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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  July 15, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> plus zip trips from clifton,r virginia on good day d.c. lateir today. straight ahead, horror on the french riviere ya.rench rivr more than 80 people dead after a truck driver plowed through arog crowd celebrating bastille day.. among the dead two americansns including a young child.ld this morning, france still s reeling from the second terror d attack in a matter of months. mh and vowing act.anwing act. we'll have the latest from nicef and tell you how the attack iski impacting the u.s. presidentiala race. also ahead more trouble forf metro.. apparently the transit agency's' problems are worse than we we thought.ou that means that safetrack surge still has long way to go. off the market
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bryce harper breaking heartsings with this picture on instagram.r we'll tell you why.hy. but first, we're celebrating clifton, virginia. good day at 10a starts now. ♪ good morning.or it's good day d.c. d >> it's friday. >> yay! >> i feel like annie is allll alone, though.houg >> i know. it's okay we're united.nite we are red, white and blue. blu. >> we are. we are >> we sat in that order, too. >> all >> thank you, annie.. >> the time now 9:00 sorry oneyn thank you for joining us on thit friday, july 15th i'm annie yu y alongside the beautiful allisons and erin.. steve and maureen have theav t morning off.f >> fridays mean zip trips.eazip this one is great. gre. >> isn't it? clifton, virginiai >> every zip trip we go on i o i want to go and visit. >> me, too.>> >> the town.>> t so we are spending the day d exploring clifton, virginia, and th
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wisdom are hanging out this o t morning.rnin looks like they're meeting nicen young people. wee check in with them coming ug just a little later.. >> can't wait for that.for of course the big story this t morning is the terror in nice nc after bastille day celebrationei ends in bloodshed there. this was the scene last night as a truck driver plowed into awed crowd on a promenade driving fog more than mile leaving behind a trail of bodies, destruction ana tears.te the terrifying moments caught on cell phone video.ideo here's the latest we know as off right now the death toll standsa at 84. attacker shot and killed byndilb police in a hail of gunfire hash been identified as a man with criminal authorities are calling the t rampage of an act of terror and france's president extended the nation's state of emergency. emn >> that's right. this is the fifth terror tack in france since january 2015. 201 and the world is showing solel solidarity check this out that'a omni hotel in dallas the scene e last week's deadly attack lit ul in the color of the french flag. >> meanwhile autho
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france continue to look noto l driver and whether he was part of a larger plot. p president obama is also weighinn in this morning. fox's doug luzader has latest lt from washington. >> reporter: this attack was so horrick the death toll may tl continue to grow as france frae remains in an extended state of emergency.em the images are terrifying.. a white truck barreling down the crowded promenade in nice n veering into the crowd killingog one person after another.nother. >> i saw people running.unni at this point we didn't have ane idea what we were running >> reporter: the carnage c continued for more than mile before witnesses say the driverd left the truck and began shoo shooting before he was shot andt killed by police. >> it was quite harrowing scenes to be honest.. i seen one guy sobbing crying wg seen people holding babiess screaming, shouting.g. running for cover.ov it was horrendous report roar a day broke the extent of the the horror became clear. clear
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find out more aboutia the drive. identified as a 3184 old french but was he acting alone? >> this operation was just not completed by him. him. there had to be recognizance. there had to be planning. plann someone had to supply him it the weapons. don't forget he had grenades and explosives in that truck. maybe there was bigger tarvegete down the road. >> french president is suggested this was an act of islamicid terrorism in country reelingling from other recent terror tax.ecr ba mc washington, presidentde obama has been briefed on theed attack saying in statement, we, stand in solidarity and partnership with france. our oldest ally as they respondo to and recover from this attack. already today planned announcement by drum of a vp v pick widely expected to beto indiana governor mike pence hase been put on hold because of whah happened in nice.n nic as the people of france onceenc again confront another horrifici attack. lost on no one t
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of the the day this attackttac happened on bastille day whichhh one the french celebrate liberty and freedom. freom. in washington, doug luzaderr fox news. now two americans are amonga the dead in that dead al tack. the state department has hasn't confirm the individual names bub the family members of sean and brody copeland have confirm c their deaths.r the father d and so from thend austin, texas area were visitint nice on a family vacation. brody's little league team tea posting this picture this this morning.g. nobody -- this quote.. nobody deserves this type of tye fate especially not such a such wonderful family. family. you are in our hearts, thoughtsg and prayers.rayers rest in peace brody and sean yo will be remembered by many. man leaders around the world ara now reaction to go the deadlydly attack in nice. nice. donald trump and hillary clinton also made statements.tent both denouncing -- pardon then noise of our camera. both denouncing this horrificc attack. attack. donald trump made this statemenn "we are living in whole different world.
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order. or there is no respect for anythinh or anybody and this has to be -- this has to be dealt with veryh harshly ". he also said, if elected hee would ask congress to declarere war on the islamic state. meanwhile hillary clinton alsona speaking to fox news and she and said this "we've got to do more to understand that this is a war against these terrorist groups the radical gee hid different de group is that so different kindo of war. we need to be smart how we wageg it. the us needs to stand stronglyly with france and strengthen itshs alliances to fair out terrorism and prevent future attacks ". it will be awhile longer before we know who donald trump's vp pick will be.ick there's a lot of speculation that indiana governor mike pence. no word yet on when trump will make his announcement.t he did delay the announce manye due to that terror attack in nice.ce a reminder fox5 will havel
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conventions. tom fitzgerald will be live from the republican nationalli nat convention in our live coverage begins sundays morning at 8:30 on fox5 on the hill. definitely tune in for that. t tune in for our new show thew five at 6:30.. it's politics with a twist. twit it begins monday the one atthnea stay with fox5 throughout theght day for the latest from the convention. all right. back here at home, it's anothero hot weekend on the way. >> but we could get a brief brif break from the humidity. >> though i don't know how int n the world we'll get that. >> how lucky am am >> look at this. at t >> yeah. >> here with annie and erin andd allison.. >> gary, we love you. y >> you're way lucky.>> y're >> gary is living it up this itt friday morning.orni >> luckiest man in hundred milel radius.di. let's put it that way.ay. >> i love it, gary.t, gar >> is the hair okay.ka >> your hair looks great. my curls have fallen.alle what can you do for me.e. >> it's not humid as y
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yesterday it was outrageouslysly humid. d. today we're just kind of humid.. okay? temperature right now hah jumped to 86 degrees. 8degree 79 for gaithersburg. already 84 dulles. it's going to be hot today butob again not quite as humid whichhh is good. goo what we were yesterday.te here's your forecast for youasty getting hot obviously we may bee jumping that 11:00 o'clock00 o'c temperature because i think thinking 87 we're already at 86 it might be hotter than that.ttr mostly sunny 92 at 2:00 p.m..m up into the mid 90s for highs hg and yes, there is a slight a slh chance later on this afternoonsr that we could get a spotty spo thunderstorm or two. two i do believe most of us stays sy dry. high pressure is still in placea again we're still hot today. weaver waiting on this frontal t system it's a cold front realrot until name only because reallyel sweeps through tonight throughit the day tomorrow it's going to t cool us down little bit but b instead of being 95 i thinki thi tomorrow we're like 91 for high temperature so not lot ofso nott cooling behind the front but it will help to kind of keep mostpt of the thunderstorm activitym at tomorrow to the south around
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that frontal system again today there's just a spotty chance ofo a thunderstorm here or there and again most us will not be n be affected by that.feed b high temperature how is it going to feel with the heat index? it will feel 96 or6 97 but it's not going to feelo f one sore six to 107 which is whs what we were getting in the heag of the day. most locations around the metrom area will be in the middle 90s.. weekend forecast notice a littll bit cooler. 91 tomorrow. the same on sunday.. possibly a little bit more humim tomorrow and then the drier hair settles in for sunday so not soo humid on sunday. and technically there would be e slight chance of a thunderstormd both days day i think tomorrow is a greatestes risk of thunderstorms and thatnd should stay a little bit south u of the city.of the cy. so all things considered not too terribly bad now back over to the lovely lov ladies on the couch.ou. >> thank you so much.nkou s >> aww, gary.ww, gar >> i'll come sit by you.l coit >> come on over.. >> sit next to me. >> not now. not now >> not yet. >> see what happens? >> red light, green light. >> see what happens? >> not our ords.
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our producer.ducer >> sorry, gary. >> still ahead, metro safety surge has a long way to go. t g. that's the word from new federar report. we'll have all the detailsve ald coming up. >> first though it's time toho head out to clifton, virginia vi and if you've never been, we're giving you five very good g reasons to check it out. o that's's n right now it's 9:10. 90. good day will be back in just as few. ♪
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♪ welcome back.ome bac we are zip tripping out to clifton, virginia.irgini what acquaint little community i out there. the lots of history, too.oo lots of artists because we've w seen somebody sketching thistc t whole zip trip and we sawnd w someone what did you say anna.ou saynna >> a lot of wineries. win >> is that right?>> i >> yeah. >> i haven't experienced the exp wineries. >> beautiful area.>> bea that i think is often overlook.l i'm glad we're highlightingightn clifton. >> tucker start the morning with yoga and that set the whole ton for zip trip for me. me. >> erin is certified yogi if you didn't know it.w i'm upgrading your pig.r p. holly, wisdom and tucker are out enjoying the day in clifton.. we'll learn more about what makk this community so special. scia. >> we can agree what make it so special are the people of o clifton, right?? (applause).e). t>>y're totaled representing
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i was talking to the mayor and asking him so he said when you think abouto clifton as a whole about seven, 8,000 people consider cliftonr t their tomorrow. when you're talking about the town proper only 250 people gete the privilege of living in the town proper. >> today it's pretty hot.yot >> it's called summer. >> why quickly give a shoutut out -- >> you don't shovel sun.un >> whoever does the flowers in this town they are gorgeous. ar. >> they are. >> you can see the sun flowersuo behind us.behi us every inch of this little community has beautiful bouquetu of flowers.. >> beautiful places.eautiful p you got a chance to go aroundun and find couple of them. the >> you are very smooth. smoot >> that's what happens when yous start mel you get real smooth. sh. >> it's he's running right into you. you. >> let's do the five must stops when you come to clifton,lion virginia.. ♪ number five, the caboose that's also a town landmark. ldr this is one of th
9:15 am
locations in all of fairfax county to still have railroadoa back in the civil war union warn forces and the couldn't fed ratr fought often to maintain or in some cases destroy the rail linr here.he. come on down and peruse the t plaque. plaque. it will give you the wholegi story. oh ton number four, we'rere switching trains to actual horsepower.rsower. the horses and humans at thees m northern virginia therapeuticeu riding program provides therapya to both children and military mr veterans.ns we're going down the road bitit for must stop number three. paradise springs winery righty r along the bull run river.iv it's a family run venture that boasts hand crafted and awardtea winning virginia wine.e. stop by for a tasting, take tout or settle in for dinner andr and entertainment. our final stop celebrate both b food and fun must stop number nm two is the main street pb it's housed within the generaler store and offers up everything n from breakfast tacos to jumbo crabcakes you can top off the
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perfect day in clifton with w dessert at our number one must stop, drum roll, please, peterson's ice cream depot ice cream is handmade on the preps s and you'll always find new and exciting flavors to try. ♪ all right. r. mazda sponsor of our zip tripsri by the end the summer someone ie going to win a new suv.uv we'll take sip trips everyps e friday until labor day weekend. that's 15 trips each week you have a chance to register andisa within a new 2016 mazda cx9 too register go to our website and look for the the contest team. team. 14 finalists selected bi-weekly random one of those 14 will win the 2016 mazda cx9. cx9 head to to enter and learn more about theseut tse outstanding car where the ac is very cool.oo let's go over to holly morris
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she has some legos in her presence.. i do have legos and i happep to have a congresswoman. now, barbara couldn't stockt s thought she was going to have aa nice quiet breakfast in cliftoni this morning and we saw her eating here. ti you got to come out and join usi this is obviously part of your o district and maybe one ofne of perhaps one of your favoriteite spots? >> it is delightfully a thankig you for being here and here advertising all the wonderful a t ings that we have here in clifton.ifto and really appreciate you beingu out here and seeing greatat program here that we have. hav >> a lot of great things when it comes. thank you for taking your time.m have great weekend.. >> wonderful to see you. >> i'll come over to this guy. this is cam meyer.eyer. he knows everything there is too know about lego bricks. brick >> pretty much. >> right? >> yes. so i started junior brick builders association in 2012 so2 this is our fifth year inn existence. we've had over 300 campers fromo all over the area learn creative designs, creative
9:18 am
solving and basic engineeringine techniques through their favorite building material. >> i just want to say you mightt have your most difficult pupilup yet. tucker is back there.tucker is k he's going at it. t he's doinghe's great job.ob wisdom here, okay -- oy >> keep going.p going. >> this is really fun.s rea because a lot of times and i a i know this is a mom of a lego leg lover myself.loverelf. >> absolutely. >> that you buy the kits.u b k >> yeah. >> but this is not abouthi following the kits. >> exactly. so we give the kids the kits bub we take away their instructionsn so today, they're given multiple kits and they're combining thent parts to create something enti entirely custom.tirelyusto >> okay. if you don't think these kids'tt know what they're doing listen s to this i just heard this guy shouting out instructions to o wisdom. what did you tell him. y >> i told him you got too build -- like with those piecese it's good to build a car becausu there's like the things and wheels in there so you got -- gt heys to build a good sturdy bass to keep it together. >> that's right.>> good sturdy base to keep itse tp together, you know what i'm saying.ow what
9:19 am
don't worry.ry >> when you're coming up with your lego creations how do youno go about it.. >> i just kind of, like, come uu with what kind of want in myn head but it doesn't always turnn out, and then --n -- >> when it doesn't turn out,n what do you do?whato you do? >> i just try to fine another solution and then eventually it ends out working.king >> this would be future fut engineer. engi looking for solutions ands an problem solving.lem solv all right. tell me your favorite thingng about -- about >> look what i create.k wh >> did he not do that. tha. i'm calling foul. >> that was a pre-build in our class.. >> pre-build in their class. wis. wis. totally called out. out >> did you really build thatuila tucker?tucker >> i had a little help. hel did i bill this? no!o! >> no! >> and the table was quiet.uiet >> tell me your favorite thing i about legos.os >> you can like just like if yof run out of certain piece, youu can use a different piece andnd like use that instead of otherf piece. >> see you just make it up asp you go and eventually it all i l work out. cayo
9:20 am
thank you. for people -- cam for people whw want to maybe see part of thet f future camp what do they need to know.ow. >> junior brick builderser association we have a camp nextp week and we still have spots sos go to www.junior brick to sign up.rgsign >> i've already taken two ofal those spots i up both tucker and wisdom. clearly they need help. nd hel back to you guys. g >> look what i did, tuck.. >> nice. i love the ent>>husiasm. >> me, too. too >> what fun day. day thank you guys. thanks, guys.> ks, time is 9:20. 9:20. more problems for met tomorrow w an's not was want to hear and president obama meanwhilebamaeaw talking race in rare town hall, and bryce harper breaking hear hearts. >> aww. >> look at this.>> look at t we'll have check on what else is making had he lines this mornine coming up plus power fans,an listen up.p. season three just two days awaya and this morning one of thef stars is live in the loft.heoft. we're sitting down with actor ar and rapper row teeny a little later.
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♪ ♪ >> all right. welcome back. time now is 9:23. it's time to check on what elsee is making hckeadlines this mor morning. that's right. first up, we're tracking metro>e th tis morning.orning the federal transit administration inspected metro safetrack progress and found the system has still a long way. in surge track
9:24 am
defects out of 55 still need to be addressed.ressed metro says most of the remedial work can be done during routine maintenance without furthere wi impacting rail service.ervice. in baltimore, a man is dead after firing at police with ar15 style gun. four plain clothes officersthesf responded to an apartmentd to a complex on the west side after t hearing gunfire.unfi it was there that the suspectpet fired shots towards he was struck when officersicer returned fire and laterire andar pronounced dead at the hospital. officials say it is stillti unclear why the man began shoo shooting.. president obama shared hisrd personal story on how racismism affected him during a town hall. he talk about as young boy inn hawaii neighbor didn't recognizi him and refused to ride in thein same elevator with him. h the town hall focused on policel and racial tensions after theft deaths of five dallas policeolic officers and after two black mek were shot to death by police.ic. the 15-year-old son of one of on
9:25 am
the men killed alton sterlingte talk with the president on whatt he plans to do to keep americans safe. $61.6 billion.> that's bp's final estimated bill for the 2010 oil spill in the ie gulf of mexico. bp says it believes any furtherh spills related to legal claimss will not have a big impact onacn the company's finances. finally, bryce harper, he's breaking hearts again. again according to his instagram, hiss engagement, well, it's back on. kyla varner posted his picturetu from the he pees earlier thisert week with the capping "espiesesi last night with my love.y l so proud of you b. ". >> aww. >> >> that's per asonal.t' you know what that says andssnd hands off ladies because sheause says and we're engaged dot dot t dot again.t again she also included allison the ever powerful ring emoji just js for extra emphasis. >> okay.y >> harper posted similar picturu with the capti
9:26 am
been.been harper and kayla are high schoo sweethearts i love this. this. they were engaged once beforeore and supposed to marie in januarr of 2015 they reported splitd spl before they walked down thenhe but the wedding is back on.k i wonder if she has the plans p and dress and all of that. >> congratulations.onulat beautiful couple. exm excited for them. >> she let him no. him no >> these athletes they stickthes with high school sweethearts tht ones that knew them before theee money and the fame. >> i loved them for who they the >> congratulations. >> good chance to grow and nownd we wish them a happy lif >> i want to see the ring. >> i need a close up. >> i know from far away i cani c see it sparkling. sparkli >> all right.>> congrats still ahead on good dad the zip trip of course continueu in clifton. clion. coming up we're saying thank you toepiece responders with anotheh edition of firehouse friday.y plus, forget the walk much thiss morning tucker is showing off this dance moves. mes >> say it isn't so.
9:27 am
>> spoiler alerts.rt they're interesting. ♪ >> okay. oka >> all right. rig >> fresh at 10a new music fridaa katie perry, britney spears bott out with new singles. i can't wait to hear them.ito he tom and tailor making itilorakin official. >> how official?>> howfficial? >> and ladies, later, grammyy nominee brian mc knight joiningg us live here right now it is 9:27. we cannot wait.t w lots of fun ahead.lots of fun a. tame frizz-prone hair with wholesome, smoothing care. new whole blends by garnier. blending our best into new smoothing haircare. paraben-free formulas enriched with coconut oil & cocoa butter extracts. whole blends protects from humidity. for hair that's irresistibly smooth and full of shine. whole blends is true smoothing. new garnier whole blends coconut oil & cocoa butter. wholesome loving care
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hair. find your blend.
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♪ oh, great song.t song. i love this one.lovehis o >> do you like this one.his o. >> i do. >> little mc lamar in your lifef >> give me a good beat on troyro day. not that i'll keep it when i dance.dae. but i appreciate it.ciat >> are you about to douto do >> tucker was supposed to dancet but he's prepping hissies ag hia little bit more.litt bit m >> we'll wait for that. wair t there's new team in town.ow so exciting.. >> we're loving the logo anding everything about it and gary actually is sporting the firstst t-shirt. >> team spirit. >> i forgot my spanks thiskshis (laughter). >> that's all right. t that's a great looking nice looking.ce loong. we all said how good that was.a. so this is arena football.l. >> yup.up. >> okay. monumental sports entertainment. >> gary -- g-- >> partnership with med star. s. >> what's up? >> toss the ball over.ball o >> oh, yeah. are you ready.e ready >> i'm ready. ready >> okay. >> good thing i caught it. >> whoo! w >> nice catch. >> it wasn't even close. c throw it back. b isn't we're having camera
9:31 am did you realize it will beit wie awesome. >> that was for the best in that arena football will startl start playing in spring of o 1 it's like a spring league indoors.ors. >> yeah.>> >> there's nets all around thean field so you can actually throww the ball off the net and you cac catch it off the bounce.nce. >> solid throw an solid catch. >> did she catch it this time?im >> good job, erin. e see. you might be a able to try outry for the team.. >> i want to go to game. g >> we're all excited about thatt yeah, we are.yeah, we great thing to do. a tng t there's not lot to do in springn around here. go watch a little >> that t-shirt looks good on go you,,ir. >> they just hasn'ted it to meao and i put it on.i p it >> can i have it? >> fits perfectly. >> can i have it? >> there's one for you i think.. >> oh, perfect.erct >> i think they brought arought bagful. >> i want to wear it proudly. >> full of t-shirts. maybe one among the three ofhref you. >> exactly.. >> rock, paper, scissors.cior >> is it weather time, weatherer time.time hot outside i just check. cck lots of sunshine, too. temperatures now are in the 80ss we're actually going to warm up
9:32 am
wee go 94 degrees which ish is cooler than yesterday.rday yesterday was 98 degrees whichsh so far the who test day of theay season the hottest day of theayt year so far and the heat index values were you up above 100 degrees yesterday.este some close to 107.07 not that much humidity today. so it's not going to be at leasl in the heat index category it's' not going to be anything likeg yesterday still hot but not soot sticky out right now we're 86. dulles 84. 84. bwi marshall coming up too, 83 degrees. d look, this is egnext week. wk. there's going to be lot of heata back out into the central parttr of the country here. h the nation's mid section. secti i think that with this heat we w see next week it will be recordc setting heat from texas back upk through kansas, nebraska even parts of the dacs. the question with next week wili some of this heat actually breae off and move in our direct. dir if it does, come out in piecesie which would bring us more 90s,e9 but if the whole area of highf g pressure moves over to the easte coast, we're going to havere goo incredibly hot temperatures by b the latter part of next
9:33 am
there's not a lot of agreementfe here in the modeling that showso this. but just so you know, sometimes these big ridges of high hig pressure get so hot and they kind of do what they want to dod they just may expand a littleite bit in our direct. dir a few clouds coming over now.row but not -- it's not mostlyostl cloudy it's gorgeous out thereoe right now with the sunshine. we're 94 today. today. winds out of the west at five tt 10 miles an hour still hot.ti h not as humid as what we had yesterday.yesterday. winds will be out of the west at five to 10.o here's your seven day forecast.c 94 today.oday beautiful out there in cliftonhi for the zip trip.ipp a storm possible this weekends e but not probable. pble. and super hot again on monday aa we get back to the 95 degreesdee and we will have humidity onumio that day. day it cools off a little bit but b again next week we'll watch thaa heat out to the west and see ifi it wants to make visit to theito east coast. coa. hopefully it doesn't.. hope it physical it like it'sik visit in the central plains ands stays there because we don'ton want it over here. h we've had enough heat to deal with. >> i like the heat, though, ga gary. >> enjoy your weekend. >> keep it coming. kee com >> really? >> yes.
9:34 am
>> i would take that over snow. >> any day.ay. >> any day.. >> pool side action. act >> now we have -- versus v shoveling snow.ovw. >> we have spoken. >> there you have it.he you >> now let's head back out to clifton, virginia, because it is firehouse friday sponsored by dondunkin' donuts. >> hello.. >> hey, guys. guy this is always one of our o favorites times -- >> wouldn't you say.ouldt y when you're eating doughnuts,ts wis.wi >> i'm assisting we are acknowledging our firstut responders and how aing they are.are. this is captain miller, this iss batallion chive little man with station 416 downtown clifton inn the seventh batallion known asnn the lucky seven.en >> lucky seven.en >> yes. y only one lucky seven.even. >> only one lucky seven and it'' you all.u. tell us about your station.. >> well actually let me starty s with the seventh batallion bestb way to explain it the county isi broken up into seven pieces of a pie and each pie piece is ae pii b
9:35 am
stations. so we're on the seventhth batallion and 416 is right inign the heart of it. >> that's very nice.e. i like how you broke that down. >> easier to explain it that w way. >> look i want to know about a what is it about this job. we talk a to lot people about at this what is it about this job i that's so rewarding.ding >> it's helping people everylp i mean, whether it's coming in and asking for directions ors o getting somebody on an ems calll that you know might need ourd o assistance down to the fires. f i mean it's helping people. ppl. >> you know i was reading aboutt you all and found it sond ito interesting was it right that it 95% of the people that you access are non-hydrant.hydr >> our area is mostly non hydranted which means we have to bring our own water to the fires. fir we have a 3,000-gallon pumpern p and 750-gallon -- i'm sorry 3,000-gallon tanker and a 750-gallon pumper, and then then we'll ask for other tankers too come. co so on any fire down here, we'llw get at least three >> three
9:36 am
>> um-hmm. >> it's also how -- the tacticst we use and how you use that tha water add a little science toene it, and obviously a lot of o training, a lot of sets and a reps. makes a 95% of this area doesn't have 9 public water system. no hydrants. we bring that water and we use e it effectively and it work. >> practice makes perfect. when an emergency happens you gu right into action. >> absolutely. we train, train, train whetherhh we have compressed hair foamd that extends our water usage.. >> that's really cool.y c i'll tell was else is cool theyl by far have the coolest patch ii have ever can someone explain this to mow. >> we just tried to capture thet town of clifton and since one oo the highlights in the town isigt the caboose, we made sure that we put that on there. t and then it also lists all thelt units that we have at our firee station from engine, tanker,ker, medic the boat and the brush trucks.ucks >> that's cool.>> so look we want to reward youd guys with a little something s something. >> okay. >> i k
9:37 am
morning you mayit not want to ee these now. >> when else do you eatn doughnuts in the morning.elhe m. >> i eat them throughout thehem day. that's just me. i eat them all the time. here's doughnuts for you.or >> go pass them out, wis. out, w >> i don't want to put anybodyub on the spot. i'll walk over here while you yu keep talking in case they might not want anything in case they t need something else. els >> don't let him fool you. >> in this day and age what is s the biggest challenge for youou all being firefighters?efight >> keeping up with thehe demographics and the changes with technology, the changes ini the community, um, keeping up, um, all the different dfere requirements, keeping up withts change that is we need to do, s with our training. our train >> um-hmm. um-hm. >> keeping physically fit.callyf that's obviously a big part. >> queue the >> i had to throw that out there obviously the doughnuts are not part of our fitness program. pro in they all took a donut and pup it >> i'm watching. i'm wching. clearly just maintaining a statg of readiness is something thatna we got good leadership that
9:38 am
sure we've the right tools andoa the time time to keep ourselvess ready. >> i tell you it's clear that ir you guys are ready to role atroe any time.y time. we thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> and we definitely lovedete honoring you as our firehouseoue friday sponsored by dunkin'nkin donuts this >> awesome. thank you very much. >> have a good safe weekend. >> thank you. >> and donut in your honor, howw about.ou >> should oy have one. s >> yes. >> i'm not sure your waistline needs that.eds back inside to you all. thank you and we stand witht you guys honoring theg the ighters out there in i clifton today.. >> absolutely. big crowd out there. >> i love it. they're always out there.'rwayso still ahead in the fox beata a triple threat actor model ael inform n singer row teeny will l join us live from the stars, of course, of the stars hit power.r and he's joining us live with a sneak peek at the new season. so we can't wait and he's going tog tell us -- good morning. >> yeah, looking good. gd he's talk about a lot moreor coming up.ming 9:38 is your time. te >> he matches us too, today. >> yes. >> looks good. ♪
9:39 am
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you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. ♪ this is who i am now. >> you got no clue what you'relt getting yourself n you'll be be dealing with ghosts the rest oft your life. >> all right. power fans get ready. season three of the hit star sta show premieres this sunday theut 17th. we have a special treat for youy today. our neck guest co-star in hit
9:42 am
stars so alongside curtiss 50-cent jackson.acks he's an actor, model singerin who's latest singer lotto getotg this featuring 50-cent reached h more than 1.1 million plays on o sound clues. joining us live in the loft to n talk about everything coming upu is row team me. good morning. good mor >> good morning. you looking good. g >> you looking amazing yourselfu >> very fresh. i like this.i like this. >> you know i had to step out. t >> i >> show off. s o first of all, congratulations on your third season super exciting.exting. >> thank. >> how do you feel and alsoyou d working with a 50-cent.0- i feel amazing when you know knw you're part of something that'sa legendary in the making.g i folic i'm a part of somethingg reallreally special. special work wig 50 i've learn so muchuc he's a renaissance >> he's been successful at it.ti >> as an artist i'm learningearn from as an artist also as an actorn i'm learning so much, too.oo >> you kind of touched on this.. but i do feel
9:43 am
leading an era of game changersa like all the up and comers, thet new generation, the raw talent.t you're so multi dimensional.siol >> thank you. >> so how do you juggle it allu from like tv, your music career and, you know, it's a lot.. >> yeah.>> >> you're so young. y >> thank you. >> can we give out your age? >> the cool thing about going to college graduated from northwesh university at school i had to learn to compartmental lies mys time so now if i got to focus i got to sacrifice and i'm so passionate about everything i ee do. it's really just focusing onusig what's most important and cutting a lot of bs.f bs. >> what is your main focus right now? do you want to focus on fn tv, music or what is it? >> musically i have project called summer banking. b m my gosh. i wanted to ask you about this,, because it makes special like i get tingling feelings thinkingnn about this. '90's music good i took ll cool jay doing it his
9:44 am
my lead singer.r i took maya moving on. o >> she's local.>> she's loc >> i>> i love her.lo her >> we love her, too. h >> i love you maya. >> no i took a lot of old school records and made them 2016 and wanted to make it r and b2016. >> that is my jam.y j i cannot -- my pandora is like l on '90's r and b. >> wow. wow >> i cannot >> you have to listen to it.te >> i can in the wait. cn t so were made you think of doingd something like that? i was was actual until club and i herb anr doing it. >> good beats, right.ig >> really good.>> i was listening to it.sten wow people still reaction to t this in a cool way. >> yes. >> i have to make this my ownakt and we did. i went to the studio the nexto e day and cut them all that day.hd >> i can't wait.'t wai >> and so coming up, what is i next for you? you've got a lota going on. >> we have power season threethe july 17th. i have summer bank is out and ia did a movie with lorenz tate, lance grow, meghan, calledn, cad deuces. i want to keep working and working and working.
9:45 am
>> unstoppable. >> i just want to be unstoppable.oppabl >> when you're popping youryo music onu' stage, you were supposeed to hot 97 jam fest itt got rain out we don't know thent next date for it when you were performing in front of a live audience what goes through your mound? ir moi always wonder the that aboutr ta >> it's leck rick. ric you want to touch every person r in way that like you want tot effect them. so i love looking into the eyesh of my fans and seeing they'reghe vibing with me.ving wit let take it up even more. mor >> you probably look at like aik real pretty face and then youn y ham it up with those light eyes. >> it's like that to you, baby,, it's right >> she goes all weak in theeak niece. >> exactly. exactly. >> okay.>> >> the same thing for dre when e play dre i want that feeling of that character that come througu the screen, too. too. >> working onset and alsoetnd a musically with artists like 50-cent do you talk to himdo yom about, you know, just career anr does he mentor you. >> oh, man. oh, man i've learn so much from him. frm like music, business, um, just
9:46 am
everything.ythi everything from him.hingm h you know because he's one ofe's those people where he likes to t show you rather than tell so you just watch him and h a watching him is really cool. >> that's and also does he -- like doesik the best advice he has given yon so far? so >> well, i really never -- i'vev never taken an acting class so s he says just continue to trustst your instincts.nstins. >> really? you've never takenyn an acting class. actg c >> no. just my instincts.tincts my inter tuition.ti just trusting that and he said h hone in on that.ho in on that. you know, believe in yourself.rf you have to have a certain typen of confidence and now like i'm kind of mastered thou just trust my inter tuition.on. >> you'll obviously keep doingpi >> yes. yes >> do you ever see yourself taking an acting class.ercting s of course, of course.ours of >> okay. >> they say take it for me but b don't want to be in my head. >> yeah.h. >> it seems out of the norm. like you really have raw talent. >> thank you.hank you it was my first -- my firstt audition was for tv show callw l boss and i gotten the series regular role f then it wa
9:47 am
learngning >> wow.>> wow >> you are truly a -- we look l forward to summer bangers look k out for especially if you likeoe '90's music and the movie, yourr music, everything. thank you so much for stoppinghg with and you can leave thisves behind. .> you can have this >> really? >> nah, you can't have this.s >> all right.ig over to you.over t you ladies. >> i really enjoyed that. t best of success to you. >> thank you. >> we wish you the best. >> you're the real deal forl del sure. >> love it. before we go to break i want too ask people to send in -- we've been dealing with this heat thia wave, right? do you have someue fun pictures about how you're yu dealing with all of our of o excessive heat, maybe -- >> how are you keeping your haih in place?inlace >> whatever. >> i'm struggling this week with that. >> make up a picture express how this heat zen it to us on us twitter using the hash tag fab5pics.cs number five.numb so fab5pics and throw in the #gooddaydc and you'll see it ont the air. a. >> we want to hear from you. you >> right now it's 9:47. 9 and coming u
9:48 am
heading back out to clifton,on, virginia, as we celebrate another hot summer zip trip.p. a lot of fun coming right up. u look like they're getting someee ice cream.e cream. downy put a gopro in a washing machine to show you how the laundry process wreaks havoc on your clothes thrashing them 3,000 times every wash. crushing them with 60 times the g-force of a rocket launch and baking them in a dryer that can get hot enough...
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♪ so i think that wisdom has found his happy place out in clifton. >> he had pizza earlier.ha pizza >> he's living the life.e's livg >> i love that about wisdom,do though. he's not afraid to just indulge. >> he'll seek out the food. thef >> oh yeah.>>h y >> if you ever watch wisdom eat pizza at 4:00 o'clock in the the morning he eats it like it is good. >> you're sitting there like --k >> like a five star dinner. din let's see what he's up to rightg now. wis, are you in line? where are you?? >> oh, i'm absolute until a good place right now because i'm inam here where they have ice cream.e i her you talking about the way i eat and if you're going eat gi why not eat like that? allt? right. i'm here with jean because shene is mastermind behind thiste operation. she's the mastermind behindrm b peterson's ice cream which isamh staple in the town of clifton. good morning to you.od morning >> good morning. >> all right.
9:52 am
cream i want put that out there. >> absolutely. we have people that love to belt here at 7am heating our iceurce >> you got a nice staff backaffb here behind you all these peoplp work for you.ou >> they're our wonderful staffrs and they take great care of us.u they make us shine. s we could and do it without themt >> you need to make me shine. m. i don't have any ice cream in me hasn't. i'm just saying. sayin i do want some ice jean, tell us about the business here. >> well, we started 10 yearsea ago. >> okay. ladies, you can scoop something out ofu there. >> get tucker treats. treats. >> we have tucker's treats.r' te >> which is what? >> it's now wisdom's wonder. >> gotcha.>> go tucker missed out.risse >> you see how she did that on t the fly? f >> tell me how is business. >> we started 10 year ago.ear my husband is a retireded schoolteacher and coach i'm ad i dental hygienist.deyg i work for fabulous guy named dr. chong lee and joseph oh and we just started this sort of on whim and, you know, we reallylly grown. we've started when t
9:53 am
very small. not a lot of businesses in townw >> people love it. >> people have really blessed us with their giving us theirs t business. bu >> and you hasn't make the ice i cream. >> we make it here.>>e ma we do. we >> how did you learn how to manned headache ice cream?am >> well, i like to cook and so i guess my love for cooking andnd tom went to penn state to ice cream college and there really is one. >> there's an ice cream college at penn state?? >> notable. the best in the country, and so he learn sort of the chemistryry and fiss sick behind ice creamhe making and the process of, you , know, freezing and temperature control.contl. >> wow! >> between the two of us, we have just decided to go for it.o >> how long have you been here r again?agai >> 10 years.>> >> 10 years. it's popular because people in i town are talking about you got y to go here. go he >> the people in this town the t first year, they're the reason we're still here. h they ate so much ice cream and d really supported us and from f there we've just grown. gro we're
9:54 am
blessed. >> happy, successful and very blessed. >> let me see how happy,e w h successful and very blessed iery can be right now.ow what's that called? we changedg the name of wisdom's wonder. >> wisdom's wouldn' >> let me do this. meo t come come here you in the red shirt d over there. come here. co eat some of this wisdom's wm' wonder. i know it will be great. it >> i don't know this guy. d i don't know this guy by theon y way. hey, don't be --heon't >> don't be a sassy customer cto just eat the ice what do you think about wisdom's wonder. >> it's awesome.>> it's awesome. you heard that wisdom's wonderae is awesome. >> bye-bye. (laughter). >> jean, thank you very much. >> thank you so much. t >> we apprhaeciate it. how about some ice cream for thm guys over here working behindor the >> ice cream for everybody. >> these two right here. t hard at work over here.. >> jean, thank you very much. ty peterson's ice cream down here in clifton, we got lot more food, more fun, more entertainment coming up. u. ya'll wave to the camera. cama everybody wave to the cameraer from down here in clifton. cft everybody is so lovely and nicel and friendly.anrien let's oo
9:55 am
studio good we're waving back. >> wisdom's wonder is that thes name of the flavor. >> i think we shall bring back a giant cooler filled with it jusj to share with the ladies. >> we hope he does that. so we are coming up on goodo day at 10a and we have a big ben bailey he's a comedian, tvnt host but for me i love catch cac so much so remember he was the host of catch cab. c >> i feel like we know him.w h >> i do, too. i had to look it up online.ine. is a cabby.abby he's a >> i love his story rereading rr his bio how he got his start. s >> wove got questions for you f brian mcknight.nigh >> oh yeah we do. oh ye we >> r and b super star.ta >> will you marry me.l rry >> that's one of the questions.n >> will you serenade us? that't another question.anot plus of course, more zip trip to come too. first, though --ugh >> yes, it is cuff fee time.s . >> on good day dc.od d if you've been eyeing our very r cool
9:56 am
we now have new good day dcc dunkin' donuts mug. m just go to the give away page for that infect cup of greatat dunkin' donuts coffee. cof head to or facebook page d.c. to enter the mug contest very very lucky winner will be selected by random drawing. drag only have from 11am to win. to w we'll be right back. bac
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heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ 10a has continuing coverage c on the breaking story in nice, n dozens dead after terror tack during bastille day celebratio celebrations. we have live updates. ♪e >> another tough day but we'll w try to lif
10:00 am
fresh at 10a and live in thee it loft, a music legend briania mcknight is here with us. us. oh, you know the hits one last cry, back at one, i can't wait.w >> i can't wait either. wt e also, fresh at 10a, you know hih from the hit show cash cabs. c ben bail system here live. live. >> we continue to septembertembr brought clifton virginia, holly, wisdom and tucker have many m surprises in store.rises store. good day a10a starts right now. ♪ >> okay.>> oka in full disclosure we were told that that was all going to beoio under video that's why we're we' looking like that and that's t what we call open or intro. >> okay.. >> it's all good. g it's friday.riy zip trip day. >> let me just find my center.r. >> okay. good day d.c. we are in clifton, virginia,gini we are thank you faux producerru in my ear i'm allison >> let's get back there. the i apologize.. along with annie and erin. here with
10:01 am
steve and maureen have the morning off.morn holly and wisdom, they're sweating out this morning in moi clifton, virginia, but it looksl like they're having great time.. we are zip tripping in cliftonfn this mor we're going to check in with wit them in just bit.em inust >> first, though, at 10:00, we0e are still following breaking brk news from nice, france. french's president announce thet number of those gravely injuredr in that deadly terror tacks have gone up. u this is death toll increasedreas overnight and we learn of two americans killed fox5's melaniem alnwick joining us now with morr on this deadly attack. a good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morningor anniete. president fran choice hollandicd visiting the injury in nice.uryn 50 people are between life andea death right now. n and french police raided ande apartment in the city of niceity where the attacker once livede with his wife. w it was a warm summer night inhti the french coastal town. tow people out celebrating bastillel day with a large fireworkk display suddenly they werey th w running for their lives as a suspected terrorist plowed ad a truck through the crowd for morr than mile. mil 84 people including children are dozens severel
10:02 am
french police say the man whohem was behind the wheelel deliberately drove the truck tru into the crowd and began shooting at people running away. that driver now identified as a tunisian living legally in nicen was shot and killed by police.i. officials say a stash oftash o firearms, explosives andsive and grenades were found inside the truck. truck. president holland will hold an a emergency meeting at interior minora in paris to discuss thehe he's right now in nice alonglong with france's prime minister.ise now two of those killed a father and son from austin, texas. their identified as seann copeland and his son brody.on by brody's little league teame team posting this morning, nobody nod deserves this type of fate fate especially not such a wonderfulf you're in our hearts, thoughtshs and rest in peace brody and sean. s you will be remembered by many.y there was a brief alert atlt the nice airport this morning. i it was afternoon nice time thath is that has been lived world wor leaders are condemning at tack and calling for unity in the fight against back t
10:03 am
thanks so, melanie weanie we appreciate it we want to get back out now to what's going on with our crew in clifton, so far this morning we've seenvs the five must stops. we've hung out at a firehouseire and tasted delicious ice creamrm and there's still plenty more to >> absolutely. in fact i have the ice cream right here. i'm saving it.g i i'm saving it. saving the ice cream. we had pizza i got you covered. >> where is my ice cream.ce crem >> i made phone call. it's going to be fresh. you don't want the melled stuffu >> when i wasn't there he forgor about me. m >> that's what he's saying goodi i got you covered.go you can have all the ice cream e you want. >> you know what i love aboutut clifton is that every time i tii talk to someone i learn a newrnn story. listen to this quick story. sto this is so awesome. he wasn't used to call clifton i home. >> who is that.>> who >> give by the name of oscar o woody. oscar woody was the guy thatuy a took care of all the male on the titanic. >> really. >> yes.>> on the titanic.on the isn't that a >> that's an mazing fact. zoe took careof
10:04 am
he also obviously was male so unfortunately he perish with thh ship but he was all about people first.first. >> wow! >> making sure others got off ot and those that could surviveurvi could. that really is what the peoplehe are like here in clifton. it's people first. first. it's so welcoming good right. rt it is -- we talk to the mayor. r he had lots of nice -- all the e people around here. h there's pony out here much there's so much -- and now --- even it's starting to rain. to i >> it's starting to rain muchti it's raining on or parade. >> this would be good time tobet check in with tucker.. >> hey, holly.. i've been having great morning i as well what wonderful day. d been to historic church. churc learned all about the history of the train inn in clifton. just met some irish so i too have been having greatt culling up in a a couple ofe of minutes i'll talk to our junioro reporter who i hear doesn't wanw to be reporter she wants to beab weather forecaster as well.. so perhaps i'll get hard hittini questions. i can't wait.ait all right.l r i'm going to toss it back to you holly and wisdom for ouror our hometown hero
10:05 am
>> okay. you know what i think is funny about that whole exchange tucker is under a covered porch he hase no idea it's spitting raindropsi on us. that's okay.. >> that's the irony in this iny whole thing. >> that is the irony in thisny whole thing. >> 1871 it was not raining. wayne nick ham knows that. you just said you learnrn something new every day. >> cf new man from the outside t of clifton and it's from 1871 to 1872. >> wayne, by the way used to be mayor here and he's a currentret council member he's not just random guy spitting out facts. s >> i'm just saying.>> >> he actually notice what he's talking iy about.. wayne, is it true there was was wayne nick ham day here inen clifton. >> there was. that was on -- yes, that was>> o my birthday 60th birthday. bth we had county of fairfax officials came out y, it was -- yes. wayne nick ham day.wae ni >> that's awesome. >> back of peterson's ice creame shop. >> you know a lot about thisw ao town.
10:06 am
>> right. you told me a fascinating storyo earlier about baseball in thisii town because it used to bed toe tradition in this town.ins t >> well, back in 1871 basicallyc it was a baseball team.eam. they said they played gm they played game on fourth ofurf july and all this other kind ofo stuff i was wondering why the game -- how do i know us baseball because the guy complained he caught a ball and hurt his score.. the score was 42-14 or something like that. >> 42?>> 4 >> why they pitched under hand.n right.righ >> and he have everybody hit itt out of the park. >> wayne, how did you get thesee journals where did they come from. >> my wife is an antique dealerr and i'm the helper. hr. from that point of view. these were wexler's auction house in d.c.n d my wife has been going there fof 40 years, and they saw these ane gave them to her to give to me. >> nice. >> these will ultimately getl into the clifton museum. >> nice.>> n >> okay. also talks about a presidential campaign -- not presidential --- a presidential, um, vote
10:07 am
basically.ll >> okay. >> back when grant and the guynt that wrote this thing he was the clerk, got $2 to run the leck. >> $2? >> yes. to run the entire election. ele. >> for clifton.>> f >> for clifton.on. >> but it was grant versusnt veu greeley or smile.grley grant won 72-24. 72- but any way. >> now, wayne, i understand when you were mayor here part of whao was really important to you wasu in getting this historic designation as a historictori district by the department of d the interior. >> that's correct. tha >> how did you go about doing ai that and why was that sot s important to you? >> to keep -- basically preservv the town for the next hundreddr years. >> wow! >> we're the brigadoon.rigaon basically brigadoon.rigadoon >> got the book.ook. this is all about clifton the te history about clifton, brigado brigadoon. clifton brigadoon, have a vac av but basically to keep. the other thing basic toll tol stimulate businesses from them t point of view that they can usee it for tax credits you got
10:08 am
historic district you get tack c credits from the state andtate federal level.federal lev it's important to preserveresere history for future generations.s >> gotcha. got okay.ay that's excellent we want to salute you right now. you ri >> thank you. >>e weren't to give you are little something something.n'etg >> i got something for you. somr >> i'm in t yhe sure this iss valuable as app 1871 journal.1 . >> this is fun times. ts >> those are fun and priceless.s nonetheless, we are going tooi make you our geico hometown he hero. >> oh. >> this week for all that you have done and continue to do. (aor cpplause). >> thank you. >> in clifton, virginia.clifton >> thank you.>> >> all right t. >> hang it somewhere with pridep >> yes, i will. with my many hats and all the t different artifacts.rtifacts. >> that's special hat you wereia telling me you were wearing. >> osh gosh be gosh they stopped making them in the '70's this color.ol can't get them any more. mor >> come to clifton day in the second -- that's the sunday inui october come to clifton day that's been the premierer presentation in fairfax c
10:09 am
for arts, crafts and another interesting point, the county of fairfax and the town of cliftont in the '60s basically the county wanted to go to a mayor councilu type format and they asked townt to basically have a referendum taking over the county.y. so it doesn't happen but they tried. we have posters in that and thii county of fairfax could have cov been the city of clifton. >> gotcha.>> got >> wow. >> you know a lot of stuff. o su >> they don't need a wayne nickc um they need a wayne nick up week w for him to tell all of his o h stories g we want to hand youanu have over to tucker with have h special maybe she knows more about thisi rain that's falling than you.inu >> i'm afraid she probably does, holly this is junior reporter re this is aurora cons poured bypod cold stone creamery by the way. tell me about yourself.oursf. >> how old are you?>> h >> i am nine years old. >> um-hmm. >> and -- my favorite col
10:10 am >> that's an important question. i was about to ask you thatatk t next. do you live here in clifton?eren >> yes, i do., i d >> do you love it?>>o yo >> of course oy do. >> where do you go to skull? >> ninth smith elementary.menta. >> you got favorite teacher youu want to say hi to? >> sure.ur i can't choose though.. >> okay. how about mom and dad you wantnd to say hi to mom and dad.. >> hi mom, hi dad.. >> you go to lego camp, do youou love it? when yes, i do. d >> okay. i'm going to hand this h microphone over you and you're going to ask mow a couple coupl questions before you're theore t junior reporter for the day.he y right. >> you ready for this.hi >> um-hmm. >> you got good questions. g i'm kind of nervous around you. >> so why did you start yourrt career in weather?eath >> oh, i love that question.stin all right.. i knew before i was your age, i was five-year-old, that i wante to weather because everybody inc my family talked about weatherbt all the time. and much like you, i look at --a i didn't have internet when inee was your age but i look at theat
10:11 am
number to get the weather weaer forecast every two i knew at a very early age ige i loved weather. >> how important is it weathereh to you? you >> i think weather is importants to everybody.body because here the thing aboutngbo weather that i love. okay? you might love this, tooo it impacts all of us, right? >> >> what else on this planetne impacts all of us every day?, right? >> um-hmm. >> it's important, it sustains it nurtures us the water is sos important and what a great place to live like around here, because we have four prettyre awesome seasons. don't we?don' we? >> yes. >> don't you think? all right. i'm going to wrap it up hhiere t you want to be weather forecasts one day. >> of course, die. d >> what do you love most about the weather? >> i love that it explains what is happening and it's more inton about bad things that will come. >> all right.>> you want to have my job iny job couple of years? >> maybe.aybe >> maybe? okay. m
10:12 am
you got to get up that's aurora.ora. thank you for joining me.e. really appreciate it much gooduh questions. >> thank you. >> all right. you want to toss -- here's lastt thing you got to do.u got toss it back inside. ins say hi to allison and steve and annie.e >> or erin and annie.nn >> that's okay.. >> he call me steve. steve >> and erin.n. >> hi. h >> it's okay. okay. >> hi. hi >> great job.. >> whew!>> whew! >> cutie for sure. >> thank you, tucker.. >> thank you. you still ahead at 10:00 it was gooo interview. still ahead at 10 he's a comedian and game show host andd he's live with us in the lofts l we're talking about cash cabsuts ben bailey former of cash cab.hb we'll check in with him and seed what he's doing now and why he'' in town is coming up. u >> first it's 5:00 o'clock:0 somewhere, right? coming uphti next raising a class to cliftont v have a. time now is 10:12. 10: we will be right ♪ ♪
10:13 am
10:14 am
it's a great day for an adventure.
10:15 am
come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. vacation packages start at $50 per person. a whole other world awaits. ♪ annie you were talking aboun the wineries in clifton, clift, virginia.virgia >> i've been to one. i've been o >> you have? you have? >> for birthday celebration.ti it was a lot of fun.f fun we played corn hole. hol some good summertime vibes, you know.. >> yeah. >> it's just silly today.oday
10:16 am
annie? >> i love this song.on it goes nice with the wineries. (laughter). >> all right.>> all rig holly morris --ris >> i think we all need a wined a after the show.ter the sho >> holly morris is out and she s has cheers to clifton.. talking about the wine historyeo out there with very specialy guest now. n good morning.. >> good morning. you know what i really thinki r that we should have sent ald haa bottle back to you ladies soadie that i could be cheers with youh as i did this segment. segment this is super fun. super fun we are talking all aboutll about paradise springs winery, anderya we're doing it with kirk wilesii who happens to be the owner.o be it's good to see you. >> great to see you. great to sy thank you very much for comingry out, and i love this when i havv two esteem gentleman that willhl pour for me in absolutely.olut we got a head wine maker cox whw has been with us for many manyym years and hospitality director d rich carlson.richls >> let's talk about having havig winery in the clifton area n are worry located from a mile and a half up from the old tow
10:17 am
we're open seven days week. wee we make 15 different wines a year. whether they know -- >> you only brought three.hree >> whether they know anything about wine o tr nothing, we'ren' there and we're very friend toli everyone we want to everyone too come and have their first wine w experience in virginia at our or place.e. >> i want my first wine expenses to be right be what are we tasting up first. fr >> first wine we brought our v vine virginia state grape done d in stainless steal nice crisp wine good for summer.ummer. great for barbecuing or to enjoy outside by the pool. poo cheers, >> to have a have state let's taste it. >> let's do it. >> oh, it's pretty good. good. >> very light.ight fruity. >> um-hmm. >> but, you know, very great fot those hot summer days. day >> do we empty this glass beforf we pull this next week or dump p it out >> no, no, no that would be badb >> all right. all now, moving onward and never anv giving up we're pouring ourring second one. >> second one we broughtecond oe actually called nana's row sayos name after my the winery has been in thein t
10:18 am
the land has. >> wow.. >> ! since 1716 a original landl grape from far fakes we turned no winery about seven years ago. it's an owed to her. h row say is becoming the craze c this these days.e day more and more people areeoe requesting it we do a large lare format row say.ay >> that's super fun.erun >> brought that to show youhat y guys. cheers to this and cheers to your perseverance it wasn't likc opening your winery was a super easy thing. tng i remember it being a news sto story. >> absolutely. we had dull time getting openede being the first win in fairfax county, but we persevered and a we're here today and it's greatt to share what we've done with st many people and people really come out haven't great time. tie >> we've only got one more minute. minute. one more wine to get in an little dirt. dirt. the third one we brought isht norton wine which is actuallyua indigenous to the state ofo thee virginia. this is great wine for grillingg summer meats, you know, game mem meats like lamb or anything onrn the grill that you can get cre
10:19 am
virginia's only indigenousigenou grapes of virginia.ap of >> i love it.>> lov i also understand our wonderfull steve chenevey is a good friendi of yours.ofours >> shoutly.utly >> does he behave himself whenln he come to the win row, come one >> does he. i've got a couple of glasses off wine in me.e >> he's great.>> h i've known him for long time.g m so it's great to be friends witn him. >> also another little unknown fun fact, birdie tell me youu were one of the founding memberm of the nat pack.of t nat >> i actually when the team came in 2010 i believe it was or ninn we were part of the originalrina team there in the stadium. it was fun. f it was a great experience.erie >> you were actually in the the brain trust that came up withcau the president's race. >> we were actually that andyt d actually went up to new york to get the first cupostumes and it' been a fun to see how big it'st' become and the team has done don great job. >> paradise springs at times iss the preferred virginia winery oo some nats ball players.. (laughter).(laughter). >> it is. it is. we've got few of the guys whouys like the wines.ines >> so come on out to the wineryr have some wonderful wine and yoy just never know who you might mg run into. int
10:20 am
>> cheers to that. s> come see us in paradise. >> uup. who doesn't want to go tot wantg paradise? back to you all. youa >> thank you very much, holly. y appreciate it. >> i'm ready for a little cheers to friday right now.ow >> we needed one more reason t o to -- that song is in my head h one more reason to go to clift clifton. thank you very much. >> it is 10:20. coming up next a developing dopn story from prince george'ss county.coun we'll check in with fox5'ss anjali hemphill live next. >> later, 16 time grammy nominen brian mcknight joins us live ini the loft. >> yes, yes, yes.>> y y >> okay. okay. we will talk about his brand in you album and why he is in townw ♪ ♪
10:21 am
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welcome back. we are back here on good day d.c. with what's happening now. the latest on that deadly terror tack in france. 84 people are dead after a suspected terrorist p'slowed through a large crowd last nighn in nice.e. we now know that about 50 people are in very critical condition. france's president has also extended the nation's state of emergency. and we are just minutes awaa from news conference with princn george's county state's attornee angela also brooks who will givv updates into the shooting deathh of prince george's county policc officer jacai colson earlierar this year. >> an hallel hemphill joins us now live from upper marlboro.or good morning, what can you tell us. >> reporter: good morning. cis press conference is expected to start around 10:300: this morning.this we're not exactly sure w
10:24 am
state's attorney is going to got say. but we do know she's going to g give an update into the the investigation into the death ofa officer jacai he was that officer killed byy another officer during an tackac on their police station back inn march. you may remember that day.t day three brothers michael, malik m and elijah ford drove to theo prince george's county district three station.tion police say malik and elijah whaw happened watched and video tapep their brother michael fire fir several rounds at officers ins the parking lot much officer colson who was not in uniform at the time came up on the scene.c. at some point officer colson wan shot by another officer in thatt he can change.hang he died.. that officer mistook him as a second shooter.oter now, all three tack kearseac charged with second degreend d murder and multiple counts ofe t attempted murder.urde they are still being held h without bond.on but today, the state's attorneye is expected to give us an updatd into the that investigation into the death of that police officer. again we are not exactly sure what she's going to say but n ww wil
10:25 am
conference live on our website you can follow along there and e we will of course update youe y with any information once we geg it during the show.e sw. we're live in prince george'sing county this morning, anjali hemphill fox5 local news. anjali, thank you., still ahead on good day greatre guests ben bailey coming up and brian mcknight.nigh >> can't wait. w first we're taking a spin in the cash cab when comedian and gamem show host ben bailey joining usu next here in the loft.oft. can't wait for hi, ben. >> yay! ♪
10:26 am
10:27 am
10:28 am
>> real taxi license to host that show and i say yes, because i did. they always make the same joke.. they think it's brilliant.iant they go, well, at least you gott something to fall back on! (laughter). >> all our next guest is stand upp comedian but you might know himh best as host of the on the go g game show cash cab.h cab we're talking about emmy award winning ben bailey.y. he's on comedy tour right now n and tomorrow night he'sig he' performing at the arlington arln draft house.dr house. first though he joins us right r here in the loft.he thank you for joining us, >> you're welcome. you're welco. thanks for having me.ks f how is it ioing >> good. i wish i can go back to that tot stand up clip and change myhangy pants. >> why, what didn't you like about the pants.. >> giant mc hammer pants.r pants >> at the time they were very fashionable and appreciated. >> they were a bad choice. >> off really interesting starta on how you got no com did he toe beg
10:29 am
start with your back storyk stoy before he debt to cash cab.ash b tell me about how you fell intoo doing stander up comedy.edy. >> i moved to la to get intoet t film. i wanted to be film maker and a actor and i needed a job, thou though. so -- >> right everyone out in la needs a job until you findry you way. >> exactly. i had work in hotels. i work in reallyha nice hotel on the east coast but when i got tt la it really didn't seem to t matter.maer no one cared about my east coast experience.ence i couldn't find a job. >> right.ig >> came out of another failed job interview.b i i was right neck to the com didd he store. sto there are guys hanging around i the parking lot talking. talking i started talking to them.m. next thing you know i had a jobj at the comedy store answeringrig the phones. pho they're like you have a greate e voice.voice >> did you think you would getnk into com dough or something thaa accidentally happened on yourly hth to acting. >> it just accidentally happen happened. but i say it was more fate than anything because like when i wae in high school everyone was aree you going to be comedian? are you going to be, you know, kw, because what i like.
10:30 am
>> that's what i wanted to do.o. >> how did you do that turn into working on game shows andws getting into cash cab? >> cash cab i just auditioned for it six times but, yes, auditions just actually that'sy' how i got the show. s i had no intention of ever beinb a game show host. >> but you're so good at it. ati >> thank you. >> everybody recognizes yourdy i work. you've won emmys for it. >> yeah. >> allison mentioned when you md stand up, how tall are you. you >> 6-foot sick.oot s >> sitting down, do people peopl expect you to be a little bittlt shorter.shor >> sitting down i'm 5-foot eig eight. >> they don't expect me to be'tm quite as big, yeah. big >> i have to ask this do yous really have your cab license? ln >> i don't any more, no. >> you have to do stuff toto dtt maintain it.main you have to like go to continuing education classes and take drug tests every year.ea >> got it. >> so no more taxi license.icse >> my for roles for that. now, in addition to doing the game shows i noticed you playeda so far different roles includini law and
10:31 am
how do you get into serious wok work. is that hard to do. >> no, it's funny, it 'm like -i guess as far as comedians go i'i kind of serious guy. it seems like dramatic actingctn seems to come more natural toll me than comedy does.. comedy is fun and i like it butt it's really hard to delivero der someone else's writing.. >> gotcha.cha >> being comedian --edia-- >> you're adlibbing off thebing cuff, right.ff, rht >> it's my own material so tol o switch and do somebody else's it doesn't seem to work as well fol me. but drama or thrillers or action i just shot a thing of my own m called badly written action man. >> um-hmm. >> which is kind of both. is >> so you get to havkie the dare and the light. l >> yeah. it feels like a real action reao movie, but, you know, but it's funny. >> i have to ask you to do us au favor. i want to call allison and an 93 over. we'll move you to the back seatt because right now, we have a fox5 version good day d.c. of cash cab.. >> thank you annie for joining r me. >> i'm allso
10:32 am
>> hello. how are you >> nice to moat you we'll firelr trivia questions since you'reour here in d.c..c. put your seat belt on. o >> who is driving.rivi >> i'm driving. let me put down my paper.y pap >> are you answering with me.u a >> i'll help >> i'll fire off the first question. >> let me roll down the window.l it's hot in here. >> keep your eyes on the road. r >> i want to know what are the famous trees to line the tidal basin that draw people fromeoplo around the world every spring? >> palm trees? >> wrong state.tate >> cherry blossoms? >> y. y! (applause).pplae) >> he's winning his own show.ho >> i have one. o. >> okay.>> i have one. have o we have many beautiful monument here in washington. wasngto three are named for presidents.e can you name just one?ne >> sure, the lincoln memorial. >> yay!>>! >> can't clap. can't clap. >> let me say this.>> let me s lay ding, ding, ding,in you're're right i said monument.en memorial. >> yay! >> okay. o two for
10:33 am
>> that's little >> okay. >> we're ready.>> w what is the name of our baseball team? >> -- do you want lifeline? >> the -- >> do you want to phone friend.. >> is it the nationals? >> yay!! (applause).la >> one final question. >> who is emmy award winningning host of cash cab? (laughter).te >> i'm bob barker. >> no.o. >> ben bailey! >> yes! (applause). >> you can catch this funny guy in arlington this t weekend. wed what time is the show.ime is s >> tonight 10:00 o'clock.'clo tomorrow seven and 10:00 o'clo 10:00 o'clock. >> maybe if you're lucky he'll do cash cab for you but we needb to stop the car right now. n stop the cab. c >> wait a minute.>> he gets a prize. aze >> oh, my goodness.oodness. you know you did. you d >> a fake lemon. and good day d.c. mug. (applause). >> i expect to see that mug on stage at the arlington draft
10:34 am
you may be drinking your waterer out of it. ou >> water?>> wat >> drink your coffee. yourfe or vodka or whatever.ver. it's after 5:00.:0 thank you so much.uch. >> we'll let them do celebrity dish and we'll go back too clifton virginia.. >> we him money for cash cab. c that's the one thing we don'ton have. have. >> come on annie let's doo celebrity dish. >> are we we done. >> we're here. yes. ♪ do we have any crackers with some cheese that we're givingthe out today? i don't we have wine. why do i feel so much taller than you >> bauer you're not.. >> any who it's celebrity dish. % up, britney is back. britney!ney >> you know what comes afterha that. i'm back. the pop principal sense releasea her single make mow late last ls night in and it's already number one on i tunes. tunes >> good for her. gr >> little bit of it i think.. ♪
10:35 am
she looks good.d. look at her.t h. my gosh. she kills it every time, thoughg >> let's hear her do little singing.ngg. ♪ >> she sounds -- a differentnt auto tune on that. the song now number one, thoughg britt britt good job. number one in more than 30 tha countries on i tunes. britney snatched the top spot so from someone she knows very well her ex jason timberlake. cry me river.iver his song can't stop the feelinge fell to number two. two >> not to be out done -- i like her. her >> i do too. i d i wish her all the best. not to be out done katie perry y dropped new music last night she row leased new song called riser and wrote it for the 2016 rio olympics up lifting track --ck - ben, are you okay?kay? >> kind of an up lifting trackrk with electronic influence.nflue. take a listen.
10:36 am
♪ no matter how you shake my core but my roots run deep, oh ♪ ♪ >> the queen of the anthems. >> yeah. yh. >> victory is in my veins.ns >> she's giving me some cher. >> i wouldn't rock to it in myti car. ca >> you wouldn't. >> i would rock to britney. >> if you had really bad r day i might get me pumped up. >> victory. v okay. there it is. that's katie perry.ry. so who are you going to goit download, britt britt or katie? maybe your not feeling either. . tweet us let us know. at fox5 d.c. >> maybe you're feeling both.ot that's okay. okay. tweet us as well. #gooddaydc as well. wel yeah. you take this take this >> all right.>> aig speculation might be coming to t an end.nd taylor swift's controversial new bow tom hiddleston putting tong bed rumors and he and t
10:37 am
star singer and only seeing eacc other for pub will he list iss the. he told the hollywood reportertr "the truth is that taylor and ii are together and we're veryy happy. thanks for asking. a he went ton say -- (laughter). >> and he said mind yourd you business. >> mind your business.d ys. he went on to say that their t whirlwind romance is not a a publicity stunt. stunt. he's putting to bed. b switch has yet to publiclyy comment on their courtship.. >> what do you feel about -- >> why can't two celebs just twb fall in love without --itho -- >> annie, she was just so in in love with calvin -- what's hisis name, human.. >> anybody can help me with his name.. >> calvin harris. >> people change with thengwith seasons. >> ♪ >> do you. finally, he's no spring chickenn any more but he's about to be b daddy for the eighth and roll. . mick jagger is 72 yours old andd about to be new dad.out to be nd he willad will be -- he is 72.2. okay.
10:38 am
nanny hammer also a dancer she's expecting. he has seven other kids but getg this annie the oldest child is 45 years old. >> wow. he's going to have 45-year-old and, you know a baby an infant.t >> that's got to be fun time f m when the family gets together. t >> i would think so.ouhink >> right? >> and i saw pictures of whenawe his son got married and he and jerry hall were there together.e it looks like they're making iti work.wo so, you know -- i'm not doing di mick jagger. >> i'm not his grandpa, i his dad.d thanks for asking.sking. stay in your lane.yo lan >> erin over to you.over tou. >> at least taylor swift has impeccable taste. >> her guys are cute, right.. >> right. rig. good day goes back to the one with 16 time grammy nominee nom brian mcknight.n mcknigh i see him out of the corner ofoo my eye in the studio. stu he joins us neck at 10:38.0: come on over.r. ♪
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10:41 am
♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ what's funny brian mcknight. >> why you laughing.g. >> because we're all sitting here watching me. >> 1999. >> 17 years ago. 17 years a >> that song, though, it makes m my heart melt.el the love anthem. >> it's brian mcknight in the ie
10:42 am
please, brian mcknight in then loft. (applause). >> okay.y. now you were saying.. >> it's just so surreal becausec i mean that song -- that's you.y >> i wrote it in 19 '98.98 record came out in '99 and now n 17 years later we're sitting here celebrating it. >> that's why you're thee t >> you don't i can have writtenn that while i was sitting oh toio will he. that's the thing. t thing. >> let's talk these huge iconic songs -- son >> i was down stairs.s >> classics because i don't feel like we have classics any more.e i'm going to be hahn never. hahn we doner't. these classics i often wonder was brian mcknight going through when he wrote that.hat. >> that particular song well any time was the hit before that tha one. that built the house i was hou s sitting in that we just moved m into when i wrote back to one. in night home theater the guys s were setting up all screens and i was reading the manual for the dvd player and on the trouble shooting pays two step one, stee two and step three.tehree that would be very interestingng
10:43 am
that's the formula. formu the content was different but that's -- let me but the hardest part was doing abla, undeniable, up believable. my ap composition teacher told t me everything has to be uniform. i had to do everything the samee way. >> old school much the one il cannot listen to "one last cry"c you know why and i'm mott goingo to bring the showdown i wasn ias going through a really hard timd and i cannot listen to it to this day. >> run that track. >> no, it's not.s n >> i'm good. >> it's last one. o >> i'm not going to cry any mo more. >> you have a favorite.e a fite. >> i don't. because i've written them all te kind of like my little babies.tb i love to hear what everyonevery else's favorites are.esre >> okay.>> o they're all my favorites. >> sorry, erin i got to ask th this. your lyrics are so powerful.owfu it's so -- it hits home. >> you shall also know she's a bit obsessed. a >> here it is.s.
10:44 am
listen -- >> you shall also know it. >> your significant other wouldd she say my boo is so romantic.ti are you really that romantic?c? >> no. >> good question. >> no, don't do it. >> you crush her.rush she's about to unfollow you onoo >> i go there when i need whe torque, a woman wants a mants am that's's man. that uns how to be a man. how to watch.atch it's more surprising when that t guy can be romantic when he wheh absolutely has to.absolutely >> there you go. >> what's the most romantic thing you've ever done. >> you know what, we have this i was espresso machine in ourachin bathroom and she loves coffee. f that's why i put it there.t t when i wake up in the morning um it's the very first thing i do.g i get up and i turn that on andn i make sure she has that. tha to me it's the little thingshing more than the big -- because-ecu anybody can go and buy a celinel bag i did that, too. (laughter). >> it's all the little things ie the way we talk to each otherh r and the way we interact how wete can't keep our hands off eac
10:45 am
other.her. >> aww. >> all those kinds of things.sen there you go, annie. we should talk about new musicem and stuff. we want to talk to you about abt personal t you're in town performing at strathmore tomorrow nightreorro 8:00 o'clock this is my latest i cd to that came out in februaryy >> talk about that title. title better and period.bett don't think we don't see the period.. >> yes. there's your sexy face.youry f >> thank you.nk y that's sexy old face. face. this is the new slimmer togethet face. better is all about myut my relationship with her.tionshipi. you know, i have been writingng love songs my whole life andif d never really money love and noww that i am these songs have brana new meaning.ning it's whole different thing for t me now. >> you guys evolved as a personn you're music has changed? >> yes and no. i think on some levels it haselh changed but i think that's theht technology that sort of changedd i think the difference now ise n that i mean everything i say. a
10:46 am
of like this would be cool toool say this here because i have tot put words together. >> for the single ladies outut there, for a guy like briane b mcknight and you've now foundnd that one true love, what adviced do you have for women who are watching to who are making loo looking for a good relationships >> she got me she knows how much she's worth. wor. >> hmm. >> did he say it. d he >> he just said sai it. >> when we met, you know, i wasw used to getting whatever i whati wanted whenever i wanted it anda that's why i wasn't the way i wy was and she toll me the day wehw met, she lived in seattle at the time.ti she was like -- i'm coming toin seattle you're coming up here to sleepoe with me save your money and takk your time because it ain'tai happening. >> good for her.>> good f >> she was talking to briano ian mcknight. >> who you talking to? >> it work. >> what? no, probably be a yeay if you last that long. >> a year challenge. >> i don't even think she lookn at it that way. way she knew sean about to dout anything that would -- she needn to be beyond reproach
10:47 am
how she is.shes. she knows who she is.s >> how often do you sing to her. >> never. >> never.ever. she sings so me more than i sing to here .er >> yeah i'm never going to be tb that guy sitting around that'sr' the fantasy some guys -- right.. >> but every song i've writtenei since we met has been about herr >> you keep it 100% real at a >> yes. >> yes, i do.. >> thank you, mr. >> again the show is tomorrow at the strathmore, and tickets i presume still available which iv find that hard to believe at all but after we buy our ticketsts he's on tour right now for thiss most recent album "better" check out brian mcknight. >> i want to say for the recorgc here, mr. mcknight is sos gracious. last time he was here, hee followed me on twitter.witter and today when i gave him a hugg in the green room, he acknowledged that he is still is following mow on twitter. twittr i know you have a significant st other i'm married, too, but you know. >> just so you know annie. >> so we can have a screen shoto >> just so you kn
10:48 am
mcknight said he would follow uu on twitter, too. >> yes. >> because we know --no >> strong women over there.he >> thank you so much.ouc >> you're very well cup.'rvery >> we just adore you. thank you very much.k yo (applause).use). >> we'll be right back. ♪
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
♪ >> thanks for sending in your ir fab5pics this one is from irish eye. we were asking folks how are yoe staying cool she's loving herer drink she got this morning non n click i should say. >> yes.>> yes. le count is beating the heateat with homemade watermelon smoothie. >> hello.el >> i want to give personal shouo out thank you so much for always being loyal. am i'm beating the heat with mym transformers super soaker.. that's an oldie. old >> that is an oldie. >> exactly. exa. okay. thank you soar fending in yournu fab5pics. now we need to head outsidei and have little cold drinkd dri ourselves. let's do that.let' holly and wisdom and tucker arer joining us for taste of clifton. hello.hello. >> they're ready.
10:52 am
we're literally getting a taste of clifton.fton i'm doing so courtesy of to youy tore ya we've had pizza, espresso, yes, around of applause because bec they've hosted us well and all l of the food has been courtesy of executive chef justin goodell. justin first of all tell me what i'm dining on right now. >> you're dining seasonal salads a grilled beat salad sourced sou from local market.t we got organic lettuce in there. we tend to use local products ts support the community, and as ad you can see we have more stuff s over her we can breakfast pizza over he here. on our brunch menu.h m we have more salads over here.e. we also have cured meats from mf the salami.. imported cheese from italyesfrom and -- an >> you know what's so amazing about your place i've been ine there several times you have the little mark side and doing the t wood burning pizzas and pizza ad restaurant side then you have h this amazing back area w
10:53 am
outdoor fireplace and everythi everything. how would you describe just the whole vibe of villagieo.o. >> maze. it's really amazing. ry ama it's a unique place where you can come and see the piazza. have wonderful salads. sal >> i'm moving on from the saladd to the crem brulet just becauseb i can. my only complaint i also hear they have amazing bloody mary mr bar and there's not any bloodyoy maries here. he >> we do that on the weekends ws for the brunch.r th >> i'll be back. >> um come back the weekendsnd we'll have it for you.shavefo >> you got it.>> we've loved you thank you to for your hospitality.pita >> i'm going to eat my cream c brulee and see what tucker has.. >> i'm joined city testify fennn trummer. >> you're trummer's on mainn m street.. >> big yellow building neck tolc the train tracks.e train it looks timelike you got fine dining. >> fine dining, creat creative american cuisine. featuring right now on our menu
10:54 am
the lighter side nice lobster.or >> let's start with the frozen drinks. >> absolutely. >> before they melt. before tell me what we got going.. >> cocktail we got here cocktail with hibiscus. >> what's -- hal pina ice bowl.. as the drink melts it gets seisi spicier. sometimes it's pleasure. sometimes it's painful.mes it some people like pain. >> really?>> rea >> i like a little pleasure an e little pain.. tell me about roar food. f >> cheers!>> c >> we start with lobster salad -- main lobster salad with avocado moose, zeroed sea s scallops with cucumber noodles,s orange tomatoes, read fingerfing peppers.. beautifully prepare. pork belly with corn breadad shitakem
10:55 am
i love it. it. more information they can findhn you -- >> right here in clifton trauma main street.treet. yeah. please come and see.nd see >> come have pleasure and some e pain. >> and some pain at the samee time.e cheers!ch >> wisdom, are you havingreaving pleasure and pain.sure >> i'm going to act like you just didn't say that. you had your pizza and drinks and how about desert.esert. >> i'm here we're talking talki cupcakes right now. tell me about the business.ines who wanting to first. wan >> you go. >> tell me about the business b good we're cupcake we're locatec off of main street on chapelpel >> yup. >> we have somethings for you. oatmeal cream pies. we have our new york styletyle blueberry crumb cake. cake. >> yup. >> mape pep sticky buns.uns. cinnamon buns. >> yup. >> yup. >> brownies on the other sideon and then array t of cupcakes len rosemary, red velvet, um, also our oreo. >> yup. y >> and chocolate sunday.. >> lots of desserts right.of d >> everything bake fresh da
10:56 am
we get here at 5:30am we open at 7:00 and cupcakes are usuallyarl out by 11:00 o'clock.lo you also got chews.hews. >> this is june juice. fresh pressed fresh jeezedsh juice. >> you do it yourself. >> yes. company does and bring it to uss it's deliver every tuesday andud friday.friday. it's people are a dick to do it. do . >> gotcha.>> g and this is a painting rye here. we got some wine. >> so every third thursday of the month we do a wine and painting pairing. >> that's enough talking. let's start eating much that'sh' enough talking.ou. look at this. >> hey listen big thank to youho clifton.if you guys are mazing.azing. amazing.amaz a azing. what a wonderful way for to us end our week and head on to our weekend, shaw next week we'reee' coming to you.mi y back inside to you guys. gs >> that was like amazing time ae and we have breaking news here k in thein loft. lof donald trump tweeted i amm pleased to announce i've chosenn governor mike pence as mye as running mate. news conference tomorrow atnce o 11:00.11:0 we'll have the latest thru
10:57 am
the day here on fox5. >> thanks erin. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. vacation packages start at $50 per person. a whole other world awaits.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'. >> tough play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect -- my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ ♪ now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> wendy: you're the one. [ cheers and applause ]


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