.that's it's not real life.if >> i've dealt with it.'v just a movie.e st a m. number two is the patriotat starring mel gibson and heathndh ledger.le >> wonderful >> based on the american ari revolution much eighths phenomenal film from an actionn standpoint. same director as the first first independence day by the way anda mel gibson heath ledger.edge ledger to me just proves againre and again and again in these the earlier films a great dramaat da actor obviously he passed away. phenomenal in dark knight.kgh great in ins >> i remember seeing this in the movie theater. >> mazing range. range. mel gibson play as father in the film. definitely worth seeing that.. number 31 of my favorite filmses of all time the sand lot. l it's a's this is the ultimate movie for baseball for me growing up as aa kid. i know people have probably bull durham or unless like field offl dreams but this to me was my ultimate one much this ish thisi dealing with young kid namedidam smalls. they hit the baseball over the
10:36 am
fence.fee. signed by babe ruth and thed t beast the dog gets it and theyti have to get it a fun movie, great music.. there's so many classic momentsn my favorite being the snoresres movement. do you have a smores.a smores. >> how can i have some more ofav something if i haven't had to'th begin with.begi a smores. he didn't know what that meant.t >> we'll have to make some today in celebration of this movie. m. >> you don't know the sand lot.d >> i have not seen it since it i was like 10 years old i don't >> everyone knows this movie moe forever and when the kid -- - >> when did this come out, kev.. >> '93.>> '. >> when the kid fakes the drowning so he can get kissed by the lifeguard wendy pepper corn. >> '93 i was doing other thingsg >> that's my number three.hree. >> chris smith, chime in here.nh chime in here, chris.e in here,c come on the sand lot one of the most classic films of all time.m you know those scenes i'm s talking about are classic.ouare >> i probably watched it once aa year for every year when it camm out.ou >> wendy pepper corn,. corn, >> since chris said it might
10:37 am
watch it now. number four airs force one.r get off my plane.of pla come on. harrison forward for. forwa for. you have the air force one beg highjacked.hi and the cool thing about this,hi the president is an awesome aso action star in this movie. >> i've never seen this, kevin. >> he is so good.ood >> what was that? >> harrison ford is an actionn hero.hero they make the president anp action star which is reallywhicr really cool. >> because it's harrison >> that's why it's so much fun.n >> talking in circles.cles. >> i know he's an action star. n i'm just saying it's cool tol watch --watc >> i did like this one. >> i liked glenn close in this.i >> you watch the president fight fun. hans solo. gary old man playing the villa villain. number five saving private ryang not the happiest of the movies.i this is in the born of the fourth of july category toughy h films to watch very patriotic movies opening 25 minutes ofesfo this movie let me get nerdy forr one second even though i've beee nerdy for the past five minutes but the opening 25 minutes is shot by
10:38 am
spielberg directed this movie.. they manipulated the shudderhudd speed to look super jittery whew you're watching that scene youee feel like you're actually on th beach fighting during this scene. sc >> that's how they did it? >> unbelievable how they pull ip off with some of the packet cat effects.. very hard film to watch. tom hanks is brilliant in it. matt vin diesel.l. >> fantastic those are my five.y five. tweet me yours at kevin mccarthy tv #gooddaydc.. >> you never saw saving privatee ryan. ryan. >> i don't want military movies. >> why? >> i can't watch military moviem >> because it's just too much. >> bad. >> too much going on. >> saving right ryan is a great film. >> i can't do it. >> that's just my little -- le - >> watch the sand lot, please. >> taking chance was my >> take chance is holly's make'm sure we get this live picture in right now there is thehere ie reenactment going on as wes w speak. i'm going to say that's benn franklin right there.
10:39 am
>> i'm guessing the red head isi thomas jefferson. >> allison seymour is down there emceeing the recent.he recen >> they react and read the declaration of independenceepnce right there on the steps of the it's an annual tradition here in the nation's capitol it preceded the july 4th parade that willwil come down that very route in just about an hour. about ahour the par ray kick off 11:45.. >> listen to everyone listeningn >> so passionate.. >> so quiet down it's great. >> he has endeavored to preventt the population of these -- >> very cool. still ahead --
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> we continue to watch downnt there this is the reenactmentin. allison seymour is emceeing thet event. we've got thomas jefferson, bene franklin actors down there.. the audience listening to whato they have to say. all right. >> taking aware our charters, abolarishing our most valuable laws and alters fundamentally a forms -- form >> all right. right again, allison seymour is down we'll toss it to erin and hollyh they got important things tohint talk about in regards to fashiof and beauty
10:43 am
>> here's the thing. tng erin and i have a rule.ul we love a theme and onn july 4th you've got to wearr red, white or blue. o b you go to the of a little flag in your encore. >> holiday spirit. spit. american spirit.amican >> exactly much it's more and more likely mother nature will mess up our independence daynce cook out plans but we'll pretene it's a beautiful day any way ana in that spirit we're sharingrehi festive looks for the fourthor t that can survive heat andnd humidity be patriotic all at tha same time here to hope us gracee it's good to see you.d to see yu >> it's good to meet you.s od t >> thank you for coming in, andd so i mean if ever there was a holiday where you can dress the part it's july 4th, right. right >> wear your red, white and bluu it's unfortunately the weatherne is not really going to be to b holding out but we have you you cover with tips and tricks, andd three different looks. >> all right. r let's get >> i love the hair. hair. if it's rai raining you can puli back and look scaler. s that's what is so great
10:44 am
braids they're very transitionaa within our first look here, we have dutch braids down the backb it's for a day in the sun. sun. if you're at a barbecue, at a a pool party, and carly fisher dir the hair.air. she's the stylist on our netwo network. she's beautly wonderful. alexis did her makeup for thehe makeup look we'll want to doto something, you know, that has aa sp in in it higher than 30. 3 and then obviously --ioly -- >> search in the downpour later this afternoon t. (laughter).(laughter) >> i know. k you can still get a little burnr on cloudy skies, right. >> always that sun coming out,go and so obviously it's a look yoo can use hopefully once the sunhe does come out. come out. >> we have to talk about her abh toms. come on. >> those are adorable.rabl >> i know. so patriotic.. >> election election 20166 bipartisan option. >> nice. n there you go.e yo >> even the red nails.. >> yes. y red --re >> red and blue. b >> why limit yourself to one to color, erin.
10:45 am
>> you guys are very patrioticic too. to >> our next look.exloo she also has as tight line on le her eye to make her blue pop but not too dramatic for day in thee sun or rain i guess. this a transitional looknall right here.rit he so right now we have the dutch d crown braid going across.braid o so if she wants to keep that ina during the day and take it out at night she'll very natural wave.. >> beach chi waves. beach chi ws >> effort less.>> e and it's just a wonderful look to transition day tonight. tonig and she also has abate pink lipp on which is you know really goo for the nighttime but it's alsoa very good for the day, a to t dress it up an swipe of bluef bl liner on ross he'll we're seeing all over the place right now onw the runways.the nway so it's very kind of an in lookl not too much for the day and d then you just dress it up at at night.t >> it screams barbecue for me.r. i would wear that to picnic orcr daytime party.ty >> i love the striped dress witw the gingham shoes. sho
10:46 am
always get you for those tho barbeques.eque they're great.they're great. especially with the wedge whenh you're in the grass. >> yes.. >> our third look here. >> yes. so our third look right here is we're doing lots of dutch braids and this is a fireworks inspirei eye this is our nighttime look. >> let's ask real quickly abouto the dutch braid.the dutch is that something do you carem etyourself. go on youtube, pinterestre tutorials go on obviously -- - >> a lot of practice.raic we had the professionals do thii carly is on our network and youa can put her to come over and dod them for you but you can probably look online on a tutorial.tuto >> i love the up do the back ofc the hair witness braids as well. >> i know. it's lovely. her hair is in her naturalat almond right n we just did the dutch braid and through some star elements in there. >> the star next to the eye is such a nice touch. >> fireworks inspired eyes fordf tonight.tonigh so she has a purple line are ine just kind of inspired by thehe sky.y. >> we want to make our way downy here and make sure we get thiss lve
10:47 am
you're response al for all the makeup? >> yes. i provided all the make up forpf today and carly supplied all thl hair. and we used some product that is are great for the summertimeumim just making sure that your makee up lasts all day long. all >> and looks natural for the >> absolutely.>>bsol >> what makes your makeup lastps all day long. >> you want to use makeup primer urban decay i brought today to.. two face makes them. tart -- >> primer has changed my lifeany for keeping making on during the show. sh >> huge. such a smooth texture. >> it gives everybody flawless skin. >> makes you look like you don'o have wrinkles. it smooths out so your make up u doesn't sit in a line.t in a lin >> it does.. >> i got to get the second tip.p >> make sure you're setting youg foundation or any kind of beauty cream you're using with powder. this is rcma powder you can usea it around the eyes as well andel set the whole thing with someom setting spray. so this is urban decay's oil o control spray make it last all l day long. >> you put this on last after
10:48 am
you've done your make up.onur mk >> but this on last. b thi >> and then.>> and t >> you spritz that all over and you're set for the day. setor t >> wheno you do this.n ou d >> right after do you yourht aed foundation. >> so your blurb would go on to of this. t >> blurb right on top. t blush and bronzer.nzer. >> okay. this is why you need the professionals. >> but i do have that >> do you.>> y >> it works -- it keeps me fromo getting that shine when you're o sweating. >> what changed your life the spray or the primer.anhe pri >> the primer. i just wanted to make sure.te mk >> thank you all. y all >> thank you for coming in. >> despite what mother nature nr will do to us we'll look l fabulous thanks to you.nks to yu >> we are going to lookg toook fabulous.lo it will be addressed up movie um watching afternoon.on >> we'll look great in our hou house. >> back to you over there, wis. >> 10:48. coming up next we'll fire up the grill this fourth of july and oa try something a little bitit different. we're combining two of erin como's favorite thingss cheeseburger and peas sam two oo them. we'll talk about it. cheesburgers, pizza and a grilll back in a moment.back in a mome.
10:49 am
and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪ hey, playing is a lot of fun. (voand exceptional customerity pre-ownservice,les... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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10:51 am
>> carol of carrollton, hida.
10:52 am
>> allison was breaking thatakit earlier. hava.. down there emceeing the readingi of the declaration of of independence on the steps of tho archives. it's about ready to wind . good news the rain held out and parade should be starting ing just about 45 minutes. minut >> it sounds like it should behb rain free parade with the lane l messing in later this afternoonn much bats a beautiful day for dr that right right now. >> for millions of people jul july 4th means barbecue andend our next guest wants to help you get more creative hahn hotdogs and hamburgers. >> containing two of my favorite kings cheesburgers and pizza. p we sent wisdom out to the fox te lot to try it. wis, save some for me. >> i'll think about bringing yon some erin we want to talk bootless because combining theng whole grilling aspect andling a talking about grilling pizza. this is big business for holly h movie's she does this all the tl time and talking about it.. i'm here with dave bear thank bk you very much for coming in onu this fourth of july
10:53 am
so grilling pizza. pza tell me how this all came to be. >> absolutely. absut >> so we're old pizza guys we'v' been in the pizza businesss forever with fourth of july whoo doesn't like to barbecue andbee cook out so we work on some ways that you can make great pizza aa home.home >> gotcha. one of our specialty pizzas from the restaurant cheeseburge cheer pizza. >> is that it right here. that's a cheeseburger pizzaa we'll put it on the grill.ri >> after you put on the grill tg we'll go overrated you get it gt going. put it on there like that.ere le takes about six minutes, right.r >> get the oven nice and hot.. the stone is up there about 500 you want the heat on the heat he opposite side so we've got the t stone down.ste do >> got you. you >> air temperature up we canp wc cook the whole pizza all the waw through. go through the process. take ithr away.y >> sure. we got the dough right here.hter >> just a simple 6-ounce dough ball here. >> little semolina. >> i tried this at home beforee and it didn't turn out as well
10:54 am
>> it's eighty three than itee t looks. >> is that right. you making it look>> real ease s glee. do you that. >> okay.>>kay. >> then here we are alreadyeady sized.ze >> then you always want to bruss a little olive oil on your piz pizza. >> i did not do that on my ownyn to make a great tasting pizza az little olive on it. >> do you fold the ends so it ed looks like that. >> it will natural dollar that as it >> mine didn't done out thatoneh well. take italian seasoning a littlet bit of sprinkle it around the dough to up the flavor a littlee bit. >> all right.>> a >> we've got great shreddedde mozzarella. provolone blended cheese put that on the pizza. >> yup. >> ground beef crumble because we're making a cheeseburger pizza. we got to get ground beef on ben there.ere. >> uh-huh. >> everybody loves bacon ononn their bacon >> for those of you who eat bacon, yup.up. onions, tomatoes. >> colorful red fresh onions oos there.. fresh sliced heirloom tomatoes. >> a
10:55 am
>> finish that with cheddarar cheese. >> okay.>> oka >> so we just combined cheeseburgers, pizza and for a fourth of july we're cooking itt right on the grill. t g >> okay. all right.l g this is -- were need to finishih it so since it's a cheeseburgerr we got is a ra sarachia mustardp it on top of it.op it. >> you want to go crazy andrazya drizzle it back and forth.or >> got you. got y. little bit of mustard to kick it up. >> we got chet cup. cup. gotcha. >> then -- final topping putopng little bit of relish on the on pizza. >> okay. now you official val aial v cheeseburger piz >> wow, okay. wow, okay. all right. my goodness. >> tell us about your franchise. >> we've been in business foresr about year and a half. >> uh-huh. u >> local company. we started here in northernorthn
10:56 am
it's custom pizza built. gets come come in see the pizzas made in front of them.. choose their toppings go down the line we throw it in a big start hearth oven cook it for if 3.5 minutes and it turns outurno perfect. >> let's check. let let's look and see what we got going on over here. her >> it's starting to bubble up.ep >> yup. so just a normal spatula. stu move the pizza around a little t bit make sure it's gettinget cooked all the way around.d >> right. we'll let that cook. c >> come on over, kids.s >> yeah.>> yeah. >> brought something to cut that pizza, right?zza,ig >> yes, ma'am.. >> you pop that one on there.he i feel a feeling we'll have morm guests coming out. >> last weather word for people. >> about six minutes with the mn lid closed.losed. >> thanks for paying attention,i tucker. >> i'm kidding.di >> the rain gets here by bun by clock heavy the time thishis afternoon hoping we get the rait out of here by seven,er seven, 8:00 o'clock tonight. tonht inch plus of rain so pay attention to her tweets aboutwea whether or not -- where do youro
10:57 am
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