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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  July 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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says bomb making materialsmaterl were found at micah johnson's howls and that he tauntedat h police while they tried to tried negotiate with him. this morning we've also learned of m a 13th officer hit by gunfire in thursday night's ambush.ambu corporal brian shaw is a shaw is police officer as el centroentr can college where johnsonoh first started firing. fir shaw was hit under his vester h and was treated on the scenehece by paramedics then went backt to work helping to protects pte that area.a shaw will need surgery to remove the bullet fragmentslet g from the area that is untilat i his stomach.s stomach we're beginning to learn more lm about the dallas policelali officers who were killed on thursday. >> 43-year-old brent thompson was the first officer killedrs thursday night. the former marine was a seven s year veteran of the dallas dal rapid transit authority.hoty. he married a fellow dartw rt officer just a couple weeks ago. >> 48-year-old lorne evans.vans members of the community where e he worked striped are described him as
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giant. >> michael smith was a former fr army ranger. he received a cop's cop award.wd he leaves behind his wife ofe 17 years and his two daughters.ughter >> patrick zamarripa completed l three tours in >>re 40-year-old michael krol graduated from the police academy 2008.008 during the protests he textedex his girlfriend telling her h everything was going peacefully. go fund me pages have been set p up toag help their families. fil one of the dallas officers injured was officer george he shared his memorial rows of what happened when the shotsne were ringing out. >> as soon as we heard theso shots go out and i saw my frienonds g oo down, my -- all r first instincts as police officers was to get them to safety. you know, yes, cover yourself, s make sure that you're not, you know, the next one to get
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but just save them. t it was a little difficult to do that because the -- we had bullets coming down and we down didn't know where they werewhe e coming from at first so we didn't -- we weren't sure -- wes where to -- where to gain cover. >> the officer was hit with hit shrapnel in his chest and hand. he also says he holds no illo i will against the shooter. shoot he said doing so will not fix anything. multiple protests wereip feld held in the district yestd erday in response to their shootings in louisiana minnesota and dallas. >> black lives matter group gro held rallies. anjali hemphill has this t story. >> reporter: later today l today there will be an antigun antigun violence protest. you can see behind me the me the american flag on top of the white house flying at fin
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of last week's killings stillini being felt by people aroundfelte th ae country. cou several other protests werer pre held in our area yesterday inr y response the shootings inotgs louisiana minnesota and dalla dallas. black lives activists and a couple thousand peopled peoe attended a rally organized byy the faith community at freedomae plaza. people were there joined inned prayer with solidarity with law enforcement. prince george's county policergs chief was there along with reverends, pastors.astors the message peace andce accountability.accountability >> it's not all cops formingng these acts its not all blacks ak that are wrong, you know, wew, w can't keep on grouping people together. we have to hold individuals accountable. >> reporter: the anti-gunhe a violence rally expected toce start around r 11 o'clock herekr at the white house.ouse. again, this is a group thatroupt comes out here prettye
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control so we'll see if their w' rally takes on a new toneew today after last week'slast w killings. we're live at the white house,eh anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. >> happening today, the trial, l continues of baltimore policerec officer lieutenant brian rice accused of failing to protectro freddie his fate is up to a judge.ud the prosecution will likelyoseck rest its case today. the trial continues amid amid thursday night's killings of five police officers in dallas and the killings of unarmeded black men detained by policeby c in louisiana and minnesota. >> prominent black lives matter activist mckesson is mcks out of jail. he was released after spending d 16 hours in a baton rouge jailly he gained notoriety n during the protests inng ferguson missouri in 2014 is ini that considered to be one ofsi the most recognized faces behind the black lives matterder movement. >> ♪ >> we're coming up on 4:35 on:3 this monday morning.or not a bad weekend weeke
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>> it was really nice.t >> yeah. >> nice time to get outside.utse >> et cetera let's hope the streak continues this week. good morning, gary.on >> it's going to be kind of like this because we'rehibecause definitely going to be talking i about some hotter temperatures towards the end of the week but letth's deal with today because it's going to be real, real nice out there.he temperatures this morning coming in chilly in spots. winchester martinsburg mti 59 degrees. how about that? in and aroundat dulles it's 67.7. manassas 63.3. culpeper 64.lpep 6 i do believe there's still's some room for theseoom for these temperatures to drop off aures little bit more. mor maybe not so much here in town but out in the suburbs, easily l a couple more degrees couldegrec drop off of those. tse highs today, that's definitelyel warm. annapolis is gorgeous, gorou 84 degrees. so is leonardtown but we'redtowe talking upper 80's here and he most of the western andnd northwestern suburbs all inubur the upper 80's. humidity, though, is not goingoi to be too bad. bad all right. rig as a matter of fact it's goingrf to be very comfortable soo don't worry too much aboutoo muc that. as i mentioned humidity willy be coming back later thiser thi week. temperatures will be going up and we may have another minies h heat wave beforei
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and done. seven-day forecast is comingca up in just a bit. b great looking monday outg nday t there. here's erin como back cok with a look at your monday youro morning commute.g commute let's hope it all stays nice n today, erin. i don't know how it >> that's right, gary, 4:36 4 right now and if you're waking k up and trying to get out thehe do in aspen hill georgiaeo avenue between connecticut conct avenue and belfry road dealing with a crash involving an overturned watch for slowdowns as youow head out there.head o if you're takuting metro servicr gearing up at 5:00.aring right now no reported delaysel except for safe track surge three. today is the last day of surge three. th no rail service betweenrvice twe national airport and braddock road. you know the drill for theow blue and yellow lines. tnd yell you'll need to take thatliake th shuttle service that's thas available or carpool or choose an alternate. starting tomorrow safe trackw sa surge four begins and that will last through the 18th,e 18t another seven days.r sen d no train service on the blue onu and yellow line betweenen national airport and pentagon city. ci trains outside of the shutdownn station will run approximatelyxe every 12 minutes.ines starting tomorrow no rush plusuu service during some of thee du morning
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well.well. free express metro rail rai shuttle services betweenen braddock crystal city and cit pentagon city.pentag any questions at erin fox5rin d.c. on twitter. twi we'll take a look around the dmv, see how those roads are shaping up on our majors.n r ma back to you. >> today is july 11th.ul11 guess what today it is? >> july 11th. >> i'll just tell you.'l 7/11 day. that means free slurps. slurp >> okay.>> >> we all love our who knew a movie about what they do lined our backs woulded be such a hit. >> as we head to break rightea now here's a live look outside across the dmv. d time right now is 4:37.7. we're back in a moment. ent.
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and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing?
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especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. >> let's take a look at the stories you're engaging withyo most this morning on social media. >> holly morris here with ours e
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holly. >> good morning to both ofood good morning everyone. happy monday to you.mondayo yo first up, aerosmith guitarist joe perry in the hospital hpital tonight. to perry was performing with hish s side band hollywood vampires vas when he sat down in front ofof the drum platform then stumbled perry is stable. the secret life of pets isft number one in a record aecor breaking way.ay. it took in $103 million in its i opening weekend and earns the et title of best opening ever forvr an original animated movie. m it is a golden anniversaryiy today for the slurpee. slurpee the signature 7-eleven treat turns 50 today on this 7/11/1 and you can get a free small fre slurpee from 11:00 a.m. thise f0 morning to 7 o'clock tonight a including the new birthday cake not sold on the birthday
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cake flavor but i'm up for aor slurpee.ur >> get your slurpee and then y go outside in aou hundred degreg temperature and run around. >> great way to cool off. >> there you .hank you. appreciate it. coming up on fox newsoxs morning, president obama and former president george w. bush can come together honoran the lives of five dallas cves police officers. >> maryland has a new way foran you to renew your license canse which will save you time and you money. >> as we head to break rightea now here's a live look outside t across the 4:41 is the time. 72 degrees. d time for more news after this.ft >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead on fox newsonf morning, we are beginning toingo get a clearer picture of theicth troubled man behind the deadlyea police shootings in dallas. d >> today protestors plan to pla gather outside the white housesi to call for nationwide gun g reform. >> getting ready for a coolfor c mostly sunny day around the region. your monday morning forecaste is coming daup.oming >> good morning, thanks formoin, joining us, i'm maureen umeh.n u >> and i'm wisdom martin. wisdo today is monday july 11th. july >> all right. and standing by we've got garyy mcgrady with the weatherth the w talk and erin como is going tomg talk about traffic as well. as w that's all coming up on theg on 5s.. gary, let's start with
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you.yo >> this morning lots of clear skies out there. we're going to wake up with a wt ton of sun on this mondays mon morning. now, temperatures are going to warm up and we're going to bengb close to 90 for highs later ler today but one thing aboutut today, there's not a lot ofot af humidity out there because the t front came through and it kind of swept a lot of thatpt a humidity out of here so you o os know how nice yesterday was. w we're going to be right back to in there today. tod this is satellite and radar r but all we're seeing is a little bit of satellite, alie, a little bit of cloud cover init places but not around here. h certainly no rain to speak ofpek at all. we're going to stay dry, atry least through the middle partdlp of the week the way it'sw it' looking right now. high temperatures thisis afternoon again we're going head up to about 87 to 88 degrees area are w annapolis you're a littlee lit cooler only in the middle 80's today. winds will be out of the east-southeast about five to abo 15 miles per hour and iani promise to show this to you.s to here's the seven-day forecast. s 88 today, 90's tomorrow, looks dry the next couple of days.oupf a little bit more humidity tomorrow. humidity will come backmidity wednesday, thursday, fridayri and so will the heat, too. t
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94 to about 98 degrees withgrs some heat index values again up around 100 so anothero anoth little mini heat wave coming wac our way. by saturday we're hot, 93 and sunday still stays in the 90'ss at 91 degrees.1 gr so, hey, something to look to forward to, right? here's her erin como, monday morning,y time for your commute.te hey. >> yeah, monday morning rightrn now gary 4:46 and as we take aea look behind me this is 95 coming inbound from virginia vii through dale city. traffic flowing.traffic flowi as you pass the occoquan ooqua towards the springfield interchange you're until goodngu shape. let's show you what elseow you a you're up against. ain things on the bottom of the beltway looking goodbyeg goode robinson no problems on the inner loophei or outer loop.or all inbound bridges are quiet. i no problems from princerom george's county intoorge alexandria on the wilsonex bridge. ce o looking very nice on thean memorial bridge and roosevelt this is 395 from the springfield interchange to thein 14th street bridge. bri traffic on the northbound sidebd looking good.
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side. a touch of volume cruising at speed. aspen hill maryland crash georgia avenue 20 connecticut ce avenue and belfry road. georgia avenue and connecticut e still moving along.illo no major slowdowns. icc in great shape.t sha traffic looking good on theood e way to bwi reagan national andl dulles. we'll take a look at metro m with your next look at traffi traffic. >> ♪ >> the city police chief says the shooter sainted. taunted officers.fficers. >> tomorrow president obama will travel to dallas texas t he's scheduled to meethe's sched privately with relatives of police officers killed inulel tcehursday's attack. o former president george w.deeorg bush and his wife laura willis r also vice president joe biden will also be they're all scheduled touled
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interfaith memorial service. sei multiple protests weremu held in the districtlt yesterdae in response to the shootings sho in louisiana minnesota and dallas. black lives matter activitiesctt held a protest.he >> a group of religious relig leaders organized a rally. rally anjali hemphill is live with l the latest. l >> reporter: good morning. last week's killings are being i felt by people around theund country and you can see behindyd me the american flag that sits on top of the white houseop o flying atf half-staff thisafis morning in remembrance and thebe white house will be the sceneusl later this morning of an antigun violence protesttivi expected to start around 11:000 a.m.m. now, several other proteststher were held in our area ourre yesterday in response to the rpo shootings in louisiana, minnesota and dallas. dla black lives matter activistsct held a protest outside of stadium-armory metro stationm-am and a couple thousand people attended a rally organized by the faith community at freedom plaz
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chief was thererg along withng w reverends and pastors fromro community churches. their message was peace ande wac accountability. now, this antigun violence viole rally that's expected to starttt around 11 o'clock this morning here at the white house that's by a group that organized itiz that comes out here prettyere pt regularly to speak about gun abn control so we'll see if their protest this morning will have w a different tone after last week's killings.ek we're live at the white house a this morning, anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. >> happening today, the trialayh continues for baltimore policerp euficer lieutenant brian he's accused of failing toed ofn protect freddie gray. g his fate is up to a judge now. the prosecution will likelyion l rest its case today. today the trial continues amidstesmi thursday night's killings of's i five police officers in dallasoi and the killings of unarmed una black men detained by policey p in louisiana and minnesota.nesoa >> going to fairfax countyaxnt where police are looking for the person or personsn or persos responsible for firing gunfor fg shots at a townhouse inownhou herndon. the same resident has been n hit twi
4:50 am
a seven-year-old girl sufferedif a minor injry when she was hit by flying more gunfire hit the househe h friday night.frid no one was hurt in that shooting. right now police don't know ifpo thm or if someonefom is targeting that home. home. coming up on fox news new morning virginia governor gov terry mcauliffe reveals the t commonwealth could be facing c financial problems.ou >> maryland governor larryar hogan taking steps to restoreyl safetyng for officers iners i maryland. mary >> as we head to break rightlad now, here's a live lookook outside across the region. rio time 4:50. temperature 73 degrees. back in a moment. n a moment.
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today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days. >> ♪ >> local law enforcement agencies can see a boost in workout state is giving away $95,00095,0
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the county is using that money i to cover thes cost of theost bulletproof vests. >> want to go to cuba?toub >> flights from the u.s. to havana cuba could start nextrt n fall. fa the department ofe dertme transportation is proposing topg select eight airlines to beginlb scheduled flights between sen bn cities and havana.ties a hav d.c. is not one of those of tho cities on the schedule.le. transportation officials sayicia restoring regular air service se holds tremendous opportunityppoy foster education, businesscati, opportunity. >> virginia is behind ona is ben bills. the state is reporting record rc tax revenues but only one problem. the amount collected is not n enough to pay the bills t b tallied in this year's fiscal fl budget. budget. terry mcauliffe says theauli state is in the holeol $266 million.. the problem payroll and tax collection fell short ofl ort expectations. >> maryland is giving its driver's licenseyls a makeover. the new design has cutting cti edge security features to protect against identity theft t of counterfeiting.g. some of the features include ine laser text and image engravingvg and
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code to verify that the cardveri was issued to the card holder.r. the new cards feature iconicco maryland symbols.ryla sym the last time maryland updatedld its licenses was in 2003. >> okay. >> as long as i don't have to go to the dmv to get it i'm good. i don't want to go there. that can be chaos andt confusion. >> nobody likes going to thegoin definitely. sorry dmv employees. employe >> gets get down to garyn to mcgrady and talk about theout weather. >> hey, guys, it's gorgeous out there this morning. we haveth generally fair skies.. great way to start the weektart because it's any other going to be too hot. it's going to be warm, there'she no doubt about that but humidity is going to be on thego cool side. one way to know that the know te humidity is not a big problemrol this morning, check out thehe temperatures out here because b we have some suburbome su temperatures dropping downatured into the low 60's,ro even the t upper 50's. winchester, martinsburg i'mnsrg talking to you. frederick is still at 61. westminster has come down a little bit. they were 66. were 6 now they're 64. gaithersburg 63. it's 7
4:55 am
always a little warmer inside is the beltway and then back outaco to manassas, culpeper, yourper,r temperatures are lower to mid 60's. i think those numbers coulde c drop off a little bit more. bitr so here's the deal this deal th morning we're going to be b jumping up to about 76, 75, 765, at 8:00 a.m. at 8 that's in town. tn. temperatures out in the in the suburbs will still be a littleli cooler that a and that. then we warmer up. 83 degrees at lunchtime, lunchti mostly sunny skies. dry this afternoon, a few clouds arounisd from time to time. notae not talking about complete sunshine but wlke are e talking about a lot ofut a l of sunshine. there's your forecast.s yo here's your morning commute on this monday morning. erin como is in with that. tha hi, erin., e >> good morning, gary. 4:55 right now and as you wakeow up in maryland and aspen hill h we're dealing with a crash and a closure from an overturnedvert vehicle. belle pre road is closed bothost directions west of georgiaeo avenue. both lanes of georgia gettinget by fine.ine. not seeing any slowdowns on connecticut avenue inbound orue outbound right now. as we pop over for a wide viewof of your morning commute, youte can see all the green on ourn or map which is really what wey whw like to see before the
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5 o'clock hour.o'clock as you come from annapolis annap through bowie and crofton nofton problems on 50 inbound. inb baltimore-washington parkwayasha north and southbound as you travel to and from the beltville area and in cheverly n inside the beltway we're ine're quiet conditions right now. 295 inbound past laboratorylabo road speeds as they should bey b and we're not seeing anyin a morning congestion 295 on the5 southbound side pasthb pennsylvania yet. coming from arlington you'reou quiet. mclean problem free on theblem beltway. the entire stretch of the outer loop and inner loopop andr dealing with very light volume right now. if you're taking metro this mett morning all rail lines on timent or close to on time for yourorou service starting a 5:00 a.m..m. except safe track surge this is the last day where there's no rail servicerailer between national airport and braddock road.oad. tomorrow safetrack surge four su kicks in shutting service down on the blue and yellow linew li between national airport andnalt pentagon city. trains outside the shut down dow area running every 12 minutes. n no yellow rush plus service. sei any questions on erin fox5n d.c. on
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we'll let you know if anyu knowi other crashes pop up aroundes pa the dmv. back to you. >> coming up on fox newsom morning a manin is captured on camera defacing a d.c. police cruiser. r. >> weekend beachgoers make a b rare sighting in thera sig chesapeake.apea. >> interesting.>> int okay. before we head to break righthe now here's a quick look att today's stock futures. all three stocks up and open o this morning during din pretrading. good news for the economy.s fox news morning back afterac a this. >> ♪ >> ♪
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and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty.
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what every coconut wants. >> straight ahead on fox newst h morning protests held in cities across the country iny in response to the rash of deadlyea police shootings and theings a e killing of five police pol officers last thursday.hursday. >> and we are also beginningar to learn about the policeheol officers who lost their liveshel while protecting protestors in dallas. >> getting ready for a cool and mostly sunny dayng around the region.regin. your monday morning forecastores is coming up.g u >> first we say good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm holly morris.or >> i'm maureen umeh.'m mauen u today is monday july 11th. july let's bring in the gang that is erin como on the top and gary mcgrady on thee bottom. bott they'll have your weather and traffic on the 5's in a bit.. now we want to take tout latet l nest dallas. dla as the community con


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