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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  July 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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of service changes other than metro how your chute will be impacted. >> a local teen injured by an explosive in new york central park the latest on his condition and what investigator arezation about the blast of the fox 5 news at 11 starts now. >> thanks for joining us happy fourth offer july i'm sarah simmons. >> jim lokay. if you look outside you saw, at, least heard the fireworks lighting up dc capping off the annual independence day celebration. crowds needed rain gear. >> let's get to caitlyn roth. how much longer is this weather sticking a runed. i think we'll see more rain overnight. the total bum mer even though we got the fireworks off. it wasn't raining orn't thunderstormsing during the the events it was so hazy kind of hz tough to describe the fireworksr the whether was tough all day. let's get straight to radar.
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montgomery heavy looking shower right over you this minuted. district is clear if you go up 270 around germantown, very heavy rain. further north got rain up towards da mass can you say further past the 70 split elder burg,. also back towards our west along the mountains they've had showers and not out of the question to see a thunderstorms through overnight hours. temperatures have been study aln day and evening. one of the coolest july 4th onle record in the 70s. 74 right now. actually our daytime high. fox future cast a little over, you get the idea that sweeps through during overnight hours. there may be study downpours that could last into the early morning by the time you get to commute m think drizzle light showers around. pop up showers and thunderstormd are possible.
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tomorrow thanks to some heat and humidity which will create a lot of instable.ble. forecast for tuesday if if you head back to work. 75 shower to start you off. sunday breaks out. hod and humid we hit 90 degrees by late in the afternoon thatt signals the beginning of a pretty significant heat wave with every day that's followings the rest of his week well into w the '90s. we'll show you that any relief in placements for now get the air conditioners in working wor order. we haven't had to use them toott m you will i'll let you know coming up in the 7-day forecast. even with rain people were determined to see the capitale h fourth celebration. >> lindsay watts is live that i were concerns all day that the show was going to be couldn't canceled. thankfully it was not? >> reporter: right sarah a big b question mark all day long. you can see the sky still gray tonight. it was like this all day long. and it was raining on and off for hours
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luckily that did not stop a fabulous firework show.k there were gaps in the rain onen came just in time for the t fireworks to go on as planned. take a look. so happy to see this for the for sake of all the people who waited on the gnarl mallhe tomorrow as you might expect m crowds were smaller than usual plenty of folks willing to brave the rain. there was a line of peopleeopl waiting to get in when the gates opened at 10:00 this morning.. that means those people were out here for about 12 years. there aren't too many spots to take cover it was pouring at some . this afternoon. i think the you know certainty about whether or not the show would go on made for extra excitement when the sparks finally started flying. >> i thought it was going to stay raining but it didn't.
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roads closed we obviously don't know our way around her we had to park far away, joaquin walk, we took the bike for a while, and sat out here. >> reporter: do you think the show was d going to be poster pd earlier on. >> we kept checking our phones every 30 minutes or so and took shell for a while and just did cross our fingers and hoped to be out here luckily it was a success. >> being in the rain all this ti time actually worth it for this. >> it was a great show, if it was a little bit longer it would be better better than i expected. >> i didn't think they wereink y going to dot fire o >> obviously the fireworksirew didn't look like they wereey w showing a lot with the clouds in the air it was over all good experience. >> reporter: there were someome issues with visibility hey, at least we got too firework show. in terms of security, everything seemed to go on without a hitch. there was at least one small
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this. we watched as park police started clearing people away from an area of the mall not too far from where we are. dozens of people told to get back. police put crime tape around porter a pot tease somebodyy reported that they saw something that looked suspicious in one of the bathrooms polices po investigated it turned out what that device wawa actual pal pedometer nothing rancorous at all. it lasted maybe 20 minutes. park police went out of theirf t way to commend the people that reported this fell in line withw see something say something mentality that was the right thing to do. over all, not a n baotd day out here certainly aa very soggy weather people left very damp but happy at least they got what they came for. lindsay watts fox 5 local news. >> all right a. commuters head back to
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they'll be greeted with a new round of service changes.. the latest "safetrack" surge impact blue and yellow ryan riders. people taking metro to and from national air report. tisha lewis is at reagan national. >> reporter: impact will be widespread. the third phase starts tomorrowm at national airport is taking no chances making sure message is out for travelers and commuters. on its home page this notice reminds travelers that starting tomorrow night at eight through next monday metro rail line segment will be closed betweenen reagan airport and brad tack station. it will opt from the airport to the north and there will be free, yes free metro subtle buss service from the airport south to the braddock station. it will likely increase congestion beyond normal on the
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airport's roadways and in its parking facilities. lines include yellow and blue metro line between reagan national airport and braddack road station. metro rail service will be provided from the airport and crystal city. the travelers we spoke with had plenty to say about the inconvenience.inco >> hopefully they get thisly t situation resolved. he this is supposed to be capital of the united states. >> it is going to put a strain on travel plans you got to plan accordingly to make sure thatat you get to where you have to go inadequate amount of time that's what i would tell travelers who could be affected. >> i'm sure it will be very crowded possibly delayed. they have a great s. >> reporter: here's the gooderth news national airport says there will be more ground transportation options. you can expect to see a long line of of taxi and shuttle buses here her
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they are urging folks to check out the website for some other parking options. they also want us to make sure we emphasize is that they are a asking that non airport traffic avoid the airport area during this "safetrack" work. work. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news. w >> college student from fairfax seriously hurt after a small explosion i think new yorkio central park. police don't think it hasn to o with terrorism. they think it was a homemade firework and that connor golden and this friend had nothing to do with it. i he was on a rock and landed on d it setting it off. >> we experimentaller there arem peopleen fascinated by this kind of thing it gross around the 4th of july for obvious reasons. i believe we have somebody thatt made this material. then wanted to test it.
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>> golden is he had surge to amputate his injured foot and is expected to be in the hospital for self more days. >> american student who went missing in italy has been found dead. solomons' body was found in the river. university of wisconsin student was about to begin a study abroad program. pro he went to you to a friends thea last saw him around one in the e morning. when he failed to show up for orientation on friday, hisis friends reported him missing. ii investigator are working to t determine the cause of death. da still to come here at 11 gearing up for the national conventions. we will tell you how business owners are putting their own political beliefs aside to cash in. >> nasa's mission spas craft juno enter willing orbit. coming up.
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>> president obama hits the campaign trail with hillary clinton for the first time. the president will appear withdo mrs. clinton in charlotte north carolina.roli he narrowly loss in 2012. mrs. clinton is getting access to all the donor a
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that helped president obama get elected twice. trump is almost ready to pick a running he wants to pick before the convention.nven trump campaign has been looking closely as chris christie and newt beginning rich. he tweeted only people who are e not interested in being the vp v people are the people who have not been asked.. no mother what side of the i'll, they are putting politics aside as they look to cash in. thousands of people are planning on going to conveions. >> reporter: i like to see lotsi of people in l town. i think it will be good for the city. >> grand old partied is about td take cleveland by storm as republicans gear up for convention now less than a month away. host city cleveland,
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where everyone from state and local leaders to droves of smalo business owners have been preparing for quite some time. >> they built a convention center put billions of dollars of infrastructure into the city. >>are turning to the convention supplier guide resource featuring local businesseses likely to be in demand. >> we have a lot of great venues. >> democrats will be gathering for their convention their city of choice philadelphia, wherea,w they have been working with wit small businessess to make sure they benefit from the people expected to flood the streets. >> 2000 vendor in you're >> convention committee workscom around the clock to prepare the city for what could be a major economic boost. into we're expecting 250 to
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million dollars. >> whether or not the economic benefits will outweigh the costt of hosting conventions. >> i'm not concerned about losses. this will be a big deal: the real goal of the conventions to kick start the general elect. ee just a few short months, one of the candidates will be making his or her home right here at the white house. hou in washington joel balanced man, fox news. >> nasa watching ming. juno, mass says is expected tod give update in a couple hours. tricky maneuver is needed if it doesn't work the batteries might die. juno spent nearly five years making that trip. remember the lightening strike that hit the state house, you can thank ben franklin.rank the governor says original ben
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4th of july one the coolest on o record by the way. coolest was a high temperature of 68 degrees made it to 74 tomorrow yes, here's comes the heat first heat wave of the season will begin tomorrow. outside we still have showers to contend as low pressure moverss by. looks like the steadier showerss north and west of washington will stop the frame for you and zoom in here. he this one very heavy rain maderan its way through gaithersburg, germantown. no lightening. got a lot of red in it. moving through brookville right now. this will stay south of columbim as it cross 95 over the next 20t minutes or so and then into sections of maryland probably southeast of baltimore. bal just a few showers and drizzle pretty damp. reagan national 74 day.y. 73 dulles, 75 at bwi marshall. remarkably cool.
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it has been humid. it will stay that way overnight unfortunately early tuesday. stuck sin the mid 70s. overnight watching showers move through right we could haveth heavier rain at times during the overnight. by 7 a.m. tomorrow probably pro going to look like we are right now cloudy, humid and hazy with drizzle and light showers temperatures in the 70s. sunshine starts to come out midd morning. we jump into the '80s very very quickly. in fact by the end of the day ii think we are seeing 90 degreesee here in washington. was upper '80s elsewhere.. and this heat not coming white-out humidity. hot and humid with a pop up thunderstorms possible late on tomorrow afternoon. severe weather in the darkk green. really this is not looking widespread at all. best chance of any severe storms will be along the mountains. severe weather threat for tomorrow probably just heavyeavy rain and also we could have damaging wind. tornado risk is low.o r
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could have downpours. hail risk moderate. same with wind risk marginal risk isolated storms expected tomorrow. bigger story heat until willt park over, pumping in heat andnd humidity high temperatures in the '90s. heat index at a hundred or above. pop up thunderstorms because of all the heat and humidity. we have a cans just about everyt daylight forecast again for tonight scattered showers toyind overnight hours 71 degrees. actually, i think we're at 74 now so probably keep rising ints the early morning hours. tomorrow morning head back to t work maybe a shower, sunshine breaks outer afternoon warm and humid with isolated thunderstorms 90 degrees. seven day for carves hot andar humid, into degrees, 944 thursday, 94 friday. and 95 on saturday. yikes.yike anyone working outside take a break s
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this is one of those week we get them every summer. it's tough to be outside it is i not z as we go through thegh t second half of the weekend 89 sunday 88 sunday. it will be hot enough for pool this weekends. back to you guys.uys. >> thank you 11:00 a little too early for baseball nat kicked off independence day slate against the brew crew talk about teams going in opposite directions nat winners of seveno of the last eight. bruce losers of four in a roast check out bryce harper, paying attention to at armed forces. they have special uniforms. he did not make many mistakes. but he did, proved to be costly. solo shot 477 someone gets a
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souvenir.souven allowing four hits surveillance rendering after one run. brew crew fans with goggles because -- no reason. ryan zimmerman bounce around the middle, knocks it down, traction it down, game over. nat get two hits. they are shut out one nothing. one of the last games of the day orioles fans, the birds had aad good start today. no doubt about that. 19 year old julio rise, jayay ajayi hardy, can't get there too runs, or re yells play three in the inning. right or yells up 5-4. durant today he's ed he will join golden state warriors.s. making him the highest paidaid player on the he has the player option for the
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second year of the crack. reacting on twitter that'ss crazy, kd and gsw are they going to score 200 points a game.e. we shall he see probably not. first pitch not today in houston. look at that. aside aerial flif before throwing the pitch. look at that again. that's awesome. not bad for 19 year old firstirt woman to win three all aroundd tiles. she will indeed compete next month opinion rio and since they don't play baseball in olympicsp all she is has to worry about ib -- no pitch involve with that. into smiled have paid cash monei to see that one. you want to show off. right. >> still to come here at 11 stier stylish grandpa taking under net by storm.
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story behind the man dubbed mr. steal your grandma is next. hello.
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into latest heart throb turning heads on social media silver fox he even has his own-hagis mr. steal your grandma. irvin randle is a 54 year old elementary school teacher and grandfather from texas.exas photos are going viral. he how has fuelers we're on instagram. he does have a woman in his life though so sorry ladies. looking pretty nice there. jim got nothing to say. >> doesn't look 54. he's taking care of himself. you are just real uncomfortable. >> little bit.e bi >> you won't be following him on instagram. >> no. no. >> by.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok. happy birthday 4th, everybody. [applause] here's what we're going to do today. i'm going to have each one of put those fins on and put the tray on your ed had. what you're going to-to-do is put the burger in the fin and then try to flip the burger into the tray. for each bun you get in the tray, i will give you a clue. if you can guess the celebrity the basis of the story, guess what you get? food. [applause] who's first? >> dax. >> dax is going to get this one. harvey: and go! >> nice. >> nice, dax. >> look at that. nice and gentle. such like a somersault, buddy. [laughter] two more, dax. >> yeah! >> dax is so good at this.


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