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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  July 19, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> a convention unlike any oth other. ♪ the man of the hour breaking tradition showing up tong uo introduce the woman he wants tot be the future first lady. her address getting backlash over accusations of plagiarism.. >> all of that on just the first day. so what's on tap for the rnc today?to >> we'll have live team covera coverage. >> local police saying sorry for e ying the actions of two officersers responding to graduation party r in college what the video shows and why
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critics want more than just ant apology. i'm joining the club ifing taking a stand on twitter.witt lesley jones fighting back aftet becoming the butt of racist ris jokes online.nline. her message for the social s network and high profile support these and later, the debate over o sex he had from the classroom to the doctor's office to socialia media. good day the 9a starts now. n >> just a minute paste p 9:00 o'clock.'clok tuesday july 19th thanks forhanr joining us for good day d.c. i'm instead of chenevey c alongside holly, wisdom and and allison seymour. >> this morning we are startingt to get a clearer picture of the baton rouge cop killer as new surveillance video of the earlye stages of his attack surfaces se we'll have the latest from the investigation coming up.igatn c first at 9:00, let's talk aboutt the weather.eather last night's storm quick cool co done little bit of a cool down w and a break from the humidityumy that could make today's temperatures feel almostl aos
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just almost.ost. not quite but almost.ost. the details tucker barnes in the building now. good morning,, >> you is he it perfect film. 90 never felt so good. >> it's all relative.elate >> i love the 90. 90. >> i love the 90s too. >> yeah.>> yeah. hopefully you'll love the upper 90s because we got lot of thoseo on the way, too. the wy, let's do current conditions.s. a little better out there this i morning. had a front come through early and the strongest indication ofo that the winds out of the north at 9 miles per hour. per it's warm out there. 82 degrees. humidity falling back little bit and our dew points lowering. l that is great news. 67%. start with our winds and want tt show you they're out of the o north little arrows you seerrowy showing us the wind directionon out of the north about nine. n this allowing more comfortablefe air to move on in and that willw be the thiemia round here this afternoon, tonight and tomorrowo and then we will of course bee b setting the stage here for bige heat wave for the weekend. had a shower and sprinkle earlye this morning and thunderstormerr out towards winc
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that's front fading off to ourgr south and it will hang up here just to out south later today. today central virginia, southernouth maryland lower eastern shore if we are going to see shower orhor thunderstorm this afternoon you have the best chance for most of the region stays dryegis later today.lar t and rather pleasant again withit high temperatures only 90 degrees.ree can you believe it? winds out of the northwest five to 10. to1 all right.all rig stay tuned. it's going to get shot.t. how hot is it going to get? i have the answers but you'll want to see or be pro paired forred o extreme heat around here for thr weekend. >> it gets hotter than 90.0. >> hotter than 90. hotter than . >> hotter than july? >> hotter than you know what. or maybe hot as. i don't haven't been there.ha but it will beve hot. (laughter).ghter). >> they have a place for you i heard.d. (laughter).. >> thanks, tuck.uc >> uh-huh. >> the big story day two of thef republican national convention o and after yesterday party leaders might be bracing for tha worst day one wrapped up lastp s night with a winter withering aa tack on hillary clinton and a address from t
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be the next first lady. lad that speech being overshadowedre by accusations of play rich.lai. let's start our coverage with w doug luzader taking a lock backc at a wild day one in cleveland.d >> as far as convention businesb is concerned, we'll heare' h nominating speeches today and they'll be that roll call of states down on the convention floor.. that follows an eventful and controversial day one. ♪ >> a dramatic entrance capping i dramatic day for the republicann convention.ention donald trump emerging on theingt stage on the first night toirigt introduce his wife. >> ladies and gentlemen, it is i migrate honor to presenter the next first lady of the united states melania trump. >> spoke at length about her hub. for many it was the first opportunity to hear from you. ir >> if you want someoneom to y ft for you and your country, i can assure
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>> reporter: there would bee questions about two passagesasse from her speech which were wer strikelying similar to remarksos from first lady michelle obamayc back in 2008.008. but she did set an optimisticpti tone near after a night wherere speaker after speaker unleashed on hillary clinton. voiced support for police andore stressed the need for security. >> what happened to there's no black america, there's no white america, there is just america!i what happened to it?o i >> there were some tense momentn earlier in the day as delegatesg who opposed trump tried and failed to get traction for lastl ditch effort to block him. h there were also protests outside largely peaceful.ceful. but inside it was clear that tha this is trump's convention.n >> we're going to win so big, b thank you very much thank you.ank y >> reporter: as far as mel m lane ya trump's speech ispeech i concerned and the similaritieser to michellite obama's speech, te trump camp
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they didn't directly addressddre that i but they did make it clear thelt speech itself was written by a team of writers.rite in cleveland, doug luzader, fox all right.>>all rig so no one expected trump's wifef would be the big talker from tht convention kick off.. >> melania trump has been rarelr heard from on the campaign traia and now all anyone can talk tal about is what she said. just who's words were they the first? fox5's melanie alnwick n is here with more on thee on the accusations of plaich injury inr rich. mel? >> you know, it's all over it' social media this morning. you can't get away from it.get a take look. look. melania trump famous mel lane ya trump quotes and the big wordd plaicplagiarism. the majority of those quoteste were negative in tone.e. early this morning donald trump campaign manager said on cnn c there was no cribbing and mel ml lane ya used common words to express values she cares about.t the main event of the evening kicked off looking like a
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donald trump broke with tradition by appearing on stages before the formal nomination to introduce his wife.e. her so much was well received bi the gop crowd.vee cro one delegate compared to jackiee she talk of her hub's softerr side, her immigration and hardar working parents in wawa communist ukee laugh ya to twoeg lines from her speech getting se the move attention.ttenti here we put them side by side sd compared with michelle obama'sbs speech in 2008. >> thank you.. >> you work hard for what youou want in life. l that your work is your bond anda you do what you say and keep your promise.. that you treat people with peo w respect. >> you work hard for what youhau want in life. l that your word is your bond that you do what you say you're going to do. do. that you treat people withple wt dignity and respect. >> we want our children in this nation to know that the only
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limit to your achievement is the strength of your dreams and youu willingness to work for them.he >> we want our children and all children in this nation to knowo that the only limits of thesf height of your achievement ame social security the reach ofityt your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them. t >> i don't know. i don't sounds pretty close. prese now the associated press also ps compared the two speeches andhes said that except for those twoho lines the rest of melania'sia trauma was distinct.istinc they put out statement saying sn that melania's team of writers e took notes on her life, inspirations and included ilu fragment that is reflected herte own thinking.n tin talking about melania's melania immigrant experience and lovencn for america shining through inn the speech which in their wch opinion made it a success. so again lots of comments abouto this this morning. t a lot of people wondering howngh could this happen and whether some of these speech writers are going to be you know, it's not the firsthe f instance of you may remember in that sameam 2008 campaign mc
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barack obama for plagiarizingmar lines from an earlier speech byy massachusetts governor patrick.. mr. obama eventually said he sai should have given governorr patrick campaign. the obama campaigned fired back at clinton accusing of of lifting obama words and phrases. >> nothing new.>> n >> it goes on.go >> i think it's a scene out of o house of cards.ards. maybe i'm a conspiracy theorist. i almost think it's like she was set up. there was someone -- because ite seemed odd to mow that theddo mo speech was given and win an houu of giving the speech someone ham pull the two to us eight speechh edited together and it's becomec >> yes.. >> there's no way this is coincidence.coinci because it was almost verba tim those lines are were almostt verbatim.atim. >> you don't believe in commonen words and phrases.wo >> slutly not. no two people think the same wae in the same place. noirs there's in way that's a coincidence.coincidence. >> i think somebody in the team thought it was -- tebhey changed
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just enough maybe for it not tot be identical, and like the sentn many or maybe tried torque, whow knows. i just feel like it wasn't herar alone.e. >> right.ig. >> i'm like we're talking -- tag she's the headline but what happens to us? somebody writese something and we say it it's not right people write to us. u >> you're held accountable foroe saying it. >> the person who did it.son whd i think it's unfortunate. i don't think some that she hade a lot to do with writing theng t speech. >> if nouse it was day one. so -- >> a lot mr. to come. >> can't wait for day two. t >> didn't even get to cha chi.h. >> listen fox5 is the place toce turn when it comes to the rnc. r tom fitzgerald is reporting livl from cleveland all week.. plus don't forget to check out new show five at 6:30 every dayy right after five cox local newse at 6:00. >> let's talk about roar commutm this morning text at theathe pentagon city and crystal city metro stations saying what in the world is it some type of dusty haze thate t filled the stations earlier thii >> metro officials say it's jusi that, it's did you have.d yo but riders say is it somethinghi
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fox5's bob barnard live at thee crystal city metro station.tati what is it exactl exactly? bobg morning. >> reporter: it is dust.ter: good morning, guys. it is not smoke.moke. it doesn't even smell likemellie smoke. but some people were confusedon this morning. morning if you take look down here there is haze to the air inside thee crystal city metro station and i think i see some head lightsd lg coming when the trains come, it's very obvious that they're coming from reagan airport airrt heading toward us here and bringing in each time a train comes they are refilling this ti station with a little bit ofe b this dust.this dust. we've got video tape we can show from you earlier we've been here 3.5 hours it's been on going goi since the first train started st rolling. what metro is basically telling us that during the most recent safetrack program surge four f which was rail replace many and some couldn't treat work betweeb reagan airport and pentagon citt on the other side of us that t they hadn't had any trains any running in about a week.ut a wee and so when the first trainsrain
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they kicked up a bunch of this t construction dust that had beent sitting there and accumulatingin over the course of the week andd brought it into not only thisy t the crystal city metro station but also meant gone city. cit and that they have their exhaush system here they're ventilation system trying to clear the air r and they're doing pretty goody o job much as you see when thehe t trains enter the stations theyhe bring this in with them.h t and metro riders are obviously concern. >> on the first day the rails tr are back on track we have smoke. >> they're saying it's dust from construction work. >> i'm not smelling the smoke.. so my first guess would not be smoke. >> reporter: they say it'st' dust. not smoke. >> would i say that? um, it, smells like smoke to me.kemoke . i don't think it's dust. it smells like smoke when you first get off the train. tra you can see it
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tunnel and it does have a permeating smell like it's smoke and not dust.ot >> reporter: can i show you i sy something. >> yes. >> reporter: somebody pointed out to us much it's not smoke look at this. thi you go like this. thi you're breathing that in.n >> yes. not a good thing.oo t not good thing at all. >> slight odor but doesn't seems to be anything too bad. b >> reporter: they got the vetshs going try to clear >> yes. you can tell that they arell tty working toward trying to getgo that taken care of. >> reporter: it's not killingil you this morning. >> it's not killing you.ilng y relatively smooth ride. r seeing the safetrack work isck making a difference. >> reporter: as we come back here live you'll see even then e station managers and side their booth are wearing mask here.ker riders this morning guys areuy breathing in this dust and notsn too happy about it, guys. >> i can't say i blame them. >> right.>> understandably so.un thanks, bob.ks >> still ahead, star power on
9:14 am
the hill's injured did he kurtzd will join us live with look ato the lighter moments from from cleveland.clevelan >> also michael j. fox goes bacs to the future with a little helh from cold the must see video coming up ci when we check in with kevin live from las vegas. it is now 9:14.:1 ♪
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>> scott baio antonio is a bat tow, jr. all the a listers ifisi you want to use that letter werr out in cleveland for day one of the republican nationalional convention. okay, yeah, a little sarcasmar there. but it's part of a biggerigr problem the party has had in a tracking big names to support donald trump for more on melan melania's controversial peachonv and everything else that's going on in cleveland the hill's judy kurtz joins us from clevelandve live. good morning, good to see you su judy.. >> good morning here from clefin land. >> all right. so what's the word on the floor there about melania's speech? h? well, you know i was in the wast arena last night when she was speaking and here the speech spe played great.. i heard oohs and ahhs she looks beautiful one delegate said.. the speech would have gone offeo
9:18 am
words which of course is not thn story that the trump camp wantss this morning.orning >> so what are they saying sin there? because we've had all these different theories been buzz aig round.ig round. i mean are there like closedelo doors meetings with speechith s riders this morning? what'snina going on? >> i think some speech writershi might be in little bit of trouble this morning. morni the trump camp is saying that nn one is in trouble. you know, you got to feel littlt bit of sympathy for melania trump. she's not a politician. it's really the spotlight was ws shining on her very brightly. bl a lot of pressure. and of course, no one believesee she wrote the speech on her own. she had a team of writers, andra it looks likes they did done her wrong.g. >> even though -- she did say iy one interview that she wrote tht speech basically herself. which we don't -- nobody --obod believes, i know. >> later statement one of thef t campaign managers for trump saii that there w
9:19 am
and you know she's english isn'n her first language and only ando there's a bit of sympathy for someone in her position, but yoy can't plagiarize a speech. sec you just can't do it.. >> but trump 101 they seem a little bit tone deaf which is wh odd for the trump campaignpa saying not acknowledging the the obvious similarity betweenetwe michelle obama's 2008 and melania trump's speech lasth las night. >> i think there are closed dooa moating with them right now trying to figure out how they want to handle it.wi foandl let's talk about star power. pow if you want to call it star power.powe. >> we're using the term a listei rather loosely.rather loosely. of course, there were some som celebrities last night.. scott baio of charles in chargee fame and joan loves cha chihi fame.fa spoke antonio is a bat tow, jr., it's' wear you see an underwear modell takes the stage at thet republican national convention.c
9:20 am
speech and he told me this allll came together on thursday. it was monday last night and thursday was when he got a personal invitation from trumpru he said to speak tonight. t so quick turn around.d. >> yeah.>> yh. interesting. let's talk about little bit about your a interview with wit interest von noah. >> daily show is filming frommio the they're doing a series of showss here with a side show theme. the a carnival theme is what they're calling approaching thishinghis convention with, and trevor noah is less leaning comedian and hea said he's actually getting patsp on the back from some of the delegates here and some of theot gop here in cleveland. he said a lot of folks come upep to him, shake his hand and telll him he's saying the jokes and jd the things about trump as a candidate that they can't say as conserve tis.nser >> he's definitely getting a lo of material while he's there.wh i know that. kno and lastly, let's talk about the colbert crashing. >> what was going on there.. >> colbert.. taking
9:21 am
republican national convention.t just as it was getting kicked off here yesterday in hunger games inspired outfit, you know, they say politics isii full of a lot of attention seekers but of course hollywood is, too. too colbert getting some attention for his show and while he wasas storming the stage. >> hmm. all in day one. one act wait to so what tuesdayay holds. ho judy, thank you so much. thankos >> how could it get any betteree than this? t >> be careful what you say, juy judy. be careful what you say. judy live for us from clevelande this thanks so much, judy, appreciate it. it >> we will wait and we will seel and learn together.ogethe >> we didn't have anybody talking to an empty chair soir s far. remember that?ha >> clint eastwood.>> clint eastw >> only day one. exactly. >> you remember when the rockbek spoke at the republican nationat convention.conv >> um-hmm.>> >> with his red jacket on.ket >> yup. i do remember. i was looking to see like whoe else possibly was coming up.g u i think there's reality s
9:22 am
a soap star but that top levelav like a movie star i don't thinkt we have. >> antonio is a bat tow, jr.ow . what letter, what letter?r? >> janet jackson.on >> b list. >> we'll get you news headlinesn as well update you from baton rouge. safetrack surge five preview ana paddle border too close to comfort with whale.ha. we'll get a chance on what elses in the headlines coming up next. later advice for middleadvie schoolteacher caught in theer cn middle of her co-worker's affa affair. sarah fraser will be back with a all new edition of love andnd >> holly got yowour gavel.our >> i got he. ♪
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>> 9:25. erin como joins us with a check of other stories ms akingakg headlines on this tuesday tue morning. mornin er thank you very much, guys. v first up this morning, newlyewly released surveillance video ofvf the baton rouge shooter showser the suspect targeting policee 29-year-old gavin long shot anda killed three officers ands injured three on thes in the tht video the shooter avoided civilians.lian police eventually killed long. police are now trying to findo n out where the suspect bought the guns. and back here at home, metro safetrack surge five startssurgs tomorrow. today we had break safetrack sat surge four wrapped up yesterday. silver and/or ranch line trainsa will be tracking between eastas fall church and b
9:26 am
track work will continue through july 31st.t orange and silver line trains ta will be crowded.ed anticipate longer wait times and plan ahead. netflix price hikes are a* apparently turning people away.. netflix only added 160,000 subscribers from april to june.. that is the lowest u.s. customee gain the company has posted pose during that three-month period r since splitting up videoing u vd streaming and dvd by saleale services five years ago. and finally, this story.. a little too close for comfort.o paddle border in california gotg an up close encounter with hump backed whale. whale. check this out.khis that's a juvenile hump backpac whale you just the footage was taken last weekw as you slow it down and kind ofn see the massive hump back whalee next to that bad dell board youb can get an idea of the t situation.situ the woman was paddle boardingadl when the whale literally bumpede into her. her apparently h the incidentncid happened, the woman was
9:27 am
playing her flute on the paddled board and a closer look of the t video shows the whale is you i will whichly surfacing as it'ss going for a school of fish. fis maybe the music excited thatit t whale and got the whale a little closer to that lady.ady. >> look at that. >> how do you paddle and play ad the flute at the same time?e atm >> it is her silent song, rightg >> you have to be pro.ou >> she a friend kind of at a different perspective taking go pro video plus second view.i. i would be scared.d >> doesn't that seem so close te the shore, too? does anybody see that. tha >> too close.oose >> lot going on. if you watch it i'll post it oho on facebook the music beautifull she's playing. >> maybe that's what it is. tha' >> the whale thought so too.o to isn't when you paddle board and play the flute you have to be be predepar for the out come.ut c you never know what's goingt'soi happen.happ >> my gosh. >> thanks erin.>> thanks >> thank you, steve. enkou, >> i feel so -- i didn't get that lesson as a kid. kid i didn't get that lesson. parent fail on my pan's >> you've seen this video now
9:28 am
>> i can teach >> pay it forward.wa >> still ahead, local pice sayes sorry after releasing video of officers pepper spraying guestst at a college park graduation but that might not be enough for some critics.sori we'll have live report.t >> plus ghostbusters star lesley jones lashing out at online onln haters and sending a message about free speech to twitter.wit we're going to explain.lain. pretty sad story coming .
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♪ it is 9:30 on this tuesday9: morning. this morning police body camngic footage giving a clearer look at a pepper spray incident at theat university of maryland.sity of y >> it's from a graduation partya back in may. the police chief says it shows use of successive force. fox5's anjali hemp schill liveci in college park with more report roar this all started whened w students who couldn't get intont this graduation party calledtyal police and made a fake reporte r that there was a fight happenine there involving weapons. only later that police learneden that there was never any any fighting going on onlyoi celebrating but as you can seean in this video once they arrivedd things escalated quickly. (knocking on the door). >> what's going on in there. the >> we have a graduation a gduat celebration. >> can i see an id of somebodyed who lives here.iv >> i don't have my ide.'t hmy i >> reporter: now this video shows university police enter pe this apartment they shut downy u the party and some of those
9:32 am
students lee advertised to leave as tensions start to mountnt e.ere. a crowd gathers, then at some ae point you see an officer deployp his pepper spray. chaos then erupts.pts. students are screaming two students are arrest evidence eve after firefighters arrive torr t treat those people sprayed the same officer deploys his pepperr spray again.y. now we did speak to the police chief here on campus.s. and he says what he saw in thata video could have been avoided. >> that, um, i feel their pain,p that it's up to us to do betterr in american law enforcement anda certainly in my department heret and it escalated to point thatia it didn't have to escalate to. which then we turn around andro say, well, were he to use pepper spray.spray. we should -- it didn't needing n to that far. >> i don't have my id on me id e right now. >> reporter: an i nvestigationnvesga found the officers first use ofo that pepper spray that washa justified but the second time he did was not.. that officer was suspended for tw w
9:33 am
department here will now get nen training in light of this thi of course, we only showed i wass short clip of that video in ourr newscast. you can see the entire thing onn our website we're live at university of ars maryland this morning anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. >> 9:33.>> you see the sun shining behind b her this morning. mng tucker is claiming this is a thi relief day today.oday or perhaps just in advance ofdve what's to come. >> for october we would not beob calling this relief but for whaw we've been dealing the last wees or so absolutely.ely. >> it's all relative what your o saying. >> relative and item will beatii beautiful.betifu and then look out.k o >> all right. >> we'll be talking aboutll b tt serious >> one day at a time, tuck, onee day at a time. >> steve thought of the d dry to get one in on the morninr show. we just had it right there. thee you never know when it's goingsg to happen. brief hit relief is coming muchm it's moving on in as we speak s our wind shifted out of the north and west, and it's not so much that it will cooler today.y it will be little cooler.l be highs about 90.
9:34 am
the humidity will be wayne ago o little bit as well passion windw out of the north.t of north 82 now in washington.hito 80 up in baltimore. leonard town 79 degrees. 80 in culpeper a few 60s oh it there earlier today. t few showers with actual front al and thunderstorm out towards oow winchester early that's all kink of dissipated and we're leftt with just few clouds out there.t much of your day should be sunds filled and very pleasant and and again you probably notice thatoe humidity just little bit lesses than what we've had the pastwe'h couple of all right.all r our front will kind of hang upp across the southern part of ourt viewing area. so later today, central virginii southern maryland lower easterne shore you have the best chance a we might fire up a shower orr thunderstorm. i think they'd be widelyeidel scattered most of the area will be dry this afternoon but justut want to throw that out there oue that we can see a shower orho storm kind of kick up later thit of the noon after some daytime heating. tonight looks great.night oks g. beautiful moon out there. out te get out and enjoy. tomorrow fantastic temperaturesu in the 80s setting the stage fof the extreme heat for the end ofe the there's look at today anday a tonight.
9:35 am
nice northerly breeze only 80sez arounde here. 80s tomorrow.w. and then here we go. g we've been talking about all that heat that's going to bet ts setting up across sections of sn the country.e cntry earlier today kevin says 108 inn vegas when he arrived yesterdayd wean get that warm around here but we will be flirting with 100-degree mark by saturday andt sunday our heat index close to 110. 1 heat advisories extreme heatme h advisories around here and it'ss certainly possible parts of thee area could touch 100 degrees des locally by this weekend. wkend so we want to be pro paired here for another round of he can treatmently hot weather. weath let me also just quickly throwui out there. out the hallmark of heat wave it wav lasts for self days.s this one will be with us for att least four days.t day friday, saturday, sunday, mond monday. and really not much relief atuce all. not even a thunderstorm as thatt area of high pressure andreure extreme heat will be sitting oni top of us for the weekend.eeke all right. all r that is a weather update.pde end yao this afternoon e
9:36 am
tomorrow and we'll get ready for the heat this weekend, guys.nd, back to you. t you >> thanks, tuck.>> t well, we although on social sia media people can say some really hurtful things and this mornings one actress is learning that unfortunately first hasn't. hn' dealing with people saying some tremendously hateful thingshi about her that should be one ofn the best moments of her life.erl >> we are talking about czarr night live cast member lesleyr s jones she hit the main streamn when she was cast in the movie ghostbusters but the movie and a its all female cast got lot of backlash at first and no one more than her now. n apparently a lot of folks are upset a black woman is part of the who you going to call cast c and crew despite the fact that ernie hunts co starred in theine original. or in the movie she's his niece. so you know which is a nice tiee in but the film opened up last s week and since its debut jones s has been subjected to hundreds of racist tweets. tet at first she said she block the messages. then she said it became just tos
9:37 am
the hateful comments any more. yesterday she posted thisd t message on twitter.wier "i leave twitter tonight withh tears and very -- a very sad heart. ar all of this because i did moviev you can hate the movie but the blank i got today is wrong.. she also said "i feel like helll i didn't do anything to deservee this. this it's just too much. jt to it shouldn't be like this.ikhi so hurtful right now "she even asked twitter to step in and ste stop the hateful tweets saying"n twitter, i understand that youty have free speech and i get it, t but there has to be someome guidelines "eventually ratherr than block the hateful messagesa she started to retweet them.he this is what we're talking we'ri about. i want to you look at this.. here she is the person isson basically saying she's a goril gorilla. she also did this to show thehe people out there what she was dealing with all day, and it's i just awful. aul she also basically this one here's one i hate liars.ate lia there's no way to justifyo justi calling her beautiful
9:38 am
extremely ugly. you know, just flat out rightutt racist names she was being called, and she wanted that shoo people what she was gettingng she's getting high profilele support.t. twitter ceo jack dorsey reachser out to jones after she called s out twitter for not enforcing lied guidelines on preventings t online abuse he told her he's following the matter and to message him when she can. ghostbusters director paul feigl also posted a message of supporo on her twitter -- on his twittes for the actress calling herng hr lovely person and saying there was no excuse for the messages that she is -- was getting. also there's a trend hash tag.h chris if you can tell mow whatew it is i appreciate it.ciate i it's basically hash tag love for lesliej bottom line we know that these are vocal idiots that area trolls is what they are. if you can see the things thatnt she had to deal with.ith and at one point her twitter waw hacked o
9:39 am
this, you know, a lot of thesehe celebrities have fake accountsou people make in their names ithes went on to post a homophobicc rant. she started getting backlash foh that and she was like you idioti you think i did this. t look at the tweets i'm getting today.toda and so, you know, it just -- fof me on one hand, kevin and i werr talking about this, and the silver lining is there arethe people who will tell me that tt racism does not >> rudy guiliani just said --ai there used to be -- whate ha happened to just one for me this serves that purpose. because these hateful tweets are undeniable. you know, i won't say -- i meann to like ken her to a big gorillr even on the thing and the kicker is, we often talk about the the whole body shaming an you will o of this. leslie is a tall woman, she's, e not petit woman.. probably she's had to be the the tall. all of that comes rushing backnb and she's shamed on alle's shaml different kinds of levels.
9:40 am
receive online abuse to let them know.ow they let this happen all day.apd you know that's the thing. she's verified person. person. they also recommend you blockec the user but she got hundreds of these tweets.. so twitter and facebook and alll of that i think we need to workd out some of this abusiveve language. we get abusive tweets but thishi is a whole other level.ev she's got hundreds of thousandso of people who are looking and l you're right, holly supposed too be the best she's in a major motion picturec and she's dealing with racism and sexism at the lowest andowet most hateful. >> most of that probable systemy all fuel by jealousy.lous >> right. >> you know what i moan. >> here she is very successful.. >> right.>> right. >> it's just so crazy and such sad commentary on some peoplerys that are out there and it make m me sad. s >> it is sad. >> there are people that haveav that much hatred in their hear hearts i'm sad for that you you live that way. >> aren't you encouraged by thea hash tag the counteger hd ash th love for lesliej.. >> i hope it trends even more.e. >> yeah. >> to show her there's more goor
9:41 am i got to believe that. that >> yeah. hatred over somebody who did aeo >> think about that. >> a funny person.nyer somebody trying to make youg tou laugh. the scene i talk about --e i t >> a comedy.y >> the scene i almost had an accident it's a scene she's in.i so she's very funny lady.ny l it gets better. b it's got to get better.etter. >> still ahead he have kevin hah something that hopefully willly entertain you as well.n as what happens when you play the star wars theme outside johnde j williams house? kevin willin share.share he geeks out about that. michael j. fox relives one of oe the fact to the future's best bs scenes. doing it ove would that be reboot or a redo, right?gh >> redo. >> kevin joins us from lavas gay coming next. it's 9:41.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
♪ it's time for the fox beat right now. we'll go to sin city for this one. kevin mccarthy hanging outfon th there.y hhe's been all night. night. saw a move 53 late last want to another fans see premier with all those a listers, legitt a lister.r. >> not antonio is a bat tow. tow i don't think he was there.inhew o okay. >> kev, how you doing?ng? >> (laughter). >> good to see you guys thiss morning. >> good morning.. >> let's talk about first abouto jason bourn. >> 6:45 here in la.a. i just saw the film eight hourss ago. i was if the world pre mower ata caesars palace.e it was insane. insan. i was walking down the black carpet.. sigmate diamond, tommy lee
9:45 am
jones, the director paul greenpn grass. the reason i'm in vegas one ofao the big action scenes in the i e film actually takes place in vegas. ga the final action scene. scene this is actually the view, i, don't know if you can see thisyo pretty insane atu 6:45 in the morning it looks absolutelyol beautiful here. i do wanbet to mention i was ata the premier.mier. i think we have photos of mysels at the premier i'm on the carpet. i also met the director.ecr i was taking a picture of the ot whole cast when they introducing the movie and then tonight i'm actually interviewing matt damon here in vegas and alicia veryciy candor who you know who won thew academy award earlier this year for the danish girl. gir i'm super excited. i'm a big fan of the bournheou franchise it's been around forrf 14 years now.ears now. this is the fifth film. the fourth one starring matearri damon he's back in the role thet last movie they did was the wast bourne legacy jeremy renneren playing eric cross. >> let's talk about the star sta wars fans and being outside ofso john williams what happened here?
9:46 am
>> this is my favorite video. with everything happening in tht world, i was just looking for videos that made me smile and ii came across this video yesterd yesterday, and it's thisy, andii incredible video. this 13-year-old trumpet player named bryce, went outside ofde o john williams' home with theh te player named michael miller andd they started playing the starta wars theme.heme the famous star wars theme thatt we all know and love. lov keep in mound they're outside of john williams home. john williams wrote the them foo star wars, indiana jones, he wrote the theme for et. the theme for keep in mound they're outside oo his house.s hou. and then john williams actuallyl comes out of the door waves atea them and then comes down to the sidewalk and shakes their hand. i can even imagine what thath would be like to have thateha happen.pp john williams coming up to you.. you're playing the theme. i mean that is ultimate nerder tears.tears. ul
9:47 am
>> do us a favor.. don't go outside steven spielberg' house and yelling i d love you so much.lo s don't did >> someone did this ton' aaronon paul a couple years ago. ago the guy from breaking bad.g bad. they drove by his hse he actually came outside and mem them as a whole video of it. it's little bit creepy. creep >> yeah. >> you think about the ideainabu these two guys playing the songn outside and he comes out. o. what a cool guy. guy. he can have just call the cops.p that was pretty cool.ool >> that is cool. >> speaking music let's talkc l about back to the future rightut now.. epic moment in epic film redonen again.again. >> this is huge.his chris martin and his son, f colc play they're favorite movie ofof all time is back to the future.. so they were in new jersey on on sunday and they put a video onn the screen of chris martin's sos saying dad, can you play somelam songs from the so not only did they cover the penguins earth angel and chuck berry's johnny b. good but michael j. fox jammed them onm stage and jam out to
9:48 am
one of the coolest videos. i believe rolling stone has itti on their sight as well. sigs w we have video playing right now on our show. but it is fantastic to watch. wh very beautiful thing to i just love positive storiese so like thi and just real quick before i go, allison, i just heard yout talking about the lesley jones n thing before break.ak. horrible, horrible thing that happened to her, but she's a wonderful, wonderful individuala stilled filled with so much joyd in her life. i got to sit down with her a wit couple of week ago and she was s so wonderful.onderf i just hope she can get passed that horrible but she's such a positive pn. >> right. >> be positive. i love her so much. >> i do, too. >>i think it might beve a littlt blip and she will get over itt because she's funny. >> she's so filled with love. l. i love her so much. >> kevin, thank you very much. >> boulevard ye guys. >> bye-bye.>> bye >> coming up how do you decide who from work makes the cut forc your wedding? >> oh, boy. oh, b all right.all r plus how to handle a middle mdl school affair that gets kind off ugly. sarah frasier
9:49 am
another edition of love and order. ♪ >> coming up next. ♪
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
♪ ♪ all right.> you hear the music. it's tuesday and that means it'' time for little love and order. sarah fraser shares the messagea she gets from fans who and we try to offer some advice. advic first up today we're talking tki weddings and who make the here message.. >> getting married this fall and wondering how many if any of myo co-workers i should invite.vit here's my issue. my wedding is only going to be 80 possible so i have to keep tk the guest list tight. t i'm good friends with about 12 1 of my co-workers but can only invite three or four.r f how do i explain to my co-workers they can't all come?? do you think inviting a coupleol of them will cause an issue inui the office? should i just jus forget inviting work friends period? >> help!>> h (laughter).augh >> this is for you, kevin mccarthy. >> hi, sarah. sar >> hi, guys.i, guys. what do you think? i feel like this would be really difficultdl dilemma.di had do you invite for work.or w. >> i say go gangster and invitev who you want and -- and >> let the chips fall w
9:53 am
may. >> it's not who you want becausc i've been through this.s. >> really? >> yeah. back when i first got here.. it's hour reasonable because did you want to invite everybody.ase we had a tight list and we weree paying for it.payi >> right. >> so eighths lot of stress.tres at the end what i ended up doini was doing that.g t i just had to invite couple of people. >> all or nothing because -- -- >> no.>> >> no. >> here's what i think.s i think that awhnybody that hasa ever had wedding or planned an event knows that you have a hav certain number.ain nber. so like i personally am neverm n offended when i'm not invitednvt because i totally get it. >> right.>> r >> i think that you invite theit people that -- i mean when you work with lot of possible there are people that you're closer tt than others.s. you inn have i the people thatea you truely want to celebrate ceb that moment in your life with you that day and if other peopll don't understand it, sorry. sory >> there you go. t >> you always have to invite the boss. >> no. no. >> okay. >> i wouldn't think so. i >> don't invite the boss w.ite s >> i wouldn't go the all orll o nothing group.. >> before social media, thoug
9:54 am
too. in this social media age, iciald don't know. the pictures on the wedding -- >> possible will know whosee there now. >> it's different now. >> i still say you got toot invite, it's your money, you'ree paying, it's not personal.erson. >> if you don't get inviteddo people, get over it. >> shouldn't even expect to be inn vied. you get an invite you should e yohoul be -- okay, if you don't get invited you just saved yourself buying buy wedding gift.we >> there you go. >> exactly.>> exactly. >> okay. we solved that one. ruled on that oneve. that one i love the two others today.ay >> okay. o >> this one is so so good from teacher.te she's teaching.hg. she teaches with her co-workerwo with guy named jason.. okay? jason is super great.reat they get along. alo and she had no idea that jason j even had a significant other inn his life. lif so she's talking that one of her female co-workers about jason js and female co-worker when, um, she is talking to her jason is engaged but no one has he have h met the fiance', and this ts co-worker goes completely blankk long story short the co-worker c is pregnant with jason's bab
9:55 am
>> oh my. >> this just got g >> now the woman is wonderingri does she have an obligation toio tell jason's fiance' that thiss woman is having his baby and here the thing she says lookk normally i would stay out ofut this but this woman has said sai she's going after child support from jason so the fiance' ise' s going find out.ut >> but if she's going afterer child support --d sport >> that moans they're not together.toge >> wait, right. jason is -- he's having babyg with another co-worker teachereh at school.atool. but he's engaged to someone el else. >> the fiance' doesn't know it.. >> no. >> don't get involved. not your business.ur bines >> she doesn't tell. tell. i think she you weres jason to t be like, this is too close.lo you've got to say something. so. you just got to say somethingng period. it wouldn't be me. wn' >> he needs to open up.en up >> still not her place. pla her question is whether summer m tell, right? does right.. >> we get this question a lotioa always like, you know, do youoou tell somebody that they're being cheated on? do you stay out of it? i say you got -- >> what do you do?t do you do? >> steve, you're the man
9:56 am
>> you already said it. >> i'm good.>> i >> if you don't care --e -- >> it's all going to come it's all going to come out.eut >> there's baby.y. >> it will rhe rhe veal itself.l don't start a marriage with this big -- not lie but untruth or not full disclosure.e jason has like unfriended herenh completely.le so jay on is locate steppingte away. he now knows that she knows --ns >> you become bad person when you deliver the the >> exactly.>>ly >> always happens. a >> don't tell. t >> you got baby, though, if --f- >> jason needs to tell.ell. >> right. if he's stepping away she needsn to tell it. >> oh. >> >> you got to tell it because bc now you're connected. conne now you're connected with this i baby. you go to the tell.u o the >> we'll have to save the other one for next wee >> okay. >> next time. >> no problem.o p >> did we we re. >> we're divided. divid >> we got a hung jury up who a are. >> here. this way. thank you sarah.yo >> send her an e-mail. there you go. go >> i agree with that. i agr >> see you next week. >> bye, guys., g >> it's coffee time if we canwec get to that script.
9:57 am
>> ♪ >> we got a tease first. first >> here we go. let's back that thing up.p. here we go. >> fresh at 10a kanye and tailor swift snap chats broke the bro t internet and might have broken m the law. all the details and a littleit something that you don't want to miss.mi >> now is it coffee time. i >> it's coffee time os n good dy d.c. sorry for jumping the gun ifhe f you've been eyeing our cool -- - can read it quickly.. you go to this website, what f, or to facebook page d.c. to enter our mug contest ce one lucky winner shrek besideesd random drawing.ra. hurry you only from now until ul 11am to enter.nter time right now 9:57.ow:5 we'll be right back. bk >> good job, allison. >> we ruled on that. did you a good a job. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together.
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♪ >> must see moments only on goog day at 10a.y at 1 >> you know him from the percy jackson films and live in thee n lot of actor logan lerman isn i here to talk about his new movie indignation. >> 10ing at tepp a ladies waitaa for it. i. hollywood hunk head to dod t empire. >> don't miss the end of the th 10a today. 10a holly and i we'll have our owner take on the kanye taylor swift phone drama and this is going to be fun. >> that's what they tell us.lls. the 10a starts right now. ♪ >> there you go. you go. that makes us happy.thakes >> a little jt. >> ♪ >> you know what?w w >> what's up sunday hayden asked me for his first concertrt request.requ can we go see justin timberlakek in concert sometime. sometim >> start saving up, kid. >> exactly. i know. i i know. k >> did you he will tell limbelli jason timber -- justinn timberlake
10:02 am
>> take it to the neck level. >> she new him as mckie mouseoue alum. >> all right.>>ll very cool. >> you know what today i is. >> what is it? nationalional daiquiri day.ri good we took it from page from your vacation.ation >> we're glad you're back.e'lady happy birthday belated. bel >> thank you very much.>> thanky >> we'll continue the celebration. we can in the celebrate nationao daiquiri day without daiquiris.s i know where we can get some. s i'll meet you all on the couchch in few.inew. you come with me. we're going over to the good dao cafe because we got banana cafef and piano bar whipping uping daiquiris for us. u this is gina and alexis.. good to see both of you.ou i hear you guys are the place te go for >> yes. >> what makes them so special. o >> the strength, the flavor, the fresh ingredients.dien everything that you need. >> serve it up.>> serve i what have you made us today? >> this is a ban in a daiquiri.. banana
10:03 am
>> pour on it in there. >> nice.>> nice. >> a whole lot of banana rum. r. >> we will be feeling can't stop the feeling.t stopng we'll be back for refills. refil top it all all there you go. um-hmm. >> ♪ >> wait, this is the one with nh alcohol. this is for ifor serving it up special just foror him. ready, i got that sunshine in my pock, got that good soul in my m >> wisdom you are firmly imbe imbedded in the crush zone righe now. now. >> that's where i am. t >> the fact that it hasha one it straw i believe it. >> gotcha.. happy national daycare day,ay dy >> fantastic. thanks for coming in. >> grit way to start the 10aan.t >> yeah it is.>> yit another hour for you.r ho i'm steve alongside holly, wisdom and allison we enjoy ourr daiquiris today. today. >> i got to be honest it feelonf like the daiquiri is a drinkri that was maybe because that's ta like the first kind of drink yoi have when you're 21. youe 21. >> right. >> but i haven't a a gooden't g daiquiri in a long time. time. >> really.
10:04 am
>> welcome to today.el >> thank you very much.ha >> there you go.nk>>re y >> daiquiris to me say vacation. >> i agree. >> really. i a agree. >> let's check what's trending n right now. perhaps vacation to clevelandved maybe some folks have done juste that to take in the republicanea national first day come and gone.e andon got off to rowdy start withrt w delegates who wanted to be freee to vote for someone other than a trump including attorney general kutch 93ly loo threw his badgeis and walk out in protest.rost that was great skit.kit. talking about big entrance.bouta how about this? ♪ rock star status there.she or perhaps reality show donaldd trump breaking fet proto cole to introduce his wife. w you don't usually see theee t candidate on the first nighte making a bigeners trance. tra her speech the talk of the town this mor and by town we mean all over the country. for many this was the first timt a lot of folks have seen her her speak at near the beginning of her 10fer minute speech she said somet
10:05 am
though that sounded familiar too some people. ppl two of her passages matched mat nearly word for word the speechs first lady michelle obamahelle a delivered in 2008. 200 here's an example.. >> that you work hard for what w you want in life, that your worr is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise. that you treat people withe respect.reect. >> you work hard for what yout want in life, that your word is your bond, that do you what yout say you're going to do, that you treat people with dignity and respect. >> we want our children in this nation --nati - >> some eagle eyed viewers noticed some other similaritiesl in her speech.n hec here's more. >> he will never never give upie and most importantly he wille wl never ever let you down. ♪
10:06 am
(laughter).. >> if you've ever her the termm rick rolled well that's exactlyy what may have just happen. happn was melania trump rick rollinglg us with the rick aftly maybe political prank maybe just aus a coincidence but some online jokesters have little bit of fuf with that. doing rick rolling. rol >> is that where that term comes from.. >> ? >> dropping in rick aftly reference noose normalfe conversations. >> he's still going strong.s >> i've never heard this beforer >> really? didn't we talk aboua rick rolling before one otherg n time. >> we talk about eight number ot times. >> i thought so. >> in congress there was a member of congress that rickfonk rolled through a speech on t >> okay. >> chat chi lyrics never going -- first lady is gettingsg her care i don't care key on.n. michelle obama taped carpool karaoke with late late showat s james corden.. ♪ single lady >> >> what's your business today at
10:07 am
>> hello i have a tour. >> hey i hear you're here for 1:45,. 14 >> that's the first p second part when she's actuallya in the t i'm not surprised she didised sd beyonce'. she has, you know, on-going girr crush she loves beyonce'.. single lady among mrs. obama' mrs. obama's -- this is for my- girls the first lady is one of y the only non-singers to appearer in carpool karaoke. the air hairs tomorrow.airs >> little more pressure on heree everybody else is a singer.inge >> i know. kw >> everybody is sing thatngha beyonce' that part, it ut-oh. >> we think we're part of the backup when we do that. >> we are. >> we are actually. (laughter). >> carpool karaoke you have to h pick something else because shec already did >> that's good one to do.o. >> tomorrow it comes on. it is also hard topic toic talk about with your kids. k sex education.cati there's new study that says weus actually aren't talking enoughtg about it.ab a new report says that about one in three adolescents do not receive inf
10:08 am
from pediatricians. it also suggests that teens should be able to talk pour p about sex with their pediatricians. meanwhile hospitals in new yorkp areit now using emojis to teacha young people about sex. s health officials are trying to g connect with sexually active act teens to promote birth controltr and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. emoji. >> what's the eggplant? eant? >> i don't know either. i >> i had this discussion in thes morning. i have no idea what the eggplang is. >> your not 10 rager. >> i know now because -- becaus- >> do you? you? >> yes. >> >> i have teenagers i'm going tt need to know what the eggplant l is. >> you node to google the wholew emoji.emoj >> i saw the first one. node to talk about the birds anb the bees.the b >> then you saw the >> um-hmm.m-hm >> let her explain it to you. y >> there was no visual recognition.cogn >> not in my sexual >> i'm with you.ou >> until i got educated i had no clue.ue. >> google it. >> i had toch
10:09 am
earlier. >> you'll have to school me inve the break. >> i'll take care of. >> i say it's uncomfortable forf sure. but here's the thing.s t thi i have broken through thatha barrier.ier i've three girls, two of themm teenagers two of them are teenagers and there's no time tm to, you know, do that. we talk about it all.. and, i talk about where i was when i was their age and becausc if i can reach you on thatn tha level, and you know that i'm non 50-year-old that i used to bed b almost 16 and understand all ofl that and i'm hoping they take mm advice and just be safe becauseb you can die from this, of this, course, and i know that but -- what you know i'm saying. >> yes. >> you can die.>> you can to change the course off your life no time for those cute i memoem jeez. jeez. >> talk about the real thing.our no pet names. petam >> you talk about the realheea and the thing is though you'rehr promoting communication so thato you shall be able -- your kidsos should be able to feel like they can talk with you about anyh
10:10 am
anything. >> no judgment. >> i feel like there's no better gift as parent you ca>>n give yy child than that.ild >> right.>> i didn't really -- as wonderfule as my parents are and mom andom all of that, i didn't really gey that whole thing.le part of that was on me. i don't weren't to tuck abouto a that. they were probably like okay.ka >> good luck.k >> so yeah.. >> you got to have the the conversation. >> i applaud wisdom.>>pplaud wis we talk about this earlier on o our facebook mentions. do you talk to the boys and youd wife talks to the girls.he gir >> nope when the time is right t will talk to both of them whichi i also think is great. gre you should be able to. no emojis have the it may not be comfort al butfo it's something you got to do. gt >> you have to. >> and sex and violence and a everything else going on.going o >> everything that's going on.n yup. >> they got to know about it. >> we'll head to the movies you might know him best as thett star of percy jackson much thish morning though actor logan lerman will join us right
10:11 am
live in the loft. the l he has new project out.ct the director will join as lifeni as wl. >> hollywood hunk head to doo jenny mccarthy and tara readd getting caddy and more falloutal from kimye and tailor swift snaa chats. time right now 10:11. 111 good day celebrity dish is is coming up next.. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we wired the wagner's house th 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. only fios lets you upload as fast as you can download. and right now, get super fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online with no annual contract.
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♪ >> all right. >> oh, my gosh. look at that i just got my phone in my daiquiri. >> that's okay. >> oh.>> o >> holly bring it. >> cheers to that. >> i'm not going waste any of it. it. are you making a new flavor.ew . >> yes. yes. >> what are you take making noww >> mounds bar.>>ound >> mounds bar?>>nd >> yes. chocolate, can he company nut rum. >> and ice cream. >> okay. >> can you whip it up and we'll get it by the end of the segme segment. >> no pressure. >> yup. (laughter).ghte >> look, it is -- what time istt it >> good day celebrity dish timee with my non-alcoholic beverage v which is quite tasty.e tasty. >> is it? >> yeah. >> with no alcohol in it. i saw thanot rum going into that next one.xt >> you go here.>> i'm actually going to -- okay.y >> all there's a graphic and it's ready tortoise role. all right.all >> let's do it.>> let do >> celebrity dish time muchime h
10:15 am
daiquiri edition of celebrity dish, um, we'll keep up on the kanye kim versus taylor swift'ss drama.dram the biggest question did kanyean and kim break the law by recording their phone call withw swift? >> what? >> the roaring races two legalwg issues actually much the first t whether the call was placed frof or received in a state that tt requires both parties to consenn to being recorded, and if swiftf was in her california home, california laws would applypply meaning both parties would havee to give consent to have theav t phone call recorded. the second whether kardashian west violated swift's private'so privacy.privac publishing it on social mode yae is an an april vague ofaguef privacy. of course, that's in the all for the kardashian west swift dramaa tay tay best tee selena gomez gz came to her dough fence on fenco twitter and sort of back fire.kf she tweeted ther
10:16 am
important things to tuck about.o why can't people use their voicv for something that matters and a second tweet read, truth is lass thing we need right now is hatet in any form. selena received a lot of backlash on twitter from fansman asking why she hasn't spoken oun boy police brutality. or the recent violence against police.lice she's been radio silence since sunday. >> valid point. p you want to talk about that.boua talk about some real stuff. stuf >> here's another i thought in the whole phone phe drama, is it illegal -- it'st' illegal to do it and use it or r is it just illegal to do it. >> in certain states it isit i illegal to do it. i >> you can't even do it.t >> california two consent law. . both parties have to know. so like my hub is an he is so -- such a stickler forr it and this drives me crazy by b the way.e w even if year on speaker phone, p if he's talking on speaker phonr to someone on the phone and i'm in theth car, he always has to tell the person that you're onn speaker phone and holly and hayden are present.
10:17 am
not here. >> no. the law say whatever.ev >> i wonder -- can the state sta prosecute or does taylor have tt file charges.file charg >> i think she has oh file file charges. isn't here's the's is she really going to do that. >> i would hope not. >> don't tie up the court systes with this garbage it's justt'st conversation. let's move on. >> how do you feel? how do >> let me -- >> where is the gavel? he needh it. >> are you sure there wasn'tthea anything in there.ything in t >> no alcohol in here.o >> trust me.>>st me this would be an entirelyly different segment if there wasef alcohol involved.l i all right. did you think that that was alll the drama.ra. nope, because former -- formeror feud of taylor swift and rumorem bad blood written about katie perry got involved with thish ti whole drama. d. >> there's another name. >> all right. taylor -- whatever. she tweeted this picture of herh new single rise saying quoteg q rise above it all.rise above it. there you go.. >> what is she saying.ay >> she said rise above it all. l in other words, she's saying,ay look at me, look at
10:18 am
attention to me, pay attention i to me.. >> somebody buy my stuff, too. t don't forget about me.ut >> one other person. otherson. there's more. stepped tup defend taylor.lo. director joseph kahn, huh, huh nobody who he is.. >> the director of four off taylor swift's videos not tot to mention some of your faves fromo britney --br >> and back street boys.. >> took to twitter to compare c the kardashian family treatmente to taylor to the minute of an innocent blond woman a jab to the infamous simpson murderder trial. tria >> are you serious? >> series of tweets joseph made his opinion on the feud quite f clear calling taylor a rainbow w in a swamp.. >> okay.>>y. >> outrageous. >> he also says to be nice toe e possible unless they are rude.rr read between the lines there.. okay.ay he also says you can become becm famous by having your daddy fend murderer and releasing a naughty tape. he closes us hit rant saying the irony of one of the most
10:19 am
untalented women in the world wd attacking one of the mostg on talented. >> wait a minute.>> one of the most talented womentl in the world? >> he's colgate thai that. >> oh. o >> he's saying the most untalented kim kardashian is i calling out one of the mostt talented tay tay and he finds hn irony in that. tt. >> i find irony in the fact that he would even get involved in in this because i think that'sha weird for him to get involved. e >> what was his name again. >> exactly. >> we're saying because he want the media publicityin. he hopped hot topic. >> i can't believe we're stillis talking about this.lking a shall we move on to another fed feud. >> another cat fat. aout bween out between talk show host jenny mccarthy andnd sharknado actress tara read. >> what? >> >> yes, i did.>> yesi d >> also marriage reality show i believe. tara was on jenny serious radiod show to tuck about the movie anv it didn't take long for thingshg to go all the way left. lef take a listen.. >> in not moving forward withwa
10:20 am
>> i think i made that cleart about hundred times. tim i didn't hear that a hundred hur i'm so sorry.m so sry >> maybe you only read the badde thing but i made that reallyea clear so many years.. but -- read what you want tot t read. this is really nice talking toat you and really good luck withk your show and -- good luck toduc you too. i'm so excited about sharknado o and i hope you stay married. ooh. h. i hospital you stay married too. >> i hope your knees get wobblyw than they already are. >> my knees, yeah hope yourou bleep nicer.. amazing. >> they are. thank you. >> yes. >> fantastic. fan same guy. >> you're the best.'re the b >> love you. >> tara read went on to say... maybe they had a daiquiri, too. >> yes. come on. you could hear her voice just slurring.ring >> jenny mccarthy --y >> that went from zero to 60 in -- - >> but it was really polite. >> it was. (laughter).ter) >> thank
10:21 am
>> bye-bye. bye >> by the way bless your heart. >> exactly.>>ctly. >> bless your heart.reart erin last one is yours. yours cheers to this. this is good story. finally, there's new hotty onewn empire.empire. >> hello. >> hello taye diggs he will be b joining hot drama in recurringri roll as city councilman hailingi from respected and affluent neww york family. fam i like his whole already. aeady quick back story on digsdigs character said the councilman with his pedigree harvard law diploma could have made fortuneu in the private sector but instead effuses couldn'tfuses c community organizing and localnl politic.po >> that sounds like somebody i heard of.d o >> barack obama. bar president barack obama.ident ba cannot wait to hit show returnss to fox september 2 i wish they had one shirt less.s >> let me be clear about this.. antonio is a bat dough, jr. sjrs not going ton on empire? (laughter).ghter). >> he's not the hotty -- hotty >> is that what i'm getting. i'g >> no. he is a hotty. >> scott baio might be. >> a list celebrity scott baio. >> poor cha chi.
10:22 am
>> we're so sill. s s steve, back over to you.. >> the polite trash talking we w just her.. >> caddiness.>> caddin >> girls. >> i heard that. i coming up next another rought ar morning for metro riders here i the d.c. region after unplannedn smoke out in one of under ground platforms, dust out might be b more accurate.ure. we'll check in with bob barnardr and get the details from him. unfortunately for those who who waited all the cold weather forr summer, it will soon be over ove before we know it and that maked today the per fact t time to stk up on accessories for next year. tam lee will join us live with t ideas coming up a little bitittb later. later.
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
♪ nasa and the are incredibly operating focus organization --- >> back now on good day d.c.oo y happening right now out of thiss world stamp on display thishis morning here in the district. literally out of this world. 1991 pluto not yet exploredre stamp.amp. it actually traveled more than 3 billion miles on board nasa'as news horizons spacecraft toaf t pluto. plut folks from guiness were on g hasn't this morning to certifyof that the stamp was that the fart nest traveled as if it any a competition that we are aware of. of but it got out there.ut the also happening right now, metroo employees are still cleaning upu pentagon city at the platform tr after the station filled withil
10:26 am
dust earlier this morning. mor bob barnard joins us live now tw talk more about it and i guess e dust is that the best way to -- it was some type of debris i i guess from the work that hadha h been done over the weekend thatt the trains kicked up.icked is that it, bob? it, b >> reporter: that's right, thasr guys. we're actually crystal cityal which is between reagan national and pent begun city where for we the past week surge four has s been taking place.been ting pla. you can see the air is clearingn fairly well and you see downee d there on the platform on the the right, this guy has got kind ofo like a cleaning machine cleaning the platform. plaorm they've been wiping things downw all morning. we can show you video tape fromm earlier this morning andnd basically the explanation we'ree getting from metro no, this wasw not smoke, but it was dust. that during surge four betweenbw reagan national and pentagon city with crystal city here he right in the middle no train haa been running for almost week, w and so during their rail replacement and concrete work, a lot of dust was created, and that when they start
10:27 am
the trains again for the first f time in nearly a week thiss morning, those trains wereiner sucking a lot of that dust into these train stations. stati and so literally every surface was covered with this dirty dust. the air was filled. fil the workers here even thenhe station managers inside theirehr air-conditioneair-conditioned be wearing face mask.wearing face they've done pretty good jobd jb cleaning.clng it look like that the dust inus the air has dissipated metrod m saying their ventilation systems their exhaust system has beentee working to circulate the air tor clear the air.. so it was not smoke but it was b not good either, guys, this morning.moin >> i guess the lesson bob for metro maybe is when you finishin one of these phases run a few fw trains through overnight, get that clear out a few hours fou before passenger get on board. >> reporter: tough to vacuum tou it all up. an infield in baseball game weam were it down but eventuallywn bt whatly dry and vaporize again. a perhaps do one some trains in the middle o
10:28 am
they've learned a lesson perha perhaps. >> okay. >> certainly understand people'd uneasiness in seeing it.t. >> you don't know weights and oo course with the history of smoke you'll be on'll we get it.we i bob, thanks a lot.nks lot it is 10:28 right now. now still ahead on good day from a book to the big screen getting lot of buzz.ofz. coming up logan lerman -- he'se' right there.the he's right there. righ the >> ♪ >> hi. >> what's up? w >> hello, hello, hello g good gg we'll talk with him wit.
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
♪ thank you. >> thank you. >> oats the name of the the restaurant. snails i
10:32 am
has never seen them served or eaten b.eaten >> do you want to try one. >> no, not really.. >> marcus decided to take olivia hudson to the only frenchy fnc restaurant in all of county. >> i'm so sorry.o s do you want to loaf? is thisf?t all right? >> hey, relax. you're so intense. >> trust me.e. i'm trying. >> the new movie indignationndti tells the story of working class jewish student from new jerseyrs moves to ohio to small town forn college and while he's there hee opens his eyes to new experiences.peri movie based on the 2008 philip roth novel of the same name. logan her mr. joins us live in the loft. good to see you. y thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having mow.nks foi >> good morning. >> when you watched that clipu what are you thinking? are you thinking about another take that you did or are y aou thinkingin about the way it came >> interesting quest
10:33 am
it's funny, you know, it takes k me back to that moment and i guess i kind of remember the feelings of when i was going g through that day.. it's very snow he nostalgic.ostc it's an odd thing to watch, i wt don't know, a scene or somethins i've worked on. >> it's always interesting andta obviously foundations of actingt to put yourself in that positiop of that character. tha how did you do it for this mov movie. >> we had lot of time which was great. high about six mloonths to justd a lot of research and ourur director and writer of this the screen play he's a professor att columbia and has a wealth of o knowledge on many differentdiffn subjects but he just gave me a lot of material, a lot of reading material, and i just pup the time in and did a bunch of f different things. i learned how to butcher meat m which is part of my job. j it was w gre >> you get the live experiencesp from that as well. >> yeah. >> what's interesting to this ii taking that point and putting ig
10:34 am
character in that ways nots mincing anything about it a i awkward in some way, a littleitl socially awkward here. >> yeah. >> when you know you have to beo a socially auction war person are you like focus on anything h in particular? >> no. n i don't -- i don't think so. t i just approach the material and the character in the scene as aa whole and try to find some trutu or honesty within my performancm or whatever my characterhact intentions are and whatnot.ot. >> little different from theerem rolls you've done in the past.vt >> very different.>> v this is different movie for mow, and it's something i'm really'my proud of. i think it's different from lotm of the unless that are out inuti theaters right now that are sore to me i'm just kind of bored byy the formula and it doesn'tsn't follow that formula.ormula. it's very refreshing film. >> it seems like you're young'ru but i know you grew up in los
10:35 am
around the industry.nd t started when you were young.ou but it seem like this is almostm the kind of move 53 that like tt when actors get a little laterel on in life they're just likere k this is movie i made because i i wanted to this type of film.. >> yeah.>> y >> it seem like you're already kind of there.kind o there >> yes. >> you love all aspects of filmf making so i guess it makes sense. sense. >> yeah, look, i'm in the -- i-i guess i've been in atunate fortu position for the past couple ofo years where i can kind of chooss what i want to do and i've taken that -- the luxury of that, you know, power or whatnot to try to find material that i really like and support films that i wantan see and this is one of the, youu know, one of the best scriptscr i've read in years and i'm justj proud to be part of it. o >> i know you love the directorr of this film you got to work with but i think you also have the producer credit on this fil isn't i do, yeah. do, yh. >> does to mean that you toldeau him what to do. do. >> no, no, no.o, not like that.e that i just wa
10:36 am
project early on and i was parts of the process of structuring the production putting it together so that james ourur director can get what he wants n and have creative freedom. he's the most -- he's the firstf time direct but he's the mostt experienced first time directorr he wore many hats in the filmn h industry.du. he's writer.he he started focus features.tus. so he knew what to do.t i didn't have to do much work. i was just a creative partner, r you know. >> getting a lot of buzz on thet festival circuit right now whici is g we were talking before just j about yourself earlier aboutbo music and you kind of geek out o when it come to music and enjoye being a part of that.ha what else do you get no thishi days? >> god, you know, music and inn many are my two passions really, and yeah.andea i try to balance, you know, i i guess both, you know, interestsr in my every day live.iv tha
10:37 am
movies more than anything. anyth i'm constantly just reading andd trying to find good writers andd support them, and -- a >> would you ever take on thee o challenge of writing a score foe >> oh, yeah. yeah.yeah. that's definitely something iint would like to do. i write lot of -- i don't know, compositions, class tical piecee and things like.e you can produce it, direct it, act >> at love responsibility. >> one of the best things about film it's collaborative meeting. it's a collection of the mediums. i think working withe others ad allowing people to own their jobs and their responsibilitiesy you know, on a film is one off the best parts of making a film. >> the human interaction.ti >> sure. >> it's the process of workinges with other possible.ther >> exactly. the whole project all comes i know off huge social mode yaly following.foowin we're hearing from folks on social media.ia want to know there will be
10:38 am
>> not that i know of.hat inow i'm still waiting for the phonep call. it's been few years. beenew y >> you would be the one that would get it. >> it would. i don't know. great movies.grea a lot of fun to make.oe. maybe it will come around.round. you never know. >> listen. >> maybe i'll get a phone call.c >> he can enjoy the ones out no now. new movie opens next friday.ri it will be in theaters then. you'll get a chance check him ck out. there's the poster for it theree good to talk to you this morni morning. >> thank you very much. >>nk absolutely. send it back over to you guys, e al.. >> can't >> i don't believe you're 24.elu >> i am. >> can i see your license? noso way.way. >> you can check it out if you'd like to see it i have my id he here. >> do not go to the daiquiri bab until we see your id. >> it's little early to be drinking i have to same i know o it's daiquiri day. >> not for us, logan.og brace yourself.rsel before you know it summer willti be over. ove it's the per fact time to starto shopping for next year.ext still ahead at 10
10:39 am
pam lee will join us live how to fine the best deals on must havv accessories. time right now 10:39. 10:39 ♪ ♪
10:40 am
10:41 am
>> i didn't finish my first oneh >> you need a nipple for that.t >> this is goo
10:42 am
>> or mounds. ms. >> sometimes you feel like nut.e >> sometimes you nut. som >> you're down or barrack road.r >> yes. yes. >> excellent.>> >> if we're going to come in and order one daiquiri what would it be. >> i would have to say s definitely mounds.ounds. >> banana. ban. >> reminds me of bailey's too.. >> got that little company coulc you nut flavor. flar. >> that was vacation.hat was vac this is extended >> there you go. >> stay an extra night.. >> there you go.. >> non click barrage is quiteget >> when do we tell him that itt wasn' >> right. (laughter). >> when i get home and debt the dui. >> i'm kidding. >> okay.>>kay. am i leaving you?ving you? >> i think i'm going to talk fashion.shion. >> we'll stay at the bar. >> tam lee, ham hush lee of hus boutique is here. her it seems like long time since i've seen here. he. >> we haven't been -- i haven't been here in about month. mth >> we've missed you.ou >> are we doing sail becauseec this is almost fall now. ?
10:43 am
security source. >> this is shoe lovers resort. per fact time to shop for summer. everything is on sale.hing is o does okay. >> all the stores the first weew in august they're getting ready to move all the fall inventorynn on. right now it's great tim for tor you stock up and get those g t savings. >> let's talk shoes. >> let's start over here. h we all need these beach pool bep slides whatever you want to call them. they're great for a pool, greatt for the beach, great for too. to cute than the regular plastic flip-flops you mitt pick up. u >> also good thing about this t those are valentino inspired soo they're designer pair that'shas about six or $700. >> wow! wow >> $23 in dsw.sw >> okay. o i'm excited about that. >> dsw has huge sale right now.n >> i do. i piqued up these tori birch fof the guys who love designer sho shoes. i pick them up for nordstrom's. $75 versus 175. 1 >> everything is on sale.rythg s >>o cutute. i love these l
10:44 am
i call these modified everybody can't wear the tall tl gladiators i love these. i lovee i picked these up in in orderer tromm's rack two.wo now these, i love >> you like them. lik the >> i love them. >> i pick these up in aldo all a my friends down at aldo ino in annapolis. >> there's a >> i walked in aldo and everything woofy 50% off. >> what?>> what? >> sigh just went to i love these, too. these fringe shoes, fringes arei still in.still >> right.>> right. >> that's perfect. that' one thing i do love about summem good colorful wedge and i love e wedge and i love a block heel bh because that's a good all daylly shoe.shoe. >> right. >> you don't have to worry about your feet hurting these look great with maxi dresses and jump >> you got to do a pop of colorl i got these from aldo, too. colorful shoes always a must. >> you guys know one of the t hottest trends this season was the block >> um-hmm. >> so a lot of the designe
10:45 am
were doing block heels.eels so i'm excited about that because it gives i was little ie between between a high heel, a wedge, and it's little comfy onc your >> let me tell you bathes two bw down here this is a good splurgg versus so we have --so wave >> oh, i love it. okay. >> $70.>>. >> yes. >> and then we have the target version $20. $ >> i love. le. we ought to do whole segmentle s look this. >> it would be fun.d fun >> splurge and truly to me i gog this color.or but these look like you can get away -- you might not be wearini this every summer maybe these te might last >> you get the same look.k. >> okay.kay. >> i love the >> these little valentinoalenti inspired these are mommy and mee flip-flops. >> aww.. >> for the little girls. these are for the get those on my website. love hush let's talk about these >> okay. i love the steve maddenadn overnight bag.ght quick get away weekend trips.s. this was $120.
10:46 am
good quilted overnight bag. b this cutie. >> listen, this is handbag handg raincoat.inco okay? >> is he cute. >> never get caught in the rainu we always invest a lot of moneyf in our handbags good >> we don't for protect these. these are cute little coverss that you can buy and they velcrr right off you put them on in the rain. rain >> cut test thing.>> cut test ti it come look this. com >> it comes in little pouch. p you just keep it in your pouchpc when it's time for downpour -- >> >> your purchases are protect, , ladies good ladies, don't try tt put it on your head in pinch,inh though. thou i'm watching you.. >> tote bags are always classy.s you can never go wrong with tott bag that's the bag we throw everything in. >> look at that. ok >> you know that, right.ig >> i love this. l thi i got this target last night.ig. really cute.ut i'll tell a personal story in sn the last 20 seconds. sec it's hilarious.ilario i don't know if you follow me on facebook i was running after myy grand dog if you throw an object in front of a dog they'll stop running i tried it but i was was really frantic so i t
10:47 am
shoe on somebody's roof.. >> you don't want to do that. >> it really happened i need nee pair of sandals. sandals. i'll be shopping. >> you want to catch us actuallt we're doing another pop up shops on the 31st.1st. i'm excited about. >> at the blind wine know. rsvp. rs they're putting the add up.p. pop up shop and fashion show.ho. i'm excited.. >> perfect. >> rsvp at event bright hushhu boutique and i'll pop right up.t >> love love love. love ve l >> thank you so much. >> tam, we appreciate it.reate >> over to you holly.olly >> did she call us a blind winen know,. >> yes. >> i thought i heard that.ha it's better than blind and leava the first part off. blind h-o's. (laughter). >> wisdom, i know you weredo thinking that.m,ha. >> i feel so much better now. nw it is 10:47. 147 coming up next we're taking the taylor kim feud to the neck t nc level.le >> can't wait for this. fhis >>
10:48 am
10:49 am
it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. vacation packages start at $50 per person. a whole other world awaits.
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♪ as you just earlier on the 10a 1 all over the internet for the last few days the kimye t swift feud reached epic proportions. in the snap chats that shookhato social media kk released videoeo recordings of a phone calll between kanye and taylor swift s where taylor allegedly was heara approving of the lyrics thaticsh include her in kanye's famousam song. song. she said in the past, she did not.. so now i turn to the two peopleo who know thing or two aboutwobo kanye and taylor as you may remember, wisdom was kanye,anye, holly taylor for our good day at 10a halloween show.ho so now, without further a do here are the dramatic readingscg of the newly releasedewel
10:52 am
transcripts of the now infamous kanye and tailor phone call. c take it away.. >> i feel like i need a drink. >> so okay, dope.ka dope. you still got that nashvillet ni number. >> i still have the nashville,h, up, area code.a but i had to change it.. >> all my south side peeps i pes changed that word that know me m best i feel like me and taylor o might still have sex. >> unlike this close to over exposure.exsure. >> oh, well, this one is is think, this is really cool thinh to have. to >> i know. i mean, it's like a compliment l kind of. >> what i give her bleep.le just you as person.erso and as a friend. >> that's sweet. sweet >> i want things to make youe y feel good. i don't weren't to do rap todo p makes people feel bad.eel bad
10:53 am
whatever line you think is better.tter it's obviously very tongue andoe cheek either way, and i really a appreciate you telling me aboutt it. that's really nice.ic >> yeah, i just have a responsibility to you as friendn thanks for being so cool aboutoa it. >> well, thanks.hanks yeah, i really appreciate it. i. the heads up is so nice. even asking or seeing if i'd bed okay with it.ith i just really appreciate it. i never would have expected youu to like tell me about one of the lines in your song. song and the flowers that you sent me, i instagramed a picture off them, and it's the most instagram likes i've ever gott gotten. it was like 2.7.. >> relationships are moree important than punch lines. you know what i'm saying?hat'm y >> yeah, i mean, i don't think n anybody would listen to that ant think like, oh, that's a real - i mean that's real diss.. like she
10:54 am
>> turn the page. p >> you've got tell the story the way that it happened to you andu the way that you experienced iti like you honestly didn't knowt o who i was before that. it doesn't matter if i sold 7 million of that album before r you did that. t which is what happened. h you didn't know who i was before it's'sin and i have the idea to do it ant i create these things and concepts like i'm always goingoi to row inspect you, i'm really a glad that you have the respect r to call me and tell me that as a friend about the song. it's just like a really goody gd thing to do and a really goodaly show of friendship. so thank you.ou you know if possible ask mowe am about it i think it would bei t great for mow to be like, look,l he called me and told me thee t line before it came out. out jokes on you, guys. we're fine. f you guys want to call this al feud. you want to call this th
10:55 am
shade? but right after that song comes on i'm going to be on a grammy red carpet and they're going to ask me about it and i'd going to be like, he called me.. i'm going to be like, yeah, shee does.does it made her famous, you know,, but it's more provocative to say, like, he'll have sex. it's not -- it doesn't matter tt mow. there's not like one that hurtsh my feelings and one that doesn doesn't. >> hold on one second. sec hey, kim, you got it kim, you k, got it? kim, you got it. >> were? >> what is kim there.he >> , no, no goodbye, goodbye.. hell.hell >> hello, hell hoe.>> >> we'll be famous. we'll fam >> we're going to be famous. >> we good. >> do i call calvin or tom now?t i don't know. >> i don't know but i'm got to't go to the studio k. we shall do slab bow.
10:56 am
♪ (applause). >> yes! >> oscar goes to --scar g >> come on, steve. (laughter). >> whoo!>>hoo! >> whoo! >> i really had to dig deep forg that. i had to dig deep for that. (laughter). >> so if that's the transcription --scri >> i don't know if oy hung itun up. >> she knew.>> she if that's the whole transcriptrp maybe we can just stop talking about it. good job, guys. >> remember when you only got 2.7? isn't yeah. 2.7 literally, 2.7. 2 >> all right. >> tweets? >> what are these dusty bakerusb bobble heads doing that.oing tha >> they're giving them away at g the nats game. g these appeared while you guys yu were in the middle of your role. >> these dramatic readingsceadi entertainment news are the bests keep them coming. they're saying you guys were the best. best >> oh, my gosh.>> o we'll be reprising our rolesol
10:57 am
more to come.. >> say that again. >> were if we do little -- >> are you roaring this?
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: so good. [ applause ] thank you for joining us.


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