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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  July 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead on fox5 news5n morning the world is reacting rg to the deadly truck attack in i nice france. fra while you slept the death toll tragically rose and we've learned details about a father and young son from the u.s..s who are among the victims.icms >> it's finally friday buty b we're still dealing with temps in the upper 90's as the heat index inches closer and closerr to triple digits.ple digi >> good morning to you. mning thank you so much for joining jg us. us i'm holly morris.or >> and i'm wisdom martin.n. today is friday july 15th. >> july.>> >> july. >> and it feels like july.e jul. gary is going to talk allalk all about it. i he's here with us of coursers erin as well ready to start
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traffic. first we start with the news. >> france's president has extended its state oftate of emergency after another deadlyan attack. . >> a time of celebration quickly turned into chaos and fear.fear a suspect terrorist plowed a truck through a large crowdugard killing more than 80 people. fox5's annie yu joins us now with more on the y attack. aac >> reporter: good morningte holly and wisdom.r:lly anthis is another tragedy for fr the french people. new this morning we are learning more about s mome of the victims.ictims we know two americans a father e and son on vacation from from austin, texas, are believed toi be among those killed duringledu the terror attack in theacin t frenchtown of nice. now, this all happened lastast night around 10:30 local time. . people were running for theirhe lives as a suspected terrorister plowed a truck through a large r crowd celebrating bastilletill day. more than 80 people includingeoi children are dead.d. dozens is severely injured. injd french police telling us thate the man who waste behind the beh wheel deliberately drove they dt truck into the crowd and beganng shooting at people runningnnin away. away. now that driver was then shot st and killed by police.ole. officials say a stash of firearms, explosives andves and gr
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truck. president france what hollande will hold an emergency meetingti at the interior meeting in paris to discussion thessiothe situation. he'll travel to nice later l france not mourning al low.ourn the deadly attack is sending sdi shock waves around the worldhe w with leaders speaking out andt n yesterday's attack comes just js eight months after gunmenun killed more than 130 people in the paris attacks which islamsl particular extremists claimed responsibility for last many questions remainemn including the identity of thedet suspect and why he committedmied the crimes. cmes. live in the studio, annie yu fox5 local news. >> 5:02 is the time. this morning a northern virginia man fought commute acoe government sting trying to join s the islamic state will learn his fate. f he's one of about half a dozen z men from the region arrestedted this year on terror related charges arising froming f government sting operations.rati now his case farouq pleaded pad guilty to trying to travel toto the islamic statto
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fighters there. he wasoi arrested in january at the richmond airport. airpo >> this morning we arehi tracking metro.s tracki the federal trangnsit m agency inspected metro's safe trackafek progress and found the system fd still has a long way to go. >> fox5's melanie alnwick isck i live from the east fallsal church station with the stati details on this story.on melanie.melanie. >> reporter: good morning.r: yeah, we are in the midst right nreow of surge four, rig t right. but the fta which has oversight over metroetro operations went back and inspected surge one and two. surge one if you recall began on june 4th here from east yre f falls church to ballston metro and then surge two beganrge tweg june 18th starting at easternrn market.rket. so what fta found after they ty went back and inspected was aasa total of 109 defects, 26 of those in surge two, eight ofeito them in surge one, so 34 in all they said still need work. now, metro says some of thatf t work may have been completedompt butter it just hasn't beent been verified yet.rifiedet. but it just goes to show that s you even though we've beenve ben thro
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and trouble, there is stillsti more work to be done. done. also one of the interestingerti things that fta found was that a inspectors denied hack sex,acse were denied access to eitherher the car of the train or the rail operations control centeron when they were trying to doryino their inspections and they did d say they talked to generalal manager paul wiedefeld aboutld u that, that he then impressed upon the workers in they needed to let w those inspectort in and that those incidentsncids have been significantlynignifi reduced. we can also tell that you fta ya recently approved a requestst from metro for ah another anothr $20 million, allocatingllocating $20 million in funds to theundse safe track program and as far as what needs to be done heres at east falls church, it churc t appears to be something that has to do with the powere control system in metro's own on progress report for the surge it said that there was sometherw work that needed to be done oneo junction boxes.ti good news thougonh for riders rr it's not going to impact themace at this point.s po they're going to come back and a do that work the
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surge five comes back into the t area at the end of this month. back to you guys.s. >> 5:04 right now and in virginia a state lab is making i sure the food served at the t 2016 democratic nationaliol convention in philadelphiade later this month is safe. >> massive blocks of hamburgerbg meat and cases of pork tender loins are being screened ford fr traces of anthrax as well asells e. coli and >> another lab in ohio already tested samples of the foodoo that will be served at thed he republican national convention in cleveland.leveland. >> let's talk sports now. the clock is ticking for theal redskins and kirk cousins to s t come to terms on a long term tm deal 4:00 p.m. this afternoonft is the signing deadline.e. now if no agreement is reached cousins will join drew brees as the only quarterback everver to play under the franchiserahi tag. cousins salary he will be just under $20 million. we know the name of the arena football league team tea coming to the washington valorvr will start playing at the t verizon center in 2017. 201 it's
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monumental sports which already owns the capitalsowns te wizards c and mis miss mystiques >> how does the weather looks it. >> looks pretty good. doesn't who, as hot, doesn't look all that humid.okoo for the mostok a part it looks s drive. coming up here we're going tooio need some rain.n. there's going to be no b doubt about it with all the hot i suspect we'll get m but that doesn't necessarily mean it comes in the weekend. weend. dulles dropped to 70, martinsburg/inside the beltway l we're holding up in the upperppr 70's. here's kind of the headline.ead. not so humid today. tod as a matter of factas temperatures are going to get up into the middle 90's for a af just about everybody.rybo and the one thing about today at that's different than yesterday -- well, use it will be a little cooler. coor. yesterday was 98.as8. today we'll be up to
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for a high. hh. we're certainly not talking about anything over that.ha with the drier air coming in less humid air coming in looksls like by late today when it'shens 94 or 95 it's probably goingblgn to feel like maybe 95, 96, 97, , hot. so, again, less humid. humid. it will feel a little bit more e plenty of sunshine, too. t for the most part it will bee drive. there's a slight chance of aht you believe can of thunderstorms this afternoonrm but again,s 99 percent of us of will stay dry. there's your forecast. how about traffic on this friday morning? hey, erin commute, how is itaf going. gng. >> hey gary. >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit buffy a forcom special offers. offer >> 5:07 right n we're keeping a close eye on eyn the traffic.ffic. crash and closure police investigation in northeast.thst sixty-first street at easterner avenue. happened several hours ago. should be cleareder soon butn right now as you head out in northeast use caution aroundus that intersection. as we take a look ate metro no alerts across the red orange org silver or green line. lin i like what i'm seeing. sin we continue to track saferackaf track surge four.track s no trains betweeurn nationalatil
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shuttle service replaces that ta train shutdown zone between bet braddock road and pentagonoad an city as well as pentagon city cy crystal city and nationalnd nata airport for airport customers only. crystal city station is stati is closed.clos as we look at your morning mni commute traffic on the way to bwi baltimore-washingtonim parkway 95 in the cleorar. clear same story out titules andesnd over to reagan national thingshg also looking good.oo no problems 395. 395 light volume picking up fromp fr the bottom of the beltway toof the 14th street bridge.treet brg but nothing slowing us down.s d plenty of green on the map.he as you head out in princein george's county we're problemy p free on branch avenue no issues up inner marlboro asos you make your way out on o pennsylvania avenue foure towards the district as wells wl and in hyattsville traffic is i moving along just fine. not seeing knishes throughhe rockville or gaithersburg on o 270 southbound and 66 still s flowing freely fromee fro centreville inbound.ll inbound. 95 still quiet in dale city.ity. i'll let you know if anything ah else pops up you need to be b aware of and any questions atnst erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. twier back to you wisdom and holly. h. >> coming up on fox5 news
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morning one company shells outco more than $61 billion mpfor itss role in the largest oil spill oi in the world. >> and an effort by some in se the republican party to derail i the nomination of donald trumpnu winds up going nowhere. >> as we throwed break let's take a live look across thecrost d.c. region.c. we are at 5:09 right now on a friday. it's friday, folks, that's a reason to smile. fox news morning back. oh, it's more than a >> ♪
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funeral services for alton ss f sterling will take place today. his death sparked protests across the country.cntry the reverend al sharpton and congressman cedric richmondichm are slated to speak during the >> philando castile has beenee laid to rest. hundreds gathered for his funeral in saint paul in in minnesota. castile was shot and killed k last wednesday during a policean traffic stop in the town of saint anthony. officer jeronimo yanez shotanezo him when he reached for his wallet. wall >> a police officer was placed d on paid leave for an online o post he made. m >> the officer made comments cme on facebook that appeared appea tondos violence against the agae group. one post mentioned encountering protestorsors blocking the
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the officer wrote when approaching a mob push the right car pedal to the floor.o e >> during the rnc conventiononvo committee stop their push to t let delegates vote for anyeor candidate that they like.thaty l the proposal came from colorado delegate kendall unruh. she wanted delegates to cast a vote of conscience and not for candidates they had committed ci to by state primaries. primari >> donald trump postponed announces his vp pick.his vpk. although many sources satinedrct governor mike pence will been his running mate. >> speculation still brewingla about who hillaryti clintonli might pick as her vices her vic presidential choice. choic the presumptive democraticum nominee campaigned alongside virginia senator tim kaine yesterday who is considered to be a safiae pick who could help clinton woo moderates.od earlier in the day she assure
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senate democrats she'll pick a "very qualified viceed presidential candidate."anda >> coming up supreme court c justice ruth baeder beginsdeeg berg expressing regrets foregres remarks criticizing donald trump. >> police in baltimore aree forced to take drasticra measures after a man fires on them with an. a r15. >> here's a live look across a the region. 5:12 is the time. time. 78 degrees. back in a moment. >> ♪ >> don't stop believing, >> i'm going to bep lieve, belie especially on a friday. >> ♪
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some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. >> ♪ >> developing overnight in nice france the suspect theus te terrorist plowed through at large crowd with a truckplith killing more than 80 people including children.hild several others were injured. i french police say a man deliberately drove the truckly into the crowd then begann shooting at people runninge r he was eventually shot andntua s killed by police. two of the victim in deadly
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attack were americans a father t and son visiting france on an family >> in baltimore plan is deadn da after firing at police with an ar-15 style gun. the four plainclothes officers responded to an apartmentin d complex on the city's westes side after hearing gunfire. gfie it was there that the suspect ss fired toward them. t he was struck when officerstruc returned fire and laterat pronounced dead at thedead he hospital. officials say it is unclear why the man began shooting. >> ♪ >> 5:15 today friday, fda 78 degrees already.ea and it's going to be hot andnd humid, i understand, but maybe b not quite as bad as yesterday,td right, gary.ght, g >> not quite as humid as asumida yesterday so i think it willso be a noticeable differenceree relative to yesterday, okay.ay, association still going to beoio hot. we're talking mid 90's for f highs today.s t again a little lower humidityumy will make it feel a littleit fet moretl comfortable.omfortab reagan national 78 degrees,8 dee dulles 70, bwi marshall is 76 degrees.76 weekend forecast shapes upfo like this. this is not is 91. 91. so, cooler than today,od certainly cooler than
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yesterday. yesterday was the hottest dayth so far this year ase we made upu to nader. 98. 91 on sun.. a slight chance of aig thunderstorm on saturday, most m of those storms on saturday sata look like they'll stay to the south, okay. okay. if it does happen, southernn maryland, maybe fredericksburg, staffordic county places like that, i don't think so much here for the district and just andust a chance, a very spottytt thunderstorm is possible on poso sunday but again, for the mosths part it looks like it's going gi to be drive. how about today? we're goingda to go 94 fory? a high temperature. lower humidity, too.umidit. so that's really the headline. n winds will be out of the westt t at about five to 10, as slightly drier air is coming icg in. high pressure is still to thellt south of us.fs. we seat front back out to the te north and northwest.rth an n the front will stay there the we're getting drier air coming in, slightly cooler behindoolerh this front. f this front is going to comeo com through tonight and be around here tomorrow so where thehe front is tomorrow, and it and i look
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south of the city, so wherey, s that front is tomorrow will be the focus point for somee thunderstorms tomorrow torro afternoon, maybe even on sunday as well. well. i think this front getst ts through and kind of washes out o over the next couple days days which means once it washes ithe out, it's not really so much of a focal point foror what i'm trying to say,ingo s weekend looks dry, okay. o zip trip this morning warm but gorgeous.go highs today 94.ay erin como likes that. 91 saturday.91 sa 91 sunday.91 sun now, it will be a a littleit more humid tomorrow and less les humid on sunday.unday. it's any other a humid weekender by any stretch of theetch of imagination. we're back up to 95 on monday. that's hot. back down to 91 on tuesday. there's going to be ragingin heat in the central plains centn next week. w central plains, in the centralhc plains. we're watching that closelying o because if any of that breakst e off and heads our way, our our temperatures at some pointe could be very hot next week.eek. here's erin como. com friday morning commute.ommu how is it going out there. >> you say raging heat and yound have hot wit
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points. >> raging heat west. rag going to be record setting set high temperatures. >> so feels very hot aroundgh vt the district.e d >> absolutely but we're notely ' talking about record settinget heat. >> okay. >> all right. >> well, right now we're taking a look at the 14th the 1 street bridge gary and you cannc see just a little bit oftle b of traffic trying to get acrossg tt the bridge there on 395 o traffic looking really nice as you make your way from the t bottom of the beltway inayn alexandria through crystal throy city. we are not seeing any majorajor slowdownsly i'll let you know when traffic starts to back up there. ther beautiful view of the sunrise. e let's take a look at our maps. sixty-first street hasy-first st reopened in the northeaste north section of the district.istrict. had been shut down for several r hours for a crash cra investigation at easternion avenue. traffic on eastern and 61st ands flowing freely right now you nou don't to worry about any wor slowdowns in northeast. on new york avenue past bladensburg traffic is quiet. qi let's forward our maps man's ma' and show you a look enterpriseei road this is still an issue in prince george's county.e'ount we're dealing with downedh poweli
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caution as you make your way y out. 50 inbound still looking goodkio and we're problem free in fe i crofton. we'll forward our maps andap show you what else you canyo c anticipate for the morning. mor. paving cleared on the innerle loop past little riverart li turnpike moving along fine. fin 66 inbound cruising at speed.t e i like t so we'll keep you updated andata take a look at metro next. all rails on time except safeepa track surge four causing problems for the yellow and blue.or wisdom and holly. hol >> thanks erin.>> thanks e time to take a look at the l stories you're engaging withingt this most -- the most this mt th morning on social media.g on soc we're doing it witiah our with o realtime news tracker.raer >> first up we're talkingal about john kerry because johnse kerry back in moscow to meet m with russian leaders aboutdersbt isis and the five year syrianyrn war. the session comes assyrian leaders are cyst saving u.s. cys presidents for their inexperience in foreign affairs and flaunting the fact c he's still in power.ow. >> the largest oil spill reached a
5:20 am
$61.6 billion. bp issued its final cost c yesterday and said it believes any further spill related. rat >> supreme court justice ruthcet baeder ginsberg expressing her regrets about her remarkseremar about republican presidentialbl candidate donald truicmp. justice ginsberg calling him alh fakeer who really has an egogo ill advised.dvis the justice has come under attack from donald trump tru saying her mind is >> a grocery store chain cha expands to the d.c. region. thed >> crews are busy in lehigh in e valley getting ready for nexttig week's republican national n convention. >> as we go to break let'sreak l take a live look across the d.c. region on this friday. 5:20.20 look at that beautifulhat biful sunrise. it is going to be warm todayto and it's going to be humid humid again. it's okay 'cause it's friday. fa fox5 news morning back right after this. s.
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>> maryland officials announcing yesterday that the state does not have enough workers to implement a landmark law designed t mo y kek thousands of nonviolent offenders out of prison.son. probation agents say chronicon staffing shortage left manyeft a agents unable to check in on o offend fenders in a timely way a make it nearly impossible.mpos >> the clorox company recalled e three liquid plumber productsui due to childd safety concerns.n the bottles are not child resistant since the top can ben easily removed and the producthu can cause chemical burns if it comes in contact with the skin. the company says consumerspany s should keep the bottles away from children. >> announcing yesterday it will be purchasing 38 food lion supermarkets including 21nc in mar they expect to complete theet t prnversion process for most ofn the stores in september andber a october and is interested ind hiring current food lion store teams for the purchasedpu locations.lo >> coming down to the wire in tn cleveland, ohio. crews are busy
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quicken loan arena for last las minute so far everything seems to beino taking shape according toccordio special. >> just from yesterday it'srdayi come leaps and bounds.nd bounds. we put down over a hundred sheets of plywood already tod ar build these floors and the t guys are going crazy withith these carpets.carpet i mean, they're like andersender running around this place.lace. somebody is doing something.omet >> we want you to stay witht fox5 for the very latest onyate the campaign trail.ampa we are going to be live from le the republican nationalio convention. fox5's tom fitzgerald will be in cleveland all week. wee live coverage begins this sunday morning at 8:30 on fox5 on the hill and we also wanto w you to tune in for our new show fox5 at 6:30. it begins this monday. the 18th.8th. it will be politics with ah a twist. >> ♪ >> meanwhile nothing twistyle about the weather. it's pretty much hot. h that's pretty much how it's mucw going to be and how it goes,t g right. >> and i can't really changenge it much is t
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>> it is now.t now. i think we just added it to the dictionary.ictionary. >> i know twister is a . >> i love that game we coulde am start our new game, twisty.wist. i don't know i have no clue. n c here's what's going on outgo on there right now. now twisty is a word.or >> i'm going to look it up.t up. >> look it up real quick.. google that. tt. here's what's going on.has goin not so humid today. i wouldn't describe today as d being humid. i would describe it as beingde hot i mean obviously but a lot less humid today than what wewha had yesterday where the heat index values were up seven, even -- you know, seven,now, sen eight, 9 degrees warmer than des the actual temperatures.s. so, just so you know.stw. again, but don't get me wrong,r, it will be hot.ot temperatures out there this thes morning are in the 70's. we're 78 degrees here in town tn culpeper you're 69.'re 69 not bad.t b. we're warming up. forty four for a high today.ig sunny, beautiful sunrise out sut there right rig erin como is in with a look a lo for your friday morning traffic. >> that's right, gary, i'm walking in from the traffic
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all the cameras to see how things are popping around thed h area and right now as you makeya your way out on 95 headingng inbound across the rappahannock river traffic is picking up but still slowing. you can see speeds are lookingkg pretty good. we don't have any majorny mj slowdowns as you can come upan from fredericksburg through stafford just yet but as you can see volume is definitely increasing.increasing. let's switch it over tos another camera. as you get closer to theswetlose district across the wilsonilso bridge beautiful calm shot calm right there.ght there. the inner loop and outer loop or flowing freely across theg fr bridge. not seeing any problems in largo. largo. top of the beltway also nice b and quiet. i'll let you know if anythingouo else pops up around the dmvhe dv you need to be concernedto conce about. holly and wisdom. >> confirmation twisty is a word. it's an adjective.n a i'll never question again.n agan >> okay. >> no, i might. coming up on fox5 news morning an adviser to chris christieis pleads beltway for his role in the new jersey bridgegatejers scandal. >> homeowner in californiaiforna sued by the federal government for $25 million over a short in a poorly maintained
5:27 am
electrical junction box. >> let's go to break now aics ws do we're going to take a live lv look across the d.c. region.egio you can see traffic iseeic building on a friday time right now is 5:27.:2 we were at 78 degrees rightht now. is this free bird? free bird, get your lighters out. anyway, we're back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> straight ahead on fox newsahn morning, horror in france.nce. a man uses a box truck to plow o through a crowd of bastilletille revelers.revelers several dozens are dead,ea several more injured.ed the attack has one has o presidential candidate calling c for a declaratianon of war on today is signing deadlineeal day in the nfl. if no long term deal is madeade by 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, afn kirk cousins instanley becomes one of the highest paidhest paid players this season.ayerhis fox news morning starts right >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.s g >> good morning to you.good mori thank you very much for wakingak up with us.up w i'm wisdom martin. martin. >> and i'm holly morris. m today is friday july 15th.riday. >> erin como and garyriomo mcgrady are here with wit weather and traffic in just a ja moment. first we're going to talk news. france hit with another deadly d terrorist attack.terrist last night people were runningun for their lives as a suspectedct terrorist drove a truck into ao large crowd killing more than mt 80 people.e. >> the driver of that truckr ofu was shot and killedck by police. officials say a stash of
5:31 am
firearms explosives ands grenades were found inside theud truck. two of the victims in deadlyy attack were americans, aere eric father and son visiting francefr on a family vacation. fox5's annie yu has beensn following this story for us all morning. sal she has more on this family. fil annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you holly and wisdom.wisd we continue to learn morern more about the attack including whog the victims are and we now know two americans from texasm x are among those killed duringur the terror attack in theack frenchtown of sean copeland and hisd his 11-year-old son brody from thedt austin area were visiting nicege on a family vacation.ation. although the u.s. state s department the not immediatelyiy respond to a request forst comment about americans killed l in that attack friends and family of the copelands have confirmed their deaths online. l one family member wrote on line saying "this is an extremely difficult time fort t my family and anyone who knowshk sean and brody copeland. cel brody played on a baseballebal team and his teammates postes p add picture of him on their t facebook page saying thise sayii photo was sent to them ofhem brody
5:32 am
riviera.rivi many of the comments on theco post of people in completemm shock saying brody and his h father touched so many lives. the team wrote this eveningni they wrote: now, as we continue tow, learn more about who the other victims are, many questions still remain in the attack including thear identity of thee suspect and why he committedommt the attacks. holly.lly. >> thanks annie.>> thanks president obama issuing aen statement ot vernight about thaa deadly terror >> president obama offeredsi thoughts and prayers to theyerse french people and reaffirmed the united states' long alliance with france.fran >> the president saying "onayg " this bastille day we are reminded of the extraordinary resilience and democraticce values that have made france
5:33 am
an inspiration to the entiree world.rld. ." >> this morning we're tracking metro. the federal transit agency inspected metro's safe track progress and found the system fu still has a long way to go. >> fox5's melanie alnwick islani live from the east fallsast fals church station with details. hey, mel., mel. >> reporter: good morning.te yes, so we're in the middle ofin surge four right now, right,ow,t but when we were done with surge one and surge two, t federal inspectors do go back and make sure that everythingura is done accordingt to federaled safety standards and what theyhe found is during those two thoset surges, not everything wasin w done right. rig surge one began june 4th.e surge two began june 18th. inspectors found 109 problems.b. they call them defects cantsan which means basically thaticha things were not done don conforming to federal safety standards procedures.da 34 of these items are still stil outstanding.taing. now, we are told that metrot meo may have completed some of theof work but that work perhaps
5:34 am
hasn't been verified orerified r documented yet.ed what's more, fta said its inspectors were denied accessd s to the rail operations controlsn center or the front of the cab 15 times.15 tim fta says they brought this issue up with general managerang paul wiedefeld.feld wiedefeld talked to his folksols and they say those incidentsncts have significantly been been reduced at this point.his p. now, we can tell that you during safe track one according to metro's own records, they couldn't get all l the work done with theth t traction power system andysm there were a few things theys ty needed some -- a little technical but some junctionome c control boxes they have tol come back and do work on that. metro says they'll be backk doing that during surge fiveurgv which begins at the end ofnd of july. the rest of the repair work, w those other remedial actionsctns need to be taken metro saysetros can be performed during regular routine maintenance so it should not have anyuld not hy disruption on riders who have already boone through theirone h disruptions on surge one andge surge two. also, one other note, fta didid approve metro's request
5:35 am
allocate $20 million in funds f to the safe track initiative tie live in falls church, i'm'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. news >> time to talk weather.e to tar i have a confession to make.o >> uh-huh. >> you know how i like to saveio money. >> shocker. >> i know it's a shocker. so, yesterdayno though --h -- >> he likes -- he late toe t spend money.on >> yeah. >> here's what i d yesterday i s actually -- it was so hot i actual had to turn up fivead u more degrees other air conditioner.conditioner. >> really? >> yeah 'cause it was so hot inside. >> turned it down. >> turned it down to get thed air to comeit out, right. rig let me unbutton my coat a my co little bit. >> take your coat off so you coa can be nice and cool.ool. >> relax. >> yeah, i would like to relax. relax. >> if you would like to seewo wisdom notul be so tight tweet us. >> #it's friday wisdom.isdo >> not as humid today,od everybody needs to know still hot but not as humid. humd >> i can button my coat backoabk up and that. >> no, unbutton it.t. show your beautiful tie. t >> it's
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here's what's going on outng ont there. temperatures in the upper 70's in town, gaithersburg 70 degrees. in and arorsund dulles it's 70 so western suburbs righturbsig around 70 a couple spots up are 60's out0u there. annapolis is gorgeous. annapolis, the sunrise thissehi morning spectacular coming up u and then leonardtown is advertisement dewpoints arewp critical today becauseic hopefully not as high as yesterday.yesterday. yesterday we had dewpointswe lower to mid 70's. wow, it was so humid.aso humid not nearly as humid today as a what we had yesterday. we're still going to be hot, hot though.though. high temperature gets toets 94 degrees. pretty much area wide we're talking miarddle 90's unless0'se you're by the water and it i will be a little cooler. annapolis right around 90. leonardtown 91.n 91. the weekend looks warm but dry d for the most part. p we'll talk more about thate aboa coming up.coming up. here's erin como talking >> 5:36 right now and taking aag live look outside we'll start st you off on 270 south at fathertt hurley.rl i like what i'm seeing therehere northbound side toward the t truck scales very quiet, light volume.volume. southbound side tends to get s
5:37 am
morning still flowing freely.el we have congestion picking upgeo some volume but nothingn enoughe to slow us down too terriblybl yet towards the spur.rds th spu in fact from the truck scalesru all the way down we're still sti looking pretty good.ty g we'll move it over for a look at our maps right now. i'll let you know when thatn t one slows down. out in bowie if you're if you traveling in prince george'sn county enterprise road between meyer road dealing with someling downed power lines.downow please be careful as you make mk your way out in that area.r we'll certainly let you knowno when that clears. tha asides from that yourid majors in bowie looking good.esg back to you wisdom and holly. >> 5:37 is the time right coming up on fox news morning mi one new england based medicaledc school is the first in then the nation to offer a cannabis certificate. >> at the young age of 72, rolling stones frontman sirntman mick jagger preparing to jagr pr welcome a new addition into i his life. >> what. >> with his 29-year-old wife.arf i just thought i'd throw that in there. >> wow. as we head to break right n owreakht now here's a live look outside out across the region. 5:37 is the time, 78 degrees 78e
5:38 am
mick j >> uh-huh. >> play on player. >> someone told him what toold i do. >> ♪ >>
5:39 am
♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> 5:40 is the time right now.he the u.s. navy's top admiral making a three day tripav to tp china starting this sunday. s admiral john richardson willharl be meeting with his chinese counterpart. they'll discuss the south
5:41 am
or rim pac military drills and ways to boost interactiono between the two military. m beijing rejected an international tribunal'sribuna ruling that invalidated itsidatd expansive claims in the southmsu china sea. s >> federal government suing aal homeowner for more thanmeowner $25 million.ion. they say his negligenceis neglie sparked a 2013 fire in the013 fn mountains east of los angeleslos that forced 5,000 people from f their homes. the lawsuit says in short in a a poorly maintained -- a short s rather in a poorly maintained electrical junction box actually sparked the fire inhe n burned for more than twoed weeks. >> all right. here you go.he here's a story for you. rolling stone singer mickinger jagger is expecting his eighth t his girlfriend who is a ballerina is jagger is 72 years old. o he has -- the age ranges for his children 45 to 17 yearso y old in case you're he's the g
5:42 am
children. [laughter] mick jagger still gettingge it done.r >> uh-huh. he's getting sia [laughter] >> coming up a new look at d.c.'s crime stats suggests stag leaders may have beenleads may n misleading the public about pli the true crime rate across thehe district. strict. >> the latest contract offer coc to all pro linebacker vaughnkeva miller. >> as we head to break let'sreat take a live look across theos d.c. region right now. n we are totally missing thesi boat by not playing some s rolling stones. the time right now is 5:42.s 5 we are at 78 degrees on this friday. we are back right after this.hi. >> ♪ >> ♪
5:43 am
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>> ♪ >> well, it sounds like here we go again. it's going to be a whole te a different world and this has to be dealt with very harshly. y >> we need to strengthen our alliances and i include nato n in. we've got to do more to understand that this is a war against these terrorist ese groups, the radical jihadistis groups. >> donald trump and hillary trup clinton responding to thetohe tragedy in france. france. trump said in light of the inigt attack he has postponedostpon today's announcement of his o h gop running mate. now, the clock is ticking.king in sports for the redskins the k kirk cousins to come to dealo da on a long term deal. deal. 4:00 p.m. is the signing deadline.dead if no agreement is reached rea cousins will play under
5:46 am
franchise today. his salary would be just under u $20 million for the season.ll >> he's winning either >> uh-huh. uh-hu >> either 20 million now or he2m can get lots more in a longer ln term deal.t dea >> he's enjoying friday no eo matter what. >> exactly. all his fridays are good days.ay >> what must that feel to wake k up in the morning to know,w, hey, 4 o'clock is going to goint change my world forever.worldev >> yeah. >> there's a few clouds out's this morning but it's still a b you guys are zipping. zippi >> we're zipping off tong off clifton a master minutes. >> it will be fine. it's going to be a l>>ittle bitl warm.rm. not as humid today, okay, tay, a that's the headline, not asot humid as where we were yesterday. we were crazy humid yesterday.rd not the case today. yesterday's high temperature if you t haven't heard hea 98 degrees, one of the hottest temperatures so far thisfar ts summer, so far this year for ye that matter. 78 in town, 72 for gaithersburg.itrsb starting out about 70 or so inrn the western suburbs.e western s columbus you're 68. louisville is 72. saint louis is 74. and chicago is 67 degrees thisgs morning. okay, let's get to the good stuff.
5:47 am
so for the weekend t1 wo days 9y or so much a little bit more a m humid tomorrow.d tomw. not quite as humid on sunday.un it looks like it's going to be primarily dry this weekends,y iw okay. thunderstorms tomorrow whichomor stay south of city the way the it's looking right now and anyna thunderstorm activity on o sunday is few and far between.. maybe we get one or two. or t that is about it.bout i so, very, very it's not even really worth r mentioning to be perfectly pfect honest with you.h y next week we'll cool down a dn a little bit and i think we'll ank warm up. this is what we have to to contend with in this casewin the week. there's going to be a hugee a h ridge of high pressure out inhi the natioghn's midsection next week. it does look like record heatea will exist through the the nation's midsection, texas, tex right back up into the centralal plains.. you think that's funny, erin. 105 degrees, how would thats, h be? >> that's not funny but calling it the midsection just makes me giggle. gig >> okay, the nation's middle mil right here. her the nation's middle will bewill hot next week, okay. the question is, how much of this middle heat will work
5:48 am
the united states late next week. it could happen. models are kind of flippingf and flopping. that should make you giggle as well. well a little bit for next week andrk how hot we're going to geto get towards the end of the weekhe ed but again, if a little piecetlpc of the middle comes our direction next week, we're we' going to get hot late in thee it week, okay. oka stay tuned for. that here's the forecast for today. sunny skies this 90 degrees at noontime.iere we're making it up to about 94u9 for a high today. tod few storms tomorrow but mainly south.h. spotty thunderstorm no morehu than that on sunday.t onunda hot on monday, 95.onda 9 then we're back down around aro 90 degrees or so next week. wee the chuckling, erin como is inn with the morning traffic.ffic >> i'm sorry. i thought of the nationf the wearing maybe a crop top ttop little summer dress. >> showing its belly button. >> that's what it sounded likene when you said midsection. it's friday and i want s to want smile and you gave me a reason o to. thank you. car off the roadway in spotsylvania 17 north at 95. at9 use caution the
5:49 am
95 north coming up from spotsylvania looking good.ookin. we do have congestion once youe hit dale city in the typical tyl spot. dale city to 123 as you crossouc the occoquan.oqn. we're not seeing red on oured or map just yellow. yel 4 miles will take you sevenen minutes.te dealing way three minute delayut because of congestion.stio large tree branch is down.ow this is guinea road north at ellen woodlane.dl caution as you make your way y out around that area.ouro tha this is just outside theut t beltway as you make your wayou ought in fairfax. fairfax. moving over for a look in in bowie right now closed ford utility problem enterprise ent road between meyer road and locust glen g you'll need to detour around ard that area as police and fireas a work to get thatnd moving over for an overview ofro our morning commute, aside a from that i really like whatikew i'm seeing inside theng i district.rict. 295 northbound and southboundbod problem free by pennsylvania avenue. 50 insider beltway movingid belw along towards 295 east and east westbound and looking good g across all area bridgesidge including the wilson.cle we'll have more traffic and trac take a look at metro next. nex holly and wisdom.isdo >> robberies in d.c. are going g up despite the end ca
5:50 am
words from d.c. police chiefd. lanier saying they have gone they have slightlywn gone up goe during the same time period asa year ago especiallyme those at a gunpoint they have gone up by gn more than 20 percent.0 percen two women recovering after they were shot by a plan ina pnn northeast d.c. this happeneds h just before 10:00 last nightt ng in the 1500 block of 19th9t street around the same time sami and just a block away another ar woman was stabbed in the 1600he0 block of 19th street.tree all three women are expected to be beka >> in college park, the police l chief at the university ofversit maryland admits his office off went too far when they usedn the pepper spray at a graduation party back in may.y bac in may the incident was captured ond o cell phone video as well ass police body the police chief is callingallig this an embarrassment.arrassme so far he suspended onepe officer for two weeks with noith pay and says there could be more disciplinary action ton come. >> congress just passed thes first natjuional gm o-lining requirement. the bill is waiting on o es
5:51 am
labeling genetically modified me organisms in food. f the white house sales i says iti supports the legislation.egislan the stories you're engaging withed most this morning on social media. med >> one of new jersey governory chris christie's closestse confidantes david samson sam pleaded guilty to a federal counter of bribery admittingit he pressured united airlinesdlie to operate a weekly flight to fo south carolina for his h personal convenience.on the plea will likely put an end to samson's career asr a public official. >> university of vermontrsity breaking new ground by ong new g offering a new study of cannabis science in medicinecien in theirce department of o pharmacology. the medical school program will help address theaddrehe increasing need for researchrc based on, a research based b medical cannabis across thecrose country and focus on plantnla biology chemistry and they effects of marijuana on the on human body. b
5:52 am
game of thrones which swept swe the emmy nominations for 23 for nods including first timeirst nominations for stars lena heedy and place see williams.ilm maryland made house of cardsfars picked up a few nominations as well.well it scored nods for best drama.d. >> pokemon go is triggering agg slew of new google searchese src about the metric players in the u.s. are having g a hard time with the game's units which are list in kilometers when figuring outerig how far they need to walkr beforeth their pokey eggs hatcha and they're of course turning to google to help them out.. >> wow. we're still talking about pokemon. >> isn't it sad that our kids don't know about the metricd utm system. i'm just saying. >> i really don't knoi'w about the met particular system.culare >> i shouldn't have said itd i out loud.t lou dale earnhardt jr. willardtl miss sunday's sprinter cupnter p race at new hampshire motor speed way after he experienceded concussion-like symptoms. alex bowman will
5:53 am
heart on sunday.t on no word when earnhardt willl return. >> a six year deal.ea the only difference is the new n one couples with 70 million inon guaranteed money. mey >> wow. >> that's the most guaranteed ge money ever offered to any nflnyl player who isn't a quarterback. >> wow. >> i don't know what he's waiting on to sign this d'teal.. if he signs miller would bewod b the highest paid player in denver franchise history. wow. wo >> wow. i have nothing else to say but wow.w. >> yeah, well, i would haveoulde signed that on the internet. >> i would have signed itld yesterday are you kidding me. >> as soon ae s they called and said that. >> as soon as they said hello, signed.sign >> already signed and sentea back to you.o >> let's go ahead and say g ahed hello to our facebook fan ofooka the day and today it is ebony e whiting. she says she and her husbandnd a have been watching fox5 for 20o2 years.years. >> very nice. ebony says she watches us faithfully every day.
5:54 am
she says she even cried whileiel watching allison's 50th 50t birthday episode and guess g >> we all did. did >> yeah, everybody was crying.ry she has abo birthday coming upon as well on july 23rd and an anniversary on the 24th. 24t that's perfectly t >> nice. >> happy early birthday andirtha happy early anniversary ebony. >> that's so nice.t' what a great picture. a gre >> yeah. >> we have a fox beat freetre friday contest today and let'snt just say let the advene can cheers begin because one viewer could win four all day ay passes to adventure park u.s.a. which is maryland'saryld' largest family entertainmentnt center. sesiday passes are valid during the 2016 operatingpera schedule.. >> the prize has an has approximate relay value off $132. go to between now and 11:59 p.m. and d enter for a chance to win.ahanc one winner will be selected byeb random drawing on july 18th.y th all entrants must be 18 or be 18 older. complete rules and online entry available at >> and of course if it's friday you know what thatou kw w
5:55 am
>> yes. >> zip trip. >> yes, it is zip trip time. i join tucker wisdom and we're all going to be live inen clifton, virginia.. >> how come you didn't sayn't wisdom and holly morris. >> because i don't refer to i df myself in the third personrder like some people do.eple d >> wisdom martin along withlo wt holly morris and tucker barnesks they're going to beth broadcasting from the corneeyrhr of main street and chapel road in clifton.fton we hope you can come out and and say hi.y zip trip today from 6:00 a.m..m to 11:00 a.m. live frome f clifton virginia with tuckerer barnes holly morris and wisdom martin. >> i think we should say theay zip code. that's what we're doing we'renge zipping off to that zip code.f t >> just an idea >> do you know what the zip z code is. >> of course i don' i d. >> we'll know by the time wehewe get there. >> gary has no idea about the zip code in clifton virginia. vi
5:56 am
[000:55:56;00] 72 right now for manassas. for s here's your forecast for later l on this afternoon. afterno it is not as humid today ass what it was yesterday. yesterday was awful.y today not too it's just going to be hot. h temperatures making the up to about 94 degrees or so.o. for the weekend it's a littlet'l cooler. we're talking upper 80's tos low 90's around here.ound here. we've settled on about abo 91 degrees for saturday and for sunday.forunday. a slight chance of aht ce o thunderstorm or two. shouldn't be a big deal. big d hot again on monday, 95. here's erin.n. okay, holds on. 20124, that's the zip can code d for clifton, >> there you go. if you're heading out to clifton traffic is quiet. quiet holly you should be making ming your way out there with wisdom o on advertisement car off theentf road 17 north at 95. a caution as you head out aroundoo that area. 95 is picking up through dale d city right now we're seeing a a minor delay as you cross thesshe occoquan because ofan because of congestion. taking a look here guinea road r north at ellen woodlane inoodla fairfax county we have a large r
5:57 am
tree branch blocking theg keep it to fox5 news morning.ox we have you5 r 6 o'clock hour coming rider up and we've gotang you covered with metro and allnd of your roads around the beltway still quiet. >> ♪
5:58 am
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> straight ahead at 6:00,
6:00 am
terror in france.ranc the death toll truck plows into a huge crowdrod of people. of people. we've got the latest on thehe aftermath of the latest terrorro attack.tack. >> take a live look outsideook right now. the heat wave continues across the d. we have your fulld. forecast as we get into weekend mode now but alreadyow r almost 80 degrees at 6 o'clock o this morning. >> hm. that qualifies as hot.fiess h live look outside on thisn friday morning, it's july 15th.ju it is friday and as steve ste mentioned it's zip trip time. tm you can join tucker wisdom and holly in clifton, virginia. vgi. we'll broadcast from thebr corner of main and chapel road r in clifton so it's coming up. good morning, i'm allisonis seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. s welcome to fox5 news morning. we're going start withe goin breaking news coming out oft o france. officials say 84 people now s 8o dead including to americansri after that truck slammed intommi a crowd of people in nice. nic >> french officials say a man drove the truck intoof a


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