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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  July 14, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> right now at 7 o'clock, veep stakes time. te. the presidential candidates ramping up the guessing game over their vice presidentialid picks. newest clues for donald trump's choice to be announced tomorrow.tomo. new law hillary clintonaw hl putting to the test today. tay >> powerful moment at last night's he is poo espy awards. d >> also a if you are guilty of o just flat out losing your cool l lined the wheel you're notou'rot alone. a new report says the majorityay of drivers are guilty of roadoa rage. and we're going to tell you tely what you can do if you findouin yourself on the road with an aggressive driver. >> going to be a scorcherrche today, folks. folks it's thursday, july 14th, 2016. i think yesterday at this time i said it was 2013 but
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2016.. i assure you. >> it wasn't a bad year, b though. >> it wasn't. the heat index possibly will soar to 100 degrees or higherr today. toda that's going to be thehe feels-like temperature.s-ra weather and traffic coming upffn on the 5s at 7:05. 7 good thursday.rsy. i'm allison seymour.son smour. >> and i'm steve welcome to fox5 news morning.nig want to get to a developing story out of northwest d.c..c one person dead after a a bizarre and tragic accidentt there happened earlier thisneari morning. >> bob barnard live on therd li scene now. bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys.b,morn we're onin kansas avenue northwest; the 4400 block. bck d.c. fire rescue squad two sad o just left.just lef it appears they were able to wee get the car up and off the man m who was killed here thisd here t morning. you see the row house family and friends in front.ront they've been just besideust bese themselves this morning. this happened a little after 5 o'clock this morning in thethg drive way behind the roa id rd house here.use he. apparently a man was out there e this morning working on his car when the jack collapsed.olld the car crushing
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him killing the family was just -- just crazy -- we frankly haven'tav gone over there to approach appc them they've been just so upset and now the rescue squadea just moments ago left. lt. we believe they came backac having been here earlier toliero get the car off this -- this-- s man who was killed here thiserts morning. we don't know anything morethino about that, if he's a young man an older man but he's got a lot of family and friends here inside the houseer f around the corner just besidet be themselves wondering how thisong could have happened. h hned. a terrible the man was clearly workingki under the car we believe when the jack collapsed trapping him killing him here thisimere morning, guys, and we'll staye'a on the scene and bring you the t latest when we get it. i >> bizarre indeed.ndd. so sad. s. bob, thank you.n you. two minutes after the homiur. let's turn to the race for the white house.white h today hillary clinton will beart in have a is a campaign windignd gust senator tim kaine. rumored to be one ofen clinton's vice presidentialdential possibilities and speaking of running mates donald trump ismp narrowing his options s
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the convention just days away, a who will stand with >> appears the short list is i getting shorter.rt maureen joins us way look at lok some of the possibilities. >> donald trump says he'll announce his vp pick tomorrowomo morning in manhattan.anhattan. he seems to be making his short list pretty clear. the trump motorcade leaves aeasa country club in california after a fundraising event withnt more to come later today.. but trump spent much of theof day in indiana for what w appears to be a final round you of rvp interviews that include mike pence newtceew gingrich and new jerseyrich andy governor chris christie. >> i'm narrowing it down. i mean, i'm at three potentially four but in my ownyn mind i probably.bably. thinking about two.ut two. >> reporter: but which two? chw pence is seen as a pick that tt could help win over o conservatives. >> i'm just honored to be onn that l >> reporter: another possibility former trump rivalil chris christie who has sinceasin become a trusted adviser. advis. for his part, gingrich thinksh it's coming down to him and pence.
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>> i suspect sometime tomorrow that mike and i will s both get phone calls and one of us will l be packing our bags to go to g t new york and the other onether o will be going to watch it on tv. >> reporter: whomever is chosen trump has some has s challenges ahead in a racen a rc that is difficult to decipher.r a pole shows hillary clintonry i up in colorado by 10 points10 pt and ahead in virginia but another poll shows statisticaltc ties between clinton and trump i in florida, ohio and pennsylvania.nnsylvania. trump's running mate pickate pi could help build enthusiasmnthui hadi of next week's conventionno but the selection is still a mystery.myst >> point he made at the very end of our meeting to all of alo us is only one person knowsno who is going to be the vice thec president and that person doesn'ten know >> reporter: so this all may all be something of a clue. ce. a list of speakers for ther republican convention wasion s released this morning. morning. newt gingrich is listed as a speaker sewn is chris christie, mike pence is not.en which is what makes me thinkce it will be pence..
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'cause he will not be b prescheduled they can make thece announcement and then he givesiv his speech.his you're on to something there mo. e watching. wch >> all right guys. we are just four days away from the start of thehe of t republican convention.nt our tom fitzgerald will be be there live in cleveland.levelan. you can catch his reportsorts beginning sunday morning on the fox5 on the hill show and starting monday you're goingy yo to want to catch our new showhow fox5 at 6:30 p.m. for the latest from the campaign trail. trail. >> all right, want to watchert t run run out of the shot real sha quick. >> go erin, go. >> time for tucker. tucker. >> i know you're out. >> she could have stayed ine ay prettied up the shot a littlett bit. >> come can back at the end. bkt we're act like we're chatting'r it up. >> tucker, tell me about the heat. , erin, you know --no-- [laughter] >> that heat is going to be terrible i today.od. heat advisory in fact it iss going to be terrible. we'll get right to it. that includes [inaudible] expecting a heat and humidity combined to be 100 to 105.o 105. that by the way i
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heat advisory of the summer. s please take the heat seriously s today. it is going to be 76 very steamy degrees toes t start your day.yo d 77 annapolis. annapol 72 fredericksburg.urg. hagerstown good morning good mog 74 degrees. 73 in winchester. everybody's off to a i steamy sm and warm start.rt. lots of sunshine. ssh might be a pop-up storm today but honestly i don't think the t chances are very are v 96 hot degrees.egre heat index between 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. will be 100 to 105 for many of us. of u lots of water. water. please bring your pets indoors, et cetera, as thera, as heat will be terrible herel be i today and tonight. all right the seven day i'll'll have in it a minute.ut how are the roads looking thisat morning. >> the roads are bad. i hope people t have air conditioners that are workingkig because they'll be sitting initn a lot of traffic on the inner tn loop t at the green screen, be b did you see that shot of you
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it was just as good as the walk shot. s >> glaring. >> glaring maybe. >> and>> or dazed by your beauty. >> one of those things. t >> i would say glaring right now. this craucsh in the process of getting cleared inner loop past braddock road. roa jam packed from thefrhe springfield interchange past this points. warm front another crash bysh chain bridge road.ind. that has us down to just onee lane of traffic are you jamc j packed from 50 all the way to wo chain bridge road so bigid problems on the inner loop this morning. morning. let's switch it over for aor different look at our man's ourn right now. this camera will get that worked out with vdot but we b w have emergency road work two wo right lanes blocked 50 east past collingtons road. roa give yourself extra time in bowie.e. 450 closure 450 both directions at saint stevens church road. if you are taking metro today a all raakil lines on time excepte for safe track surge four. no trains between nationalio airport and pentagon this is causing big delays on the blue and yellow linines. lis there is shuttle service available between braddock b roadet pentagon
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allison and steve. >> northwest d.c. community grieving the loss of one of its resident. lde last flight a vigil held for ada man killed in that neighborhood on sunday. sunday. >> seth rich was gunned downdown just a block away from his a frs home. fox5's melanie alnwick is alck i lie in northwest with the latest now.ow good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison.llison. you know, seth river' rich's ful was in omaha nebraskaa yesterday.yeda the place he was staying here sr in washington, d.c., the place he hoped to make his new home you can still see a few candles remaining lit at thisthi hour after so many neighbors came out for that vigil last night. they didn't come here just to jt they also wanted to press city leaders for solutions to whatuto appears to be a recent spikeentk in armed robberies.beri the showing was certainly impressive here on first street. neighbors, friends, colleagues standing together to honor the memory of
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rich a staff from theff from the democratic national committeenam who came to d.c. with a dreamre to make a difference.feree. rich was shot to death just at h block from his house earlyarly sunday morning. 4:00 a.m. as he was walking hasw home amount final blow to awo community that some feeble has been almost under siege fromge f violent criminal,s in the last few months.s. robberies in bloomingdale up 80 percent from the same time last year. the area is near howard university. terry quinn is president of thn e bloomingdale civiceivic association and a neighborhood commissioner. >> folks are -- they're they're angry. they are terrified. and i suppose if i had to lead l with a sentiment i would say that folks are terrified.rified. you know, they -- when you whenu have something like thisething l happen right on your doorstepr p it's like where. i safe?af >> reporter: there have beenaven so many other stories that we have heard and records ha
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who again suddenly approachedppe and robbed of their phone, sometimes at gunpoint, other times strayed with pepper spray so really it has been a problem.poble d.c. police chief cathy lanierie did say that this area was on w the radar of the robbery taskrys force. neighbors, though, saying they feel like they hadn't seen enough of a police presencepr and they wanted to see moreo see officers on foot patrol. however, i did see out here officers on motorcycle patrol just a couple of days ago.go as far as the investigationgaon goes, still not a lot off information out there. there. we can tell you that it did appear that seth put up some kind of a struggle, that's thas what we're told based on the ont autopsy report.y still no evidence thatdenc anything was actually taken tak from and we know homicidee detectives are also scanningnn the neighborhood looking for any kind of surveillancesullan video. they're also looking, steveso and allison, at any forensicoren evidence from those other robberies they've investigated to see if there's anythingnyth that can can lead them to someos
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back to to yo >> so disturbing.>>o thank you so much. thanks mel. a funeral also will beallso held today for the minnesotaneta man who was shot and killednd kd last week by police. 32-year-old philando castile cae shot several times during aing traffic stop after he told theot officer that he was a licensedee gun owner.wn. he had a right to carry a concealed weapon.d weapo the aftermath of the shooting sn live streamed on facebook byeboy his girlfriend who was in the we car of course at the timeours along wite h her child. cld >> closing arguments scheduled to begin today in the trial of the fourth baltimore police polc officer charged in the death of freddie gray.rgof fre highest ranking officer o charged lieutenant brian riceic is facing manslaughteraughter reckless endangerment and misconduct charges. chaes >> president barack obama says "america is not even close to where it needs tos be in termsr of resolving issues betweenween police and the communitiesmuniti they serve."." the president made thesese comments after a three hour meeting yesterday with community actor 50's politicians and law enforcemen
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president obama has devoted his attention this week to hostility directed at police officers as well as shootingsotn by police officers.s. today a united statesite sts senator will take to thehe senate floor to deliver another personal speech about his experiencesal as an african-american man inn-amican america. >> it will be the thirde address to his fellow fellow lawmakers from south carolina.i. senator tim scott.tor ti yesterday senator scottda detailed several times that heaa has been unfairly targeted byd b police. li take a listen. listen. >> in the course of one year, i've been stopped seven times tm by law enforcement officers.s. not four, not five, not six six but seven times in one year as a an elected official. offial. >> senator scott who is one ofe two african-american senatorsenr says today's speech will offerff some ideas to improve relation relations between race and theae communities.unitie >> nba stars lebron james
7:13 am
paul call for an end to racial l profiling. we'll have more on theire the message coming up next hour. >> coming up another closeerlo call as a second metro train t results a red light plus why a part of the transit agency islis being called the most mos dangerous in the country.ountry >> behaving badly behind the bee wheel. we'll tell you about a new a report shedding light onhedd aggressive part of it is blowing. blong that's one of the things we dote a lot these days next. man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot.
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>> ♪ >> 7:15. hi, tucker. >> good morning. hot, hot, hot. >> and then some.>> and t >> hot, hot, hot. >> yes.>> yes. there you go. >> yeah. >> write song like that. >> i think so. >> let's get to it. not only hot hot hot but humidid
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going to give us a heat index id over a hundred today so heat advisory in effect at noonoo today. 76 this morning in washington. 72 in boston. bosto it's not just us.s. out towards chicago it's hot, 68. 68 down towards texas, look atlooka your morning temperatures in dallas, 80 degrees, seventy nine check it out. parts of alaska yesterday welltl into the 80's. >> wow.>> wow. >> dead horse alaska 84 degrees. that's only 50 miles from the arctic circle.e. >> what. and it was 80 degrees. >> 84 degrees. >> weird. >> crazy? >> uh-huh. >> we're not the only ones. record heat up into th ineeat up central portionsto of alaska ala yesterday as well.el we're not looking at records. rs we're looking at a lot of heatfa and humidity for the next couple of o actual air temperature midrare 90's today.90's today you might see a cloud or two orw to help bring a moment ofen relief but i don't think we'll get any widespreadidespread thunderstorm activity untiltoy perhaps this weekendap
7:17 am
best chance will be in the mountains later today.tains la that you go. another round today,te tonight,g tomorrow and then a little a ltl improvement this weekend with a very weak cold front whichch will hang out in ournur neighborhood saturday and satura sunday. bigou're looking for a improvement, wednesday of nextso week we may only be in thee in upper 80's.s. >> oh, good.h, >> with a little less humidity. >> we'll cool down next week.xte we can all embrace that. t >> okay. >> very nice.e. >> he gives a little, he takes a little. littl >> you got it. >> that's right. erin como it's going to beoing e better next >> until then extra deterrent,ee extra water to stay hydrateed.rd >> yes, please.>> yes please. >> those are my tips of the ay day. y. >> good tips. >> always good advice.dvic deterrent is good like yeard le ground. >> absolutely tucker but it ntutra impe extra importa especially if you're riding metro that might not be aire air conditioned this week. week. just throwing that out there. te crash activity 66 east pastast prince william parkway.ce willi. new crash as you lead intod into centreville.ce big delays. 66 leading to the bnteltwaye bay really jammed up.d i want to show you ai
7:18 am
outside. two big crashes right now.ow one worse than other. we'll show you a look at oneookn of our cameras. camer crash activity on the innerhe ir loop. this is by braddock roadbraddocd blocking the left lane so you're stacked from the springmg fields interchange past that point.point. jam again from 50 to chain bridge road. i want to show you a look at our maps. residual delays. that crash down to just one lane by chain bridge road hasids moved over to the right shoulder. however, very, very heavy moving traffic as you leaveea past that location fromtion arlington boulevard to chain toh bridge and again you can see 66 overflow traffic trying tow o get onto the beltway.ontohe b and notice that little pokemon m on the traffic map.on the traff. this is just a friendlydly reminder don't pokemon andnd drive. dr you know, keep it safe asafe as you're driving around town.oundt don't look for them. typical delays 295 southboundth from 50 on down. back to you guys.uys >> you know tempers can easily s flare up behind the wheel. >> in a flash just like that.h e a new study out about people ppl who take their aggression out
7:19 am
level and fox5's annie yu is live in springfield whereldhe commuters are probably getting i frustrated because of all that traffic. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, allison and steve.llisd that's right.that's right and you know, we are here ate h the mixing bowl or near thehe springfield mixing bowl wherewle a lot of our viewers have been e and if you look traffic isffic picking up now and many of you have probably sat in severe s traffic congestion here alongtig the mixing bowl near 95 southth and, you know, tempers canempers flare and according to thisccng new study a lot of people peo admit to being aggressive agg drivers, we're talkingking 80 percent of drivers admitting to losing their cool l lashing outputting lives ati risk and they all admit to tailgating yelling, honking at t other drivers, cutting peoplenge off, making angry gestures, ges, but then you also have drivers who admit to engaging in moreore extreme behavior and as you y mentioned taking it to a whole e 'nother level.ev these drivers admit to bumpingoi or ramming into cars on purpose or even getting out of their cars to confront
7:20 am
drivers.iv and experts say that the most aggressive drivers are youngou men between the ages of 19 tof t 39 years old.ld. and obviously if you engage in extreme behavior it can lead l to dangerous situations evensve fatal crashes. so, the big message here iss try to stay calm and drive on. you good et cetera that,eter allison and steve? and so one viewer tells me that he -- he h has several road encounters encs butter he always stays calm because you nevere know how crazy or how crazy the other o driver might be or how the howhe driver might react, and ind think that's very good advice ac that we should all sort oft soak in and walk away from ay fr this survey.ur back to you.back to you >> i really can't think ofhink anything that sets me offff quicker than just something like that happening and i think the t reason is becausesec you're in your vehicle, you are -- you're contained youta know what i mean? you can'tca go anywherely.ely. >> you're trying to be safe and courteous. >> but somethingco happens withw somebody else and you're stucktu and you have no where else tolse get at this p
7:21 am
frustrateed.treed. >> up next extreme weathermeea fueling wildfires out west. we'll take a look at the damage. >> new prime minister takes over ovemer there. there those stories and more updated next. next. it's 7:21 now. man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪ hey, playing is a lot of fun. wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. no other sunscreen works better or feels better. clinically proven helioplex® provides unbeatable uva/uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer all with a clean light feel.
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>> ♪ >> 7:23 right now. saint louis missouri now, two people dead two injured after a police officer who suffereridj a bullet graze wound includingni i should say after a shooting st in the city.
7:24 am
a man went to a home killed kile his ex-girlfriend and her newew boyfriend wounding anotherwoding man. when officers arrived the arrive suspect fired at them.irt t the injured officers expected ep to be okay.ka o fresno california police released body cam footage of two police officers repeatedly e shooting and killing a a 19-year-old man dylan noble dyln was pulled over while officers r were investigating reports oforo man carrying a rifle around. ao police thought noble had a gun n but law unarmed and an investigation into the shooting is ongoing. >> today is the first day ofe fo work for britain's new primeri minister theresa may. may the transition of power comes c as the country voted to leaveo the european union which ledhicl david cameron to step down. dow may has appointed some of her cabinet including boris johnson. he's been critical oftical president obama and hillaryent a clintonnd in the >> from parts of colorado to california, wildfires continue i to burn in a number of areas across the western unitedrn unid st
7:25 am
fresh challenges including newew mandatory evacuations inionsn fremont crow county colorado. cd this as another fire burningurni in boulder county has nownty haw burned more than 500 acres.cres >> 7:25 right now.ight n let's check in with tuckerer barnes, get a look at this ridiculously hot day ahead ofhef us. us. >> absolutely. it's all about the heat, humidity and the heat index. inx 100 to 105 later today. tay 76 sweaty degrees this morning. relative humidity 87 percent.en winds south-southwest at six.ix just southerly breeze here. her. the pump is alive and well andel we're looking at soaringt soarig temperatures around here. pleaseat take the heat seriously. actual air temperatures midture 90's with a lot of sunshine out there and by early afternoon our heat index heat and humidity combined will bene more like one lunn to 105. 1
7:26 am
effect for along the 95 the 9 corridor and that includes allle of the immediate washingtonng area starting at 12:00 noon 12:n today through 8 o'clock tonight. could there be a stoy rm storm tonight? i guess there could be a scattered or isolatedsola kind of pop-up thunderstorm.ersr best chance is going to be out i in the mountains for those ofho you out to the west afterft daytime heating we'll get awe'lt little lift out there andre there could be a storm or twotw but for the most part the the story is the heat and the humidity the nex tt couple ofcoe days.da. 96 today.od. 95 tomorrow for our zip trip. t. it will be in the 80's so comeom out and say hi to bring us a bottle of water. [laughter]gh and the weekend a very v weak cold front will give us a better chance of a few storms s around with temperatures inratun the low 90's but no real real relief there on the seven day. okay, that's a weather update again, 96 this aftr not fun if you're sitting inn traffic.traf >> no, not fun at all especially if your air air conditioner is not working. noti let's get you around someeto of those trouble spots. spo crashed in prince williamam county, 66 east past princet prc william parkway dealing wayea wy really big delay leading lea
7:27 am
you're basically parked as youae try to proceed past that t location. then once you get closer tose the beltway we also have bigave delays on 66.n 66. look at this from prince t p william parkway to fairfaxairf county parkway you are in for i a double drive times.imes. that's going to take you 25 minutes and then those delays dy continue from lee highway toighy the beltway.. 23 minute ride right there andde that's because of two crashesrah on the inner loop. l let's go ahead and show you a y look at what you're up against u right now. earlier crash by braddock roadad delays back to 395 continues ctu to block the left lane.lo the l the one in tysons out by chain c bridge that is cleared allared l lanes opened but delays back bac to arlington boulevard. it is a rough go there. avoid that area if possible ore get an early start.. allison and steve.te >> still to come this morningis health leaders in virginia virgi have a new plan to combat theom zika virus.irus we'll tell was they're doingheyd coming up.p. >> metro investigating a possible red light violation and the bus system is beingus ss called the most dangerous inangn the country.the country. we'll fill you in. 7:27.
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♪ 7:30 right now. there is a look at7: wisconsinin avenue right there, and you canu see one of the metro buses righg there appropriately enoughtely h because we'll be talking about metro now. n. this morning, there are ae a lot of questions about some som close calls for metro trainsetra over the last two weeks there'se been multiple, l have beenee multiple reports train operators running red lights. all of this comes as new figuree show metro's bus system is the most dangerous in the nation. no >> joining us now with moreith martin dicaro wmau transportation reporter and fox5 contributor joins us thisbutor s morning. at least you made it this morning. >> i stayed off of the wmata schultz getting stuck in traffic
7:31 am
traffic. >> what's the deal with -- whenw we talked with the congressmanom yesterday he was talking aboutia not running the buses on route u one right down the corridor newr bus lanes they put why is it that metro can't use those for the shuttle buses? >> yeah.ea they're not going to be usedt gb there either. the congressman looked night.ket i also looked into it andnd alexandria city officials sayay those metro schultz will stay ii route 1 fort duration of surgesg number four and they won't be able to use these special spe express lanes that were builteri for the express purpose of of letting buses bypass traffic.ff those are called the metro way buses. and it comes down to signalna timing at the intersection ofset glebe road and route 1.oute 1 those special bus lanes have signals that are timed to allow the express buses kind of a heaa start to get ahead of the lights but they can't modify the signae timing to accommodate the shearr volume of metro shuttles thats t would be running in those laness and alexandria city officials os believe that there would be a backup in the express lanes soas the backup stays in route 1. 1
7:32 am
other things involving this thi particular bridge the bus bridge between metro stations becausesu this is one of the stationson involved where we had anotherada red light violation.iolati is this different from the lastt one we reported last week and if it is, how so? >> well, this incident thatt tha happened at reagan national airport yesterday on the yellowl line does appear to be less serious than the red signall violation on the red line last tuesday.y. both investigations are a continuing and we don't have alv the facts.the f but it appears that the yellow line train overshot a stopt ato signal at the end of the platform by a short distancetae passengers had to exit a train t through the rear doors. doo the signal violation lasttion l tuesday on the red line and now there have been two in eightn et days, mind you, and eight thiss year, 15 last year, so this is a serious situation, and the red r line signal violation last tuesday involved what my sources are telling me who havee who hav knowledge of metro's preliminary findings a train that did not ow
7:33 am
signal on approach to two trackk inspectors who had to get out of the way of the oncoming train, and was on the same track as mentioned oncoming train for potential head hi on collision i much those trains did stop several thousand feet apart but in transit speak, that's close,, right? because one train can bb several hundred feet long. lon it's like two airplanes that t miss each other in the air by ay mile. mile that's a short distance. distae so both of those investigationss are on-going much this is athiss serious problem that federaler safety investigators continue tt look into.nt >> are you surprised that metrom bus system was listed mostisteos dangerous?ngers >> reporter: metro hired some sm consultants last year to do some deep dives across the transitnst authority, and one area they'rea looking at is safety in several major categories compared to t nine other buses bus systems across the country like inn chicago, new york, philadelphiap in several categories metro buss is considered less safe as measured by billion passengerngr trips.trip so, for instance there a
7:34 am
collisions for every billionilli passenger trips.ger just to give you a little perspective.pect but still buses are alsols operating energy you know, it's not just about metro bus. b. it's about the city the buses bs are operating in, and d.c. likek other cities has had its sharets of crime problems.s one of the big incidents thatidn metro is trying to deal with now one of the categories iss assaults on bus drivers which is gotten very serious problem.em usually that results from a confrontation between aion twee passenger and the bus operatorpo when the passenger doesn't wantw to pay a fare. far to try to alleviate this probleo metro is putting more undercover officers on buses on the mosthem troublesome routes.te but, yes, i was surprised to see based on this consultant'ssultt' report that will be unveiled toe the board of directors todayrs d that metro bus near the bottomm in three major categories, collision, passenger incidentsni and security incidents.ecur >> not good at all.>> n metro trains that seem to getoet attention.nt >> right. >> people but -- talk aboutbout eight lot but we can't forgetanr metro buses and perhaps thisha t study shedding little more light on what needs to be done witheit the buses not just on the train
7:35 am
and on the rails. rails. >> alerting riders, too.ers, marty, thank you very much. you >> it is 7:35 right knowledgeghe let's check in with tuckereck ih barnes. if you're ride ugh better be, um, if you're waiting for a busb a train, it's going to be littlt warm out there.. >> have your water bottle.ote. >> get in the shade as much as you can. lots of heat, lots of humidity.s heat index unfortunately soarini into the triple digits today.. and we're going to do it againta tonight and tomorrow.omorrow. next couple of days look out.e y we got extreme heat in theea the forecast. 76 now in dulles 73. 73. bwi marshall 76. 7 quick look at the t satellite/radar.ite/ it's quiet out there. sunny and bright and humid early and much of our day should be b quiet. we might get a few pop up showers or storms late thisate i afternoon after daytime heatingi the real theme will be heat and humidity. 95 on the 4:00 p.m. expecting. g daytime high of 96 and againgain heat index in effect at noon -- excuse me heat advisory neck ate noon today.ay. heat index will be 100 to
7:36 am
men for weather in just a minu minute. look at the seven day and weekend for ecaste. >> we have metro update for you in addition to the safetrack sea work you just heard about weut have a disable train outside ofi branch avenue because of that bt green line delays in bothot directions. please be prepared for those. also, morning commute look at la you will of this red on the map. from two earlier questions onest blocking the last lane by brad b dock road delayed from 395 to95o springfield interchange all thea way passed that point from 50 tt chain bridge.dg that crash cleared at chain a bridge and tysons corner but leftover delays also spilling oo to 66 eastbound through viennahe as you try get to the inner loop as we zoom in on that area. are i would say give yourself plentt of extra time at least 45 extrae minutes to get from the t springfield interchange passed chain bridge road.ridgeoa also across the wilson bridge aa you head out in oxon hill we'rel dealing with heavy trafficraff slowing us down. dn. earlier crash on the shoulder, 95 south passed 32. delays leading towards thatardst location as well and typical tyc stop and go traffic bw parkway w north and southbound by powder r mill. keep it to fox5.
7:37 am
we're back in just a few. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing.
7:38 am
and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
7:39 am
♪ 7:39 right now. we have a bunch of stuff comingn up later this morning. mng on good day d.c. we want to youo take part in a conversationvers we're going to be >> yes. after the shootings of black men last week so many parents arear talking about their worries andi concerns of raising black sons.n i say black children. cld it's a topic that fox5 will foxw tackle this morning on specialni conversation on good day at 10:30
7:40 am
good we'll be talkin talking wih pamela simpson the wife of donny also marsha dyson the wife of wo georgetown professor michael mha eric dyson along with fox5 f contributor paul wharton.paul wa this is a conversation that were want to you take part in. taketi we'll do this on tv also live oo facebook at 10:30 this morning.g during and after the interview t we really want to include your comments.comm so make sure to let us know howw are feeling, what you think,tou weigh in on the conversation and hopefully we can share that and that had just, you know,we makem the conversation even broader.v. >> um-hmm. it's really two'seal a lot of parents saying theyaygy want to make sure their kids ara safe. and the other part is trying tog mold the perception of policeol because as we know, not all a police are bad. b i can't even imagine the small percentage.entage >> right. >> of police w ho are so it's almost like trying to t shape the image not all policeoc are bad. have no fear but also realistica tips if you're stopped and whatd to do to make it so it's very important. impta 10:30 the conversation.rsat >> yup
7:41 am
now, in the meantime ae a confrontation at the courthouset metro station in arlington.rlgt a woman accused a man of usingfu his phone to record video up heu skirt other riders saw whats happened and they stopped the to man from leappving the station.n he has been charged with unlawful filming police are noww asking for other victims if anyn to come forward. in virginia, new effort toft fight the zika virus. vir the state will begin testing mosquitoes in targeted areasteda across the state of virginia. officials say knowing as soon ao possible that mosquito ist mquit infected with the zika virus will help with containment as oo last week the number of virginia yanns infected with the virus tr stood at 33. >> getting a little better look at the progress being made atngt the mgm casino at national nio harbor yesterday.esterday crews added portions of the sigs to the side of the hotel. at least two-thirds of it.t. and in this look you can see the g and the m are up there.he maybe the general manager manag decided let's do this part part first. crews will add the final lettert m to the building this afterno afternoon. they said windy weather prevent the crews from adding itwis yester
7:42 am
looking good, though. tho going up in hurry.goin kind of cool.>> >> it should be open bite end ob the year. up next in the fox beatin tx kevin sits down with actor seeing go morton zen for the t details on his new movie which i is captain fantastic.ta >> the hazards of playing pying pokemon go next. nex ♪ ♪
7:43 am
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you brush your teeth diligently...two times a day, right? but 80% of your mouth's bacteria arentt even on teeth. eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different. it fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. protecting 100% of your mouth's surfaces. colgate total for whole mouth health. ♪ guess what tomorrow is? >> it's friday and that means here at fox5 it is a zip
7:45 am
friday and we're heading just as little bit to the west maybe 404 minutes from d.c. 35 minutes.utes >> nice little drive.e d. >> we're going to head out to t clifton v have a, want to youto come see us tucker, holly, wisdom will bem l live in clifton starting at 6:00 a.m. at the corner of mainain street and chapel road ind clifton.clifton. clifton is not very large.s notr you'll be able to see the tv set trucks and the crews if you make it into the downtown area of of down in the valley. super cute cute.e. right beside the villa geo restaurant.aura zip trip tomorrow from 6:00 to 11am live in clifton, virginia.. yes, they have winery there t tucker barnes if you needif something else to keep you entertained in your early e morning >> i can't wait.g i'll probably look for one of oe those hats that has the built ii fan. >> i thought you meant the -- te >> for the drinks? d >> like the double --ble -- >> yeah.. >> double barreled cooler. >> i don't know what we're talking about.eltalking about >> over to you.>> o >> all all let's do the i'll do that tomorrow afterw afr after all here you go. go. summer scorcher.
7:46 am
we are unfortunately featuringng summertime heat which is going g to be featuring heat index 100 to 105 later today. today. this is our first of the seasona weather service overnightviceven issuing a heat advisory fory for really the urban corridor here.h all of washington, up towardsp w baltimore all those counties ine red there in the immediatemmia washington area under that heata advisory later this afternoon ar and again for a time it will wil feel like 100 torque 105 later today. today. please please take the heat thea seriously.ri lots of water if you're workingi outdoors.outdoors limit your pet's exposure as as well. we'll all unfortunately going tt be sweating later today. tod 76 very steamy degrees inrees washington. 77 annapolis.nnolis 77 in gaithersburg. winchester 77. 74 in culpeper dew pointnt temperatures are 70 or better so very very muggy out the wet blanket effect in full l here early this morning. morning all right. rig nothing much to drive d thunderstorms today.. but with a lot of daytime heating it's possible to pop a p storm or two later this this afternoon.afte this is a cold front but a weakw one. kind of a sad little f
7:47 am
it approaches this weekend it will trim our temperatures a little bit with a scattered thunderstorms saturday andsardad sunday.ay but no real relief any timef any soon. in fact it look like it might be the middle of next week beforeer we get a daytime high out of the upper 80s.r there's your future heat index.. that's this afternoon aton 3:00 o'clock.o'clo. notice much of the area are hundred or better by 3:00 p.m. and look at quantico. 103. even 5:00 o'clock, right around 100. 100. that's what it's going to feel's like. actual air temperatures in there mid 90s. we want to take the heatakhe h seriously here the next coupleee of days. let's see if we can find a shoro or storm there we are at 11:00.1 of the day quiet. there we are at 4:00. yeah. doesn't seem like it wants tom i give us much of anything we'll keep it quiet thist afternoon. 96 today. 96. 96. average daytime high is 89. 8 hot tomorrow as well and then ae little better with that frontrot saturday into sunday could bed really our best chance for somee storms will be this weekend bute they'll be widely scattered forf the next couple of days. hey
7:48 am
get out your binoculars next nex wednesday we may not get out of the upper 80s.0s. there you go.e you g how is it feeling? how is it it looking? how are roads? what's going on erin?ing >> i don't know. i i like the way you set up that forecast. you made me so excited about a wednesday i forgot today will bb miserable when i go outside. oue right now, crash activity theitt inner loop has been really reall messed up all morning. morni. crashes have cleared inner loopo passed braddock road all lanes open now inner loop passeded chambers road at tysons corneror the right shoulder is blocked. k look at the delay leading beforf 395 things start to back up andd you remain almost park all the e way through annandale as you gey up towards 52 delays have joinee together to make one massivesive delay. i'd avoid that area if at allf t possible and keep in mind 66 onn the inbound side that is very backed up too leading to the t inner loop. not great news there.ewshe i'm going to get out of the waye 295 northbound from the bottom o of the beltway on up same story on the southboundbo side well before 50 on down youo can see how jammed up things ara in the in your opinion through oxon hill jams
7:49 am
hello danielle thank you forhanr putting the pokemon on the map again. don't pock mon and drive.ri a friendly reminder as the craza continues.continues. also, 50 on the inbound side us jam from the beltway on throughh and the outer loop as you head h from upper marlboro through t largo trying to get towards thes bw parkway you jam. a lot of slow traffic thisic thi 270 southbound basically parkedr through we got you covered any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. tt back to you guys. pokemon go continuing to sweepg the yesterday we talked about someao problems it's causing here in the district.ict >> but what about the physical dangers of the game? turns outo there are several that you andod your kids need to be aware of.f. >> here locally extra officers are on patrol at the universityt of maryland after a with a weapon robbed three peel oneel campus and three of them werem distracted by the game teste t crime. across the country in californil the game has led to players --y- led players rather to housingo h facility for released sexex offenders.fender no matter where you or your kids are playing police want you toou know the game will not be an bea excuse if you happen to tr
7:50 am
>> and in pittsburgh, steve, teenager is recovering at aecova hospital there after being hitfr by a car while playing pokemonem go.go. the 1584 old was crossing a busy four lane road during rush hour traffic when she wasru hit. h she says she was not looking att her phone when she was hit, but rushing home to hell her mom about a recent catch. c >> got to be careful.ot t c the game causing other problems on the roadways. the roadw a message on arizona roads reminding motorists that pokemok go is a no go while the arizona department ofenof transportation displaying signsg like this one across the statehe all week long. ♪ here's kevin with the fox k atat. >> steve, allison good morningsn to you games i want to give aana shout out before i get to my my segment real fast last night tot the honor speaking at theg ahe washington journalism mediaournm conference this conference is huge they bring ince hundreds oo high school students all acrosss the country to george masone m university to learn about journalism and head today and kathy speaks there as well i got to speak last night. 274 students and that
7:51 am
where i'm talking which is kind of surreal is the johnson center cinema the first movie it everve reviewed was in that theater in 2005 movie called just friendsti while i was going to georgee mason university and 11 years ys later being in that theaterat talking to students who are inri my exact place. place >> oh yeah. >> was pretty pre s thank to you those amazing students phenomenal questions,ns phenomenal journalists hopefullp in their futures.utures very very cool.yool >> good job.>> goo way to give back, kev. >> so awesome.some. way to give back.wato g >> i'm trying to follow yourlo lead allison.lead allison i love how you go out and do your speeches, commencement.omnc >> no. you're doing you and you're doing a great job >> good stuff.ood >> love it. >> new movie opening up called e captain fantastic lots of oscarc buzz it stars mr. vigoror mortensen from lord of the rings. he plays a father raising his h children in the forest of pacific northwest and there's nn phones, no internet, no books -- i'm sorry all books physical anl education eating food they the actually kill in the forest for after tragic incident he'ste's forced to bring his children onc road trip where he and
7:52 am
to be in the quote unquote reall world. i spoke to vigor mortensen and his director matt ross you might recognize from silicon valley and american horror story.ry. we got into a discussion aboutn what type of parenting should bo done in this i watch this.s. >> there's a great scene whencee you guys are in the groceryry store. there's a titanic song playinggi in the background.un. i'm curious what the choice wass for that and -- and >> i think it's funny. thit' the choice was that therehat th was,ing when the movie came out i think for a two years maybe ie cannot go into a supermarket oro pharmacy without hearing that ta song. song. i mean it was just -- it becamec like this running joke everyokey time i'd go in i'd hear thatrha song. >> you hear it in that scene itn it's kind of like sucks in you.u you're going oh, no, it'ss that -- but there's something dreamy and almost drugged abouto >> yes. >> and then when all hell breake loose and the supermarket all of a sudden it's great theen transition from that to the nexn
7:53 am
>> you know, like punk rock kink of situation and a punk rock r kind of sound.d sound. it becomes -- it's a great gre sequence.quence >> yeah. >> transition.>> transit >> what are your thoughts,e ur t though, on the day and age we'rw in right now with technology.ecg when you get to catherine hansan house and the kids are on xbox x and on their phones verynes v different from the environmentmt you've set up for your childrenc is it a middle ground where we w should be parenting? >> personally?>> p >> yeah. >> well, i mean haven have nine-year-old even play videoayv games with my son and i've chosen to allow that in my house because i think --- >> to be a part of it. >> to be a part of it. o i i do it with him. he's better than i am at most of the games i think a lot of these games are really imaginative and beautiful. some of them are violent and a destructive but some of them are also amazing story telling, and i think that as long as he balance that is with doing doing things physically and reading that there's nothing destructivs about that.ab >> the hardest thing is we havee all these things drugs, essentially these sugas
7:54 am
drug.dr our phone is a is dru the internet is a drug and being able to be moderate and balancen that with other things is realla i think the key to panning but b also it depends how old the t child is.ild sometimes they are too young. >> it's a game thats moves as u >> yes. well put. . >> that's vigor mortensen and the director matt ross.t ross. what do you think? there's ank huge balance there. b t you're a parent, allison and in regards to i can't imagine i raising a child today with wh phones and technology andy and internet. i cannot imagine so viggo's character the gentleman on the left he's raising his kids inisn the forest without any of that.. all book education.ti they're actually killing their e own food they're eating.g. then they're put into the realea world and it's almost like, youy know a180. know so the question is, where is whe that balance?? >> i'll never live in the fore forest. >> right, right, rye. roing ohe going off the grid. >> right, right, >> you know what, when you see s it just taking over completelypl and yo k
7:55 am
talking, you're not havingot han dialogue with your child, when w i'm like no.ike no. sidney will be upstairs for juss a little bit too long and then t no, you got to come down and doa engage with >> right. >> or wherever the kids are inre the there's a medium. the jeannie is out of the bottlt i want them to be aware what's going on so we can talk about ca it, too. it >> i'm super scared if and whenn i have kid giving them a phone e and they have access to every t single them. >> other people have accesspl hv them. you got to moderate. mat you can't go completely --ely -- >> no, no, no.>> no, you can't.youan't >> off the grid. >> thanks, guys. gs. >> check in with tucker rightn now. a look at the monument and a tha little bit of haze out thereze t this morning we're heating upngh already. >> kev, they'll have access to fox5 news morning. morng. >> that's the most importantmpot thing. as long as they have the fox5 t5 app.ap >> right. >> that's all that matters. >> take us s with them. them >> 78 this morning in washington. look at that humidity. humidit check it out. o or maybe you don't want to. t you'll have to wipe your browow unfortunately.unely. 84%. winds out of the south at nine. we are off and running
7:56 am
we'll be in for a scorcher thisi afternoon mid to upper 90s for daytime highs. h that heat index 100 to 105, and just going to be lots and lots of sunshine today. build a few clouds this this afternoon and there might be a lonesome storm or two that pops up to bring relief to a few a f communities but most of the dayy is just heat. look at it. it. 96 today.ay 95 tomorrow, again, heat voice i 54 in effect starting at noontoo today. heat index 100 to 105.05 please, take it easy. take it easy on the roads? >> absolutely. absely. >> good. >> how is it looking? hs >> rail and road problems rightm now, tucker. tucr. start you off with look at met metro. this is a new one.ew one green line trains are single tracking between branch avenuehe and nay roar lore road, disableb train outside suitland delays in both directions so please beleae prepared for that one.ed fort want to show you another look because of that disabled trainde we're dealing with those delaysy again, single no alerts on the red, orange or silver line but safetrack worker on the blue and yellow no service running on the rails be
7:57 am
pentagon city, shuttle serviceer replacing that and delays in dei place because of the roads looking -- not lookini great right now. 95 north passed lorton rightn rt center lane blocked by disable e car. 11 minute dale city to the act a quon. thing on the inner loop messedp up between springfield interchange and chain bridge. bi that wasn't good you in you new but i tried to deliver it with t smile. back to you guys. >> this time of year can bebas f tough on our skin.ugh ur ski the fox medical team joins us live with quick fixes for our fo summer skin problems. probls plus, though, kevin -- kev calvin harris and taylor swift i in bit of a feud. feu yup, we're talking about itt next. next ♪
7:58 am
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♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.. ♪ the heat is on could c we have picked better song.r son >> i don't think so. very accurate for today. >> the hot is on mr. fry. m f live look outside on this on t thursday morning. morni it's july 14th, 2016.016. it's hot, hot, hot weather andtr traffic coming up on the 5's at 8:05. 8: good thursday morning, i'm'm allison seymour.mour. >> i'm steve chenevey. ste welcome to fox5 news morning.or glad to be with you on thisn thi thursday morning.thur m let get to your headlines.ea >> right to the big news now.sow happening today closingoday cng arguments in the possible possie verdict in the trial of the fourth baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray.. lieutenant brian rice is the bre highest ranking officer chargeda in gray's death.ea he
8:01 am
reckless endangerment andent a misconduct charges.. the judge hearing the case is a bench trial says he will rule very shortly.hortly off to the closing argumentsumts end. end. fox5 will be in the courtroombei today. so stay in touch with us on ourr social media platforms for breaking developments as theyhey happen. in the meantime, a funeralun will be held today for the minnesota man who was shot and killed last week by police. 32-year-old phil castile wasilew shot several times during a a traffic stop after he told the t officer he was licensed to carry a gun.un the aftermath of the shooting was live streamed on facebook by castile's girl frien >> happening today in northpeniy northern virginia sign of the possible democratic ticketke perhaps? hillary clintonilry cn campaigning with virginia senator tim cane. c rumored to be a frontrunner forf clinton's vice-presidentialpresn pick. clinton and cane will hold aol a rally at northern virginiairgini community college in annandale e this afternoon. she was in illinois i yesterday she delivered message of unity
8:02 am
tension gripping the countryng t saying that there is too muchooc violence and too much hate. hat on the republican side, the vp v picture a little clearer now att least one we'll find out. >> donald trump wheat tweetingag he's going to make an mak an announcement tomorrow in new york on the short list indiana governor mike penz and formerr speaker of the house newt newt gingrich speculated on how thisi will all go down. >> i suspect sometime tomorrowor that mike and i will both get phone calls and one of us will w be packing our bags to go to nee york and the other one will be l going to watch it on tv. >> well, whomever is chosenis co trump has some challenges aheada in race that's difficult to to fox news poll swing statestates showing hillary clinton ahead oe trump in virginia by seven b s points and in colorado by 10 points.ts. >> fox5 with complete coveragetm of all the conventions this this weekend our tom fitzgerald willl be live from the republicanli national convention in clevelane and you can catch fits' reportsp beginning sunday morning on
8:03 am
on the hill.l. starting on monday we have branb new show. ne fox5 at 6:30 we'll have thehe latest for the campaign trailiga after fox5 news at 6:00 p.m. nen fox5 at 6:30. >> developing news out of the district a family grieving early this morning after an accident d this morning takes the live of e man in northwest d.c. >> fox5's bob barnard is live on canvass avenue with more now,e n bob, good morning. morning >> reporter: ali sons andnd steve good morning to you.ningoy a lot of raw emotion here along the 4400 block of kansas avenuee this morning across the streethe family and friends here some police still here we believeweee they have just removed the the victim from out back where he h was apparently maybe even beforr dawn this morning working on a a car when the jack that wasth propping the car up collapsedpsd trapping him killing him. just from the sense and we'rende given these people their space,, they're very upset, and yet froo what we're hearing, this was ass man who apparently loved t
8:04 am
on cars. car perhaps was working on somebodyb else's car as a favor when this happened.pped and so d.c. police aree a investigating.g. we learned about it just aftert 5:00 that the morning but theheb sense we're getting from some oe the people here the man may havm been out overnight in then t darkness working on the car c again for somebody else when tht thing collapsed and the man witt his back to us is the son andon he's very upset here. h can't understand why his dadis would have been out even beforeb dawn working on somebody's carar even though the victim's brothee who is the gentleman with theitt white shirt facing us saying san that he loved working on cars c and just take it easy it was ana accident.. guys. >> i mean, terrible any time,im terrible way to star the day thd obviously. he was up late or early this morning to work on that car. c of course no longer with us.. let's get to some other newh this morning. m this morning we are hoping to learn more about anotherno close call for a metro train. yesterday a yellow line train t ran through a red signal at thet reagan national airport station.
8:05 am
beyond the signal at the end ofo the platform.latfor nobody was hurt thankfully.y the train operator has beentos b removed from service. serce this comes just one week after a train operator ignored a red red signal and almost caused ased a collision.coll that was on the red line.ed l the rails now to the wheels.hee. riding metro bus is pretty prey risky. risk a lot of you might say tell uslu something we don't know. kno now there's something to back ii up. new study revealing the commuteu who's use washington's bushingtb system are at a greater risk of experiencing security incidentsc than on any other major busus system in the united statesthe including new york, boston and chicago.ago >> all right.>> rig 8:05. let's check in with tucker aboua this steamy forecast.ect tuck g morning.or >> yeah, allison, lots of heat,h lots of humidity.y. one of our warmest days so farao this year.ea in fact our first heat advisoryr of the season issued earlier today, and we are off and everybody is tweeting me howow sticky and hot they already area wait until this afternoon thatot heat advisory in effect at noono through 8:00 o'clock tonight.o'n unfortunately you combine theyoe heat and humidity feels like 100
8:06 am
to 105 around here for.e f of your afternoon.on. current numbers 78 in washington.ington already 79 in annapolis.n annols 75 in fredericksburg. gaithersburg good morning you're 79 degrees. 76 up in hagerstown.agst everybody hot and steamy toamy o start the day generally clearale out there although a little haze with all of the moisture out ini the atmosphere. maybe a storm today.oday they'll be widely scatteredca really isolated kind of a pop-up storm this afternoon.ftnoon the real story will be the heata actual air temperature expectede to be 96 degrees again that heaa index for time this afternoonero 100 to 105. 105 lots of water please, takee, tak precautions here.ecautions the heat will be dangerous the e next couple of days.s. seven day, does it have anye a relief? i'll have those answere in just a minute. erin is back with roads.acith >> thank, right now tucker 8:060 we're taking a look at yourt y commute. metro delays still in effect efc disable train outside branchderh avenue single tracking bothra b directions on the green line.n e no alerts for the red, orange oo silver and still dealing with wt safetrack work shuttle bushuttle service replaces rail service on the blue and yel
8:07 am
national airport and pentagon p city. as we take aerie wide view ofief our morning commute a lot of of slow-moving traffic around thehe area.area 50 inbound from krav ton towards the beltway jams we're seeingree slow conditions also, keep in mind heading onngo the outer loop as you make youry way from upper marlboro towardsw baltimore washington parkway you're slow. bw parkway north and southbound outside the bell waynd through r green belt just a lot of heavyaf volume in both directions.tion the outer loop jams from 95 toso georgia and 270 slow by the truck scales and then as youou come through gaithersburg andurd rockville.ckll inner loop has been nasty allty morning long.ingg. two earlier crashes cleared oned by chain bridge and one byne b braddock road.oa delays are still very heavyea looking at about an hour delay h to get through that area andand then coming in vienna 60 inbound also delayed. flooding closure anne arundel at saint stevens church road.h steer clear of that t crash on the shoulder 95 southth passed 32.ed 3 delays leading towards that point so if you're coming downg from baltimore towards there tot districts today, i'd giveiv yourself extra time because bwae parkway also jams. 95 north past lorton
8:08 am
center lane is blocked and we'rd seeing about an 11 minute delayy from dale city to 123. to allison and >> still to come this morningo m the nba's biggest stars usingng their talents sending a powerfuu message last night.ssagt n >> first, though, an important health headline for parents.ents we'll tell you how an earlyarly bedtime may affect your child's weight. we're back in just 30 seconds.3c ♪ >> nice looking virginia beachia this morning right there on thet
8:09 am
>> ah look at king neptune.. >> um-hmm.>>m-hmm i have walked that boardwalk aok few times myself.f. >> you know i have, too, steve. >> always stop and look at thek statue when you're down there. e steamy down in have a have beacb along the seaboard today allod a across the northeast to betheao honest with youly we'll check in with tucker in a couple minutest >> is that a little rah bow.e r. >> i think it's a lense, in kentucky court of appeals dismissed from county clerk kim davis.s davis asked the court to dismiss her appeals of a federal judge'd ruling ordering her to issueer o same sex marriage licenses.icse. davis spent five days in jail last year for refusing to issuei those licenses.een she requeste requested the disms after thehe passing new state ll removes names of county clerksnr from marriage licenses. >> new information shows disneyy sent out warnings aboutut alligator ace round the resort two months before toddler wasod killed by e-mails obtained bite orlando sentinel show resort officials c warned firefighters to stopigero feeding alligators at one of ito
8:10 am
one e-mail said workers wereke r afraid after a gator was spottet near a parking lot.. set back for nfl star tomtar brady appeals court rejected the quarterback's request to review the league four game suspensione for his role in deflate-gate.-gt remaining hope to appeal to the supreme court.eme cou but the nfl seoul season startsa in few months it appears he wile in fact start the year on the side lines for the first four games. new survey most drivers ares guilty of losing their coolheir behind the wheel.. aaa foundation for trafficon trf safety says nearly eight out ofu 10 u.s. drivers it surveyed at least to expressing road rage ar least once in a previous that includes either following i too closely, yelling at anothero driver, cutting them off orff o making angry gestures.estu now that i know what the what definition is, steve, i can say i've never done of those thingsi that's real road rage. 8 million drivers did somethingm more serious like bumping or o ramming a vehicle on purpose orp getting out of their carses toso confront another driver.
8:11 am >> i do more -->> io m >> you yell at nobody inody particular inside your car.eour come on on now >> like i saw it in movie. i like to ball my anger down ann push it way deep and don't and express it works for me all these year.. >> super healthy.uper healt if your child isn't tuck ink by 9:00 for bedtime they are more likely to be obese teenagers.ags >> apparently the tendency toeno snack a little bit late at note is not helping thing. tng researchers found 16% ofnd 16% children who went to bed between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. were obese as teens.ens 23% who went to bed after 9:00e0 p.m. were obese at age 15. study also suggests preschoolerr who went to bed beforeor 8:00 o'clock far less likely tok become obese as teenagers theygt feel the longer you're up thep greater the chances you'll do'lo late night >> i get it.>> get i a new dinosaur discover. >> say the name of this. this >> i think you should try. >> scientists in argentine found unknown species of carnivore -- carnivorous dine nor so it lived about 90 million years ago.earsa the team responsible for ma
8:12 am
the discovery says the dinosaur, i don't have to say it, measureu up to 26 feet long, wow, with small arms measuring about 2 feet. that sounds like a our friend li the t rex. >> it kind of does, doesn't it.. y> okay. >> maybe a cousin. >> cousin.sin. welcome to the family. coming up, calvin harrisri reveals the real reason behind b this break up with taylor swifto and we're talking about it. >> well it's taken us a coupleou of hours.ofours. i knew we'd get there eventua eventually. first the best moments from last night's espy awards including the powerful moment from thehe nba's top stars. back in just two minutes.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
♪ after the shootings of african-american men last week,n so many parents are talkingin about their concerns of raisingi black children.hild it's topic that fox5 will tackle this morning.isor it's a special conversation onrt good day at 10:30.0: >> we'll talk with pamela simpson donny simpson's wifee marsha dyson the wife of georgetown professor michaelssom eric dyson and paul wharton.harn it's a conversation we want to you take part in.yo we'll be live with it onitht facebook at 10:30 this morninghr during and after the interview i we want to hear what you have tt say so we can continue to to broaden this conversation amonga even more and more people. in the meantime, it's time m for a break from the news and aa little cuteness, right? >> coolness. >> oh, coolness. owing. >> we need the coolness factor of the day. time now for our fox5 first five photo of the day let's cute and cool.. >> aww.>> a >> adorable
8:16 am
we have nile la.. >> hi, nile la. n >> she is two years old. >> and you can see -- maybe youy can't see it but i can hear sher loves music.usic. >> um-hmm. >> singing and dancing. >> rocking the denim outfit thit morning. >> i love everything about her. i love those bowes just reminds me of growing up.p. the baby hair and the bowes.ow they'll get you every time. nila you are adorable.rable. >> perfect summer out it there.e we love it to send us yourus y child's picture go to fox5 d.c.c and send it on in.. and cute as nila they will bee featured soon. >> she's adorable. >> great. great. >> okay. >> have good day. >> have great day.. hey, 78 in washington. we are going to be hot and and steamy today.eamy t heat index 100 to 105 we are are experiencing our first heatst h advisory of the season.ea >> we didn't have one last times we had the little heat wave? >> celebrate good times. >> celebrate.. >> no we didn't get one lastneas week. the reason we got one this weeke is becau
8:17 am
humidity is going to be just tot that much worse. w if that were possible. possi let's see.let's see 70 in chicago little cooler inr the mountains.eount i mentioned alaska last hour fairbanks was 84 yesterday.teay little community called deaddea horse alaska was 88 degrees yesterday.y. >> why do they call it deadtheyi horse? >> 84 and fairbanks was 88. 88. i suspect somebody's horse h probably died there long timengt ago. don't you think.don't yo >> very nice. ver nic >> what shall we call it.hat shc >> we'll call it dead horse. >> there you go.ou go >> storm tracker radar is quiett it will be hot, it will be humih our heat index again will soar r into the triple digits early ely this afternoon please take the t heat seriously if you got to work outdoors get in the shade s as often as possible get in the air-conditioning, take break. quick reminder no pets in carsnr and bring them inside because b this is going to be dangerousros later today, tonight andig tomorrow. then it gets little better thist weekend that's a weak cold fronf this weekend that could kick upc a shower or thunderstorm bothorh saturday and sunday afternoon.eo widely scattered. i'm getting e
8:18 am
how bad if going to be thise t weekend? widely scattered thisa weekend. >> okay. the town, got its name from am local prominent business in thes late '60s. a business would name itselfetsl dead horse i'm not sure.ot sure. >> late '60. >> 1860. >> no 1960s and 1970s. dead horse hauler's truckerer company. >> okay. >> how the trucking company got that namhee, that's still a a question.ques >> where did washington, d.c.n,c get it's name? it'sam >> that's a good quo is it from president washingtoni >> are we sure? >> georgetown is not.. georgetown i think was for kingg >> maybe washington.ton >> is that true? >> we'll look it up.ook it. erin g morning.ning. >> i learned something new tod today. >> research to do after traffic. >> you would assume it is georgr washington. >> for sure. >> georgetown is older thanhan washington, d.c.,.c >> okay, steve. .ll right >> verify.>> very >> little history lesson.ite hi >> he gets so angry about it. i it is, right? >> yeah, city. cit >> you're right.ight. >> i heard from tucker get ice i cream, have water ice enjoy thee steve is
8:19 am
in his >> george washington -- okay. (laughter). >> steve's birthday is on mondan we'll let this one slide. sde >> take the day off.ff >> we'll set brought steve's ste birthday the rest of the week ie you want to joins v a snickers.r right now metro update for you. delays at branch avenue singlehe tracking on the green line inren both directions.econs and then delays because ofau earlier problem in deanwood dea residual delays new carrollton l on the orange line then as we aw make our way out op 66 fromp 66o prince william parkway toarkwayo fairfax county parkway that'sha going to take you 37 minutes ofo congestion and then we have a he crash passed centreville bothilb shoulders are blocked the delayl continue basically 66 coming inm from virginia towards thewardshe beltway.wa you're hitting a lot of trafficf leave early you'll need theeed t extra time.ime crash activity on the inner loor blocking the right shoulder bydr chain bridge even though all thl lanes are open, earlier crash by braddock so we're seeing hugeinh delays from springfieldingf interchange all the way to the o chain bridge you need a goodd a extra hour to get through that a area.. 395 inbound slow.s 295 is backed up any questions t at erin fox5 d.c. and steve,te, again, happy early
8:20 am
birthday.rthday >> did you know the espi' were w last night, al.last >> i did n. iid >> did you know they celebrate sports. >> i did.sp >> do you know they celebrate more than sports. >> i >> they honor things and sometimes there are ways to drar attention to thing.ation that's what happened last night at the awards celebratwhedseleb credible people in the sports to world but they took a hard lookl at some current events in oureni country too. co >> wisdom joins us in studio with the memorable evening.veni wis. >> good morning to you both.ninu this was -- it was good do see athletes professional athletes h standing for something other than endorsement ss and holdingl trophies. they're standing for something whether you agree with them or o not they're standing fornd something and this is somethingh we haven't seen in the sports so world especially in the nba for for years a long time. a lg t let's talk about last night.tigt the sports world sending ag powerful message about race andd recent police involved shootingt as beginning of last night's pee award lebron james, carmelolo anthony, dwayne wade and chrisas paul touched on what they callel a broken system and a shoot toho kill mentality. >> take a look. >> the system is broken. bro th
8:21 am
the violence not knew and the racial divide definitely is not knew. but urgency to create change ise at an all time high.eigh. >> it has to stop.. enough. enou enough is enough.. now, as athletes it's on us to challenge each other to do evene more than what we already do ino our own communities. but it is necessary.ecessa >> the stars also called for ana end to racial profiling andfing called for athletes to looks to toward their communities. >> another memorable moment lasl night when turner sports reporter craig saeger receivedae the jimmy c.v perseverance awara he has continued to work despite a recurrence of leukemia he's h been battling for the past yeara pass few years.ea he touched briefly on his outlook in the face of the disease. >> i always see the glass halff full. i see the beauty in others and i see the hope for tomorrow. tomor
8:22 am
we have nothing. nhing whatever i might have imagined a terminal diagnosis would do tolt my spirit it's something quiteng the opposite.. >> jimmy v award given toiv t someone in sports who has overcome great obstacles through determination and persons convenience.nvnce. >> he gave acceptance speech hae included the famous words don'tr give up. gi don't ever give up.t ever he died of cancer later thatater year, and one of our own found favorites on another note won no big last night too.. nationals right shield brycehie harper won the award for bestest major league baseball player. p. so good night last night at thee espies.pies >> bryce was doing a littleryceg presenting last night as a welll >> you know you've arrived whenw you're now official al presentee at the espy awards.rds back to the other topic. i remember when all of this wasw first going down and carl
8:23 am
anthony he was one to step out t there on his own on twitterwitt saying that enough of this t already we need to stop marc mah don something else.hing i don't know what the answer is but we w needed to something ana told the other athletes forgetor about your endorsements, forgete about the money, we needed to ne something about this.g abo thi all this injustice going on. o so i applaud him for and applaud the four guys and anybody elsebs standing up for what theyding up believe in. f >> when you get the best in the game, coming together to saytogy something people will listen.pel no doubt about it. i. >> absolutely. that's what it's all about. >> it's not easy.'s>> >> it's not easy at all. easy al >> thanks, wis. appreciate it. still to come, talk aboutkabout big-time money out there when it comes to sports forbes releasing it's list of world's most valuable sports franchises.ranc. we'll tell where you the redskins fall.dskins f they're not number okay.ok later we're solving your summerm skin problems.blem fox medical team joins us live with some quick fixes. number 10? number 11? >> we'll find out. >> number 12?
8:24 am
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so get ready to take off... because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day! book your low fare now at sfx: clap, clap, ding >> hey welcome back. w lots of heat and humidity in the forecast today. tod that heat index unfortunately iy going to soar into the triplerie digits for time today.od we'll be looking at a possible i heat index of about 105. 78 sweaty degrees early thisatyl morning. dulles 76. bwi marshall 78. no one gets relief.el no one spared the heat or thed t humidity today. beaches, bay
8:27 am
we're all looking at a lot ofot heat across the mid atlantic. an a little relief there out to tho west.west see out towards cincinnatici that's a cold front.dront that will pull our temperaturess back into the low 90s by saturday and sunday. 96 today. tod please take the heat seriously o it will be dangerous here. dgero heat advisory in effect at noon. more weather in just a minute. let's check roads with erin. >> roads and rails slow tucker.c 8:27 right now starting off witw metro issue at branch avenue. ae still single tracking bothckg bh directions on the green line bug the good news is, problem deanwood cleared normal services resume on the orange linee lin joining the red and silver linel with no delays. safetrack surge four keep in mind still no rail servicek o rr between national airport andnd pentagon city on the blue andone yellow line lines. lin shuttle service replaces thatce give yourself at least an extra hour and big delays continuing u on the inner lp. branch avenue to the wilsonnutot bridge, 21 minute commute rightt there and then delays continuesi passed the springfieldgfld interchange. more traffic in few.reraff steve and al. al. coming up next the fox beatb kevin talking to
8:28 am
mccarthy about the new ghost neg busters movie.sters movie. >> we've been talking a lotkingt about that. t we've been talking about whereue we'll be tomorrow because it's zip trip friday live in clifton, virginia.virgia the outlying edges of fairfaxrf county.coty. the crew will be set up at thelt corner of main street and chapea road in clifton.fton come out and say hello lot of lt fun planned.n p hope you can come out starting at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. tomorro tucker will be out there firstrt wisdom and hold l join him a joh little bit later on.ttle bater . right now 8:28. back after this.his. ♪
8:29 am
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>> all right. virginia beach at the top of the hour. now we're in ocean city maryland taking a little tour of the beaches this morni tngng.aches r >> if you missed our virginianiv beach we were representing.ep >> you said have a have beach a little while ahago. 757 where i'm from.. >> 757 where i'm from. pharrell williams is mission see elliot is from portt smith.. >> suffolk or port smith. >> timberland from down there too. >> someone look that up for me.p >> i'll do that.>> >> huge ghost buster social security finally opening up and here's the thing.enthe tucker has been texting me every single night late night saying y kevin how is this movie? i can't tell him yet.n cat te he's so super excited.. >> he's going to go. to g >> do that after 7:00, right. r >> go tonight 7:00 o'clock whenk the movie officially os i spoke to melissa mccarthy moss dislike movie trailer in theer t history of movies on youtube.. >> weird.>> >> people went on dislike i
8:32 am
the idea of all female cast. i spoke to melissa mccarthyccth there's a scene in the film thee read youtube comments.omnt wing wing to the audience weie know you were crushing our movie beforehand. this is our response tofo it iti was that real comment but someut of the sliming elements as wells when we get back from that waitt until you hear the shade thathaa calvin harris through on taylorn swift yesterday. >> shady boot.dy b >> watch. >> was from it a real commentro and saying that joke in them ng movie obviously you're winkingew at all the quote unquote u controversy. what does that mean to have thaa line in the film and also is its a real comment? >> i don't know if it's real comment.comment. probably only mr. feig knowseigw that.that but it seemed really fun night at the time because we didn'tcad actually know about a lot of itt onset. it's funny that, you know,w, things always get spun to thepuo neglect tough but the things weg were always watching online onl onset were all these pictures of kids and people coming in that n had made their own gear, their
8:33 am
cars. we were watching cool stuff alll day. oh, my god this personda inn i oklahoma city made like echo ono and/or wherever it was. w like we were watching all this.i it just started to creep in butn we really kept it out off filming. but when that line came up, wee, were like it's probably time to throw one thing in of like come on. come on. come down to your mom's basemenm it will be fine and see the movie before you critique it. i. >> sliming sequences are unbelievable especially kristen wiig's first one. >> she gets it. >> what's being thrown on you?n? what is that. >> 700-gallons of somewhat --ha it's never quite explained. there's always some -- there'sw- always like three guys with fult masks on going, it's perfectly t safe. don't worry. it's perfectly safe.erfely saf we're like why do you haveyo h masks? why are you -- why are y you in hazmat gear and we'rend w like in a sweater? but it is i
8:34 am
stuff that comes.t comes you can't get it off. it is unbelievable -- like you o can't -- you can't stop it fromm like stretching there's lot of elastic -- they say it's tap is yolk ya ka* do not think pudding because there was nothing nhi enjoyable.en the first time getting slimedli was pretty awesome. awesome. it was just getting it off. at one pointlessly i think it ti was in the train fully grabbed a kristen by the back of the jacket and by her skirt and juss put her in front of it and used kristen's whole body -- b >> as a shield.s a shild. >> human shield.hi i was like dud do that? she was like yes! like >> all right. y movie opens up tonighte openp 7:00 o'clock.7:00 o i'm going to see it again. a. i'll have my review tomorroww t morning i'll be in los angelesng talking to you guys at 3:45am my time. i see star trek tonight andightd pete's dragon. dgon. i'll be talking to you in the tt morning on no sleep.rning on n i'm very excited about i love my job. i'm not complaining whatsoever.. calvin harris latched on twittei yesterday if you're not familiaa with
8:35 am
team came out saying that taylot swift actually wrote the hithe song this is what you came for m with rihanna the song that t calvin harris has and she wrotee it under a pseudonym.seudonym it was actually a song she wroto with calvin harris so all this t is going on yesterday and calvil harris decided he wanted too tweet his response to this. thi this is hurtful to me at this at point that her and her teamt heh would go as far out of their waw to try and make me look bad at this stage though and then thist is where it gets real shady.eala i know you're off tour and yourd need someone to try and bury, like katie, katie perry bad blood, et cetera, but i'm nota,i that guy. sorry, i won't allow it much m that's the whole bad bloodlood incident. katie perry then retweeted a tweet of hers from last may it m believe we have it here. it i don't know if we have thehe retweet or not. n. we don't have it. hav she retweeted something of hers basically saying like, you knowo i knew this was coming all along. al the truth is finally coming out
8:36 am
without seeing the tweet, itweet doesn't make any sense so ie ane apologize we don't have it.'t h >> the truth about calvin and taylor?yl >> no the truth about taylor tay swift in general.ift inener it was kind of a misleadingleing tweet.twee >> basically saying -- sayin >> this is not -->> >> this is her >> exactly. yeah. cool. i wish we had we don't. >> all right.>> all i feel like i know everythingnoh about them now.about t i do. >> i feel so, too. too tucker, don't you? >> we need a cage match.age mat. we got to take it to the next nt level.vel. >> don't condone violence.ondone >> like the ufc variety like a e pay per view >> no?? >> is pete's dragon a remake ass well.ll >> yeah, i remember.>> yh, i rem i remember pete's dragon.. >> i thought that was remake asr well. >> all right. eest bining to see ghost buster. i can't wait, kev. 78 in 79 in annapolis.nnapol you know what, good day to go t the movies. m get some relief from the heatf a because it's going to be extreme out there. there. unfortunately that heat index hx 100 to 105. i can't believe i'm saying that. 100 to 105 today.od
8:37 am
you get off to the south and t d west lots of steamy heat in heai place here across. of the country. quiet at the moment. mt. steamy out there. visibilities reduced with all rw the haze out there with all thet water in the atmosphere and ithd will be very hot and very humidm day. heat advisory in effect at noono today. again, triple digits what it w will feel like later today withh that please take it seriously lots oy water if you're working outdooro that kind of thing. thing seven day, we'll look at the loo weekend forecast don we have anv relief on the seven day answersa in just a minute. see if your roads are getting -- no, your rails.ur >> throwing you for a spin herer tucker with the metro. mro >> with erin. >> eau issue at branch avenueuec earlier one at deanwood cleared. normal service on the orange ora line. single tracking on the green line because of that problem atm branch avenue. caution there. no alerts for the red or silver. still dealing with safetrack saa surge four shuttle bus serviceer replaces rail line between national airport and pentagon pa city. city. factor in an extra hour there.. flooding closure arundel. caution
8:38 am
look at the dmv area in the district inner loop right nowoon making your way to the wilsonso bridge from branch avenue coming in from prince george's countyny that take you 21 minutes.. 295 northbound from the bottomhb of the beltway completely jammed solid passed lavatory roadatro southbound side from north of 5h on passed pennsylvania very slow roll. ro 395 park from the beltway to the 14th street bridge and look at that delay right there. right te you can see delays on the innern loop continue from annandalennaa through tysons corner.. deep breath. more traffic in a few moments. m any questions at erin fox5 onn twitter. steve. >> still to come where do the redskins fall on the new list ol the world's most valuable sportt team. allison was down to three. >> fourth? fifth?ourth? f >> it's global.>> i >> oh, okay.h, kay >> sixth for sure.>> sth for s and later, the pokemon go crazec continues to take the nation byo storm and now you can get in onn the fun and learn a few things i about our nation's capitol, tooo in a safe and respectful way, of course.cose we'll explain.we'llla ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ 8:41 right now. n definitely hot.lyot i don't know about the fun.boutn >> yeah.>> when they do the do, do, do whaa i want to, that part is worth it. >> stalling for that. >> it might be awhile.tamigh i don't think we'll get it.t t h >> here'sin what we are going found out in just a few hours. s we'll find out what washington's afl teams name is. i what the afl stands for arena football league by the what the name is. the nam what the logo will be
8:42 am
the colors will be. although perhaps it might beig some assemblance of red whiteshs and blue la kiss that's the losl angeles team that kiss front man gene simmons owns.monss previous press conference hinten the teams colors would be red,dd white and blue we'll have to hao wait until 11:30 to officiallyfc find out. the team will start spraying inn the spring of 2017.7. >> what gene simmons haved that with it again. >> he owns at recent in ae at football league in los angelesls he came here to help kick off with his fellow owner ted leone this. they'll be kind of like equals.u >> all right. thank you.k you >> you're welcome. >> sports teams obviously we we know they are very wealthy.eahy priceless to fans.s. but thanks to forbes we know hoo much the teams are worth in 2016.2016. >> dallas cowboys topped thepedt most valuable list. l >> it's really surprising theyge increase their val bayou by 25%2 in the last year. >> i really thought the skinshes were up higher on this list, but
8:43 am
cowboys, they are earning evenne more than a spanish soccer giant brielle madrid who took home the title for the past three years.s >> they dropped to number two. >> okay. dallas worth $4 billion.$4 billo the next closest football team t is patriots who rank number six on the list our home team rankee number eight which is not bad. b top 10. >> redskins seem to be in the b top three every year.p three they're right there. the increased evaluation 18% over o the last year.t yea that's a nice little return. >> um-hmm. >> on your value. 8% 1 >> glad we're there. t just sad we lose to dallas. that's all i'm saying. coming up solutions to yourn tor summer skin problems we're inn for scorcher with heat index headed into the triple digitsple today. going to top 100 degrees.00 dege feel like it at leave. le i when will the relieve be here? ? might be awhile but tucker hasuh your full forecast next.l forec
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ >> do you know every song weg ever play.ev p >> or we just play them a lot oo the. >> maybe that, too.aybe t t all right.. 8:46 right now.46 rht n tucker has your full forecast coming up in just 10 seconds some like it hot. i'm not sure how many will likei today. this is just hot. th
8:47 am
humidity.midity scorcher. we're expecting heat index of of 100 to 105 later today. today heat advisory first of theof t season first of the year hereer issued for our sort of urban corridor between d.c. andnd baltimore and points south there down into southern maryland that heat advisory as well. so it's going to be hot for f everybody but particularly hot t right here where we have thatha heat advisory heat indexnd expected to be 100 to 105 a a little later today. today all right. already steamy start.ta 78 in 80 up in baltimore. baltimore 81 in gaithersburg.urg winchester good morning you'reoe already 81 degrees. 80 in culpeper not a lot off cooling overnight.ight no cooling in sight on our sevev day. day. we'll keep it hot right through the weekend we will pinch the numbers a little bit with a colc front by saturday and sunday so a little bit of improvement.rove that's cold front. fro it's a sad weak little coldle cl won't do whole lot but will w bring us a chance forg us ahanc thunderstorm by saturday and byd sunday. you know what, we can pop a storm today. tay but chances are not real goodloo we'll get much of a
8:48 am
than a lot of heat an lot of o humidity and again those daytimi highs really going to soar.r. here's our future heat index. that combo of heat and humidityt the actual hair temperature mide to upper 99s it will feel likeik 102 out there at 4:00 p.m. 101 at -- this may not be the day to go for a jog. leonardtown feels like 104 at 6:00 o'clock night.ig heat pump a life and well unfortunatelunfortunately and tp our temperatures soar. could be a few storms laterd b f today. today. again best chance it will be in the mountains out tonc the westw 96 today. only 78 tonight. 95 come join us the at our zip trii in clifton to i mentioned thatea cold front to bring a little lie relief saturday and sunday it'sa still going to be humid andnd rather uncomfortable but atle ba least temperatures won't bes wob quite as dangerous as they willl be today and tomorrow.omorro okay, guys, that's the latest ls forecast.foreca back to you. a good morning from march have a coleman she's aoles huge fan and she just wanted to say hello she started watching n
8:49 am
you. >> that's great. that' gre >> that's so nice.t' a little pick me up. >> i think she's having a greate day. speaking great days we have gooo day in store.da no doubt coming up in just a fef minutes. minu holly, maureen join us now with what's coming up on the big shw show. >> all right. >> on the big show today. e ie? ill it be? that is indeed the million dollarolla question donald trump gets readr to announce his pick for vp. vp >> what about hillary clinton? l could her vp pick be close too home? we all want to know thiss one and that's what we'rethat talking about the top of goodoo day. day. all new at 9a, on the big screen, he star along bradleyra cooper in the oscar nam 98ed 9 american sper. in real life, he was a key a member of the unit led by chriss kyle as the 10-year anniversarya of that battle approaches kevink lace is here live in the loft tt talk about his new project.rojet >> also at 9a, do you know yourr charisma code? oh i know you ku got it holly and wisdom does,moe too.too. that test you can take to fixo out your x factor. ftor. >> interested to see. i coming up on good day at 10a wew hope you can join us for veryer spec
8:50 am
in america. ain a >> after the shootings of blackb men last week so many parentsar are talking about their worries, their concerns of raising blackk sons. sons. but we're chatting with pamela m simpson the wife of local radio donny simpson and along with fox5 contributor paul wharton. this is conversation we want to you take part in, too, so please hash tag us -- hash good day day d.c. we'll also do this live ono facebook at 10:30 this morningng during and after that interview. >> like maureen said we really do hope that you join us not ust only for that conversation buttt for all of good day d.c. which.h is just minutes away.. >> look forward it to.. >> important conversation.onrsa. >> sure. to animal shelter in indiana taking advantage of the pokemonn go craze. >> since the game has spokes gas walking all over the place the e shelter is recruiting volunteerr willing to walk their dogs whili playing the game. gam so far it's been a hit. many people have been contacting the shelter to go pokemon dog walking.g. just be careful becausese sometimes, you know -- know >> especially with the dog you want to pay attenti
8:51 am
>> you're not paying attention y but i love it. i love it. it >> happening tonight a chance tt prowl around washington, d.c. and snag some pokemon at the same time. same the national park service iss hosting a catch the mall pokemom hunt beginning at 7:00 p.m. players can join up with park pk rangers to explore highlights oh the national mall and the memorials while hunting for f pokemon.n. the request begins at plaza onla the north side of the thomass jefferson memorial.orial. so you learn a little bit and dd you it in respectful way. catch pokemon at the same time. a win a win and win. w >> we can fine the good good situation to go with the brad.hb >> summer prime time to get g outside and enjoy yours self.f it can be tough on your skin.. >> the fox medical team's beth t galvin joins us now with quickii fixes for our summer skinmerki problems. good morning. what are those skin problems? p? >> good morning allison andmorn steve. start with sunburn which isunbuh really common one. we've all been burned at some point, and once you're burnedoub there's a few things that youewt can do. one thing that i would do ild di would rinse off the area whe
8:52 am
gently pat it dry and then younu probably want to take somethingi like a cool compress, not cold but cool so maybe put some cool milk on a clean wash cloth andth then apply that to the area anda kind of hold it on the area to o sort of take down some of the inflammation and the burning that you might have from thatha sunburn, and then you just got t to wait it out. it's going take couple of daysle for the sting to sort of go awy away. once you've done that, to get you through the first couple ofo days i would really suggest ovet the counter anti-inflammatoryiny medication like aleve or motrin or advil, all of those can helph sort of deal with the inflammation and also the pain n that you feel from sunscreen.. another really common issue -- - from sun another really common issueue people say i would wearr sunscreen but it burns my skin m when i put it on and i go i through this all the time.ime so what may be going on there aa far as summer skin problems, p steve and allison s that you're
8:53 am
sunscreen. chemical sun screens can stingag we have ingredients like avobenzone or oxybenzone.on. a good idea if you're havingavin sinning and it feels fee uncomfortable i don't know youru skin or you have young childrene to switch to a physicalhysica sunscreen that contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide and that's like a physical blocker of the e sun's rays and might be a little bit more gentle on your skin,n, and then another big issue a chlorine drying your skin out. o so if you're going to be swimming lots, you're going to be in the pool put vaseline on your skin especially on your face fit gets dried out and also when you get out of the water,a, take a shower, rinse off, um,ffu and get that chlorine off off your skin and then apply some moisturizer. >> beth, i want to switch gearse and talk about this latest lat alzheimer's study. we spent a lot of time here at fox5 digging into and focusing puttinputting the spotlight ong alzheimer's research. what is this new study showing maybe a little
8:54 am
revealed a little more than whaa we've known before? >> well i think this isell i fascinating called the men men protocol develop the ucla, steve and it is a really comprehensive approach to treating early stage alzheimer's related memory loss. this was really small study. sty they only used 10 people but b nine out of 10 of those folks fs saw pretty substantialti improvements in their memoryemor loss. they were able to actua actually regain memory they the way theyt did that was so fascinating they took 25 different factors or treatment approaches or thingshi that are thought to work, and wa they used them all but they the personalized them for ther t defendant people. so they used ade mixture of somm folks went on anti-inflammatory some tried exercise.e. some took classes to learn yoga and meditation to deal withl wit stress. others changed their diet. dt some tried medication.. or else they tried vitamins. vin and so they were looking at thii very wide sort of net that they were casting on
8:55 am
related memory loss to see whata works and what can help and how do you sort of personalize this for each individual.ividua so of those 10 folks nine saidd they saw either subjective or objective improvement in theirhr memory. six of them had either leftithef their jobs or were preparing tot leave their jobs because their r memories had become so bad it i was difficult to function.ion. all six of the nine were able tl either stay on the job or go g back to work and have a much m more improved sort of job function.tion so clearly this worked but thedt catch is, it's complicated,icat, steve and allison.e and allison it's a really complex program to follow not easy for thehe caregivers, not easy for the fot patients to stick to all these different, you know, things thas they have to sort of monitor and stay on top of. the big benefit is it really rel seems to at least help andnd provide some, you know, everyno medication out there almostut tm every medication out there can slow that process of memory loss
8:56 am
heim mers disease but it can't really reverse it indi this stuu as small as it was there was that poe potential for people pe saying it not only stopped my s memory loss it helped my memoryr get better. so clearly things, you know, metabolic anti-inflammatoryfltoy toxicity all of that plays a role in a very complicatedicat disease and they're trying toin find different ways to sort ofor target this disease.isse >> you look for those small sma things that make a huge difference. >> stapp and it right out. thank you very much, beth.. >> 8:56 right now.t now. let's check in with tucker buns again as we keep an eye onye o temperature watch today.oday >> yeah, dangerous heat,ea dangerous humidity.ngerouumid now 81 in washington. dulles 80 up in baltimore 82. bwi marshall. marl. satellite/radar is quiet.s qui might be a pop up storm todayrmd the real deal is the heat be humidity. heat index 100 to 105 this afternoon. heat voice 54 in effect at noonn today. no relief tonight look atook at tomorrow one mr. day of itr. dat little better this weekend. wee. by little better, i mean a mean little better. all right. let's see if traffic is a littli better with erin..
8:57 am
delays are ease ago bit 8:56:56 right now.ow. we'll take live look outside and show you what you're facingeac around the area. the inner loop by braddock roada we'll get do that in just second they wanted to show us tucker how nice everything is leading up to wednesday when whe temperatures drop back down intc the 80s. you can see jury jammed up stilt residual delays from earliermer crashes springfield interchangeh through annandale heavy acrossos the american legion bridge.dg we're still seeing slow movingg traffic sun glare grab yourrab r shades and stay hydrated today.y keep it to fox fox5. good day at 9a is coming right up.
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♪ straight ahead, the gop ticket.tick tomorrow donald trump will donau announce his pick for running fg mate and like a reality show,lio it's down to the final two. t we'll tell you who still in the time to look in the mirrorim and asked ourselves, what are we doing to create change? >> lebron james leading a callal to action during last night'sig espy awards. awards. we'll show you the drama opening moments and the powerfull tributes during last night'sg lt celebration of sports. plus, road rage runningning rampant. wait until you hear the results of a new study h showing how may of us lose our cool behind thehe wheel. wh and what it means for our safe safety. ♪ and later, taylor swift andd calvin harris airing their ditty laundry in front of millions ofo social media followers.. why he told her he won't let her bury him. h.


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