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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  July 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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reported an explosion likelyexpl coming from the tire there. it doesn't seem like policece attempted to do anything to the vehicle except it crashed. there were three men travelling in the car. chief lanier saying earlier at fourth and p southwest thereou were reports of men in a car traveling with a gun. police began to follow that car. that car with the suspects wasue traveling at a high rate of speed and they chased into the third street tunnel over to the capital complex and this iss where the big scene unfolded. we're going to take the cellphone video here that was shot by a security guard at nearby billings and you'll see the entire arrest and how itt unfolds and mpd escorting and bleeding with these men to getit out of theh vehicle, to stoptop shooting because at some pointme men inside that car shot roundsd at police. they had a mack 11 gun which chief lanier described as an automatic weapon, small inside,, automatic with a l
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that gun was dropped inside the tunnel. the sergeant got out of the car, and police continued to chase these men and it all ended right here at the exit of the tunnel. you'll see still pictures ofture other witnesses who saw the arrest unfold. those men now taken to mpdmp headquarters about a block behind the tunnel here foror questioning. we're still waying to learn more details about these men here's a sound bite from chief lanier. she says this the second time today that her officers werewere fired no one fired back, too many man citizens around to risk there was some at least foot pursuit after the car stopped. we right now have the weapon inn our possession. we have a lot of ammunition wit theof weapon. we have the car and we havehave three people from that incident. it's very early in the investigation.
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what i can give you right now. some of that may change. it was a machine gun.un. >> yes, a mack 11, a small machine gun. > did the police return fire. >> they did not. the they were in the middle of a crowded tunnel and that wasn't an option at that point. they gave up the weapon and the ammo. >> we believe they dropped it.rp > inside the tunnel or somewhere along the route. >> just prior to.o. > incredibly no one was one injured. you'll see there the mpd towmpd truck about to toe away that car into the evidence yard.d. those three men again beinggai questioned by investigators at this hour and throughout all of this the capital complex justcop about a block and a half fromrom where we are on lock although legislationors continued with business as usual. the lock down eventually lifted. three men in custody and police trying to determine how and whyy this all unfolded.un > life tonight in northwest d.c. marina maracco,.
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still coming in at this point. there were reports earlier ofrl another man with a gun not too far away from the scene.cene do police have any idea if thiss was connected to those reports? >> at this point they're saying' this was an isolated incident and because of an abundance ofun caution because of what happened earlier at the ford building bui earlier today with that suspicious device and thenevic hearing of a man on the capital complex running around with ah gun they decided to lock down the entire complex. it appears this was an isolated incident. this all started over at southwest and it ended here with that chase but it doesn't appea' that the incidents were connected. chief lanier was talking abouttk the gun and it was dropped inrop the tunnel. she mentioned something abouteti there being a lot of ammunitionf >> as soon as that gun, that mack 11 automatic weapon waspon dropped by one of the suspects the sergeant that was in that vehicle with two
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got out of the vehicle in the middle of the tunnel and secured that weapon along with the ammo. the way she described the amouno of a.m. oh she said there was a lot of a.m. oh. the chief said she had not had looked at the weapon but she hah seen the picture. at this point it is an automatic weapon, small inside, but a very powerful gun. one last thing it appears as wes know in washington andnd particularly in that area theree are a lot of different police jurisdictions. it appears that the metropolitan police department is leadingeadi this investigation. >> they will. it is d.c. property. it was just outside the capital complex. this is an exit tunnel to thattt complex, but this is all mpd's jurisdiction. > marina, thank you very much. you just heard marina mention there were more tense moments this they evacuated wilson building.
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streets. after a brief investigation the object was seen to be non threat and everyone was allow to goo back inside the building. president obama, vice president biden and former president george bush all attended atten service in dallas. they said stand united country and they must support police. anyone, no matter how good their intentions may be to call police bias. if we undermine those officers we depend on for our safety. and for those who use rhetoric, even if they don't act for themselves, they don't make the jobs of police officers even more
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disjustice white house spokesman told reporters that presidentrtt the ton sterling and philandro castile before he arrived in dallas. they were killed in separate police shootings last week thatt sparked major protests > fox5 is back in the district now where a man is under arrest after an intense gun battle and standoff with police in southeast. it began just after midnight. officers interrupted a robbery in progress behind an elementary school. paul wagner is life with the details on this one. >>reporter: initially this wass a very con fusing scene. police said there were five people in custody behind the mlk elementary school just off alabama avenue early thishis morning. here outside the wilson buildind a little whiling a we
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sound from chief lanier explaining the situation. what we know is that that shot spotter system with mike phones all around the city picked up the sound of gunfire and the officers responded. let's show you some video thatio we shot earlier today.toda this is the suv the gunmen triee to car jack after committing the rob requirement the bullet holes apparently from police gunfire striking the windshield. the gun men was able to get inside this suv which was occupied by several other people and fired from there pinninginni officers down. for about 30 minutes there was a standoff after police attempted to get the gunmen and apparent hostages out of the vehicle.ehi several shots, as many as sevens struck the upper level windows of mlk schools
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aged as many as three panels one the third floor. here is chief lanier's version of the shootout and stand off. it appears that those gun shots were a robbery in progress. so there were four victims whowo were robbed at gun point. during throbry the suspects fired the weapons.weap after throbry r when the officers were responded to the area where the gun shots camee from, they entered forcibly another suv that was occupied by five other people at begun point and gave commands to that driver of that car to take him somewhere at gun point. as they started to leave, the officers responding to the sound of gun shots came into the areae and they meet at that spot. the officers get it on of the car and walk up towards the suvv and the suspects in the su
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opens fire.ire. the suv then backs up a pretty good distance, the officers are out of the car and shot additional rounds at the pĂșofficers. right now that appears to be the gist of how this all came about. all of the stories that haveat h been in the news about robberies. it may seem like robberies areob up to you.ou. chief lanier said robberies areb down 20 percent in the city. one man now in custody undery arrest and will be in court tomorrow. life in northwest, paul wagner,e fox5 local > a d.c. neighborhood remains on edge following a murder thatr is now getting nationwide 27 year old seth rich who worked for the democratic national committee was killed sunday morning in the bloomingdale neighborhood. police are still investigating and they say they want to talko with some people who were nearee rich at the time
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we do know that there werehere several males seen in the area in dark clothing prior to the time of the homicide and anyonen who would have any information regarding the possible identity of those males they arethey individuals that we would like to speak with. police tell us there has been a recent up tick in robberies in the bloomingdale area but they do not know yet if robbery wasoe the motive for rich's murder.mud bernie sanders made it official. today hen doesed his former rival hillary clinton. he made the endorsement during a campaign event. sanders told the crowd he is now willing to stand next to the former secretary of state.reta she will be the democratic nominee for president and i intend to do everything i can to make certain she will be the next president of the united
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(applause) hillary clinton will campaigning by the way in in northern virginia thursday withh senator tim keen his name is reportedly on her short list oft presidential pics. straight ahead at 6 an nfl player apologizes after a graphic post on instagram sparks outrage. it's the game that's taking thei nation by storm, but arlingtonrn national cemetery has strongstro words for gamers. don't even think about it. > i second that. we're taking a strong stand on our heat waive because the heat is coming back in a heat wave. not so bad today, but the haze has made it look hazy out there. all the showers and storms stays to the west. but we may change it up tomorrow. i'll have a look at your wednesday forecast when the news at 6 comes right back.k. this is fox5 local news at 6.
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it depicted someone cutting a police officers throat. the crowd deleted the photo. he wrote last week was an emotional and difficult week.t i posted an image in the midstit of that emotion. i al.juice poll apologize fore thatpo mistake and offending people. i haven't looked at the picture. i did have a conversation this morning with mr. cruel well. he was contrite. he was apologetic. he wanted to personally apologize to myself and lawnd l enforcement in northeast, ohio. the young man in the heat of the moment made a bad choice and a bad decision and he's apologizing for that. the nfl has not commented.mmen > arlington cemetery is the latest to say no to one of the who thest mobile games on the te market. we're talking about poke monday
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y. about two hours ago arlington settlement try tweeted thatt playing the game on the cemetery grounds is quote inappropriate. baltimore police is looking forr two thieves who robbed two people while they were playing the game. it is still unclear if thef people were targeted because they were playing the game or whether the robbery was a chance encounter.r. let's talk about something a little bit lighter n it's the catch of the day.y. a nine year maryland girl set a new record.ecor she caught a fish that is bigger than get out of here. > we'll tell you about it.
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> well, the humidity is definitely back. >> she warned thank you for remembering. the humidity is going to stick t around the rest of the week. the temperatures will gradually go up a little bit. thursday, friday really look who the right now. >
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>> for all you people who wanted it who the and humid, there you go. pretty river viewers but a lot of haze there as expected. our wind shift has allow a lot of moisture to billed over the e area. while we don't have any rain a locally there is a little bit of activity along either side interstate 81. some of those are rather slow moving and produceing some moisture. hard to cool off when the humidity is this high and we and continue to see the temperaturee right back into the 80s again tomorrow. a little better chance of tomorrow seeing showers and and storms. into the upper 80s we went and d while we have been dry and have had a mix of clouds and sunny think tomorrow we'll see a little bit of cloud cover arouno and we'll see our temperatureses back in the mid80s. 82 for gaithersburg, lots of lof and mid 80s, cumberland, 79, late rain cooled out thereed o because that's where some of thf showers and storms have been. get ready for some even
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numbers. we've had to bump thursday p p to 96-degrees now. it looks like that will be the who thest day of the week. friday 95. we keep our streak going right i into next week. wee this will be a longer heat waive than the one we went through last week. try to give you some perspective that today is not all that bad. satellite and radar showing a little bit of shower and thunderstorm activity mainly m along the interstate 64 corridor or far to the west along interstate 81. these have been drifting fromrom south to north producing some heavy rain around the hancock area. winchester you're getting a little bit of a drop of rain of with not much lightning, but a u brief heavy downpour. and then we get to the south anh west of the share lots area. we'll keep an isolated, if not spotty shower in the forecast fr tonight namely west of d.c. a little better chance that weh see that tomorrow because we're going to keep clouds around, aro humid and there will be
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it of a trigger coming tomorrowm a better chance of storms, heava down powers not really expectinc severe weather but i'll take you through the timeline here. h it's 6:00 a good handle on the storms out to the north and west. an isolated storm at # 1 which i'm not sure that will happen. tomorrow morning maybe a couplep of spotty showers around. a lot of cloud cover. not expecting to get into the 90s tomorrow, but still very humid. by the time we get to noon, we're starting to developing a v few showers here and there. more widespread by the time we get to 5:00 with some heavy down powers, maybe a little bit of hail and some gusty winds possible. most areas not seeing much in the way of rain, but this is our trigger for wednesday. a trough in the upper atmosphere that will be moving on through.n after that goes by that opens the doors for the heat to really billed in on thursday and out of the southwest we'll see the see temperatures climb into the mid 90ss as early as thursday.hur for your wednesday, 8:00 a.m., 76-degrees, more clouds than
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maybe a peak of sun by the noono hour and keep our temperature to 84 degrees with some spottypott showers. by 4:00, 88-degrees should be our high for the day. one or two thunderstorms scattered around. it doesn't look like a lot, buto probably the best chance we're ' going to see for a while. there's our really who the days, thursday and friday. we could still have a storm on saturday at 82. 8 even as we get into next week we're keeping the who the spell going. who the times in the city, no doubt about it. find your cool if you really don't like the 90s you need to get outside and enjoy tonight. even though it's probably feeling close to 90. we'll enjoy today while we can. i love that. > thank you, sue. > we'll be right back. k.
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welcome back. this little girl is from maryland. she caught that fish. it was 66 and a half incheshes long. how does she do it. our reporter meaghan mack cockl l found out. >>reporter: when emma went fishing with her dad this is not what she was expecting to pull out of the water. we went finishing fortune a that day much but this is no tune a. the gallon and her father and family friends were about tori call it aen day when they put te rods in one last time. we started getting a bite. it was emma's turn to real in
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no small fish. at first we thought it was a brown shark or something until it got close. >> that's when they saw it, a massive cob yeah, bigger than anything ashton clark had ever e seen. i've seen pictures.ictu but i've never seen thaw anything that back. > at 94.6 # pounds. the fish weighed 30 pounds more than emma and more than a foot longer.lo the previous record was 79 pounds, emma's fish more than 15 pounds more than now she and ashton will be back on the water this weekend. and they're hoping to real in another big one. here's my question.uest a little girl, wish fish. she did that by herself? >> firefighter stories.tori a lot going on there. okay, sue palka, this might be some g
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go fishing sor the next coupleet of days. >> absolutely. keep an eye for a few storms ass we go through the heat wave, but the best chance of that probably on wednesday as well as dealing with a few on saturday. these temperatures are definitely wanting you to hospital in the water. as we get ready for our second heat wave, low 90s saturday and sunday and keep that going allll the way through next tuesday. any thunderstorm activity thatht we see tonight is likely to stay very far west. tomorrow morning 76-degrees. 84-degrees at noon and by 4:00 88. keeping an eye on radar. i do see a couple of storms down around the charlotte area. we'll watch for more storms tomorrow, the best timing foror seeing some shower and thunderstorm activity tomorrow c will likely
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3:00 and 8:00 with heavy down pours being the main feature. that's your weather forecast. back to you. >> that does it for us for the news at 6.6. just a reminder, tmz is coming up next.ext. we're going to be on late tonight after the majorleague all star baseball game. >> we want you to stick around t with us. in the meantime, have a great tuesday, everybody.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok, everybody. check out this dude. he is the gay bachelor. >> that's actually called "finding prince charming." they're filming it in l.a. in a mansion. there are 13 contestants. >> how is this going to work when all of them are ignoring the bachelor and all banging each other? harvey: it's totally true. >> at the end of the show does he get down on two knees instead of one? >> lamar odom was s kicked off flight at l.a.x. after getting on the airplane drunk, throwing up on the airplane, and all over himself. lamar odom was going from l.a.x. to new york. he goes to the bar in the delta area, the lounge. harvey: which is brand new and fabulous. >> wouldn't know. i know where the rock and bruise is though. [laughter]


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