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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  July 13, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, president obama and police reform. one day after helping the city of dallas mourn the death of five officers, he's back in d.c. pushing for major changes. what his plan inc aludes.. today a* dangerous day on the job. d.c. police under fire two two separate times. times one of them forcing a capitol ct hill lock down.. >> we will not relent until we make this goodman our next president. president. >> donald trump auditioningd another running matetr and announcement could come as soons as friday.y meanwhile hillary clinton takes a big step towards uniting her h party.rt we'll have live report.ort >> might be the premier homerun hitter of the national leagueatl and this is gone. ge. >> and later, fireworks at thekt all star game. g from the on the field actions
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the pre-game controversy, to tht fifth inning fight.ig good day at 9a starts right now. >> it's 9:01. good day dc. no pokemon in here. don't come searching for that.i. all we have is information, newn and entertainment and the four f of. >> i'm not sure about that.about >> you're not sure about theboue pokemon or four of us givingsiv news and entertainment.. >> that i'm sure about.. >> i'm wisdom martin, steve chenevey, maureen umeh and holly morris.mor >> u.s. lawmaker demanding dandi answers about data collectionolt and more d.c. landmarks callingc for a ban. fo we'll have a live report for y you. yo >> first at nine, though, let'sh talk weather. because the humidity is creeping back in. the next few days could feel fel like actually some of the hottest yet. tuck is back in the loft witht t all the heavy details.dai hey, tuck. c >> i'd say
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creeping back in it slapped us in the back of the head.of the >> coming like a wave.e. ea yeah. big wet blanket out there for early day.y d my mike is on? okay. here to stay. t s get the humidity today.od we'll get showers and storms sts this afternoon.noon and then look out that heat baca with a vengeance by tomorrow tor afternoon or heat index will bel flirting with 100. 1. 77 degrees in washington. humidity 88%. 8 i won't show it to you but dewud points are well over 70 thiss morning.rnin so lots and lots of water inn that atmosphere and that will certainly help aid shower andrnd thunderstorm development laterrm this afternoon. dthis afterno storm trackeron radar cloud covc out there as well. w it will be mostly cloud dough day today.da then by late morning early afternoon expect some showerse and storms to we've got warmer and more humid air moving in from the south ana west and here to stay asy as mentioned for thursday andhuy friday. there you go.there 88 today.. 88 very sticky degrees. dre it's not going to be comfortablb day mostly cloudy showers andwe storms winds out of the south ao five to 10. coming up i'll have the seven tv day forecas
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you ponder.r. will there be day on that sevenn today that does not feature a 99 plus degree high? >> hmm. >> i'll say no.y no. >> what do you think?? >> i'm going to say >> i'm going to say no. >> one. >> you're going one. hmm. hmm. >> depend wagon you guys answers i'll change it.i' chang >> okay.>>ka (laughter). >> hilarious.ilar. thanks, tuck. for those of you coming inig through northeast dc all lanes l of bladensburg road and eastern avenue have reopen. rpe fire crews cleared a scene of aa big fire overnight at at commercial complex. compl one firefighter went to the to hospital with possible heate exhaustion. the owner of the businesses affected expressed her gratitudi for the fire depth's efforts. >> d.c. fire department if they had not been here and able to stop this, the historic loss, ii mean, yes, i would have lost a business but the historic histoc materials that were in here itht can't imagine
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so i don't care that they had tt knock down the door. d i don't care. they saved my business. busin they saved lot. a lot.. >> also this morning frightenini news for anyone who has a who student at university ofit o maryland.maryland campus police are searching forf suspect behind three armed a robberies on the college parkge campus last night. in each case the suspects showee his gun to the victims.ic the robberies happened neared to hall, queen anns hall and tieinn hall. hall. >> an update about frighteningrh chase and gun battle near the third street tunnel.street tun three suspects were in the car r at the time. they are 18, 19 and 20 years olo all from d.c. d.c police say one of them fired onr officers with a machine g no officers were hit. the incident caused a 35 minuten lock down at the us capitol. cit it was the second time dc policp were fired on yesterday.terd earlier in the morning, an armea robbery suspect was charged after a gun battle standoff witw police on alabama avenue inn southeast. >> time now 9:04 a
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helping dallas mourn the death a of five police officers,police c president obama is back at theke white house today making a newew push for law enforcement refor reforms. he's also hoping to build pressure on cono gress before mm gun control.ctrol fox's doug luzader has the sto story. >> reporter: this is all part of president's balancing actnt'n s. >> reporter: datorte administration says theon say te president will search for will f answers. the white house playing host tot police leaders, academics and
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strategies.gyie following a similar gatheringatg earlier in the the wee >> you know, we are all in thisi together. we're not going to tosolve it i without the president and he sure as heck isn't going too solve problems without us.hout >> reporter: but for the president it has been carefully nuanced message while praising g police he's said that active tha visits like those in the black k lives matter movement havee legitimate concerns. conrns. and even on the way to the to dallas memorial service, thece t white house was quick to say t y that the president made phoneeho calls aboard air force one tocet the families of alton sterling l and philando castile killed by e police officers aft and he would also make a veryy public appeal for more gunn control. >> we flood communit communitiet many guns that it is easier forr a teenager to buy a glock thanhn get his hands on a computer or even a book.k >> reporter: some of the t president's critics lashedashe latched on to that line saying it wasin clearly untrue but thet president and democrats inrats i congress are going to keep kp pushing for m
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legislation here on capitolit hill. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. happening today vigiling y a foreman who was killed in dc'ss bloomingdale neighborhood thisdi past weekend. so many rich was gunned downunnd while walking home earl saturdaa morning. he was shot multiple times at block from his house. his the vigil is set for tonight at 7:00 o'clock between v and w vnd streets in northwest.. police are still looking for suspects. metro still trying to bouncc back from surge four debut debacle.bacle. >> rush hours that lasted longee in the morning and evening and d crowded buses have people cominm from northern virginia a bit a t wary. how is it lookin looking so fars morning? fox5's annie yu live l at the braddock road station ton tell us good morning. morning >> reporter: good morning to god all of you. of y frustration definitely grewel g yesterday as the morning went w along. commuters complaining about lonn lines, crowded buses and thatnda sort of thing.hi this morning i can tell you take look for it's been pretty steady. we haven't heard of any major m delays or d
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don't seem to mind it because be they say, you know, they'd they' rather go through this now for a better, safer metro and that isa the sent many overall here. her people seem to be adapting too the temporary disruption and soo the crowds come and go in wavesv and they all just kind of piledl into these buses that have beene coming again at a steady pace p and then they are shift away but here's the thing.. i heard you guys talk tok to congressman beyer in the ihe 8:00 o'clock hour and he and he actually took a bus from herem the braddock road metro stations and i heard him say that hit hit took him more than 45 minutes ts get to the pentagon and so the problem seems to be once you leave here the question is, howh long will it take with all the t traffic and congestion.stion. more people on the roadways? we started to see it pick up andk a get crowded around 7:00 o'clockk this morning.thisning the lines got really long. reall we should have video of thatha where we just saw extremely lonn lines. mull pell we saw passengers piling intopio about four to five buses headeda to pentagon city.nit ag
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7:00 o'clock hour, but, you, yo know, when you peek inside these buses everyone had a seat.ea and i saw just a handful of people standing in each bus. b as you mentioned this is phase e four of metro's nine month-month maintenance surge affectingecng reagan national those of youhosu going to that area you will be b affected for the next week or ss until july 18th. but metro will be providing shuttle buss to bridge the gap between the stations.ons. the blue and yellow lines will be shut down between reagan airport, crystal city and pentagon city stations obviousls keep that in mind.ep but if you normally take thellyt blue and yellow lines certainlyn you want to sort of reconsidersi maybe taking an alternate routee but if you drive, you know, i i mean, as we just mentioned theot congressman stuck in a lot of people on the roadwayss more congestion.. but, again, overall sent manyenn out here, guys, people do notoot seem to mind the minor delays o disruption in their morning mor commute. back to you in the studio. >> unless they're
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route 1 between where you areyo and the airport.. annie, thank you very much. >> to the congressman'sha point the area of metro is to get carc off the roadway to give you alternative.te if you're taking them off metro putting them back on the roads. metro can provide the buses buts they can't control the traffic between the >> driving message home two hom likely nominees have spent thet last few weeks lee fussing theit rhetoric for the generalhe gener election season but are theyhe connecting with voters? talkini clout hillary clinton and donald trump. we'll have your campaign updatet >> little bit later, even if it does make the american seriesers the american league will havelav the world series advantage.anta we'll take a look back atly alll star game last night. it's 9:10. back in a moment.
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♪ today bz will be in d.c. to speak before national latinoin group. hillary clinton addresses the same group tomorrow.toroup tor yesterday the two democraticocti rifles came together withhe w sanders endorsing clinton to bee the presidential nominee for the democratic party. part now, on the republican side, tomorrow we'll know who donald w trump picks to be his running mate. ma allegedly he says the announcement will be made justat before the gop convention nextnx week. many sources say the governorero mike pens and former houseouse speaker newt gingrich are the
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front runners. ' say trump is widely unpopularl among young adults. been campaign season of insults and jabs to say the least but now the presumptivew p candidates for both parties seee to be trying tore to us ketters their rhetoric little bit.ric lb hillary clinton has tried outedo slogans with big and bold inold them. donald trump has been test b tes driving america first as an adjunct to make american great t again slogan. joining is niles an associate editor at the hill.orthe hill. he's written by hillaryy clinton's clinton efforts to get her message across the votersot and donald trump's efforts to move into presidential mode.ial. >> good morning.ood >> good morning.ood morning. >> bernie sanders end do'singand her. he seemed energetic.. in that moment you think shehine might take the advantage to behn equally as energetic rebrandrand herself with a new slogan sheloe seemed seemed to stall.edeeme what do you make of it and how h it's been tough for her to make message over arching.rc >> hillary clinton is not thatnt great a speaker in those kind of bi
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even her supporters wouldsou acknowledge that that's not thet kind of setting that really putp her at her best advantage.tage there is to your point, also, an issue where hillary clinton hash a difficulty really concisely defining what her candidacy hash been about. been that's a difficulty.culty >> so the messaging is obviousls very important and branding verg important f she does not havet this message she tried we're wre looking at alicia -- elizabeth warren who she campaigned with.w we've going to big and bold.ndol is this final until could sticku and give her the definition thaa people are looking to have? >> well, it was interesting tot me that the sanders event stronger together was being useg as the now obviously that was partly pr pertaining to herself and bernii sanders. but she's also making the point that she can bring the nation nt together as she sees it trying y to put herself in can't draft tt donald trump who democrats are a portraying as a divisive figureg whether that works for hmm stronger together, bigger,igge boulder, do these things real
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mean concrete things to voters?r >> what would running mate helpe further define her? once shee s picks someone, say, virginia senator tim cane who's name hase been announced could that possibly help her in furtherther denying her image and branding g herself as the candidate thatha voter shows want.ows w >> it's definitely helpeds denie candidates before. before there is a school of thought tug with vice-presidents that you t should choose someone for that a purpose.purpose. back in 1992, mrs. clinton's husband chose al gore as his r running mate to put youthfulut l southern governors the idea wasa both of them together wouldr wou almost symbolically deliver aer particular so that could happen forpen secretary of clinton on this ths occasion.occa >> let's talk about her arrivala donald trump a man who has noo problems whatsoever with imagina and branding and messaging inn particular. but we've seen him also sort oft pivot. let me not say pivot. sort of modify his message from making america great american to american first a lot people hadh trouble with especially with the antisemitic ove
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>> sure. yeah, to put that in somenom context america first was a a group in the 19 -- late 1930se s and early '40 that is wanted wae america to stay out of the second world war and many of its leaders exhibited antisemiticntc tendencies.nd now, that historic parallelallel obviously is not good for donall trump.p he is using the phrase to t indicate a foreign policy and a trade policy that would w prioritize american needs overmi some sort of abstractbstr international i but that's echoh of the 1930s and '40s and not good.go >> he seems to be sticking withg it. tip kay cal drum is thatha unapologetic about sayingay american >> absolute. that's pretty much his character and personality that he will w choose to defy criticism once he has decided upon something.hing >> but at this stage does he not need to perhaps some people area saying make himself look more mr presidential and die eye dareiee say i kind of saw that yesterday with the speech he made hepe hem didn't have the trucker hat onet he had on a suit.ui. four american flags behind him,m and he read from telep
9:18 am
which is very undonald trump like. like is this the beginning of his rebranding, his reimaging?ing? >> i think could be. i think donald trump clearly hac to expand his support beyond th people who are already behind him. i think we'll see exactly thectt kind of patterns you wereyo w talking about next week at thett republican national convention.n that's a time when trump really has to grand himself and portray himself as more conventionallyny presidential candidate. >> he's saying law and order o president that he wants p, hes p will be a law and order president.ident certainly there are a core groua of people who this will resonatt with. with do you think it has wider is wi appeal? ap >> law and order is another oneo of those labels that is sort off controversial by its it will certainly have an appeal for people who feel that thel th nation is especially trouble ate the moment but it has been seen by some as racially loaded term. >> between the two candidates ie our last 30 seconds or so here,r who can benefit the most at this particular point from pointm rebranding? do they need it oro would you say, stay the co
9:19 am
continue with the message you've been, you know, i don't want to say stealing the message you'vee had the last couple of months? ? who benefits most from row brand organize fought rebranding.ought >> i think donald trump needs to certainly switch his brand.rand expand this brand to some extenn but it's quite clear at this ati stage that he has a sealing of support. having said suthat, one of the reasons the people who like himm love him is because he's so oneo of a kind, and that's the conundrum for him hard for him to expand his support withouthi diluting his appeal to thosesu w already like him.already like h. >> i think we'll see a lot of changes comin coming as the co conventions happen next week ana dmc the week after tha it's anyone's guess what happens with these two candidates. niles, thank you very much.hankm >> my pleasure. >> back to you guys on the cou couch.uch. >> 9:19. new era for the united kingdom the link between water and wat a weight an bear of mystery.yste got check of what else is makinn headlines coming up next. next >> the real reason that taylor r swift and calvin
9:20 am
split. we'll go to tmz for the detailst a little bit later on.n. we'll be right back. bac ♪
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>> allison seymour is back with the other headlines making history s. >> britt turn prime ministeri will officially hand in his i resignation to the queen. que his successor will be theresahe may. she served in his cabinet foret the past years. yea she was name the head of the britain's conservative party too take over as prime minister cameron stepping down afterfter failing to convince britain torn remain in the european union. un may becomes the first femaleem prime minister since margaretgat theodore. >> closing arguments in thethtst trial of brine rice tomorrow in the death of fred dough gray. yesterday defense lawyers restet
9:24 am
>> people in minnesota michigani being hit hard by severe storms. well want to stay slim andym trim? drink more so say researchers at thersthe university of michigan.sity o mc according to their findingsdi people who don't drink a hole hl lot of water had higher bodyhe mass indices than those who do.. and those who didn't drink dri enough water were 50% more likely to be obese.. and finally, in news of what you talking about willis a cub makek its own beer den in coloradoad woman's um-hmm. the bear locks itself in the cae early yesterday leaving the carr owner clue less on what to do. . the cub did major damage to the car.r matching to rip the ceiling anda the plastic sun roof cover just trying to get out and chewing up the steering wheel. deputes believe the bear openede the hatch to climb inn sigh.mbnn when authorities open the door the little one ran off. >> smarter than the averageer tn bear.bear >> exact
9:25 am
did you just sayct he's smartere than the average bear.ea >> i have little add on to then david cameron story. story. did you guys know that there's o cat who lives there all the timm and even though david cameron is gone the cat will stay? there'e a whole article on it. i very fascinating. >> it's the royal mouse catcherr or the people's mouse catcher.. >> so there's picture.ictu >> no matter the administrationm the cat stays.thcat s >> the cat is there. >> in the larry -- larry thelayt cat. ca >> okay. >> apparently the bear storyhe though no windows were broken on anything. the bear just found with to getg in that vehicle --icle - >> he opened up the hatch. that's why he's >> yeah. he's just trying to get out. tot >> i'm a little concerned allonl these bears know how to open o home and car doors.nd car doors. >> it's a fact that bears aretht very smart.very sma >> okay. >> i think you said that. >> back to youhi. (laughter). gh >> thank you allison. all >> you're welcome. >> still ahead, the americanhe league getting the job done once again. again. bad news for nationals.nals. we'll share the best momentsestm from the baseball summer classia coming up next. nex >> it shouldn't com
9:26 am
wait until you hear how dumbow b some pokemon go players are pyee being and the message that somee local landmarks have for the unwanted guests.ue >> former friends star jennifere aniston has message for all the tabloids keep wouldn'ting whenni she'll get pregnant and she's ga not holding anything back muchk that's coming up at 10a. 1 right now 9:26.ow 9 we'll be right back.t back.
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♪ >> i like that song. >> old school madonna.. >> he's a madonna fan. the inner loop league take homee the w at the all star game and d home field advantage during then world series.erie >> bryce one for two. two first all star game hit.. max scherzer pitched one inningi got one strike out. good representation from yourio washington nationals. kansasin sterols hosmer led the american league charge drivingri in three runs got a homerun and went on to be be name the mvp m here's what he had to say abouto the game. game. >> it's a great extremely humbling, you know,no um, honestly i was just so happh to be part of all of this, andha to be a part of the team andm a make the all star game for theee first time, um, you know, i i never thought about going out g trying to be the mvp. >> meanwhile before the gamehe g there was some controversy.
9:30 am
for changing the lyrics to oh, canada to include the phrase all lives matter.r one member of the group held upu a handwritten all lives matter e sign during the performance. critics say all live mattereat under minds the black lives les matter phrase the group later gl apologized on twitter saying they are deeply sorry for the disrespect you will andnd misguided lack of j. judgment bb one member of the group actingct as a lone wolf but they did it.. ♪ that's the sng you heard at the top of good day d.c. at.c 9:00 o'clock this morning that's rachel singing the song. song she sang it during a stand up su for cancer tribute all of her oh fans on their feet. f she sounded great last night ata the all star game.tar g now as far as the game david d ortiz boss didn't red sox staroa first baseman dh known as big ag poppy ended his all tar game tam
9:31 am
this is his final season.easo every member of the american ami league roster gave him a hug a from the dug out. o poppy call the embracesraces something he will never forget.t he says you see all your boys. y the thing the all star game, though, that i hate, i'm just j going to be honest i hate thatea this impacts the world seriesers because now the nationals willls never have a chance to win aoin world series at home this yearea unless they do it in four orn fr five games. gam >> right. you get the feeling that major j league baseball wanted the allde star game to mean something but it's all star with the inform ba these guys ts half do it. so if you have players that tt aren't think of their all and you have players that haveyers v played a full season, they havee to leave by the result lastt lat night.. >> the guys not even on the allt star roster and the ones that gg to the playoffs they're affected by this. >> i don't like it. >> an update on the tenor story. only one member that is from the united states.ta he's the were unthat did it did rogue the other three did notid know he was going to do it. >> there's one american o
9:32 am
he's the one that changed thenge line held up the sign and they t kick him out of the group for now. i don't know if it will stay bu that's the latest update i heara on that. on t >> if you do something on your y own like that --ha-- >> right. made them all good >> suffer consequence. >> it's the national anthem.tioe you can't be editing the editi t national anthem.he >> clearly no one told him. him. >> clearly. >> now he know. we know it's very hot, very vy humid. d. tucker barnes got the details on our sticky day. >> san diego the place where w roseanne bar did a hatchet job b on the national anthem.m >> she indeed messed up thed te national anthem. >> maybe it's the city. c >> what are you saying.g. >> doing investigativetive journalism.journali >> we'll work on that.orha meanwhile i'll tried to thee i't weather forecast.oatheorec storms moving back in. and very very humid i'm talking about to my weathera colleagues about our most how hw man air masses much that's whatm we do in our spare time muchimeu this one will arrive the next t couple of of 78 in washington.ngto 79 in annapolis.n aapol 77 at dulles. frederick 75 degrees.5 ee winchester, culpeper 7
9:33 am
it's warm, it's soggy, it's i sticky it's although things ands eventually it will be rainy as a well. i'll show you the say the lighte here in just a second.on this is why we know we've got a soggy air mass in place.n pla dew points right now low to mid 70s.70 look at that.lo 74 in washington.hi 75 in annapolis.apol any time these numbers get abova 70 it is oppressive and it's nos very often that you see theeehe entire region well into the 70s. i mean everybody is 70 or bett better. again first of all that gives ua an idea we got pretty good chance for showers and storms sm but secondly just the discomforr the uncomfortable factor is very high out there at the moment and will be later today as well.oda. all right.all r storm tracker radar cloud coverc plenty of that.ha a couple sprinkles and showers o early this morning.early this i think the shower activity will become more numerous as the day wears on, and with a little litl sunshine here or there we do we have the possibility avenue fewf thunderstorms developing as well keep that in mine. the change from a typical summer afternoon the rain showers willw get here a little earlier today we may see them break out as ou early as 11:00,
9:34 am
and with us kind of on and offna throughout the afternoon as we w get warmer and more humid airum that just continues to push into our region.. what can we expect as we look we down the road.he lots of 90's and both thursday and friday unfortunately arely a featuring another round of somes he can treatment heat aroundat here with temperatures being bei pumped well into the 90s and a d heat index 30ing with 100 arounn here by thursday and friday fy again we'll be talking aboutut dangerous heat as we get into the end of the work week here h both thursday and friday. all future cast sprinkle out theretn early notice the showers becomec more numerous.s. future cast is really love theyv idea of showers along the western shore of the bay later r today. we'll see if that happensda. has but you get the idea here justet about anybody can see a pop up u shower or thunderstorm duringer the daytime hours.ou. i'd definitely take an umbrella if you're taking the dog forhe f long walk be ready for shower oe storm later today.ater tay. overnight lose the heating oftio the day and we'll lose our lose shower threat and then tomorrowt we'll wake up with sunshine.unsn still very soggy and sticky out there. we're not going to lose this air mass unfortunately we're justly going to increase the heat hea around
9:35 am
there we go. 88 today.88 t and then look out.ut 96 tomorrow. tro 95 on friday.rida those of you that thought thatut we would be 90 or better every day after today well you win a prize. you know what i'm going to get t you guys. >> what.>> wt. >> french fries. >> plenty to go around.lent y back to you. >> thanks a lot.. pokemon go ha had as invadee district and washingtonians and tourists on the pro trying catcc them all. >> but what happens when the hot new game invades some of the inv city's more sacred spaces? that's the question that many ta are asking now.areing melanie alnwick live from one of those spots with the answer.nsw. hey, mel. >> reporter: hey, you know, son, let me just say one thing. thing i noticed this phenomenon evenve in my neighbor kids honestlyestl i've never seen before in myn life are now all wanderingng around the neighborhood like l zombies all converged togetherog around their cell phones.l phon. it's pretty obvious that they th are playing this pokemon go game. let's show you video about how h it works.
9:36 am
it's an augmented reality gamee where the pokemon characters are super imposed over what you areu seeing on your real life cameraa images.images players that have to virtuallyal digitally catch the pokemon, ana as you walk around and encountet different locations, that's whes the pokemon characters appear oo the screen. sn. some of them just happen organic klee they base up based on youry location but other locationsocao that were previously designatedd in the game what they call pokemon stops and if you go to t that designated location therene are sure to be some pokemon or r other things in the game thatamt you would want to get.ant get so that's where it becomes at ba problem, because people haveave been coming to more notableot sites like arlington national cemetery, auschwitz memorial and here at the hole loll companympn memorial museum trying to play this game and catch the pokeok mons at locate and it is causing little bit of an esche. esc because these places are sayingg they're not correct creation alo site they are sea kid sites ande playing this game doesn't
9:37 am
with their message. arlington national cemetery wasw asking people in tweet very ni nicely to this is notot appropriate decor come andate do asking visitors not to play at arlington national cemetery outc of respect for those that aret a buried the holocaust museum here here they're communications directca has basically said it's just non appropriate to memorialial dedicated to the victims of thef nazi i for people to come here r and troy to play the game. game but the big question guys iss is really are these places place designated poke stops that theht game has control over or are or they things where people juste j walk around and they have happe to pop up. so at arlington nationaliona cemetery here at the holocaust memorial and auschwitz memorial they reach out to the game g developers and asked them if thm they can please take them out of the game as poke stops but that really doesn't stop anyone whoeo is just happens to be walk aig l round from perhaps a pokemon pen popping up here or here at the museum they toll usl they're not telling people theyo can't play the
9:38 am
they're really just trying to to educate them and send theen the message it really would not be e appropriate for them to do so. s then there's the issue, guys, of privacy.priv privacy concerns centered alred franken has sent a letter to tho game creators asking them to disclose their data collection practices. the senator saying in his letteh that quote all information can c be shared with pokemon go and its third parties noting that ii information including a child's information because this canusec link if you sign up throughthro google it can link to your you googles male and oh google datet that you have on your computer. basically saying that pokemon'ss policy says all that data is a big asset. asset let's say they sell the game too somebody else and all of that tt information goes along with it. so senator franken asking theing game creators for response tonso very lengthy questionnaire byaib august 12t we'll see what happens in termsa of the data collection policiese but it's not all bad becauseecau there are places that are really encouraging people to come t c including the fd
9:39 am
encouraging pokemon players and businesses have found out thatft this is a really good g opportunity for them as well if they can -- something in the the game called allure. you can pair fit and bringt andg players to your location and foa a business, a small business, b, sometimes that can mean big meag bucks if they get a lot of players all at one time. tim back to you guys.o youuys. >> that big box and data d collection that's helping ninepn fenn dough make all that money.. it's's val still ahead in the fox beat we t might finally know what broke ue taylor swift and calvin harris.i we'll check in with tmz. tmz we'll get their details and and apparently it has something to do with this. ♪ >> really? >> we'll all be able to reste rt easy.
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
>> we town tmz live in los angeles.angeles. dax hasn't schlep since theylepy broke up. dax, how are you doing? are yoe doing oka >> um glad you're hanging in'r n there. >> i'm tired but i'm good. >> before we get to that dax itx want to talk about this whole lamar odom thing. thi i have never been in near deathr experience that i'm aware of bub i would like to think that ihat might change my ways if i pullel through tha >> right. >> you would think, however, a,
9:43 am
through and he needs help.e ning a lot of his family membersy mem tried to get him help and it i really comes down if he wants tw get healthy and clean and all oo that it will be up to him.ll bet but i can tell you on monday night had bit of an issue at lax airport.. he was going to be boarding ain delta night from la to new york, and stopped, hit up the bar at lax. lax. a lot of people saw him justt downing whiskey and beer and got on this flight and he was ande s sitting in first class.t c well he got on and then sat doww and aft couple of minutes went w to like jump up and run up top the bathroom ended up throwing w up all over himself, all overver the floor of the airplane.ane. ran into the bathroom just keptk throwing up left the door open the whole time and tried to walw back to his seat and i can telll you the flight attendants kindns of like he is cored him off the plane very calmly and nicely, nl and then he ended upcoming backk couple minutes later sat backk down and ran back to the bathroom and one of the passengers saidss
9:44 am
his history. he's obviously had some issues.. we don't want a dead body at 30,000 feet so can you pleaseles take him off the plane and thent they he is cored him off once oc again and i know that that plane ended up arriving into new yorky about 40 minutes late soat s probably not lot of happyfappy passengers.gers >> right. not happy passengers.t ppy i mean dax you nail it.t you deal with addiction and antd issue like that it's sad and sad it's sad to continue to have toe see thing like this.thin you hope at some point, you, u know, reality sets in. >> agreed.d. shifting gears here we mentioned clavis harris and taylor swiftrt break up the possibility of whaa might have broken them up andnd this -- i read this whole thing on tmmz in regards to thiss possible son song with rihanna. >> this triggered their breakir up. no one really new this untils today, but the song clavisvi harris recently released whatd a you came for with rihanna actually written wit
9:45 am
swift. it was a collaboration betweenrt calvin and taylor.ay they did it on the down lown because they didn't think people would want to know that they t were making music together thata it would just kind of it a whole different vibe she did under d d fake name for publishing rights and they released the song. well, what got bad he did radio interview with ryan do you plan to do anyo do a collaborations with yourith y girlfriend taylor? and his nd response was, you know, wenow, haven't even talked about it but i really doubt it it will everie happen and i guess she took aook lot of offense to that. t she was very hurt by that t statement that he put that outht there publicly.. and then it started to break t e down after that. so, you know, one funny issue here is that rita ora and calvin harris date years ago. a they wrote a song together.ogete they broke up.ey b he pull the rights on it. taylor swift could potentiallyoi do the same thing to putlyo p rights to the song. >> but dax -- -- >> that's on the charts right now. >> do celebrity math for me he he
9:46 am
i might not be the smart testo e person in the world when it in d comes to celebrity stuff. s she did this under assumed name so they will not get out there.. >> right.>>ight >> then he honored her wishes bw not putting it out there. then she got bad of mad about that? >> no. n it's the probably won't ever happen down the road. r >> oh yeah.h >> not like not on this song. no, i'm never going tooing collaborate with taylor swift si not going to happen.oap and i think she was like, okay, well, you can keep our story going but you don't have to basn it like it's not going to beng b good to work with me. >> so he took it too far.o far >> when he watched the inter with ryan seacrest he looksooks depressed when he's doing the dt interview and says it in dark d and somber tone. sombeon >> he knew something was up. w p >> taylor's name for the publishing on the song niles soe jail bd. what does that name even mean. . >> i mean i think it was just at name so far away from tayloray that no one would ever suspect s it was her
9:47 am
>> n-i-l e-z and s -- >> she should have mixed dax mid holt. ho >> throw some money my way. >> finally rich homey quaney apologizing for -- we're not w doing this story. sorry dax. you're too engaging we ran outao of time. we'll talk to you again soon and see you on tmz at 3:00 and 6:30. >> the artist formerly known as taylor swift dax holt.olt. >> work out that is you can doo while you cook and you clean. ce they say it's true. true. we can do it. we are in twehe kitchen this ths morning to bang out a morning or workout and we'll show you the simple steps right after theer break. i mean she's really going tooino bang it out. it right. i'm going to try. t. ♪ ♪
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
twith smoothing care. new whole blends by garnier. smoothing haircare. enriched with coconut oil & cocoa butter extracts. nurtures and protects for naturally beautiful, shiny hair. new garnier whole blends coconut oil & cocoa butter. ♪ we'll help you become aome whole lot sexier right now. one of the most common excuses for not working out. o i don't have enough tim but this morning we'll show youy just how wrong you are. because our neck guest says you can squeeze in workout w
9:51 am
multi tasking getting in pushush ups, curls, and you can do it di all while you're cooking andki d cleaning. so here to show us how to do itt a workout while making breakfast, lunch or dinner dinne amateur boxer and personalnal trainer jessica lane.ane. >> good to see you. gto see >> good to see you. s y >> your defining any woman.denig we always have to multi task. >> absolutely. as a personal trainer i have hav clients that buy gym memberships never come in.neve they have an excuse. havan excus i don't have time to workout.ut i just can't do it et cetera, er cetera. we'll take alld, the excuses away.wa >> where do we begin. begin. >> the first thing we have is can arm. a kind of corner and basic. bic >> not corner.orne i like it.e it. >> but, you know, so first we'r' going to open our arms, right?ht >> and you're going to do arm rotations.s. >> okay. so a lot of people do this whene they're younger, you know, when you're warming up for exercises, et cetera, et cetera, you'll dod count of 25, okay? >> yeah.h. >> then we're going to go goi t backwardif
9:52 am
tried to a count of 25.5. we're going to do 15 today foror shorter purposes.s. >> right. >> right. then the neck thing you're goini to do is push straight up withh the cans. can >> currently my right is gettini huge. my left arm will have to work t out later.out lat >> right, right, if you have stuff on countertop or if you're just waitingaiting preparing food, this iss i something you can easily do ande it will work youras shoulders,r, arms and deltoids good duringoo the down time. tim if you want heavier you can usen a bigger can.r c >> right right right rightigight right. you can actually progress.uay p after you can use cans. can bigger cans. then you can use gallons if youu get up that high --ig >> what do you use. >> i use liters. liters. >> of course you do.urse y >> all so up next countertop push ups. >> countertop push upsoutop puss absolutely. what you're going to do, you're going to lean back about three r to 4 feet and you're just goings to bring your body down and puss it back up. right.t. you'll make sure you have ae suy neutral spine everything isthing aligned perfectly and you're'r just going to go str
9:53 am
good job. and you can incorporate your leg with this so to make eight e little hard shift your right leg up and go down. and go dow what this does is work on yournr >> oh, wow.h, that really does.lly you do feel that. >> and clearly you don't have tt be in workout clothes to do it. >> that's what i'm demonstratini here today. all right. we've got the countertop pushp ups. now i'm very interested in these stove top squeeze. >> it's not absolute -- it's mys absolute favorite.. every woman wants nice legs a nice butt and nice thighs watchs we're going to do, you're goingg to have to come -- com >> i'll watch you first. first you'll demonstrate.ll demstra >> prop the right leg up.rop th >> okay. >> oka >> then you're going to squeezeg your leg back. toyo bac so what you're going to do is engage your >> okay. >> it's your inner and outer gluteus mediums and gluteusus maximus.mamus. you're not just leaving your lel and and out. >> y
9:54 am
>> you're working inner and outer thighs. >> um-hmm. >> yes. perfect. then the neck thing you do while you're doing this --s >> what's this have to do withti the pot. >> i'm just asking. because we're cooking. >> we're coo >> i forgot.>> i fgot >> we're cooking.king >> while you're doing this you're also squat down while w you're waiting on your food tooo prepare.epare. squeeze your glutes at the top.p >> for some reason in my heady right now all i hear is, i can n bring home the bacon, fry it up in i feel like you're doing it allt if you're doing this. >> yes.>>es. >> all right. all so next what we have you'reou going to have clean up abs. a >> clean up all right u.l right >> so what you're going to do ye when you're doing this, you'llol use two towels.owel >> right. because now dinner is fixed you've cooked that now you gotdw to clean the house. >> anybody else in this house, i mean, come on. on. >> so what you're going lay thet towels down, right?ht >> okay. >> and then you're going to comg into a plank position.. >> oh, lord. lor hold on.. >> okay. oka here we go.
9:55 am
>> all right.>> a rig >> then you're going bring youry knees to your chest.ees to youre >> oh, my. >> and bring it back and bring b them up and bring them back. good job.ob you got to tried to 15.. >> then when you get good at iti you'll do your right leg onlynl and going to hold. come back, right leg hold, come back, good job.ob you'll make sure your butt isn'n too high in the air or too low.. >> i'm hoping it's disappearingg after doing all these swats? >> and one spot in my floor will be spot less.s. >> right. >> at the same time. absolutely.abte >> absolutely. that's the goal. toal >> but et cetera about being efficient, when you think you'ru actually doing things andngs and everything do you you have a little bit of down time.e. >> right. >> you can figure thou get youry work out in the process. process even when you have thing in thei oven and you're waiting time passing, et cetera, et cetera.t >> what are you doing there? >> this is a little cal sten 96n >> is this how you spend your yr free time. >> cal sten nick.n n core work that's the goal.has t >> if you will like to progresso to that lev
9:56 am
you? you? >> you can call me at 77705498762.775498 and then you can e-mail me at a fight for your >> there you go.ouo. fight for your thank you very much. that was awesome m. >> thank in you i'll be feeling it the rest of the day. d back to you guys over the couchu >> i can't do any of those posep but i can crush some fries. jennifer aniston's message for the tabloids, is she pregnant,re is she shot, do we wear. we'll summon the spirit off whitney houston.ston kevin sitting down with the t director of ghost bust. it's coffee time if you want one of those cool good you todayd yy mugs we have brand new one to give away b perfect cup for that great dunkin' donuts coffee.ts go to fox5 dc/contests or our facebook page enter the mug m contest one lucky winnerr selected by random gets a mug. you have until 11am to enter.. it's 9:56 right now. now don't forget if you win take a a selfie with your mug post it onn
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what john hat mattingly did witd the pets and the good day mug. m that is some great viewingng companionship.annshi just make sure you use the goodd day d.c. hash tag so we can finn it. thanks, tom. 9:57. we'll be right back. be right b.
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♪ 10a all over the hottest hte trending stories. jennifer aniston moving message, the poke couldn't go backlash bs but olympic gold med list getsit her own party. pty. >> live in the lot of she playsf whitney houston in the hit musical born for this. t she's here and will perform. >> operation wedding gown howngn it's making dreams come true foe military families, plus a live l fashion show.
10:01 am
>> wow! what a wednesday.sday let's do it.t's do. the 10a starts now. now. ♪ >> hot, hot, hot! >> the three combos is good. goo >> i like these hot fries. fries hey everybody, guess what? it's friday.iday. no, see it's wednesday but it's fry day.. that's national fry day. >> big fan of fry day.ryay we wanted to know was like. l we brought a couple examples ele here. >> this is mcdonald's. mcdond's we've got five guys. arby's and wendy's and okay, so to me i like mcdonald's with arby's being a close second andd we also talk about what do you o put on your fries. this is where the argument started i'm purist.urist. ketchup for me.hup f m maybe barbecue sauce if i'm'm pushed but ketchup for me. >> ketchup. ketup. >> ketchup?>> ket >> see i like to totally dunk dn mine and make them soggy in then malt vinegar. >> you know what is funny
10:02 am
fish and chips i'll use the usee vinegar because i dump it ont >> not on your fries.ot on you >> i dip them in barbecue saucee but i like the seasoning in you get five guys cajun -- cun - >> i've a big fan of five guys s cajun. >> i like the combo. a little ketchup, mayonnaise and malt vinegar.. >> that actually soundsuall sous horrible. if you like it -- .ooso good >> definitely do hot sauce.otau >> so good! so >> hot sauce, barbecue sauce.e s >> let us know.>>et us k >> we take these over so you ovu don't have to watch us awkward y walking with fries.g wi >> i'll take the mayo.ta the >> put up a poll on twitter to t so what people's favorite fries were. here's the results. t we've had 500 people vote so f far. >> we did? >> would the what's the word. tw >> that's not showing thehat's results now, is it? nlts i >> okay. i'm going to have to get myto ho device out.device out i can tell you right now almostt 40% of the voters pick five guys.ys. >> interesting.eresting. five guys far away out of 500 votes 40% went with five guys.. 26% mcdonald's
10:03 am
we had a lot of checkers and rally's votes. >> bake and shake.d s >> i didn't get any steak and a shake votes. >> a lot of thrashers. then you're thinking you're atot the beach, ocean city -- >> boardwalk fries definitely d malt vinegar. it's interesting i read a book k once about how mcdonald's wonaln the fast food wars with theirhe french fries.ries. >> frying them in some sort of a lard. a >> i know. i >> and salt and the kids lovedsl them best and if your kids lovee mcdonald's best you're goingt yi there. >> hot off the -- no salt. sal >> if you feel like it weigh in, favorite fries. where they're from and then whaw do you top themha with or dip tm in? >> anything.nythg >> ranch dressing blue cheese,h, nachos cheese. >> wow. >> mustard. i'm really --- >> be like holly and mix themhem altogether. >> i don't discriminate. d i'm all inclusive when it comes to my fries.ries. >> um-hmm.>> uhmm >> let us know.. >> hot sauce. keep us posted we'll share throughout the show
10:04 am
tweet us #gooddaydc.. let's check what's trending tred right now on this friday -- fryf day day. d first up this morning it's trumu versus clinton by now but it's trump versus ginsberg.sber republican candidate wage ago of words with justice ginsberg gsbr after she said he was unfit to be president on monday she called trump a quote faker anded questioned why he has not yet released his tax returns. now this follows previous comments that she made that hehe trump presidency would be bade d for the country.theount she told cn inform "he has no consistency about him.. she said he says whatever comesr into his head at the he really has an ego. e how has he gotten away with not turning over his tax returns? ns the press seem to be very gentl with him on that.. well donald trump fireddonap right back.right he's not backing down overnight he tweeted this. saying ginsberg has embarrassedd all by making very dumb political statements about me.tu her mind is shot. resign. so the question then bom
10:05 am
who should get involved in whata part of the political processals and should the supreme court bee above this and focus on the lawl of the nation? or should theyuh have the freedom like anybody a else would to go ahead and weigi in on their thoughts when it comes to presidential politics. >> scalia when he was a life hef said a thing about the black t colleges and all of that drama.a so they're entitled to theirto e opinion and the issue is they'ri on the courts for life. it's not like -- like >> what if that opinion could come back now because if we'rese talking about putting somebodyeb in office or not holly made thee point what if now say donald trumpal t gets elected. now ---- >> his apologies come intopolo question it gives him ammunitiot to contest her being on the court.court >> for her to be recused. >> i think they should be aboveo it. >> has anybody ever been recusec from being on the supreme courtu has that ever happened.appened. >> how many times have you hearh justices endorsing onesing particular candidate or sayingr something against a particular p candidate. >> what troubles me. i think of course you hold oneou of the highest offrsices in then land t
10:06 am
it. i know that, yes, we havee freedom of speech but to be ae supreme court justice my thought is, you know, these types of of comments wherever you fall in fl the political spectrum should bb kept private ton yourself.ouelf. there are troubling tng ramifications as you said if sad case comes before her that her t donald trump brings up or has championed can she really beealy fair and unbiased i think this i lends to her credibility.bili >> but to me they're appointed by presidents who they'rehey' aligned with.alig they pick the people, the presidents pick the people toeoo put on the court that they'reou aligned with.d wit so they are already, you know,uk skewing one way or the othery or with their views. views to me this doesn't even affectec anything -- >> they are supposed to sku butu still supposed to rule on the letter of the law. it's their interpretation of the law not their opinion of thef te person that perhaps put the lawe into play. >> so therefore, it would not it be -- it wouldn't matter if shef couldn't stand this guy if heuy was president?reside >> he's going to argue it wouldd see that's what i'm saying. if he gets in office
10:07 am
an unnecessary muddying ofg waters and the whole supremeupre court is supposed to be up hereh they all wear the same blacklack robes on the bench.en the whole visual perception of o him then they're supposed to beo above it all.t all. and this i feel like in my --y - it's just disappointment in herh to lower herself to their levelv i thought she was better thanr t that. >> i think she took a bold stepo and called him out. >> i love disagreement much nexn up actor jenner aniston penningn a powerful blog about mediaia scrutiny. she addresses having to in theon public eye for so many years and the constant stalking of her anh her hub. hub she talks about the recent recen rumors she's pregnant. in the article jennifer quote qe says let me start by saying address gossip is something i'vg never done. i wanted to participate in a larger conversation that hast h already begun and needs to t continue. she goes on to say, for the the record, i am not pregnant. pgn what i am is fed up, i am fed ud with scrutiny and body shapingng
10:08 am
of journalism.oualis the first amendment and amend a celebrity news.ews but believe it or not some n soe people are wondering if this is all a publicity stunt saying san jennifer aniston media savvy enough know this subject is acta sure fire way of getting theting press buzzing about her even ife she doesn't have a project tojet promote much this a picture that got the tabloids buzz buzzinguzi here she is on vacation in the bahamas back in june.e she can have -- her stomach wash a little bloated she probably po just had a big lunch. lunch since the media is used to jenn for having a hollywood body, a a lot of people asked if she washe pregnant. she was photographed a few daysh after they got back from theom vacation.cation rumors hitting a fever pointevep some say it look like she's shes trying to hide her stomach andca keep in mind this is in june itj was likely pretty warm that dayd so she's totally covered up andd not only that she had her pursep in front of her belly.. people thinking this is not not another sign of pregnant andt a another picture she was exitingi a babb and her bag is sort of so
10:09 am
people are calling publicityty stunt, and again she's saying,an listen mind your own business. s why are you always questioningii whether i'm pregnant or marriedd and why should women have to beb judged when i standard. >> i don't have anything against jennifer aniston because they have the right to theistr opinii and right to feel however they e feel. hollywood stars kill me withith this. woe is me. i'm rich and famous i'm doing'md all these movies. stop following me. i'll take all my clothes off ana go to the beach but don't take t unflattering pictures of me anda don't put me on the headlines. >> this is the attention youon draw upon yourself when youf whu living the life that release ons publicity.blity. >> exactly.. >> look, this is somebody whoho has taken almost everything offn at some point in order to sellel magazines, in order to sell tvl shows and products.duct now because there's unflattering picture you're body shaming.han. >> and i think that she, f no, n one was talking about her. h >> it clouds the bigger issuer e she's trying to bring here. we think
10:10 am
woman because she may not be not married or pregnant. ort. you're right. i totally agree with you. you listen you can't have it bothh ways. ways. you can't ask to be a celebrityy and have cameras following youou and all the accolades and fame and at the same time when itamet doesn't go your way, i'm the one being attacked. please. spare me. let's talk about this one,pl t oo.e, too new barbie is summer say ther sa soughing her way into shore shelves. mattel launching a doll of dollo gabbie douglas.bie douglas go, gab it comes comes in the athlete's signature leotard and warm up yup. yup it's part of barbie's you can bb anything line which inspiresnsps young girls to follow their ther career and dreams. she scored a spot on the u.s. woman's gymnastics team the games beginning next month.ext . >> that's pretty cool. prett coo >> that's >> big seller i'm sure.elr i' >> probably sold out already. ay we've been talking about this all week much it is the mus hottest mobile game on thee on e millions of people are downloa poke couldn't go.po the game encourages people topl visit places includi
10:11 am
sites. but some people are showing upng at memorials like arlingtonrlin national cemetery and playing the game there. the that is upsetting some peoplepl who say players are showing disrespect.esct. now, official at arlington actually agree and tweeted outwo we do not consider playingla pokemon go to be a appropriate r to on the grounds of arlington t national cemetery we ask all ask visitors to refrain from such activity.activity the holocaust memorial museumlus also sounding off.g o the spot is an actual pokie stop in the game which is a place ple where players can get free ine i game items. but they are asking guests not t to play during their visit and a are asking the game developers how they can be removed from the app. and senator al franken chasingha pokemon go too but not for fun.n senator franken is known fornown championing internet privacy and sent a letter to the game'ss developers yesterday demandingin to know what data it ist i collecting from users andnd sharing then with third parties. franken says he's concernedrn about the extent to which thecht developer may be
10:12 am
collecting, using and sharing ag wide range of user's personalera information without their the consent. >> all right. right. can we not talk about pokemon gn any more after this, please? e? i've had it up to here. her i get, you know, the news aboutt some of these sights sayings san please don't bring the here butt i don't know how this can thing took and why it captureaptu everything.erything. >> in less than week.n wk. >> it's all we've talked it's crazy.'s czy. >> man, all right of the., all t >> they obviously have jennifere aniston >> tell me about it. a >> everybody is talking about. >> ghost busters director paulea feig telling kevin how they per pecked the look of all the slime on camera.on c what it is and how many takes it took to soak kristen wiig justg right. right. >> i would probably put my m french fries even in slime.n in i like it all. like a first up the real reason thougho calvin and taylor what kobe has been up since sce retiring from the nba, and thehe new queen of instagram crowned. 10:12
10:13 am
good day celebrity dish up next. ♪
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> 10:15. time to check our good day celebrity dish. tmz reporting taylor swift leive binscreative brains by ca blvy
10:16 am
this is what you came for and fa their relationship fell apartl t because he disrespected her whee the song was released. relse >> would you like more would information on this. >> i would. >> well allow me to pontificaten much the story is that taylorylr wrote the song sat down at a piano, did memo into her iphonen and sent it to calvin who loved it. it would you like more?d you like >> i would like more about the demo. demo >> okay. they eventual dull a full demo.d funny ask you that question. qso with taylor on the vocals andocl calvin doing the beat. bt. they decided letting the world know they celeb broughted as a couple should be kept under wraps because it wouldause iould overshadow the song. song. you want to know where thehehe problems um came in? i >> where does it start.ta >> here's what happened taylorha kept the publishing right underr a pseudo name. did an interview with ryan seeyn rev saying he cannot see himsele collaborating with taylor. queue the downward spiral toralo break up she felt calvin took it door and the two split less than week tha later. would you like more on thisu lir story. >> hash tag she was already aeay seeing tom hiddleston
10:17 am
>> uh-huh.huh. >> legal rights to theigs to the relationship.. >> good one.ood one. there you go. y g she still has the right toight prohibit calvin from performingn the song.eong. but she hasn't and according to tmz tay tay doesn't plan to p to exercise that right. thaight >> um-hmm. i think if that is what i caused them to break up, theyp,e had issues before that happenede >> that's a possibility. >> it's fake, people, >> it's not even a real name. the more time that passesas the more it seems like taylor is conning all of us and now buzz feed has really convinced somenm of us that this is really justyt all for a music video.. first point, are you ready?dy? >> number >> script written by maureen umeh taylor and tom revealedevea their relationship to the worldd rocky beach in new england. we remember that. that. eerily similar to the way sheaye reveal her romance with connor kennedy.nnedy. >> okay.. >> .2. >> >> what's number two?hat's numbe >> how about theser two family beach photos. >> coincidence.
10:18 am
>> i think not. >> okay. p >> moving on from connor taylor started daring harry styles.les. they celebrated her birthday inn similar style to her most recenc time in the uk with tom. and she hasn't rocked that country chick look since harryry styles.stes. >> really?ly >> she was all edgy.dg >> tell me there's more.e. >> but wait there's more.ere'or. >> okay. >> next point notice how taylore is back to her old mute blonde hair and the red ripped look -- red look like and not her met gala look. loo days of getting together withith tom she was rocking her old looo and old clothes. clothes how about this? side by side, taylor and tom, taylor and calvin, both fourth of july celebrations the day calvin and taylor confirmed their the relationship. >> i'm telling you.ou >> real or fake? f >> tell us what you think. thi >> i'm sure -- tweet us what you >> go do #gooddaydc. >> go to buzz f
10:19 am
there's a more concisee c explanation of it.n o this is part of a bigger picture. there's no way they're a thing.i no way, no how. >> hmm.>> hmm. >> see. >> boom. >> drop that mic. >> i'll spent the rest of my dad researching this. thi >> absolutely. a. >> i spent all morning. sll i'm telling you. >> maybe the rest of the week.ek >> uh-huh. >> you got to do was got to do.w >> the tale continues.nues. >> right. whether it's true or not we don'tit know. >> she likes going to the beach. >> that could be possibility. she may just likd e -- just >> that may be how she likes to romance in similar ways. way >> with the clothes. cthes. >> country side with the same se clothes. >> and she met the parents 10en0 days after they met.ys a not happening.ap i'm sorry. i believe in love. yesterday gwen stephanie cooked off this is what the truth feel like tore in bostonto and the place was empty.. >> i told you.>> i tol >> he call this yesterday. despite having her slashed ticket prices to kind for tickets for only $40 the cheap c tickets did not sell seats.
10:20 am
reps were standing outside the e theater handing out free tickets to anyone in order to make the t ace seem pack. pk. the venue cut off the lawn whici seats thousands and relocated rc those people to the front. >> i told you they were doing the same thing for the dc show. >> wow! >> when is she in d.c., do you o know. >> july 29th.uly 29. >> soon.n. >> july 29th and she's where. >> jiffy lube life.ife. they booked venues way too bigab for this tour. tour. they were selling tickets forice tepp dollars.pp d i won't tell people to go out there and get free i won't be surprised if theyiset don't do something similar. sil >> i have a great idea. ide gwen stephanie you need to comed into the the l we will help promote your showro when you're at jiffy lube life.l come in here.come iere. we will promote it out the wazaz zoo. >> bring eve with youly don't wt come by youhrself. (laughter).u >> ben again, i'll take you by b yourself.yoself >> i did put out on invitationao to eve before she did the vh1 honors
10:21 am
they always say sure i will.. >> we'll tweet gwen stephanietee right now.right >> take it farther.ther >> when ask.. >> sunday the 17th.he 1h that's sunday.unda >> that's this sunday. ts th >> then we'll have to relocate c the show here.e. we'll have a parking lot party. >> how about a fox5 rocks with gwen stephanie.tephanie. >> let's do it. i'm just saying. >> and eve. >> and eve. >> congratulations are in orderi for kobe bryant. bry >> why? >> you want to know why. w. >> why?>> >> he announced on instagram hih wife have rah nessa is pregnantn with their third child.ld. >> somebody has been busy.n busy >> what is that. tha >> onsie.nsie >> you'll explain what that is later. >> you have three kids is. you don't know what a onsie is.. >> i thought it was some kind of new site. >> wisdom's kids came out in o i full yard working uniform.. he captured beyond blessing and decided to share we're expecting our third baby girl.. the couple
10:22 am
daughters nat ya and gianna.. he retired back in april endingg his 20 year basketball run withw the lakers. >> celine ya gomez is the new tn queen of instagram. 4 million liked this picture shs posted that makes it the most ts liked picture ever. ever. the pick went up about two weeke ago and it's actually as you cau see there an app for coke. cok she beat herself for the title,e though.ou kind of.kind the previous most like post wass a throw back picture posted by justin beiber of the formerorme couple. it has about 400,000 fewer likes than her coke ad. a >> here's some good news for f again is he fanny fans. fan. why you can get tickets for $9 $ on stub hub for her show at a jiffy lube. you can buy tickets right upkett front for 35 bucks.ucks. so the good news --- >> front row 35 bucks. >> if you wanting to -- >> gwen come in the loft.oft. >> her album is nber one.. don't cry for her too march.oo . >> and you get to see eve. >> let her blow your mind.
10:23 am
summoning the spirit of whitney houston the actor who channels l her plays will join us little ll bit later on.n >> first though warning forughai anyone in bowie driving along route 50.rout we'll tell you why there's no ts need to panic, though. tho that's coming up next. n ♪ ♪
10:24 am
10:25 am
>> 10:25. we're back on good day and o happening right now, some bo
10:26 am
construction company in the area near the freeway airport,n t rt, bridges county recreating a plane crash scene.rash sce there's a live picture.icture here's the deal. theeal. it's just right along route 50,e so motorists there and on some s other roads might look over andr hear some explosions, they mighg see some smoke and see a downedd plane. we're just letting you know it'i all for a tv production.roduct the filming is going to wrap upp on friday night.y night so you might see this over the e next couple of days but you getg a look how they do plane crash scenes for tv and movies. it's happening right here in our backyard. pretty cool. also happening right now, a crack down on peoniple who steal water. did you even know that's problem.oble >> i did not but apparently it is in the dc area to the tune of 145 million gallons.galls so how is this happening? ? fox5's bob barnard is live in ln laurel with this one.ur all right. explain it, bob. >> reporter: all right.. holly, bigger problem than we tn think we're in a neighbor inr i laurel, maryland where the the prince george's and montgomerysn county fire departments as well as wssc hav
10:27 am
about this theft the theft ofheo water.r. they showed us this is one of their 42,000 fire hydrants theys have in the two countiesntie providing water service here and they set it up to show us thehe differ things that happen.haappe other side that's legitimate meter. people can, you know, lease a meter and legi legitimately taka water from a fire hydrant.e hyda here on the left is a where people might steal water for different kinds every they'll open it up and show whaa air doing.. joining is chief harvey baker. chief, i think people will finel it hard to believe that peoplehe actually will do this, tap intot a hydrant and steal water. does help happen you tell. tel >> it's very large problem. last year we estimate over 145 million gallons of water was stolen from our system.te and so this is a huge issue. we want citizens to contact uscu if they see someone tapping with a hydrant. hydra as you stated earlier, this is a direct connection to the hydra
10:28 am
this indicates a theft.ic a theft of water service. serce on this side, you have the metem which purchased through wssc's website at four different locations two in montgomery andy two in prince george's.eorge's. but if you have this on, this is legitimate purchase of water.urt when you have the meter. again, this is theft of service when off hose connected directlc to the wssc water hydrant. >> chief, what will people bee stealing water to d >> what are they using it for. . >> to fill their pools. to do landscaping jobs and construction sites, to supportpt community carnivals, for various reasons. >> chief, thanks very much.thans and the fire chiefs from princen george's and montgomery countiet have been here to say that whenw people tamper with these firee hydrants they can sometimes strip the threats here so then e fire crew guys will come up on o seep and they won't be able to tap into that hydrants and the engines have several minutesin worth of water and they have
10:29 am
hydrants and extend the hoseshes later and minutes can save livee and structures want have you. eighths crime. it's happening, and they're juss kind of starting this public pub service campaign to let people l know don't steal the water andar if you see someone doing that,n, report it to your local fire department, police or to wssc.c >> all right. rig learn something knew every day. >> thanks bob.nk still ahead on good days the mae behind the ghost busters reboott responding to some of the haters out there. what paul feig the director of c new movie told kevin about thehe movie which is not yet in yet theaters although we've beenh we talking about it for 11 yearsea now. we'll talk about that coming up. it's 10:29. 10:29. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we wired the wagner's house th 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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because my teeth are yellow. these photos? why don,t you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it,s bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. >> ghost busters. >> look. >> guys, which one of thesef the makes me look more like a doctor? doctor >> who was on the phone?the pne? >> stone brook theater. >> there's goat on the loose
10:33 am
>> okay, okay.ka what did you did to my uncle's car. >> i fixed it. >> this is so inn appropriateppr for this vehicle. >> that is chip from all femalem ghost busters brand in you oneno it's safe to say movie ifovie i nothing is not controversialovel some diehard fans of theanof original hate the idea of thisfi particular they hated the they made the first trailer of f the dislike video ever. they can't wait to see the stars of the first series. kevin had a chance to sit downod with the man who brought the net version to life and he joins usi now with more. >> most disliked move 53 trailea in youtube history.istory >> you agree the trailer is noti so good.soood. >> i agree. there's many so many timesanim trailers have come out and thehe movie disappointed me.e. i saw a great trailer for avat avatar, i did not like avatar
10:34 am
>> they flipped it this time.. lousy trailer and everybody wily be surprised. s >> i didn't think it wasur didtt horrible but not great trailerat by any means it didn't have mucc going for it all the jokes are s actually in the movie which is i actually really good thing you y go to the movies and you'ree moa surprised. one of things paul feig did iigd actually loved i'm in the bigheb fan of movies are post convertet he shot the movie in 2d and 3d they're releasing in 2d. >> the conversioi nings aren'tvs good. the glasses make it look >> except in this case. >> what they did here they shots it in such way they left blackck bars on the top and bottom ofoto the screen where my hands areds right now then the 3d actuallyca goes over the bars so when they're shootin shooting proton. >> it leave the screen and comes right at you in the theater. thr >> it's insane. this is weird for me to say th this. high hate thee d convertede d ct movies.vies i spoke to paul feig how they did the conversion, how they did the 3d effects but the idea of rebooting this film. fm. watch this. >>
10:35 am
>> yeah. >> can you talk about how they're doing y that? how is tt flipped and how is it done. >> we have agent 3d conversionin team and they really wanted to play with the size of the screen really because we shot wide w screen technically call 2.4, 2.40 or whatever which means wha then you have the black box onck top and bottom. btom and so what they did, they justj decided they are going to extenn the effects off of that.hat so that in 3d it feel like it'si really coming off the screen atr you and it's such an effective c thing much it's pretty brilliant the way they did.the way >> one of the scenes that hit me the scene when kristen wiig'ss character gets slimed i'mslim actually curious what are they really throwing on her. >> is it like -- what is that.t. >> you wanted slime.dme we had he had mate up. u it took our effects team to finf the right recipe for it.or it's made up of some kind ofkind thing they use for gardening ana then i was toll at one point it
10:36 am
paint in there but it's a mess.m it's very hard to get off as the ladies will happily tell you.l >> i wanted to ask you if shef s has to do that scene multipleul times how long is the reset.g ir >> it's a long time. you always hope, okay, let's les this go right.ig we did that. that. the first time we did it she was all set and everything ready and then they did it and hit her ini the chest then work their way ur to her face.toace. no, it had a to had the her in the face. so kristen, i'm so sorry i need you to go -- it took couple ofuo hours real toll reset her. so then the second time we did d it, guys, got to hit her but b they hit her and it hit her her right in the top of the head and knocked her wig off her wiger started to come off.d to come of we had to kind of combine two ce takes to make it work.ork. >> that's maze.s maze. proton packs were you just blowing wind in their when they were shooting them.hem. >> yeah, blowing wind in theirln face and the packs had like a le light rod on the front that would life light interaction we did ditch klee so it fell likeel it was actually happening. >> he mentioned before the
10:37 am
segment that it was a message tt the haters what they do in theye movie actually so the movie wass diss -- move dislike movie trailer in youtube history. hto a moment in the film where theyt are reading youtube commentsnts about the ghost busters and linl they say ain't no expletiveo e going to hunt no ghost and gst basicsly a reference to theencet audience winging at them sayinge we saw your negativity, here'syr our good movie. essentially.lly >> you see what happened. >> it hits theaters on if you are that hollywood actor and craft services can onlyvicec deliver you one kind of french f fry and one sauce where do you go. >> no question in and out burger spread sauce. >> the best fridays --ri >> off the board.>> o >> off the board on this one.hie in and out. out >> localocally, chick-fil-a. >> all right. right >> no question. queion >> all right.ig >> no question. >> still ahead at 10:00 a 1 absolute at the men and womane m who serve and the loved onesed o left behind we'll tell you aboua the organization honoring thenia military with free he had wedding gowns for brides to be f and how you can help them make e them happily ever after reality.
10:38 am
we're back aft this.hi ♪
10:39 am
10:40 am
♪ >> that's appropriate song for our neck segment. local bridal boutique giving back in a pretty building way. global bridal gallery partneredr with brides across the country for operation wedding it's a gown give away.
10:41 am
first responders brides to bes are welcome to come and pick the gown of their dream at no cost.s and joining us to tell us moree the operators of the bridaldal gallery. good morning. mor >> good morning.>> good morning >> i'll start with you. how did you become invl olved ie this very very effort.ffor >> we want to give back to our ladies, and we want too participate in give back to brides across america. and, um, we were just happy toat give a it way the wedding gownsw um and these are the ones that are printerred here and how we w got involved is that we give giv back to our community so that is basically -- and we love what ww do. do >> are these gowns donated, brab knew or how do you come up withh them isn't there's discontinuedd wedding gowns and they brand ned gowns. we give back to our community and we are so happy and appreciative that we are here to give back to the brides.ri >> i would imagine the reactiono has got to be tremendous.
10:42 am
these women are already under ar lot of stress. of stres having families in the militaryr serving our country so honorab this has to be huge reflect toeo have an as spec of their weddind which could be very costly offyo the table. the table. >> that is so true. tt is because of the women i understand they're very excitedd >> yes. >> and they do want to, um, you know, that's just general idea i give back.giveac >> i want to bring in annie. why are you so far away. >> this is very special to you.i how did you get involved withali this projectnv.roject your story is so beautiful. (laughter) g thank you. well, um, basically i was loo looking for an opportunity toory get a dress maybe at a militaryy discount.disc my fiance' in the navy and we w found this program online andnd it's such a great opportunity o i'm really excited to put onutn sunday and find my dream dressrs there you're looking for your lr dress on >> yes.>> >> what are you looking for that in particular.ti >> all of these are beautiful.e. i guess like try a bunch on anda
10:43 am
>> well arc lot of people everyy girl dreams of her wedding day.. were with your family being in i the military hard ships thats ta come along with that. t having this opportunity to pickk the dress that could be the be t dress of your dreams, how does e that feel?eel? >> it's overwhelming. like the -- the, um, you know yu participation across the country with all these different bridala salons and just giving back tokt folks like me or marryingrrying someone in the military or who, >> that's your fiance' we're we' showing.showing. >> yup. handsome guy. >> the tal l one is my fiance', and one in black my brother andr he's also in the military.ary >> all right.>> all i don't want to forget these tse beautiful models.odel. tell us maria who we're lookingo at here.e >> this is ainsley grace and a we're wearing morey lee crop lec with fluff at the bottom veryery chick and first class two layery veil with head peep peace on. >> gorgeous.>> gorgeous. >> yes. >> i'm looking at this one.
10:44 am
yes. this is bailey and bails has has this beautiful head peace by ansonia her gown is from ronald joyce one of gowns we're givinge away just as well. >> these are gowns that can be b hundreds of thousands off thodso dollars.dollar >> absolutely.>> absol >> don't think you're getting some -- ohnk no. >> some sort of picasso gownn here. he >> not at all. all >> this is a david today tear tt row which is lovely.ely >> we know him. h you know this is well-known witt illusion neck line and beautiful heavy beaded with a nice slime l fit.t. >> right. >> so this one hopefully someons will be able to enjoy this dress. >> all right. >> especially our militaryr mit women. we love you and we appreciatecit you guys. >> brides across america hasss given away 17,000 gowns. gow >> that is correct.>> t >> remarkable. the event is for you?theven >> but they are participatingticipa salons across the country andntd they do it a couple of times a around around independence
10:45 am
and veterans day in if you want more information give that number a call there. t thank you all so much to areuch what you're >> you're welcome. >> such a tremendous help to t military families and first ladies you look beaut feel and e annie good luck to you. y >> thank you.hank >> send us wedding pictures.dinu i want to see what you look likl in your gown. >> of course. >> this is gorgeous.hige i'll stay here and revel in this loveliness. back over to you >> thank you. of one looks gorgeous.geous it is 10:45 right now.ow coming up next we are summoningi the spirit of wis knee houston. born for this actress will joini us live for a live performanceen from the new hit musical. >> thank you. you.
10:46 am
at enterprise, we guarantee it. next vehicle purchase? head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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♪ born for this is the story s of gospel l
10:49 am
playing at the arena stage andgd the critics agree it is indeed a must see. see so far since it opened, we've sat down with the man behind the show bb wayans himself and featured a live performance from his niece and nephew who play bebe and cici. this morning we'll meet one morr star from the show.he show. she plays the one and only onl whitney houston in the play anda she's joining us live to perforo the song seventh son.. please welcome key andrea with charred son.arred son. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:50 am
10:51 am
(applause).. you may not live for the applause but we're giving it toi you. come on over here.ver >> how you doing.>> how y doing. >> i'm great.>>'m great. >> it's such a pleasure to havee you kiandra. kia. thank you so much for coming ing to the loft. >> wow!>> wow! >> beautiful voice. >> thank you. >> i can see b why they tapped o you play whitney houston you real dollar remind me of her. your statue, the quality of youf voice. it's amazing. >> is that what you were going for. sometimes some people look up to certain artists and say i can do that. >> i wasn't going for that.oingt i think it just happened thatd t way. i related to her a lot so i w
10:52 am
okay.ay. >> i think people would beou surprised to fine out that bebe wine nance and whitney houston t are were so good friend. >> i saw and interview with wh beebee and see see when she mett them it felt like.ike. it felt like they had known eace other forever.herorev some of those things you can't explain it's a connection and id think they were from similar backgrounds they just kind oft i related to each other a lot.thel they were all in the spotlight.g they were stars, you know, sonoo they related that each other nor more than one way. w i think that made them veryer close. close. >> how do you prepare for a rola hike this.hike thi i'm sure you were a fan muchh whitney's songs in the past. that part you needed. i mean did you try to learn a ln lot more about her? did you? d just look at the music or try ty learn more about herself to gett ready for this?fo thi >> what's funny, my mothery mot played a lot of whitney houstont when i was little. since the age of four, i was watching her concerts, and i'vei been watching her all throughouu my life, and then this c
10:53 am
around.. so i think it was almost like i was born for it. (laughter).r) >> dare you say born for this.hs >> so what was it like in rehearsals when you were tryingn to play whitney and bebe is beb sitting there watching it, i watching you play one of hisf really good friends? >> at first, in my mind i wasd s like kiandra don't mess this up. but then after rehearsal started and everything, bebe and everyone all of our directorsiro are so supportive and caring ana he just let me know that he h trusted in my gift which made me trust more in my gift. the pressure was release. relea. >> in doing so did he let youso kind of do your own thing or was he more like, whitney might havv been more like this. thi >> he was definitely hands on. s he told me, you know n certain a things like okay she would dold something like this or dohis or something like that.meth that's a whitney would do.. >> what did you learn about herh you didn't know before by takinn on this role? >> she was lot cooler than t people would think than ihan i thou
10:54 am
i night she was down to earths e and cool she was really cool.y c she was really cool.ool. just kind of like, you know, cousin or an aunt. aun she was really down to earth ana really really cool and peopleeol probably wouldn't know that.t ow >> have you done other stage s plays?s? >> not professionally new yorkle city. ty. >> wow! wow >> this is your maiden voyage. . >> did you do american idolou da season 15.seas 15. >> i did. >> okay. dish. come on tell us a little bit about it. what it was it s l >> goodness. it was very fun experience.ienc i wanted to go out with the lass season and i said okay let'ska's just do it let's go and do it and i went out for it.ort. i got my golden ticket and then, um, this came along about week e before i was supposed to fly out to hollywood, bebe actually act called my phone and told meole listen you need to come right over here. >> was that dilemma for you? fou >> were you torn. you t >> literally pulled half of myaf scalp out. i was like,p okay, what am i going because i was so set onn i'm like wait a secon
10:55 am
it took a lot of praying. i even cried a couple of days. >> you withdrew from idol to doo it. >> yeah. i turned that down and did thisi show and it's been -- bee >> it paid off.>>t pa >> the best experience ever.r >> where are you from? do you u come from musical family your y mother or father i would imagine they sing. you got to get this beaut pullap voice from >> thank you i'm from robbins, georgia.orgi >> i wept to college with a girl from warner robbins, georgia.eoa >> it is small.. >> warner robbins and my fathert was gospel singer and his mothee plays the piano and his father f was a pastor who also sang. so my daddy's side they're allhe the musical people. >> okay. i don't know what's next for you after this what's next? you'rer going to do the do you're doing the play.u' doing t what's next? >> i hope to i actually want to be an artists you know.y kno hopefully some roaring is in myn near future. >> you might be become an m american idol via a different de track other than the show, rig right? >> bebe is already calling uh-u- don't kn
10:56 am
other end of the phone. pho >> let's give a shout out to the guy on the piano g >> you're standing by soo patiently.patien did you beautiful job. >> have seat right here steven. >> born for this runs throughs h august 28th, right? arena ana stage get your tickets it's it's getting rave rave rave reviews. >> executive producer jeff saw it. one of the best plays he's everr seen. >> definitely. >> more importantly which french fries do you prefer? i knowr?ik today is national friday. >> we typically offer cold fries to all of our guests.. >> right. s >> it meet affect your voice.oce >> leave those alone. ane. >> i'll wait. wai >> we did get a few tweets. we got a lot of tweets aboutet o national friday. fda we hope at least if we, l we go. get to share few. that says fridays with salt andd pepper. pepper that's it. >> there you go.>> >> a lot of people said said chick-fil-a.chic we tried to get chick-fil-a fries they're doing promotiontin and there were about 300 peopleo dressed
10:57 am
energy walk out. we didn't forget about them. >> see you tomorrow.
10:58 am
10:59 am
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