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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  July 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> and good morning.ood morning. thank you for joining jon i'm maureen umeh.maurume >> i'm wisdom martin.'m w today is thursday july 7th.y h. we've got the crew here, garyerr mcgrady talking weather, weath erin como talking traffic. traff >> first developing overnight a 32-year-old minneapolisinneaps assemblyman dead after alyn de police-involved shooting. fernando castillo was shothot during a traffic stop whilep w driving with his girlfriend g and four-year-old daughter.-yr-l he was reaching for his wallet t and told police he was inhe w i possession of a permitted firearm when he was shot four times.ti the aftermath of the shootinging was streamed live byed liv castillo's girlfriend.lfend. he later died at the hospital. s the minnesota bureau of apprehension is investigatingtia the incident. justice department opened a federal civil rightse deinvestigation after two white police officers shot and killed a black plan in louisiana. alton sterling was sellingstli cd's outside a convenience snore baton rouge. exactly what happened after is unclear. >> a witness recorded thatthat video that we have b
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showing. it appears to show two stw officers pinning sterling toterl the ground and then an officer e takes out his gun and fires.ires an officer claimed he saw s sterling go for his gun. store owner said sterlinge never reached for a wen weapon.a >> the u.s. attorney will lead l a review. we have been in constanton communication with themh throughout the past 24 hours24 u and we'll continue to be inueben contact with them and workd wk with them any way that we needtn to to make sure and assurend a this communities that it is transparent neutral investigation will be done. >> bothat officers involved hav been put on administrative leave.leave. >> the trial of the fourthourth baltimore police officeror charged in the death of freddie grayge begins today. toy lieutenant brian rice is the highest ranking of the sixhe s officers charged.offirs c on tuesday he opted for a f bench trial.bench rice is accused of failing to fo secure gray with a seat belt seb when he helped to load gray loa into that police van.ce v law on bike patrol at the timee of
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rice faces multiple chargestiare including another story you saw first on fox5.ot we are hearing from a d.c. firefighter who is nowow suspended for comments he made h on his personal facebook page after the shooting in batonon rouge. >> he has since apologized butlt can face serious consequences. fox5's anjali hemphill iss live in northwest with more.h m good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guy norman brooks is a nine-year veteran of the d.c.f c fire department here but he's suspended and underand uer investigation by d.c. policen bi for making threats. threats and we can go ahead and show you those facebook posts ine fap question he shared on his personal facebook page. he says in part "bottom line, these racist cops who aret who murdering our people need toeedt start turning up the same way.. they shouldn't feel safeeel af walking the streets andtree neither should theirher should t supporters.suppters now, a second post says thesa t answer is yes.swer iyes the citizens should take the law in their own hands andnd target racist cops.t cs. those pigs in baton rouge bon
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bullet in their head. h end quote. brooks tells fox5 he wrote theee posts in response to the alton a sterling we spoke to him last night n >> i do not condone any violence against innocent iocen people cops or whatever.leor all i'm saying whether it's a criminal cop or a criminal cmi person tries to attack you oresa makes you feel some sort ofor o way inside your own community you have a right as an american community to defendty t yourself. maybe i used strong language lag but that's just what it is.t these events are starting totaro affect me and my family and myd friends and if you're a black person out thereif or just at a concerned american and you're not concerned about it, i feel sorry for you. y >> reporter: a d.c. fire and ems spokesperson says brooks'sao posts were a clear violation vti of the department's socialt's al media policy.medi he has been placed onedn administrative duty pending pdi the outcome of the law l enforcement investigation and a an internal review by d.c.
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fire. we're live in northwest thishis morning, anjali hemphill fox5 f5 local news. >> there is some disturbing disg allegation against a woman inint northeast d.c.t.c. >> police say she used icece ldeam lure children into herre i home and then sexual abuse them. them bob barnard has the latest on ln this story. >> reporter: hey, wisdom, good morning .orgoodorni the incident that led to thisohi week's arrest happened lastned l month here in northeast washington. d.c. police telling us a 42-year-old woman named larona r steel allegedly lured threeuredt young victims each of them t under the age of 16 into her home on clay place northeast nor under the guise of offeringf them ice cream and popcorn. pco police say once she got the three young vic names her house she locked her frontlock f door and then forced them to perform sex acts on her.n he she is now charged with a first degree child sexualhild sl abuse charge and we went byar aw her the
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her house last night.e lastht no one answered the door butoo some of the neighbors we spoke to say they can't believe it.t. >> pervert. it's really messed up. u >> what goes through yourr mind. >> what's going through herhrghr explained was she doing? whats? was she thinking? what wasg? her problem? she was letting kids in doing sexual s activities with kids -- it wast a bunch of kids that lived inivd that building. b >> reporter:. >> reporter: now, police are not describing the victims asica either boys or girls but theyutt say their investigation is notst over, guys, and that perhapst ps there are more victims outictims there and so if anybody knows anything about miss steel herisr past or what may be going onwha in her home, they want thoseanho people to give police a call, guys. >> ♪>> >> 4:35 is the time right now. w you're fresh back from fre bac vacation. >> i am. >> you enjoying this hotg ts weather that you came back t
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>> yes because it was kind ofask ldld where i >> all right. r it is summer time so it'sim supposed to be like this so to e just embrace it.ce >> bring it on.>>ring >> because there's nothing you t can do about ithe anyway.nyway. >> we're really one day down, wisdom, only one day. >> one day down. >> let's talk about by maybe saturday afternoon howernoon everybody is going to beody is feeling around here, afterer a three, four days off consecutive upper 90's too around 100 degrees. listen, 82 this morning at 8:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m this is your planner for you. 91 degrees by lunchtime. luntime it's already hot. it will feel like it's about a 95 at lunchtime today. 94 this afternoon.94 we're going to go officiallyll for a high temperature of about 95 degrees.5 degr we do have a chance this afternoon, little bit bettertlee chance than yesterday of than ea having some widespread, widely scattered showers andwers and thunderstorms out there.detorm could produce some heavy actual physical we get a few, the clouds may help to cool us down just a little bit more. listen, here's heat indexesndex this morning at 8:00 a.m. a. 82 degrees or so.r so pretty much right in line ine with the actual temperature.uamt by lunchtime today, it's goingt' to feel like about 94 to 95 degrees out there in
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late -- and late this l afternoon you're talking spots o will be mid 90's to upper 90's. kind of just depends on where you are. again we'll continue with thisl hot andco muggy stuff.uggy s looks like we're going toke we'g contend with the hot and muggy g stuff at least through t saturday. cool off a little bit on bit o sunday, okay.ay here's erin como with anothernoh look at your traffic on thisn t thursday >> 4:37 right now. n we're crash free around the d. d as you wake up at 5 o'clock if'i you're taking metro safe trackaa surge three in place through july 11th. no rail service betweenl se national airport and braddock bd road on the blue and yellow line.line. shuttle service will replace that rail service for braddock road crystal city pentagon forgn airport customers.. if you're headed to or from or r the airport shuttle servicele could be crowded and taxi tax lines anticipate to be much b m more crowded as well.s w plan ahead. give yourself an extra hour ifou you plan to keep it to metro m for the yellow and blue line
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blue line national airport to ar largo town center every 15 minutes. other than that the rest ofanha your metro service should bevicl on i'm going up at 5:00 a.m..m and our roads are quiet. qui i'll let you know when thathat changes. ch >> hillary clinton says she's cs ready to adopt some of bernie sanders' ideas as part of her platform. plat >> we may be at the end of a hall of fame nba career. >> 4:38 is the time.ime. 78 degrees is the temperature. we are back after this.r ts. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> 4:40. that means it's time to look at the stories you're engaging with most this morning on social media.t edia fox5's annie yu joins us in joiu the studio across the way.he w good morning. >> exactly. >> she's right over there.'s rio hey, annie. annie >> good morning to you both. first up, it is now official. oc attorney general loretta lynchon says the justice department is
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hillary clinton and will not iot charge -- press charges -- against her. the announcement comes daysom d after she had an unschedulednsed meeting with bill clintonlint aboard her plane in phoenix.ho now that she's free to focus f on her presidential bidl hillary clinton is hoping to woo some of bernie sanders supporters. will he or won't he? a san antonio player tim duncan d can decides to retire it could be the end of a basketballasketb era. reports are the two time t league m.v.p. is leaning in leai that direction and an direc a announcement could come soon. there were clues duncan wase cls headed for the exit.head last season he took a pay cut so the. >> i thought he already retired. i didn't mean it in a shadyean way.y. >> don't throw shade, mo.on thr it's too early in only 4:41. 4 we have a long newscast to go.
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>> especially when she is fresh back from vacation.ation. coming up, one of the newest members of metro'setro board is coming under fire forrr a possible conflict oftf >> police in northern virginiaoi searching for answers after arsr bullet comes flying into the bedroom avenue small child. >> live look outside across itse region. 4:42, 78 degrees outi back in a moment. ent.
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>> a d.c. woman accused of. sexually abusing children a chi after allegedly luring them into her home with ice cream.. >> american troops are going g stay in afghanistan much muc longer than we were led to to believe. beli >> looking live outsidede prepare yourself for anotherelfa day of heat and humidity. hid oh, boy., b good morning everyone, thankvern you so much for joining us.h jon i'm maureen umeh.uree ume >> i'm wisdom martin. mti today is thursday july 7th. jult we've got gary mcgrady anddy erin como in a moment to talk tt weather and traffic.her and tra. >> in the meantime let's talkle news or no? yes? let's -- okay. news... weather can be news,hern right, gary? i'm sorry.or i'm a little new today. >> gary? >> just jumping right over >> you know what happened, thea, double box is going to come up so i was a lit
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i was going. >> double box that's insideat'sd baseball. two boxes here -- sometimes wees do three, three box shots. listen, let's get right to the weather because i don't havebe any other way to put a spin on this, all it's just going to be hot,th, it's going to be humid and muggy and today we'llll introduce a slightly betterghtlr chance of a shower or ar a thunderstorm.derm. welcome back maureen. 78 degrees, dulles 75, bwi marshall is 74.4. in terms of the weekende ek forecast, we've changed this just a little bit.ju still going to be hot onin be saturday, okay. it's going to be humid as a well. but now we're basically takingg the thunderstorms out of thems e forecast for saturday, so itatuo looks like it's just going tostg be hot and dry and pretty humid. humid. sunday's temperature a little cooler. not quite as temperature there of about 88 degrees. at this point it does lookpo like it's shaping up to be a dry weekend, okay. o seven-day forecast looks likeeco this. e relief sunday, monday, tuesday but i'm still'ms thinking that next week, wee wednesday, thursday, friday we're going get hot again.gain temperatures back up into thep t lower to mid 90's. there's your seven day. how about some traffic. erin como is in witouh
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hey erin. en. >> hey, gary.>> h i'm walking to the studio, 4:46 because we have breakingebr news. a person hit by a car suitui lands parkway on the outboundth side right now is shut down at first sterling avenue. we do know an adult male hit mae by a car, some injuries injur involved in this crash.volved ih it is under investigation. this morning if you're tryingreg head towards the beltway fromelm suitland parkway your best beteb detour and take pennsylvanialvan avenue. that will save you some timeve s this morning but again, some, se breaking news right now allow a outbound lanes on suitland les parkway at first sterlingt avenue shut down in thehe southeast section of the the district. a man hit by a car. overnight road work on theork oe inner loop at little river turnpike. caution as you make your way y through there. the we'll keep you updated on that breaking news. n >> disturbing allegations against a woman in northeastorth d.c. >> police say she lured iceur cream into her home and thenome sexually abused them. the bob barnard is live with the latest in this disturbingis story. bob. >> reporter: yeah, wisdom, maureen, police wonde
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perhaps if there are other victims out there the victims vi in this case are under the age e of 16, three that we know of. this happened apparently lasttll month at the woman's apartment e on clay place nor'easter she is 42-year-old larona steel.ona she's charged with firstwirs degree sex offense on o children. apparently she lured these s three people, wehe don't know if they're boys, girls or a combination, she lured them according to police into her apartment under the guise of offering them ice cream and and popcorn but police say once sayc she got these kids inside her home she locked the front dooroc and forcedke them to perform sex acts on her. her again, they're not sure if there are any other victims.ic she's charged in this in particular case, ce, g we'll stay on the story and let you know if there's more fallout to this disturbing case here in northeast d.c. >> disturbing indeed. fairfax county police investigating after a shot was fired into a child's bedroom.edo the seven-year-old girl wasirl lying in her
4:49 am
night at her home in herndon. amazingly only injury to hery was a tiny cut on her arm fromro a glass window. win when police arrived they found the bullet lodged in her mattress. the child's mother said itd' sounded like there were about te seven shots >> a man is fighting for hisin life after he was thrown from a jet ski in the chesapeake bay. authorities say witnesses sawsa the man jumping boat wakes and d at some point catapulted fromfrm the jet ski. he was found face down and unresponsive. the man has not been identified. >> major developments in the fight against terrorism. president obama announcingnnou he's choosing to not go not go forward with the scheduledd with reduction of u.s. troops t inos the original plan called foror dropping troop levels from 98ro town 5500 by the end of thisf year but a taliban resurgenceesc has forced the administrationist to rethink that exit strategy. t under the president's newdent'sw withdrawal plan about 84 lunn troops will remain p inl main afghanistan by year's blendear'n more problems for metro butro bt this time
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its trains but a board member. m the washington post reports one of its new board members neb works as a transportationio lawyer at a firm representingree metro as a legal adviser fordvir labor negotiations.s. however, the post says transportation secretaryecta anthony fox who appointed thehe board member believes there t will be no conflicts of glint two, 1 million-dollar lotterylay tickets in maryland willyland wl expire in there next few days. one is a mega millions ticketnsc that was bought at royal farmsaf in dundalk last january.uary it expires tomorrow at 4 the other is a powerball perba ticket sold at a seven fledgeen bladensburg back in january. jua that expires next wednesday.edn. >> they probably don't know they have it. >> can you imagine.gine. >> yeah. y too bad. coming up, the second part d of one of d.c.'s most popular summer festivals is about toest begin. >> uber has a new featureea which could come in handy then e next time you're stuck in stuckn traffic. traf >> live look outside. out things stt
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4:50 is the time. temperature 78 degrees state.78t we're back in just a moment. st .
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>> wal-mart is making it wal easier for you to pay at its stores.stor the company is now lettingetting customers use the wal-mart wal phone app to make purchases.chas the effort is part of a a strategy to make shoppinge shopp easier while learning more about consumer behavior.ior. back in december wal-mart announced it would develop its own digital wallet rather than honoring existing systems fromg apple and >> if you ever got stuck in goti traffic on your way to work to w you're not alone. uber drivers in the districtve are trying to help and also a make a few bucks in theks in process. it's part of a new feature f called driver destinations.tinan drivers can now input anp preferred destination twice a
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requests thal specific route. r the ride sharing company saysris the new feature is part of an effort to deal with safefe track. >> food and drug administration will hold the first a series of public pub workshops to address the menu labeling restaurants must post thehe couldn't debt of each item. eaci >> today kicks offer theay kks f second weekend of the the annual smithsonian folk lifeol festival.fest there's two parts. p y last week events ran througher the fourth of july andfour of festivities pick up again up a today through the tenth. festival features two program back innovation by culture and a sounds of california.alifornia. >> all right. time now to talk weather wither gary mcgrady.cgra >> heat wave continues.onnu really it's the seconds day ofos it. yesterday's high was 94 and we4d were easily into the upper 90's around 100 degrees foreges feels-like temperature.s- you see where what was start this morning.orng. complex of thunderstorms out tnt of
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tennessee. we're good, though. we have a couple of cloudswecoup around, that's about it.ut i temperatures are very, veryaturr mild and muggy this morning.s here in town we're in the i upper 70's. 70's. out in the suburbs some low toel mid 70's. here's where we're going gong later today. up to 95 degrees in the city.he you know, lower to mid 90's0' the actual air temperature butem remember, don't focus on this, u too much because we're going goi to have so much humidityh today, about like yesterday. ab so thatye means that thehat feels-like temperatures again will be back up into the upper 90's to right around a 100 degrees for all of us out o there. at least for two to three hours. hours. and, you know, with that in mind, just keep things slowingso today. stay in shade, inside air insid conditioning as much as you can and hydrate hydrateteydra hydrate. here's erin como with a lookithl at your thursday morningday m commute. we're already to thursday.tohu >> i can't believe we're i already to thursday. right now we're tracking cwe'rei breaking news southeasts southet section of the district.of road closure, person hit by aitb car and there's an accidentcc investigation. if you're headed outboundtb suitland parkway is shut down between stanto a
4:56 am
sterling avenue.erli keep to it pennsylvania avenueip this morning as an alternate. we'll nglet you know as soon ass that does reopen f you're f y headed inbound, i know we getkn a lot of traffic coming past alabama avenue on suitland parkway, suitland parkway p inbound traffic getting by.ting watch for slowdowns as folks a f check out that closure.sure. overnight road work inner loopio at little river turnpike.ver tnp we'll let you know as soon as that paving operation doesratioe clear but as you can see us a su make your way from thefrom springfield interchange uper through annandale things aree ts quiet right now.ow 395 speeds are what theyhat should be from edsall to king tk street on the inbound side weini don't have any delays. and the outbound side 39539 southbound past edsall there p is some road work but no majoror delays as you head towards theso beltway. things on 95 through staffordgh still looking quiet right now. we'll let you know when that kno congestion pops up. back tcoo you wisdom and maureen. >> coming up, a senior navying i and official comingor under firr for pulling a gun on a group a g of men outside his home. >> a maryland person was the subject of a viral 2014ir 2 podcast has a new legal team. >> before we head to breako right now her
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of today's stock futures.toutur. the news is back right afteright this.this >> ♪ >> ♪
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morning civic leaders ininc louisiana calling for a boycott of local businesses. one day after a black man wasr l shot and killed on camera by police. meanwhile another deadly d police shooting is being investigated, this time in minnesota. >> we are just a few hours away from the start of the fourth trial of a baltimore bti police officer in the death ofic freddieer gray. >> summer heat and humidity just a thing we all asked for f when it was snowing, rememberin, that? okay, well, today we've w got it again so enjoy, everybody. >> i am enjoying >> yeah, me, too.oo >> i got to take this -- i'd rather take this than the take a blizzard we >> amen. >> good morning i'm annie yu. >> i'm maureen umeh. today is thursdayin july 7th. j. check it out, gary mcgrady mra is going to talk more weather, h the heat of course. cou erin como is going to talk about safe track and othersafe a issues. in the meantime developingdevelg overnight a 32-year-old minneapolis man is dead after a police-involved shooting. fernando castillo was shot w s during a traffic stop while stop driving with his girlfriendwithg and her four-year-old


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