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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  July 7, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, two days, two deadly police shootings,otin both caught on camera. the latest streamed live on facebook. this morning, millions fromon fo coast to coast demanding actiont and accountability. why are they not prosecut prosecuting? is hillary clintoc skating at a different level anl treated differently than thed fr average joe? >> head of the fbi in the hotn t seat on cal toll hill. hil lawmakers want to know why he'sy not pursuing charges againsts a
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clinton after that e-mail scandal.da and it comes one day after the democrat got some more good newd from the obama administration. d.c. wants washington major leaguers to be more healthy andy set a better example for kids. the new law local leaders areeae trying to pass. ♪ but first another day in thn 90s but the heat and humidityumt combination could make it feel f even hotter.evotter. and the steamy stretch still hah a few days left. l good day at 9a starts not.ot ♪ >> whoo! >> the heat hassled in wisdom wo martin lost his jacket that'sact how you know it's hot up in he here. (laughter). >> i'm ditching my jac >> i got to take a swig of hater aid. >> now i'm good.>> now i'm now i'm good. >>a
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side. >> 9:01. thursday, july 7th i'm maureen umeh, allison, steve and the t wisdom holly has the morning >> also ahead this morning weah all know the first ladyth is gos to stick around d.c. after she moves out of the white house bue what will she do with her free time post politics? thisics? i morning we'll get inside look aa the future former lady's plans.a all right.ig first though let's talk aboutght that weather that we've beenhawv talking about all week long. lon it's hot out surprised, right? anybody a surprised about this? >> i don't think so. don'tnk >> it feels even hotter right h now the heat and humidity couldt make it feel like trip tell t digits out there today.ts o that's what somebody told me.hae the heat wave isn't breaking just yet.justet. look -- i wish you can seeu can tucker's face right now as i'msi reading this.s. for details now let's go to tuct kerr barnes.kerr bar >> i think we just did.justid >> why you make face?akeace? >> you didn't like all theell >> i loved all that informationo >> yeah. >> why don't you take some hate out on the heat. huh? >> hater aid on the heat.ater >> talk mother nature a little bit.. y you can't do that. >> you're right.
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>> careful what you hating.atin >> who was that you mentioned earlier you don't have to shovel humidity? >> you don't have so to shovelot humidity. >> that's true. >> gary mcgrady said tha >> words of wisdom from gary mcgrady. >> that's true then again yous t won't lose 6 pounds in theous it wintertime walking to your carar sweating. swea >> what's wrong with that?t' >> well i mean because then alln your clothes are soak. (laughter).(laughter). >> 86 now in washington. was hey your humidity 59%.. don't be fooled by that. because our -- check out our current heat index. it is already at 9:00 a.m.. feeling like 91 here in washington. 89 in quantico. this is ex extraordinary.orna 85 up in baltimore.altimore 85 in annapolis much it is going to be scorcher actual airhe act temperature will top out in thet mid 90s.0s you mix in that humidity our dew point temperatures i talk abouta with steve earlier in the 70'sn7 and the bottom line, no let up t in the heat wave here any time m soon. it looks like it will be second half of the weekend probably pra sunday we get a little relief.el all right. lots of sunshine out there earl
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early. yes, the air mass a little ltl unstable so we might kick up a p storm or two this afternoon a widely scattered really isolated risk you got outdoor plans later today most advice water won't bn terribly concerned about stormss and we'll kind of keep it going for few more days here looks like relief this weekend. wkend i'll have more information onmoo that. let me get out of the way of mym pretty graphic.ra 95, very hot, very humid,, scattered isolated storm riskrmr late this afternoon winds out of the west at five to 10. all right, guys, i'll have thehe seven day weekend forecast forec coming up in couple of minutes.m back to you. all right. right appreciate it tucker.appreciater we're following developing news out of minnesota thisminneh morning where a 32 year old manm was shot to death by a police al officer yesterday. fernando castillo was shotas sho during a traffic stop while driving with his girlfriend andd her four-year-old daughter.aute his girlfriend said he wasnd sa reaching for his wallet hadn'tth told police that he was in possession of a permit of af a permitted firearm. fir when he was shot four times. t after mantle of the shootingth o streamed live by castillo'so girlfriend and showed him gravely wounded. he later died at the h
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and here's more from the interim police chief of saint anthonysho police department.epar >> we've had an officer involved shooting in, you know, 30 yearsa or more, you know, i'd have to'h go back in the history books tob tell you the truth. t long prior to my tenure on thehe department so, um, you know, it's -- it's, you know, it's,, it's shocking, you know, it's -' it's not something that occurs,c you know, in this area often and, you know, called the the bca in here to investigate andte to -- so we can learn what happened. >> over 100 people gathered at the home of the minnesotahome o governor overnight staying untiu early this morning to protest pe the shooting.shooing. meantime, officials say the sayt incident is under investigation. torments two white police officers shot and killed alton sterling in louisiana. louis a witness recorded video of thef shooting and the justice justi department opened a federal fed civil rights investigation.esgai now one of the officers claims c
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for his gun.r hi a witness says sterling nevers n reached for weapon.hed r weap both officers involved have beeb put on administrative leave. lve and last night a peacefulea prayer vigil was held at a spota at the spot of the shooting.hoot bad baton rouge state s representative lead thattative ceremony which she said was sais about unity.ouunit protesters urged attendees to to hold police accountable. the death of alston sterline hitting close to home.hi d.c. firefighter tooktt toook t facebook to express his anger a about that shooting.hootin >> however, that post has gottet him suspended from his job after it was deemed threatening ineati >> it's strafers reported by ou paul wagner and this morning fox5's anjali hemphill joins usi live in northwest with the veryr latest. anjali. >> reporter: good morning,r: gdo guys. well norman brooks is nine yearn veteran of the d.c. fire d.c. department but he's now been pue on administrative leave from his position here, and he's unders r investigation by dc police for making threats. thr we can show you his facebookaceb post under fire right now. he shared on his personalsona facebook page calling it
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personal he says in part "bottom line, ln these racist cops who ares who murdering our people need toee start turning up the same way. w they shouldn't feel save walkinl the streets and neither shoulder their supporters.rts. "also post add second post" the answer is yes, the citizens should take the law in their owe hands and target racist cops.. those pigs in baton rouge r deserve nothing short of ao bullet in their heads ".. now, brooks tells fox5 heok wrote that post in response toeo the al tan sterling shooting ino baton rouge.baton r we spoke to him exclusively lasy night where he defended his words. >> i do not condone any violencc against any good innocentdnn people, cops, or whatever.tever. all i'm saying is that iff anybody, whether it's a criminai cop or criminal person, tries tt tack you or makes you feel somee sort of way inside your ownou community you have the right asr an american citizen to defendend yourself of the maybe i usedmayu strong language, but i, youyo know, that's just what it is.hai i mean these events are starting
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to affect me and my family andna my friends. f if you're a black person outut there or just a concerned aon american and you're noter and yu concerned about it, i feel sorrs for you. >> reporter: d.c. fire spokesperson says brooks' postop were a clear violation of the t department's social media policl again he's been placed onn administrative leave pending tht out come of an investigation by law enforcement and internal int review by the fire department.. we're live in northwest anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. >> getting a lot of reaction on our facebook page. pag i thinking we were going after that fireman in too hardd aggressive way i really feeleale like it gave him an opportunityy to, you know, dial back a littll say what he meant to say.e meano >> i think all this in the hooth of moment you have a thought tho which is why i say social media draw back a bit. b. take a breather and clearly froy his explanation you see he reacted in the moment andent a perhaps having some remorse ror
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it back because all of this is what fans flames. fla we're all very empassioned anded angry about what's going on. it's cautionary tail.onary tail. dial it back a a m take a moment and choose your words wisely there aree >> people want to be heard ane a lot of times it's easieres it' s sometimes to put it in print in rather than find somebody to tfi talk to you about it you get the mack mum impact unfortunately if your employer has a policy it'sy a policy. >> he is a public servant mucheh he's a firefighter.hter. so that's where it gets a littlt dicey as well. he's entitled to feel how hel h feels but again like you guysuy have said dial it because you are public servant.a >> if you're a regular person,ur do whatever you want f you'reoue public servant you probably have to dial it back and the policyin like you said.ou sai policy is there.policys there. >> not even a public servant.era we all learned and reported mand tiles on this just because it's your personal page it is nots personal when it comes to your r employer. >> that's true.>> t >> that's true. tha >> happening today the trial off the fourth baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddigee g
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lieutenant brian rice is a bria highest ranking of the six the officers charged. cha on tuesday he opted for bench fb trial.ia rice is accused of of failing ti secure gray with the seat belt when he helped to load him intoo that police van.ean he faces multiple charges cha including manslaughter. hillary clinton free andy cl clear the democraticdeati presidential candidate notdite facing charges for her roll in l the e-mail scandal that word from the justice of course republicans now wantow to know why. so today they will hold ail hearing and fbi director jamesam comey is in the hot seat. fox's doug luzader with thoseh details from the hill. >> reporter:. this is going to get heateda today and it comes just afterftr u.s. attorney general loretta lynch has as expected agreed tod follow the fbi's recommendationd and end the criminal investigation into hillaryhi >> but donald trump, he walkedae away with millions. million >> reporter: hillary clintonorrh kept up her sustained attacks at against donald trump in atlantit city. but her real opponents todayents will b
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and to no small degree fbi director james comey. >> thank you very much.ou v >> reporter: when comeyey announced tuesday he wouldn't hn seek charges against clinton cli over her e-mail use he didn'ti+d take any questions but today hed will face one after another from republicans who are convincedoni that clinton got away withit something. some >> why are they not prosecuting is hillary clinton skating at aa different level and treatedd tre differently than the averageen a joe? it seems like it. like >> reporter: politically it was hardly an exoneration fromro comey he said clinton shouldnt s have known better and pickednd c apart her shifting story lines l and explanations.on >> that they were extremelyxtmey careless in their handling ofg o very sensitive highly classified information. >> reporter: still comey will cw no doubt argue today as he did e on tuesday that there was no criminal intent.nten not technically required toequit prosecute someone for mishandling inn phellogens buten comey said as a practical mattee it is necessary.. speaker of the house paul ryanl says u.s. intelligence officials should think twice about a briefing clinton as afing cnton presidential nomin.
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>> i think it's the least we can do given how she was so recklesc in handling classified materialt and zenning classified information on secure servers. >> speaker of the house paulse ryan formally requested that tht director of national intelligence refrain from providing intelligence briefings to hillary clinton while she's i candidate for president. in washington, doug luzaderd fox news. still ahead donald trumpd t holding up with the gop as he continues his search for runninn mate. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail. trail >> how the d.c. council is d.c.i messing with the nats dugout. d we'll tell you about the new law it's trying to pass and what and would mean for the ♪
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♪ all right. 9:15 is the time right now. some big changes could ctiome ff our sports teams in d.c. and visiting teams as well. >> their habits could behe impacted by the council. fox5's bob barnard is live ativ nats park with more.nats what are we are talking about,bo >> reporter: guys, it's basi basically applying they aly restrictions on the fans currently to the ball players. basically, if you want to smokes or use tobacco here at natsat park, for instance, you got to g leave the stadium and then comem back in. the d.c. city council today isay going to have public hearing on
9:16 am
proposed legislation that wouldw put the tobacco ban into the dugouts. and basically, tell ball playera that while you're here, on the field, in the dugout, in theugou locker room or clubhouse, youseu cannot even use chewing tobacco. this is like based on laws thatt already been implemented inemene major league cities across the country.un new york, chicago, los angeles,, boston and san francisco. the first to adopt such restrictions last year. basically, major league basebalb has not done it themselves and so communities including thelung district of columbia are tryinga to say, look, we want you ballol players to be good role modelsod for your fans especially thehe young ones who already can't use tobacco products when they're aa the games and we want it to apply to you guys as well wel sampled some d.c. residents hers in the district this morning. mg here's what they think. >> i mean i think it's perfectct example if you don't want your,
9:17 am
then you should put the same example as your players justyers like you want your mares to set a good example for your childr children. >> they are adults. shouldn't they be a loud to che> tobacco.bacc >> professional ball players ar obviously examples that kids and adults look to, and you know yoo chewing dough bako has been shown to be very harmful and so, yeah, i think that's the right move is to ban the publicc display, if you will, of using f smoke less tobacco. >> reporter: now the crackow thk down would apply to all sportspo venues not just nats park but bt also verizon center.onte the dc council is having theirit public hearing this afternoonero before that representatives froo the american heart association,i the american cancer society anda also tobacco free kids will havh a news conference at the wilsonn building supporting this legislation and there's a second part it to, guys, which also alo would raise the age that someone can legally puha
9:18 am
products in the nation's capitol raising it to 21. so some interesting thingsng thi happening here in the city today as it applies to our health namely the ill effects ofec o tobacco. >> bob, both the two parts of to that the raising the age and a then the baseball part of it oro a ren in a part of would those u be in the same bill like itse i either both go through or noner of them go through? >> reporter: at this point it's a separate provision, butob this legislation is goings g forward as one. o. now, they can take the raisinghi of the age to 21 off and just, j you know, apply it to the sporto venues if they wanted to, butdo, right now, they're both on the e table, and we'll see how itt goes, guys. g >> all right, bob barnard thanka you for that. t it is now 9:18. comincoming up donald trump tryo mend faces with the gop.aces wi a warning for anyone who got a g hoverboard over the holidays, hd hasn't says you can't go home? dwayne wade leaving hoy am medeg for the windy cit hy.windyit we'll have details when we comec back checking today's headline.. >> i'd go home for 40 million,ml too.
9:19 am
>> later on kevin has seen the new all girls ghost busters thee only problem he can't talk aboua it yet.. so it is our task and our job to try to drag some details out of him.m if we can, we will do it for you coming up. ♪
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♪ amsleep number beds with you with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the final days of the lowest prices of the season sale, with our best-buy rated c2 queen mattress now only $699.99. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
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♪ oh, yeah.> yea a lot of money, i'd go all theol way home.. >> especial physical you're going to chigo
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>> some people will go home form less than a lot of money.on i'm just >> 9:21 time.:21im erin is back with some of the st other stories making headlines this morning. hey, erin.hey, erin. >> good morning.>> g we begin on the campaign trail. today donald trump will be in i d.c. to meet with house and h senate republicans.ublins the lawmakers will get a chancea to learn more about his plans. meanwhile trump appears to bee closer to choosing a runningun mate he tells fox news he'sewses looking at 10 people on -- for - the job. e j on the democratic side hillarylr clinton and bernie sanders couls soon team up for campaign event. their campaigns are reportedlyer working on joint event next weee in new sanders would officially endorsd her for president. major developments in themet fight against terrorism.. president obama announcingouin yesterday that he's choosing toi not go forward with a scheduledd reduction of u.s. troops in the original plan called for for drop troop levels from 9800 to o 5500 by the end of this year.
9:23 am
withdrawal plan, about 8400 8 troops will remain inain afghanistan by year's end.. closer to home now, d.c. police continue to search forser the driver in an overnightrnig hit-and-run.hiand- it happened along suitlandand parkway and first sterling avenue in southeast.av the victim is in seriousio condition.ion the outbound lanes the suitlandl parkway are now back open aftere being closed for several hoursel earlier this morning. more than 500,000 hover,0 h boards being recalled after somc of them caught fire. f burning riders and damagingin property. so far the consumer productmer t safety commission says it's say' received at least 99 reports of hover ards that exploded orde caught f at least 18 injuries were reported.reported the recall says owners should sl stop using hover boards andoas return them for refund, repair or replacement all free andnd covered. and finally, dwayne wade is heading after 13 seasons with the miami heat, wade is going to the to t chicago bulls.go bul he signed a
9:24 am
$47 million deal. that trumped a 40 million dealln from miami in a to e to keepeep him. him. a lot of money there. in a letter to miamia fans, waw said the decision was not easy but it is quote the right choicc for myself and my family. f we wish him well and good luckod in chicago.. that's your look at headlines. a back to you in the loft. l >> i'm glad.>> >> it would have been a greatha move if he were 26.6. >> eight years ago.>> eht y >> about eight years ago itighta would be great. g 35 and doesn't play a fullul season. >> what happened to the bulls.pp >> michael jordan left back intc the '90's. >> yeah.ea >> and that was pretty much it.t >> that was back when i paiden i attention to >> who didn't like michaelhael jordan? i'm just saying. sayin. >> a lot of haters back then.hae >> he was the best though.the bo >> he was. >> you almost made me hate. >> still ahead on good day, nfl homecoming.mecoming two pro football players willlaw join us live and talk about how they're pay
9:25 am
two athletes here in the in the washington d.c. area.shon >> first we'll get try to geto t details how we can survive these dangerous heat today.. possibly pop-up showers. shors possibly some relief on theonhe seven day. d we will definitely be talking tn with tucker coming up in few inw minutes.mi also coming up at 10a a shake uu in the marvel universe. unive we've been talking a this is interesting stuff. wilson make it on instagram. it's official. offic they put it on instagram.nsgr we know it's the's t t. >> it's official now. >> scandal president offersnt os advice to the real lifevice tth candidates. april side look at the first t f lady's future plans. pla and blowing smoke with singerr carolyn malachi. 9:25. back in a moment. ♪
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♪ 9:28 right now. maryland governor larry hogan hn teaming up with bowie bay socksy baseball team to help raiseelp cancer he's being honored with twoh two bobble head figures. this is pretty cool.thpret one has hair and one represents hogan's battle witness notch hodgkin's the first 1,000 bow woe baysoxx fans 18 and older will be asked to choose the bobble heads.eea the first two run out will be ol declare the winner of the bobble election. the players will also be wearing special lime green jerseys andej then they'll be auctioned offed during the game to raise funds for cancer cha
9:29 am
>> i love that.>> iove that. >> for the governor to playovera along. that's >> the no hair look i like it.ik >> if i was going to forecast this bobble election, i would g with that one. th >> i like it. weather gets this hot sometimes ice cream is the m only answer. it but up in the big apple a hot new trend when it comes to the t tool treat.reat people are flocking to a ice cream shop in new york city toit get a taste of the latest food f craze it's called ash ice cream and is pitch it gets it's color to coconutut ash. a form of activated charcoal. cc >> like real charcoal.ha >> the charcoal you put on youra teeth. >> oh yeah. >> we did that segment. segme >> they say it's he can length t for you. >> coconut is all it is.s. activated car hole known forno f cleansing and pure feig pure feg properties and of courseer speaking of ice cream today my friends is national structure su berry sunday day. of course we're celebrating itii in the 10a so stick around for f scoop of deliciousness.ic >> all right. >> c
9:30 am
>> i will chose that over thech charcoal.aral. >> activated charcoal. charcoal. >> it's got health benefits. >> it tastes like coconut.ocon if you put activated charcoal in a grill -- oh, okay.y >> made from burning coconut shells.ells >> okay. >> that that blow your whole yrw theory. >> it >> never mind. mind. >> maybe not. >> never mind.ever here's tucker barnes with tr another look at that steamy sam forecast. wisdom, it's kind of likes o kissing me much it's got activev ingredients and it's good for g you.. >> what? >> seriously.erioly >> that's was came up.s came u >> kricks for that.>> that was the worst joke ever. >> honestly.>> >> oh, my god! >> that was pretty g i don't know what it means because iteau sounds nasty. >> he's trolling for volunteer. >> is that what it is?at what ii >> it doesn't sound right. >> wow! >> i made myself laugh.mylf l that's half the battle. b >> words of wisdom from tucker e barnes.rn >> 86 right now in he's making me crazy. 81 in annapolis.nnapolis 82 in quantico.quao 83 dulles.ulle. i mean it's 86 degrees ats 9:00 o'clock in the morning. ini obviously, we're heading in then wrong direction.
9:31 am
100 in couple of hours.f hours you want to take the heatea seriously much dew points are falling back a little bit.ittlet winds out of the north and westn that's good news. very uncomfortable air 70. a earlier it was 75 so at least al we're trending right direction c more of the same.more othe hot, humid, could we pop a a thunderstorm this afternoon,s yes, we will we, probably not. we don't have a lot to deliverov that today but there's the bot e testimony line on your forecast. yeah there's cloud or two out to there early.. build a few clouds thisloud thi afternoon. this particular batch of rainr will miss us to the south but wt might see a storm later but again the heat wave intact c for few more days.ore d today, friday, saturday andy relief by sunday. sda by sunday highs only in thehe upper 80s. there's your future heat indextx 97 the forecast real feel out fe there this afternoon at 4:00 o' 98 in quantico.o 98 in leonardtown repeat fromm yesterday.sterda and there we are at 7:00 o'cloc0 tonight. so with actual air item her inmi the mid 90s you mix in thatn humidity it's going feel morel m like 100 later today.
9:32 am
can we find a storm out there? maybe so. there we are at 6:00.t 6 look like we're trying to pop one near salsbury i can'tan't guarantee you will or won't gett one but there could be pop up pp storm later today.ter t there's future cast overnight.. once we lose the daytime heatinh we lose the storm chances untilu tomorrow afternoon.morrow aft all right. your seven day, 90's around midm 90's thursday 49 day.4 saturday too and then littleite better with sunday and monday. n highs in the upper 80s the bests part less humidity to look t loo forward to for the end of thef t weekend.week all right.all stay cool. c lots of water.. wisdom, i'll toss it over to ytu you. >> all right. i'll catch the tucker barnes and i'll tell why i said -- you like that.that >> yeah. >> maureen liked that. m >> she like those words of le t wisdom. wisd parents, if your kids lovesov football list season up 2nfl 2 players giving back to thek to community they grew up in. grew both are a lumps of bishop macnamara high school in fores forestville maryland and they'ra hosting free youth football dayf camp for kids it's all in anll i effort to teach kids theids the fundamentals of football drillsl techniques and of course teamous building exe
9:33 am
they should come in here donn h some of that for the good dayheo team. i'm just saying.m just saying. we need team building exercisesc this is the third year for thatr event and joining us live from f the loft to tell us all abouttel new orleans saints receiver widr receiver brandon coleman and the eagles we're not going to holdod that against him redskins fanse he's from the eagles he's a a safety, jerome copeland.op good morning to you fellows.youl >> how you doing.. >> welcome to the loft. wcome welcome. >> thank you. >> tell us about the day camp.p >> all right.ll r i'll start it off.rt it >> this will be our third year r with the day camp. um, something jerome and i want wanted to help give back to thec community that we grew up in and we're excited about it.t it. >> right.>> rig >> team building, exercises andd fitness how important is that tt get that message out there andhe for it to come from people whoeo are like real athletes, real professional athletes not like k some dude like mow out thereow o goofing around. >> it's a great thing.t's you have guys young like use wanting to give back and they a can see that, you know, no known matter what you do, no matter m what you put your mind torquerq you can make the opportunitiespi take care of themselves.
9:34 am
what's been the response in then past? i mean, the kids all insl because they see you playing? i you pro football.o fo are they all in just excited to be out of the house and doing something.f >> most of them just excited too be out of the house. hou first year it was kind of slow s but last year it was great turn out and this year we'rer expecting the same thing. >> okay. what kind of message, what kindi of things -- i see video right here. he running, catching, that kind ofa thing.thing. the kind of stuff you'll beyolle doing out there. >> we'll take them through the m whole, arc lot of drills andills what they going to have seven oe seven games and i think they're going to enjoy themselves. >> okay.>> >> all right. >> little, um, fundamental stufs and then going against each eac other maybe one-on-ones here ane there. we'll see.we >> are they ever surprised atpra the work that you guys put in? i like the things that you'reou're teaching them again if you'rem f watching it on tv it looks, oh,, run this way, throw the ball ana catch it. we know it's more complicated mc than that. than are they surprised at how a h complicated it is?s? >> some of the young kids get kt the whoa >> right. >> sometimes. but it's kind of's but, um, they're
9:35 am
fascinated how big we are are sometimes.someti (laughter). >> yeah. i think a lot of people aree are fascinated by how big you so give me an example o-- we-- got limited space. space. we can't do too much but i got a lot of cords on wires on. o give me an example of just just something something that theing kids are going to learn whenoi they're out there on the field. >> all right. i havell one kid right here. another kid right jerome is offense. oense i'm defense. >> high school days.ho >> high school days.hoays >> he was on offense. >> all right.. >> icy hot. >> okay.ka then do you what now? >> i'll say society, hut, run ht the route. r >> isn't slow >> ut-oh. >> you slipped. >> all right, okay. what else? what else we dot wdo here? give me something else.e >> we just saw me back paddling
9:36 am
>> and almost fall.>> and alm >> we'll set up the cones andos send them through -- we can make do. this is at tv we adlib a lot. l we going to make do. mak where is tucker barnes? thesehe will be our cones right here. this is why we adlib on tv. then what do you do if these are cones what are we doing? comeom on steve. on s >> am i a cone? c >> come on, steve.. >> leave the cones thea steve, get if line.stev what are we doing with the t cones. >> run up to the cones. r t go around the cones.on >> around it.und >> all right.>> a right. >> go ahead steve you follow. >> whoa, wait a minute.ut. >> whoo!hoo >> wait until i get to that onee >> go. >> all right. go around. a >> around the back around thee >> boom.m >> come around the cone.e. >> yup. >> there you go. there you go.there you there you go. (laughter).ghter) >> ut-oh. we got little something going n on. (laughter).r). >> ut-oh.oh kick the cone. >> saw refer do that on field o you'd hit
9:37 am
>> yeah. >> i used to want to be u quarterback.rbac i know we jack this segment --e- highjack this i used to be quarterback when ii was eight years old. (laughter). >> through too many interceptions and fumbled tooand much. if i'm throwing the ball andll again i'm recovering froming injuries i got lot of excuses,fs don't i? i? (laughter). >> you work with kids that deald with a lot of excuses. exc >> every day. >> show me what i needed to my t drop step, let me show me.e sho this is what kept me out of the league. watch that. kept me out of the league. l all right.. ready? ♪ >> see that?>> see t >> how is that?>> hs tha >> that's not bad.>> tha >> not bad? >> yay! >> you didn't see me throw it. . hold on.n. less than 30 seconds i'm on the clock.ock >> omaha, omaha, set, hut! hut! >> play safe, play act. touchdown. >> yay! >> it got there it got
9:38 am
>> little ray lewis. lew >> please don't do that the tt first time you score. >> we'll be watching on tv and be like that's the wisdom danced >> gentlemen, thank you veryem much. >> thank you. >> we appreciate what you're doing in the community and giving back you see the information right there on the screen for the camp.ry congme on out and say hi and ged autographs do a little workout.. it will look way better thanettt what just happened here. >> yay!! >> i didn't do anything. yay! >> cheerleaders over there. >> we're actually cheering for the pro football players. >> yay! (laughter). >> wow! >> well done everybody.neverybo it is 9:38 right now much listen speaking of pros kids camps remember that video of james hardin faking out the kid with the flip and dunk. steph curry broke ankles in the process in a different way.nt check it
9:39 am
>> yup, that's steph curry serving up more than juste jus hotdogs and hamburgers at byu bu hawaii camp.p heading out with campers duringn the fourth of july weekend.eeke that's not all did he. not a did >> y. y! >> first of all it would be anoa honor to be just completelyy ankles broken by steph curry thy other thing did he he randomlyan went and knocked on doors like d the doors of campers and he wash like pizza and then it wasit actually him. >> i think that's >> yay! >> there you go.>> >> still ahead in the fox beat,a kevin joins us live from la l where he just saw the all star s ghost buster what we can drag cd out of him next. he's not supposed to talk aboutk it. we'll see.we time right now 9:39. yay! yay! >> you need to run camp onou cheerleading, too. neerl >> what?? >> go, team, go!
9:40 am
>> yay!ay (laughter).. ♪ ♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house th 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. only fios lets you upload as fast as you can download. and right now get these speeds with our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online with no annual contract. now switching to fios is easier than ever with hassle-free installation.
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9:42 am
♪ >> this puppy i like to call a ghost tripper. >> you truly scare me. i just want to let you know th that. >> ♪
9:43 am
>> it's like mardi gras inli there. >> it's a proton glove itke'sovt going to maximize flexibilityty during hand combat.and co give it a punch it's motionn activated. ha, ha. >> okay. that was awesome! who! that is a deadly --dead- >> okay. ghost busters.os >> can't wait to see it.'t waito >> every time i hear the word wd ghost buster i think about ray y parker, jr. jr. >> the song. the >> epic song. >> although they remade the reme >> yeah. >> wait -- >> fall out boy i think.t boy in >> fall out boy redid it.idt. >> hadn't heard that one. o i believe has -- i think it hash mixed >> speaking receive views kevin mccarthy, we sent him where exactly.exactly. >> kevin is in l a
9:44 am kevin saw the movie last night. contractually he is not allowedt to actually talk about thehe movie.e. >> right.>> rig >> until this weekend.. but because kevin can't, kevinev sent me his review, no, steve -- >> i'm going to read it to you?o >> look at kevin's face. >> kevin is freaking out. out >> ghost busters was really --ll >> no, steve, don't do it. i >> i'll leave it >> i will say this. i'm not contractually -- there'e no contract it's just when's j you're a movie reviewer, theyr,e have embargoes for certainin reviews.revis. that way -- >> don't have contract, kevin. >> it's the sal thing.. >> he didn't write anything. >> kevin -->>ev >> basically how this works in movie reviews like everybody has to release their reviews basically at the same time. for example, if i see it now, and the variety critic doesn'tct see it until friday they want fare everybody able to reviewiew the movie at the same time so that -- >> you're not influenced by thet what somebody else had to say ty about the film.abouthe
9:45 am
>> i thought it came out this weekend?weekend? >> no, the movie opens next friday.ay studios sometimes have thesee te weird dates where they lifte ift embargos. i don't really know the sciencen behind it but i know that sundaa i can talk about the movie doesn't open until next friday i so i can actually tweet my review on sunday morning, ing, believe, i'm in the sure of the exact time, but that's when i w believe every critic will havet had the chance to see it.t >> how can we get around thiss embargo? kevin, would you seeds this movie again? aga >> i can't wait to see it again. >> let me try. >> okay. oka >> kevin, you know me. m what kind of emotion would i i have after i saw this movie? >> you guys are trying to get mm in >> no, no new york city.o i asked you a question about mee >> what kind of emotion would i have? >> here's the thing. thi wisdom and i have a bit going oo over the years that wisdom purposely watches movies just tt >> yes.e.t me. >> he'll --
9:46 am
>> i just watched -- i watched something bad and he'll say, ity was bad. b. i'm like, dude i told that youty movie was on the air. so i -- i can't say anything. an i can't say anything about whatw i thought about the movie. >> let me say this, though. >> kevin, my thing just lookingg at though i notice this a lot l with movies lately it feels liks i'm watching a saturday night n sketch because it's so thet' t ladies of saturday night live. l is that by design or because iti throws me off little bit? i goi to be honest.hones. >> it's interesting because the director fall feig is very -- paul feig a big part of him is i trying to get female centricentr rolls to leading actors, leadd actors in movie why i love theet idea of the all female cast.e c. the cool thing about this movie you mentioned snl3 of the leadss kristin wig, lesley jones and kate, are snl cast members.embes
9:47 am
it creates an interestingeresti environment because thet caus characters are completely different than anything they don on snl.onnl kate is a camille leon in whenhe you see her do ellen or hillaryl clinton or justin beiber ther t role here is completelyely different.ent you can gauge that from thege t trailers and clips you're seeinu just now. ju the scene you just saw which ich believe the scene where the motorcycle explodes after she'se flying through the air, i just saw that scene eight hours ago.o so just by hearing it i can visualize it. >> gives us a facial expression that capsulize what this film is like. >> i honestly can't. >> that one right there. >> oh, my gosh. gh >> you guys are going to get hih in t what are you doing there today,y kev?v >> i'm actually interviewing thg cast today.cast the cast i'm interviewing themge in three hours actually.y lesley jones, kristin wig, katee mckeon nan as well as melissa mccarthy and paul feig.leig. yeah, i mean, the embargo on
9:48 am
reviews and this is not just fof ghost busters.te. every movie -- movie >> we get it, kev. wt it >> we get it. wt it. you don't have any information for us. >> we won't get in you trouble,e kev. >> have fun out there. t >> i did text tucker and steve my full length reviews. revie >> we were reading it.adin >> you guys can all read that. a i just can't say it. s >> you broke the embargo.mb >> we got to >> thanks kevin.>> see you later. >> all right, kev. >> oh, wow. >> here's my facial expressionac what the film was. was >> that's a good way to do it. yeah. >> now if he were a supere a sup delegate which movie would heouh vote for? i should have askedek him if he were a super delegatet >> he wouldn't answer.'t a >> still to come this morningme the wizard girls are here andera they want some new recruits. re. so we found two people we'reee'e going to have try out live one the air and we'll see if they have what it takes. al you're one of them.fhem. >> and maureen you're the other. >> what? >> we just saw their tryouts. >> goodbye. >> we're safe. ♪
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
♪ .vis revievin's review >> are you still reading kevin's
9:52 am
>> details. det this one is for the ladies ifs you love to dance, you lovee basketball, you love the a ronaa maybe eyes on you, perfect gig. the washington wizards girls --- >> where is this segment going,, steve?steve? >> wisdom. stick around.. >> looking for energetic andicnd talented dancers to join this year's wizards girls squad. auditions being held this sunday at verizon center. so in order to know what itat i takes to make the team we recruited two people we justus happen to find wandering aroundo the staying.thayin >> wandering.>>de >> maureen, allison you guys are off the hook.f the >> yeah, because we found anniea and erin. >> yay! >> we can do this all day.. >> power of the pom poms.. >> we're here with -- >> okay mr. pro football player over there. >> hater.ater. >> he got derek whitfield,tfld meghan and jamie here today andd this is such an exciting timecit for all of you.ou make megan and james motel usesu real quickly you'r
9:53 am
your first year or second year.a >> this is my second year.y seca >> second year. yr >> i just finished my first fst year.year >> derek is your boss. b he's the boss man. derek, how many people come outt to this every year? >> usually we have between 130w1 and 150 girls. >> wow! wow >> when are try outs if peoplefl are watching at home i want i w those pom poms i want that wan outfit i can dance. >> try outs are this sundaysun registration at 11:00 o'clocklo auditions start at 12:00 at thee verizon center good what do you expect from the wizardszards cheerleader?eader >> i always look for what i calc the triple threat so of courseoc you need to be able to dance, we are a dance team but in additiot to that we are ambassador to the community and ambassadors to the wizards brand.wi so we want to make sure that the girls are approachable and they have great personalities and caa interact with our fans and of o course you have to be beautiful. >> i would say on the surface ie looks lying a lot of fun. it's very glom more russ whichsw it is all of that but it is mucm more. it is being part of theinpart o community. being part of the out reach and even traveling involved.nvve so what do people really need ty
9:54 am
deal? like how much rehearsal goes into it the dedication that's required?at'sequi >> well, we practice two too to three times week but the games g can be on any day of the weekhew once the season starts. >> big time commitment.. >> huge time commit many.. sometimes we see each other for 10 days straight --ait >> like familiarly.amil >> yes, we are it's definitely ' family and it's as wonderful wl group of our team is about 20 strong andg we're just really looking forward to taking our team toouo the next level.the next l that's the talent we're lookingl for. >> i have favor. show me an advanced dance movecm that maybe annie and i couldn'tt handle. >> advanced?>> advan >> i want to see something like that would wow the judges. show me something you're me somh expecting from the ladies out >> all right. first move is -- >> we'll toss and walk, one, three, f >> i'm just going to watch. >> i'm watching.atch >> i should be watching all you all.all >> and five and six, seven, eight. and then do that again. >> good job annie
9:55 am
you got it. >> i'm just going to stand like this. i love the sound this makes. >> i know. >> seriously we need a set of these. she wants them to be confident e and just show off. >> is there an age cut off.. >> that's a good question, mueim oval. >> is there an age cut off.ff i would get my shake on but i bi pay be passed the expirationn date. >> 32 is the old defendant on the team. >> hater. >> it's not too late for me. >> go, erin.ri >> go, erin. >> yay! >> did you do the moves, erin? e >> no i can't dance, wis.ce, w i had them show it. i >> you don't have to be trainedb dancer. danc you just have to be triple t threat entertainer and you cannd learn the moves.arn e moves. >> exactly. >> with a beaming beautiful beaf smile.ile. thank you ladies.yo >> thank you. >> thank you so much.u >> this sunday it's not too>>hao for you. y >> there's the information onor the screen if you're interested
9:56 am
people don't realize how muchze you want to be one of these of e professional cheerleaders orads dancers the time commitment is a lot of work into that. that >> better be ready for it.eady i >> all right. right. they're still dancing we'rencin giving away coffee mug.offee m if you want the mug today it's up for grabs new good dayewd dunkin' donuts perfect cup for if great dunkini donuts coffee head to fox fox d.c./contests.ontest you from 11am only to enter. eer right now it is 9:56. sorry i'm having a little ltl problem.obm >> you read kevin's review as well. well >> i am reading kevin's review. my competition -- oh! ♪
9:57 am
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♪ 10a pulling out all the all stops op this steamy >> fresh at 10a what's theha future hold for the first ladyfd when she leaves the white houseu we'll get the inside scoop.. peeking of the white househe or political reporter ronica cleary goes one-on-one with thee president. president from the hit showho scandal. what advice would his charactera have for the candidates thishis year. ye >> live in the loft she's descrie bed as the song stress b bet. be we're talking about grammyy nominated caroline malachi isali here with a new song.ew s >> crank up the ac and relax anx let good day at 10a entertainern you. ♪ unfortunately wisdom we'reas starting the hour off on a badna note wisdom is slightly upsetps because he feels he wasls he misinformed.sinf >> why? >> because we had wizards girlss try outs end thought it wasas wisdom girls tryouts
10:01 am
yelling go wiz.llgo w >> we need to -- >> sorry. >> give him something to makem n him happy. lift his spirits this hour. h >> i like the way you think, thi steve. steve. >> what are we celebrating here, wisdom?wi? >> national strawberry sundae day. >> were you saying something?ng >> were you talking? >> never miss an opportunity tot celebrate the national day.. national strawberry sundae day.d one of our best friends we lovev bringing to the loft for lt anything related to ice cream victoria. you have done it again mygay friend. you have inundated us withs w goodness here.goness can we try the treats or saving them for >> we should save them for lat later. >> no, no, let's do it now. n >> go ahead.. >> what's wonderful about july not only is today national strawberry sundae day july is is national ice cream month.on
10:02 am
>> the whole month?onth >> absolutely. >> that's what we call a win/w win/win. >> absolutely. with the heat like we have -- >> i know. >> everybody needs ice cream.t i so we have the best thank ceab u sundays you can make it any wayy you want. pound cake, brownies, freshes,re fruit, of course, alwayslw wonderful. whipped cream and sprinkles ares a must. >> right. >> absolutely. >> let's see this. >> let's eat the goodness here.e >> i think we should make some.. >> thank you very much. >> one minute to make sundays.d. >> okay.>> oy. excellent.exce so we have some ice cream. ice m let's see. we have all of these differentsf flavors and so i had so many different ones to try. >> any new ones last time youou came you talk about bryce harper is a fan of your shop he like the --the -- >> banana bourbon caramel. >> i'll have some of that. tt. >> which one is this right herei >> this is caramels popcorn ono of our favorites right next to nationals ballpark it is one off our favorites to have. h but our newest, l you go
10:03 am
absolutely. layer it on.layeit o add some strawberry sauce thisas is great to squeeze around theo sides make it festive looking. i >> here you go.>> >> in the essence of time we may not be able to make our own. o can you make couple and we'lle'l just try them as the show goes e on.. >> um-hmm. u >> your ice creams are so amazing the deliciousic. >> i'll make up -- >> i've been having thisaving large -- i have this large dishs already to make big one we can all share.all >> all right.>> a >> dark and stormy. i don't know what that is but it sounds good.. >> gin and tonic sorbet will w refresh you. t a want a couple of that. >> it will be greatup.wie gr gin and tonic sorbet for me. >> banana caramel your favoriter >> i can only have little bite b because i'm on diet.. >> take one. i don't want to touch >> i'll wait for the real deal.. >> we'll be back. >> let's do go, steve.te >> got to go.>> >> come on, steve.>>e >> bring it with you we'll stara without steve.without steve steve will be over here in a minute.te >> we're happy that you're hereh victoria.or you're coming over
10:04 am
happened to your sunday.yo sunda >> i wanted to make it pretty. she does a much better job muchm she's the pro. >> what should we talk about.k o four minutes past the hour now h that we've gotten our ice creame fix on let's get to what's t wh' trending this hour.ou first up of course we've beenee talking all morning long outraga in america talking about this ts after following aftermath of two shootings involvingving african-american men that havehv set social media on fire with ah lot of people asking, how we cae stop this crazy violence that's' gripping the nation? most recent incident involved 32-year-old fernando castillo cl shot and killed during a traffia stop in minnesota. the incident was captured ondenn camera by his girlfriend who was in the car with him and also four-year-old daughter. daughte. when it all went down.n. she even live streamed it all o facebook in a dramatic videoc that was set, n has set theet te internet a blaze. over 100 people gathered at thet home of the minnesota governor overnight staying until earlyin this morning to protest that shooting.ti and in the meantime, officialsfa say the incident is underer investigation.atio of course it comes alongside ani growing outrage over the
10:05 am
shooting death of alton sterlinl in baton rouge.n baton rouge. a witness recorded video of thaa shooting, too. t. the justice department opened aa federal civil rightsht investigation.atn. one of the officers claims he saw sterling reach for his gun.h but a witness says sterlings never reached for a weapon.. both officers involved have beeb put on administrative leave. lat night peaceful prayer vigil hell at the spot of thatto shooting. you can see the large crowdthlag gathered right baton rouge state representative led the ceremony she said was about eighty one unity.eigh protesters urged attendees too hold police accountable.ccount members of the baton rouge areau calling for the mayor and police chief to be fired questioningsti why they confiscated video video evidence caught on camera at tht convenience store when sterlingt died. listen to this.steno th >> so what we're asking for andr we have other leader who's have asked for the same thing is for this investigation to be takene out of the hands of the baton rouge police department and handed over to louisiana state police.lice the man said that he would not w be involved in
10:06 am
best way to ensure that there is no coverup is to hand it over to some neutral third party. >> all right. rig under the impression the federal government stepped in. i again, social media really a loa of people talking about thisbo t thing. enough is ienough i think for some -- this one th feels a little different to me. >> minnesota or baton rouge.n >> i'm talking about baton rougu because i think there seems tort be such in my opinion irrefutable evidence this guy gy was not struggling and so lot of people are saying look, thisoo h can't happen.n't perhaps these cops have crossedd the line and something needs tot be done. that's it's way i feel about a this one in particular.ti i don't want to speak for anyony else that's my sense from thism one in particular. >> it definitely takes on and iy always has and this is justhis j shown over history takes on a a different state when you canwhec philly see something as opposeds to someone's word. w i think that, you know, you've y seen eight lot of times over the past when there's lawre's law enforcement involved it always y seem to be one person's wordsonw versus the other, and then it's
10:07 am
up to somebody else to decide dc what happene not based on fact.t ba when you see something physicall until front of you you'rel fronu absolute the right. ylu the even it's much easier to -- youu can argue what may have led up to it but you can't argue abouto the actual actions. actns >> but then the issue becomes, s what then is the price? so if s you look at that and even you ee have the police chief in --n - excuse me the governor off louisiana i believe saying thata saw it and he was disturbed by it and raises questions, so youy go from that to no one paying py the price for a life, and iife,d think that's the disconnect and the part that is frustrating asg an american citizen when it seems that no one is held hel accountable for something thatna we see on camera. and another good point, i hate i to interrupt, wisdom a person io was reading social media comments, normally i don't doy ' that it very quickly turns to tt divide in this country but aut person said, the police do theie job they are not to be theehe judge, jury and executioner.tior >> right that's a lot of timesst what we're seeing these
10:08 am
threat or i perceive you thisyot way and. you know what, i don't care c about a criminal unless the police -- i don'tic-d care about that in that moment. >> right. i care they go to trial. >> but not right there. the >> something like this happens h and the first -- first of all, l the train is never late that mut shot they find somewhere thisewt person -- >> because there's a smiling t photo of alton sterling we'veine seen.seen >> why is it we are automatically -- we wcall automatically have to go to theo mug shot.g shot this guy has a criminal record r that deem monoses someone whos has been killed instead ofild in waiting, you know, we always a give other people the benefit oo the date. why if we demonize these victims much police perhaps you wereer wrong. these assumptions are made thatt what leads to the frustrations,t the anger and all of the --he >> feeling like you don't don matter. >> right. rig >> if you have -- >> criminal.rimi the background the records don't mean a thing to me when i'mhen m watching this video and i seeee this guy on the ground and an a officer has him subdued takeses the gun out, i saw this video puts the gun to his head, pullsl
10:09 am
i don't care what he did.he. your job is not to be judge, jud jury and executioner.. you're an officer of the law. it says nothing about when youbn stop somebody for a crime you ce execute him on the spot and those people who are arguing ana saying oh, this guy is a criminal, it doesn't that's not your job.r j your job is to detain him, let, the courts decide what -- whatta he has done and the punishment m not to put a gun to his head and blow his brains out why there ie front of everybody and that's a why people are mad and that'st' why people are angry.ople angry if you don't understand that, ia don't know what tell you. y >> make the argument some peopll jumped this is black livesck liv matter movement and they're thee ones who fan the flames. no. again, i said this before withow other killings.other killi black lives matter movement hast nothing to do with an anti copnc it is not that. >> people can't separate it.e ca >> you need to separate it.te let's caleel a spade a spade. sa there are some great cops a lot of them but some bad cops and cs those bad cops have to be called out. how do you justify shoot
10:10 am
man leaving his family -- didil you see that 15-year-old boy b weeping? no person should evere have to go through that.goough and to somehow try to excuse tht actions of someone who tookeo wo another person's life. lif >> or to look at it -- >> to me it's wrong, it's wrongo it's wrong we have to say enough is enough. is eno enough is enough.en >> for me to look at it and not be able to put yourself in thatt situation that's the disconnectn that's what we need to try toory get to. t i remember saying this when the man in staten island was choked. >> eric gardner. gar >> i made the comment that whenn i saw that, mark is living in ln new york.. that it could have easily been e him and someone wrote back andkd described him as a thug. not knowing anything about him. >> but that's the peace, steve.e until we don't have that, we'rew going to have this.toave >> because you're going to havee the tolling gangsters wisdom wio talk bows all the time that wilt reaction to things not being agi part of that story. i think on the big
10:11 am
someone has to develop disabling device that law enforcement canm use in some way that is nonon lethal that's going to work whether someone is larger,meis l whether they're agitated,gite whether they have something ina their system that prevents themt from being taken down by a stuna gun or a taser.n or aer there has to be something elseog that is middle ground betweenune that taser and fatal shot. >> that's a good pointer becausb right now what we're seeing is, okay, so you're being to told tl put your hands up, give them ale the information you need and yoy still end up dead. d what's next? what do you dot do now? that's the question. qion. what do you do? you put yourdop hands up.p you've surrendered. surrendered. you're on the ground. they have you subdued and youubd end up dead.upea that's good point you bring uprg about coming up with something.g >> i'm trying choose my words wr carefully.cafully >> please do, mo.leas >> as i'm sitting here talking.t the anger is backing so bacng i've had a gun pulled on me, you know, and it's the most fright frightening -- by police officer because i made a u-turn illegalg u-turn. the most frightening incident ii my
10:12 am
to have people subjected to thit simply because the color of youu skin, i'm sorry.or it gets emotional.moon i'm trying to choose my wordse but i'm telling you we have toe stop this. ts. >> welcome your words as well. as always please weigh in usingg the hash tag good day dc.y dc. whatever you like obviouslily it strikes a nerve with so manyvein people not just here but acrossr the country we have a jam packec show for you. y. 12 past the hour right now. n it continues in a conversationvt with the president.. president fits if you're afif ya scandal fan. sc actor tony will be weighing inig here. we'll find out what he saysndute about the real life race for the white house. >> first at 10:15 calvin harrisr collapse back at tay tay, tayloo swift. swif russell and sierra get married plus 50-cent and justin timberlake making celebrityeb dish. why? we'll tell you next. ♪
10:13 am
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♪ >> all right.ig. it's time now for the good day d celebrity dish.. we're calling an aide double.aiu exciting news for our first fst story see rah and the bevev quarterback in the nfl russell wilson are officially husbandyus and wife. >> yay!! >> what do they do. d >> well posted this photo onto twitter and instagram with the caption, we are the wilsons.
10:16 am
>> great photo. >> yeah it is. is. >> look how beautiful searer ar rep for sierra confirmed the marriage saying the wedding took place in england.. >> calvin harris pulled a tayloy swift on his ex. ex. harris wrote a cheating songg about swift.wi >> what?ha >> track is called, is it ole or ole. >> ole. it is written from tay tay's new flame tom hiddleston's point oft view the lyrics make it clear calvin believes taylor hiked upd with tom way before she broke ue with him. one of the lyrwiics reads, i see online that you've begun to be u good girl and take trips withit your boyfriend being attentive continue to pre 10. >> i don't understand a bit of i what that just said. sd maybe those lyrics aren't race t yesterday enough for how about those.hoabou >> now we getting to it.ttinto i >> you hidden my name in youre y phone so you can call me to tell me you've been going through tou hell. left him alone and you booked aa hotel.. >> go ahead. ahead >>
10:17 am
tom and his four character chara saying low key you won't tell t none of your friends -- fri >> that's a good one.gone >> that's a good one.a good one >> i like that. i le that. >> that was a good one.s a go oe >> calvin that was a lot of stuff. >> get over it. she's done with it.e' >> she moved on. she med i don't believe taylor swift tot hiddleston thing. tng fake relationship.ionshi >> i do now. >> you do.ou >> i do now.. >> pictures tell that story. >> i'm not going to sit in anybody's lap if i'm not datingt him. >> it's acting. >> i have done that before in mm past.. >> talk about it today in seymour wisdom. wisdo >> after the show. theho >> who will be anchor numberr ne three? >> i'll do it.. >> rapper 50-cent -- >> i always saying his name. 50-cents. >> 50 is having a pretty good day. i can't even see it. okay.okay according to tmz he was finallyy able to make deal with the judge to get out of his bankruptcy scandal.scan why is it scandal? he just h js filed bankruptcy.krupy. why is it a scandal judgeal j approved financial plan heal p submitted in april of this yearr
10:18 am
it requires him to pay $23 million over five years. wow! including 6 million to theo woman who is suing him for lea leaking her or i presume theirse sex tape or his -- just her sex tape. tape. >> he's got money. >> make some more >> he's got a he's got that hit show power. pr >> that's true.hat' >> don't cry for him.'t cry forh >> yes. my goodness have you seen this t story. >> i have not. >> speak on it wis.. >> speaker i sail ya banks is speaking to bleach her skin.o bh >> the winter one who went in on iggy azalea for cultural appropriation. >> and now she's bleaching her skin. >> allow me to pontificate. what's the difference 20 gettine a nose job and changing yournggy skin color. . >> her fans did not respondpo well. some calling her decision a sigg of self hate.ofelf >> it's weird. she's going through a weirdnessd
10:19 am
>> it's strange. strange. >> others are defending hers ar decie sion saying woman has an h right to choose what she does with her own body. >> unless you're iggy as veil ye and you try to put braids in your hair.your hair. >> then you can't do it. >> azalea banks is going through some thing. thing. >> she's sending out distressini signals. i saw this post like a facebookb live type of thing schenn wasn talking about it. my issue she has been so vocal -- vocal -- >> about being conscious andei things of that nature. >> pro black. pro >> and of course people are like what's the between that andt people getting a tan.le gting you know, she's the one whoho weighed into that water it's >> okay. >> i'm sure we'll hear moreror about this.out scary news for rah silverman.iln the star recently spent a week e in the icu for severe throateret infection parent until couldn have killed her.pader. silverman wrote a candid post on facebook thanking her doctorsoco and nurses for helping herelpinr through that life-threatening infection she than thanked her r boyfriend michael sheen who sats by her said.
10:20 am
but that they need to stop because the crying makes her m throat hur.that h >> we're glad she's better. bete >> she's a funny lady. >> yes, she is.he >> let's end with end major shake up in the marvel mar universe.erse >> tony stark calling it quits.s he's out. brand new iron >> who ask is it.t. >> the iron man is now a black a teenaged girl. >> oh. oh. >> iron woman.n won >> iron teen.n tee >> yes. in the comic world tony stark sk will step away from his super hero altar ego and new character named rere williams -- wilams -- >> time out. te ou (laughter).ter). >> why is it girl named reri. r >> that's her name.e >> they named a super star -- the -- whatever her name iss rere. rere. >> of all the names to choosenac for comic hero. >> her real name is probably like,.li,. >> peaches. >> rianne today or rhonda andndd it's shortened to >> nobody see where i'm goinge i with this. >> no, because this is not real. >> it's real to me.e. >> we called rihanna rhe rhe.nae >> that's different.fent >> okay. o >> rhe rhe williams.
10:21 am
>> part of a recent trend introducing diverse charactershr in the comic world in an effortt to expand reader ship. sp she made falcon --n -- >> tyrone. tyr >> they made falcon captain c america too. >> i'm sorry tyrones.. >> so you are our comic book gu guy. >> expert.>> e >> so what happens to tony tony stark? does he get killed int this >> he probably just -- just >> he passes the torch on to rhh rhe. what happens. the torch just just like steve rogers passes theasse torch to falcon who becomes thes new captain america.captain amec they all retire. >> iron mathwhole i were manholi thing is just the outfit. outt >> the costume. cos. >> i will say i'm glad to so teenaged -- black teenaged girl is getting this role.hi >> what about like doing aab different character altogether?e >> they do have -- james roads who is war machine who's ironhos man's body is black.s so they are already -- anddy -- panther is black and falcon is o black. they do have black characters.rr it's not new to have black super heroes.he
10:22 am
what i'm saying, okay, nextex superman, you know, denzelze washington.shin >> i'm just saying why not havev like, you know, cool dude or like, you know,. >> i understand.nd their also doing spiderman isrms going to be by racial, too.aciat >> all i'm saying -- spiderman e will be by racial. by r >> i will not be repliedingeplin under the comments under this from the com pick book people.eo that's all i'm saying. sing. >> bring on the hate. b >> meanwhile steve is over there in his own little world. stevie steve. >> national strawberry rowtrawby sunday today.suay t >> you talk about whatever youk want over there. because i'm good overab here. h >> well good. wel >> i got an early start on this. so how did steve steve get ice cream. >> wis zen wee wee -- w - >> that didn't sound right. >> we crossed the line now.ow did we cross it? we crossed th line. there's a line steve and you just jumped right on over. onve >> you be careful was lay up u there i make take it and slam it down. do listen, you guys get a chance ac we'll make more sundays duringyr the break and share afterwards.s hot and steamy out there this morning.moin tucker is back with
10:23 am
our super sweaty forecast.. later carolyn ma la can i joinss us l she has new album out tomorrow.o she's performing her new singlen today right here in loft. l that's neck.. let's eat! ♪
10:24 am
10:25 am
♪ steve, go ahead. >> we're a little >> i have my mouthful, maureen.e >> it's national strawberrytraw
10:26 am
>> i'm still waiting for mine. we celebrate everything especi especially if it involves food.d with our steaming hot dayay nothing better than ice cream.r. ice cream jubilee have come with goodies. >> dark and stormy that's like s trip to bermuda. >> ooh.>> o >> in cone.n cone >> listen --isten >> dark and stormy right nowrito it's amazing.. underneath is gin and tonic. >> you have your cup a alcohol.. >> banana bourbon caramel withih the gin and tonic and dark d stormy is one our popular triosi >> this is very very good. g >> that has alcohol in it.t ha >> um-hmm. >> the one i have doesn't have v alcohol, right. rig >> how much alcohol is thereuch really. >> come on wisdom.dom. >> i got the keep the templepl pure.pure >> on that note --ote -- >> please. >> you guys are done. yards park right by the nationaa baseball stadium.taum >> nationals players will actually go there.
10:27 am
keep your eyes open. enjoy national structure berryuy sunday day. >> tucker barnes we have bowl for you too. it sure does taste good on hotdh day like today.ay. >> you got to come up, tuck.k >> is anybody eating nationals strawberry ice cream. >> strawberries sundays. s >> that's what makes it aakes it strawberry sun today. >> you can add anything to makee a strawberry sundae. whether or not you want brownie pieces oreos, strawberry saucerr make it a strawberry sundae. sda because it's national ice creamm month you can have any flavor you want and still right. >> made a jack and coke flavorok for you. it's waiting for you.ou >> i'll be upstairs as soon as i finish this up.p good ice cream eating weather wh obviously. take a cool this afternoon these temperatures are all right ripping and roaring here early.e 87 now in washington.asng 84 down in leonardtown.rdwn. these are actual airese artu temperatures. 86 in fredericksburg. and you mix in that rather unpleasant dew point which is wh currently hanging out
10:28 am
and this is what your currentoue heat index reflects, into herenh in the city and none out in in annapolis.anna 89 out at dulles.ulles. obviously it's going to be a hob and humid day. daytime highs mid 90s. heat index flirtin flirting wit0 this afternoon much likeh yesterday the sunny and hoty th streak continues here for a a couple more days as we're justrs looking at the same air mass inn place around here yesterday andy the day before.e. there's your satellite/radar. nice and quiet.nice aui few clouds out there early. we'll pop few more clouds this i afternoon after daytime heatinga could there be a storm? yes. y there will be a storm? not likely, and really not much relief here until late saturdaya that will be our next chance fof some cooler air to get in here. late saturday, early sunday.unda lose the humidity and daytime di highs will only look at that bea in the upper 80s.pper 8 that will actually feel great after mid 90's for couple ofe o days. best chance for storm the next x seven probably tomorrow afternoon with scattered stormso and then you can see we cool itt
10:29 am
all right. take it easy out there. t lots of water if you're walkingl outdoors.tdoo bring your pets inside.iid check on your elderly neighborsn that kind of thing next couple i of days with daytime highs in hs the mid 90's.e d 90's. >> i'm running upstairs for jacj and coke ice >> tucker, stay down there we got this. >> you said you guys were justee voted best -- bt >> best ice cream again in the washington post >> okay. >> also the washington tone yana editor pick second year in a row and won not even two years old. two years -- yea >> we love it. nk thank you. >> i feel like we're inl li we' partnership because you've beenn on like through the years, yea through the two years so you'ree welcome.weome. >> absolutely. any time i can bring you guys ice cream. >> okay. b >> still ahead on good day,heady first lady michelle obama, she's one of the most popular first ladies ever and when her time i the white house ends she'll staa in d.c. until sasha finisheshe school. what would life be like for the former first lady. we're getting an insider's look
10:30 am
>> sprinkles. >> no sprinkles.
10:31 am
10:32 am
10:33 am
♪ politics aside it is safe te say the current first family has been one of the most popular depending on who ask you for --r they've been the most talk about probably in a long time, and now that we know that president prei obama and first lady michelle me obama plan to stay in d.c. once. they turn over the keys to theeo white house a lot of folks areos wondering what the future formef president and first lady will do with their time here in i washington. this morning we're gettingor inside look at first lady ly michelle obama's plans for lifel post politics from dear friend.i back briefly from maternity leave judy kurtz is e news n contributor and also the in the know columnist and fox5 contributor, too.. >> hello. >> good to see you.. >> thank you.nk. how is the is t >> she's wonderful. wondeul these my co columnist at thest t
10:34 am >> you look mazing. >> thank you. dollar.lal smoking mirrors. >> thanks for coming in.ha michelle obama, got to be one of the most popular first ladies l that is regardless of politicsfl aside or what have you. so the big question is what wilt she do when she leaves the whiti house.hous >> what will she do. she she'll be taking the express e train out of dc as soon as possible.ible. of course after sasha obama graduates from high school in ac few years. fe she's going to be ine's gng t washington -- >> you don't think she'll stay't after that. >> i think she's always been ah little uncomfortable here inrtae washington being under theng uet microscope especially living ini the white house. she's expressed kind ofs esse discontent of constantly beingti watched she said as soon as soon she's able she's going to walkow out those white house doors andd keep on walking not having togo ask anyone. but i don't think she's going tg be, you know, updating herg resume.sume i don't think she's going to be looking for a jinob offers on craigslist.gsst i think she's probably going tog have to higher someone with to o help her with all those job offers will be coming >> do you think there's a rolesl in politics when she's done.'s d
10:35 am
another president obama in thent white house any time she's really not enjoyed thishis political fish bowl.l fish b i think if not for her husbandhs she really wouldn't be in this s political world.ti i think we're going to see her somewhere in the private sector maybing working on thosen initiatives she's worked on indn the white house such as let'set move, her anti childhood obesi obesity, let girls learn her girls education initiate tift. that's where her heart lies. l there's also the ought toteot biography which is most first f ladies pe inform right afteright leaving the white house.aving in fact every firste lady since pat nixon has written book after living in the white house.ese >> how have those books been? b have they been revealing? have they been, you know, controversial or they just sort of like obligatory thing the first lady does.s >> i don't think we should d expect a juicy tellon all. all she's liking to reflect on her h time in the white house maybe we give a few little tidbits behinh the scenes we didn't know beforb that help sell book, of course,c i don't think we should
10:36 am
expecting anything really earthy shattering come from an auto biography.ogra >> what about a law firm? what do you do -- she has a platformr might she just be a speaker a se around the world? wor >> she certainly could.ou she's a young first lady. lady. 52 years old.ears o a former lawyer. lye she has, you know, the world ata her fingertips.gertips. pretty good problem to have alla these offers that are likely toy come her way. way she's also going to have to getg used to living a life outsidee the white house when your jobr isn't in your residence like iti is for her right now she's going to have to learn to brew her owo coffee. co sit in traffic like the rest oft us. us >> oh, no, she won't. w this is her new home we're we' looking at i believe belie temporarily.temp so i mean they're still going to be living pretty she she live. >> certainly going to haveer secret service around her.ta but erand certainly a lot of of attention that at least whileeai she's still living here in d.c.n but it is going to be different than having 24/7, you know, passe around you. y
10:37 am
target whenever she wants. >> that's right. she doesn't have to go i in cogc it tow. she doesn't have to wear the wiw and sunglasses and all of that.. >> anything else you knownyelse perhaps we can expect i knows w it's all speculation right now?t >> i think definitely the book h is on the way. w and i think working on those initiatives really -- she's passionate about and that are important to her what we can wtc expect to see in the comingom years. >> awesome. okay.. >> maybe packing up those movinv boxes out of the white house.heh >> what happens with you now? wn when do we see you again on ain regular >> i'm getting back in there. t i'm gearing up for theg for convention at the end of theti month.on i'm somehow covering those.. >> really? >> i'm back in the game.'m bin . i'm good to go. to g gracie my baby daughter isy dauh helping me out.helping she's sleeping through the night so that's a big help. >> perfect. >> she's a really good at entert viewing people.eoe she's really good listeners.tens >> they do the who is going tos be in the white house after the obamas? she hits this bottle or this bottle? >> two sucks we know who it is
10:38 am
>> judy kurtz thank you so muchm >> back to the desk or the cou couch. >> i don't blame michelle obama latowanting to get out of town. it's very rare that a first familiar woman stay in d.c. forn the first place as soon as whena they're done.they >> ex factor is the kids.x fact >> sure is. >> thank you ladies.nk y still ahead at 10:00 o'clock o'o this morning fox5 political pol reporter ronica cleary doing hed best kevin mccarthy impression.. >> ut-oh. >> she's going one-on-one with scandal star tony gold win, w president fits, during hisgis campaign stop in northerner virginia to see what advice hise fix al character may have fore r the real life candidates.didate see that's the kevin question. e you got it? >> like if fits were to be talking with the future fits, f, 10:38.:38.
10:39 am
10:40 am
10:41 am
>> i'm a little annoyed you'm decided to represent susan ross after i endorse rd her opponentp but other than there's hope.op i'm great. >> i went to super max last las night. ni >> you what?? >> visiting jake was not part op the agreement.the agreemen >> i visited tom. >> i am trying not to get angrya here. you visited tom because youm bee thought you could what, get himh to confess? we already did a that. he confessed to killing my song and your friend on orders from r the guy you've been screwing. sr >> i thought he would change hih story. he didn't. >> prime time baby.ime bab we apo
10:42 am
>> language.>> language. >> always something going on on scandal. well listen, if you watch wat president tony fits presidents fits rather tony goldwin plays president fits cease no strangee to politics in real life.e. while he plays fitzgerald grant on the show he's active in reall life. yesterday he was in leesburg was virginia campaigning for hillarh clinton.clin now while he was there he tookek the timing to one-on-one withe ronica cleary and here's whate'w they talk about. >> of one i'm here with tone 933 goldwin star of scandal. scaal he's here on behalf of hillary i clinton. we'll have little bit of fun lif asking him scandal scenario typt questions related to this race.. tony, thank you so much for much being with >> my pleasure. >> so if president fits were ine this race that a lot of candidates, how do you think hed would fair? >> well, i think he'd do extre extremely well until theyhe started digging into hisigging t personal life and he may be in b li
10:43 am
republican candidate, i think he might have it in the bag.he >> i like that.e tha so olivia pope i know she's to e the your character but she had b to give each of the candidatesde one piece of advice becausef ade that's what she does, she helpse them out washington do you thinu she might tell each candidate? >> tell the truth. tru lay it out there, don't run from it, and then she can help youanp with whatever your problemsyouro might be.. >> so millie your he can wife of the show she's running forng f president.esid do you think there's any advicee that hillary clinton might be able to offer thela character ii the race? >> hillary might tell melanie a little bit of sense of humor about herself. herself chill out and relax. melanie gets very stressed out and it doesn't always work tolwk her advantage. >> you're speaking on behalf ofa hillary clinton today.hill is there any chance arfor politt in your future? >> no. well, politics, yeah.cs, i mean i'm doing it right now. >> t
10:44 am
>> no, honestly i don't -- fascinated as i am and as muchn as i enjoy talking about it, i'm not qualified.uali i mean really when i look at someone like hillary clinton who has such an incredible depth of knowledge about how to actuallya effect positive change in american's live beyond slogansys and headlines and making thehe pitch, you know, the show horseh versus the work hours hors horss impressed by people who really r know the business that i would a leave the policy making toin people who really understand itt >> last question. any sneak peek for the nexthe n season of scandal that you can u share with us? >> i wish i had one for myself.l i have no idea what john has in mine. mine i'm excited to find >> i'm a big fan. big fan. i love the the show. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for giving us some time.ou us back to you guys som.. that interview brought tovi you in the back of my house. (laughter). >> is that where they were? whe >> can i tell by the paintyhe chipping off
10:45 am
>> just chilling. >> oh, man. >> scandal has ties to runway beyond the political bacc drop.op. olivia pope based on press aid d judy smith.mith >> very nice guy.>> very ni part of hollywood royalty. royal >> that's right.ght. >> the goldwin mgm goldwin golin family. >> he is what they call longey g money.. >> g in mgm.. >> he want to take you about tho very important discussion went were having earlier on the drlie shootings of two unarmed or -- r to black men in recent days andy you've been sending your tweetst shared our thoughts with you tth this m tweets have been coming in. we encourage you good or bad lel us know. we would like to talk about. brandon boyd people say alle all lives matter when it comes tot o people of color this country hay a history of not treating us as if ours does. >> all right.ight capitol hill says theay conversation that you all justyo had on police brutality and a overall humanity simply mazing
10:46 am
>> good commentary on the policm shooting i can hear the emotion in the conversation.n. >> i just want to say thank you that's from hughes. >> and miss smarty pants i love fox5 d.c. is having an openn opn honest conversation about whatbo is happening out hpenint it is important.mporta >> okay. here's a little bit lighter.ight >> let me go to this. i have basically wondered in wisdom's mom had a lot nice nic furniture ruined when he was a playing football.tbl >> you can take that outside. >> remember i said -- what's wt' this, steve? >> he like the wee wee referen reference. >> put it on the board!? >> steve called me wee weed wee earlier because we were talkingl about rhe rhe and iron man. >> oh, lord. o >> all right. wisdom let us know where that
10:47 am
shoot happens.appe. >> i'll let you know when i get it lock up. >> time now 10:00 frick.00 fck coming up next chapter onehaer singer carolyn ma la can i's nen album drops tomorrow. tomorrow. first she's life with us in the loft to perform her new single s very beautiful young she's coming up next.p n stay with us. stay with us.
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coming on wendy the real lifewe mike and dave from thend mike ak dave wedding day plus the hot topics. >> our next guest singer whor w grew up right here in the dmvmv dubbed sweet song stress by betb known for musical style which combines jazz, hiphop, andhop spoken words her new album new a called "chapter one where yourey are" is out tomorrow and firstnf part of album trilogy calledgy e rise to the modern natural.atur herma to perform where i come im from, please welcome caroline take it away. ♪
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
(applause). carolyn malachi.. >> hey. >> how are you.>> how >> let's get the name of the bad members. >> jarrel on base, brandon jacobs on keys.cobs on keys. >> beautiful music. your dmv native. nat >> that's right.>> that's >> we love that you're back homh doing your thing. how did you get your start? stat >> i've been making music all my life with writing and when i anw went to college i discoveredve technology.tenology i started producing for my self and work wig amazing musiciansnc it's gone from there. the >> i love the jazz of the easy s breezy sound.. something i think anybody candy liz zen to. your music who is it tailoredd towards.tords >> it's tailored toward thetail human heart. heart my goal is to make sure you feef good. make sure you feel good.ure yofl make sure that when you hearr
10:56 am
there's a creative energy thatya we all share. s that we all can tap into and ino that can make us one. >> where can we get your music m or see you. >> you can see me locally july 16th marvin gay park and pa then head out to tokyo for whi while. >> international. es yes. but online carolyn and i tunes and chapter onehaptr where you are is out on friday and new video just came out forf the song blowing smok that's ona jones magazine today.ine tod >> i love it. it her husband mark was one of youu videos. >> yeah. >> shout tout that. great work. great to hear from you.ea >> thank you.>> t you >> success to you.cess >> thank you. >> time left in the show we'llft zen it back to the couch foror quick goodbye.e >> quick check on the forecast.. sound great carolyn. good luck overseas as well. w any way to beat the heat today.t >> lots of ice cream, stay coolo >> lots of water.. >> kickback. all right. >> relax. 95 today. today. that heat index 100 plus thes next couple of days by sund
10:57 am
thing get better. >> watch out for your pets, neighbors, you know the drill by now. >> see you tomorrow morning.
10:58 am
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and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> how you doin'?. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> thank you for watching our show! [ cheers and applause ] say hello to my co-host, my st


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