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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  July 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.s . >> straight ahead on fox news n morning today closing arguments in the fourth freddie gray trial scheduled scl to >> man accused of an accidentccn which killed three members ofemo the same family could spendld s the next 20 years in prison. pr. >> and if you plan on being bng outside today, oh, boy. b. >> go back in.n. >> yeah. make sure you have plenty of water.te gary told us all week today isai going to feel like tripleple digits.digits >> as we kid about it, it ist heat and humidity you shouldu sl take seriously.take seriously. good morning to you on thisyou thursday. thanks for joining us.ks j i'm holly morris. mor >> i'm maureen umeh. uh. today is thursday july 14th.y 14 there's the man of the hour, hou gary mcgrady. details on was need to know. kn. of course erin standing by.
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we'll start in northwest where the community gathered for a vigil last night toil remember a man who was killedild there on sunday.unday. >> seth rich was gunned down gun just a block away from hisro h home during what appears to be a botched robbery. fox5's melanie alnwick liveiv in northwest with the latest.ats good morning, mel. morng >> reporter: hey, goodeporter: morning. and you can see here the candles still flickering inin i front of seth rich's home hereoe where so many people came out last night. the sadness and anker is what wa brought them out here not justus to grieve bottles press city leaders to for solutions to a a recent spike in armednt ske in d robberies. they came by the dozens, neighbors, friends, colleagues, standing together to honors the memory of 27-year-old seth rich a staff for the democratic national nata committee who came to d.c.whoto with a dream to make aak a difference he was shot too death a block from his house hoe early sunday morning a final f blow to a community some some s feel has been almost under u siege from violent criminalslena in the last several months. mpt crime data shows robberiesoi in bloomingdale
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from the same time last year.e the area is just north of o rhode island avenue near howard university. for seth they brought flowers and lit candles but they hadbheh criticism for city leaders.ears >> i have only seen more police presence since theince t actual sad tragic event of the e murder.murder. even that is only a policee presence in marked cruisers with their blue and red lights s on which to me is absolutely pointless. >> so, there have been a number of changes here. you can see that d.c. water has put up some additionalitna lighting he. they've taken down some of thene sound barriers.ars. these are some of the areas ares that neighbors say were we providing cover to certainly not casting blameastig here but one of the thingse thig they'd also like to see as you just heard is more foot me patrols from pole. we definitely saw police on o motorcycle patrol through this neighborhood just a couple ofroa days ago. d.c. police also still working g on leads here and looking also at some of the forensicoe fo evidence from the otherrom th ro
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in the neighborhood to try tobo see if they can make any connections to solve this case. live in northwest, i'm mselaniee alnwick, fox5 local news.ews. >> closing arguments in theentse trial of lieutenant brian rice are scheduled for today.en rice is charged withed wit manslaughter recklesss endangerment and misconduct inc the death of freddie gray. gra defense lawyers rested theirye case on tuesday.ue during their last day of testimony they argued gray wasy uncooperative and partially parl injured himself contributingseon to his own dench theen t 20-year-old driver in the river road crash that killed kie three family members andembers a severely injured another back b in february has agreed tos ed plead guilty to manslaughterslae in the he was driving 70 miles per hour over the speed limit when he struck the family.sptil they were on their way to play at walt whitman high school. sc. the driver of that car that's ta now facing charges could face up to 30 years inch prison. pn. >> in virginia early ear fundraising numbers for the t 2017 gubernatorial campaign are coming in. in ralph nort
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republican ed gillespie.lespie. both campaigns announced they had more than ans million dollars on land halfway through 2016. nort2016.2016. >> the state will begin bin testing mosquitos in targetedare areas across virginia.gini officials say knowing as soon as possible that a mosquito is infected with the virus willil help with containment.tainment as of last week the number of virginians infected with theth e virus stood at 33.3. >> how do you behave whenehave n you're behind the wheel? wheel according to a new study a lot a of people are behaving badly. >> fox5's annie yu is livesiv in springfield to break downow this study. what are people doing to makeeol them act so bad?ad >> reporter: you know, this this survey was actually done back in 2014, so two years ago,, almost two years ago. they surveyed thousands ofthousf drivers in the u.s.iv what they foerund the results r are just being
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which is also scary. they found that aggressivess driving was heavily on the on t rise two years ago. a imagine what it is today twood t years later. they found far too much us are losing our cool on the roadsoads and lashing out but not just nos lashing out in just, you know, semi dangerous behavior like l sicking someone off orking something like that bute at but extreme behavior as in getting g out of the car and confrontingoi other drivers.rivers that's very dangerous because you never know how the otherhe driver is going to react.ct aggressive driving on the risevn and according to aaa, eight aaah out of 10 drivers are -- they admit to expressing anger or or some type of road rage.d ge we'll talking about tailgatingln yelling honking or cutting c people off or as mentionedon making angry gestures and i'll l admit i've lost my cool a time or two and flailed my arms inild the air at other drivers but transportation experts say 8 million drivers take it to a whole another level
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on the or ramming another car c on purpose or getting out oftint their cars to confront another driver. that's experts say the most aggressive drivers are youngreog men between the ages of 19 to ot 39 and male drivers were threeee times more likely than females to get out of a car to car t confront another driver or ram m another vehicle on purpose. now, you don'tic need experts to tell that you extremehatou e behaviors can can lead to fatal crashes or other other dangerous situations.tuations. you never know how the otherow h driver is going to react soo always try to keep your cool y and focus on reaching ugginug destination safely especiallyecy if you have precious cargo aka your children in the that's the very latest here in springfield virginia, annie yu fox5 local news. n >> sage advice. aic >> many times i've been caught looking back at that little ltl face back there because ordinarily --ly -- >> thanks, annie. >> ♪ >> all right. we are already at 76 i don't know, it feels like 87, right, >> no, no, no, now it does not,
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don't start rumors like that. >> 85. >> 84. >> there you go. t >> no, really the heat index ind value this morning is not running much buffet above the actual temperature believe iteli or not. that is going to kick in with a vengeance through the day today. just actual air temperatures its 76 degrees here in the city. 77 for annapolis.ap. it does feel in some spotspo like it's in the upper 70's tos right around 80 degrees. out in the northwestern and and western suburbs temperaturespere are lower 70's.0' culpeper has made it down to t 69 degrees.69 deg that's because we do have generally fair skies out there e so numbers are coming downomingw just a bit but it's still realll steamy out there.. 81 degrees here as we progress through the day we're headed up into the mid 90's for highsig today but that doesn't at the ah time whole story. sry the whole story is heat indextnx values will be 100 to 105 degrees today. there's a chance for an for a isolated thunderstorm. let me show you the heat indexen values. look, this is model information. by noon it could feel as hoteelt as 96 and by
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o'clock or so, that's when we start cracking up over 100 degrees with the feels-like temperature. a little drier northli and wests will keep temperatures in thetue 90's. 90's. that's the forecast.he fort. now let's get a look atk a traffic. erin como is here with that. tha >> on-time traffic brought toroo you by toyota.u oyot visit buy a for for special offers. o >> we're going start you off sta with a look at metro.etro. all rail lines on time or close to schedule except thept t safe track surge four work fouro there has no trains running ts r between national airport andirpd pentagon keep in mind outside the shutdown area the blue line trains will run every 12 1 minutes between franconia-springfield andri national airport.rt. yellow line. le. now because shuttle servicevi does replace rail service serce we're seeing big delays.s. give yourself an extra hour if f you plan to take the shuttle service that runs beten bween braddock road and crystal city. national airport shule
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airport customers own. f. crystal city station istion i closed. any questions on your commute at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. try to carpool, take metrobus,r, take dash or arlington rapid transit. we have options for you. aside from that as we look at lk our roads we have overnightvernt road work. wor we'll check in with how that t is affecting your ride next.ex back to you holly.u hol. >> thanks erin.>> coming up on fox5 newsew morning a new study shedsdyhe light on a disturbing trending when it comes to well water in n the free state.the free s >> it was a record dave sales for amazon prime customers.tors >> as we head to break let'sak s take a live look across theos t d.c. region.d.c. reg we are at 5:09 on this t thursday morning just getting started. you can do it people we'll get you through it. fox5 news back after this. >> ♪
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> two democratic state attorneys general have beenwos subpoenaed by repub glican house chairman who says they pursuedyu a political agenda on behalf.f republican members say the say attorneys general from newer york and massachusetts tried to intimidate scientists and a others who questioned climbedio change. >> details emerging about theabe hacking of 12 computers and 10n1 servers at the fdic by china. ca congressional committee is now saying that the
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attack from investigatorsestiga including the fact that some of the incredibly sensitivesi personal computers of the agency's top officials were w impacted. fdic chairman martin groupn g berg will be summoned beforemo the committee today to explainla what >> new information says disneyte center out warnings about about alligators around the resortor before a toddler was killed byy one. resort officials warned firefighters to stop feedingrs alligators at one of its fireire station.stat one e-mail said workers were wer afraid after a gator was w spotted near a parking lot. lot >> new study on untreatedntat maryland ground water showing s it carries a very high risk of being so corrosive that it i contaminates drinking water.gat >> maryland is one of almost a dozen states where groundro water being pumped thrgh homes through wells couldls cou leach lead from pipes. almost 1 million people ine i maryland rely on wees forn es their water.thr w officials have not commentednt on the study. >> amazon prime day was recordsr
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amazon says it was its biggestgt day ever with orders up 60 percent globally from justfrm a year now sales of televisions reached 22,000 in the u.s. 11:00 a.m. eastern standardtandr time. only to grow to 90,000 by the00t end of the day. amazon prime day first debutedut last july to promote amazon's an loyalty program.loyal look at all these people that ta watch tv, right. >> exactly. >> not watching those mobileos devices they're actuallyhey' acy watching tv. >> there you go. y >> love it. coming up, the open carryry firearms is front and centeren at one of the upcomingg political conventions.vent >> indeed it is. this is the moment when you know it's gone too far. the app sensation pokemon goem is now the subjeonct of a congressional probe. >> ♪ >> hm. i don't feel good about that but i feel good about the fact it's friday eve, aka thursday. a live look's a across thes d.c. region.d. regio we are at 5:12 now,
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76 degrees. it's going to be a hot andoing a heavy one today folks.dayfol we'll talk more about it aftertt the bre fox5 news morning back rightk r after this. >> ♪
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>> as far as trump's vp pick goes, we will know for sure who that will be tomorrow.row. trump tweeted last night thathtt he will make the announcementoun in new york at 11:00 a.m.. former house speaker newtaker nw gingrich and indiana governor gr mike pence are rumored to beoe the front runners. >> ohio's open carry law willl take center stage at the gophe convention and police say open carry will be upheld during the convention. cvent legal gun owners can openly opey carry firearms in public under
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the law and the four dayay convention begins on monday.on >> keep it here on fox5 for for all things election.ction. our tom fitzgerald is actuallyul going to be in cleveland nextvex week bringing us the latesthe ls from the republican national convention. live coverage begins sunday sun morning at 8:30 on fox5 on the hill. >> ♪ >> all right. gn the meantime we're lookin outside, it does look heavy out there.out not a great day if you don't d't like the heat but for those of o us who do, rejoice, you got got plenty of it and then some. s >> i think the general consensus in the studio istudio that we kind of like the heat.ea >> we do.>> weo. >> yeah.h. >> the heat is on. bring it.g i >> wisdom is standing not farotr from me. m great comment today. you don't is to shovel thevel heat, right.heat >> that's right. >> there you are.ou are temperature out there right tret now -- it was a beautifult a b picture this morning.ure this m. you can see all the way acrossos the river, capitol wheel inl whe the distance. the air is heavy this morning m but good visibility at leastibit here in the city. 76 degrees reagan nationalatiol now, dulles 72,
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76 degrees. just to kind of show you thew ye heat index 'cause you could c see it's not really running much above the actual temperature, 76 the heat index x in washington and that is the temperature. 69 down in culpeper and thatnd is the actual temperaturepeture there. weekend forecast lookt ok it's going to cool off a little bit but it's going to be humid on saturday, okay,ka really humid again so heatea index values will be running w mid to upper 90's.s. a little bit drier less humidsum on sunday. sday. chance of a and isolatedsote thunderstorm just about each abh day this weekend but to be perfectly honest weekend is looking pretty good.etty g 96 today. we cool off a l96ittle bite b tomorrow. it won't be quite as humidumid tomorrow but it's still going to be hot and then there's thers your weekend forecast and into next week we're going to stayo a in the 90's.0' a few showers move throughgh during the evening and overnight hours but that'ss since cleared outer. high temperatures today 96 but 9 that's not the big deal. bigea most of us will have heatea index values 100 to 105. 1 heat advisories in place thiss afternoon into the eveningto t hours. and your seven-day forecast i just realized i haven't shown'tn the seven-day forecast at
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this 96 today, 95 tomorrow.omorrow. and then we cool off into the ie lower 90's.s. won't that be nice, erin? itn?i looks like more heat later lat next week. your turn. tn. you're up. >> you could be a lawyer, gary g the way you phrased that.ased t. you sold it. the 90's sound nice. nic >> i wanted to go to lawaw school.. couldn't afford it. aff i >> we'll talk about thatalk later. 5:18 crash activity princece george's county.ouy baltimore-washington parkway southbound it's between 202 and 50 caution there. you can see a long line ofsht' g red. l you may want to exit at 202 a20 and work your way around to avoid getting stuck in that in h backup.back aside from that 50 inbound i moving along fine fromom annapolis.napolis. inside the beltway you're quiet.quie overnight road work continuesons in prince george's county. cnt suitland parkway outbound atd a naylor road. right lane blocked.t lane block. caution there. for the rest of your morning commute traffic asides from the crash on 202 onn 202 o baltimore-washington parkway we're seeing a lot of green. oxon hill the inner loop quiet across the wilson bridge. tso all of our area bridges rightig now are flowing freelyar including the 14th street
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good downtown east andan westbound by the third streettr tunnel. no problems coming from glenromg echo or p i got you covered thisered this morning. let you know if anythingg changes. any questions at erin fox5ri f d.c. on twitter. twitt back to you maureen and holly. y >> time now is 5:19.:1 let's take a look at theat t stories you're engaging withgit most on social media thisedia ts thursday morning. >> and for thatur we're going to turn to wisdom martin who is i at our realtime news what do you got whiz. gothi >> good morning.>> an honor for a local university.unersi researchers from georgearchers m washington university received g a $28 million grant to had that find a cure for hiv and aids.aids. the university will collaborate with 1e 7 differente medical sites on this important next up, relics from a portuguese slave ship that sunk off the coast of southso africa over 200 years ago arrived in maryland yesterday as part of their journey torn the smithsonian's new museumeu of african-american history and culture.. the artifacts will be displayed in the new museumhe ms set to open on the mall on
5:20 am
along with hundreds of otherfth objects that tell the story of african-americans. senator al franken who ishoi chasing pokemon go as well but t not for fun.. franken has sent a letter toetto the developer of the wildlyy popular game demanding to knowdw what data it is collectingolle from users and sharing with wit third party sites. now he says that he's concerned that the developer dev may be unnecessarilyesrily collecting using and sharing ahg wide range of users' personal' n information without their consent.consent. >> you know what i just read. >> what's>> wha t >> that pokemon go is now thehe most downloaded app of all time. >> that is amazing.. >> right, of all time. te. >> before a couple days ago, i had no clue.had no clue. >> never heard of it. i >> never even knew what it was all about and i still don't know what it's a about. about. >> have you seen one personone n playing it? i haven't.. >> you haven't? >> no. >> walk outer on wisconsin. >> you saw holly.r y >> i don'tou count. count i was do it for work.or w >> other than you i ha
5:21 am
>> me either. ten >> and i dare not let it in myy house. hous >> our homes are no pokemon zone. zone. >> pokemon free. >> there you go. thanks wisdom. coming up congress sending g president obama a compromise opioid bill. bl. democrats say it's nothing more than windowhi dressing.rei. >> women's bodies and how they care for themself continues toe be an issue for lawmakers onmakn capitol hill.cato >> going to break with thiss live look across the d.c. region.gion the monument you see it there. e time right now is 5:21.:2 we are back with more fox newsew morning after the break. >> than
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now republicans say the sayhe california order upheld by thehe obama administration lastion month would discriminateimat against companies andes employees that oppose abortionbt on ethical and moral grounds.als >> a bill to curb opioid drugiou abuse is headed to president obama.ob it creates grants and othernd o program aimed at addressing adds heroin and opioid abuse.buse democrats say it doesn't doesn't include money to pay for those programs. >> people living in states with medical marijuana laws are less likely to abuseed and overdose on painkillers. now this study is showings sng evidence that more pain p patients are choosing marijuana over prescription for treatment. it also shows in medical marijuana states the average doctor is prescribing fewerng f doses of painkillers and >> ♪ >> and right about this time we like to check inht with garyy mcgrady to see what ourt weather is doing.oi. >> why not. >> why not. that's why i'm here. >> on the 5s we like to dolikeod it. >> good news, bad news, i'ms, i here either way.ay >> give it to us
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chaser. >> that's right.>> that's there's nothing wrong with ainrg chaser every now and then. t >> that's so true. t >> here is where we are ine aren terms of what we're doing later today. temperatures this morning in the 70's. a couple can of spots havees an o s actually got 1po0 down into then 60's. culpeper you're benefitingou'r from that.fromhat. manassas you're almost down alm into the upper 60's and to be b quite honest, that does surprise me because i thoughtht it was going to be a littleittl bit too humid this morning. mng. the dewpoints would be runningng a little bit too high to get bit temperatures down into the 60's but so far they're fary' proving me he wrong.rong now let's watch the trend. t it looks like it's going to be hot and humid today.t and hum this is probably going to and ta up being one of the most iff not the most most uncomfortable days we've had so far this season, all right. g certainly into the summer. 95, 96 for a high today butod b the heat index values will be be running up over a hundreddred degrees.grees. and that's why at least for leat the orange counties here all included in a heat advisory from noon until 8 o'clock, 100 to 105 will be the feels-likels temperature. rr
5:26 am
a little cooler tomorrow. tomor. here's erin como with a look all right thursday morning;, friday eve commute. >> good correction, gary. i will say that the wayd that t hot is so red on the screen scr for the forecast i don't like lk that so we'll make sure we stay hydrated today.oday crash activity prince george's s county baltimore-washington parkway you'll hit that crash between 202 and 50. you can see that redalu'be linen the map picking up.king up. exit at 202 to save yourself yrl some time this morning.ime or 95 southbound looking prettyng p good right we have some late clearing road work suitland parkwayarkw outbound at naylor road.or all lanes reopened.s r we'll keep you updated on your y metro commute as well.el so far light volume on thehe beltway.belty. holly and maureen. maure >> thanks erin.ks erin. >> coming up, a culture ofture o sexual harassment is pervasiveea within the national park service.e. that's at least according to acg the head of the interior department.deme >> and an nfl franchise dethrones real madrid as the most valuable sports franchise in the the world
5:27 am
across the d.c. a long, long time until we seeee snow again. again heat and humidity is here. 5:26 is our time. fox5 news morning back afterer this. >> ♪
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every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants. >> straight ahead on fox news morning, the the reality of being black in america.t tg k n an african-american republicanen member of the u.s. senate saysee he understands the angst t a shared by black people across the country when it cblomes tott police officers.poli a democratic
5:30 am
committee employee killed in an attempted robbery is remembered in his northwestst neighborhood. and the head of baltimore's library systemibrarm will become the first african-american and first and f woman the lead the library of congress. >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning to you. thank yooou for waking up withut us. us. i'm wisdom martin.n. >> i'm holly morris. mri today is --today is -- >> a great day. d >> an awesome day.n awese d >> an awesome day. >> awesome and hot day. day >> we often call thursday friday eve.frve >> that's right. >> exactly. july 14th is the 14th is >> erin como and garyary mcgrady have weather andweat a traffic in a moment.c in mom >> first we want to get you updated o news of a northwest d.c. communitycouniy gathered for a vigil last last night to remember a man who mano was killed there on sunday. >> now, seth rich was gunned down just a block away fromt a his home during what appears to be a botched robbery. fox5's melanie alnwick livewick in northwest with the verytheery latest in this story.
5:31 am
melanie.e >> reporter: good morning,ter: g guys. still no arrest in this caseca and very few leads. you can see the candles still flickering from that vigil that was held last night. so many neighbors here comingasc out, not just to grieve but also to press city leaders for solutions to a recent spike int armed robberies.obberi they came by the dozens, neighbors, friends and colleagues standing together ftt to honor the memory off 27-year-old seth rich, a staffta from the democratic nationalrati committee who came to d.c.. with a dream to make a difference. rich was shot to death just a s block from his house earlyly sunday morning. a final blow to a community that some say has been under und siege from violent criminalsiole in the last several months. mpd crime data shows robberiesoi in bloomingdale up 80 percent 8t from the same time last year. the area is northam of rhode island avenue near howardowar university. for seth they brought flowers and lit candles. heand c for city leaders they brought some criticism. >> i have only seen more police presence since there actual sadra
5:32 am
murder and again, even that is only a police presence innc in marked cruisers with theirru blue and red lights on whichn wh to me is absolutely pointless.oi >> seth's parents don't wantpasd to see people blame and point at fingers. what they want is justice. they what about the the it the t swiftly. sw they want the metropolitanetropn police department toce thoroughly investigate this t crime. >> reporter: d.c. police certainly are chasing down whatever leads they have. we know that they are lookiy li to see if there's any surveillance video from any of f these construction zones that are all over the neighborhood.b. we've also talked about theut construction zones here.zonese. neighbors feeling that perhaps a they could be giving cover to cv criminals and so d.c. water. wat certainly taking some visibleise changes you can see here withe the additional lighting takingan down some of the sound barriers and also d.c. police. e tell us that they are looking at some of the forensic data dat from the other recentfrom the or robberies in the neighborhood no to see if there's anything anytn that can be connecte
5:33 am
hometown of omaha, nebraskaska yesterday.yesterday. back to you guys. >> thanks melanie.>> today a u.s. senator willorw deliver another personaler speech about his experiencesxpic as a black man in america. amera >> this would be the thirdwod be address from south carolina car senator tim scott to hiso to h fellow lawmakers. lawma yesterday scott detailedy sco several times he's beene'seen unfairly targeted by police.ol the senator says he's beene'see pulled over multiple times and even forced by an officer onffin capitol hill to show his i.d. id despite wearing his senate senat pin. pi scott is one of twoot one african-american senators and he says today's speech willh help offer ideas to improvemp relationships between the police and communityti. and comy >> fresno california policern pe released body cam footage ofoote two police officers repeatedlyty shooting and killing a 19-year-old man. man dylan noble was pulled overd ove while officers wereil o investigating reports of a manin carrying a rifle around. now police thought noble had aaa gun but he was actually unarmed.unar the investigation into theon int shooting is ongoing. >> the back to back shootingstin ofw
5:34 am
placed the national spotlight on a long troubledong troubled relationship between the the african-american community andny police. >> so many parents are talkingrg about their worries andries concerns of raising black bla children and having to teach t them about interacting with police. fox a topic that fox5 isut going to tackle this morning. a special conversationonversatin happening on good day at 10:30 a.m. >> we're going to chat with chat pamela simpson life of donnyf nn simpson and march see ya' s y dyson wife of michael eric michl dyson along with fox5ox contributor paul wharton. this is a conversation we wantao you to take part in too. too we'll be live with it ont facebook at 10:30 this morning during and after thanitft that interview and we want you too send us some comments and makese your comments known.ur if you have questions for usns s as well #good day d.c. d let us know, join in then in conversation. we'll see you then.we'l >> important conversation indeed. >> yes. >> 5:24 is our time.imon the gloucester county school board looking to the supreme court for help in the fight ever its bathroomcer policy.olc the school board has asked theee court to intervene and stop a temporary injunction that
5:35 am
allows a transgender studentgend to use the boy's restroom when e school starts. >> all right, 5:34 is the timeim right now and normally if well i were outside right now holly h it would be so hot that we tt wouldn't want to move.n't nt t >> it would -- it would be sod o hot and humid that my hair my hi wouldn't look this good. good. >> yeah. >> all kind of issues going onso outside. >> it wouldn't last at a >> >> but that's okay. it's summeutrtime.umme >> it's supposed to be thisposeb way. way. >> you know the great thingw thg about this is this type ofype heat, this type of oppressionpps from the humidity will beity basically just a i think it'sca a little bitit better tomorrow. tomorrow. going to be hot tomorrow,ot tom, don't get me wrong but we'ree' talking heat index valuesndex vl today that are going 100 to 105.10 that's the reason the heatea advisory has been issued.d. not for the northwesternthwe counties. it will be just a touch drier, r not as humid is what i'mst i trying to say so up there not n as bad and heat index valuesx will probably be upper 90's or so but here in town around the metro up and down i-95 and offnd to the eastern shore we'rehoree' talking about 100
5:36 am
105 degrees will be thee t feels-like temperature.perature. listen, a couple of valuese of s could go a little bit higher hig than that before it's all saidsa and done. and temperatures later today,atur we're going to warm up intoes t the mid to upper 90's. 9 hazy, hot, humid.. again, this is not the deal. the real deal when you factorhe in the heatn index.nd by noontime 97.nte by 3 o'clock, 101 degrees andesd look at those temperatures to the up over a hundred. hdr that's your's y now let's get a look at your atu traffic. erin como is in with that. i wit hey, erin. e >> hey, gary. 5:36.5:36. breaking news for the rails and the road. n we have an earlier malfunction at suitland. because of there residual residl delays to greenbelt on the green line. no alerts for the red orangerang or silver line. lin keep in mind with safe trackfera surge four shuttle busing ing in place of rail service on bluen b and yellow out in nationalio airport and and pentagon city. a crash on bw parkway southbound.sout this ishb in prince george's county between 202 and 50.nd0. right now traffic is justs squeezing by on the right rig shoulder. we'll let you know if theyt close down all lan
5:37 am
delays back to 410. i'd say exit at 410, saveave yourself time this morning. mni this is causing residual delays on 50. back to you on the desk. more traffic in a few moments. >> coming up on fox newsox morning another firefighter makes an emotional yet ill advised post on facebook faceb butter this time he's told hiss services are no longer needed. >> carmello anthony, chris chr paul lebron james they used the espy award slow to call on athletes to do more for sociall justice. >> here's a live look outsidek e across the d.c. region, time is 5:37. more news, weather and trafficfc after this. >> ♪
5:38 am
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> 5:40 is the time right now, just the tip of the iceberg, that's how the interior secretary sal jewel described sexual harassment within the national park service.rk servi she says new attention being b paid to the issue willill probably reveal culturalra problems throughout the this was jewels first timerst t commenting on the issue since allegations of widespread harassment prompted investigations at the grand canyon and canaveral national no seashore in florida.hore i flo >> one year anniversary of sandra bland's death she diedths in a texas jail cell afterel being arrested following a tra
5:41 am
state trooper pulled her overerr for an improper lane change. three days later she was found s dead in her jail cell.l. dashcam video led to national no outrage. >> out of a job because of a o facebook post about black abo lives matter protestors. captain morris posted impliedmpi he would run over protestors ove blocking the road if they wereew still there when he got off got work. the department says hisep comments were a violation ofer a the city's code of conduct. >> a 15-year-old footballyear-oo player was posthumously awarded the arthur ashe awarde a at last night's espy awards. last december saivon dobson dob was with friends when a grouprie of men approached them and was d on them. >> the 2016 espy awards showsho takes on a serious conscious csc tone that calvin
5:42 am
on twitter after taylor swift reveals gossip about her ex.ipbt >> more taylor swift news and a calvin harris.arri we're going to break.'re here's a a live look across acr the region.n. 5:42 is the time. 76 >> carry on my wayward friend. i >> back in a moment. >> ♪
5:43 am
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>> all right. coming up on 5:45 right now.. confusion on the streets of see brussels amid reports of two ofw explosions. officials say a fire on a street in the belgian capitolanp damaged at least eight ateast vehicles, two of thosetw of vehicles eventually exploded. ee there were some initial iti concerns that it may have beeneb a terrorist attack but it is i i not clear what started thetarted fire. no one was injured. >> scientists in argentinatina discovered an unknown specie of a carnivorous dinosaur.inos they believe it lived aboutivedo 90 million years ago.ea ago the team responsible foribleor making the discovery says the dinosaur measured up tore 26 feet long with small arms arm measuring 2 feet. >> this morning we're gettingorg a peek at progress over at the e mgm casino at national yesterday crews added portions n of the sign to the side of thehe hotel. you can see the g and. m. the crews will add the final m to the building this
5:46 am
afternoon windy weather precluded themed the from doing it yesterday.esterd >> i didn't know it was windy.. >> it's steam time.s steam time. >> that was how far up in the air where the wind is just as js little bit stronger.tronge it looks great, doesn't it.t. >> it does look great.reat >> right now it's the gary mcgrady building.lding. >> i'm excited for that, too,ed i'm really excited for that. t let me show you. summer scorcher coming today tay and temperatures will be upuresl into the mid 90's and upper 90's out there. it's going to feel like it'sikt' about 100 to 105 degrees.rees. the time is 46 minutes afterfter 5 o'clock and it's already alrea 76 degrees outside. outsi don't you do it, holly. holly i know what you're doing.'roing don't you do it.t. don't do it. somebody caught me.somebo i'm probably going to get inet n trouble for this one.fohis here's what's happening outha there. a temperature of 76 degrees.6 ee 72 for dulles and 70 degreesdeee for manassas. fredericksburg is 72. are you doing this live or something on facebook at
5:47 am
point. >> it's snapchat. it will go away in 24 hours.ours don't worry. wor >> 75 for westminster.ster 71 for pittsburgh andnd 76 degrees for louisville.ll raleigh is sitting at 73 degrees.73 deg listen, today's surface looksce like this. there's a -- thank you. thank you very much. muc thetake a picture of thisfhi somebody.sobo who gave you this? this is kind of cool.nd of c >> georgetown for shopping toin keen you cool. you coo >> i may never live this town.sw something like this would be a benefit because it would keepldk the sun off your -- well, you know -- your head. 90 degrees. temperatures definitely in theie 90's. mid 90's fort us.d0's fo a couple thunderstorms late this after should i twirl it just a little bit like this? >> >> it's really nice.s ally maybe this is even better.en bet 92 on saturday.da 91 on sunday.da here, take this away. we've had our fun. f >> national gary. is that is what i really need to be more fashionable? let me show you the seven-day forecastw here. h i've lost track of what's owh going on.goin seven-day forecast shows youfors we stay in the
5:48 am
a scorcher today. it's still going to be hot tbe t tomorrow. not quite as hot tomorrow. tomor cools down a little bit for a lb the weekend.the weeke still a chance fornceor thunderstorms and next weekee we're i think basicallyasical staying in the 90' the0's. here's erin como.. >> thank you gary and i will wil say my dress is wrinkled justdus by being outside in thehe humidity.huty. not a bad idea if you're taking metro to bring a change a of clothes. drive times are slow.e mes ar area by the icc looking goodood on 95.5. 270 jammed 70 to the truck t t scales. yellow speeds dropping because of congestion.onge same story once you get to the o truck scales.uck 50 very slow 202 to 201. 2 that is a residual delay.l traffic heading 50 on the0 t eastbound headed towards 295ard5 you're backing up because of this crash activity.ivity. prince george's county.ou baltimore-washington parkway southbound between 202 and 50 big crash. b traffic is only squee zing byzing on the right shoulder.ho because of that some som
5:49 am
really big delays back to 410. from 295 exiting at 410.. just on 50 inbound watch for f those slowdowns heading towards 295. definitely much heavier than tn were we typically see. yellow across-the-board on 28, 66, 95 northbound passing 610 in stafford.taff solid packed on 95 northboundord dale city to the back to you wisdom and holly. >> thanks erin.n. we all get frustratedstra behind the wheel at times,times right, but some show their t aggression a little more thane a others. ot >> a new study takes a look at a road rage and fox5's annies anni yu breaks it down fort us. annie, what are people doinge og when they get behind the wheel e instead of yelling cussing and screaming things none of us us do. do. >> reporter: you covered it you all wisdom. calldo people are lashing out in waysuy that you just mentioned andentid putting their lives at risk,t rs putting the lives of other oth people at risk and you reallyoul have to ask yourself is itis i worth it? why are we getting gi so angry? but acc
5:50 am
transportation experts eer aggressive driving is on theon t rise and this survey looksy l more closely at how people are reacting. so, according to aaa nearlyea eight of every 10 drivers inrs i the u.s. admit expressingress anger or road rage at some at s point including behavior sumpavo as tailgating yelling honkinglii things that you mentioned tyou m wisdom, cutting people off or o cursing, making angry gesturesrs but get this. transportation experts say 8 million people engage inng more extreme behavior on theon streets and take it up a notch t so they actually bump or ram another car on purpose or get os out of their cars to confronto n another driver then say thatayha the most aggressive driversrs are young men between the ages s of 19 to 39 and that male mal drivers were three times more mr likely to have gotten out of auo car to confront another driver v or actually ram anotherth vehicle on purpose.hicl purpose so, obviously extreme behavior v can lead to extremelymely dangerous situations evens en fatal crashes but it has also a led some of you to takeak extreme measures.e me now, i asked some of you on myom social media how you react to
5:51 am
experienced road rage, and i just want to mention bothon both moses ricks and tommy peco sayey they've gone out and boughtgh their own and dashcam foram for their vehicles to tape what's wa going on because it has gotten so bad and jimmy hughes says he once hadsa a guy get out of o the car, "acting big" his words not mine and realized rli that there were children in the car sore he backed down anda the situation zimmerred.rred so, keep that in mind. min you never know who is in the t car or how the other driver is i going to react so just keept k your cool and get to your y destination safely. safely. there should be your focus.ld by that's the verouy latest here in springfield virginia annie yue fox5 local news. n let's take a look at the t stories you're engaging withagiw most on social media thisn s morning if for that we'll turn to maureen umeh. u >> good morning guys. goorning first up for the first time fir ever the library of congress cor will be overseen by a womany a m and a person of color. carla d. hayden long timeg t leader of baltimore's publicli library system was confirmed con by th
5:52 am
head of the library of congress.ress. beyoncé alicia keys and acie rihanna are among the stars s who joined together create a powerful video called 23 ways w you could be killed if you're yu black in america. the two minute video comes in the wake of two high profileh pe deaths of black men at the the hands of police and lists the simple reasons why many victims of police killings have been wrongfully slain. last night's epiawards epiar opened with a powerful messagesa from lebron james carmello anthony dwyane wade and chrise paul who addressed police pic shootings of black men in a joint speech. it touched on what 33 called a3a broken system and sloot toot t kill mentality. later instead of can curry introduced november via dobson the mother of xavier dobson who accepted the arthur ashe ash courage award on his behalfehal saying she was there to fight back on the tightening of gunghe laws. on the field the dallasld dl cowboys are now the most valuable sports team in theeam entire world. the team usurped spanish soccer giant real madrid whoadd
5:53 am
past three years. yea cowboys also often referred to f as america's team is now worth $4 billion.on the next closest football teamat is the new england patriots who rankd number sixth on the ot list and there you have the headlines.he >> thanks mel. >> uh-huh. >> here's more headlines.eadles new bad blood for taylor swift and former boyfriend calvin harris.ha yesterday one of swift's reps confirmed that she co-wrote co-r calvin harris' latest hit song under an alias.r an she used the name neals joberg b this is what you came for. harris accused swift of tryingry to make him look bad and and asking her if she moved on, why is she bothering him. harris and swift broke up last month. i think calvin is telling her h to shake it off.t >> do you think that's what's going on here.thgoing on >> we need to shake it off.tff >> we do. we need to move on and let him
5:54 am
we're excited because we'rese w' geared up for this week's zipfos trip and we would love for youey to come see us. >> tomorrow join tucker barnesjb holly morris and wisdom martin live in cliff ton virginia whogw is wisdom and holly. >> you don't know who wisdomis and holly >> i find it funny when you refer to yourself in the thirdrn person. >> look, here's the deal.k, her we're going to bee'we g broadcasting, wisdom, holly,oll, tucker, we're going to be gng te broadcasting from the corner of main street and clap pelleeta road in clifton. that's right beside thee bellagio restaurant.estaur we have a lot of fun planned f and with hope you can come outyo and say hi. zip trip tomorrow 6:00 to 11:00 live clifton virginia,irg, tucker holly and wisdom liveiv in clifton. clift >> clifton is very charming.mi >> okay. >> you'll like it. >> okay, cool.y, coo awesome. >> let's say good morning to our facebook fans of the day.ay this one is really special. spei the three people you see on your screen all share today ass their birthday. >> wow. >> amazing. this was sent to us by tinato ua jones who says her mom sisterise and daughter all
5:55 am
day july 14th can which i believe, s-july 14th bastilleasl day? yes, bastille day. d >> that is all three born on the same day. so basically 10 months -- well, never mind.ind. >> don't to the math. m it will hurt your brain.hurtour >> okay. >> happy birthday. we hope you live large on yourgu special day. if you want to be our facebook o fan of the day post a commentome below that lovely picturey pictr there. >> that is so cool. c let's get to gary mcgrady and talk about hot >> thanks. did anybody win the lotteryhe le last night? is the lotteryot still getting bigger.igge >> i don't know. >> here's the weekend>> forecast. >> somebody won.on >> okay.>>y. hopefully it will get back over 500 million.00 mli that's when i get> interested. saturday is 92, sunday is 91. listen, saturday looks pretty pt humid. sunday looks a little lesses humid. humid. today obviously looks superks sp humid out there. here's the forecast. humid this morning. we're up to 81 by 8:00hu a.m.8:0 it will feel warmer than that. lunchtime 89. it w
5:56 am
94 to 95. by 4, 5 o'clock, that 95 we're9e will feel like about one lunnbot to one lunn five. heat advisory is in effect.nffe. starts at noon today and runsnor through 8 o'clock. o'clo seven-day forecast looks likeorl today is more humid thanid t tomorrow even though tomorrowhoh is still going to be super hotot then saturday humidity comesom back, sunday not quite aste as humid. next week we're staying in theni 90's. lots of thunderstorms possibleos each afternoon.ernoon. here's erin.ri >> at least the thunderstormsndr cool things down a bit. >> they're isolateed. isolaed. >> isolated. grab the umbrella just in umbreu 5:56. as you head out in virginia 66 on the eastbound side crash blocking that left shoulder.ulde traffic very heavy. this is as you pass 50 heading inbound.inboun traffic is definitely jamming ji up past that scene. sce let's switch it over for a look at our maps.aps. that's not the only problemrobl we're dealing with this morning. crash on baltimore-washington parkway southbound between 202 and 50. ngaffic is only squeezing02 byni on the right shoulder. because of that, delays back to four tent i'd exit there to'd avoid that area.hat aa.
5:57 am
of that jamming up from 202 on2 in. in. we have you covered.ed we'll take a look at metro m safe track surge four as weurge keep it to fox5 news morning.nig back with the six can clock s hour in just a few. >> ♪
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5:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.nig >> straight ahead at 6:00 as a martered democratic nationalatio committee employee ismittmplo remembered, police continue toti
6:00 am
canvas his northwest d.c. neighborhood for clues. clu >> also a question as you getuey ready to hit the door thisthis morning, head out.d out when you're behind the wheel are you a calm driver or arer ae you an angry driver? newew study finds road rage is onragei the rise.the we'll break it down in a live report. >> calm until someone --- weather and traffic on the 5'sr at 6:05. 6 good morning to you, i'm i'm allison seymour. seyur. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning.nig right off the top at 6:00 and developing overnight prince george's county police looking for a killer.le police say they found a man a m with gun shot wounds in the 4400 block of blue herron wayrrn in bladensburg.nsrg. officers were performing cpr pen on the victim while waitingaiti for first responders but heut he died at the scene and policeolic are tying to figure out a motive. >> ♪ >> happening today closinglo arguments in the trial of lieutenant brian rice. b


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