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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  July 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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president obama and jorming w. bush honor lives of slain police officers. >> employee of democratic national committee is shot and killed near d.c. home and his
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safety among residents in the community. take a live look across the region you're in for another sunny and warm day. i'll take it though. it was beautiful yesterday, really. >> good morning to you glad you're with us this tuesday, i'm holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> today is tuesday, july 12 and standing by erin como and gary mcgrady talking weather traffic on the five in a momen moment. first let's tell you about thi this. developing overnight d.c. police searching for the person that shot four people late last night in southeast happened around 11:15 in 5100 block of cole place. not clear how young the girls are exactly and their injuries are serious and all four should survive. >> happening now the latest on deadly shootings in dallas which took lives of five officers. >> today president obama and vice-president joe biden and former president george w. bush will speak at a memorial for the fallen dallas officers mean while officers are
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video. the gunman micah johnson was planning a larger scale attack. so far there's no evidence so suggesting johnson had a grudge specifically against dallas police. the department is known as one of the most progressive in the country when it comes to getting rid of bad cops and improving community relations. >> and today, police in atlanta will begin enforcing 11 p.m. close are time for all city parks and the move is part of effort to deter protests. and it comes after a fifth straight day of protests against police brutality across the city. last night protesters staged non violent sit in outside the governor mansion in buckhead that protest ended around 12:30 this morning. this morning here in d.c. a neighborhood is on edge after one of its neighbors was gunned down in the bloomingdale community over the week. >> melanie alnwick is live there now. melanie, a lot of neighbors there tell us crime sont rise, what are you seeing and hearin
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what are you seeing and hearing. >> reporter: oh, we're actually seeing a bigger police presence here this morning at the scene of shooting near flagler and w. streets northwest. we know d.c. police are sand handing out flyers and talking to residents about they took who have victims of harmed robberies and attempted breaks ins it was sunday 4 a.m. 2 27-year-old seth rich employ owe of the democratic national committee was walking home and talking to his girlfriend a block from house first street northwest and she says she overheard voices and commotion. seth rich was shot and killed in what police believe may have been a robbery. a neighbor heard the shots. >> ran to the front window to look and listen and see if anybody ran up the street so i could see. nobody did. it was quiet. he was conscious. i saw him moving his hand and then they carried him past me to the ambulance an hi to look at him to see if he was anybody he knew from the neighborhood. >> and last week a howard university stude w
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at gun point after he walked past the construction stone and another neighbor told "fox5" of attempted murder and they worry d.c. water construction zones are giving cover to criminals and construction project continues through summer and d.c. water pledged to enhance safety with better lighting, removal of blind spots and adding police and security. and back here live tonight we're definitely seeing more security here in the bloomingdale neighborhood. so far, no word on any arrests in the murder of seth rich. there is a 25,000 reward in this case. live in north west i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> fox -- officer brian rice chose a bench trial and he dropped the second degree assault charge saying there was not enough evidence. rice faces charges of manslaughter, wreckless endangerment and misconduct in connection with the death of freddie gray. >> virginia delegate to the republican national conven
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filed khaevrpinging a long standing state law. carol correll junior and anti-trump delegate khevrned them to vote for winner of state primary her suit argued the law is illegal because it imposes criminal penalties on gel gats that do not vod on the first ballots for winner of primary. yesterday a judge agreed with corell saying the law is unconstitutional. >> republican convention weeks away now and speculation is growing over trump's vice presidential page pick and life long democrat getting a lot of attention. michael flynn he's a former military intelligence official with a background in national security. trump is also considering new jersey governor chris christie and former house speaker newt gingrich. >> today senator sand certifies expected to endorse mill hillary clinton as democratic party presidential nominee and two are scheduled to appear at a
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85% of sanders supporters are ready to back clinton. >> 5:05 now and gary yesterday was a gem. i'll take more, please. >> how about? i mean almost middle part of july and it was low humidity. lots of sunshine. not too hot. yeah, i'm with you. let's sign us up for more of that. lifetime summer contract. how about it? 74 right now. little more humid today. little bit more humid this morning and not much though. temperatures running about 4 to 5 on average warmer than where we were yesterday morning and still great out there. 74 in town. and annapolis the same. down quantico 70 and frederick fredericksburg 68 degrees and later on this afternoon we will make it back up into the upper 80s. there is a slight chance late today that we could have a couple of showers or thunderstorms. few and far between. most of us stay dry. the better chance of rain tomorrow where we will have a
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and thunderstorms out there and clouds too. so, yesterday, we actually thought that temperatures would really jump into the low to mid 90s and with clouds tomorrow and showers and thunderstorms expected it does look like tomorrow will stay and only in the mid to upper 80s. depend how much sunshine we end up getting tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. but, today, mostly dry. upper 80s. and here's erin como tuesday morning with a look at traffic. >> well, 5:07 tuesday morning and take a look behind me that camera and delays easing on u upper loop and outer view approach little river turnpike earlier crash and earlier construction zone all lanes on and construction activity blocking shoulder and watch for minor delays as you you make way through springfield past little river. traffic moving better. unfortunately metro delays and let's take a look at maps now. we have problems because of single tracking for unscheduled track repairs on green and
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down with single tracking between green belt and prince george plaza be prepared for that in addition to the start of safe track surge four. no train service between national airport and penitentiary gone city and shuttle service will replace that train service and also keep in mind crystal city station is closed. outside of that shut down area of the blue and yellow line should run every 12 to 15 minutes and shuttle buses available braddock road and pentagon city and pentagon city crystal city and national airport. keep in mind shuttles to the airport are for airport customers only and you may want to take metro bus, car pool, find the alternate and suggest this new patter slightly different than surge track three we were dealing with the previous 7 days any questions on the commute we want to help you get around during all this metro work. back to you maureen and holly. >> coming up more u.s. troops serve closer to the front lines in iraq. >> and for second time in british history a woman will hold the title of prime mipste
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mipster. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region this tuesday morning time now 5:08 we'll be back with more news after the ♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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dived come ron successor will be theresa may they named her leader yesterday and fast tracked her takeover as prime minister. cameron is stepping down after failing to convince britain to remain in the european union. she becomes first prime minister sibs margaret thatcher. >> an additional 560 troops will be snpted to iraq and help establish a nullry reretain air base as staging hub for battle to recover the city of mosel to approve plans top assist iraqi forces at the brigade and battalion level. isis is believed to have set up suicide car bomb today outside iraqi market and that bomb killed 11 people. >> iowa congress sman taking heat this morning after footage of his office showed confederate flag displayed on desk. republican steve king was giving an interview about a bill he introduced and observers notice today among his other collection of f
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in the past king has defended displaying the flag calling it a symbol of our history. >> orlando police arrested ten protesters who refused to leave a sit in at marco rubio's office and activists were among more than 70 others protesting rubio's stance on gun control and lgbt issues. protesters plan to stay in the building 49 hours. one hour for each of the 49 victims at pulse night club. >> texas governor greg ab so the in a hospital undergoing treatment for second and third degree burns. abbott was in wyoming last thursday when is scald wld hot water. he ended up with extensive second and third degree burns both legs below the knee and both feet. he then developed minor infection and will have to undergo skin groovt repair damage on both feet. >> accident there. >> coming up on "fox" news morning presumetive nominee hillary clinton could soon face more legal hurdles and all star member of the golden state warriors was arrested during a
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>> just about 5:15 innate baron county michigan is dead after a failed escape attempt he wrestle aid gaup way from officer and killed two bay lives and injured two other people before officers shot him to death and the inmate was being moved from a cell for courtroom appreance when the shooting happened. now investigators are still trying to determine if he was handcuffed. >> today president obama will travel dallas to attend and speak to inner faith memorial service for police officers gunned down last week. president will be joined by first lady vice-president joe biden and former president george w. bush and also address the service and president will meet privately or relative with the officers killed in thursda thursday's
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we're at 74 degrees on this tuesday morning. it was great yesterday. hopefully the trend will continue. so i know at some point gary our luck will run out. >> yeah i know and you probably saw behind me because the humidity starts to return just a little bit. let me get out of the way you can see completely what we're talking about and doesn't all come back at once. today it's nice if you liked yesterday and little more humid today. temperatures go mid to upper 80s and there's a chance around this afternoon into this evening that we may have a little thunderstorm here or there. it doesn't look like everybody gets wet. listen hot temperatures next heat wave coming our way. yesterday we had done things different. we thought we would be right up into the mid 90s tomorrow. that will be delayed a little bit. so, at this point, if this forecast holds and the reason i say if it does, not sure exactly how hot saturday will be. right now we'll go 91. it could be warmer. we could go right back into the middle 90s on saturday.
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holds where tomorrow we're in 0 s and thursday, friday in 9 0s not really a heat wave. okay. because it really is three days of super hot weather and super humid weather and this is forecast out for the next six days or so, six, seven days, six days. average high temperature will be 89. thursday, friday, we're mid up up toer 90s and feels like temperature will be upper 90s to low 100s. two days this week will be a super scorcher out there. reagan national right now is 74. dulles 67. and bwi marshall is 66 degrees. and satellite and radar we're all good. a couple of clouds out this morning. and i know you see a little bit of green there. it's trying to pick up on a little bit of ground clutter in spots. this is not actually rain and bank of clouds coming down from the north as well. so, again, not completely sunny today. but we are expecting good amounts of sunshine. forecast calls 76 degrees or so at 8 a.m. and 84 lunchtime and certainly warm. and
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today really just spotty. widely scattered around the region and you can see here not a lot on future cast at 5:00 okay. more numerous showers and thunderstorms back in the picture for tomorrow. and it's those showers and thunderstorms along with clouds that will keep temperatures down north middle 80s tomorrow and gets real hot, thursday, friday, mid to upper 90s. here's airport airport. morning commute. >> 5:17 gary tuesday morning we're dealing with upper loop backups earlier overnight construction and paving operations and earlier crash cleared. all lanes on and things are dissipating but you can see that yellow line right there as you head up towards little river turnpike and few extra minutes springfield inchange past that point to 66. 66 inbound looking nice rights now as you make your way in from mannasas through cente centerville and overnight roadwork blocking right lane silver hill road southbound and silver park drive caution there and note sutland
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inbound flowing freely problem free as you wake up and take 3 301 to seratz road and for the washington problem free 210 right now and metro issues though single tracking on scheduled track repairs this causes delay on the green and yellow line between green belt and prince george plaza be prepared for that in addition to the safe track surge that kicks in today and no trains between national airport and pentagon city and the rest of the blue and yellow lines will be running approximately every 12 to 15 minutes service available braddock to pentagon city and crystal city and national airport. shuttle buses to national airport for airport customers only and any questions on how to get around that safe track surge four or anything about the morning commute @erinfoxdc on swit twitter. >> let's look at stories engaging with this morning on social media. wisdom standing by with realtime news tracker hey wiz. >> more trouble for mill hillary clinton. yesterday gop leaders askedious
5:19 am
yesterday gop leaders askedioustis department to on criminal investigation to whether she lied to congress last pal in testimony of the 20123 again gaze attack and questioning her about statements she made with private email server erin last week the department closed investigation into clinton handling of classified information. next up golden state warriors trayvon green was arrested in east lansing 34eurb machine and police say there was altercation between green and another man. green was released same day on 200 bond and faces 93 dailz in jail and 500 fine and finally how about this crazy story. pokemon go app launched last week and spread like wildfire over the weekend and big question is how did this happe happen. experts say word of mouth and buzz on social media they say it's quick and inexpensive to push to point and pokemon write
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context to write context conditions and sish stances to spread that message and the big question is will this last? that slt question that is on everybody's mind. i seem to think not. because --. >> i think today it's on the decline already okay. >> i think they're finding out too nintendo is geeing information and giving it to a third party. >> delete. >> yes. >> then you move on to something else. >> only if we could think of what that next thing is. >> and we no longer have a gathering this morning between the three of us. >> 5:20 the time now coming up on "fox" news morning middle of july and today will seem a lot like black friday. >> ha you may want to reconsider the next time you decide to share online password with a friend. you can could be committing a crime. >> and heading to break a live look across the d.c. region this tuesday, we're at 5:20 now getting started on tuesday morning 74 degrees is the temperature rights now we're back. right
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>> the vat cap naemd a former fox news journalist as chief supposeman. 56-year-old greg burke spent more than a decade as fox correspondent in rome hired by vatican as communication adviser and then deputy director. he'll takeover for former vatican spokesman who held the position for ten years. >> if you drive after dark you may need to consider the car you drive insurance institute for highway safety none of the 21 suvs they tested earned high ranging in headlight tuting more than half earned lowest including subtrue forest area and audi q 3 scoring best was ford escape, honda crv. hand a tucson and mazda cx 3. >> today marks return of amazon prime day. online retailer hosting 24
5:24 am
sale for prime users and amazon will offer more than 100,000 different deals in its biggest discounts event today. other companies are trying to keep up stores like target, sears, banana rep and all planning to slash prices today. experts say some items will be priced at black friday level discounts. >> now some of you probably share a netflix password if you to do you know you could be committing a federal crime the u.s. court after peels issued ruling in makes password sharing a federal offense under the computer fraud and abuse acts. although sharing passwords to online services like netflix and hbo go is illegal it's unlikely you'll be prosecuted. turns out netflix says they're okay with users sharing passwords. . >> when you log in different people are owe your sglakt isn't that by definition sharing. >> who are we. . >>
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>> we break the law every day then. >> nice knowing you gary. >> we'll visit. >> did i say that i don't know. . >> here we go. . >> this afternoon hot again mid up toer 80s. more humid today and possibility late this afternoon for maybe a shower or thunderstorm around. don't look too widespread. where we're starting this morning 74 in town. cool in suburb and frederick 63. 68 hagerstown and 70 westminster fell from 70 to 66 you can see temperatures dropping off a bit. few clouds. 76. warm by lunchtime today 84 headed to 88 for a high temperature and again there i
5:26 am
thunderstorm later today most of us stay dry. hi, erin. >> 5:26 new crash opt district. left lane blocked and eastbound and overnight roadwork lingering silver hill southbound and silver park drive notice bottom side of beltway as you make your way can ton springs across branch avenue getting wilson bridge in good shape there andener loop deal wig a few leftover backups and construction and earlier crash cleared and we'll take a look at metro on green and yellow line. >> thanks coming up on "fox" news morning d.c. police and fbi search for the person that stole a high powered rifle
5:27 am
back of a vehicle. . >> and a 24 hour watch after failed suicide attempt. >> as we head to break now a live look across the d.c. region this morning. we're at 5:274 degrees. "fox5 news morning" back right after this
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> honoring fallen. president george w. bush traveled to dallas to honor lives of five slain officers and employee of democratic national committee shot and killed in the norm west home and safe track surge four today the fourth phase of metro safe track repair program will impact commuters on the yellow and blue line. fox news morning starts rights now. >> good morning to you thank you very much for waking up with us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is tuesday, jewel 4. >> erin and gary are here. you would think i would know you by now we've been here years together. they're here and have weather and traffic in a moment. >> let's start with news thoug though. we want to get the latest own deadly shootings in dallas which took lives of five police officers. >> investigators are reviewing hundreds of pieces of video including body cameras, dash cams and surveillance cameras and gunman was planning larger scale attack and
5:31 am
say no evidence suggesting johnson had a grudge against dallas police and department is known as one of most progres progressive in country when it comes to getting rid of bad cops and improving community relations. >> i don't know what to say. to neighbor to make anything better and i did not see it coming. >> he was a good son. >> he was a good son. >> i love my son with all my heart. i hate what he did. >> through anguish and tears the parents of micah johnson say they are surprised by his rampage. during interview posted they say their 25-year-old son returned from army deployment to afghanistan a changed man. they say ever since he was a child johnson wanted to be a police officer. but after serving time in the army
5:32 am
"hermit." >> today president obama will be in dallas to attend a memorial service for the five fallen officers killed last weekment former president george w. bush and vice-president joe biden will attend that service and president obama and push are expected to speak and meet with the officers family. >> a democratic national committee employee was shot and killed just a block from his home over the weekend. >> seth rich's murder ser disturbing to bloomingdale northwest. and melanie, neighbors think crime in the area is getting worse. >> and that's right, guys, you can see here there's just a small gathering of flowers here where seth rich was killed and then over across on the other corner we see increased police presence here in the bloomingdale neighborhood this morning. d.c. police have been happeneding out flyers and also been talking to residents that say they, too, have been victims of armed robberies and attempted break ins and sunday, 4 a.m., 2
5:33 am
was walking home and talking on the phone with his girlfriend. just a block from his house on first street northwest she says she overheard voices and commotion and seth rich was shot and killed in what police may have believed may be a robbery and there were no witnesses. people in bloomingdale worry d.c. water construction zones are giving cover to criminals. people used to feel very, very at ease until this period. . last five, six months. >> i was walking to construction area and since i got into the construction area there was a spotter that walked past me on left and as soon as he passed me on left the shooter came out of the basically construction area with a gun and put it to my face and basically took everything i had. >> d.c. water ceo george hawkins told residents in a letter he to be a was once robbed at gun point not far from here and ordered immediate changes removing lighting and adding
5:34 am
police and security. we are seeing increased presence here this morning and there's a 25,000 reward for information in this case so far as far as we know no arrests in the homicide. live in north west i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 5:34 is the time now high powered guns stolen from fbi vehicle are in the happened of criminals. ford expedition was sparked in 7th street northwest when vandalized. according to fbi report weapons were inside a lock boxed in the vehicle. rear passenger window was smashed and lock box taken. fbi and d.c. police are investigating the theft. >> next round of metro maintenance begins today. safe track surge four will last 7 days. >> repairs will shut down service on blue and yellow lines between national airport and pentagon city. free shuttles will be available from braddock road to crystal city and pentagon. shuttles will run between braddock road and pentagon city and fairfax country is umin
5:35 am
residents to telework or use flexible work schedules. >> the surge three repairs impacted blue and yellow lines and shut down service between national airport and braddock roads. many people used shuttle buses to get around and met low told us 70% of riders use other openings to get to work during the maintenance work >> 5:35 time to talk a little weather. tell us about a terrific tuesday i hope, gary. >> i think it's good. more humid today and for the most part okay. temperatures probably won't drop more than that in the cit city. whip chester 66 and martinsburg 64 and annapolis 74 and fredericksburg is 6. that's where we start off this morning. look where we go today. looking at the planner. show you by 11:00 or so mostly sunny. warm though. temperatures already up to 82.
5:36 am
a few clouds around at 2:00. temperature of 86. we're going to top it out today in upper 0s. couple of thunderstorms out there late this afternoon. would not surprise me at all. erin what's going on with tuesday morning commute. >> things are backing up right now. 5:36 and let's get to it as you make your way metro no longer single tracking and set you up with good news lingering with unscheduled practice work affecting green and yellow lin line. aside from that safe track surge four today is first day we have to adjust to this new construction no trains between national airport and pentagon city and every 12 to 15 minutes on shuttle line and service available braddock road pentagon city to crystal city and braddock airport. back to you. >> 36 is the time now coming up on "fox" news morning records set to be released today could reveal what joe paterno said about children and assistant coaches. >> nd
5:37 am
headlines for what he posted on instagram account. >> as we look outside live look across the region. time 5:37. temperature 74 degrees. back after this
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a man was sitting with his back what looks like a group of teen and one walks up behind the man and slaps him. suspect threatened to attack the victim again when he turns to confront them. mets row transit police put out a wanted poster. . >> police say a suspicious note washington street and the building was evacuated as precaution. police have not refield content of the notes. >> chelsea manning was hospitalized last week due to suicide attempt and manning was convicted in 2013 ofes pea nanl and providing wikileaks with hundred of thousands of classified materials and manning is serving 35 year sentence 28-year-old transgender soldier will
5:41 am
under supervision for the next several weeks weeks. >> researchers found evidence of ecoli bacteria genetically resistant to powerful antibiotics. and the findings mean there may be an increasing likelihood of having out breaks from ecoli bacteria which are completely resistant for antibiotics. >> coming up on "fox" news morning audio tapes from police dispatchers suggest minnesota shooting victim fill and row castile was pulled over because of his "wide set nose" sing are taylor swift is sitting wellle according to "forbes" magazine. let's look live across the d.c. region. we're at 74 degrees. "fox5 news morning" back after this
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>> back now, breaking news from district cameras live at scene of overnight police involved shooting sixth street southeast near martin king elementary school reports are that d.c. police heard gunfire with shot spotter technology after midnight when they got on the scene investigators tell us five people in suv shot at police and they returned fire. no one was hurt but we understand there were numerous arrests. we'll share more on the story of course as we know it. >> and this
5:45 am
at the moments leading up to philando castile a black man shot after traffic stop last week minnesota dispatch recording revealed officer said he would stop the car because he had reason to pull it over. he said the two people inside look like robbery suspects and he reportedly also said the driver looked like a suspect because of his "wide set nose." >> happening today president obama and former president george w. bush will speak at memorial for fallen dallas officers. mr. obama is scheduled to meet with family of those killed in thursday's attack and joe biden will also thereby and address an inner faith memorial servic service. >> 5:45 is the time. gary mcgrady talking weather as we take a live look outside. it was pretty clear we learned back a little bit. >> lien forward there. >> good to go. >> everybody is in position to talk weather. >> we don't have to be in positionto
5:46 am
you have to be ready. >> mother nature is ready for what comes our way. >> we're basically warm. there's going to be a chance we have a couple showers or thunderstorms. temperatures upper 80s before all said and doon. see this warm front it will come through the area for tomorrow and we had initially thought tomorrow would be start of where we go lower to mid 90 90s. it looks like that's not the case. more cloud. better chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow earlier in the afternoon and that should keep temperatures tomorrow capped in mid up toer 80s. as hot as we'll be able to get tomorrow. and then after that crank up the heat and humidity it will be coming back. late this afternoon 5:00 notice maybe a shower or thunderstorm out here in spots and for the most part it's dry. we get into tomorrow morning and clouds in place and clouds all day tomorrow again for the most part and getting showers and thunderstorms early in the day and into the evening showers as well. so wee
5:47 am
if we can get some tomorrow and hold up the heat and humidity at bay that won't be a bad thing. today 88. tomorrow clouds and showers and thunderstorms temperature up to 86 or so. definitely heat dome out west. we have to watch and see if this will come across east coast. big area of high pressure all levels. if it shifts east like it's forecasted to do we'll at least get heat in here and humidity by thursday into friday we're talking mid to upper 90s feels like temperatures around 100 maybe lower 100s that should be thursday and friday and hopefully this will breakdown a little as we get to weekend. things should cool off a little bit. 7 day forecast shapes up like this. 88 today, 86 tomorrow. better chance of area wide showers and thunderstorms. chance of thunderstorms thursday and friday and that gets hot again and humid too temperatures mid to upper 90s hoping we cool off into the weekend. that'a
5:48 am
erin is standing by patiently with more on traffic. how is it going out there. >> notice you're wearing white shirt and black suit and tie. it looks white from here. >> it matches your dress. >> look we're matching today. >> it looks white but it's pink. >> take it away. >> you were participating cow appreciate day for a trip to chick-fil-a pate later but never mind. >> because of the black and white tie. >> yes. >> holly liked that one. >> i'll heat my words and take it all back. >> that's exactly what i was saying gary. normal service restored on green and yellow lines no alerts for rest of rail lines except for surge four kicking in this morning keep in mind no trains between national airport and pentagon city outside of the shut down area blue and yellow trains run every 12 to 15 minute and shuttle service available braddock road and pentagon city and crystal city and national airport and shuttles to national airport are for airport customers only and you can take metro bus, car pool, plenty of other
5:49 am
get around. any questions@erin fox d.c. twit twitter and overnight roadwork right lane blocked in maryland and silver hill road southbound and silver park drive causing slow down and sutland parkway backing up as usual towards douglass bridge and quiet on upper loop as you make your way branch avenue to wilson bridge and maryland 270 slow zona lert. as you pass 109 getting into urbana 30 miles an hour speed strips and that's because of congestion. ic to beltway and inbound still quiet and green on our map there and two slim jones in virginia sutly road to centerville and stop and go traffic picks up to falls church and 95 northbound stafford to 610 jammed and things packing up across the occoquan we'll keep you updated back to you wisdom and holly. >> let's go west where wildfires are tearing through parts of colorado and california. >> firefighters facing dangerous conditions in loss ankle less winds not helping fi
5:50 am
brush fire burning there and two wildfires in colorado burping one started by lightning burning in tremont county and boulder fire started by two men who are now facing criminal charges. >> you know for sure we lost three homes. we believe we probably have lost more still very concerning situation. >> the men were camping in the area and did not ensure they're camp fire was fully skivrping wished. >> and governor phil bryant is depending relimingious rights law he passed earlier last year they can cite their rejections to deny service to people. a judge halted enforcement. they're suing the state over controversial law. mean while a yearlong
5:51 am
department san francisco police department produce aid long list of recommendations to approve accountability, fai fairness, transparency and oversight. a panel was assembled to investigate potential police bias after a series of next messages sent between several officers was discovered and panel found blacks and latinos were searched without consent more than white and asians and police union intimidated officers that wanted to speak to them during the review. >> we're expected to learn more today about the child molest station scandle that rocked penn state. philadelphia judge has ordered release of sealed documents that could shed light on recent allegations that a boy told late penn state head football coach joe paterno that jerry sandusky molested him in 1976 and the claim surfaced in a dispute between penn state and insurer over payments to sandusky victims and there were also claims other assistant football coaches witnessed inappropriate contact betwee
5:52 am
sandusky and young boys in the 80s. >> all right time now is 5:51 let's look at stories you're engaging with on social media. >> maureen umeh standing by with news tracker. >> first up gop presidential hopeful donald trump not lac lacking for critics but this morning one critic raising eyebrows and "new york times" interview supreme court justice ruth vader said this time to move to new zealand. many say she crossed important line and called impartiality into question. and next up owner of store wherealton sterling is killed is suing city of baton rouge and officers involved in the shooting witnessed the incident and in his lawsuit he says officers detained him and took his phone and stole surveillance of the claim. he claims he did not file application for search warrant and locked him in the back of a police car for four hours. and finally it is truly end of era. san antonio forward
5:53 am
retiring after 19 years in nba made the announcement yesterday he's one of three in nba history to spend 19 seasons with one team. i'm not sure what his name was nickname was. >> big fundmental. >> wisdom? >> big fundamental he was fundamental and boring by nba standards. >> he's retired now. >> that will stick. >> boring but awesome that's how you describe him. >> fundamental. >> got it done five championships. >> let's move and talking about this in the news. this morning apology from cleveland brown running back after he posted graphic photo to instagram. it showed the officer getting his throat slit. he posted an apology saying last week was he motional and difficult week i posted image in midst of emotion i apologize for that mistake and offending people. >> 2016 let's say it was a very goodyear first taylor swift topped list of "forbes"
5:54 am
paid celebrities earning 170 million last year. boy band one direction was second actually taking in 110 million. i thought they were not together anymore. >> so did. >> i kevin heart made 87 1/2 million to land at number 6 and only comedian other than jerry sign fold make that much by the way and adele number 9, 0.5 million and kim kardsahian 41 million 40% was from mobile app kim dar cashian hollywood. >> she needs to step up her game. >> i didn't know she had a mobile app. >> neither did i. >> apparently a lot of people do. >> let's say hello to facebook fan of the day today it's yarpy yarn. she says "fox5" is the best because we're always on point and always on time. >> okay. >> that sounds good. >> yarny adds she watches us every morning at work with her ladies of care. all right. she
5:55 am
every morning and tells us to keep up the good work. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan leave a comment and photo below yawny's on our facebook page. all right gary let's talk weather. >> we have to start apostolic nuncio don't we. >> i know. >> temperatures upper 80s. nice. new now, look the couple of thunderstorms possible out there after 3:00 typical deal. most of us will stay dry. that's why i say just a storm is possible. it's not necessarily probable. winds today will be out of the south 5 to 10 miles an hour and we're starting off this morning in 60s. mid 70s in town and it's beautiful out. there couple clouds. for the most part beautiful out there and humidity will stay at bay at least really until tomorrow. humidity creeps back into the picture tomorrow. again tomorrow is a little cooler the way it looks rights now than what we previously thought because of clouds and showers and thunderstorms too. it looks like tomorrow most of us at least stand a pretty
5:56 am
chance of getting wet as showers and thunderstorms move on through. and turn the heat for thursday an friday still a chance of thunderstorms both of those days and it will be hot and humid feeling more like 100 or so hopefully cooler as we get to weekend. here's erin cuomo. >> thank you gary i like your black tie. right now crash activity freeway westbound at the third street tunnel left lane blocked and watch for delays there. westbound side of freeway slowing because of that eastbound side still in good shape and volume picking up 395 northbound through crystal city and not seeing major slow downs yet overnight roadwork lingering silver hill and maryland southbound at silver park drive caution there and things looking good upper loop of beltway and sutland inbound is m gentlemaning and pennsylvania inbound past our house dealing with delays. safe track surge four morning affected no trains between pentagon airport and shutsle city and we'll each you updated
5:57 am
on details of that own how the morning xhit is smaeing up. keep it to fox news morning we you have covered with news weather and traffic.
5:58 am
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>> i love my sop all my heart i hate what he did. >> straight ahead at 6. president barack obama these dallas to remember officers killed in line ever duty parents of gunman share their heartache and i how their son's time in the military changed sglim search for answers after young democratic national convention employee shot and killed in d.c. neighborhood and latest on the investigation plus actions local utility is taking to keep people safe there. >> first a live look outside tuesday morning. july 12, 2016 we will have "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:0 5. good tuesday everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey disbelieve welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> we begin the 6:00 hour with breaking news out of the district. take a look. lot of police on the scene. this is on 6th street in southeast near martin luther king elementary school where police were involved in shooting just after midnight. investigators say officers detected gunfire in this area with shot spotter technology.


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