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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  July 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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a look behind me. you can see a large response from d.c. fair and ems this fire quickly became a second alarm fire. it is in the goodyear building here on maidensburg road. a very large commercial building. it's good you're on the front. but there's several other smaller businesses that work out of the back parts of the building here too. including a u.s. postal service storage facility. postal inspector is here as well and fire apparent way in the back corner of the building and went into roof level upper level storage area and so firefighters here had difficult access and having to run several hoses to get into the back part of the building to try to get that fire out. and it has been squink wished but you can see several hot spots and spoke every once in a while coming it from not only the roof in the top of the back but the
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well. we believe that firefighter who was injured was overcome it may have been heat exhaustion. this was all hands on deck here to try to make everything was good here and make sure they cleared the building as well. fortunately everything was locked up overnight. that was a good and bad thing and also made it difficult to geted in and do what they needed to do. but as opposed to large residential building that they had to evacuate people. they still have to gol in and make sure nobody was in there and it's certainly not over at this point. we'll be right here and let you know how everything progresses, back to you guys. >> 4:41 an overnight murder in prince georgeun coty. >> live in upper moreboro a the 1200 block of south huntington street.
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each and wisdom. police cleared the scene not long ago happened around midnight got the call for shooting at 12100 brk of hunterton treat it's a quiet residential neighborhood here. neighbors tell us they saw a lot of police activity but again cleared the scene and they're investigating this a homicide. when officers got here after midnight they found adult male shot dead on scene. police at this point say it does not appear to be random but they don't know what the motive is and the description of a suspect. so they're working on that. and they did want us to let owe folks nou know if you have information about this investigation you're urnled to give them a call 1866-411-tips and reminder you can remain anonymous you do not have to give up identity and there's a reward offered in this case. once again 12100 block of hunterdon street upper moreboro
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prince george county investigating a homicide with one adult male found shot to death. annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> president obama is scheduled to meet with members of law enforcement communities and activist and politics and civil right leaders. >> it's to gain trust. and it follows death of philando castile and alton sterling at the hands of polic police. funeral services for three officers killed in dallas are scheduled for later today. yesterday president obama was there to honor the five police officers killed last week h he was joined by vice-president joe biden and former president george w. bush they all show delivering different messages. >> closing arguments in the trial of brian rice was scheduled for thursday. mapts, reckless and inker. and misconduct. defense lawyers restsed their case and during last days of testimony defense lawy
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uncooperative and partially injured himself contributing to his own death. all right, time now to check what is coming up in the weather department today. not a bad start to the morning. we're teedzing that the heat is back. >> gary mcgrady has an update. >> it's not going to be owe fresive today. i don't think we make it to 90 today. but after today, okay, it's really kind of thursday, frida friday, deal this week. where temperatures will be extremely warm out there. especially tomorrow and friday. today, not much sunshine and therefore temperatures will probably stay in the upper 0s or so. and stromtracker radar shows all these thunderstorms moving through perhaps you have a little rain, thunlder, 1, 2:00 in the morning this is the last hour and plinging out o offal kert kerty, bay, and shore can't rule out the possibility of a storm or showers this morning popping up and still unsicky and moist and up stable
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showers and thunderstorms comes up later today. and all right. look at the heat. we stay below 90 here in town and western and certainly southwestern places culpeper and mannasas and fredericksburg you guys look like it could make it up to 90 and lower 90s and let me say this too. more sun today than we're expecting temperatures could jump to lower 9 owes. that would be muggy added deagree or two with heat index and could feel warmer than it will no matter what with limited sunshine. and we'll have thunderstorms possible around there. and some showers later on this afternoon as well. and there's your forecast. i'm working on the 7 day as we speak right now let's get to the traffic this morning with erin como, hi, erin como. >> thank thank you, gary, 4:35 from where melanie alnwick to two alarm fire northeast section of the district because of the fire activity and flas flashing lights and smoke in th
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closed eastern avenue north east section of district. it's a massive scene out there as fire department works to get that under control. this morning if you need to get around that northeast section of the district take rhode island avenue and south dakota. watch extra traffic and volume around the scene as more folks hit the road. we'll keep up updated with team coverage. melanie out there gathering more information. switch together maps aside from the fire dealing with quite a bit of overnight construction throw slowing us down. because of paving stay right. 50 east between 704 and crane highway a live look outside and see how that impacts traffic. 02 at bright don't and light volume and no major slow downs. there's kopz set up it's hard to see in the blurred view there but definitely want to use caution and avoid right lanes. back to our maps right now. we have other construction views to be concerned about. overnight roadwork 414 st. barnabus
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silver hill that slows you downed in the beltway and hill crest heights area and sutland parkway picking up volume this time of morning as you make your way to the douglass bridg bridge. more north, northwest and near the kennedy center and any questions@erin fox d.c. and twitter and we'll keep you're" on the fish clear you're. >> coming up fox news morning security ink chas at the place for the political cop vengs. >> and pokemon go asks you choose where you play the game. >> time now is 4:37. temperatures 75 degrees. more news, weather, traffic after the break.
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4:39 is the time now let's look at stories yo
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with most on media. >> first up on this wednesday a top intelligence official denied house speaker paul ryan's request that democratic presidential hillary clinton be prevented from viewing classified briefings on the news came one week after fbi director james comey said the fbi no charges be recommended in her handling of classified email while secretary of state. >> new security precautions are taken in the host cities for national political convention this month. in cleveland a tip line for suspicious activity has been launched ahead of schedule and philadelphia police say they're on heightened alert ahead of the democratic convention. secret service has not said if they plan to increase security measures. >> and finally, two d.c. landmarks asking poke yes monday go players to be more respectful. arlington national cemetery and halocaust museum
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weighed in on the game saying it has no place in those areas and should be put away to the visits tots memorial site. >> probably agood idea. >> sad we have to tell people that. but anyway. >> coming up advisory council and the commonwealth issuing a ruling concerning former felons that had voting rights restore restored. >> and unvawl veiling the ne newest planet in our solar system. time 4:41. it's a very nice 75 degrees outside. we're back with more "fox5 news morning" after the break
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>> straight ahead on "fox" news morning president obama offering words of comfort and healing as dallas honors five fallen officers. >> and police search for a sis suspect for rob i why across the clem park campus. >> and run of the heat and humidity too. boy oh, boy. thank you for joining us and good morning to you i'm hawr maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> wednesday, jewel 13, gary mcgrady and erin como are here with weather and traffic. we're in with gary mcgrady talking about what maureen was talking about which was the heat. >> you know, we're building heat and humidity. the humidity came back a little yesterday. it iba
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jens now and continues to be us with the next few days and maybe calms down a little for the weekend. i think the next few days it's really going to be almost oppressive out here especially tomorrow and into friday. this is current radar to show you shower activity moving on through and out on to the bay and towards the eastern shore. we're dry for now. most of this morning commute is dry. cannot rule out aner rant thunderstorm or shower in the area this morning. okay, we're watching out for that. and again, those showers are moving off to the east. temperatures right now in the mid 70s. 5 for washington and gaithersburg 73 and annapolis 76 and let's look at your forecast. cloudy this morning, humid through the day. high temperatures upper 0s and low 90s depending on how much showers we have showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon. there's the forecast. saturday is coming up in a few minutes. right now straight upstairs to erin como checking out
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>> we're tracking breaking news out of northeast section of district this morning xing a two alarm fire has bladeensburg shut down eastern avenue. melanie alnwick is live at this location gathering more information right now you can see quite a big scene there as they work to get everything under control and sorted out water gushing on the road as well. what can you do to get around that. let's look at maps. rhode island avenue or new york avenue both run parallel to blade epzburg you can get where you need to be this morning and opting as south dakota as opposed to eastern avenue. we keep you updated on fire activity and how it's impacting morning commute. metro at 5 all rails on time or close to schedule except for safe track surge four. no train service between national airport and pentagon city affecting blue and yellow line and you can take the shuttle service to get around that and can could add a lot of extra time for your commute. any questions@erin fox d.c. on twitter.
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. >> university of maryland police are investigate three different robbyes on the college park campus and in each case the suspect showed a weapon and robberies heard near queen and all and tidings hall the suspect was wearing plaque clothing and black hat. no one was hurt and no arrests were made. >> barack obama is scheduled to meet with liters for preparing trust between law enforcement and american public coming after the death of two at the happened of police as well as daemz of five officers in dallas. >> meanwhile funeral services for three of the officers killed last thur in dallas scheduled later today. yesterday, president obama was in dallas to hon are the five police officers killed last week. vice-president joe biden and george w. bush all spoke delivering similar messages americans must bridge differences and stay united stand united as one country and they must support the police as well. >> the pain we feel may not
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soon pass. but my faith tells me they did not die in vein. and i believe our sorrow can make us a better country. i believe our right yution anger can be traps formed to more justice and more peace. >> with their deaths we have lost so much. we are grief stricken, heartbroken, and forever grateful. >> now on his way to dallas president obama fopd families of alton sterling and philando castile. that sparked major protests nationwide the shootings last week. >> suspect stole guns from a pawn shot. after they raided a baton rouge form and found the earliest suspect is 13. >> following an overnight murder. in the 120
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martin, good morning to you. >> first prince george county police say they are investigating in a man who left the dead. if you look behind me this is the 12100 block of hunterdon street. when officers got here they found a victim, adult male shot on scene. police at this point don't know if shoot owing cured inside home or on the street here. but neighbors tell us early this morning that there was a lot of police activity and police say that they do believe the incident was not ran do. excuse me. and detectives at this point do not know what the motive is and it's early in the investigation and they are asking for publi public's help and asking neighbors that saw or heard something give them a call 186 1866411 tips and just reminder too the folks outside there that you can remain anon us in muss. that's the latest in upper more bow omar mar
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bow omar mar, "fox5 local news". >> and 31-year-old vander breel was sentenced to life in prison for 20-year-old university of mary washington student grace mann. mann's body was found bound and gagged in her off campus apartment in 2015. >> the advisory council issued a opinion concerning issue of voting runs right for fell one ones. that list cannot be kept secret governor jerry mc callive does not agree. he said until a clemencey report is made next year. >> lawmakers continue to fight over a redraw map. >> maryland medical industry this time next month could be moving. >> traffic moving along is co the wilson bridge is moving well. time now 12:50 back after the
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>> 4:53 a trio of republicans and activist appeared before a panel of judges in the latest effort to scrap the current districts now last year they sued the state and forced general assembly to redue the districts. state board of elections asked the judges to withdrawal the lawsuit. >> and fairfax county lawmakers are trying to ensure the count county's under privileged still sdenz receive the same opportunities as other country residents and this includes tument for affordable housing, healthy living, education and employment. >> yesterday the board of super advisers adoment aid new policy to consider all equities made. one notified presence of turf fields in wealthier areas as an
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example where the focus should be on equal opportunity for the residents. >> and who would be the forefront of the medical marijuana industry. >> they're close to announcing which companies will be awarded preliminary licenses in the state. no date is confirmed but tut could happen by august 5. once granted preliminary approval the companies will have to pay a licensing fee and undergo ob strekted before obtaining. >> this is the "juno" face craft. and the new view of the planet was when the space craft was 2.7 million miles from jupiter. the goal was to gain information about the planet and its atmosphere. all right. let's check in with gary mcgrady and get and update opt weather. >> wednesday morning, temperatures out there pretty mullingy, mild, we're sitting here in the city right now at 76 degrees. and in spots it's even warmer than 76. so,
4:55 am
levels, the dew points keeping temperatures up a bit this morning. a temperature can't get lower than the dew point. so, when you see temperatures like this in the morning hours you know the dew points are up or dew point temperature really i distinguishes how much moist tier we in had the air. higher the dewpoint the more moisture and humidity out ther there. 77 quantico now. annapolis 176. just like we are here in town. dulles 75. dpred rick is 72. and so the last couple of morning we've had lower 60s out there in the suburbs. that's not the case this morning. here's temperatures later today. 88 degrees. i also want to show you the 7 day forecast quick. you get an idea of what will be going on. quickly, just notice, thursday, 96, ouch will feel like 100 or more 5 friday will feel like 1 100 or more thunderstorms possible today. here's erin como with a look at traffic it wednesday morning.
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follow breaking news out of northeast a two alarm fire shutting down bladeensburg road intersection of eastern avenue. melanie alnwick gathering more information. still a lot of flashing lights and big scene blocking that entire road. if you try to get around northeast this morning keep to rhode island or new york avenue and the rest of the traffic in the district looking good now. we'll switch for a live look at the beltway. this is a look out on inner and outer loop by 7 locks road and traffic flowing and representative of entire stretch of the beltway. we're me good shape wilson to montgomery county. and i'll keep you updated any questions@airport fox5dc and we'll look at overnight construction on 66 next. >> back to you wisdom and maureen. >> and d.c. council plans to wait to the fall to take action to improve your quality of life. >> and a new plan to boost employment within the is they air force. >> let's look at today shock feates
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was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah, happens to more people than you think... try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. good, right? mmm, yeah. i got your back. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. >> we're here to honor memories and mourn the loss. >> ahead on "fox" news morning president obama offering words of comfort ande
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dallas pauses to honor memory of five fallen police officers. >> university of maryland police search for suspect after a siris of robberies on college park, campus. >> live across the region prepare yourself heat and humidity are back, summer making an appearance. >> also known as july. >> good morning to you, thank you so much for joining us i'm holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> today is wednesday, july 13. standing by is erin como and gary mcgrady. they'll have your "weather and traffic on the 5s" coming up in a bit. first in the district this morning fire crews have finally gotten control of overnight blaze after battling for a few hours. >> if happened bladeensburg road northeast and one fire fightser was hospitalized. mel is here with the latest. mel. >> good morning still an active scene here. you can see just fire equipment all over the place and we're sort of in the wrapping up stage here as the firefighters continue to kind of take a look at the roof and look at the


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