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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  July 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> shock and sorrow nationwidens as america deals with this deadly yesterday day for law enforcement since 911. >> plus a local police chief is reaching out to his community. >> there's a spek store with a respect to this issue in americi rightss now. >> his important message following last nights blood she had and shooting of two black men earlier this week. >> then peaceful protesters gather as a tamal chew when youm say week comes toal an end. fox 5 comes right now. >> shawn yancy. >> tony perkins. this marks the second night of protest in the describing. people took to the streets earlier this evening to express th
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police shootings of blain men in batten ruche and minneapolis asn well as the shooting in dallas texas that killed five police officers into gun manned shotd o and killed five police officerse and wounded seven others. police identified the gunman as micah johnson. following attack police engagede in a stand off with johnson at a near by parking garage. he told officer he wanted tod kill white people he died early this morning when police used a robot to take him out and endnd the stand off. they severed his home find ammunition an personal journal. >> meanwhile today even moreay e upseting news of violence after ambushs of police officers reported in tennessee, missouri and georgia, and georgia a 22 year old man made a 911 call cal falsely reporting a vehicle a break in. when an officer rpo
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that call for help steven beck reportedly shot the office is he. tonight that officer is in serious condition. beck was hit comby returned fily non life threatening injuries. >> impact these events areh vending oures region. >> lindsay watts spent the day with protesters we began with tisha lewis. >> reporter: tony and shawn, chief sent a message to the department as everyone who work here at district three prince george's county police heade hea carterser quarters say what happened this week impact us u all. it was just in march that this is department lost one of itsone own members a mid a gunfire battle that happened just steps away from where we are standing now. they are together, a painful week filled with tragedy.
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>> reporter: flags flew atepte half-staff. this time the that is hes receiving losing fellow officers in dallas they are not alone. >> they were out there fender of this couldn't expect the degree to which she were risking theirk lives to preserves rights of their fellow americans personala to express themselves. >> reporter: we sat down toyow prince george's county policee chief. it was just four months ago a gunman opened fire outside the county police head quarter. 29 year officer was killed during the shoot out. >> what gets overlooked isn't the officers themselves because we've l come to terms with the danger of this job. the family see their loved ones go out to engage in this profession. but in this environment theonme family is uncertain about what danger they will face. >> reporter: the snipper
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for police and the community. >> we're failing to value what makes our country the most m promising in all the world byldb failing to do what is your is obligation and that is to speak freely and consider onene another's views and then come to a consensus about moving forward for the best result for >> he will. n theporter: he says o heals of louisiana minnesota and dallas all sides need to come together e. >> if we don't look at these the deaths in totality and agree we need to back away from the bring of something and use that no matter what side you are onu maybe that's the good that comes out of these tragedies so that we all come out safer. >> reporter: that's probably what stood out the most in our interview.iew. he says that not only
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to have dialogue on converse about what is happening in this country he says when both sidesd talk and both sides listen to what each side has to say. tisha lewis fox 5 local news. >> officer he in the direct are reacting so last nights deadly ambush. >> after hearing what was going oint is a painful time for the law enforcement community arounn the country. here in dc it is no different n our officer follow the news ande see what's going they have their concerns as well. >> families suffer today i mustt have gotten 10 phone calls froms family members and friends you doing okay, you all right, keepg your head up. we're giving too much power toor the one or two percent of the oh people that are saying that we bad. that police officers is not n doing their job correctly. c >> today dc police hosted a block party in the deanwoodoo section. one of 13 parties planned for the summer t
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with community. there were more protest across the nation evene more are expected throughout the weekend. today at the white house demonstrators gathered for the second straight day. they want justice for the two black men killed by police. lindsay i was struck by very diverse crowd out there protesting today. >> reporter: shawn, that is something that stood out to me as will had all.s w all types of people that came out for this protest. something else very important, p this was a peaceful protest. the crowd never got unruly for the most party they were not only presuspect full of each other but respectful of the police officers who were keepinw aner eye on their demonstration. the protest is only evidence left behind you can see right here some candlesc and wax in shape of a heart along with a few posters left lf behind. you video from earlier when several dozen protesters gathered this is evin
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last it was during that time yesterday that a snipe person a dallas ambushed police officers at a rally there. i talked to the organize 0 of this protest today about that violence last night she called c it reprehensible and devastating. she also spoke to the . that you can be supportive of the black live movement and, about the violence. sheen other protesters i spoke to said p this was not meant toe anti police, here's how the organizer described objectives. >> behind the badge is a human being. we want them to be held accountable for what they do on the job especially if it leads to ending the life of anotherthr person. this is not us versus them not blue versus blacks. holding people account able inea associate where we have a hav justice system. >> doesn't have to be war on one another. we can come together and be in
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fire just creates a la largeres fire there's really no solution with that. >> black live matter. black live matter.k li >> it's time for a change. >> reporter: many in that groupa started at department of justice building, they chanted and lit candles. more than a dozen officer with i those dc police and hoe land security. protesters matched around theat justice department before eding here to the white house. t a lot of security out today. i didn't see any disrespectis toward any police officers letoi alone any aggression. agg one moment that real stand out a man yelled out to them thank yoh for doing the job that you do. we are expecting to see more of these protest around the dmv this weekend. a few more happened tonight andt more planned for the days to come. live at the white house lindsayn watts fox 5
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>> demonstrations happened in cities across the country. this was the scene in new york s city where protesters enduredte heatst and rain. of course intersupport of the police. stay with foex 5 for continuing coverage of the dallas police shooting. we're going to go live to report in dallas in this broadcast also coming up 10:30 we're sitting down with president of the naacp chapter in prince george's county to get his response to this weeks violent out breaks. we have the latest on our website. you can visit both our facebook page and our twitter k coming up next another local man is ac caused of trying to help isis. zoo h sarah simmons is followins that story. tony a berk, 56 man is6 arrested on terrorism accused of supporting details of the arrest and why we've s
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over the past two years, shawn. >> later, why police put the us capital building on lockdown today. and gwen it is humid outside jostle write is we're going to get a break however.ver. tonight we dealt with a little bit of rain an few storms. we're going to have more updates on your weather forecast andect more news coming right up. fox 5 news at 10 will be back right after the break. break. ♪
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. >> welcome back.>> northern virginia man is behindd bars facing terrorism charges. he's accused of supporting isis. >> he's also the 7th person arrested in northern virginia in the last year facing charges linked to isis. sarah simmons is here with details. >> reporter: 25 year old harris was what rested
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appeared in court this afternoon. he has been on the feds radar screen for a while. court documents show heen attempted to travel to join isis in 2014 but his you were parents took his passport and threatened to call authorities. in 2015 he met someone he thought it was an isis supportei turns out it was an fbi in form manned. he's accused of seeking out targets for terrorists at taxes, he took pictures of lands marks around dc in hopes they would be used for isis. over 20 handles variation. this is the 7th terrorism arrest in verge the last year.t y i spoke with former homeland for security officer and whistle belower about up particular in recent terrorism. >> what we are talking about is strategy,
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seeing more and more arrests and more and more related events not just in america, but all over the world. >> u.s. attorneys office says 11 people have been arrested linked to isis seven in the last year or skamar faces 20 years in prison if convicted. shawn. >> thank you. rain certainly cooled things down a bit. bit but it is still humid outside. gwen tolbert standing by to tell us what we can expect. e we're going to have mixed conditions, shawn, late tonightg because there's still moisture in the atmosphere we are talkini patchy fog that will linger to early morning hours.ou look at the radar, we have cloud coverage. precipitation a different storys most of it moved out.ut. not dealing with any storms ass we move into overnight hours. i don't want to say a hundred sa percent we may not have another
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that agencies the i 95 corridor. this as head of a frontal systet that's going to move through once we head into you see things much improved considering we had a lot off cloud so ground lightening. not everybody saw any of it notn everybody got rainfall. we had mixed conditions and we a did not get the atmosphere so destabilized that it became high fred. em at that cheerser cheers low '80s high '90s.s. humidity really very much in place. improvement with that as shawn said, behind the rain, it really did help to cool things down and tomorrow we'll start out a start little bit on the humid side bub we will have the heat and we will see some improvement oncemo we get through most of the day. so warm in place. we move into tomorrow with the frontal system that's going to o pull through. for tonight we are looking at partly cloudy skies. dry every whereas i
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humidity staying in contact for you. the changes will come together.l can't rule out c an isolated stm tomorrow either. marginal risk is what we are under. that will be a pop up variety not really widespread maybe jusb a pop up here and there later in the last noon. very isolated in nature.ure. with that cold front comingng through into the hot humid airid mass that we have in place, likelihood of just a stray shower or a pop up thunderstormp is definitely on a jen d we'reen going to keep our eye on that. e in the meantime another warm day tomorrow. jet stream well to the south of us. so anticipate seeing that heatt sticking around. humidity will stink a out. tink wait until you here my sunday forecast. as we put things together for you tonight, overnight low at about 77 degrees. d westerly winds. five to 10 miles an hour. the wind will pick up tomorrow w will be a little stronger, westerly flow will keep
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on the cool side. partly cloudy skies, i'm calling it comfortable we still have a little bit of stickiness on the atmosphere. once again we are saying tonigho a stray shower nothing to bee concerned combo. vial your full forecast comingl up in a f bit. >> thank. >> coming up next a startling story.stor a metro employee is fired after two trains nearly collided. >> we'll tell you what metro's ceo and gm is saying. >> in the wake of the deadly ambush in dallas dialoguedial between the relationship between police and community. ♪ >> shot this video dc police dc officers dancing with a man at today's blo
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a little old school versus new school running man. m i say they both made it look good. ♪ ♪
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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. >> welcome back. we learned about an incident onn metro this week that led to the firing of a train operator. general manager paul wiedefeld sent a memo to employees that detail to you's incident.yoin he said train operator ranrator through a red signal at the glen mount station and almost sta collided with another train ofti the the train alsoh nearly hit two track inspectors. ins his memo says in part, quote, given the severity of the
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breach rather than standard suspension for a first red signal violation offense operators employment has been terminated. he continued saying quote we need to step back in this moment and understand what a fundamental change in safety culture requires of us. >> tensions are running high nationwide including today at the us capital. just before nine this morning us capital an visitor sent were placed on lockdown for bough about an hour. capital police say they spotted what looked like a gun inside an employee back. turned out to be a false alarm but nerves were rattled. >> to have a capital lockdown the morning after dallas on thea healings of some of the other things that happened people are on edge right now. n and so it's a very unfortunate people's house gets locked down. >> capital kaw placed on lockdown as a
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suspicious item in that woman's bag turned out to be a power drill. >> 12 pink frederick countynty rescue crews found the body of an 18 year old man from germantown who went swimming. andrew was last spotted around four this afternoon near the rescue crews found his body around eight clock tonight. well new at 10 a man is recovering tonight after he wase stabbed at union station. it happened around five 30 in the mil of rush hour.e he was taken to themi hospital s with non life threateninge t injuries. there's no word yet on a suspect or motive. take a look at this video mr. dc police need your helpr h finding a man who robbed a convenience store it happened june 30th 32 hundred block fdre opens avenue. the man walked in the store. passed a note to the clerk. and demanded money. mon he grabbed the cash. and then took off. police say he was driving a white nissan with maryland tags. if
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police. well still ahead tonight wee are continuing the conversation about the relationship betweenet police officers and the communities they serve. >> bob ross is the branchranc president of the prince george'i county chapter of the naacp. he's here to discuss what's happening in our communities that's next at 10 .
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ica runs on dunkin'.
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>> americans are angry, sad anda confused following a series of deadly events this week. police officer shot and killed two plaque men in two of daysn then last night alone gunman ambushed police. the gunman 25 year mike ka y johnson shot and killed five policesh officers. he told investigator he was targeting the white officer. police used a row bother armed with a bomb to kill johnson in their stand off early this >> tonight we are getting first
10:30 pm
their lives, frank thompson, michael krol, patrick zamarripa. mike smith, lorn a rennes,n several other officer wounded in that attack. >> of the naacp is here to helpo us sort through all this. thank you for being here. clearly tensions were high before what happened last night. then we had what happened lastnd night in dallas rhetoric that has been on social media we've been hearing people in the protests where do we go from here. how do we bridge that gap between community and the police? >> cornel brooks made a statement very clearor today thd we can have an opinion, but we have to do this in a piece you y full way all people black and white. my condolences to the people that have been killed unnecessarily. i can say prince george's county we had over the last five years build a
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george's county police department and other municipalities working togethert understanding each other. we did a good job. what 21st century police look like. iacp, after michael brown wasas killed, i was invited down to be part of until along with national naacp. prince george's county has a has good working relationship. we disagree but we find ways to work things out. >> when you say disagree into is a there's some things we don'ton immediate eye to eye on butut that's okay. and so, you work through it. for example,, when it came time this year
10:32 pm
annapolis, we got some things out of it that we wantedded andd they got some things they wantng out of it. that's how you work together. >> compromise. >> we compromise. its about having an ongoing conversation. our tisha lewis talked to prince george's county police chiefce i earlier this evening about yourr relationship and he had some interesting things to say let's take a look at that. >> we talk weekly. and because we talk about small issues, weekly that don't comet to the attention of the media in a lot of case they don't come t the attention other public i provide him with factual information and he provides mero with concerns we report that back to the couldn't sith wentod that we serve sin our positions of the over time we buildr credibility with one anotherwith when something that happens that does come to public and media attention, when that comes past, our track record together we built credibility. >>
10:33 pm
important.ant. it's, you don't just come together at times of crisis and when you know everything is hitting the fan, it's and ongoing conversation. >> absolutely. one of the first things he did when he became chief it was on a sunday a game redskins game, he was at the game, came to the office, and we talked for three hours. three hours. about philosophy, how the department should work, and continue is it relationship tha weit had built before. and we like to tell stories, sometimes stories you can comeae up with understanding people. p and that's how we opt. at the county we have coffee in the morning,, there's a shoo
10:34 pm
he cause and says hey, this is what's going on.n. so that relationship is good. every time there's an incident like when the first shootinging took place in bat ton ruche, we talked and so, be a little more cautious about how they approach the citizens. c >> in terms of approaching citizens, we're at a critical time right now, a time of very high frustrations in a lot of different communities, what do,w you say to your community in prince george's county where people may feel very upset, you know, some people may want to t lash out in ways, what do you say to them, what's the message? >> first, you have to be a good listener, listen to what they have to say.o and normally, you can resolve the issue.e and what they want to
10:35 pm
national law on gun legislation. so we're going to come together. tomorrow i meet with young people from bowie, university oe maryland at the office.offi >> what are you going to tell them? >> many of them as tony said, they are angry, they are frustrated they want action, what are you going to tell them. >> we are going to show them orm try to tell them here's how her' approach the problem.ap they havepr to make decisions, , older people have to give them wisdom. we'll we probably have 150 phone calls last night, dc a lot of o our members went down and they was calling back. was see is black, white, hispanic, everybody comingin together to deal with the issue because as one girl said earlier, you light fire it just get bigger cooler
10:36 pm
prevail. i listen, as a country, it's our responsibility naacp as our president said make sure coolerc heads prevail exercise our exe rights to demonstrate and all livess matter, black white, white, and police livess matter i think everybody respect thatpt at the services what it's all about and they protect. so i always police service -- >> bob ross president of the prince george's county chapter of the naacp thank you foryou coming in tonight. >> still ahead at 10. >> we're going to take you live to dallas to get an update on u how the city is healing following last nights massacre we'll be right right back. >> economy creating
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jobs. that's a turn around. unemployment rate rising top under five%. as more people started looking for work again. stocks rising. meantime a little extra a gas e prices falling national average for regular unleaded two dollars 25 cents as goal 50 cents from this time last las year.year call it incredible shrinking price tag for small cars. val ask you of cars falling more than 25% in the past year. looking for a travel bargain, according to hot wire last weekend in august the most affordable weekend to get away a based on things like hotel prices and air prices.rice that's business i'm charles chas pain.
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>> imagine going through life having your vision locally taken away from you and being told you will be blind by the time you are >> 26 year old rachel is facing. she has retinitis pig men tosca, the disease slowly deterioratess retina and chips away at her at professional instead of letting it bring her down she is facing it with grace and last. las >> i asked a blind woman for directions saying i could not see. it was, if i laugh at it i can' be afraid.d. everyone has something they are dealing with, i don't
10:42 pm
i don't want you to laugh at me i want your understanding and iu want you to laugh with me. >> there are dozens of drugs and stim cell treatments being tested some restoring vision to some who you blinds. coming up at 11 new details by dallas and what we learnedat about the gunman. >> protest here and across the r country a mid heavy police presence. another virginia maniac caused of trying to help isis how investigators tracked him down. an expert weighs in that's all tonight at 11 .
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>> tonight peaceful protests continued in dallas. >> joe balanced man is in dallas, let's talk about the latest information are there any updates tonight? >> reporter: tony, shawn, good a evening to you. the biggest headline this evening is that authorities have come out and said
10:46 pm
micah johnson who police say was sniper that he acted alone, that it was a lone attack kier. police chief was talking about o three other suspects at a newss conference late this afternoon, both the governor and mayor saying that those three suspects have been re policed, they are no longer in custody notdy believed to have any connection to what happened last evening, >> let's talk a little bit about last night. and in fact days before last night. because by all accounts, the irony in this situations that as community where the police have worked hard to have a good relationship with the communitym and it's something both sides have acknowledged, correct? >> reporter: absolutely dallas has made an effort to really rea work on their community believing and the police chief here is highly respected across the country. it is ironic tha
10:47 pm
place where this happened ind light of these recent protests happening, reply sent shootingst of black men by white police officers in both baton, ruche and min solatia, forever this city will be marched by what happened. >> let me ask you about the folk sas who live in the city we know there was a vigil prayer v service today, how is the city healing today, we're things shutdown in downtown dallas today, what happened?? >> reporter: well tell you whata with landed here verily early this morning i spoke to a person he said he was out here protesting last night, said he heard gunshots and took off of running. that is a common refrain you ara hearing out here. downtown dallas a bit of a ghost town lon not a lot of people. really the only ones we saw were police officers patrolling the e streets. i don't want to
10:48 pm
visibly shaken there was under current of tension and sadness in the air. everyone here just simply heartbroken about what happenedh last night. trying to make sense of it. but it is not something that is easy top understand or comprehend that's really kinds r of the feelingea here this evening. >> joel balanced man thank younm for the report. >> time for a look at the forecast. it is how many. it is hot out there. gwen tolbert is standing by with what you need to know for the weekend. we're going to get a break b in humidity. it's a little bit sticky at least its not going to be as bad as it was. i and tonight we had a few stormss here and there but no h not every where.ery we did get a break. take a look this is gaithersburi many of the community membersomu got a chance to enjoy amazing fireworks that had to be postponed because of july 4th
10:49 pm
i'm so happy that the rain didan hold off for that. it moved through earlier they er got to enjoy the wonderfulon colors of the fireworks in the sky. what a great evening for it as a well to be outside.utsi so, happy that that happened for everybody. well, things have calmed down quite a bit in terms of the wet weather and storms we had. it wasn't widespread. we actually didn't get enough instability for that to happen. but there were a few that did pop up cloud to ground lightening. right now we're seeing some clouds rolling in. everything pretty much moved to the east a little bit of activity south but nothing thatn is going to impact anything north you have i95 corridor. i can't rule out a pop up showeo here and there before the night is over. we are going to see fog and is it will be sticking around for elly morning hours because of the moisture in the atmosphere with the heat. hea here's a look what we are talking about we had some storms those are out of thewa
10:50 pm
we are talking heater and humid we're going to get a break into the weekend before it's over that's good news for you:its going to be hot on saturday. by sunday things are going to be more comfortable. com that's my thumbs up david u another heat waive is going to kick in by next week. today's highs, upper '80s, right across the board. right now temperatures had churh wise we're not doing badly. take a lucious temperatures intt the 70s and low '80s. i don't have any readings on any of my maps for dc. they are having a system problem there. so it's down it's not feeding mf that information. you can see in our neighborhoods we are in 70s and '80s. it is pretty much the same in the z dewpoints as well the same story 60 and 70s there droppingg down a basement as the rain came it really helped to cool things down. and that helped a lot with the humidity. let's take a lack at the heat in dc and see what it real feels like when you step outside. out we're a far cry from where
10:51 pm
been. in 70s for bathe thursday burg.u 80 dulles, 86 to the south. so over all not too bad. and fairly comparable once we w move tonight. its going to be sticky in the early morning how many times you are going to feel the mugginessh by the afternoon we're going to get improvement because the told front is going to sweep by. behind that we're going to seeng to t say a nice breeze moving in from the w you are going to feel differences in atmosphere. can't rule out a pop up shower by tomorrow afternoon with pass tach of. we get a little bit more reliefe from humidity and temperatures will drop into the '80s. but plenty of sunshine for you.u lows overnight into the 70s. right across the board. as i said, improvement with humidity once we get pastet tomorrow morning. here's a look at your planner pa midday 89 dreams 93 degrees by 4:00 hour.our. that's where we may see three to four stray po
10:52 pm
nothing that's going to be widespread in nature at ailment don't cancel any of your plans.y here's a look at next week, oh we have a heat wave. starts on wednesday heading into low '90s by the time we get toe thursday and friday we'll bet f had be into the midnight once again it will be the challenge to stay cool. for tonight 77 degrees partly pl cloudy skies. looking at patchy fog. 4 degrees for daytime high. fox 5 showing you that once we e get to sun we really cool down 88 degrees relatively speaking of course. c monday at 89 degrees. once again that hashtag un wanted house guess which i call humidity will be taking anothero break. we get into active weather on tuesday and the heat starts tos build in by hump day so that byb the end of the week again, yes its going to be the challengeh once again to stay cool.
10:53 pm
stay hydrated drinks lots of water but and joy the weekend. >> we kill had with this deed. time to talk sports i thought w were going to get the music. >> 87th all star game from sando i did go is next tuesday rightm here starting 7:30 p.m. >> for nationals were selected as all stars that changed when a it was announced one will not participate, steve straws berg will not pitch that's as a precaution he camming off disabled list on july third after experiencing upper back strain last sunday he pitched pt tonight he started against theed mets. he goes a san diego native stilv plans to attend the game. >> mat scherzer will replace him. he leaves major lead
10:54 pm
strike outside versus tigers he is scheduled to get to start tomorrow against the mets. so it is not a guarantee he will pitch in to you's mid summerme classic. >> all right the clock is particularing on how much longer the redskins and cousins have to hammer out a long term deal. deadline the next friday at four p.m.. get this reports are that the sides are at an impasse and no deal will get done what?t d >> are you surprised. >> deadline does pass cousins will earn 19. -- he's going to earn 20 mil dollars that's easier.. that's not mad bad. >> starting annual average for bradford with the eagles 17.5, cousins better than bradford. >> yes.
10:55 pm
million dollars. >> i love cousins. cous >> keeping it real here. but it is good news for cousins many believe he'll come in 20 million dollars with any long term deal. >> in that range so that makes sense.e. >> 20 million dollars. >> a lot of money, what we don't know we don't know what's impasse is is his agent asking for too much money are thehe redskins being cheap we don'te know. >> he might want special shoes.. >> that they could work out. >> i'm sure. >> all right. h us.wit we'll be right back with fox 5 local news at 11 .
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>> right now at 11, the ambush after math.h. tonight the nations mourning n five officers killed in dallas as we learn more about the gunman. >> this was a well planned well thought out evil tragedy. >> no justice no pleas. >> protesters took to to the to streets of dc to voice frustration over the re september police shooting. >> another man
11:00 pm
help ice what led to the up particular of local terror a wrist. news starts right now. >> well right off the tope top tonight protest have continued across the country for the c second day in a row. r crowds hit the streets here in dc, new york, nashville and atlanta among other cities. cit people are expressing outrageuta over the police shootings ofgs brakemen as well as last nights ambush style shooting in dallasa texas. we'll have more in just a moment we want to begin with the latest out of dallas thank you for for staying with us i'm tony perkins. >> shawn yancy. we're learning new informationnr about the man behind the deadly style ambush he killed fivele police officers and wounded seven others. fox joe waldman begins our team >> reporter: we're learning morw about the man police saye' iss responsible for the deadlyead ambush here in dallas. he's 25 year old mike ka johnson. an


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