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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  July 19, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> right now at 7:00. boroughed words. accusations of plagiarism cloud first day of republican national app convention. did melania trump take part of her speech from michelle obam obama's speech from 8 years ag ago. >> and issues for your commute here at home as a smoky haze phils metro tun elz. live underground with the reason why. >> new body cam video university of maryland police officer pepper spraying students at graduation party and what footage reveals about the case tuesday morning july 2016 good
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allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> our big story this morning claims of plagiarism as we head to second day of national cop vengs last night melania trump took to the stage to support her husband and this morning coming under fire for her speech. reported similar to the speech michelle obama gave in 2008 at the democratic national convention. >> doug luzader joypsz us live from cleveland with more. quite mess here this top story we're talking about or one of the headlines grab ago tension of the nation. good morning. . >> good morning, yeah, farce what will take place today we will see convention business going on those state by state delegation heat counts as they go through the process of formally knowledge gating and there were kopts versy as as well
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>> dram attic entrance capping dramatic day for the information aconvention. emerging on the stage to introduce his wife. >> ladies and gentlemen, it is my great honor to present the next first lady of the united states melania trum. melania trump spoke at length been her husband. for many here it was first opportunity to they're her. >> if you want someone to fight for you and your countries i can assure you he's the guy. >> there could be questions about two passage from her speech which were strikingly similar to remarks from first lady michelle obama back in 2008 and did set optimistic tone after a night where speaker after speaker unleashed on hillary clinton and voiced support for police officers and stressed need for security. >> what happened to they have no black america they have no white america there is just
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what happened to it? >> there were some tense moments earlier in the day as delegates that oppose trump failed and tried to get action from the last kitchen effort to block him and protest outside largely peaceful but it is clear this is trump's con veption sgle we'll win bring thax you. >> as far as her speech is concerned and back in 2008 trump campaign put out a statement they did not specifically address the controversy but they intd indicated it was written by a team of writers which would seem to be an effort to deflect criticism away from melania trump herself. back to you guys. >> doug lose aider live in kleevd land about that speech. some say it's outright plainly rix sdmrp two passengers match nearly
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dlaivrz in 200 they come and break it down and i was under no grand illusion that she would write her own speech her here. were you. >> no not at all. i think that was our reaction this morning. really the finger ought to be foypting at the speechryer. the original reaction was positive and looking back to moments after the speech was done and tweets out top democrats like brazil tweeting trump gave a heart felt speech about her husband and then game the back clash. social media with snarky comments for the former model. the main event kicked off looking like a familiar reality tv show i don't know if you see the -- he atiered before the formal nominations to introduce his wife. that is normal i not done. melenia's
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speech and here the two lines from her speech getting most attention. we'll show you first one right now compared with michelle obama 2008 speech. >> from a young age my parents impressed on me the value that you work hard for what you want in life. that your work is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise. that you treat people with respect and they taught and showed me values and morals in their daily life. >> michelle obama: barack and i were raced with so many of the same values like you work hard for what you want in life and that your word is your bond and you do what you say you're going to do. that you treat people with dignity and respect even
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don't know them and even if you don't agree with them. >> so we wanted to show them to you completely instead of just a little snippet side by side. associated press also compared the two speeches and said, that except those similarities in those two lines the rest of her speech was district. earlier this morning -- melani melania's team of writers took nodes on her information. no mention of mrs. obama or plagiarism controversy. she said she wrote the speech and added that she had a little help. but, i think there's probably some speech writers this morning that have questions. >> that's the things, mel, not just those hope wrote the
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speech but senior advisers who okayed it so exsomewhere along the way this may have sounded like he it was a curious coincidence going on here. >> it's strange. you have to wonder. in university now someone turns in a paper you can basically there are programs to see if things were mraij rightsed maybe for speech writing too. this is probably not the 1st and will not be the last instance of a creative lifting. >> and is there any -- there's speculation online of every possible scenario is there speculation it was internal setup for someone. >> i have seen that. i suppose anything is possible. but call me opt midsts i don't know i would find that hard to believe. >> all right. well we know what we'll talk about rest of day today. >> until something else happens today at convention we start talking about. thanks, mel. >> fox 5 is the place to turn when it comes to republican national convention.
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live from cleveland all week and check out our new show 5@ 5@630 every day after "fox5 local news" at 6. >> it's a couple minute past the hour. eight past now. >> good morning ready for sweet relief. today, tonight and tomorrow to look forward to. it's vintage nice d.c. summer to look for word to. front coming through. winds shifted out of norm and west and that will deliver more pleasant air. still warm today. about 90. should feel better with less humidity. and 76 now in washington. and 72 leonardtown and hanging on to 69 culpeper and 72 frederick and let's sigh hager town 74 winchester 70 and had a shower moving through winchester and little thunderstorm to the west. and few showers pushing down 270 through montgomery county the moment. that is the actual front moving through and once it gets south of us today most of the area and region are
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chance southern maryland and southern virginia best chance for storm later today. all right. i zipped past my last map. we'll talk weekend forecast coming up. put today, tonight, tomorrow, look great. heat wave is still on track for friday into the weekend. >> yes, friday zip trip time. >> we'll have fun no matter what. >> yeah. >> okay. >> norm west here we come over to you. >> 7:09 and earlier crash on outer loop past coalsdale clear to the right shoulter and look at the long line of red. i would leave herlly aside from that tree down we're dealing with in the potomac area cleared river road lake potomac reopened and there's still activity blocking shoulders and traffic getting by and you can see the southbound side
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glen road still be a better alternate to get around that congestion this morning and 395 north delays silver road to king street and it's going take you extra 11 minutes to get through the area because of congestion and 295 southbound 50 down past pennsylvania jammed 259 past laboratory road jammed and crystal city we've been telling you metro due to late clearing track work we had haze and dust in tunnel as infecting air quality at pentagon city and crystal city and "fox5" bob barnard crystal city looks like it's improving slightly is that correct? >> i don't think so. erin, we've been here maybe a half hour now. take a look at this they're saying this is haze dust. it's clearly tuingt. this is not smoke. metro riders cannot catch a braesh. we're in the one day gap between surges four and five no work done and all the surfaces this is look at that. this is what people are breathing in this morning. kind of ridiculous.
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as you look through the tunnel here there's a haze of that dust people are breathing in this morning. we've spoken to metro ride therz morning they're shaking heads. >> it's dust not smoke. >> it smells like smoke to me i don't think it's dust. it smells like smoke when you get off the train and see. it down in the tunnel. it does have a permeating smell like it's smoke not dust. >> slight odor but doesn't seem to be anything too bad. >> they've got vents going try to clear it. >> yes. >> and you can tell that they're working towards trying to get that taken care of. >> not kill you this morning. >> not killing me relatively smooth ride seeing safe track work is making a difference. >> okay. >> making a differentiation even take a live look here
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clearing diingt off the railings and flat surfaces and they're wearing masks and their rags are dirty. metro is frying to clean it up. they say they have exhaust system clearing the air circulating the air but as you see this guy is cleaning dust, dirt off the surfaces here and this is what people are breathing in this morning. again metro treating out it's clearing work area dust and that is what is leaving this haze as you look here. but that's what it is throwing on people's hands as they come up the escalators here and this is also what they're breathing in guys this morning here not smoke but it's not good. >> hm. tucker does it smell like spoke to you what's the odor how wow characterize the odor. >> no, no it does not smell like smoke. but there's something. it's hard to describe it doesn't have a smell but you breathe it in you can tell. that one lady felt when she walked out of the
7:13 am
smells like smoke it doesn't it's not smoke but it's dust. >> yes. >> and dark and dirty that's what we're breathing in. >> if metro workers have masks everybody should have a mask. perhaps that my line of thinking. >> next time you get on the train maybe you will. >> bob, thank you. >> new develops this morning in frighten ago tack on passenger as board a train in germany islamic state group says it was behind the attack in which a 1 17-year-old with axe and knife slashed people. several people injured here. attacker identified as 17 years old and 17-year-old from afghanistan isis called teen a fighter for radical organization and the teenager tried to runaway after the attack but was shot to death by police. >> the road where 84 people were run down by truck driver after bass till day fireworks is said to be reopened in frangs. last night mourners passed flowers, cards, candles hand-in-hand plang
7:14 am
gazebo in a park. it's become a dump site for garbage. police doneing bulletproof investigates had to help garbage collectors remove it. >> president obama called family members of fly police officers killed in baton rouge offering con doleens and spoke with authorities pledging federal support for ongoing investigation into the attack. >> president ordered all flags to be flown at half staff in honor of victims. police say newly released surveillance shows 29-year-old gavin long ambushing officers while carrying two rifles and 9mm handgun. >> still to come this morning university of maryland police release body cam footage of controversial encounter earlier this year we'll show you that video. >> and looks like these kids were cooling off on a hot day and it has many people saying gross. we'll tell you why where these kids are ahead.
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maybe that's what's in the metro station purple haze. what happened tuck what is sglong computer malfunction. >> trying to be cool yep this is clicker. >> any time you hear him do this you know there's a problem. >> that's all right we'll have to fry style it. >> is that the. >> pant mime. >> you can dot interpretive dance. today we're featuring sunshine. >> i'm note on camera i can't. >> what about tonight warm and comfort sglabl the maps are not correct so --. >> i don't think people list anyone there. >> okay here's bottom explain sun describe sunshine today. steve there maybe isolated storm later
7:18 am
>> best chance south ever city and high temperature 90. if will feet better because it won't be 95. >> i apologize for that i promise i'll have my maps working. ch storm south ever city i'll be back in a moment with the 7 day still have a big heat wave next. >> we're not appreciated we'll keep our exits to our sglaevl [ applause ]. >> thank you, thank you very much erin over to you. >> it's national darkry day and he think you all earned id aquari. >> i thought you said we'd already been drinking. >> i say you deserve one for your wonderful acting abilitie abilities. >> thank you erin como. >> traffic is bad do you want to mind the traffic. >> absolutely not. >> backupped delays outer loop and it has moved to rights shoulder after kohls day rile. traffic bakdz up solid route
7:19 am
21 south and 95 south as you come down from beltway ic. down give yourself 45 extra minute or choose secondarys 207 south jammed urban ato the spir as well. this downed tree clear river road lake potomac ride. that intersection was shut down so please be prepared for that on 190 and keep in mind you can take glen road to get around that. that is extra traffic. 395 jammed etsell road to king street and across 14 street bridge slow near third street tunnel as usual. inner loop across wilson bridge metro delays. team coverage. bob barnard is out there and looks like haze and dust you were dealing with crystal silt written pentagon was dissipating bob showed us the case is sell elevated and steve and allison. >> morning police body cam footage giving us clearer look at pepper spray
7:20 am
>> university of maryland. this is back in may the university police chief shows use of excessive force. live in college park with the findings, good morning. . >> good morning this apartment complex called the courtyard where police arrived that night after students who could not get into the party made a fake report that a fight was going on only later officers learned there was never any fighting and what happens next you're about to see gets heated fast. >> [ nothinging ]. >> what's going on. >> hi. >> what's going nonthere. >> we have a graduation celebration. >> okay can i see id of somebody that lives her. >> sdoynts have my id. >> i don't have mine on me now. >> it shows university police eptser apartment and shut down the party and some students refuse to leave and tensions mount and coutd gathers you see officer deploy pepper spray. chaos erupts and student start screaming and then firefighters arrived to
7:21 am
meanwhile during that time the same officer deploys pepper spray again. students that predominantly african-american graduation party tell "fox5" they believe white students would not have been treated same way and police chief says he understands why they would feel that way and also says what he saw could have been avoided. >> that i feel their pain and it's up to us to do better in american law enforcement and certainly in any department here. it escalate tide point it doesn't have to escalate to which then we turn around and say well we had to use pepper spray. it didn't need to go that far. >> the officer's first uvs pepper spray was justfied but secretary was not he was sis seconded two weeks without pay and department will receive new training after the video was released. we have the
7:22 am
we have the video in entirety 23 minutes long on web site we've live in college park. "fox5 local news". >> coming up tour bution tragedy overseas and what happened. >> and new fears about zika why this latest case is puzzling health officials. 7:2 2.
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>> 7:24,
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a tour bus caught fire in taiwan it was core carrying visitors are from china no official word on the file but it burst in the nraimdz after spiping out of control and smashing into a guardrail. >> health officials in utah investigating a unique case of seek zika virus found on a person caring for a relative that had the virus. doctors are not sure how they were infected and zika is normally transmit bid mosquito and can be transmitted sexually neither appears to play a case notice role apparently elderly sdwra was out of the country and cdc officials are investigating. >> got your map together? >> we're back up and running here. 76 you you know what better today little bert and so i think it's going to feel more comfortable with the humidity waiting for us. earlsh
7:26 am
this has been working down to 270 northwest side of beltway there you might encounter shower here over the near term. it will be quick moving and just very, very light. as this gets south of this is is actual front hangs up here just to the south later today and that's the reason i mentioned. that's where we had best chance for shower or thunderstorm later this afternoon. otherwise pleasant weather. generally sunny conditions today and 90. very pleasant tonight. only 87 tomorrow and look out we're still on track for extreme heat around here. friday, saturday, sunday, monday, high temperatures near 100 degrees wane hint develop that could get upward to 110. we'll talk more about the extreme heat. dangerous heat on the way for the weekend. >> i know. frowny face. >> yeah. >> all right. >> i should have helped. >> take a look at this video that bob barnard and his crew from the haze and dust of late clearing track work. stops
7:27 am
bob had to take a break from shots because dust was causing ventilation problems in the tunnels there. again pentagon city and crystal city affected and folks making their way through okay keep in mind this could cause breathing problems we've seen metro crew clearing dust using masks that gives you indication of what you are up against in tunnels if you have any upper respiratory problems i would avoid those stations and find alternate form of transportation. crystal city, pentagon city atement infected. we'll keep youp date odden tha that. for your maps 395 delays and another crash outer loop in backup leading towards earlier crash coalsdale near new hampshire. allison and steve. >> important discussion on repairing relations between police and community. talking about how one local department is repopding. >> first looks like a nice cool swim may be a huge mistake we'll tell y
7:28 am
dprosed out by this video next. kling
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♪ here's a look at the white l house right now. it is 7:30. 7 little warm out there. 76 degrees right now. n little cloud cover. cover hopefully that will help today. at least keep you out of theou o direct sun. >> it will be hot though.. recapping day one of the o t republican national convention.n >> emotional speech last night t from one of the mother of theot four americans killed in the the 2012 benghazi attack.ttac she directly blames hillaryames clinton for her son's death. fox5's melanie alnwick joins uss now with more on her really was emotional speech.ional s good morning.go >> repoodrter: good morning oncr again steve and allison.stevenda day one had its share of drama o with protests from unhappy unh delegates and act to you situations of plagiarism but plenty of empassionedpe
7:31 am
as supporters made their caserte for donald trump.fold t among the celebrity speakers ser duck dynasty willie robertsone r who talked about the trumpru train's popularity are you regular folks and actor scott baio who said trump is the manse who can turn the country around. then there was patricia smithcis the mother of sean smith one ofo four americans killed in the t embassy attack in benghazi, libya.bya. she blasted hillary clinton forn her son's death.ea >> he was murdered by radical islamic terrorists.errorist to this day i don't even knoww why a computer guy like sean wan sent to benghazi. that night, we lost sons, brothers, fathers and husbands. we lost four brave americans whs made the ultimate sacrifice for the country and the american
7:32 am
people lost the truth for all of this loss, for all of thisf t grief, for all of the citizenss of tragedy in benghazi has brought upon i blame hillary clinton. >> you can see that is the kindh of pain that just doesn't gosn't away.away she said there she blameshe bla hillary clinton.hi now republicans have made the attack in benghazi a center a ce point in their argument againstt clinton now today's convention steve and allison also expected to get g little rowdy as anti trump delegates will get their finalhn chance to decent at the rolet tr call for nomination.ination. many will also be watching housu speaker paul ryan who onlyy reluctantly endorsed trump's candidacy. ryan is scheduled to kick offk f the formal nomination aroundnro 5:30 tonight. tonight. >> i think that will be thi interesting melanie, becauseanie you'll have do watch a lot of l tone and body language especially when it comes to paut ryan and a lot of people youeoyo know will be reading into everye muscle that he moves, every wore they says, every inn flexionnnln that he he >> it's gall shooter theater,ot isn't it? >> i
7:33 am
7:32. in other news right now up in in baltimore charm city beautiful a place to be unless perhapshaps you're in the water an group ofp kids just jumped right into thee baltimore harbor to try to coolo off haven't a hell fun. fun. >> little did they know that water is gross.. holly joins us with more on a on story that's making us say, ew e this morning.orng. >> ever since i've been heardeer this story i've been walking w around with this. t you need to sanitize while ie we read it i feel contaminated as i tell this story. story it's so gross. hot day, right, jumping into thi baltimore harbor may seem sm refreshing and no disrespect to the harbor but the water is nots as crystal clear as let's say ls the the group of kids in the video apparently tourists from chicago they jump into the baltimore b inner harbor for a swim. swi about 15 of them who took a diva as you can see people took theie cell phones and many are shocked at what they just saw, of saw, course, saying exactly whatly wa allison did,
7:34 am
if only those kids knew what kw they were swimming in. in. perhaps better said what theyd were swimming with. ie what has been in that water.. well, let's see. trash, raw sewage, ship fuelp f and, you know, the occasionalcca dead bod in fact a body was found fnd floating in the same area wheree the kids swam just a few weeks ago. so may have seemed like a good idea at the time but this is tsi nasty.. just so people know -- >> no shade.>> n >> no shade to the inner harboro i also would not swim in theotmn potomac or the anacostia that'st just me. me. >> i wouldn't swim in any harb harbor. i would just imagine that all kinds of stuff is i right theree i don't care where it is. >> no. not doing it. give me that hand sanitizerizer back. >> you need it baaing.ou >> i need it now.d it n >> don't do this, kids. kids. i didn't even know there was ats latter right r i fear we're giving some other r people ideas because i was likes how did they get up there. >> if you actually fell
7:35 am
get out quickly.. >> right. that's what the ladder is for. i >> as we like to say bless their hearts. >> bless their hearts. >> thanks, >> little contaminated hearts. t (laughter). >> i really hope they don't gett sick actually.sictually. that's real.l >> all they wanted was to cool l off, tucker. tke i have a small editorial reviewe of that. i suggest we clune up our waterr enough that people can go swim wrack they want to swim.t to swi how about that?hat? (applause).(a >> you're in charge of that.e a >> including the anacostia andnd reagan national 76 degrees.6 dee dulles 71. bwi marshall 74, and we'ree' looking at conditions which areh only going to get better fromete here. in fact much more comfortable,l, much more comfortable thisle t afternoon daytime highs expected only to be about 90 degrees wit the best chance for shower or sr thunderstorm to our south latert today. the front will kind of hang up u here, and our best chance againa will be to our south. sth so very nice this afternoon.ften tonight looks great.. tomorrow only 87 for daytime day high and then look out. o i'll be back in a moment andomen talk seven day forecast.orec but there you go.there g high temperature
7:36 am
90 so that's should feel better.l e yesterday we hit 95.yeday let's fine out about roads and s rails with erin.s >> right now, 7:36. 7:3 road and rail problems startings off with a look by newy hampshire.hampshire. really backed up we had earlier c brash byy colesville road cleared off to t the shoulder. shoulde in the stopped backup dealing bg with another crash by new n hampshire blocking the leftintht shoulder that cleared.lder thatr traffic still at a standstill st from route 1 through colesville. let's switch it over for ourur maps. also seeing really backed upac traffic leading toward the bellw way on 29 and 95 southbound botb back up from the icc to the tope side of the beltway. baltimore washington parkway ant route 1 in much better shape through beltsville this morningm new metro problem we've beene've telling you about the hazy dustd conditions in crystal city and d pentagon city stations because u of that track work that createde that air quality in addition to that right nowht orange, silver, blue line l residual delays to largo new n carrollton due to track t obstruction at farragut west.. delays surge four wrappedurge fw yesterday for safetrack work
7:37 am
surge five kicks in tomorrow. to that will cause single tracking between east malls church andmah boston. we'll keep you in the know howwh to get around that. branch of a southbound closed ae m street southeast. southeast. you'll need to detour around aun that. inbound suitland parkway delaysy from branch avenue to stantonon road. ro pennsylvania inbound very backei up as well and 295 and 50 and 5 inbound backing up as you try tt get in that area of the distri district. back to you guys.cko yo >> coming up, voting rights take center stage in virginia.. while have the >> local restaurant wants tourat help pay your traffic tickets. >> where is this?>> >> we'll find out next.e'll f o it's 7:37.
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♪ the battle over votinge o vt rights for convicted felons insi virginia will head to the head e state's supreme court today.oda. republican lawmakers challengini virginia governor terry mccauliffe's executive order o restoring a voting rights to nearly 200,000 ex felons.els. republicans want to cancel theet registrations of all felons who have signed up to vote. signed v they say the governor violate ve thed constitution with the orded and can only restore voting vot rights on a case by case basis. today the arlington county c board will hear public commentst on proposal from the departmentd of defense. dod would like to install an explosive detection device ine i arlington county in an undisclosed location as early as if the government's proposal isi approved, the county could c become the first severalal nationwide to house bomb detectc equipment in its own backyard
7:41 am
maryland will spend moreande than $200 million to ease e traffic backups along i270.27 about half of the money willonew help to create new interchangenn at watkins mill road and 270.70 the remainder of the money willh be used to relieve trafficraffic congestion along the busy bus the state will also spend an a additional $1 million to provide shuttle bus service at metro stations throughout montgomerynt county. un let's get to prince george'n county right now.ty rht n welcomed news for people whoplew want to see laurel regionall hospital stay open longer. an agreement announced yesterdan will keep that hospital runningi through next year. yea plans have been in the works tos close the hospital and down sizz it to a clinic but somet s residents object to do nots having a medical facility iny in their neighborhood. in the meantime city and countyy leaders are still discussingis whether to build a new regionall medical center in largo orr renovate the hospital in laurel. the virginia teenager who wo stepped on some type ofypf explosive device in new yorkn n city central park and lot of loo part of his leg is healing andlg hopes to return to college. 19-yea
7:42 am
fairfax was at the park on july july 3rd day before the fourth b of july when he steppedef on a n rock covering the his father spoke at a press conference yesterday sayingay sy connor understand his leg had td be amputated and is encouraged about advancements inncents i prosthetics. a nice story for you this yt morning. d.c. restaurant owner trying too help ease the pain that that customers get from speedingg tickets. >> michael sterling gives people a discount at thisrl caribbean style eatery in anacostia inn exchange for their tickets. he also goes a step further. paying one ticket off once ance month he says he got the ideahea after being shock at the numbere of traffic cameras and fines fin that his customers that's nice. at's n i thought it was going to be goo like come in, spend some moneyey you get -- he's just helping hpg folks out.lks out >> i don't know the name of then restaurant. >> didn't we say it. >> the owner's name. the o's >> but we'll fine it for you.e y >> we'll have it. 7:42 right now.42 still to come a local policeal p department encouraging more dialogue between officers in the community where an open and honest conversation will beil b
7:43 am
and before we take you to tt the break how about a live lookl outside on this tuesday morningi weather and traffic coming upinp for you at 7:45. stay with us. us. ♪ man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough.
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♪ stand by me.
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♪ >> it is now 7:45.>> we'll give you sneak peek what'p coming up today on good day d.c. we're all over melania trumu speech last night at the rnc. rc did she or her speech writers really plagiarize
7:46 am
michelle obama 2008 conventionio speech. we'll talk with hill's judy j kurtz. ku >> then on good day at 10a stars young and old logan lerman percr jackson coming back to the bighg screen new movie he'll be live e with us in the loft. plus kevin's interview with thee legendary robert redford. redfod i know you've heard of him. he's dawn few films over thever years. >> robert is hollywood gold.wod >> still got strong hair, right thanks ron williams on twitter the restaurant we were talking about in as in a costi ya caribbean citations on martin mi luther king boulevard.ou >> i think we said that.nk >> we said caribbean themedheme restaurant.restau the actual name is caribbean citations.citaons >> check out restaurant some d d day. >> something else legendary, steve. >> what's that, tuck? tuck? >> my walk.k. >> i've heard that.>> legend in my own i mind, any way >> a lot of people --ple (laughter). >> on friday talking about youra walk. how impressive it is.. >> there's a special walkalal because our intern lesley whosew been here
7:47 am
day here. >> what?>> >> did you know know that. >> i did not know that. >> walk her. her you need let lesley walk. >> yes. >> um-hmm. >> okay. >> look at that face.. >> awkwardly confused right now. >> lesley good luck.uck that's amazing.mazi >> okay. we wish you well.u wl >> thank you.nk y >> we loved having you here. >> i am so blessed.le >> do it. (laughter).aughte >> that was nice, tucker.wanicec let's do the forecast.. absolutely loved having lesleyle here for the past couple of of years. ye brief heat relief coming andg we're talking about daytime highs today only 90 degrees. it's better than yesterday it i was 95 yesterday. 76 now in washington. waston. 73 in quantico.. 73 in fredericksburg north and west numbers are at 72 inn frederick.k. temperatures are still going tos be warm a.. less humidity our winds out ofin the north northwest and that'sns going to make things feel aeel little better for you with thatt humidity falling just a bit. had leftover sprinkle and showee
7:48 am
that's been falling apart. still a few leftover clouds hee here. we'll trend towards more sunshine for our day today.ur dd but that front will kind of hang up across the southern tear ofno the area. later this afternoon we might wm fire a thunderstorm up rightig along left overs of the front.nt southern maryland you guys inuyi central virginia best chance for that thunderstorm activity.y. tonight, tomorrow look high pressure beautiful summerum day tomorrow. highs will be in the upper 80s but we're still setting thehe stage for he can treatment heatt around here for the weekend. so just keep that in mind.n that's your setup for tomorrow.m i want to mention dangerous heah around. i'm afraid that heat index mighm get to 110 by saturday andurday sunday afternoon and we haven'th done triple digit heat here inei washington i think since 2012.0. we'll get real close to it bothh saturday and sunday afternoon.o. just be prepared here.. make sure you are ready and prepared for several days of daytime highs near 100 degrees.. friday, saturday, sunday, monda all extremely hot.remely h zip trip this week by the way
7:49 am
at 9:00.:00. >> i want to be there. wan >> okay. that's a look at be back momentarily.. thanks lesley for walking withot me. it was f >> right now 7:49. unfortunately, a lot of problemm to get through with traffic. landover road at campus way a crash. also dealing with delays andit l incidents in prince george'sprin county.county branch of a southbound this is in the district in the southeasa section. shut down at m street right nown because of a crash scene.cene inbound suitland parkway delays branch avenue to stanton road.o. keep in mind branch avenuech avu dealing with crash this is as you come inbound from brandywinn right now right by the beltway an an accident and 295 big 295 g delays right now eastern to easo pennsylvania.pennsy just that morning congestion, and then 50 inbound as you makek your way inside the beltway youu hit a delay 2202 to to 295. to 2 that is going to take you abouta seven extra minutes to getaes tg through that area. taking a look at montgomeryontgr county beltway back up.k delays extending all the way passed route 1 now. now. actually back towards bwar parkway. we had earlier crash by b a crash in the
7:50 am
new hampshire and then delaysnel continue to remain heavy 95 southbound, 29 southbound from29 the icc to the s beltway.. metro right now we're dealingng with dust causing hazyin hazy conditions in the tunnel crystau city and pentagon city watch out for that, and also orange,e, silver blue, residual delays to largo and new carrollton because of earlier problem out by farragut.rrut we'll keep up it dad and safetrack surge five kicks insu tomorrow. allison and steve. >> thanks err in, erin.ri >> as the country continues to real of shootings.hoin the departments across theos country are trying to figure out positive policing for the futu future. montgomery county police in maryland will be part of a towny hall l tonight to help build tru between police and the people they serve. joining us now to talk about hoo police are trying to build thatd trust montgomery county policeol chiefly? manger.chy? >> always good to talk to you.ot good morning. good >> good morning. m>> gooor >> let's talk a little bit abouo where this idea came from androa how to best capitalize on
7:51 am
tool reach out to residentsents interact with residents and tryt to better this relationshipatioi between police and the communi community. >> i think the shootings from in dallas and baton rouge reallygey had an impact on everyone inver this country. it's impacted people differentie ways, but it's had an impact on folks. and so i got contacted from n naacp and they thought it would be good to have a town hall meeting for an opportunity forti people to express to the police department ton county officialss what they're feeling.ling they're concerns, and it also gives --gives -- >> folks we apologize for that.o we'll try to reconnect with the chief.chief. had little technical issue. iss again there are two meetings meg scheduled for montgomery countyu residents. one of them is tonight.heonight the other one is tomorrow nightg if anybody is interested ineste going, here's the information aa to where you can cha
7:52 am
police officers and the policeoc chief.ief. 7:00 o'clock tonight in silverie spring at the silver springin civic building.vic bui that's the meeting to night. ni. also, there will be one tomorror at the up county regional reg services center.ter that will be in germantown.mantw both of those in montgomery county. again, apologies trying to --int we'll try to reconnect with thee chief and get you some of thoseo details because we're curious cr about police may be changingengg their tactics these days as they deal with better ways that theya can protect and serve as well as the dangers they face as well.sw in the meantime let's get at quick check of the forecast nown with tucker barnes and we'll trl to reconnect with the police chief in the theeant tuck. >> quick check, steve or perhapr a long check. >> much time as you like right r now, tuck. >> all right. let's go to the forecast.orast hey, we're looking at, you know what, somewhat more comfortablet conditions for your tuesday.uea. i mean it's still going to beoib warm. i sort of debated whether or not to write very warm or hot in ouo text today, but i'll go withl gw very warm. highs in the upper 80s to about 90. but without as much humidity asy what we've had t
7:53 am
hours, it should feel a littleil better for you. currently, 76 in washington.hin. that humidity at 79%. 79% notice your winds out of the o north and north and west at about 9 miles per hour.. and that's indicating a change e in air mass our front comes com through, and it should be muche more pleasant around here with t little less humidity thisidity s afternoon even with very warm w temperatures. the actual front diving down tow our south was bringing a fewg w showers even a thunderstormven r early this morning towards tar winchester.nche the shower activity fallingalli apart pretty quickly.ui that front will hang up to our r south later today.od and the reason i mentioned thati we may see a thunderstorm or twt fire up along it if you're in'ri southern maryland, centralal virginia, you've got a chancee for a few showers and thunderstorms to develop thistop afternoon but otherwise in goodg shape tonight, tonight and tomorrow. i do want to mention we're stils on track for extreme heat arounn here we all get to get prepared for it that heat index by thishi weekend, saturday and sundayday could approach 110 degrees. degs so this may be some of our
7:54 am
hottest air we've had here inere couple of years time. okay. okay that is a weather update, stevee i'll toss it back to you. you >> thanks tuck. let's reconnect with montgomeryt county police chief charles c manger we lost.nger chief, apologies.lo lost the we're back now.we'rback now. we're all good.e alloo community policing always a bigg issue and unfortunately whenevee we see either tragedies ores specific crimes a lot of thelote attention turns toward community policing. is that just one of the reasonst why you wanted to take the headh here in dealing with the the community and i guess if nothini else letting them know what it is that you as police officersfs are doing? >> yeah, i think it's importantk for the public to know, you know, just even beginning with,w you know, who are the people wee hire? what's our hiringur h process? are we hiring the arn right people for theg job? whaw kind of training are we giving n our officers? what kind ofkind training and policies, you know, impact our service delivery, yoy know, throughout an officer's and then the issue of o accountability.
7:55 am
the public wants their police t be held accountable.ntle i think it's important that that we're held accountable for our actions. but the frustrating part ist is that, you know, the actions avenue few very small fraction f of officers around this countryu i think have created this t climate where all police havee been painted with broad brushru like there's an epidemic ofmic police violence and that'snce d simply not true.e >> so what can you do, chief, to make sure then that these fewhef police officers are not going g rogue then if that's what it isi a few officers, do you change your training? do you reinforcr certain aspects of that traininn to make sure that officers areis doing as they should be doing? >> do you all of those things. in addition, you know, there was a call by the public for police officers to wear body warny cameras and i think they thougho if we put cameras on these copsc you know, we'll catch them doini bad and we'll make sure thate t they're, you know, doing theou i right thing.ngri the factgh is that we started sd putting body cameras o
7:56 am
a year ago. ago today there's probably seven oro 800 of my police officers thatsa are wearing these body warnrn i'm wearing one i've been o i'v wearing one for the last year. . what it has shown is just howt h difficult this job is.s job i just how challenging some of of these interactions with theacs i public are, and that my cops das in and day out are doing the t right thing, the right way.ay i think my cops are convinced c now that these cameras reall rea are their best friends. best fr. >> are you doing anythingou doi different or having youraving officers do anything differentif to just in wake of the shootingn of police officers that we havev seen across the country? >> um, not pree tremendouslys different because, you know, wew still have to do our job and a that's funny when i talk to myk cops, you know, they'll express their concern about, you know, the climate that we're in. tt we but then they'll also say but,ut chief, we got to do our job. i mean we're probably, you know, sending backups to officers --ir to calls that are fairly routine that we wouldn't normally send d backup there's also some other tacticaa things we're
7:57 am
events that i'm not necessarily going to share with the public, but they're all designed to keee our officers safe and the publib safe during these large events. >> chief, i think one step thatt definitely helps for the publici to be able to hear at least thaa you are awarste of situations an making changes.maki cha willing to talk with them and bm heard. we'll put the information on thi screen again.scre chief, thank you very much for y joining us. stay safe out there.e outhere we appreciate it.ate i and good to see that they arehea also helping out with theh t training of the officers makeak sure the officers are doing thee right things on the street.gsthe to night there's your meetingng 7:00 o'clock.'clo silver spring civic building. tomorrow night at the up countyy regional services center in germantown.geantown still ahead 8:00 o'clock this morning, our coverage ofago the republican nationaliona convention continues.ties. much more on melania trauma'sra' speech controversy as we go livg to cleveland.vela >> kevin goes one-on-one withh legendary robert redford. r back in just two minutes. minut.
7:58 am
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>> this is fox5 news morning. right now at 8:00 o'clock 8' live look outside. o little bit of break from the fhe cloud cover. cl it is tuesday, july 19th, 2016. we'll check in with tucker it's' a hot one already. 76 degrees.76 deg weather and traffic coming up at 8:05. good morning i'm instead of i chenevey the republican national convention and the surroundin sg address from the woman mon
8:01 am
would be the country's next's nx first lady.rst ly. we've go live to cleveland forld reaction. first allison is here in thell h host with what's making'sak headlines right now. al? >> i don't like being away from you steve but here i am with tht headlines. thank you very much. let's dive right night. the top stories and thist'pd 8:00 o'clock hour now. smokey haze greeting metroin riders in chris cal city. metro crews working to wipe thee station down and clear out thist problem. pr bob barnard is there live. liv he'll join us in just a few moments with more on thehe progress and hey what the heck h is this stuff. sff new developments from isis claiming responsibility fot yesterday's attack on trainn tin passengers.. an ax wielding 17-year-old7-ar slashing people on the train.. horrifying. several people were hurt. were . the teen was eventual shot deado by police. pe. fight to restore voting rightshs to felons in virginia heads toas the state supreme court.rert republicans challenging an orded by governor terry mccauliffe giving 200,000 felons the rightr to vote. they want the court to cancel ce all those registat
8:02 am
the governor of trying to pack c the voter rolls before the election.electi now steve, back to you.ev bac >> let's get to the speech scandal right now. the republican nationaln nat convention melania trump took tt the stage last night to show her husband's softer side.rid but a few lines of her speechr c sounded a lot like first ladyrst michelle obama's speech at the t democratic national convention o eight years ago.. joining me now by skype fromskfr cleveland a lease foley the feye immigration and politicsgration reporter for the huffing tonor i post. good morning.orni >> reporter: good morning. mor >> let's talk about it lastt did this come up immediately orp was this someth iing that was kk of discovered little bit lateret on when it came to theto similarities in the speeches? sc >> it was definitely discoveredd a little bit later on.n i think when she first gave herr speech, everybody thought, youho know, that was a nice speech, sc what she said about donald trumt was very nice.wavery she talked about how kind he is he wants to represent everyone.n she specifically even said heend wants to represent muslims hispanics, african-americans.. so definitely the typical spouss speech that you
8:03 am
to how manies the candidate ande make the candidate seem like aea nicer person and then a littlee while later, somebody on twittei and i wish i can give themhem credit directly noticed, hey,edh look at this speech it looks i l like a lot my michelle obama'sba and that's kind of when w everything went downhill from d there.there completely overshadowed anythinh she said in her speech what spew people are going to remember is plagiarism >> let's talk about immigrationa in itself. ielf. obviously melania trump talk about first hand knowledge of that last night. we expect to hear more about moe that today. that tod this is coming from candidatenge who has put a lot of focus onoco the whole immigration question.o what's your take now as to howow this is being received at this convention and are the messagess in line with each other,? do w have conflicting messages? how do you view this? >> well, so yesterday wasay was interesting.inte so melania trump talked about a her immigrant experience cominge to this country, becoming a citizen, and everybody wasbo really positive about that. really cheered her on ander ond wanting to become an
8:04 am
and how much she loved the lov e country.. earlier, sean duffy's wife rachel talked about her parentss moving from mexico to therom country and how they lovedhe l america and worked hard andnd everybody, you know, sort ofort applauded for that as well, wel although i think there was athes little bit of awkwardness abouta applauding for immigrants fromrr members co other than that those were the only two remotelyly presentations of immigrants atrs i mean most of the talk was w about immigrants taking jobs and then there was a lot, a lot of, um, conversation in the speeches about people who are here illegaillegally who had, um, kid u.s. citizens whether it be, you know, intentional or drunkru driving or things like that. so basically the presentationree last night was about, you know, immigrants being dangerous andas then you also had these two references to legal immigrants t in the way that was i definit
8:05 am
somewhat contradictory.adictory obviously, legal versus undo yo meaned inn different.nn d but the tone was just so just s completely off. >> elyse before we let you go yg let's talk about the big picturu receipt real quick.cereal q you were there last night.ight from all the parts we talk whoao have been part of thinktf t convention they say, yorks wanta to say mismanaged but kind ofdut all over the place and obviously the state of republican partyca right now in trying to getw inrn support behind trump from some of the higher party officials o seems a little off this timetlei around. what sense did you get as far aa just the feeling in the roomhe o last night?ig >> i got a feeling just walkingi around was not one of huge enthusiasm and i think a lot ofo people who are there delegates are huge trump fans but a lot ot them are not really trump fans.f either oppose him or feel sortor of indifferently about him, andd so you definitely didn't get tht feeling that people there weree like so so excited to be there.t at least a lot of them.he once you were actually in thehe arena hall and trump came on thn
8:06 am people got very warm receptionei throughout the night but i thing that the biggest applause line l brought anti hillary clinton or anti obama or talking aboutkinga things like national security, police, veterans.ans. things like that versus, youatey know, talking about donald tru trump. >> i think that might fall in line with party beliefs asbelis opposed to particular candidate exactly. people feel more unified about t the party than donald trump. >> elyse foley and immigrationmi and politics reporter from the hug ton post.t live from cleveland. >> 8:06. hot weather here in washington,, d.c. once again, tuck.uck. >> yeah, steve.h, sve we'll temper it a little bit.e b only 90 this afternoon and a without as much humidity as h yesterday. it should feel a little better.b 80 now at reagan national we're' warming it up.p. dulles and bw marshalll 77 quick look at your radar. rad had a shower early working down 270 montgomery county parts ofy
8:07 am
howard county much that's ourt' actual front much as that front moves to our south later today t we may see an isolate the stormo fire up along that front kind oo central virginia, southerna, maryland, lower eastern shoreers later this afternoon.r thiserno but most of our region stays dry, and it will be a little ait more pleasant with daytime highs upper 80s to about 90.bout here's a quick look at the seves day forecast.yorec i'll be back.e b we'll talk about the weekend but we do have extreme heat on thatt seven look at that near 100 by00 b saturday and sunday afternoons.. so plenty more on that coming u up. about 90 today.ab tod isolated storm this afternoon.. erin is back with traffic. >> 8:07.>> taking a look at the roads andoa the rails, starting off withff some crash activity in thehe district. branch of a southbound earlierdr crash at m street southeast itt had it shut down, clearedle traffic once again moving.on we have a crash just outsidece e beltway branch of a northbound right at the beltway so cautiono as you come through camp springs this inner loop jams as you mack your way from five across the wilsonl bridge from prince george'seorg' county into alexandria.ri and 395 northbound jams in jam alexandria from the bottom of the beltway all the way to the
8:08 am
14th street bridge. bridge. this crash just cleared. baltimore washington parkwaye southbound passed 198 but very heavway traffic coming in southbound on baltimore washington parkway as well as 9a southbound. i'd give yourself a lot of extra time. we had earlier crash byer c by colesville on the outer loop that caused overflow traffic on the outer loop as well as 95 and 29 southbound from the icc onn down. down crash activity left lane blockck 123 north passed braddock road.r dealing with lot of stop and goa traffic. you can see that yellow line 66y as you make your way inside the beltway through west fallsugh ws church as well.urch even though today we have aay we break from safetrack surge work --, surge four wrapped uprp yesterday.erday surge five begins tomorrow. tomo with continuous single trackingn between east falls church andh d ballston dealing with airir quality issues.ssue crystal city and pentagon city.c bob barnard has been out at out crystal city this morning and ig know the air got s dense at soms points you and your photographeo indira need add break to get tog fresh air. >> reporter: we did, erin.tee d we went upstairs to get freshetf air.r. you can see it as the train it e comes i don't kn
8:09 am
haze there in front of the tunnel. this is actually dust.ctually ds it's not you can see there's a guy theree they've been wiping downing do surfaces.. they're mopping the platforminep here now. we can spin around who are.who a the riders here seem to -- a couple of people said it smellem like smoke but it's not smoke.oo as you can see the trains comein and go it gets hazy. i want to show you video from vo the last hour and a half or so o we've been here with the w cleaning that's going what metro t is telling us is ts this is right in the mill of thf roast recent surge which washicw between reagan airport andrt pentagon city.ity. so no trains were running fornir almost a week while they were replacing rails and doing some m concrete work.or and that the first trains cominc through now have been bringing g some of the dirt and dust thatdt have been sitting there in thert middle of the construction areae for week and that's what is filling this station pentagon - crystal city and also pentagon city. we've spoken to metro riders. rr this was supposed to be the onee day without a surge and there'sd still they're shaking their heads this morning.
8:10 am
>> i see smoke in the tunnels. n >> reporter: what do you thinkh of that? >> um, i am not sure. se i mean, you know, tracks arecks supposed to be fixed. fed. things are supposed to be a bita saver, and on the first day that the rails are back on track, wee got smoke. smoke >> reporter: they're saying it's dust from construction work.wo >> well, i'm not smelling thein smoke. so my first guess would not havt been dust but it'st butt' understandable. >> reporter: can i show you something.r: >> yes. >> reporter: come here.orter: some lady pointed out to us. u it's mott smoke necessarily. n look at this.look if you go like this, you'res, yu breathing that in.. >> ooh, yes.>> o not a good thing.oodhi not a good thing at all. >> reporter: so metro says s they have their exhaust system s working to try to clear the airr but if you look down the tunnelt there each new train brings soms more of s this dust and dirt inr and as you pan to the right rigt there, you see the metro staff here, guys, they've clean the cn rails and the handrails on thehe escalator and now they'rehe mopping the floors here to tryer to pick this stu
8:11 am
most of them not this guy buts most of them are wearing masks.s metro riders are just you knowyu going to work coming home from overnight shifts and breathingsb this stuff in as they're takingk the yellow and blue lines hereih in northern virginia this vnia t morning. guys, we'll keep an eye on it oi and tell you how it goes. g >> you know what it is and whatw it's not more specifically.y b it is but you're stillis breathing it you wonder ifr if perhaps they should have delayey the opening of those stationsons >> or perhaps run the trainsra yesterday gotten the smoke out. apologies the dust out of the d way. >> all right. still to come university ofunivo maryland police releasing body i camera video avenuenu controversial encounter earlier this year. th >> the video reveals about thehe officer's actions that night. n. we're back in just 30 seconds. .
8:12 am
♪ this morning police body cam footage giving us a clear are look at a pepper spray incident at the university of maryland. n >> this footage is from arom a graduation party back in may any the university's police chiefhif says it shows use of excessivexi force.rce. fox5's lindsay what's goes goe through it's footage from bingr to end. >> hello. what's going on. h >> hi. >> what's going on in there?goi >> we have a graduation a graio celebration.n >> oh, okay. can i see your id of somebodyomb who lives here?ese >> i don't have my id on me.n >> i don't have my id on me m in right now.right n >> it doesn't take long for the interaction between students ana police to escalate. >> sir, sir -- who is the
8:13 am
resident?sident >> no, wait, wait. wait. >> hold on, sir.. >> move back from the door.oor. we need to see everything is okay. okay. >> police enter the apartmentpae and immediately shut down theowt graduation party.ty >> what did i just say? ay everybody out of this area.s a out of this area now. now >> reporter: some leave others refuserefused and an officer isa surrounded by students and thend chaos. pepper spray is you've on the crowd.crow >> move out? move out! out >> reporter: students are snts screaming as police try to geto control of the frantic scene.ce >> there's three of's thro bring multiple people.ulple the girl, that guy. g >> reporter: two people are peoe arrested and then asn as firefighters help treat people o who have been pepper sprayed --- >> back up let the firefighterig do's their thing. thi let the firefighters do their thing! (screaming). >> reporter: the same officer sf sprays the crowd again. again an inv
8:14 am
use of spray was justified.. the second was not. n however the police chief saysefy after what he saw here, it allt could have been avoided. >> it escalated to a point itoi didn't have to escalate to. which then we turn around and a say, well, we had to use pepper spray. it didn't need to go that far. f >> reporter: students at the predominantly african-american-a party told fox5 they felt whitei students wouldn't have been woun treated like this. l thi the chief says he understands un why they feel that way. and told them this during a durg recent meeting.. >> that, um, i feel their pain,i that it's up to us to do better in american law enforcement anda certainly in my department here. >> lindsay watts reportingts there. we'll go live to baton rouge foe new dee days about the gunmanoua who shot and killed three police officers the >> let's head outside right now on this tuesday morning. tue take look at the capitol dome de this morning. up against
8:15 am
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>> so relaxing. >> it does calm me cal w flute jam, tuck. tk i see why you love it so much. c >> i feel like i'm in a peruvian rainforest when i hear it.r >> very nice. >> although the thought of the t rainforest doesn't calm me but b the flute jam does.s. >> yeah. don't make it a pan flute.. um-um.-um. >> a pan flute, forget it..
8:18 am
>> every year at the montgomeryn county fair there's a man that plays sweet melodies with the t jam flute.te >> i haven't seen him. him >> see in you august. >> get distracted on that.nhat. we got cuteness. >> aww.>>. >> fox5 first five.>> that's the best way f to let the stress go.o >> all right. all big smile we got aiden, everybody. everybo it's aiden.'s aid >> hello, cutie pie. p >> seven on his tie he must be seven months.sen mont >> no, can you guess from the song that he loves my favorite sesame street n can we beth be right. >> you are both right. a he's seven months old and hed ad loves sesame street. >> yay! also, he loves --- >> his big brother,.rother >> okay.>> o >> and his dog. >> and smiling.ling >> he's got the best life ever.. he's cutie. (laughter). >> that is so cute. tt is >> i love that he has -- >> good cheeks. good cheeks. >> good cheeks. palm tree on his bib, too. bib o i like that.t
8:19 am
just sitting there.juhe >> we love it. to send us your child's picturec go do fox5 d.c. >> somebody tweeted me earlierlr triple treat. did you get that picture? >> three little guys. guy it's really cute. relief in the form oform slightly cooler air and lessnd l humidity today.ay tonight looks great. tomorrow fantastic.stic and then we are off and runningi with yet another heat wave for e the weekend.kend 80 now in washington.hi still warm out there.m outre 78 in annapolis. 77 this morning dulles.. 74 in frederick.redeck. we'll be upper 80s to about 90b9 today. it will be certainly on the warm side. stray it's a possibility south of theh city. that's going to be the bestoing chance where that front kind of hangs up later this afternoon so friends in southern marylandar lower eastern shore central ctr virginia you've got the bestt chance of a pop up storm laterme this afternoon the rest of usono will be dry.wille d 90 your daytime high. hig momentarily i'll be back withllc the seven day.the se d and if you like sweating, you'lu love this weekend forecast. >> ou! >> nice way to put a positiveo p
8:20 am
>> that's right. this one for you.isne f >> something for everyone, erini >> apparently so.pparently so. thank you very much for thatry one. right now, as we take look at 270 you are jammed up as you pass by shady grove to the spur. north at that point by the trucu scales we had crash by 855 cleared but leftover delays dely you're in for lot of heavy h traffic coming down 270 270 southbound stretch.t keep in mind inside the districr from the maryland line to minnesota pennsylvania avenue inbound very jammed up. vy j we have a crash by minnesotainso causing a ton of stop gonepon traffic. let's take a wide view and we'lw zoom out from this camera and show you how back everythingvery around the district this this morning.rn from virginia 95 on the 95 t northbound side jammed throughtg move over to our maps and show w you what you're up against thisi morning. it is a very slow roll on the oe top side of the beltway earlierr crash by new hampshire and one o by colesville cleared but you'rr still jammed up right now fromoo back to about bw parkway past colesville road.lesville a lot of stop and go trafficraff through beltsville on baltimoren washington parkway north and a southbound. and 95 southbound 29 southbounds jam up from the icc
8:21 am
beltway.wa 295 is basically a parking lotki and we're not seeing greatg g things leading to the 14tho the street bridge on 395. 395 steve and allison? allis >> still to come this morning ag zika mystery.te there's a new case of the virus that's just puzzling healthgea officials.offials we'll talk to our good buddydy dr. mike about that.ha >> new details this morning dett about the gunman who shothi and killed three police officers in louisiana.lo we'll go live to baton rougeou next. 8:21.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
president barack obama called the family members of the three police officers killed in baton rouge, louisiana, to offer condolences as the department dm tries to peace together what lea to this deadly shooting.otg. fox's brandon todd is live ine baton rouge this morning for usr again with more on the t investigation.stion good morning. m where are we now as far as whatw do we know?now? >> reporter: well, good gd morning. yeah, yesterday we got a real clear picture thanks tos to investigators on what all all transpired here sunday morning. investigators believing the goaa of twin-year-old gavin long wasg to kill as many officers as he could. state police yesterday wenten moment by moment through thatthg shooting with the help of surveillance video stills andidl aerial shots of the scene s explaining just how and how quickly long located officersics and pursued them.m there were civilians 94 by. by they were calling 911 but longg ignored them and set his sightsg instead on the
8:25 am
he had two rivals annanals millimeter handgun with him.him detectives now looking at wheree he got those weapons. it all ended with member of thet baton rouge swat team who took t one shot from around 100 yards0r that killed long. when it was over officer montrel jackson, officer matthew geraldd and deputy brad garr foal had aa were dead. dd police chief this mornings mor calling the men who confronted long heroes and there's a vigilv last night was held at a church allison where rookie officerffic matthew gerald tended and no n doubt there will be vigils andis of course the funerals in thealn days ahead. allison.n. >> just an awful story. do we know more on, d he actually travel from the midwest down to louisiana for this sole purpose? was 33 for any other reason as far as investigatornvr which is see? >> reporter: investigatorsga haven't made any sort of of connection to baton rouge as to why he came
8:26 am
kill officers. offer we do know that from kansas citt he ren add car he actually made a couple ofple stops in dallas and in houston and dallas reporters actually talked to some folks at aks at barbershop where he came in. he was giving away copies of his book, the way of the cosmos ands kind of a self published book spiritual enlightenment and sels empowerment but a lot of long's' video music talks about revolution and bloodshed.loshed so they're kind of getting a ofg clearer picture on his mindset m as he came to baton rouge. >> also, you showed -- we showee pictures of the gun and you weru commenting on it.t that one long gun where would w you even get something like l that? i know you said they'rehe trying to figure out where hegue got it from but it looked likeoe something out of a movie. >> reporter: exactly whatctly w wasn't clear yesterday what thee didn't spell out how many ofll those guns he used and just how many shots were fired and of
8:27 am
course they'll be looking at a that, you know, in the days to y come as they sort of peace pea together all of the intricatenta details of exactly whatha happened.pp >> we do know it'se donow heartbreaking. we don't need to further t furth investigation to know that. thank you so much, brandon.. awful story.ry >> um-hmm. >> coming up a mysterym-ry surrounding the zika viewer runs the way it may possibly bey b spread. re >> also a new warning about thet over use of antibiotics.ti we'll check in with fox medical team's dr. mike get the answerhs to those questions and moreueios next.. it's's 8:27.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> ail 30:00. up to 80 degrees already. it's hot out hot health officials in utah outicia investigate what a rather unique case of the zika virus this wasw found in person who been caring for a relative who had the h >> doctors aren't sure how the e caregiver got infected.ecd. talking about this plus why youu might not be doing your body any goodbye taking older antibioti antibiotics. >> dr. mike joining us. >> dr. mike, good morning m.. lot of talk about this zika ca case. apparently this person had been traveling in a zika infectedpe c area. what's bizarre about this case c just the level of zika theya t found in his body. >> well, right.ight. and basically we are learning - we're constantly learning aboutt the zika virus and especiallyy how it can be transmitted.te
8:31 am
united states where it has beene transmitted in laboratoryory workers.workers. it can be transferred from a frm mother to the unborn child.ld blood transfusions.fusion so it's a virus and viruses can be transmitted, not just fromt f the bite of a mosquito. so the bottom line is that zikak can be transmitted and if you'rr working with patients that haveh zika virus or you have traveledd you need to be aware that you t can get it. >> okay. so dr. mike, does this make thii a little more frighteningte because it seems like we saide s through sex, transmitted ofof course through the bite, but now it's a little bit more vague.e g is that a little bit morea li frightening for the medical community?mmunity? >> well, no not in my opinion oi because i don't care who youdo are, i'm going tn'o practice whw we call universal i'm going to wear gloves if i'mm touching the patient.. especially if they're very sicky like this patient was.nt
8:32 am
protect myself. i wear clothing.lothin so that i don't get blood on an open wound.ound things like that.. that's just common sense. sse if i'm drawing blood i'm going i to make sure -- so we don't know really how this happened. one theory is this patient had a mosquito in his luggage whichhih seems a little farfetched to me. i think that the care worker got exposed to a bodily fluid as you mentioned it can be through sexx it can be a lot of different dfe ways. so the virus is present in blooo and semen and a few other bodill fluids. fl you just have to practice good o medical practice. >> all right. let's switch gears little bit ga and talk about antibiotics.ti a lot of people have them laying around the house. hou they didn't use them all whenlln they got the prescription and p apparently now they just keep them.them >> to it's a nightmare.ightmare. first of all, if i give you ann antibiotic, i want to you fin
8:33 am
the antibiotic.ibiotic. so why are they laying around? n i have no idea. secondly, listen to this, folk., he or she who treats themselvese treats a fool.treats and you know who does that a lot? doctors.. doctors treat themselves andelvs they make mistakes on themselv themselves. so if you have an antibiotic ati laying around, one, you mightoug not pick the right antibioticibi for your condition, two, itwo i might not be effective, three, r there might not be enough to treat the thing, whatever you'rr treating and then finally it'st just bad.. it's bad because it can lead to antibiotic resistant bacteria. e and so you need to know whetherh you need to take an antibioticai or not.or not. it's not like candy. candy it's just not the way to go. g >> here's the thing, though., t because we talk a lot about prescription pills gettingiptiog endinending up even in our watew and things like that. that. if you're done with it or ifr you've chosen not to do theo do whole prescription dr. mike how
8:34 am
then? >> well, that's a very very good question. there are certainly in the hospital and in the officee setting we have ways to get rid of bio medically hazardous material.terial. the best thing i can adviseis people to do is rather ratherr a than just flush things down thee toilet which most people do anda then it ends up in the water w ways, you call your pharmacy and say, look, how can i get rid of this? and if they're a reputable wonderful friendly frn pharmacy i think they'll take tl care of of. >> okay. >> that's how i would handledle that to be environmentallyonmeny friendly. >> but take all your medicine. dr. mike, thank you.. >> love you guys.uys. >> love you back.>> love >> love you allison. yovis >> love you back, dr. mike.u >> you're the best. >> 8:34. that's i know that he loves all.ll >> yes, he does.. >> tucketucker loves changes inn weather.we are we getting any today.oday >> actual it's working in the'se right direct.right it's still d going to
8:35 am
90 this i feel like i'm on top of thef world. with little less humidity itss d will be noticeably moreblyor comfortable. 80. check out your winds, north,orth northwest at 13. 1 humidity falling 69%. 69% the front has been coming comi through early this morning, andd it will deliver a very pleasantt afternoon for just about abo everybody.everody. the exception and we're not even sure that it will happen i'll il throw it out there. the. the front will kind of hang uphp just to our south.o ourouth we may fire a thunderstorm up along that old frontal boundaryu a little late this afternoon.non best chance will be central virginia, southern maryland,yla, lower eastern shore otherwisehoh very pleasant conditions today.d still very warm about 90. p but most of the region remaini dry. tonight is great. tomorrow fantastic.tomorrow fant tomorrow will be a gorgeous daye 87 with sunshine.. and then i'll be back in couple of minutes. we'll talk about this weekend.ed 90's today winds out of north and west at five to 10.we a all right.light maybe i should just stop right t there. let's fine out about roads,oads, rails, residues. >> that was good one, tucker. tc >> we have all three to talk aal about right now. we'll start o
8:36 am
crash activity two left lanes blocked 70 east at baltimoret bo washington parkway.wa let's take live look outside. o a lot of slow downs this morninm different crashes much this ise the crash blocking the innerhe r loop right now. now the right shoulder as you make k your way passed the springfielde interchange. watch out for those delays again crash activity inner loop passed springfield interchange blocking the right lane and that ishats causing some slow downs.owns we're slow from branch avenue across the wilson bridge asridgs well. well back to our maps. oap let's show you what else you'rer up against this morning.sorni really slow commute on o pennsylvania avenue inboundvenu we're dealing with a crash out by minnesota avenue. 295 southbound really jammed from north of 50 all the way thw through and 50 inbound jams neww york avenue slow passedse bladensburg and outer loop stils a parking lot ferrier crash by colesville road.oa 395 jammed and if you're taking metro, tucker talked aboutut residue and rails, right now now shady grove bound read red line off loading at metro center cen because of a brake problem.robl next train set to arrive ate at judiciary square. we
8:37 am
ton of dust in the tunnels downw in the crystal city and pentagon city metro stops. stops bob barnard talked to metroro official. they say with all the safetrackt word for surge four when thehen first train went by it created a loud billowing cloud of dust. it's causing air quality issues. station are still open. o earlier problem track workork outside farragut west normal nor service resumed on the orange, g silver and blue lines much alsos keeping in mind today is breaksk of safetrack work surge fivefi kicks in tomorrow withw w continuous single tracking between east falls church andal ballston. we have all the latest on that t and we'll have help you get get around that.ound t back to you.back >> still to come favorite fave pastime getting more and more expensive.expens how much a movie ticket costs these days and why it keeps oneo going up and up. >> up and up all the way up.p. speaking of movies we'reies we'e checking in with kevin mccarthyy he's in sin city this morningor and he's got a special intervier with a legendary robert redfordd ♪ ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> ocean city maryland on a c tuesday morning. 8:40. 80 degrees already. you can get some be back b dcay 10:00 o'clock. hit the dole roller get yourself thrasher' fries. fries >> yum. >> get early lunch started.taed >> early enough you could justcl walk it off or run it off.t off >> live on the boardwalk, al. >> nice. >> all right. dozens much former wrestlert like
8:41 am
dorf are suing the wwe forehead injuries from the past. more than 50 former wrestlers we say the ww cement responsiblepob for lingering neurologicalrologa problems they have now. ty have. it's similar to the lawsuits las filed by former football playere against the nfl. in the aftermath of of deflate-gate there is chance the nfl could use data chips in footballs. interesting, right? rig >> why not just weigh them likel they do. >> oh, al. o al. >> you are so old school. are s >> i know.o >> the data chips can provideroe lot of information.ormati no word if the league will usell it for psi measurements thats t would be the point of it, rightt any way, this season the nflhe will put chips in the footballsl for the preseason we'll see howh it work. wor i'm willing a to bet a lot of o that might be for tv use to shoo the trajectory of the ball inl the air and how fast it's goingg for all the people who love alll the supposer stats in sports. st >> all right.. netflix is high prices are e turning people off. netflix onl
8:42 am
subscribers from april to juneun although they're programming isg like, you know, nobody's business.busine that still is the lowest uswes s customer gain that the company e has posted during that three-month period sinceerioin splitting up its video streamini and dvd by male services fivevii years ago.s ago. >> maybe it means everybody iry already has it and so less les people are going for it now. n you already have it you won't sign up. sign >> buzz is so much for these shows -- >> if you already have >> no new customers? >> less. less >> okay. well, going to the movies iv more expensive than ever. >> netflix is sudden al bargain. ticket prices hit an all-timellm high. if you can find them at thist ti price, let us no.s i'm not talking about matinees regular prices.r prices. average across the country now $8.73.$83. that includes the expensive isi max and 3d screen up charges. cs which is way more than $8 and 77 cents around here.cents >> yes. >> it's about one and a half% oa increase from one year ago. la, new york, more exp
8:43 am
what, tucker? >> tucker says too i had to address him. him >> you get memory that lastsha l for. >> if it's a good movie are m ae memory of bad movie you paid too much for.or >> i remember meyer first movie ever and i was little. i w lit like three. tee >> mine may have been star warsw the original. >> no way. >> may have been. >> that's way too late, steve up next in the fox beat -- it is.s. up next in the fox beat -- beat >> that was long time ago, al. >> '77, '78. ' that was your first. fir >> mine was born free.ree. >> kevin goes one-on-one with w robert redford.robert >> you probably went to a movie like --li - >> i'm going to call your they fell asleep in the movie.. tucker will have another look al the forecast coming up next. 8:43. >> both fell asleep. >> i think so.
8:44 am
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>> 8:46. tucker has your forecast coming up in just 10 seconds. >> all right. let's get to your forecast. we got some heat relief. it's moving in as we speak. y ie winds out of the north and westt this morning and you know what,a still going to be very warm dayd highs about 90 but it will feele a little better than 95 yesterday wl with less humidityt 80 now in washington.n. 78 in annapolis..
8:47 am
frederick 75 degrees thisgree ti morning.rning here's your storm tracker radard have been tracking a few light t showers early.shows e they dissipated but the front right there fading off to thehe south and east.sout a little later this afternoon wo got oh look out for the the possibility there could be one n the front here that will hang ug a few showers and thunderstormss that develop.elop. so lower eastern shore, southerh maryland, central virginia yougy have the best chance for storms today. most of the region will be dryil later this afternoon. again high temperatures about 90. northwest flow that will keepl k things nice and quiet for the t time being.eing and tonight nice moon out theree get out enjoy it. tomorrow looks fantastic and then the changes start in bign g changes in the way of big heat h by the end of the week.he wee all right.all r that's your set up for tomorrowr let's enjoy tomorrow first.w f let's enjoy our day.ur d. by thursday and friday we'llye' start to build the heat and it looks unfortunately like we cann do some of these numbers prettyt close to home by saturday andnd sunday afternoon and perhaps that heat advisory p
8:48 am
combination of heat and humiditd heat index will push 110 by 1 b saturday and sunday afternoon.nn so again extreme heat and the other sort of hallmark of a heaa wave it's going last for severas days. friday, saturday, sunday,da monday, all featuringea temperatures well above normal.r there's the seven day. 90 today. tod. again little more comfortablefot without the humidity.ou should be nice afternoon.niceftr tomorrow fantastic. we start building the heat backt by thursday.hursday. you're really notice it friday,a saturday, sunday, monday andonda once again that daytime highh saturday and/or sunday may toucu 100 degrees in a few spots.ewpos here we go.he g all rig guys, here we go. g back to you. y steve and allison. (laughter).ghr). >> sorry.>> sry. >> preparing for good day watching a movie trailerpa right now. now. holly and wisdom and maureen mae also preparing for good day d today. y. >> no maureen.. >> we supposed to watch thatppot trailer too. >> yo ou can just clue us in.s if you let me know what else isi coming up. there's the trade. trade >> that's a fair trade. >> deal. >>er
8:49 am
good day d.c. is your place to o be for all things politics and d we've got a lot to talk aboutk a this mor >> you're so right, wis from melania's trump's questionablesl speech to what's ahead for the t rnc.c. we're live in cleveland. in cled also ahead we continue to follof the developing story involvingvi metro and the smokey hazey haze underground.und >> plus sarah fraser is heres he with little love and order. don't miss one woman's wedding dilemma. di >> and don't miss good day at 10a live in the lot of y, in in >> you know him from the percy r jackson films the perks of being a wall knauer have question forr him. hi tweet us because logan lerman is >> let me give you a heads up au you don't want to mitts end ofdf the 10a. holly and i will have new takewt on this kanye west taylor swifti phone call drama. drama. it will be surprise to a lot of people.op >> including us.>> incng >> plus plenty of other oth surprises in store.s spend your tuesday morningin wih us gd d.c. is a few minutes out. >> all right. i can't wait.i't w >> thank you very much.ouy m
8:50 am
>> hi. >> 8:49 right now. let's head out to the city of o sin early in the morning. 8:49 right here in middle of tht night some last minute gamblersb still probably making their wayy around. >> then there's kevin.ouhen the >> sun coming up in las vegas. s >> bright eyed and bush she tailed ready to dish. >> busy with people on thee strip.strip. not catching an overnight filmil like kevin d >> steve and allison, good morning to you >> good morning. >> yeah, it's 5:45 here in la i just saw the world premier of jason bourn.son bo i'll try and tilt my camera toaa show you parts of the vegas i'mm not sure if the lighting willign catch it r that's what it look like at 5:33 in the morning. morning i don't know if you guys can see that. that >> of course we can.f lots of sunlight.ght >> cool, right? yeah, it'st' absolutely beautiful. beautiful. i will say this this iss this i something i want to talk toantot tucker about.tucke abo it was 108 degrees herees here yesterday when i it was absurd. so hot here it's insane. i was here for the premier off jason bourn last nit.
8:51 am
i saw matt damon i saw tom mow m lee jones, paul green grass thet director. i was geeking out beyond beliefe and i'm talking to matt damonam tonight. i cannot here's the cool thing. thi i recently sat down with robertt redford who in the new movie pete's dragon coming out in august.gust obviously one of the most legendary directors and actors of all time. tim most famous butch cassidy andnd the sun dance kid as well as tha sting with his co-star paul paul newman. so he tells me a funny story about being mistaken for paulaul newman one time. we also talk about his careeree and the idea of magic and how it factored in.or this is one of the biggest the t honors of my life to sit across from robert read for.dor watch this.his. >> there's a great scene in thee film you have a dialogue where a you talk about the first time you met the dragon and you say s that there was a magic in that moment.. >> yes. >> that magic changed the wayhew you viewed the world.or it affected you the rest of youy life the way you viewed things.g i'm wondering do you have aave a moment like that in your ownr life where something thatetng t
8:52 am
essentially changed the way youy saw live and the way you saw s things? >> i did. i did. did it came to me in way that made m me realize how important the word was because if you grow up in -- the neighborhood i grew uu in was, um, very lower working class so there was not much --uc there was no entertainment.inme you had to walk to theater.ater didn't have you can read but you were tooe young to read, you know, so i -- moo parents were readers, and so the only thing they could afford was to go to the library on wednesday night. so they would take me along mng because we couldn't afford babysitter.tter so i was turned into the the children's section raphael sabatini and those characters ta and all the stories in the the children' section were about art life bigger than the one you were living in. i i got really taken with that and the idea of fantasy, the idea of seeing the world larger thanhan your own, is where the magic w was.
8:53 am
something unattainable you can'n quite get a hold of it it was something special and weird andd wonderful. i love that idea frontally fromm the time i was little kid theast word magic was vtlery importanty thing for me. >> super nerdy question and i i absolutely loved you in captaina america winter soldier. soldier. i have to ask you there's aou ta moment in that movie where youoe walk up to your fridge and open it up and in your fridge is new man's own spaghetti sauce.ettiae >> that's right. >> this is so ridiculousidulou question.. have you ever gone out and purchased like new man's own salad dressing?g? >> no, are you kidding? i likek good food. (laughter). >> no. i tell i was funny story, you y ready for funny story. sto >> please, yes. >> my wife and i were at ae at restaurant in napa valley than a there was table next to us abouo seven people and they keptndheyt looking over and and so i thought, you know,unow, we're not going to be left alo alone. they're going to come bug and mg and so forth and sure enough this guy comes up to the tle
8:54 am
and he says, i'm sorry, i hate to interrupt you.nterru we're all here.ll here. we're such fans.'reuch i just wanted to -- i just j wanted to tell you how much we love your work. w >> i said thank you. id >> he said and we love your salad dressing.ssing. (laughter).(l >> they thought you were paule l newman? did you correct him oro let him go?im o? >> no, i was so stunned i starea into space for while. but because great moment. it was a great mgroment. >> guys, that's robert redford sitting in front of me.n frf m i mean that's be a surveillancel the by directorred ordinary oiny people one of the greatest filmt maker of all time.make all acts of all time. o all t all the president's men, spy, game it was incredible to sit down with him and talk.k he is special physical hearcial somebody mistook him for paulau newman at a i can't imagine how embarrassing that was. th >> for kevin as excited as kevin gets the first reference heen h makes to robert redford as a director.dire >> yeah. >> listen, acting wise he actedd for 20 years and obviously obvuy before directing his first movie in 1980 which is ordinary peop people.
8:55 am
you're right, bush cads cation o cydney and the sun dance king,i, the sting, out of of a forty three cash all the president'srt men. he's amazing actor and film fm maker but it was just an honor h to talk to him. him. very very surreal.y sural >> salad dressing maker.. >> it's sweet the love he stilll has that lives on for paulorl newman. >> yeah. yeah. >> he could joke about it.uld i don't eat that.i don'eat i eat good stuff. stu very sweet.very it's >> you know what's fascinatingin they made those two films two f together and they were going too make third film together thatr movie that came out last calledl a walk in the woods obviously oo paul newman passed away id awayi believe in 2008 and so they fill the role with nick knoll tee.l e but i believe they actually acta stayed really good friends over those years in hollywood.ollywod very very interesting to think i about only two movies they didyd but feels like they did so muchs more. >> it really does. >> always connected. >> thank you very much, kev.ou r see you later. >> i'll be back at 9:40.:40. i have great great video no shos you of john williams theams
8:56 am
stay tuned for that and i'll bei live from vegas coming up in tht next hour. i love you guys and miss yous as guys back home. i'll see in you a little bit g you'll see star wars charactersw down there on the strip if you o want to get your picture taken t with them.with the >> i'm going to walk down theret right now and try to find them.t >> i'm sure. >> nice view. look at kevin, tucker kevin a rolling with the hotel suite.te >> kevin is living the life. tif >> if you're a pokemon go persor i can't imagine how many pokemon are up and down the strip.n the. >> there are a lot of thingsre f there.ther >> that was something i was juss thinking, too, allison.ll >> i really was thinking that. a you know. >> i'm sure there's lot of pokemon running up and down the >> pokemon.>> pon >> 82 in washington.ashing winds out of the north at nine.n 90 today.90 today. we should generally be dry maybe a storm or two to the south ass the front hangs up but that wilt be the worst of it.f it. today, tonight, tomorrow,row, fantastic.astic not so fantastic friday saturday, sunday monday getonday ready here comes that heat neara 100 degrees by saturday and sata sunday afternoon le
8:57 am
advisories issued for thees iss weekend. traffic, erin.ri last l residue. (laughter).te. >> residue rails, roads, so much to get through right now crash still blocking the shoulder thee inner loop volume dissipating aa you pass by the robinson area aa terminal after the springfieldge enter change. move it over now for a look at a our maps.ou map still some slow rolling trafficc and metro issues that we need tt get through.ough. gas main repair expected to be b loafed for the nine hours.ours d street and massachusetts of ao caution pentagon city crystal city cy stations watch out for some dus clouds that have been causing ci some air problems in thoseho stations. we'll have more metro info. keep it to goo good day at nip a coming right up.
8:58 am
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why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me.
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>> a convention unlike any oth other. ♪ the man of the hour breaking tradition showing up tong uo introduce the woman he wants tot be the future first lady. her address getting backlash over accusations of plagiarism.. >> all of that on just the first day. so what's on tap for the rnc today?to >> we'll have live team covera coverage. >> local police saying sorry for e ying the actions of two officersers responding to graduation party r in college what the video shows and why


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