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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  July 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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dallas pauses to honor memory of five fallen police officers. >> university of maryland police search for suspect after a siris of robberies on college park, campus. >> live across the region prepare yourself heat and humidity are back, summer making an appearance. >> also known as july. >> good morning to you, thank you so much for joining us i'm holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> today is wednesday, july 13. standing by is erin como and gary mcgrady. they'll have your "weather and traffic on the 5s" coming up in a bit. first in the district this morning fire crews have finally gotten control of overnight blaze after battling for a few hours. >> if happened bladeensburg road northeast and one fire fightser was hospitalized. mel is here with the latest. mel. >> good morning still an active scene here. you can see just fire equipment all over the place and we're sort of in the wrapping up stage here as the firefighters continue to kind of take a look at the roof and look at the
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spots to on up and air out a little bit. so what they've had to do is go up on the roof and use heavy equipment and cut into the roof to try to vept fire and then they're also doing rehab as well for firefighters and a very hot night here and very humid and you can imagine all the equipment and heat and smoke so a lot of them needing to be rehigh traited. one firefighter taken to the hospital we believe may have been dealing with some kind of heat exhaustion issues. hundreds of firefighters on the scene and 20 pieces of equipment. this is pretty much done tind to the goodyear building you see in front of us but it's a very large building. apt fire was all the way in the back corner. they had to run several hoses to try to get to it and also it involved an upper storage area. so some difficult materials there as well to deal with. so, looks like t
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things under control and i'm seeing a guy going up the ladder here doing a couple lap checks. good news here we don't think there was anybody in the building at the time but we're waiting for the investigation to continue. we'll be here updating the situation. live in bladeensburg, melanie alnwick, back to you guys. >> a man was shot to death overnight in upper marboro the shooting happened on hunterdon street and it does not appear to be a random act. >> police are searching for any suspect and trying to determine what exactly lead to the shooting. and meantime, university of maryland police investigating three different robberies on the college park campus and in each case the suspect showed a would near todz hall, queen anne and the suspect was wearing black clothing and mask and police have not made any arrests. >> president obama is sch to meet with members of the community
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trust between the american public. the funeral services for three officers killed last thursday are scheduled for later today. yesterday, president obama was in dallas. to honor five police officers killed last week. he was joined by joe biden and george w. bush they all spoke including similar messages americans must bridge differences and stand united as one country and support police. >> the pain we feel may not soop faj but my faiming tells me they did not die in vein. i believe our sorrow can make us a better country. and i believe our righteous anger can be transformed into more justice and more peace. >> with their death we have lost so much. we are grief stricken, heartbroken and forever grateful. >> on his way to dallas president obama phoned
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of alton sterling and philando castile. this smashed major protests nationwide. >> closing arguments in the trial of lieutenant brian rice was scheduled thursday rice was charged with mapts, reckles maptsenerment and misconduct of freddie graixt lawyers reged their case during the last day of testimony. they argued gray was uncooperative and partially injured himself contributing to his own death. >> a virginia man accused of supporting isis is due in court today. 25-year-old harris comar atestimony texted to join the terror group in 2014 and been on the feds radar for sometime. 2015 he met up with undercover fbi inform apt and showed him pictures of d.c. landmarks he wanted to use for isis propaganda videos. >> voting on two closely watched bills pushed back to the fall. one of those bills would give washingtonians the most generous paid fallly l
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requires chain stores and vanced notice for scheduleees changes. >> d.c. city council head nod res cec and will likely vote on two bills in september. >> d.c. mayor muirial bowser is having two the mayor's first bill will allow chief kathy linear to rehire retired sergeants and departments to retain experience members to help them train new recruits second bill proposes raising age limit on young adults from 21 to 25. raising age will help long time washingtonians get on the force that might otherwise be unable to do so. we're five past the hour this wednesday morning. gary mcgrady standing by with a look at heat and humidity making a return. where have you been. >> that's exactly right. never stays gone this long this time of year. i don't
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a two week vacation like everybody else in d.c. over the summer. this radar picture i'm about to take you takes you back to 11:00 lasts night and between 11 and 12 we started seeing thunderstorms form south of city and down through parts of prince william and then over to charles county and prince george county and that is all shifted. so if you're east of town you heard a rumble of thunder say 1, 2:00 in the morning and all this over across the bay now. and i'm not seeing that we cannot have a shower or storm that pops up over the next couple hours we could but most of what we have today in terms of showers and thunderstorms will be later on this afternoo afternoon. keep that in mind. i think we're basically cloudy this morning. once the sun comes up. cloudy now. basically cloudy this morning and we could see a little sun here or there. temperature middle 70s. lunchtime mostly cloudy and few breaks of sunshine. obviously humid. and really by noon
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at noon tid think they'll be a couple of showers or thunderstorms trying to kickoff by late this afternoon and that's when we'll have the most abundant of showers and thunderstorms and not everybody gets wet this afternoon. they're scattered and still there's a chance of that and high temperature upper 80s today. keep in mind humidity surging sos it's probably going to feel like lower 90s late this afternoon for just about everybody and that's with limited sunshine and possibility of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. and details coming up. it will get hot again. really hot and really, really muggy. i'll talk more about that coming up and when is the next chance of relief coming as well. so, more in the next weather here in about eight minutes or so. right now let's good to erin como with a check of the morning commute. can you believe airport it's already wednesday. >> 5:07 and you know it's wednesday but i was hoping it was friday. but still we made it to midwee midweek. roadwork cleared on 66 in
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virginia through lanes reopened 56 in both directions looking good let's look live outside and show you 66. traffic is moving along long a little better. but you can see the eastbound side congested through that cleared work zone watch for residual delays. slow moving traffic now. back to maps, cleared construction zone despite traffic and it clearing soon and move over in the district breaking news two alarm fire has bladeensburg road completely closed down. melanie alnwick has been out there all morning. if you need to get around that closure from bladeensburg i would say the best bet new york avenue or keeping it to rhode island. south dakota can get you out of that eastern avenue closure. we'll move maps maps forward and show you what you you're up against. construction 50 eastbound maryland between 704 and crane highway caution there and how safe track surge four is affecting yellow and blue lines next.
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>> coming up on "fox" news morning after months of questioning ethics bernie sanders endorses hillary clinton. >> and witnesss in one new york community say she witnessed what appeared to be theme from a zombie movie. >> headed to break with a live look across the d.c. region and little bit of elton john for you this morning. we hope to get you moving on um-hump day wednesday. back with more werming, news and traffic. "fox5 news morning" returning after the break.
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>> former democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders comes to d.c. today. one day after overrulely endorsing hillary clinton. sanders will speak at the convention of national latino rights group and clinton addresses same group tomorrow as endorsements vermont senator said he enjoyed running his own campaign but he's ready to move on. >> she will be democratic nominee for president. and i intoned do everything i can to make certain she will be the next president of the united states. . >> the focus of party noe now turns to who clin tin will pick as running made and one person talked about is
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on first night of democratic convention. >> one witness says it was leak a scene out of the walking dead. dozens of people passed out in the streets of brooklyn. police say 2 people were hospitalized after suffering from a possible k 2 synthetic overdose and witnesses say users were laid out all over and twitching on the grounds. incident is still under investigation. >> and the quote i have a football season to worry about how former penn state coach joe pat other owe responded when a teenager said he was --. >> paying out claims to sandusky victims. paterno long denied knowing anything of his behavior was aware of that case in 1976 at penn state football camp involving 14-year-old. sandusky serving 20 to 30 years behind bars. >> and
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year old boy that drowned in a septic tank will serve two years in prison. she was convicted of abuse and neglect leading to her son's death. prosecutors pushed for a ten year prison term. back in march of 2015 he was left unattended and fell into the septic tank and drowned. >> metro transit police arrested a teen they believe ault said man on the green lane at the prince george plaza station in hyattsville the teen surprise seen on video heating a passenger in the head and threatening the victim when he confront him. that teen faces second degree assault charges. >> 5:12 no, i is the time and coming up on "fox" five news morning pokemon is this must have app of the summer and if you happen to be a critic there's good news. >> it's having a positive impact on users believe it or not. >> and today a woman will assume the title of prime minister for only the second time in british hto
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. >> and as we head to break let's look live across the d.c. region. everything we do is ma'amic♪ .
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>> carter died during the battle during pacific campaign in 1943. he was 19 years old. >> today british prime minister david cameron will nandipati resignation to queen. his successor will may. cameron is step
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cop convincing britain to remain in european union. may becomes first prime mipster since margaret thatcher. >> we're looking outside at calm 75 degree temperature day. heat and humidity making a come back temperatures drop and then feels warmer than that. 76 this morning and 73 mannasas and 75 degrees in and around dulles. these temperatures don't drop much hor. quantico dropped 1 degree and annapolis 77. temperatures holding steady this morning with clouds and all humidity louisville 78. columbus 69. pittsburgh lower 70s it's a warm, muggy air
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extends check out st. louis it's 80 degrees. it's humid today we'll have scattered thunderstorms later this afternoon. don't expect much sunshine today. we have a little in spots. not a lot. temperatures in the upper 80s to around 90. as i mentioned limited sunshine. tomorrow, more sun. you see this h doesn't stand for hot but stand for high pressure it pumps in high humi humidity. very hot and humid jumping to mid 90s or upper 90s. cooler saturday 92. slight chance of thunderstorm. 91 surprised. we're keeping sunday dry. this fluctuate a little bit. this morning 8 a.m. future cast a shower or two is possible. not probable. better risk of showers and thunderstorms will come in later on this afternoon and this is 5:00 and i suspect after lunchtime today with a little sunshine pokin
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all bets off. we could get a shower or thunderstorm. tomorrow is drier even though i think we have scattered or spotty storm late tomorrow afternoon. and okay into tomorrow evening. so, next couple days -- really tomorrow we're talking about heat. high 88 not much sunshine and obviously showers and thunderstorms and with humidity today feels like in lower 90s. 7 day forecast looks like this. 8 degrees today. 96 tomorrow. what's going on with that, erin earth, 95 on friday and a little cooler into the weekend. airport erin is sanding by me. it's your turn. all i heard go to the pul pool tomorrow and drink iced tea that's all i heard this morning. wednesday, 5:18 taking a look at majors. traffic looking good on 395 coming in from beltway towards 14 street bridge. problem free. there outer loop 95 to george amoving along long without any issues and 295 quiet that time that's what we like to see and overnight r
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that's 4:14 st. barnabus eastbound at silver hill road and branch avenue towards wilson bridge. and we still have fire activity two alarm fire explosioning down a road in northeast section of district and blad bladeensburg road remains shut down eastern avenue and keep to rhode island or new york to get around that and that's huge scene there they need to get under control. surge track four that's affecting blue and yellow lines and shuttle service is replacing that rail service watch for delays give yourself extra time and back to you maureen and holly we you have covered with traffic here. >> we know you do. thanks. time 5:19. storeies you're engaging with on social media. >> wisdom martin with news tracker. >> first up this morning supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg doubling down on criticism of presumetive nominee trump. she called hem a faker and questioned why he's not yet releas
5:20 am
previous comments ginsburg made that trump presidency would be bad for country and for his part donald trump is not packing down either. overnight tweeted this ginsburg embarrassed all by making dumb political statements about me and her mind is shot, resign. >> now on to trending health news researchers say a vaccine to prevent and reverse early stages of alzheimer's and dimensions sha could be three years away and finally, a hidden benefit of pokemon go. for players in app eggs to hatch players must walk them specific distances all which listed in kilometers that means many americans are about to learn a new scale. metric system and for now there's no way to change units even the most stubborn americans will just having to adapt. and learn. svrjt what adistant and learn, no. >> i think they'll be happy kilometers is shorter than miles so t
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sooner than they think. >> that's a selling point i will downloadty want to learn more about that sgl that. >> sure. >> there's nothing about that we believe. >> coming up the under armour empire sxnding to north carolina treatment and d.c. council help wore bicyclists across the country. we're headed to break with this live look across the region. 5:1 is the time. we're not half stepping it all. we'll do it full step ahead as we have more fox news morning on the other side of the break ♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings
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>> under armour kevin plaque is stopping to smell the roses helping to expand urban stems and plower company he backs. the flower company is coming to baltimore the end of month and currently in
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washington. they arrange bouquets to be sent out delivery. >> rose covt raceway in prince george county has been overrulely sold. the sale was approved by maryland racing commission yesterday. no word on purchase price. it's now owned by the group which also owns chemical race cars and laurel park it expect to make track appraised soon and rose covt has 354 racing days this year. >> d.c. council members help cyclists get compensate philadelphia they collide with motorist and new law will make victims eligible for full compensation if found under 50% responsible for crash and currently if bike rider and car driver collide the driver would need to be 100% at fault for bike rider to be compensated. all right. 5:24 almost 5:25 we'll h
5:25 am
early gary mcgrady. >> that's okay. >> we're so anxious to hear what the warm holds. >> i bet let's see uncomfortable later this afternoon. really uncomfortable tomorrow and friday. >> oppressive. >> i think tomorrow and friday you're pushing oppressive yes because the heat index values tomorrow and friday will be lower 100. >> goodness. >> ouch. >> let's look. what's going on. humidity increased because dew points up just a little bit. now, remember the higher this dewpoint is this is a constant. the more uncomfortable it will be. that's the way it is. dew points in the lower 70s. almost middle 70s for annapoli annapolis. big deal here is will these dew points stay in the lower 70s this afternoon. i think some of them will. couple of them drop down to the 6 0s. obviously as these get lower and more comfortable few showers and thunderstorms moving off to eastern shore everything is dpiing down this morning and we'll have more this
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temperatures this morning mild. 76 in city and 77 annapolis and there's forecast for today. lots of clouds. more humidity. thunderstorm possible late this afternoon. high temperature upper 80s. low 90s. >> erin's turn what's up with traffic. >> 5:26 now we have a new crash five on northbound side near akakeek road as you head toward the district watch for that one 210 for the washington looking good and problem free pennsylvania avenue sutland parkway in the clear and we have this problem we've been tracking and bladeensburg road shut down with large fire scene eastern avenue and getting word that that maying closed down for majority of morning rush or cleanup. keep to new york avenue or road island avenue to get around that and keep a close eye on how it affects the congestion. look at metro and surge track four as we continue, holly and power even. >> coming up. congress announces plans to investigate policing practice as cross the country. >> and we now know who will have home field advantage during the world series this
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>> as we head to break let's look across the d.c. region. we're at a5:26 now up another degrees. 76 will feel it today heavy outside it's okay. "fox5 news morning" back after
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>> and university of maryland police search for suspects after a series of robberies on the college park cam bus and arlington national sem teary and holocaust museum tells pokemon flyers play somewhere else. fox news morning starts right now. today is wednesday, july 13th. >> let's start with news overnight fire in northeast has been contained. but fire crews remain on the scene. >> we're told one of the firefighters was sent to the hospital and "fox5" melanie alnwick joins us live at the scene with the late nest this story. melanie. >> good morning, wisdom, holly
5:31 am
couple of firefighters in the distance there still walking this very large roof of this commercial building making sure that there are not any other spots where they need to make entry and get water on there perhaps these areas will vept out than fire started 2:30 this morning and again really large commercial building says goodyear on the front but it extends back one block. there's businesses that work through areas of the side along the back we're told the fire apparently began towards back corner of the building and it was def consult to get there and some cases had to cut through the roof. in order to get in. and then vent that fire and put it out. and that one firefighter we believe was being treated
5:32 am
heat caughton and there was a few others here they can call it rehab and very hot, difficult working conditions and get rest and remain hydrated not too long ago we saw a fewer truck come on here and cut extra power. there were lights on in the building and not sure why they did that and fire investigators also have arrived on the scene to start looking at that. there's a postal storage facility here. the postal inspector is here as well. while immediate threat is over the investigation does continu continue. live in northeast i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> three people are in custody this morning after firing at d.c. police officers with a small machine gun during a chase near the third street tunnel. two suspect were arrested at the scene and third suspect led the area and all this causing a 35 minute lockdown you u.s. capitol. earlier in the
5:33 am
rockery suspect was charged after a gun battle suspect on alabama avenue southeast. no officers were hit in i'mer indent sgle 31-year-old van day breel was sentenced in murder of his roommate. a man's body was found gagged and bound in her office. >> restoration of voting rights to former funds says list of former felon can not be kept secret he agreed and says the list will be kept confidential until information clemencey report is made last year. >> three of the officers killed last week. and he was joined by vice-president joe biden and george w. bush. they all spoke delivery similar messages
5:34 am
americans must bridge differences and stand unltsed as one country. >> the american league taking home the w at the mlb all star game tonight for the fourth straight year. teammate salvador perez added solo homer and he went on to be named most valuable player making it a great time to be a royal's fan. >> all right. they'll be all right. they're coming off a world series, they're good. >> did you guys watch. >> no, i go to bed like surprise down actually sundown is late. so 7:00. >> sundown would be 7:00. >> what time is sundown these days. >> it's about 8:40ish. >> i'm long gone. >> really? >> i'm long gone. 00 i'm in bed. >> he's so old. >> i could have watched the game but i didn't. >> okay. >> so we need to know did hosemer get the corvette other pickup truck. >> i don't know which one he
5:35 am
>> what would you choose. >> i would probably choose corvette. >> absolutely. >> i would give it to wisdom. >> i may take the pickup. >> that's as like a as me being the mvp and as as like eye as me being the corvette. >> i want the pickup. >> you want the pickup? >> yes. >> she needs the pickup to carry all her loot. we say back the truck up. >> mostly cloud this morning through the day little sunshine and mostly cloud at 11 a.m. mostly clouds at 2 . check it out with clouds and limited sunshine temperatures will be lower to mid 08s and upper 80s for highs. lights this afternoon there's best chance to get these scattered showers and thunderstorms. but wouldn't surprise me just about any day part if we could not have a shower or storm around. so there you go. forecast like that. and future cast shows like later on. see how they're popping up later this afternoon that's 5:00.
5:36 am
i'll have more details and 7 day coming up and right now over to erin como standing by with wednesday morning traffic. >> that's rights, 5:36 gary and quite a bit of traffic to get through crash and closure this is old cold chester road both directions between route 1 and gun sop road and use caution in vir sir this morning and overview of virginia commute slow traffic driving 28 north and 66 still if clear 234 september areville and earlier construction and then 9 5 stafford speed under 30 miles an hour crash activity blocking right shoulder and brandywine 301 and ak akeek road and paving and fire closing down bladeensburg north east next. back to you guys. >> coming up on foxt news morning a new report suggests big banks manage to escape prosecution because how they
5:37 am
feel it will impact public martin. >> and members of obama administration are refusing to entertain any questions. >> as we head to break right now. here's a live look across the region. 5:37 is the time. temperature 76. we're back after this break
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>> back with news from overseas a new report from amnesty international had hundred of people disappear and torture them in past year. >> am nesty international say many were kept blindfolded and handcuffed for entire time they were detained. government has denieded it uses force disappearances and torture. >> also this morning tomorrow a funeral service will be held for philando castile shot and killed by white police officer in minnesota and church official says castile's mother requested cathedral after st. st. paul older service for her son. castile was shot during a traffic stop and his girlfriend streamed it live on facebook after. >> and loretta lynch talking about the answer to not press
5:41 am
questions from members of the house judiciary committee that suggested clinton was given prev rep shall treatment by doj and she said it would be inappropriate to talk about briefings on the case and said she made a recommendation not to pursue charges from career investigators and prosecutors. >> new report this week revea revealing that done there were fears that criminal charges against british bank could close gobal financial turmoil after an investigation found hsbc violated federal laws by lawpderring drugs from mexican drug traffic. >> coming up on "fox" news morning if you have $20 be might be able to help you troubleshoot the new pokemon go app. >> 20 bucks. >> and newest disney princess joined praise and criticism. >> as we head
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let's go ahead an take a live look across the d.c. region. i 41 right now. 76 degrees. we'll get you going on wednesday. "fox5 news morning" back after this come can do it! dogs just won't quit. neither does frontline. introducing new frontline gold.
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. his successor will be theresa may serving the cabinet for the past six years. may was named head of britain conservative party and fast trookd takeover as prime minister. cameron is stepping down after fail to convince britain to remain in the european union. may becomes first female prime minister since margaret thatcher. >> heads up residents a movie production company will be in the area to recreate a plane crash scene. commuters along route 50 and other roadways should not be alarmed if they hear smoke and see pyro techniques. don't get freaked out if you drive by and she. it filming wraps up friday night. keep in mind if you drive around that area. >> what movie is that. >> i don't know. >> we have to get kevin on that. >> wednesday morning, heavy, heavy, heavyy. >> i know a lot of clouds out.
5:46 am
sunshine today. even with limited sunshine, temperatures will number the upper 80s. so you know what that means? >> heavy. >> that's exact -- hot and heavy. >> yeah. >> that's a whole different story. >> anyway here's what's going on dry out here for the commute and showers and thunderstorms popped up overnight and have moved offer to the east of us during the bay now right across from chesapeake beach headed to easton and oxford gets rain now and cambridge rain too and if this holds together we'll move across to the shore. that's what we're watching now. so far the commute is dry. i think the commute stays dry unless something pops up. reagan national 76. lower 70s bwi. all the heat has been in the plains. it's starting to shift east. we're not under the bubble of heat today by the time we get to tomorrow, friday, that's when the hottest of this high pressure comes in and hazy,
5:47 am
and humid and super humid. super hot. as we get to thursday and friday low 100s. certainly triple dimmingit. 102 to 103 feels like temperatures thursday and friday. little cooler for the weekend as frontal system comes through. not much cooler. still above normal. 92 saturday with possibility of thunderstorm. doesn't look that great a chance of thunderstorms on saturday. mostly dry. mostlily dry surprised too perhaps upper 80s to low 90s there i'm not sold on what happens sunday. believe it or not. i would like to see info on that coming in. 88 for high temperature today and super muggy out there and not much sunshine. very unstable late this afternoon and we're going have showers and thunderstorms developing scattered about. i can't tell you exactly where we'll be today. and i do know not everybody gets wet. if you get wet it's heavy rain at times under the thunderstorms. super hot tomorrow and friday. looks dry for zip trip
5:48 am
morning wisdom and holly are you liz eping chance of thunderstorms not much saturday we cool off a little bit. here's erin como. >> calling out the co-workers on wednesday. >> they were intensely liste listening and construction zone cleared residual delays and volume passing that point and again as you get closer to the beltway you increase in volume because of morning rush. and let's switch it over to maps. we have breaking news out of spotsylvania. crashen closure pots veinia regional medical center so pay attention if you head in that direction. south of fredericksburg and spotsylvania parkway east of i-95 hospital boulevard is shut down you'll need to detour around that and give yourself extra time to get to the regional medical center and in lorton old cole chester road shut down between
5:49 am
gunton road and 95 route 1 look going as far as volume is concerned. however 95 stafford 610 slowed yellow across the board and steepz dropping because of morning volume. 66 between the crash activity now blocking right shoulder in brandywine. it's between 301 and before ak akeek road that areas tenldz to back up anyway. factor in more time. 210 for the washington. good shape. paving 5 eastbound by church road could cause delays. keep to right. right now we're seeing plenty of green. no major slow down. keep in mind majors looking good and bladeensburg road northeast shut down eastern avenue and fire keep to new york to get around that one. back to you holly and wisdom. >> thanks, erin, secretary of state john kery marked islamic holiday yesterday. >> he calle
5:50 am
work to peaceful and tolerant city. manners new embrace diversity and uphold values. >> that's why everybody should do what they can to uphold adversity and values we share including those that muslims put front and center during ramadan. charity. compassion. love of family. pursuit of justice and commitment to peace that's what has been celebrated for the last month and what we now celebrate in one glorious moment here and they'll met the goal of welcoming 10,000 refugees in the country and saying it will do what is necessary to alleviate the sufficienting in syria. >> and the fight continues over the district map and pre trio of activist appeared for a pap elf jms in effort to scrape the
5:51 am
last year they sued state to draw a new map. state board of elections asked jms to dismiss that lawsuit. no word had when the jms will rule on the motion. >> we could soon know who will be at the forefront of maryland medical marijuana industry. state leaders say they're close to announcing which companies will be wadded preliminary neary licenses to grow marming narj in the state. while no date is confirmed it could happen by august 5. once granted preliminary approval companies will have to pay a licensing fee and undergo up inspections before obtaining licenses to operate. >> time 5:51 stories you're engaging with most on social media. >> first up new security cautions are being taken for political conventions later this month. and in cleveland a tip line for suspicious activity was launched. they are in lightened alert. the secret se
5:52 am
increase medical --. >> d.c. parks are asking pokemon players to be more successful. it has no place in reverent areas and should be put away to the memorial site. finally an expert in pokemon go don't know how. all novices need to do is get in touch with ivy st. i've and they'll be on way to catching them all. st. ive offered her services as pokemon trainer for $20 an hou hour. she's been playing since 197 and pokemon go since launched on app store and already reached level 15. that trainer in pokemon go says she controls all of the gems near her home. >> there you have it. >> $20 an hour and failed to say it's $5 hour minimum before you have basic knowledge. >> got give her like for her
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ingenuity. >> marketing her skill. >> i was taking notes as you read that pokey mop story on my hand. >> i was asleep when i tread that's another story. >> thank you, mature aeven. >> okay a lack at nasa space travt since first inorbit view of jupiter. it was captured when space craft was 2.7 million miles. meanwhile olympic themed posters unveiled aread of the 2016 games in rio. >> 13 posters are worked from twelve brazilian hartist and one from columbia. and they're on display at the museum of tomorrow. where they will be shown until july 22. i get it now. they'll play at various develop use in northern rio. it begins august
5:54 am
inches rocks it. >> unchaeling a princeence in the new disney channel tv series, alana of avalon. we're making sure every step sowed has accurate depictions of lattin folklore. >> if you plan because alena got a tv show and movie. there will be a theme part that will be theme part tied in. alana of avalon debuts july 22. >> 5:534 now take a look at that this is facebook fan of day and today his mother says he's amazing and "fox5" is there every morning and every day after work. he meets her outside to carry bags in the h
5:55 am
. >> keep up the good work. appreciate it. >> styling and profiling. >> look at that. >> gives us a look. >> saying gary comes one humidity. >> keep in mind not much sunshine and cloudy this morning and sun coming up. 8 a.m., 75 or so and clouds and spotty shower and dry. humid at lunchtime sun poking through an little bit of sun we get today will jump temperatures. we head to upper 80s. some places could be up in lower 90s expect showers and thunderstorms possible scattered about and and
5:56 am
down. >> crashen closure new spotsylvania south of frederick near spotsylvania regional medical center and poork way east of 95 shut down with accident. use caution there. also dealing with crashen closure in lorton in virginia old cold chester road shut down both directions between route 1 and gunton road. 95 still looking really nice as you make your way out northbound from lorton south of that point stafford 95 jams up by 610 and fire activity in the district two alarm fire under control and klup bladeensburg remains shut down eastern avenue and keep to rhode island or new york to get around that.
5:57 am
this morning we'll check in with 6:00 traffic accuweather after at safe track surge for looking good on beltway. we're back in a few moments.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>. >> ahead at 6 a massive firefighter respon
6:00 am
district could impact morning commute. blaze injuring one firefighter is liver with the latest. >> campaign trail donald trump firing back response to supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg said she will be able to be fit. >> weather and traffic on the 5 at 6:05. >> i'm stevr steve welcome to fox news morning breaking in the district shut down after an overnight fire that set at least one firefighter to the hospital. >> happened bladeensburg road and fire crews on the scene. and if things go as planned hopefully in the next few hours we'll be able to get blad bladeensburg road back opened up to commercial traffic and we are in the final


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