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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  July 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the attack in france has oneas presidential candidate calling c for a declaration of war on isis. >> today is signing deadlineg dn day in the nfl. n if no long term deal made by may 4:00 p.m. this afternoon kirk cousins instantly becomes oneomo of the highest paid players plas this season. fox news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> good morning to you.oo thank you very muchd fory much joining us. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. today is friday july 15th. julyh >> let's get to the latest on ln that deadly truck attack in nice france.ra >> while you were sleeping weou learned the death toll has whe h gone up to 84. tgone up among the dozens injured nearly 20 are in critical condition.coio people killed and injured as a suspected terrorist plowed a truck through a large crowdug that wash celebrating france'sc bastille day.astiday. fox5's annie yu has been following the story and hasg tho more on another sad day in
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annie. >> reporter: it certainly is a sad day in france and arounddn the world. wld another tragedy for the french e people. we're learning a lot we know two americans, acans father and son on vacation vatio from texas are believed to beve among those killed during thele terror attacks in the in t frenchtown of nice.fren this happened last nightlast n around 10:30 local time. t people were running for their fr lives as a suspected terroristei plowed a truck through a largeha crowd celebrating bastille b day. more than 80 people includinglug children are dead. dozens severely injured. iur french police say the man whocet was behind the wheel deliberately drove the truckrove into the crowd and began beg shooting at people runningng away for their life. lif that driver was shot andt killed by police. officials say a stash of firearms explosives anald hand n grenades were found in the truck.uc president hollande will hold all meeting to discuss the discuhe situation.situation. he'll also travel to nice later today. france any other mourning alone. the deadly attackny is sendingsn shock waves around the world.her yesterday's atta
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eight months after a gunmann killed more than 130 in the paris attacks. islamist extremis extremists clm responsibility. back to you guys.u guys. >> 4:32 right now.ow president obama issued aid statement overnight about thatt deadly terror attack. att >> president obama offerednt omo thoughts and prayers to theyerse french people and reaffirmedir the united states long l alliance with france.ith france. >> the president saying "ondentg this bastille day we are reminded of the exes at axeat ordinary resilience andiliee democratic values that have h made france an inspiration torai the entire world and we know kw that the character of thecter oe french republic will endure wilr long after this devastatingtati and tragic loss of life." >> presumptive 2016 presidential candidate donald trump and hillary clinton also reacting to theal deadly dea terrorist attack in france. both trump and clinton spokeonpe on fox news about the ongoing war on terrorism.
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we go it's going to be a whole a w different world.or we're thanksgiving a whole different world.anerenld. there's no respect for law andpr order. there's no respect fornoespe anything or anybody and this has to be dealt with very w harshly. harshl >> we've got to do more to understand that this is a war against this terrorist groups,ro radical jihadist g it's a different kind of what are.are. we need to be smart about howow we wage it but we have to beto b determined that we're going to o win it. >> absolutely. >> and that's going the require working with ohather >> not counting this isthis i incident this is the ninth terrorist attack in francen fnc since the charlie hebdo attack c in january of 2015 and it'st' worth mentioning that donald t trump was supposed to announceoc his vp pick today.k tod he said because of the attack ac in france, he's going to delay y that announcement.ncent. >> stay with fox5 for the latest on the campaign trail. we are live from thee fr t republican nato
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convention. tom fitzgerald will be live at the convention all week. you'll want to tune in for ourif new show fox5 at 6:30 it0 it begins monday the 18th. 1h. it will be politics with aith twist. >> all right. this morning nine people areng p facing multiple drug chargesg cr after an undercover drug bust d in arlington.rlingt >> it happened in thed in clarendon section of thedo county. police say they seized significant amount of marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy s during the sting.duri charges include distribution dib of illegal drugs possession with the intent to distributor and one charge of childld endangerment.dang >> clock is ticking for the burgundy and gold. if no agreement is reached cousins will join drew brees. be his salary will be just under ud $20 million for the upcomingpcog season. winner winner chicken dinner.
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>> the future foresees going to be hot and heavy.e hot and h i think it's also called calle summer but gary is here with all of the deets hey, gary. gar >> 98 yesterday.yes >> felt it. ft i >> it felt way over a hundred. d i think by about 11 o'clocko'clk yesterday morning, it alreadylr felt like a hundred not the case today. it's going to be hot. h we'll go back up into thep into middle 90's but the humidity hud stays down just a little bit from where we were yesterday.rd. 78 degrees on this friday morning.moing. dulles 70. winchester 73. culpeper you're down ton skater. a couple more places will trop off a little bit here. her westminster 75.west. way out in west -- western wes maryland come slappedla 77 degrees this morning. hey, annapolis is stilloliss s sitting at 80. 8 40 for at a looks like thumbsoo i think it's mostly sunny atmosa 8 o'clock. there's going to be some clouds coming across but wes got some sunshine, too.oo temperatures will be in the wl e upper 70's there. already updy to 90 degrees by lunchtime. lune 93 or so at 4 o'clock.lock there's a chance for a couplee
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afternoon.oon. but no more than that. morthan about like yesterday.esterd a couple here a-couple there t but for the most part we will stay dry, okay.ay middle 90's for highs today. tay a little bit less humid.. not quite so oppressive andnd sticky as what it washat yesterday afternoon.ernoon. little cooler going into the ihe weekend, too.oo we'll have the weekends weekend forecast in just a little love talking about the weekend, right, erin como? c >> that's right, gary. 4:36. it is friday morning right nowhw unfortunately if you're waking'n up in northeast you're waking up to problems. pblem police investigation right now has 61st street at eastern avenue shutdown we will let will you know as soon as they're as e tablable to reopen that. overnight road work scheduledk to clear at 6:00 in the morning northwest section of seo the district rock creekre parkway northbound near the t kennedy center. cen caution around that.n arou t power lines down in prince iin george's county. cou enterprise road between meyer road and locust glen road.en roa another area you'll need toee to detour around.detour a
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waking up to problems aroundemsd the dmv this morning including u paving in fairfax county,ou ongoing construction zone on the inner loop.oop. we'll certainly keep youin updated on that. the overview our maryland drive times in really nicey nic shape including 95 south fromthf the ride. cc to the beltway and 50 inbound coming from annapolisis and through crossing in bowie this morning. if you happen to have an earlyha morning flight toatch traffic on the way to bwi reagan national and dulles dul nice and quiet and all of our majors in virginia looking l good including 395 problembl free in alexandria all the way to the 14th street bridge. any questions at erin fox5 fox d.c. on twitter.n t. we'll take a look at metro m safe track surge four kicking se in at 5:00 a.m. when serviceer starts next. back to you.back t >> coming up on fox news morning rising tensions withonsi russia as a buildup of troopsro in eastern europe is announce announced >> santos the ceo of rock nation reacs
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milestone on youtube.onn y >> a live look outside acrosscrs the region.theg time right now is 4:37. 4:3 coming up in four, three, two -- 4:38. 4 back with more news, information, weather and traffic after the break.
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and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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>> a top pentagon official saying the army is drawing up new plans to expand a its expand footprint in europe.ope. the expansion would time deter d russian aggression in eastern europe and could come in thegr e next five years. >> an actor aziz azar remade r history when he was put up forpr outstanding lead actor in aor in comedy series for his role in rl the show master of none. n he's the first south asiansi actor ever to get a nomination t for a leading role in a television series
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prior to this emmy nomination he earned a golden globe award. >> latin singer romeo santos s reached another milestone his career. the bronx native is now only the second latin artist to hit 1 million views on youtube onou with his video. vid >> congratulations to him.atulat coming up on fox news morning,ng a terror attack in france f levers at least 84 people dead d and many other injuries. injur >> president obama has a town tn hall focusing on racial tension across the country.rohec >> time right now 4:41. we're back in just a moment. st .
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> straight ahead the worldheor reacts to the deadly truck attack in nice france as more mr of the victims succumb to t their injuries including twodi t americans. >> dealing with temperatures in the up are 90's as the heat0a index inches closer and closersr to triple digits.ig >> better than dealing with it on a monday.on >> that's true.>> that's >> thanks for joining us. us. i'm holl
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>> and i'm wisdom martin. i'mism today is friday july 15th.y 15 we've got weather and traffic,i, erin and gary but first gary, gr you have the floor right nowighn to talk a little weather.ther >> yes, slightly better newstern it's still going to be hot,oi to don't get me wrong butter not bt quite as humid and that'sid a ta really the headline, not quite e as humid as what it was yesterday we had the heaty we h advisory in place.visory in pla none that of tha of tod we just don't think that thehe temperature is going to get upot to that triple digit anddigi beyond heat index so again, ain still hot.ill 94. i mean, that's hot no, doubto, about it. it's way over normal and it'st' just another 90-degree daygree that we're going have.av yesterday was 98. w8. plus all that humidity.umid so at times it felt like 104, 105, 107 in spots out therehe yesterday afternoon.y afton. here's where we are thise arehis morning. little bit before 5 o'clock. 80 degrees in annapolis so quite mild there but it's it' stale great morning 73 for gaieathersburg.urg. same for fredericksburg.sbur leonardtown is 75. martinsburg you're 71 and way71w up northwest in hagerstown itn t is 76 temperatures could drop off aldo little bit more over the next nt couple o
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more. 94 for a high today. tay most places you can see lower l to mid 90' a little cooler for hot but not as sticky, okay. so, there we are in that.n and i mentioned the seven-dayend forecast earlier so i want to w show you that as well, kind of d give you an idea of where w we're going to be. there we go, finally came up. 94 today.94 here's the's t a few storms tomheorrow. ior really do think this weekene stays mostly dry.. tomorrow's storms should be tos the south and any storms we get on sunday so far and few between. i put spotty there just kind of cover it but i think mostt bm of us stay dry all weekend.eeke humidity is not too bad. bad little bit more humid tomorrow r but the temperatures come down just a bit so we're upper 80's, low 90's. another hot day on monday att 95. 95. baorms roll back in here on tuesday.tu looks like it could be prettye e active on tuesday.uesday. and then warm after that. t sire hot in the nation'sion' midsection next week. hopeful that does nottdoes translate over to the easte coast any time soon becauseoon there's going to be recording tr heat in the central pla
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next week. ne there's a look at yourr forecast. how about some traffic fridayicy morning. morn erin como she's got a smile onmn her face. >> it's a good day gary it'sy i' friday morning.idorni all of our majors into theto the district are quiet. 295 south problem free from 50r0 on down past pennsylvania.ylvan. we're looking real good from the bottom of the beltway 295ea2 northbound past laboratoryt la road. the freeway is quiet once you oy get into the district andtr a coming from chevy chase nohase issues 270 nice and quiet by the b truck scales as you head downd d from frederick down throughou rockville and look in fallsfa church not seeing any issuess on 66 eastbound. as you make your way in from fro 50 through annapolis you're in'r great shape but we still havebut a crash and closure in thesure t district in northeast. police investigation.tion sixty-first street at eastern avenue you'll needy tourl around that. t we'll kept you updated and metro surge four kicking in at 5:00. 00 we'll let you know if anyw if ay other metro delays begin tos pop up. wisdom and holly. >> condolences from all overm oe the world are beginning to be to sent to nice france. nice the country dealing withngit another deadly terroristt attac
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a suspect terrorist plowedrist p through a large crowd with alaec truck killing more than 80 tn people including children.hi several others were injured.the. they were all enjoying the celebration of bastille day and french police say the man wolho was behind the wheelee deliberately drove that truckly into the crowd and beganhe c shooting at people runninge away. away. that driver was then shot andaso killed by police.olice. officials say a stash of firearms explosives and grenades were found inside the truck. truck. two victims were americanss w a-father and son visiting vit france on a family vacation. vat >> annie yu with more on thise s family. so sad,, ann >> reporter: it is so s wes are just getting word thatth france is declaring threeri t davis mourning following the attacks. meanwhile americans mourning the loss of two americans as we justam mentioned.entioned. we can't to learn more about this attack including who theclo victims are and as you mentionen two americans from texas are tee among those killed during theng terror attack in the t frenchtown of nice. nic sean copeland and his 11-year-old son brody from the austin area were visiting nicegc on a family vacatio
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friends of the family have h confirmed their deaths onlinenle although the u.s. state u. state department did not immediatelymm respond to a request forequest r comment about the americansricas killed in that attack.atac one family member wrote online saying "this is an extremely ere difficult time for my familytim and anyonefo who knows sean and brody copeland.elan brody played on baseball teamasa and his teammates postered a poe picture of him on their t facebook page saying this p picture was sent to them ofhe brody swimming in the frenchheh riff yeah a many of the t comments thon post are of t people in complete shock and saying brody and his fatherathe touched so many lives. the team also wrote last night that we would like to ask that the hc family keep the copelands in your prayers. this afternoon our very ownur vy brody copeland as well as his father sean copeland wereer killed during the terroriste attack in nice france. this photo was sent to met toe earlier today from the french riviera. nobody deserves this type ofve fate especially not such aot sua wonderful are you in our hearts thoughts and prayers rest in peace brody and sean. you'll be remembered by
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." we are still trying to sti learn who the other victims are this morning as well as w many other questions remaining including the identities of the suspect and why he committed the attacks. aac back over to you guys. guy >> thanks annie. ann president obama issuing aidn statement overnight about theut deadly terror attack.ttac nt president obama offeredde thoughts and prayers to theyerse french people and reahe and rea affirmed the united states' t longhe alliance with >> the president saying "on " this bastille day we are we reminded of the extraordinary resilience and democratic values that has made france anan inspiration to the entireation e world. we know the character of thectee french republic will endurelicil long after this devastatingtatig and tragic loss of life ." >> donald trump and hillary clinton reacting to the attackhc in nice.e. both trump and clinton spoke on fox news about the ongoingngi war on terror. >> sounds like here we gowas li again. it's going to be a wholeo be different world.ent we're living in a whole whole different world.dieren there's no respect for law and r order. there's no respect for anything or anybody and this has to be dealt wit
4:51 am
hashly. >> we've got to do more to understand that this is a war wr against these terroristthesrror groups, the radical jihadistis groups its a different kind ofrk war. we need to be smart about how we wage it. i but we have to be determined that we're going to win it. >> absolutely. >> and that's going to require working with other people.ple. >> now n-light of the attack donald trump has canceleigd his press conference to announceou his running mate.e. the announcement was scheduleded for later this morning. mning >> president obama held at o televised national town hallna last night. now the even t focused on police and racial tensions. tsi >> now the president offered asi rare reflection on how racismows has personally affected himffech saying as a young boy inoy in hawaii a female neighbornehb refused to ride the sameam elevator with him.evator wit he said it will take time for the country work through itsrout racial issues.ra also in attendance the 15-year-old son of alton sterling a black man killed inn a police involved shooting inooi louisiana last w
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>> helping you stay safetay against the seek viruses.eek vie >> a live look outside acrossder the region. region. 4:51 is the time.ime. 78 degrees the temperature. we're back in a moment. t.
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>> the government wants toov help you fight the bite this summer handing out another round of zika prevention kits pe to the public.ntto the you can pick one up tomorrowomow from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. p your kit will incan include inc insect repellant condoms and information sheets. they will be available atill variousbe communities and rec centers in all wards. wards >> we have a fox beat free f friday contest today and let's's just, well, let the adventure begin. be one viewer could win four allr diapausallday passes to to the n center. >> prize has a value of
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go to between now and 11:59 p.m. and5 enter for a chance to win. one winner selected by randomanm drawing on july 18th.. all entrants must be 18 or be 18 older. complete rules and online entry respectet available at >> of course if it's friday you know what thatse means.eans >> what. >> it is zip trip time.ime. >> what. >> you can join tucker, wisdomim and myself all live this morning in clifton virginia. >> we're going to be broadcasting from the cornerng f of main street and chapel road r in clifton beside the bellagio restaurant and hope you can come out and say hi.i. live clifton virginia come onomn out and say hi. >> so, gary, i have already got my white pants on. o i'm trying to wear as light as clothing as possible because i know it's going to be hot.ot >> it is going to be hot but b again slightly less >> oh, good. good. >> t
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it's not going to be -- it's-- i not going to be a nice fallal day or anything like thatha obviously but it will be abu little bit less humid. hid a few clouds back out to the oot west. these are leftover clouds fromld a few showers that formed backrc to the west overnight. wes these are going to continue tono dissipate. i still think good amounts of sunshine poking through onceok t the sun comes up. 79 degrees at 8:00 a.m. a.m 90 by noon.oon. 93 or so at 4 o'clock. o we're headed up to about 94.ut . little humid. humid not as bad as yesterday.ay here's erin on this friday morning with a look at yourr traffic.affi >> 4:56 right now as metro met gears up for service 5:00. 5:0 no trains between nationaliona airport and pentagon city.y. outside that shutdown arean a they should be running approximately every 12 minutes on the blue line between b franconia-springfield nationalsp airport as well as national nata airport and largo town centerowt on the yellow line betweenet national airport -- excuse me huntington out there and national airport and greenbelt. shuttle service does replaceervi all that shutdown rail we'll let you know if anynow ifn other delays pop up orher dela anything else hits the roadits a at
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of.r holly and wisdom.y do >> thanks erin. coming up, family andily and friends prepare to say goodbye o to alton sterling. >> today is deadline for signing day across the nfl.fl look out for a long term kirkgm cousins deal.cous >> let's take a quick look at today's stock futures. there you go.y'there you oh, give me the night, whiz,ht,, come on. >> give you the morning. >> i know but if we getow butf w through the morning, you canng give me the night. me tig that means it will be friday bei night. we're back right after this. >> ♪
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it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. vacation packages start at $50 per person. a whole other world awaits.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead on fox5 news5n morning the world is reacting rg to the deadly truck attack in i nice france. fra while you slept the death toll tragically rose and we've learned details about a father and young son from the u.s..s who are among the victims.icms >> it's finally friday buty b we're still dealing with temps in the upper 90's as the heat index inches closer and closerr to triple digits.ple digi >> good morning to you. mning thank you so much for joining jg us. us i'm holly morris.or >> and i'm wisdom martin.n. today is friday july 15th. >> july.>> >> july. >> and it feels like july.e jul. gary is going to talk allalk all about it. i he's here with us of coursers erin as well ready to start


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