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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  July 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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cams and body cameras. micah johnson was planning a larger scale attack and there's no indication he has a grudge against the dallas complete. the country is the most aggressive in the country of improving community relations. >> i don't know what to say. to anybody to make anything better, i didn't see it coming. >> he was a good son. >> he is a good son. >> i love my son with all my heart. i hate what he did. >> through anguish and tears the parents of micah johnson are surprised by his rampage. during an interview posted on the web site their 25-year-old son returned from afghanistan a changed man. since a child he wanted to be a poli o
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reserves he became "hermit." >> happening today president obama and former president george w. bush will speak at a memorial for the fallen officers. mr. obama will meet with officers killed in thursday's attack and joe biden will be there. they plan to attend and address inner faith memorial service. >> high powered guns stolen from f bixt vehicle are now in the hands of criminals and fbi ford expedition was parked in 800 block of 7 street northeast when broken into. according to fbi report the weapons were in secure lock box inside the vehicle and some points sunday morning the rear passenger window was smashed and lock box was taken. fbi and d.c. police are investigating the theft. >> disturb ago tack on meto train. a man is sitting with his back what looks like a group of teams one walks up behind him and slapdz him. suspect thaetens to attack the
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again he he kurnz to confront him. metro transit police put out a poster looking for the person of interest the assault happened yet afternoon on a train near prince george plaza. nip with information should contact meto police. next round of maintenance begins today safe track surge four will last 7 days. >> the repairs will shut down service on blue and yellow line trains between national airport and pentagon city. free shuttle braddock to pentagon city. fairfax county is urging residents to telework or use flexible work schedules. >> impacting the blue and yellow lines and shut down service between national airport and braddock road many used shut buses to get around and 77% of riders used other options to get to work during the maintenance work. all right. we're coming up on 4:35 let's get a khex of weather today. not a bad day yesterday, gary mcgrady, hopefully the same. we can push
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>> i think so. the only difference is there's a slightly better chance i mean slightly better we may end up with a little shower or thunderstorm late this afternoon into this evening. and most of us will stay dry okay. and maybe you see a little bit -- well you don't see it but you feel a little more humidity coming back into the picture today. certainly by tomorrow i think tomorrow that's when the humidity really starts to crank back up and it will stay with us for the most part through the weekend and we're expecting temperatures to climb up as well. tomorrow, actually tomorrow we thought we would be in the 90s. that may be cooler thanks to clouds and showers and thunderstorms. but the heat will definitely be cranking up thursday and friday. so here are the temperatures later today. yesterday we managed up to 88 degrees. we'll manage up to 88 again today. lots of sunshine. not quite as much sun as what we had yesterday and a good amountch enough to call it sun next call person 87 today. winchester 86. again here inside the beltway we're talking about upper 80s
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evening hours a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm here or there. should not be a big deal. much better chance of showers and thunderstorms coming back to the forecast around tonight and then on through the day tomorrow, too. so we need a little rain. we will get a little rain. here's what's coming up with traffic here erin como joins thus morning, hey, erin. >> 4:34 right now and we're already waking up to problems on the roads and we'll get to safe track surge four for metro inner loop back up overnight incidents are dissipating and you can see the red line five minutes ago turned yellow spring told to annandale as you pass gallows road. it takes ten minutes few extra minutes there 395 beltway to 14 street bridge and outer loop traffic flowing freely as you make your way 5 to georgia and 95 earlier crash calvertton and watch for residual delays as you head to bwi this morning you may want to keep to baltimore washington parkway. faeing a look
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surge four starting this morning no trains between national airport and pentagon city. because of that keep in mind shuttle service replacing rail service between braddock and pentagon city and pentagon city, crystal city and national airport and shuttle buses to national airport are for airport customers only and blue and yellow lines every twelve minutes out of the segment shut down 12 to 15 minute train service and give yourself extra time to adjust to chains any changes @erinfoxdc back to you. >> coming up the man that recorded death of alton sterling was arrested and repeatedly harassed by police. >> and one of the best decides to retire after 19 years on the court. >> and as we head to break right now a live look outside the region again time is 4:35. temperatures 74 degrees we're back with more news after
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a dnc employee was gunned down from his home in the bloomingdale neighborhood. >> that community is heartbroken. more on the story. . >> and police and cadets saturated northeast d.c. neighborhood and happeneding out flyers and hoping for break in the case of recent murder that has shaken this community. >> right now it's like we're in a state of shock because of the death of this young man. >> neighbors in this section of bloomingdale have been living in fear. >> people used to be very, very at ease until this period. last five, six months. >> now one of them, 27-year-old seth rix an employee of the democratic national committee was gunned down early surprised morning just a block away from his house in what investigators believed could have been a robbery attempt. although nothing was stolen. and a shot spotter heard the gunfire and alerted police and no one witnessed the killing and neighbors hearsay the violence has spiked especially near
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d.c. water has been working on flood relief. and just last week a howard student was robbed at gunpoint. >> i was walking through this construction area since i got into the construction area a sport walked past me on left and as soon as he passed me on my left the shooter came out of basically the construction area with a gun and put it to my face and took everything i had. >> a premeditates holdup as suspects stakeout the victims. >> did they ask to you wipe your phone clean or do anything to ur your phone. >> they made me turn off all security protocols on your phone before they took it. >> how long did that last. >> a minute and a and a half, two minutes. >> monday morning following the murder another attempted robbery inside an occupied home and a residents able to scare away the would-be thieves. >> i had a brief conversation she wanted to stay safe. but she did it turn her phone camera on and got some pictures with the phone down
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>> in the wake of shooting d.c. water says it's higher off duty police officers to provide more security in construction areas and you'll tillties are making sure all lighting in that area is pork working. >> time is 4:40. let's look at the stories on social media you're engaging with. >> first up, gop presidential hopeful donald trump is not lacking for critics and this morning one cityit is raising eyebrows in "new york times" interview supporter justice said now it's time for us to move to new zealand. nominees say she crossed an important line and called impartiality into question if there's a future trump administration. >> next up the owner of store where alton sterling was killed is suing the city of baton rouge and officers involved in the shooting of in his lawsuit he says officers detained him and installed footage ever the
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he claims he did not file application for search warrant and locked him in back of police car four hours. >> and timely it's truly the end of an era. san antonio spurs forward dunkin retiring after 19 years in nba and made at announcement yesterday. dunkin is one of three players in nba history to spend 19 seasons with one team. what's you got, wis. >> five rings. >> two champion smps. >> and he is one of the few to have nba tight until three different decades. >> he's a bad man. >> all time great. >> and no trauma with him. >> that's why i thought he retired years ago. >> thanks holly. >> coming up on "fox" news morning an officer acquitted of all charges in death of fraedy gray is regapeing back his lively hood. >> and we're heading to break with this live look across the d.c. region. time now 4:41 and it's a nice 74 degree
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we're back with more "fox5 news morning" right after this
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. straight ahead on fox news morning honoring the fallen and former jorming w. bush honored
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>> employee of democratic national committee is shot and killed near his home. it races new concerns about safety mopping those in the community. >> we're in for another sunny and warm day. hi, everyone, thank you so much for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is tuesday, july 1 2. gary and earn are both here and we'll start this morning with gary mcgrady with a tuesday morningecast. hi, gary. >> guys listen to problems this morning. mild in town. sitting at 7 4 mostly clear and dry and in and around dulles temperatures dropped off mid toll upper 70s and call pepper 69, nats, 66 frederick cool, 63. by water in annapolis 64 and baltimore 68. and again today a lot of sunshine and few clouds. but a lot of sunshine and temperatures will get up to about 88 degrees for a high temperature.
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be warm. but not super humid you notice humidity creeping up a little bit. there's a chance slight chance nonetheless but better than yesterday when it was almost yesterday but a chance of a thunderstorm around in spots later today and much better chance of storms and showers tomorrow. matter of fact it looks like tomorrow mostly cloudy. widespread showers and thunderstorms. and temperatures be a little cooler. erin como our heat wave will be delayed just a little bit i'm sure you're not too sad about that. >> we'll enjoy the morning temperatures 4:46 not much to enjoy about the morning commute. take a look at flashing lights and slow moving traffic behind me upper loop coming up from springfield ipt change towards 66. right by little river turnpike you hit a crash scene. we have flashing police lights there in addition to the overnight paving and in the construction zone we're also dealing with a crash that is causing some big slow downs and give yourself about ten extra minutes to get past the
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loop at little river turn pike. you're going to need that time. we'll let you know at the crash scene and over nights paving clears and outer loop despite all lanes on and traffic moving along long better. we'll move it back to the maps now aside from that. silver hill road southbound silver park drive overnight blacking the right lane and lingering and as you take melt row safe track surge four the morning kicks in no trains between national airport and pentagon city affecting blue and yellow line shuttle service replacing it any questions@erin 2306785 more on the upper loop as well. >> 4:47 the time let get caught on top story and what is happening now search for suspect in shooting of four people in the district 11:15 last night in 5100 block of cold play south east victims are man and three girls all under the age of 18 and not clear how young the girls may be actually injuries are serious 'and all four should survive. >> happening now latest dead
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shoot ningz dallas took the lives of five officer. >> president obama and biden and bush will speak at a memorial for fallen officers and investigators are reviewing hundreds of polices of videop including body cameras and dash cams and surveillance. micah johnson was planning larger scale attack and there's no evidence suggesting johnson had a grudge spvrkly against dallas police the department is one of the most aggressive in the country getting rid of bad cops and improving community relations. . >> police in atlanta will enforce an 11:00 closing time and outside protesters stage a non violent sit in outside the governor mansion in buckhead. >> protest entered after george agovernor nathan reed agreed to meet with black lives matter next moping morning. >> officer ceasar goodson trial ap
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>> officer ceasar junior was acquitted last month in the death of freddie gray. he is said to receive 80,000 in back pay. goodson was driving band and transported gray to jail. a judge ruled he was not guilty on all charges. rice chose a bench trial and yesterday the second degree assault charm was dropped against him. rice faces charges of mapts. >> safety concerns growing in d.c. blooming dale neighborhood as a man was gunned down over the weekend. melanie alnwick is live northwest in the search for a person that killed -- mel. >> d.c. police continue to handout mrivrz and talk to other residents who say they were victims
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were victims too of armed robbyes and attempted break ins and seth rich was attacked sunday 4 a.m. he was walking home and talking on the phone with his girlfriend just a block from first street norm west when she says she overheard voices and commotion. seth rich was shot and killed in what police believe may have been robbery attempt there were no witnesses an hour before that violent robbery n street northwest last week a howard university student was held up after he walked through construction stone and another neighborhood told officers about attempted robbery monday. they're worried about ongoing d.c. water construction project and construction zones in the area they believe may be giving cover to criminals and construction project continues through the summer and z.c. water pledged to enhance safety with better lighting removal of blind spots and adding police and more security.
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morning d.c. police said they have no arrests in this latest case. the murder of seth rich is 25,000 reward for information in that case. >> live in northwest i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> coming up on "fox" news morning a judge issues a ruling in ongoing dispute between orioles and nationals. >> many of you eating breakfast already it's time to start thinking about lunch. when do i ever not think about. it if you want a free one dress like a cow. >> no, we'll tell about you that one. here's a break across the d.c. region. time 4:51 and it's 74 degrees still. all right. we're back with more news after the break
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between nats and/or yolz. they controlled network mid atlantic sports network to pay millions of more dollars for the right to show game. mad sop and/or yolz disagree saying nats received fair market value under agreement with the nalts. . >> it can be texting to feed geese when you see them out and about and they want residents to stop. it feding them food can harm the bird's health. the birds can become dependent on the handouts and not appropriate nutrients on the environment. >> today is chick-fil-a cow appreciate day and that's free food from the popular chain and terms different this year and instead of dressing head to toe in cow costume you only have to show your spots with one cow like item. maybe a tie. maybe a shirt. maybe a tail. any of
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>> right. >> need to go the extra mile for free grub if interested in free chick-fil-a you don't have to put the whole cow things sglon maybe a sticker or pin. >> yeah. >> now what exactly are you getting. is it like free meal or just one sandwich or one waffle fry. >> you get something you don't have to pay for. >> i need terms and conditions bri commit to this. >> all right let's check in with gary mcgrady. >> we don't have to pay for our separate warm forecast. >> something free from chick-fil-a. you need to know anymore to make your day great. >> 70. >> what. >> why not. >> dar gary i'm all on board. >> find us cow spots or something wisdom we'll find chick-fil-a this morning. >> 74 d.c. now great out there temperature in the suburbs just cool enough to make it feel like there's a little chill in the area in some
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frederick 63 and couple more in places and mannasas 64. >> and you get where i'm going with this it may cool off a little more. fair skies now. big thunderstorms back out to the west of us. this is complex of storms and actually become a big line of thunderstorms and a lot of that is severe that is starting to move down through kansas over to eastern sections of this state. and they're expecting to give this line of thunderstorms moving through kansas city over the next hour or so watching that closely. they are temperatures in upper 80s for us. we'll have a better chance of thunderstorms tomorrow and couple thunderstorms possible late today. high temperatures making it up to upper 80s. here's erin como. a look at tuesday morning commute. >> 4:56 right now and we are dealing with an earlier crash and current paving operation on the upper loop causing big delays and overnight incidents in express and through lanes as well and drive times improving and braddock
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road this morning and because of that 5 to 10 extra minutes to get to the area. speeds reduced. and beltway to 14 street bridge let's see if we can forward the maps and show what you're up against this morning. overnight silver hill road southbound silver park drive caution thereed in the beltway and sutland parkway inbound flowing freely douglass bridge and traffic moving good. that's across the wilson bridg bridge. and track surge four is affecting the blue and yellow lines once again. back to you maureen and wisdom. 4:57 is the time. a lawsuit filed by anti-trump delegate in virginia could change future of politics in the commonwealth. >> police in atlanta enforcing current city ordinances to prevent ongoing protests. >> before we head to break a look at stock futures. fox news morning back after
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president obama and jorming w. bush honor lives of slain police officers. >> employee of democratic national committee is shot and killed near d.c. home and his


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