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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  July 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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mantle jackson and 41-year-old matthew gerald. one sheriff's deputy lost his life, 45-year-old brad garage gr fallow. police say the suspect was shot and killed at the scene hee but it is unclear whether he he acted >> authorities are now lookingee into the possibility that the suspect had help.p. although the initial word onord the ground here is that thishis was a lone gunman act. >> meanwhile the republicanublin national convention beginsegin today in cleveland. ilevela this week is the culminationulna of course of republican primaries across the country. ct >> out in recent events such as the police shootings inotingn baton rouge and the policee shootings in dallas along with w terrorist attacks overseas arere all expected to play a huge aug part in this week's events.s eve >> the high point of the week te will be thursday night when whe donald trump will accept thecepe republican nomination forionor president. now here's what rnc communications director seantor spicer said about the planning and buildup of the convention.oo >> it's going to be a very different convention thanion either party has ever had. had there will be celbr
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professional athletes average everyday folks and a lot off people from the trump family.aml this is going to be a real star studded people are going to be decideid excited.exted. it's going to break all sortslls of records. r >> we're going to be live from l cleveland with tom fitzgerald.z. he's going to be there alle thel week long and make sure yound mr tune in for our new show the t five at 6:30.:3 it's going to be politics with t a twist. it begins today at 6:30 p.m.:30. >> the democrats meanwhilets hold their convention inonven i philadelphia next week.eek. now, several polls showls show hillary clinton holds a modestod lead over donald trump. t the leads in four key pollsolls range from four to seven points. poin other surveys this month showys a much closer t race and pollsls conducted in 11 battlegroundro states give clinton just a oneuo point lead. >> the deadly police shootingsot in baton rouge and dallasalla raised new concerns about security at the republicanepub national convention.. >> asked injury john kasich to suspends the
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during the and while kasich says hes doesn't have the power to to suspends the >> one zest rules for theruler t secure zone around the quick q kin loans arena that is a privatized area for the republican nationalrepuican convention. outside of that, governorsover can't just change federal andnd state laws on their own.n now, for some, it's an unsettling site, a man man exercising his right to r republican carry in ohio amid ch the high emotions and did he and mean stations planned outside oe the site republican thanks falcon vince. ohio's police union as we talked about had requestedequed governor john kasich suspend ohio's open carry law but the governor's office sitter would be unconstitutional to dffo so.s cleveland city officials areffls moving forward with the expectstation that guns willns be present in the crowds of demonstrators.demons >> we tried to get across to people you carry that weapon,ea you have that right to do itoo but you also have he responsibilities to thelitieso general public and people aple around you to make sureur everybody else is s of hundreds of police officers from across the nation
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taken an oath to serve in o cleveland and help keep and hele everybody safe. attendees and protestors ass well.. city leaders told fox newson they spent a lot of time doingeg drills and planning fornningor security during these convecuntion.ti protest groups did win a courtou battle to be able to get closer to the arena thanha officials would have liked. led holly. >> thanks, mel. this morning police in montgomery county are investigating the death of antie man at an under aged drinkingin party. >> he was found unresponsiveesps in a swimming pool of a home in derwood. anjali hem hill live inive i derwood with the very latest on this t story. sto good morning.od >> reporter: good morning.oo police have identified the man e who died as 25-year-old diego padilla of gaithersburg and this underage party happened hae at a home off wine groveine gr police say they got a callhey gc around 3 o'clock in the the morning on sunday.rn they arrived to find the man unresponsive in a pool. p he was later pronounced deadced at a nearby hospital. now observes say they sawserves several i
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this party.ty. they found large quantitys ofits alcohol on the back deck of the they charged 10 under agedr ag adults and one juvenile forenilr possession of alcohol andon police say the party wasay the hosted by two adult brothers who live at this moment. they could also be facing facin charges as this investigation continues. now, underaged drinking has dri been a big issue in montgomeryne county ever since last summer when two high school studentsl e were killed in a drunk drivingni crash after leaving an undern ue aged drinking part.aged unfortunately it sounds like le we've had another unfortunate incident in the county again. we're live in montgomerye e i county this morning, anjaln i ai hemphill, fox5 local news. >> 4:34 is the time right now n and happening today, a verdictei is expected in the trial of lieutenant brian rice. he's one of the six officers ofs charged in the death ofge freddie gray. e rice is charged withd manslaughter reckless endangerment and misconduct inui the death of freddie gray.ra now during the trial defense lawyers say gray was uncooperative and p tartially p injured himself contributingtr to his >> police body cam video isam vo said to be released today
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an incident involvingng university of marylandty students at a graduation partynp in pavement the incident wasente captured on cell phonent video.o all charges have been droppedave against the two people arrestdpd that night.thight university police chief saysehis there's no question that theat e officers used excessive force.oe he's ordered a review of the use of force procedures.dures. also happening today, anpe announcement about the futureure of laurel regional hospital.pit. officials there will hold ath presers conference to revealevea their plans to modernize healthcare delivery at thatathat facility. that's at noon at the laurel lau municipal center. officials scheduled to attend include laurel mayor craig cra moats and rushern baker.ushern b >> we are near 80 degrees at 4:35, gary. >> that's right., t we're going to have most alost a hot week, okay, most al hot week and for days -- foror today's forecast here's really what it is all about. i mean, this looks like it's li' going to be really hot today. t
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a little bit on the humid sideum and we may have a thunderstormst later on. on. we're -- as holly just mentioned we're already starting off really almosty alm warm but close to 80 here inn town. there are a few clouds movingov across, high to mid level cloudiness. there's a lot of thunderstormlo activity back out to the west of us, at k big complex comingg through into ohio right now so we'll get some of that blowoff cloudiness from time to time. we're until for a lot of sunshine and that will get our temperatures back up into the upper 90's and ie est will feel-
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a hundred today.od i can't do anything about it. how is the morning commute. cmu >> make sure you bring theke suu pets inside stay cool. c we have a deadly crash investigation on suitlandn suit parkway between alabama avenuemu an flail lore road.oad. eastbound track gettingbo throunugh. you can detour around that.d t notice if you're headed if you'd inbound you'll hit a delay as h you try toit you may want to opt for f pennsylvania avenue. we'll let you know as soon asnos things reopen reopen te as you make way our in stafford, centreport parkway levers one lane blacked blocked because of a tractor-trailer crash. northbound traffic is flowing freel as you make your way mak across the occoquan thisthis morning. emergency road work in princen e george's county east-westes highway eastbound watch foratchf slowdowns between adelphi roadhd and route ongoing overnight road workoad w outer loop past new hampshireire avenue.avue that could cause slowdowns aswda you try to get towards towar inner loop is quiet across thehe wilson bridge as well f you'rere taking metro today is the last day for safe track surge four.uf
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airport and pentagon city. shuttle service replacing that. any questions at erin fox5ns arn d.c. on twitter. back to you holly and wisdom.iso >> dozen arrested during ang an antipolice brutality protest pro in baltimore including severalel children.dren >> taylor swift is about toswut learn the hard way be careful cl what you say over the phone.hon. you never know who may be recording the conversation. >> as we head to break rightd t now here's a live look outside t across the region. r time is 4:38.:38. 78 degrees. d back with more news, weather,, traffic and information afteronr the break. ak.
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>> welcome back. time now is 4:40. >> let's take a look at what'st' hot on the web this morning,ng, stories you're most engagingmosg with on social media. osoci a weekend protest against a police brutality baltimore led l to 65 arrests. that includes 10 people whodes l are younger than the agee off 18. the demonstrators weretors wer blocking part of the jones
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night.nigh >> next up the gender gap inp td early childhood education.duti new study out today shows boys y are almost twice as likely asela girls to have fallen behind in n language and communication skills by the time they starthet school around age five.ive. researchers say that lag canla n affect boys later in life when h it comes to literacy earningsean and mental health. hlt >> and a celebrity feud that just won't go away.way on sunday kim kardashiann released a snapchat video of a o conversation her husband kanye west had wit hh taylor swift.swf now, in it swift seems to give her approval to controversialtrr lyrics that west put in hiswestn song famous. fam the lyrics in question talk about swift and west possibly pl sleeping together and then kanye called swift ad sw derogatory word n a responsed no on instagram swift says sheft s never approved the lyrics and warned kanye not to release rela it. the #kim expose taylor party is a big trender this morning. r >> so much drama over lyrics. oi >> s
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reporting it at 4:45 in thehe morning. morn >> right, right. r >> all right. a coming up next on fox newsox morning increased security inity cleveland for the republicanforr national conventioepn after twoo officers and a sheriff'sff deputy are killed in batonn ba rouge. >> and thousands are arrestedan after ads failed military coupyo in turkey.key. >> as we led to break right b rt now here's a live look outsideui across the region.egio 4:42 is the time.ime. we're back right after this. th. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ly. >> straight ahead on fox5 f news morning baton rouge police polic shootings.ooti investigators are trying toreino determine if the shooter was aas lone wolf or if he had help. >> campaign 2016 we are now2016 just a few hours away from the e start of the republicanepublica national convention in cleveland, ohio. ohi >> good morning to you. g thank you so much for joining us.ooso the dayumeh enjinoy thening day off today. i'm holly morris.hoy m >> and i'm wisdom martin today. is monday july 18th.uly 18th we've got erin como doing somee traffic, we've got gary mcgrady doing weather soeather let's start with gary mcgrady. >> i mean why not.>> i'm just going to till how hotwh it's going to be today. t more of the same.f the s it wasn't bad weekend and i know it was pretty hot andpr humid on saturday.atury. yesterday we were hot but weut w did get a little bit of reliefel from the humidity.ity. especially late in the day asaya some drier air filtered in.ted i okay, so he today is -- it's
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going to be hotter for one thing. this weekend we were lowernd 90's. couple of spots were mid 90's. d today we're just about all mid 90's to even upper 90's outout there. that's the actual air temperature. factor in three, four moreee degrees on top of this for ahir little bit of a heat index ind effect so that takes us up u close to about a lunn today. tay just stay cool any way you can n and it doesn't look like -- le - now, this is not unusual but b it has been unusual with theitht last few really hot days.ot d you don't get a a lot of relief by the water today unless you're over on thee overn eastern shore because then s bec winds are blowing in fromng ifrm there southwest. that will keep annapolis hot, h, even up to about 95 winterr town,, so, we'll get a little breake b from this week and then itn really gets hot again. again. seven-day forecast is comingt up. erin como your turn what'sturn s going on with that morningg commute.coute. >> 4:46 gary and we're we' tracking problems around town. southeast d.c. crash activityd. deadly crash investigation.tiga right now both directionsirtions block east and westbound ontboun suitland parkway between p alabama aven a
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you'll need to detour there. avoid suitland parkway i would d take pennsylvania avenue asvenus your best bet inbound or outbound.tbou tractor-trailer crash nearrash n center porter parkway as you make your way down towards tar fredericksburg you'll hit thatit scene. scen headed northbound all lanesbol opened. traffic quiet up past thequie up occoquan heading to newington.n. bottom of the beltway quietth across the wilsone bridge. brig we have emergency overnightvernt road work prince george'sk pr county east-west highwayhway eastbound out by adelphi readhia to route one. one 270 quiet coming down from the accident truck scales.nt any questions at erin fox5 f d.c. on twitter. wisdom and holly.. >> 4:47 is the time right in the news this morning threenr law enforcement officers andenta three others injured in batonto rouge louisiana. >> two police officers were killed, montell jackson and matthew gerald.he one sheriff's deputy also lost t his life 45-year-old brad b garage low.r police say the suspect was shot and killed at the scenece but it is unclear whether he
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>> authorities are lookingri into the possibility that the suspect had help.sit hadelp. all 33 the initial word on thehe ground is that there was -- that he was a lone >> the republican nationalationa convention begins today inion this week is the culminationmion of republican primaries acrossn the country.the cntry >> recent event such as the t police shootings in batonn rouge, dallas and terroristterr attacks overseas are expectedasp to play a huge part in this thi week's events.vents. >> the high point will bell b thursday night when donald trump accepts the republican rep nomination for president.sint here's what rnc communicationson director sean spicer saidn sp about the planning and buildupid to the convention. >> it's going to be very to different convention. there's going to be celebrity professional athletes businessts people average every day folksay and a lot of people from theom t trump family so this is noto ths going to be your daddy'se youdad convention. this is going to be real star-studded event and i think i people are going to be excited e and just like we saw with the t debates and with the turnoutan it's going to break ad ll sorts of records.ds >> we're going to be live fromm cleveland ohio. ohi tom fitzgerald is
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there all week. wee tune in for our new show the five at 6:30. 6 in the district man wasas hit and killed as he walkedalke along suitland parkway inland py southeast. this happened after midnightgh between alabama avenue ande naylor road.or roa parts of suitland parkway haveaw been shut down overnight asht a police investigate.gate also happening today a h verdict is expected in the trial of lieutenant brian rice one of six officers charged in the death of freddie gray. g >> rice is charged with manslaughter recklessughter r endangerment and misconduct incn the death of freddie gray.of during the trial defenseefen layers said gray waslaye uncooperative and partially pari injured himself contributing cog to his dench an investigationch is under way in montgomery county after a man died at a a home in derwood during an ding under aged drinking >> he was found p unresponsivens in a swimming pool at his home h in derwood. fox5's anjali hemphill is live from derwood with the the latest on this story utory montgomery county police haveryl identified the man who died as s 25-yea
4:50 am
pennsylvania dee ya'. he died at an under agednder drinking party at a homear at behind me off wine grovee grov court. police say they got a callay just before 3 o'clock in the i e morning on sunday.morning on s they arrived to find padilla unresponsive in the pool. p he was later pronounced deadro at a nearby hospital.l. now, officers say they sawy s several intoxicated people atpl this home. they found large quantities ofie alcohol on the back deck ofack f the home. th they arrested 10 under aged a adults ages 18 through 20 also s one juvenile for possession of alcohol. the party was hosted by two by adult brothers who live at theat home. they could also be facingo beacn charges. we're live in montgomery county this morning anjali anjal hemphill fox5 local news. >> coming up on fox5 news5 n morning we are beginning toinngo learn more about the manabt the responsible for last week's lae' deadly truck attack in france. c >> and thousands are arrested ae after a failed military coupilio in turkey. >> as we head to break right now thoeaugh let's go ahead andd take a live look across thes the d.c. region on this monday.
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come on people let's get its get going. fox5 news morning back after aft this. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> police in nice france made two more arrests in connection with thursday's truck attack. six other peopleinda also in custody. meantime the imam of the main mi mosque in nice says many of m the victims of the truckhe tck attack were muslims.. the imam added relatives off the tunisian born driver claim he was not a devou bt muslim bum french authorities say it appears muhammad baouhlal baouh blame militarized.ilitized >> the chaos erupted fridayed f night when a faction of
4:54 am
government locations and sent tanks into istanbul blockingan off key bridges and shutting ant down the at least 200 people were killed.ed close to 2,000 were injured. >> this year marks the 75thearks anniversary of the attack onttao pearl harbor. the plan is under way to help hl the oldest living survivorvi make his way to hawaii. retired naval chief ray chavezae of california is 104 years old.ol chavez says he was able to was travel back to pearl harbor for the 50th anniversary. >> believe it or not i cry. noty i couldn't help it. i i got so emotional.tional >> groups are looking to raise r $40,000 to help send him and him other survivors to honolulu.. >> ♪ >> all right. 4:54 is the time and when it's almost 80 degrees at this times in the morning, we already eady know what's in store.hat'sn sto. >> we know what's headed our way. another hot week, gary. gar that we'll have a couple ofhavef days this week not too bad butab i'm ll
4:55 am
the end of the week, and it'san' only monday, but this is fair i warning, by the time we get toet late week and in next weekends, watch out. out >> all right. >> 'cause it is going to be hot, hot, h iot the way it'say i shaping up right now.apg up rig i hope that changes, okay, i oyi really do, but the way we're we' seeing things come togetherr now, some of that really superup hot air out to the west oft suspect going to come oning toe across by later in the weeke w and into the weekend.eeke so, you can see where we are w this morning at 8:00 a.m. we're already 81 degrees. going to be kind of humidf today. not going to be outrageouslyge humid today but the 95, 965, 9 high temperature is going toe io feel close to a hundred.undr thunderstorms possible late this afternoon into theft evening hours, and we have to watchg out that a a couple of those could maybe me even try and become severee sev before it's all said and done.e. we'll talk more about thataboutt during morning hours. mor here's your seven-day forecast.reca 96 today, 92 on tuesday.ay 87 on wednesday.ay. so, it's a little coolertle coo there. it's a little cooler onr wednesday,, trsda that's but then look what happens.appes friday, saturday, sunday we're
4:56 am
talking mid to upper 90's. 90's. if we have a chance at ance a hundred degrees it will bees itb coming up this weekend.eeke that's actual temperature.perate you got to add heat index on iex top of that but again, looksin like we probably settle intoete some of our hottest weathereath for the season. sson. another heat wave on the wageone here's erin como with a look a l at your monday morningorni traffic.affic. hey, there, erin.n. >> 4:56 and right now both directions of suitland parkwayfu between alabama avenue and naylor road in southeast d.c.eac blocked. we have a deadly crash investigation. backed up traffic in bothp directions. if you don't want to have toe t detour around that factor in i extra time.tre. keep it to pennsylvania avenuene or try to choose an alternatete this morning. tractor-trailer crash inra i stafford county right now 95ouni southbound near centreportghentt parkway.parkwa one lane blocked. block you're going to hit that scene as you get down towards fredericksburg. northbound traffic still quietet past 610 as you get to theet t bottom of the beltway emergency road work in princek e george's. east-west highway still affected eastbound betweenouetwe adelphi road and route one. o we have safe track surge four ts last day today. tay no train service
4:57 am
airport to pentagon pena shuttle service does replace that. that. service gearing up with metroin at 5:00 a.m. wisdom andg holly.olly >> coming up on fox news morning an under aged drinking earty turns dead physicalndurns montgomery >> and the battle over felons andat voting rights heads to virginia state supreme court. >> before we led to breakedo b here's a quick look at today'sod stock futures.. fox news morning back after a this. .
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for persistent protection you can trust... good boy! go for the gold. new frontline gold. available at your vet. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> straight ahead on fox5 news w morning baton rouge police pol shootings.shting investigators are trying toigat determine if the shooter was aos lone wolf or if he had help. >> campaign 2016. we are now just a few hoursow j away from the start of theth ste republican national conventionot in cleveland, ohio. >> good morning to you.ou. thank you so much for joininguci us on this monday.thionda i'm holly morris. m >> and i'm wisdom martinnd i'm m today. m july 18th. july erin como, gary mcgradyrady here. here. weather and traffic coming upan in just a moment.d jusa m first here's the news we're going start off with this sff w morning. three law enforcement officersce were killed and three otherser wounded sunday morning in m baton rouge,or louisiana.isia >> two police officers were w killed, that's 32-year-old montreal jackson andreal 41-year-old matthew gerald anded one sheriff's deputy dep techno


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