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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  July 18, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> donald presumep and pence trying to he unite a fractured taert. >> can trump and pence unit the party. we have all angles covered for you on the run down. you'll see that every night with everything we'll talk to you about and everything you will talk to us about. >> tweet us rights now we want to hear your thoughts, questions, concerns, tweet us now on brand new hash tag five at 6:30. >> boom. >> tom fitzgerald served political live from cleveland and state of the gop not big enough of issue and security forefront too. >> tom is
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what is the mood in cleveland. >> they're happy to have the convention you cannot deny this there's mid yonz of dollars into the effort and millions of them town all over the country and world and there s. yeah, this since of unease everything that has gone out of the country the last couple weeks whether baton rouge, dallas, minnesota, again baton rouge, the security guys i don't know how to put in words what we're seeing here. i always say this thing about you know shawp and jim, we work these. >> sure. >> we go to the capital. we're working this stuff all the time. clevelanders are looking at it with eyes wide on there's steel walls.
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there's a cage theyen circled the entire building in twelve foot high steel fence not only clevelanders and delegates opening eyes saying wow, it's mind numbing security presence here it is also kind of a little odd in the hall here. because you know you go through all these things and you know i guess what i'm saying it really reinforces the sense of why this stuff is important. >> indeed. >> and you know because you know what i'm saying it's like one thing to talk about the stuff in the abstract and there's real lives on the line in the country right now. there's real lives being lost. not only here but around the worl is that the security presence is keeping us safe but reminder of why we're here. >> do nominate trump. >> and the candidate typically doesn't show up until last day and
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tonight to introduce his wife. >> the theme of the day this is what is called make america safe again and millania trump and what's interesting donald trump made immigration front and center in the race and something he's running on. you're looking a woman that immigrated here legally and i think fits bring her on stage while unorthodox not just to have the wife sne aerially and candidate speaking this early symbolic. . >> and boy bit of how do you have platform of being tough on immigration and here comes melania trum whop herself came out at times and says he doesn't like so. things her own husband said on the subject. they have a big electoral problem here. you look admit romney problem four years ago
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the latino vote in the country. they'll have that times ten this year. and these next couple days where they reach out to people and press home the idea you be safe if you elect pren it's critical. it's critical for them to get the message out over the next couple days and melania out there they're hoping it makes trump seem more likable. >> the wives usually do that. >> fitz we'll see you in a bit. tom fitzgerald live in cleveland rnc. >> we'll bring in doctor michael frontroy from howard university department of political science joining us flavor la via skype mike as always great to see you. >> let's start with what is supposed to be unifying moment for gop and clearly seeing division here. bushes little got show up. let's start with jeb bush in fact he wrote a scathing ad in the washington post said "call it a tipping point time of choosing or testing whatever
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election will have far reaching consequences for republican party and exceptional country and he has no doubt tapped into the anxiety so prevalent in the united states today. i do not believe donald trump reflects principles or inclusive legacy of republican party anacin searly hope he does not represent the future. mike how do we promote any unity here when we've got one of the bushes ryeing ads like this in the "washington post". >> not just one of the bushes. someone running for president this year. whose brother is also absent from former president of the united states and whose father is also present former president of united states. the former 2012 nominee mitt romney and the governor of state in wish the convention is being held. >> john kasich. >> governor john okay significance and they represent old line republican party which is taking it on the chin and go around. i don't think there's any question about that. and if there were not donald trum thi
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been ted cruz pointing out that this establishment wing of the republican party has been in control for a number of years and the people that trump represents actually make the argument they are part of the problem and not part of the solution. and so, there's not going to be much un tich the only question is whether or not trump can win with what he has. >> and one has is ask the bush saying we are not voting for donald trump. if are you for donald trump doesn't that directly help hillary clinton and isn't that an to my knowledge sis to what you're standing for. >> i'm not sure. either hillary clinton or donald trump will be the president. all this stuff about third party candidates notwithstanding and i think you can tk nickly make the argument that a vote decision to stay home or not vote for trump if you're rep is the same as voting for hillary clinton and the same can be said for democrats for
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supported bernie sanders and can't bring themselves to voyt for hillary clinton. >> yes. >> but ultimately when it gets down to it in november virtually everybody what supported somebody during the primary will line up behind their party nomination by the time you get to november that number will be small. >> we have a little ways to go. thank you nor joining us from la. we appreciate. it standby we may have more questions for you. >> thank you very much. you. >> heard us talking about this cleveland governor john kasich was not welcomed at the convention in fact trump campaign manager paul manafor the said he was not welcome and an embarrassment to the stage. >> he's one of the few republicans left that ran that did not endorse donald trump. jeb bush another notable exception. what is state of republican party and its current relationship stap us
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asked you on social media and tweet us 5 at 6:30 are they together or not together or is it complicated if you asked what the relationship of republican party es, it's mplicated. we want to know what you think. veronica clearly is live at the old ebbott grill. what are people saying about this relationship between the republicans. >> people are having a lot of fun. we're live at the old epic grill down the street from the white house. and we want to talk with people here. we're not going toel you what we think of the republican party we want to know what you think of it i have a group ever ladies chatting with me. ladies we're finally live tell me what is current relationship with republican party. separated and headed towards divorce. >> headed towards divorce. >> you're
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what do you think. >> absolutely. >> do you think they can get out of it. >> no, no. absolutely not. >> it's an interesting time how about you. >> complicated. very come my ailtd. >> certainly complicated that's consistent theme that's so much ladies happy birth day. . >> that's what women are seein seeing. . >> i'm curious what do folks think about wanting to hear from donald trump's wife. >> i have a couple back here and i know we spoke a little beforehand changed question a little bit. what do you think about malania trump chiming in today do you think she could help donald trump and the way he's viewed. >> should teams so know him
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better than nivrn else and she's an imgrant and he's not crazy about immigrants. >> she's legal. . >> shee brpingz a unique perspective on the conversation about immigration. >> compared to previous kong conveniences it's early for the candidates spouse to give present thistation. so, people really don't know her. i think it's good they hear from her. >> that's a great point. >> good point. >> peg of coming into convention early we have a trump introducing her. right down the street from the white house. back to you. >> four years ago when mitt romney was nominee they were saying anne was his secret we. and the question is dot wivrz have they historically made much of a divrnlts some have and some have not. >> it will be interesting to see what they have to say tonight a
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how our weather is happening around tonight. . >> we have storms rolled through earlier and hot sue palka we know it cooled off a little bit out there. >> up side to the thunderstorm shawn we're 20 cooler than high for the day. which was 95. it's 75 now and storms race ago way and they're still strong in the salisbury area and watch out chincoteaque and beaches moving your direction and most of us are done with rain and there's a little more coming out of harrisonburg shar klet kletsville area passing to south of d. crngt. what you can expect tomorrow. 09 degrooi agree day versus 95 today. spotty thunderstorm and fonltal boundary coming through and i think it will feel better to you. i wanted to show you 7 day forecast because the next two days are going to feel a whole lot better than the five that follow. we're going 90 tomorrow again spotty storm only and wednesday the best day of the week and we begin our third heat wave of the summer on thursday we may max out near 100 on saturday and sunday and fasten your seat belts folks it will be a hot week look
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enjoy tonight too, feels better out there now. shawn, jim. >> thank you, sue. >> we know this pretty well. social media people sometimes funny and sometimes little too harsh. there's a couple picture float around going viral. we'll get your take on them. five at 6:30 comes right back. >> use the 5 at 6:30.
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>> welcome back to five at 6:30 . tweet us. 5 at 6:30. >> we're seeing some and chec checking it out it's a two way conversation with you. it's about interacting and of course social media is a big part of what we do. >> there it is. >> now we get the run downs. >> viral photos. >> there's a selfie gonna around a
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maybe for the wrong wrnz. >> paul ryan posted this it's a group of him with congressional summer interns critics in social media went after house speaker because this group appears to be overwhelmingly white. i must tell you i did zoom in and zoomed around to checkt out for myself fraen i could see i only saw one person who appeared to be of color it looks like maybe black young woman on right here and my first thought was wow. >> striking to see that.. >> and why are we going after him for this. >> i don't know how it works. you know,. >> it's a matter of out reach when you think about. it it may well be the fact that maybe you're not going to the right place to get the best crop of interps to represent this country. and nonetheless. >> people were upset because they say it does not represent our kupty and that image should. >> selfies are misleading
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you never know it could be perspective. there was another one scratc scratching your head. you have to look closely. involves indiana governor mike pence and family eating at chillys in new york. >> first of all i don't think they would eat at chillys let's get real. >> not that there's anything wrong with it. he's governor of indiana. >> notice the daughters here wife on left and daughter and look in the mirror behind them you cannot see her. it's as if she did not exist. which is very strange. we looked closely. we don't see any traces of her. some say she's a vampire. >> okay. >> maybe not. others say it may be photo shop job. i don't know why you would do that. >> people say he did it because they wanted to seem happy family dinner on closer inspection there's a plate in front of his wife and him and nothing in front ever the daughter who who's reflection doesn't show up. >> and four masses on the table and three people sitting there. >> so were the first two
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second there's not walter for the daughter. is it photo shop or real? >> you're very thoughtful. uconcerned about her well-being where is her water other food. >> that's social media these daiingz things like that people latch on to. >> tweet us. >> and just as party was supposed to kickoff in cleveland tim tebow hayat hayat boumeddieneed out tebowed out. and now he is not going to rnc and not alone. we'll have more on that coming up. continue top tweet us 5at630. see you on the other side of the break
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>> it's supposed ton a party and you want to have fun. star power is a major component. however it's notable while we promised a big glitzy affair star power maying lacking. .
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the convention and tim simpson will show you and mike tyson is coming up and then talking about. and you know something we don' don't. >> are you trying to say no star power at the convention. >> it's a little underwhelming i think. we're not here with celebrit celebrities. >> who is showing up. >> who will show up. >> i got you. >> we got chachi tonight. >> scott baio. >> how big is that. >> come on. >> what was his last know. charles in garage was it charles in charge. >> he was on areged development on "fox" couple years ago. >> keep in mind everybody makes the point about these seblties and that celebrity comes and there's only one celebrity you need here and that's donald trump. it's the brightest start that signs in the donald trump universe. you think donald trump wants george clooney or brad pitt
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here's a point. donald trump wants to be biggest star of conald trump convention. >> when you think about it fits think about maybe and iraq war developy chicks and perfect example and from the right it was shut up and sing. that was because liberals and i doe think it's a big deal for republicans it's never been a major component of who they are. >> and the people i think i don't know we're hearing from people saying where are the celebrities and at first when you heard tim tebow would be there you heard mike sigh ton would show up and now and and big celebrities behind don'tald trump. >> shawn, jim, you have voted for anybody? >> that's exactly the point. >> and biggest bruce spring
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>> yes you are you know about that. i don't choose who i vote for based upon who the rock band i like or actors or actresses i like. you know? it's fun to see them walking a round the hall. >> right. >> but you know will anybody vote for donald trump because scott bay owe told them to you probably not. >> joni might. >> maybe fonzie will vote for danald trump you. >> made a good point. >> we'll see. >> thank you, fitz. >> so you know what folks, they say a good conversation starts with a great cocktail and we're going to head back out to the old epic grill where the politicians and the tycoon cocktails are making debuts do do you having in to say about that. >> i'm amazed when you saw how ugly it was out. it looks nice outside now. >> indeed it does all for us right here as we debut 5 at 63 630. stick around.
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>> and the d.c. downer tonight i think has to be taylor swift. >> why taylor swift. >> there was a feud about taylor and conia and in the song he called her a b word and she pretented next day that oh, she was offended and he didn't ask her and he said weighty a minute you approved. it kim kardsahian put it out and put it on snap chat and instagram and everywhere here's a taped conversation of taylor approving song and lyrics and helping rewrite them. >> we'll talk about the winner because there are winners and losers in the game of mringz. scott baio where has he been. and appears on "fox" news quite often and bashed conservative will take a major role tonight at the republican national convention over the next couple days we'll be hearing from him he's a big backer of donald trump and for that we say
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welcome back scott baio. >> now we're back in the political kivrpen and we'll take edge off of the grill. let's send to veronica cleary. they'll be mixing up two different types of cocktails share what they are. we have two drinks in honor of the kong vengs one call the poly tition. you were inspired by hillary clinton it's not pink because she's a woman tell me about your thought behind it. >> it's basically classic cocktail twist on the one called the pink lady i made it strong don't sleep on it there's a lot of begin in ther there. >> don't take it for granted. >> and so that's why i did a twist on that. it's definitely got feminine side but strong. she's feevrments i put biters in there too to change
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and this it's orange in honor of donald trump and not by accident. tell me about that. >> this is called the tycoon and what di for this one click on the cocktail called orange crush and added gold slainger not for flavor but gold mraikz and russian vodka for wife. >> i love it i'll try one with gold in it i'm a lady i love gold. shawp, thank you sox. cheers, guys. >> thank you veronica and cheers for us thank you for joining us for inaugural 5at 5at630. . >> we had a couple tweets before we head out of here. we appreciate it's a little more remraxd and talking politics and having fun here that's what it's about. >> thank you black beauty we appreciate that today. we appreciate all of your tweets and we invite to you keep them coming right now fun music selections thank you so much for tweeting us and letting us know about that john is online you'll ve
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appreciate it. keep your tweets coming. >> we'll see you tonight at 10 and 11 right back here cheers to you. cheers to you. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: it is all-out war now between kanye west and taylor swift. there might be a criminal problem. >> i'm glad you have the respect to call me and tell me that as a friend. >> kim kardashian put the video out of kanye west speaking with taylor swift about the song "famous." >> in the whole conversation she talks about every lyric in the song but not this one. >> it was a bait and bit. >> bait and bit. >> republican national convention. they're going to show how global they can be by providing everybody with all different types of food. they have an area which is essentially a mexican restaurant. there's an asia town. >> little china! >> khloe kardashian and chloe grace moretz got in a twitter beef. chloe tweeted -- everybody in this industry needs to get their head out of a hole.


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