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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  July 18, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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about the gunman who shot and st killed them in the line of duty. the clues his social medial med accounts may have given in this investigation. >> and the stage i msis set as donald trump prepares to take t center stage at the republicangt national convention.onntio all eyes are on the event's eve security following the most most recent shooting in louisiana.oua >> and a live look outside onuto this monday morning.ning it's july 18th.18th weather and traffic on the 5'sfh at 7:05. 7:0 good monday to you, i'm, i allison seymour.aln >> and i'm holly morris in for f steve today. we welcome you to fox5 news morning. we begin with the latest outside of baton rouge louisiana. three law officers shot and killed. >> montrell jackson matthew gerald and 45-year-old brad garofalo. ga thee other officers were shot.ri they're in the hospital this morning. the gunman 29-year-old gavin-olv long was later shot and killed by officers.ffic wisdom joins us in studio with h what we know about the
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shooter. >> all right. some s point there's very disturbing information about this shooter.ou allison and holly, goodol morning to you. long is believed to have actedct alone but the quigg question remains why did he target lawetw enforcement outside of a baton rouge gas station. s long was from kansas he was a former marinene sergeant who served in iraqraq receiving several medals.edals. he had no official ties to any extremist groups but we do buted know through his social media s posting that long was angry ang about the recent killings of alton sterling, the black man, shot to death by white policehip officers in baton now here's what long wrote on his facebook page on july 8thly i swear to god, io gd love this city but i wonder ifof this city loves me he. in uniform i get nasty hateful f looks and out of uniform somerms consider me a threat.e at. i've experienced so much in my short life and these last las
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the core. and then there's these youtube videos that are reportedly repoe linked to long. to they are posted on a pseudonym cosmo. the most recent is posted july 10th supposedly in aly i a dallas hotel room where long lon talks about fighting back against bullies witht bullies wh bloodshed. he added in the video "if anything happens to me, don't d affiliate me with anybody."dy court records show long gotot divorced from his wife in 2011. 2011. no criminal activity comes up a in a searccth under his so, again, this is all new information that's coming out, t very disturbing allegations ifao all of this is true about this man.. it's just a sad time we're in anyway. >> it's so -- everything aboutgt everything is so scary. >> it's just -- near a bad b period right now in this country's history where we'rerew talking about violence.iole it's just -- sometimes you're
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>> and even more so for ann answer. >> yeah. yeah. >> thanks whiz. thank >> baton rouge killings dallas a ambush killings of black mens of at the hands of policef ce officers all playing in the t ongoing debate over guner gun rights. righ that issue playing out in out cleveland ohio ahead of ahead o today's official beginning ofcii the republican nationalional convention, a gathering that's bringing a renewed focus on security and party unity. u >> doug luzader joins us livesiv from cleveland with more.nd wh m good morning, doug. morning, do. >> reporter: good morning.oo mor relatively quiet here on theeren convention floor.tion f of course that's going to goi t change through the course ofougc the day as thious convention cot kicks off early thisly afternoon. republicans trying to unitenite behind donald trump andon ultimatelyal defeat hillary clinton. this may be the calm before cale the storm here in cleveland. this place is going to get packed today as republicans try to unite behind donaldte trump and defeat hillar by clinton.ton. the final touches for thena convention's kickoff today,
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trump's campaign slogan given g prominence here as the trump-pence ticket hopes to hops unite a fractured party. >> he's going to make a difference because he's going to bringe' b focus purpose and change to washington.ton. >> reporter: just thrivingt th into the secure zone shows you y how he extensive security secur cautions are police preparingrei for protests and no doubt onbt edge after yesterday's attacks t on police officers in batonffic rouge. >> i haven't felt like a bige bg target is on your back. bac i have never felt like this. lik >> reporter: now despite allpite of the drama in getting here,er in a lot of ways this is going i to play out like a conventional convention.vent balloons ready to drop fromfr the ceiling and of course ag main stage with a whole hostle t of speakers. saker now, tonight there are going g to be certain themes, one oftaie which will be the benghazii libya attacks and hillaryla clinton's role as well as well s donald trump's family and hisnds positioning as a law and order candidate: melania trump willml speak and so will former neworme york mayor rudy giuliani but notably absent two forthe
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presidents and the two mostmt recent nominees. still gop chairman reinceeinc priebus says that's his outsider status. >> surrounding hillary clintoniy with all these politicians iic don't know what that gets her. h >> reporter: now you take a now look at the polls heading intong this convention and they haveheh narrowed recently.wedecentl but hillary clinton still has a lead over donald republicans hope that this hopti convention will give them a big bounce in the polls.e in ths we'll see. the clinton team is going tooi o say the same thing about theirhe convention next week.k. back to you guys.o you >> all right, ducks thank you.,h our tom fitzgerald will ben. in cleveland reporting live r all week from the rnc and and that's not just on the air.he a you can interact with tom on facebook live at noon, 3:00 3:0 and 8:00 p.m.8:00 p. also we want
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for our new show the five at 6:30 covering politics with ah twist. that begins tonight at 6:30.0. right now, though, it ish, s weather time. t tucker barnes with us.h us. first look at 7:00.0. hello.
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fall apart and reorganizerganiz itself midafternoon.afternoo between about 3 o'clock and and 6 o'clock look for somek for soe scattered 95 degrees at 4:00 p.m. with a few scattered storms around.te in just a moment i'll be breacke with a look at the seven-dayay forecast. we have one very pleasant daneda lots of heat on the seven day. y maybe a triple digit number. >> wow. w all right. thank you. >> stay hydrated, stay cool. >> yeah. >> all week long. >> good luck on doing>> both oft those things.thoshing i can do hydration, that's what i can control.what i c good morning,an erin. e >> you're always cool.ays >> love it. >> right now skyfox is over skys the virginia side of the t beltway and 66. 6 66 on the eastbound sidend sid cruising in.cruising inner loop also moving alongingg just fine.e. keep in mind 66 is very slower s through manassas on thehe eastbound side.std s you jam again as you pass p sudly road and then through thru west falls church. c we'll switch it over from this t view, show you what elsels you're up against for this thi monday morning commute.ay still dealing with a signal problealm outside of
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stadium-armory camp delays on the orange blue and silver lines in both directions.mosh residual delays on the redayon d line because of earlier unscheduled track work causingca single tracking between b bethesda and van ness. and v that back to normal. nor we also have surge four, shuttle service replaces railcel service between blue and b yellow between national reportot and pentagon.entago slow roads like 395 northboundrd next. allison and holly. >> ♪ >> new this morning, a man isinm dead after being hit by a car overnight on the suitlandnightl parkway. now this happened just after aft midnight on the parkwayhe par between alabama avenue and naylor road. the driver that hit the man t mn stayed on the no word right now on whether whe that driver faces any charges. g >> in other news this morning,ei we are following a developingeln story out of montgomeryout county. >> police say a man died at an t under aged pool party in pty derwood. fox5's anjali hemphill is i live with the latest. anjali, what can you tell us. c >> reporter: montgomery county police identified this man that diedore as 25-year-old diego padilla of
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behind me here at this home that's where that under agednd e drinking party happened overty h the weekend off wine grovein court. now, police say they got a call at this house just beforee 3 o'clock in the morning on t mr sunday. they arrived to find padilla unresponsive in the pool. poo he was later pronounced dead at a nearby ny h officers say they saw several intoxicated people at this t moment and large quantities ofie alcohol were also found on the t back deck of the house. house they charged 10 underage0 un adults and one juvenile withilet possession of alcohol and police say the party wasay tarty hosted by two adult males who m live at that at that they could also be facingcing charges and as we know k montgomery county under agedound drinking has been a big issueeei in this county and there's a been a large effort to crackto a down on it ever since last summer when two high schoolhighs students were can killed in a a drunk driving crash after leaving an under aged drinking party and it seems we havend yet again another unfortunate incident happened at a under und aged drinking party here in montgomery county.y. live in montgomery
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anjali hemphill.emphl. >> the person that died was not underage, right. >> reporter: no, they were a a 25-year-old man but apparently n there were several under agednde folks at this house drinking d with those people, so just really unfortunate what happened. >> sure. so the discovery of someone seo led to the discan cover reof anothediscovery of aseparate prm also in montgomery countymou police investigating a deadly da crash that involved a man on a bicycle. this happened around 1:30 1 yesterday afternoon at veirs atr mill road and turkey branch parkway in silver spring. a car collided with the bike. the man stayed at the scene. the cyclist oscar osorio ofsorio silver spring later died. die >> police continue toontinu to investigate a deadly deadl pedestrian accident in langley park. this happened aroundey 2:30:3 yesterday morning. police say the -- officialsffics rather say a
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struck and killed a pedestrianen on university the officer stopped to helpertop the man but he died at theat scene. early reports indicate the t pedestrian was not in an crosswalk when he was hit.k en . >> unless maryland a hostagemald situation inside a baltimore bto burger king came to a peacefuleu end thankfully.fully. police say an accused rapistedas took a little girl and some employees hostage yesterday. it began after the policehe polc spotted the suspect driving in i an area and tried to pull himull over for an outstandingutan warrant. instead he took off and went ine the fast food chain. >> heating up once again. again why a snapchat video sparkedpaed it all. a >> snap chat. >> first, though, we're on we'ro verdict watch in baltimore. hey, bob. >> reporter: hey, holly. h, h there will be a verdict thisdics morning in the late of the baltimore police officer trial related to the death ofeath o freddie gray.y. we'll tell you all about it when fox news morning continues.
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>> a tough monday morning forgh the nats and for m holly who waw there following a marathonat sunday. the nats hosting the the pittsburgh pirates for aes f whopping 18 innings yesterday.ed that makes it the longest gamegg in nationals the loss also cuts the nats'he n lead in the nl east to sixo games over miami and new york.or >> that is a marathon. m >> you stayed for the whole thing. >> stayed for all 18 want the know why.he k had nothing to do with the withh game. had everything to do with the opportunity for kids to run the bases on sunday.unthe >> okay. >> and my little four-year-oldye by god he wanted to run those rt bases. bases. >> how did he do for eighto for hours, though, all day.ugh,ll >> we got there 12:45, we left l at 8 o'clock last night. i'm telling you we kept saying hey you want to go h
7:15 am
nope, want to run the bases.un s >> twenty three get to run they bases. >> he d they were reallythey wer great. they came out in like the 16thht inning because we were in line we weren't even in the park. they sent screech out toreech visit. then they sent out everyone eve still in line got jayson werth garden so we got those and then the big one we finally got it.t. after every inning morein m parents were like no, kids no, we're going home. >> right.>> right. >> so, a trooper.oper. >> while we were walking to wngo the car he said can we do this i again sometime even after 18meme innings. >> he got to be with dad and mom. mom. >> and a lot of kids. kid >> going to be a little ltl we're going say we knew him when. >> if you're running basesunni later today, lots of water. >> right. r >> out for any period of time, summer camp, mid 90's with our h heat index getting close to a a hundred later this afternoon.
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78 now in washington.ashington. dulles 73. up in baltimore looking at our radar we'readar w nice and quiet for the moment although see the thunderstorm activity out into ohio, some of that will move into our region mid to late afternoon aer between about three he clockhre and 6 o'clock.and 6 o'clock could be a strong storm orr two. there's a cold front that will f push our numbers down a little bit tomorrow and make for a nice wednesday before the heat h dome comes back. this will be a very memorable mr wave of heat not just for thet r midatlantic but for much ofantim the country we'll be baking byg the end of the week and i'm weei going to be honest it looks it o like my seven-day forecast fec here at fox5, our seven-dayev-dy forecast might be a little a ltl conservative on the numbersn t there friday, saturday and sunday. we could get close to alose to hundred is the bottom line. >> okay. >> okay. >> i know it's real when hee says 97 is conservative.on >> what to do on the weekend. td that's a good segment.ood segme what do we do when it's thats t hot on the weekend? we'll
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have to flesh that >> nothing. >> nothing.>> nothing. >> yeah. >> nothing in air conditioning. >> let's do traffic with erin. e it's not a bad idea to wearo w cool summer clothes and bringndi your work outfitter and change so you're not feeling all sweaty this morning.g. 395 northbound crash out by the hov lanes northbound ator the 14th street bridge. big backups leading to theo 14th street bridge because oft r that. jammed edsall to king streetinge with delays. dels. seems like right now the bottom of the beltway inthe alexandria all the way to the 14th street bridge northboundhb delays are beginning to joininnj together.he across the bottom of the t beltway the inner loop you'reooy jammed up in oxon hill becauseis of congestion as you try toas yy get into virginia. v a crash reported freewayay westbound near south capitol cat look at that red line right there. big delays 295 has been basically aly parking lot for the past 15 pas minutes because of congestion.ot 295 southbound from north ofth 50 all the way down past pas pennsylvania we slow acrosscros the 11th street
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202 to 295 on 50 inbound jams.nj dealing with a few minutesew mit added to your commute there.he. drive times basically tripled from eastern to pennsylvania. pa that's where the majority ofhe the can congestion s your secondaries in the districtinhet jamming as well new york by bladensburg suitland parkwayur past alabama you're jammed jam across the douglas bridge.ri memorial rows vet bridgesri dealing with heavy trafficalth h including the gw parkway areakwe as you try to get from rosslynsl into georgetown via key bridgere jamming up as well. wel allison and holly. >> thanks erin. we have a correction too note about the report we juste ran regarding the suspect in sus the shootings of several s police officers in baton rouge. we incorrectly attributed attrie facebook post to the shooter. so gavin long. gavin instead it was post written by y officer montrell jackson one j of the officers killedille yesterday. we sincerely apologize for the confusion. >> ♪ happening tax we are todaye
7:19 am
awaiting a verdict out ofti baltimore. the judge expected to issueectei his decision in the bench the bh trial of police lieutenant lut brian rice he's one of sixe of officers charged in the death of freddiech gray's bob barnard is live from the courthousismoum good morning. morni you would expect maybe greater anticipation in light of allht l that's been going on around a the country lately butely b considering how the other the trials decided by the judgeheud here have gone, there's not a great sense of anticipationicipt that i can feel here in baltimore this morning. mor it is the verdict coming doneg e at 10 o'clock this morning, mori the trial of lieutenant brian b rice 42 years old, the senior2 d of the six, officers, seniorenir ranking of the six officers who were involved in the arrest and subsequent death of freddie gray last april, april a year ago. ago brian rice is charged withit involuntary manslaughter,auter, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment.angermen two other charges wereo othe dropped, one by the judge, onenj
7:20 am
we are expecting the verdicthe at 10 o'clock this morning.orni. judge barry williams will hand down the verdict. he he has already acquitted acqi two other officers edward nerode and caesar goodson jr. so that's why people here areer just kind of wondering howderinw this one is going to go and having a pretty good idea howde that will go. go. the other trial already of william porter late last yearrt ended iner a mistrial, a hungl,g jury. i will tell that you thereth yot were several dozen people pe arrested over the weekend, wee black lives matter protestve that shut downer state 83 here in baltimore but right now it i seems quiet. q i've covered the other verdicts, nero and goodson and there were more people and peopd more police even at this earlyhy hour awaiting those verdicts. vi pretty quiet here in baltimore o this morning. again, though judge barryjudge y williams will hand down thel haw verdict, guys, at 10 o'clock 10l this morning. >> of course we'll be right here on the air and wait fort f that. thank you bob.
7:21 am
to be released involving iol university of marylandun students at a graduation party back in may. the incidents was alsoenas a captured on this cell phone pho all of the charges have been chg dropped against the two peopleio arrested that night.ight university police chief saysef y there is no question thehe officers used excessive forcece and he has ordered a review of use of force >> still ahead as tensionss tenn remain high across the nation following the recent police involved shootings, law endaw e forbes. officials converge in our nation's capitolci highlightint some of their own presidentialrl candidate sises. we're live with the details. practices.prac >> we're hearing from anotherno american identified as a victim in the nice france tragedy.
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>> back now at 7:24 with thek n late of the following thathe fon deadly truck attack in nice,ice, france. officials at the university ofv california berkeley now now confirming one of its students t was killed in the attack. 20's-year-old nicholas leslie li was in nice as part of af a school's study abroad program. m france's interior minister mis says no evidence the truckheru driver had any link tok to "terrorist networks."ets. that's despite isis claiming responsibility. officials believe the driver may have just been motivated mit by the terror group.r 84 people were killed in the attack. attack. >> in the, key the nation's state run newspaper says prosecutors have begun have begu
7:25 am
dozen generals and admiralsal over that failed coup attempt.up among those being questionedueie the believed ringleader of the coup. meanwhile turkey has fired f thousands of personnel across ar the country and several p-1 p-16 fighter jets were on guard. >> all right, good morning.llig the local story is the heat h and the humidity and guess,d gu, what it will be back with a vengeance this daytime highs in the mid 90'sni9 with that heat index getting ge awfully close to a hundred. to d all right, 78 now in washington at reagan national, a 73 dulles up at bwi marshall 74 degrees.74 deg and we are off and running. runi should be another very hot day d today with a southwest flow.wesf we have a cold front off to offt the north and west and it will w take its time coming through but its presence will start towl be felt this afternoon in the form of some scatteredsc thunderstorms. so i think the best chance isnce between about 3 o'clock and 6 o'c
7:26 am
we will gradually get a little l better. tomorrow a little moreow a le m comfortable than today. tod wednesday looks fantastic and then this big bubble of heatf which will be across central sections of the country hee cnth will start to sneak in here and we're really going're reallg escalate those temperaturesse again by the end of the hottest time of the year and mother nature delivering thisng go round. tgo 96 today, little betteretter tomorrow. wednesday looks great withks g lower humidity.lowe we build that heat right backrit into the region friday,ri saturday and sunday, mid 90's. i've got to be honest some ofeso mpe computer guidance isco pushing numbers closer to aing hundnured by saturday sunday afternoon so haven't triple trie digits since 2012.ce 2012. could be something to lookbe forward to.forwd >> oh, yeah really lookingooki forward to that. >> how are the roads.>> how >> it will warm the pool up.mhel you have a pool to hang out in i that's a good thing other thanta that stay hydrated and we'rey really not lookinghy forward to triple digit heat. h inbound clara barton parkwayay heavy volume.avy vol you can see that red line lin there as you make your way out in potomac as well. we're see
7:27 am
you make your way in on clara ol barton. crash reported in theas repor district. delays back to the 11th streeths bridge. eleventh street bridge is sloww freeway westbound near capitoltb street. you can see all of this red on o our map. map we have a lot of delays on theel eastbound side of the freewaysi as well.deasell. 295 northbound from the beltway to laboratory road you're slow and ty hen 2955 southbound really jams up from o 50 on down eastern torn pennsylvania as the majority m that of congestion and then 50h0 inbound does jam from 202 to2 295 inside the beltway. beltw new york avenue heavy trafficra by bladensburg.nsbu. delays back to goddard spaceda flight center.fligen earlier crash past 197.ast 19 you can see how slow trafficw tf is towards that point. point heading towards baltimore ialtie suggest 95 northbound butes watch for morning congestiont nc there as well. we'll take a live look at 6666 next.. back to you allison and holly. >> thanks erin.nks also at 7:30 as we mournse n three more police officers shot and killed in the line of f duty law enforcement officials s gather right here in d.c. to discuss their own practices prac and highlight the risingis tensions in america
7:28 am
>> later leaders in prince george's county preparing toount reveal new plans for laurelor le hospital. stay with us. we're back in a moment.
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♪ live look outside on this monday morning. you can see the haze hangingean there, right? 7:30 in the the morning we're near 80. >> yeah. >> need we say more?ore >> stay cool, people, drink loti of water. wer wear light >> um-hmm. uhmm let's check our top storiesi this hour. man is dead after hit by a y car overnight on the suitland s parkway. this happened just afterpe just midnight on the parkway betweenn alabama avenue and naylor road.r the driver that hit the manhatit stayed on the scene. sne no word right now on whetherheth that driver faces any charges.hs this morning we're following a developing story out of out montgomery county.gome police say a man died at
7:31 am
underaged pool party at a home m in derr wood.err wood. that man not underage. undag 25 years old. did you yo go padilla ofla of gaithersburg.hers he was found unresponsive in the fool 3:00 a.m. yesterday morni morning. later pronounced dead at theun hospital. police found several intoxicated underaged people at the house.. they say the hosted by two adula men who live at the home.e. both could now face battle over voting rights r for convicted felons in have a a have will head to the statehetae supreme court tomorrow.rt tomro. republican lawmakers aremake are challenging virginia governor gv terry mccauliffe's executive order restoring voting rights to nearly knife hundred ex felons.n they say the governor violated e the constitution with the ordero and can only restore voting vot rights on a case by case basis.s let's bring up to date onupt the latest law enforcement rtmer its shoo shootings in baton rouu two police officers and sheriff's definite tee killedeed yesterday in an ambush outsideht the gaff station. 32-year-old montrel jackson
7:32 am
41-year-old matthew gerald and 45-year-old brad garafola. >> intense investigation intotin the shooter con he is identified as gavin eugene long from kansas city, my sore reach he's not known to have any advertise to specific extremist organizations but online videoed post he talked about usingsing violence and blood set sh towedo fight back against bullies.. we do know long was a former marine sergeant who served inn iraq receiving medals for goodoo behavior. >> the shootings deaths of thatt baton rouge adds another layernr to the complex and tough national conversation being helh about race, police brutality and gun control.ol. >> fox5's melanie alnwick iselak live this morning in northwestoh where the national organizationg of black law enforcementorce executives also nona noble ano actually meeting.ti. hey, mel. >> reporter: good and this conference planned a long time ago. talking about many topics.
7:33 am
facing law enforcement executivu management style, leadership, the future of policing, but thet of course as the difficult conversations and in the lasthes couple of weeks also playing oug here. here. we've seen couple of people thie morning stopping by news monitors and watching the coverage of what happened lastd night in baton everyone, of course, has toas internal lies that and thinkhi about how that affects not onlyo them but affects the people that they serve and the people thatpt look to them for leadership as well. so certainly this morning thatot is a conversation that continueu to happen here during the nobl conference i wander to talk witt gregory thomas the president of nobl and also perry terrence the incoming so first of all, your reactionen to what's been going on in the n last few w >> it's been troubling times fos law enforcement and for ourndoro nation. you know, in the sense shootingn that happened in baton rouge r with mr. sterling the one thatge happened in minnesota andta and shootings of the cops in dallasl now with the shooting in baton
7:34 am
events that are awakened the conscious of the nation to havee better police relation. pice re. >> perry you'll be incomingry yu president. you're facing a differentfe landscape i think than perhaps a law enforcement executives haveh faced before.d what is your message to your y group and also to the policeol that you work with in seattle?ea >> first i want to say my hearth goes out to the families that lost family members recently rec during the recent tragedies buts to answer your question specif specifically, it is aly is challenging time more sotime mes difficult as people are hurtingt and as violence occurs it's notn pushing people to the table,, it's causing greater and greatee separation. so we need to bring down the down the violence level and bring folks b to the table and have thosee tho difficult >> reporter: one of thioe thingi that struck me i read one of tht officers that was killed inille baton rouge posted on his facebook page how difficult itft was to be a police officer, a a black police officer these dayse because when he was in uniform i he felt like he was -- people- p were giving him a nasty looks.oo when he was out of uniform he um felt like people were
7:35 am
it's a real tough thing for anor officer like that and i think ai lot of officers are wondering whether this is the profession s for them any more. a m >> everybody who is in uniformrm now in law enforcement chose the profession in spite of what the have other things to do on the outside ethnicity wise or culture difference.iffe this too will pass.s we're confident with the righthr conversation as perry mentionedm at the right time with the righg people things will get we need to tamp down thehe rhetoric and get back to theacke basics of talking to people p instead of having separationse between law enforcement andn community. >> reporter: and perry, how do conferences like this all ofll your group can come together, tt black law enforcement executiv executives, very specialized sci group.grou how does this conference and conversations like this thenonst help you in the community?? >> the conversation i've had iss the situation in minnesota i'vee been both sides of that trafficf stop. so i've been stopped as wellsel were made those traffic stops.p. those are very tensioneryen situations across the board
7:36 am
this particular group we have av large couldn't tip jent of tip f african-american police chiefsie and leaders from across thers fs country we're able to talk about what's happening locally. lally. but we come together on national level, more importantly thetanty conversations needing to back tk our local communities.ommu >> reporter: gentlemen, thank you very much for your time this morning. a lot of important conversatione to be had here and we wish youhu congratulations on your 40th anniversary for noble. >> thank you very much. t thanks for having me.ha me >> thank you. >> reporter: back to you guys. y >> very timely for them to be tb having tm. thanks, mel. appreciate it. let's get another check on thece tucker barnes is right overarneg there. >> warm start to the day. >>st um-hmm. s> hot this afternoon maybe a we were spared yesterday.e spte big ones on saturday. satur certainly a possibility fewty f strong storms later thiser thi afternoon cold front starts toro move from our north and west. 78 sticky degrees out there at e reagan national. natna 73 at dulles. bwi marshall is 74.4. here's quick look at the stormhs track we are radar.ack we are rd we're tracking just a few cloudw out there early.t ther early. we're looking dry for the for moment. but later this afternoon see the green on your map out in
7:37 am
that is leading edge of some som cooler and drier air which willw start to work its way into our r region really going to take thee better part of 24 hours to getro in here, but start to work inori later this afternoon and thatt could fire up some thunderstormm activity best chance betweenen about three and 6:00 p.m. locally and then we should quie down later tonight with some s slightly cooler air for the dayd tomorrow. but another hot one today.ay 95 degrees at 4:00 p.m. heat index get close to 100 this afternoon. lots of water make sure youur bring the pets indoors that kint of thing a hot one for our okay.ok wait until you see the seven d day. if you crave heat and humidity,d you'll love it. i just tweeted it. erin. how are roads?areoa >> you really sold that forecasf tucker. i can't wait. right now, 7:37. 7:3 tractor trailer crash inra stafford we've been trackinge' this for several hours thisev hu morning.mog 95 southbound after center parkway blocking the shoulder. l slow downs as people head pastep that point in fredericksburg.ri huge line on the northboundboun side. northbound traffic is just jus
7:38 am
overview of virginia drive times 95 north 133, 17 to 610 is under 10 miles per perr. you jam again dale city to 123 t as you cross the occoquan. 66234 to 28 a red zone anotherno area completely jammed traffic t and 28 north is sluggishlu manassas drive to new braddock road. live look at a lot of slow downs there t throughout the you're jammed past the vienna metro station towards the the beltway you can see traffic isrc just backing up westbound sideos looking pretty good jam again ja threw arlington 395 northboundbn parked towards 14th streettr bridge with and earlier crash.ea back to you holly and allison. s >> straight ahead a specialtheas honor for a local fire chief.ef. >> and later, space x makeak another trip to therito t international space station.l sa details on what's on board thist time around.rod. 7:38 right now.
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
♪ happening today, an> announcement about the future oo laurel regional hospital.l hosp. officials there will hold athe w press conference to revealo reva theirs plans to modernize health care deliveries at the facilityl that's happening at noon at theo laurel municipal center. officials scheduled to attend t prince george's county execc baker and laurel mayor.ay >> special honor today for the prince george's county firey f chief.f chief mark ba shore will play a ruth of the tomb unknown soldiel in honor of the inter agencyy partnership between the firep bt department and the united stateu military.mi he tweeted this message sayingay it is quote a high honor to layy
7:42 am
all right.>> 7:41 right now. let's switch gears a bit.sw g coming up next kevin sits downow with two of the stars of thetart latest star trek movie. >> and people on twitter asking we not mention this again. (laughter). >> i'm sorry. i have to read this. t food between these ladies onies social media. okay. ay that's all i'm going to say. s we'll talk more about it.t. sorry. i'm sorry. ♪
7:43 am
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♪ good day to be at the beachh right?rit? >> yes. >> stay in the waves.av i feel like i have a cold coming on. on >> a cold. >> i need a long weekend.nd. (laughter).te now i'm tracking with you.ou >> i feel like on friday i might be full blown summer cold.r >> really. >> i'm going to the beach this weekend down there.weekd down te >> you are? >> yeah. i'm going to wedding on the beacg h. not my wedding. a wedding. >> that's fun. f >> but it's going to be hot.ngot >> i know.> iw. >> i'm kind of worried about itr >> it will be a hot wedding. >> you can buy those little hatt that have the umbrella on it it already. >> do not do that to the bride.. do not do that to her.. >> this weekend will be almost a hundred, right? >> little cooler at the beachesa but, yes. y. area wide.areaide we'll talk you would it. looking for potential for tripll digits around here this week. >> ♪ >> that's good one.>> tt's allison i've been talking a lotl of people out and about.ple outd your tips have paid off and i'mi starting to have a little morete fun.fu >> listen, boom, walk on the -- or you
7:46 am
beat is.beat i put a foot down on the boom.boom >> right. >> i'm not sure he found the b bam. >> no. you didn't find the bam in it. that's good, too.d, too do you you, tucker. you're looking good. g >> thank you allison. thank youn >> that was good.>> that was really good.ll goo >> nice turn.n >> thank you. >> now this is where he tries ts do another turn -- >> stick with one turn, tuck. >> i'm waiting for the weatherhw to start. >> all (laughter).ghter). >> really hot today.ay i'm starting to sweat in here. r mid 90s this afternoon.ernoon thank you allison that wason tts great. let's see, we're doing 78 now in washington. 78 in annapolis.nnnapol you really look at overnightrnig lows i think we might haveht gotten down to 77. so hot and warm and sticky stara to your day across the there were 60s early this thi morning north and west.rth anest but everybody mid 90s for0s daytime highs. highs. that's the actual air a temperature and humidityidit combined make it feel close to 100. 10 so if you're going out to summes camp that kind of thing outdoors lots license of wat
7:47 am
very hot day today.oday we're looking sunny and brightri to start your day.tart y day we'll get clouds to build in ana a cold front which is off to ouo north and west. the actual cold front won't getg through today but the leading la energy will we'll look for thekt potential for scatteredtt thunderstorms around here latere this afternoon.fterno. best chance between three and 6:00 tonight we'll start to seet the storms working on through.nh not everybody will get them butb there could be a strong storm or two. remember saturday we had prettyh good outbreak of some strong thunderstorm.unders there we are at 4:00 o'clock.t 4 it looks like a lot of energy ee will stay to our north and eastt but can't promise a few of these cells won't be on the stronghetn side, and we'll watch the wholeo thing get east of us during thee evening hours overnight justht s cloud cover remains warm and waa sticky and then a little bitit better tomorrow and a lot better on wednesday as the cold frontoo is able to settle in. i all right. r we mentioned the warmerr temperatures. the hot temperatures the end ofd the week.e w this is pattern setting up thisi week.week the heat dome, and this will become a big story it won
7:48 am
washington but central sectionsn of the country could do triple digits some of the modelinge trying to give us triple digitst by the weekend. so just be prepared for that. ta make sure air-conditioning ining good working order as you'll yol really need it around here byery friday, saturday and sunday. sua 96 today.ay little better tuesday.ay. much better wednesday.edsday lower humidity wednesday niceayc break.k. and then we build that heat bacc in with numbers near 100 by friday, saturday and sunday next weekend. good pool and beach weather,er right, erin. eri >> this is true, tucker.r. >> you're a frequent flyer.qu >> i love the pool. love the love beach time. time i love summertime.rt i'll take the heat overve shoveling snow as wisdom oncenc put it.pu it. i like that idea. thatde >> right now we have slow rollaw through your monday morning mor commute around the more road work on rock creekre parkway in addition to the roadd work near the kennedy center cen slowing us down in bothoth directions, between f street and roosevelt bridge caution there.. roosevelt bridge, memorial m bridge, key bridge heavye hea congestion this morning. 395 north earlier crash
7:49 am
lanes on the northbound side of the 14th street bridge has usass jammed up across the bridge. edsall road to king street totrt get just about 4 miles it's i going to take you 14 minutes. you're looking at 10 minute0 m delay mixed in with 14th street bridge delay givelayive yourself i would say a good 30 minutes to get from the bottom o of the beltway across theshe bridge. brid 270 south as you make your way shady grove to the spur drivetor time just about double throughe rockville with congestiothn.stin north at that point you jam frof frederick on down through urba urbana. a lot of stop gone traffic even even though we don't have anyave a crashes.he bw parkway northbound a crash after 197 delays back to theays beltway if you're coming up froo green belt watch out for that. heading into baltimore, 95 northbound is a better bet. b back to you holly and allison. >> space x and its way to the iss. bringing with it 5,000 pounds of space x launched unmanned falcol rocket from cape canaveral justs before 1:00 this also aboard that rocket ists replica of a docking port whichh was destroyed in a launch lnc accident last nasa needs
7:50 am
its new crew capsule to set to debut next year. y i think -- was i reading englise or a different language?e >> space x.ce >> it was martian.>>was >> okay. in today's fox beat b something i can understand, okay.okay. so, look, here's what we'rete're talking about this because it ii on my facebook and twitter aller that like the number oneon trending topic right now. people are talking about this. o it's the snap chat showdown that has so many folks talking kimali kardashian posting this video to her snap chat account. so it's a conversation that herh husband kanye west had with taylor swift.. in it swift seems to give her approval to controversy shall sa lyric that west put in his songg called famous.s the lyrics talk about swift anda west possibly sleeping togethere and then kanye calls swift the b word.. >> right. >> in response on instagram swift says she neveron approvede the lyrics and warned kanye note to release it. the hash tag kim exposed tailori party is a big trend again thisa morning.morning. numb
7:51 am
>> it's interesting because the snap chat conversation does shos them having a conversation.veio they are talking about the song famous and he he is saying i'm going to say certain thingsay cs about you in the song.u in t but in the vide videos row he is leased on snap chat it nevert n says he's going to call her thet b word. wor >> right. >> in her response last night on twitter she basically is sayingy this is quote unquote charactert assassination because whatau wht you're doing is you're onlynl playing some of this and you'rey making it look like i approvedd all the lyric and i hadn't evene heard the song. >> plus they're taping it ory'rn recording it or whatever -- taping.. >> on her beta -- (laughter). >> dvr taping it he's hitting hi record when they're having this whole conversation.satio >> why does it come out now? now >> it's whole thing.le thi. basically, the song came out. then there was the grammy speece where she basically kind of through shade at kanye.h shade >> yeah. >> then the gq interview with kim that shed taylor is playingp the the response to that.t. they're basicall
7:52 am
trying to say that taylor swift new about this. >> i know it but it seems likeme wait little bit and bring itit g back up. up then they bring it back up.. >> let's talk about star trek.rt >> star trek coming out ontring friday bittersweet thing because obviously they lost one of their cast members.emrs. movie is fantastic they lost one of their cast members anton, hee was hit and killed by his own ho car last month.t mon he played check off in the pasts two star trek films as major m role in the third film. fil he was only 27 years old when he died in june, last june i spoke to zachary quinn tow and chris r pine about remembering anton. an when i do interviews, i try going, i try to have fun witnest actors and sit down and have hae something but when somethingomei like this happens and you haveav to address it makes it awkward in the room. but i started off the interviewr on a fun note and then mr. quin. tow who plays spock gave me interesting words about hisut h fellow cast mate anton.e aon watch this
7:53 am
>> dude, i've seen those before. >> point tee ears. ear >> they do. >> those are incredible! a incri >> do you own these? >> i think my -- >> i was nerding out becauseecau justin lynn did phenomenal job.j during the first crawl attackttk when you're sliding down those hallways -- are you reallyea sliding down.g dow >> he built those very important for justin to have everything be practical so they were all built on -- what's the word.d. >> hydraulic lifts.. >> hydraulic lifts so you can can it like this. completely vertical.ertica and we did a lot of that on t wires and stuff. and stuff it was crazy. was crazy >> no one things i love aboutebo cinema and more serious questiot i love that when someone doesoe pass on in real life they liveyv on through movies.s the beauty you can put movie one and still see that person. per i can watch anton, charlie
7:54 am
star trek.k. i'm curious what that means to t you as actors to have thatave t ability to be time less in cinema what even that means forr anton to have been in these movies with you guys? guy >> well, i mean it's an interest to go way think about it i've ii actually watched a couple of his movies in the last month um, tot feel connected to him and seeine him in this movie actually was surprisingly i would say -- - there was a joy to seeing him because he's so good. gd. >> yes.. >> and you know i think eighths way to preserve someone or an as spec of someone's talent certainly, personality in some ways. the way that we honored leonardo in this film as well, you know.k it was important to me that heet be a part of the story. sto not just have it be a kind of ao peripheral acknowledgment butut that he
7:55 am
almost like a reflection of my m personal relationship withnshi t leonard where his version ofersi spock still sort of teaching my version of spock guiding me even though he's not there any more, and i think that's how i feel fl about leonard in my life as as a person.on. so, yeah, it's an unique way off looking at it and maybe one that can bring us some measure of comfort in this unfathomablehoma time of being anton's absence. >> really important to notey imo they've been working togetherngr since 2009. y yeah. >> they made the first star trer film, the second one now this t third one. alton's part check off is hugesh in the third film. and chris pine on the right whoe didn't really say much about iti had majority of scenes with with anton. one of things they don't -- it'i losing a friend. fen they don't want to talk about io that much. >> you can tell they're still sl grieving. >> chris pine was getting tearyt eyed. it's a tough thing to bring up.
7:56 am
thankfully zach was able to tall about it some way, shape or fo form. i felt asking that question butt i'm thankful they were able to e answer it.swert. tough time.ugh tim phenomenal actor.. charlie bartlett as well as thee star trek film. he's fantastic in it. thanks a lot, guys.s. >> thanks, kev. thas, kev. >> tucker barnes is giving usbag another look at the hot foreca forecast. >> hot forecast. speaking of hot kev is off to to vegas.s. >> got back from la saturday suy night. go to vegas today.ay. >> yeah. y for jason bourn. bou >> you have the best life ever.. >> you want to come with m >> i would love to come with y you. >> let's be best friends.est fr. >> kev, kev, kev -- a littletle >> reagan national 80. dulles 78. bwi marshall 74. 7 your satellite/radar it's looking clear and comfortable.le something i'm not at the moment. and we got thunderstorms off tor the north and west. wes these will try to get in hereer with some cooler and drier air.r the cooler and drier air until arrive until later tomorrow andw into wednesday some of thene s thunderstorm activity will stary to get here between about about 3:00 and 6:00 tonight.
7:57 am
there's your seven day.nay 96 today.. with some afternoon stormson sto little bet tomorrow. t wednesday looks great and lookro out, we could be doing our first triple digits sips 2012 by friday, saturday and/or sunday. one of those days might hit 1000 all right.allight erin how is it lookin looking. l >> good napping weather for thef air conditioning. >> talk faster. kevin will come give you a hug,g too. >> come on over, kevin.veevin suitland parkway inbound jams td the douglas bridge.ridge. a lot of brake lights rightight there. you can really come over, kevine he got up and stoppedr, directlc in the middle. >> okay. >> can you feel the love onhe ln monday? let's switch it overt r for look at our maps right now.. unfortunately lot of folks stucu in traffic.inraff 295 northbound from the beltwayb to the 11th street bridgedg drive time more than doubled.han very big slow downs there.. we'll take look at 395t northbound very backed upd traffic leading to lot of our or area bridges. we have a look at metro. look at keep it to fox5.. back for our 8:00 o'clock hour and more hugs from kevin mccarthy. yes!
7:58 am
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>> this is fox5 news morning.. right now at 8:00 o'clock, a live look outside. look outside. it's monday morning. mon we'll have weather and traffic d on the 5's for you coming at 8:05. good morning to you, i'mning allison seymour. smour. >> i'm wisdom martin in for steve schenn 15.n 1 the republican nationaleplin convention officially begins today in cleveland.. this year the event is drawingra enormous amount of attention fo
8:01 am
gop primary race and comes dayss after donald trump announcednc indiana governor mike pence as his running mate.hi thse republican frontrunnernner promised to quote show businessn convention.nv today trump's wife milania willw speak as well as former new york mayor judy guiliani.i. >> i just have feeling likeike surrounding hillary clinton witt all of these sort of politicians and political fixtures, i don'tn know what that gets >> stay with fox5 for the latest on the campaign trial. trial our tom fitzgerald will be in cleveland reporting life all lia week from the rnc and not just s on the air either.he you can enter act with tom onctm facebook live at noon, three ane 8:00 p.m.. also, tune in for our new showw called the five at 6:30. sean yann soon he and jim loco covering politics with twist at 6:30 p.m.6: p.m democrats hold their conventiono in philadelphia next week. self polls show mc hold as modest lead over donald trump oe much the lead is
8:02 am
polls -- in four key polls pol ranges from four is seven poin points. other surveys this month show aw much closer race and polls p conducted in 11 battleground states gives clinton a one point lead.. ♪ >> our other big news storiessto this morning. two louisiana police officersers and sheriffs deputy killedyil yesterday in an ambush outside a gas station. 32-year-old montrel jackson,, 41-year-old matthew gerald and 45-year-old brad garafola. >> and overnight intense investigation into the shooterot continues. he's identified as gavin eugeneg long from kansas city, missouri. he's not known to have any tiesa to specific he can treatment t mists organizations but innitiob online video post he talkedalke about using violence and bloodshed to fight back againsta bullies. we know long was former marinean sergeant who served in iraq i i receiving medals for good g behavior.. this morning we've learn tha bat top rouge s
8:03 am
to v officer montrel jackson has a hs could you say sin on thesay sio virginia tech football team. tea josh jackson is incomingin freshman quarterback.erba he tweeted quote rest in piecee to my cousin montrel jackson whw was one of the policeman thatha was killed hash tag pray forr baton throughout the country police cl departments are having tough and emotional conversations withions their officers about excessiveee force, brutality and stayingyi alive on the beat.. >> just so happens that a largee gathering of black law black enforcement officials is meeting this week right here in her washington, d.c. a mid the latest deadly ambush on police c in baton rouge.. fox5's mel know alnwick live in northwest to get reaction all al these departments are movingartn forward in this difficult time. melanie?nie? >> reporter: good morning,ni, guys.. the sessions are just beginninge to get underway j here at the marriott ward man park for the 40th gathering of the nationall association of black law black l enforcement executives all of ii happening, of course, in thishi back drop of at least four high profile police encount
8:04 am
us in, over the last two weeks e that resulted in the deaths of eight police officers. offers. costing the lives of twothe civilians as well and reallyy bringing a focus that lace sr. focus on what is going on hereer with law enforcement andmend community policing and raceace relations and policing as well.w it's a really as you mentioned a difficult conversation and things certainly being feltng f here, too. we noticed the tv monitors up au people are going into the ballroom.ball these law enforcement officersof can't help but stop and watchat the coverage that is going on. n they're doing number of things here today.he they're talking about the futurf of policing.of picin they're talking about end countercounters vile extremism e usual thing of course it's every present on the minds what ishas going on here and is policingg getting so much more difficult f in this very volatilee environment i'm talk with bothi' the inn coming andm outgoing presidents of the organizatio
8:05 am
about how these events arere affecting law >> as people are hurting and as violence occurs, it's not is n pushing people to the table, it's causing greater separation. so we need to bring downat the t violence level and bring folks to the table and have thosee the difficult conversations.ations >> the bottom line this too will pass. pass i know it will. it will and we're ! with the right conversations at the right timei with the right people thingsht e will get better but we need to d tamp down the rhetoric and getnd back to the basics of talking to people like we're people insteae of having separation between laa enforcement and community. >> reporter: conversations to be had here and we wistihon youu congratulations. >> and so, yes, one of thef the things they'll be talking abouto is how every encounter between e police officer and someone inndo the community is an opportunityy for a positive encounter.nter so how to continue to bill those relationships. also happening this morning, ata 9:00 o'clock, current u.s.. attorney general loretta lyncheh is going to be presenting the eric holder award to its nameame sake. sa the former attorney general eric how old. that will be happening here att 9:00 o'c
8:06 am
then the events here with the conference continue throughoutth the week. the back to you guys. 8:06 is the time right now. deadly police shooting in batonb rouge and dallas raise new concerns about security at theit republican national convention.o president of the clevelandlevela police union on sunday asked a governor ohio governor johnr jon kasich to suspend the statesta open carry law during the rnc. c kasich says it's not possible, p that he doesn't have thee t authority to do so, and it woull be and anunconstitutional. >> accu weather team. are you part of a team? i don'n see your teammates. just. just. >> -- just you. >> all by myself.>>ll b let's get to it.leget the bottom line the heat, the humidity is all going to be witb us all week long. lon it's like a friend.d. >> yeah.eah >> you know. >> like a buddy.>> l >> like a warm coat on hot day.y >> you step out, there's my m friend. hey, what's happening.appeni. >> right. >> you make it sound so pleasant
8:07 am
pleasant. >> i decide i just need to embrace i've been fighting it but now i need to kind of -- be one with it. >> because we're in w in >> reagan national 80.iona 8 78 dulles. 79bwi marshall.shal mostly sunny and bright here toe start your day.start we'll get some cloudsyo this afternoon and scatteredoon d s thunderstorms back in thede didn't get any yesterday.terday. had some big ones saturday.da we'll be back in that sort of st saturday pattern.attern. i'm in the sure they'll be tooo many severe storms but scatteret storms this afternoon with aon h cold front which is actually act going to bring us somewhat more, um, pleasant air tomorrow andnd wednesday. wednesday actually looks great.e but the theme around here lotsot and lots of heat.and lots i'll have the seven day forecass in just a minute. mute. and again, today 95, 96 foror daytime highs.ig >> okay.>> >> all right. thank you. >> um-hmm. >> all right. como too over to erin talk about traffic. traffic >> i think tucker just said ifa you want to have lunch outside t tomorrow and wednesday might beb your best bet for the >> i think oy her him say that,a too. too. >> thank you tucker.ou t
8:08 am
make your way out around town. n we have slow traffic in oxonn on hill. you can see the inner looper l delayed at red line.edine. speeds under 10 miles an hour a you pass 295mi. 295 northbound from the bottomto of the beltway all the way pasts the freeway the 11th street stre bridge jams. j southbound side from 50 on downd passed pennsylvania speeds under 10 miles an hour.10es a 50 inbound very big slow zone z from inside the beltway to passed 295.95 new york avenue past bladensbura is jammed up. 66 eastbound average speeds s 30 miles an hour because of b o congestion as well.el 395 basically parked from thearm beltway to the 14th street you're slow going inside the iie bell way as you make your way on cabin john, clara barton and river road. r outer loop jams 95 over tove georgia. take a closer look in green bell at bw parkway and your metroetro commute next.ute next. allison and >> straight ahead verdict watcht from baltimore.ommore we're live as officer brian rice awaits his fate in the death off freddie gray.freddie gray. little bit later, the stagee is set in cleveland.vela more on the republican national
8:09 am
convention that kicks off today. we're back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ >> i love that song. >> i do, too. can it be a full song instead of like commercial for m and m'. c a full song?? >> i don't think so.on i've looked for it.i've l >> really? i got underground type stuff that i can hook youku up.. >> i've heard that before.or i'll say no to that. t >> okay.>> oka 8:09 right
8:10 am
thank you audio for making m us a feel little good when we're talking about tough newss happening in our society today.y we are awaiting a verdicta t out of baltimore the judge t j expected to issue his decisionec in the bench trial of lieutenann brian rice.ian re. now, brian rice is one of theonf six officers charged in then t death of freddie gray. fox5's bob barnard is live fromr the courthouse with the latest. what time do we expect this ts verdict, bob?t, bob >> reporter: the 10:00 o'clock this morning, allison andningll wisdom. the verdict will be handed down in baltimore end 10:00 o'clock'c this morning. we're outside circuit court. brian rice arc 42-year-old-old the fourth baltimore policeurthl officer to stand tritial in thei death of freddie gray.y. six officers altogether charged. brian rice is the senior policec officer who was on the scene sne that day when freddie gray was y arrested in april of last year.. he's charged with involuntary manslaughter misconduct inn office and reckless endangerme endangerment. this is a bench trial so judge barry williams who alreadyea acquitted officer caesar goodsoo
8:11 am
lieutenant rice's fate here this morning, and, you know, as of a right now, it's fairly quitey here.he the courthouse doesn't open until about 10 minutes from nown the verdict at 10:00 o'clock.00. i will tell you over the weeke weekend, roughly 60 people werer arrested, black lives matterr protest on interstate 83 here in baltimore. balt they were stopping traffic.ff so there was some outward signwg of anticipation for this verdicv yesterday so far pretty quitey i here but we'll be standing byndg and see how it goes. but again, there have been three others who have stood trial, tw quitted by the judge. a jury basically couldn't reachh a verdict in the trial of of officer william porter late las year. so we'll see how this one goes. lieutenant brian rice his fate f determine at 10:00 o'clock thisc morning.moing. guys? >> we'll carry it live, ofll cat course. cour during good thank you, bob. you,ob also happening today, polic
8:12 am
body cam video set to be released of an incident i involving university of marylann students at a graduation partytn back in may. the incident was also captured p on this cell phone video.. all of the charges have been b dropped against the two peopleno arrested that night. night university police chief sayshies that there's no question thatue the officers used excessive ees force and he's ordered review of the use of force procedures.ceds still ahead a food recall to pass along to you. y the one popular item local l groceries are pulling from its shelves.s. >> marathon matchup. nats again the pirates.ates it wept long time.t long tim could have played two games inas that time span.e s a long, long time.g, lim we've got the highlights coming up next. stay with us.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
okay. so i'm happy to be corrected byt mack our audio guru who saysu o that that neuro lows of candymay which i only have even on the m and m commercial is a whole full song unfound it, too. t i'll be putting it on my non existent play list and rockingki it. because that song makes me feele happy. >> talk to mack and see if i can get where he got his above ave ground version because you knowu i'm eye got mine from shadyom sy sources.. >> isn't that the song we had to sing in third grade if music class. >> but they've redone it now. >> how did i not go to schoolchl that sank that song. song >> who can take a --e a >> i can sing it, too. you also make me happy, tucker,e even with this really hoty weather because i don't mind thd
8:16 am
>> okay, good. >> you want some cuteness.ess. >> yes. >> let me get ready. l me >> yeah, you got worked to time now for my first five photo of the day.of t d we got super duper cuteness mariah, everybody.dy >> hi mariah.iah. i love your mermaid swimsuit. s. >> i love that smile. love thati she is 11 monthsle old, and you can see what she loves to do.o d she loves to smile and watch wch fox5. >> hash tag perfect.. >> look at those little juicy arm.. okay. ok >> all right. wisdom. sd >> we defer to you.>> w >> work your magice . 11 months old, >> yup.>>up. >> mariah, you're researchou'res months old, you're a beautiful soul. me moo rye ya go bag --- >> no, that's from the -- that't from the odb song. s don't do that. >> oh, okay. (laughter).. mariah you are of a love. >> mariah we love your picture. >> he got gonged to zen us your child's picture go to our facebook page fox5 d.c. you guy
8:17 am
like getting baked? >> well -->> well -- >> i don't think so. >> you talking about the heat. >> i don't mine it.e it. >> let's go to the forecast. because we got lots and lots of heat. we're all going to be bakingg this week with daytime highs --s >> legal baking. bg >> near the triple digits.igits. maybe i should get booted ass well. 80 in washington.n 81 in st. louis.ou. 80 dallas, and 80 in houston. if you need cool air -- air - >> where should we go. >> pacific northwest littleite cooler towards oregon seen at tell the cool spot the pasthe p couple of week.oupl the reason i'm showing you these whole country the center of thee country is going to be enduringg the worst of the heat and spread east as the week wears on and on we, too, will be featuringeari temperatures close to 100 by next weekend. weeke so just keep in in mind. m not done with the heat speakingn of heat, mid 90's today, withit scattered thunderstorms back inb the forecast this afternoon. not expecting a whole lot of severe weather but potentialen there could be a strong storm or
8:18 am
96 your daytime high. hig bit of a break wednesday andsdad then we really turn the throttlt up for the end of the week. friday, saturday and sunday well into the 90's. heat index probably 105 likely heat advisories aroundron here fort weekend and we may ifi we hit triple digits hit 100 for the first time since 2012.01 >> my goodness much that's notot good.good. >> there you go. >> thank you.nk >> i'll work on my lyrics some e >> i mean -- >> poetry.>>try >> wasn't your best effort.t >> i just got started.t go sta >> i know. know i was sal pling allison.on sampling somebody else's stuff.f >> not obd.. not for sweet mariah. >> hello, erin.rin. >> you tell him allison.m aison >> yes. >> you tell him.>> right now taking a look at your commute in rockville bicycle hit by a car shady grove road by keb west so give yourself extra timt there. if you're taking metro, thingsg, back to normal on all linesll ln residual delays on the orange,e, blue and silver because ofecau earlier switch problem outsidede stadium armory make are yao wayw out last day of safet
8:19 am
four for the blue and yellow lines and we're dealing withli shuttle service replacing thelag rail service between national airport and pentagon city that t can cause residual delays. bw parkway earlier crash by 197 blocking shoulder from the shoul beltway all the way passedde tht point you are so jammed up.amme i would say 95 northbound is the way to go. go. we'll have more traffic in justs a few.aew. back to you. all right.ll right that's pro golfer henry stinson making his way to his first firt major victory he beat phil mickleson to the final round ofd the british open.tish o he had 10 birdies to win then t championship and his score of 22 under par breaks a scoring record for that tournament.rnt. good for him.good >> all righty.>> aight meantime tough monday morning mi for the nationals following a a marathon sunday the nats hosting the pittsburgh pirates for a whopping 18 innings yesterday ye with i think you sai
8:20 am
two games. gam. >> two full games long. gamong >> that makes it the longestongt game in the history of the nationals.on >> if i was doing poet tree onto you stayed out late to watch the nats all rats. >> o rats. os. >> what? >> might be i just better movetm on. >> ♪ (laughter). >> i'm here all morning, more of that to toome. all right.. eight colorado 20. straight ahead a preview of thee republican national conventionit that kick off today. k we'll talk about where securityy is expected to be extra tight. g first though we get the vere latest out of baton rouge, louisiana, following this deadll ambush of three officers.ffic what we are learning about thege suspected gunman this mornings much it's 8:20. stay with us
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
let's get back to the bigge story this morning. more violence as anothert orleea shooting targets loom. three police officers, twos, officers one sheriff's deputyept person was shot and killed in kn baton rouge in louisiana, ofisia course, this was on sunday. another three officers weree hurt. >> all right. let's go live to fox's brandon todd live in baton rouge withgew the developing details.. brandon, we're hearing lot werer you this suspect new information about this suspect.ct what do we know about hisut h military background at thiss point?point? >> reporter: well, we can telll yo
8:24 am
kansas city.nsas c we can tell you that he turned e 29 yesterday.esterday he served in the marines from 2005 to 2010 and that included a tour in iraq. again, the investigators spannen this country and also the fbi f are learning a little bit more r about him.ab him. they're watching some videos vio that he posted unnoisy tube pagp calling himself an alpha male. l he himself says he's not affiliated with anyone group but early information was that he h kind of belonged to some antient government groups. gros. but, again, investigators aregas still pouring over that tt information this morning. morni you know, after that shootinging that all happened about 8:40 inn the morning. 911 call describing a suspicioui person walking down the street s with a high-powered rifle. police got here. as soon as they got here they found the shooter dressed all in black carrying extra ammunition wearing mask. mask as soon as officer a
8:25 am
scene, he immediately started three officers were killed. 32-year-old montrel jackson. jan he was with the baton rougeouge police department. also with the baton rouge police department 41-year-old officerer matthew gerald and then 45-year-old deputy brad garafola was with the east baton rougeoue parish sheriff's community just realing this ts morning after this shooting.g. still on edge over the last las several weeks because of the alton sterling shooting police involved shooting.oting. things had just calmed down i'mi told over the last few days until yesterday.. >> such a sad story, and also we reported that one of the t officers had also been on social media just discussing his tryinn to balance being anng an african-american law officer. so social media has really become an outlet sometimes good, sometimes bad as we have seen, brandon. >> reporter: exactly.ct i know youa
8:26 am
facebook post by montrel jacks jackson. basically, making a plea to his community to come together aftee the sterling shooting, and a jackson even said in that post,s if you need a hug or want to say a prayer, i got you. sad situation here. >> thank you so much. we will rejoin brandon toddndond later in the morning as we continue to follow this horrible news out of baton rouge. really is.. >> yeah.ea. >> oh, boy.oy it's funny because we sit us here and you have to say the s worst of the news and then you -- because there's other oer things happening today including weather and it's just never an n easy transition or a segue, butt that's happening here and it'snd important.i so tucker, hot, hot, hot, right. >> yeah.>> yh. heat and heat right back into b the mid 90's today.. heat index creeping towards 100. look out for late daye d thunderstorm.thunto got a better chance today than n yesterday. 80 now in washington reagan rean 78 dulles. 79bwi marshall.arsh
8:27 am
and plenty of sunshine early ana a quick heat up into the 90s.0s it does look lick we'll build some clouds and perhaps few thunderstorm this afternoon as cooler and drier air starts to move in and are going get a bit of a respit here tomorrowe t afternoon really wednesday.edsdy look at wednesday onlyaynl 87 degrees and then look outookt we'll really build the heat bach in by the end of the week. wee more on that coming up but we w could do 100.00. >> dangerous weather actually. >> yup. >> yup. >> thank you.>> thank you all right. check in with erin como get ann update on roads. >> breaking news out of the plains in virginia.ns in vir 66 eastbound a crash earlierer vehicle fire.e. right now 66 starting to deal da with very big delays because 666 eastbound is closed at 15 out in hay market. you'll need to detour aroundetra that may want to keep it to 29 get you some older alternatesere please keep in mind this mornini 66 eastbound closed at 15 at haa market with a big crash.. keep it to fox5. fox5. we'll be back with more trafficc in few. back to you wisdom and allison.
8:28 am
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♪ 8:30 right now on mondayig morning. and straight ahead this deadly police shoots in baton rouge having a big impact on theon t republican national convention.n >> we'll go live to clevelandvea for more how security is being affected at that convention.venn we'll talk about that coming upg in just a minute. all righty. let's check our top stories hereere a man is dead after beingftb hit by a car overnight on the t suitland parkway.arkw. this happened just aftert after mi
8:31 am
alabama avenue and naylor road.r now that driver that hit the mam did stay on the scene.cene no word right now op whetherheth that driver faces any charges.hg also this morning, we're tolling a developing story outg of montgomery county much policy say a man died at underaged pooo party at a home in derr wood. 25-year-old diego padilla of gaithersburg was fop up fop u responsive in pool around 3:00l: a.m. sunday morning. morning he was later pronounced dead atd the hospital.ospita police found several inn tock it indicated underaged people at u the house mucndh the party was hosted by two adult males wholtm live at that home.that both could now face charges. we are now just hours away a from the kick off to this years republican national convention and while donald trump promisess a show business convention, thee rising police tensions acrosse a the cup tree are casting a a shadow somewhere over theve the candidates. joining us now with a little bit more bret baier host of speciall report.rt brett is in cleveland thishi morning. how is it in cleveland ahead ofo everything getting startedgrted today, brett? >> hey, allison exciting toeing finally be here after talking
8:32 am
security has taken a dramatictic ratcheting up in the past couplo of days. of d i've been here since thursday. so they're getting prepared forr what they think will be a lot of protests out and about. tonight's theme at the convention as it gavels is how to make america safe again thatt fits with the tone and tenor ten after baton rouge and everything we've seen in the country in thc past couple of weeks.. >> not to mention the world. let's first talk about what we t all just sat there and watchedch when turkey was going through th this attempted coo, of course,ou and coming right on the heels oo this nice attack. >> yeah, if you think about a big event around the world overo the past two weeks, it's pretty stunning, and there is this sense that people are feeling ag little bit unstable about security.. the turkey situation is, you know, a failed coo attempt where people its president of turkey has regained more power
8:33 am
looks to be taking out a vengeance on those who tried tot commit the coo. t coo and dealing with that in an a different sense of leadership ii going to be a challenge for thee us. >> let's finish with where you w are, brett.e, brett. i was just looking through the t speakers today. tod what's the buzz on who we'ree' waiting to hear from, you know,k as a person my age i'd like to hear from scatter weig scott baf happy days there are other politiciansotolt coming on business people. who are the stars expected toecd speak today?od? >> allison, i just did not taked you for a cha chi fan. chi f >> i was a big cha chi fan. f yes, i was. >> that's pretty good.ood. tonight is the big night milania trump and kind of i think you'll see more efforts to humanizeumiz donald trump and not this figurr on campaign trail who s you s yu know, democrats called divisivev and republicans obviously oious haven't totally uni
8:34 am
the end of this week there'ss more of that.more so milania trump take the family message and rudy guiliani talksl and expect that to be blisterinn against not only president obama but hillary clinton.hillarli >> in the seconds we have leftae we said it a couple of times t brett. he promises trauma in that itn t will be a show business typeyp convention. what does that mean exactly? d you have any more information oo what that is exciting or whatha can we expect? >> yeah, i think he was, you w know, trying to sell it. it. from the speakers we've seen i s mean there's a few from show s business and a few sports fans -- sports athletes, youtesy know, there's antonio so bat tow, jr., scott baio, there'shee the guys from benghazi who obviously aren't entertainmentme they risked their lives on the e ground based, you know, that movie 13 hours based on their efforts.efforts. they speak tonight.. a host of politicians.s. but i think they'll somebody soe surprises along the way that ala aren't in the program.. they're going to change
8:35 am
stage somehow for thursday night and donald trump's speech and a tonight donald trump will be b here to listen to his wife wif speak. >> we'll all be watching. brett, thank you a so much. >> thanks, have good one.e goo e okay. later this week thousands oo balloons will cover the floor oo the republican nationalnal marking end of the event.. but where do all these balloonss come from? students at local ac high school help inflate and tid the balloons and they then packn them up into a large net andet when it's all said and done more than 10,000 balloons will fall from the ceiling. c so in case you ever wondered whe does that kind of work? wor >> >> but it's kind of cool becau because -- they're participating in the process.cess >> right.ight >> it takes folks doing alloi kinds of stuff. stuff >> way to go. way t >> there it is. >> learn something new every day day. tucker g >> why got up this morning i wag like, how do they do those balloons?oo >> i have wondered it.av you see them all fall. fal >> now you know. >> yeah. >> whose is going to clean the
8:36 am
up. >> lots and lots of labor, right.righ >> think about all that heliumhi in there. t. do helium voice for like threere days.da >> i don't think they're heliumm balloons. ball >> i guess not because they're t falling.. >> they're going to toal >> deep thoughts. >> something you learn everyng n day. >> deep thoughts. 80 now in>> washington.n. humidity 79%. 79% winds out of the south and westt at 8:00.:00. we're quiet at the moment. mom we're going to be hot and humid. mid 99s this afternoon and then thunderstorm activity.ctiv this line will kind of fallf fal apart and reorganize as it moves into very warm and very humidumd atmosphere later today. tay so the good news is justs actually little bit of cooler c and drier air off to the north and west we'll tap in for a timt by later tomorrow and into the t day on wednesday.sday but it won't last. the heat is going to be the rear theme this week.them we'll start with today.. 95 degrees at 4:00 p.m. heat index close to 100 withh scattered storm. sto best chance between 3:00 and:00n 6:00 o'clock tonight best chance for those storms.rhose storm all right. al coming up in just a minute seven day forecast and we'll talk about it next weekend potentiali for triple
8:37 am
am i toss to go erin? >> oh, erin.rin. >> we have breaking news.aking n big mess.ges look at this vdot camera out in the area of gainsville.lle 66 east and westbound both sidee of the interstate right now shut down crash, truck pfeiffer.fefe. there might be a brush fire in the area as welch you can seeans billowing smoke in that camera.. eastbound and westbound lanesoud are impacted at route 15 hayy market. you can ride the on andn off-ramps around that but notice there's no traffic in the i vicinity 66 east and westboundtb both shut down i'd keep it too your secondaries find alternates this morning because we're seeing tons of backed up traffic lead to go and from gainsville l this morning.this morni we'll keep up it dated on this t truck fire.k fire. again you can see a loft firstrs responders self members of the f fire department at that locatiot as well and traffic at a complete standstill again riding the ramps ativan to get around o this closure on 66 in both directions. direct we'll switch it over from ourior maps. that's not the only problem on 66. we have crash right now towardss centreville from manassas.. crash and delays this is betweet car rest area and 29.
8:38 am
well and you can see that red tr line leading towards that tha location before that gainsvillel the big closure is at 15. 15. as for the rest of your districc commute a lot of typical mornini congestion and keep up updated t on that breaking news. back to you allison and wisdom.o still a head a conversation every parent can relate to.o. get are i don't aids to eatat we'll have the do's and don'ts. >> chick-fil-a rolling out new w menu item. (applause).ppla >> hamburgers. i'm just joking.tokin details next. (laughter).
8:39 am
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♪ >> welcome back, everybody.el it is 8:41 on monday morningco. 80 degrees. not even 9:00 o'clock yet. 9:0ol >> i know.>> i k >> take your time out there.imee let's talk about food recall now. giant is recalling some of their frozen products.roduct pf chang's products overctve concerns there may be metal met pieces in some of the sauces.ce so far there nor reports ofts o anyone being sickened or hurt. h if anyone has a pf chang's chang product at home, they shall behb returned to giant for a forlorer fun we have a complete list ofes the recalled products on our website.bsit so go to all right. r no surprise here the growingwing popularity of the pokemon go app has triggered overwhelminghein demand for vintage games toys ty and pokemon merchandise.di pokemon related sales rose 90% s in the past month. mth e-bay and amazon say they've experienced huge demand for old
8:42 am
pokemon games while retailerseti say they've got demands for everything from pokemon toys tos the t-shirts. i don't get it. i i just don't -- did you everid u play pok >> i never did really play p pokemon.pon. >> no. >> but we were, you know, myw, y daughters were in atlantaan spending some time on the way back -- they did >> they're always doing i. >> okay. o >> and so we stopped through thr richmond. there's -- i'm like what ise whi going on? can you put your heah up and look outside? >> i know.>> k we were out and about this aboui weekend. people were just walking aroundd on theirs phones.s >> you can tell when people arel doing it.ldoing >> crazy. >> i do not get it.>> >> it's kind of cool, though. to >> is it. >> it's kind of cool. if i asked her to show me what itet is. pokemon is like cha-ching. most parents can relate toet the struggles of trying to getog your kids to eat healthy. hea so what's the secret to getting them to love their fruits and veggies without being super likl >> mean. >> like you, wis. >> love. >> straight ahead
8:43 am
with and talk about the do and d don'ts of getting them to eatoat healthy.. i got some ideas. >> no, with love. >> don't do it that way?
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ the heat is on >> that should be your theme song. >> yeah. >> tucker barnes has your forecast coming up in just 10 seconds.
8:46 am
all right. welcome back. allison, wisdom --isdo-- >> yes. >> before i start the >> i need to wish somebody aomey happy birthday.irthy. >> yes. >> steve! ste >> happy birthday!py birthda >> steen's birthday today.oday >> steve' birthday.da it's steve's birthday. >> we're in in the sam hill did you get this publicity stunt.ty. >> you like that? >> i kind of do.of d >> steve is front and center that's why i had to give it toet him. it is steve' birthday.da he's going to tell you niece his 2020s or even his 30s we allll owow -- >> at least 65. >> aarp card is in the mail. >> look. no shade. i was happy to get my aarp carp there's a lot of deep discountso with that card.hat c happy birthday, steve.y, s >> happy birthday, steve! >> yay! >> wherever you are. whe >> we know you're in the watc watching and some exotic islandl or some mace. se mac we're happy and we miss you.. >> yeah, we do. yeah, we do. really hot today. really hot. really really hot.ea 95 your daytime high with heat index near 100. 100.
8:47 am
78 in quantico.ic 79 in fredericksburg.ur normal and west frederick 75 degrees. deg 79 this morning winchester.. sunshine, a lot of that for ther first half of the day. build some clouds and eventualvt al chance for scattered showerho or thunderstorm there ishe i somewhat cooler and drier air da off to the north and west try to sneak in here later tomorrow and into the day on wednesday. on wd i think actually wednesday wille be fairly pleasant around heree but then we'll heat right backhb up towards the end of the week.w i'll show you why in just a iju minute. let's try to time out the stormo for you.. best chance between about threee and future cast not loving the t idea of widespread outbreak of a lot of heavy thunderstorms. but there could be a few stormsm around here by three or four fou that threat will linger into the evening hours and then overnight we should see quieterwe conditions. little cooler tomorrow.ler t as mentioned wednesday looksedno good. but then the heat dome that wil be across central sections of sn the country this will be bige story later this week is much of the country will be enduring end 90's or even triple digits.
8:48 am
by friday, saturday and sunday,, and much of our computerom guidance has been very very aggressive about giving us upper 90s or maybe triple digitse dit around here. he so you know just kind of bekif b prepared for that later this lat week. but we're just not done with doh this very hot stretch of thechf weather and maybe our hottest temperatures yet by again thegat end of the week noon the weekend with daytime.ayme those numbers might be little bt conservative with day heim highs in the upper 90s and heat index probably over 105. very hot today 96. 9 this is not going to be cool on with storms think afternoon. aft that's the weather update. happy birthday, steve.teve allison, back to >> happy birthday, steve. steve let's check in with holly and hy erin to see what's coming upomg today on good day d.c. >> hey, allison.ey, allison. we continue to follow the majort stories unfolding at this hour. new details in the officersicer attack and killed in baton rou rouge. plus, we're live inus, w l cleveland as day one of the republican national convention t begins.gins. >> and we are also on verdict vi watch as the highest rankingan officer charge in the death ofeo freddie gray lea
8:49 am
also, at 9a do you have you joint pain, maybe need tod to recover from a hard work out? u how about stepping into ato a chamber that's negative 200 fry 41 degrees.41es say what? we investigate cryogc therapy this holly. >> and we have plenty of other h must see moments. m less put up the good day guest list. police officer tommy norman he's become a viral sensation becausc of his approach to community policing.. he's insight and work is work definitely something the countru needs more of right now andore t we'll talk with him live at 9:30. then at 10a, how about somes star power? 50-cent and omari hard wick join us live to dish d about the hit show power. power >> it's a jam pack good day d.c. oh and monday and we are justres minutes away from it all.ll >> all right. all rig looking forward to it. frd t and in the meantime here's aere' story all parents will want tolt pay attention to.ttentn t a new study out todayod highlighting the gender gap inpn education. it shows boys are almost twiceot as likely as girls to haveave
8:50 am
communication skills by the timt they start school around fivediv years old.. researchers say that lag can lag effect boys later in life whenli it comes to literacy, earnings,i and hem health. hea interesting. all right. wis, over to you.wis, i'll join you right now.ou r now >> come on over.>> c all right. rig let's talk parents now -- pare this segment is for you. when it comes to feeding yourngu kids. it can be a tricky task. especially if you have veryery picky eaters on your hands.ands actress kristin calf larry lar recently came under fire for fir this photo she posted of herf children on critics say her sons are too thin. thin some even claim they lookk malnourish.ouri calf larry defense herselfer saying her children are wellreel fed. and it's not just celebrityeleb parents who are taking the heatt on this.his. italian couple had their childhi taken away after they fed him a vegan diet and he was found tond be under under weigh so here the question for you, parents. what do you need topa know about these healthy diets for kids? ok
8:51 am
she's here she's board certifiei in family medicine. m we're talking about this this ts morning. so, we know our kids can ben picky eaters. eater >> very picky eaters.aters. is this little extreme whenlittn you're talking about trying torn be too healthy with your kids?id >> so what happened in it systen actually pretty scary.. these parents were feeding theie kid a vegan diet a 14 month old and he ended up being as ---- ended up being that the childhid weighed as much as a three month old. he was severely monthly nourishi because the main things he was eating was soy milk andilk a applesauce the baby was taken tn the hospital and was reallyea scary here is that his calcium l levels were so low that it i affected the way that his hearth was beating. was so the b cells in the body not n just for bones that's what wet'e hear the main things for calciui but the heart requires calciumrc to actually pump ton function.ct so the question is, are these t kind of vegan diets really safe well, they can be but to be 1000 honest with you it's very toughu to put a child on a vega
8:52 am
and have them be adequately nourish. all kids that are on vegan dietn should be gettingting supplementation and that'sationt things like calcium, vitamin d, vitamin b12 and iron. and so you need to be working verynv closely with your pediatricianea to make sure your child doesn'te fall off that curve.. >> wow. >> hi, dr. shilpi. shi >> good morning, allison.ison. >> hello, wisdom. wdo >> hello. how do you make sure -- i feela like that's an extreme case. c we don't hear about that veryutt often.ofte >> right. >> we do hear, though, about thg when a child is perhaps overweight and trying to findoin that balance with not making them feel like you can't have this, maybe your brother or your sister is okay.sier i they can have it.they very fine line because, upping,, mentally you might also be damaging a child if you give g them its message that you look -- you look too thin or yor took too heavy. hvy >> either extreme of the growtho curve in general in society see it's hard for kids and they aree growing. it's really important to remember a couple of things. tng toddlers are constantly
8:53 am
they're very picky eaters. eater so they'll be grazing throughour the day. a good option to give them givee snacks is just use somethingussm like a small ice cube tray wetre have. you can put a little bit ofput l snack in there and then they'ree going about their and way. way overweight or sort of childrenle who are above the growth curvewu those are kids where you reallyr want to encourage them to be the active because remember theseecm are growth years.e gro y so if you restrict theirhe calories too much, that can alsa be damaging to them. the so if you don't give them thehem fat they can start to haveoav problems with their thinking, tn their energy you don't want't w restrict all of those thing thot either if.eier i >> all right. here's what goes on in my house. i restrict the junk food.d. >> um-hmm. >> they have to be t >> okay. >> very active. re>>strict the junk food. f otherwise you eat whatever, youy know, you can eat anything anytn there's nothing that's offs nota limits but the junk food, no sodas.soda that's rare treat if you get a f soda.. >> that's >> eating whatever you want andt also remembering eating what the parents are eating is veryer important.importt when they're growing that's whet they're developing they'regy' palates so in the children that
8:54 am
700 milligrams of the calcium aa toddler you need to be giving g them millining and things likene that's what they're gettinget calories from and taste from ano that. things with dairy you caniry yon restrict that later on life asne an adult but as child the reall recommendation is to give them t an adequate amount of cal so yu to grow and to kind of learn the palate and then their foods the can eat. >> it's so too what you said sd when i got go to the grocery t store i'll be in the cookie eyee what about a little treat forref the pantry? but it is reallyea true. you set the scam he will by whaa you eat, so in order to haveave some healthy snacks in there sos you said let's talk about kidskk when they get to be little bitit older now they're in school,l, elementary school.entaoo what's a good way to snack whatn should they be getting in their diet? diet? >> your best way to help kidsid that are growing but in theirhe teens or becoming back groundacd elementary school they're very h hungry to give them balance bald meal. give them protein.rotein give some that that carbs that are slow carbs. car don't good them sugars andoo things except for special
8:55 am
occasions we see at parties anda on the weekends. wke you want to give them thingshins like, you know, fortifiedfied you can give them whole grains,n beans with hummus.ummu tortillas with hummus and maybe some low lean meats.ts. avocado a great option to add. d they get full off of that butt not eating the whole house hou before din are in because then t they spoil their appetite.ppetit >> they do get hungry.y >> i think keeping soda out ofpg the picture is a really greaty t option. very important to stress becausa the earlier that they're brainsa get that sweet sweet taste, thet can't differentiate that. they don't like water oncet on'e they've had sewed today.e h it's very important to keep thet soda away.wa >> keep the soda away.y only daddy can bring soda andoda eat i'm the one paying the bills, bl right? righ >> yeah. >> we had to go there dr. shil dr. shilpi. >> thank you dr. shrill pee. s >> i think it's also importantoa as parents to remember everyone is really just t trying to do td best that they tt th ht right. >> no shaming. >> kristin cavalieri came underr fire and i think it's hard ont'o her, because she's a celebrity b posting pictures of her kids. kd we don't see them day
8:56 am
>> right. >> you cannot tell whether a child is malnourish unlessh ues you're seeing their pediatriciar and knowing them.kng them. >> right.>> r >> when all right parent goingl to the doctors office askri to o your child's growth chart. for twos two charts thechar pediatrician should be goingan e over these with your height anda weight. you want to is he your child chd continuously going across that a and not falling off.ff in her case, she got so much m heat for having these childrensd be too skinny, we don't knowon k those kids.ose k >> right. >> i think she's probably workbw wig her doctor to make sure that they're healthy.lthy. >> okay. >> thank you. >> no shaming out there. okay.okay let's head on over to tucker tke barnes in studio a.. hey, tuck.y, tuc >> all right. my vice lots of water withit numbers like that already aea 9:00 o'clock in the morning. m 82 at reagan national.l. trifecta reagan national, bi., and dulles 82 sunshine to start yao today.rt o , hot humid mid 90's thishis afternoon please take the heat e seriously possible thunderstormt this afternoon as we start to see some cooler try to get
8:57 am
here. it doesn't arrive until lateril tomorrow and wednesday looksnd great.t look at wednesday only 87 but ob the heat will be back by the epe of the week. friday, saturday and sundayay a maybe our hottest air yet this season. we can get very close to 100 degrees by this weekend. wee next weekend.kend this upcoming weekend. weend. any of that make sense, erin? your turn. >> you know what, tucker it does make sense good okay. sense gooo >> right now we have breakingow news we are tracking much look at this camera from 66 east and westbound remain rem shut down in gainsville out by 15 hay market exit. right the on and off-ramps topso get around traffic backing up ii both direct examination.irec getting roar this is hazmatar t situation. there's a truck fire in additioo to a crash at that location. loc so many first responders.esnder we'll continue to track thisue t here on on5 keep it to good day att 9:00 we're back in just a few moments.
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♪ straight ahead, blue lives lost. >> officer down, officer down! >> three more police officers killed in the line of duty.y. this time in baton rouge,, louisiana.. when an african fights backc it's's w. >> the suspect apparently upsets over the recent deaths of two o black men at the hands of law enforcement. what we know about the suspect and the role social media williw play in the investigation. also this morning, the calml before the storm? therm? republican national conventionnn kicks off today. today donald trump and


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