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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  July 5, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ strata head metro transitit police officer force to do opene fire overnight. now this morning one person is s dead near the deanwood metrod m station which has been noee n stranger to violence.olence. we'll is have a live report. re. plus the president hittingnt the campaign trail.. today he'll fly former rivaliv hillary clinton to northo nort carolina. their first joint appearance since she became the presumptive democratic nominee but donald d trump is not ready to see the spotlight. the journey to jupiter. a five-year trip ended overnd o night when the juno spacecraftcf dropped into orbit around theunt solar system's largest what nasa hopes to learn about o the gas giant. and later, july 4th fakee out. pbs taking heat after admittingg it used file footage of o fireworks during last night's broadcast.ast. why it says it did it and how
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good day the 9a today i promisee starts now.. ♪ hopefully you had a chancey to enjoy lastyo night. you get redo tonight places asce far as fireworks go. it's 9:00 o'clock on thisn thi tuesday, july 5th. alongside allison, holly andnd wisdom.wisd. maureen is off today. >> the willie ma nilly ofyf >> i love that that's what some critics are calling pbw of ss broadcast after the stayingthe g admitted using old footage off firework because of last night'g bad weather.d this morning, we want to knowanw what you think about the fake out. ou just tweet us with #gooddaydc.. we're going to talk way moreay r about this coming up at 10:00:0 a.m. interesting thought processs can't wait to talk more abouttat that. the rain is over and now the now heat and humidity are going tooo take over. >> gorgeous. gorous. >> beautiful. >> as we take look outside right
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we're about to hit the firsthe heat wave, is that correct, sir, >> probably by the time we getit to friday, saturday we'll bee saying aww this is a heat wave. >> what constitutes a heat wavea three days?th >> more than three days ofays of unusually hot temperatures. so you can have a heat wave any time of the year as long as it's unusually warm. i think we will classify that bt the time we get to the end of eo this week. w next week i see another one coming in it all stays the way y it's trending now on the longhen range models just so you know. look july is here obviously summertime and it's going to beo hot and humid.d d. really the next couple of daysfd 90 for a high today.oday 92 tomorrow. tomorro and then you add four or or 56 degrees to the feels like fee temperature with all theaturwith humidity there's chance of ahe'c thunderstorm or shower later onn today or this afternoon not everybody gets it.erybodts i tomorrow as well but as we progress into wednesday,ss iwed, thursday, friday, it looks likek the chances of these afternoonnn thunderstorms really are going i to be few and far between mostly hot,
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coming back in. i we're building heat as well. w so it does lock like well havewv heat index values near 100 if not maybe at 100 or little bit t above as we start especiallyspec getting into friday and saturdar looks like those will be fairlyl humid days, too.d ys, t just to give you an idea whereae future cast is anything latenyi this afternoon is going to be to few and far between most of thee activity will be to the south of us. us again high of 90 but it's goingi to feel hotter than that witht t the humidity.the midity. showers thunderstorms possible l late this afternoon.noon but it doesn't look like it will be probable for most of us.e fot here's the seven day forecastors real quick.uick. sorry i'm not supposed to showpw it to you this early but i accidentally pushed the button.n chris the producer please pleas forgive me.e me. >> forgiven.orgiven >> get to your headlines at 90:00 theme police investigate e deadly officer involvednvol shooting.shooting. >> on quarrels street in minnesota avenue in northeastue last night. fox5's bob barnard live ate a 9:00 now from northeast with thh details.tails hey, bob. >> reporter: hey there, guys., . good morning.goodni police still here.poli this is the deanwood community
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we're not far from the deanwoodo metro station, and you take looo here.he we have two officers still here in the light of day looking forr any potential evidence that wasw missed last night.t nig. the shooting happened around 11:00 o'clock.:00 clock. d.c. police are investigatingten this shooting even though it i involved a metro transit policee officer who shot and killed an a armed man we're told here in in this neighborhood aboutut 11:00 o'clock last night. night i can show you video tape fromeo around 4:00 o'clock this morning as police had the officerss unmark cruiser towed out of the neighborhood.neighb we're told by d.c. police therer were gunshots fired at that carr and that's why they took it in for evidence.vidence. we're not sure exactly where w this started but it ended hereee in this neighborhood about two t mocks from the metro station. we are told a gun has been bee recovered.recovered. the not a beebee gun ought reall gun, and an official here at th scene says so far this looks thl like a good shooting in the sense that
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perhaps taking fire and feared d for his life didn't what he hadh to do. to the officer is said to be fine.e the person an adult man who allegedly fired at the officeric here in this neighborhood last l night was shot and killed.illed. again, d.c. police still here on the scene. this is northeast dc. in the vicinity of minnesota and eastern the major roadways are open but this neighborhood quarrelsquar street, nash street, 49theet, street all northeast washington remain closed this morning asnia you see police still still investigating looking for anyoky potential evidence that theyevin have not found already. guys? >> thanks very much.h stay on top of that meantime happening today in baltimore pretrial motions setis to get underway for the fourthht officer charged in the death ofo freddie gray. lieutenant brian rice is theicit highest ranking of the six s officers charged. he's accused of failing tong t secure gray with a seat beltth e when he loaded him into thato ta police rice was on bike patrol at the t time of gray's arrest and he's a
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the judge who is expected tote hear rice's case cleared two t previous officers who facedac similar charges related toed t freddie gray's death. death also happening today, metrot begins another round of o safetrack shut downs.ns. real impact this time comes com tomorrow morning.tomorr mor >> erin como has got a look whaa you need to expect if you rideod the blue or yellow line.e. here's we go again, phase three, erin.erin >> i know, who are we go again.n this beginnings tonight at 8:00. steve mentioned tomorrow morninm first morning we'll feel thefeet effects.effects. shut down on the yellow and blue lines between national airportir and braddock road. road. no rail service.ervice. and that will be for seven days. shuttle bus service does replace that rail service braddock roada that to crystal city andy and pentagon city as well ass braddock road to nationaload airport for airport customers.o. metro letting folks know no plaa for crowded platform, crowdedwdd trains. trains. the blue line and yellow lineyel will be running two different d secretaries every 15 minutes on the blue line between franconia and springfield and braddock road.road and then on the -- then on the
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yellow line every 12 minutes2es between huntington and braddockc road and national airport and green belt.el they're letting folks now if yo are taking the blue or yellowlo line you may encounter extra crowded conditions l'efantons plaza, pentagon, pentagon city,t crystal city, are you beganu bea national, braddock, king streetr old town, eisenhower avenue ave stops, huntington, van dorn and franconia springfield a lot of metro stations affected with wit crowded conditions from thismhi rail shut down on the yellow anw blue line kicking in tonight.. if you want to get around that t we do have increased metro bus service.rve. fairfax county connector is ansn option. vre, dash and in alexandrialexaa whatever your plan to get your through the next seven daypls ii that's your normal mode ofode of transportation on the yellow orw blue line, plan ahead.head pack your patience, get an earle start as you adjust no these tse changes and i would just makeust sure if you are planning to takt those shuttle buses you get a very early start. we'll certainly keep updated upt with live team coverage tomorroo morning starting at 4:25. 4 back to you in the loft. lof all right.>>l right. let's t
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president obama return to theett campaign trail today clearly itching to get back in the gamem he and hillary clinton are goini to fly to north carolina whichah could prove to be pivotal states come november.ember. now, this is also why drum ism that heading to the tar heel tah state as wel fox's doug luzader has all the details. >> reporter: first of all, whylw north carolina? this is a stata that was reliablely republicanun for years, but it went for obamo back in to 008 and you look atot the real clear politics averagee of polls out of that state, sta hillary clinton and donald trumd are neck and neck. hillary clinton and president pi obama have app pedestrian to go before but not like today. tod as clinton hopes to draw uponrap the president's surging polll numbers.numb >> if you assume that thisu election is going to be a baseae election which i think a lot of people do, for hillary clinton t to have him by her side in north carolina and then throughthroug multiple appearance you throughc november is a real advantage for her. he >> reporter: clinton will getil
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ride on air force one. one donald trump who is also goingag to be campaigning in northn rt carolina today asked on twitterr why is president obama allowed d to use air force one on the campaign trail with crookedcrooe hillary she is flying with himit together. who pays? >> it is expected that theed ttt clinton campaign will have to pay portion of the travel costss while other expenses will beil b born by but republicans also point to aa potential conflict of interest.s president obama's justice justi department is in the process ofo deciding whether to charge c clinton over her e-mail use as secretary of state. sta just last week, the clintonsli raised eyebrows after former president bill clinton metonet privately with attorney generall loretta lynch who was response o al formationing the and just yesterday, the new york times reported that sourcest sos close to the clintons say thatht if hmm hillary clinton becomes m president, loretta lynch may bee able to keep her job. job >> when you get a line locatee a that in the new york times, you just assume that it's a privatee signal that the clinton camp isi sending to loretta lynch, look,
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white house and i'll take care of you. >> reporter: donald trump is i starting to run out of time in i terms of shrek ago running matem these are some of the namesome m floated out there.ouere. everyone from newt gingrich andc chris christie to iowa senatoret joaners the.s. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. all right. also today, house lawmaker getr back to work that mean the gun g control debate will pick upill p where it left off. o all right.l right. today the chamber will get reada to vote on gun legislationegti democrats call an empty gesturee it proposes creating a processao to prevent people on no fly f lists from buying guns. gs. similar measure is already beene defeated in the senate. s last month the house shouted its way into recess with battle over gun control.. democrats staged a sit in on tht house floor that lasted about 15 hours.hours. meanwhile, right now a rallr is underway at the capitol. several lawmakers including d.c. congressman eleanor holmess norton. she joins gun control advocatess to push for legislation.legila now this rally was organized byy group of dc parents who want
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stronger laws to prevent gun violence. >> 9:10. 9:1 still ahead a five-year billionl dollars journey to jupiter. jupt why the mission is such a big deal for nasa.a we hope to learn from the solar system's biggest planet. >> later on if you can't beat them join them. kevin durant joining up withh steph curry and the golden state warrior and social media hased h some feelings about the decisi decision. we'll recap everything coming op up. 11 past the hour now.t the hour.
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♪ mind blown. (laughter).. >> some news from out of this ti world this morning. nasa's solar juno spacecraftaft officially entered orbit around jupiter.pi >> it will now begin a 20-month, $1.1 billion mission to map thep gas giant and send back data. fox's jackie ibanez has all the details. >> reporter: while the rest of s the country celebratesrates independence day, nasa scientists are having their own party. after the juno spacecraftaf successfully entered orbitrb around jupiter. it's now ready to
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20-month, $1.1 billion missionon to learn more about the biggeste planet in the solar system.yste >> what a mission of this complexion iso the to accomplish tonight is i just truly amazing. amazi >> reporter: rival wasival was dramatic with juno firing itsins rockets on auto pilot because of time lag between jupiter ander a earth.rt juno is completely powered by its camera and other instrumentr were shut off for the arrival to save energy. energ but project managers say they're not worried about a lack ofabt a power.powe >> even though we're receivingng only 125th of the sunlight at jupiter that we would at earth,, these massive are a race provide over 500 what's of power.fow >> reporter: now that ash bitast has been chief the focus turns r to the recon mission.. peering through jupiter atmosphere to map the interior sign lifts looking forward to to unlocking planet's mysteriesri which could tell us more abouteo how the solar system itself >> for centuries, we have a imagined how the planets move
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and how the stars move, andnd we've only been aided withedit computer animation or the o t efforts of hollywood.. well tonight that's going to g t change. >> reporter: juno will turnl tun its instruments back on in theb next few days but the real workw won't start until late august a when it swings in closer tose t jupiter n new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. i'm interested in -- becausc i think when we talked to theto sky guy yesterday that you could actually log on and see what the juno is >> um-hmm. >> which i don't really know't o that i'd be able to interpret it. >> are they asking to voteo v whether they want to you point t the camera or something likemetn that. >> there is viewer input.ut >> which is mazing. >> lot of amateur astronomersaro were getting in on it, too. they did use a lot of public'ss input.pu i don't know what i'm looking for or reallyha what i'm going to -- >> just the fact you can seefa anything from that far away is i just amazing. amazing. >> you can actually see jupiteri that close up. >> what did you say the delay dl was for tran mission. >> i believe it's 48 minutes anm 19 seconds.
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>> give or take a second.or tak (laughter). >> but, yeah, it happened --d whatever you're seeing happenede you know, nearly 50 minutes agoo >> less than an hour ago.. >> it looks a little green men.m >> it is funny because i'm not really sure -- i do rememberembe great saying -- greg saying heae wanted to know if it had solidid core.. >> right. >> how do we know -- like, what's the probe to know into - >> i think part of it has to dos with the amount of oxygen theyge find there the amount of waterur that they find.y fd. that will then determine whether jupiter was formed closer to the sun or further out and moved noo sun. >> right.ut >> i mean if i had to sayif iad something. >> does it help me on buyingg groceries? i want to know how h it relates to me. to >> it's just really cool. >> coolness factor.s facto >> learn more about how we werew formed and from wednesday wenesd came. came >> and there is power in that. n >> that's very true.e. >> acknowledge is power, al. is. >> still to come this morningmer new details in the new york citt explosion that injured localed l teenager.teen plus the last minute rush fore f mega millions tickets.ts. jackpot now well overve
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eagle at the perfect symbol forr freedom. >> fly.. >> baseball, fourth of july and freedom. we'll have a check on some otheo headlines coming up next.ext. >> little bit later if two iswoi company and three is a crowd, c, what happens when were woman is dating nine guys at the at the h same time? i don't even knowvek how this is possible.sibl but, you know what, let's talk t about it. because -- >> you dated girls. >> it's not about my past. pas in fact we should go to breako b right now. that's the top nick todays lovel and order and we can't wait forr to you weigh in on it. >> play on play. >> not me. this is not about me. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone.
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spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. ♪ >> oh, my god. >> this is the cutest thing ever. >> if you're wonder wagon we're doing, we're getting forward good day, there you go. t on cayhat. (laughter). >> my high school picture. picre >> wisdom we saw your highr high school picture.ol picre >> don't forget fox5 d.c. wee have snap chat as well you can follow us on our snap chat andaa see some fun behind the sceness shots.ots >> fox5 d.c.5 d.c. >> holly you're on snap chat,nac right. >> i am on snap chat. >> i got to get on.m g to ge >> in the essence of full disclosure i use my snap chat ct gourmet own personal friends and stuff for fun.. i haven't --aven't -- >> i can't learn another. anoth >> i've got another viewer -- ve >> i can't learn it.>> >> it's fun. i would like the filter. ike t >> you would like it for yourldt girls.girl >> oh they're on it.h ct exactly. >> i just ed
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>> the filters are good.reood >> let's check in with erin bacb with a check of some othere o stories making had he lines this morning. hi, erin. hi >> good morning. i have a snap chat too i haven'v quite made public. >> we'll get to that later. l first up we head over to italy a police say they have arrested as homeless man in the death of ann american student.nt yesterday the body of beau solal lon mow pulled from the tabor river.ri 19-year-old student had just j arrived in rome for study abroad program. he was last seen at a bar earlyy friday morning. it was later discovered someoneo had made thousands of dollars ia charges on his credit card.t c which had been stolen.. and early end to t independence day innden day a fireworks show in plymouth plh went horribly the barge where the fourth of ft july fireworks were shot offff from exploded and another malfunctioned. luckily no one was injured.nj but officials are investigatinga what exactly happened.. moving over
9:23 am
city, police are working tong t figure out what explosive elo compound blew up in central parl injuring a virginia teenager. 19-year-old connor golden wentdn to new york for the holidaye hoy weekend.d while visiting central park he h jumped off a rock and land and on did he device that explode. he remains in a new york city c hospital right now.. tonight's mega millions jackpott is whopping, get this, $449 million. if you win tonight, it will bele the largest win since $448.4 million powerball prize with won by new jersey familiarf until may. now, the odds not so great of o picking the correct number. num. they're one in 259 million. mli but i'm still willing to give ie a try. t and get some tickets of my own. finally, love this story tht most today. a bald eagle proving it is theen perfect symbol for freedom fed during a dodgers game in loss angeles much the team wanted to celebrate the fourth of july byy letting the eagle fly over th
9:24 am
return to its handler. but the bird decided to take tak little detour and fly over the centerfield fence.. zookeepers said after fewfter innings they were able to locatl the eagle safely and he was safs and sound and headed back to the zoo. still little bit of scare shooks up some of those baseball fansln out there. eagles celebrating fourth ofng f july on his own terms.erms >> smart enough to escape.ugh tp not smart enough to stay escap escaped. >> he just wanted to spread his wings a little bitto.. >> spread his wings and fly.. wis.s. >> there you go. y just a for a few minutes i'll di my own thing.wn. >> free on this independence day. >> love it. >> 9:24 is the time right now.ow still ahead on good day would w you turn down millions ofs o dollars an chance at a chance a championship.championship a lot of twitter users thoughtht kevin durant should do just that instead of heading west andest d joining the golden stategoldente warriors. we'll show you how the trade cre baby fans -- -- >> thank you for clarifying
9:25 am
>> cry baby monkey.y mkey. >> listen it may be hot outsidet but tucker is staying ice cold down at the national buildingnai museum. he's checking out the brand new exhibit iceberg and he's goingeb to join us liveer next.ex >> and later, the fake fireworks fiasco.asco. good news for pasta lovers ander power star omari hardwick.k what your dog is doing whileng w you're not at home and laterndat taking a ride in a little red r corvette.corv it's all ahead on good day d.c. at 10a. 10a stay with us.ay with us.
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♪ well a lot of people want tl head west but you knowot when of loyal fan base you know so happk with it it creates social mediad fire storm of sorts. sts >> yeah.>> yea nba star kevin durant created cd new chapter that his career. he announced yesterday that he is leaving oklahoma city theyhe thunder to play for the golden e state warriors.ors blog post duran says the primary mandate i had for myself inn making this decision was to havn it based on the potential for my growth as a player as that is always steered me in the rightt direction. now durant is one of therants on league's most unstoppableab and joining a team that is knows for making buckets and the nba knows it. knows now he led the oklahoma citya c thunder stott nba finals in 2012 and the western conferenceonre finals in four of the past sixa now durant's decision to leave
9:29 am
has many calling him a sell outo of course not to his face. f they get on social media wherehe they can do whatever they want.n on twitter one person wrote, "honestly, honesty kd has no reason to leave the thunder a contender team that they nearlyn beat the warriors. wor he turn his back on hisis challenge "another person wrotew not judging but players are different in this era.t his in my day you figure out a wayut to beat them, not join them. finally, can't believe kevin k turned to the dark side.ark s >> you know it's not the face. f you know these people areple a burning jerseys if he was theree they would be like sign my s jersey.jeey. >> exactly. >> i believe that turn if you can't beat them, join them.ien m >> right? >> i mean maybe that's hist' feeling instead. >> go ahead. a >> i was just going say, wisdoms i get your take on this. this. kevin durant doesn't need theoet money at this point.s p >> right. >> he could have gotten a lot more money by staying.uleyy st at this point he seems feels see like the best chance to win thai title with another team whichm w tells me maybe russell westbrooo he knew he was going to be di
9:30 am
chance to go. to me it's not that he chasedhac money this time.ney this t he feels like he wants to go fot the best chance to win a title.. >> absolutely. for all those people talking about in my day you beat them -e if you can't beat them, joinhe them, i wouldn't do that.uldn't that's a bunch of junk. because whole time in the the yacht's sixers won lakers won the rest and theest d celtics won the other.the o there was no if you can't beat them join them back then there e was nobody winning but thebody g celtics and lakers in the '90's. who was winning the championsh championship. the bulls.the bull stop with the fakeness.ak stop burning jersey. >> here's my question.e's how does kd fit in with the already winning team? that's harder.harder >> that's going that be a tough question somebody has to give ud some points.ois. >> exactly. my thing was thing was t when i first saw it because i'me a homer i'm like, okay, wanted w him to come c that's fine. he didn't. d right. but to go to a team that is a proven winner to me i felt like perhaps he didn't live up to hih >> oh, no, he
9:31 am
absolutely. >> do what you want to do and that's fine, i mean it's your ye, i life. your money, your legacy. he wants ring. r all i'm saying is, why not do -- like when lebron went back holeb and if he had to put his team ot his back he did it. it. >> he has this chanced to thisei for one year and then bolt.n he's not locked in. i >> if he does, can you imaginemi that,, th >> my thing is, too, i feel likl we have become this era of wherw people feel like they own you. u >> yeah. exactly. >> exactly. >> you don't own kevin durant.'n >> right. >> you know what i mean? and then they gono to this extremexe like you can say gosh i'm disappointed i wish he wouldisld stay but to burn his jersey and effigy. effigy >> this is what i fell inhis ha general this weekend.general th more than a billion dollarsbilll worth of free agent cracks weree signed over the weekend.d what that made me think i'll tni enjoy watching it on tv a lot at now because those ticket pricess are going to be through the roo to cover a billion dollars worth of contract.tract. >> here's what else i learned this weekend.. the nba don't know anything
9:32 am
insiders --s >> had it wrong. w >> had it wrong they all saidlli kevin durant was going to stay.o no way he's going to go. t ya'll don't know any more thanot we know. k >> that's right. tha they got it wrong just like wete did.. >> i appreciate he said he'd sad make his decision monday morninm and he made his decision monday morning. >> he did. >> he did what he thought washos best for him. be went to team he felt like het lk could he's been in the league longguen enough --en >> without a tv show to do it. t >> he's a good player and goodyd for the inform ba.nfm >> that's right.. >> wish him the bet of luck. >> if it doesn't work out in tht next year or two think about tho coming home. >> yeah. we've seen that before. that >> all right. let's go ahead and check ilk with gary one much our teamea players. player tell us about this hot, humidot, week headed our way, gary., gar >> my goodness we might want to join a new team the next couple of weeks to get away.getwa it's going to be hot.eot it's going to be sticky.o be sy keep in mind, temperatures wills be building and this stuff is cumulative.mula the first couple of days no big deal. but when you start getting intoa thursday, friday, saturday, itu, is really going to be annoyingen and it really s
9:33 am
toll on the body and keep indy p mind we're to the going to bee i cooling off all that much atat h night. i suspect by friday morning, mor saturday morning the lowng the w temperatures here in the cityine are only going to be down arouno a muggy 80 degrees.0 degr so you don't get a lot ofot cooling at night. nig okay. so again cumulative and a little perhaps a little cooling towardr the rental of the weekend notnt much but a little. l next week i see more heat potentially coming on in.n could be kind of long period ofd time here we get this hot and ha muggy stuff.muggy st okay. we start off this mornings orni satellite/radar all the rain isi moving off to the east of us.f we're beginning to break the t clouds.ouds it's actually really really nice out. it's muggy, yes, going to get t hot today but a lot of sunshinen something obviously we didn'tvid see yesterday. we didn't see a lot of on sund sunday. showers to the south of us. there's a little bit back out tc the west but this stuffk has as hard time coming over theve t mountains.untains text nick klee there is a chancc later this afternoon maybe wee get one or two showers orr thunderstorm pop up because itru will be real hot.e re it's going to be real sticky ouy there. ther so that could happen but you know it doesn't
9:34 am
will be a big with coverage ande most of us stay dry.y d washington still not coming inon but i can assure it's up intot'o the upper 70s now.ow. manassas 79. fredericksburg 78.fredericks quantico right now is already uu to 80 degrees.0 all highs today i'll get out of the' way so you canll see. s 88 for fredericksburg. right around 90 here in town. manassas 90 degrees with all tht sunshine temperatures are goingi up up up and with all the all humidity temperatures are goingg to feel like they're in the t really in the lower to mid 90s and that with the heat buildingd in, the heat index values areala really going to start to climb.c not near a hundred today. but near hundred tomorrow and then that stays with us right oo through the rest of the week an into the early part of thely ptf weekend.ekd i do believe there could be a chance on friday, saturday heata index values could be up over 100 degrees.100 ees. unfortunately. un 90 today.ay chance of a scattered shower ore thunderstorm late this afterno afternoon. again, i think most of us staynu dry. if you have any afternoon plans seven day forecast looks likeool this. figure out how to stay cool. c where to stay
9:35 am
your air-conditioners will be wb taxed the next several days andy into the rest of the week, nextn week, too, again i'm seeing somm big heat building again for next week. so we get out of the first the f little heat wave of the summer and then maybe the next littletl heat wave of the summer comingu in for next week.eek so i've had better news but newb listen it's summertime iter happens.happs. >> yeah. that's's >> don't send me out of town. s. i don't really have a choice.avc >> stay with us, gare bear.e b we'll get through it. >> thanks gary. r, the beach, right? r it was the place to be. be. and we're not talking aboutki ocean city or virginia we'renia' actually talking about theuthe thousandto usthat pack the natit museum. >> there's a new exhibit that'se just open as part of a annual block party series to enjoy it i you're going to need to chill to out. tucker barnes joins us live wite a look at the icebergs.berg good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison.alli you said sa we are going to be chilling outg here all morning long. l v
9:36 am
to find out about iceberg.rg. i'm joined by chase, the,he executive director here at theat national building museum. >> correct. corct >> tell us all about the concept and what icebergs is supposed to translate into this summer? t sm >> well, as you can see, we have one of the biggest and most mos fantastic interior spaces in tht city. >> sure do.>> >> if not in the country. if few years ago we decided toec something fun with it during tht summer. we have so many tourists and sos many people looking for things i to do we started three years ago we put a giant maze in here.n we worked wh a design firm.n that was very successful wessful thought let's do it again.t agan last year we worked with the architecture and designed aesig beach in this very space. this year worked with james witj corner field operations and the are a landscape architecturerchr firm very well known primarily a for their work at the high linen in new york. >> okay. >> they came up with this ideaa of iceberg.of icebe why not? icebergs inside
9:37 am
nobody will set t it's surprising, it's fun, it celebrates the scale of this room. they've gone up three floors.lo and people so far are reallyy enjoying the time in the space.a >> tell me about some of thebou challenges of putting somethingi together like this is not just something youei put up overnight. you've been planning on this fos entire year.en >> we've been planning for yeary we had short constructiononstrun period. 'sat's the real challenge because the great hall is used u for other functions during theng course of the of i think we had less than threenr weeks to build this whole thingi so that means a lot of pre plan planning.anning also, just figuring out whatut w kind of materials to use. our guys found this polly carbonate material for the icebergs themselves which is a e terrific find because it's light weight.ig otherwise these things would beb pulling our roof down.f >> right, right. right. >> so there was a lot ofa of thinking about how to make itowm beautiful but how to make it safe at the same time.thsame ti. >> it's just beautiful. it's ju okay. tell me about what we're reallyr look at. at. the blue is the ocean.the blue i >>e
9:38 am
right now.nder >> we're underwater. w the blue is the >> and the white is the iceberge t i found veryery interesting with icebergs is that 75% of it is underwater. so that's well represented here. >> that's right.has righ >> this is not just a piece ofte art but it's functional and i ad guess kids can come through it and play on it as well, right? r >> they can play on it.they pla. they can learn about it.earn aui we have little fact toys postedp all over about what are iceberge and the fact that you just talks about the fact that most -- mosm of an iceberg is underwater unde rather than above water. >> amazing. all right. chase, for more information where can people -- tell usle - about your hours. your hours you're sold out for tomorrowolo night. >> every wednesday we have late night with music and food andoo beverages and so forth and you a can buy tickets online.. >> okay. >> we sold out tomorrow night which is terrific for.te >> quickly tell me where thely t website is. >> >> >> right. >> it's here all summer long. as
9:39 am
week. ends at 5:00 monday throughough saturday 11 to 5:00 sunday.sundy >> all right. >> we probably have about 2,0000 people a day showing up. >> wow! >> all right. tototally great. >> all right. coming up, i'm going to go up to the sea and we'll take a look at the icebergs looking down through the water.thugh th amazing exhibit. so exciting it's here for theg s summer. thanks for joining me. joi >> thank you. >> guys, i'll toss it backto it inside to you.o pretty cool. >> i love the building museum. cool exhibits.ibits. beautiful facility in >> one of the best buildings in d.c. i agree. igr >> still ahead in the fox beatt third time is the charm.ha hopefully we're bringing yourngg interview with former mtvdj dave holmes for a look at his musical journey as perpetual outsider.ut that was back in the day. told in his new memoir party ofy one. 9:39 now.. ♪ ♪
9:40 am
9:41 am
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♪ all right. third time is the charm hopefully our next guestti familiar face to anybody whoeveo watched mtv. especially back in the day. david holmes first made thest me national spotlight as the runnen up on the network's wannabe a dj and even though he came in second place, he still made it i job as celebrity interviewer ani then later host of shows likeike 120 sports real world reunion, n say what karaoke and
9:43 am
can you name the guys he's witht right there in that video.. >> anybody? remember.? remembe >> edward scissor hands. >> what? >> no, no, jesse camp.. >> right, chris, jesse cam? >> who? >> jesse camp since they workede for fx and esquire and now dave holmes adding author to his less sue you may. his new book outkilled party of one. he sat down with kevin to talk k about the inspiration for the book, his former life as a djj and how the songs he loves havev become the sound track to his th life. >> concept of this book iscept fascinating to m you're dealing with music like sound track to your life.e. talk about how it's structured. >> i grew up kind of an oddballa i've always been a little bit oo the outside i've always tried tt like change myself to fit in. i. that's weird thing.. growing up is a painful processe and the drug of choice for me to numb the pain and anxiety withiw was music.. i was obsessed with music fromus an early age so my life and alla of the weird places that it'
9:44 am
taken me has pretty clear soundd track.trk so i've been writing down myow m stories and telling them oning n stage for years and years butyee when it came to actually putting them into memoir form it made md more sense to make it like at l mixed tape i would make forake friend. >> give me example. givme examp structured like an album. alb give me example how a chapter c would be laid out with a song.g >> how does it work? w >> the chapter about like my first love in college when i wae sort of coming out at a very conservative catholic college ie called everybody loves me butovb you because i was in love with one particular person and thatha sort of tortured early '90's semi grungy boston sound was sod like very much the sound track a of my early heartbreak. >> do you recommend listening tt the songs while you're you're readerring the book.ader >> the certainly can. yeah. dave holmes i posted e the spotify play list of all the 21 songs. sgs. certainly, yeah, if you willy, i like to, sure. sur make eight fully inter tack tif experience.experi >> you go to spotify fine the ft play list and read along.long >> you don't have to.on'tave >> it's a cool idea though.ugh one thing i f
9:45 am
you record an audio version of o this >> i did. i had to read this thing cover c to cover in my own home and a that's writing is i love it, i love it it's my favorite thingei to do but it's a difficultficult process.ocs and then you finish the book. bo you send it off it gets -- theyt copy edit and they change somens things and then it goes to like a plant to be bound and sits ini warehouse for while you don't yn get to touch it for a long timet and then couple weeks ago i goto the final version and had to t literally read it outloud coverc to cover into mick crow phonew e and it's kind of, you know, like you get frustrated because it'si like i have different joke for f there that just thought of or oo like i could have change changet or whatever.ver ultimate i'm very happy with ith this a book that details myy worst choices, my least healthya behave i don't know and havingon to say it outloud.'t say ioutl by the time it was over i was ws like a pretzel. i was cringing like i was aas prawn. >> give us a preview if you avio could tell me one of your worst choices? that unplugs you. >> okay. i made lot of poor love choice
9:46 am
um i've thrown myself at a lot l of guys who either didn't or o couldn't or had no desire tore love me back a lot of that inf a there. >> take me back to your m to v days. days i grew up watching you. y. everyone in the studio grew up u watching you.tchi do you have a favorite memory of mtv days? d >> it was a dream from start too finish it really was.y w it was dream job.reamob love everybody that i workedior with. we're still very close friends. but honestly you really can't be my first moment like after i afr got -- like i did the whole wann in a be a dj thing after fashioi i got hired then put me on air and the first day that i washa i ever on camera there i had been working at my advertising jobis until like 3:00 a.m. the nighthg before. >> it was a disaster. >> it was a disaster. i was terrible. i irr. um, i working until 3:00 in thet morning getting myself ready toa like to leave and for the person who was going to follow me likek be able to move in and i workede and i remember like turning out the lights in my office and this terrible, you know, fluorescent bulbs going out and i went homeh the next morning a town car camc to pick
9:47 am
mtv beach house and i got outott like an intern got me coffee and front master flex was spinning and oiled up people people inpei swimsuits dancing.swits literally overnight this is my y life. this is my life. lif >> favorite interview you ever r did? did? >> i got to interview jonasonas drummer from the clash justom t before he he like i grew up such a fan of the clash. h. yeah, just to be in the samehe m room with him and just talk to t him even for just a couple of cl minutes was unbelievable thrill. tori aim mows looked into my soul, you know what i mean, wt a she's got to big saucer blueauc eyes and she's like such like aa nymph.mph. she was amazing.. honestly it was -- everybody was really i don't really have any badly ha stories about people.t p i do have few bad stories abouts people but they're in the book.o i don't want to get you int youn trouble. (laughter).r) >> party of one. o >> party of one.f one >> you're on facebook, too.. >> in book stores now.res . >> listen, it is 9:47 right now.
9:48 am
coming up next, how many peoplee can you really date at one time, wisdom? >> is nine too many? plus is it okay to tell a date she needs a makeover. >> not if you want a second aec date. sarah fraser is back with another edition of love and order. coming up next.coming up next.
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♪ >> wow! >> that's impressive.t's imessi >> it is tuesday, that meansthat it's time for a little love and order.order that's where sarah fraser sharee messages from fans went try to t offer little so first up, wrongfully accuseds a woman writes, i work with ah a charity organization haven'tizio been with this same group for f more than four years. recently $500 in cash donationst went missing and two of thehe women i have known for years y asked me if i took the money. >> ooh. >> and told other members theyby thought i took it.took it >> i am really hurt. hur i didn't take the money, and noa i want to resign.. but my husband tells me that t will make me look guilty. >> ooh.>>. >> that i should suck it up and
9:52 am
what do i do? i was friendsri with these women and they turnee me on so quickly. qck >> it's not going to be pretty. that relationship is burned. bne >> done. d >> if you stay you'll have couldn't click with those womenh >> right. >> if you leave it does kind of make youav look -- >> i don't think so. i you don't think it does. >> no. i think you have insulted me.d i can't work somewhere where mym integrity has been been broughto into question.into question. >> if they don't find out whouto took the money, they'll thinkhik she may have taken it because she left.she left. >> the phase out is like the slow go sting they start callini you you can attend fewer and fed fewer things you're not interested in raising money. >> you're just phasing out those people or phasing out where youu work? >> i would phase out where ild p work. i think you're right. they kind of questioned yourthof integrity. you worked there for years. they either trust you or theyr t don't. don't. sounds like they don't. i think abrupt quit, i don'tt, t know, i mean, even if you're you innocent i think it makes youaku look guilty.lo so i would do the slow phaselowe out. where i would just continuallynu kind of start saying no, no, no. few months -- months >> those two ladies are done.eon >> i'd find better job.r j w
9:53 am
found better job.ob >> that's a good idea.. >> dump them altogether rightogr away i'm not giving them the tht power to let them run me out off the you don't have that kind ofhavea power over me.t power er m forget you.forg i'm not talking to you ever again but i'm stilworking here here. >> what kind of work environmenn is that. e. i don't car i don't need you you're d not'r signing my check. >> are you going to take it too the supervisor and throw them under the bus. >> absolutely i would. a >> that's good, >> they accused of me ofhey acce something inappropriate andd im not guilty.uilty. yes.s. >> i couldn't stay. i'd be miserable every i day iay walked walked. you accused me of wrongdoing.ron i'm going to the supervisor. forget me.e. i'm here. h i'll never talk to you so be it. so >> i would stand my ground andnd claim my innocence but kill thet with kindness.with >> i don't care about that.. >> if i wasn't into the job to j begin with like a hundreded percent i would jet.det >> that's another thing.s anher. >> if i loved my job i'd be like --like -- >> yeah. >> i'm sticking around. >> that wasn't is tough one. one >> next up. up how about dat
9:54 am
>> you want me to tell this onee about the dating?? >> because wisdom doesn't knowok anything about this. sarah. >> this is a woman who is singll who wrote to us, and she says s that she's currently juggling jg nine different >> how are you doing it, girl? >> amazing feat.zing feat. >> i know. >> show your secrets.. she says some of her friends frn actually think that thisha strategy is not good and thatndt you can't really get to knowet k someone if you have this manyan people on your plate.our pla is there a limit when you'renou single to how many people you p can date or no? n >> what do you think.ouhink. >> i want to know -- that's atot good question.good question. how do you date nine people at a once? >> i think this is awesome. thi i don't know. this would be a new datingnew d sight. >> i mean ---- >> wow! >> date them all at once.e them >> she can do what she a wants s do. you're right. r somebody will rise to the top.op >> i think so, too. >> i'm asking. ag. >> i'm asking the same questiont >> i want to know, too.ant what do you mean by dating? bya? >> just going out -- >> nobody goes on like a seriour date any more.te any m we meet for cocktail, meet foret drink, we m
9:55 am
people. i got to get i was vibe from yoy first before i meet you by meetb myself. >> are you kissing a lot ofissio different people?ffert pe >> well of course. (laughter). >> absolutely.>>olut >> yes. >> kiss them all.ll >> really? >> sure. why not? wisdom you got to -- >> how have you ever never note been on the bachelorette. you'd be perfectyoth. >> that's a lot. lot >> extreme amount of people.of . >> i don't think most people cam do that. t you can't keep their namesheir straight.raig >> how can you employed and datn nine people where is the timed to that. >> you're not going out every day of the week i gnouess.k i ge >> what are you talking on theun phone yes when are you doingre g other things.other things. >> i don't think people talk on the phone like we used tohi.uset >> i don't think so either. >> only downside how do you keeu any of of them straight. of th r >> i really like that guy -- - wait, no. >> wait, that was the other one. >> somebody will rise to thee top. top. >> which one was the wizards faf again. that was tuesday night. tig >> in all seriousness what's tht most people you dater at one at time. >> four in high school.r in hig. >> yeah. >> did you really?? >> yeah. three different high >> yeah. >> does that mean you doubled up
9:56 am
>> no i -- >> it was a small town. t high degree of difficult team that's why they ran him out. >> you were a collector anothert that point. word gets a around. come on --n -- >> i got caught a couple times.t it's all good because i still s had --d >> if you're not married you're having fun. ha >> i was a teenager.eer i was feeling my way.y w >> we have to save our last l topic for next week because we w did tease should you tellou t someone you're dating they needn a makeover.. >> hold your thoughts.. >> yes or no? >> no.o >> get to it quickly.o ituick >> no. >> you can't even --n no that one is ruled, done., we don't have to save it. it >> i would just be blunt. be b i can't go out with you with yot these i've totally done that before. >> did you have have anotherth date thought.ho no we have to find a newe wardrobe.ha wa >> then he said byerd-broyebe. >> wow. >> no. i'm still with him. (laughter). >> okay. >> i think it works the otherheh way it's a little different. lit if he told youtl that, it wouldt be the same way. >> it depends
9:57 am
is he a fashion designer? >> okay. o >> next week. >> it's coffee time on good dayd dc if you've been eyeing our cool good day mugs listen up u because we now have new good day d.c. dunkin' donuts mug to givev away perfect cup for that great done done dodo nuts coffee head to facebook page to enter the et mug contest.onte. one lucky winner selected byele random drawing but hurry becausu you only have from now until u 11am to enter. enter good day at 10a on the otherhe r side. side okay you new york city we talkkt about it. >> no. ♪ life's morning multitasking for a growing family,
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>> read hot good day at 10a sizzles this tuesday morning. >> fresh at 10a, oh, ladies,ho we've been keeping this one for you. holly hung and the star of power omari hardwick stopped by our pick why he was in town ahead. and the kevin goes one-on-one within kevin hartvinh that is.that the wedding bombshell he dropsed about the rock.ock >> and life in the loft, grammy nominated yaz rah is here to pay tribute to her idol. prince. pr you're not going to wantin to ms this at the end of 10:00 a.m. >> the 10a starts right now. now ♪ oh, yeah. yea i got to learn how to do this. >> right. >> unstoppable right now.ight n >> i don't need to know how to do this.dos. >> he has three kids. you don't need to know how to d this. >> there is reason why we havee these dancers here and jamie a fr
10:02 am
there is a connection >> there is? >> we will get to later thiser t hour. hour. >> are these the wizards draftra picks?pis? (laughter).. >> for kevin durant that didn'tt work out. what's going on here? i don't ' think this will hurt the team. exactly.tly. >> they're all good. >> okay.>> o >> we'll let them do their thinr and we'll do ours and bring it back together. tet we'll put all the piecesces together. >> that's how you start a show.w >> yes. >> thanks for staying with usay for the 10a.foa i'm steve along with allison,, homily and wisdom. wisdo maureen is off off tody in the break we wanted to keep e talking to sarah about shoulduto you give your girlfriend or or should guy tell girlfriend yourn want to do makeover.eo earlier in another break we did if you're in friend zone can you successfully move out of friendi zone and should you.ou. so check out -- it should be onn everybody's facebook pages but s weigh in. we want to know what you thinkoi about that and also tweet us, u, too.. #gooddaydc.dday i say if you're in the friend zone somebody put through, you , need to stay there
10:03 am
>> well some of the rest of ustf disagree with that. >> everybody else disagrees.. >> any way, listen, it is 10:03: time for to us check what is trending and first up, hmm, thee weather wasn't perfect but lasts night the show still went on,en right? the capitol fourthol fou concert on the west lawn of thee us capitol it was festive. ftiv. there were some stand oute and u performances by gavin mcgraw, ma amber riley, smokey robinson and others helping america turn the big 240.40 >> you forgot kenny loggins.. >> kenny loggins. loggins >> getting a little foot loose.. >> um-hmm. >> it was great. that concert is always awesome.o the weather wasn't perfect butft the fireworks they lit up thet t night sky any way. i can personally attest to it. >> i like these.hese. these were beautiful.ese were ba >> clear skies. if you watched from the mall yoy likely noticed that last night't display was not as brilliant as last y because of the cloud cover.ov right, the weather we were we w having but were you watched pbs live telecast it probably was w
10:04 am
because well they were thehey we fireworks from last year. y take a look at the ground look.d this is what we saw last night. >> kind of cool, right.ig >> it mark this year's america's birthday.bihday >> muted display.>> muted displ. >> right exactly.>> rig >> it's kind of impressionistic. >> right.>>ight >> let's look at it that way. wy pbs who edited in last year's firework stood by their decisiod to do so.o so tweeting this message out. "we are very proud of the 2016 capitol fourth celebrationebratn because this year's fireworks were difficult to see due to the weather.he so we made the decision to inter cut fireworks footage fromm previous capitol fourth concerts for the best possible television viewing experience.xperienc we apologize for any confusion i this may have caused ".. well, the backlash on twitter was swift and sure. one twitter user blasted pbs
10:05 am
patriotic? if oy wanted that,h, i'd watch youtube.ou >> earlier they kind of said its was patriotic thing to do. >> right. right paul schwartz man of thertz ma t washington post also tweetedt at about the scandal calling the capitol fourth display the milly vanilly of firework.irewk which i think is actually aua probably pretty funny.unny. >> that is pretty funny.. >> hash tag shame.ha are we that zero use about it, hash tag shame?? >> that seems a lot.. >> over the top. >> national scandal.. >> it's definitely not adetely a national you don't say something livehi v when it's not live.s not live. >> that is true. >> how they came to the decisioc why didn't they just say this is video of last year and mix it mx in. >> put a little disclaimer 20151 in the corner. cne to bring the full experience ife somebody is watching for thehine first time. >> i actually think the point if wanted to watch the fireworksks display let me pull it up onp youtube is a good argument. aum >> we saw that last year. show it for whatever.hate
10:06 am
perfect much that's tha. >> would you cut in otherther entertainers from the capitol fourth from last year. y >> no, you won.on >> you would highlight the onest that were there this year.his y >> i think it was poor judgmentr but not the end of the world. >> clearly not.>> >> i would suggest they don't dt it again. it again. >> i don't think they will. >> right. >> also the president anddent ad military families celebrated tht fourth of july at the whitelyth house but that's not all thatha they celebrated.rad they also got in on wishing maig low ya obama a happy 18thh birthday.birthd ♪ happy birthday, dear malia, happy birthday to you! ♪ >> so would i love about this,s, though, is he's -- there's no presidential pomp andal pomp and circumstance about abo he is her father and daddy is dy sing loud and proud and whatever. happy birthday, baby girl. so, yeah, wishing his oldest daughter --daug >> he's really happy about that i'm sure. malia obama turned 18 years old
10:07 am
the fourth of july he did what dads do.dado. he led the group in syncing.ynci the group happened to include, e you know, joe fell mo'ne right there and then the rapper what'a his >> kendrick lamar.icamar i couldn't think of it for that second. you know what it was a party. so i think she was okayha with . >> yes, she's cool with it.t >> he was singing loudly. loudl >> so funny.un >> he was off key.>> he was offy he was off key. o but it's all good.ll >> it is all good. >> let him rap something nextap time. >> there's a debate raging onagn the national visitors using the rainbow poolp at the national world war ii memorial as wade pool. that's against the rules set by the national park service. servi some say it's down right disrespectful.ecul we've heard allotted of you on twitter agreeing with that as dd i. i. others say it's a place to rel relax, reflect and cool off.. no changes coming to the nohe no wading raul.wading raul. it's not epp forced memoriall honors 16 million servicevi members who served in world war ii. now, the other debate if it'se ' inappropriate to work out on
10:08 am
monuments or not.s orot. if you've ever been at the t national mall you see exercise e buffs working out on the the memorials and monuments ut nottt just in dc it happens in citiest all across the country with lanl marks seeing people work out.eot a lot of yoga happening people running the steps, et cetera. does that go on the same level l of disrespect perhaps going into the fountain or not? not >> as far as -- guess where i stand on the fountain thing.n t. >> you're not going to do it. i. >> absolutely not.el not you have no business with yourih feet or anything else in that es water you go to swimming pool,ip go to your neighborhoodd that is a place -- it's ae -- ia tourist attraction and it's a place, you can reflect butct theirs nothing that says youot have tore neck by getting ihin water. water. >> it's place of river >> exactly. >> don't get in the i that's they got the rules in place.he they shouldn't have to enforceer it because you should be able t go down there on your own as ana adult control your people. p don't let them get in the waterr >> i don't know why it's so'so enforceable.en people do it and they don't even -- >> you can't do it
10:09 am
>> for whatever reason i don'ttn really get offended when i seeee people running the stairs.tairs. >> wisdom was -- when you doo your gassers size at the lincoln memorial anybody, you don't feel bad about it.bout it. >> for some reason they that t didn't cross my mine f they're running or doing jazzercise ite never crossed my mind.myind. >> he's making fun of you. >> i know. i k i went right over there. tre >> somebody is hanging outgi you're there and taking in thegn lincoln memorial and then you see somebody there like doingikn some crunches. cru >> i'm not saying bring yourr speakers with and make it abouto you, but i don't know.. i guess if that's -- it doesn'tn seem to bother me as much for some reason. so >> it doesn't strike me the samm way either. >> getting in that water --at - >> if they shed not to do it i' be okay with that. tt i can go work out swells.we i like to runway lot.y when i run around the monumentss that's the best feeling of beins in washington.t in wng >> running up and then coming cn >> yeah, yeah, yeah.h, yh >> i'm saying like you know,. ko >> that makes me really proud tt be in washington the fact that t we have all this that we canthic take in.
10:10 am
>> like the whole tai chi classs on the steps. what be that? >> maybe not on the steps.te >> good somewhere else and dowh it. big massive -- >> that would be peaceful to do yoga in a setting. setti you know what i mean? there arr rules in place when you go tooo the lincoln because tucker and i went -- >> you were tai chi.e tai i >> remember we were takingwe wen selfie day or something. somet there are certain >> you can't do that.'t that's true.that's tru >> i was trying to chill out there not the same.ere keep your kids out of the world war ii memorial.war memor >> let us know what you thinkoui hash tag good did you d.c.u.c continue the conversation goings this last story, great newsn have you ever blamed your loveou of pasta for weight gain? wellw it turns out really if as is nos the problem according to newng t research pasta does not make you fat experts in the land of pastp this was sponsored by italy surprise, italy found if as foui intake is associated with lowerw obesity rates and healthierhier waste to hip ratios. rat rejoice and go celebrate thiste news with bowl of spaghetti, bub don't put a whole thing ofhing cheese on it and -- and - >> and the sauce.
10:11 am
>> fattens >> a lot of sauces are supersauc high in sodium and fats. yup. . >> eat it >> go down to the national malll and exercise after you eat. eat >> i think all these studiessedi always come back to the sameome thing. everything in moderation. >> right? >> there you go. >> wisdom if you took your bowl of pasta down to tyohe memorialr and sat there and ate it on thee steps would that be a bad thingg >> that's another thing.hat's a should you be ethating -- i have whole --e >> we could go on and on.uld gon >> i say no. s if it's a snickers bars.s b yes. a bowl of pasta, no.. i'll just saying.ayg >> got to draw the linehe l >> kevin hart and dwayne johnson because i don't think he goes be the rock any more.ny mor dj to his friends, hit it off oo the set of central intelligencee don't expect to see dj on the dn guest list to kevin hart's h summer still ahead at 10:00 kevin findn out why his co-star didn't makek the cut. >> power star omari hardwick haw will join us -- i'm sorry? he'' going to join us next.ex sorry, chris was in my ear witht
10:12 am
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you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast ♪ >>
10:15 am
celebrity dish.brity dish. >> how about we serve it ase ita everyone heading back to worko w this on this tuesday. tuesday >> let me step on the gas. me st >> after long weekend taylor swift shared her first officialc photo from star-studded fourth of july bash at her nouse rhodeo island.. 26-year-old singer posted thistt photo with her girl squad whichd of course includes kerry, gigi,g blake lively, uzi and ruby rows. taylor captioned the photoss happy fourth from us.urthm who is missing?ng >> who is missing?is >> where is hiddleston.ides >> he was >> maybe he took the >> i was just going to say that. >> maybe did he take the pictu picture. >> her now guys. that confirms they are dating. >> we definitely know they'rely dating. >> we definitely know.>> w >> is it publicity stunt or reaa until love.until lo >> maybe he's in the friend zon' trying to gets out. never mine.ver mine. >> and he was wearing the -- >> via new question for people o should there be time between bte relationships. >> we talk about that. when you were on vacation.. >> maureen was a
10:16 am
of that. tht let it rest. r >> you can't put a time on lovel >> there you go. >> you're right.>> y >> jump right >> ryan reynolds was also theret with his lovely wife blakela lively and reynolds shared morem than his shirt less bod with ush this weekend.nd the 39-year-old actor also showed off this leg tattoos itt appears that he now has -- h >> take off banner. >> there you go.o. a six of hearts playing card thi back of his leg along with several different phrases. this is the news you need ond this tuesday.sday >> yes. >> we are all up in his mix. his >> what's that on his calf? >> hmm. >> something in sort of aa gothic --goth -- >> okay. >> i don't think that's particularly flattering picturen right there.ght ere he was married to scarlet johannson right after that tt wasn't he married to blake b >> they moved on.>> >> they move on. >> that's how they do things ini hollywood.holl they get married face and breake up fast and move on. >> justin beiber wore white
10:17 am
calvin klein boxer briefs whilee wake boarding in miami his underwear became totally seely through after getting soaked s with water.wi wat wondering if it's because hes bh didn't have swim trunks on, hee did have whatever he had on was in two different colors and i cn guess it was all see through. tu >> really?ea >> he knew it was going to do that.ew dat >> those aren't good day dc boxers.. >> he knew that was going towasg happen. >> he night. >> of course did he.>> >> talk about it and we did. >> okay.>>kay. more biebs news bbs news he had a run in with his formerf fling courtney kardashianshia although i think that washa publicity stunt but whateverha while in miami for his purposeue world tour. on sunday night beiber and beibe kardashian were spotted togethet in the dj booth at story sto nightclub so are they rekindleke link their fake flame or were w they just both in the dj booth.. >> probably just both in the djj booth. >> i don't think that was real't any way.any wa >> sure. how many times back in the day t did you go in the club aimnd yoo end up in te
10:18 am
friend of the opposite sex. >> how many times, wis, you telt me. >> i've never been dj booth in n hot club. club. >> steve, over to you.teve, er t (laughter). >> steve, you're with me.h i don't know what they'ret talking abouhet. >> here's what i do know omari hard wake is an actor, artist, poet, former football male. a. to, tyler perry, being mary janr and stars hit power which he is the star of. o last week he stopped by d.c. for the icon talks empowerment touru but first he came here to see ue in the loft along with twoith tw founders of the organization.rgo had a chance to talk with kevinn about the importance messagee m they're trying to get across ana kevin had to sneak in a few questions about his roll asis rl ghost. ghost >> i'm married. >> you're an actor you're a poet, former nfl player.e form l i want to know what the nfl taught you that helps in youelpi your poetry and your acting.. >> well, first of all, i got c cut. so, it taught me how to face f rejection i guess.n
10:19 am
skin, going in and out of auditions where people tell youy too short, too light, too tall, foo fat whatever, those thingsst were very minimum compared to at coach telling you that you tou shouldn't even be on earth. imagine the things coaches say.. so, you know, they cuss out youu momma while you're in the threet pope stance, and it obviouslyio taught me level of disciplinepln that a lot of people don'te don probably have that are maybe pursuing this career that want to have it in overnight way andd so discipline i would say theld thing that really stood out to t me in term of what i go. go. >> obviously power is a huge,s h huge show. sho talk about 50-cent obviouslyio he's executive producing. produ how often are you working with w him in regards to the show? is he there all the time? talk t about that and also the power of what your character and whater d that show meant to you.o he's very active extremely t active he's that guy.that g he's hand on. o playing the role of cannon.anno there's pieces of him in ghost.o pieces of me
10:20 am
pieces of courtney kemp our show creator pieces of her father ine ghost. he's one of the most complicated characters you'll see i can'ti c play the 18 hours of work thatfr is needed to play that guy whene i'm onset if i don't have the active participation of somebodd like curtis. the show is got a crazy fanfarea >> john any words about what w this meant to be in d.c. d.c. is there anything different about doing it in d.c. versus.ce doing it in texas.exas >> yes. it's very unique. unique each city we go to, we doo partner up with under privilegee and at risk youth because we bee create mentor ship and shi empowerment programs for for disadvantaged and disabled youth to help them cope with the wit social, physical and economiccae barriers that they face in their lives barware less of yourare so platform tour demographic or wh you are celebrity or regular person, you have obstacles youba have to overcome in your life y and we want these kids to knowsw that you can inspire to achievee so we're happy to give back toec the dc community.ommuni the youth as well. wel >> our focus is provide iconic i peop
10:21 am
just successful in their in profession or in their career o but really have a sense off giving back and communitymunity service and civic engagement ana leaving the world a better placp when they found it. found i that's the mission we have and w we continue to find people who o fulfill that mission and thatndt kind of leverage that messagef and i think we to that withwe tw omari as well.ell. >> both with icon talks the icon talks event feature musicians, a athletes, actors and active act visits all giving inspirationali talks about their paths tohs to success watch makes omari hardwick qualified? again, wit the hfl chargers but was cut like he said training camp his response was to turn another t love which was acting as youas heard him explain to kevin kin >> work out well for him. him. >> yup. >> plan b. >> 10:21. coming up next we actually haveh breaking news from the >> little bit later a tribute tt friends from yaz rah. she'll join us with a specialpe performance coming up next.ming. man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside
10:22 am
and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
10:23 am
10:24 am
♪ >> it is 10:24. we're staning by for breaking news from the fbi this morning. now fbi director james comeyin will make a statement at 11:00 o'clock this morning from the agency's headquarters righta here in washington. washing now officials are not naming a topic.. however, there is speculation ia is linked to the investigationna into hillary clinton's use of u e-mail. mail. she was interviewed by the fbi on saturday about whether hererr use of private e-mail serviceeri threatened national security.y. she is hitting the campaign cama trail today with president
10:25 am
now, this statement from the fbe at 11:00 o'clock will be right l here on fox5. we'll they're live so you'll gel to hear it as it happens. happe in the meantime let's gete t back to our top story locally l here. he in washington where police areti investigate a deadc deadly offif involved shooting this happenede on quarles street and minute in of a northeast. it happened last night butt police on the scene all night n into the this morning.orni bob barnard is still there nowrw in the northeast with the latest details. details. bob. >> reporter: steve, a lot of fireworks out here and people po who are were here last nightt n those who live in this this neighborhood said that during the day, kids were firing theseg things at each other.ea so at around 11:00 o'clock lastl night when they heard more loud explosions and saw someone lyine here on the sidewalk theyal t thought it was more of this kin of shenanigans it turn outn that's not the case.. police just left but they'veut t been here since 11:00 o'clock ok last night investigating this.hi they say that they did recover a gun and that a young man who was armed was shot and killed by a metro transit police officer ofr around 11:00 o'clock last night. we're not f
10:26 am
metro station right across the t street from the deanwood moonoom empty center and library aquatic what started the confrontationoa we're not sure, but att 4:00 o'clock this morning, weckm can show you video fromow youido 4:00 o'clock this morning, d.c. police which is in charge of iic this investigation towed out out what we believe is the metro transit police officer's's unmarked cruiser which we are ww told by dc police had been fired upon.on. that there were bullet holes ins the car. th so this investigation continuesu the people who live in thise ins enabled who didn't want to go on camera said that police and paramedics worked tirelesslysly trying to keep the young personr who was shot alone. they were doing cpr but that b a person has died.personas died. the investigation continues butb i will tell you one metro policl official who was here says itays looks like it will be ae justified shooting.otg. steve? >> bob, bob will stay on theon scene if nation changes we'll cw certainly get that informationai from him. and still ahead on good day, the secret live of pets. kevin will s
10:27 am
kevin hart and show off whatff w happens when his own dog oscar,, right?rit? >> yes. yes. >> kevin mccarthy's dog oscar oc when he does when no one is watching.tcng. >> later iceberg. you got them straight ahead.ahe. we'll take you back out to theut national building museum for bun look at the follow you have ug p to last year's huge hit beach. 10:27 is our time right now. riw ♪ ♪
10:28 am
10:29 am
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♪ who are you guys? huh. >> who are we?
10:31 am
>> stop. who you calling pets.o you llin >> it ain't no pet.>>ain't you got it all wrong. wro we're just like you g we hate humans. >> yeah. >> hate them. >> that's right.>> ts >> oman don't get me started ono people.ople am i rude, rud >> that's why we burn ours y we collars, ma and.a >> we burned them to the ground. >> kill our owners.. >> wayne. >> that's a clip from the new n animated comedy the secret livel of pets. p which stars kevin hart as disgruntled little bunny tryingy to get revenge on humans. kevin got chance to sit downit d with the star and joins us now.w that movie looks really cute.llt >> something so funny aboutny a kevin hart playing evil bunny in a movie.e >> evil bunny is funny.un >> it's very very funny.. yeah, i sat down with him to wim talk about the voice acting andd the idea that he's a comediania who occurs as lot and het d h couldn't use one curse word atsr all during the movie.ring tov i'm wondering how he was able to still be funny. fun first i wanted to get weddinged advice from him.advi he was on jimmy kimcemel and saa i'm inviting 175 to 200 peopleeo to my wedding
10:32 am
that lemme question who are are invite from your co-stars yousts worked with over the years. yea. how do you decide people youecid work with it's expensive toensie invite i want to invite everybody ivery can't afford it. how do you choose -- >> why do you have to invitee co-workers to a wedding. wdi >> i'm friends with lot ofot people who work with.ork i am. i spoke to kevin hart about that he's inviting his friend janeene the rock johnson.e joh i don't know. it will get dramatic. w watch thisil. >> i can't invite everybody froo work. you work with acts like the rock and ice cube do you inn have itv those >> i think it's an unosderstanding. you know what it mean, look, we're very busy guys. very busy entertainers managesan you want to be part of people's' special days, sometimes the time you have off you don't want to t spend that time traveling andnd going to something else whenhe you're doing so much, so those friends that i know they're working like crazy it's an understanding.rsin i mean, what goes understooderst doesn't have
10:33 am
know.know. my other friends i know are know available haven't some time offf that are in the business, it'st' different.ff me and dj are close.lo very close. cse very good friend of mine.. i mean like my brother. bth man i'm not inviting you a, i'm' not inviting you for you not ton show up he moon get mad becausec you didn't show up and b.nd i'm not inviting for to you comc and have the uncomfortableomforb conversation of me of you working. because i wouldn't want you toul do it to me. so it goes understood. i would say for you with that yh group you have at your job,yo j everybody understands.stan look you're paying for those f t plates. you're at a place where you guyu are happy with the you have a party later on andato everybody can come be a part off but this isn't about other people it's about you and youra wife to be. wi >> you have made a film without saying any curse words. w >> i know. >> it's really funny becausese you're still just as funny ast a you are when you're cursing butg i'm curious, if you're character could curse, where would youre w want to add some words to. to. >> oh, my god i would have a a feel bowl with snowball cursingr f i can, oman, man when he'
10:34 am
and he doesn't know if everybodo is receiving his message,, snowball is a little when he is like listen, listen s we're going to do when he doubts what he's saying. you following what i'm saying bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep b bleep bleep bleep.ep bep he let them go. this actually a moment in the movie where i cuss a little bite and they're like, kevin, um, animated. >> right animation.tion >> are you jumping around. >> i left sweat free there.t swe i left that little, um, that little box hot, you know, youou want to be animated.ed especially for me. i'm playing a guy and i put energy behind him.ehind him he's not a low-key bunny.. he's not, um, mundane.. he's not, hmm, he's -- he's lo look, everybody look.oo he's very about it.ery out he's got a movement that he'sths trying to get done. done and that requires a lot of, arc, lost this and they also takeo t from that you know the more ther physical you are the more it yoa helpth
10:35 am >> all right.ll so here's the cool thing.. universal picture send us a go g pro to put on my dog i left the house yesterday for d couple every minutes to see whae he would do.heould and this is him walking aroundna this is edited of course becausu it was multiple minutes butes you're seeing him, he's lookingi for us.for he's going down the stairs. >> aww. >> he's look it's really reallya cool what he does.. i always wanted to know what hee does when we leave.we l. i rang the doorbell at onet point. just to see what he would do anl he went up the stairs barking. >> i think he sat on your redr d white and blue suit.t. >> this is a really cool concepe we want our viewers to tweet us this -- their videos. so this is video of your dog.our let us know what your dog does d when you leave the see if you can attach a cameraam to him or her somehow and then n send us that footage #gooddaydc. let us know we want to know whaw your pet is doing when
10:36 am
gone.. >> i did a video with rocket rke what would happen if you fell yf out while walking your dog. he kept walking. >> he's like freedom. >> i'll send you -- i bring thet go pro in >> okay. >> i got to figure which dog tog put it o >> it's a gigantic harness and d was taj it.. >> the most social one. >> active.>> brownie you get the harness. hne >> what could have oscar wentt right to hot tub time machinene >> i would have disown him.avson >> he went to get water. wat i want to leave for like an hour and see what he >> all right. >> i'll bet mine sleep all day.y >> movie opens up friday. uri >> it does. d we want to check in with tuckerc one more time before the hour i he's hanging out what could betb one the hottest new exhibits inn d.c. even though it's all about ice.. so all right. tuck, what do you got? >> reporter: one of the one o coolest exhibits, right, holly?? >> right. one of the coolest exhibits. icebergs here at the national n building hugh museum.h muum. earlier i was be 19 the iceberg now i'm up above it and
10:37 am
really cool.l. scaffolding up here you can seeu the iceberg structures and justt a neat idea for an exhibit that will be here all summer long lg looking at the wall water blow.b i'm join by a group from virginia. hi, >> hi. >> tell me your name real quick. >> i'm mckenna.. mia, sebastian and i'm dylan.yl >> you guys are all brothers ans sisters and friends, right. >> yup. >> tell me was love about this s exhibit.bit. >> well, i like the texture of the iceberg on the top because u like right there and it lookstoo like a pyramid but made out of ice. ic >> are you guys learning anything about icebergs?ceberg >> yes.>> yes. >> what are you learning? >> well, i kind of learning about this but i kind of looks s great but -- it's kind of like science and i kind of only can c say that it kind of looks like s tents of like, you know, like le egypt or something like in snowo >> like pyramids.yramids. it's amaze.itma we're up above the icebergsbe right now
10:38 am
we'll sneak down through theugh inner working of iceberg and hit the fly.the f you want to come with me. m >> yeah. >> load the way. we're charging through the mazem again this exhibit is open alln summer long it's here at thee ae national building museum. if you want more information,ora you got to go to the website and those guys at the sitting on thn couch will tell was that websiti is because right now i'm runninn out of breath trying to get to the slides and we're cruising cu along much guys, keep going. g all right.l r how many times have you been tim down the slide?li >> like five times? >> yeah. >> keep going.>> k keep going.keep gng everybody go, go, go.o all right.all r hang on. i don't want to get hurt.o hurt. go, go, go. ut-oh. hang on. ahh! >> even the big boy did >> all right, guys. guy i'm out of breath and i lost mys equipment back there. thank you for joining me.. again iceberg exhibit will bewil here all summer long just openee a few days ago.
10:39 am
opens seven days week for more information, hit their website i have lost all electronic equipment.pment. >> okay.. >> i won't hear anything you're saying. sa i'll toss it back inside to youy >> he still has his microphone. >> the one little kid said evend the big kid did it.big d di >> it lock like fun. f >> looks like a lot of fun. o so while tucker trying to keep cool witness icebergs we'll heal things up little bit here in tht studio because coming up, wizards girls dancers all here r what to expect tomorrow night there's free summer fest comingg up. we'll give you all the details t on it next on the 10:00 a.m. ♪.
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> we'll heat things up right now actually we'll give you preview right now what you'll h get to see tomorrow night wheno the washington wizards host their 2016 summer fest atr verizon center.n cente fans have the chance to hear from head coach scott brooks, b check out summer league practice and get autographs.s. the preview involves pol polly n dancers. dancers. we'll hit the music and let yout guys show off what you're doingd and while doing that i'll talk t with zach jamie is with us fromf the wizards girls as well. w this is perfect i guess for thit time of year. of y gives us a little break from brk things starring that feel thest heat getting this humidity anday now it's like, okay, let's listen for the cold basketballal wintertime sport bring it all sg around in the summer.nd >> it is a cold cold sr it's cold outside but we're w
10:43 am
center tomorrow.nt doors open aert 5:30 at verizonr center best fart free and openrn to the t we want everybody to come down end enjoy it. it. >> you'll do good promotionsd po what was the idea getting allnga this together with the dancershe and everything >> we want to give back to theo fans. we love giving to the fans all a through the season and in thesen off season, too.f se we thought let's do a summer a s league practice make it opentpen let's get autographs for peoplee that will be there for the and t tire summer league.r we'll be signing autographs at the event and we're in thet an summer, what says summer mores than like a haiyan luau bring the luau to downtown dc right ig the heart of chinatown atnato verizon center. >> this handsome young man ishae gegetting his face painted righr now. now. activities for the kids too,.ese >> all sorts of activities kf as throughout verizon center on the concourse we'll have face painters, we're going to have to hawaiian style names, polynesian dancers teaching people how to t dance. danc those 22 guys will be spinningln >> really. >> doing a fire performance one the court of verizon center. >> i hope they can practice lotl for that.for at
10:44 am
be performing as well getting ready for this sunday. open call auditions for wizards girls. >> oh really. >> open call.pen all the information for theinfo wizardrm girls to rsvp to come o summer fest all on our website. >> good luck to you. y >> now coach will be there asrea well. it's this the first time thee coach has addressed fans inan mass. >> general population like aer full on open puballic forum i fr believe so and coach scott brooks i talked to him a couplee times.time great guy and i'm excited to set what he has to say.o >> fans will be excited to talkt with him as well.with they can check out seats if thet want if they want to pick upok seats for the season.son. >> check out all the seats thatt you want and purchase for the 2016-17 season and beyond.nd b thaw there.thaw t. our sales staff will belestaf customized washington wizards hawaiian shirts.wa s >> you got to do it.ot to do it. >> if you want to rsvp to the t event just head to washington >> it's free you just have toee let you guys know.
10:45 am
the food and stuff will be thert ready for you. >> summer league basketball.ue e it's not an actual game theyl gy will, just practice. pra >> open practice.>> o so all the guys from the summerr league will run full practice open to the public on the main course at verizon center.en sit in the seats and watch it wi every now and then they decideec to scrimmage and competitive cpi player gets going you never kno what you might see. >> jamie how do you rate thesee guys compared to what you're y doing out there the oh court.erc >> i'm very impressed they'reede doing a great job. >> combination you can't beat't between the them and the wizardr girls and players and staff andf coach brooks as br there's your information on the screen. starts at 5:30 wizards summerr fest.fe thank you, zach., zh. jamie thank you very much. good luck with your auditions as well. >> thanks so much.uch >> polynesian dancers where youo from again. >> polynesian -- all over thellt place. >> that was an handsome man even there. >> little boy -->> little boy >> who is that young man? >> who are you? >> who are
10:46 am
(laughter). >> full disclosure the childhe c model is my son hayden.ay >> looking good, buddy. goo b i like it.. >> future wizards fan.ds already a wizards fan i should o say. >> if you didn't notice the logh it's awesome.'s a logo with the palm trees in it.i >> i like the details.. >> al and i -- allison were just saying how if you we thought th event would be.we all ages als >> can you get the coach on theo phone and can i get a spot on ao the roster.thete >> i'll see what i can do forsec you. i got you. >> just like she has to do you u have to try out every year.ry y. >> and you have to be able toou play. >> my knees.y >> small details. small details coming up next, at 9:46, back by popular demand, aa little purple reign singer yaz rah joins us and she's bringingi her prince tribute back and thid morning she's giving us a littlt sample. samp stay tuned.stay we'll be right back. r
10:47 am
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10:49 am
♪ >> all right. welcome back. 49:00 it's almost alm two deaths since the death oftho prince and since then tribute concerts have been happening ale over the world most recently bet awards our next guest
10:50 am
and grammy nominated singer sinr known for her purple reign performances. and this weekend she is doing ig again but before she sleighs att stage she stopped by the loft tt give us a preview of what hert r fans and prince fans coulds coud expect.ct here with her take on thehe classic little red corvetteorve please welcome yahzarah.ahrah take it away. ♪ >> i want to dedicate this songs to the prince who would be king. ♪
10:51 am
♪ little red corvette
10:52 am
♪ ♪
10:53 am
♪ (applause). thank you very much for coming in. beautiful rendition of littlef t red corvette. >> thank you very much. ta last time we talked princenk was stillkl alive. >> yes. >> tell us what it means to you first of all tell ust why you d these tributes to prince.rie. >> well, you know, like i said s he was my first musical love. i think of him as a masterte teacher i always did and nownd n he's as zenned master. it's kind of weird for me because people keep asking me t do the tribute now and i'm kindk of unsure whether i want to keee doing it. i he always wanted to top himselff and for me i want to be part ofo that type of artistry.isy i've been tracked to people whoe are never satisfied with thehe last they create forward
10:54 am
themselves and huge set a huge g bar for r that's why i started doing the tribute. rye lost my love at some pointen for music because the industry s kind of just poured so much onun top of me that i lost thatt that thing.thg. >> yes. >> that makes you creative end sharpened if i eye and i cep a doing it because i fell like heh deserved my >> right. >> to this tribute. >> i think you met prince tnk mp before, right.fore, ght. >> yes, i, i it's a funny quirky story. story i was singing background for for erika and a ranging a tune for f her at paisley park after hisers birthday party. par i meet prince my life long hugou and i go hug him and we bumped e heads like the three stooges.ogs (laughter).ghte. >> and -- e he didn't get mad. >> he was so gracious.ra i thank god he's going to hate h me forever he was so graciousgro and years later i almost ended d up singing background for i ended up getting pregnant with my son i had to take some time m off i couldn't sing with him but everything happens as it shouldl >> right. >> he's remained forever my hero and i call hit the prince thatnt will be king
10:55 am
him at the birchmere this frid friday. all star band.. played with james brown, james legend, it's going to be stone s cold jam. >> it's going to be all prince.c >> all prince all day.ll prince i also will be doing some of mym new music. music i'm ready to unveil it fort f people. so i will also be doing a couple of my new songs as well.sell. come on out.. >> we put information -- we do-o have the information hopefully we have the information so we'll put it up on the screen. sn. there it is right i knew we had it somewhere.ewhe there's the information rightfot there on the screen. scree come and check it out. out. we don't want to leave youreaou partner out. >> zach the man. >> zach. thank you very much, zach. >> thanks for having me. >> for coming in and playingin g with us. >> we appreciate it.ap >> i'm sorry, i'm teaching achin workshop in baltimore the day dy after my show creative nomadsad please look them up talking tal about creative process vocal vol health, what i do to stay on tour and i'd love to share toese things with aspiring stingers come out and see me in baltimoro at the new hotel.otel >> you giving something back,omc too.too. >> absolutely.>>
10:56 am
something back. >> absolute i agree with you. thank you very much.i >> thank you. >> for coming in.k for >> always good to be with you, , >> thank you, >> did you ever share withou e yahzarah your rendition of singing >> oh really? oh >> oh, my goodness. >> they're setting me up.p >> it wasn't anything like you yours. i don't think we want to go therk e.e >> you have my time. time. don't worry. >> oh, wow.>> o wow >> come on, >> no, no, no. >> i got a microphone for you.ou >> i thought you were talkingali about that other.t oth >> i was, trust me. >> no, no, no. no. we're good. we're good.wegoo talk about little zip trip magig much that's what i thought youhy were talking abo it wasn't -- >> thank you yahzarah. sounded beautiful as usual. usu >> you sounded way bet.ay bet quick look at the forecast. >> it's going to feel like 100 before it's all said and done. . nice little heat wave stretche t here. >> all right.. >> holly you've acquired aac handsome young man there.. >> wisdom your society has been taken. know need to come back. come >> i hope he's making more thana i am. >> can you say bye.
10:57 am
and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
>> this is fox n >> from from the fox news worldld
11:00 am
i'm greg, we're waiting for the fbi director james comey to come out and make statement to themet media director comey's remarkser come of course just few days co after former secretary of state for hillary clinton the presumptive democratic nominee running for the white house sat down with st the fbi and gave a quote voluntary interview that wasat w that's according to the statement from clinton's spokesperson. the interview reportedly lasted about three and a half hours whether director comey will actually talk about this we jusw don't know.ey'rot they're not saying. b but we'll find out as we wait fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen is live in our d.c. ros james, what more do we know? >> greg, good morning.what chiefly we don't know the subject of the fbi director's d' statement this morning.he we do know courtesy of catherine her wretch who's on site our foe news colleague that he will besn speaking giving a statement for s 15 minutes and will


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