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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  July 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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crime scene northeast shooting involving metro transit police under investigation this all unfolding under dean wood metro stop. >> a little tv magic why video receipt the a whole lot of fireworks on social media outside. >> live look outside rainy tuesday morning, jewel 5, weather and traffic on fives at 6:05. >> good tuesday, everyone. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". let's get toe officer involved shooting in the district. >> bob barnard in northeast writing it happened, bob, what can you tell us. >> yeah, guys this involved metro transit police officer shooting at 11:00 along mip min and/or olel when d.c. police took unmarked metro cruiser out
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this car was shot up during the exchange of gunfire around 11:00 last night. we don't believe the metro transit officer was injured. we're not sure of the condition of the other person that officer was exchanging gunfire with. it happened near the dean wood metro station outside dean wood community and remember center and again around 11:00 last night d.c. police handling investigation still on the scene here. minnesota avenue is on metro buses running long min mip avenue and this 4900 block of coral street northeast remains closed as d.c. police in the rain this morning continue investigation steve and alliso allison. >> all right. bob. thank you. in prince george county a man fighting for his life after he was shot in a parking lot where ice cream trucks are scored. it happened 6:00 last evening in 6100 block of app
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may have been attempted robber robbery. no word on dus suspect. >> montgomery county firefighters battling massive plays here high school when they got there the home was fully ep gulfed. no started. >> the fourth officer rm charged in death of freddie gray. he is highest ranking of six officers charged of failing to secure gray with seat belt when they loaded into preliminary hearing. >> the judge expected to hear rice's case cleared two previous officers facing similar charges related to fred queue gray death. . >> in race for white house the first joint cam neighbor charlotte, north carolina both take to event on air force one. that is donald trump questioning who is paying
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this turns out clinton campaign it picking up part of tab. later today clip ton returns to z.c. to speak to educators at convention center. >> speaking of trump on privd said will hold a rally at the duke entertaining service. he aperiod. to that be the clinton called the campaign aunt a senani. it ic. >> a march begins at lincoln park and arrives at capitol 9 a.m. where they'll be met with eleanor holmes norriton. message origination hopes to get across half meaning full legislation and give d.c. a vote. >> proving and washington foyrj of july sport fire
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stayed of big game. fireworks were bright and clear. pbs says it was intentional and fireworks were touch to see and we showed best from this year and previous years it was patriotic things to did. they didn't tell people they were doing it. >> there was no previously recorded. >> but you could tell which was bought full last year and dreary low cost for they are year there he helped out onlin online. it was mate reotic things to d do. >> only if sit. >> on back. happy fourth. i'm going to the fireworks tonight. >> the ones cancelled in college park. >> yes. >> very cool. >> i mean it's like tradition i have to go see fireworks. >> some happened some
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got tweet of rered and mcgreevey burs in the sky. satellite up in ditch koltors. >> check them out and then you got to go. you have one and i think the best issue in this place. forecast, rain showers, i the good news it's moving out quic quick. but mrepttive leftover road spray. i'll let erin tell about you that. not going to rain all day. it will turn hot and humid. yes. after a cool july 4. we're going to turn up the heat and humidity around here the next couple days. and we may have a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. but they should be widely scattered. a little sun
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well later today partly surprise me, hot and humid and turn up the haze. 74 national dull is. and 7 bwi mag shall getting back to work forecast case. >> for some of us. >> some of us were working on the holiday. >> 90 daytime high. and you will notice both heat and humidity turning up with a shower or this morning an shower storm scattered today. 7 day if you like heat you'll love it. >> it will feel like tratditio tratditional. >> it's like six years going. >> do i not hi a nice welcome for the weekend. >> good esh from years ago was paying tribute to humid weather before. it was patriotic things to do. >> we're dea
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on upper loop out by river roa road. you can see the traffic is much making up twip you can keep the wet conditions upon tucker mentioned. slow moving traffic that is moving. let look at maps. we'll start to see big problems picking up for morning commute tomorrow. this kicked in:00 tonight for yellow and blue line rail service completely shut down between national airport and braddock road and they have shuttle bus service available and you can get the shuttle buses from those stations available between braddock road and crystal city and pentagon city and braddock road and national airport for airport customers just be prepared for a lot of chronic conditions on metro on the yellow and blue lines and we'll be running in two different semingt from blue and yellow between franconia and braddock road and national largo account center and braddock road as well as national airport in greenville and check ahead any questions erin fox
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to leave early if you take the yellow or blue line right now no current metro delays or issues and tomorrow morning maybe metro bus taking vre or car pooling better bet for you. currently take a look at crashes on i-95 northbound side in the express linz before dale city and 95 northbound prince william parkway two crashes den dale city and woodbridge causing major slow downs 95 northbound and wet commute as well and fallen tree limbs and traffic sharing outbound side on inbound side one lane getting by and then we have few standing water in bethesda river road green way day caution in both directions, press turn around don't drown expect listened aires and on the beltway ponding conditions reduce speed and geoff yourself extra room between vehicles this morning. lanes on after earlier truck fire southbound three getting by between annapolis and forest drive and no more residual delays
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washington parkway by pouter mill fwet an early start and grab umbrella you'll need it. >> and deadly attack in the madele east overnight sdl and after a five year invoice annual a solar powered aircraft orbiting jupiter. what is means for future of space exploration.
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>> back now breaking news from rome police arrested homeless man in connection with death of a american student. the body of bo solomon was pulled from the river the 1 19-year-old student at university of wisdom martin madison arrived in rome for study abroad program and last seen in bar early friday morning and later discovered thousands of dollars and charges on credit card had been placed there. his credit accord was stole. >> terror in middle east sprea spreading to saudi arabia wherein three separate suicide bombings. it cause carried out by pakistani man. while no claim of responsibility it appears coinciding end of ramadan tonight. >> final preparations in rio now.
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olympics. workers putting finishing touches on there. and more than 10,000 athletes and up to half a million visitors expectsed to attend games and they will kickoff amongst today august 5. mean time back here in the states cleanup continues in kentucky this morning after severe storms left behind several downed trees and power lines and possible tornado touchdown near a walmart injuring five people inside ever the store. the building was heavily damaged. >> reunion worth the long wait. one military dog back with handler. service military man khood and detecting explosive devices. freedy k nine expressed -- he will live out days with chad's family. >> a solar
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circling jupiter from the inside out. fox jackie ibanez with reaction from mission command in california [ cheers and applause ]. while the rest of country celebrates independence day nasa scientists are having their own party. after the juno space craft successfully entered orbit around jupiter. it's ready to start 20 month, 1.1 billion mission to learn more about biggest plan net solar system. >> what a feeling. a mission this complexity to accomplish tonight is just truly amazing. >> arrival was dramatic with juno firing rockets on autopilot because of time lapse between jupiter and earth. yuno is powered by and they're not worried about a lack of power. >> even though we're receiving 123 of sunlight at
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would or massive a. >> the focus turns to recon mission. hearing from the atmosphere to map the up tier or. scientists looking forward to up locking planet history. that could tell us more about how the solar system is developed. for centuries we have imagined how the planets move and how the stars move and we've only been aided with computer animation or efforts of hollywood. and well tonight that will change. >> juno will turn instruments back on in next few days and real work won't start until late august when it swings in closer to jupiter. new york jackie he ban yesterday big news. >> coming up close call at major league baseball game with eagles with put on game. >> trying to making it prey patriotic
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>> look at white house this morning xing a little breeze. rain may have stopped. out of here. >> get on out of here. >> tuck, good morning. >> good morning. >> i feel like i have not seen the two of you together in months. >> i have something for you. >> reunited and it feels so good♪ . >> feels so good. >> how did you know. >> it does feel like it's been three weeks. you were gone. you were gone and then you were gone and then i was gone. we're happy to be all back and then you were gone agai >> one day doesn't really count. >> reunited and it feels so good♪ . >> beautiful. >> should we do weather. >> sure. >> if you want. >> sure did. >> with new peaches. >> and if you watch good morning, herb. >> good morning. >> we're looking at heat. it's on the way.
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>> he's so happy. >> it's not my favorite time of year. 74 in washington and steamy outside early it morning and rain showers moving through. humidity will creep up and we'll turn up the thermometer here. mannasas 73 and frederick 75 leonardtown and looking at stromtracker radar last of rain getting to the east of us. still on eastern side of beltway out there towards buoy and covtton and annapolis as well still coming down. so we got just another hour or so of rain for parts of area. and then we should get a break and i don't think we'll get a lot of showers and thunderstorms and can't guarantee a few won't hop up if rather hot and humid at months feevrment here's a bigger look and what we call short wave energy coming through and not any real front associated with it just a nrivt atmosphere and not responsible for that front activity. reason
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big issue in the air mass over the next couple days and the heat index is sort of near 100 the next several afternoons. yes, we all know what that means around the washington area, haze didn't, hot and tooud humid today. can't rule out a shower or thunderstorm. much less numerous than we dealt with this morning. here we go. scattered storm each afternoon next several days highs mid to low 90s through saturday. looks like by saturday cold front brings in cool he air the rest of weekend. you can see the summertime pattern in the next 7 day. that's a look at weather. airport i battled beltway this morning i hope it's getting better. >> no, it's bad tucker. there's a lot of wet condition conditions. since 4 there's been a lot of problems. 270 southbound shady grove road
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slow conditions leading down to that location as you get to the spur. also, 28 west after baltimore road dealing with downed tree blocking one lane. we've seen a lot with heavier rain moving in standing water down the free list this morning and the entire stretch norm of went weigh keep in mind flight center 197. heavy traffic by powder mill road as you try to get from bw parkway. and traffic on outbound lanes chairing inbound lanes and basically people inbound sharing outbound lanes sorry about that to get around it. inbound between arizona avenue and reservoir road we're dealing with downed tree limbs this morning. 210 northbound old for the road to kirby hill and branch avenue getting beltway closed 30
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upper loop slow across wilson bridge and slow conditions outer loop earlier crash blocking shoulder. and it kicks in tonight at 8. shut down national airport to braddock road on yellow and blue line and shuttle service replacing questions at erin. >> coming up next facebook unveiling another new feature dealing with your most and different languages, a bald eagle fly over the top of stadium and come back do handler. bird took a does he tour and flew over center field from. bye-bye. zoo keep rz say after a few innings they found it and said it was headed back. sometimes you got to go, al. >> that's where it was going back to the zoo. >> right. >> bad bird. >> good bird. fly. >> time keeps
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>> 6:22 time for the "business beat". >> i had i great fourth no fireworks on wall street today. more like fire alarms right steve. we had amazing week last week best week of the year. putting that in perspective we now have selling go on. doup down 100 points. there's no one reason for the decline. it is a mix of oh, okay, great britain is really leaving european union and we got really you know upset about that and then thought maybe we're over upset and now it's time to be surprise set. we have markets mostly lower today. >> we're going pack and forth. >> we are. good news tesla selling
6:24 am
vehicles are wait listing for some vehicles and not delivering others. >> that's a problem. when you say you will or intend to deliver x number of cars in given quarter and don't two quarters in a row you may have a problem to the tune of down 4% right now for tesla shareholders and 2nd quarter tesla said they would deliver over 14,000 vehicles and instead 3,000 shivt numberch the reason. ceo we learned blamed first water weakness on cuba. we put too much technology in the cars. all these cars are ready they don't have them because they're sfuk on a ship in middle of ocean. strange excuses made. tesla is struggling to meet demand from customers and dealing with other things like probe for driver in florida and using autopilot
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>> fightal accident. >> there's. >> what is facebook doing. >> they're multi-liping waling. you wrote post in native language waming and it can be translated to 45 other languages for 50% of facebook users that speak something other than english. this say big deal. unfortunately only available on desktop right now as a test. but this is facebook way of connecting and you know taking away the barrier that is sometimes language and getting people to connect to one another around the world. >> when i accepted a post praising allison and saying thank for her being back with us. >> welcome back allison in english. >> she says thank you. >> hi lauren see you tomorrow morning. >> 6:25. >> sglool kinds of. >> why not? >> well it's cool it read stuff from all over the world. >> but maybe you get comments onou
6:26 am
world too. . >> you're right. >> okay. good morning. >> i'm like why don't they like. it that's fine. >> exactly. . >>. >> humidity is speaking loudly out there >> a cloud deck below the camera that's cool. hazy hot and humid conditions on the way. ul will notice humidity certainly this morning with all the rain we had overnight. 74 raining out there. things winding down quick. humidity 97%. fog in spots. winds out of south and west here at 7. we're last of rain showers for this morning. moving through. and working out part of prince george and anne arrundel county there and piece of us and we'll be in for hot and humid conditions perhaps scattered storm later today, 90 the daytime high. and hey, heat waiver? oh, yes, it is. >> ist?
6:27 am
>> hey, thanks tuck. >> thank you tucker. >> and weird. >> hi, erin. >> let's have a pool party steve okay i'll be there. >> that's what steve sgled you're welcome. >> thanks. >> 6:27 now. pool party sounds nice because we're seeing rainy conditions and nasty traffic around the area now. 95 northbound in express lanes before dale city a crash and another northbound prince william parkway. let's look live outside and sew you what you are up against traffic crawling towards dale city this morning and right lane blocked and express lanes there by prince william parkway big delays slowing us down and slow moving traffic and sluggish commute due to directions that's not only delay we're dealing with in virginia. 66, 234 to september areville and stafford you're backed up. maryland a liver look at the beltway next. >> all right. we have more com
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we have more coming up 6:27 now. >> update on the police involved shooting in the district. >> and a lot of critics players and fans still weighing in on concern durant next chapter as getting far from d.c. as possible heading to oak land. junkies join us with their take next why should over two hundred years of citi® history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about ogress. that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward. as long as they have someone to believe in them. citi® financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place.
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♪ welcome back, everybody.erby it's 6:30 on tuesday morning. mr lots of folks starting theirg work week out on this day. day. welcome back.k. and wake up! it is fox5 morningx
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weather and traffic on the 5's little rainy out there. 6:35 we'll get you caught up tot date. first at 6:30 developingevelin overnight there was a policeers involved shooting near deanwoodw metro station in northeast. d.c. police say the shooting shn involved a metro transit policee officer. this happened last night on nign quarrel street in minnesotareetn avenue. no word on any injuries or whata led up to this shooting. this morning, the southbouns lanes of route three in bowien have been reopened after aer tractor trailer carrying orangea juice caught fire.t f prince george's county policergn say it happened on sylvan drivee that scene is now clear. in the race for the white t house the first joint campaignn appearance today for hillary h clinton and president barack obama. it's in charlotte, northlottert carolina. na both will travel to the event e together on air force one. now, that had donald trumpaldrup questioning just who is paying g for this trip.for turns out the clinton campaign a is picking up a portion of the tab.ta steve? now it's time for theor morning still a lot of react
6:32 am
in over kevin durant's move out to the west coast. c let's check in with the sportspo junkies the 106.7 the fans. happy fourth july post game iam guess post holiday show.olidayho >> what's happening, steve.te >> happy fouh >> here's my question with kevin durant. first of all the free agent thea thing that was over the weekende over billion dollars worth oforh contracts handed out which seems like all i can think of ticket e prices going but any way.but any >> right. >> so kevin durant financiallyan what the wizards paid bradley bl biehl on average about a milliol and a half left what kevinev durant is getting. g couldn't have been the money t m here. wanted to play for somebody whom will bring him a title.le talk about that fit and him leaving. leavin did he owe it to the fans of o oklahoma city to stay or is he h freed to way wants with no repercussions? >> first thing i want to sake steve, why couldn't the salary for tv and radio personalitiessi go up.. >> because they would have tohe actually pay that to match the t cap. you'd have that thing whereng w there's like big, big difference what the cap is and what the
6:33 am
>> right. >> but i hear you.. >> does he owe it to the fans? n no, look, he was there for, for, what, eight years, whatever it was, he earned the righting toi play for somebody else when thii contract was up.ct was u he certainly kick the tires thet oncoming back.. who knows, you know, what the relationship between durant and westbrook is.ks. maybe westbrook said, you knowo what, i'm rolling, i' you might as well go to bettertr team. team win some championships.soio but he didn't owe it to the the fans. fa he tried.ri they were close.. up three-one in the westernes conference finalling.ling they were close. you can understand why theun thunder fans are upset.. but he wants to go within go th championships and this is thes n best opportunity for him to dott it. >> he owes the fans nothing. tth i mean, he's playing the game tt try to win titles.initle he wasn't able to do it yet in t oklahoma cit you're showing people burningplr his gear there.his gehere. that's ridiculous.s did he nothing but representepse oklahoma city well eight yearsta he was there.he was the he was super star great in the t community. he wants to win titles. t he wasn't able to do it inn' oklahoma city.t he feels like he can do that tha with the golden state warriors.r
6:34 am
a smart move and for all the t people vol will he feig hime saying he's hitching his wagonss to a bunch of super stars lebroo james did the same thing inamini that's the way you within titlel in the present day nba. >> i won vol will he if i it does seem like the easy wagee he's joining a team that won 73n games last year.tea how good is this team going tooi be? they're all young so you're going to have kevinevn durant long side the splash brothers and dre mon green.. they won 73 games last year. lay what do we expect from them thii year? like 78? when are theyre going to lose. l >> the only thing i worry about sometimes there's one of thoseho movies that has 18a listers inii it and the movie stinks. stinks. >> yeah. >> i don't see that happening with golden state. let's switch to the natsee righr now. no let me put this out there. bryce harper, say he leaves in i couple of years. will you be mad at that or will you say, nah, he was here for he few years he helped us try to win and went on and made moneyan somewhere else.el >> it depends on yourdends perspective.perspect i wouldn't be mad at it definitely would devastate you as fan of the tea
6:35 am
like i was thinking about thisih last night. kevin durant leaves okc can you examine being thunder you thought you weret youe championship contender year innr and year out.and you were you lose your guy and that'sy a' done. i think that feeling of of emptiness is something thatngha nationals fans would have in bryce harper left.ef >> sports fans have tos fans hao understand that this is theshe business of sports. sports. >> right. >> this is what these guys arehu able to do when you're a freee f agents you're unrestricted.estre you can go anywhere you want.yo. fans will do the same thing. if the fans were offered forffef money to be fans of other teamsa they probable woman do >> i agreeba. >> so you can't be upset at the player. player. it's their right and if theyight chose to do it, so be it., so b you lost. >> this is the no the '50's or '60s most of the players tend tt play witness team they startedst with throughout their players move around. aun they have that right >> i think that's the key, cakes. >> and free agency to do that.da >> jason from your example fanss would route for their hometown t team they grew up.
6:36 am
they won't change app as opposep to a player if bryce harper grer up in d.c. would want to stayy zimmerman grew up in virginia vi wants to stay here his whole year. year >> that's why the strausburg signing was a surprise to d.c. because he's in san diego. conventional wisdom said he'll l go to the west coast and playwea the rest of his career out the there. he chose to take the money here. >> well, we like to keep them around until they win awin a championship.piship as fans we'd like to see to championships here in d.c., too. >> they got good shot this years >> i hope so. hop >> enjoy the rest of your of y morning. see you tomorrow.see you tomo >> thanks, steve.rr>> t >> i never know where they'rehe' going to come toe i would have bet money that they would have vilified durant.. back in the old days when moneyn wasn't so ridiculous --ulous -- >> right. >> you had players spent their t whole careers with the team.ea ka* cap ripken, perfect example which was fantastic.taic so rare any more.are an >> you know what else is rarew e the warriors were traditionallyi
6:37 am
ever.ever >> now they have a destination.i >> now people want to playe wa l there. that's incredible. >> it is. the wizards will beill like that. like that. >> people don't want to playn' fort wizards >> that day is coming soon,oon, kevin durant.urt >> two players locked up now.lae we'll see what else happens. has >> i should have played in the t >> yes, you should. sho absolutely. right. you still have te >> tal leapt thing was holdingni me back. >> all right. let's go to the forecast. goi should have played. 74 in washington.ton 71 in new york city. city. it is very very humid out theree the heat and the humidity both t we'll turn it up a notch overoto the next couple of days. day highs in the upper 80s 19900s today with plenty of humidity om out there. you know what, i hope yourr air-conditioning is working you'll neat need it the next the couple of days.coup >> mine is not, tucker.ot, tke going on four days now.ur days . >> would you like to give aou l special shout out to -- >> no, messages have been sent.n >> okay. the rain is winding down. it'
6:38 am
western shore of the bay.or that's good news. g that was very heavy rain hereaih early this morning for the earlr part of the later today could be a scatter t storm best chance south of d.c.d anybody would see it in unstable atmosphere about 90.ut i'll be back with a hazy, hotazh and humid seven day in just aayu minute. literally erin, last night i waw like let me just see what itee a will be like tomorrow.w. oh, 100% humidity. 10 sorry row. how fun. >> it will get fixed today, g fx steve. st >> no, i just went in general. l >> no amount of hair spay canr save today. >> no.>> >> we have problems on our prosn roads. it's a gray, gloomy, humid, nasty tuesday morning commute.ou crash being cleared right now 270 south at old georgetownetn roadblocking the right shouldere tow truck on locate.k onoc traffic okay here but from therm truck scales on down in dow frederick you'll hit a lot of of stop gone traffic on 270 towards the spur. this is 66 on the eastbound sidd after the dulles connector roadr crash blocking the center median area. the left l
6:39 am
as well. we do have first responders atpd that location only two laneses getting by right now as you tryu to move closer into arlington.r. so please allow for extra time.t big delays right now as you tryu get in on 66 on the eastboundasd side. side. also, this is a look at 95 out o by prince william park wagek wag earlier crash did clear.. look at traffic it's basicallyal parked coming up from stafford f you hit a ton of congestiononge between 630 and 610 trying tog t cross the occoquan slow-movingli traffic and wet roads right nown take look at our maps. map other delays you need to bed mindful of.miful the beltway seeing huge delaysey another crash that we're dealini with at prince george's parkwayw on 95. on 9 and then also taking a look at k montgomery county aside from the crash by shady grove that crashr by old georgetown 28 west after baltimore road is a tree is t down. you'll need to detour aroundtoeu that as we're seeing very slow-movingloo traffic into the district 955 northbound dale city to 123 is i big delay and then across theost wilson bridge inner loop jamspam across the american legion leg bridge slow traffic get early start v some patience.
6:40 am
>> coming up next, what ist, w trending on the web this tuesdaa morning including a rare find in one massachusetts town.. and joining forces jay j.loj and broadway sensation manuel run don new music to benefit a f new cause.nese we'll take a listen in today's fox beat. ♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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that you are engaging with theie most this morning on socialn sia media with our real time news te tracker.acke first up, political dust up ovee a tweet donald trump stillmpti insisting would appeared to be e star of david in an anti clintoi tweet was just a basic star usee by sheriffs.he many are outraged saying theayie tweet evoke antisemitic emma emm gee. ge trump deleted that tweet andat d replaced it with circle graphich and finally, it's not it' nt something you see every day in i massachusetts.ssac police caught a foot longfooton alligator roaming around a residential neighborhood over the weekend. no word on where it came from. perhaps it was just in town forr the fourth of july?? >> i don't think so.on'think >> okay. >> hey, al.>> h, al >> hi.. >> hey. >> still ahead, old gag. g kevin hart back the big screen.r we'll hear from him about him in hihis new movie latest life of pets. >> we want to hear from you. toe
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we're back in a minute. ♪ ♪
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my son and i used to watch the red carpet shows on tv now, i'm walking them. life is unpredictable being flake free isn't. because i have used head and shoulders for 20 years. used regularly, it removes up to 100% of flakes keeping you protected live flake free for life ♪ pretty shot this morning, isn't it? >> really pretty. >> we're clearing out.ho that's great news.>>re c >> look at tathat wit'sh the bos >> getting rid of some of thesoe cloud cover. >> that is great shot. >> 6:46. 6:4 74 degrees. d >> we'll actually turn partlyary sunny today. t more sun than yesterday and thee day before that. that's good goo >> tonight it's clear for thes r rescheduled fireworks?ew >> it should be.>>e. there will be a scattered stormc or two. or >> okay.ka >> i think re
6:47 am
should or -- yeah, for today fot should be in better shape.. here comes the heat. that will be the real story.. we'll turn up both the heat anda humidity around here the next couple of days. not sure we need to turn theurne humidity up any more. wait until i saw the dew pointnt numbers. current temperatures 74 inratusi washington.shin sticky, too. 75 quantico. qua 71 out at dulles.ul 70 in frederick this morning. dew point scales any time we get these numbers in the mid 60s oro higher, you are going to feel t it, and right now, it's over 70e so it's oppressive out there.he once we turn the day day highs h into the upper 80s around 90. 9. very uncomfortable later today.y that's your current dew point. 73 degrees. 73 in annapolis just tells you y we're holding a lot of lot of lt water in the atmosphere. and again you'll feel that t humidity the moment you step ouo this morning. mor there's your storm trackerck radar. getting that rain east of us. u still leftover showers outwe out towards annapolis but we shoulde be done with it shortly you sawu in that live shot getting gettig clearing that's great news.ews. kind of a partly sunny day
6:48 am
today. later this afternoon thehe atmosphere this air mass isas i pretty unstable we might fire aa storm or two but they should be widely scattered later today. ty we don't have anything terriblyy well organized. orgiz no real cold fronts no areas ofo low pressure to deal with today. this is kind of what we call ana upper level trough early morning rain showers.we. we're building humidity. as well heat the next couple ofo days, and we're going to have a sustained period here with 90 or above overnight lows in the 70s. so just, you know, we want too prepare accordingly because thab heat index will be pushing 100 the next couple afternoonsno including today. the heat index mid to upper 90s. ut upper 80s near 90. you'll feel like mid up to per r 90s this afternoon.erno. scattered storm in the forecastt wednesday, thursday, friday,y, , saturday 90 or better really rea well into the 90s by thursday,hu friday and saturday. hot and humid out there. look at the overnight lows as we get into friday and saturdayur morning. no thanks near 80 degrees.deee so yes, please, plan accordingly.
6:49 am
and not working out outdoors and the rest of it. i all that is a weather update. uat let's find out about your roadsa with erin. >> i want to say -- stay sta hydrate, too, right tucker.ucr >> always stay hydrated. it right now 6:49a lot of crash activity slow roads.oa wet conditions around the dmv. incidents working north and nor south on 270 right now. 270 northbound approaching shada grove. 270 southbound after shady grovr with delays back to 124.. slow-moving traffic there. i'll get out of the way because look at all that red o and yellw on our maps. 95 southbound jams from 212 tor1 the beltway. 270 south basicly from 85 to 80 slow zone and jam again past p shady grove. 50 inbound speeds under 10 miles an hour 410 to 201. 2 and then as we look at virginiai same story sto the worst of it 66 eastbound 232 to centreville.le. and then 95 northbound 630 to 610 in satisfy forward. jam again towards the act quoncq through dale see as well.ghale 66 dealing with crash by the dulles connector road.onnector . that crash is causing some big s
6:50 am
slow downs.slow d. it's blocking the center median. 95 north still dealing withng crash blocking the shoulder atue prince william parkway earlier one by dale city cleared. get perspective on that slow ths down there and delays as well 210 north old fort to kirby hilh road suitland parkway jams to silver hill seeing big slowingw downs as well on five betweenwen 301 and surrats.urrats high standing water in bethesdaa that is blocking some lanes butn traffic is getting by. b please proceed with a lot ofce t caution. you can always take bradley waboulevard or massachusettssaus avenue to get around it.d it's at the intersection ofntero greenway drive willard avenue in and outbound traffic in bethes bethesda. slow traffic on secondaries in chevy chase heading to theng t district.dist. fallen tree limbs canal inboundl between arizona area anda area d reservoir road.rvoir caution there. there. the beltway very jammed up ond the outer loop top side in siden montgomery county by newy w hampshire a lot of little minorn fender benders around town asd s well and even though right nowit metro is on time tonight at 8:00 safetrack surge three kickk in affecting service to nationaa airport as well as braddock roao on the yel
6:51 am
i have all the information youoa need on twitter.ed on twitte back to you steve and allison. ♪ you know what that musict tc means. time for the fox beat.he fea here's kev.'s >> steve and allison, goodison g morning. mo >> hello. >> i want to say thank you toto erin como. erin i woke up this morning and jason smith our photographer tweeted out a photo of flooding oninn willard road.willar i texted erin. erin that's the way i go to work every single day. what ooh do i do. i she gave me a completelyet alternate route and thank you. i did river to little falls to t massachusetts to western andrn back around. so i don't think i'd be here b h right now.ght now i'd be stuck in this huge pudd puddle. i don't know how big it is any h more. >> thank to you erin. >> thank you erin. rha here.ra prompte first jennifer lobes and lynn man yell miranda teaming t outpatient and a new song to a n benefit the victims of thems ofe orlando shooting. now, both post add sneak peek at the track love makes the world r go round on twitter. twier. take a listen. ♪
6:52 am
>> strong begins with "i'm wide awake ready could create everything i've imagined". >> i remember miranda at the ate tone know awards the speechec about love love love love. le. amazing speech. sec the song will benefit project orlando. project was established in thete aftermath of last month's devastating pulse nightclub shooting that left 49 peopleeope dead. many members of the latino community as well.el orlando will address the long-term need for mental health services. >> great they're doing that. very catchy song. son >> using their celebrity for c good. >> love it. that's exactly what you should be changing gears here, the ne, movie secret live of pets openso up on friday.y. one thing i always wanted wanted topping when i leave the houseeu what does my dog do? do? >> he go to sleep.
6:53 am
i have footage of which we'llhi' show later on later on i sat down with kevin hart and d asked him a non-movie question o one thing i want to know he's kw getting married in august. aug >> right. >> he was recently on jimmyn jim kimmel's show.mmel'sho on that show kimmel said to medm how many people are you invitint he said about 175 to 200 people. so i went to kevin march, listen, i'm getting married in n october. how do you choose whateha co-workers you invite? i want n to -- i want to invite everybody i work with but you can't afforr it. >> you can't do it. it's too expensive.>>it i a'ssked t kevin hart who are u inviting to your wedding want do you do about your co-stars likek the rock and ice cube? are youy inviting those guys? it turnst out he's not inviting the rock. watch this. thi >> i can't invite everybody frof work. you work with actors like the rock, ice cube, do you inviteout those guys? guys? >> i think it's an>> understanding.un look, we're very busy very busy entertainers, and as,d much as you wander to be a partr of people's special time is ofi the essence the time you have yh off you don't want to spend thae time traveling and going to t someth
6:54 am
when you're doing so much. so those friends that i knowt ik they're working like crazy it'si an what's understood doesn't havese to be said. be my other friends i know are kw a available have some time offim that are in the business it's different.ert. me and dj are close.lo very good friend of mine.fin like my >> yes. >> man i'm not inviting you.ou hey, i'm not inviting for youg y not to show up and me get mad because you didn't show up. b, i'm not inviting you to comeo to have the uncomfortableomfoab conversation of m with me of you working. it goes understood.s understood. with that group that you have a your job, i mean, everybodybo understands.understa look, you're paying for those ft plates. plat right now, you're at a placela where you guys are happy withap the list. you have a party later on andn everybody can come be a part of. but this isn't about otherther people. this is about unyour wife to bef >> good answer.ood >> thank you for that answer. >> good answer. food awer. >> one of the bge
6:55 am
i'm having with my fiance'. fnc >> you don't have to do all this to let us know we're note're not it's fine.te >> you are invited. anvit >> i actually did invite steve and allison.and lison that was one of the things hardh tucker is invited, too., too it is hard to decide because iee want to invite everyone i work r with but i can't avenue for it.. it's so expensive.xpensive >> that's great answer. >> i thought you were the onlyhy one that called the rock dj. >> i know. >> we just saw once again the te central intelligence. >> great movie. >> mark didn't know that you hak gotten him to tweet me a me birthday >> yeah. >> i had to look for it sureok s enough on the end it's like hey, happy birthday, blah blah blah h dj i'm like dj. dwayne johnson that's so >> everyone calls him djim d apparently.apparent >> everybody. >> not me.e >> what you got for us today?od >> not nearly as much as kev ask does, that's for sure. we're watching the rain get outo of here. here. hazy, hot and humid condition. >> hi. >> camera is awfully close. >> we'll do fan of the day. day we'll do it later. >> 74 now in
6:56 am
humidity 97%. 9 both the heat and humidity going to be creeping upwards over thee next couple of days and we're in for our first extended round off applause heat wave of the seas season. >> whoo! >> okay.>> >> chop clap. >> there it is. >> little delayed but 90 right0g now -- 90 this afternoon. scattered storm in the forecasts we'll get to the sunshine asshin well today and there's yourou heat.he 90 or better right through thehr start of the weekend.of the weee maybe mid 99s thursday, friday,, saturday.tu that is a weather update. all right,s erin, you helped k. can you help some others get tog work? >> i can two things we need to haveav tropical themed party because oe the humidity number one andd nn number two i'm crashing kevin'ss wedding. >> moving and to your traffic right now.d earlier crash 95 northbound noro cleared by prince williame w parkway in dale steam we'rem wee seeing a lot of delays all thehe way from stafford on through asu you cross the occoquan anduan a getting to the beltway we have very slow-moving traffic averaga speeds under 15 miles an hour.ou you know where else isn't movinm very well. the beltway.eltway this is the top side by neww hampshire.shir
6:57 am
you are basically parked on the outer loop and i don't have anyn crashes there right now but from before 95 past that point it's sluggish with wet conditions. ci same story on the inner loop lop we'll tick a look at the by thet wilson bridge next. next. keep it to fox you have. we're back in just a few moments.
6:58 am
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♪ ox5 ne mis fox5 news morning. orstraight ahead atad a 7:00 o'clock. o'c active police seen unfolding inu the di
7:00 am
shooting involving metro transit police. it happened near the deanwoodnea metro station.tati still under investigation thisti morning. we're live with the very latest. plus, breaking details ineti the case of an american collegee student found dead in italy'sly capitol city of rome. his body pulled from river justs hours after he arrived. aiv this morning, police made an an arrest. the race to the white housei president obama now joining inoi on the fun as he prepares to hit the campaign trail with hillaryl clinton today. tod donald trump meantime alsols stomping in the and back here at home liveoi look outside on this tuesdays td morning.mog. it's july 5th.ituly weather and traffic coming up op the 5's at 7:05. 7 good morning.orni i'm allison seymour. seyur >> oil steve chenevey. cne welcome to fox5 news morning. mg right off the top at t 7:00 the latest thon overnight police-involved shooting innvolo northeast d.c. this happening along quarrelua street and minnesota >> that's where bob barnard isen this morning. bob joins us now with theh t developing details.. bob? >> reporter: hey, steve,teve, allison, good morning t


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