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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  July 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> hours after wikileaks had a link that contained more than 20 million emails from her time at the state department. >> and pretrial motion before start fourth trial of of an officer related to the freddie gray trial. >> temperatures in the 90s the rest of week. get ready for that. >> bring on the heat. good morning to you. we're glad you're with us though this day after the holiday. i'm holly morris. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is tuesday, july 5. we have weather and traffic coming up with gary and erin in a moment. >> right now let's talk news. happening now, d.c. police are investigating a police involved shooting
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>> "fox5" bob barnard arrived on the scene he's been at the scene now bob what is the latest information? >> well, hey, wisdom, holly, we're in rainy northeast washington d.c. where d.c. police are investigating this officer-involved shooting that involved a metro transit officer. i can show videotape from earlier this morning this was unmarked police cruiser towed out of the neighborhood. we're told it was shot up during this skaiching of gunfire this morning during the overnight hours here on coral street near minnesota avenue. in northeast washington not far from dean wood metro station outside the dean wood community and rec center. we don't know if either the officer or person the officer was skaivrping gunfire with or shooting at either of them were hurt. we don't have any information. nothing from metro transit, d.c. police confirming that the officer involved in the shooting was a metro
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police officer. again, we're here on the scene. police still investigating and as soon as we have more information we'll pass it on to you. 5:02 the same. in the news. president obama will campaign with hillary clinton for the fivrt time president will appear with clinton in charlotte, north carolina and president and the two will appear together hours after clinton makes a stop in washington d.c.. >> wikileaks got hands on hillary clinton's private emails pertaining to iraq war. a link was released to them. >> wikileaks says the emails clinton wrote or received discuss u.s. engagement in iraq while heading the state department. free trial motions
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come in the death of freddie gray. rice is the highest officer ranged in the death of freddie gray. his trial is wednesday. >> italian police arrested hom homeless man in death of american student whose body was floating in the river in rome. bo disappeared hours after arising in rome for university exchange program. his body what found in the river yesterday. thousands of dollars were charged to bo's credit cards after he disappeared according to italian news reports wallet and phone are missing. two italians climb they saw a man throw a neern the river friday. >> new york city police are working to find out, 1 18-year-old conner dpolden wept to new york city for the holloway weekend he jumped off a rock and landed on an explosion.
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the blast was so damaging they had to amputate his left leg from the knee down. >> new legal documents from uva and gang rain case show how inconsistent the magazine demaned source actually was. >> arming you're of the article spend ep 50 months he having one woman's act of surveiling gang rain of university of virginia trat terpty. turn out they deposit trust their main course coming to conclusion entire thing was made-up. the documents show the articles author did not dig deep enough to 'raes the victim's's plame. >> despite the game there was in fact a game alternates park. check out his shoes and all ap
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>> shack starting against brewers. we can linger on. now to max, here we go honestly he only made one mistake the whole game it was cop staptly. moore teen -- allow four hits and sure ending just that run. that was also and they were indeed shutout. >> too bad for met. how about orioles? one of the last games of the day. the bird with a cuts start things got away from birds in 7th inning korey seeing ar tripled and put game away and gojers win this one 5-5.
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>> all right. >> then we had the rain around here. step then the rain. >> it's not going to go on record as a better july 4. let's say that gar yeah. summer is back in a big way this weekend, right. >> very much so. that's the trend. get ready for not only will it be hot it will be humid and complete the trifecta, hot, hazy and humid. there's the big three, right, here we are this morning good rain falling now and this is bethesda up to 270 and northern areas of beltway there let's say you have clem park included in this and continues to move east column be ahas mod rain rain this morning. there's good things there's responsible with a few showers around. this is last organized band of rain comeing across. 85 lunchtime. 90 high today. there could be a couple more showers or thunderstorms and not too widespread late this afternoon and really more than anything you'll feel
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and humidity. 90. but it will feel like 93, 95 with heavy rain. little rain this morning it gets buy over the next hour, hour and a half. well i hope so gary. 5:07 now we have braking news several problems to tuesday morning commute. right now if you travel in prince jorming county out in dewey we have a truck fire and fire department on location. really impressive video we'll tie to get to you ooz soop as we can. three south bound between annapolis road and forest drivech the road is shut down with a huge truck fire if you travel on the northbound side keep your windows rolled up and best bet to get around it exit 450 take to 424 davidsonville road. that is great alternate
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for a large look forward. that's not the only weapon we're tracking. between 4:14 and 5 dealing with a large crash flocking three left lanes that cleared off to the shutter. as you heard toward largo upper loop to sell won bridge fruin fruinging around. we'll show you what you you're up again eye tapping water me wes. you can always take massachusetts avenue as alternate as this point police do not have all lanes blocked. our we saw video earlier cars driving slowly through high standing water. practice turn around don't drown. find an alternate this morning. we'll show you what we are up against. outer loop a lot of free
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please use caution with the rairp and what you can and from safe track three next as well, britain breakfast vote could thread nasty pourtation of fellow europeans. >> nothing coming close to fourth ever july than stuffing nearly 7 dozen name an hot dogs down your throat in three minute. >> here's a live look outside across the fz 109. back after this. . >> strook appose, wiz. >> with a hot dog.
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keep on track with dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies, made with low-fat yogurt and real fruit blended into feel-good flavors like new wildberry. american runs on dunkin'. into feel-good flavors like new wildberry. >> sivr illians living under rule of begun it in syria. details 24 cases of abduction since 202 of deaths of minorit minorities and re--. >> scrambling to reshape the eu at summit held yesterday this comes as britain immigration minister says he's
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european citizens can live in uk after country leaves the block. final split from eu is likely years away. they want the government to decide if 3 million people can stay nuvrment k. for now european nationals are welcome. that could also change. >> off this morning lawmakers leave in mid-july for summer resocial security and won't be back. >> congress remain dead locked after how think will handle the virus. cdc has given 25 billion to states and cities. >> well, he's hot dog champ. joey chestnut reclaimed mustard yellow belt at the jewel 4 hot-dog-eating contest at name an famou
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minute that's the most ever each at the potential she intergity and 17 more chose avenue competitor. >> there was no real secrete to what he did just preparation. i guess that means sit ago around eating and i just don't understand. >> 0s. as in 7-0. >> it's insane. >> i played lost and now i have to it up my game. >> i didn't credit. >> come cowing out cbs for lying about the fireworks show on the national mall. >> we continue to learn more about the string of terror bombing in. >> and live look in the d.c. region time 5:13 we're
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>> live look outside on this tuesday morning. you can kind of see it just hanging there right? >> you can feel it too. >> i know. >> you know it's bad when you can feel it as you watch it and you're not outside. that's just how heavy it is out there folks. >> i just walked in the studio. it's a little warm in here. >> that's the way they like it holly and wisdom like it hot i'm saying. >> why we're looking forward to this weekend. >> humid, muggy, and hazy too. the air will lay in there here's where they are over the weekend. again i've about saying this is pretty much
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ban comeing across. there's moderate rainfall here too. moving up north and north west ago adult view and then moving back down to you office east of highway 50 at annapolis. you see the friend it from west to east. future cast by 8 a.m. shows rain moving off. perhaps it will take a little while. perhaps breaking into sunshine. and trust me, as soon as the sun comes out, it will start to get hot and start to get stea steamy. we're showing mar again what's moving through now appears to be last organized bridge. we could have shower with possible understand. tomorrow, again it will be hot and humid and another slight chance of shower or shorm
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he's two day forecast. tomorrow, 92 feels like 95 or 6 with humidity and slight chance of showers and thunderstorms each afternoon here. this is rain moving through. again, once that gets through and gets a little better out there in terms of your morning commute. humid a.m. and shower spotty. partial hi sunny and few cloud at 9 time. >> it did fill feel lower to mid 90s. >> look at threat here middle 90s. thursday, friday, saturday. it will feel a lot hotter than that with humidity and slight chance of rain. airport airport is in this morning with a look at post holiday traffic. hope this rain moves out erin so at least it's a bill letter. >> i hope so behind me out of buoy 3 soubz
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5 goes off tell cap drive tat at that location. this was from a pru omenting go. we understand from police the truck war carrying orange juj. we'll teen you up up dated. get around us 30 southbound if you travel buoy. take a look at. >> let switch it over to a look at high standing water out in bethesda. this say look at river road as you make your way by willard. we're seeing a lot of slow move traffic and puddleing and poppeding companies. right now the road is not closed river road remains inbupd and out bountd service with mez. i would suggest for surface issues teen can clear until
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that clears. ot only look and past 514 as you head five the crash was involved eight vehicles blocking shoulder we're seeing a line of red still a slow down even though lanes on and getting by traffic wise on odo odor. >> bw parkway southbound near powder mill road he encountered high standing water. use caution as you keep your way around the area. we'll keep you updated on the breaking news, holly. >> thanks, erin, 5:19 time to take a look at our. >> three saudi arabian cities in the span of hours leaving four people dead. pakistani man carried out an attack and that potentialing happened outside off one ofies almost
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>> separate attack near u.s. con sew late and sue said boo boomer blew him up. no group claimp called out for showing file photos whether than single things. >> bit get on pgs foyer works shoyn writing. >> it's not something to see every day in massachusetts police caught a foot-long alligator rome ago rond a residential neighborhood over the weekend. no word where it columbine fro from. perhaps it's just in town for the holidays wisdom. >> that's businessing it will block to kavr or wherever you came from. >> coming up tox he.
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not paying off the way lawmakers expected. >> we'll head to break now and as we do let take a live look outside. there you go. this will get you going tuesday back to work today folks it's okay we can recover from a long weekend, right, 5:21 is the news now. fox news morning back after this.
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. >> 5:23 is the time. thousands are in jail because they can't make bond. >> and here in d.c. you go free if you meet with officer. >> judge roger gregory will welcome chief judge ever the richmond base forth u.s. circuit court after peels day. gregory
5:24 am
will be first african-american to serve as judge. >> to virginia now races for state workers and teachers and other public employees in limbo. fiscal year ended last week and virginia may face a short fall about salaries going up. governors asked staetional back bam we're helping for it or not. it again rated more that 10 million for solution programs. 20 1 than 2015. more plastic bags are sold at grocery stores than convenience stores in pharmacy and country officials say good news that's less bags ending up in our street. >> i keep bags in every vehicl vehicle. >> in every car. >> how many times have you had to go back to the car to get
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the store and forgot to check them in. >> been there gary. >> like always never remember the guys. i have to go bam. >> this is what we've about dealing with rain in spots. now moving to heaviest hortion of laep eventually out to annapolis and kept island and all the places in the eastern shore will get there eventuall eventually. rain moved out. heavy stuff about to move in. it's not super ever hade but moderate rain moving through buoy and all that cop tips to come across. rain bought fill a little more. most of of heingtest. he aren'tly this will dpol around across i think where
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targeted really over the next 10 to 15 meant later bit, tonight, hugh, it will feel like 93 to 94 degrees and sunshine late this afternoon. that's the ge tail on the weather and let's get the details on the commute this morning. erin como, of course we like to call her erin commute she's in with us. >> we're dealing with a lot of breaking news this morning, gary, really rough start to tuesday morning. i tried to get us ahead to thursday. i'm sorry about that. road closure in buoy earlier truck fire right now just smoking all the flames under control and fire department still on location closing 3 southbound between annapolis road and forest drive. best bet to get around that exit 450 davidsonville road to r50. if you wake newspaper buoy smoke and emergency wapders in that area. avoid lee. high stand
5:27 am
baep baen up pound let him more traffic in a mu moments. >> recently released figure suggest maryland is dealing with exploding heroin epidemic. >> eleanor holmes norriton continues her push for gun regulations. >> as we head to break on this tuesday, we'll take a live look outside yeah you can see t you can feel it. it's hazy, hot and humid. that's going to be the terms forever the rest of the week. we'll talk more about it when we come back. 5:27 now. "fox5 news morning" is what you're watching this tuesday.
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>> straight ahead from rivals to force. hillary clinton and obama hit the campaign trail together. >> and lawyers in baltimore for a series of pretrial motions before the start of fourth trial of police officer charged in death of freddie gray. and fireworks at the national mall went off despite the reign and clouds. put pbs facing criticism on social xwleed what it did during the broadcast of the show. "fox 5 news morning" starts right now. . >> morning to you thank you for wake up with us i'm wisdom martin. >> even hall holly morris. >> tuesdayu
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>> we have gary mcgrady and airport erin with us talking weather and traffic in a momen moment. >> first, though, let's talk news. happening now d.c. police are investigating a police involved shooting in northeast. >> bob barnard is on the scene right now getting the details for us. bob, anything new, what's happening now? >> well, wisdom, holly, good morning, the 4900 block of coral street north east here off mip mip avenue remains closed at this the hour as d.c. police continue their investigation of an overnight shooting involving a metro trapdzit police officer. i can show you a visito as of this morning. police tack unmarked metro police cruiser out of neighborhood and d.c. police officer toll us this car had about shot up. so, it appear the metro transit police officer was targeted and received gunfire and fired back and we don't know the condition of either
5:32 am
officer. but you happened near the dean wood metro station mere the community wreck center involving massive metro transit relief. holly and wisdom? . . >> 5:32 at the time a man is in the hospital in critical cell call surprise after a shoot. why ice cream trucks are store stored. no word on a suspect. >> d.c. moms and dads for rational gun safety march from the u.s. capitol to link on park. it's to gain support for leatherlation that will prevent gun violence. eleanor holmes morton will be on capitol hill to greet the parents once they sure view of. they weren't them to have a vote in alarming situations like this. >> heroin epidemic cold more pawrper
5:33 am
before. it's on the rise even though it's a deadly high that could kill the user after the first time using. officials are linking the rise in usage to doctors over prescribing main medication. once the pain pills run out some people turn to heroin to keep high. there have been 63 deadly overdoses this year alone compared to 19 in 2015. . >> legalities talk politics now. president obama shared remarks with american people on 4th of july. >> at a con and barbecue at the white house he touched on sniff caps ever the holiday. >> president obama: we all know that our freedoms are dependent on incredible dprup of men and women in uniform and families that look out for us every single day [ applause ] and some of them are in attendance here today. please give them a big round
5:34 am
>> because of wad warm in the dissfrekt the height house celebration had to be moved up doors. >> bad weather turned foyer works downtown in low happening ago fair. the weather was unseasonably cool for this time year and crowds were notably thinker than in believeious years. >> if you missed out on fireworks don't dispair. you can catch more fireworks tonight in college park. that's the display that's rekemed tutu to baerming. it happens 9:00 university of maryland. >> all right. time now to talk weather now. you were out and about last night. >> yeah and i'll going to say this gary i did not think most of the fireworks were impossible to see i saw almost all the firk wars i thought it looked cool in the haze with the clouds. >> that's awesome. i didn't know. it's good to here that from actually talking to you how close were you. >> at the kennedy center. >> there you go. >> it's a great view. >>
5:35 am
i was watching radar a little bit i noticed we would hopefully be in a braem when that waim across. and 74 degrees here in city. now that equals yesterday high temperature only 74 wow on jewel 4 and definitely way, way cooler than we should be, today not across this morning an you can see the back edge back into the western suburbs and good moderate rail pal across everything else will be scattered. here's forecast today. starting off in mid 70s. warming up to 0. feels like 93 to 94 with sunshine today couple showers and thunderstorms possible late this afternoon. get ready. heat and humidity builds in. here is erin como with a look at tuesday morning traffic. hey, erin. >> 5:35 gary and we're deali
5:36 am
standing water issues around the dmv this morning and later out of mannasas a crash and klosh aarr 28 northbound between yorkshire lane and constant road and does he tour around that and because of that hi standing water in bethesda. green way drive. use caution, traffic getting b by. pondings condition and tree down in the rot. 29 maryland westbound side of avery road and caution as you make your way in that direction and aside interest that a road closure in buoy because of earlier truck fire. a closer look at that next. >> 5:36 the time now coming up new government numbers suggest early voting may contribute to low voter turnout. >> two young prep prens are working to help vick nimz west vir sglir as we look outside to a live dmv
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7 35 degrees back in a moment man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪ hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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ask >> family members are shocked their sopz were involved. the help launched one of the
5:40 am
country deadly aeingt tacks and the families say their sons were missing for months and they sensed something was wron wrong. >> two muslim seems before ought in a mosque after the teams led evening prayer. director asked for new protection. >> accountability office about voting. i however, voting by mail or showing up and recommendstering on election day improves turnout. it contradicts conventional wisdom and believing it would make it easier for voters. >> this is sorry switas lemonade these two are selling because two brothers in west virginia are turning lemons into profit all to aid victim of recent flood in southern part of the sfait. brothers ages 9 and 6 setp a stand with several customer to e
5:41 am
and thoughtful of them. >> absolutely look how cute they are. >> love it. >> i love it. 5:41 now. i'm not sure where we're going. we're having a few technical issues at this second. but, i think now we do know exactly where we're going tuesday. coming up, security scare and forces band per troy concert a -- clicket a cop certificate ticket by their dad of course. we'll is that story coming up. looked like a prominent dad. >> as we head across the region time 5:41, 75 degrees. "fox 5 news morning" back after this
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a>> for centuries we have imagined how the planet moved and stars moved. >> nasa scientists erupted with celebration overnight when the space cavlt known as juno entered orbit around jupiter. radio signals from juno confirmed it is orbit around the biggest planet in the solar system it took five
5:45 am
it traveled fear sun and expected to spend 30? storms swept through the region yesterday. fire queues reresponsibleed to work the one way. a organization portion -- i manziel he was outside to avoid falling limbs at the time and downed trees caused several power outages as well. good time to go outside and move something. yeah. could have been -- yeah. >> quarter to 6 is the time no now. and i guess the rain is behind us right gary. >> it's moving out. there's still rain out there. tucker moved in a couple minutes ago said it's awful he came in from the east. visbility is on the roadway and rain to.
5:46 am
looks like last batch across the right around northern sakes of morning way here. i can still get rain. moving on avenue off the rain get out over the next half hour it moopz a lot of wet roads. there's poppeding on the roadways watch for that. it will sneak up on you especially if traveling at a good rate of speed. road spray will be around quite a while, to. just about that this morning's commute will take linger than it normally would. think of it as summertime. it helps a little bit. rain moves out of here. spotty shower or thunderstorm possible this evening. doesn't look like widespread at all. we will have enough sunshine to make it hot and super humid and steamy today. tomorrow more showers and thunderstorms possible in the evening. i don't think here in the city. down to the south certainly possible because we get to wedne
5:47 am
thursday and friday too that the will be a couple thunderstorms popping up in the afternoon and and just super hot. weather story as humidity sticks around. heat will be going up. temperatures going up. we'll go 90 today and feel like 3 tonight and 92 tomorrow and 92 bill feel more like about 95 or 96 and temperatures will keep geeing loter and hotter was we they'd through the week. forecast i fet tech tour. showers and there's few and far between late today. few storms tomorrow night 92. thursday and friday temperatures mid 90s. it will feel like around 100 degrees. each one of those days, hot, again next week too airport. wish hi bert news hey man that's how it is. >> my traffic news is not much better. wet ad
5:48 am
standing water and crashes to get through. let's start i off with look in billy improvement here between a earlier fire is under control hereing with dispatcher prince jorming county they're reope reopening and shoulder remains on the tractor-trailer. no hazmat material aboard that and also no injuries reported. please use caution as you may encounter smoke in that area for lingering smoke. volume delays baltimore washington parkway slow in both directions between 197 and 13 and heard on twitter seeing high standing water kaiing out a lane on southbound side. preez use caution turn around don't drawn move to different lane if youen county high, thin water. 21 west avery road caution as you head in that direction and also river road high standing water both directions green way
5:49 am
sdoup and please use caution if you heat out there. massachusetts avenue a good alternate to get around that one. mannasas, 29 north between york share haep compton road. 95 northbound dale city to wod bridge. safe track does kick in and shut down service radic yell and blue line. service available from those stations but crowd conditions. plan ahead. avoid shuttle bus service if possible and choose alternate, metro bus, slxt re to get around it. any questions@erin fox d.c. on twitter and we'll keep you update ond that. blue and yellow will rung in two different segments i have everything you need to know for commute between frank coneian springfield, largo town area. mapped out for you so you know what you're doing and and longer wait times and crowded conditions
5:50 am
metro stops la fant plaza to franconia springfield. more on that as you continue holly and wisdom. >> let's look at storiesen gaming with most on social media with realtime news tracker. first up political dust you over a tweet. hillary clinton caused recent tweet by donald trump it shows clinton next to pile of money with six pointed star on top the star reads most corrupt candidate ever and many are outraged about this saying the sweet promotes anti-tem mantic injury a and the star looks close to that of david. slamming clinton. he says the attack by hillary clinton trying to link star of david with face star for sheriffs used with criminals i isry dick uus lus. >> during rants led oklahoma city thunder to numbe
5:51 am
2012 and western conference in four of the past six years. >> shocked a lot of people with that move. timely yesterday was not just independence day at the white house it was also president obama daughter malia 1 birth day. president sang happy birthday to her along side kenrick lamar and janelle molay and she hugged her father on stage while the crowd cheered. >> let's see who sang you happy birthday. >> kenrick lamar. >> monet. just to name a few. >> yeah and dad was there too. >> he happens to be the president, whatever. >> no big deal. >> all right. . >> 5:51 the time now. listen to it story a disabled teen cancer patient is suing the tsa for violent arrest at memphis international airport according to lawsuit. hannah coep was thrown to ground hitting head and arrested by tsa at the airport after setting off metal detectors in the airport last y
5:52 am
cohen is partially blind, death and paralyzed by a brain tumor. what a tumor at st. jees. >> police delaware are attempting two sell braiings that happened an hour apart. >> a woman was taking items out of the car when a man grabbed her from behind. and put a wraing an unknown chemical on her mouth and she fought the man off. >> several hours later on same street a suspect grabbed a woman's neck and mouth and tried to push near a vehicle. the puppies from a band perry celebrating surprised had button rup. >> two pep entered shelbyville delaware and made alarming statemen
5:53 am
death. the threats were taken seriously and they cancelled the concert before it began. they will reschedule the event though. >>shire works show dmv went offer without a bang. that's because the waet dpreery weather pushed shows back. frederick maryland postponed displays until sunday jewel 24 and gaithersburg postponed theirs until this friday july 8. >> that's not the same. >> although my celebration last a week. >> owe twhos deseeded to let down earlier in the day and avoid the rain. cloudy morning deposit stop the independence parade on constitution avenue. it ran from 7th street down to 17th. crowds waved american fwlaing to cheer the marching band and float. >> step is star serena william threatening to sue. now it started raping while should was playing during
5:54 am
wimbledon she toll the he emtire should will see if they wets hurt. >> officials. >> if you have seep the half thal mr. steal your grandpa. irving randall is a grand father from texas. photos of this dapper grand dad are viral. he now has more than 106,000 followers in on instagram alon alone. he has a woman in his life. so sorry ladies. >> okay. . >> steel your grandma. >> yes. show the water moving out of the room here. >> yes. >> different version of bomb girl. >> light. >> okay on that note let say
5:55 am
day. look at this. joseph campbell and wife alicia and they're celebrating 13 wedding anniversary. >> very cool. they've been watching "fox5" since 1988 and not even born then? >> yes, you're already in double digits. >> if you want to be the fap of the day post a 6 at the bottom of this one. >> all right. gary. . >> sit back. . >> he's much closer to the grandpa than hi is to anybody. >> i'm going to embrace it. >> you may as well. >> in fact after i leave today i'll go out in the street and take my shirt off and walk through the rain. >> gary let's prove on now. fast. run with it. [ laughter [. >> i'm sorry you had to hear that okay i know you're getting over your holiday and then to have to think about that you know what i mean. big buzz word is
5:56 am
that's even more pathetic. >> rain is not a good drink here stop while you're ahead. strourz headed to east of buoy. you get so more rain. annapolis is ad to the rain. drier today. sunshine, hot and humid a thunderstorm pots possible light this afternoon. it's possible so you know. p day forecast lack how hot it get mit 0s. >> here's a look at tuesday morning traffic. day after holiday serve going slow. >> they're getting slower gary and walking in the studio because there's tops of breaking weather now. i want to show you crash at activity adding to adjusted commute and 95 wood brim and sdil city and across at prince william parkway.
5:57 am
that turns red because of crashes and con just job a kid side from that you with drive to reservoir and we have more weather and traffic if we continue. just a rainy morning. [ umbrella♪ .
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♪ ♪
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crime scene northeast shooting involving metro transit police under investigation this all unfolding under dean wood metro stop. >> a little tv magic why video receipt the a whole lot of fireworks on social media outside. >> live look outside rainy tuesday morning, jewel 5, weather and traffic on fives at 6:05. >> good tuesday, everyone. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". let's get toe officer involved shooting in the district. >> bob barnard in northeast writing it happened, bob, what can you tell us. >> yeah, guys this involved metro transit police officer shooting at 11:00 along mip min and/or olel when d.c. police took unmarked metro cruiser out


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