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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  July 12, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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after emotional vigil for the five officers killed in the linl of duty. a young political operativea gunned down in d.c.. now changes are coming to the neighborhood where he wass attacked.atta we'll have a live report.. drivers, beware. d.c.'s speed cameras are back bk with a vengeance. vge wait until you hear how much money they've collected for ther nation's capitol so far this year. ♪ >> and later i think there's aat new homerun kering in town.n to. r right? >> yes. there is. what a tease that is.wh a tease >> right. we'll find out little bit morebm about that might be costingt be miami some big bucks.ucks right. ri listen good day dc ready to rdy start at the top of the o t 9:00 o'clock here. o'c it is tuesday, july 12th.y th i am holly morris alongside
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maureen, steve and wisdom.. also ahead this morninghi allison and tucker playingla tourists right in our ownwn backyard.. doing something that neither har done before. in their combined decades. dec just be nice. >> exactly. right. thank you, steve.than in washington, d.c. wasngto we'll check in with them they're at the top of the washingtonng monument and hear from them in n few minutes. minutes >> developing story police in d.c. taking fire it happened hae overnight in southeast and nowsd this morning five people aree pe under arrest.arret for details let's go live to fox5's bob bob, this is coming in the midst of a lot of tension between then community and police. >> reporter: yeah, maureen,au and this could have generated gr national headlines this morningg fortunately, it does not. we are here along alabama avenuu southeast that's martin luther king, jr., elementary schooly sh right behind me.righ this happened just after midnight. i can show you police are still on the y scene here. the system of microphones arouno the district pick up the sound s of gunfire and
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responding officers to this location just after midnight mig last night. nht when police arrived here, they t came under fire. there were shots being firedired from inside an suv at the police officers.cer nobody was struck on either siie side. we believe the officers returnee fire and then a barricade situation ensued for about half hour until officers were able to talk to people inside that suv v out. again, despite the exchange of gun fires nobody -- gunfire nobody was wounded. wound police have arrested five people, two men and three womenw no identities beyond that att this point. poi. and again, nobody hurt whent police came under fire here in n southeast last night just aftert midnight.miight what investigators are wonderini if by any chance the people inn this suv were involved in ad ina shooting about 45 minuteses earlier were you 6 miles north
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in that case four people weree r three girls, one man. man. the suspects fled in black sed sedan. so, again, we don't know whethee the shooting up there at call cl place was the same peopleeeo involved with the police ambush here. we are told the injuries tos t those four victims are serious.r but not life-threatening, guys. potential disaster here in the district overnight that is ended with some arrests but nobody hurt. at least in this incident here, guys, near martin luther king,in jr., elementary school. s >> mack us will no one was hurts thanks, appreciate it. our other big story this mornini president obama heads to dallasm to speak at a memorial for the five fallen police officers whoc were killed there last week. wee >> he's played this role beforeb but perhaps never with so much national unease and racial ria tension.teio fox's doug luzader has all the t details. >> reporter: the president inclination has often been ton side with protesters but he's b
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spoken in support of policeolic officers and that is really they fine line he's going to be wal walking today.ay so much at stake. sta a somber vigil aft night in dallas.da. police officers and those whose support them coming togetherg th remembering the five officers oc who were gunned down last weekaw by a man who was intent on killing white people.eo >> they were loved, respected bd so many not just because of whaw they did, but because of had they >> reporter: at the same timethm there has been steady drum beatb of anti police pro defendants and under the banner of blackf lives matter connected to recenc shooting deaths of blacks at tht hands of police officers. president obama will step no sp that great divide today and tryy to once again strike a balance.l >> it's been a tough week foreek our country. and the president recognizes that it's not just people ineoe dallas who are grieving but griu people across the country whoho are concerned.eon >> reporter: but it goes well w beyond the pat week or
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poll showed concern about race r relations has sky rock over thet past two years from 17 to 35%. the president is facing pressure from the left to denounce whatna see as racial profiling and frof law enforcement officers who oeo often see the president as notns being supportive enough of theio work and risks. r the dallas police chief meantimt says that community members neee to step up. >> don't be a part of thea of problem.. we're hiring.irin we're get out there protest line and put an application in. >> reporter: also a 10 dag's's memorial service in dallas willa be vice-president joe biden. >> and george w. bush will also in they'll both be makingak remarks. doug luzader reporting for us. this morning, a search for answers after a young democratii national convention employee ise shot and killed in hess own dc c neighborhood.hborhood >> fox5's mel know alnwick has the te
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and neighbors are saying theg te crime continues to be a problemo in that area. b right, mel? >> reporter: that's right. rig just few moments ago, somebody m came by they laid more flowersoo here at this spot where sethhert rich was shot and kill. people are asking whether d.c.. police have any updates and so d far this morning in my communications with d.c. policep they don't have anything more to share with the community at this point. but we know that police continue to canvass the neighborhood,borh handing out flyers and they'ret also talking with otherth residents who say that they,y, too, have been victims recentlyy of armed rob bros and attempted break ins but let's you to sunday 4:00 o'clock in thecloc morning sunday when 27-year-oldo seth rich was walking home and d talking on the phone with hisis girlfriend. girlfrie he was just a block from hisck house on first street northwest. she says over the phone she heard voices and a commotion com seth rich was shot and killed ii what police believe may haveievy been a robbery though nothing nt s
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witnesses but neighbors tell usu that they are worried about whaw appose to be a recent spike ine violent crime here. her >> we are looking into somee robberies that have occurred in that area. we will match the lock outs --ut up to see if that anything to d with this t >> we've had a lot of rob pros p at gun point in maybe the lastat month. i don't know the exactct statistics but probably around seven robberies around this area and then more in the larger larr bloomingdale area. >> reporter: so once of thee concerns in the bloomingdalen ti neighborhood they brought up too police was on goingn construction. this is just one example butxamb it's in different spots aroundts the neighbor.ghbo this is d.c. water constructionn project. it has to do with first streetsr tunnel and they're trying to fit some of the areas that are pronp to flooding. flo and they worry that some of thee lighting issues here, some of th
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providing cover for criminalsna people saying that in some in s instances they had just walkt w past the construction zone theyn were jumped by the group of assailants and so it's one of o those things that they're askine questions about and d.c. water responded ceo george hawkins hes this was really striking telling folks he, too, had been recentll a victim of an armed rob bro nor too far from here so he knowse the fear that they are feeling f so some of the things he'sngs h immediately ordered is betterr lighting.lighti they're taking down some of the individuals visual barriers andi making sure they're only up when absolutely necessary and, ofsa d course, adding increased incas protection here in theen neighborhood in the just for thh neighbors but also for the workers in those constructionct zones as well. back to you guys. >> ceo of the water company wasr also robbed they didn't make d that changes after that happenee which then possibly could haveyl have been place before someonee actually got killed.ild. >> right. >> these changes moving forwardr big day for hillary clintonillan expected to get the endorsement of her formeger rival bernieb
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sanders. they'll be together at a campaign stop in in yougnto hampshire. ha later this wmpeek, clinton willw also be campaigning withigng potential vice-presidential pi pick. she's scheduled to app per inppn northern have a have on thursdaa with virginia senator tim cane.c on the republican siden donald trump will be at ampl be fundraiser in, dark with indiana governor mike pens and some are speculating pens could be another trump vp candidate. yesterday trump campaigned inige virginia beach.viinia he called himself the law andaw order candidate while calling wi for an end to violence against a police officers.icers. >> if you were watching lastyout night allison seymour finally checked big one off her buckuc list actually if you watched earlier today i should say.hould i think i'm looking at differenf time zone.time zone. >> that's okay. we've been lear long time. long i understand.nd. after 50 years of living andivig working in the d.c. region, she finally took a trip to the topoe of the washington monument.umt >> but she had no idea she wasas doing it. it. tucker surprised her with the experience and they both join us live now with what it was likeit because i have to keep sayingees this was also tucker's first time to the top of the monumen
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he also has lived in this areahe most of his life. >> reporter: holly there's there different word for it but it ori appreciate the fact that you'reu trying to not be ugly on tv. tv i was kidnapped and taken to the washington >> love laugh. lov >> let's be honest.ont >> you were kidnapped with love. >> it's amazing. i was.i it was a it was nice kidnappingg it's gorgeous. >> i think you're being a littlt dramatic here. h >> away kidnap. k i wasn't handcuffed but i was blindfolded, thrown no caro c against my >> love laugh. >> and so one of my guesses am e going to meet the rock, right? will i have thousands of rossoss and the most beautiful. washington monument was just a i mean it was worth the wait.he >> do you know what i moan? the view is >> the view is spectacular andar it gives i was whole different e mean literal al whole differentf view of the city we all live inn >> look where we are.k where we >> it's amazing what anamazinwht incredible city we live in.en >> l
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>> i know all the neighborhoodsg but i never reallyhb was able tt take it in that way. that >> look, the capitol is writ i there. and then you just like -- as as kid remember tucker we wouldrou come down here for the fourth ot july. >> sure. >> that's where the musical acta would be right there and then te like you pivot over the lincolnn it's just -- i men how lucky are we? we? >> how lucky are we? it's likes i wanted to little go u.s. a u thing right now >> i guess we always -- we i wai saw a lot of people lining up tn go over the monument. over e mo i'm come with the family in thet summertime and thought aboutti going upme. >> and said i'll do it next n time. >> right.>> >> you know, last i check i lase don't live forever i'm still i i appreciate i got a chanced to uo don it. >> how about were you're comingw down the elevators and there's t these casks --thescasks - >> i never heard of that. >> the dill states arehe d represented and one fromprented california is gift from the youngest state in the nation. nt it's just amazing. amazi >> absolutely >> masonry. the masons have something inng it's just -- it's like as lik american history like in one ine place. in a
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>> i love it. >> and i mean honestly surprised the up side how beautiful it isl and the views and how much watew and all of the monuments inentsi washington. >> and how much it's grown.. >> we'll throw it back inside to you. might be a shower orr o thunderstorm late today.understm you'll notice the humidity humid definitely creeping up. >> had cares? car? >> who cares? ces? >> quickly guys while i toss iti in to you, somebody tweeted meyd and said that i can blindfold cn them and take them on field trii any time. >> i'll bet.>>'ll >> to that i say -- >> he know we know who that who tweet came from, tuck consider. >> all right, guys. >> you never been either?? >> you've never been either. >> never been.>> n >> one thing they commented onmo earlier which is so true whenehe you're at the top i don't know k this when you were in high school --school - >> probably not.>>roba >> amazing to me way back well k in the day how well planned outo the city is. th you can really see the city plan and how precise it is whent is e you're up that high.ig >>
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early line up try to get tickete if you want to reserve thean t tickets ahead of time throughofh the government website i checked.checked. the next available day -- >> when? w >> august 29th it's the monday m after kids go back to skull foru the most part.the mo >> i said maybe we can --e >> you're available.ailab >> plan ahead.>> p >> i'm available.>> i availab >> plan ahead end of august beginning of september you canof get your tickets. >> >> writ. >> you got it. 9:13. still ahead we're talking're lki christmas in july. today is amazon prime day.rime but the best deals won't just fall in your lap. you we'll share some secretsec straight from the pros coming uc a little later.ttleater >> dc speed cameras back withh vengeance. wait until you hear how much you they're costing local drivers ds next. it's's 9:13.
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>> metro launched the latest phase of mart track surge four.. >> erin como is here with how to get around the latest closure. >> let's talk safetrack surgeras four. fo no train service betweenraet national airport and pentagon outside the shut down area on
9:17 am
the blue line trains will run approximately ever 12 minutes at well as national airport andpo largo town centers for yourr yellow line add approximately 1y minutes between huntington andto national airport and national na airport and green belt. b for the area where there is insn rail service between nationalwel airport and pentagon city we doo have shuttle service available b between braddock road andoad a pentagon city as well as tentl a gone city crystal city andci national airport.rt the shuttles to national airport will be for national airport customers only and crystal city station is closed. c. this is adding a lot of extra l time to your commute because of the shuttling.ttling i'd say give yourself at least l an extra hour for the remain ofi the seven days safetrack surgers four will be in place.ur w consider any of your alternatesa maybe metro bus, taking dash, art, arlington rapid transit. vr tempt get around that.d carpool and for the rest of youu commute this morning heading out earlier train function at funiot federal center and right now thw orange line also dealing with residual delays if bethf directions the rest of your of r rails on time.
9:18 am
safetrack surge four or plannini your best route to get around an hit mow up on twitter at erin f5 d.c. i'm happy to help you plan your alternate to get your way to work on time in the morning and in the evening rush. theh. back to you, steve. ste. for those people driving tog work maybe you pick up a few few traffic tickets.icke they are piling up for driversil in the districtin.tric. according to aaa speed cameras m biggest to blame.. those tickets spelling big buckb for the city talking millions is revenue. aaa found in the first fourirstf months of 2016 d.c. supposedpo cameras issued for tickets than all of 2015. $37 million.millio 365 thus sand tickets in fiscall year 2015 speed cameras issued 520,000 tickets for the wholeho year for $55 million.illion all told the district isistric i generated nearly half billionfil dollars in revenue since 2001. 2 >> why would they ever say theyt don't have money to doo do something?thin >> right. i want to know where this money is going. >> w right. >> that's lot of money.ha
9:19 am
people who make their -- their-t company that does the supposedue cameras. it ain't that much. tha much. i want to know where that moneym is going. goi >> that whole, upping, it's a is safety issue -- >> that's been debunked inke i cities i was ross the country. t >> i think it actually causesals accidents.dent people slam on their brakes.m >> it depends where they're lookingnd but there's some citic that found the accidents were down just as much in theuch intersections that didn't haves' cameras versus those that did. d some places the accidents wereer down across the side collisionss were down but the rear ende read collisions were up becauseecau people slam on their brake or they're trying to rush throughng the intersection when they see it. >> exactly. when you know where it is, youw already know to slow down. so what good -- >> you speed right back up. bacu no not that oiled do that.o >> i've heard that, too. >> they're making gazillions ofo dollars.doar >> it's revenue builder g from m legal standpoint who's's impossible to prove whose behinn the wheel of that vehicle.icle >> exactly.>> e >> when somebody takes that toet core that ties up the court system.system states like north, south dakotad have banned them
9:20 am
the city of los angeles got ridt of them years ago. ago >> there's nothing worse than opening your male you see your e license plate with some area --r where the heck, i didn't evenn'e drive through there.dr >> had was drivingiv my car? ta was not me where the legal thint comes into play. i think they make it so that aha lot of money but not enoughoth money to take it to court.o c you see what i'm saying? more of a nuisance. nuie except in dc it's lot of money.y >> i member getting old i'll oll take even a dollar i'm going tog court. >> you're there. >> clearly mayor taking a lot of people off people who don't go g to court. cou they're getting paid. p >> i've gotten in my zen mode ge good luck finding your zen. >> 9:20.>>:2 england set to swear in new ine prime minister. starbucks hikes prices again. and a maryland girl make the mae history books.ooks. we'll have check of the othercke stories that are making are makg headlines.headlines.
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♪ 9:23 our time right now. erin is back with a check of the other stories making headlines this morning. >> good morning, thank you very much. first up, we're following a bign story out of italy. the death toll continues toontis climb in the deadly train crasha at least 20 people are dead andd dozens others are injured aftera two trains collided head on. a photo of the crash showed carc crumbled together and forced ofo the tracks at sharp an
9:24 am
horrific views there. there it happened in the southern region of puglia. italian officials have vowed nod to is that until cause of the cf crash is determined.ash is d no word on what cough the crash. we will continue to follow this story at it develops.s. next up, heartbreak for lawl enforcement. three people are dead sheriffsri depth pee wounded after inmateae broke loose went on shooting sht spree in southwest michiganhiga courthouse.ou the gun money shot and killedd two bailiffs before being killen by other police officers. offic the courthouse shooting happened a local county commissioner sayo the inmate was on his way to jail when he took a gun from tht deputy and started opening firee the incident coming just days ds after five dallas policesolice officers were killed by a sniper. and a mid a wave of violence and threats against law enforcementf officers around the country. today outgoing british primp minister david cameron will chair his final cabinet meet
9:25 am
tomorrow his hands his his resignation to the queen. his successor will be theresasa may who has served in cameron'sr cabinet for the past sick years. britain's conservative partye p named may its leader yesterday. and fast track her takeover asvr prime minister.. may become the first female fem prime minister since margaretre thatcher.. and your starbucks fix willw soon cost more.or the coffee jeep plans to raiseno its prices as it raises therais wages of its workers. the company plans to increasenc wages by at least 5%. starbucks employees who have been with the company for at f least two years will also belsoe eligible for double the amountmo of stock award in the company. m not bad get for those employeeso and finally, talk about thit is a catch of the day.f the d a nine-year-old maryland girlylg set new record. rec she caught a fish that's biggerr than her. h ma'am from ocean city found and 65-pound fish, it was 66.5-inches and weighed 94 pounds. that is not a small
9:26 am
the little girl says she's beene fishing since she was a toddler. the previous record was set twoo years ago by potomac man whoho caught a 79-pound fish neard fia ocean city. ocea i say to emma, girl power. pow look the that fish much that's huge. >> wisdom thinks whole thing iss a fishtail. a fishta >> you don't below it?>> y >> you really think that young y lady pulled that fish out of tha water? >> you think she had backup b staff helping out.sthelp >> absolutely do, yeah. >> i think her dade might have reeled it in. iin she might have hook it. h >> she hook it it. she didn't catch it.t >> then she caught it. the i >> you got to complete theehe process. pr just like in the nfl -- - >> no, if you go deep sea sea fishing and you're fightingig those lines a lot of times itims takes self people to pull it in. >> walking alligator on the gole course that was fake, too. >> you know it surfaced surfa againing. >> i'm sure it surfaces againe r and again. >> little optimism. come on g for her.n g r h >> she has to make a full fis fishing
9:27 am
whole process of bringing it on to the boat. b >> you're comparing it tooucomp football. >> as resident fisherman back in the day -- >> um hup. i know about completing thatut c process. >> what's the biggest fish you f ever caught.t. >> about that big.>> a >> uh-huh.h >> that's fish avenue tale.e ta. we don't have enough time for mr to tell a fishtail.l ais thank you erin como.erin still ahead on good day d.c. from our resident baseball expert such as myself jiannenne carlos stanton says a new homerun derby record. it costs boston big money in the process. proc stop it! stop it! we'll show yow how. >> we'll honor four legged four heroes preview of tonight's k9 medal of courage awards you'll y meet one of the recipients.ients >> at 10a more warnings about w that popular pokemon app.on why millions of netflix users might be breaking the law and who top the list as the latest high-paid celebrity? must seeus list of do's and don'ts. d see you neck night out.. later kevin kicking off ghost busters week with 2snl stars
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♪ what do we do, mo?? >> i'm not allowed to say theo t any more.y re >> you're not.>> y're >> good. >> >> you can put it on the board!! >> love laugh.. >> hundreds of times last night. miami marlins joanne carloslo stanton came on top winning the
9:31 am
homerun derby defeatin defeatino frazier. stanton hit 61 homeruns duringg his three rounds to win. win. but while it is reason celebrate for him his team might regret it a hell bit. promised to slash ticket pricest the same percentage as theage number that he hit.. that means tickets should be 61% less but the fine print they cap the price cut at 25%.5% the orlando controls did the first thing with mark trumbo tru last night whos representativeat to baltimore orioles who lot to jianne carlos in the semiem finals. did you watch. >> it was a show.. watching these kids hit 500-fooo homeruns. >> i hope when it's in d.c. that bryce is part of it because itee will be fun to so how far he cae hit that ball in non gameam >> right, right.>> rig right. >> stuff like that i like. le tt any derby -- - >> yeah.h >> basketball, i mean baseball. >> djn outfield. ofiel it's a fun event
9:32 am
may or not be fans of the game.. >> it's 17 or 18.. >> american league and national league face off for the gameform tonight 87th all star game. sta it will be the cubs filling outn the majority of the startingtain lineup but there be a few nats including boys. he'll be starting in right field batting second.econ william ramos and matt scherzer and city steven strassberg.tras the winning league will get homt field advantage in the world inr series. the game airs right her on foxe american league usually wins bub we'll see if maybe the nationals -- >> nationals can help out forelp the national league.tional >> not a fan of all star gamesrm across the board.rd >> i'm not either.>> i i like the homerun derby. d >> that's cool. c nba, nfl major league baseball all star games eh. >> showboating, bunch of showboating. >> pro foal with the nfl i think is the worse of all of them. come on. >> it's also bad when you have nba game they're scoring 160 sc0 points each. no defense being played. >> they're showing off. >> i
9:33 am
>> nobody wants to get all righ had. just having fun.just h >> i get but i don't like any oy them. >> you don't like the fishon't k story. you don't like the all star game. old man duncan -- there's themes here. >> i was going to say. was goina >> this is what he does like. l he likes it when allison andllia tucker good out haven't goodavet that's exactly what they did this m as they went on fox5 field trip. all right.all right have you come down from youryour high, ya'll?? >> a little bit. a little bit, holly. hol i'm still amazed. i mean i can't get the views ous of my head and down here the t ground, lookin looking up at ths spectacular,, what season obel obelus. >> it's just breath taking.ju i don't know.sti n't it's weird. w it's like i've seen the for thef first time today.first time you know what i mean?owhat >> honestly i'm exciting thatm n back. ba >> right. >> i'm going to take the kids. i know.ino love it. i'm coming down little bit holdt toll answer your question but qe still amazing.lmazi >> all right. we want to extend great bigig thank to you mike. mik >> yes.
9:34 am
>> my pleasure.>> my ple >> mike with the national parkth service who made this field trid a possibility.ty >> yes. where we going next? n >> now i'm getting greedy.y. >> uh-huh.h-. >> no blindfold needed. >> we'll put blindfold on andn a drive around the parking lot and back.. mike, give us a little moretl information about the washington monument. day othen every day of the year? ye >> open every day except fort f christmas.chstma >> okay. >> and again, if you plan aheadd of time, go on the web side it's a tough ticket to get t g online. you can get them as much as three months out but we're solde out for the next three months. m come down morning of you can ofc pick up a ticket at theett the washington monument lodge stone building on 15th streettr between madison and jeffersonefs drive. ticket window opens 8:30. day like today people startple s lining up at 7:00 o'clocko' earlier. >> i want to know more about tht carvings we saw inside.rve you're going on the elevator and all of a sudden, it goes dark gk little bit you see the lights yu come up and what do you see? se? >> you see just a handful of tht 193 commemorative stones thesese were given as part of par o construction project to
9:35 am
general washington by all 50 a 5 states are repped mosh a dozenen countries, fraternal organizes,s sunday school classes.l it was a way to show yourwo respect and honor for washingtoo and have your organization ber part of the washington monument. so the stairs are you can see them any more. but the elevator is designed yoy make a couple of stops on the way down. the window is clear.s c and you get a view of just a few of those commemorative stones. e >> who knew that? i did not did know that. >> i just asked you off camera,m but was it always designed toesd allow people to go to the top? t >> always designed as ansi as attraction of sorts. when the washington monument mon opened to the public for the first time in 1888 there was ans elevator to took people up. peoe there was a steam driven drive elevator took you about 12 1 minutes to make the trip backtrk down. >> wow! >> compared to the 70 seconds now. most people know about the abo difference in the stone the color of the >> marble. marble. most people know the difference but can you just tell us becknac it's super intes
9:36 am
such a lesson in americanrica history.story >> sure. the washington monumentonen construction got to about 156 feet before the washingtonag national monument society ranset out of money.. monument stood incomplete toompt sort of a stump for almost almt quarter century. by the time there started s construction in 1876 they wentt back to the same quarry butqury because so much time had passeds the stone came from a lower portion and it was a little bitt different change in color.ol so that explains about a third t of the way up why you see thatt chore change in the washingtongh monument. >> nothing to hold it thereholit except the weight of the stone?s >> there is no steal, no -- nothing holding the monument up except for weight its blocks on top of each other much it's the world's tallest free staning masonry structure.truc >> my good friend steve have sas having a birthday this weekend.e i was hoping to slow throw him h birthday party. pty >> let me spare you thee e embarrassment.rrast. no. >> thank you very much fornk joining us. >> thanks.
9:37 am
what great day. al we'll have to make zatero less of the fox5 field trip.. >> no blindfold next time.blin just get in the like normal friends and goo somewhere.sowhere. >> guys, before i toss it insido i want you to know what i learnt the most important thing i today this was not the first time time allison was blind followed ind n car. >> sorry. >> oh, my.. >> sometimes i wish i couldh cover my ears. ears and not the eyes. i don't have to continue to his zen to him. n to >> we want to switch gears.h the american humane associationi is honoring our four leggedged combat veterans tonight. dogsto who went to war and helped save the lives of soldiers one of thf honor rows is maddie. maddi maddie german shepherd greatdre picture of maddie right thereieg who work alongside an armyrmy specialist as a bomb sniffingb f dog while stationed inhile s afghanistan surviving a nearnr fatal explosion.xpsi now working as a ptsd service dog for his former handler. that's great picture of maddie a but this is even better becauseb maddie is with us right nowt now along robin. rin robin is the president and c
9:38 am
of the american how main main association. as thanks for joining us thisso fos morning. >> thank you for having us. >> big event to in it. >> big event aoubsolutely. >> we're honoring all of our heroes. specifically the four leg onesoe who have been working closelyly with two legged heroes as well.a what happens at an event likentl tonight. >> tonight we. (the lowest k9 medal of courageg beautiful medal one that madal d dough is wearing right now as wr you can see.. >> oops, he'll lay down on misss medal it recognizes really rea courage and valor. v when our war dogs tonight we w honor four very special war dogr maddie being one of these the incredible examples of the bestb of what a war dog is which is saving lives on the battlefieldl >> maddie is with us today.ith who are the oh the dogss >> if tee. incredible dog who lost his legh in the line of service.ce. beautiful beautiful black labab who serv served four tours of df and bond a special forces dog.og >> the dog that serves theseseee days it's not -- we see the t german shepherd and we associato that with >> um-hmm.
9:39 am
there are other breeds that iheh serve equally as effectively,ve right. >> that's exactly right. so, yeah, black labs, golden retrievers, certainly belgium mal annoyed beautiful dogs theys perform special services for our armed service >> a lot of times we see mustwee pictures here there's the blackb lab we were talking about. a you know a lot of times when think about dogs in combat weate see videos inn fill straight inh movies possibly walking with wih handlers a lot of these dogs arg being taken into special forcess territory as well.rritory asell. they really become one with thee handler, don't they.he >> we all think about the talkht cairo who served in the osama bin laden take down went think k about what that dog did in termn of a line of duty. these dogs do -- have tremendous skills. they sniff out weapon cashes, enemy position but they can be c tack dogs. these dogs are four leggedour le soldiers. they come back as woundedas wou warriors as well.iors >> i was going to say. they come back as woundede backw warriors but come back to help t our wounded warriors.. >> idol maddie's handler andandl life par
9:40 am
out in the back of the studiok u but what is maddie doing now too help out want some are these other dogs to help out now thatt they're off the combat field.t d >> american how main has helpedl reunite over 31 war dogs and ond of dogs i reunited reunited wase with specialist britt gromitt. o these dogs served the most inn n matchable of circumstances withc their human handler are now ablw to serve as a service dog. helping to provide hope and he healing in the form of four legs wagging tail, you know, a lickn, and a hug every now and then ana know best friend than a dog. >> what is it for the dog theog because we can hear from brentrr and those others how the dog mad be helping them when they come back from the front lines.ront s what have we learned about howbo dogs respond to that after t they've been in those stressful situations? so a war dog has been exposed to unbelievable circumstances.rc weapons fire, all sorts of o different, you know, really morr and when you think about that,ut they really do have and they
9:41 am
maybe even tp. when i think about war dog had can best handle a forever lovinl home and it's always the former handler who innately aware of o what they both experienced eer together. >> it's fascinating we're ablesr to honor these four leg dogs. d you're doing that tonight.ig are these -- when you do awardsa are these type of things folkssl can go to.oo. >> it's an open ceremony oneron capitol hill tonight. we're really decided about at aa rayburn.ur general naylor will be joiningna us a number of other militaryylt dignitaries and so we're reallyl excited about celebrating our o four leg heroes.s >> that's great. gre. >> heroes on both ends of thes f leash. >> if folks want to find out more about the american mew maii association.atio >> visit american >> we appreciate your time.r t brent i know you're off camera.. thank you very much for your fou service as well. it's good to see the two of them reunited off the field of batt battle. thanks for joining us thisoini morning. >> thank you. >> back to you guys on the couch. 9:41. still ahead in the foxh. beatoxa getting a lot of donald trump t
9:42 am
now kevin mccarthy's favorite ie showing off his.g off h kevin has that story coming up n next. we're back in a in a .
9:43 am
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♪ all right.> l ri 9:44. kevin is on the >> holly, maureen, wisdom. bryan cranston one of the bestt actors working today.orking tod breaking he's in new movie call the
9:45 am
infiltrator which is coming outc wednesday. i spoke to him well have thatha interview tomorrow morning henih was on the today show yesterdays and they were asking him aboutbo fictional -- non fictional heti likes to pla he laid lbj on broadway andady became an hbo show as well. i -- they spoke to him -- carson daily asked him if he could plaa any other non fiction character who would it be and he saidit bn donald trump.nald here's his impression. >> it's huge. let me tell you something. somet this i can tell you. canyou it >> wow! >> you got it down already. >> he did the pursed lips purlis everything perfectly.erfectly i'm excited. i would love to see him play that role. rol johnny depp did it recent untilu puny or die video. that seems like imitation or impersonation the word i'm'm looking for.. definitely interesting.nite >> our jim lokay does it prettyt good drum. d >> i think so. >> he definitely does.s. that's it for today's fox beat.t >> that's all you >> that's all i ha
9:46 am
>> i don't have the kristen cavalero story in there chris. >> no? >> you brought it up. it i don't know where it is.t know y. okay. there it is. reality star turned fashionon designer kristin cavalero being attacked online of a picture shs move evidence her children onreo instagram.stagra she posted this picture of heref kids on the beach saying her sag kids are too thin one personer wrote i know you cook heat theet but to see the bones doesn't doe seem normal. sorry.. kristen clapped back on twittert saying quote i love people are sending me articles aboutclesbo dangers of being a vo began.o b send it to someone who is actually vo began. began. >> those kids are allegedly tooe thin.. >> right. >> people are tweeting saying the kids aarre too thin. thin >> have they seen a little kid laely?late >> most kids --os >> a lot of little kids are kid string beans. >> everyone wants to hatee wanth online. >> i know. >> on the keyboard. key >> unless you're a little more r rube bin effect you'll say she's over feeding them. them. >> exactly. can't win for losing.r sing um-hmm.-hmm. >> thanks, kev. >> she actually responded.uallon i wouldn't even respond toven re social mode ya.
9:47 am
>> every once in while you havev to rpond >> plus i always say this. say sometimes i just want people tol know there's real person on thet other end.. >> yeah.>>h. >> because sometimes people saye mean things and i respond backpc then they're like i'm so sorry,r holly, no, no.. >> that's another language i i speak fluently. >> i just ignore them. j why bother? why give them t power? >> i'm with you. 9:47 is the time.47 is e t coming up next christmas inhriss july, what? today is amazon a prime day and we're sharing soms of the secrets you flood to knok to make sure you're getting the best deals possible.ossi back aft a >> oh, i do really want it, i yeah. i need to go and line right now. ♪ >> i don't even know i want it i but if it's at a good price i want it.
9:48 am
five years ago, on any given night, you know, almost 75,000 veterans experienced homelessness. we have reduced those numbers by almost half, but despite the great progress that we have achieved, there are still too many veterans who still need a place to live. this project is a comprehensive rehabilitation of the center's facility here in downtown boston to create permanent supportive housing, transitional housing and service spaces, a facility that really delivers on society's commitment to people who have served in the military. citi® was the natural partner because they were able to come with the resources, both the capital resources and also the human resources, the experts in their field, and without citi's partnership we probably would not be in construction right now. the goal for us in this project is to be more effective in the services that we provide so that veterans who have committed to put their lives at risk
9:49 am
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shiny hair. new garnier whole blends coconut oil & cocoa butter. ♪ all right.ig the second annual prime daynd ar sales are underway this morningi at azon some analysts predict this will be the business zest day inn amazon's history.istory. as you know last year a lot ofrf consumers rolled their eyes ati the deals being offered on primi day and clueing tupperware, tube socks, pop tarts. tar. yeah they're also underwhelmednd by the sometimes tiny discounts boeing offered on prices but the company vowed this year had beee different. here i am. sorry about that.out t will be different this y
9:51 am
they've made many tweaks to thek second annual prime d so are there any secrets toeco getting the best deals on thisni christmas in jowl? tech expertp and usa contributor virginiani lewis is here to help us sort ir all out.all out good morning to you.go mor >> thank you. >> as i started we were all verv underwhelmed last year. last ea. >> yes. >> at lost a lot of people -- i say all d they make any tweaksaw that will real people in or givv them something to cheer about. >> i think they were up front about what they're really r selling.sellin a lot of stuff is random. stu but now their calling it weirdnr and wonderful.ul. >> okay. >> owning the fact -- fac >> owning the fact you're givinn mow tube socks.w tube socks. >> what they're trying to do is get more'r prime members once ye gall bladder an amazon primeon i member your shopping behavior bo fundamentally changes most metrics say you'll spend twiceyl as much as s someone else to ths tune of $1,500 annually. so you can get a 30 day free f trial for amazon prime if you pf want to give eight you get your merchandise.r merc. you can cancel after 30 days. d. 70% of people stay on for thenor rest of the year if they stayhes for year, nippers stay for sta second year. very profitabl
9:52 am
kind of deals are were seeingee this year.isea >> first of all it's not amazon so powerful they've beenn able to eighty three 881ly81ly practical items. 50% of all moves happy betweenet labor day and -- memorial daymol and labor day. people are gravitating things ti they would buy any way. wou buy don't buy something just becausu a deal.a dea >> okay. oka >> or get caught up in that i false sense of you are jenn so j they have something calledhi lightning deals that are going g on limited want. w >> like a blue light specialighi from k mart. mar >> exactly.xact but if there are things that yoy buy any way so protein powder pe big in our house, we buy thatha every month. m that's currently 57% off.. >> dog food. laundry dieter jenn, et cetera.c >> the way i kind of pictureicte everything across the board onro amazon would be up for grabs fog today discounted somehow that'sa not the case. hundred thousand items amazon has 20 million items bymy amazon prize.rize they change them out every fivee
9:53 am
so you can download the amazon up and get updated and watchnd w certain items if you're in the'n park for something.park f som i think today will be very bigig day for amazon echo known as alexa.. you ask it questions and they're offering 50 bucks off on that. >> electronics are they the bige ones being discounted today?od >> always electronic.ronic i'm sure.m sure laptops, televisions, um, and their own products, kindle inin particular. >> you've got to be that primetb member because you mentioned this is their way to increasence prime membership. are they going through stockghto issues. sues >> no, they're doingreoi fantastically just like we talk about the apple owe companywe cm system once you start usingrt ui apple products you don't want tt change. you'll get the i phone and machd and now you don't want to make adjustments same thing iss helping with ma'am son. they get free faux tote storager a lot of additional perk on thee movie side as well.el once do you they can make it upp in volume.olume >> i see other places
9:54 am
jumping in.n. >> sure. s everybody will get bump today.lo they are offering free shippingi wal*mart in particular comingr n out with the roughly equivalentv of amazon prime for $40. $40. $49 year and there's fro trial.. target from you spend 25 buck b free shipping. sears has 90 day free trial tout two day shipping.hipp macy's is struggling but a lottt of lot picks.ic great day to buy bathing suits. >> great day to shop.ho everyone trying to jump in that on the band wagon as we said.goa bottom line for us. u i always -- amazon doesn't have a good day today will they keepe this going any way becauseayec they're making money no matteror what or do you see them dialingi it back and retooling howlingow they're doing this christmas inn july business? bin >> you know i think it's a stun much it's promotion but it's i estimated that amazon does halfh of all online sales that's howhh big they are. a so they're powerful enough to eg create their own holiday and ifd they get new customers and especially in you primeri customers that prove to be soeo profitable overtime you'll see u more of this kind of thing. thi all day until what time?y untiat >> it is all
9:55 am
started at midnight they changeg thing out at 1:00 a.m. 3am i'm m was on looking and it will be ab big big day.g bi it's the fourth largest online e shopping day overall now.ow >> okay. behind thanksgiving, cyberyber monday and black friday as youca said at the top, could becould historic.hist >> it's a thing.>> ia th >> it's a thing. for sure it's a thing. >> like oy said tube socks fortb everybody.evody. >> vitamins, laundry dieter die jenn. >> it's a bonanza for all.orll thank you regina lewis. lewis >> shower. >> back to you guys on theou gue couch.couc >> only if there's enough you need.he i'm not going to scower amazonma for the rest of the day tryingan to fine something to get a deala we have a lot mr. coming up in the next how kevin sitting downw with 2snl stars turned ghost busters.ster plus the national mall's message for pokemon go users. use. and later the rules you need to follow your next night out at aa bar. >> sounds good to me.>> first though you know what time it is. coffee time on good day dc.c. if you've been eyeing our cooloo good day mugs listen up becauseu we now have a good day d.c..c dunkin' donuts mug to give away. it's perfect cup r
9:56 am
great dunkin' donuts coffee. cfe so here's what you need to head to or our facebook page which iss d.c. enter ouo mug contest one lucky winner wie selected boy random drawing buti you need to hurry you only fromo now until 11am to enter.nt and please do not forget if youu do win, take a selfie with your mug.mug. move at this time our facebookis or twitter pages. t twitt pag like this one from kenneth ray me. kenneth looking good. i love it.nn just use the good day dc hashh tag. tag. we'll make shower we share itret with everyone that's watching wh and we're the ones that enjoy ii the most right here in the loftl we'll be back right after this. good day at 10a rolling your way.
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♪ turning at 10a pokemon go craze comes with severalh severl warnings. do you share your netflixix password.wo you may want to reconsider.onsi. wendy williams controversy. do tell. also ahead the 10a, who you, who going to call? i know.i i know, ghost busters right. don't mess tevin' local l exclusive with two of the cars t get ready to laugh.. >> miss world america stops bymb the 10a. >> and do's and don'ts when itst comes to drinking at a bar. some of the local bartendersartr dish with us a the a 10:50. 150 >> sounds good to me.oe. cheers! 10a starts right now. n. ♪ >> wyeth i need a new rule ifeei we're going a bar segment went w need to be pressed at least anat hour ahead of ofim >> it agree. it ag i second that rule, steve. >> have a few drinks. dnk >> good company and the
10:01 am
>> we are better company anderpy frolic more when we have good g drink. >> is that right? >> you had>> your pina colada flavor.or >> i did take it to anotherno level when i had that slurpeerpe yesterday.yesterda >> let me help you. let >> what are you talking about.ek >> i got to do my solo.. >> old man pants today.tsay >> i'm you go to show you. y i was trying let the ladies goas first. i'm good. g severing >> the knee, watch the knee. k >> i'm good.oo >> watch the knee! kne >> i got ben gay and all thatt stuff. you diagnose okay. o >> steal your grandma.gra >> the niece are good. look at that.ok a crossed both of them. i can't cross that one.. >> exactly. he won't be able to walkable tomorrow now. if we're hoping wisdom make itsi through the holly and maureen are going tono help us threw if he can't makeae it. thanks store if anything it witt ufor 10a today. today >> one of the most popular appsp in the world right now. pokemon go. g it's a mobile game that has
10:02 am
on the streets of cities anditia towns nationwide looking for virtual animated characters cra hidden in real world locations.o now the gps based game plays ona the nostalgia of 1990's pokemonn cartoon tv show and card but if you're still confused, we actually put together a little l explainer on how it works. >> pokemon go is mobile videoid game that gets you outside of of your home and allows to you goo out into the real world and finn actual pokemon. pem do you find since you've gotteng this game you're getting out ana about little more and maybend m trying to hunt down some pokemons? >> little bit. i mean i'm hoy schoolteacher my summers are off. a off. i'm trying to get myself out oft the house as much as i mi >> okay. do you have any tips?ys? >> it's definitely around herefi all of those signs the heritageg signs or whatever the heritage e trail that's where you get the pokemon stuff. >> interesting. i so holly you found out yesterday it kind of brings a little someo of the history aspect into thee characters find something things
10:03 am
>> explore your neighborhood. i'm not sure that if you tore ya'll taught you really how torl play. it's more complicated than thatt but along with the new gameses popularity, have also come also droves of reports of pokemon pom related injuries and players too focused on their phones as these pokemon go craze continues anu a kind reminder this morning fromo the national mall and memorialem park they posted on their o t facebook page asking peopleing playing pokemon go on the mall m tomes be respectful of fellow visitors at the memorials andors those places of solemnmn reflection.. now the matt national mall isonl getting in on all the funl e fun though. they said to keep anight eye out ranger led pokemon hunts comingn soon. >> you need a pokemon game toamo get out of the house. that's what i got out from that tutorial. >> if you win poke man what do m you >> points and candy and stuff s and you try to make your character -- yeah.h. you too toy make your charactera stronger then you can go to a gym and fight other pokemon characters first
10:04 am
>> yes. the gym may or may notarially exist. >> you're not going to getgoin stronger. >> this is important to note, though. this often gets overlook. ove this is to your point yesterdayt when we were talking about houru they making money nintendo andod stuff.uff. all your locations andur latio everything they're selling all t of that to a third partyhe.rd pr >> let me ask this.s how many -- are older peopleld o playing this like seriously 9319 over like, i don't know, 35, 404 >> it might be generation al.ern >> i played it yesterday and -- >> that was for work.k. >> right.ig >> this is for younger people. i can't see -- see - >> or nostalgia for people thatt were kids in the '90's. >> exactly.. >> again. your answer is no.o. >> i already deleted from it myt phone. >> see. >> well because once i hearduseh they were selling informationlln and everything i was like i l don't want them to know alreadya more than they already know. >> regina lewis came who said ii will probably grow more. mor businesses are using it as as marketing tool. t >> because they're collectingret information. >> exactly.xact originally i was going keep it on my phone if i'm in
10:05 am
neighborhood and i want to seeow cool thing it will show me the t landmarks.s >> now they're suddenly there'se sale around the corner att whatever retail stores. >> forme that was enough forme e to -- >> he perked up.rkedp. >> i need to get download.. >> some kids need video games tg get outside of the house and some kids need sales to get thet outside of the house.he hou >> everybody has their thing. >> i don't know. i don't know. if you're playing let us have you caught the fever? fev >> if you're sitting in yourour easy chair with a clicker inlici your hasn't and watching netflit reconsider the neck time you you share your password with somebody. some because you may be committing a federal crime. crime yes, indeedy.. u.s. court of appeals issued a e warning which makes password par sharing a federal offense. oen now this falls under the under computer fraud and abuse act. although sharing passwords toors online services like netflix anl hbo go is illegal it's unlikelyk you'll be prosecuted because att least right now net flick says it's okay with users sharingng passwords.passwo >> somebody actually went toy ac court over this
10:06 am
>> and wave add bunch of time.f. >> are you the only -- am the only one that thinks this is a non-story. >> i think it's stupid.. >> netflix says four different t pebble can use one account.ount >> if this were actionable we'dw all be in jail seriously. serios >> speak for yourself.ak f i'm a law abiding citizen overvr i'm not sharing anything.t shan >> because he's too cheap tos to order netflix. (laughter). >> i don't have netflix or hbo.o >> when it's on sale he's alls a over it.over >> today mark the return off amazon prime day.. online retailer hosting a 24 a hours oil sale for prime users.u they're having that sale and amazon will offer more than 100 thus san different deals inn biggest discount event to date.d other companies are trying to keep up stores like target,art sears, banana republic planningn to slash prices today. pris t experts say some items will bewi priced at black friday levelel discounts. here's a look at some of thek m deals you can expect major deals on tv's for example 55-inchinch samsung ultra hd smart
10:07 am
$549 or how about an amazon fire tv2499 when it comes to deals oo amazon products you can scoreans big too.oo. $50 off an amazon echo and $50 $ off a kindle voyage. voyag again just some of the eyes oth amazing deals amazon primezo members can find today.ers find >> you get the free shippingresh with that, right. right >> as long as you're a >> if your in the a prime member 30 day free >> remember to cancel it whenane the their days runs out.uns o. >> okay. let's check out the good day day study hall.y hl. a child biting their nails or sucking their thumb might be ait good thing actually becauseec apparently they may have less os a chance of developing allergi allergies. new study found nearly one third of kids who were either suckingc their thumbs or biting that areh nails between the ages oatf five and 11 were less likely to haveo allergies by the time they were 13 researchers believe theseve results could be related relatee hygiene hypothesis which is a theory that exposure to bacteria
10:08 am
immune system into infectionto c fighting mode. there you go. g you got all of that? >> put all the dirt on your on y early on and you won't have any issues later in life. lif >> they're showing pacifiers.. why five? it is that the timete if you start biting your nailsri or suck your thumb you build a a immunity.immunity i would have thought from birthh >> from earlier, right.. >> okay.>> okay >> maybe when you get five you get different kind of germs whew your a little baby you'ree ba yu confine to the space and when you're five you start getting out and about stickinge your yu hands in stuff and grabbingrag stuff and putting your hands tos your mouth.yo mou >> playing pokemon. >> eating dirt. dirt >> shoe sales.>> shoe s >> builds up the system.he sysm. builds character that kind of kf stuff does you're coming alivee all of a sudden. >> i'm just saying. i'm just >> i'm afraid.safrai >> there is something to thatt whole we're over sanitized youiy need a little dirt in your y system to build up immunity. ooh do you believe that.. >> kids actually eat dirt. eat . >> you didn't? youid >> i was at the park the otherro day. a little kid to taken a cup andd was actually drinking.
10:09 am
>> that's not good. >> drinking the water at theateh splash park. >> it made me crimple as kidsasd were did he such crazy thing. t. he was having the time of his life. fe took a cup, he couldn't be no older than four.n four. took the cup and his mom didn'tt see. i thought, oh, goodness. do you say anything?g? >> probably so.bly >> i think in that instance insi would like no, no, don't drink d that water. >> i too stunned.. (laughter).r) >> in a rare moment maureen wass left speechless.left >> i was like, um, yeah. yea don't do that! tha >> that was it. it. sorry, kid. >> okay.>>y. >> sorry.ry >> too late to say you're sorry. >> never too late. justin beiber let's go.'s next up how long can you stareou into someone's eyes before itt becomes auction war? war? >> forever.. >> scientists have the answerhee and it doesn't take long to mako someone feel uncomfortable. 498 participants watch this t video of an actor staring and sg indicated when the staringtaring started to make them feeleel uncomfortable on average it took
10:10 am
people just 3.3 seconds of looko in someone's eyes before theyhe felt awkward.wkward >> i was going to say righto sag around two seconds or so. t sec. it doesn't take long. >> let's try it, steve. ste >> no, that's too much.o m (laughter).(lau. >> if you missed last note' homh derby you missed a record recor settler. miami marlins jianne carlos won the slugging contest feeing thee defending champion todd frazieri of the white sox.. he hit 61 homeruns.. his team promised to slashsl ticket price the percentage of the number of bombs he hit.. which means tickets should be be 61% less.61 more than half off except theree is fine print. the team capped price cut at 25%. still a discount.coun. tonight at 87th all star gametag you can watch it right here on n foxfox5 starts at 7:3 bruce harper loan nats starterta playing right field he will bat second. rammies will be on the steve strasburg. matt scherzer in the bullpen.
10:11 am
were going to slash it they it shall do it the real amount he t hit it.hi >> they are hallmark up aarhall gazillion dollars.ion dlars >> that's what game.>> the goodwill they promote would be great. >> just my 2 c tenhets. . our next topic was a conversation that started via facebook live mentions thisons morning. and now we're taking it to thent couch. so we learned from tmz that sierra and future son calls sierra's new husband russellussl wilson papa. this sparked a conversation about whether or not we would allow this in our own hheomes.ns now, wisdom and maureen had very different opinions on this one. in this corner we have maureen. in this corner -- >> this is made up. thi >> my whole thank was i found -d i originally saw this morning and i thought, um, when i read r it i thought, well f the dad --- if the child's father is in thee child's live and doing doi everything, i think it's ai thia little weird that the kid callss the new father dad or poppa or whatever. i felt it was disres
10:12 am
apparently wisdom didn't share s >> how old is the son >> two. >> two years old. >> it's tough for the 284 old to understand russell versus poppap when a male figure in his life.f >> here's the thing someone saio would you have him call him.allm >> i don't know were that name would be. i vladimir putin come to thatt yet. when i read it it felt weird too me. >> something other than poppa.n. >> a term of affection needed.t. maureen and i felt like -- lik-- >> a nickname.. >> let's make generic.ic this weird scenario russellus wilson and future and that's a weird situation rightit there because we know future is in the tic we don't think he is. generically if you arere married -- say, for example, if, holly and i are married and we w have a child and we get divorc divorced. all right. and then steve comes into theomh picture.ctur >> right. >> he's raising my son.e's ra >> right. >> is it fee is above board anda i say above board a goodman, a good dude, and my son is callini me i'm the dad. d. he calls me daddy.dy he calls steve poppa or popp
10:13 am
>> what did he calls steve dad. >> he'll call me daddy firstl because i'm his dad.use i'm his. i was there first.e first. >> bought if he calls you daddyd it's all good but then startsrt call call steves dad.stevesad. >> the second point is what goes on in their house since i'm not married to them any more is mor their affair.ffr. >> uh-uh. >> i'm not in their house.n th i have no control over i don't regulate what goes on io their house.thr ho that's between steve and holly.l >> but here's the thing. >> my child -->> >> i get it. i understand it but i'm comingn' from a pointer of respect.oi as the dad -- it's not about >> you don't feel disrespected.i >> it's about the child. >> as a you're saying as a dad. >> feelings like, man, my littlt guy or my little girl is calling some other guy >> no.>> n >> or daddy or poppy orpoppor whatever. >> wisdom is trying -- wisdomis knows that's his son. >> yeah. i don't need to get into a match --tch >> one of the things was -- is that we thought wisdom was like, dad and poppy are two differente thing and ma
10:14 am
dad, poppy, poppa, any word thaa refers to father we had ae h problem with and i turn iturn i around and in this way f i was w married and my husband and i gog divorced and my husband got remarried, and my child all of sudden started calling thehe stepmom mom, this is just me. >> what is he calling you? y >> if he called me mom and he called her momma or mad dre orae any other word that couldn't notes mother, it would crush mem it would crush me.e. i'm just saying i'm not -, evo evolved. >> would was want him to call her, by her first name w.r finam >> how would you want him toould address. >> i haven't worked that out y yet. i don't know what i would want the child to call that person.ap i just know it feels weird toeit have -- if the other person isei doing everything and that's a a title that -- tt >> you're not doing everything.g >> it's as a mom i don't know io want that shared.. >> let's just say it wasn't your own fault. you guys are divorced. divorce it's best for the kid.theid
10:15 am
of a slap in the dad's face. >> it's not slap.t sl >> his title is dad or daddy.ra shared with someone who's not's the child's father. f >> it's not slap.not sp. >> that's what i think.. >> as steve just mentioned i'mem the dad. the dad. that's my so -- so >> maybe it's a girl thing.rl. >> maybe it is. >> i think you're also takingo k the assumption that both of thef men in this situation are of o equal support.po >> right. >> that's what i'm getting at.ta sometimes, i mean you don't knok which situation might be bettert for that child. >> and than doing nothing. nothg by all >> we're talking about when theh dad is in the life. le. >> if everything is above boardd when i say above board i mean bm he's a good guy, the neck guy iy a good guy and doing everythingn he needs to do on his end. e i've done everything i need to do on my end. end. i'm just not married to her anyh more. i don't have a problem with because i'm not in their house.e >> let me look at it this way. w this is for me, a hundred% me. if i had a stepchild and they started calling me momma
10:16 am
in their life, i would be be uncomfortable with that as the stepmother. i would not want to be calledd mom because i'm not their moth mother. >> in that case i would have a conversation with the mom. this is sometashing that's fluid my initial reaction i fell likel oh, you know, poor dad. >> two-year-old, though -- >> the two-year-old will say -- whatever the two-year-old hearsa or feels. >> that's what we talk about.wh please tell me was think. washi i felt some kind of way.f way. i don't know if others arekn feeling this. is it a sex thing do women feel,ing. >> i don't think there's righthi or wrong way to feel. everybody feels how they feel. >> i don't know. it's something about it's a talk consider. >> oh, okay.kay. >> we'll move on. 10:16 is the time right nowh still ahead at 10:00 i ain't00 a afraid of no ghost. g we should have music right there but i am wary of another ath hollywood remake there's plentyy of those out there.. >> still, that's not ghostot busters. >> they're doing it again, ain
10:17 am
you get it? >> kevin kicking off ghost o gho busters week this week and first up nothing says ghost busterssts like britney spears. 2snl stars turn -- >> her career. c >> that's true. >> any way we'll talk about that when we come back. bk >> more fall out from wendy wdy williams aft week's race rant ra plus the new list of highest paid celebrities and -- who is o that with wendy. >> new pictures of harry stylesy new his new hairstyle that is.hat it is 10:17 right n the good day celebrity dishtyis serving it up next.t. ♪
10:18 am
10:19 am
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>> breaking news now at 10:20ne2 from our own paul wagner. dc police investigating a suspicious package in southwest d.c. on capicitolac hill. h they're evacuating the ford house office building.uiin that's on second street southtro west. 400 block of second streetnd southwest.uthwes part the capitol complexion.ompx we do have crews on the way. t bring you the latest details ass soon as we get them.s we t again that's the ford housedou office building no members of of congress have their office thero is but congressional staffers this is also housing theng t architect of the capitol officec and congressional budget offic offices. so that building right now again is being evacuated ford house hu offi b
10:21 am
suspicious package.ackage again crews on the way we'll thw bring you details when we getet them. right now 10:21. 121 let's check good day celebrity y dish.di >> all right.>> all first up we'll talk about wendyy williams the daytime talk show host got major heat last weekt w after sharing her opinion onn jesse williams powerful speechlc about race at the bet awards shs said jesse was very poignant but also should have given a shout out historically white collegese and historically black collegess much that is cost her at leastis one sponsor but shet wants thes situation to lead to an open dialogue.alogue she's set to fulled address herh claims on her show alongside off one of her biggest critic since that incident roland martin wilw stop by on her show monday.on i'm very disappointed she wouldw say something as uninformed on that the reason hbc was createde to educate people because they b cannot get into the other other colleges.. don't all of a sudden in 2016 as start talking about they'rebout' irrelevant
10:22 am
for what they said. because it's irrelevantse responsible. >> it was developed becausee black people couldn't get intoet traditional universities.rsit >> yeah.>>eah. >> wendy and roll lapped will have it out. he's been harsh on her like le seriously harsh.. >> he won't hold back.n't hold . >> i'm a graduate of hbcu and i have five generations in myy family from hbcu's i'm just saying. sa nothing wrong with hbcu. >> you know what i'm talking about. >> hey, wendy, what's up.. >> short lived.>> call the girl. girl. next up enough is enough. eno that is what dr. phil is sayingg to the national inquirer.nquie he filed a $250 million0 miio defamation lawsuit again theonaw company that owns the magazine.z he claims they publish 80 falsee stories about him over 13 yearsa most notably about his marriageg to wife robin gray. g dr. phil's lawyer says the company deserves to go out of
10:23 am
business because they serve no legitimate purposes in society.. i think a lot of celebritiesri agree. agree >> i love that picture.e at p that you know list that came ouc of the top celebrities he's one' of them, too.. >> i heard him and judge judy like they are major -- major -- >> i was shock when they saidhos him. >> money makers.>> they get get i'm also surprised other peoplel don't get mad at the nationall inquirer i seen stuff on therent there's no way that's true. >> lot of people are just like t they know to not believe it.elit >> it's garbage.t's gage. >> they know it's garbage.y ow i it's like you not giving the haters any power. >> they just say i'm not going to give them power.ower tow they are right about someboe things. >> there's wears smoke. >> exactly.>> e kim kardashian west is on the cover of forbes magazine.agazin she made the list of one of forbes highest paid celebritiess her reality star fame has helpel her grow her digital empire her mobile game called kim carryingi hollywood has actually been downloaded 45 million times. ha what. >> she's made
10:24 am
its launch back in 2014. she posted this pick of the the cover instagram with the hash h tag not bad for a girl with noo talent. (laughter). >> i like that she was able toat laugh at herself.laugh at that's pretty good.'sy g >> that family has been playinga us for years now. but okay.but oka >> they're a business. business >> oh yeah. >> they're a well-oiled machinee they are.ey are. and there are certainly noin blank spaces in tailor swift's i bank account. singer topping that forbes list of the highest paid celebrities. swift earned $170 million lastin year alone and there may be badd blood between the two bute twbut ex-boyfriend calvin harris madee the list with $63 million.. >> djing. >> good music.sic >> wrong profession. one direction earn the number two spot with $110 million.miio adele marks don narcotic rihanna and kevin hart also made thead e list.list. >> good lore. >> madonna? >> still mak making coi >> what she's made sin thet beginning of her career. car >> probably half a billion or
10:25 am
more. >> probably. finally it is a new harry styls for harry styles. sle pop star showed off his new his short do on the zest upcoming film. check it out.chec out. >> yes. >> there it is. >> 22-year-old made the big chop several weeks ago for the movie dunkirk about allied soldiers sr after world what two.. after chopping those luscious locks he donated it all toonatel charity. charit >> good for him. good for hi >> very cool, harry.ry >> of course now much like samson his power was in his h lock. we'll see.l >> i won recognize him. >> he'll be at the top learninga list next year.t year. we shall see.we s >> all right. >> coming up later on whatnot tn do your next night out from ti t tipping to ordering we'll run r down some of the rule of the bar you'll need to know if you wantu to get the bet first. fir we're still following twolong developing stories and we'llng have updates on both s coming u next. next.
10:26 am
10:27 am
10:28 am
♪ we want to get to breakingre news dealing with thatng with tt suspicious package on capitol hill. melanie alnwick is there now now trying to get some moreome m information for us.formation fo what were you able to find out, mel? >> reporter: all we know att this point that it is being i labeled as a suspicious packagee investigation. look behind me here. you can see that is in the is in direction of the ford houseou office building which wasch
10:29 am
we've seen a number of streetsfr block off around the area.. and police continuing to arrive at that location.n also around the corner here at t the american veterans disableise for live memorial.oria you can see these are workerskes who have been asked to leave l their office this morning whilew they sit and wait for things to hopefully to be cleared.le we still see a few people sortes of walking around somewhat leasl surely so police seem to be in at least on the exterior of this perimeter somewhat of a relaxedd position weight watching andchg waiting to see what we'll learne from inside the ford office building.bu we really haven't had any more information here from us capitop police but they are the ones who are securing the scene at this point.pot. and really trying to work allorl the sources that he have tryingy to see exactly what led to this suspicious package perhaps what may have tipped somebod
10:30 am
we just don't have any goodie gi tails on that at this point ioi know we have other fox5ox colleagues here workingorng different angles of this tryingy to let you guys know wet indeedi this is a real issue or whethere it's just one of those falseseal alarm but you really did not bet too careful these days. that's the latest from here in i northwest. back to you guys.. again this is a buildinga bd that houses number of congressional staffers but nostt members of congress actually cor have their offices in that offi building. bu >> okay. let's move on now.t'move the next story is the definitiot of a teaser. tea britney spears giving fans 16ans seconds of steamy -- get to this story in just a moment. jt i understand our call bob barnard is live on the scene the with another story that's happening here. this is the police involvedice d bob, excuse me for that's for t correct please bring us up to date on what's happening there.g >> reporter: no t problem. yeah, maureen we're getting get little bit more information frof police official who is here onia the scene. let me just show you this is is alabama avenue and that iss martin luther king, jr.,r. elementary police still here.po sti the incident i
10:31 am
corner in the congress heightsts playground.ay i can show you a photographhotoh taken from the rooftop of thehe elementary school. the gray suv you see there has its rear windshield shot out.. dc police are telling us there r were as many as five people inside that suv.t one of them has been arrested.. that man was also wounded in ann exchange of gunfire with d.c. police who were anally brought to this seen by the sound of gunfire.gunf police are telling us there maye have been an armed robbery in in progress that was the initial crime. cr responding police who apparentln two of them got out of theirfhe cruiser were shot at and returned fire. f neither of the officers wasers w struck but, again, the one person who was firing at them at according to police was woundedd has been arrested. the other four in the carar including a couple of women havv been questioned.ed that's where it stands at thishs
10:32 am
perhaps they were involved witht a crime with a shooting aboutgbt 6 miles from here.fromer they don't below that's the bel they believe the initial crimere that brought police to this aree was right here in southeast neaa the school, and again you havee one person shot and arrested. a couple of others being questioned two officers shot at this could have been a much mh bigger story more terrible crime but right now that's where it we stands, guys, and yet it iset ii still under investigation andtin per happen the story mightig change little bit more details may flush out exactly what wha happened here along alabamala avenue around midnight lastt las night. guys? bob barnard reporting for ur this morning. morni thank you for that. >> 10:32 is the time right now.w straight ahead we'll c off off ghost busters week because there's nothing we've already aa said this before that's mores re than a remake.e. kevin mccarthy is coming backg and he'll talk to kate mckinnon and
10:33 am
turned ghost catchers.ater >> remake or reboot.ake >> remake avenue reboot. >> or sequel.
10:34 am
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>> 10:35. breaking news this hour is theew vac weighing of the ford house office building. part of the capitol complex. there you can sees couple see u different views of the scenevi right now. ri lots of police activity there. e a lot of responders however at this point all we know it wase k reported a suspicious packageace that led to the evacuation.cuio
10:36 am
she's keeping a very eye on thet situation. she's right there with thetheret camera.came the ground level camera on the e left. so we'll check in with her if she gets any development.elopmet in the meantime we'll let them t handle what's happening on hpeni capitol hill and we will turniln thing over to wisdom and kevin. >> ♪ do you see that? the eyes. >> no.>> that is unsettling. >> patti tee can i get illumination on the subject.tion >> yeah, i can put some light ot that.that >> oh, boy. >> where are these ghosts comint from. >> you're taking this pretty boy bag to the lab. >> boy power us usp. >> in here. erin, come here. >> why am i oping the untestified nuclear laser.r l >> you have the longer arms.e la this is a little bit ofitf grounding so you don't dieie immediately. >> you have done this before,do rigneht? >> ready.>>eady aim,
10:37 am
>> that's clip from the all newl all girls ghost busters spiritri of original cast featurestu multiple saturday night live n stars they include kristen wiig, kate mckinnon and leslie jones.. kevin sat down with two surgeono snl players to talk about how their chemistry went from thefr small screen to the big screen.. >> wiz, good to see you, buddy. >> tie bar with the ghost the g busters logo.bust >> i know why you did that.u ta >> this is kevin.his kevin steve and i were joking aboutut this reboot versus remake versuss sequel.sequel what does all that stuff mean. >> reboot means restarting thetg entire story line. lin this movie does not take placeee anywhere in the timeline of thet original ghost busters there's no peter advantage mande no ray no egon. e no winston much those characterr don't exist in this world. thisd rebooting the franchise if theyf remade it you would havet yowoue characters like peter bank man. characters again that bill b murray played g they don't exisn w do they get the stuff f
10:38 am
>> this story line as if you'ree watching 1984 ghost busters. b >> i got you. you. >> it doesn't already exist.lrei >> gotcha. g >> is it that make sense. >> 1984 ghost busters with allhl women so where did the other o ghost busters go.go >> i'm sorry. >> never mine. >> i sat down with kate mckinnon and leslie jones. two important dings katertan mckinnon impersonates hillaryter clinton and justin beiber on s snl. that's why i'm asking that one t question. second of all the last questionq i asked them is about the famous '84 film. film if you haven't seen that. that you'll know the famous scenes they're talking about.'re ta if in the i'll come back andac educate you check it o >> hi, kevin. >> i'm from d.c. i'm.c >> i love you you're so bright.. >> i like you guys. >> i have nerd tears.rd tears i was geeking.i s ge i was thinking how off some s would it to be see hillary b clinton as a ghost buster? whaa would she do with the proton pack? how would that go down? (laughter).ghte >> i have to know.tonow >> i think she would use reasoned diplomas see to get the ghosts to -- she would, um, juss
10:39 am
>> she wouldn't use the protontp pack? she wouldn't go full on.o >> i think she would go full ono >> i think she would try to tryo negotiate first and then she'd be like, okay, so you're not not going to leave, i'm blast >> what would beiber do. >> the ghost boss beat him up,s man.n >> laugh hal(laughter).gh >> just do his face. jdo h >> the ghost would be like --ik- >> yeah or he would do his facee and the ghost would start scre screaming. in sexual way. (laughter). >> i want to see these four f ghost busters dropped into thep original film in one scene and a combine with the original four.f what scene would you want to set them in? >> oh, dude, that's a good good question.question. >> any seen.n. >> okay they have to four to bee together or separate. sep >> whatever you want to be.ver a >> i what happened to be drop ip the scene where,en um, he opens like rick moranis opens up the t door and she's sitting there are are you the gatekeeper?per? (laughter).. >> i like where you're going yor with that.
10:40 am
(laughter). >> what about you? (laughter). >> i'd like to have, um, sigourney open the fridge. fridg >> >> have me be sitting there eating boloney and say hi. h >> that's such a good one.oo always have a good one. >> how are you? (laughter).aute >> you're polite about it.'r >> how you doing? >> i love it. here.eneed mayonnaise? e >> >> the dog is in those evil dogs. dog >> yeah. >> so scary.>> that scene scared me when i wase kid.. >> when sigourney opened thatpe fridge in the '84 version andio the terror dog says sewell, i sl flip out. flip i remember those dogs had thedot red eyes.yes >> yup. >> i'd go to sleep at night and have nightmares about those red eyes. eyes it freak me f >> really. >> it love the '84 version.he ' for me as kid i grew up i hadad proton packs, so sitting in sng movie theater and watching theig new version made me feel like al kid again.d a very very cool. >> it hits theaters friday.ri >> we'll have more from the cass including mel list todayt toda mccarthy and
10:41 am
>> when are you going to review this finally. finally >> friday. i just saw it last thursday,rsy, wednesday. >> we've been wait ago long time. ing 're's the thing we'reee debating reboot versus remakeake here.. they're wrapping me up.. >> we'll talk more about it.ut . >> hollywood will give uswoodilu another chance. don't worry.don' still ahead, royalty stops byy the up next i go one-on-one withonet miss world america. america that's coming up next.t don't go anywhere. >> ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
10:44 am
♪ 10:44. still following breaking news coming from capitol hill this moowrnm ing. fox5's paul wagner got the tipoe dc police were investigatinges suspicious package in southwestt d.c. and that right there in the capitol complex and this is whaw you see the result now shortowho time later a lot of law lf la enforcement there. they evacuate the the ford housh office building.ld the report it was a suspicious package capitol police haveic h since tweeted that theyhey evacuated while they investigate such suspicious package. haven't had much moreh m information but melanie alnwicki is there on the scene root now.n so if we hear anything that youy need to know we'll of course ofu pass that on right away. 10:44 right now.right now you know that we love when w royalty stops by the loft.he l well yesterday i got the i t opportunity to sit down with the newly crowned miss world americe audrey murray she dish on her hr crowning moment and explaineden the difference between miss m america and miss world. >> congratulations. catul that's so's >> thank you for having me.ou >> it's our pleasure. so take me to
10:45 am
you were crowned. did you think you were going to win? like what wask going goi through your mound.ugh your mou. >> no. you always prepare the best thas you can.u an >> um-hmm. um-hmm. >> and i know that i put p everything into it and i was strong all the different areas,, but, no, until your name is is called you have no clue. >> they kind of went off fast an nouned fourth runner up, third runner, second runner up.. it happened so fast i tried to compose myself as you saw thatht photo there i didn't look veryo composed.compos >> you look ex static and the a moment was yours to cherish.hesh >> yes. >> starts whole new journey for you. i wanted to ask you because iecu was i wasn't really familiar fil with miss world america. a >> yes. >> so the representativeative obviously me now will go to t represent the united states atta miss world. united states isn't reallyeay familiar with what miss world is because once you win miss worldr you live in london for year.r and so i think that's a bigs reason why we're not very familiar but it actually is thes
10:46 am
there's hahn honestly almost 14t different women that compete fof miss world every year.ry yr >> now you also were part of the usa pageant at one time, right.t >> yes. >> what's the difference betweei like miss usa and miss world and miss america?ca? >> yeah.>> well i think the philanthropichr of miss world is what reallyea draws on women to their system.e there's just different as specss miss america has talent, miss usa only has interviews, swimsuit and evening gown andndg miss world has sports, intervi interview, evening gown, multi media challenges so i folic they really get a well-rounded womanm to represent the united states.s >> let's do couple fun questio questions. okay. favorite song or your ipod right now. >> favorite song.>> fav i love -- i still louvres cat flats my wish is my favoritee song. >> last book you read. >> i'm reiding best -- me beforr you right now. which is a movie now. >> favorite reality show pro
10:47 am
program. oh reality show i lovelity america's next top model.. >> had was your celebrity crush. celebrity crush? this iss going to, i can love roll leanrn straws. ago as miss world two years ago ago. ago. >> favorite monument in d.c.? favorite mon yum the jefferson. but i need to come back andac a visit and spend time each one e because this is my first time im dc. >> it is?>> >> yes. >> >> oh, my goodness.>> your first time.e >> i know. you have to come back.k >> i know. >> when you do your favorite for show to watch when you're inou'r d.c.? >> this one right here. (laughter). >> good >> um-hmm. >> yes. >> good morning to you, too. >> good morning.>> goo i apologize for all the --- >> little jumpy it was a littlel jumpy. apparently there was some video and/or effects missing to helpnl kind of make that little lit smoother. she was doll.e wa she's really tall. they didn't show the fact i had stand up next to me she's likeik 6-foot 10.ot i mean 5-foot 10. >> but with her crown she feltel like she was
10:48 am
>> i mean i'm tall. i t she was really tall compared toe me. me >> video of her winning did herd no justice. jti when she came in she was absolutely beautiful. >> much mr. beautiful in person >> you know what beautifulnow wh around this time of day? ofay >> cheers, >> getting our drink on.nk o okay. ok time now 10:48. coming up next how to makeure s your night out is not a fight ft mayor for the person pouring yoy your drink. we have a team of bar tens inen the house to share the do's ands don'ts of a night out at the b r bar. we're back after this.
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
♪ okay. definitely need ice.tely >> we need more ice already.e i. we've been at it. it. >> wis you got me. me. plenty much rules and a regulations for everything youso do in life, right that includese a night out at the bar or the recent washington post articleao lists some of the do's and don'ts of drinking at a bar.. so this morning we're runningrer through some of the big ones ana getting some input from the frot people pouring drinks at some oo hottest bars in the d.c. area..c here to help us out ali who's a private bartender.. joe well from willie's up the street and alycia from bar 7g br morning to all of you.ll of you >> good mornin
10:52 am
>> i was going to say really.. >> she might look tin knee butne she packs a punch when she makem drink. let's start.let's rt >> one of the things the articla says here one of the biggest bie things that people do that you a guys get annoyed by coming to cm the bar and saying surprise meis and in terms of ordering a dri drink. what would you like to drink,ri surprise me.e >> that doesn't annoy me personally i like to be creati creative. ve. n petpepetpe >> don't say surprise mow. surp. make me your favorite.. >> exact. >> war some of the otherar petpeeves if i come in i'm likei i wave the money in your face, bartender, bartender.nder. >> absolutely.>>olutel >> absolutely the worse. aol you don't want to do that tot t bartender.ender >> they ignore you. >> they're going to ignore i wa little bit more just because moc you're doing that.u're doi tha >> so how do i get your g attention and you guys need tosn be mixing drinks.ixnks. how do i get a drink and it's ts crowded and pack at the bar? att how do i get your attention to t get my drink. drink. >> if you come in and i'm ayou o little busy whenever you catchoc my eye, say hey, whenever youer get a chance.get a c whenever you get a chance is just -- i
10:53 am
it's polite.e. it's better than waving moneyn g screaming in my face. a lot bettersc. >> in this article they alsoy a said instead of making all aboua me, me, me because i want thet drink that i should take time and say, hey, how is it going tonight? how are you doing? you like that. t you do have time to talk.o t you don't? >> i'm busy.'m busy. i may not have time to engage ig you conversation. if it's slow i would love to dod so. it adds to the experience.iee >> right. >> when it's busy, we just woulu like people to appreciate theppe fact that we're slammed.t >> you're working.ou're ing. >> i'll get to you and due timem >> do you both of you agree witt that. >> definitely depends on theelye volume of the bar and if it'st' slow i don't mind asking -- youu asking me how my day is going ig it's busy i'm not going to havev time to talk to you. >> i know -- i'm sorry you're always -- >> you want to keep it y personable still with the highhh volume. volu you don't want to just, um, rush everything.ever you know, ignore >> yeah. ea >> but you want to keep it going like hey, i got you. y
10:54 am
>> what about those who come inm and like, hey, can you pour me r little extra, make my drink a little --litt- >> make it stiff.>> >> yes. pour me a little something something. so >> i let them know there will bk an extra charge. good of course.rse >> oh, yes, absolutely.bsolutel. >> i say would you like ae a double? doub >> you say what. w >> would you like double?ou youl >> oh, that's good way to putayo it?it? >> exactly. no freebies ever because i got to confess my regular wateringg hole when i using to -- >> right.ight. when she used to go last week.t >> put a little extra glass of wine.wi but this is i kind of new aftert while. wasn't like the first time. lrs you're saying that's a no go a o >> you don't ask for it. don't i think is the thing. thing. you don't go can you give me m little extra.littlera >> you're a regular you go overe time you develop a relationshipi maybe --ma >> make management aware of it.o you make m aware of it it's nott theft.ef if you don't that constitutes ct theft. >> i didn't think about that. >> okay.>> this is big one.e. tipping. because i think, you know,, yok across
10:55 am
be a dollar a drink. d dollar drink.nk >> that's good one really. >> they need to incorporate tippintipping you'd be surprisee amount of grown people who don'w tip. >> how much should we tip then. >> per drink or -- >> 20%. 20% >> per drink. >> for entire bill.eil >> fort entire bill.. >> that's standard.nd >> if you enjoy the drink, ifrik you enjoy the service -- i need a drink to got through the rest of this covers.s. >> number one tip drink tip d responsibly. >> of course. of course.ofrse. >> overall the bar scene in dc guys thumbs up, thumbs down, how do people behave general in our last 30 seconds.econds. >> thumbs up. >> thumbs up absolutely.s up >> thumbs up.mbs up. >> we get it. >> check out these bartendersard i've been slow mixing for us. fr i guarantee they're drinks willi be awesome. >> extra big tip after throwingr shade at them.. >> moscow mule we hav
10:56 am
>> it was vodka on highs.hs ice. >> steven over to you.>>teve >> normally we'd be toasting tot with you guys thanks to the barb tents for coming in. we want to get one more check ok our breaking news zig. new zig let's get back out to melanie ii southwest d.c. on capitol hill.. mel? >> reporter: steve, what we we understand from sources who have been speaking with our paull wagner indeed something sethi suspicious has been found in the basement at the ford officeffe building. we're toll the bomb squad isomss here on the scene.heree. the fbi is being brought in asn well. that is why they are taking succ a serious position with thishi even though externally people de seem to be somewhat relaxed. about 9:55 this morning when a a staff tweeted ford house officef building is being evacuated due to suspicious package. pac there was alarm that sent out st and then an e-mail evacuationn alert telling people to take tot their go kits and personald pso belongings if nearby asking thee to romaine calm go to the they e are rest exit.are we know that the forward for foa office building is home to theit congressional budget office.t a lot of the staffer
10:57 am
kind of waiting out side to seeo what is going to unfold here. h >> we'll lose the show we'll se you again tomorrow. updates on... 
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
"the wendy williams show." how had. >> the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i've come to tell you. with all due respect -- my girls are always turned out. i give it straight. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: thank you for watching our show. welcome.


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