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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  July 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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canvas his northwest d.c. neighborhood for clues. clu >> also a question as you getuey ready to hit the door thisthis morning, head out.d out when you're behind the wheel are you a calm driver or arer ae you an angry driver? newew study finds road rage is onragei the rise.the we'll break it down in a live report. >> calm until someone --- weather and traffic on the 5'sr at 6:05. 6 good morning to you, i'm i'm allison seymour. seyur. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning.nig right off the top at 6:00 and developing overnight prince george's county police looking for a killer.le police say they found a man a m with gun shot wounds in the 4400 block of blue herron wayrrn in bladensburg.nsrg. officers were performing cpr pen on the victim while waitingaiti for first responders but heut he died at the scene and policeolic are tying to figure out a motive. >> ♪ >> happening today closinglo arguments in the trial of lieutenant brian rice. b
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eats charged with misconduct in the death of freddie gray in baltimore. during the trial defense def lawyers said gray was uncooperative ander partially pl hurt himself contributing toibun his death. and hal happening today inhp minnesota family and friendsries will say a final goodbye to philando castile who was shotass and killed last week by a police officer during a dur traffic stop. his girlfriend live streamed the aftermath on facebook. his funeral is opened to the opo public set to begin at 9:00 a.m. >> today a u.s. senator will take to the floor of the u linate to deliver another personal speech about his experience as a black plan inonk america. it will be the third address add to his fellow lawmakers from south carolina.arina. senator tim scott.totim scott detailed several timesti he's been unfairly targeted byad police. take a listen. >> i've been stopped seven times by law enforcement officers.ce. not four, not five, not six but seven times in one year ass an elected official. offic
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african-american senators sayssy today's speech will offer somefs ideas to improve relationselatio between police and the community. mmunit sports world also sending sn a powerful message about racebor in the recent shooting. at the beginning of last night's espy awards theythey touched on what 33 calle what ta broken system. kevin will have more on theirn message in our fox beat. aclu suing baton rouge police over the treatment ofr t people protesting the shooting death of alton story. lawsuit alleges police used excessive force physical and verbal abuse. officers arrested nearly 20020 people during demonstrations over the weekend includingnd ilu black lives matter activist mckesson.mckeon. the aclu is asking for aor a temporary restraining order to prevent baton rouge police from interfering with futureerfe protests. protests. >> tomorrow and on saturdayn sua two of the five dallas policelai officers killed last weekrsillea after a shooting rampage willl be laid to yesterday thousandof
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said their final goodbyes tos t three of the officers.ers. funeral services were held for sergeant michael smith, senior corporal lorne ahrens andne ahrn brent thompson.hoso altogether the three officers or leave behind 10 children. >> northwest communitymuty gathered for a vigil toil t remember a man killed sunday. sn >> the man was seth rich who was gunned down during what appears to be a botcheded robbery. fox5's melanie alnwick liveie a in northwest with the latest. mel, good morning.mel, good m >> reporter: good morning. morni seth rich's funeral was at his home in omaha, nebraskask yesterday but here in front oftf his home in d.c., you can see that neighbors came out for a fr vigil last night, stillht, still flowers and candles flickering here at this hour.s it was sadness and anger thatnga brought the neighbors out lastbs night, not just to grieve but also to press city leaders for solutions to this recent spikeee in armed robberies.ed r now, they came b
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neighbors, friends,ors, f colleagues, all standing all together to honor the memory of 27-year-old seth rich, a staff for the democratic eetional committee who came toft d.c. with a dream to make a difference.en he was shot to death as youho said just a block from his his house as he was walking home early sunday morning. a final blow to a communityto a that some feel has been under ud siege from violent criminalsnt a in the last several months. mpd crime data shows robberiesri are up 80 percent in bloomingdale from the same time last year, the area isda just north of rhode island isl avenue near howard university.ns for seth they brought flowers fs and lit candles but they t brought some criticism for city leaders. leaders. >> i have only seen more m police presence since the since actual sad tragic event of the f murder and again, even that is only a police presence innc marked cruisers with theiristh r blue and red lights on whichn w to me is absolutely pointless. s >> seth's parents don't want's n
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fingers. what they want is justice. j they want it swiftly.ft they want the metropolitanetropn police department toli thoroughly investigate this thi crime. >> reporter: now, policeole chief cathy lanier did say that this neighborhood was on the radar because of thatfha change in the crime patterns pae that the robbery task forceask r was aware and was keeping anpina eye on this neighborhood.eioo we saw the marked cruisers assea well. we we also saw motorcycleorcycl officers through the area and ta this morning as well.el we've seen security guards here in the neighborhoods, too, connected with the d.c. d.c water construction sites.ructio homicide tells us that theythey are looking to see if there's te any surveillance video, also checking the forensic evidenceon from some of those otherhother robberies to see if they can establish some kind of kindf pattern. steve and allison. >> extra officers are onre patrol at the university ofy o maryland after a string of of of robberies linked to the popular pokemon go game. a man with a
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four people.four ppl police sent out an alert to students and searched thehed e campus and they believe oneelvee person committed all fourour robberies. three of the victims wereer playing pokemon go at the >> be care f be aware of your surroundings.surr today your surroundings will likely include a lot of loo heat and humidity.y. hi, >> yeah, i guess if you're out and about doing the pokemon pok thing you're going need a lotee of water.of water. >> i believe they call it pokemon.pokemo i saying correctly. >> no, uncle tucker it is anyity other pokey the man. >> pokey the man. the man >> i understand.> look totally out of my did he m mean employee. i get it. it. >> 75 in washington.hito a lot of directions i could he h go with that one. t i'm just not going to.ju 70 in manassas, 72 dulles. it is warm, it is sticky.cky. it is very, very humid humid overnight and it's going to be b an extremely hot and humid at a. a. heat advisory for d.c., area up towards baltimore for the afternoonly i'll show this o map in a few minutes. mutes waking up with just a fewew
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heat, again the actual airir temperature mid 90's. the heat index 100 to 105 this afternoon, so plan accordingly i and again, if you're workingor outdoors, lots of breaks.ak make sure outring lots of water. wa easy to get dehydrated pretty quickly in this environment. quick reminder we need to takeeo care of our pets.ets. they, too, get overheatedveeated pretty i'll have the seven day in day just a bit. b >> let's say good morning to erin get a look at what's happening out on the roads.etoue hello. >> good morning. 6:07. 6: backed up traffic on 50 -- 50 excuse me 66 out by 50 because50 of a crash blocking the left shoulder.should. 66 eastbound traffic backed up from the fairfax county parkway past this location.ocato once you get inside theide t beltway seeing a little bit of t heavy traffic as well throughelh falls church. churc let's switch it over from this nasty view coming inbound from virginia and show you a look ank at our maps. m we have other delays and other crashes you need to be aware awe of. baltimore-washington parkway southbound between 202 and 50 that crash just cleared but bsht look at c all these residua
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traffic had previously beensly b getting by just on the right jtn shoulder even though all lanes l are opened are you backed upack solid from 410.10. hoping this will ease s 50 inside the beltway jammeday as w keep it to your secondaries or o pick an alternate. we'll take a look at metro and o surge four next.sue four back to you allison and >> metro speaking of investigating another possiblens red signal violation yesterday d morning at the reagan nationaleo airport metro said the yellow linein train stopped just beyond a signal at the of the platform.m. the train operator has beenraton removed from service much this comes a week after a trainfter a operator ignored a red signal and almost caused a collision.oi the anticipation is building. donald trump hours away fromym announcing his running mate. should be within 24 hours.ours hillary clinton could be topping a few hints for her for pick today. the latest from the campaign caa trails next. >> changes could be on the way way. stay with us. we're back in 30 seconds. ♪
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le down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> new this morning, isis has announced that seniorhi leader e abu omar al show shani killediil in syria. he was a close military leaderer to al-baghdadi.da the pentagon has not confirmedom his death. >> 6:09. happening today in northern virginia, a sign of a possiblebl democratic ticket. hillary clinton will campaign with senator tim kaine who is wo rumored to be a f
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for can clinton's vicenton's vic presidential pick.ti they will hold a rally atal at northern virginia communityginim college in annandale thisen annt afternoon. a fox news poll shows clintonon leading republican donald rublio trump in virginia by seven by sn points and speaking of trump tru we're told just a little moree e than 24 hours away now from picking his new or his vice presidential pick.alic trump tweeted he's going to make that announcement in newn e york at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. former house speaker newtpeakerw gingrich and indiana governor gr mike pence are rumored to beo the frontrunner.nn trump is suing a former for campaign aid for $10 million. ml this lawsuit accuses sam nunn berg of violating a confidentiality agreement andtil talking about the gop frontrunner to the media. 91 berg was fired almost ag fi year ago for writing racially charged facebook posts.ook po while trump will take will t center stage at the gopnttage convention in ohio, so willil the state's open carry law. police say open carry will be upheld during the convention.ont legal gun owners can openlyanpey carry firearms in
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the law.e l the four day convention begins n on monday.on it's expected to attract large r groups of protestors.rotestor keep it right here for fiveive for all things related to the election.el tom fitzgerald will be live from the republican nationalepun convention in cleveland.n clevea you can catch his reports his rs beginning sunday morning ong ng fox5 on the hill and startingrtg on monday you're going to wanto to catch our new show at 6:30 63 for the latest from thet from campaign trail. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. >> south carolina judge delayed the start of the state t trial for the man accused ofhe n can killing nine people at a charleston dylann roof is charged with w nine counts of murder in then te shooting in the black churchhu last year. jury selection will be pushed back tono january and he's if anything a federal trial in the case. the delay in the state trial f t allows for more time between bet the two.e t new information showsormaons disney did send out warnings about alligators around thega resort at least two monthswo before a toddler was killed bydy one.e. e-mails obtained by the t orlando sentinel show resort officials warned firefighters to stop feeding alligators a
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one of the firell stations.tati one e-mail said workers werers w afraid after a gator wasatoras spotted near a parking lot. >> pokemon go craze continues to take the nation by but now you can get in on then fun and learn a few things about all right nation's l righi capitol. the respectful way. we'rthe going to explain.explai >> and in a safe way. a live loondk outside right nowt there's the beltway looking pretty good right now. it's 6:12. 6: we'll check in with erin geti g the details on your commuter c and tucker has a steamy forecast coming up next.ex it's 76 degrees right now. 
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>> ♪ >> before we get to tucker let's check in on breaking news we're following from northwest terrible accident. police and fire officials tellil us a person was killed this morning after a carjack failed. failed the vehicle ended up crushingrun them. happened in the 4400 block ofcko kansas of a just a short time ago. ag bob barnard is working to get tg more information for us and fors we'll get an update from him h later on.later on. there's a look outside now, wisconsin avenue, see some see sunshine early this morninghis r
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already up there, tuck.retuck >> yeah, and maybe a little litl too much sun today, steve as as we're going to heat things uphi into the mid to upper 90's. 9 that heat index will be 100 oreo greater and i think this mayd be our first heat advisory ofof the summer.mer. summer scorch across thee region. region let's get right to it with. that heat advisory in thaty in t effect from noon until 8 o'clock tonight. weatherip service issued this a the heat index -- the heat and a the humidity combine expected ec to be 100 to 105 this afternoon. therefore, the heat advisory. th so, obviously want to take the e heat very seriously rightig along that 95 corridor inr i effect until 8 o'clock tonightog and the heat will be just kindej of unrelenting later today.od this evening not much of a muchf break and then we'll do it thewl again tomorrow.n tom maybe a little better this weekend. weekend. 75 very warm, very humidid degrees out there inhe i washington.shin 77 in annapolis. annapis 72 in leonardtown.wn. frederick 72.erk 7 74 up in hagerstown.agerstown. 73 in winchester.chesr. so, already off to a steamyam and rather wet start with all wh that humidity
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again with the actual daytime highs in the mid 90's it'ss i going to feel very very hoty h around here a little later today. satellite and radar, quiet.anda we don't have any weather features of note locally. we have a cold front out toronto the one of the but it's not going to get in here until bnere this weekend and when it does,o, it's going to be kind of a sad s cold front kind of fall apart across the area serve as a focal point for somet for some thunderstorm activity but that is about otherwise big h, big sprawling i high pressure.ghur southwest wind humid hot conditions expected thisns afternoon. might kick up a thunderstorm.str best chance is going to be in io the mountains we call them t train driven thunderstorms, t after we get some daytime heating we get a little lifte lf along the mountains we may get a spotty storm late today.od all right, there's your sevenn day. today, tonight, tomorrow theomwt worst of it and then it willit w get a little better with that wt frontal system this weekend weee but you can see no realoea improvement any time soon asoo a every day we'll be 90 or90 better so again, pace yourself. lots of water.lots of wat make sure that you get those tho
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all right.all rig that is a weather upday. 96 scorching degrees. degre >> do you know what today is is tucker?ck >> thursday. >> it's national hot dog day. d so f-you're going to be outside grilling, shouldn't we tell folks to stay hydrateed.ydd >> absolutely. >> extra hot with the weathere r and the grills. >> love hot dogs. dog safe track surge four no trains between national airport and pentagon city.nsanda outside that shutdown area trains will run every 12 every minutes on the blue and yellow line betweenline between franconia-springfield nationaleo airport national airport andnd largo town center and national t airport and greenbelt. shuttle service is availablesva for pentagon city crystal city c and national airport.irport. flooding closure in annen anne arrundel on our roads. 450 both directions at saint stevens church road. roa you'le0l need to dough tour t around that.o as we look at your morning commute we have that inboundni volume in prince george's county.. four westwood yard to dowerd house roadya tap of the brakestk there. five northbound 301 to1o surratts road you jam and then t 210 north swan creek road tooa t livingston road dealing with a slow down leading toward t
6:18 am
bottom of the beltway.the beltw. inner loop through oxon hillill still quiet across the wilsonlsn bridge. all area inbound bridgesouridges looking pretty good.okg pretty . even though this earlier crash cleared bw parkway southbound between 202 and 50 delays are as easing but they're still heavy from 410 down. dn. again all lanes opened but i'dut exit at 410 work your way intoin the district there way.stricthee 50 inside the beltway from 202 to 295 jammed solid because of that as well.d s w also 66 inbound dealing with ada crash out by 50 blocking the the shoulder. 95 dale city to 123 as you cross the occoquan you're y dealing with an 11 minute slow down with volumeut.ume. allison and steve.te >> i love this next story.t sry you can't beat them join them. t happening tonight a chance to ce prowl around washington, d.c. and snag some pokemon at the same time. the national park service isvi hosting a catch the mall pokemon hunt beginning at 7:00 b p.m. i mean, are these words that.dst i saying making sense to anyone? an >> yeah. >> okay. beginning at 7:00 p.m. this is when it happens. hap players can join up with park rangers to explore highlights of the national mall and natnal
6:19 am
pokemon and doing it, you know, in a respectful way. the quest begins at the plaza pa on the north side of the thomas jefferson memorial. mor >> you know park rangers are are going to be let me tell you you about washington's oldest treete and they're going to be step bep out of the way -- way - >> eighty nine you're joking but it feels like a very oldery institution -- >> i love that they're doinge it. >> joining with what'ng w happening now so two thumbsthums up. >> there you go. >> i love that. >> straight ahead another possible makeover for one of america's favorite dolls.vorite details coming up in today'sodas business beat.busine bea >> later we are all guilty off it. getting a little frustrated behind the wheel giving somebody the high-five or high one. turns out it's a problem thatema is getting worse. wor annie yu will explain it next.
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you brush your teeth diligently...two times a day, right? but 80% of your mouth's bacteria arentt even on teeth. eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different. it fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. protecting 100% of your mouth's surfaces. colgate total for whole mouth health. >> today business beat
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first a check of the markets. ms joining us from the foxining fo business network studio adam shapiro. we have enjoyed you so much muc this week. w good morning. >> reporter: good one tote you. thank you very much. lauren is going to be back goino next week but it's nice too fill in for her. h >> it's especially nice if youea give us good business news on ns wall >> reporter: i'll give youorr: i some good news for your 401k.01. this is getting redundant run another record high for theigfo dow, another record high forord the s & p. the s & p was up a quarter qua point yesterday it waspoint ster essentially flat but stillially that quarter point is anothers h record. futures though, this is was need to know.sne k right now futures look really ra strong as we get ready to headdo into the trading session. ssion and much stronger than theyhan e did yesterday. so, the rally could continuellyn today and this would be goodbe g for your 401k and mine so i'mini not mad at t >> want to move on to other to o stories. adam is this going against what people thought with thewitt big brexit, you know, uproarnowa that we saw. >> reporter: well, it isell, i going against what we saw in s the first couple of days, thele, big
6:23 am
we were down 2 percent nowce we've recovered that and thenhen some. what you're seeing is stability because now theresay o may is going to be the primewtoe minister in the uk and she's going to negotiate -- bottomiatm line is people know what'sop going to happen over the next te several months and that makes investors a little bit happier.ppier. >> a little calmer. let's move on tot' mov volkswagen. we're talking about some --o not recalls but fixes but thiset is in california and so theo question here on the eastast coast is is this eventually eve going to be a nationwide call.i. >> reporter: well, yeah,r: wele, because remember they lied ty ld about the emissions on their t 3-liter diesel cars andr diesel they're going to payan billionsn of dollars in fines as well asss spend close to 15 billion15 bli fixing this problem whether it's through lawsuits andsuits a revamp of the cars but inf thar california the airy source airsr board has rejectedejectd volkswagen's plan to recall to c the cars because they haven't essentially identified howif they're going to make the carss meet the emissions standards str that california sets and thiss d is somet
6:24 am
agree so, these negotiationson continue.cont. what volkswagen said was that "a procedural step" they called eight procedural step under california state law so lo more to be revealed as we go forward. if you have one of these cars you're not going to get the recall notice just yet becauseib it really is going to takegoine california and the epa to say s okay go forward.or >> and then we might be t we affected after that point. >> reporter: right.>> reporte >> let's talk about barbie.k abr she's been through a whole lot l but i guess she's not as cools as she used to be, is that tha fair? >> reporter: well, salesell, sas have been down for barbie since so she got anc makeover just inn january of this year. year. >> right. >> reporter: new skin tones, ton new body styles, new hair new hr styles but the folks at mattelka are thinking that barbie is aba little bit out of out t there you see somethinget they're considering is president and vice president boor bee. they did focus groups and studies and realize peopleid who buy barbie for their kidsirid think barbie is a little toooo
6:25 am
she's got the dream louse inouse bethesda, she's got the corvette, the pink convertiblere she's got the imelda marcosa rc closet full of shoes soho they're coming up with an admint campaign, a marketing campaign n in which they're going tooi stress the creative aspects of playing with barbie. barbie. so that's the latest fromro mattel and barbie. barbie. >> i wish them luck because iece have started to collect some of them. like there's a news anchor newsr barbie and they've really doneen a lot to show that everybodyt ed can be involved in any i just don't know if their t whole relevance of the doll, you know what i mean, the dollnd has gone down. gone >> reporter: yeah, but kids butd love to play with dolls rightllh and here's the deal. barbie, the study group foundupu that people thought barbie wasbe more real housewives than realet world. if they really want real worldod barbie they should do saturdayst morning barbie which yells ath the kids to shut up it's onlyt'y 9:00 a.m. and i need the sleep but i don't think mattel ist th going to do that. t >> nor should they. adam thank you. have a wonderful day.rful day. see you tomorrow.
6:26 am
>> move on from barbie androm be just have allison. allison. >> i really -- i'm serious, sio they're done everything. e i just don't know what morehat they can do. >> you think it's -- things are special when there's onlywho a few of them and now there'she everything.ever >> everything. >> now it's like whether on the 5's barbie and ken. k >> maybe they should make dolls for adults.du >> they do. the >> do they? >> yes. >> okay. >> i'll explain it to you later. >> you ever know how tucker creates his awkwardr moments and then sits in them. >> wants us to co-sign. co-sign >> your relative humidity --um >> i'll show you pictures inicrn the break of some of those o tho dolls. >> winds out of the wds o south-southwest at just just 3 miles per hour.mile hot, humid day. look at the steam behind the the numbers there. the already off to a very sweaty start and dangerous heat later a today. we have a heat advisory inisy in effect ooh. quiet right now. quick look at your seven day. d another couple days of e
6:27 am
heat through friday.heat a little better this week. might be a stray storm laterto today. all right. that's a look at weather. wth >> thank you, tucker.uc >> check in with erin say good morning to her.ingo h hi. >> hi. good morning. right now at 6:27 we have a vehicle fire under control u moved over to the shoulder. sul 95 south at centreport parkwayaw not causing any majorng ututhbound delays but northbound side is slow once you pass that location headingng towards 610. and we also have delays 95 day north dale city to 123 as you y cross the occoquan. ooq we're down,, it's about an 1111 minute delay so wall street journal on the for that one.n tt things slow towards newington as well. more traffic in a few. a f allison and steve. steve >> erin thanks.nk 6:27. still to come this morning at 6:30.30. >> the latest and breaking tragic scene out of northwest ne d.c. a person killed after their car jack failed them crushing them beneath their vehicle. ben >> are you a happy driver oreadr an angry driver? turns outur o most of us can't keep our cool c behind the wheel.nd thehe more and more happening allappei the time. we'll get the details next in a live report. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> look at the sunshine already this morning, al. >> pretty. >> yeah, pretty now 'cause it's only 75 degrees. wait until it goesooy uitp anoo 20 degrees before we getee ge through it today.t today we'll check in with tucker getkt the details at 6:35.:3 want to get to breaking bin news out of the district rightoe now. northwest d.c. a bizarre and tragic accident killed aidenkill person. this happened just about an hourne ago.our a >> could have happened toou h anybody really. >> really. >> our bob barnard is live on kansas avenue northwest withvenw more. we've all been out therehere
6:31 am
>> reporter: the jackr: collapsed on top of him killing him. tseki this is the alley where illt whi happened. you see the police cruiserolic here and the tape. tap we are told that the car is inin the drive way behind the row the house here. this is the 4400 block of kansas avenue you see this car here, it's i sort of like this, a car in a drive way just around thed corner down the alley way. we understand it is a it happened this morning. frankly there are a lot ofe a lf family and friends around thed e front along the front there on kansas avenue. ae. they're wailing, some of them oh getting sick hugging crying. i frankly didn't want too approach them this soon to to find out more about who it is. i police are telling us it is auss plan and there are some som grieving family members here finding out those arrivingouos mostly in front of the house,onu some going inside, a very
6:32 am
and in the back here policeic trying to figure out if there's anything more to thise t than just a jack collapsing on a man who bright and earlyar this morning was workingas wor underneath his car and killedndd here in northwest washington,ng, guys. >> tragic no doubt about it abot thanks. another top stories this morning. prince george's county police investigating a homicide irgn their county. police say they found plan tunda with a gunshot wound at a playground this is the hamlet he wood condo in officers were performing cprrmig on the victim while waitingng for first responders but henderh died at the scene. a police trying to figure out a ft motive.motive. >> happening today inappeni tod baltimore crossing arguments in thecr trial of lieutenant lin brian rice is set for today.ce s rice is charged with with manslaughter recklesss endangerment and misconduct innd the death of baltimore manaltirm freddie gray.eddieray. during the trial defense defense lawyers said that gray was thatw uncooperative and partially injured himself contributing to his death.ea. well, the back to backk shootings of twof two african-american men last week w has placed a national spotlight on the long troubled u relationship between the
6:33 am
african-american community andiu police.lice >> so, many parents arere talking about their worriesheir and concerns of raising blacksib children and having to teach t them about interacting withbo police. fox5 will tackle coming up this morning at good d day this morning. mor >> we'll chat with pamela witel simpson wife of done flee simpson marsha dyson wife ofn fo georgetown professor michael eric dyson along with fox5ox contributor paul wharton. whart. this is a conversation we want you to take part in, too. t i do you have a open mind andavp listen as well.sten we will be live with it on i facebook at 10:30 this mornings during and after thatng and interview we really want tot t include your comments and your questions. >> in the meantime extra officers on patrol at thers on t university of maryland after t r string of robberies there tre linked to the popular pokemon pm go game.go gam a plan armed with a weaponeapo robbed four people near tidings and quee queen annes has they believe it was one person r who committed all the robberies. three
6:34 am
pokemon go at the time. tim >> we've all done it at some time. ti >> a new study shows us hows many people admit to behavingoav padly behind the wheel. annie will never do that but she'll tell us about it.usbout she joins us live fromom springfield. hi, annie.nnie i would fall under the happy driver, the worst i do is i just flare my arms up in thereye air because personally i justnaj don't think it's worth it and ad you never know what the other driver is thinking about or going to do, right, but according to the survey a lotheo of people are engaging in i aggressive driving and what wha this survey found is that toohao many of us are losing our cool c lashing out in very dangerousges ways. so according to aaa,aa 80 percent of drivers in the ofs u.s. admit i to road rage ore expressing an are on thesing an roadways including tailgating,an yelling, honking, cuttingti others off, making angry a gestures and also you have have drivers admitting to engagingng in more extreme behaviors and so they're taking it to a a whole any
6:35 am
purposely bumping or ramming their car into another oninto a purpose or getting out of theiror cars to confront another driver. that is very dangerous.s experts say the mostve the mos aggressive drivers are youngrsrg men between the ages of 19 ando9 39. get this. hi male drivers are apparentlyppary three times more like to get lik out of a car to confronto confro another driver or ram another ah vehicle on purpose. and so common sense is thatmon extreme behavior can obviouslybs lead to extremely dangerous situations, even fatal fatal crashesly we don't needheslye d research to tell us that. t i did ask some of you on my on m social media page if you've you ever experienced road rage andra i just want to quickly mention, moses rick he rick he actually went out and bought ao dashcam for his car to record rc what's going on. o tommy peco did as well but al leash shall tells me she once had a woman follow her to the point where she felt dangerange and she had to pull into a nearby police station and thatet forced the driver to leave.eave she feels some people don't feel the danger in i
6:36 am
you never know how a person knon will react. react that is obviously t it's not worth it guys and she e did the right thing by pulling into a nearby police stationti for safety. so the question is allison andon a steve are you guys happy orpy angry back to you in there studio. th. >> i certainly get frustrated.r. nothing more frustrated thand t getting stuck in traffic or o dealing with somebody that is i not obeying the rules of thethus road. unfortunately in this business we report on way too many bad incidents that come out ofs at c this so i don't engage at all. l i don't want the risk -- to riso risk the retaliation. >> annie, you know me, annie. ae you know, sometimes i have the anger thing. thi i don't like to bee to disrespected out there but you're right, the bigger picture prevails, steve, and ita won't take it so far but i do get real -- you know, it's something about being behindehin the wheel and somebody cuts soms you off or they do somethinget rude that just seems to get you rightt there. i think we'r' all just stressed out and maybe that's what it ist but bt that's where it ends for me. >> reporter: yeah, no doubt.. and --an >> go ahead. >>
6:37 am
>> i was going say this is whyng i prefer to ride with annieit a and not allison. >> annie is a bad driver.ver. we'll see you later.'ll see >> reporter: you know me.orte i got my country music blaringig and i'm just all happy.ap i'm just going to -- i was to -i just going to quickly say especially if you have precious cargo like the little ones in there car aci you're noo setting a good example and ble d you're putting their lives in in danger. it's not worth it. i know your emotions go zerozero to 60 in the moment but kind buk of step back and say let's get to our destination safely folks. >> agreed. >> see you later. >> she didn't hear>> when i sain she's a bad driver. drive >> she didn't. >> annie is not a good driver.oe can we go on the record with wh that. that >> i've never had a problemnevea with that. >> annie i'm going to tweet goit you and you know it.w i it's funny we last about it. >> today you need to make sureke your air conditioning works inin your car. your >> in your car, at your hou csee the heat is going to beo be dangerous later today. the heat advisory 100 to 105. 1 we have a heat advisory.dvis >> i like a good old fashionedon fan sometimes when it's thisesh hot. >> do you. >> i just need to breathe. breae
6:38 am
vernon and see george washington's old fashioned fan where he sits in the chair and a make the pedal go. go. >> had to work it out back b again. >> better than no fan. >> 75 in washington this morning. 77 in annapolis.apolis 72 in leonardtown.nardto i'm taking three minutes. minut all right. current dewpoints 70 75 in annapolis.apolis notice all the numbers once oe again above the 70-degreede mark. so, it is very sticky across a the hot and sticky day.. dangerous heat.ers heat. please, please take itleaseake t seriously. if you got to work outdoors outr take frequent water breaks.en wt 96 your daytime hig heat index will be 100 to 105. 1 height advisory goes into int effect at noon. i'll haveef the seven day whichh basically shows the same thingae over and over again in just a minute.te >> good beach weather if you can get out or the pool. too >> absolutely. >> humidity makes it good. >> find some way to cool down. d >> i'm trying. t >> there was a silver lininginig allison.alli i like that. right now we have breakingha news. the inner loop by loop chain bridge road crash blocking one lane in tysons.anen take a closer look at that
6:39 am
next. outer loop right now in right nw montgomery county 95 tont95 georgia you're looking at ant 11 minute delay.mi minor slow down from the icc i to the inner loop 95 southbound.southbound. baltimore-washington parkway north and southbound outside the beltway slow. 95 northbound no crashes to cshs report here in dale city butity from dale city to 123 as you cross the occoquan you aren dealing with about a nine a n minute delay because of veryay heavy volume.heavy vol make sure you plan accordingly for that. 395 north also slows edsall tose king street. stree 4 miles going to take you 13akey minutes. another big delay of over 10fve minutes there. you also slow across the 14th th street bridge.street coming in from rosslyn too georgetown backed up a bittownd over the key bridge and gw parkway southbound by 123 sloww traffic. emergency road work two righttwt lanes blocked 50 eastbound past collington road. this is out in c bowie. in bo let's take a quick look auick lo outside and show you whathow y w you're up against. ugainst. we're dealing with that road r work and then i want to show i s that you breaking news. new inner loop past braddock roadk a a big crash turning into a parking lomen
6:40 am
more on that when we come ce back. >> taking a look at other stories trending including ang a review from a netflix star.r. >> powerful message that thege h sports world was sending at last night's espy awards. awa stay with wit we'll be back in a minute. 6:40.
6:41 am
♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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early on this thursday morning for the firs
6:43 am
of congress will be overseene by a woman and a person of color carla d. hayden longg time leader of baltimore's public library system sys confirmed by the senateby the se yesterday as the head of thehe f library of congress. coming up next an honor up n for a local university asy researchers from george geoe washington university received a $28 million grant to help to h find cure for hiv and aids.nd a. the university will w collaborate with 17 different d medical sites on this important researchdi.esea finally unbreakable couple u mee schmidt star titus burgessue in a spotlight. spoig the actor wrote a blistering review about a company forcing f him to write a yelp review for f them after a len three phoneone exchange the company commented on the review with an apologyn y and offered to sen him a moving crew and burgess did not reply to their offer. offe al. >> still ahead the best of the best in sports using theirng talents to send a powerful power message about race in america.t and a reminder p we takep t you to the break, if you haveoue a news tip, please share ite srt wi u
6:44 am
call 202-895-3000 or e-mail-mail your tip to fox5 tips at we're back in a moment.
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6:46 am
>> it's thursday. we like to call it friday that means it's almost ziplmos trip time. te. tomorrow the zip trip isp headed west.edest. join tucker holly and wisdom live in clifton, virginia, al. a >> they will broadcast from badt the corner of main street and clap pell road in clifton clift
6:47 am
restaurant. all right. really hope you can come out coo and say hello.and say hel zip trip tomorrow 6:00 to:00 11:00 a.m. live from clifton, virginia.viin >> if you've never been there be before you'll enjoy it.oy a small town atmosphere supere s cool way out in the -- not wayay out but in the western reaches of fairfax county.of f >> right near manassas, right. r >> kind of tucked in a littleof corner there edge of princinee i william county.will >> i haven't been there but beee i'm hearing great things about t it. can't wait to sete tomorrow.orr. >> you'll have fun. >> can i give a quick shout-out. >> please do while we're pleas taking a look at the sunshine. >> bg and e crew restored resred power to my they're heroes.they'r >> i understand that struggle. >> i put on my tool belt andl ba went out and asked if i couldi d help. they were like thank you -- >> hey, mr. can i help. c >> thank you for not --ot -- >> no young man.. >> impressive trucks you a truso like whoa these trucks are pretty cool. >> do you have a big tool big t belt. >> he has a village people cost
6:48 am
>> every little bit helps.elps. >> i would have helped if they e needed it. >> of course . >> summer scorcher. hope no one else loses power p as we'll be looking a daytime ay highs in the mid to upper 90'se' and a heat index unfortunatelynr which is going to be topping 100 here, one lunn to 105. 105 heat advisory in effect i starting at noon today untilay 8 o'clock tonight.cloc ton d.c. corridor here so all of the immediate washington area w inside the beltway and then t kind of up and down 95 upow up towards baltimore all underbaltl that heat advisory. advis that's where the worst of the t heat of the high temperaturesra combined with the humidityhe will be later today.will b latet all right.ig we're you have to a ver off to r 74 in quantico, 72 in 7 leonardtown. who, at annapolis, 77 degreesde to start your day. d mid 90's for everybody.very everybody will be in the midhe m 90's particularlycularl uncomfortable along the bay there where our dewpoints areu d going to be the highest. theight all right.l ri not a whole lot to talk about.ta we have a sad little coldld front, sad little
6:49 am
he's going to try to come in ce but as he does show, this t weekend, it's going to kind of o fall apart and it will serve as a focal point -- it willit w cool us down a couple degreese this weekend and serve as kindkd of a focal point for some for thunderstorm activity butm ac that's about it. we might see a storm or twor pop in the heat later todayer t but for the most part it'st i just about the hotju about temperatures. this is your future heat indexta today at 3 o' at 3 o'co this is why we have the heatt advisory. going to feel 101 in washington, fredericksburgrede manassas 102 you get the idea. ide that heat will be with us with overnight tonight and againnd a tomorrow. we'll probably do another heatta advisory.advi again, zip trip cliftonp clifto tomorrow. might be a storm tomorroworro night. nigh a little better chance this weekend and we keep the heat t h around right through the middle of the week.ddle might be relief as well by wednesday of they can next week. week. highs will be in the upper 80's and less humidity. a we can get a littlend front through here on tuesday.ugh hero that is your weather u let's check out your roads you with erin. >> 6:49 right now and the and inner loop is not a place youoty want to be. to be. big delays starting at the
6:50 am
this crash by braddock road blocking the left shoulder,ul the left lane. you can see he two left laneso actually blocked when you getlo oft way. w two right lanes getting by sot e that's causing big delays andsil as we move over our cameras c for a look at the inner loopoo out by seven, traffic is completely parked because we're dealing with a crash by ch the chain bridge. look at this delay. thiselay traffic is not even moving at all right now three lanes areana blocked by the chain bridgedg area on the inner loop and the l then again from seven onse through. you are just literally noter even crawling. i'd avoid the inner loop right now. this some big problems we'rerobe facing. outer loop looking really nice. ni taking a look at the outer loop top of the beltway montgomery county jams 95 to georgia. 270 south slow by the trucky t t scales and then throughou rockville towards the spur. s allison and steve. >> congress has just days left to approve money to help fights the zika virus before a recesses will push the vote back to september.septem democrats have fought backse f against the $1.1 billion bill
6:51 am
that block planned parenthood pd funding and a lessening of epa restrictions that ease the usete of pesticides to kill mosquitos.tos. >> healthcare spending soaredso this year. for the first time spending expected to pass $10,000 per person. department of health predict pre it will grow faster than thehan national economy over the coming decade. >> ♪ >> come on kev, it's yourour time. where is our fox beat al. >> right >> kevin. >> there's no music. >> i know, right. r >> there was no chair here. h i was confused.on >> kevin has it.t. >> there we go.o >> i am not allowed to appearppa on television unless that music plays or i get to sue gett fox. kidding. ki any weighs --s >> what's up kev. >> serious note this morning this is actually a very powerful message lastis night aa the espy
6:52 am
sports world sending aorld sng powerful message about race and the recent shootings at sho the beginning of last night's ns espy awards nba stars lebronrs o james carmello anthony dwyanenyn wade and chris paul touched on d what they called a brokenro system and shoot to kill to kil mentality. take a look. >> the four of us -- u >> the system is broken.m iroke. the problems are not not the violence is not new and the racial divide definitely is not new.ew but the urgency to create cre change is at an all time high.ig >> it has to stop. enough. enough is enough. now, as athletes it's on us to challenge each other to do d even more than what we alreadyla do in our own >> powerful also steph curry was there last night as well. night w it was an incredibly emotional n speech but also important thator they opened the show with that t and i thought everything theyrye said was very important. importa >> i am frankly a little lit surprised, you know,
6:53 am
this issue for whatever reason is so divisive, you know, it'sw, like if you take a stand like that, you know, a lot ofw, a people don't like it and therefore you are talkingyou tg about money when people don't like it, you'rnee talking aboutt the perception, nobody isody is smiling there, nobody is playing ball and people areing clearing, they're standing uptan there saying something and foref whatever reason, race is one ion of those topics that continues to divide and those men have a a lot to lose by speaking out.. if it's not even people even pee cheering for them who perceiveev that as antipolice or whatr have you.have you. >> but look who people listenhon to if you're trying to get arytg point across.cross. >> that's what they're saying. e >> you don't listen to theirohe parents they don't lift the t tone authority they'll listenisn to athletes. >> bravo. good job.ob what i'm saying is and i'mnd i saying the same thing for those, you know, the moviehe m stars, actors who came out and did that social posting aboutnga this is the way -- you can dieuc this way if you're black, you bu can die this way -- have you- he seen that. >> yes.
6:54 am
wearing a hood, you can die ifau you have a legal permit to ler carry. what happens is, 'cause it's i happened to me as well, youou make a statement and then the public who doesn't agree with w that you stand -- you get the ge backlash.ckla >> right. >> you get the oh, you must yus not like the cops when no ones is saying that.g tha so, what i'm saying is bravovo but, you know, a lot went intoei that versus just reading a readi script and standing there atnd t the beginning of a show.w. those men that had to reallylly think about the stance theytancy were going to take because bec some people really don't like'tk it. it >> they're the ones who wanted n to do it. >> no, what i'm saying is it. si >> yeah they have a lot to lose. i get it. >> they believe that that's worth it because they have a chance to reach so many morech y people than anybody else. t anye >> that's what i'm saying,ay too. >> they actually say at theay at end of the speech that, you t know, when we get busy asy a basketball players that wers tha need to be able to still think t this is important even if our schedules and our lives getdus n busy and don't quote me but i'm pretty sure dwyane wade says near the beginninetg that he's the nephew avenue policew officer. of >> yeah, it's
6:55 am
antipolice message.tice m >> yeah. >> it's not that. williams.ams.sse people were boycotting grey'sttr anatomy when he said we need nd equality in the united states of america in 2016, people wrote a petition to boycottco grey's anatomy.ey's anato do you see what i'm saying? no longer is it the friendlyhe i smiling eight. >> no controversy. person. three people on your screen all share today as their birthday. sent to us by tina jones who wishes her mom her sister andise her daughter a very happyppy birthday.bihd everyone watches each day from d.c. and prince george'sgeor county. >> love it. >> that's a great picture likere all the generations, too.. very nice. >> fellow cancers.cers. >> yay!ay! >> love it. happy birth day. good morning to tucker barnes right now,ng 6:55. 6 >> they're all family members and they have the same birthday.
6:56 am
crazy.ra >> pretty awesome. >> it's probably -- odds arebabe not very high do you think. >> well, my best friendsends actually, the husband and thend two kids all born on the samen day, too, in july. it's weird. w >> really? >> yeah. >> interesting. >> i know. >> do some plath. i think the chances are not high t. >> it's very weird.y >> let's do the forecast.e fora. what's not weird, heat andot w humidity in july inmi washington.inon. we got a lot of it in thein t forecast. steamy start to your day. look at that live shot. you can see the water out in a t the atmosphere but bottom line l is we're going to be in the mid upper 90's.s. dewpoint 70 or better forr b for everybody. all right. generally clear skies.r ski it's mostly about the heatth hea today. there might be a pop-up storm s late but most of the day is dry and just plain old hot andnd humid. again, heat vials sorry goesvi into effect at i'll show you that map in a few minutes. 96 today, 95 tomorrow. tor we'll keep it hot the next theex couple days. right. let's find out about roads with erin. >>
6:57 am
inner loop right now tucker. tue this is a look at a crash inner loop past braddock road. left lane r blocked. traffic it's getting by in the right lanes is extremely slowreo from the springfield the interchange past that point.. overflow on 95 northbound95 norh trying to get onto the inner loop as well.he let's move our cameras quickly.kl i want to show you a look. s you one lane getting by past chainah bridge road because of a hugefe crash scene there. traffic at a standstill froml 50. keep it to fox5 news morning. more news, weather and traffic in a few.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> right now at 7 o'clock, veep stakes time. te. the presidential candidates ramping up the guessing game over their vice presidentialid picks. newest clues for donald trump's choice to be announced tomorrow.tomo. new law hillary clintonaw hl putting to the test today. tay >> powerful moment at last night's he is poo espy awards. d >> also a if you are guilty of o just flat out losing your cool l lined the wheel you're notou'rot alone. a new report says the majorityay of drivers are guilty of roadoa rage. and we're going to tell you tely what you can do if you findouin yourself on the road with an aggressive driver. >> going to be a scorcherrche today, folks. folks it's thursday, july 14th, 2016. i think yesterday at this time i said it was 2013 but


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