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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  July 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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run on the suitland parkway inui the district. the scene still very active. >> causing big traffic backups b in the area. alsoig a d.c. firefighterefightr suspended from his job undernder investigation by police all has to do with a facebook ak post about the shooting death of a black man b ty police inn baton rouge.bato we'll hn ear from that firefighter >> first, though, live look outside on this thursdayhis ursy morning. it's july 7th. jul7t weather and traffic coming up cg on the 5s at 6:05. 6 good morning to you, i'm you, im allison seymour.ou >> and i'm steve chenevey. ste welcome to fox5 news morning. first up at 6 o'clock, though,,o we have breaking news out of n the district this morning.this . police are searching for ang driver in a hit and run along a suitland parkway and first andit sterling avenue in southeast a d.c. there'sve a live picture fromtuo that area.atre police say victim is in serious condition.onti the outbound lanes of suitlandas parkway are opened now.are openn they had been closed forn f several hours. police are still looking for f the driver connected to thato t hit and run. developing overnightpi protests continuing to gngrowro
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mansion in minnesota after a mia 32-year-old black man was slot w to death by a police officerolio during aff traffic stop. fernando castillo was with his s girlfriend and herfriendnd her four-year-old daughter when hed was stopped.was the aftermath of the shooting st was streamed live on facebookoo sparking instant outrage.utra now, this comes alongside growing outrage over theinoutrag shooting death of alton a sterling in baton rouge.ouge disturbing new video has vid surfaced showing officers pinning him to the ground the before shooting him severall times. officers in baton rouge --- officials in baton rouge ion roi should say say that although alt sterling was armed questions w still remain about theas ordeala the justice department hasice de launched a civil rights last night a peaceful peace prayer vigil was held at theig spot of thile shooting. a baton rouge state representative led thees ceremony which she said wasas about unity.ouunit the death of alton a sterling sparking outrage across the can countryss including a d.c. firefighter who took to facebook to post. >> that post has got 10 him suspended from his job. fox5's
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in northwest now with more on this. th good morning. >> reporter: good morning,te guys.guys. a d.c. fire spokesperson says sy norman brooks' posts were ats wa clear violation of the of t department's social media'sial meanwhile, he's now been b placed on administrative duty pending an internal investigation and a review byio d.c. fire. fir we can go ahead and show you shw these posts that we're talking i about where norman brooks saysky he shared his personal opinionl on his peropsonal facebook page he says ifan part "bottom line,n these racist cops who are murdering our people need to n start turning up the same way. they should not feel safe walking the streets and neither should theirneitheshou supporters.pporrs "a second post he posted says," the answer is yes, thehe citizens should take the law law in their own hands and targetart racist cops much those pigs in baton rouge deserve nothing short of a bullet in theirnheir heads ." ." books tells fox5 he boat thoseot posts in response to the alton a sterling shooting we spoke to him last nightast
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>> i reacted as soon as i saws w that video and as soon as i a read what happened, it was at h reaction to a horrific event. so, i'm pretty sure, you know, k a lot of people when they sawsa 9/11 happened they made some s pretty strong statements abouton a lot of people. i'mg sure they would take thoso back maybe somewhat if they the were given a chance to think to about it again.abt it a i apologize if i offended oen anybody but that post was not intended towards any good g cops. >> reporter: norman brooks is a nine-year veteran of thehe d.c. fire department. d you can see his entireire interview we did with him last night on our web site, we're live in northwest,we, anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. news >> and in baltimore today, theo bench trial begins for the fourth police officer to be tried in the arrest and deathrr of freddie gray. g lieutenant brian rice is thent highest ranking of b the six the officers charged. crged. he'll face the same judge who acquitted edward nero andnd caesar goodson last night. nig
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secure gray with a seat belt a when he put flame that policet l van. van. >> disturbing story out of northeast d.c. 42-year-old larona steel is accused of luring three children into her apartment with the promise of popcorn and ice cream i. pe c once inside she locked thed t door and forced them tohe perform sexual acts on her.ct this happened last month inon in the 3500 block of clay place. p. police believe there may be more victims. >> 6:04 now. n hang today on capitol hill fbi director james comey in the hot seat. house republicans expected toxpe grille him about his decision not to file charges against hillary clinton for her handling of classifiedar e-mails.ils. yesterday attorney generaley gel loretta lynch officiallynch offc closed the case by accepting comey's recommendation. >> donald trump will make his way tumo washington today to tot meet with house and senate republicans as lawmakers get ala chance to learn more about his plans to unite the unit meanwhile a protest is set toa take place in front of theof trump hotel in northwest.orwe the rally putter on by they put group making change at wal-mart is calling on the retail giant not to give money
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convention. the group cites concerns of racist and anti-veterani-vete remarks made by donald trump. b >> ♪ >> 6:05, 78 degrees at 6 78 6 o'clock in the >> whoo-hoo!o- >> it's warm out there.hos wa >> a little sticky.tlti >> 94 yesterday.>> 94 yester >> uh-huh. >> heat index got up near a a hundred. >> do it again today. >> yeah, wir why not. n >> let's do it again tomorrow.oo >> tell me what i need do. wha >> all you have to to is kicks back and let it happen to you.p. >> okay. >> all right.>> a >> let's go to the going to happen to all of us. reagan national down to 77 degrees, so we've cooled off.d 72 out at dulles. 73 bwi72 marshall.all. sticky and very warm overnigh overnight. the bugs really got into fullo u throttle the last couple of days, too. t. we're just looking at more ofkim the same today. generally sunny skies.ll very hot this afternoon.erno again, dangerous heat.t. dangerous heat indexes pushingus a hundred and perhaps an
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isolated we had one or two yesterday.est. we had one down in ocean cityowy yesterday morning and a few developed yesterday afternoon but it will be widelyy scattered.t nothing well organized today.edd there you go. daytime high about 95 degrees5 e with a scattered late day le thunderstorm activity whenrsto will this heat wave end? nd we'll go to your weekendo w forecast. what are the winning lottery numbers? >> so many questions. o i have the answers to all of those.hose >> what? all of them.f them. >> maybe not the last one. the first two i do. i >> i was hoping on the lastopine one. good morning erin. >> reflective questionse qu tucker. lots going on over there.he very deep thoughts. deethou crash and closure, this is in northeast, ninth street str northeast at brentwoodrtheas parkway. give yourself a little extrae ea time to get around that area. 295 inbound congestion for theso morning commute eastern to pennsylvania.pean 3 miles takes you allegeou all minutes. you're looking at eight bigght delays there. t crash reported 295 northbound nh at laboratory road. watch for slow traffic comingom up from the bottom of them he beltway to laboratory roady this morning. now into addition to the safe s e ack surge three work thatrg has no ra
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blue and yellow lines betweenet braddock road and national airport that's closed to shuttle busing, we have singlee tracking for track repairs. rep between eastern market andket addison road on the blue line we're single tracking andckg orange and silver line between eastern market and cheverly.rly. please plan ahead.ea if you're looking to getngo around that or the safe track sk work you can always take metrobus, maybe carpool ifar you're come having virginia,nia, vre is an option. we have a tree down in damascus 108 south at at 2 you'll need to detour aroundro that. 270 looking good through thr montgomery county thisgo morning. but north of that point inof thn frederick you're definitelyyou'f dealing with some sluggishe slgi traffic by the truck scales in e that usual spot and then roadd r work right now should cleard c before 8:0 this is ongoing. ongoi we had had it out there the yesterday. rock creek parkway northbound nn near the kennedy center.nedyen as for the rest of yourhet of morning commute if you're taking marc the ticket machineac at laurel is out of service. svi be mindful that of. inner loop looks good across the wilson bridge as you come from prince george's county cout intole
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upper marlboro four inboundur ib does back up by dower house as usual and suitland parkway inbound typical slow task byy alabama. back to you allison and >> wakeup call for>> wp professional athletes comings to the nation's capitol to play. play. >> their habits could be impacted by the d.c. council.ou. fox5's bob barnard is livesiv at nats park to explain. expla good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodep morning, steve, allison allisone talking about klu chewing tobac. you got to leave get a band or a stamp and use those products outside and come back n what the d.c. city council is cncil s proposing is legislation that tt would also ban players, pye professional teams that cant can come the our sports venues inves their locker rooms, dugoutsugou playing fields from using using chewing tobacco and what have w you. this has already been done in di five major league cities heres r in the country. cou new york, chicago, l.a., l.a.,
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the first last year.r. but later today there will behel a public hearing at the wilsonin building.buildi the d.c. city council will beciy discussing this legislation legn that would ban tobaccoob products, their use in all all sports venues here in theere int city. city. before that, there will be a wle news conference with thee th american cancer society, the american heart association and tobacco free kids all gettingllt on the bandwagon.anag major league baseball, the players' association for at least the two of them are not nt signing onto this at all but it's been banned in those t other cities and now the d.c. d city council is consideringuncis pushing into the c locker roomse if you will.ou will. what they've already done and what some of the venues themselves have done here in h the district and that ishat i cracking down on smoking, ski dipping and can chewing here in the nation's capitol,itol guys.guys. >> big changes.>> bignges we will find out what the city c does. thanks bob. cosby dueahead bill back in court today. court today demands from his defense team hf coming up next. n
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fairfax county family.amil someone fired a bullet intolet o their little girl's bedroom. we're back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ >> 6:10. >> 6 a violent night overseas int bangladesh. officials say a group ofs say gf suspected radical islamists threw homemade bombs at a crowd of police officers. one officer was killed. several othersd e hurt. h the attack happened as many
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gathered for prayer to markrayem the end of ram tod it comes days after more than two dozen were killed in an attack at a cafe. a c >> the death of a sailor who drowned during a navy s.e.a.l.a. training exercise has beenning e ruled a homicide. video shows an instructor trowowing james love lace around a pool splashing andashig dunking him under water w several times.. witnesses say love lace wassay struggling during the training, his face was purple p lips were the homicide ruling does notdoes mean criminal charges will bebe filed. the navy is investigatena is something bill cosby due backllb in a pennsylvania courtroomcour today. his lawyers will ask a judgewill to either throw out his h criminal sex assault case or force his accuser to testify. ts cosby is accused of druggingru and molesting a wambach in 2004. that's what this particulart ths case is about. the comedian maintains the sexual encounter was consentual. >> a soyuz capsule blasted off b for the international spaceal s station. nasa's kate reubens willbe w perform
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monitor her body to see the the impact space has on it's expected to dock with d the iss on saturday.s on sur >> next a consumer alert. ale one of last year's most popular christmas gifts isistmas being recalled. >> a live look outside rightut now as we led to break down d this thursday thu weather and traffic coming upcog on the 5s next.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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>> steve you know it's ste summertime when the moment then sun gets up you can feel it. it's hot out there starting att 7:00 in the morning. mni heat wave day number three, thre three as we're expecting hightig temperatures in the mid 90'sur thises afternoon. afterno all right. right one of the hall marks of aall s heat wave, does not cool off cof overnight and you can see thatha reflected in the current temperature. 77 this morning here in thernine city, 77 in annapolis.ol
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70 up in frederick.70 f 73 in winchester.te looking at our dewpointew temperatures, they're not cooperating either as they're ae currently hanging out in the mid 70's. so, not only is it very warm very sticky out more of the same today.ay. unfortunately a lot ofat humidity and heat expected a across the area.ross our heat index this afternooner much like yesterday. yesterd i believe it will exceed a hundred degrees in some spotsino so just keep that in mind that d it's going to be dangerousanro heat pretty much guaranteedee dangerous heat around here later today. today. satellite and radar nice andcend quiet. qu not featuring any rain.ngny r not any clouds overnight. overn we'll get a few clouds thisis afternoon and we might get a mig scattered storm or two laterd sr today but nothing to bring anyra real rel that won't arrive until latent saturday with a cold front.nt and then we will have somel h cooler and drier air for the t weekend.ek all right, staying hot today. h. i mentioned it. front for the meantime stuckntim off to our north and west. w mid 90's for daytime highs. hig yesterday our daytime high wasiw 94. we'll probably do a degreeegree better than that later todayr t with a high temperature of 95re but either way,
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and i mentioned the scattered storms. winds oft west five to 10. 1 quick look at tonight. overnight lows, check out myut m beautiful sunset, 78 and there's your seven-dayseve forecast. all right, how long will it how last? until saturdayday afternoon and then i think things get a little better get l saturday night. sunday, monday look like a big improvement with less humidityst and temperatures in the upperurs 80's.'s so, there you go. again, scattered storms today and tomorrow and then thingsow get better by the end of the weekend.week that's a weather update.pd it's that time of year erin. how are the >> time for a pool party.. >> i got to be honest. hon >> what.hat. >> roads were a little a l lighter. i feel like people are on vacation. >> i agree tucker.ik gr tuc it's not as bad as its i typically is.pically we have an earlier disabledable car. this is 95 on the northboundn th side in the express lanes by exl lorton. traffic is definitely sluggishy there and also a bit couldn't cd jested in stafford but overall a little lighter in the district than we normally see by this time ofha we'll switch it over from a look at our cameras to our maps and show you what else
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slow moving moving manassas to new braddock road.d. a little bit of stop-and-gostop traffic as you head in from f west falls church to arlington.arlingto and then center point parkwayay to 610, south of that stalledhat vehicle in lorton we also haveah just a little bit oftle bit of stop-and-go traffic you needo to be aware of. 95 north dale city to 123 youo o can see that normal slow downw as well as you try to getry t towards the bottom side of theet beltway and also taking a lookil at some of our tweets this t morning, vre signal watch for that one and marc m ticket machine at laurel is out of service. as you take a look at our maryland commute tucker was coming in from herndon and hend was right 95 from the icc to the beltway all green, all good. 50 very atypical 450 to 295 t29 traffic is wide opened and just a minor delay 80 to theay0t truck scales, 270 south comingth in from frederick.rerick morning commute right now you
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can see 5 miles will take you nine minutes.inut that's the worst of it on 270 as well between germantown andod rockville this morning. morning crash and closure in then district ninth street northeast at brentwood parkwayow and then also 295 inbound, inbou this is the normal traffic tra right now.right this is not seeing any lighterr conditions. 295 between eastern andean an pennsylvania and then the then t northbound side a crash neara cr laboratory in addition to safe track workec for metro if you are takingg metro this morning, besides itis being shut down between b braddock road and national airport needing shuttlehu service single tracking causing issues eastern market. e plan ahead. aad that could slow you down this so morning. allison and steve.n and steve. >> in fairfax county a closex co call for a little girl after ft someone fired a bullet into her bedroom narrowly missingmiss the seven-year-old.-y this happened around 10:30 on 1o tuesday night in herndon. the family's end unit backs upni to a small field where peoplee sometimes gather after police are still searching for the person responsible. respons
6:19 am
there need your helpel identifying this man.this m he was caught on surveillanceane video last week stealingtealin cigarettes from a 7-elevenm a -e store in northeast. now, this is at the locationat in the 1900 block of michiganhin avenue. the suspect walked rightked rigt behind the counter fills a bag b with packs of cigarettes andet levers the store. >> chance to learn more about la the proposed gondolas in georgetownly they would run t over the potomac river betweenet rosslyn and georgetown inrget hopes of easing congestion onon the key bridge. bdg the meeting starts at 6:30 at:3t the rosslyn spectrum theater. te >> attention verizon wirelessio customers. yes, okay, if you thought yourn bill -- if you thought yourug bill was high now, just wait. >> okay. more in a minute. bad news for game of g throne fans. we'll tell you why the premiere has been delayed a bit. it's all coming up next.
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>> back now with a massiveassive recall involving hoverboards.ers first a check of the markets. me we can't do that without foxut f business network studiotu executives. ec i'm trying to give you a fancy f title.ti >> reporter: promotion. pmo >> we do what we can. c. hi good hi good morning.hi good how are you. >> i'm good.ood. how are the markets thise th morning.g. a little bump. >> reporter: flat,>> completely flat. yesterday we had a nice turnicrn around down from 127 to up 78 u points. points a lot of caution and there's ars lot of confusion on wall street. the hope is the feds are goingeg to stand down on raisingai interest rates. you know, the worry is what's ia going on in europe. eop but today we're flat waitinglatw on tomorrow's action which iswhi the june jobs report here in h the u.s.e u >> all right.>> and that might signal a littlete bit. interesting news from the fed as far as interest rates. we talked about this a lotd before. the beginning of the year andand now we're midway through they year and we're still talking about it. >> reporter: yeah, we were expecting, you know, about a four interest r
6:23 am
year then they scaled thatn back. now nobody is expecting herbo interest rate hike this year. so the question is when, if att all next year do they hike? ? so, a fed on hold sometimes set for the market is a good thingng but obviously not for savers.av >> prance they can take a pageth from companies like starbucks lb or verizon because they seemeem to have hikes all the time. verizon just the latest. lates >> reporter: yeah. y you know, verizon is really flexing its muscles right now.ew raising prices but also givingg customers more dat if you look at the history the past three years our data usage has essentially tripled so the cheapest data plan at verizon wireless is going tooi t double in size and it's goingt'g to cost you five dollars so, for $35, you get two gigabytes of data. most plans going up five to goiu $10 a month and yes you get more data. more d you can roll over that data to o the next month and they have a safety mode feature.od if you're coming close tolose to going over your data limitdataim they'll just slow you down youow like really slow you
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but you won't face those steepep overcharges. >> i mean i'm not going thei'm lie the only reason that ithon have the carrier that i have th had for as long as i've everongr had a cell phone is becauseec i'm still grandfathered intofa the unlimited data and that'shas huge. i'm sure it's super slow butlow it's huge to have it. have >> reporter: right. repter: you don't have that worry of woy oh, no, how much more is me googling this item go together e cost me. >> because we're using ourau phones and our devices a lotseul more than we're using our we'reg computers any more.ut >> reporter: yes and video. vido >> exactly. all right. rig it is rare to see something seti rise so quickly as a trendy tre item and then fall so fast to literally a fiery crash punrash intended there. the what's up with thewithhe hoverboards. >> reporter: i know. half a million of them being the recalled. the government says the s lithium ion batteries in at least 99 instances recentlytanc have caught caut fi you're just looking at some off those fires. that can burn property, it can burn the rider. rider. this is a big i 10 different companies, theniest biggest of the
6:25 am
indiana, taking thesese hoverboards back so if you bought them for between $250 to $900.90 don't use them. that's the warning from theng f government right now thereme it's almost the christmas gifntt in july for some people p because i don't think they're cooln' anymore lauren. the holidays they were super sup cool. cool >> reporter: i hear you.ea >> now they're not so cool and you get your money back. it's really not a bad idea. >> reporter: not at all.t all. i'm trying to think if i ever ie thought they were cool though.ew >> you might not be the targetht demographic. i'm just saying.ay >> reporter: i guess not. n i'd probably fall off.probaball >> tomorrow is friday. tom we'll see you then. >> reporter: yes. se'le you t>>hen. have a good day. >> you got it.>> you got i 6:25 right now.ight now i tried to ride one once. >> how did that go. >> very slowly. ver >> yeah. >> kind of like walking on eggn shells. >> i still see every now and sen then a young person on it and it does look pretty >> but it seems like sixms lik months ago you saw a lot more. u >> you saw them everywhere.hem h >> now not so much. >> right.
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who was that in the airport whiz khalif in a, he saidhaf in everybody is going to be doingod it. >> everybody will be on a version of it.ry do you not remember the jethe >> of course. >> that's coming. waiting for the ones withoutit wheels. that might be the next round. be >> and that one movie, youu know, back to the future.ut >> yeah. >> oh, yeah, right. >> it's coming.t's com >> that was more like a like a surfboard though.rfboard th hey, that's a look at your at yu beautiful sunrise out there. >> pretty. >> it is certainly pretty to look at. >> is that real right now? r >> yeah, that's this moment. >> beautiful. >> 77 beautiful degrees outaude the temperature not so so pleasant.easa humidity not so pleasant either 94 percent.4 pe bottom line, hazy, hot and a humid. and not so much hazy today butzt just hot and humid with hum wit temperature in the mid 90's,uret heat indexhe getting to the bes near 100. so, yet another day. i think this is day numberth three of 90 plus. p clear skies, quiet conditions.o. might be a thunderstorm thisnd afternoon. not much relief here any time t soon.on today, tomorrow, most of saturday featuring theseng t extreme temperatures and thenmpr a little relief by the end ofheo the weekend, i think by
6:27 am
and monday things will feel a fl lot better most importantly less humid.umid. that's your little break. b. >> throwing a little break ourtk way. >> we need it. >> let's check our commute this morning. good morning, erin. >> good morning.go>> g taking a look at your commuteom a lot of green behind me. we have slow zones 66w eastbound from fairfaxzod om faf definitely slows towards thely s beltway.way. 295 northbound dealing with a wt delay because of a crash by csh laboratory road.tory road. and that morning congestion ono the southbound side from 5050 down past pennsylvania 50 inbound looking really nice as you come from annapolis ann right now. in addition to that crash by laboratory road on thebora northbound side you can seeee that southbound delay.el give yourself about 10 extra minutes to get through that area. we have a crash and closure int northeast section of theas district ninth streettree northeast at brentwoodrtwo parkway. keep in mind no longer single s tracking eastern market to m cheverly on the orange andly silver line. just o watch for some residualru delays and then we also have tracking the safe track work. we'll take a closer look atke ao that next.ok th allison and stevely. sve >> also coming up next
6:28 am
updates on that hit and run on n the suitland parkway. pkway >> going get our sports onrts o this morning.s morning. one of the nba stars switching i teams as well. sports junkies join us next.
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hey, they'd be lucky to have you. don't be nervous mommy. you're so smart. good job. just like bunny ears.
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do i? really? come on! nature valley. with you every day. everywhere. with the energy you need. >> ♪ >> that sunrise, tucker, gets an a plus >> yeah?>> yea >> simply beautiful. b thursday morning, 6:30,0, welcome to fox5 news morning.ori weather and traffic on theffic o 5s for you at 6:35. first, though, at 6:30, 60, breaking right now in
6:31 am
minnesota, protests erupted p overnight outside of the governor's mansion, this comes's just hours after m a police-involved shooting deathva of a 32-year-old black manla m during a traffic stop. stop. the man was with his wit girlfriend and hergirlfr and four-year-old daughter when hert was stopped.erwa the aftermath of the shooting st was streamed live on facebook fo sparking a nationwide outcry.idu this all comes as outrageoutr grows in the south over the o t shooting death of another of black man. this was in baton rouge,, louisiana, also by police.y pol in the district police investigations into a hit and run along the suitland parkway and first sterling avenue int southeast. the victim is in serious condition. the outbound lanes of suitlandan parkway though now are back opened afteresth being closed fr several hours. hou a montgomery countya montmeu mcdonald's is closed this morning following an overnight fire. firefighters responded to the 18,000 block of georgia avenue in olney. the fire is out now. n we're told the flames were sparked by a burned out freezer motor.
6:32 am
steve. st >> ♪ >> all right time for the morning line right now atll 6:31. 6:31 dwyane wade walking away fromadk miami heading back home.k h let's check in with the sports junkies 106.7 f.m. the fan. fan what's up'sp gu >> hey, good morning steve., gor s hello steve. >> what's up buddy.t'up b >> i'm dizzy trying read andryir follow all these free agent rumors. for dwyane wade i guess it's a w chance to go back home.ce to gob i don't know how the fit is howi with the bulls but yet another o superstar switching teams.rsr sw >> it fits great in his bankis b can account. can accou >> yeah, surent does. d >> he signed a $51 million deal. deal. >> especially this late in his >> would you like to be like e disrespected by a deal like le the heat disrespected dwyane wade. i'd like to be disrespected tore that tune. who knows if it's a great fit. talent-wise the bulls, i don'tl know, they're like a fringe playoff team i think at thisnk s point. poin but dwyane wade is going home, g signs a two year deal with thewi bulls. he didn't feel like he was getting the love that -- you know, like superstars,
6:33 am
superstars like dirk nowitzki is getting in he's looking for a new startew a and he's getting it i. >> if he felt disrespected byesd that amount of at it makes sense to go back tok to chicago. like you said he's going backn home.ho the rumor is he was talking toag denver and he was talking to the bucks and some of these other teams. he didn't want to go -- it was just a leveraged play and ilay d guess it worked for himked f because he got 6 million moreiln than what the heat were offering. but is it a good fit? who who knows. they got jimmy butler, they signed ron do. maybe they're slightly better bt but these athletes, i mean, $21 million isn't enough forn if these guys any.ysny >> he's a good player but he's h not a great player anymore.nymo he's on the decline so hene s should be happy that he'sy tha h making, you know, 20 million0 ml plus we are season. getting the amount of money that some of the most talentedgm younger guys are getting inet league. do you think from a -- i'm trying look at this from a fan
6:34 am
perspective now because you --ay if you look at the money you mey understand from a business perspective sure these guys they have the right to make as muchsh money as they can bank f a fan perspective though do you likegl the fact that your team, tt yo whatever it may be is probablyip going to lose its super starsera every two or three years when it comes do you like that or would you rather have somebody thatave soy sticks around.ic >> no, i don't think any fan't t likes. that we were forced in thishis area we had cal ripken playken y his entire career for thefor the baltimore orioles and you doiol have some but it's becomingec less that stay with theirit the teams their entire tim duncan can is going tong t retire a san antonio spur. s kobe bryant just retired as an a l.a. dirk nowitzki signed for twoed more years as a dallas d maverick. there are some buttere soe increasingly guys like kevin lii durant are leaving where superstars pretty much stayedy with their one tmueam.m. john wall a perfect test secaa of that. he's got i think three moreee years on his deal with thewith wizards. wi if they tone show significant si improvement in the next yeart in or two, john wall
6:35 am
going to consider leaving the washington wizards. wiz why wouldn't he. >> and he could get a deal d that dwarves anything that's out here now that these guysse y are signing. e signing. >> absolutely. >> i want to bridge this into baseball. b the nats avoid the sweep, theyee win. that's a great's a the money that's being thrown out in the nba, do you thinkdo t that trickles into the other professional sports evenport though granted the nba roster nr size is much smaller than saynay baseball or football but do you think it has an impact that we get numb towed these t $160 million contract being con thrown out there. fan'shink from a perspective you get numb. num i don't think the money thatk te the baseball players get affect the money that thethe basketball players. don't cry for them. we saw stephen strasburg sign a $175 million deal to stayliono with the washington nationals.l. so, the money is really r dependent on the tv deals. d basketball got a huge tv deal gh so the players benefit.. >> i'm disappointed that if i t hit t
6:36 am
really just going to beust goino hitting an nba it used to be that was a lot more money. mon >> you can be disappointed dispn with that. tha i would be ecstatic and youc and would never see me again. >> you guys are gone.s are g you're done? d >> would we see steve again if n steve hit. >> no way. >> on a beach somewhere. i'll send you guys an invite. >> we'll see you at our summerum dress party next friday. fri >> i hope so.>> i hope so. might be a little vacationio time coming up but if not i'llot be there. >> sounds very that sounds like when jp saysays he's going to the >> it's my birthday weekend.y w that's the thing.that do i want to preponderanced my birthday with you guys or getitu out of town? if i'm here, i'mem there. i promise you that. that. >> i know that answer. i that's a big fat no. big f >> we'll see you tomorrow, guys. >> all right. all the junks at 106.7 f.m. the fan. fan. >> for any reason? r >> no, no, i'm go egg to theo et party. >> oh, okay. >> it's a friday nig
6:37 am
you know. >> steve's measuring his options rider now.s ride if he's got something better b he's not going. >> i have a long weekend.a longe >> do you. >> and i'm just trying too decide if i want to roll orant not. >> secret steve. secret >> al, it's been in thebeen schedule for months. >> i don't look at that.on't la. >> there you go. i expect you to tell me. all right. r >> the thing about thehing basketball -- all that moneyba is guaranteed.ll guaraee football those guys go out and -- >> baseball is guaranteed,eb right. righ >> and baseball is guaranteed ga and football which is thei sport where guys get hurt thatet money is not guaranteed.rant it's's crazy. >> a lot of money. aot of >> all right. >> how are we looking out aree o e?ere? >> hot and humid.>> hot and hum rere of the 77. glad i'm not playing baseballngs or basketball outside thisl o morning. we're going to be in the midin d 90's later today. tod hey, heat index, that's going t' get to -- or flirt with aflt hundred degrees again thisgain afternoon so as i have beene be saying the last couple days,t cp please take the heat wave w seriously. lots of water. if you're working outdoors, ifor you're going to be outside for any period of time f-your pets-p are going to be outside forgo any period of time make sureod they have plenty of water asentw the heat will be dangerous around here later
6:38 am
in fact it's dangerous thisge morning with upper 70's. storm tracker radar, we'rear, we looking at quiet conditionsondin and maybe a pop-upop thunderstorm a little later l this afternoon. they'll be widely scattered. sct i think most of the area, most a of the day will feature justre j dry weather with a few clouds co building during the afternoon.uf 95, that will be your actualrct air temperature.ture heat index near a hundred. hundr when will it end? will it w ever end?nd >> will >> oh, it will end. >> i'll have answers --wers >> deep thoughts. >> deep thoughts? we'll waitou? for that. for th >> erin you look like a little t gum drop in that dress you're so cute today. >> i love you.. >> or a traffic cone. c not sure which one.. >> steve i'll take gum drop.akeu >> you're standing in the middle of a highway.f a ghw >> look, like i'm a cone. a c ps, if steve doesn't want to wan go to that party i'll gladly take his place. >> you're in. that i don't wantt to go, erin. >> just giving you a hardivg yo time. we can celebrate your birthday h there if you stay in time. >> fair enough. >> skyfox over ov southbound moving along fine.g n little bit of co
6:39 am
picking up north of that point in frederick 270 southbound byy the truck scales a little bit of heavier congestion can. cn as you head to the beltway i'd d give yourself a few extrarsa fe minutes. northbound side very quiete right now. we'll switch it over and show a you a look at some of oura tweets that we're getting in. vre right now, the gps foror fredericksburg line 308 is not working at this time. they're tracking it manually itl so that could cause someuld caus delays and the signal issues iss on the manassas line 324 is i operating at a restrictedtr speed, running about 15bo minutes late.s l if you're taking marc therc ticket machine at laurel is out of service.out of s things to keep in mind if md i you're trying to avoid metroryio and you're taking vre to avoid o the safe track work on thesafe yellow and blue line, keepin that mind vre is experiencing ee those trails.a residual delays on metro. no longeral single tracking. tck unscheduled track work.d trac w eastern market to cheverly on the orange and silver may see m residual delays.ays. safe track work, blue and ban yellow national airport too braddock. br no rail service.l se shuttle busing. bus leave earl physical you're
6:40 am
they were crowded yesterday.rd may wants to consider metrobus as an alternate. >> reporter: allison and repor steve. >> what's hot on the web this thursday morningho including a big change for uber. forr. >> it is official.>> a fairytale wedding the singer s and the quarterback.. >> we talked to tmz yesterday.ed nobody knows what's going ons go until it happens.. >> we knew it was going to iwas happen. >> we said it was a reelers ree sal dinner. >> we did any other know. >> we did not know.>>e di >> we either will or will not ol give you details in the fox t f beat next. nex >> we will.
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
♪> ♪ >> 6:43 on a thursday andrsdaynd we're back now with what's wha trending on the web on thise morning. first up, if you have ever e gotten stuck in traffic onck itf your way to work, you're notay k alone of course.ale of well, now uber drivers in therii district are trying to helpreg and also make a few bucks in bks the process.rocess. it's all part of a new feature a called driver destinations.naon drivers can now input a inp preferred destination twice adet day and only receive riderve requests thal specifi along thac route. hillary clinton is hoping h to woo some bernie sanderssome supporters. she's expanding her plan toex offer free college tuition to millions. bernie sanders applauded thelaud move calling it "very, very significant." and finally, will he orlly,e won't
6:44 am
player tim duncan can decides to retire it could be the end te of a basketball era. there are reports the two time t league m.v.p. is leaning in lnii that direction.that direc in full disclosure i thoughti to he already retired. >> no. >> he is what, 47? or 48. o back to you. back >> coming up next a school district's plan to accommodate transgender students. this morning parents want toan r know why they were not notified of this if you have a story that you wander to let us know about, a news tip perhaps share it withrt us by either calling us (202)(2 895-3000 or e-mail us fox5 tips at back in a minute.
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6:47 am
>> ♪ >> take eight weigh, tucker barnes. >> you know what,gh it's i actually a beautiful sunrise.ifn this time of year you want toan get that exercise in early inxen the morning or at sunset.. >> ♪ >> i don't know what's going k on with the music but i love it. day flub three of our heatub wave. t where, temperatures well into the 90's again this not even -- not even 90.n 9 mid 90's with a heat index it it will be very close to a close t hundred. i'll show that you future heatut index in just a minute. here are your morning numbers.nm 77 in washington.hito quantico 77 degrees. 73 in leonardtown. annapolis 77.napos 77 just no chance at all to kind td of cool off overnight with all that water in the atmosphere. as off to the north and west, w hagerstown and winchester bother well into the 70's to starte 70s
6:48 am
here are your current dewpoints and of course thisan is measuring how much water weom have out there. any time thisy i number is above 70 you0 y realological notice theic not humidity. this is kind of the situation where you walk out to the t mailbox and can come back in akn full sweat. that's the reason why amsowh current dewpoints 75 int de washington, 72 in leonardtown.t. quantico 74 degrees.ees. not much cloudiness.loin just a cloud or two to start tot your day. makes for a pretty sunrise. sun as the day goes along air mass in places inherently a little unstable and we'll get clouds c still lean in. we may pop a storm or two.r two i think the best chance is probably rain driven in the mountains off to our west buturb that's going the really be our o best chance for a thunderstorm r this afternoon. they'll be widely scattered,caed really isolated today. really better chance tomorrow we'll get to the storms tot give us some relief.someel the real story the heat, the he, humidity and the daytime highs h expected to be in the mid to be 90's. your future heat index, herend,e we are at 4:30 plenty of water w 98. . you'll seed it later today. 98 in leonardtown.rdwn. yesterday these numbers got upth right around a hundred andes hua we'll to that again
6:49 am
not much relief at 6:30ly 6:30l we'll keep the southerly pumplyp here. he it's a bermuda high off shore, s off to our south and east andasa that's going to deliver to delir another day in the mid 90's.da we'll do it againy tomorrow. to saturday looks hot and then i a think we'll get some relief byib sunday. we do have an end to our hot our spell here by the end of thethee weekend. 95 today.95 today just an isolated storm thisto ti afternoon. afternoo little better chance tomorrowor and there's your weekendr w forecast. good news, most of the weekend d is nice and dry if you gotot the bad news is if you're going to be outdoors ondoor saturday be prepared for a hot one with lies in the mid 90' that is the weather t update. let's find out who is going too work today.ay. >> 6:49 but we do have some hsoe breaking news some problems you need to be aware of in of prince george's county.or's right now in bowie 197 in both directions at powder mill road shut down with a big crash scene. scene. skyfox on the we'll keep you updated. updat use caution and be prepared tor 95 northbound just past the icc we are dealing with a wh crash blocking at least one leao lane.lane.
6:50 am
well. i would say keeping it to it baltimore-washington parkwaye- on the northbound side a much better bet rightwabo now.ow. southbound baltimore-washington parkway just a little bit of stop-and-go traffic by powder mill road as usual bectrause ofo congestion. taking a look at the outerhe o loop right now, to get 5 milesel it's going to take you 16 minutes. minu 11 minutes delay from 95 to georgia avenue. that is because of congestion as you head towards silveruslver spring.spring no crashes to report. just a lot of folks trying to ot get towards that area.t rds inside the beltway river road cabin john clara barton some stop-and-go traffic.op-and in the district ninth street northeast at brentwood parkwayop crash scene closing down thatne intersection. 295 inbound remains slow slo eastern to pennsylvania.ylvania. and then 50 just a little bite of stop-and-go traffic newp- york avenue inbound as youane bn pass bladensburg.lade that's your traffic.our tr. allison and steve.and teve >> want to get to a story s first on fox5.5. new rules for accommodatingommog transgender students inn fairfax public schools.x these guidelines will takes wilk effect in the fall.effect backlash this morng
6:51 am
school board did not vote onoard these guidelines and they havehe not been announced publicly. pui alexandria limon with reactioneo from both sides of this debate.deba >> in terms of schools ofoo atmosphere, in terms of makingak schools more welcoming to allll kids and especially trans kidsyn i think this will have have aave tremendous >> reporter: the presidentre of the pride club and veteran ce teacher at west potomac highigh school applauds the move by the school board to implement t new regulations for transgendered students inenred fairfax county.fa fox5 obtained a copy of thosey o new regulations that includelu giving transgender studentsgend the option of using thehe bathroom or locker room that t corresponds to their gender identity. and instructions for teachersea and staff to call students by their preferred name anded n pronoun among other new rules.. however, not everyone ises pleased with the move. me. and how it's coming about.ut >> i just felt like for many public school families who areoa seeking more information toor know wha
6:52 am
their kids' academic acade environment this is anotherment example of how we've sort ofort been shut out.been >> reporter: in fact whatte r:this mom calls a lack of transparency, she says is what a drove her to the decision to pull her kids out of the of t fairfax county public schooll system. st now the single mom juggles working and home schooling her four kids. k school board member elizabeth ei schultz also finds the move problematic. >> you have by default cut the public out of the discussion and you are -- are you reneging on your promise as a a board to be accountable to the public.. >> especially as a mom ofially girls, i do feel that there are issues that for theirheir future could really end up causing them to be discriminated against. again my daughters are athletes andles i'd love to see them have an equal playing field with otherhh female athletes particularlycu if they start to look toward lka high school and maybe getting scho
6:53 am
see them lose somee s opportunities there becauseun they end up having to compete against transgendered girlseredg who really do have a biological advantage.dvantage. >> reporter: during previousg school board meterrings andeterd before spcs decide on policy changes parents expressed concerns for the safety of f students in bathroom locker l rooms and when there were overnight accommodationsmoti involved for school trips. tri. >> some friends of mine withmine daughters have expressed concerns about what about the te trouble makers, what about theau bad actors and what we find is that no one ever has pretended e to be trans to have >> reporter: alexandriate limon, fox5 local news. >> the head of the school the sl board sent this statement tohis fox5 saying "we do not hold up regulations for board review. re any board member may at any may time propose that the schoolpose board direct thehe superintendent to amend anynt regulation to bring in it lineo with policy. polic that proposal would require area majority board vote and untilotl then the reg
6:54 am
in evening a effect as written " >> ♪ >> time for today's fox beat. the new iron man is an african-american teenage girl. . marvel comics announced tony t stark will step away from his superhero altar ego anew ego a character named riri williams, i you heard me, riri williams wli will take his place.ce marvel has been introducing more diverse characters toer t take over its traditionaldition super heroes in recent years and when i heard thatea yesterday, i didn't know that that was a real thing. w a rea it's just so different fromre f what we typically know but but turns out -- -- >> going to be a movie aboutabo it i'm sure. >> winter might be coming i in -- >> game of thrones.of thres >> it isn't coming soon enoughng for creators. producers have to delay season a seven
6:55 am
wintry weather. weaer the show has that traditionally premiered itsll new season is april.s april. so far there's no air date for a next year. >> summer in europe. >> right. i have a -- a thought.a thought. >> bring it out. >> why don't they go somewherege else and do it. >> it is official.>> singer ciara and russell and r wilson husband and wife juste js like allison predicted yesterday. >> nobody predicted thisod yesterday including tmz. t >> al and i have been arguing today. the couple said i do as they the posted this picture to instagram captioned we are the wilsons. the two got married ined liverpool england in front of family and friends who we said e they were there.the >> for a rehearsal.ehearsal >> you don't invite them to ao a rehearsal.rehe you invite them to a wedding. >> tmz didn't say there. >> tmz is reporting, are youare going believe it now, guestow, t are not allowed to bring cell c phones to the
6:56 am
the football-singer performer pr celebrity couple wanted to becop the first to post pictures. i wouldn't be opposed to goingoi to a wedding with no cell phones. >> if you get married can i beai your matron of honor. hon >> oh my god allison ofllison course. we'll have to find a role for steve.ev >> ring bearer >> ring bearer. >> okay. just have to find him those cute little shoes. >> all right. >> 78 in washington. 90's this0's e mid afternoon much bottom line hotme and humid.anhumi that heat index will be awfully close to a please take it easy.plse bring your pets indoors. indoo limit their time outside asme oa well because the heat is ht dangerous for a few more days. we'll get relief by the end ofhd the today 95 with just an isolated a storm later this afternoon. erin where art thou. >> we're seeing skyfox there over 197 in bowie. bie
6:57 am
directions. looks like traffic is sharing sa 139 get by. we'll sort that out and get you thrte details. dai car sideways right now really re smashed from front end policero on location.m avoid 197 by powder mill rightby now. p working to get you more information.formn. skyfox just arrived at the j scene as they try to adjustushe their vantage point there.oint e we'll check in way crash 395 csh northbound out by duke street.y lined me it's all crowded. crowd keep it to fox5 news morning.. more news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
6:58 am
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my swthis scarf all thatsara. left to remem... what! she washed this like a month ago the long lasting scent of gain flings
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>> right now at 7 o'clock we n are following breaking news as police are looking for a driver who fled scene of aowled serious crash overnight.veight. it happened in the district. dtc at least one person hurt. h we will have the latest fromatef police in a minute.inut >> we are also following aso fog developing story out inn minnesota where there's growing outrage over ang officer involved shooting thatlv left a man dead. the aftermath streamed live ondo facebook. this comes as we learn abouts we another controversial deadlyea police shooting. >> nationwide push to ban b smokeless tobacco at the ballpark hits the district. disc d.c. city council will take oncn the district. we'll tell you how the ban toan affect athletes and the fans.hen >> a live look outside on thisse thursday morning, it's july 7th 2016. you'll be reaching for ways to keep


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