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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  July 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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ahead hat 4:30 get to news. a roller coaster ride on the first day of the republican national cop vengs. >> from reports of possible plagiarism in melania trump's speech to delegates fightsing on the floor. melanie alnwick is here to break it all down on the rnc con veption they delivered as far as trauma is concerned think. >> wisdom being you know they proptioned this would be a convention like no other and some would agree. it got off to crowdy start with delegates that wanted to be free to vote for someone other than trump not recognized on the floor. their mics were turned off and began shouting to the heard. former attorney general ken cuneli did a throe down his badge and walked out in protestch the main event kicked off looking something like familiar reality tv show you see. it donald trump breaking with tradition appearing on stage be
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introduce his wife. melania keynote speech captivated the crowd and talked of trump's softer side and her parents and two line from her speech got the most attention the web site gawkier put them side by side with michelle obama 2008 speech. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> that you work hard for what you fwhant life. >> that your word is your bond that you do what you say you're going to do. >> that your word is your bond, and do you what you say. >> that you treat people with dignity even respect. >> thought treat people with respect. >> because we want our children and all children in this nation to know. >> because we want our children in this nation to know. >> only limit to the hite of your achievements is the reach of your dreams.
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achievement is the strength of your dreams. >> and your willingness to work hard. >> the associated press compared them and said except from similarities in those two lines the rest of her speech was distinct the they put out this statement. in writing her beautiful speech her team of writers took notes on her life inspirations and in some instances included fragments that reflected her own thinking and melania's experience and love for america shown through in her speech which made it a success. today's them is make america work again. wisdom. >> all right. 4:32 the time now. security very tight in cleveland. plenty of protesters took to the street forever day one of the national convention. cleveland police say so far things are going well. no major incidents at this point and supporters rallied
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exercise narrow owe law to openly carry guns. >>. "fox5" is the source for complete coverage of the republican national convention. tom fitzgerald is in cleveland all week long interact with him facebook live 10:45 and 5 and 6 p.m. each day this week. you can catch our new political show as well the "fox5" show 5@630 every day now until the election of "fox5 local news" at 6. >> police body cam footage is giving us clearer look at pepper spray incidents at the university of maryland. >> footage is from a party in may and shows use of excessive force. live in clem park with the latest. good morning. >> good morning, well, university police were called to this graduation party after people who could not get in made a fake report that there was a fight going on involving weapons only plater police involved there was no
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and only celebrating and this body footage you're about to see shows what happened next quickly escalated. >> hemo. >> what's going on. >> hi. >> what's going on in there. >> we have a graduation celebration. >> okay. i can see id of somebody that lives here. >> do you have. >> i don't have my id on me now. >> all right. off the bat you see university police show up the apartment and enter quickly the shutting down the graduation party. some refuse to leave. a crowd starts to gather and one officer deploys his pepper spray. chaos then interrupts as you can imagine. you hear students screaming and two students are arrested as firefighters arrived to treat people sprayed you see the same officer spray the crowd again. now investigation found the officer's first use of spray
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however the police chief tells us what he saw could have about avoided. >> to a point it didn't have to escalate to and turn around we have to use ep pepper spray. it didn't need to go that far. >> now the officer who sprayed the crowd was suspended two weeks without pay. all charges were dropped against those two students who were arrested and police force here also will receive new training and that 23 minute video we have that entire things on the web site. you can take a look at fox5d live at university of maryland this morning. angela hemphill, fox local news. . >> time to talk warm. it was like we expected yesterday. it was hot and started raining. >> oh, my gosh the skies opened up in my area around 4:00 or so.
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>> that's right it got through here. it was not a bad evening. >> no, we ended up eating outside for dinner it was so beautiful. >> yeah, sun came out behind that. this morning we had a couple showers and thunderstorms back out to the west. most of us are dry. high was 95 and we had heat index values around 10 0. here's the radar to give you an idea where we are this morning. you see the showers and thunderstorms coming down. a lot of lightning out there too. dry in the metro. do i believe we're going to stay dry here in the metro. and most of the commute will be dry. but this bears watches as this comes down from the north and west. will it hold together as it gets over the higher elevations and then crosses over 81? some of it will definitely hold together as it gets over 81. you can see it's not far from 81 at least the eastern edge of the showers. and the thunderstorms still way back on western maryland and they're moving good here. again, just something you have to kind of now cast and keep your eye on
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direction. it looks like -- really i believe we'll be dry for the morning commute though. better chance of thunderstorms will be this afternoon. and middle 70s at 8 aex and generally speaking mild. we warm up quickly. 86 to 87 for lunchtime and little humidity today as well. winds are coming from the north and northwest today. so northern areas, northwestern areas you will be a little less humid this afternoon. still warm to hot with temperatures around 90. little less humidity and the chance for thunderstorms this afternoon and this evening really from the district to the south. okay? there's a frontal system that will be hung up in the area and it's along that front which we may very thunderstorms and then they'll push off front and move south. we'll have details on the heat wave coming. let's get details on tuesday morning commute. erin como what's going on? >> 4:37 gary i like the sign of dry tuesday morning drive. because of the heavy rain that moved in yesterday we're dealing with after ma'ams. right now montgomery county as you head to potom
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tree down in the road we. river road is closed lake potomac drive detour around that or keep it to dwlen road running parallel to liver and get you where you need be notice on the map 270 to the spur to democracy believed traffic moving fine and inner and outer loop american legion bridge and 395 looking good and problem free on 50 inbound and we'll check in surge five that kicks in tomorrow with metro even single tracking to be acquire of by east falls church next witness dom and holly. >> coming up on "fox" news morning a law professor wants members of baltimore city prosecutors office barred over the freddie gray case. >> and the winner got a little bit longer for game of thrones plan is and a live look outside the region. time now 4:38, temperature 30 degrees and back in a
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back now at 4:40 here will the stories you're engaging with most on social media with the news time tracker. pretesters creatd major backups during rush hour i-95 south of rich mopped and black lives matter activist blocked portions of the interstate and briefly occupied all southbound travel lanes bringing traffic it a stand still. 13 people were arrested after they refused to exitet highway. >> baltimore prosecutors in freddie gray case are feeling pressure for disbarment after legal analysts criticized their handling of the case saying prosecutors should drop charges against all three remaining officers and one analyst law professor at george washington plans to file it today calling for disbarment. the most senior officer was acquitted for his role in at rest. >> and timely it will be a long winter for game of thrown fans. hbo aannounceed season 7
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debut until next summer. will feature less episodes in the past and only 7 episodes scheduled for season 7. >> you have to wait long are for less. >> longer for less, yes. it's not a good combination when you put it like that. >> not good us in on tuesday for game of thrown fans. >> m coming up next montgomery county trying to fill the trust between residents and police department. >> and new questions are being raised about the zika virus after a caregiver contacts the disease without any known sexual contact. >> and as we head to break right now live look outside the region and 4:421 the time and we're back
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>> the first r first side of the rep national con veption has dom and gone some say it was a success but it was not without couldn't versey opt floor. >> new officer body cam video of university of maryland police pepper spraying students at a graduation party. >> and tuesday, cool down, we're talking about high temperatures in upper 0s and 90s for most of the region and if we consider that a cool down then that tells you how hot it has been. >> thank you very much for
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martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is tuesday, july 19. >> all right. we have airport airport talking traffic and gary mcgrady as well. let's talk with gary and talk about hot weather. >> it's a cool down. >> it's a cool down? >> very funny. >> compared to yesterday i think that's true and let me just say this, just so you guys know. tomorrow not today, but tomorrow definitely pick of the week looks really, really nice tomorrow. temperatures we're thinking only mid up toer 0s and lower humidity will be dry. tomorrow is really, really nice and then the heat will kick in. big time. as we take you on through the weekend. all right. so a little break tomorrow. and then it's full swing with what's going to happen late week and into the weekend. temperatures out there in the low 70s. some spots upper 6 0s. you can see radar here to give you an idea of what is going on. and showers and thunderstorms. they told together will get a shower novrm:00 a.m. and west. we'll talk about this coming up and the 7 day.
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morning commute. >> 4:46 now and starting off looking at roads in 34g county and if you head in potomac river road is shut down because of downed trees across the roadway. they need to get that cleared out out ever the way. heavy rain moved in yesterday and use glen road as alternate to get around that this morning. we'll let you know when they can clear that as metro gears up for service at 5 we're on time across all the rail lines and no safe track work today surge four wrapped up yesterday and tomorrow surge five begins. we have continuous single tracking between east falls and boston we'll keep you updated all morning long and how that affects your morning commute and metro. back to you holly and wisdom. >> dramatic kickoff for the republican national convention in dleevr land and fallout this morning over melania trump's speech. >> did sheboro words from first lady michelle obama's speech in 2008 or
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plagiarize it. >> well, guys, let's talk about whether it was her or her speech writers right. we get to that in a minute. republicans promised us to be a convention like no other own some would agree. got off to rowdy start with delegates that wanted to be free to vote for someone other than trump not recognized on the floor. their mics were turned off and they began shouting to be heard. former governor ken cucneli threw down his badge and walked out in pro test. main event kicked off looking like a familiar reality tv show. donald trump breaking with tradition appearing on stage before the formal nomination to introduce his wife. p melania keynote speech captivated the crowd and she talked of her husband's softer side and hard working sided in couldn't united yuk clarifyia and two lines from
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with michelle obama 2008 speec speech. >> that you treat people with dignity and respect. >> that you treat people with respect. >> because we want our children and all children in this nation to know that --. >> because we want our children in this nation to know --. >> only limit to the hite of your achievements is the reach of your dreams. >> that the only limit to your achievements, is the strength of your dreams. >> and the associated press also compared the two speeches and said except for the similaritys in those two lines the rest of melania's speech was district and they said "in writing her beautiful speech melania's team took notes on life inspirations and included fragments that reflected her own thinking. her immigrant experience and love for america
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in her speech what made it a success. the theme is make america work again. >> university of maryland police chief admits officers were wrong fol a pepper spray incident at a graduation party in may. now we have a copy of the body camera foot am. the officers were actually wearing that night. >> it actually shows police entered apartment and immediately shut down the party of the one officer is surrounded by students and then used pepper spray on the crowd. two people were arrested and as firefighters helped to treat those that were pepper individual the same officer sprays the crowd again and investigation shows first use of pepper spray was justified and second one was not. >> it escalated to a point it did not have to escalate to. which then we turn aropd and i say, well, we had to use pepper spray. well it didn't need to go that far. >> the officer that pepper sprayed the crowd was us is spended two weeks without pay aunt chief says his departments will undergo new training involving hidden basis. >> new questions asked about ho
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and how officials say a man that died after being up infected by the zika virus pass philadelphia to his caregiver and they don't know how. they did not have sexual contact. which is how the virus is typically spread between adults and mosquito which spreads the virus is not found in the high altitude area where they livech the man that died caught the virus while travel ago broad and caregiver fully recovered. >> coming up on "fox" news morning a new deal with the you of maryland helps a regional hospital stay on for at least another year. >> netflix is not drawing in same number of subscribers as it once was. >> a live look outside the are area. 4:51 the time now and 71 the temperature we're back in a moment. pass‚ô™
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happening today montgomery
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between residents and police. town hall meeting will be held to encourage dialogue opt importance of having respectful and trusting relationship between police and the community. >> it starts 7:00 at the silver spring civic building in downtown silver things. this meeting is to enhance saf safetive everyone in the community and another town hall will be held tomorrow in germantown later this morning montgomery county police chief town pager will join us live to talk about repairing relations between the police and community and how his department is responding to the deadly assaults on police officers. that interview coming up at 7:45 this morning. >> also in the news this morning a deal with university of maryland will allow laurel regional hospital to stay on a little while linger and the deal will keep the hospital running through next year and plans were to work -- in the works to close it down and make it a clinic and city and county leaders are discussing whether to build a new regional medical center in largo or renovate in
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>> some are still looking to netflix and chill. the company said we're telling shareholders we're growing not as fast as we would like or have been. they gained 1.million users far below the 2.5 billion netflix forecasted. experts are saying the low number may be a reflection of recent price hikes on netflix services. >> lvrt get get to par gary mcgrady and talk good the weather. >> as little hotter than yesterday. and tomorrow will be gorgeous. and to give you an idea of showers and thunderstorms back out to the west of us and technically getting closer and moving over i 81 now. winchester just to the north of you. martinsburg most of this heavy stuff is staying south. i'll continue to track that over the next couple hours. don't think they hold together until they get towards the metro. i'll keep an eye on. it sunny, most of date
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high tomorrow turz not 95. upper 80s in responsible spots and humid at times and thunderstorms possible this afternoon and here's erin como it's tuesday morning she has all the details in the traffic. hey, erin. >> you know 4:56 now thank you so for vaik waking up with us tuesday morning roads work in the district in conjunction near the kennedy center between s and roosevelt bridge. right now traffic is quiet. watch that's showing you down as folks hit the road. as you look in montgomery coun county and potomac area use glen road as alternate to get around river road and a downed tree and get that cleared out of the way a side from that the rest of your majors into the district and out the district are wayet and seeing plenty of green behind me i'll let you know if that changes follow me on twitter @erinfoxdc. >> and flu video from baton rouge police shootings suggest that the suspects specifically targeted police officers. >> someone used to be held accountable for the death of freddie gray. >> and a quick look at today's stock futures we're back in a moment.
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and gone and some stay was a success and it was not without controversy from before. >> and tuesday cool down just a smith high temperatures upper 0s and low 90s most of the region. we can hand it will we're tough on a tuesday. good morning to you. i'm holly morris. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is tuesday, jewel 19. it was a roller coaster ride from reports of plagiarism in melania trump's speech melanie alnwick joins us to broke down the fights of the first rnc the big headline is the speech. i'm sure it's possible this is coins dense or someone played a ha ha got you moment.


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