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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  July 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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truck plows into a huge crowdrod of people. of people. we've got the latest on thehe aftermath of the latest terrorro attack.tack. >> take a live look outsideook right now. the heat wave continues across the d. we have your fulld. forecast as we get into weekend mode now but alreadyow r almost 80 degrees at 6 o'clock o this morning. >> hm. that qualifies as hot.fiess h live look outside on thisn friday morning, it's july 15th.ju it is friday and as steve ste mentioned it's zip trip time. tm you can join tucker wisdom and holly in clifton, virginia. vgi. we'll broadcast from thebr corner of main and chapel road r in clifton so it's coming up. good morning, i'm allisonis seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. s welcome to fox5 news morning. we're going start withe goin breaking news coming out oft o france. officials say 84 people now s 8o dead including to americansri after that truck slammed intommi a crowd of people in nice. nic >> french officials say a man drove the truck intoof a sidewalk for more than a mile al hitting people that had just watched a bastille dayst
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the driver also reportedlyortedy shooting at people runningin away before police shot and and killed him. >> and annie joins us with the t latest developments on the attack. attack. >> reporter: good morningor allison and steve. as we continue to learn more about who the vitectims are thie morning we now know childrenw c and at least two americans arica father and son are among thehe dozens killed in nice but this t morning many questions still qus remain including the identity it of the suspect and why he committed the attacks. >> truck smashed into everyone, everyone. there was noer security. >> chaos, people running for safety after witnesses say they heard gun shots. gun s. >> watching the fireworks and a heard gunfire. >> reporter: this largeorr: truck driving onto a crowded sidewalk in the french resortes city of nice late thursdayhuda just as droves of people wereeow out celebrating bastille day. >> we just assumed they were fireworks still going off but a then really shortly after that
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i saw people running. runni >> reporter: authorities sayr: a male terrorist behind the beh wheel just kept drivingl running people downju for more f than a mile. a mil the truck itself loaded with hand grenades and guns gres eventually police fatallyalice shooting the driver whove witnesses say had been firingy a gun. a gun >> you walk on the street andhet there are bodies everywhere.wh there's blood everywhere.where. i was standing in blood didn't t even realize it.t. my wife told me. >> reporter: with so manyr: w people hit by theit truck aruck large hotel quickly found in a makeshift hospital.pita >> the interpreter: france:ra is afflicted by this new new tragedy. it is horrified by what has has occurred.curr. this monstrousness which consists of using a truck tous kill, deliberately kill dozensln of people who simply came to celebrate. >> reporter: now, as weorter: mentioned earlier two of the victims are americans seanricana copeland and his young son 11-year-old son brody from the austin area were visiting nice on a family cake vacation. friends of the copeland familyhe have confirmed their c deaths online
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state department confirmingtmen thist morning. one family member wrote on line: fans' presiden blank. ba franks' state of emergency was supposed to end on july 26th it's beestn extended.e >> they said they weren'tid the going to extends it.t. now this happened and they the went right back to it.htack the president issue assue a statement overnight about thehtt deadly terror attack.r attack. >> the president offering p thoughts and prayers to three french people and reavenuend rve officialing the united states't' long alignment.lo >> the president saying we'reg wie we are reminded of the resilience and democrat values that made france anadfran inspiration to the entire world. >> presumptive 2016>> presidential candidates donald trump and hillary clinton also reacting to the deadly terror attack in both trump and clintonr speaking on fox news about the t ongoing war on terror.
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>> well, it sounds like hereikhe we go again. aga it's going to be a whole a w different world.t we're living in a whole w different world.ff there's no respect for law and order. there's no respect fore' anything or anybody.body and this has to be dealt withe t very harshly.very >> we've got to do more to understand that this is a war against these terroriste groups, the radical jihadistadit groups. it's a different kind of war. w we need to be smart about how we wage i but we have to be determinedermi that we're going to win it. >> absolutely. >> and that's going the require working withnd other people. le >> in light of this attack att donald trump has canceled hisced press conference to announceounc his running mate p theate p t announcement was scheduled forwl later this morning. >> fox5 on the campaign trail. america has to wait to found aon out who donald trump picked. trump told fox news that het h has not made a "final-final decision." no word though on when he wildel
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>> speculation still brewing about whom hillary clintonom might pick as her vice pick as e presidential choice.ho the presumptive democraticum nominee campaigning alongside virginia senator tim kaine s yesterday who is considered toec be a safe pick who could help clinton woo moderates. earlier in the days, theinhe dat former secretary of state assured senate democrats thatrat she will pick a "very qualified vice presidentialcerei candidate. stay with fox5 for the latest ls on the campaign trail.rail we're live from the republicaneb national convention. fox5's tom fitzgerald willald be in cleveland all week. week. live coverage begins sundayun morning at 8:30 on fox5 on the hill. also tune in for our new show the five at 6:30. it begins monday the 18th.8t >> ♪>> >> 6:05 right now an excitinging day here at fox5. f another zip trip.anothezip >> today we're visiting the the town of clifton, virginia. virgi tucker barnes kicking thingsking off with a little yoga thisis morning. good morning, tuck. t >> good morning, city.d mor good morning allis.
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join in on the yoga group here momentarily.mome as mentioned we are in in clifton, virginia this virginiah morning. were a beautiful community.ommui i've never been here before b just a few minutes ago but i b can tell you just driving downrd main street it is absolutelybsol gorgeous and you feel like l you're stepping back in town. tw flowers everywhere and what a beautiful place soce we're going to be visiting theg sights and sounds and peopleeoe of clifton this morning and ts o looking forward to learning a lot more about this looks to be a great community over our c friday morning. all right, let's get to the get weather forecast.her forecas more heat, more humidity on the way with daytime highshs expected to be back in the lowkw to mid 90's. mid 9 the good news is at least -- le- relief early this morningorng although hot it's not as hot hot as yesterday afternoon. afternon 77 in washington, 77 in annapolis, 76 in quantico. 72 there in frederick andderick there's a quick look at yourck r satellite and radar.llite expect more heat today. we are going to have a weakoing cold front approach from theppre west and that will likely helpel hold down the temperaturesem just a little lit so, we'll go lo
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today with a scattered late day thunderstorm and i'll be b back in a few minutes with ofit course much more from cliftonif and a look at your forecastecas for the weekend.eekend all right, that's the latest l clifton. i'm going to toss to traffico tc with erin. en >> i'm impressed with yourssh very nice yoga this morning,or tucker. you look relaxed. you look meditative.ive. we'll switch it over to it traffic right now.fic ght now a moment of zen with tucker barnes. all metro rail lines on timeime or close to schedule as you make your way outlets enjoyletse this friday morning.orni say it one more time, friday.ria we have safe track surge fourfe however. no trains running between national airport and ts pentagn no rail -- rail service servi replaces slut tell service. svi. leave an extra hour some crowded conditionsons outside the shut down area, a the blue line runningning approximately every 12 minutes n between frank spin as wel
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national airport and largo town center national airport air and greenbelt shuttle service running between braddock road bk as well as pentagon city.y. the crystal city station istatii closed any questions at erinri fox5 d.c. on twitter.witt. taking a look 295 inbound inb things are looking pretty goodyg right now as you make your wayow out from eastern avenue tove pennsylvania avenue.anvenu only about a three minute minut delay and 50 inbound still at at speed so pretty quiet there. the let's take a live look outsidesi and see how things are shapingpg up. as you make your way out on 95 o traffic still looking pretty good as you can come up from newington to the beltway.elay. things across the wilsonhe wil bridge still pretty quiet. we'll keep you updated and letnd you know if anything pops upps you need to be aware of in awarf maryland as well. a steve and allison. andison >> still ahead, major issuesssue for metro.. the rail agency losing a lot of money. there is one thing though that the general manager thinks could turn the hurting hur business those details are ahead.
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developing news out of baltimore after man is dead after firing at police with ane ar-15 style gun. the four plainclothesd officers responded to an apartment complex on theent co city's west side after hearingrn gunfire. it was there that the sus
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fired towards them.ardshe law struck when officers returned fire and later and l pronounced dead at theou hospital. officials say it's still is still unclear why the man began shooting. sh also developing overnight, t two women are recovering thisinh morning after they were shot in northeast d.c. .c. the shooting happened lastned night in the 1500 block of 19th street. str it started around 10:00. around the same time and just a block away another woman stabbed on 1600 block of 19th street -- in the 1600 block ofco 19th all three women are expected exp to be b okay. >> to fairfax county wherere officials are searching for a missing swimmer. rescue crews were out late l last night at lake barcroft barf looking for a swim here jumped p from the boat into the water. tr searching part the lake neare n the 62 lunn block of columbiaolm pike in falls church.hurc unfortunately just received r news they did locate that tha person who passed away. castile shot and killed lastd lt wednesday during a policering ae traffic stop in the town ofow of saint anthony.
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officer jeronimo yanez shot sho castile when he reached for his wallet to show hisshow his driver's license.. his girlfriend streamed therid e aftermath live on facebook.acebo the president held a town hall focusing on police and racialacl tension. the president saying as aes young boy in hawaii a femaleemal neighbor refused to ride in to r the same elevator with him. he said it will take time fore o the country to work throughork h its racial issues. also in attendance the 15-year-old son of alton sterling the black man killedan in a police involved shootingd o in louisiana last week.teek. >> in a couple days we'll know the fate of a fourth baltimore police officer standing trial in the death of freddieer gray.g lieutenant brian rice is therian highest ranking officering oicer accused in this case.s c he's charged with manslaughter reckless endangerment andrm misconduct in officers.ffic yesterday both sides presented t their closing arguments argents focusing on whether rice's re' actions and orders the morningrg that gray was arrest weret were there the judge in the case says ce s he'll render his verdict on monday morning. two other officers
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this case are still facingacin trial. meantime back here at home h in d.c., a new video of a burglary gone wrong.rong. this is surveillance video from a store in the 1700 blocklk of seventh street northwest. no. police are looking for threeorhr they tried to take cash out ofto an atm on monday.on when they didn't get the cash c one of them grabbed some chipsos before they took off.ookff the police chief at theli ci university of maryland saysd say he's humiliated by the way hisas office treated students at a a graduation party back in may.ay the incident captured on cellell phone video and by police body cameras. the chief says there's noie question the officers usedse excessive force but the partyary was not targeted. tgete all of the charges have been dropped against the two peopleel arrested that night and he ises ordered a review of the use off force procedures. >> if you are a frequent flierq you already know which k which airlines out there may be thehee best. this morning coming up the up t list is out as to who takes tak the top spot while flying theg friendly those details ahead.. >> ♪
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> this morning french investigators trying to figure r out who is behind a deadly a d terror attack.terror attac officials say the man behind mad wheel of a truck when he plowed through a crowded cro sidewalk in nice killing morelie than 80 people including twolu t americans from texas.exas. dozens of others are hurt.t. investigators say the truckors u was loaded with weapons.pons a top lawmaker says the driver e was killed after an apparenten exchange and. >> and 6:15 right now on this friday morning.ning we'll balance the bad with thenc good right now. let's focus oe n the forecastort and getting out of town.n. >> all righty.>> a we are going now to tucker barnes. he's found himself a train. hey, tuck. >> allison, good morning hey,ngy steve. steve. name clifton virginia thisgia ts
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we're zipping. it's friday. frida going to be exploring cliftonloi and all that's here to see and e do over the course of the the morning. holly and wisdom will be out o to join me in a little bit. clifton is an absolutelybsol beautiful place.beautiful only been here for about anbouta hour or so but it's really very charming and quaint. quain history of clifton dates back to the civil war and railroads i so they've got extensive railroads including this t little caboose and train a t tracks which are still verych active. we had a train come throughomeou clifton a few moments ago so we'll learn more about theout trains during the course of the morning as well and whaturea role the trains played in theye civil war here.vil let's get your weather wea forecast. as you run out the door moreore heat, more humidity for your friday. friday not much relief. relie today might be a few degrees cooler than yesterday but it'syi still going to be on the gng tot scorching side. no advisory today but plenty of heat and humidity. humidit 77 now in washington.ngto 73 in leonardtown.natown. 71 this morning in fredericksburg. and there are yourre your temperatures for this afternoon. so, plenty ofer sunshine. sunsh could there be a thunderstorm? t yes. i think most of th
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high temperatures in the lowpera to mid 90's.0' low to mid 90's. 94 our expected daytime of course yesterday we were 98 w so i guess that's a little better. bett shall we do the seven-dayheevend forecast quickly? i just wantu to show you your weei kendr w forecast if you're making makin plans.plans. both saturday and sunday are featuring a scattered a scatterd thunderstorm. notice we're going to have a cold front kind of hanging out in the area and that will kickkk up a few storms each afternoon r saturday and sunday.unda neither day is a rainout.ut highs remain in the low 90's.s. then we warm it up again byin monday 95 with sunshine.unsh we're in a lot time of year.fea. that's the latest from clifton.clif i'll toss it back inside toit erin b. er so far the railways heree running smoothly this morning.ti we had a train just race on through. >> good to know tucker.w tucke traffic on the way to cliftonoli looking good.okin if folks want to visit you, iou know holly and wisdom are ondome their way.r w great day for at this time. for. it's going to be a littleoe a warm. dress paving operation two rightig lanes blocked 50 eastbound at 5 lottsford vista road. caution there. traffic isth still moving along just fine
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50 westbound also in the clear t right now.ght we'll keep you updat i would say a little bit of lighter volume than what wevol typically see this time off morning now we're getting g closer to 6:30, 6:18 right now. 50 inside the beltway still stil very quiet as you head towards w 295 and 295 southbound justdus some minor delay eastern toastet pennsylvania avenue because of o congestion. no crashes to report there. thee inside the district new yorktrie avenue by bladensburg stillti dealing with quiet traffic andud we're not seeing any major slowdowns or disruptionsptions suitland parkway issue and p here's the map i was telling you about i managed to get steve's pick can cherry on theon maps #29 again, #happy birthday steve fox5.ox5. back to you steve and allison. >> but i want that doughnutnu now erin. en. thanks erin very sweet of you. u >> thank you. >> 6:18 on this friday 6:18thisa morning. >> all righty is it still tois o come. >> coming up a pedestrian up a bridge at the kennedy c penter.e the bridge will link thelink t kennedy center to the potomacotc river. the plans approved it's going to cost
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$175 million.75 the bridge would go over rockroc creek parkway. it's expected to be done by by 2018. 18. >> wow. >> i thought we were going toe i say like 2026. 2026. >> no, right around the corner. >> okay. >> tracking metro.raing the transit agency facing ancy a new problem money. metro's expenses are going upnsi even though revenue has gone down. down. rider ship has fallender sh dramatically as safety issues continue to plague the system. >> 6:19 and new this morning,ng a maryland woman won an espy award on wednesday. tatiana mcfadden from f clarksville maryland won thele r award for best female athletele with a disability.ility. mcfadden is part of the team u.s.a.u. she is a par olympic olymp wheelchair racer and nordicor skier. >> congratulations to her. >> really congrats.eay >> t-mobile is using the usinghe pokemon go craze to attractsac new customers.tors the wireless carrier is is offering customers a huge dealea for an entire year just fort playing the details ahead. ahe
6:20 am
virginia as well. yoga continues puttingutti everybody into a good peace ofac mind early this morning. t you can seehi our crews in thenh background there getting setng up for tucker's next live n l shot. that's coming up.that's stay with us.h us. we're zip tripping on a fridayry morning. >> ♪
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>> terror attack in franceat having an many packet on european stocks driving downck markets in the uk and fans. let's check the markets aroundsn the world.thrld. here at home and new york cityy perhaps adam slap pirro joinsoi us once again on a friday.riy. european markets down.own. how are we looking for hereorer for futures adam.r futures a >> reporter: our futuresr: our s actually are negative but not drastically.dras very good chance when theyn they start trading in new york at 9:30 eastern we could go backldg into positive territory andritod we've had a terrific week asc ws far as equities and tradings ana are concerned.rn. remember the dow has had several record closes as h
6:23 am
the zathe the s & p 500. germany which had gone into gon positive territory, the dax, da, the deutsch stock index has inds gone negative again. again there has been a lot of pressure placed on the stockon markets in t europe prettytt consistent across thatosthat continent. with everything that happens tht here and abroad sometimes it makes you want to get away. a when it comes to getting awayin if youg really want there high quality best service yoube really have to get away don'tst you? >> reporter: emirates woulds wo w the way to go.he this is the latest survey.urve it's called the world top 10 airlines of 200016 it's the passenger choice awards and a it's compiled by sky tracks. tc. everybody has got their survey this one for four years in a row emirate has been number one, 22 cutter, followed by singapore cafe pacific and number they have all the 787s. 7s. no american based carriers inrin the
6:24 am
by the way number 10 was lufthansa, you will sit, you sio will drink, will you have aouav good time. fasten are seat belt. >> if you have the chance to fly on one of those airlinesf ta it kind of brings back the oldho days where flying was a more luxurious treat.ou >> reporter: oh, yeah.r: oh, ye. >> as opposed to what we seemt e to deal with here in this t untry which may be why we w don't have any americanrica airlines on the top 10. o >> reporter: i just i jus remembered once going on a a flight on lufthansa aboutbo three years ago and the first fr thing they did was free boozee z for adults only. wow isn't that nice. >> i went to london a couple cpe years ago and the offer to drink you a like nah. and they were like you know kno it's free right. rht nope n-coach didn't know that.ha >> reporter: none of the american based carriers, you you didn't see delta, united, american, none of them in thehe top 10. top 10. >> all right.>> need to step u
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levels here in this country.oury adam thanks. tnks. we'll leave it there for now fow but have a fantastic weekendstiw and hopefully we'll talk to tk you again. >> reporter: see you soo >> 6:25 right now: hi, gary. gr >> i'm surprised spirit is notti on the list. [laughter] >> no, they didn't make it.idn't >> you're so funny. okay. >> you have to pay extra ifto you want to be on that list apparently. >> that's hilarious. h >> or do better, right? look, , here's the headline in my world today for the weather wear and it's just not so humid today. yesterday was outrageouslyge humid. not going to be the caseas today. it's going to be hot andng to be there's going to be humiditye hy but we're not going to see heat index values up to as upo a we're not going to see heat index values is your passing psi 100 degrees, not if everything happens the way it looks likeayk it's going to and that will bewb our forecast. forast. 73 degrees right now for winchester.winc 77 here in town. her t we've probably bottomed out.tom. we'll start going the otherth direction.dire baltimore you're 73. 73. 77 degrees for annapolis.apol
6:26 am
today. high temperature will be up to 94, 95 pretty much area wide. w but again, not quite so humid. so, it will be a little bit more comfortable even though t temperatures are still going a to be on the hot side today. yesterday was 98. hottest temperature so far t this year. >> oh, it was, with the was, wie humidity to go with it. >> with the humidity it wasit w 105, were unhundred seven one . >> sydney flew bier is level. b thank you. i got a gate this went above and beyond. bd. >> that's great. >> on that list.>>n t >> good for them.d the >> american good >> i love that. >> yes. >> 'cause you want her to feel safe for her firstwa >> they cared and that's whatanw matters to me.e. >> see, i love that. tt. right now taking a look at lk skyfox traffic slow 95 on thehe northbound side. you can see heading towardseadig dale city right now just a a steady flow of congestion assti you make your way out in theutn local seeing a lot of congestion south of this poin
6:27 am
stafford as no crashes to report.rashes t you just needo to leave earl to make sure you get to work onu time through fredericksburgrickg stafford and dale city.rd we'll take a look at your maps next and check in with metro a i winth your rails as we continue. allison and steve. >> erin thanks.hanks. >> met pro trough is losing is g money left and right.le and r >> why d.c.'s transit systemysm is hemorrhaging money.ey one thing that could tintld tt around as well.el >> we are zip tripping. tppriin near clifton virginia andnia a looks like tucker is somewhere taking a yoga class. we'll be right back.
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♪> ♪ >> i wonder how many songs ings have in my brain g it's taking up too much space. e welcome back.lcom it's 6:30 on a friday and yes, t.g.i.f. t. welcome back to fox5 newss morning. weather and traffic for you onaf the 5's at 6:35. stay tuned for that. now at 6:30 let's bring you up p to date on the top stories.ries we begin with the latest onatest that deadly truck attack.ttac a terror attack in nice france. while you were sleeping we learned that the death toll has gone uatp to 84 among dozens injured nearly 20 are in0 in critical condition. condition. those people killed andle a injured as a suspectedus terrorist plowed a trucklowed u through a large crowd who had wd been celebrating france's fra bastille day.illeay the state department has
6:31 am
confirmed two of the victimsic in deadly attack were americans.s. and we have morean information now about them.n nou a father and a son from austinn texas. texas. they're identified as sean s copeland and his son brody. bro brody's little league team posting this morning nobodyng deserves this tine of fate of f especially not such a s a wonderful family. you are in our hearts thoughtssg and prayers. rest in peace.eace. brody andsean you will bel remembered by many. much more on the francehe f attacks ahead this morning.his . back here state side intae baltimore maryland a plan is dead after firing at police pol with an ar-15 style gun. the four plainclothes officerss responded to an apartment complex on the west side of of baltimore after hearingafter gunfire. it was there that the suspects e fired towards them.tos t he was struck when officersffics returned fire and laternd l pronounced dead at theouncedd at hospital.ho officials say it is still i sti unclear why the man started shooting. steve. >> in fairfax county searchnt sa crews recovered the body of a teenager who drowned last night
6:32 am
they made that discovery -- ivei don't think this is thethin correct map for this story.k fos that's from an arlington drugond bust story.bust story. as far as lake barcroft thefthe discovery was made aroundroun 3 o'clock this maybe we can get rid of theidf h map. that victim was identified as 17-year-old jeremy mugger of of falls church. there is the correct map showing where this happened ind lake barcroft. now we'll talk about arlington county. cnt >> police department busterred a drug ring there, nine peoplene in all arrested in the i t clarendon area of arlington. art they were dealing cocaine and ecstasy.ecst undercover agents spent sevenpes months investigating this drugg ring. >> this morning we're trackinggk metro. the federal transit agencytit a inspeciald metro's safe track sr progress. >> melanie alnwick is live with more now. good morning. >> reporter: hey good morning guys.e yeah, so wmoe're in the
6:33 am
of surge four.urou we just finished surge threege e but we are talking this t morning about one and two.nd two one that began back on june so, after each surge metro posts its own progress reportsss and the federal transitit administration also because itsi has safety oversightrsight responsibility for metro goes back and performs its own inspections and so they found fd that in some cases, safety safet procedures were not followed. fo we're talking about surge one so from east falls church to churc ballston inspectors found 54 defects, eight of those still ts need to be addressed.. during sunday surge two from eastern market to benning roadoa they found 55 defects, 26 of those are still open. now, sometimes a defect can been something as simple as a lightbulb that needs to beateeds changed but from what we understand, some of these the defects include worker safetyaf issues or in some cases metal debris
6:34 am
work procedures near ther the electrified third rail.if that could be a seriousie be a u problem. le fta says metro may have completed some of its work butkt it doesn't get clarified as a a closed item until fathe until fs inspected the work. the w fta also says that's inspectors 15 times during d these inspections were denied access to either the frontr the cabs of the metro trains whilele they were operating or the rail operations control centertr and that was a big problem pro when it came to inspectionspeio and so they did talk to general manager paulau wiedefeld.ed he got the message across and a the fta says that for now hasas been addressed.reed this has been a problem an probn procedure that's going to bet' i ongoing. on metro says it will go back and a close those open items duringn the course of regulareg maintenance.nae. back to you guys. >> ♪>> >> morning lin
6:35 am
on your sports headlines.eadlin clock is ticking for the redskins and kirk cousins to t come to a long term teal.m teal. 4:00 p.m. is the signingng deadline.dead not expected to happen. if no agreement is reached cousins will join drew breesrew as the only quarterback toba t ever play under the franchiserae tag. cousins will make just shy of $20 million for just this season then he can renegotiateeg a long term deal after that. nascar dale earnhardt going to miss sunday's race at a new hampshire motor speed way se after he experienced concussion-like he'll sit this one out foror caution. caution. alex baumann will replace him.i. no word when earnhardt willill return. hope he feels better. we of course yesterday all learned the name of the arena a football team coming to d.c. and saw the leg go.he leg g i think it's pretty cool.ty coo i like it. i it's the washington valor.or going start playing at verizontz center in 2017. the fourth fran can clues for fa
6:36 am
monumental sports, monumentall sports opened by ted leonsis. ls >> i think you'll be wearingring some jerseys or somethingse showing offer the new logo.ffern >> it is nice looking.g. >> i like it a lot. >> very sharp. >> yup. >> okay, want to go and seeee what tucker is doing out inut clifton >> i think that's a good idea.o. >> he's got a friend. >> and a scooter. >> hello. >> good morning yeah, i'vening y already found a new friend.ri this is millie everybody. erybo >> hi, how are you. >> hi, millie. milli she watches us every >> hi, millie.>> hi, mil >> allison and steve areison a e sending a great big hello to heo you this morning. >> hi, allison, hi stevely i really want to meet wisdom.isdo where is >> wisdom on his way.isdo he'll m be down here she saw we were on thisen morning so she came down toow t say hi to us. she's telling me all about all a the places to go and see all across clifton, right. >> and they're all wonderful w it's a great little town.ittl t. i love it. >> she doesn't even live here,'t that's the best part. p >> no, i don't. don >> hang on. han
6:37 am
you enjoying the weather. >> i love this weather.yiove tha can you tell by the tan.theru tt >> you told me go down toown ocean city every weekend. 73 in washington, 42 in fredericksburg.ericksburg we're in the mid 70's for just j about everybody and we'reyby and going to be in the low to midoid 90's today.ay another hot one.othe no heat advisory today.y could there be a thunderstorm? yes. yes. will there be.wil not for most of us. u just a scattered thunderstormerm with still plenty of heat andf d humidity for your friday. fri plan accordingly.ding 93 degrees at 4:00 i think our daytime high willigi be 9 yesterday we hit 98. that was our hot of the day sood far in 2016. 2 all right, millie, let's do letd this. >> all right. here we go. >> all right. erin we're going get back out o on the main road. roa how are the roads looking. lookg >> you guys are too cute. >> not new jersey clifton. cfton >> we need a helmet for this thi thing or are we good.e good. >> thank you millie. >> we'll get you guys some matching bee dazzled helmets. hs millie is the cutest. cutest. >> she's adorable.ra >> tnk
6:38 am
skyfox over 95 as you ned from d dale city 95 northbound slowd so in the typical spot coming uping to newington and south of thatft in stafford. also a touch of can congestion as well. not terrible. it's just the friday morningy mg rush. southbound side looking good towards richmond.d. we'll go to our maps.ur ms. a couple other slowdowns inns the area.the we have a crash tree branchbran just cleared guinea northbound r at ellen wood road reopened. ree things on the inner looper loop through annandale quiet. steve and >> another tragedy involving the pokemon go game. two men fell 75 feet off a cliff. >> my goodness. >> to the beach below after becoming distracted while playingacis pokemon go. g somehow they survived.d. we'll have the disturbingve thed details still ahead. >> ♪ >> make sure to continue to watch us. we are zip tsuripping intoin clifton virginia this morning. 6:38. more peaceful already.
6:39 am
6:40 am
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>> ♪ >> back now at 6:41 with what's trending on the web on this friday morning. university of vermont breakingig new ground introducing a new a medical school program focused on the program will focus onoc cannabis law policy plantic plat biology chemistry and theymist effects of march and want onnd the human body all part of the school's pharmacology department. pokemon go just can can't seem to avoid themo bad pr
6:42 am
latest headline two mene playing the game in californiaor plunged off a cliff near the net ocean. firefighters say the menhe m climbed through a fence while playing the game. one of them fell 50 feet, thehe other fell 90 feet.0 fe they survived.d. they were taken to the w hospital though with what areita described as moderateodat injuries.injuries and finally actor a aziz ansari became the first southirt asian actor to get nomination. >> that show is so funny. f i don't know if you watched i it.. hilarious. >> i will watch it it now >> he's no spring chickenchic anymore.ymor find out how many kids thiss makes for rolling stone frontman mick jagger soon to be d
6:43 am
steve, rejoice. [laughter]
6:44 am
6:45 am
you brush your teeth diligently...two times a day, right? but 80% of your mouth's bacteria arentt even on teeth. eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different. it fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. protecting 100% of your mouth's surfaces. colgate total for whole mouth health. >> we started running.e we're not local. no don't know where we were going. we were going towards goingowar seemed like everyone was running -- we were running we wn away from something but we were just turni
6:46 am
and kind of looking for somewhere that might be safe. >> video just absolutelyolel horrifying.yi we're hearing firsthand fst accounts this morning as thehis scene unfolded in france last night. 84 people confirmed deadd including two americanmeca tourists from texas.ts dozens more injured.zens more many critically.riticall police say that man who drove we a truck at high speeds intoedin the crowd and joined bastillebal day fireworks responsible fornsr those dearths.eart. he skited his vehicle -..... exited his vehicle, let's gett mick jagger out of there.r apologize folks.ou not sure what's happeningre right now but w serious story allison. that driver exited the vehiclehe was shot by authorities before he was killed. killed. officials add that the truck was loaded with weapons and a grenades at the time. >> horrible story. changing gears no easy way to ny do that so let's head toutou clifton virginia where ourgini tucker barnes is. really adorable puppy an beautiful young girl.ful young
6:47 am
>> good morning, allison. i'm here in clifton, come down and join us thisoin u morning. we'll be here until 11:00.1:00 what a beautiful community.ommuy i'm discovering it for the it fe myself. lf the town has a lot to offer. ofr very friendly people.e. i'm in front of the cliftonhe general store. i think later we'll learn more n about it. this place is cool. is coo it's got general merchandisedi up front and then in the back b is the pub. you get budweiser back i'm joined by -- may i have i your name please. please. >> grace. >> may i have this littlehiittl cutie's name.cuti >> paisley. >> do you live near clifton.e ne >> yes. >> do you live iter.iv iter. >> yes. >> what's the best part. >> probably all the niceblyll tn people and food and everything. >> what does paisley love most m about it >> i don't know.>> >> she just wants to play with her mom. m let's do the weather.athe what do you think of theu k of weather? have you been enjoying the heat.joyi >> yes. >> you love it? been swimming a lot.a. >> uh-huh. >> all right let's do theight forecast and we're l looking att current numbers in the 70' 77 in washington. leonardtown good morningow 73 degrees. 72 out at dulles.utt
6:48 am
everybody's off to anothernoth warm and rather muggy start. sta hot today but at least not heat advisories criteria withh daytime highs low to mid 90'so 9 at a.. we'll have a little bit more b in theit way of cloudiness thann yesterday. 94 your friday high.r fry high. there could be a thunderstorm at for a yesterday we had one or twoadr kick we're expecting a few more a few today but they'll be isolated today. let's get to that weekends get forecast. i want to mention saturday and sunday. weak cold front coming throughnn tonight will give us someive use clouds and a chance for a f shower or a thunderstorm.nder both saturday and sunday sda afternoon with highs in there low 90's.low 90's. so, not extreme heat but stillui on the warm side for our for o weekend.we all right, that is the latest from clifton. thank you for joining me. >> thank you. you >> does paisley want to saynt t anything to the camera.amera. >> say hi to erin. hi, erin. >> my goodness.dn tucker has the cutest weatherea reports today from clifton.. love that. puppy is just so cute.o cut right now here we have ae a pretty quiet l
6:49 am
right now.right n this is 95 north and north and southbound right at the mixinght bowl as you head to the springfield interchange.erchang. traffic looking we have that congestioc n inn dale city 95 northbound.thun however as you can see as yououa get closer to the beltway t bel traffic is looking pretty prett good. we'll keep you updated.ep 270 southbound by the truck t scales in maryland a littleylane bit of congestion there.onstio and metro on time except for exp ckfe track surge four. tra allison and steve. steve >> talk a little bit about whoit is coming up on good day today. super exciteed. >> whoo-hoo! >> you know ben bailey. know ben i know him from carb.arb. >> he's a comedian.omedian. >> he has a show on a show a competing network which will remain unnamed but the show is s called who is still standing.g i really like him. him i'm super exciteed.itee >> do a little trivia. >> i'm hoping we can do that. >> if you don't get it right you have to get out and walk. o. >> i love that show. sho >> maybe he's left that in the past. how about brian >> how many great songs doesngsd brian mcknight have? he's he's just a r and b crooner superstar ser brian mcknight joining us for u
6:50 am
good day d.c. plus the zips thep trip so it's a packed we hope you join us. >> nation's tv starting at a 9:00 a.m. >> and we have a fox beat freere friday contest today. and let's just say let the adventures one viewer could win four alloul day passes to adventure park u.s.a. u.s. it's billed as maryland'sylan large of the family entertainment center you know.en all day passest are valid aalid during the 2016 operating schedule. if you haven't been there it'sne really, really fun. >> ♪ >> the prize has an has a approximate retail value off $132. go to between now and 11:59 p.m., just one minute shy ofne mine sh midnight.midn enter for your chance to win. w one winner selected by random rn drawing on monday july 18.uly 18 all entrants must be 18 or be 18 older. complete rule andline entry at >> really fun. fun. go-carts, water attraction, rollercoaster right here.terigh all righty. all r kevin mccarthy not right r here. he's in los angeles today.oday.
6:51 am
friday. first kev nobody is immunenobo from what happened in francein c last night including a number ne of celebrities. >> yeah, good morning to you,oo steve andd allison. horrible, horrible obviouslyusly tragedy there happened theredhe and i keep seeing, you know, k tweets and images, it's just a a very horrible situation but asub you mentioned yeah there was aea lot of celebrities that wereel there in the sebouth of francefa that were -- that have beenveeen talked about in regards to thehe attack. specifically the cast of 50f 50 shades darker which is thes sequel to "fifty shades of grey." gr the production team released aon statement saying "productionuctn has confirmed that everyoneryone working on location in the loci south of france is okay. everyone has been accounted acct for is that safe and sound.ound thanks for everyone's messages e and concerns.and concern another sad day for france and e the world "but this particularr attack kind of hits home foromer me personally because my auntsen and uncle by great under a anda uncle actually live about 20bou0 minutes from where the attackttc took and it's m
6:52 am
sister, aunt mimi and uncle unc dory i love them so much and mh they're fine thankfully.fine t they were not at home duringduri the attack and i'm not going goi to say where they were butere bt they are perfectly fine. f i was just there in nice inic may visiting them at theirhe home which is very, very close c to where this attack took place, so it was just a very vey scary situation.ittion especially considering nice isoi such a -- like a paradiseadis location. it's a beautiful, beautiful place with boats and beautiful t water and architecture.hitect it just doesn't -- it just seems super crazy that t something actually happenedappee there. but, you know, it's a veryer scary time right now obviouslybs and i don't comment a lot onn tragic news in regards 'cause'c i'm usually doing movies and happy and entertainment stuff su but this with everythingerhing happening in dallas batonin d rouge and minnesota it's justt's a really scary time right n
6:53 am
really hit home for mee personally because i have hav family that was close by. thas but everyone of these tragicc events in the past couple dayspd has been very, very bad. >> absolutely horrifyingut especially if you have inly personal connection.rsonal one thing you can do for us, kevin, though is give us a givea little bit of an escape fromapeo bad situations by placing usng somewhere where we can be entertained. >> you know, it's interesting ii you say that steve and i'm i glad -- 'cause it's a hard transition to go from one torom the other but you're a hundredur percent right.perc people look to the movies to escape everything that'sing thas happening in the i mean last week ig t was secree life of pets everyone wantede wn to go out and enjoy a fun animated movie even though there were tragic eventsrec e happening in the world.ening int it's a way for to uhes escape ec the tragedies that arees a happening but, yes, ghostghost buster center city opening up today can whicup -- busters is p today. this film came with so muchh soc controversy leading up to thers release ofy the move he z he people wanted to late on itte lt before they saw fo
6:54 am
trailer in youtube history. hiso the movie is officially certified fresh on rottennotte tomatoes which is wug the movie is getting great reviews. i absolutely loved this filmilm and the cast is incredible.dibl. melissa mccarthy you have h kristen wiig leslie jones as as well as kate mckinnon whockinnoo steals the you know her fromea saturdayatur night live. live. she plays hillary clinton onhi the show, justinll bieber, she s steals the film. paul steig did a great job of o making a movie that stands on sd its own. o i grew up as a kid who loved lov "ghost busters."usters." i had a proton pack when i was a kid but this movie on its own, the 3-d is fantastic. fantc it wasn't shot in 3-d, it was ws shot in 2d but they put black bk bars in the top and the bottom t of the screen where the 3-d 3 goes over the bar. b it's very well done.l four out of five highlyighl recommended. stay after the credits. credits there's a great scene at theat t end of the credits that teasesss a possible sequel.quel gave 84 out of five.e. definitely see if you want to have a goodhave o time a
6:55 am
movies this weekend.. >> well, that's what i'll be b doing, a little get away. awa thank you so much.uch. we'll join you later for moury y views >> and an all female cast feme a which is so cool for the i coo leading characters. very, very cool. coo >> and very -- we'll see kevinev with moury views in thews 8 o'clock hour but it's cool,soo too, that you know, he liked hed it. it was a trailer that was disliked and the actual movie seems to deliver. >> my goodness i thought that was tucker but it'sss actuallyct mick jagger.ckagger. new this morning rock and roll and mick jagger expecting a child.chil another one. anot this will be the rolling stonelg front man's eighth child.h c. he's 72 years old. o if you're keeping jagger's 29-year-old girlfriend and dancesser melanie henrik is expecting.xpeg the rock star's seven otherot children range in age from 45 years old to 17. >> 45-year-old is like i'mar-osm getting a little brother or or sister at 45.t 4 >> when you strut like that, lik you become a new dad at 72. a 7. >> i see how you might have mige thought that was tucker.tha he's got a jacket like that, lit
6:56 am
>> have you not seen tucker's te mick jagger -- >> and the walk.alk. >> who hasn't seen it. it's here's what the going we've got temperature in thetu 70's. we're going to warm up today. ty we're starting off upper 70's or so at 8:00 a.m.00 a not as humid today as where we e were we're going settle in at about o 94 degrees for a high a h temperature.mperur listen, the weekend forecast foc is shaping up like thi lower 90's. it's spotty thunderstorms at at best. i just see lots of sunshine. sh warm conditions.ondition here's erin'srin friday morning commute. cmute lay, >> good morning, gary., right now we are starting to t see some congestion pick up.stiu it seems like on fridays the t morning rush does kick in aickn little later than thanu this is 395 right now as you as come up past the beltway. bel. traffic does slow throughwhr crystal city all the way toay the 14th street bridge. bdg stop-and-go traffic withnd congestion. te'll move it over for a look at 66 out in centreville.trevile look at how jammed up the t on-ramp from 50 and 66 and 6 eastbound is as you try to get g in towards the beltway. b we'll have more traffic inff i just a few moments.. metro right now on time except for safe track surge four.
6:57 am
your 7 o'clock hour.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> there were bodies everywhere.everywhe there was blood everywhere.vewh. i was standing -- >> absolutely horrifying scenes from france. straight ahead the terror, theen chaos. dozens dex more than 80 peopletn after a
7:00 am
crowd celebrating the country's national holiday. hold learning new details aboutls abo that truck's driver. >> meantime here at home ae he plan to install explosive elo detection devices in northerndei virginia now under question bys the aclu. a why they say the plan raises privacy concerns.cerns. >> and more trouble for a new report finding its safetrack progress still withog a long way to go. to g live with those details. details >> first though a live look outside. it's friday morning july 15th.u5 you're looking at cliftonclif virginia the scene of today'sody zip trip. holly wisdom and tucker allucr there. th we'll check in with therem inith just a few a f minut >> they have been doing yogan dy for over an hour.n hou it has to be the most peaceful e community in the entire d.c. region. >> whenever i see yoga i sayr ig i'm going to take a class and a then i don't.on't. >> maybe today is your day.s >> good morning, i'm allisoni'ai seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.eve ce welcome to fox5 news morning.s i etts get the very latest from f nice tragically that death tolldeathl continues to rise after another terror attack in that country. while you were sleeping we learned the death toll has


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