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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  July 18, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, blue lives lost. >> officer down, officer down! >> three more police officers killed in the line of duty.y. this time in baton rouge,, louisiana.. when an african fights backc it's's w. >> the suspect apparently upsets over the recent deaths of two o black men at the hands of law enforcement. what we know about the suspect and the role social media williw play in the investigation. also this morning, the calml before the storm? therm? republican national conventionnn kicks off today. today donald trump and
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trying to unite a fracturedct party. we'll have a live preview fromm cleveland, ohio.. a sneak peek at how fox5 is giving you all access coverage g from the campaign trail.ra good day at 9a starts now. ♪ welcome to our house which is the loft on this good day d.c.go we're so glad you're with us.s. 9:00 o'clock now on july 18th. i'm homily morris alongside of allison, erin and wisdom.m. maureen enjoying time off. steve deservedly taking his taki birthday off.. >> yes. >> again. >> 29 times -- whatever. does we got a lot to talk abouta this morning including decisiono day in in balti today the highest-ranking-rki officer linked to the death of o freddie gray will learn his fatf as judge hands down his verdict. we're live in charm city with it the very latest oh and thathh at story. st first at 9:00, though, we w are still following that brea breaking news out of bato
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rouge, louisiana. >> note no.o. this really a city inity i mourning a nation facing aa crisis yet after yet anotherer ambush on police officers. offic you know by now these three mene they were gunned down in batonat rouge yesterday.rd the officers have beenayrs h identified as 32-year-old2-ye-od montrel jackson, 41-year-oldar-d matthew gerald and 45-year-old brad garafola.. three more officers were injurer in the ambush which took placeoa outside of a gas station again a in baton rouge.ou one of the remains in criticalca condition.ndio baton rouge is a city already oo edge reeling from the shootingne two weeks s ago of alton sterlil a black man shot to death by white police officers outside oi a store there. let's share latest as we as know it about the shoot shooter. gavin eugene long is his name n from kansas city missouri hee turned 29 yesterday the day hesh decided to open fire on law enforcement. long was very active oh anderyio social media recently posting pi this on twitter "just becauseec you wake up every morning mor doesn't
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just because you shed your she physical body doesn't mean thata you're dead" then there are videos, long posted under a sued know him on youtube.ou take look.. >> you've got to fight back. b that's the only way a bully b knows to quit.tuit. he doesn't know words. he can't understand words.d wor i promise you. y. he doesn't understand protests.. >> now that video was posted on july 10th. long says he was in dallas atala the time. that was three days after theert deadly ambush on a dozen police officers there. long is not known to have anyny advertise to specific extremist organizations. we do know long was a former f marine sergeant who served in iraq, receiving medals for goodd behavior. >> hmm. h >> it's just so >> right.. >> yet again -- it's almost lika when you really what we do off o hours we reach for the phone tot see what's going on.'s g >> right. >> and then when you see thateny just pop up on your social media for me i'm just like, not
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>> not >> this is not happening againnn because there's no way that thit in any way is productive. >> there's just no -- >> so for someone to have that in their mind and to rationale o lies it that way is disturbing.u and then the carnage is just too much. >> but the sad thing is, is whei i reach for my phone and i see it, i'm like, not again, but i'm not surprised.. >> right.>> >> and that is the feeling thata makes me sad. s that i'm not surprised that it's happened yet again. again >> when you get that numbness ts you about hearing the news and hearing how many times presidenp obama had to go on the recordn and talk to the country about at these issues, it just sets suchs a tone for the country.nt >> you wonder what can really be done. done >> that is the be big question.n when you do see this over andved over again you start to think to yourself, okay, we all know that enough is enough.enou is enough. but who has the answer? that'sh the big thing. tng what is the we know that this isn't thessn't answer. this isn't the answer to whatever problems are going on g in this country.oury i mean it's just mind bogglingbi that we c
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stop this from happening andpe people have rei sored to this as the next step.p >> you know what i was thinkingn we talk about the discussionisco that needs to be had but does the discussion reach someoneeone like long?liong? >> right. rig no. >> i don't think it does.. >> exactly.>>xactly. >> yeah. we'll talk more about it throughout the morning obviousls as this is still developingelopn >> yeah. >> out there. >> all right. meanwhile police in baton rouger plans to update the the investigation at 2:00.:0 force though much more on thehe suspect and what may have have motivated his attack.ttack. we'll also take a live look at a baton rouge for a look at thek t growing vigils and the calls for unity. >> the other big story today, of course, the beginning day one of the republican national natnal convention. officially getting underwaynder today in cleveland.nd as donald trump and ru running m mike pence try to unite a uni fractured party, and as the state of the gop wasn't a big ga enough issue, now security is at the forefront as well. wl for details we turn to fox's doug luzader much he's live ifsi cleveland this morning
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good morning report roar goodoar morning. as far as security goes everyec time you go to a conventurion to security seems to ramp up to apo new level, but at this point,oit this place is pretty secure. sur so it would seem. see i mean it's swarming with cops outside. secret service all over the place. not just this arena but kind ofd the area around it as wellell because they're preparing forrer protests.otests you look behind me here. her the floor has pretty much takenh shape and this thing is abouts o four hours away now from sta starring.ring >> the final touches for theal u convention's kick off todayay trump's campaign slogan given g prominence near as the trump trump/pence ticket hopes tonctik unite a fractured party.a >> he's going to make ae' difference because he's goings i bring focus, purpose and changea to >> reporter: just driving into o the secure zones shows you how s extensive the securitythe surit precautions are.s are police preparing for protests pt and no doubt on edge afterfter yesterday's attacks on policenoc officers in baton rouge.
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>> i haven't felt like a big b target is on your back. b i have never felt like thisike s report roar despite all of the drama in getting here an lot oft ways this is going to play outlo like a conventional convention. state delegations here on the floor, there are balloons readys to drop from the ceiling, and of course a main stage for the the whole host of now, tonight there are going tot be certain themes. one of which will be the benghazi libya attacks and hacks' roll as well as donaldasl trump's family and his his positioning as a law and order r >> milania trump will speak ande so will former new york mayoror rudy july july but noticeably absent two former gop presidentg and the two most recent nomine nominees. still gop chairman proof voiceoe says that's in keeping with trump's outsider status.tas >> i have a feeling surroundingi hillary clinton with all ofwillo these sort of politicians and political fixtures, i don't knot that gets her. >> reporter: the theme tonight t called make america safe again.n and so there will no doubt beoub some references to the
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threat that we face as countryry overseas but also about the recent internal issues that wes have faced include these these killings of police officers. back to you guys.u s >> thank you very much, doug. 9:08 right now. n. this has been election ele season for the history books.ks and it's not over just yet. >> fox5 is giving you even morer from the conventions with brand new show it's called the fox at 6:30 and premieres tonight right here on fox future the note no politics as usual. a usu so for a sneak peek at what to expect, jim lokay joins us now live via skype co-hosting theint show.ow. jim, we've all been talkingll bi about politics with a twist. twi can you give assailed heads up u what the twist is?? >> well, the twist is that we're going to do something different. one thing that i really -- i wai really excited about when i cami to work at fox5 is that we wanted to do things differently. so shawn yancy and i are going g to do, we're going to bring t
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latest fresh, start with the wit convention and tom fitzgeraldzgd who's in cleveland, and we'ree' going to fly by the seat of ourf pants. we'll see how this work out. wee talk to fits, people outut there. we have ronicath cleary who wilw babb based out the old grill g here in d.c. she'll get the pulse of the pul people. we're looking to 30 minutes ofes being spontaneous. really engaging.agg really fun. we're not going to worry about a scripts. it just will be us talking to you.e it will be old friends talkingai politics and we'll try to makeok this interesting, and try to make this fun.. we really want this to be 30to minutes you'll walk awaykwa thinking, man, i'm glad i did d that. i'm glad i spent that last 300 minutes watching five at 6:30.t3 >> it's a political version of f good day at d.c. (laughter).ghter) >> i fell it was training campam when i filled in with you guys a couple weeks ago.eeks a >> jim, here the thing whenhing you're talking politics with old friends, you know thou can go. . that can go either way, jim.. >> what be
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at thanksgiving dinner with youu family.mily i think one of things we get tot do, we're going to have the timm to -- we'll have the time too give perspective.spective the time to give context.te we'll have the time to engage eg with people. peopl i mean, twitter will be major mr part of the show. the hash tag is five. ht6:30 and we'll be poppingpi those up throughout the show. s. it's one thing to talk about, ao yeah, we'll read your tweets ono tv but major part of our showf w because i feel like that's goini to drive us moving forward.g fo. we have a long time to go tim between now and the election. ec so this is our chance -- this is your chance really this is the viewer's chance to help guide gi our conversation and to evolve v the show as we move forward. foa so i'm pretty psych about it. i think it's going to be -- you know, we've all work with ss sen before.befo i'm excited to get startedrt tonight. >> are you at home. a >> i i k >> unable to come in and i actually join us in the loft.
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in. they said can you skype in.kypei i'm not going to complain. com >> you know why, jim, because bc they didn't want that whole, yoo know, politics thing, they thi t didn't want that whole clash.hoa they didn't want that in here oe good day. >> politics as usual. usu i'm on the couch in shorts.rt >> there you go. >> all right. thanks, jim.than >> good to see you.o seeou. >> we're excited to see you. >> it's not just the new show.w. our time fitzgerald as jim justs said in cleveland he'll be roaring live from the rnc and a that's not just on the air. air. you can actually interact withit tom on facebook live three timet a day. a d you can talk with hem at noon, 3:00 or 8:00 o'clock at night he'll do it every day this weekw >> that's a lot of fitzgerald. (laughter). >> a lot of information.. can we ever get enough fits.hit >> that's a good question.s a gt move on. >> that convention likely to bee red hot and so will thel t temperatures outside right who err in washington, d.c.on d.c and tucker barnes --s >> great transition.itn >> peek red hot is in studiodi now.
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why, thank you.ou cleveland will be hot this weeki too.too. >> um-hmm.hmm. >> perhaps that will be thehat e story. it looks beautiful out there.ul. it is beautiful.eaiful. sunny and bright, but don't be t fooled by the live shot l it's off to steamy and very warmar start.stt. 82 sweaty degrees at 9:00 a.m. roll tough humidity 79%.y 79%. your wind out of the south at 7:00. so litz start with today'sit forecast.foreca we're going to be generallytoe g sunny for the first half of thet day. s around here around h this afternoon and between 3:00 and 6:00 look out for the t possibility of scatteredcatted thunderstorms. we do have cooler and drier aird off to the north and west, andea we'll start to tap into thatt certainly by tomorrow andomorro especially for the day onn wednesday. but today that's was call hot. 96 hot and humid that eat index near 100 later today. t possible storms between 3:00, 30 six, 7:00 o'clock tonight. i'lll be back with a very hot perhaps record high heat hot, does thatt make any >> what? >> i was on track with you.ith y
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>> i don't know what that saysay about me if i tracked you.cked u >> we're in trouble.. >> 9:12 is our time. still ahead president obama'sbaa message to america after anotheo mass shooting targeting those t who supposed to protect and plus a terror expert weighs ingh on the recent attack. attk >> little bit later the officerr who went viral for going above and beyond and trying to changea the face of community policing. officer tommy norman will join n us l time now 9:13. 9:1 we'll be right back. back. life's sharing a meal. we'll be right back. back. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we wired the wagner's house th 100 meg internet.
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. >> we as nation have to be loudt and cleared that nothingioothing justifies violence lense lawiole enforcement. attacks on police are an tack on all of us and the rule of law. >> president obama once againntc reacting to mass shooting thison time three officers dead in batn don rouge. this morning we're taking closeo look at the recent policetic shootings in the two high profile retaliatory attack andtt here to help us out good friendi good day d.c. dr. jay president and ceo of the globalo institute of forensic research r and an expert in violent extremism.exis >> good morning. good morn >> good morning, holly, nice too see you. >> when i was thinking aboutin a talking to you, i was thinking,n what do we need help most in understanding? because there'sb so many differentec
9:17 am
we're like, why? i just don'ttd get it. >> absolutely.bsy holly n these kinds of situations, the big question isi not only why, but that keep deep sense that all ofs have of not understanding exactly what is happening.pp how is it that this is happeninh in our country where people that arguably the ones we trust thert most to be able to protect us our lamb officers are the onesse all of a sudden being not onlyny targeted but op social media all these justification supposedlyuo for why violence would actuallyl be appropriate.priate it's very difficult toery understand. >> it is very difficult to understand and i think one ofnk the things that people alwayse y try to do is figure out the mindset of the shooter. shoot and you know so we have these two high profile shootingsgs boning in the military, both retaliatory attacks. are are there parallels we canls draw or should we draw.. >> sure. sur certainly holly it's something m we always ended up looking atng the facts that we have and really what we know right now mostly about thewe b
9:18 am
is we're engaged in. we can draw parallels in termsnt of racial lines in terms off frustrations for some of the the motivations but the metaphor iep keep coming up with again and an again almost like a mouse trap.. there's all this tension that'st been created by recent eventstve that basically created a tremendous amount of frustratioa and anger.and in terms of how that frustration anger is actually taken out, o people may think about about committing this kind of violen violence. however they're really needs to be some kind of rea majoraj environmental trigger to be abla to tell people you know what peo we're going to take this from thoughts into actual planning pn and action and it appears unfortunately this recent spacee of cases is supposedly policey e brutality has really served as almost that hair trigger pull tl be able to take these things and actually create the impetus forf those acts.osect >> we she the shooter in dallasa and it seems as if he put all al police into one bucket.e buc you know, all police are bad. b the police in dallas could bealb the poli
9:19 am
police in louisiana.isna >> correct. >> then we have the shooter that goes from dallas to baton rouger which almost seems more like, ik need to make sure the police inn baton rouge get punish. >> precisely.cise it's something where if we think about locations i think this is actually quite important insofai as differentiating between thest two cases. c in the one case, of course, we , have an individual who exactlyhe like you say holly seems to have projected this concept of quote unquote the bad cop to all t police officers, to all law enforcement.em when we actually take a look at infractions or supposed spo allegations of wrongdoing orngdo brutality when it comes to lawot enforcement, these are really r only against less than 5% of any law enforcement officer. o so the idea thafft simply going out and harming any policeny poe officer will actually be b something that will harm those t specific individuals who have wv these allegations of brutalityty simply does not make sense. however, in situations whereonhe
9:20 am
broad brush, i think over thevee past several weeks taking a lool at police brutality this ishi get into thento th realm of thinking is thishi something where everyone shouldn be equally targeted.te. there's certainly been cases ono social mode ya of peoplef ppl advocating for violence againstn law enforcement which i think ik certainly as we were talking aww about just moment ago not ago productive whatsoever. >> right. well, obviously appreciate youru insight in helping us to understand and process the unfathomable really thanks so 9:20 is our time. tim let me zen it back over tove t ya'll. >> thanks holly. thas h >> good conversation.atio we are on a verdict watch rightg now. once again in baltimore bobtireb barnard will join us live with a preview next. n >> and later talk about beatingi the heat, a new spa in rockvilll might make an ice pack seem like a shawna.wna. appropriate music there. t laura evans tried it out licensl join us live with more on the controversy over cryo therapy. a ♪
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♪ 9:23. we're less than an hour awayr from learning the verdict in thi trial of lieutenant brian rice.r the judge is expected to issueos his decision right at 10:00 a.m. rice of course one of the six te officers charged in the death oh freddie gray.y. fox5's bob barnard live from tht courthouse now with the latest.. any word on how it might be going in there before the publii reveal of the verdict, bob? >> reporter: well, i tell was.. prosecutors are
9:24 am
so far. i think there's a lot ofot o anticipation this officer willfw walk as well.was he has not arrived at the courthouse yet.urthse yet you have media and beyond themhe sheriffs deputes. lieutenant brian rice will be b brought up in here in car momentarily he's free on bon soo he's been a free man at this point. po fruit-year-old police lieutenand if you look right over here, p h guys, there are a couple of protesters here justice for 43 r deed gray. god never fails a few people ouo here awaiting the verdict wedi expect at 10:00 o'clock. olock there's video tape of brian grag of the courthouse during the course of his trial, a bench,enh trial.trl judge barry williams who willbai decide theam 42-year-old policec lieutenant's fate. fat brian rice charged withriceharg involuntary manslaughter.te misconduct in office, recklesss endangerment.ment two other charges had been hadee dropped one by the judge, one bn prosecutors.ecut and again, this is a judge whouo has already acquitted two policp officers edward nero and caesarr goodson. third police officer williamliam porter, his trial ended in a
9:25 am
hung jury that was late last -- late last year. yea he's going to be retried.ried. the other two officers have trials coming up in later this month in july and also in the porter retrial is scheduledd for september but as i mentionen prosecutors have not gotten nott guilty verdict at all in the int freddie gray case.y cas i want to show you a photographo from over the weekend there wass a black lives matter protest pte here in baltimore over themorevr weekend.ekd 65 people were arrested. 10 juveniles, 55 adults they the basically blocked traffic on interstate 83 here in baltimoreo that was yesterday.terday we'll see what happens today. again, judge barry williamsudge expected to hand down his h verdict in the case ofase o lieutenant brian rice atnant ric 10:00 o'clock this morning,isnig guys. we'll be here and bring it tondo you when it happens.appens >> bob barnard roaring fromri f baltimore now.baltimore now. still ahead on good day d.c., protecting, serving andvingnd dedicated to making difference.. he's a police officer and a and social media star and coming upp next officer tommy norman will w join us live. liv >> first thou
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about that terror attack inn france.frce pokemon go fueling some '90's nostalgia and the nats fall in n game that seemed to take forevev it did take forever.. forever ever. >> we'll have which a check of other stories making headlines.. >> fresh start a at 10a rapperar actor and power executive proro suss sorry 50-cent will join usn live along with power star mauru hard wick. 9:26.. go, shorty, we're back in just a moment. mome ♪ five years ago, on any given night, you know, almost 75,000 veterans experienced homelessness. we have reduced those numbers by almost half, but despite the great progress that we have achieved, there are still too many veterans who still need a place to live.
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facility here in downtown boston to create permanent supportive housing, transitional housing and service spaces, a facility that really delivers on society's commitment to people who have served in the military. citi® was the natural partner because they were able to come with the resources, both the capital resources and also the human resources, the experts in their field, and without citi's partnership we probably would not be in construction right now. the goal for us in this project is to be more effective in the services that we provide so that veterans who have committed to put their lives at risk to protect this country have a home in this country.
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>> ♪ more bad blood for taylor and kanye west. wes i know you're not tired of tir o hearing about this this time kim kardashian is instigating it.g i shocker. we'll have all the details a coming up in the celebrity dish at 10:00. 10: first though it is just 9:29.:2. we want to get a check of whatft else is making had he lines this morning much first up thet u the process of identifying victimsnv of the tragedy in nice, france,c continues this morning. mor university of california calorni berkeley student was among those killed along with father and sod from texas. 20-year-old nicholas lesley wasw in nice participating in his school's study abroad program. officials for lesley will tack c mace today at the berkeleyerkele campus. also, this morning we're following a developing story oup of montgomery county.of police say a m man died while aa pool party at a home in derrn dr wood.od.
9:30 am
gaithersburg found unresponsive in a pool around 3am yesterday e morning.rn they say the party was hosted by two men adults who live at thatt home. home they could face charges nowrgesn though because there were somee underaged people there who weree drinking.king at the white house today a a vet veteran will receive the medal of honor from presidentesd obama. he helped to rescue dozens of soldiers trapped by enemy fire.r the medal of honor is thehe nation's highest military ward for valor. no surprise here.> thnoe growing popularity off pokemon go has triggered an a overwhelming demand for vintage games. toys and pokemon merchandisechai like that epic hat. hat pokemon related related sales re in the past month.onth e-bay and amazon experience adda huge demand for the old pokemon games.s. and finally an accidental
9:31 am
the nats taking on the pirates at home yesterday. daniel murphy sends it into it o extra innings with a bot.s witht to ninth pinch hit homerun.. so do we blame him? but that's' where the offense on both sidess just ran out of gas. the game dragged on for 18 1 innings. remember this is only usuallyal nine innings. before starting how do you sa say -- sa >> starling mat thai hit a hugee game winning homerun.erun final score, two-one skippere dusty baker actually taking thee blame for the loss. los he meant to intentionally walk w marte but lot of track of thetrt lineup.line this probably because it was so dang gone.d g the game the longest in natsn history.history how does it match up the histort of baseball? i wonder. >> that's pretty long.tty long. >> it was pretty long. >> arrive at the park at 12:45 : and left at 8:00 o'clock last night.night in the essence of full disclosure not because we werese so interested in the actual actl game. because on sundays home gamese kids can run the bases at the a
9:32 am
end of the game. >> at the end of the game. that's the race at the end of tf the gam there's hayden running the bas bases. >> yay. >> his little bryce harper jersey.jeey >> that's so cute. >> bless his heart at the end oe the eighth inning he was ready a to go home and mom says hey you can run the bases he's like is can go on the field. field absolutely. so then we go out and get innd i line on first street where wee didn't waited for hours. not realizing it was going to bo 18 inning game. g no should i go again, mom? no,, you going to that way, son. >> aww.>> a >> we kept asking him do yougimo want to go home? no. i want to run the bases. >> and then which was really fun.fu it was great. the nats like the 16th inningg sent screech out on firstut on t street. they sent out everybody still waiting in line we e got jayson werth garden gnomes they were making the best of it. we were talk walking back to ouo car he did say, "can we do itot again sometime" that's natitudei right there. >> natitude from aitude a four-year-old. >> he will never forget that.ert >> i can remember things at
9:33 am
i don't think he'll ever forgete that.'lth >> my son will never forget we w tried to one time the gamehe g wasn't over and i said we'red w going home.going home. >> he never got to do it.never >> he never got to do it.o do i >> his smile as he was roundingn second was worth every minute we sat out there waiting. thereaiti >> is that right. >> that's right. >> parent of the week. >> or crazy pan.razy p either way.ther >> all right. r super cute.supe cut it's going to be hot fors gn baseball if anybody is outdy playing today.playing right, tuck?ght, >> you go the that right. you guys curious the longest loe game ever. >> what's the longest game evere tucker. tuck >> 25 innings.5nnin >> back in 1984. white sox and the royals. ow wow! >> cool. were you there?wereou there >> brewers. no. i wasn't there. >> he said the wrong team.. >> actually -- i have chris inas my ear telling me all of that. a >> the brewers and orioles?es >> no, brewers and the white s sox. >> white sox and brewers. >> 25 inningste. >> okay. >> that's crazy.>> tha cra >> at what point do you sayo you enough is enough and we need to go home. >> i kind of felt likef fellike the nationals were wearing outnt their pitchers another nineno innings. at this point -- point >> tired. >> trying to move on of the speaking of moving on le
9:34 am
move on. move really really hot today.oday mid 90s will be the air the a temperature heat index close tot 100 again this afternoon.erno 82 now in washington. look at gaithersburg, 84 degre 84 degrees. 82 dulles. fredericksburg, leonardtownwn 82 degrees. we are off and running againnd n ther day with anoth day temperatures well above normal.a sunshine to start your day.ray we'll bill the heat. h build the humidity and then some cloudiness and maybe a thunderstorm or two mid to late afternoon best timing on this ot will be between three and thr 6:00 o'clock tonight. there is a cold front off to our north and west and cooler andr a drier air will start to work inn overnight tonight. reallyuesday into wednesday.edn. we'll have a lot of extreme heah for most of the week. wee there's your future cast. cast. it look a little more impressivv on the first a few thunderstorms thismshis afternoon and we'll keep the kee threat through about sunset andt once we lose the daytime heatini we'll lose the thunderstormstorm threat overnight.. although there could be few f additional showers and storms ss tomorrow afternoon. a all right. here's the setup for late week.
9:35 am
conditions. this will be a big story acrosss central sections of the country. triple digit heat. we'll see that sneak into ouro neighborhood by friday, saturday and sunday.andunda the guidance has been aggressive in trying to bring triple digitg heat. i can't talk today by the end ot the week. so there you go. 96 today.ay with some storms and we'll getet little bit of respit heret h wednesday before the heat buildl back in.bain friday, saturday and sunday lool out could be 100-degree-d temperatures around here with heat advisory perhaps it will iw feel like 105 to 110.10. there cod be our hottest temperatures yet this year the r beginning of next weekend.of nek guys, i'll hand it off and i'm'm over to you.neover to >> all right. thank you very much, tuckerker barnes. police departments acrosspa the united states have been the targets of anger and protestsrot over the shooting deaths of black men, one north little rocc police officer is gaining praiss and going viral for unique uniqu approach to community policing.g officer tommy norman hands out toys, snacks and even dancesan with children in the c
9:36 am
and his videos are going viral v earning him over 1.1 millionli instagram followers. recently, rapper of the gameof g started a gofundme for the officer raising over $50,000 ini five days.fays. for more on his viral statustu officer norman joins us lifes li courtesy of skype from it willml little rock. we appreciate you spending timee with us this morning.s this mori before we get into what you doou in the community we have to gett your take on what's happening ig this country with everythingvery that's going on right now, thehe violence and everything that'sra happening right now.. >> well, good honored to be on your show. s you know, a lot of sadness, you know, in it time there's a losss of life, you know, whether it bb police officers or civilians, it really it bothers me just as a and especially as a policee officer it bothers me even morer to know that we have a dangerous job.job. protecting and serving and sovi the community, the world, realll is in a state of hurt right noww but that really inspi
9:37 am
go out and make a bigger a b difference in my community to really try heal people's heartsh in little rock, arkansas.s. >> if there was ever evidence ei that one person can make an difference it certainly is you. how did you ever get in thisnhis mindset and how did you begin tt this journey? >> well, at the age of 13 yearss old i new then that my heart wat set out to serve. serve i would just had such eagernessr to go out and make a difference in people's lives, cuttingutng someone's grass or going next nt door and checking someone's i wanted to make someone elsels thanks to my mom she told med me month put others first. fst once i became a police officereo in 1998, the platform grew. gre the stage grew. grew. i took it to social media media probably six or seven years agoa i've been doing this for while.i just so happens that social s media kind of really changes ths game so to speak. >> you know, we're sitting hereh talking about how much we realla do enjoy the videos and the
9:38 am
question was, if this can happen in town called, you know, northr in little rock a town that i had not heard of before, can this model really happen on thehe streets of st. louis or chicago or d.c., these cities seem so s much bigger than where you are,, but do you think it can happen e in other cities across the country?co >> it can happen in a town of two people. p it can happen in a town ofn of thousand people a town of 20,000 people. i feel like i can go intoo into community right now whether it t be st. louis, baltimore, wherever, it may take me awhilel because i'm a new officer, butib to other new officers out theree you know, it takes you getting g out of your patrol car it takesk you really being committed.ommi. it may be the new officer in the community, um, that the community may turn their back oc you initially because theyse little reluctant about what your intentionings are once you leadl from the heart give it time ande you'll see big change.ighange. >> i was curious to know whatusw
9:39 am
about what you're doing in theog community? because it seemstee like a great thing but what thet doses have to say? do they ever tell you good, bad or innnn different.differen >> chief mike davis is a big isb supporter of not just what i dod but what members of the entire police department do here int de north little rock. you know, i would have to say i take eight step further andther engage my work on social media because i've been put in put in position now to inspire peoplepl across the world not just police officers but people every day tt make a difference.fere our chief, our leader, he's a hs big advocate of what i do here r in our city. >> i know you're writing a guide for other police officers how ti make the most of social media.ea what's the number one tip you ty would give? >> form relationships.ations every interview i've done it'ses led with forming relationships.s stop that police car.e c put it in inark. get out.t out. sit on that front have some se coffe some some tea. t how is your day going, ma'am.a'm >> how is work going, >> form relatiohi
9:40 am
gets to know people's it's so vital when it comes toli community policing.mmun policin. i can't stress it enough. >> i know your gofundme page got a huge boost thanks to thehank t rapper the game and you were encouraging a lot of folks too donate to their local policeoc communities.commities. what is the most important thing to put that money towards?ards? >> just, as a police departmenta that really has a reputation of giving and helping people out,po you know, people actually comelc to our police departmentartment different times of the year anda ask for help. help. so for other police departmentss and on the members of thehe community across the united states, you know, m itcr could u that some families need nd groceries, some families mays need furniture, you know, air-conditioning unit, you know, you name it, an area that i patrol the lower income impoverished type area there'sda lot of needs a lotre of people l that need hope oh and promise wi want to provide through theou t donations we receive. rei >> we've been looking for silvef lining and hope for the future.f officer norman, i'm hoping thatt you can tell us that this is something we're going through but we can get over
9:41 am
americans. would you agree with that? >> absolutely i would.y you know i think it's importantr that the community doesn't loses faith in us. u we won't lose faith in you.n y police officers make mistakes? ? absolutely. every day we make a mistakeake a possibly but we have to learno n from those mistakes. you know, just give us time too heal the hearts that arehat a hurting. hurting. a lot of tragedy taking place pe the last several weeks but, youo know, as police officers acrossr the world, i can speak for all a of us, we're determined tod bridge that gap and improve thie relationship with the communityy >> officer tommy norman thankn a you so much for your time inne n insight.sigh we appreciate sure it.pp good day d.c. continues after ar this. this. >> thanks so much.nks >> you made our day even bettere stay with us.stay with us.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
♪ kevin mccarthy is here with thee fox beat.xt. >> go, kev. >> hey allison, holly, wisdom,m, erin.erin. i'm back from la and leaving fog vegas for jason bourn i'm seeing the world premier tonight and interviewing matt damon tomorrow in vegas. v i'll be live with you from vega vegas. i'm very excited about that. exo >> how about star trek.rek. >> that hopes up this fine.. obviously we know the story froo month ago their co-star anton a was killed by his own car he waw only 27 years old.ld he plays check off in the in ine many horrible story.ry but i w
9:45 am
wanting to have fun with thisitt guy but get a remembrance of leonard nemo passed away who played the original spock.lpo i got them to open up about thep and the time lessness of actorst even after they pass on.. >> i brought this for you, man.n >> i've seen those b >> point tee ears. >> they do.>> they >> those are incredible.. >> great. do you own these? you >> i think my boyfriend has ands pair of those actually. >> i was they aring out becausec i think justin lynn did a phenomenal job. during the first crawl attackwla whew sliding down those hallwayw are you really sliding down.lidw >> he built those very importany to justin to have everything beb practical so they were all buill on, um -- what's the word? >> hydraulic lifts. lts >> hydraulic lifts.if you could actually can this t whole this through the hallwaysw like this you could can it so basically it was completelyomet vertical. we did lot of that and n
9:46 am
and it was was c >> one of things i love about ia cinema and kind of more serious question i love that whent someone does pass on in real life they live on through movi movies. utif you canl you can put a movie on and still see that i can watch anton, charlie, ihae watch him in star t i'm curious what that means toea you as actors? do you have that ability to be kind of time lessl in cinema and what that even mean for anton to have been in these movies with you guys? >> oh, yeah.h, yeah. i mean, that's an interestingnts way to think about it. it i've actually watched a couple u of his movies in the last month to feel connected to him and him seeing him in this movie actua actually was surprisingly i would say there was a joy to seeing him because he's so good. >> yes.. >> and you know i think eighthsg way to -- to, um, month preservp someone or an aspect of someon someone's talent
9:47 am
personality in some ways. w the way that we honor leonard id this film as well, you know.. >> yes. >> it was important to me thatnh he be a part of the story not nt just have it be a kind of kin peripheral acknowledgment butnol that he factor in and to me it'i almost like a reflection of mynf personal relationship withions w leonard, where his version of vi spock still sort of teaching my version of spock, guiding meg even though he's not there any more, and i think that's how i i feel about leonard in my life ae a person. so, yeah, unique way of lookingo at i and maybe one that can bring us some measure of comfort in this like unfathomable time of being anton's absence. >> i want to say one thing abouo those two actors.or they've been friends with antona since at least 2,009 when theyne made the first star trek to sito in a room in a hotel and talkndl about a friend that just passeds away less than a month ago for a people who don't anton was a killed by his own o car it's a horrible
9:48 am
27 years old.ld he plays check off in the film m he's fantastic.antast huge role in the movie. theie. just very but thankfully they opened upyne and talked about it little bit.t that's still really raw. >> sure. >> thanks, kev.hanks,ev >> it hits theaters friday. >> it hits theaters friday.. we'll have more from the cast. >> i'll be live from vegase frm tomorrow >> i love you guys. >> safe travels. s 9:48 right now.9:48ht coming up it's hot outside but at one new spa in rockville it's always just freezing.reezg that's because it offers as controversial new type of treatment called cryo therapy.hy fox5's laura evans tried it outo and brings us the stone coldtonl truth about the treatment.reat that's next. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance..., and my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago!
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the long lasting scent of gain flings. wish you could nourish your hair dove oxygen moisturelat? with oxygen fused moisture... for the nourishment you need... with 95% more volume. dove oxygen moisture.
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♪ fitting music right now.ow do you have joint pain or maybey you want a quicker recovery frof a hard workout? relief more ana more people are turning to something called whole body cryy therapy. it's a trendy alternative to ic baths and studios are popping up all over the place.alla one of the newest ones is right
9:52 am
really work and is it safe? s good questions. fox5's laura evans paid visitit doesn't doug a little deepere de into the chill therapy and it's' claims. aims ♪ >> reporter: step into the slip bridal chamber of vaporap arrived liquid nitrogen muchitrn this is whole body cryo therapy. your body chilled to extreme temperatures for therapeutichert purposes. purp advocates swear by it for help with pain, depression, sleeple issues, migraines, even weight loss. . ♪ >> reporter: a three minuteee m session is said to burn up to 800 calories.lo. >> i do it so that i can keep moving. movi ♪ >> reporter: patricia cohena coh has been doing this about ahi month now.. >> i haven't taken advil in a i three weeks.ks it's cold but i have grown usede to that feeling
9:53 am
>> reporter: cold as in negative 240 degrees. i decided to give it a go with brandon guiding me.e he quit his corporate job to jot open 35 studio after discoverini the benefits for himself a lift raises me to shoulder level. the robe gloves off. gloves, slippers and socks stays on inside the chamber.. temperatures drop dramatically.a >> how you doing in there?ou >> i'm good.ood. >> the first minute i'm okay.'ma but then -- then >> okay now it's cold. col >> are you hitting that cryo c temperature negative 241 right now. >> a minute and a half left too go, now i'm really cold. >> it's pulling all the blood from your prior renew yourrir internal organs to help protectp you from hypothermia. >> whoa! >> as the blood is circulatingir through your heart your kidneyse your liver it's actually being b increased with oxygen andnd enzymes and nutrients for that s three minute time period. >> finally, time to get out. relief.lief. blood rushing back to my
9:54 am
>> that enriched blood then what helps benefit attacksks inflammation and helps speed upd recovery and helps, you know,no, reduce some of those aches andsd pains. >> reporter: but the fda saysut none tof that is actually provo and the devices have not beenotb cleared by the agency in support of the so what happens in the body during cryo therapy? fda scientific reviewer dr. anna, dn says we simply don't know and aa this time there's insufficientnn publicly available informationoi to help us answer these questions.tis >> that's nothing new to us in u the industry.try. it's actually fda hasn't studieu cryo therapy so they can't comet out and confirm all of the benefits. they haven't studied it yet butt it's actually good news to uss u that the fda has acknowledgednoe cryo therapy.yo t that means our industry isns ous growing a >> and laura is joining us inn studio now. n >> that was great veryat ver informational package, laura. la >> well thank you.nkou >> no. it was really reallyy interesting. and i will say i did it againga yesterday.
9:55 am
>> i wanted to test two timest t just to see how different theyfe were. we i was exhausted after the firstt time. exhausted. >> what about the second.t out >> really well.l. energized.ener >> really. >> i was energized.>> i slept very well again lastelil night. but i was more energized comingc out the second time. tim cold to the bone.on and exhausted, you know, to theo >> did your muscles feel betterb afterwards?ds? >> yeah, but i didn't go in.n'to i will say i didn't go in withnw lot of pain. pn. i work out lot and -- and - >> you're used to it.e to >> yeah. but i didn't have a ton of painn going in.n so but for the people that i've spoken to, they're not taking advil like they do. d who are now doing cryo therapyoe on regular basis.asis. >> right. r >> you know, like my husbandy ha he'll pop -- he used to pop tont of advil and got gas streets ass a result.a res and so that's the problem with, you know, popping all that advil and the inflammation and all that th >> this is the >> this is the alternative.erna >> is it safe for everyone? on? that's the question.uestio the studi
9:56 am
the fda is concerned about thisi and they made that clear acl couple of week ago.leeek ago. they came out with warningsarni saying that, you know, if you iu have a heart condition f you'reu pregnant you shouldn't be doing this. they're concerned about problems like frost bite or a fixation. if you are -- because they'rey' using liquid nitrogen.iroge >> got it.t and if liquid know troy jenn is taking over a room there's toohs much nitrogen it takes over thee oxygen in the room. so that's where asphyxiationspht comes in. come >> check with your doctor firstr >> check with your doctor first. the frost bite what thrives of s 35 studio is saying if you come with moisture on our oils ons o your skin that's where thet's we burning happens. nitrogen we breathe 78% nitroget in the area any r that's any wa way. >> $20 session for three minutet at 35. >> that's what 35 charges foror the first two $20 for each first sessions. sen >> if you want to give eightig
9:57 am
session.ssio >> thank you so much laura. >> thank you. >> we'll put for information on the facebook.e fac >> hot chocolate neededholate n afterwards.afte we're excited 50-cent will joinl us in good day at 10a. and then also guess what time it is,.is >> it's coffee time. t can i do it. >> it's coffee if you've been eyeing our cool day good day mugs we have a newa one for you. good day d.c. and dunkin' donut' mug to give away the perfect cuc for that great done did youe di doughnuts coffee head had tox five d.c. account com/contests/t or our facebook page to enter et for our mug contest. cst. one lucky winner will be selected by random. rando hurry up. hu you only have from now until 11am to enter. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ it is too hot outside and a even hotter in here. her the 10a sizzling on a monday a >> fresh at 10a talk about about power. 50-cent, omari hard wick join un live to talk about their hitheir show power. >> live in the loft he's one of the stars of the real housewivei of potomac and she's here to model the hottest hairstylestyle around much ladies you don'ton want to miss this. >> kevin goes one-on-one withint the legendary robert redford. the 10a starts right now. ♪ where is the love? i think the love is having a little birthdaa weekend get away. awa >> that's where he is.s ere >> hey, we want to make sure we say help birthday to sheaff >> help birthday, steve.thda >> he took the day off. o we should have had a cake in his honor. honor. >> tt'
10:02 am
>> ice cream time. >> maybe tomorrow.orrow. >> there he is. >> i think i took that picture. hey. hey. >> that's great one. gat one >> up on my social media. media >> he look good. >> i always take my hat off to t people that take their birthdayh off. >> i do, too.>> i >> you really should celebrateel your day and do somethinghing special. special. >> get to sleep in at least. let >> whatever you want to do.ant d you should do whatever you wante to do. >> with what we do, goodness for bid there is a story that is so sad.d. >> yeah.eah. >> it could happen at any momenn as we >> happy birthday, steve. >> happy birthday. we'll be glad when you're back.c good day d.c. of course, cos we're in the 10a hour now.ow. holly morris alongside of erin,i allison and wisdom.isdo maureen is enjoying time off as well.ll all right. first at 10 com, we do want toto turn our attention to breakingg news from baton rouge. rge the killings of three police pol officers you see them right that on your screen, three other officers were hurt when they came under fire after responding to a call for suspicious personr near a gas s
10:03 am
the gunman identified as gavin eugene long. long. we now know he's a former mari marin. but more of what police areolice learning about him are coming hc from social media. media let's get more on that fromt f fox's brandon todd live in batob rouge this morning. ts mor what's the newest information, brandon? >> reporter: good morning, state police here are in fact ft calling this an ambush sayingusn that the shooter certainly wasas seeking out police in everythinh he was d as you know this community hereh in baton rouge still realingng from the shooting of alton sterling on june 5th and alland the protests that followed thata talk with an officer thisffic ts morning. over the last four days or so, s there really has been nothing ng going on it's fairly quiet. qui. that all changed sunday morning about 8:40am here airline highway in baton research a 9111 call describing a suspiciousus person walking down the street with a high powered rifle.if police say that shooter was dressed all in black carryingg extra ammunition and wearing mask.
10:04 am
on scene, he immediately started three officers were killed.ild three wounded one of them baton rouge 32-year-old montrell jackson, 41-year-old rookie officer matthew gerald, 45-year-old deputy brad garafola that gunman as you mentioned identified as gavin long fromm kansas city, missouri.. and he actually turned 29 2 yesterday. served in the marines from 2005 to 2010 including a tour in ir iraq. and he was shot and killedle during a shoot out following ala of that and that happenedpened roughly seven minutes or soo after he fired the first shot.t this community is in mourninguri with these three police officero killed. all of them living in the sameam community around here. h so just a lot of folk grievingkg here in bat didn't rouge.ouge >> what also sticks out for me, brandon, is the fact that thistt alleged gunman traveled
10:05 am
to baton rouge.onou it seems like that community which is already hurting now hah an outsider come in and stir itt up once again instigate what's ' already going on.n terrible conditioterrible situat sterling and the civil unrest. >> reporter: exactly.ct we've already heard from them t family of alton sterling conde condemning these condemning violence againste police officers.. you've got a man now, thisis shooter, who -- investigatorsto are trying to figure out if hee had any connections to batonaton rouge at all. so they're really not even surer why he came here and still andti trying to piece that together.r. especially from some of the the social media the trail that hete left so to speak. spe he had a i was tube channel he had a lot of videos he posted ps called himself an alpha male.lp. one of them saying that heha h didn't have any ties to any organizations of course we knowo now that investigators are
10:06 am
wondering whether that's truehau and wondering whether he was in fact, you know, associated with any of these anti governmentvert but you've got a community heree that is just grieving. griev you've got these police officerr mentioned montrel jackson a 10o0 year veteran of the force.or he leaves mind an instant son, 41-year-old matthew gerald served the in means marinesans before graduating from theatin t police academy back in and he leaves behind a wife andd two kids. k and then you have the 45-year-old deputy and he was work fog the sheriff's officee for 24 years.ears. he leaves behind a wife and fouu the oldest 21. youngest seven. s >> you also said that i hard you say that so far no connection to any other groups as far as these suspect is concerned. nothing like that.ikehat so far they think he's alonelone gunman at this point. point >> reporter: right they the haven't announced that yet. initially they said they believe they acted alone now they'rehe trying to find out whether heut was associated with any
10:07 am
so a lot of that is still unclear but you've got oneot o officer who is actually clinginn to life as it was described too me critical condition nicholas tullier41 years old and then the other officer that was injuredtj bruce simmons and he's expectedd to survive his injuries as well. so a lot to be sorted out whod o are by not just local and state investigators but also the fbi >> we thank you for updating us. brandon todd live for us in us baton rouge live for us thiss morning. 10:07.>> also happening at this moment good day d.c. is live in le baltimore waiting the verdict ii the latest case in the death off freddie this is the trial of lieutenantn brian rice the highest ranking i officer charged in gray's death. as with the last two trials rice opted for a bench trial whichalh means a judge issuing a verdicti in this case. this c that announcement is just i j getting underway.. right now. we'll it bring it to you when it
10:08 am
10:07. let's go ahead and see what is trending on monday. republican nationalatnal convention begins today insoday cleveland. this week the the is the the culmination of republicann primaries across the nation. nio recent events such as policeice shoots in baton rouge andnd minnesota and dallas as well wel along with terror tax overseasea are all expected to play a hugeg part in the week's events and e what speakers will address.ress the high point of the week will be thursday night when donald wa trump will accept the republicaa nomination for president.side meanwhile, donald trump anda his running mate indianana governor mike pence present addd united front during their firstr joint interview as the gop gop ticket on 60 minutes last night. the two have long history of opposing viewpoints in and policy disagreements but theyhe share common ground how they want to govern the nation. and security will be tighte in the city of muddle pullul protests are exp expected this t week. all eyes will likely be on the t state's open car law as well asl gop hopeful donald trump. tru
10:09 am
forward with the expectationtati that guns will be presenter atet the emotional crowd of demonstrators as well.. >> i'm going admit i'm nervous'r for this >> for sure. f sur >> because the way things are tt going in this country everybodyy is really tense, you'll have'l h protesters there and then you'lo have other people who are goingw to be there.e tre everybody has a right to beht tb harmed. >> a license to carry.nse t car >> this could be -- there's a be potential this could beul disastrous. >> i really hope not. >> i hope not. iope we don't need any more of that.f you just never know.. >> hopefully heightened securite will keep everything as itgs should be. >> hopefully calmer heads willdl prevail much that it's what we hope. here's a question for you.ties . have you seen this next selftf foe? it's pretty popular on social mode yann gotten a backlash.lash. house speaker paul ryan posted p it yesterday a group of congressional summer interns.ns but what stood out to lot sociaa media critics how overwhelmingly white the group is. i you know, when you say it likeie
10:10 am
you're saying because that'sg be what we're talking about, i i choose to say, the lack of diversity because when you sayay it that way, why are you sayingn white or why are you saying black? because it is true that appears to be -- like i don'te t know if those are all republicaa interns or what i'm assuming that they are, i'm not sure.'m n however, let's just say for thet whole body with the interns i i always think that when i look io because i'm like, that will be b cool for, you know, my girls or maybe -- wait a minute, but why ---- >> don't see anybody that lookss like my my girls >> don't see anything.'t that is such a powerful messagea if you can understand that you'll never understand it andni that's fine, not really, but so i don't -- >> sometimes productive conversations are all in how you phrase somhing >> right. >> so if you automatically sayal it's overwhelmingly white then e all of a sudden it puts someone on the defensive.efensi. >> exactly.>> >> there's a lot of did you -- lacks diversityt
10:11 am
>> we need to talk about that. >> we need to choose our words.r >> i think about when i look att congress. cong just being hahn never.eing hahn people will say, what's the need for, you know, congressional black caucus or whatever it is.i i'll say, well, there's need when you look at the whole bodyb you know, but a person of color that's my viewpoint and you'reea right the conversation then is, what about a little diversity. >> fair >> little fare >> the problem the people thatet are having that conversation ara already aware of the situation n like us and we're aware of o because we just saw that. the people putting those internt out there don't want to hear iti continued to what they've beeny' doing because that's the waye it's always's always be. they don't want to hear the t conversation whether where arera the black people, where arere minorities.ties they don't want to hear theearhe conversation whether you'reer saying where is the they don't want to hear it and t they den care. car >> how do we spread thehe conversation. >> let's have the covering and we can have it. there's many times on this coucs we agree to disagree. disre we're still friends on the other side of of we can have a -- a - >> just to get the talk start.ka >> how do you spread it soprd it
10:12 am
>> i think there's an overall lack of understanding and a lack of an effort to try too understand in some instances ini particular this instance when you mention even mention this ti and bring this up inp i conversation it automatically it gets, why you talking about that instead of trying to understandt why this had to be asked in thet first place? i think that's the problem.. >> fundamental up ability to compromise. there you go. on either side. s inability to compromise.. >> okay.y. i'm glad we solve the world'sors problems.oble. (laughter).(l >> we agree.e agr. okay. how about this story, playboy model well she's under intention criticism this morning for whatw she posted on snap chat. cha danny matthews is facing a criminal investigation and out t of a job after she posted thisei since deleted image to snap chap at the gym. the. it shows a naked woman gettingtg into the shower. swe she captioned it quote if i can't unsee this then you can't either. the 29-year-old has been bannedd for life from
10:13 am
locations where the image was taken.ta she has also been fired from heh job as an la radio and is under investigation by the lapd after the gym reportedr her for illegal distribution of a photo. she received a wave of criticisi as you can imagine from peeingpi online who say she wrongly bodyb shamed that woman. matters issued an apology on nape chat and she realized what she did was dd wrong and she also claimed she'e new to snap chat and didn'tid realize she had posted it.t. >> it's still wrong if you wantu to meant to send it to one to person or the and tire world. >> i don't want to hear excuses. that really irritates me. >> she took advantage of that t woman' privacy. >> it takes lot of courage to lt get to the gym and everybody hay different body issues.dyues. the last thing you know somebodd has the body they're displayingy on playboy.nyboy. she's wrong and needs to issueoe that apology.polo >> don't give me excuses. excus you did it. you thought it was funny. funny you thought people were going tg >> being a mean girl is not
10:14 am
>> is it lost on anybody thatt this is an adult that doesn'tonn know anybody? anybo? >> i mean she didn't know that a this is a bad idea? somebody id the shower at the gym.he >> it's illegal.>>s ill >> she men to do it.o do it. >> she men to do it. i >> it backfired.ackfired. >> she's a mean girl and obviously not very smart. sma >> she got caught and now back medaling if anything comes outos hopefully she learned a lessonen about being more beautiful on the inside. >> how about that.owbout that. >> hash tag erin como. >> she didn't learn that eitherr >> hash tag you can't fix stup stupid. >> there's that. >> still ahead at 10:00 the 10: solution to humidity. hidit and your hair.and ur h we're checking out a new brandnd of wigs.of wig do you like this one i'm weari wearing? >> that is not.>> t >> that's her real hair.s hereal >> give me close up. give closu i just want to show i'm adddd justing >> that's the best wig ever.ig e >> don't believe her. h we're checking out new brand -- line wigs from local stylist too the stars. >> first, it is celebrity dished time. it is actually the celebrity dish story of the
10:15 am
kimye taylor swift feud. feud. >> look at kanye.. (laughter).(laughter). >> we'll have the latest back lb and forthcoming up next. 10:15.
10:16 am
10:17 am
♪ >> i do love this song. >> i do love this song, too. dov it is time feor good day celebrity dish.h >> for our first celebrity dishs story you may need somethinghi
10:18 am
coffee.ffee >> ut-oh. >> why is that. >> we certainly do.>> well because we'll quick we ly p the taylor the kanye f it all started at the 2009 -- the yr was 2009. mtv music awards swift was awarded the best u. video for you long to me beati i out beyonce'.'. kanye joined her, i'm really r happy for you i'll let you y finish beyonce' has one of thenf best videos of all time one of the best videos of all time. >> okay.ka >> fast forward you got it a toa you years, kanye release as newn song titled now the song includes some snot oh flattering lyrics ricks left swift less than pleased. pleased west rapid i feel like me and tie lore might still a blank, why i made that expletive famo famous. >> ooh. >> taylor voiced her dislike ath the vma's this year saying don'g let anyone take credit for youru success.. now returning the v
10:19 am
posed for the cover of gq and during her interview she said si taylor and kanye had a long l phone call about the lyrics and taylor gave kanye her blessing s of course parts of the feudf thd played out on the kardashian hih but then kim took it home byy posting portions of kanye and kim's convo to her snap chat. you can hear taylor and kanye kn talking about few of the songs s lyrics and taylor seeming calm and approving but apparently not. not. taylor posted a statement too instagram with the caption thata moment with the caption that tha moment can't yea west secretlyrl records your phone call then kik posted on the internet. swift closes her statementnt saying, i would very much liked to be excluded from this narrative, one that i have neven asked to be part of since 2009. >> okay. >> did you get all of that?et at >> i think so.>> i t >> so thehi question who's teamt are you and. >> did you know that wisdom reaa the whole transcript.nscr >> you did.>>ou did >> tailor is phony.hony >> you think so.>> you
10:20 am
were doing on the phone. on i read the whole conversation.vt she's a she even said at one point poi during that conversation you cao read the transcript, she event,e said at one point she was goingg talk about it at the award showo and then she gets up there after the song is released and triesnt to make him look good badge bad she's a phony.a phony >> you know what i say i think s they're all playing all of us.s. >> yes. you think they're all in on it together?ther? >> yeah. >> keeping the feud going. we keep talking about it andalkt they just keep -- they stay iny the news.. they stay relevant. they keep making more money at a our expense.ense. >> right. >> it is interesting much it's like a couple of things have come out about taylor that i'm like --like -- >> absolutely. >> i like her so much.eer s she seemed like a positive and -- >> stop your music and all of of that. >> now i'm thinking.. >> what's the song -- what wasas the song?? >> shake it off. >> i call it keep it moving. >> keep it moving.ov shake it off.t off. >> taylor. taylo >> i will say that when i heardh that, every time i hear that
10:21 am
line i folic taylor and i -- he says still have sex. s just like is that really what we're doing right now in music.c >> let me tell you all of them e are savvy business >> you're right.e r. >> okay. shall we move on? >> we don't know the real them.l we only know the them that they put out there. >> what is in the like scheme of world piece how does this help?l let's move on. on we're speaking of taylor.. >> speaking of taylor, get this. okay. late last week she and her new boyfriend tom hiddleston -- is-s that how you say the name. n >> yes. >> rented out theater ind australia so that they could cou watch a private screening ofcrno ghostbusters because they're soo famous.fams. >> goodness.>> g >> they're so samou also we should always add chriss hemsworth and mark rough low were there, too. >> it was party.arty >> according to us magazine,az only two people were allowed all inside the theater to serve food. i wonder what taylor thought ofo the reboot? i don't care. car let me -- let's talk aboutbout
10:22 am
all dee fail cast.ast it was a great movie. >> you saw it? you saw >> yes. there was a mohere i couldent wd not catch my breath i waseath w breathing so hard and that that moment was by lesley i forget fr her last name from saturdayatury night live whom i really don'tll ever find all that funny on thee show, but she is hilarious.. >> yeah.eah. >> good. >> she's hilarious. she's h >> any way, goil see it.. >> go see it. it. >> okay.>> oka >> okay. h we'll have movie date.ll >> in all of the living theivin ghostbusters they make cameos which is kind of cool.ind of >> i love that.ovhat >> was ray parker, jr. energyjrr it. >> no. >> i'm not going. >> i'm not going>>. >> 10:22 our time right now. coming up, the combination ofono heat and humidity making it doww right miserable out tucker will be back with all the details.ta >> all right. later on, speaking of celebrityb dish we're talking actor, rapp rapper, power executive producer fit tee cent. t cent. he'll join us live.n u l we'll talk to him about the newt season of the stars hit and whaa else he's been up to when he's ' not making headlines by grabbing instagram p
10:23 am
>> great song.
10:24 am
10:25 am
>> we are back on good day andn happening right now a judge in baltimore is handing down hisdid verdict in the case of lieutenant brian rice.e. he's the latest baltimore policl officer to go on trial for the e death of freddie gray.y now this is video of rice arriving at court just about an hour ago.go rice is charged withh manslaughter, recklesss endangerment and misconduct.ndt. our own bob barnard standing byb in baltimore and will bring us b
10:26 am
the verdict as soon as it comes down. all right.>> now it is hot hot hot out theree today. toda we can see a few storms this afternoon.afte let's check in with tucker for r the time on all of that. good morning. mning good morning allison the theme is generally lots of heat, lots of humidity andnd unlike yesterday we have theay e possibility of a fewew thunderstorms this afternoon. we will eventually get cooler co and drier air in here for brief time later tuesday and especially wednesday but most oo this week just more blazingng heat. heat 84 in washington.n 10:00 o'clock temp. 88 in annapolis. 87 in fredericksburg.g mix in humidity it feels like 90 plus for already feeling like 96 degreese innnapolis. 93 here in the city. 94 in culpeper. 95 fredericksburg.ur that heat index near 100 this afternoon.n. getting the afternoon hours sees the green on your map off to the north and west, this could fie f fire up thunderstorm
10:27 am
and the timing on that best b chance between 3:00 and0 an 7:00 o'clock tonight.. depending on where you'rere watching from this morning but t again between 3:00 and 7:00 best chance for afternoon and evenine thunderstorm.. future cast not loving it soot v much but there you go. the we have dry air dealing withh potential for thunderstormsstms later today.r t dry the out overnight.vernight i want to emphasize this is wili be hot little better tomorrow a lotorr better wednesday with lessneh humidity but then we build the t heat right back in the end of ed the week k we hit 100 degrees ds for the first time in couple of years? it's look that way by wb next weekend highs in the mid to upper 90s. 90s. maybe a couple of triple digitst by saturday.aturday. that's a weather update. toss it back upstairs to you. >> i didn't realize it had beene that long since we were ae wer a hundred.hundd. >> it seems like nearly thing.yg >> that's how it feels. isn't with the humidity it feels hot.. >> when it gets hot and humid, erin, your hair pays the price. >> oh yeah. y >> our next guest has the answer for that bad h
10:28 am
up plan for the days when youheu need to give your hair a break.. >> we're collecting out it new wig collection. we'll be right back with the best styling tips for that. it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner.
10:29 am
yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. vacation packages start at $50 per person. a whole other world awaits.
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10:31 am
♪ breaking news out of out baltimore. the verdicts are coming in one of the trials for the death ofth freddie gray. let's good to bob barnardodo bor standing by. what have we learned? >> reporter: guys we'll bring wg the to you as we know it so far two not guilty verdicts on involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment.get there's still a misconduct in in office charge that we'ree're awaiting the verdict on but sons far two of the three charges against lieutenant brian rice not guilty. guilt we can show you video tape i ta believe of brine rice arrivingrn at about 9:30 this morning. judge barry williams is issuing announcing his verdicts upstaira in the courthouse there's a fox news producer there who we are in are i communication with and judge
10:32 am
williams apparently is telling the court, you know, thehe reasoning behind his verdicts so far. so just to bring what we know so far, again, not guilty for involuntary manslaughter, notten guilty on reckless endanger. ean a few protesters out there.he lot media. med. three of the other officers whos were charged in this case in the courtroom right now. now. officers edward nero and caesar goodson both acquitted by this same judge and also judge garrett miller who is going to be tried later this month in i nine days he's set to go on o trial. we'll find out at that time whether he elects to have judge williams decide his fate or too ask ago jury to be seated in his case. but garrett miller who again isi facing similar charges laterrget this month is in court right now with caesar goodson and edwarddw nero who were both acquitted byb this judge and we're just waiting for the misconduct in i office verdict to come
10:33 am
against baltimore prosecutors they were zero for three not n winning any congestions in anynn of the cases the one that wenttw trial late last year william wii porter ended in a hung jury. so prosecutors are poised to be zero for four right now with twt other trials and the retrial of william porter set for lateror t this year.r. garrett miller this summer and then alicia white a sergeant sgn she'll be tried in october, anda the porter retrial set foriat f september. so we're waiting just that last verdict on misconduct in officec but, again, so far two of thef t three charges against lieutenann brian rice the senior officer oc involved in the arrest oft of freddie gray last april so far two of the three and mynd m understanding the third now alsa not guilty, is that right, guysg >> that's right.hat's i'm being told by our producers
10:34 am
we have people in the courtroomt it's not guilty on all three charges against lieutenant briaa rice, and guys, i mean the wordr is going to be trickling downriw here. here. we'll see how this community reacts. you get the sense that many m people were expecting thishis because the judge had acquittedd two other officers nero and goodson facing similar charges.. there was, however, a protest ao over the weekend. 65 people arrested on interstatt 83 just north of downtown.nt it was a black lives matterter protest and they basically shutu down the interstate 10 juvenilei and 55 adults were arrested ovee the weekend a protest awaiting today's verdicts and also in response te what's been going on across thii country in the last few week. w guys, that's the latest fromm here.he. we'll gather up, you know,no reactions and see what happens her but so far it's pretty qui quiet. fairly anticly ma'am ticka' because what the judge had donen in the two other trials and
10:35 am
in this one lieutenant brianena rice who is the bicycle officerc who made the official contactl a with freddie gray before freddid gray was put in that police vanv and suffered that fatal spinal a cord injury not guilty on allnot three counts against lieutenantn brian rice. guys?? >> bob, i think it's fair to saa probably doesn't necessarilyessy come as surprise given how theew other trials have gone. g does it seem like there's notret even as many people theree t awaiting the word as we've seens in some of the others?ers? >> reporter: yeah.ea not really.not i can show you around here. her let's just showdown here. here you got few people with signsits but frankly there's more media here than potential protesters.s you've got justice for freddie gray. and there's one other guyth holding a sign there, god never fails.fa you see him being interviewedew right there.t tre but just a handful of people here, and so far it's fairlyairy quiet, and again, i think it's s because a lot of people were w anticipating this likely verdict and it is three not guiltyuilt
10:36 am
following in the path of the verdicts rented by this judge jd barry williams who was once work fog the justice department investigating indications ofatif alleged police misconduct.isndu. so these officers are putting their hands -- their lives inn the hands of someone who knowshs well how these cases go, and and it's not guilty again for a third time this judge hasud has acquitted a baltimore policemorc officer charged in the death off freddie gray. bob, thank you very much.y m of course we'll be talking abouk that story all day. >> right. , right. still ahead at 10:00, we'll00, ' party like it's your birthday. . i think we need music rightic there, don't >> ♪ >> there you go. >> because it is steve'sse birthday.birthd >> it is steve's >> he's not even here.vener here's the's the music all right. let me do it d it we'll party like it's --t' >> your birthday. >> thank you erin.rin. >> got it.>> gt >> that's because actor andca ar rapper 50-cent will join us u live. li his show power returns for aor a third season last night.ight we'll fine it what's in store want else he's been up to when
10:37 am
ghost they'll join us next. ♪
10:38 am
10:39 am
>> the wait is finally over for isns of power. popular stars drama third seasoo kicked off last night and ifht a you've never seen it the crime c drama features two distinct confidential hers new york elite and underworld of violent drug cartel. cart if you watched last night'sig's
10:40 am
watched last night's episodepi we'll avoid any spoilers.ny sil we'll keep them to a minimum.hea all right. rig for more we'll go to of the mosm important players in powerow executive producer curtis 50-cent jackson and the star s ghost omari hard they're live in new york thisk morning. good morning to you, fellas. good to see you.. >> good morning.. >> good morning, man. gd morninm that was hell of an introducti introduction. >> you know i figured i had to bring it since i'm with the people from power. i just had to kick it up aceup a so, look -- loo-- >> we're ready to give you a live in the writer's room. >> i'm i'll tweet you my number when nw this is i you can call me.can ce. i can be a guest on power. p don't kill my character off. (laughter). >> this show i saw season one in was amazing.. i aim had little behind much i m saw season.saw sea it's amazing are you surprised r by the success of ofhis. >> no, i'm not. n from the beginning i kind of of foreseen it being a really reay successful project. proje for me i kind of get televisiono
10:41 am
work on it hard enough and longl enough for it to actually come c to pass, but if i don't, it goti get off of it.f it. i got to, you know, move to t something else don something soi different. i had to convince omari at thet time he had four different dfe options different projects.rojet people were really well soughtug after at that point to work on w different shows. i had to kind of real him in. i convinced him to do the show. >> yo, come on i need you to doy this much this it, man. >> it changed my life obviouslys you know what i mean? there's e never a need to get emotional ei this early in the morning so i'i not going to go into the full extent of the interviews, but mt life is not the same any more because of the man to my right and courtney kemp his partner in crime because of their belief ie me. yeah.. >> omari, what do you think, wh about the character of ghostharg that resonates so much withh w people? i mean people are justj latching on to this character
10:42 am
like no >> i'm going to start out with t the neighborhood from which we come.. figuratively stating that when n say the neighborhood people tha look like me and 50 and courtney and know tarry norton.or at the end of the day or the eay beginning of the day, curtis hah made it be known that he is a really bright individual who hao figure out all the tree vails os life and of blackmails journey. which affords him opportunities to have conversations with different people as the t introduction stated the elitetee and those of the under belly and so i would say first and for a f most you see a man of this t statue that could be played by any race of actor meaning thatnt the character could have beener any color, but i think first oft all in our neighbor of folks iff look like us to the viewers and fans, seeing a black man be so dynamic, so complex, so bright courtney made him so bright. bri first that and then ultimatelylt because he's so conflicted.te i think sits on the couch with h little bit of that conflict and
10:43 am
go right so i think it's taps tp into a part of possible'ss personal troubles. >> if you think about it it'ss the world organize crime but crb intelligent behavior.ehio when i say organize crime ie cre think of white italian americans.ic >> the story they're seeing atoe different points but always beee in different cultures and not a our culture.ulture >> right.>> r >> 50 i want to know how you even got involved with this. it real sal success story.ry because we knew as rapper andr then you come out executivetive producer of this show. bonafide hit. >> yes. y you know, how do we go from inmn the club to stars. s >> in the club. cb >> a different club.lub >> i tell you jamie fox would fu tell you 50 you just be doing that's what jamie says.. >> yeah. i'm watching you.i'm you just be doing.oi >> you do stupid things. thi >> i look at and i said fro
10:44 am
you know, me participating ing i film projects like i wanted to e be a part of projects that havee the kind of artistic integrity things because these things will last longer than i will. w they'll be here and peoplendeo appreciate actual work.lork. for me when you conditioned forr form of entertainment like theee writing and musical -- that parr became so easy for me that i start looking at the other portions of entertainment.nt it's organic. you suggest doing thing, queen latifah, ll cool jay, will smith, mall wahlberg.lberg. so it's just one of those things where i said let me, upping, up, challenge myself and do and do something different. >> i don't know if we everon't f thought it would be as big as -- he knew from the gate. it's interesting being around ad man that, um, almost saw his fate courtesy of vibe a shootinn were never talk about thatal abt enough but it's amazing thatha survived all he has and takennd off the way he's taken off. takn it
10:45 am
good guys, we appreciate the your time. we're out of time.e. we appreciate your talking toki us. >> thank you, man. thank, >> we appreciate. w if you come to dc come by theomy show. that's all i got to say.. >> come on by and visit us. us. >> you've been here before. come back.. >> i'll come with him.h >> thank you. >> i never forget i saw peacece from 60 minutes about 50-cent 5- that man is brilliant.riia he's way more than just a rapp rapper. you know what i mean his talents >> what about the vitamin water. >> exactly. >> owe really is brilliant.nt. >> i'm little star struck over k here. >> okay.>> oy. >> catch new episodes of power w sunday notes at 9:00 on starz.r. >> 10:45 is our time.s oure. coming up next we're showing off new line of wigs with some help from real housewife.fe. you might recognize her.nizeher >> i don't recognize her. >> well, she's a hot redheadhead right now. now ♪
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>> 10:48. sometimes your hair just needs a little something something extra and our next guest has a truee passion and talent for creating and designing hair. h >> and educator and top stylisty and
10:49 am
fashion and proud owner avenueve new wig collection.w joining us live in the loft is owner of strands hair studio and shirley g wigs.s shirley gordon.. >> hey. >> hey.>>. >> she's here with one of our models is a celebrity model mel wheelhouse wives of potomac star robin dixon is normal system sys blond but today sporting the revved. >> looking fab. fab >> when you walk in here, robinb i did not recognize you. i love it.ov it. you can go anywhere with that. >> i feel very vixon ish. >> i would never guess that was wig.. >> it just grew -- grew >> yeah. e t othse we have two other models beautiful ladies this lai morning with us. all sporting the new wig tell us about it.t. >> the new wig collection is all about that care free woman thatt wants to change her look.oo and i came up with it about years ago and it's all russianls hair and i do use indian hair ah
10:50 am
how the hair looks before weore start creating the wigs. wig so this is some lovely indian id hair as you see it's bulk hair h and it's create a wig from thata and this is the russian hair which most of my wigs are madee from. >> quality of hair is really important for the quality ofr t wig. >> the quality of the hair is super important.ta especially as a colorist i coloo all of my wigs myself. mysel so it really just brings them tt life and that's what you want.on you want to wig to lock likeo l it's a part of. o >> super natural. >> super natural. aside helping women with health problems who need wigs it's agss fashion accessory.ccsory >> oh, my god. i tell tell all of my clientsts just like you put on your on panties every morning you have h to put on a wig.ig >> you're having a big coming cn out >> went the 20th in d.c. from 7:00 to den you'll see'l se mazing pieces there. piecehe >> you talk a lot about cuticle hair. hair have i no idea what that means.a >> what is queue to kell
10:51 am
>> hair that actually comes offf a perso >> real hair. >> real hair. > rea >> no fake stuff. >> talk about robin's look and what -- what went into thist int design and the other models, to, good robin is wearing the russian hair, and basically iic color it nice and red to give tv that it really bright vibrantt t see with it and it's a full lace peace.ace. >> okay. >> so there's none of her hairai left out at all. a >> what's the trick of the lacec proper. >> you definitely want to mack sure you have that lace reallyea sealed down properly. ppe so a lot of people will leave l too much lace and then you endde up seeing it. >> you know you're wearing anowi wig. 'v i've seen that look. i >> you really amount to make sure that you refine that laceh really good and it lays nice ana flush to the skin.ush tokin. >> it looks perfect. it looks >> it love it.>> it it. over here, this lovely ladyad these also wearing some of thens indian hair that i colored.olor and i just went into it and gave her nice cost waves and she's s also wearing a full lace. >> okay. >> this is kind of the only onen erin i think i
10:52 am
because i look better with short air that's really queue.ue >> this is the classic bob likel you can't go wrong with thehhe classic bob.. everybody loves bob it's a bigig thing with celebrities i wentesw with a nice steally patton col color. >> tell me about that color. it's really hot right now.ot r >> it's very hot right now.ig n. i'm glad you said that.glad youi it's super popular.opular >> i call this patton silver it's -- i'm a colorist i colori represent the well la brand soes well and i love color. cor >> we got about a minute.ab a mn how much are these wigs going to set us back. b >> oh, my gosh, they're nothey't going to set you back too much.o the starting price for a reallya great start would be 1500. >> and then we go higher. hig >> so i'll be going to the t beauty store on the corner of - >> no, no, no.. >> georgia and delafield todayay about 3:00. we'll see you there.see you the i can't avenue for it it is aits good investment if you're goinge to rock it. >> great invest many and theynd last very long time. >> i got my fake hear i curl an wash it i have one of the halo h
10:53 am
routine i would definitely rockk one of these.e ofhe they're beautiful.ul. >> so are all the models andodes good luck to you.uck you. >> thank you very much. >> this is an invest mhaany.n it >> it's a peace for life.or l >> you will never have to change it again. aga >> where can people contact yout if they want to purchase one.e o >> right on the website. >> perfect. >> grand studio -- strands i think the website is shirley g's. >> we'll have it all on ourtll o social and all that good stuff.f thank you >> thanks, robin. does juan like the wig. >> jong, juan you look the wig.g >> he says yes. >> all right. right guys, back to you. >> we want to head back up toact baltimore real quickly and check in one more time with bob bob barnard who's there where the wt verdicts have come just come down in the trials one of thes t officers in the death of freddid gray lieutenant brian rice mucha bob, what's the sense there ofhe where you are now? >> reporter: well i tell youou what people not surprised by the not guilty verdicts on all thre
10:54 am
charges again the senior ranking officer involved in the arrestle of the freddie gray april ofil f last year. year not guilty on involuntary manslaughter, not guilty onuiltn reckless endangerment, notot guilty on misconduct in officeno much this was a verdict renderee by a judge barry williams whos earlier had acquitted he had war nero and caesar goodson.. both of those officers were in i the courtroom as was garrett miller another officer, another one of the six wnoho is facingan trial in nine days. so it's zero for four for for prosecutors because the trial te against officer william porterle late last year ended in a hung jury a mistrial declared.eclared he will be retried in septembere at this point.oint. but one senior criminal defensef attorney from baltimore heretime said it's not expected he callee this a rush to judgment by theye baltimore state's attorneys atte office guys that they quicklyui filed charges against these six officers and this is what theyht get for doing that.
10:55 am
not guilty on all three countsnt against 42-year-old lieutenantan brian rice.. and it's pretty quite here oneon the streets again because thisat kind of was what this communityi was expecting, guys. guy >> all right, bob.ob >> thanks, bob. thank bob. appreciate it. it's interesting that you t know people are probablyeoare anticipating this based ons baso what's happened so far and baseb on the fact that the rest of of these officers probably will have bench jury with judge j williams as well. wel the most serious charge has gott off. off. >> was >> they're probably thinkingro this is the way it will be. w b >> all fall in line. le >> take the emotion out of it i >> yes. five minutes before the hour.or let's get some tweetsth in.ets we had fun show a lot of peoplel commenting on different things.. we always like to share whathat your thoughts are. thought so up first, we have -- >> al his son the beauty supplyl on georgia of a just made mye morning.rnin >> i've been there on
10:56 am
occasions. >> 50 crept, omar -- season three. thre >> more decided to change the te world we might have more mor different people in politics,itc cops and other jobs. >> diversity, diversity. >> four sure. >> officer norman we had hime hm earlier in the 9:00 o'clock 9:0k inspired me to do more for police and neighborhoodeighrhoo relations in my community.s inty that's what it's about. >> yeah. >> good morning to my favor are the news team.ea >> that's our favorite tweet.r e >> yes, it is. >> good job bringing erin fox55 d.c. into the loop of good daydy d.c. >> all right.. >> thank you. >> all right. that's it >> thank you for watching.. >> you'll thank me for the sevev day forecast.y fort. >> you got 15 seconds.on >> it will be 96 and hot today.y >> is it going to feel like 100. >> maybe 100 this weekend. wnd. >> it's not okay.>> >> all right.. >> one last happy birthday to steve che
10:57 am
now get back to work to tomorrow. >> happy birthday!
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: whoa! back at you. look who's looking cute -- me! in a


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