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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  July 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> i love my sop all my heart i hate what he did. >> straight ahead at 6. president barack obama these dallas to remember officers killed in line ever duty parents of gunman share their heartache and i how their son's time in the military changed sglim search for answers after young democratic national convention employee shot and killed in d.c. neighborhood and latest on the investigation plus actions local utility is taking to keep people safe there. >> first a live look outside tuesday morning. july 12, 2016 we will have "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:0 5. good tuesday everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey disbelieve welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> we begin the 6:00 hour with breaking news out of the district. take a look. lot of police on the scene. this is on 6th street in southeast near martin luther king elementary school where police were involved in shooting just after midnight. investigators say officers detected gunfire in this area with shot spotter technology.
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police say five people in suv shot at police officers and officers returned fire. no one was hurt. we understand there were numerous arrests. also in districts police are searching for suspects in shooting of four people in southeast and this was 11:1r5 last night 5100 block of call place victims three men and girls under the age of 18 and not clear how young they may be injuries are serious but we're told all four should survive. happening today president obama set to travel to dallas to remember the victims of last week's shooting and the police officers he and former president george w. bush will attend interfaith service. last night hundreds gathered in dallas where a capped light vigil. dallas area rapid transit police spoke at the vigil and transit officer was mopping those killed in ambush. >> to louisiana members of black lives matter movement given a list of
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would like to see. two officials listed demand during a community meeting last night. more than 1200 people attended meeting and protests were low keep following a long weekend marked with clashes of protesters and police and several arrests. death of alton sterling sparked protests. >> to dallas now parents of micah johnson are speaking out for the first time. in interview they expressed heartache with vicks tim and loss of own son and offer insight to how son's time in military challenged him. the military wha was not what micah thought it would be. >> disappointed him. >> he was very dispointed. very disappointed. but it may be that he -- the ideal he thought our government of what he thought the military represented it just didn't live up to his expectation. >> and johnson served
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as army reservist and full interview is set to air later this week. >> happening today on capitol hill gun control advocates will deliver a petition demanding congress review a strong assault weapons ban and petition has over one million signatures and assault weapons have been weapon of choice for mass shooters in addition to assault weapons ban they want law makers to confront structural racism is america and group includes gun owners, lg fwvrment activists and other activists. >> safety concerns are growing in d.c. bloomingdale neighborhood after a man was gunned down over the weekend. seth rich who was employee of the dnc was shot to death just a block away from his home. >> and "fox5" melanie alnwick live this morning in northwest with the latest on search for person that killed him and also changes coming to that neighborhood. mel, good morning. >> good morning. guys, you can see there's still few flowers here that were left on corner
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shot and killed. and also this morning in the bloomingdale neighborhood we're seeing increase police resence here that is one of the changes including not just d.c. police but additional security and d.c. water said it would be making and more about that in a minute. d.c. police are also happene happeneding out flyers and talking to residents that say they too have been victims of armed robberies and attempted break ins it as sunday at 4 a.m. 27-year-old selling rich was walking home talking on phone to girlfriend. just a block from house on first street northwest she says she overheard voices and commotion and seth rich was shot and killed in what police believe may have been a robber robbery. though nothing was taken. and there were no witnesses. just an hour before that there was violent robbery in the 900 block of n street northwest and last week a howard university student was head up at gun point after he walked past a construction zone in area. and another neighbor told "fox5" abo
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monday in bloomingdale where rich was killed robberies have been a major concern. >> with are looking into robberies that occurred in that air. r and we'll match it to see if this t has anything to do with the murder. >> we had a lot of robberies at gun point in the last month and i don't know the exact statistics but it's probably around 7 robbery around this area and then more in the larg larger bloomingdale area. >> so in the last few months d.c. water has been in the neighborhood. they're doing construction on first street tunnel project and there's a lot of construction zones and they had noise blankets up and now d.c. water says they're making improvemen improvements and ceo george hawkins saying he too not long ago was victim of armed robbery and wanted to make these changes meetly. we're talking about improved lighting and talking about removal of blind spots and also adding p
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residents and also for their construction workers as well. now as of this morning no word so far on any arrests in this case there's a 25,000 reward being offered for information in this latest murder live in north west i'm melanie alnwick. "fox5 local news". >> scary moments on metro as well as police are looking for person of interest wanted for assaulting another rider on green line train this happened yesterday afternoon prince george plaza station in hyattsville. video of the alleged incident posted on twitter shows the person wearing red shirt and hat there. approaching a seated victim. and striking him in the head. right there. the person of interest is then seen attempting to assault the victim again along with another person before that video ends. >> take a good look here you go metro transit place put out wanted poster anything to the video you saw. if you recognize this person give authority as i call. >> 6:06 warm in here. maybe i'm ju
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warm outside right now. >> well you know the humidity is starting to climb back a little bit. >> that is what it feels like. >> not as cool and dry as yesterday morning. still all in all by our standards not a bad looking day ahead. >> we victim improvement though. we have all stations reporting this morning. >> we do. you're right. we have reagan national starting there 74 this morning and nice and warm inside the beltway 73 annapolis and however we're still happening in the 60s north and west. frederick 63. 68 dulles. mannasas 68 and culpeper 68 and 70 fredericksburg this morning and few clouds working in from north and you can see those making for beautiful sun advise and partly sunny today and this afternoon can't promise there won't be a stray shower or storm although most of the day dry and most of the region dry later this afternoon and tonight and we'll be with showers tomorrow along with heat we talked about. we'll talk more about that coming up. the forecast, 88 floorious degrees. winds out of
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late day storm possible. >> thank you tucker. >> still nice day. >> and not in the 90s. >> not in 90s. >> we have those to look forward to. >> checking in on traffic this morning. good morning, erin. >> we look like valentine's today. >> every day is a day to love. >> exactly especially when not yet in the 90s. if you are digging metro safe track surge four officially kicked in this morning and no train service between national airport and pentagon city keep that in mind as you heat out the door and blue area blue and yellow will run every 12 minutes outside of shut down let's see if we can forward maps and see what you're up against and keep in mind more information surge safe track four and shuttle service braddock road and meant gone city and national airport and national airport is for airport customers only and we can show you what else you're up against on the road as you make your way what round town. yellow and red to virginia 28 northbound virginia new braddock road
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speeds under 30 miles an hour and 66 eastbound biggest slow zone 234 to september areville and speeds under 10 miles an hour and stafford center citizens bank park way to 610 jammed across the occoquan. let's look at sky fox as you make your way to beltway at new hampshire. traffic slowing. i don't want to jixing us. outer loop looking nice 95 to georgia and upper loop also just as quiet and look right now back at our maps and we'll show you some other slow downs you need to be aware of 270 south and 50 west slowing and we got you covered with metro commute and on roads allison and steve. >> 6:09 as pokemon go craze continues a kind remind they are morning from national mall and memorial park they posted on facebook page asking people playing pokemon go on the mall to be respectful of fellow visit towards at the memorials and places of solemnly reflection and national mall is getting in on all th
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though they said to keep an eye out for ranger led pokemon hunts coming soon. it's sort of what are we -- you know don't do it but hey we're doing it so -- we've got online tutorial for fwhoyn needs a course how to play go to web site my fox >> be care sglul yesterday i'm sitting at the airport and she jumps up. > she found something. >> okay. >> okay. >> thanks pokemon. >> like is it in your lap the whole time. >> i don't have any idea. >> still ahead delaware routine training exercise taking deadly turn for firefighter and how it ended in tragedy on board a helicopter. >> and massive food recall this morning involving several popular cake mixes. stay with us. we're back in 30 second. been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that
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there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ new this morning 11 people dead after car bomb rocked out dpoor mark net north east baghdad and 32 people hurt and so far no groups claimed responsibility and attack comes after defense secretary ash carter announced us will send additional 500 troops to iraq and their mission is to transform air bass in attempt to recapture city of monthsle from isis. >> a volunteer firefighter dead after falling out of a helicopter during a training exercise delaware coastal airport in george
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not far from dewey beach and 64-year-old volunteer firefighter died during a training exercise with state police the volunteer stepped out to a skid of helicopter and fell to death. the pilot trooper medic and one other volunteer firefighter were on board that helicopter. a michigan courthouse will be closed today after two law enforcement officers were shot and killed there by an inmate. and officials say 45-year-old larry gordon shot two bay lives while being transferred from a jail cell to courtroom and civilian was also shot in the arm and is expected to be okay. gourd on was then shot and killed by officers steve. >> happening today a philadelphia judge expectsed to unseal documents that could shed new light on jerry sandusky sex abuse case. documents are part of insurance lawsuit and includes details of coaching penn state including sandusky having inappropriate contact with a child in 1987. sandusky certaining 30
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jail on conviction. >> senator bernie sand certifies expectsed to endorse hillary clinton today as democratic party presidential nominee and two are scheduled to appear together at rally in new hampshire and pew research survey suggests 85% of sanders supporters are ready to back hillary clinton. >> there's a massive recall this morning affecting several brands of cake and pancake mix stemming from massive general mills flour recall over possible ecoli latest recall affects continental mills
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>> this is near martin luther king elementary school a shooting involving police and five suspects and vehicle earlier this morning happened around midnight. and nobody was hurt. we understand there was a number after rests and as you can see police are on the scene this morning. we'll have more details coming up. first here is tucker with the forecast. >> good day for the pool. most of today will be too. you notice humidity when you sneak out this morning starting to creep up it will be with us more and more here the next couple days along with heat. the heat will start to build as well later this afternoon. 74 degrees here in washington. start the day. 56 leonardtown and most of the area fairly comfortable in the 60s. yesterday with dry air in place we had 50s north and west. little milder and frederick and hagerstown this morning 63 frederick and 66 for you in winchester and upper
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daytime highs and mostly sunny skies. little cloud deck working in southern pennsylvania you can see that kind of working its way south here early this morning and for the most part we should be dry today. what we can expect later this afternoon that warmer and more humid air starts to be on the move again and if it pushs in our direction we'll likely see clouds around. we might kick up a stray shower or thunderstorm late this afternoon. best chance will be out to the west. where that warmer air will move in. here's setup for today. i think we stay dry high pressure norm and west could be spotty shower this afternoon and clouds around and better chance of showers and thunderstorms and we're right back in the soup. by thursday and friday get ready we're turning up the heat around here again highs into the 90s. 88 today. partly sunny. wind out south at about 5 to 10 as we get to late afternoon may be a stray storm and tonight still kind of warm and i think you'll in the that humidity overnight. 7
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here's eye look at 7 day again more heat on the way at the end of the week here. 88 today. 90s with heat index near 100 thursday and friday and chance of late day storm and weekends stay on the toasty side erin toasty side. >> all right. >> more pool and beach weather. >> i'll take that. >> it's july. >> how are roads looking. >> friday, tucker will we go to party. >> we'll go to party all right. >> all right. >> right now ready for traffic. not a party on the roads. 66 east and westbound sides. slow moving traffic out by cedar lane as you make your way nutly street beltway jam on eastbound side westbound traffic a little heavy as well heading outside the beltway once you're inside the beltway you're slow through falls church as well. we'll accepted it back to maps. that's not the only area congestion is taking over and crash cleared freeway westbound third street tunnel traffic moving a okay and 395 westbound stop and go past
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you head to 14 street bridge. let's forward maps and show make your way out and deal with metro no trains between national airport and pentagon city shuttle service replacing that every twelve minutes trains will run a and as for yellow line twelve minute between huntingdon and national airport and green belt give yourself extra time to take shuttle buses if you want to take them. other than that roads are slow 25 southbound jammed past pennsylvania. allison and steve. >> if you drive after dark you may need to reconsider the car you drive. insurance institute for highway safety says none of the 21 small suvs they tested earned a high ranking in headlight testing and more than half the vehicles tested earned lowest possible ranking including subaru forester and audi q 3 scoring best on headlight
6:20 am
were ford escape. honda suv and mazda cx. >> if you bought a powerball ticket in maryland back in january for more than $1 million i think it was billion dollar there's a one million tlar winner out there you have until tomorrow to claim it. whipping ticket bought annapolis road bladeensburg look at the check waiting for somebody to come forward. it's a million dollar winner but will go away if you don't claim within the next few hours. >> do it for me. >> go through your drawers try to find it somewherefy bought a ticket in blade epzburg. >> if you like chocolate the price going up and how it could impact your favorite sweet treats next in the "business beat". >> first happy cow appreciation day chick-fil-a celebrating with a chance for to you get free food if you just happen to break out cow wardrobe and dress look a cow head to toe or cow spouts get a free
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make sure to share one with tucker outfit not sandwich deal good until 7 tonight.
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>> today's "business beat" the cost of making chocolate on the rise. what does that mean for favorite candy bar. first a check of markets joining now from the fox business network studio our friend adam shapiro happy tuesday. >> happy tuesday to you in washington d.c. this morning. >> i hope they're good on wall street. fingers crossed and features indicate a possible opening and 85 points below the all time high close for dow streelz and s&p 500 hit a record close yesterday. so things are off to a good start. i lot of people with questioning reality of this market because if you look at global picture investors are pulling money out
6:24 am
putting them in things safer like gold and u.s. treasuries and this is a rally and we enjoy it and your 401 k my 401 k went newspaper value and that's nothing to be mad at. >> no that's -- what makes you so happy. chocolate. >> adam i think the chocolate i really like might not be affected. milk chocolate i'm not a dark chocolate person. >> i have a sweet truth especially christmas here come the pounds. here's what's going on. cocoa which is i guess one of the key ingredients in chocolate. i don't know how they make it but sugar and cocoa key ingredients in chocolate gone up in price.
6:25 am
down again and so price of coco raw ingredient coco butter has gone up and there was glut of sugar producers that cut production and driven the price of sugar up. what necessarily and hershey and other chocolate makers does last year was rise prices on sweets 8% and they're not going to do that potentially this time of year because hershey in last earnings report said raising price of candy bars hurt sales and so there's this weird balance they have to eat essentially no pun intended added cost of making that chocolate. if it gets too bad for them then they'll pass it on to you and me. those are the ones that love chocolate. what can we do but pay it. >> we can hoard a bunch of chocolate bars today. thank you adam that's what we'll doing see you later. >> corner of the chocolate market. >> there we go. >> we'll get started on that right away. >> do you like m
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too. >> yes. >> dark chocolate is what we'll --. >> i would not turn it away. >> all right. >> what's going on outside. >> the last couple days beautiful. today is the someday of transition where you get a little more humidity and sort of thunderstorm -- threat of thunderstorms come back. this is beautiful view of washington monument this morning. looking nice and beautiful out. there you can kind of notice water in the atmosphere more than yesterday and that will be the big change humidity starts to sneak up. i don't think we'll get much in the way of activity. better chance of storms tomorrow. humidity creeping up 73% as dew points start to climb. warmer air to south and west we'll start to move in today. and we'll have clouds around from time to time and again threat of few showers or perhaps thunderstorms developing best chance will be west of washington. those of you out in western communities out in mountains best chance of showers shenandoah
6:27 am
afternoon and tonight. there's 7 day. we're on for big heat again. another around of heat thursday and friday temps in the 90s heat index flirting with 100 be prepared accordly and seasonably warm with scattered thunderstorms on day. okay? >> thank you. >> uh-huh. >> we struck up 96 you're definitely in the heat attorney means more pool tim. >> or indoor nap time. >> fair enough. >> that was sad. >> taking a look at sky fox in virginia the upper and outer loop out by dulles toll road look going right now. very light volume and it feels almost like a summer commute in some parts of the dmv and we'll keep you updated and let you know if anything slows down and you're dealing with stop and go traffic through tyson corner in usual spots. let's switch it from sky fox. wide view of morning commute. 295 southbound sluggish and past laboratory road and as you make your way out you can see
6:28 am
big jam glup falls church on 66 eastbound and outer loop top side beltway minor delay stop and go traffic 95 to georgia and 270 south sluggish through urban aand posted on mets row safe track surge four allison and steve. >> straight ahead a look at top stories and search on whom ever shot and killed rising democratic national committee employee in neighborhood. >> switching gears to baseball showing off power last night. highlights from last night's home run derby, closest competitor us to from the ol yolz. we'll see how he
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6:31 nice looking slot of the washington monument. warm out there. we can make. it tucker will be long at 6:35 to give you the details. welcome back to fox news morning. let's check top stories in the 6:30 half hour. cameras live at the scene of overnight police involved shooting and now this happened on 6th street southeast near martin luther king elementary school and d.c. police say officers detected gunfire with spotter technology after midnight. when they got on the scene investigators tell us five people in suv shot at police and police returned fire. no one was hurt several people were arrested.
6:32 am
. >> there were no witness and they have no suspects in and out and they're looking into whether there's is connected to other crimes in neighborhood of looming dale. >> baltimore, five people recovered after being shot by a vigil for 20-year-old man shot and killed over the weekend. all those shot last night are expected to be okay. so far no arrests have been made and no word on eye motive. >> and d.c. police and fbi are tracking two guns stolen from fbi vehicle parked in north east. fbi says service weapons were stolen monday in the 800 block 7th street northeast and fbi and d.c. police are investigating that theft and next round of metro maintenance begins today. safe track surge four lasts for 7 days and rae pairs shut down service on blue and yellow line trains between national airport and pentagon city and erin will
6:33 am
>> morning line this morning maybe a lot of you are like me sleepily why monk because you stayed up to watch the home run derby last night. a park typically not big for home runs. that's orioles marked. and first round you face korey seeing whor dodged 18 homers and up to the task at one point 7 straight over the wall. tied up and we're happy about that. but it was this guy's night stanton of of the miami marlins he came to san diego just for this 26-year-old kloberd 6 home runs and then beat the defending champed to frazier record 61 home runs if you add up the distance he had by far longest home runs of night total 5.41 miles of home run
6:34 am
run the home run berm derby. >> between nationals and/or joels nationals believe the orioles controlled mid-atlantic sports controlled met work should be paying millions to show games. the nats received fair market value under agreement with the nats. recently new york supreme court justice denied nationals request to have the major national league baseball panel here with the orioles. >> and golf is back in olympics next year, next month, august when it is but it's been 112 years since they played golf in olympics and fears over zika virus put asterisk aside it that's official excuse read between lines keeping four ran ranked top golfer as way from the game jordan spieth says he's not going either and jason day, rorry mcelroy and also said they are staying home
6:35 am
payday. >> golden state war years green arrested for assault sunday in east lansing. an altercation happened between green and other man and he was released on 200 bond and facing up to 93 days in jail and/or fine. >> and he led warriors to finals and had altercation with lebron james. whipping in ba end of era her here. tim dunkin retiring after 19 yishz in nba going out quietly making announcement yesterday. just one of three players in nba histly to spend 19 seasons with one team also picked up a couple of mvp awards and five national championships and one of the greatest of all time. saying he has enough. tucker. >> seemed like a good guy. >> what sport did he try first before basketball. >> josting. >> no. >> baseball. >> no. >> grew newspaper islands. >> swimming.
6:36 am
because hurricane hugo apparently destroyed swimming facilities he was in virgin island. >> hurricane hugo. >> and needed different sport to play since he could not swim anymore. >> that was a strong storm. >> it was. >> seemed lining a good guy. >> he does. >> acc wake forest? >> yes, wake forest. >> meanwhile wasn't trayvon williams the fellow that had a kicking problem. >> he was spus suspended for lebron --. >> you know what, why if professional athlete do you jeopardize everything you have so much to lose. >> pride if somebody picks on you you pick back just hypothesizing. >> 74 deploreious degrees. mid to upper 0s this afternoon and little cloud deck working through and sunrise for partly sunny today maybe a shower out to the west and humidity creeping up along with temperatures
6:37 am
88 degrees. 7 day had lots of the 0s on it how hot will it get. >> legalities check in with erin on the roads. >> 6:37 we have lays and problems crash in virginia as you make your way inbound to 66 east past car rest area delays back to gainsville and again heavy through centerville and all lanes on crash blocking shoulder let's see if we can follow maps too in fairfax as we get closer to beltway from lee highway to beltway. 7 miles takes you 11 minutes and we're seeing a lot of heavy traffic there causing stop and go conditions. aside from that in virginia looking at college park as we forward maps outer loop right now five miles take you 16 minutes and adding 11 miles to trip from 95 to georgia because of congestion and 95 southbound icc to beltway just a little stop and go traffic. 295 inbod
6:38 am
right now deal with stall blacking center lane bening road jammed from 50 to pennsylvania avenue. give yourself a lot of extra time that's minute trip there. northbound side bottom of beltway past laboratory road jammed. safe track surge four kicked in today. keep in mind we're seeing big problems there because of shuttle service replacing rail service on the yellow and blue line. we'll take a closer look there as we continue back to you. >> still ahead a look at other stories trending this morning including good news for anybody that may be a 9 inch nails biter. >> or not this is disputed haters going to hate "forbes" releasing annual list of hig highest paid celebrities which pop star takes the top spot. >> i feel like there was a clue in there. >> it is going to --♪ . >> starting to come to me.
6:39 am
and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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you brush your teeth diligently...two times a day, right? but 80% of your mouth's bacteria arentt even on teeth. eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different. it fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. protecting 100% of your mouth's surfaces. colgate total for whole mouth health.
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>> back now 6:41 trending on the web this tuesday morning some view it as bad has been sit it possible biting nails or sucking them could be good for you. according to researchers from new zealand and canada found kids that sucked thumbs orbit nails have less alergic reactions than kids who don't. >> next up coughing up extra change for starbucks this morning the coffee chain races
6:42 am
starbucks has not said which only that prices go up on selected beverages. >> finally talk about a 9-year-old girl from ocean city set a maryland fishing record catching this 94 1/2 pound -- bigger than her. she was out fishing with her dad on june 30 it took 20 minutes reel that initial and previous records shattered 79 pound fish. that was back in 2014. is it was this big. >> you see her shirt play look a girl. >> fish like no one else. >> and photo bomb out this world. you won't want to miss that. first though a reminder before we take to you break. if you have a news tip share it with us 202-895-3000 or email tip "fox5" tip to
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>> sharing news drivers in the dissfrikts will not appreciate aaa that d.c. police issued more speed cram tickets in first four moves budget year than all of 2014 between october of last year and february this year more than 3 365,000 speed cam tickets were sent out adding up to more than 37 million in fines and fiscal year 2014 fewer than 283,000
6:46 am
the entire year. . >> see this is i am always conflicted about this i'm like you know what speed cameras are there to say slow it down but when i hear that it's --. >> it's cash generator. >> what are we doing and often i need to dispute that anyway. >> there's cities like los angeles that banned cameras now. there's a huge revenue generat generator but they band all of them. >> really? >> yes. >> i don't know. >> i think it's feeling like it's so high. >> what are we doing. >> in maryland 40 and in d.c. 200. same violation. . >> humidity moving back in after a couple days of vacation humidity is like oh, my gosh i got to get home. >> summertime. >> got to get back. >> getting back to d.c.. moving back in again we'll be with us for the next several days. really notice it later this
6:47 am
afternoon and tonight as we get warmer and more humid air moving in. 74 washington. idea we had 50s north and west and little milder today. 68 out at dulles and 63 in frederick and 69 this morning haag rz town and doing 70 fredericksburg and leonardtown and really by july standards here in mid-atlantic these numbers not terrible. dew points climbing to mid 60s in city and 70 mannasas and 69 annapolis and 64 leonardtown and these numbers gradually start to push to upper 60s and low 70s over next 24 hours and bottom line you notice stick stickyness back in the air later this afternoon and tonight. all right. we're pretty good shape and cloud cover starts the day and partly sunny tuesday very warm day upper 80s that's about why we should thb time of year and we'll remain dry. there could be a kick-up shower later this afternoon along this front. best chance is west of washington. shenandoah valley those of awe long 81 best chance of popup
6:48 am
shower or thunderstorm later this afternoon and that's set up for tomorrow. more cloud cover better chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. best chance this week tomorrow as warmer air moves n let's look at future cast. shores, there we are at 6. shower activity developing to the west later this afternoon. we're okay overnight. although kind of muggy and that is tomorrow afternoon and best chance of showers will be tomorrow afternoon and heat build back. oh, yeah. >> i don't know why i said it that way. 88 today and 86 tomorrow and 90s around here thursday and friday with heat index near 1 100. so again we have to be ready for another round of heat we'll cool down a little bit for the weekend. that's weather. let's see if roads are cooperating. >> sounded like wwe wrestler wrestling with the weather today. >> residual orange lines to vienna and earlier malfunction stadium armory no alerts rest of rails except as you make your way northeast dealing with
6:49 am
road and we're delayed now and though all lanes are on eastern to pennsylvania. i want to take a look at safe track surge four if we can forward maps because keep in mind blue and yellow line affected today. no trains between national airport and pentagon city and what we're dealing with is subtle service instead outside the shut down segment and every twelve minutes blue line trains run between franconia and national airport and largo town center and yellow line every twelve minutes huntington and national airport and national airport green belt this could cause major slow downs as you make your way out shuttle service between braddock road and pentagon city and crystal city and national airport shuttle for airport customers only. and crystal city, station is closed. make sure you plan ahead as you head out as you adjust to this new pattern for metro. any questions@erin "fox5" tweter and things pig up past alabama and closer look at roads around the dmv next. back to you steve
6:50 am
and. >> cleanup march way a tornado touched down lynch field yesterday. several homes and buildings damaged and officials say it's worst destruction from apparent tornado the city has ever seen. they're also reports of other twist nertz area. and in colorado, raging wildfires are blazing through part of the state. officials say two wildfires are burning there and one was started by lightning and the other fire was started by two men who had been camping they now face criminal charges. and tire failure. may have caused fire truck to crash in nevada. police say two firefighters were killed if and a third hurt after they returned from search for wildfiresner the oregon line. sad story there. scientists in hawaii mad a big discovery dwarch plan net our solar tim. >> it takes 700 years to complete a trip around the sun and 1230 times further away from the sun than you're plane
6:51 am
planet. scientists are trying to figure out what the surface of that plan set like. >> the moon can be a prankster for second time in last year the moon photo bombed earth it hand when the moon was captured going between the earth and face craft. they were taken jewel 4 and on jewel 5. >> is that what the it was saying? >> that's the way i interpreted it. >> it can happen. >> by the way bri get to second story i wanted you to guess who is top earning celebrity. >> i heard this. >> you already know sgle taylor swift. >> yes i was surprised by top earning comedian. >> who is that. >> kevin hart. >> i'm not surprised surprise at that at all he makes 7 movie as i month. >> i'm surprised he's second highest grossing of all time. >> that's interesting too. >> i'm not surprised by that either. >> a lot of great movies and ticket prices and blah, blah,
6:52 am
story bri get to the second story. >> rapper lil wayne recovering from a seizure. he was hospitalized last we're minutes before he was supposed to perform in vegas and forced to cancel that show appearance and blamed it on problem with medication. according to tmz spent time in icu. and lost month reportetly suffered two seizures you're and admitted he suffer from epilepsy and lil wayne took the twitter overnight saying false alarm i appreciate the prayers and concerns i'm good. obviously he's doing okay he was tweeting.
6:53 am
last year and there may be bad blood between the two. the two exboyfriend calvin harris made the list with 63 million full of pun one direction earned number two spot. . >> 110 mill yoon dell, rhianna, actor kevin hart and kim dar darian made the list. >> ghost busters coming out this friday everyone is talking about it and reviews have been good. everybody was awaiting what will happen with the film. i sat down with two stars indicate mc kinon and jones kate most famous playing hillary clinton and justin bieber on the show. hi to find out if clinton and bieber
6:54 am
would they handle proton packs. >> what would she do with the pro town pack how would that go down. >> i think reason he diplomacy to get the ghost to just negotiate with them. >> she wouldn't use proton pack full on. >> i think she would go full on. >> i think try to negotiate 1st and then like okay you won't leave then i --. >> what would bieber do. >> ghost would beat him up man. >> deal with his fate. >> yes. >> or do screaming in sexual way. >> all right. so that's justin bieber and hillary clinton if they were ghost busters how will this the go down maybe that's the next sequel. >> i saw there's screenings on thursday are those sglael every movie opens thursday at 7. every movie
6:55 am
is thursday 7 p.m., 9, 11, used to be midnight now anybody can go. i'll see it again in i max 3d. >> that koundz to weekend. >> thursday is considered friday. >> pretty soon tuesday will be weekend box office. >> ghost busters will be on a week before it opens. >> even start at 4 a.m.. >> 3:30 actually i got an email from management. >> thank you. >> we'll learn eventually. good morning to facebook fan of the day. yarny yarn today. >> pretty girl. >> "fox5" is the best because we're always on point and always on time. that's good to hear. >> she watches us every morning at work with her ladies of car care. >> good morning to everybody then. >> she says she love watching us every morning and tells us to keep up the good work. thank you very much and thanks for watching. for your chance to be tomorro tomorrow's fan leave a photo and comment below yarny's on the facebook page. >> i love that name. >> yarny yar
6:56 am
>> yes. >> love that name. >> and little warm and humid tractor-trailer and very warm, upper 80s this afternoon and most of the region dry and more heat on the 7 day and let's go to the numbers. current conditions 7 degrees. got a little cloud deck early and not looking at rain locall locally. humidity up a little. 81%. quick look at satellite and radar generally quiet few clouds out there early. you'll notice more heat and little more humidity today hig highs upper 0s and stay tuned here. tomorrow is best chance for showers wednesday and then heat is back in place here thursday and friday with heat index near 100 thursday an friday afternoon and more heat by end of week. today 88 spotty late day storm. more weather coming up in a few minute. more traffic with erin. >> 6:56 a wide view of the morning commute and outer loop delay montgomery countsy 95 to george aaverage speeds 10 miles an hour. yellow popping up
6:57 am
make your way to the spur. 270 southbound stop and go traffic rockville and same story bw parkway and southbound green belt jammed south of powder mill and give you update and look at 95 as we continue keep it to fox 5 news morning man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
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>> honoring five police officers killed in the line ever duty we're learning new details about the gunman and what his parents are revealing for the first time. >> and developing overnight right here at home police involved shooting in the district right near elementary school we're live at the scene with the latest on authority. >> and happening now the search underway for gunman that shot and killed employee of the democratic national committee blocks from his home in the district. and why police say neighbors in his community need to be on alert this morning. >> and straight up:00 live look outside on this july 12, 2016 we'll have weather and traffic on fives at 7:0 a5. good tuesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> lx to "fox 5 news morning". we'll start with the latest from dallas where president obama will be today speaking at memorial service for the five police officers killed in last week's shooting and vice-president joe biden and former president george w. bush will be there.


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