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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  July 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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morning civic leaders ininc louisiana calling for a boycott of local businesses. one day after a black man wasr l shot and killed on camera by police. meanwhile another deadly d police shooting is being investigated, this time in minnesota. >> we are just a few hours away from the start of the fourth trial of a baltimore bti police officer in the death ofic freddieer gray. >> summer heat and humidity just a thing we all asked for f when it was snowing, rememberin, that? okay, well, today we've w got it again so enjoy, everybody. >> i am enjoying >> yeah, me, too.oo >> i got to take this -- i'd rather take this than the take a blizzard we >> amen. >> good morning i'm annie yu. >> i'm maureen umeh. today is thursdayin july 7th. j. check it out, gary mcgrady mra is going to talk more weather, h the heat of course. cou erin como is going to talk about safe track and othersafe a issues. in the meantime developingdevelg overnight a 32-year-old minneapolis man is dead after a police-involved shooting. fernando castillo was shot w s during a traffic stop while stop driving with his girlfriendwithg and her four-year-old
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daughter. castillo's girlfriend says hed was reaching for his wallet hist and told police he was in possession ofld a permitted per firearm when he was shot four the aftermath of the shooting was streamed live byreamediv castillo's girlfriend andd a showed him gravely w he later died at the hospital. the minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension is investigating the incident.. the justice department deptt opened a federal civil rights rt investigation after two whiteaf police officers shot and can killed a black mtean in louisiana.uia. alton sterling was sellingst cd'ser outside a convenience store in baton rouge. officers were sent to thers wer store after an anonymousus caller claimed sterling threatened someone with a exactly what happened after is i is unclear. uncar >> this video appears to show s two officers pinning sterlingnin to the ground then an then a overtaxes out his gun and fired. the officer claims he sawe sterling go for his gun.for the store owner said sterlingd never reached for a weapon. wea >> the u.s. attorney will lead a fair objective review of
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tragic circumstances that havemv led to this event.leto this eve. we have been in constanton communication with themicat throughout the past 24 hours and we'll continue to be in i contact with them and work a w with them in any way that wee need to to make sure and assure this community that itit is transparent, neutral, investigation will be done. don >> both officers involved havece been put on administrative leave and alton sterling'srl death has sparked peaceful peace protests through the streets toh of bat done rouge.on. >> the trial of the fourthrialfh baltimore police officeror charged in the death of freddie graye d begins today. d lieutenant brian rice is thentri highest ranking of the sixhe officers charged.harged. on tuesday he opted for a f bench trial.h rice is accused of failing to t secure gray with a seat belt a t when he helped load gray into g a police van. law on bike patrol at the timee of gray'pas arrest. aes rice faces multiple charges including manslaughter.aute >> a d.c. firefighter is offghto the job this morning for a f threatening post he made on his personal facebook pageon following the shooting in louisiana. >> it was a story you sawg s a r first here on fox5 any yod d.c.d police are now investiga
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the ranted. fox5's anjali hemphill is i live in foggy bottom withit more. mo >> reporter: well, a d.c.. fire spokesperson says normanrmn brooks' facebook posts were aoo clear violation of the department's social media policy. brooks has now been suspendedees from his position here and is currently under investigationr v by d.c. police for makingg threats.reat let's go ahead and show youou those facebook posts that haveot come under fire here. h norman brooks shared these on his personal facebook page where he says in part, "bottom line, these racist cops whois are murdering our people need to start turning up the same way. they should not feel safe walking the streetuls andstrets neither should theirheir supporters.orrs. "he also posted a second postecd that says" the answer is yes. ys the citizens should take thetake law in their own hands and a target racist cops. c those pigs in baton rougeon deserve nothing short of ano bullet in their heads ." brooks tells fox5 he wrote thero posts in response to the alton a sterling shooting and we spokepo to hi
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defended his words.or >> i reacted as soon as i sawson that video and as soon as isoona read what happened. it was a reaction to a horrific event. so, i'm pretty sure, you know,no a lot of people when they saww 9/11 happen they made some som pretty strong statements about a lot of people. i'm sure they would take those t backs maybe somewhat if they were given a chance to think t about it again.out it a i apologize if i offendeden anybody but that post was not intended towards any goodds anyd cops. >> reporter: norman brookster:or is a nine year veteran of theere d.c. fire department and toir see that complete interview weew did with him last night youig yu can find that on our web site we're live in north side west this morning, anjali hemphill hl fox5 local news. n >> police in fairfax county investigating an incident caught on camera involving aca senior navy official. offic he pointed a gun at a group ofro young men following a verbal altercation outside of his home last month.
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released with no charges filed. he's a recipient of twof service awards. as. the never says they're awarer of the incident andsa they're investigating.investigat >> the man at the center of c the popular serial pod castsod s is beefing up his legal team.. they'll represent him at hisre new syed had been serving a lifee sentence after being convictedot of killing his ex-girlfriend.rld nats at home trying togo avoid the sweep on a dollar dol hot dog day. >> a not so small hot dogllot staying cool in the heat right there. bryce harper got things off to a good start in the first withit a three run homer. homer it was his 18th of the year. yea the nats built a four-zero lead. the brewers rallied. top of the third, runners on the the swing and a miss. dan
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not in time get a slider. sde the nats got homers from josée la baton.aton. the nats win seven to four.r. again on dollar hot dog day. all right, gary, you're aar baseball f were you at the game.t th did you watch it.yowatch >> yeah, i watched it later oner the dvr.e dvr. >> okay. >> i actually for got the game t was on at 4 o'clock. ock big series coming up with the ui mets headed to new york for for that. that. still going to be hot though. we're 78 degrees in the city, baltimore. still real mug beige out mugeige there. 72 for manassas and enjoy the morning hours. obviously we're going to heatt up again today. tay here's the scenario.cena temperature will get up toll get about -- you know, lower toower mid 90's later this afternoon.f. we're going have a chance fornc some scattered thunderstormstt as well and yes, it's going toen be hid
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four, five more degrees on topeo of the actual air temperatureemu and that's what it's going tongt feel out there because of theheb heat index. ind when there's more humidity your body is not efficient atie cooling down so therefore itdo feels morewn uncomfortable and that's going to be the casengo e again today.od. staying hot through saturday. sa we'll talk more about that.ha weekend forecast is coming up cg in just a bit. j right now let's get to g to traffic. erin como is here with that. how busy is it this morning, erin? >> 5:07. >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota.rayo visit buy a fora.comf special offers.ffs. >> 5:07 right now. n we're tracking breaking news.gew as you can see behind me flashing lights. lht suitland parkway shut down onon the outbound side at first at fi sterling because of a person b ecs hit by a car. injurieswa involved.nvol as you can see policeeeol investigation under if you're heading inbigound stas on suitland parkway. paray that traffic is getting by but it is the outbound side that's shut down. you can always take pennsylvania avenue from 295 av to get around that or a quick detour. i would factor in extra time. tm we're gathering moreng
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we'll bring the to you hern e at fox5 as soon as it becomes available. we'll switch it over to our aside from that closure in southeast section of the ohe district we are seeing a lot of green on our secondariessecda throughout northeast,ut norst northwest. no problems on the beltway beltw despite this overnight road work. some paving. both directions inner loop and o outer loop by little riverittl r turnpike plenty of green onn the map right now. not enough traffic out therefice for it to cause any major slowdowns just yet. 395 northbound still quiet.ui southbound side some road workow by edsall road but still s traffic cruising by without wit any issues. any is metro right now on time exceptec for safe track surge threefe affecting the blue and yellow. y annie and maureen.aureen >> thanks erin. >> many pack jersey usedk shuttle buses but new numberss r from metro show about a 70 percent of riders are using u other options to get to work during the metro announced surge two thegeo previous round of safe trackou work is complete. metro's gm announced
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satisfied that that metroha accomplished its objective. ieci everything seems to be goingeemg according to plan. >> fingers crossed. >> so far.far. >> coming up on fox news morning bangladesh is the siteet yet another terror attack.ttac >> ♪ >> and the obama administration is proposing new rules for standardizedar testing in the nation's natio schools. >> and as we head to break,re here is a live look across theot d.c. the time right now is 5:09 and it is 78 degrees outside. osi pretty comfortable right now but it is going to be as high hh as 95 95 tod we'll be right back. k.
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>> bombs exploded during aom prayer service attended by thousands ofbs muslims in bangladesh. radicals threw the bombs.ew thes this morning -- it happenedt hap this morning on the groundsds which hold the largest open air gatherings mark the and of d of the fasting month of ramadhan. >> now to the war in>> afghanistan. president obama says there will be a slower drawdown ofnf u.s. troops leaving afghanistan leaving more than 8,000 there when his term ise s over. the taliban says mr. obama' decision to leave u.s. there will only prolong the war. wa there are more than 9,000are troops in afghanistan.fghani president obama had plannedhad a for more than 5,000 to leave by the end of t
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the taliban resurgence caused c the white house to rethink itse plan. >> over to florida the father of a blahock mants k filled by a florida police officer is suing the officer and hisand hi department. corey jones is a musician andicn legally armed when he was shot s by an officer during a confrontation. prosecutors charge that the officer fired -- the officer fired -- charged the officer o that was fired withh manslaughter. jones' father filed lawsuit ondn wednesday. >> in virginia the school th board in gloucester county istys asking the federal governmentalg to overturn an order to let a transgender student use the stue boys' bathroom. bhroom. school board says the mandatemat could cause a disruption oror prompt students to drop out ofn school.ol. the gloucester county schoolce board was sued by the by th transgender student because heda says its policy violated hislate civil rights.l r >> new pilot program aiming to m eliminate currents standardized tests for students. the act hopes to promote assessments and students tod uds take things into can consideroni like project based learning instead of
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>> coming up on fox news f n morning, aaa says not all gasoline is the same. >> the face of the miami heat mi trades in the warm air of o south florida in order tordero return home to the windy city. t >> as we led to break there'shes a live look across the d.c. region. regi some nice music for you.ou time now is 5:12, 78 degreesde outside. we'll be right back afterhtk aft this. th >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> happening today, a protest set to take place in front of the trump hotel in northwestni d.c.akp grouplly put on by the making change at wal-mart isal-r calling for wal-mart to nott tot give money to 2016 republicanepa national convention. the group sites concerns of racist misogynistic and anti-te
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trump. the protest begins at noon. >>es today is the start of thetf national right to lifenati rig convention being held at the hilton washington dulleslt airport. this is video of last year's convention you're looking at. the event runs through this saturday. guest speakers include ed gilligillespie.illes >> it looks heavy and hot outut there. >> gary yesterday as i stoodster in there i felt like i was in a bowl soup. >> oh, yeah. >> this morning it doesn'ts feel that way.ha >> oh, okay. >> it just feels like less l >> remember, you don't have to v shovel humidity, hum >> that's true.rue. >> keep that in mind.>> kp th that goes back to the bk reference row made earlierrow de about remember when it was allia cold and snowy around here andee we were just waiting for thishi stuff. stuff. atmperature out there light now, it's still a little onill l the mild muggy side though. 78 degrees here in the manassas you're culpeper 73 and fredericksburg -- culpeper 72, fredericksburg 73.ericbu quantico is 78 degrees thiss 78 morning and over
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it's 77. it's pretty mild all acrossrey i the east coast. new york city this morning, how about that, they're still s sitting at 80 degrees theres and boston's a little coolerr at 64, binghamton isto 70 degrees and then back outn bk to the west you see saintu saint louis at 71 trees. louisville is 71. chicago this morning is pretty s mild, 71 degrees as well andreed down around the cape, cape capep hatteras it's 77.tterass here's the deal in terms ourer temperature trend.teerat average high temperature thishi time of year is about abo 89 degrees so we're starting srg to reach basically the peak or a about the hottest averagerage temperature we get.ure we g next couple of days we're 95. 9. it's a little cooler on saturday, 94, everything i'ming beginning to see now about abo saturday looks like by late saturday afternoon, the, the humidities will start to creepoc down just a little bit. i'm not talking about an inn au big way but just a little bit lt which is better than it than getting even worse. wor so, just so you know. kw. and then by sunday the frontal o system comes through and we'reha going to be about 88 degrees 8 for a high temperature. this is saturday, all right.
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still hot in advance of the t next front temperatures wills be in the 90's but maybe ae 90ut little less humid saturday afternoon into saturdayo evening. as this front comes through there could be one or twor thunderstorms. shouldn't be more than that. a little relief as we get intott sunday as some slightly drier and cooler air comes in fromes i the northwest thanks to thishi big blue h which is high pressure and as it settles in s things get a little bitbit better. weekend forecast specifically 94 on saturday.ur 88 on sunday.y. and mostly sunny on sunday, a sa few clouds with maybe a m possible pop-up shower or a o a thunderstorm around the area a on saturday but it ooks likelool saturday's mostly dry.'s mosy dr no relief today.ely. we're back up to 95.we it will feel like a hundred or so late this just keep that in mind.atmind. here's your seven-dayy forecast.reca. 95 at a.t a 95 tomorrow.orro and 94 degrees on saturday.atur little schooler for sunday. here's erin como with a look l at your traffic this thursdayy morning, friday eve, right, that's what we like to callike c it. >> friday eve is right. unfortunately we're waking up to some breaking newsking ns southeast section of thehe district. ook're taking a live l
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suitland police investigation from annvei earlier crash.earlie this is at first sterling andrln we are seeing the outboundth side shut down. inbound traffic which tends to n back up in the next hour moving if you're headed outbound keep n to it pennsylvania avenue orpe do a qnnuick detour around a suitland parkway. par we'll let you know as soon as this accident scene clears. a person hit by a car earlierari this morning with injuries.njur police investigating.esti we'll show you a look at our lka maps right now. aside from that crash closing down a portion of suitlandd parkway we're seeing quieteeing conditions around thero the district. road work northwest scheduledscl to clear between 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock. it's an ongoing project. it was out there yesterday. yte rock creek parkway northboundoro near the kennedy center watchter for some lanes blocked there. te traffic still getting by.etting aside from that if you're taking marc this morning ang reminder the ticket machine at t laurel is out of service.ur they have a technician on thecie way so just be prepared. ppare that could cause some delays d in laurel. lau aside from and notice all the al green behind me on the map. 295 none of the morning congestion slowing us downow just yet as you pass by pas pennsylvania aven
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and with metro all rail lines on time except for safe surge three shuttle busing blue andbu yellow line between national nat airport and braddock road: you may want to consider anonsin alternate or leaving at least an hour earlier.e you could always take metrobus vre some options.e some o any questions at erin fox5n d.c. on twitter. twitt back to you maureen and annie.nn >> time now is 5:19. let's take a look at thek at stories you're engaging with wit the most this morning onthis social media with our realtimeet news tracker. >> wisdom martin joining usdo now with what everyone ise buzzing about this >> good morning let's talk about this. bernie sanders could be on thern verge of officially endorsing ei hillary clinton. the two campaigns are in talksgn tos schedule a joint event next week in new hampshire and innd an effort -- this is in an effort to woo some of sander'sds supporters clinton istent expanding her plan to offer off free college tuition too millions.mill bernie sanders applauded theed move calling it very, very significant.
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you can take that name off theta jersey now.rsey dwyane wade is going to suit s up with the chicago bulls nextth season wearing a bullse jerseye next year. the free agent made the t decision yesterday.on it's a homecoming of sortsg because dwyane wade is is adwya chicago native.nat he's agreed a two year deal worth $47 million. million the decision came after wade aft and the heat failed to reachatl an agreement on monday. mon finally talk about someabous skills. a 10-year-old deaf girl is showing us how it's really how r done. now, she's teaching a deaf teach puppy sign language.angu both she and the puppy were w born deaf and so far he's far learned how to sit, ask forsk f food and respond to his name ham so that's pretty cool. c pretty cool stuff right a good way to end this wholehiwh segment o an positive note.t o t >> we love that. t how would you do that though.ho >> it's remarkable story. >> takes a special skill and skl special peep people to do it.o >> very well put.wellut thanks coming up amtrak holdingol an event to acknowledgeckwl efforts to hire members of ao he special group of americans. >> and lawmakers in the
5:21 am
smoking ban at all sportingportn events. even >> as we head to break, let'sle take a live look across the aos d.c. region. reg the time right now is 5:20 and 0 it is pretty hot. 78 degrees already. alr >> all right. going to be a sticky one. o it's summertime.rtime. that's what we live for. f back after this.fts. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> in maryland renewed push for schools to take a look at lae state's testing program. newto recommendations releasedea yesterday the commission to review maryland's use of assessments and testing in public schools asked district ds level committees to look at how tests inform instructions and whether teachers feel theyrl align with classroom work.ork. but they stopped short f sho capping testing across-the-board which that some say is not doing enoughs no to change the testing culture. u >> on the roads now aaa issuing a warning for driversve who they say are causingre c their -- clogging
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engines by not using gasoline with enough detergent. motorists are opting for cheaper fuel. higher gas caught more thanmorea three cents more.thrents aaa says it's worth paying thehe difference to avoid costlyidtl repairs down the road.oad. >> achievement of reaching its veteran hiring goals it's g it's happening at 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 1 p.m. at the national guardard museum. several speakers are scheduled s including amtrak ceo and military generals n2013 amtrak set a hiring goal ofng g of 25 percent military veterans.s. they surpassed that goal with a 26 percent hiring rate. r >> all righty.ll righty. time now 5:24. 5:2 gary mcgrady standing byndg with a check on today'soday weather and gary, it seems see like the humidity is a littleit lower today than yesterday.esay >> not really. >> still early. >> maybe it's just -- it'st -- i just you're getting more usedngm to it. >> maybe. >> you're tolerating it a little
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>> okay. >> i don't know.on't k 78 degrees here in the now, annie, to your point, itoii feels like it's 81 in thet'81 i city. that's the heat index.nd >> that's the feels goodoo temperature.mper >> the real feel temperature. 72 degrees the heat index, thent feels like temperature,perare whatever you want to call 71 degrees for culpeper rightpet now so you can see it's a is little cooler obviously in theoe suburbs but we don't see any a 60's this morning. mor looks like we'll continue to have these very warm morningsars for the next couple of coupl mornings. mo 82 at 8:00 a.m.t 8:00.m. 91 degrees at lunchtime.chme 94 for a high today.oday we'll have a couple ofplef thunderstorms possible. possi chances for thunderstorms lookek better today than what we did yesterday but they're stillere few and far between.w and far bt it will feel like the upperhepp 90's most of the afternoon afteo much that's a look at yourr forecast. here's a look at your commute. erin como is in with that. >> updated information on the breaking news we're tracking.ckn suitland parkway shut down ont the outbound side at first sterling. this initially was repord
5:26 am
we did get new informationorma from police this is in fact ainf hit and run accident.en a male injured in this crashs c and they're searching for thengf driver of the vehicle. of the hc right now large policeol presence on the outbound side.nh all lanes you'll need to detour around arn that. you can always takes tak pennsylvania avenue outboundan if you want to avoidia having to detour there. inbound suitlandtn parkway is opened so as you sas make your way inside the the beltway towards 295 you are in a good shape there. shere just watch for the normalhe n congestion picking up around alabama avenue. we'll keep you updated and let l you know. right now police no word whenore they'll be reopening theeopeng outbound side. we'll keep you updated this updt morning. back to you. >> thanks erin.>> coming up on fox news n morning a d.c. firefighterirefht posts an emotional yet controversial response to thesee shooting of alton sterling in la-la landing him in hott water. >> defendants in a law firm a lm head to court over texts related to the new jerseyhe newy bridge scandal.idge >> as we head to break here's hr a live look across the d.c.. region. the time right now is
5:27 am
78 degrees outside though garyha says the feel good temperaturere is 8 we'll be right back. >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.isx >> all right, good morning to, you. thank you very much for wakingak up with us. u i'm wisdom martin.omar >> and i'm annie yu.u. today is thursday july 7th. jy gary mcgrady and eri
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standing by with your trafficou and weather on the 5s.wer on t >> first we'll talk news rightnr now. developing overnight a 32-year-old minneapolis man isnp dead after a police-involveded fernando castillo was shotsho during a traffic stop while sto driving with his girlfriend glf and her four-year-old daughter.daughter his girlfriend said he toldrlied police he was in possession ofpo a permitted firearm when heitter was shot four times.s shot the aftermath of the shooting so was streamed live byamed castillo's girlfriend andand showed him gravely wounded.velyu he later died at the hospital.he now the minnesota bureau off criminal apprehension is investigating this incident. ind the justice departmente just opened a federal civil rightsigt investigation after two white police officers shot and can killed a black man in louisiana.losi alton sterling was sellingn cd'sts outside of an convenience store in baton officers were sent to a storeo o after an anonymous caller cal claimed sterling threatened someone with gun. exactly what happened afterped r that is unclear but a reasons rs recorded this video that that appears to show two officersic
5:31 am
and then an officer takes out ts a gun and the officer claims he sawe sterling go for a gun. go foa the store owner says he never hv reached for a weapon. wean. both officers involved haveic been put oern administrativee leave.le >> outrage is pouring in is po following the shooting inootingn louisiana but one d.c. firefighter is finding himselfif in hot water for his responseeso after posting a threatening thre message on his personalis persol facebook page. >> it's a story you saw first on fox5 and whilest the firefighter has apologizedfigh he's now suspended from hispendo job. fox5's anjali hemphill isphill i live in northwest with thest w details in this story. good morning. >> reporter: norman brooks is a nine-year veteran of thef e d.c. fire department but he'sbuh now on administrative leave l from his position here andnd under investigation by d.c. d police for making threats. now, those facebook posts in feo question that brooks shared on his personal facebook page he calls his personal opinion,nal n saying in part "bottom linee these racist cops who are murdering our people need toing start turning up the same way. they should shot feel safe s walking the strhoeets andee
5:32 am
supporters. "a second post says" theays"he answer is yes. the citizens should take thehoua law in their own hands and hds target racist cops.t those pigs in baton rouge batonr deserve nothing short of anothir bullet in their heads ." now, brooks tells fox5 hee wrote the posts in response toeo the alton sterling shooting. sht we spoke to him last night nig where he defended his words.. >> i do not donee condone anynea violence against any good innocent people cops orple copsr whatever. m saying is that if i anybody, whether it's acrinolscr in cop or a criminal personl pen tries to attack you or makes you feel some sort of wayf way inside your own community you have the right as an american citizen to defend yourself. maybe i used strong language lan but i -- you know, that's justts what it is. these events are starting to sta affect me and my family and mydl friends. fr and if you are a black personck out there or just a concernedrn american and you're notic'r concerned about it, i feel sorry for you. for >> reporter: meanwhile aeahi d.c. fire and ems
5:33 am
says brooks posts were a clear r violation of the department's ds social media policy. again, he has been placed oned o administrative leave pendingen an investigation and an and internal review. we're live in northwest thisn hs morning. anjali hemphill, fox5 local l news. >> meanwhile the d.c. councilhec wants to make some changes to tobacco use at our area sports stadium. >> they want feeble stop usingpu smokeless tobacco products ands bob barnard live at nats park to explain what's going wa bob, what's happening here?ng >> reporter: well, hey, hey wisdom, annie, good morning. yeah, basically the folks hereef at nats park and verizon v center already prohibit their guests from smoking or using klug tobacco inside thehe ballparks and inside the arena but what the city council wants to do is basically make d it a law for all sports venuesrs in the city to ban smoking and g chewing tobacco. basically following what newhatw york, chicago, l.a., san, l francisco and boston haven h already done.alre so, there's going to be a news conf
5:34 am
the american cancer society,, the american heart associationrs and tobacco free kids and d.c.. council members and then a public hearing with the d.c. council after that thist afternoon. the council's also considering raising the age to which to people can legally buy tobacco c products to 21 here in the here district of columbia.bia. so, it's interesting.eresti the city wants to get on boardnb and make it a law but some ofe our sports major sports venues have already cracked down on smoking and chewing tobacco in their venues. basically if you want to you wto smoke, either here at natst park or verizon sent you havet o to leave the facility, get a starch or get -- stamp or get a band and come back in.nd there's no designated smokingd s areas already but again thehe d.c. city council lawmakerskers here in the nation's capitole want to put the ban into legislation and they're going to consider it today for the first time.
5:35 am
>> ♪ >> time now to talk weatherimno with gary mcgrady. mcg you good with the weather? i i guess you don't have to -- have >> i love this weather.>> >> i love it too. t >> hot hazy bring it on.y bring. >> now do you have to cut thehau grass.s. >> sometimes. yesterday i talk a walk and itkd was steamy hot but i enjoyed it. it >> don't mind us we're just j talking about our personal business. bu >> the longer we delay the del better for people. peo dewpoints the measurement of moisture in the air, this is a constant so the higher this number s-the moreer s-the more uncomfortable it is out there and right nowta here in the city temperature -- dewpoint--ew temperature is 75 degrees.ure ie that's getting way up there. the just so you know yesterdayrd morning the dewpoints were in the mid 70's as oue t in the suburbs, it's a little bit cooler in terms of o the dewpoint, or the dewpointewo is a little bit lower, okay. oka so where the dewpoint is lowertl it's not quite so humid. hum so there you go. you g it's 75 here in town. dulles 72. winchester the dewpoint ist 68 degrees there. now, the act
5:36 am
temperature 78 degrees.8 gr but if you take 78 degrees and8r you put it with a dewpoint of o 75. 75 that gives you a heat index of d 81. that's the way it feels inls i town right now and it only oy gets worse as temperaturesem today will actually be warmingai up into the mid to upper 90's 9s and the feels like would bee uld right around a hundred. hdr there's the heat index. at noon a heat index of 94. stay cool today.od. hopefully the traffic won't be t too terribly bad. erin commute is going to keepg o an eye on that. t >> thank you gary. g we're tracking a hit and runan crash a man injured at the this is on suitlanden parkway, r the outbound side is -- it's eastbound shut down still foror police investigation. and they're looking for the driver of thatey vehicle. vehic this is right by first by fi sterling. no word yet from police whenye they're going to be able to reopen that outbound side.hatb as you can see they'reee there investigating right now. a sizable amount of debris ons the road as well.road inbound side is moving along just fine on suitland parkway. w let's look at our maps.ur i want to show you metro. you
5:37 am
work affecting the yellow and blue lines we have some singleel tracking for track repairs. rep. this is impacting the orangee og and silver lines betweenes b eastern market and cheverly sory watch for delays there.elays the in addition to that as youas make your way out in damascusams a tree down in the roadway 108o1 south at 27. a quick look outside.ut big delays popping up 95 in lorton on the northbound side. n we have a stall on the express s lanes. watch out for those big delays building as well. that's your back to you, annie and wisdom.ns >> all right, 5:37 is the time t right now. coming up on fox news morning, m a prince of the catholicc church officers his view ofie o divorce which seems to be verye different from the pope. >> outrage from conservativesge after the hillary clinton e-mail investigation will be ins closed with no charges beinghagi filed. >> as we head to break right brg now here's a live look outsidesi across the region. 5:37. temperature is 78 degrees. 7degr we're back in just a moment. ent.
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keep on track with dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies, made with low-fat yogurt and real fruit blended into feel-good flavors like new wildberry. american runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> welcome back. time now 5:40. the death of a navy s.e.a.l.e. back in may has been ruled homicide. homi the zeal died after participating in a drown proofing exercise at a base ine california.lifoia. trainees are made to tread to t water in fatigues and boots a bo bullet officials say his say instructor pushed him underd hid watert
5:41 am
trainers are reportedly toldepy not to do. >> a first of its kind appealsf case is raising questions que about whether criminalscrimals constitutional privacy rightsig are violated under a nsader program that allows spying on american's international phonetl calls. >> the appeal is being broughtlg by a somali person who was convicted of plotting to use a weapon of mass destruction anddt sentenced to 30 years in in prison. critics of the nsa policy see it as a back door policy. the two sides in thees in bridgegate case are expectede to argue before a judge with wit months before the actual trial l is get set to begin this over to notes documents and cell documen phones that several keyl ey players believe are key to the t case and have been destroyed dtr or misplaced. >> and a statement by a a philadelphia archbishop ishbisho rocking the catholic communityom this morning. archbishop charles chaputt issued a new set of pastora guidelines that instructes tinst catholics that have divorced div and remarried to avoid sexvoid x with their new partner. par chaput says the new
5:42 am
instructions stem from francis' sweeping document onin family life released in april. a that document called the joyocud of love opened a divorce doorivd to the -- opened a door to divorced and civilly remarriedlr catholics. >> coming up on fox news n morning a new report from the aclu says u.s. militaryility veterans are being deported back to their home countries coi at an alarming rate. >> a u.s. retailer is offeringf you a quicker way to spend your money. >> as we head to break here's br a live look across the d.c. region. re looks like the light s-, what. w i trying to say.trying to sa >> it's not lightning.t ligning. >> it's not lightning, that's for sure. for it actually feels prettyls p comfortable out there but i b meant to say we have some date, some sunlight perhaps. >> there you go.>>here >> 78 degrees right now. 7ee time now is 5:four. 5:f we'll be right back. back.
5:43 am
5:44 am
♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. time right now is 5:45. as we take a liveht lookk outside --ide >> yes, and ices a hot andcehot steamy day ahead of us, hottersh than yesterday apparently,tly, gary, is that right. >> say that again. i didn't hear you.didn >> is it hotter than yesterday. >> i didn't hear you. >> amazing how that workshat wor right.ri >> it is going to be a lot like it was yesterday in terms of the actual air temperature.pu hot yesterday.esterday. it was 94 i think we'll get to 95 today.go but that's the airtheir
5:46 am
then you got to factor in the t humidity, heat index so it'so i going to feel like the uner 90's to 100 degrees. degrees temperature right now in therign city it's 78 degrees.deee annie says it feels much cooler today than it did yesterday. 74 for baltimore.. guys, the high temperature for f tax the record highthe record temperature today set back inn 2012, care to take a guess?ue >> record high, let's see -- see i'm going with 88. >> 95. 96. >> i'm going to up it. >> 88? >> i meant to say 108. 1 >> 102. >> 99. >> 105. >> 105. >> i was close. 108. >> i said 102. sd i was better. [laughter] >> see what happens when yout ask the group to participate. pa group participation not alwaysip a great thing.a great here's the temperature thanks guys for playing.uyr pl 95 degrees the next couple coupe days. cooler. a little cooler on saturday.oorn much cooler on sunday and the at good thin
5:47 am
least there is a little littl indication that late saturday afternoon the relative rative humidity will drop off just a js little bit so not quite ass steamy hopefully. i'll throw in a chance of a thunderstorm on saturday. surda it's not looking like a great ag chance so most of the weekendthe is dry. as we get into sunday it's at' little cooler.leler. a few clouds coming acrossg a this morning from some dyingmomy showers back out to the westlywy they won't stick around long. sunshine pokes through. middle 90's for highs today.s ri later this afternoon and thisnon evening there's a chance of a few the'understorms out there,t some heavy rain, little bit of strong wind in some cases. the mid 90's the next fewhe nex days. the heat index is going to be up are 90's to right around a hundred. again on saturday still hottillh but hopefully not quite as qui humid in the afternoon. after we cool off a little bite b sunday, monday, tuesday and wene start warming back up again up a into the lower to mid 90's by 9b the middle, latter part ofpart next week. there's your it's time for a morningor commute with erin >> thank you, gary. root now 5:47.:4 lots going on this morning. mor. looks like the scene i
5:48 am
clearing.clri however, we haven't gottenen't e official word jet that the outbound side of suitlandide ofi parkway is reopened.wais reopen. that's the inbound side.nd sid word from my produce are itce ai just cleared. suitland parkway outboundkway reopened at first sterling at ft avenue. earlier hit and run accident acd had it shut down for investigation. but right now at 5:48 traffic8r moving in both directions. diron we do have another crash andsh a closure in the district. ninth street northeast at northt brentwood parkway. parkw caution there in the northeaster section of the district.of dis another crash.ra also more metro delays.elay in addition to safe track work shutting down things in theown blue andth yellow line between t braddock and national airportir shuttle service does replace, ra we have single tracking, trackga repairs eastern market to marke cheverly on the orange ande or silver lines so watch for additional metro delays there. as we take a look in damascus du we have a tree down in the road. right lane blo. 108 south at 27th.7t give yourself extra time there. 270 still looking good butookin congestion popping up by the poe truck and we'll take a live looke outside in lorton. 95 on the northbound side. s
5:49 am
disabled vehicle. you can see thosdie flashing fln police lights taking out that lane. traffic is definitely heavy def right there.right there little bit heavier on theiteavi southbound side and northboundtd side definitely jams througheljs lorton. south of that point congestion popped up in stafford as well. so busy day on the roads andoa a the rails right now but we gottt you covered. any questions for your commute at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. tr back to you annie and wisdom. wo >> federal appeals court hasou s ruled that immigration agents can detain parents who try to cross the border into the u.s. . with their children.hi but the children have to be released from custody androm cud quickly sent to live withveh relatives. >> supporters of the ruling says it ends the "inhumane practice of keeping young children in detention facilities while their parents await their day in front of a immigration judge." alarming new finding by the aclu revealing that the united states government has beenov unfairly deporting veterans. after botching their naturalization process. process as a result the veteransest thee lacked access to criticalti medical care. c they would have otherwise received in the united in other cases, veterans doers didn't get their a
5:50 am
disability compensation andn pension before they werere t deported weren't able to get foreign medical assistance.l asc >> time now is 5:49. 5 let's take a look at thet the stories you are engaging withinw most this morning on social media. >> maureen umeh joins us with our realtime news tramecker. maureen. >> good morning, both of you. it is noinw official attorneyl o general loretta lynch says the justice department is closing cg its probe against hillary clinton and will not pressand charges against her.. the announcement came days came after she had an unscheduledchud meeting with bill clinton clint aboard her plane in phoenix in i which the two reportedly reporte discussed the president's new nw grandson amongst other lightst l matters. the national institute ofstitut health announced its largest study of breast cairns riskai among black women.on the effort is about makingaking sure all americans respect thees same add advances in medicine. c while survival rates havees h improved over the last decades black women are more like to lie die than others from the deal.h. more than 5
5:51 am
boards recalled after fires. so far the consumer productscts safety commission says it has ih received at least 99 reports ros however boards that explodedhatx or caught fire. at least 18 injuries were reported. the recall saysre owners should stop using the hoverboards andas return them for repair or replacement all that of free. back to you. y >> a warning about its accreditation.acedit it could be in jeopardy if itifi does not improve how it assesses learning and use --ndse and uses those results to improve its curriculum.ri the middle states commissiontesc of higher education which accredits colleges in marylandan but frostburg on -- put o-- frostburg on a warning list. >> hogan administration ision i proposing easing a restriction i on farmers applying fertilizer i to fields in the fall. f >> right now farmers aren'tierst allowed to spread manure or mur sludge from wastewater on o their fields from novemberfi until march. now, the maryland depelartmentdr of agriculture proposed propo delaying that restriction that t until december.
5:52 am
maryland's casinos are still rolling in the dough revenue rev at the states five casinos increased each year, year overve year for the seventh straighttrh month in june. totaling about $93 million, it was an increase of 2 percent over 2015. 2015. experts say the increase isase due to the good economicd conditions and the effectiveti marketing. back in may they set a combined revenue record of 104 million.10mi wal-mart making it easierrtn to pay at the stores.t the company is lettingetting consumers use the wal-mart wt phone app to make purchases.urcs the effort is part of artf strategy to make shoppinghopping easier while learning moreg mor about consumer behavior. bav back in december wal-mart wal-m announced it would develop its own digital wallet rather thanl honor existing systems from syso apple and >> if you've ever gotten stuck o in traffic on your way to work t you are not alone. now uber drivers in the astrict are trying to helphe you out and make a few bucks feb in the process all part of a new feature called driver de
5:53 am
drivers can input a preferred pe destination twice a day and only receiveio rider requests rt along that specific route. route the ride sharing company saysom it's part of an effort to trytry and deal with metro safe trackk initiatives by easingas congestion. >> happening today, the food thd and drug administration will a hold the first in adm series of public workshops to addressddre the new menu labeling rules. res now among the new rulesew r restaurants and retail foodetaio outlets must post the caloriess for each item.ach now that lieu slaw set to take t effect next year.effect >> and today can kicks off the second weekend of the annual smithsonian folk lifee festival. it is broken newspaper two new parts. last week's events ran through the fourth of july and festivities pick up again today through the tenth.enth. the festival features two programs.programs. the first one is called innovation by culture andre sounds of california is >> marvel comics unveiled aotcov new iron man and the new iron no man that we're about see is a black teenaged girl.l. marvel comics announced tonyed n start will step away from his
5:54 am
character named ri-ri williamsim will take its place. >> ♪ i'm fascinated by that. tt. >> moving.ovin >> time to say hello to ouro facebook fan of the this morning we say hello to ws the beautiful pamela hunter. hun pamela says she can can't go asa day without watching fox5.g f >> she says she watches firstat thing in the morning and thenhem in the eorvening and somend s mornings she records our show. >> wow. >> that's some dedication right there.t't she says she even got a photo p with fox5's kevin5'ke mccarthy. we're not going to hold thatt against you, though. tho you're still good with us.s. thank you, pamela for watching h and have a great day. d >> you're like the big brother kevin never wanted. [laughter] >> i got no response. resns i got no response for that.t. >> seriously you got no response.response. >> this one time you got no y gt response. >> this is the one time i have v
5:55 am
>> temperature today gets uptu to 95 degrees. look, with the heat index it's i going to be hotter than you know with the heat and humidity,and u we're starting off very milderyl and muggy this morning.his mor temperature here in town ise heo state but it feels like 81.e . if you're in winchester you're u 92 to 93 for a high. a h but it will feel like 95 and 97. down in fredericksburg i temperature 94.temp these may be bumped up just a jt little bit but it's cooler by c the 92 for annapolis, 92 foris leonardtown but it's going tooig be another hot and humid day.umd listen, this just in.ust i temperature in the city has the dropped down to 77 degrees.s. quantico is 78. manassas 73. 7 culpeper is 72 degrees rightee now and fredericksburg is 74.4. i want to show you theou seven-day forecast so you canu get an idea of how long thisg ts hot stuff is really goingeall g stick around.k around. 95 today. but 95 tomorrow and the heat thh index the up are 90's to rightsg around a hundred.un still hot on saturday, 94.y, 9 there could be a thunderstormhut on saturday afternoon.ftno few and far between, though.ho a little less humid saturdayy afternoon.oo still humid but a little less l
5:56 am
it's cooler for sunday, 88 degrees. sunday looks pretty nice actually.actu i mean after we've been in theve middle of this heat wave. w it will break on sunday.sund next week we'll heat up again. middle, latter part of the of week back up into the lower toor mid 90's.mid traffic time. >> 5:56 gary. gar there's a lot of congestion building and we had somehad so problems.oble road work cleared and a pedestrian, n-a pedestrian accident a man hit by a the accident investigation hasas cleared.eare suitland parkway at first at fis sterling avenuely all lanes opened. heavy congestion popped up as you get into the morningtito t commute. crash and closure inh d cl ninth street northeast atthea brentwood parkway. par caution there. and big problems for metro.or mo in addition to the safe track sr work that has the orange -- oe - excuse me the yellow and bluellu lines shut down between betwe braddock and national airport replacing shuttle busingusin single tracking for track repair. re orange and silver eastern ma m market to cheverly.rke big slowdowns for be prepared for that.ha an
5:57 am we'll check in with this tree t down in damascus next.t. beltway right now cruising.isg. >> ♪ >> ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> ♪ f5 newsis fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 6:00 and:0a happening right now, a hit and
6:00 am
run on the suitland parkway inui the district. the scene still very active. >> causing big traffic backups b in the area. alsoig a d.c. firefighterefightr suspended from his job undernder investigation by police all has to do with a facebook ak post about the shooting death of a black man b ty police inn baton rouge.bato we'll hn ear from that firefighter >> first, though, live look outside on this thursdayhis ursy morning. it's july 7th. jul7t weather and traffic coming up cg on the 5s at 6:05. 6 good morning to you, i'm you, im allison seymour.ou >> and i'm steve chenevey. ste welcome to fox5 news morning. first up at 6 o'clock, though,,o we have breaking news out of n the district this morning.this . police are searching for ang driver in a hit and run along a suitland parkway and first andit sterling avenue in southeast a d.c. there'sve a live picture fromtuo that area.atre police say victim is in serious condition.onti the outbound lanes of suitlandas parkway are opened now.are openn they had been closed forn f several hours. police are still looking for f the driver connected to thato t hit and run. developing overnightpi protests continuing to gngrowro


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